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“business proposal”: differences between the korean drama and the webtoon (+ where to read).

  • by Gia Allana
  • Posted on March 15, 2022 March 22, 2022

“Business Proposal”—starring Kim Se Jeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Min Gyu, and Seol in A—is the Korean drama adaptation (streaming on Netflix) of the Webtoon “A Business Proposal” (available on Tapas). The story is mainly about an office employee who went on a blind date for her friend, but her date ended up being the CEO of the company she’s working for. Things get complicated when he proposed and asked her to marry him.

If you’re curious about the Webtoon version, here are some *spoiler-free* differences between the original and the drama adaptation.

1.) Shin Hari’s alter-ego wore a pink wig In the original version, Shin Hari wore a pink wig. While, in the series, Kim Sejeong only wore a permed long wig with highlights. Still, both versions wore heavy makeup. (Though the Webtoon version may seem to have wore a bit more makeup compared to the drama version.)

a business proposal novelupdates

2.) Shin Hari used the name Kim Shin, not Shin Geum Hui Shin Hari used the name Shin Geum Hui, derived from the makjang series that Kang Tae Moo’s grandfather usually watches. The series seems to be popular in their world, as it is also seen to be played at Shin Hari’s family’s chicken restaurant. Geum Hui is a bit similar to Hari, in a way that both their parents run a chicken restaurant and they’re both “dating” a rich chaebol. However, Geum Hui’s life is more of a heavy drama, while Hari’s in a full-blown romantic comedy series. In the Webtoon, however, as it was released around the time “Goblin” was popular, Hari used the name Kim Shin—Gong Yoo’s character name in “Goblin.”

a business proposal novelupdates

3.) Jin Young Seo and Cha Sung Hoon fell in love at first sight and it was obvious enough for the readers to know Unlike in the series, where Jin Young Seo seems to be the only one who openly likes Cha Sung Hoon, in the Webtoon version Secretary Cha is visibly portrayed as being head-over-heels for Young Seo. This is different from the series, where Cha Sung Hoon seem to not have feelings for Young Seo at first—but he actually liked her, too, when they first met.

a business proposal novelupdates

4.) Kang Tae Moo wasn’t afraid of the rain In the series, Kang Tae Moo seems to associate the rain with a painful past experience. However, in the Webtoon, Kang Tae Moo is seen to okay with the rain as seen during his rainy day date with Shin Hari.

a business proposal novelupdates

5.) Kang Tae Moo as an Archaeopteryx In the manhwa, there was no mention of Kang Tae Moo looking like an Archaeopteryx. (Adding this to the series made the drama even funnier.)

a business proposal novelupdates

(This article will be updated as the series is still ongoing, check back next week for new entries)

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