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45 Cool 6th Grade Art Projects Your Students Will Enjoy Making

6th grade art projects

June 1, 2022 //  by  Nicole Muir

Your 6th grade students can create some excellent design projects as they learn about the elements of design and famous artworks, as well as artists, from the past. Whether your students are working on drawings or mixed media assignments using a colored pencil, watercolor, or clay, they will be learning many valuable skills.

If you are an art teacher, mainstream classroom teacher, or any type of instructor, you will be able to find many different resources to support the childrens' artistic experiences. You will be able to lead your students in these lessons and create these crafts with simple materials you will likely already have.

1. Geometric Hearts


Your students can create dimensions using different shading techniques. This activity can especially be implemented around Valentine's Day . Your students can also play with different shades of the same color to achieve this special effect.

Learn more: deepspacesparkle.com

2. Dream Home Floor Plan


This fantastic activity can be accomplished with very simple materials: a piece of paper and markers. Your students can try their hand at outlining the house they live in. They can fill extra work time by designing their dream home. You will be surprised how they fill in the sections!

Learn more: lmsartavery.weebly.com

3. Oil Pastel Line, Color, and Movement


You can support your students as they learn about the elements of art: line, color, and movement in this oil pastel project. You can challenge your students to use many different colors, create patterns, or experiment with smudging the oil pastels.

Learn more: incredibleart.org

4. Pop Art Pizza


This pop art project will allow your students to connect with Andy Warhol, an artist from the past, as they integrate popular culture images. This lesson can be supported by the teacher encouraging them to use bright and bold colors to make their work pop.

Learn more: elementsoftheartroom.blogspot.com

5. Sharpie Cone


This design looks very intricate but is simple to achieve. Including this project in your next art period will engage your students as they work to achieve this effect. This is an awesome project to add to your yearly art rotation because the results look so interesting!

Learn more: artwithmrsfilmore.com

6. Decorative Paper Lanterns


These paper lanterns can be beautiful and informative. The possibilities are endless with this cool papercraft. You could set a theme or color scheme for your students to work with or create designs in the styles of past artists.

Learn more: greenbayartroom.blogspot.com

7. Onomatopoeia Art


Integrating literacy into your tasks will benefit your art students. This task combines literacy and math to allow your students to illustrate words that communicate sound to readers. This is an interesting design challenge for any young artist!

Learn more: jamestownelementaryblog.blogspot.com

8. Creature Painting


9. Origami Dragon Eye


These eyes draw you in so much that you forget that they are origami! If your class is currently learning about reptiles in science class, then this is the perfect activity to integrate into your next session.

10. Still Life Jar


Creating this still life jar is reminiscent of sketchbook drawings. This is a great 6th grade art project because it allows students to practice a variety of vital skills. It looks like a fancy project but the process is easy to achieve for your young learners!

Learn more: artteacherinla.com

11. Winter Sloth


Your students can channel their inner sloth by designing the cute winter creature. They will paint their winter sloth in the foreground and color the rest of the entire paper with beautiful white and blue tones to achieve this snowy and icy result.

12. Sugar Skull Art


Your students can create these fantastic Day of the Dead projects using bright colors to make their creations pop and stand out. This is the perfect project to teach your students about the importance of symmetry in artistic works as well as the importance of picking the right images.

Learn more: glittermeetsglue.com

13. Camouflage Drawing Challenge


Students can create these designs with pencil and then outline their work again with a black Sharpie or black marker. You could even try having the students do this activity a little differently - using white pencil crayons on black construction paper.

Learn more: theartofeducation.edu

14. Piet Mondrian Suncatchers 


The finished product will make all the work and time worthwhile. Using some paint, a picture frame, and a few other basic materials, you can have an art lesson that focuses on a brilliant artist from the past while letting your students connect to art history in their own way.

Learn more: schooltimesnippets.com

15. Paul Klee Art


Your sixth grade art students can also learn about this creative artist by creating their own work. This is a quick project that can be done with on-hand materials that can be made into squares of color. It can turn into a writing project about the artist's life.

Learn more: 123homeschool4me.com

16. Foil Painting


This project features a shiny background and a classic project. Students can paint whatever they’d like, but spacescapes and bold geometric patterns are a great place to start. It’s also a great introduction to concepts like medium and texture.

Learn more: Kitchen Table Classroom

17. Clay Flower Bouquets


This project helps students render images in 3D, thanks to the painted paper background and modeling clay flowers in the foreground. It’s also a great segue into learning about artists who featured flowers with different techniques, such as O’Keeffe and Van Gough.

Learn more: Painted Paper Art

18. Sculptures with Calder


These mini versions of huge public-space sculptures help students identify and understand the important elements of installations. The small paper sculptures draw on Calder’s style, which features funky shapes and bright colors. It’s a fun way to explore abstract sculpture, too!

Learn more: Pink Stripey Socks

19. Minecraft Selfies


In this project, students recreate a selfie in a Minecraft-inspired self-portrait. It’s a great way to use graph paper and to get kids thinking in 3 dimensions with some safe squares to guide their proportions. Plus, the style is super familiar to 6th graders!

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids

20. Captivating Visuals with Pulled String


Teach your kids about the essence of spirals with this simple activity. The technique relies on experience and experimentation, so it’s a great piece for discussion and practicing prediction skills. The best part is that it makes good use of the leftover strings and watercolors that you have from previous projects!

Learn more: Tinker Lab

21. Alien Creature Name Art


Kids will love learning about form and shape with this name art project. First, they write their names in block letters, being careful with the “highs” and “lows” of each letter. Then, they mirror that shape and decorate it like an alien creature. The final product is highly personalized on several different levels!

Learn more: Happiness is Homemade

22. Corner Bookmarks


These DIY bookmarks are different from the traditional strips of paper, and they’re highly customizable. Simply teach your students how to fold the basic shape and base of the bookmark, and then set them free to decorate it however they’d like!

Learn more: Etsy

23. 2-Ingredient Cloud Dough


This hands-on activity makes an easy tactile dough that students can use for modeling future projects or just for fun. It only takes a few minutes to make the dough, and unlike other slime or dough projects, this one actually smells really great!

Learn more: Woo Jr.

24. Handmade Journals


Sixth grade is a big year for most kids since it marks the end of their elementary school days and the beginning of their middle school years. Help them make a journal where they can track their experiences, struggles, and achievements throughout this key time in their lives. These journals also make great gifts for holidays.

Learn more: A Beautiful Mess

25. T-Shirt Yarn for Big Projects


You can use old, unwanted t-shirts and other cotton garments to make a strong, thick yarn. Then, use this yarn for heavy-duty projects such as rugs. Kids can easily learn “arm knitting” and complete the project without any fancy equipment.

Learn more: eHow

26. Woven Friendship Bracelets


This summer camp classic is a fun way to introduce the weaving medium to students, and also a great way to encourage camaraderie in the classroom. It uses a basic round cardboard loom and embroidery thread. You can also through in some beads and other decorations to make the bracelets extra special!

Learn more: Michael Ann Made

27. Scratch Art


Have kids start by making the background colors with oil pastels on construction paper. Then, completely cover those colors with black oil pastel. Finally, take a toothpick, disposable skewer, or disposable chopstick and start scratching patterns from the black layer. The colors will really shine through!

Learn more: Nurture Store

28. Parodies of American Gothic

In this drawing project, students will look at the classic painting American Gothic and discuss the underlying messages, themes, and context of the painting. Then, they’ll make a contemporary version that plays on the same themes in today’s context.

Learn more: The Lost Sock

29. Nebula Jars


This piece uses upcycled glass jars, cotton balls, paint, and glitter to make a galaxy that you can hold in your hand. The end result is really astounding, even though the project itself is very straightforward. It’s a great way to tie in science lessons or even popular culture in the art classroom.

Learn more: Mom Dot

30. Upcycled Planters


These handmade planters are a great way to use up the plastic containers that are left around the classroom. Students can use a variety of materials and media to decorate the containers, and the finished product makes an excellent gift or keepsake.

Learn more: Craving Some Creativity

31. Raised Salt Painting


Just by adding a bit of salt and glue to standard watercolors, you can create a whole new level to basic paintings. Try combining the raised salt paint with normally painted backgrounds to teach kids about texturing and highlighting.

Learn more: Artful Parent

32. Sidewalk Chalk Paint


This activity is perfect for a lovely summer day. It also makes great use of leftover or otherwise unusable sidewalk chalk that’s left lying around. With some water and oil, you can make sturdy chalk paint that will allow your kids to decorate the sidewalks with bold and beautiful creations.

Learn more: The Best Ideas for Kids

33. Painting with Bubbles


In this activity, students use bubbles to paint with watercolors. Then, they can either stop there or use the interesting colors and unpredictable patterns as a background for further painting. It’s a fun new way to think outside the box and lay an unexpected and flexible foundation for the final product.

Learn more: Early Learning Ideas

34. Recycle Fabric Mache Bowls


These make for a great gift, and with the right shape, they’re great for holding plants, too. You can use leftover plastic containers as the base, and upcycled fabric too. It’s a great way to open up a conversation about reusing and recycling with your kids.

Learn more: Mosswood Connections

35. Japanese Wire Sculpture


This is a great lesson in expression and representation because kids look at everyday or natural objects. Then, with a variety of colors, they wrap wire to represent these objects. The best part is that they always have tactile access to the items while they’re working, so they can experiment with different ways to get the right shapes, sizes, and representations.

36. Accordion Books


Middle schoolers love to tell stories, and an accordion book is a great way to express their experiences. You can use all kinds of materials and media to illustrate the book, and the easy layout of the book means that kids can focus on the content rather than the construction.

Learn more: Joanne Sharpe Art

37. Pancake Art


This out-of-the-box project takes you out of the classroom and into the kitchen. Using pancake batter of different colors, make patterns and pictures in the pan. It’s a fast-paced activity and the results are delicious!

Learn more: Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

38. Build Your Own Magnetic Building Set


This is a project that keeps on giving. Using upcycled cardboard, magnets, and some decorating materials, you can make your very own magnetic building set. This is a great way to introduce STEAM concepts and practice form and physics together.

39. Glass Gem Magnets


This activity requires students to think small. The whole “canvas” of the project is the size of a button, so students should carefully select what they highlight on each magnet. The glass gem on top gives a cool distortion effect. These pieces make great gifts or collectibles.

40. Objects in Detail


Here, students will look at the tiny details of everyday objects and then recreate them in larger proportions. It’s a great study in still life, and it gives a new perspective to things that students are used to seeing. Offer complex and interestingly shaped objects for kids to manipulate and draw in the classroom.

Learn more: Arte a Scuola

41. Design a Tiny House


Kids will have fun designing a tiny house that will meet their functional needs while also being visually appealing. It’s a great lesson in form and function, and it’s a fun way to get to know students’ hobbies and interests as well!

Learn more: Teachers Pay Teachers

42. Milk Carton Design


In this project, students learn about advertising in their daily lives. Then, they design a milk carton to try to make a normal object even more appealing. Talk about the different techniques, styles, and trends in advertising and packaging to really drive these points home.

Learn more: Tracy Fortune

43. Botanical Prints


All you need is some leaves or petals from the great outdoors and some simple watercolors. Use the leaves and petals as a stamp to create patterns and scenes. The final product can be as complex or as simple as the young artist desires. Be aware that these pieces do take a long time to dry.

44. Cell Phone Holder


This practical project results in a customized and handy mobile phone stand. It is a great gift item, and it’s a fun way to work with clay. Many clay projects have become predictable pinch-pots, so it’s great to see new techniques and end products in clay.

Learn more: Hatiffant

45. Reductionist Prints with Kieth Haring

This is a great way to explore recent art history and a new medium. Students make multiple prints of the same image, changing the colors as they go along. The result is bold and colorful statement pieces that really showcase their creativity.

Learn more: Chucks and Crayons

These tasks are beneficial to add to any art lesson rotation you might have. Many of them use simple materials or basic supplies. They can also be made more complex or challenging regarding the design elements if you feel your students would enjoy taking on more intricate tasks.

There is also a lot your students can learn from these tasks. Learning about different elements of design, like movement, color, and line, for example. You can also use these ideas as springboards into discussions about artists from the past that still have stylist influence today. Your grade six students will have fun and learn while they do it!

ice cream preschool activities

art assignment class 6

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art assignment class 6

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Geometric Hearts | Valentine’s Day Project

Learning how to connect the dots to form lines looks easier than it really is. That is not to say that this project is difficult, but it is best for... Learn More

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Winter Tree Silhouette Art Project

I grew up in a rural area of Prince Edward Island where the land is basically flat with just a few hills. Perfect for cross country skiing. My bestie, Leslie... Learn More

winter tree silhouette landscape using pan watercolors for kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Art Project

Few figures in American history inspire hope in the human spirit quite like civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. His iconic I Have a Dream speech outlined his hopes... Learn More

art assignment class 6

Winter Folk Art Trees

These Folk Art Trees created with wintery colors is a quick and easy art project to do when days are cold and short. Packed with art standards, this 60-minute project... Learn More

Winter Folk Art Trees | Easy art lesson for kids using marker and watercolor to make colorful simple winter trees

Chalk Flowers Art Project – 2 Ways

Chalk is an underused art medium. Too dusty. Too messy. High maintenance. And spraying? Forget it. But with these chalk flowers… I say ignore the bad rap and go for it. Chalk pastels,... Learn More

art assignment class 6

Student Milestones in Art | Middle School

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Just Add Glitter | Simple Bird Project

When a book speaks to you in a very personal — and glittery — way, you know that creating a coordinated art project is of utmost importance. The lovely Angela... Learn More

Just Add Glitter Bird | Easy holiday art project for kids

How to Make a Papel Picado | Mexican Folk Art

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art assignment class 6


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art assignment class 6

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Art Integrated Classes 6-8

Science class 5.

Simple machines DURATION: 31st December -31st January Class: 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D

Teaching Tool: Learning Science through art and craft.

CHAPTER NAME: Simple Machines

One of the most important reasons that human beings have become the most successful species on Earth is due to their mastery of tools and simple machines. The students were explained about simple machines. On the basis of their learning, the students designed the simple machines using the materials available at home. They also discussed the application of simple machines designed by them.


Art integrated Learning: term 2

Subject Teacher: Ms Rajani Panth Class 6 Science Activity: Construct a simple pinhole camera using materials available at home. Teaching Tool : Art and Craft Duration : 31st December to 31st January

A pinhole camera is a camera without a conventional glass lens. An extremely small hole in a thin material can create an image when all light rays from a scene go through a single point.

Based on the above concept the students were asked to construct a simple pinhole camera using the materials available at home. They were asked to observe lighted objects through the camera. A brief report was submitted by the students as evidence .


Subject Teacher: Ms. Rajneesh Pandey Class 7 Science Art Integrated Learning Duration of the activity: 31st December 2020 to 31st January 2021 Group Activity: Make a Power Point Presentation (12 - 14 Slides)

Topic: Common disorders of the circulatory system

Certain disorders of the circulatory system can be fatal. Find out about the common disorders like high blood pressure, heart failure, coronary artery disease etc. Collect information on their symptoms, causes and methods to prevent them and cure them.


Subject Teacher: Ms Veena Kulkarni Class 8 Science Art Integrated Learning Starting date: 31st December 2020 Date of submission: 31st January 2021 Group Activity: Make a PowerPoint Presentation (14-18 Slides) Topic: The Solar System Collect information on their characteristic features along with pictures. The first slide must contain Class, Section and Names of Students

  • Terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars)
  • Jovian Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)
  • Great Conjunction 2020: Jupiter and Saturn



Class 6 term-i.

Create a table in MS-Excel on the topic ‘My Daily Time Table in Lockdown’

1. Apply Table Design. 2. Make the Heading Bold and the content to be center aligned. 3. Apply Wrap Text option (if needed). 4. Fill the current date in all the cells of the column using ‘Autofill’ option. 5. Use other options like Cut, Copy, Paste, Font Size, Font Style etc. wherever required.


Create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic ‘Generations of Computer’


Class 7 TERM-I

Create a table in MS-Excel on the topic ‘Score Board’

1. Make the following columns (a) 1st Column Name --- Name of the Player (b) 2nd Column Name --- Round 1 (c) 3rd Column Name --- Round 2 (d) 4th Column --- Total (By applying the formula) (e) 5th Column --- Average 2. Also take out the maximum and minimum score of Column 2 and Column 3 using the formulas of the same. 3. Apply Table Design. 4. Make the Heading Bold. 5. Apply Wrap Text option if required.


Create a table in MS-Excel on the topic ‘Report Card’. 1. Make the columns such as Name of the student and Marks of any 3 subjects. 2. Take out the total of the marks. Also apply Filter option. 3. Also create a chart for the same.



Subject Teacher: Ms Rajani Panth Theme: Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Sikkim is known for its organic products, based on that an Art Integrated Activity was conducted in the Science class in order to inculcate the knowledge among the students about the Organic Farming done in the state of Sikkim. In this activity the students were asked to collect information about the types of farming done in the state.

The class was divided into group of 4-5 students .Each group was asked to collect information about the following things:

  • Types of crops grown in Sikkim.
  • Agriculture techniques used by farmers.
  • Use of biofertilizers.
  • Grain Storing Techniques etc

Later each group was asked submit(as evidence) and demonstrate the research work in the form power point presentation through virtual classroom .A brain storming session was conducted at the end to compare and contrast the nutritive value of the crops grown organically and crops grown using chemical fertilizers.





FLOWER is the reproductive part of the plant. In order to understand the parts of flower an art integrated learning was conducted in the classroom where the teacher physically demonstrated the flower dissection and asked the students to perform the same through the virtual classroom.

Students enthusiastically took part in the activity and dissected the flower and understood the parts of flower like pedicel , thalamus ,sepals(calyx) , petals (corolla) , stamens (the male reproductive part) and pistil( the female reproductive part).

At the end they have drawn or pasted the various parts of flower on an A4 size sheet and submitted to the teacher as evidence.




Subject Teacher: Ms Rajneesh Pandey Theme: Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Activity : Prepare a Power Point Presentation (10 to 12 Slides)

Topic: Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve in Sikkim

  • Role of biosphere reserve
  • Various rare and endemic species of animals found there.
  • The need of protecting the endangered animals in an ecosystem.
  • The role of inhabitants of Sikkim and Delhi towards conserving environment



Topic – Growing plants by vegetative propagation

Grow few plants by vegetative propagation. Make a short video of duration 1 to 2 minutes showing the plant and explaining the method used for growing it. Also explain the advantages of growing plants by vegetative propagation.

https://youtu.be/Py625paBL-g https://youtu.be/Py625paBL-g https://youtu.be/Abkdlm_DETk https://youtu.be/Py625paBL-g

SUBJECT SCIENCE CLASS 8 Subject Teacher: Ms Veena Kulkarni Theme: Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Activity: Make a PowerPoint Presentation (12-15 Slides) Topic: Air Pollution Sub-Topics:

  • Air Pollution and Air Pollutants
  • Causes of Air Pollution
  • Harmful effects of Air Pollution
  • Role of inhabitants in preventing Air Pollution
  • Compare Air Quality Index of Delhi and Sikkim highlighting Air Pollution



Activity: Role play / Video Topic: Microorganisms

Make a video of 2-3 min of duration explaining any one group of microorganisms, their types, nutrition and reproduction using flash cards. Microorganisms are our friends and foes. Justify the statement by giving their advantages and disadvantages in our life.

https://youtu.be/fTV9gsRbLE0 https://youtu.be/NoNhCLNCQbw https://youtu.be/RBAlN1XbW2o https://youtu.be/unmMan22Jw0

Class 6 Art integrated Activity Term 1

Class – 6 Subject – Mathematics Topic – Fractions Name of the Activity – Fractal Cards

Description of Activity – A fractal is a shape that has self-similarity. That means that one part of the shape looks very similar to the whole shape. In this activity, the shape the students made looks like a rectangle made of rectangles. Each of those rectangle looks very similar to the whole rectangle. The students made fractal pop-up cards.


Class 6 Art integrated Activity Term 2

Class – 6 Subject – Mathematics Topic – Perimeter and Area Name of the Activity – R&D on same area rectangles

Description of Activity – The students were given a fixed area i.e. 24 sq. cm and were asked to find out all the rectangles possible with same area having different dimensions. Example (6,4) , (8,3) and so on. They had to represent the rectangles on the graph paper and identify the rectangle having greatest perimeter.


Class 7 Art integrated Activity Term 1


As we all know that SIKKIM is known for the demographic dividend i.e the different types of tribes present in the state which is why it has a large footfall of tourists and thus earning its livelihood from the tourism. Thus the students were told to research about the tribes their characteristics and note down their population in the state and then plot a bar graph depicting the population. The tribes were as follows:

1. Kachari 2. Khasi 3. Lushai 4. Mikir 5. Garo

An evidence data-fancyboxated to the same was submitted to the subject teacher.



The students were told to select any 5 items of their choice and search for their cost prices. After that students noted down the selling price i.e. the prices at which they themselves got it and thus getting an idea of the profit margins of the shopkeeper and hence letting them understand the real life utility of COMPARING QUANTITIES.


Class 8 Art integrated Activity Term 1

Class– 8 2 Subject– Mathematics Topic – GEOMETRY Name of the Activity– GEOMETRICAL SHAPE OF FAMOUS BUILDINGS OF SIKKIM

Description of Activity As we know construction of every building require some architecture help and we can se many geometrical figure in the shape of buildings. So students need to make 1-figures on A4 size sheet of any famous building of Sikkim.


Class– 8 Subject– Mathematics Topic – MENSURATION Name of the Activity– MAKING OF 3D ICE CREAM CONE BY USING GEOMETRICAL SHAPES

Description of Activity – Make 3-D ice cones by using color paper cutting which is in the shape of circle, cylinder,cone, semicircles,etc. Just paste these cuttings on hard paper.


Class 6ABCDE

TOPIC : Gandagi Mukt Bharat THEME: Swachhta Abhiyaan Time duration: 3 weeks

CONCEPTS TAUGHT:To make the students understand the importance of Cleanliness

ACTIVITY:Students were supposed to make the posters and show their creative skills highlighting the importance of cleanliness . Through posters they need to convey their ideas that how we can stay safe from pandemics like covid-19 by keeping our environment safe and healthy.


1. Students understood how the major pandemics like covid -19 can be tackled if we maintain hygiene and keep our environment healthy.

2. Students appreciated the work of our health workers .

3. Students learned about bacteria and how it is all around us on people and on surfaces. Students develop an understanding of the correct hand washing technique to ensure their cleanliness.



CLASS: 6ABCDE TOPIC: District Administration ,Judicial system and the local self government of India THEME: Political system of India Time duration: 3 weeks CONCEPTS TAUGHT:To know the functioning and levels of Government

ACTIVITY:Students were asked to- Choose any character/ become an official of your own choice from the various departments of Nagar Panchayat ,District administration, judicial system and local self government.

*You have to dress up accordingly & speak up for 1 or 2 minutes that if you would have been this person ,what would you have done for your area/country at large. You may choose being:

Mayor , Municipal Commissioner, Gram Sabha official, Panch of panchayati raj, Collector,Session judge etc.Props ,costumes as per the character


  • Students were able to understand the functioning of the government at the grass root level.
  • Students really enjoyed the activity and concept became even more interesting and clear to them.
  • Teaching through the activity made the subject even more interesting for the students.
  • Students thoroughly participated in the activity



Class 7ABCDE

TOPIC An Election Day Classroom Experiment THEME POLITICAL FORMATIONS CHAPTER STATE GOVERNMENT Time duration: 1.5 months CONCEPTS TAUGHT An experiment drives home to students the importance of voting.

ACTIVITY Students were supposed to decide their party name and symbol. They also made their own political manifesto and carried out campaigning within the classroom. In the end voting was done and the candidates were elected.

LEARNING OUTCOME 1) Students got hands on experience on how the election process is carried out. 2) They were acquainted with terms like Political Manifesto, Political campaigning. 3) They were also apprised about the importance of political parties.


TOPIC To Make an Advertisement THEME HASTE OUT OF WASTE CHAPTER ADVERTISING Time duration: 1 month CONCEPTS TAUGHT Students were taught about various techniques to advertise the product. They also learnt that different advertisement target different audience ACTIVITY Students created something out of waste and named it uniquely. Then they created their own advertisement by either making a video or using A3 size sheet. They also made use of powerful jingles. LEARNING OUTCOME 4) Students explored their innate potential on how to create something out of waste. 5) They were acquainted with various techniques of advertising and with various jingles used while advertising. 6) They got hands on experience on how to advertise the product.



Class 8ABCD


DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY: Frame a constitution for the school including do’s and don’ts that you think should be practiced when we resume school post COVID 19 break. Activity needs to be done on an A4 size sheet. Instructions for students and teachers should be very clear as to what needs to be done and should not be done when the school resumes.



DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY: Make a collage of reformers who have taken stringent steps to make Indian society better in terms of social practices or education. Collage needs to be made on an A3/A4 size sheet with 5 pictures to be pasted and description of any one reformer needs to be given. Collage should be very clear and handwriting should be legible.


Class 8 students

Gandagi Mukt Mera Gaon

Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, organized the AIL activity for students of class 8 on ‘Gandagi Mukt Mera Gaon’.

The idea behind the activity was to let the children understand the data-fancyboxevance of cleanliness. Students from all sections of class 8 enthusiastically participated in the activity. The activity helped them de stress from their normal routine and focus upon their creativity.


Class 6 students

A painting competition was organised as a part of Art integrated learning activities for all the sections of grade 6, students participated in it enthusiastically and portrayed their out of the box ideas on a drawing sheet. It was an enriching experience to observe and encourage such students who were filled with zeal and vigour to perform their best. A drawing and painting competition was conducted in which children of class 6 showcased their creativity. They depicted their love and concern in vibrant colours in their painting and drawing .

Their hidden talent and innovative ideas made the competition healthy and amazing. to perform their best. Children poured their all hearts and creativity to show their concern and love for their environment.

C.B.S.E. Expression Series

Paschim Vihar(New Delhi), 25 June 2020: Students of Doon Public School (classes 6-8) took part in the Creativity Building Competition that was conducted by C.B.S.E. in order to enhance the creativity and writing skills of the students of the primary, middle as well as the senior wing.

The students participated enthusiastically in the ‘Poem Writing, Essay Writing and Poster Making Competition’. The students had brilliantly showcased their creativity and were sensitised towards the complexities of the global pandemic.

The topic for the middle wing was ‘The hardest challenge brought out the best in me’ and ‘I do not miss the school in the last two months because...’. The Doonites participated with great enthusiasm and some good entries were seen.

It was an excellent platform for the students to express their emotions and feelings that they had witnessed during the lockdown. It also made the students realise that the schools are not closed only the buildings are closed.

It was challenging for the teachers to shortlist one best entry. Many students had excellently expressed, however, only one could reach to the finale -HARSH SHARMA of Class 8B. He had written most creatively and was selected as the best entry from the 6-8 group for C.B.S.E. Expression Series.


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  • Academics/Achievements
  • School Life
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art assignment class 6

Easel Activities

art assignment class 6

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grade 6 art project

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art assignment class 6

Modern Masters Art Projects for Grades 3- 6

art assignment class 6

Canadian Art Project - Grade 4, 5 and 6

art assignment class 6

  • Word Document File

art assignment class 6

African Art Projects Grades 1- 6

art assignment class 6

Ted Harrison Art Lesson Chalk Pastels Grades Pre-k to 6 Art History Project

art assignment class 6

Watercolor Art Projects for Grades 4- 6

art assignment class 6

Basquiat Art Lesson Red Buildings Grades K- 6 Art History and Project

art assignment class 6

Grade 6 Art Course with 9 Awesome Projects !

art assignment class 6

Basquiat Inspired Art Lesson 2 Buildings Teach Grades K- 6 Art History Project

art assignment class 6

Module 6 Math Art Project 3rd Grade

art assignment class 6

Back to School Art Project : Kandi-Apples : In the Style of Kandinsky

art assignment class 6

36 Weeks of Art Bellwork / Art Bell Ringers worksheets for grades 6 -12

art assignment class 6

Doodle Landscape: Pattern Landscapes- Middle School School Art Lesson

art assignment class 6

Passion Project for Independent Reading, grades 6 -10

art assignment class 6

Grade 4, 5 & 6 FULL YEAR Visual Art Units & Lessons (Ontario)

art assignment class 6

INTEGER NUMBER LINE ART Activity w/ Thermometer - Distance Learning

art assignment class 6

  • Easel Activity

art assignment class 6

Vincent van Gogh PowerPoint and Art Lesson Bundle - Starry Night Art Project

art assignment class 6

Graffitis: Art Lesson Plan for Kids

art assignment class 6

Doodle Animal Portraits: Acrylic Painting: Middle & High School Art Lesson

art assignment class 6

Grades 4 - 8: Holiday Cup Art / Health / Media Project !

art assignment class 6

Animal Eye Paintings (Or Drawings) Art Making Project

art assignment class 6

Spring Art Activity : Germs, Winter, Spring.

art assignment class 6

Winter Art Activity and Lesson Plan for Kids: Perching Bird, Winter, Christmas

art assignment class 6

Halloween Art Project : Witches and Twilight

art assignment class 6

Pop Art Animals: Lions, Elephants, Leopards + Giraffes Art Lesson for Grades 3- 6

art assignment class 6

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