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ASM452 End User Applications Microsoft PowerPoint Assignment Assignment (100 marks) Overview

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In this paper we describe the formatting requirements for SIGCHI Conference Proceedings, and offer recommendations on writing for the worldwide SIGCHI readership. Please review this document even if you have submitted to SIGCHI conferences before, for some format details have changed relative to previous years. These include the formatting of table captions, the formatting of references, and a requirement to include ACM DL indexing information. Author

assignment 2 asm452

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Discussing Health and Wellness Virtually is the culmination of a semester of research conducted by the University at Buffalo’s combined Anthropology Museum Studies course and interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Critical Museum Studies. This online presentation is a selection of objects from the Cravens and Edgar R. McGuire Historical Medical Instrument collections. The Cravens Collection comprises more than 1,100 artifacts from across the globe and represents 10,000 years of human achievements, while the Edgar R. McGuire Historical Medical Instrument Collection contains more than 150 medical instruments spanning from the Classical Period to nineteenth century. This project explores the topics of health and wellness from a global point of view, inspired by the current COVID pandemic. In December 2019, news spread across the world about an outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, first reported in Wuhan, China. By March 2020, universities and schools worldwide rapidly closed and transitioned to online learning. Educators were forced to adapt to new ways of teaching and communicating with students. In light of the current conditions, this presentation explores various concepts of health, well-being, and diseases through a diverse group of objects dating from the Late Roman Period to the early twentieth century and spanning Africa, the Americas, and Europe. The featured objects include vessels for medicine (Gourd Vessel, Miniature Flask, Zoomorphic Figure, Leech Jar), surgical tools for everyday life and urgent procedures (Set of Three Roman Instruments, George Tiemann & Co. Surgical Kit), objects used to ask for fertility and agricultural abundance (Legba Fetish, Lagalagana/Iagalagana Figure), and items of protective or good energy (Lidded Vessel). Collectively, these objects tell stories of how humans have sought to heal and protect ourselves and ensure the same for our progeny through resourcefulness, ingenuity, and spiritual exploration.

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This paper describes an investigation into the use of video technology to support an exercise for final-year honours degree students of Public Health Nutrition (PHN). The result would form part of their e-portfolio. PHN students may well in their subsequent careers be called upon to make radio, television, or internet broadcasts on public health topics at very short notice. The exercise that they undertook was designed to give them an “authentic” experience mirroring this. In a half-day session, they were each given some scientific summary data about a particular nutrient (for example folic acid, vitamin C, selenium etc.) and asked to prepare two outputs: a written “Press Release” for a newspaper, and a video-recorded interview about the nutrient, in which they answered known questions. Reflection on their learning experience was encouraged and recorded immediately afterwards, as well as at a later time. This was a novel addition to the student experience, constituting a use of technology in support of learning that was not related to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Students were introduced to a flexible learning space where they could work informally using laptops prior to presenting their data in the video-recorded interview. Several aspects of the exercise caused the students some trepidation, but they recognised it as being closer to a real-world experience than other assessments. The findings of the paper include a consideration of the factors influencing the success or otherwise of the exercise drawing on experience gained not only during the current delivery of the session but also during the delivery of an earlier version carried out in the previous academic year. An analysis of the student and staff feedback gathered immediately after the session, and again eight weeks later, is presented. The usefulness of the exercise, the method of assessment, and the applicability to other areas are also discussed.

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The University ofOttawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS) is a one-day undergraduate health conference that aims to increase awareness of the interdisciplinary field of health. This conference engages students' interest in health through seminars, interactive discussions, and a research-based elevator pitch competition. UOHS was created nine years ago by undergraduate students, and it has grown to become the University of Ottawa’s largest healthcare conference. Every year, UOHS hosts Pitch-O-Rama, an elevator pitch competition during one of the conference’s seminar blocks. This is an event where undergraduate students have the opportunity to present their health care-related research to an audience and panel of judges in a clear and engaging way while winning prizes and certificates. The abstracts of the top three presentations at the UOHS 2020 Pitch-O-Rama are highlighted in this abstract booklet.

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assignment 2 asm452


The course is designed to equip students with knowledge and abilities in the use of word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications. The focuses of the course are on the integration and hands-on training on word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications in producing business documents, designing slides for presentations and apply spreadsheets documentation. Students will be able to demonstrate the keyboarding techniques in relations to applied management studies. The course also emphasizes on applying the applications learnt by working in a team to produce group project and presentations that meets an organization’s needs.


At the end of the course, students should be able to:

🎯 Course Learning Outcomes 1

Apply the concept of business documents, presentation, and spreadsheet. ( PLO1 , C3 )

🎯 Course Learning Outcomes 2

Perform intermediate function of word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet application efficiently. ( PLO2 , P3 )

🎯 Course Learning Outcomes 3

Display the curation skills in managing simple data through report and presentation. ( PLO7 , A3 )


Students will be assessed as follows:

Continuous Assessment

Assignment (50% )

Microsoft Word 25%

Microsoft Excel 25%

Self-Reflection s (20%)

Microsoft Word 6.5%

Microsoft PowerPoint 6.5%

Microsoft Excel 7.0%

Comprehensive Hands-on Test (30%)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) based on MOHE:

PLO1 = Knowledge

PLO 2 = Practical Skills

PLO7 = Information Management & Lifelong Learning Skills

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