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(Posting on behalf of my company) We are real estate builders looking for complete digital marketing for our new project. The goal for marketing is only quality lead generation. We'd prefer quality leads over numbers. We have 4-5 firms under which we start project at a time so I need a solution on how can we do a website for such a project. Requirement :- 1) Website or High Converting Landing Page for Lead Generation 2) If we go for a website then complete SEO 3) Google Ads' 4) Facebook/Instagram Ads 5) Youtube Ads 6) Video for advertising 7) Brochure 8) Social Media Management Please write your strategy and what can you provide in detailed, don't copy paste your info.

...have any files and he will take the link down soon is the real site, But the link I sent you, someone sent it to me and its fake Also can you unshorten the link? I think it is a fake url Can you copy and recreate everything this scammer did? but ASAP And also figure out how he can change properties and let me have that option I want to track this guy he scammed me for alot of money , I have been tracking him for 2 months Can you build the same and do exactly what he did? or copy him and will I be able to change the property Analyse the website and let me know if you can do the same as he did and reserve the property and everything maybe not on wordpress but on php like he done Only message if you can do this website, I do not want to report him yet because I want to lear...

...create a Unity ML AI training system to play strategy game videos. The ideal candidate should have experience in Unity ML and game development. Requirements: - Create an AI training system using Unity ML to play strategy game videos. - The AI should be able to analyze and understand the gameplay mechanics of the strategy games. - The AI should be able to make intelligent decisions and strategies based on the gameplay. - The AI training system should be able to record the training sessions of the actors. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Unity ML and game development. - Strong understanding of strategy games and their mechanics. - Experience in creating AI systems and training models. - Ability to record and analyze training sessions. Please note

I want to hire somebody to create an implementation of steganography for educational use with no preference as to which programming language is used. The level of complexity required is open to the expertise of the freelancer. The goal of the project is to provide an alternate, secure form of communication that can be used by students in an educational setting. In particular, steganography is a powerful tool for hiding information within images and other digital mediums such that only those with knowledge of the technique can access and interpret the data. The successful freelancer will be able to develop an implementation of steganography that meets my expectations for educational purposes. They should have experience in coding in either Python or Java and be comfortable handling...

I am looking for someone to create an e-profile for a chef. I would like the profile to be in a pdf format and include photos and graphics for design elements. In terms of content, the profile should include the chef's biography, experience and qualifications. Additionally, it should include some sample recipes. If the designer can think of any other ways to provide a unique and engaging profile, then that would be great as well. Thank you!

Project Description: Get students I am looking to attract freelancers that can get students to apply for graduate and undergraduate study through online advertising. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in online advertising and digital marketing - Familiarity with targeting and reaching graduate students - Knowledge of effective strategies for promoting course enrollment - Proficiency in creating engaging and persuasive online advertisements - Ability to track and analyze the success of advertising campaigns

I am looking for a designer who can create gif files using our logo. I need 2-5 gif files to be made. The animation style can be either motion graphics, or 3D animation. There are no specific color preferences or branding guidelines, so the designer can use their discretion. It would be great if the designer can provide their input on the color choices and branding. Ideal skills for this job include proficiency in animation software and creativity in designing eye-catching gifs.

Role Description This is a part-time remote role for a Remote Marketing Apprentice. The ideal Apprentice is an existing college student anywhere in the world, looking to amass some industry experience in the field of marketing and tech startup, while working under flexible arrangements that accommodate your school calendar. You will have a mentor who will supervise your work as well as you support the team in Singapore You should be able to commit 3 months or more. This role is task-based and not time-based, however, you should expect to commit between 6 to 10 hours per week for this role. Qualifications • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English, with other language proficiency a plus • Ability to follow instructions and work collaboratively in a remote environ...

We are a newly formed business looking for an individual to help us create a logo for our brand. We are particularly interested in an abstract design. We understand the difficulty that comes along with creating something unique from scratch, so we are open to suggestions for colors and design. We are looking for someone to assist us and share their creative ideas in order to find the perfect design and color combination that suits our needs.

We are looking for a NestJS Expert who can teach it for our students . In simple, we are looking for a tutor who can teach our students This is going to be 8hours/day with 7-10 days(Sat and Sun is weekoff). If you are are comfortable in teaching and timing, please do bid. While bidding, please start your proposal with "I can do" so I will reply. Or you wont get a message from me Thanks Karthik K

...from securing agreements with public and private sector stakeholders to engineering, procurement, and commissioning, potentially contributing to a robust service and maintenance framework. This demonstrates GREC's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions in India while maintaining their global presence in the renewable energy sector. Overall, GREC's expertise and hands-on involvement make them a key player in the renewable energy landscape, both locally and globally....

i would like to discuss more about the requirements in the chat. I am looking for a skilled developer to create an exciting scratch cards game app that will be available on iOS, Android, and web platforms. The app will involve real money and will require the integration of in-app purchases. basically i would like to create a scratch game that will be based on crypto and will involve real money . i would like to create like 10 different scratch cards games and an platform where users can create an account and topup money via crypto / visa and buy scratch cards to check there luck and win the prices like an real scratch cards which we have in stores. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in developing for iOS and Android platforms - Experience in creating web-based appl... a store with your ID on Etsy, and the rest is on us. We will be responsible for the store daily running and management like client service and shipping,etc. The benifit for you is, you could enjoy a share of the store monthly revenue (1$ per order, monthly payment ). This could be a very good opportunity for you to have passive income or earn an extra money . A lot of people thinking about passive income all day long, but didn't make it in the end, while now, a real chance is here, believe it and give a try, see what will happen. Requirement: 1. Person with ID/passport/driving license, honest and trustful (you must from the follwoing countries, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Repulblic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germa...

Freelance Instructor/Trainer Requirement for Corporate Batches delivery. For ...technical support calls for clients, to assist them on queries towards courses. Prepare and support for course outlines, course details for sales proposals. Consistently deliver high quality training programs. Assist students for exam preparation by providing guidance and mentorship. Regularly update and upgrade skills and training delivery materials. Should have the labs available for the hands on for the participants for Sailpoint Identity now and Sailpoint IDM Training. Key Performance Indicators Training delivery days/ Students trained Courses delivered Feedback ratings shared by students and Clients. Repeat business received after training deliveries Upgradation to latest courses Upda...

Job Title: Full-Stack Mobile App Developer for End-to-End Development Project Description: We're launching an app offering real-time, targeted deals to users. We need a seasoned full-stack mobile app developer or agency to handle everything from concept to launch. Responsibilities: Consult with our team on project vision and objectives. Design UX/UI: Create wireframes and aesthetic designs. Develop both front-end & back-end for a seamless app experience. Ensure app is optimized for both cross-platform or native platforms. Conduct thorough testing for functionality and UX. Manage app launch and deployment on respective app stores. Offer post-launch support for updates, bug fixes, and improvements. Requirements: Proven end-to-end mobile app devel...

Investment and Trading App Development for Both iOS and Android - We are looking for an experienced mobile app developer to create an investment and trading app for both iOS and Android platforms. - The app will primarily be used for stock trading, so knowledge and experience in stock trading and financial markets is required. - The client has specific features and functionalities in mind for protect user data and transactions. - The client is open to suggestions and improvements, so creativity and problem-solving skills are essential. - The project timeline and budget will be discussed with the selected freelancer. Things to include An admin panel must be created A domain name must be entered Adding an unlimited hosting Creating cards and other application for admin to withdraw ...

Complete MERN App as discussed

I am looking to hire someone to promote our institute in Indonesia to recruit students to come and study in Australia.

Hello, We need to make few extension /plugin for PerfexCRM. NOTE - I do not want to do any customization on default PerfexCRM. I want only few extension to make . details requirement about extension I will send on PM to the right candidate. If you have good experience for working with PerfexCRM and making extension and comfortable to do this work and deliver fast then ONLY BID Thanks!

Make an streaming website based on an existing script called xvidesharing version 2.0 I need a lot of modifications and optimization. For more information and documentation please contact me.

Attached is an image of our condo it is the biggest building on the beach which is toward the right side, it is white on the side and a teal looking color which is about 5 stories big i need you to make the side of building white same color but make it look good and enhance the front of building now its looking distorted. also we need an arrow or a creative way for it to show the building label the building above it BNB SJDS This will be on the banner of our website

NO CERTIFICATE NEEDED/ONGOING JOB I'm looking for someone to provide talking sessions for ESL students at an intermediate level. The sessions are usually 0.5-1h, and the tasks are really easy. If the student has something they want to talk about, they would specify it so you can check if you’re interested too. Otherwise, you can talk about whatever, but just be mindful to correct their pronunciation/diction if they say anything wrong. Requirements: Native English speakers (no tutoring experience needed, this' really casual) If not native, a valid English test result is needed (IELTS/TOEFL/etc)

I am looking for a PHP developer to complete the unfinished code of QuickDate - The Ultimate PHP Dating Platform by DoughouzForest codecanyon. Requirement of fixing any bugs that may be present.

Hi so u had a developer start on this project, took my money sayi g its done then sent files and its not done and then said its impossible to do. So i want the webserver page that shows a current temp sensor reading and also high low which i out in and shows notification if iut of range. Also i have a liquid level meter that i need on and off too which notifies if detected. There is also wifi which is seup as ap and i want ap if it cant connect to my home wifi so i can get on and the. Setup for my home wifi. The server is do e, layout done, Ap done. Witong done. It just needs the sensors working. WIFI AND notifications. I can send the ide files.

I would like to create a real estate classifieds ads application, and because of the high cost of creating an application from scratch, I found an existed application on codecanyon that contains many required functional, but some of them need to be modified in addition to add more new features, So there is specific features are already detailed in a functional requirements document. That's why I'm looking for a flutter developer to do this work. This is the application that we will work on and modify: The modifications will include front-end, back-end, database, API and UI.

I am looking for someone to help me create a Facebook page to sell clothes. Target Audience: - Both men and women Clothing Type: - Kids' clothing Number of Products: - More than 100 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating and managing Facebook pages for e-commerce businesses - Knowledge of the fashion industry and trends - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging content

I am looking for a skilled translator who can help me complete the translation of my WordPress website. Here are the project details: Primary Language: English and arabic - The website is currently in English and I need it to be translated into another language. Target Language: Other (please specify) - I have specified the target language as "Other" because I have a specific language in mind that I will discuss with the selected translator. Translation Scope: Other (please specify) - I have chosen "Other" for the translation scope because I only need specific sections of the website to be translated. I will provide more details on which sections need to be translated to the chosen translator. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in translating W...

I'm looking for a professional portrait photographer in the Cleveland area. The photographer will be taking school portraits of 250-350 students per day, over five days spread out between September and October. The dates are 9/13, 9/28, 10/4, 10/5, and 10/12. Photographer must be available morning (7-8AM) to afternoon (3-4PM). Times and locations very per day. The assignment requires someone with experience in working with school age children, and someone with experience in digital portrait photography. The photographer should be able to work through the days quickly and efficiently, ensuring that all the students get their portraits taken. All equipment will be provided. We are open to discuss any additional requirements that the photographer may need to do the job i...

...questions: How did the oil crisis in 1970s affect the money market in the U.S and/ or Europe? How did the monetary policy affect the money market and the economy? Which monetary policy tools were used? Compare the situation in 1970s with the crisis and the increase in oil prices following the Ukranian-Russian war. How effective was the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and of the European Central Bank? Required Outline: 1. Background of the oil crisis in 1970s and its effect on the western economies and on the money markets. 2. The monetary policy tools in 1970s and their effects to stimulate the economy. 3. The oil and gas crisis following the Ukranian-Russian war and its effect on the U.S and/ or European economies and on the money markets. 4....

Need someone to source products from over seas and you will have to translate into english and if needed be able ship stuff and make money from this. Let me know

I want to make a logo for a school archery team. The general idea is to have an image of an alligator holding a bow and shooting an arrow. Perhaps with some image of an archery board behind it. The team name is "Magellan Archery". However, I am open to any idea of how these images are combined.

I am looking for a tutor who can help me with my grade 11 English class. I specifically need assistance with reading comprehension. Skills/Experience: - Strong understanding of reading comprehension techniques - Experience in tutoring high school students in English - Familiarity with grade 11 English curriculum The student is struggling with a specific book or reading material. The title of the material will be provided upon further discussion. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Familiarity with a wide range of literature - Ability to adapt teaching methods to suit individual student's needs - Patience and ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Looking for a video editor who makes great TikTok movies for our company's TikTok advertising campaign

Intermediate English Online Course - I am looking for a skilled English tutor who ca...for a skilled English tutor who can provide online course materials for intermediate level students . - The classes will be held once a week. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in teaching English as a second language, specifically at the intermediate level. - Proficiency in creating online course materials, including lesson plans, exercises, and assessments. - Excellent communication skills to effectively engage with students in an online setting. - Ability to adapt teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles. - Strong knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation at an intermediate level. - Availability to conduct classes online and provide timely feedback and sup...

Read before you bid . if you don't understand and you don't know anything about and add small functions like , . User can integrate the store with his domain name . Auto creating sub domain for user when they apply for that . Promo code we can offer discount for user . Api with Ali express . Add fatoora , pay mob , m2b and konnect as payment method in our website for user client and also our payment getaway . Add wallet option for user that we can give them money in there wallet to use it for future . . Commission basic in users sales . If user upgraded during his subscription calculate fees . Each country different price . Each country different payment getaway . Change themes designs * if you also has some idea we would li...

I am looking for a developer who can create a WebView app for our company website specifically for iOS platform. The app should have the following features: - WebView functionality to display our website in the app - Push Notifications to send important updates and notifications to users The developer should have experience in iOS app development and be familiar with integrating WebView and Push Notifications. They should also have knowledge of the necessary requirements for uploading the app to the Apple Store.

...staff and users). Library Staff Portal: Accessible via secure login. Receive and view assigned queries. Update query status (e.g., open, in progress, resolved). Communicate with users to gather additional information. Maintain a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers. Generate reports on query statistics and resolution times. Student/Faculty Portal: Login for library patrons ( students and faculty). Submit new queries with detailed descriptions. Track the status of submitted queries. View solutions or responses from library staff. Access a history of past queries and their resolutions. Chatbot integration for automated responses to common queries. Integration with email notifications for updates and responses. Technology Stack: Frontend: React.js Backend: No...

I am seeking a creative and highly skilled Photoshop expert to produce outstanding results and help me to meet my project goals. I am looking for assistance with photo editing in a black and white style. Specifically, I need 6-10 photos to be retouched, polished, and edited to bring out the best of my project. All necessary assets and resources will be provided to the successful candidate. This project requires a good eye for detail, excellent Photoshop skills, and a creative approach to black and white photo editing, so only experienced professionals should apply. If you are interested, please let me know about your experience with Photoshop, your portfolio, and any other relevant skills or credentials that you have. I would love to hear from you and am excited to see your work!

DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT BASED IN U.S.A. Role Description: Senior Copywriter with Specialization in Alex Hormozi's Principles About the Business: TrboTest is a cutting-edge e-learning platform devoted to optimizing students ' GRE scores. Through meticulously designed courses and personalized one-on-one tutoring, we aim to empower students and propel them towards their academic aspirations. Role Overview: We are searching for a seasoned copywriter who possesses not only an in-depth knowledge of Alex Hormozi's principles as outlined in his books, "$100M Offers" & "$100M Leads," but also a proven track record of implementing these principles into compelling website copy. Your words will breathe life into our platform and help manifes...

We've a wordpress ecom website - We'd like to move to react + django instead for improved safety and better customization and mobile experience. Looking for an experienced team who can help us migrate following all the security standards and write performance-optimized code. The backend should have all the basic options available in woocommerce and other plugins that we use. Few of the custom plugins that we use are: Smart bundled products, ie creates combo of products from multiple products trustpilot plugin google reviews plugin A few custom order statuses like RTO, shipped etc Payment gateway - Paytm Affiliate manager Smart coupons yoast SEO WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery pdf invoices Newsletter plugin Click to whatsapp chat tracking integration for bluedart and delh...

- Create Online School (web site + IOS app + android app) - Assessment form - Calendar - Control on teachers and students for more details, please find the attached file.

...English (reading and writing), have a high attention to detail, and love to learn. Bonuses when working with me are: 1. I correct your English which is getting free tutoring lessons, but you still have to be an 8 out of 10. If I can't understand you, please don't respond. 2. You will learn a ton both about the Truth, and how to hone your skills, and that in and of itself is worth more than all the money I could give you. Knowledge is POWER. So I work full time for free studying the Truth, and fighting the evils who control every aspect of the entire world (and us) and have moved forward with their depopulation agenda when the war started back in March 2020. YES, we are in WWIII, and you already know something is wrong if you aren't living in DENIAL. You won�...

I am looking for a PHP developer to make fixes to my website. Specific Issues: - Broken links on the site need to be fixed. Requirements: - Access to the source code and database of the PHP site is necessary. - The developer should have experience in fixing broken links and resolving related issues. - Knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS is required. Timeline: - The fixes should be completed within a month. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal.

I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can fix my custom-built website and get it live again. I have a backup of the website's files and database, so the main task would be to resolve the issue causing the website to be down. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience with custom-built websites and troubleshooting - Knowledge of server management and website hosting - Understanding of website security and vulnerability management - Ability to diagnose and resolve website performance issues - Familiarity with website deployment and ensuring it is live and functional again

...Summary: - Remote work; - Full-time from 8 hours a day; - Salary from 300$ (depending on working hours). Responsibilities: - Engage with customers in real-time chat conversations, addressing their inquiries and concerns; - Foster genuine connections by actively listening to members' needs and preferences. Qualifications: - Responsible, conscientious, creative, with a desire to earn money ; - Written communication skills in English at least level B1 (Intermediate); - Confident computer and phone user; - Uninterrupted access to a computer and the Internet; - Ability to multitask and handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously; - Be able to work independently. Would be an advantage: - English at least level B2 (Upper-Intermediate); - Marketing knowl...

Hello, my name is Tom, and I'm looking for a freelancer to help me make Filmora Wondershare effects compatible with After Effects. This can be through turning the effects into mp4's or making them directly compatible with the software. This project is for a personal project of mine. I'm looking forward to working together to achieve my desired results. Filmora Effects Website: I have specific effects that need to be converted I will send. Thank you.

Hi there, I am (actually) working as a professional striking coach in football. Have been my profession for almost 30 years with assignments in different associations and professional clubs here in Sweden as well as abroad. Last 10 years I have worked as a consultant and freelancer. Before that I had employments in different organisations. As a consultant I have my website As a brand I am quite established here in Sweden but is time to do a refresh. The logo really dont match my content. The colour scheme is dull, corporate and boring and the fonts are very “default”. Apart from this…maybe combined with some background templates and pattern that could work as a characteristics as well At this point I am quite open to suggestions, apart from something total...

I am looking for an experienced Freelancer to help me design a user flow for my website. I don't need exact details just yet, but I have a rough idea of what I'm looking for. I need a user flow design that consists of more than 7 diagrams, so it is necessary to have experience and understanding of the user journey to create something comprehensive. I'm looking for someone who can interpret my ideas and possible features I could include, and most importantly draw the final user flow diagrams to bring my project to life.

My project is to create a presentation for students with the purpose of persuading them on a particular topic. I need the presentation to use both simple points and detailed data and analysis to effectively communicate my message. The presentation should also be engaging to keep the audience’s interest. I am looking for an individual who can create a compelling conclusion and share the presentation in a professional and visually appealing manner.

Make up mixing pallet for make up artistry. I don't really need the model done and I don't expect a high level of detail, it's a simple design. I just need a rendering and the source files in all relevant 3D printing formats. Open to suggestions regarding the software. The final product will be stamped from medical grade stainless. I need to make changes to the "stand" at the bottom. I need the stands to be curved along the corners opposite of the 4 bowls so it will stand flat and can be picked up with 2 fingers. I also need to be able to discuss over the phone with the artist.

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Are you sure want to delete this record, online math assignment help teacher required in brisbane city.

  • Mathematical Economics

assignment making jobs

Need to complete Mathematical Economics question assignment (all high level math questions) with good level of detail and high accuracy. Will send question file on request

  • Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
  • $ 19 (Fixed)

Online Hindi assignment help teacher needed in Noida

I need a translator for Sanskrit to Hindi (astrology books). Kindly connect if you are interested.

  • 28 mins ago
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Online Structure assignment help teacher needed in Phoenix

  • Protein purification
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Western Blotting

Proteome and Proteins, biology, current methods for studying and characterizing proteins, as well as the roles of biological proteins. The topic I need help with reviews the translation process for proteins before examining the post-translational processes that have an impact on the composition, location, and function of proteins. Protein...

  • 38 mins ago
  • N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Online JAVA assignment help tutor needed in Amritsar

  • Programming (C++)

Need someone who can write a code and save the result in pdf. Please do not call and just text me via whatsapp

  • Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • $ 4 (Fixed)

Online Maths assignment help teacher needed in Malacca

  • 43 mins ago
  • Malacca, Malaysia

Islamiyat assignment help teacher needed in Chak 2/4 L

I want to take help in thesis please contact number

  • 2/4-L Road, Chak 2/4 L, Okara, Punjab, Pakistan

Online Python Basics assignment help tutor needed in London

  • Python Basics
  • 13 London Rd, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6JZ, UK

English (beginner) assignment help tutor needed in Khanpur

  • English (beginner)

Im looking someone for good experience .im available in 1pm to 9 pm. I have a good writting skills and experience .my budget 10k To 30k .

  • Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Online Excel charts assignment help tutor needed in Gurugram

  • Excel Advanced
  • Excel (Basic)
  • Excel charts
  • Excel data cleaning and formatting
  • Excel Data Formatting
  • Excel file cleaning and formatting
  • Excel for Finance
  • Excel & Research Data Analysis

I am looking for someone with excel experience.To assist with an excel related task I can work in advance excel sheet, data analysis,creating charts, financial modeling, date entry pivot table, so kindly provide the excel related assignment & work .

  • 2 hours ago
  • Gurugram, Haryana, India

Online Python assignment help tutor needed in Mubimbi

  • Data analysis
  • Oil and gas
  • Data Science Projects
  • Data Analytics

Hey there, I would like someone to help in Data Science projects he/she have knowledge about Python and AI tools. And have professional experience. In Data Analytics specifically in the field of oil and gas or any other industry. To save the time i am Whiling to pay 350 rupees for an hour class only. If you are interested to help me :)...

  • Mubimbi, Burundi

Online Programming C++ assignment help tutor needed in Singapore

  • Programming C++

I am currently year 2 colleage student currently I have a module called data structures and algorithms since my c and c++ is not that strong I need some help with my assignments.

  • Punggol, Singapore

Dyslexia assignment help teacher needed in Dwarka

Hi,please message me back I have inquire about dyslexia home classes thank you! Tam Andja.

  • Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Math english science and other subjects assignment help tutor needed in Diliman

  • Math english science and other subjects

I need a face to face tutor for abm strand

  • 3 hours ago
  • University of the Philippines Diliman, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Online Time Management assignment help teacher required in Chitungwiza

  • Time Management

Need help.with project management

  • Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Online Computer assignment help tutor needed in Johar Town

I am looking forward to an experience teacher/instructor online who can teach and trained that how to operate the computer (MS Office-specially MS Excell) Bigner to advance professional level. Timings are flexible. Fee package is negotiables. Thanks

  • Johar Town Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Online Data entry assignment help tutor required in Bhiwadi

  • Data analysis in Excel
  • PDF to Excel Conversion

I am looking for a job of excel. I am proefficient in working for our clients and I charge only 500 rupees per work.

  • Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India

Online Python assignment help teacher required in Velachery

  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • C programming
  • Microcontroller

Analysis of timing interference in automotive microcontrollers, It is MTech computer science assignment with C program and other functions

  • 4 hours ago
  • Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Online Calculus assignment help tutor needed in Lower Parel

  • Mathematics
  • Probability Theory
  • Combinatorics

Required Mathematics expert - Consultants/ Analysts An emerging cloud-based AI company, Adishesha AI provides a platform for building and identifying futuristic data driven results. The AI helps business analysts, build predictive analytics, with no knowledge of machine learning or programming and uses automated machine learning to build and...

  • Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • $ 181/month

Online Presentation assignment help tutor needed in Indiranagar

  • Presentation

I need help with building a powerpoint presentation from scratch. I have references with me ready, I can guide as to what to put in each slide. Please contact on whatsaap in case you're interested

  • Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • $ 36 (Fixed)

Online Modelling assignment help teacher needed in Casuarina

  • Traffic engineering

Sidra modelling of intersection related TRAFFIC ENGINEERING

  • 5 hours ago
  • 6 Dripstone Rd, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia
  • Learning mind💥
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Top Assignment Writing Freelancing Jobs

Posted Sep 4 | Send before Sep 30

Looking for Native Germans to record.

Hourly | $7 - $8

Position: German language reader Location: Remote We are looking for a Norwegian German reader to ..

  • Audio Recording

Posted Sep 2 | Send before Oct 3

Recruiting native Dutch speakers

Hourly | $5 - $7

We are looking for Dutch people who can read English to test our speech recognition software. When..

  • Dutch Language

Posted Sep 1 | Send before Sep 8

Help Setting Up Custom Public NS -Azure

Fixed Price or Hourly

We own and buy many domain names. Currently we use our registrars name servers (like ns1.godaddyn..

  • Server Administration

Posted Aug 26 | Send before Sep 25

flutter app+web ble device intergrate

Fixed Price | Under $250

Doctor online web/audio consultation with appointment and humen vital testing via integrated IOTde..

Posted Aug 21 | Send before Sep 20

eCommerce Data Feed Manager [English and

eCommerce Data Feed Manager Lim Media is a full-service digital agency that delivers premium digit..

  • App Development

Posted Aug 13 | Send before Dec 31

Transcription project (Lao)

Fixed Price | Not Sure

We are looking for freelancers and/or companies to transcribe over thousand of all genres Youtube ..

  • Transcription

Posted Aug 10 | Send before Sep 7

Proposal Manager I

Learning on the Job Opportunity - This job is on an as-needed basis: The Proposal Manager will coo..

  • Proposal Design

Posted Aug 9 | Send before Dec 31


Fixed Price | $500-$1k

We are seeking an editor/proofreader to join our family and editorial enthusiasts. If you are a di..

  • Copyediting

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My Writing Master

My Writing Master

Freelance Academic Writer

Join our team of india's most reputed and well paid academic freelancers, reasons to join us, on time & higher payments rates, work on subjects of your choice, work from anywhere, regular handholding and constant learning, opportunity to work on international case studies, get experience certificate, how to join us, 1. register with us by filling a form, 2. qualify expert qualification test (eqt), 3. get assignment work orders (awo), 4. get paid (by online money transfer).

For every completion of AWO, you will be paid fortnightly.



We are looking for Academic Writers (professionals, students, housewives and moms from reputed institutes only) who are experienced in taking up international academic assignments and essays from international universities in following streams.

  • MBA subjects - Marketing, Finance/Accounts
  • Operations, SCM, HRM, Systems,
  • IT-Engineering Subjects,
  • Statistics & statistical tools,
  • Nursing, Medical & Health Sciences,
  • IT networking and security,
  • English Literature & Linguistics,
  • Coding and programming in different languages (Java, DOTnet, html, etc.),
  • Chemistry-Advanced
  • Biology-Advanced
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Law and legal affairs


  • Currently studying students can apply.
  • If you have worked as professional assignment writer before, then it is a bonus.
  • Experienced professional (of more than 3yrs experience) in other something than assignment writing or teaching work should not apply as we think they lose touch in academics after 3 yrs
  • One who has a flair for academic writing.
  • Can follow assignment requirements and marking rubric strictly.
  • One who writes original stuff and not copy paste.
  • One who has an excellent command on written English.
  • One who respects deadline and committed to on-time delivery.
  • One who pays attention to citations and referencing.
  • One who is ready to learn standard ways of assignment writing (Bloom's taxonomy)
  • Ph.D., Postgraduate, Graduate
  • Only from reputed universities


  • Fill the application form (mobile users must scroll down and laptop users can see on right side)
  • This is your first stage of applying with us. We will be screening your profile and if it suits our needs, then we will send you an email with details of the second round (EQT).
  • To know more details about further rounds of selection, check our FAQ section.
  • If you have doubts or facing difficulty in filling the form, check our FAQ section to get answers or contact us via email.





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