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Arranging assignment submission

Advance notice of assignments to be submitted must be given by completing the online form.

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Assignment Services

Services may differ due to COVID-19. Please see our FAQs for more information .

Assignment processing.

After the due date has passed assignments are processed. This is necessary to provide a secure service. Please allow 48 hours for processing. At peak times it may be necessary to extend this to 72 hours. Assignments are not processed during weekends, Bank Holidays, or University closure days.

We will notify you by e-mail when work is ready for collection.

Collection from the library

Assignment submissions need to be signed for, so please collect work from us in person. For large cohorts you may wish to arrange delivery to your office on campus by placing a request with the Facilities Porters service.

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Useful Information

2021/22 Regulations Update

The university has updated their regulations, this page is subject to minor corrections. Please bear with us while we update these pages

This article is for Extensions and is intended as a helpful guide that should be read alongside Regulations Governing Extension of Assessment Deadlines and Consideration of Extenuating Circumstances , for related processes see Extenuating Circumstances , leave of absence  or Faculty Appeals  

Extensions are a brief delay in the submission deadline, granted by the module leader, usually up to 1 week, providing there is a good reason as to why you need an extension. Where an entire group of students have been affected by a significant issue, the University can provide an extension of up to 3 weeks.

The aim of an Extension is to compensate any time lost due to a minor issue which might otherwise cause you to miss the originally planned deadline.

Unsure if you should request an Extension, a Leave of Absence or Extenuating Circumstance? An Extension should be used where an additional week would compensate for any disruption caused by circumstances usually outside of your control that are unforeseeable and unpreventable. If those circumstances are so exceptional, that 1 week is not enough to offset the impact, you should consider extenuating circumstances  before the deadline and bear in mind the university’s fit to sit  policy.

If you are experiencing challenging circumstances which are having or is likely to have a profound and sustained impact on your studies and wellbeing then it might be worth taking a leave of absence from your course.

Circumstances which the module leader is likely to grant an extension include situations which are outside of your control (meaning unforeseeable and unpreventable).

Extensions likely to be granted including but not limited to;

  • bereavement,
  • short-term illness,
  • accidents for which in employment would have likely led to absence on sick leave,
  • evidenced worsening of a long term health condition,
  • significant adverse family or personal circumstances
  • natural disasters or major household incidents such as floods, fires, building collapses

Extensions not likely to be granted including but not limited to;

  • extensions to examinations
  • the student is already receiving reasonable adjustments, and
  • which was not changed in severity or impact,
  • pressure of work loads
  • failing to keep back-ups of documents/files and computer breakdown
  • holidays, weddings, planned house moves
  • financial issues
  • if you try to conceal a previously agreed extension, any  further extension will be revoked, leading to you receiving a non-submission and a likely referral for disciplinary  action

How long will my extension be generally your extension should only last as long as required to offset any impact of a situation but within the following limits;

  • Up to 1 week for a single student, including weekends and bank holidays
  • 3 weeks for a cohort extension
  • If, due to worsening impacts of a disability, the agreed extension is no longer appropriate the student should refer to disability support for further assessment

You must seek an extension from the Module Leader and only refer to the Programme Leader in the absence of the Module Leader. Your module guide should tell you who your Module Leader is, what is to be submitted and when assignments are to be handed in.

You should consider your eligibility in advance and approach the Module Leader with this in mind.

If you feel that an Extension is not enough time to offset any impact of a situation which has affected you, you may wish to consider if an extenuating circumstances would be better but bear in mind the university’s fit to sit policy.

Unhappy with the handling of a request If you feel that the Module Leader (or any other staff) have not acted fairly, professionally or correctly with regards to your request then you may wish to submit a complaint , however it is worth considering if your request was reasonable and asking the Module Leader to explain why your request was not approved. You may wish to speak with an Advisor at the University of Sunderland Students’ Union to explore your options and how best to approach this.

Unhappy with the time limitations If the extensions you have been granted do not offset the impact of a situation you have faced, you may wish to consider an extenuating circumstances   but bear in mind the university’s fit to sit policy.

Page last reviewed: 27/06/2019 Next review due: 31/08/2020

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University of Sunderland Students' Union Ground Floor, Edinburgh Building, City Campus, Chester Road  Sunderland, SR1 3SD

University of Sunderland Students' Union City Campus, Edinburgh Building, Chester Road  Sunderland, SR1 3SD

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The way this university treats their staff is absolutely DISGUSTING. They work their staff to the point of complete and total breakdowns and then wash their hands of it, as though it was nothing to do with them. The management is a JOKE, making decisions without a CLUE about what goes on the ground. AVOID this circus of a university at all costs. If you work for them, SUE THEM for compromising your mental health. You need to be SHUT DOWN. The way you treat your staff is UTTERLY ABHORRENT. You should be ashamed of yourselves. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

Date of experience : 26 July 2023

Reply from University of Sunderland

Hi there, Unfortunatley without any context on what department you were based in or specifics on the issues you encountered, we cannot currently look into this furher. If you are still a current employee we would encourage you to reach our to your manager or HR representative for guidance on how to proceed.

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Not worth the paper it's written on.

Started reasonably well but over time the standard went into a freefall. The primary lecturer (of two) was let go by the university and not replaced. The secondary lecturer googled most of the course materials because he wasn't familiar with the topics he had been left to teach. Then -he- left at a critical moment, with three months left on the course. We were given no support, mandated review meetings didn't happen, and we were left to complete the majority of our final projects without even having the final version of the assignment. An 18 month MSc ended up being stretched out to 27 months. Along the way, the students ended up knowing more about how the course was supposed to be ran than the faculty. When confronted about the issues, the faculty repeatedly denied wrongdoing despite being caught in several lies, and ultimately the only reason the students got time to finish the course (they tried to imply that a break in teaching they caused was somehow our responsibility) was because we lodged a complaint and threatened to go to the ombudsman. Their solution was to appoint a lecturer whose own colleagues admitted was completely incompetent. He didn't understand the course, repeatedly misled us, marked work inconsistently and generally made the situation significantly worse than it already was. They are very, very lucky that they haven't been sued. Yet. In the end, the course wasn't taught to the standard set out in the specification, and even the content was wide of the mark of what was supposed to be taught. Everything remotely useful that I learned during my time there was self-researched. The content was either outdated, inaccurate, or irrelevant. The course was £20,000. If you're thinking about coming to Sunderland, I guarantee you can do better. Spend £20,000 on online courses. Set £20,000 on fire and sell tickets to watch it burn. You'll be better served either way, I promise.

Date of experience : 01 January 2023

Hi Matthew, We're sorry to hear you feel this was the case with your course and would encourage you to feed this back via the correct complaints procedure, more information on how to do this can be found here:

Stay away from their Online Master’s degrees

I have been studied an online Msc Computer Science & Data Science from University of Sunderland. I tried to send them many emails, regarding my 2nd attempt assignments as I had COVID-19 before. But they ignored and never answer my Appeal, complaint forms. No teaching at all, there are 3-4 short videos 2 mins for each course. The rest you have to read books and learn by yourself! Your grades will be scored differently by inexperience tutors with short comments on your assignments. If they don’t like you, you would get a low mark of 42/100 or fail the course! Unbelievable! Stay away from this University! When you need their help, no answer. All they want is just want you to pay for next modules.

Date of experience : 18 March 2023

Hi Sophia, We're sorry to hear you feel this way about your course experience and would encourage you to feed this back via the correct complaints procedure, more information on how to do this can be found here:

Awful experience - avoid MSc Computer Science!

I am studying the online MSc Computer Science and would not consider this suitable for individuals without a Computer Science background as advertised. Complete lack of support, I expected 1 hour lectures per week for each module as a minimum, which is what I received at another university during my law degree. Instead you get 5 - 15 minutes prerecorded videos per week. I would not call this teaching not to mention some of the feedback on assignments are appalling with bullet points no longer than 3 words per line. The coding modules do not provide enough support with lack of guidance or walkthroughs. I am finding the whole experience overwhelming and turnaround times from tutors to email back can be weeks! Student services confirmed you cannot speak with tutors over the phone or arrange an appointment. I do not understand how they are getting away with this dreadful service but will be taking matters further.

Date of experience : 02 May 2023

Hi Michael, This course is advertised as being suitable for individuals who aren’t from a computer science or data analytics background and for professionals who want to develop data science skills. We're sorry to hear you feel this wasn't the case and would encourage you to feed this back via the correct complaints procedure, more information on how to do this can be found here:

Don't Do BSC nursing top up because you…

Don't Do BSC nursing top up because you can't get pass ever. They repeat us constantly and very strstressful . I was very depression mood in this. Disgusting

Date of experience : 17 May 2023

Hi Manik, We're sorry to hear that this was your course experience. We would encourage all feedback to be relayed to your academic so this can be looked into accordingly.

AVOID the online courses!!

AVOID the online courses!!! I pay at least as much as an in person student for a half arsed, poorly resourced, poorly thought out course. Lots of the prescribed reading is not available online, clearly just copy and pasted from other courses, meant for students who can physically access the library. Lectures which are clearly half the time, also from other courses, where lecturers reference material not covered or previous lesson with other classes. When I've tried to request help, make appeals, enquire about the reading, which is prescribed, but unavailable online, responses are too late and the course has moved on or you simply don't get a response. I've been on the course for a year now. This is my 4th time studying with a UK university, and the worst by far.

Date of experience : 09 October 2022

I do not recommend Sunderland!

I had a bad experience with Sunderland university. I studied an online LLM in Law, and I withdrew because the teaching method is so bad and the teachers are very disorganised. Also, watching the lectures is so painful because they basically read the power points. Honestly, I don't recommend that course.

Date of experience : 01 August 2022

Hi Pedro, Thank you for sharing your feedback. Any issues based on teaching or their methods should be shared with your tutor or support worker so these can be investigated at the time. Thanks

I just completed my Master degree with UOS. I won’t say this Uni is perfect but the teaching is excellent , the standard of the tutors are v high , friendly , knowledgeable and quick to reply . I wish they could run more courses on distance learning mode.

Date of experience : 29 May 2022



Date of experience : 10 December 2019

A great experience

A great experience! Studied business and management - I enjoyed most of the classes, the tutors were helpful, the premises were new and modern. However, there could have been more free time activities for students.

Date of experience : 03 September 2020

Hi Bryan, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience regarding your time at Sunderland. This feedback is really useful and will help us to be able to continually improve.

Avoid- Msc Computer Science with Data Science

I am so angry with this course. I honestly feel like I have been scammed. The online module is awful and teaches you nothing. I have managed to get half way through this course but I'm so full of regret. They don't teach anything. The module units consists of 2 videos (2-8 minutes long) and then suggested chapters of books that you should read. Imagine trying to learn about big data from a 5 minute video. I tried to contact my tutors but no one replies. when its time to collect the money for the next module they will send you several emails a day and call you on the phone but once you need any actual help on the course you can't reach anyone. I feel like the course was just designed to get hold of the student loan cash. There are much better courses on Linkedin or coursea or do a certification. I will not recommend this course AT ALL. Stay away please, don't make the mistake I did. I am in the process of putting in a compliant to the OIA. I can't allow this scam to continue.

Date of experience : 06 February 2023

Hi Tim, We're sorry to hear you feel this way about your course experience. Feedback has been passed back to the department and your points of concern will be looked into. Thanks

Online MSc Computer Science with Data Science - poor experience

Signed up for the online MA in Data and Computer Science, about half way through and to be frank the provision is inconsistent at best. Some tutors are unresponsive, some units are poorly resourced. Feedback is also inconsistent - some tutors take the time to write detailed feedback but some don't, writing what feels like the bare minimum of 4-5 short sentences for a project worth 65% of a module - not the most helpful if you want to learn and improve! Scores of technical issues as well including the current assignment requiring a zip file to be uploaded but the online submission tool not taking zip files - all causing massive amounts of anxiety. If I'm brutally honest the course feels just like a cash grab from Sunderland University and I feel like my progress is unimportant to them.

Date of experience : 10 January 2022

We're sorry to hear that you feel this way. All concerns regarding a course should be flagged to your programme leader so the appropriate steps can be taken. You can also file a formal complaint via this link:

Enrolment Team are Excellent

The customer service from the enrolment team is excellent. The enrolment team are really helpful and gave me all of the information (and more) that I needed. It gave me the confidence I needed to click the apply button. Thanks!

Date of experience : 28 June 2021

I studied Electronic an Electrical…

I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering and graduated in March 2012. It's really wonderful to be part of the University for a life changing experience. All the modules were structured well, and the mode of teaching was good and I enjoyed that all the way.

Date of experience : 11 July 2020

Hi Abubakar, Thank you for sharing your review on your time at Sunderland, it's great to hear about your positive experience studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering. We hope all is going well with your career :)

This place is cheaper than 3rd class

This place is cheaper than 3rd class, rubbish and rude customer service and no standard of education. avoid this joke place

Date of experience : 19 May 2022

We're sorry to hear that you feel this way. All concerns regarding a course should be flagged to your programme leader so the appropriate steps can be taken. You can also file a formal complaint via this link:

I have just completed my PGCE on Sunderland’s Distance Learning programme. I had a fantastic personal academic tutor, Bruce Forster, who not only provided me with in-depth comments and suggestions on my assignments, but was hugely reassuring and knowledgable with my teaching experiences as well. A lot of fellow students found the course quite challenging and found the support quite sparse. However, from my experience, I think that the lecturers are approachable and if you are a student who takes initiative and works hard during the year, you can only thrive under this programme. All lectures are recorded and available at your convenience, which was great given the time difference. There are forums to chat to other students, and workshops to help with academic writing and assignments. I was able to study at my own pace and succeeded doing so.

Date of experience : 04 July 2022

Sunderland university Margret Thatcher land

What's wrong Sunderland university can't fix your already compromised, hacked and useless computer security systems; well this review will assure as a warning sign for the coming generations not to attend this already crippled, underfunded University. Which hasn't got the money to hire there own cyber experts you Tory, mining scabs.

Date of experience : 25 October 2021

Hi James, We've just contacted you with a request for more information in order for us to respond accordingly. Thanks

I have sent many emails to the University and no response

I have sent many emails to the University, specifically to the Faculty Team, regarding a very important topic, there has been no response, not even an acknowledgment of how I can be supported or receipt of it. The Student Helpline team has forwarded the emails to the Faculty Team and still no response. How can a University be like this? How can they just ignore your emails, especially when the University was the body who granted the Bachelor Degree so it means that the alumni will may need support from the University in the foreseen future. The communication from the University is very poor once you graduate from it. I’m utterly disappointed, and in need of support. Is there an association I can contact who can support me? I am working abroad and need some clarification from the University to recognise my Bachelor Degree. Again, I’m feeling helpless with an university I graduated from. I heard from some students that they also struggled after graduation and including from their online MBAS students who mentioned that they were lacking support in terms of efficiency and communication. So if you are a student, think twice before applying to study with a university that may not support you afterwards.

Date of experience : 15 November 2022

Hi Aline, We're sorry to hear you've had no response to your query. Given that this was about recognising your degree, it seems as though you may have been reaching out to the wrong department. Requests for a confirmation of your degree can be made through the online store here: Transcripts are available for those who completed courses after 2008. If you graduated prior to this date, it is advisable to contact the Academic Registry by email: [email protected] before making a payment. Please note that transcripts requested for awards dated prior to 2000 may not be available.

This university is disscusting and the…

The university of Sunderland in london staff are nasty and disgraceful duty people they take the students money and get paid but yet they dont want to do there job. This university is worse than St Patricks college this is actually the worst university every existing they need to be shut down and all tge tutors and the reception staff want to do is fight with the students and fight with one and other stinking nasty duty staff the principle needs to buck up his ideas and delete those staff members in there and get new staff members those staff members in there are foul mouths discussting dirty behaviors

Date of experience : 02 March 2023

Hi there, Please note this profile is for the Sunderland campus. For any queries regarding London, please contact them directly.

Avoid BSc nursing studies top-up.

Avoid BSc nursing studies top-up. Date of experience: 08/07/2021

Date of experience : 08 May 2022

Hi Marth, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We would encourage all course feedback to be relayed to your academic or Faculty Dean so they can look into this for you. Thanks

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1. INTRODUCTION - University of Sunderland

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