How Apps Can Simplify Online Shopping

best free chore chart apps

Shopping apps have made online shopping easier than ever. With new apps and updates coming out every week, shopping from your phone is no longer a chore. In fact, using apps to shop online may be easier than using a computer with recent updates. Thanks to shopping apps, a catalog or a computer is no longer needed to buy an item you desire. But that is not all, there are many ways apps can simplify your shopping experience.

Buy From Anywhere

The best perk of using apps for online shopping is the ability to shop from anywhere. Whether you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment or just bored at work, you can use online shopping apps to search for items you need. Mobile apps are more user friendly than mobile websites which makes it even easier to shop. Many popular shopping apps also have features where you can save your payment details.

Search for Deals

Using discount and coupon apps you can search for coupon codes for your favorite online stores. When you are at the checkout process many times you will see a slot for coupon codes. Doing a quick search with one of the many apps available makes it easy to find these discount codes. It only takes a few seconds and you can save some money when buying things you were going to buy anyway.

Read Reviews

If you’re looking for a specific product, using apps to read product reviews can help make the right choice. Making sure the product you’re looking for will work and last is important. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. It’s also a good idea if you’re buying from websites you aren’t familiar with. Just using one of these apps for a few seconds could help you avoid shopping mistakes.

Manage Orders on the Go

Managing your online shopping orders on the go could help make your life easier and help your orders arrive quicker. If an item is out of stock in the color you want or the item will take a few days longer to arrive, the seller may message you and ask your choice. With online apps, you can reply quickly and make sure your orders are up to your standards.

Get Tracking Updates

We all get antsy when we’re waiting for our package to arrive. Instead of checking your shopping account every few minutes, you can get tracking updates through your favorite shopping app.

Make Returns Easy

Sometimes you buy something that just isn’t a good fit. Many online stores have a return policy if you request a return within 30 days. If you aren’t by your computer and nearing your return deadline, apps can help. By logging in to the mobile app of your favorite online shop, you can request a return and then print the label later. Some apps even have air printing available. That way, you can make sure you meet your deadline. You can also track your returns on the go to see when they arrive and when you can expect your refund.


best free chore chart apps

Top 10 Best Household Chore Apps for Families & Kids

If you're at home more and either looking to motivate your kids to do chores, or to evenly split up tasks, household chore apps can be the answer..


  • Delegating chores
  • iOS and Android - Free

Home Routines

  • Compartmentalizing tasks
  • iOS - $4.99


  • Time management


  • Family participation
  • iOS - Free or $1.99 per month


  • Last-minute projects

Unfilth Your Habitat

  • R-rated motivation
  • iOS and Android - $.99

Laundry Day

  • Clearing the laundry baskets

Chore Checklist

  • Chore planning and management
  • iOS - free / Android - $1.99

Chore Pad

  • Getting the kids involved


  • Building better habits

We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

The Best Apps for Getting Your Kids, Spouses, (and Yourself) to Tackle Those Pesky Chores 

Every household has its own personality, its own dynamic, and members who make their own contributions--or not. And hey, let’s be honest--we’re not always as on-task as we’d like to be, either. 

Whether your house is full of unruly children, an absentminded spouse, or lazy roommates, there’s a chance you’ve passed a sink full of dirty dishes one too many times and muttered to yourself, “I’m DONE doing this alone.”

While your smartphone can’t roll up its sleeves and do the dishes for you (at least not yet), it is equipped with tools to schedule tasks that can encourage responsibility, participation--and even fun--amongst the other members of the household.

From game-like chore apps for kids, to sleek task visualizers, to funny, expletive-filled reminders that are guaranteed to catch the attention of your roommates, here are 10 household chore apps that can help turn your messy abode into a clean, organized home.   

1. OurHome 

OurHome keeps the whole family on the same page by offering a single app for all lists, chores, tasks, and responsibilities that syncs across unlimited devices. It has a cool feature where you can view your days on a family calendar view and really gets your family playing like a team. If one person can’t complete their chore, another family member can take it over and complete it for them. It also features a shared grocery list option to help you complete tasks outside of the home. And best of all, OurHome includes a fun point system that gamifies chores and rewards your kids for chipping in. 

2. Home Routines 

Home Routines turns your overwhelming mental checklist of chores into a simple and approachable routine. By dividing up tasks into “focus zones,” you can categorize each chore by room or area of the house and tackle your chores one at a time. The app provides customized to-do lists, calendars, reminders, and built-in timers that together make your home feel less like a single chaotic mess that needs immediate attention but rather individual projects that are cleanly delineated and fully manageable. 

Tody is a smart chore assistant that creates hierarchies of chores based on their frequency and estimated investment of time. By compartmentalizing the tasks needed to be done in the home, the app keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and is key to breaking down each chore into an achievable unit. Tody makes it easy to designate roles to family members, with each child knowing exactly what they need to do and how long it will take. Lastly, the clean, eye-catching interface will help declutter your mind before you begin and provide even more inspiration for straightening up. 

4. Chorma 

If we’re being honest, earning the respect of parents may not be enough of a reward for most chore-averse kids. Enter Chorma , which lets you designate household chores to your kids and reward them points based on how many tasks they complete. They can then redeem their points to unlock custom rewards and goals. Chorma is a popular, incentivized chore app to keep track of chores that can make your life easier-and maybe even teach your kids a thing or two about responsibility. 

5. Handy 

Like Uber for home improvement tasks, Handy features professional cleaners, handymen, and other home improvement experts in your area ready to show up with the tools and know-how necessary to tackle whatever chores you need. Great for emergencies, last-minute cleaning needs, and those times when your schedule refuses to cooperate with your goals, Handy is an app worth having on hand for when your hands are busy with other things. 

6. Unfilth Your Habitat

Sometimes a polite letter to your roommate won’t cut it. In those cases, Unfilth Your Habitat serves as the bossy, snarky, expletive-filled taskmaster you wish you could be. This app is decidedly not for kids--it uses profanity and crude jokes, combined with timed challenges, to inspire the lazier amongst us to get off our rear-ends and show some responsibility. Edgy, R-rated, and wickedly funny, this could be what gets those empty pizza boxes tossed out after every other attempt has failed. 

7. Laundry Day 

To bleach or not to bleach? Hot water or cold? Machine-dry or hang? Laundry Day offers the answers to all of these questions with a simple solution: just scan your laundry tags right into your phone and the app will provide you all you need to know about how to launder your garments. Quick, easy, and affordable, this app can prevent any future shrinkage incidents or color-running disasters and perhaps turn laundry day into laundry hour.  

8. Chore Checklist 

A good way to track your kid’s chores is with an app for kids like Chore Checklist . This app, available on iOS and Android, is a no frills, to-the-point, chores list. Parents can set chores and assign and schedule recurring reminders depending on how often they should get done. Tasks like “Make your bed” or “Clean your room” may be daily, while “Clean the car” may only be weekly. The app comes with a pre-loaded checklist that makes it easy to add tasks, though you can also customize specific chore lists for different family members. With Chore Checklist, no chore will get forgotten, as you get daily reminders, and all chores can be marked as completed when done.

9. Chore Pad 

Designed by teachers and parents, Chore Pad is a colorful, game-like app that turns chores into fun activities with prizes and incentives. Well-organized charts with customizable tasks are loaded with enough colorful animations, fun sound bites, stars, trophies, and fun fonts to engage your child and show them that doing their tasks and being able to manage chores can pay off.  

10. Done 

Done is a sleek, eye-catching clinic in self-discipline. Designed to help you break your bad habits, this app incorporates an array of color-coded charts, graphs, and progress-reports that together help you refine your cleaning habits and build on your strengths to be more productive. A sort of hybrid between personality test and task manager, Done can help you discover insights into your own habits and teach you how to refine them so that you can accomplish more without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.  

Clean House, Happy Life

Having a tidy house can have a large impact on your overall happiness and success. But that’s easier said than done--it’s a Sisyphean task to keep the sink empty, the laundry clean, and the floors mopped day after day after day.  

The above apps focus on all the obstacles that interfere with that ideal state of domestic bliss, from messy kids to lazy spouses and roommates to your own tendencies to procrastinate. So when chores get to be too much, check out the above apps and then revel in the cleaner, saner environment that you so richly deserve.

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7 Free Allowance and Chore Apps (Track Your System with Ease)

By: Author Amanda L. Grossman

Posted on Last updated: July 20, 2023

Tired of keeping track of your kid’s allowance and chore system in your mind? Check out these free allowance and chore tracking apps.

Ready to upgrade from printable chore charts with money , excel sheets, and “mind-tracking” to a chore and allowance app (but not quite ready to pay for one)?

mother with children and chore chart, text overlay

There are plenty of paid chore and allowance tracking apps with robust features (check out my article on the best chore and allowance tracking apps ), but maybe you’re not ready for that.

That’s why I’m listing out my favorite free allowance and chore tracking apps. These are apps are limited because you can’t connect a bank account to automatically pay family members, and there’s no prepaid debit card attached.

However, they are a great way to test out how things work before settling on your own system.

Psst: don’t have your chore or allowance system down yet? Start with this.

Best Free Allowance Tracking App

Are you tired of having to remember the day of the week to pay your child, or how much you need to pay them?

While these free allowance tracking apps lack the functionality where you can physically pay your child through the app to their account or prepaid debit card (you’ll need a paid allowance/chore app for that, which can be a great addition to your teen chore chart ), they will help you keep track of everything.

Not only that, but they have built-in functionality where you can easily assign chores (unpaid or paid – your choice), chore completion proof, and more. Which can be a big upgrade from a printable chore chart system .

Psst: here’s my article on should you pay allowance to kids , in case you’re still deciding whether to give an allowance or not.

1. Chores and Allowance Bot

You download the app, and set up your Parent Passcode (this is your ticket to doing admin tasks within the app).

Allowances can be set up to be daily, weekly, or monthly, and can accrue automatically or only upon parental approval.

blue robot on child's dashboard with lots of buttons on side panel for graph, ledger, chores, etc.

You can also set up chores for each child, with photos of the chore if you’d like, and kids can pick a photo or one of the 16 avatar options to represent them in the app.

The app sends reminders for forgotten allowance payouts, and forgotten chores (set up to 4 chore reminders/day) – for both parents AND kids.

You get a one-week free trial of their pro version (you have to sign up for their free trial, and you can then cancel it under Settings > Tap Your Name > Subscriptions > Chores and Allowance Bot before the one-week is up to avoid a fee and still be able to use the free version).

The free version allows you to:

  • Setup chores and allowances
  • Rotate chores between kids automatically
  • Track kid’s savings and spending
  • Auto-sync across all your family’s devices (everyone needs to sign in with the same email/password)

And if your kids don’t have a smartphone? No problem – this app is actually available on the web/desktop! I love that.

Currency symbols can be configured in Account settings for almost all world currencies.

Available on iOS , Android , AND on desktop .

2. iAllowance

iAllowance is a free app that allows you to track money, stars, or time that each of your child has earned, plus how they use them.

black dashboard showing child's bank totals for charity, time, savings, etc.

  • Set any number of allowances to pay out automatically at repeating intervals
  • Set allowances to pay out into your child’s separate banks (spend, charity, save, or specific ones they create)
  • Set up rewards that kids work towards
  • Use parental controls (under Settings) to disable bank totals from being seen by your child, and/or hide the reordering button on the child’s main bookshelf

Available on iOS only.

3. KidsHomeBank

This app came about from a mother who was frustrated by trying to track her kid’s earnings and money use through money jars, and then excel sheets.

Instead, she just created her own app. I love that!

light blue dashboard showing child's dashboard with checking, savings, and interest earned

It’s a way for you to add all of your kids, then you can credit kids in cash for an allowance, or credit them per chore completed, etc. And your kids can keep track of how much they have left in their various “accounts” or buckets that they create.

You can then “debit” for your kids, tracking how much they’ve spent say, when they go to the store with you or make an online purchase.

I also love how you can offer your kids an interest rate (the default is 2%, but you can change to whatever you’d like) to encourage them to save their money.

I also really like how you can allow negative balances (click on Settings on the account where you want to allow the negative balance).

Available on iOS and Android .

Best Free Chores Apps

Do you want to pay your children for doing certain chores? The following free chores apps are great for tracking your chore system – which chores you want your kids to do, the amount you want to pay them, chore oversight, crediting them for the chore payments, etc.

Wondering how much do you pay per chore? Checkout this freebie.

Psst: here’s my article on should you pay for chores , in case you’re still deciding whether to pay for chores or not.

1. KiddieKredit

Activities are suggested to you, based on the ages of your child(ren) that you input during setup.

Each time your child completes an activity, they earn Bamboo Bucks.

teal colored child dashboard showing activities and chores

Bucks are earned for tasks:

  • 1 Bamboo Buck for tasks that take
  • 3 Bamboo Bucks for tasks that take 10-30 minutes
  • 5 Bamboo Bucks for tasks that take 30+ minutes

The app also suggests rewards for certain Bamboo Bucks thresholds, such as:

  • 5 Bamboo Bucks = Favorite Snack/Treat
  • 10 Bamboo Bucks = Stay up Late (30 minutes)
  • 25 Bamboo Bucks = No Chores Pass (1 day)

I like how your child can either use your device, or their own – meaning this is helpful for families that aren’t ready for kid smartphones yet (that’s us!), but want to set up a chore reward system .

Here’s a paid chores and allowance tracking app that you can use for free for up to 3 accounts.

On the free account, you can use it as a money tracking app for allowances and chore completion.

white chore screen where you set pay amount, chore task, photo proof, recurrence, etc.

  • Choose from the free chore packs to assign chores easily to up to three people
  • Choose whether each individual chore is a paid one, or a responsibility that is not paid
  • Take pictures of the chore/mess area that needs to be done
  • Choose a chore due date, with a reminder notification sent to the person an hour before
  • Set up chores on repeat, or as one-time chores
  • Have kids take photo proof that they completed the task, and upload it to the app
  • Allow you to enable “completion confirmation”, which means the chore requires parental approval to count towards a daily goal, allowance progress, or chore commission

And your child can manage their money in different savings jars, and for different savings goals they track through the app.

However, you should know that you cannot connect bank accounts for easy payments to your kids with the free plan – you can use it as a money tracking up on their free plan.

3. Privilege Points

purple and white dashboard of sample child showing tasks with points and description

There are three areas to this app:

  • Tasks kids complete to earn points
  • Privileges are things kids can spend points on
  • Penalties are a way to take things away from kids

You get to define how kids can earn points and how they can spend them. You can also create rewards for good behaviors, and/or choose to punish for bad behaviors. You also choose the points cost for privileges they “buy”, and points values for tasks you set up.

4. FamJam App

You can set up family rewards that everyone works towards, or rewards by individual. Chores are set up per child, and you can choose how many points kids receive for doing them, and how often they need to be done, as well as give them a priority category.

dragon avatar on child's dashboard screen with points, rewards, upcoming calendar, etc.

I love how you and your kids can set up goals for themselves (like points to earn, chores to complete, and daily/weekly/monthly streaks to hit).

You can also set up your family mission and family values for everyone to see.

How Do I Keep Track of My Kid’s Money?

These apps don’t have the banking functionality of the paid allowance and chore tracking apps , where you can pay your child within the app and the money physically goes to their account OR to their prepaid debit card for teens.

And that’s okay – you can still use these apps to track your money, chore, and allowance systems. Then, you’ll know how much to pay your child come the payday for your Kid Money System.

But, what if you don’t want to use an app to track your kid’s money?

I actually wrote a whole post on this, and you can check it out here: how can I keep track of my kid’s money .

Starting with a free allowance and chore app can help upgrade your system from one where you have to remember and keep track of everything on paper, to one where you can set up automations. When you’re ready to upgrade from that to a much more convenient option, be sure to check out the following articles:

  • Greenlight vs. gohenry Prepaid Debit Card + Money App
  • Greenlight vs. FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card + Money App
  • Greenlight vs. Goalsetter App
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Chore Apps: The best 5 house chore apps of 2023 reviewed

  • Post author By Lindsey Parker
  • Post date 2 March 2021
  • Categories In Reviews

House chores are a real pain. No-one wants to do them, yet they always have to be done. A companion app can really help you push yourself in the right direction for your household chores. So we asked 10 people to review all of the house chore apps out there and so without further ado, here is the rundown!

Full disclosure: the selected reviewers were entirely independent, were not paid for their time and did not know that we were affiliated with one of the apps reviewed.

Today app UI

Average score: 9.7

Price: Free

Today topped every reviewer’s scores thanks to its unique approach of assigning each task a time, allowing the user to work on a task for a set period on a recurring basis.

“Today is the app that I’m going to keep using. Its time tracking is unparalled” – Emily S.

Spotless UI

2. Spotless

Average score: 9. 1

The Spotless household app looks to help keep your home clean and clutter-free. Breaking each area of the house into rooms, if you just need to track cleaning, this is your app. Outside of that though, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

“If you just need to track cleaning, this is your app” – Jordan S.

Clean My House UI

3. Clean My House

Average score: 8.8

If you love lists, this app is for you. Clean My House helps organise your house and even schedule errands. The app will remind you each morning what needs to be that done to help you gradually tick off your to-do list.

“If you love lists, this app is for you.” – Billie R.

HomeRoutines UI

4. HomeRoutines

Average score: 8.2

Price: $4.99

HomeRoutines allows the user to create lists around their chores. With reminder notifications and alerts, this highly detailed (but expensive) app keeps track of the things you get done.

“HomeRoutines has cool features to segment tasks, though the UI could be prettier.” – Ryan D.

OurHome UI

Average score: 6.9

OurHome has a lot going for it. It has iOS, Android and web support, and a host of features around task tracking. Our reviewers found it pretty buggy however, hence its lower score.

“OurHome has a ton of potential, but would need to see it be more reliable before I would want to use it.” – Emily S.

🏆 The winner

With an average score of 9.7, Today is the clear winner with its smart repeating task approach, clean interface and its price (free). You can download Today for free on iOS and Android now.

What is the best chore app?

Our independent group of testers have unanimously agreed that the Today app is the best chore app, helping you to get household chores done the quickest.

Which chore app for kids?

Thanks to its colourful design and easy-to-use interface, the Today app ranked the highest in chore apps best suited to kids.

7 Apps to Help You Do Your Chores

Lazy? Forgetful? Don't worry, there are apps for that.

A bunch of chore-related apps.

Updated November 6, 2019

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases made through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

That means it’s up to you. You control the keys to your hygienic destiny. You must lift yourself out of squalor and tidy those shelves.

Maybe you just need a little push in the right direction. Maybe all you really need is an app to help you organize your cleaning routine.

So here are seven of them. Yep, believe it or not, there are at least seven apps out there designed to help you put the mop to the floor and really get stuff done. Now you have no excuse.


In that sense, it’s kind of like a mobile personal assistant—capable of tracking your responsibilities both at home and away—for the scatterbrained. You can also create “Focus Zones,” which breaks your home into manageable chunks with the goal of making cleaning less overwhelming.

It establishes a points system for certain chores, and provides a platform for organizing group activities. The idea is that the users with the most points pay less, but until Chorma morphs into a mobile payment system, it’s not likely to play a huge role in settling the monthly bills. Still, for those in need of “organizational enlightenment,” it’s probably worth a shot.


Parents establish scheduled tasks and assign point values to certain chores. When an pre-determined value is reached, kids can “purchase” a reward—like an hour of video games, a serving of ice cream, or a vacation. It's a really clever idea, if you ask me.

Unlike HomeRoutines’ time-based alert system, Tody indicates how urgent specific chores are relative to others. You create an initial list of tasks or rooms to clean, and an indicator bar beneath each gradually increases over time, letting you know just how badly you're neglecting your chores.

In other words, Tody encourages you through passive-aggressive guilt trips. A unique idea, but I’m not sure it’s worth $2.99.

That’s all well and good, but what really makes BrightNest cool are the resources available within the app. Powered by Angie’s List, BrightNest provides access to thousands of articles on cleaning, organizing, DIY projects, design tips, and home maintenance guides. Some examples include: upcycling wine bottles, how to change air filters, DIY disinfectant sprays, and jewelry organization ideas.

Unfilth Your Habitat

Probably the most in-four-face app on this list, Unfilth Your Habitat is actually called “Unf*ck Your Habit,” and their motto is “terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.”

That should give you an idea of how profane and aggressive this app can be. It takes a fundamental approach to cleaning, recognizing that not everything should be done at once and that excuses are a sign of weakness. It’s as much a motivation app as it is a cleaning guide—great for the truly lazy and spineless among us.

Chore Checklist

Basic as can be, Chore Checklist is as dull and straightforward as its name. But sometimes that’s all you need—no frills, no gimmicks, just a task manager for doing chores.

Like others in this list, it sends reminders for certain chores, records completion dates, and calculates future tasks. The app design is a bit cluttered—not something you want in an app devoted to uncluttering —but it’s not a dealbreaker. It’s free, after all.

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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9 Best Chore Tracker Apps For Adults in 2023

Household chores, work, pets, shopping, and children are just a small part of the responsibilities that are an essential part of every adult’s life. During the day you can easily forget to do some important thing, which then leads to negative consequences.

Yet, thanks to special services, you can clearly schedule your day and put in it all the things that need to be done. These best chore tracker apps for adults in 2023 will keep all the necessary information. They even remind you that there are things to do today that cannot be postponed.

Plan your daily routines and improve your productivity with these best time tracking apps .

best free chore chart apps

OurHome is an app for organizing family life. Thanks to the app, you can make doing household chores for children fun and interesting, like a quest. There is a system of rewards for completing them.

The app has a reminder and message function, which acts as an extra guarantee that household chores will be completed in full and on time.

A handy grocery list feature with the ability to supplement it will allow the fridge to always be full.

Besides, family members will be assured that all their food cravings are taken into account. All necessary events and things to do are entered into the family calendar – now you are guaranteed not to miss anything important.

best free chore chart apps

The app will help family members become a team of like-minded people in the difficult business of organizing everyday life. A function of viewing the personal progress of activities will allow you to determine the most hardworking family member.


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Cozi Family Organizer

best free chore chart apps

Cozi Family Organizer is a free app for those who want to organize family life. The app includes a family calendar, shopping list, and tasks.

There is an interesting feature – a recipe box that allows you to store all the recipes you use, and add new ones. If you’re planning to shop, you can check the recipes and add to your shopping list the products you need.

The user has the ability to view online a list of purchases and tasks. When they are supplemented by family members – you see it immediately and have the ability to edit or control it – depending on the situation.

For the most responsible, whose vacation packing takes more than a week, it is possible to create a thematic list of things to do and things to do. You’ll be able to quickly add to it and check it off.

best free chore chart apps

With this app, you will relieve your head from the mass of everyday little things and not be afraid of missing or forgetting something.

best free chore chart apps

Flatify is an app for managing your apartment. The app allows you to organize and control the cleaning of the room, expenses, and purchases.

To organize cleaning, you will be able to set a list and frequency of tasks and assign responsible executors. To motivate the performers of this difficult work there is a great reward system.

You can determine the most hard-working family members or other cohabiting persons.

The app allows you to define a list of housing maintenance costs, who handles paying them, and track and make payments.

best free chore chart apps

The app also allows you to make a shopping list, complete it and check its implementation. There is also a calendar, where you can enter important events, meetings, and things to do, which will now definitely be under control.

Clean My House

best free chore chart apps

Clean My House is an app for creating and controlling your home cleaning schedule. The app is simple and easy to use. It allows you to save time and not have to keep all the household trivia in mind.

Enter into the app all the tasks and a list of activities related to cleaning the house and other household errands. Add timing and control points, and frequency of work.

Here you can set a list of work for part of the room, which will be relevant for homeowners with a large area when it makes sense to organize cleaning in this way.

The app reminds you of the need to do things. It is convenient to have such a house cleaning calendar, even if you live alone. If a family lives – it is doubly convenient, because it is possible to identify those who are responsible for specific household chores.

best free chore chart apps

If there are questions on how to use the app – there is a video with all the necessary information. The app is free, but there is an option to subscribe for a fee with extra features. Yet, for most users, the free version will be enough.

best free chore chart apps

Chap is an app for organizing household chores. It is convenient and easy to use, allows you to organize household chores, and fairly distribute responsibilities.

You define a list of tasks and chores and assign a person to be responsible for them. The app allows you to control the timeliness of the work.

The most responsible performers can be rewarded by you, it will save their motivation for further household feats.

best free chore chart apps

After completing a certain job or task, you will be able to click on the regulator of its completion.

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best free chore chart apps

Housy is an app for organizing and controlling household chores. It allows you to organize them without too much difficulty and time.

Besides, the app allows you to set a personal schedule for more convinience. You don’t need to open several apps to understand the to-do list for the current day or another period.

For motivation, the app assigns points daily after completing certain tasks. Now family members will know exactly who performs the most household chores.

best free chore chart apps

Thus, he or she is worthy of encouragement and deserved praise. What’s important, there are no ads in the app, which means you won’t be distracted or experience negativity while using it.

best free chore chart apps

PikaPika is a free app for organizing and controlling housekeeping. It won’t make cleaning and household chores more pleasant, but it will ease their organization and control, and thus save time and nerves.

What’s important, the app has the ability to share it with family or team members. That is, you no longer have to remind people in charge of cleaning – the app will do it for you.

You determine the list and frequency of work and tasks, and form a team of performers. If for some reason you can’t schedule the next cleaning task yourself, you can do it automatically.

best free chore chart apps

The app has a cleaning history and logs, which eliminates arguments about who is the most responsible and hardworking. It also allows you to identify those who don’t work or regularly shirk household chores.

best free chore chart apps

ChoreCare is an app for organizing and running your business, i.e. a personal assistant.

The app allows you to search for service and work performers. From simple household chores such as transporting furniture or cleaning a room, to serious tasks that require performers with experience and a certain level of qualification.

The service is convenient and easy to use. Immediately after downloading the program, you will be able to order a job or service and wait for offers from performers.

You can apply yourself to a specialist who has aroused confidence. See prices and reviews, which allows you to avoid misunderstandings or disappointment with the result.

The system allows you to make payments, which is convenient and to a certain extent guarantees the performance of the work. The contractor will always be in touch, which means the ability to promptly resolve issues and track the execution of the work.

best free chore chart apps

First of all, it is relevant to the assigned remote work. Also, you will have the opportunity to define yourself as the executor of the work. What is important, the app has round-the-clock support for the possibility of prompt solutions to problems.

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best free chore chart apps

Homey is an app for children and responsible parents. It allows you to teach children financial literacy skills.

The app permits children to manage their pocket money. Parents have the ability to create a list of household chores or goals for which monetary rewards will be set.

Children themselves will be financially motivated to complete them on time. The app allows you to set one-time or ongoing chores and determine their due periods.

It teaches your kids to understand how hard they work to get money and how they should be treated. Children will understand that only labor ensures financial independence and the ability to dispose of the money.

An important and interesting function of the app is the ability to create a goal for which money will be set aside.

best free chore chart apps

The app allows you to record income and control the expenditure of pocket money. The child will be interested, motivated, and goal-oriented. Parents will be confident in their child’s performance of tasks and duties without reminders and negativity.

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best free chore chart apps

11 Best Chore Apps for Kids To Keep Them Motivated!

best free chore chart apps

Involving your child in household chores is a great way to encourage them to be helpful contributors.  Physical activities are beneficial to kids and doing household chores can be considered as a form of exercise. And as we all know, exercising has a lot of health benefits to kids with ADHD .

Traditional chore charts have helped families track chores for years; but in today’s digital world, there are apps for everything, including tracking your child’s household chores. 

Chore apps are a great way to manage your child’s daily tasks or chores and hold them responsible for completing them. Unlike written, boring, chore charts on the wall, apps can be an enjoyable way for your child to show responsibility for their tasks around the house.

Some apps even connect to a bank account, so you can give your child an allowance for completing the chores. In this article, I’ll review the benefits of using chore apps. I’ll also list the 11 best chore apps for kids and families, their ratings, cost, and how they work.

best free chore chart apps

Benefits of Using Chore Tracking Apps

There are a number of benefits of using chore tracking apps, including:


Managing chores using a traditional chore chart can be hectic, mainly because we have so many things going on daily. Chore and behavior tracking apps help parents to stay organized with everything in one place.

Parents can also use the app to keep track of the child’s progress, grocery list, and even monthly allowances. Parents can also be as involved as they’d like, and can assign their child tasks to complete, and approve them once they're finished. 

Financial literacy (if given allowance)

Unlike pen and paper chore charts, many chore apps give the option to compensate your child for the chores they complete. Many chore apps teach kids about money and encourage them to save money. With some apps, kids can even watch their savings expand through an allowance graph and earn real money.

This is a good opportunity for your child to learn about financial literacy; like how much money they have for leisure, how much to save, and what their balance is. If you have a child with ADHD or another developmental disability, this is a great way to help them begin to learn about money .

Better communication and consistency

Since the whole family can download the chore app and participate in the chores, it can help with communication. Parents can avoid nagging and reminding their children to complete the chores because the app can receive notifications on when and what needs to be completed. 

It also helps with consistency, especially for children who have ADHD or other developmental disabilities as they may have more difficulty remembering to complete their tasks. Check out a list of other parental control apps you can try to manage your child's behavior and promote consistency.

Traditional chore charts can be boring and lack the excitement that an app might provide. Most chore apps have fun user experiences where the child is motivated by a game or other rewards. 

In addition to this, parents can oftentimes customize tasks and rewards, to make it the most fun for their child. Chores for kids have never been more fun! 

This is especially important if you have a child with a developmental disability, such as ADHD. Children with ADHD may avoid tasks such as chores, due lack of interest and stimulation. Interactive video game apps like Joon , are a great alternative to chore charts because they engage and motivate the child.

Best Chore Apps for Kids and Families

1. joon: best for quick setup & motivation.

How it works: Joon is a kid-friendly game that motivates your child to focus and stay on top of their daily tasks and habits. Joon connects in-game mechanics with real-life tasks to keep them focused on a goal. It also helps them to get started and continue to achieve their tasks because they are motivated to progress in the game.

Joon is an ADHD app designed specifically for kids. It can also serve as a calendar app to help children stay organized and manage their time more effectively. The app allows children to set reminders for upcoming events, assignments, and tasks, and provides visual aids to help them understand how to prioritize and plan their time. The app also includes a rewards system that encourages children to complete their tasks and stay on schedule, which can help them develop better time management skills.

Parents manage the app and assign tasks to their children. As the child completes the real-life tasks, parents can approve them which allows their child to continue leveling up and unlocking new rewards in the game. Joon is considered to be one of the best apps for ADHD kids . The in-game dynamics and rewards are designed to cater to these children. Chores for kids with ADHD have never been easier.

Ideal age: 6-12  

Where to download: AppStore, Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle

Cost: 7-day free trial followed by monthly or annual plan options.

2. Homey: Best for Teaching Responsibility 

How it works: Homey enables families to share responsibilities and paid jobs for each member of the family. It’s also customizable and parents can manage each member's privileges, rewards, and allowance. Homey also teaches children about earning money as parents can transfer money from their bank accounts to the child. Kids can also use a savings jar, where they can easily save for their long and short-term goals, or parents can transfer their money from the chore app into a savings account.

Ideal age: 8-14

Where to download: AppStore, Google Play Store

Cost: $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year

3. Gohenry: Best for Allowance 

How it works: GoHenry is an app that comes with a kid's debit card. The app has an allowance manager, parental boundaries, and more. It supports children in learning how to spend, save, give, and invest their allowance. Your child will be able to complete “Money Missions” (videos, quizzes, etc) and accelerate their learning. 

Ideal age: 12-18

Cost: $3.99 per month

4. OurHome: Best for All Household Tasks

How it works: OurHome is an app that supports families get organized. Kids are motivated to do chores and take responsibility and parents can reward them for their effort through the app. For example, families have access to a shared grocery list and a family calendar that helps to keep everyone coordinated.

Ideal age: 6+

5. S'moresUp: Best for Community 

How it works: The S’moresUp app is AI-Powered with that helps each family member take more responsibility for tasks and chores. The app is highly customizable, and users can connect their calendars to schedule family events, events, and more. S’moresUp also has a parent community where users discuss parenting tips and tricks. Let us be the bad cop of the family!

Cost: $0- $4.99 per month

Try the new to-do app for kids with ADHD called Joon. Joon is a new type of video game that makes routine tasks fun for kids (ages 6 - 12). Motivate your child with ADHD to focus and stay on top of their daily tasks with a game that turns routines into actual fun!

6. Cozi Family Organizer: Best All-in-One

How it works: Cozi is an all-in-one family organizer app that helps keep appointments and activities all in one place. Some features include tracking school events and virtual class schedules, managing a shared grocery list, and getting the whole family to participate in chores.

Ideal age: 4+

Cost: $29.99 annually

7. Chores & Allowance Bot: Best for Recurring Chores

How it works: The Chores & Allowance Bot helps children to avoid losing and misplacing paper money. Additionally, parents don't have to keep track of allowances and chores by hand. Children also learn about saving, spending, and earning money towards goals through completing their chores and good behavior. Parents can set up recurring chores in the app and send reminders to the child.

Cost: $2.99 monthly, $19.99 annually, or $15.99 semiannually 

8. BusyKid: Best for Older Children

How it works: BusyKid helps children develop basic, yet very important, money management routines that will be needed as they grow older, including the use of a debit card. Parents are able to monitor spending and give the child the freedom to spend and save.

Ideal age: 13+

Cost: $3.99 per month or $38.99 annually

9. Math for Money: Best for Learning Math

How it works: Math For Money gives children the opportunity of learning positive money habits by teaching them how to earn and manage their money. Parents set a “pocket money” amount that’s released each week as the child solves math challenges. 

Ideal age: 6-14

Cost: $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually

10. Kachinga: Best for Spending Controls

How it works: Kachinga is a mobile app and spend card that’s designed to help parents empower their kids to learn how to manage money in a digital world. Children have access to a debit card as the parents use the app to send money, set flexible spending controls, track chores, and receive instant alerts. Work together to view balances, set savings goals, manage chores and get real-world money experience.

Cost: Free for 1 month, $36 annually per child

11. Dragon Family: Best for Younger Children

How it works: The Dragon Family app helps parents distribute household tasks to all family members in a fun and engaging way. Kids are taught responsibility and organizational skills by completing the tasks assigned to them. The app also has an easy-to-use household to-do tracker for the whole family and personalized to-do lists with a special reward system; helping to motivate your child to complete the tasks and gain rewards.

Ideal age: 5-9

Cost: $2.99 per month, $39.99 annually, or lifetime access for $59.99

If you’re having trouble motivating your child to participate in chores, chore apps can be a fun way to change up the routine . With a variety of chore apps available, you can decide on what type of rewards to give your child, and when they should complete them.

If your child has trouble beginning and sticking with their tasks, consider having them download the Joon app . Video game technology helps your child stay motivated and focused, while you can manage the tasks you assign them, and help them to level up. 

best free chore chart apps

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best free chore chart apps

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best free chore chart apps

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best free chore chart apps

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