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“Come As You Are”: 7 Ways Kurt Cobain Changed Music — and Us

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American rock musician, singer, songwriter and artist Kurt Cobain rose to fame as the frontman for Nirvana, a rock band that’s synonymous with the grunge-style music of the 1990s. For fans, Cobain represented something special; he went against the grain, and was refreshingly honest, even when it was painful. 

Tragically, he died in 1994, at just 27 years old, leaving a real void not just in the grunge scene, but in the music landscape as a whole. Here, we’re taking a look at how his music impacted — and continues to influence — music lovers around the world.

“Come as You Are” Tackled the Authenticity Head On

Kurt Cobain was a complicated person. An outsider, he felt comfortable and at ease around unpretentious strangers. He used this experience to write “Come As You Are”, the third track and second single from Nirvana’s second studio album, Nevermind .

change completely synonym

Although some people believe the song reference substance use disorder and the spread of HIV at the time, it’s mostly remembered as an intense, empathetic appeal for authenticity. Cobain once explained that the song is about people — and how they’re expected to act. The song is an anthem for outsiders and misfits, all of whom were accepted by Cobain’s music and Nirvana’s community as a whole. 

Kurt Cobain Forced the Music Industry to Evolve

Dave Keuning, a guitarist for The Killers, said his ears were instantly intrigued the first time he heard Nirvana. In his words, Cobain’s natural talent and music were “undeniable,” so much so that he forced music to evolve.

change completely synonym

Former member of the alt-rock outfit Noise Addict Ben Lee also seems to agree with Keuning, noting that Cobain’s work is so profound and beloved because of the intense vulnerability and raw aggression , which spoke to something real in him, both as a songwriter and a fan. Nirvana’s ability to draw on that raw emotion has had an enduring impact on rock, forcing the music industry to evolve in step with rock’s subgenres, like grunge. 

Kurt Cobain Was the Voice of Gen X

Generation X, or Gen X, was the first group to grow up with personal computers. As a result, they were connected to a whole new world. But that exposure made them ambivalent to how things were — to so-called “traditional values”. For many Gen Xers, mainstream culture felt draining. 

change completely synonym

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain felt the same. The band’s 1991 hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” resonated with Gen X more than almost any other song in the band’s library. It became an anthem for a new age. In fact, in the song’s music video cheerleaders wear black uniforms emblazoned with the anarchy symbol. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, coupled with his perturbation-fueled compositions and anti-establishment persona, made Cobain the voice of Generation X.

He Made It Okay for Songs to Be About Painful Feelings

Before people knew him, Kurt Cobain was just some guy in Seattle who smashed guitars and screamed in his songs. Many shamed him for suspected drug use, too. But there was so much more to him. 

change completely synonym

He was just nine when his parents divorced. As a teenager, he was shuffled between relatives’ houses. At times, Cobain found himself sleeping under bridges. Angry at his circumstances, Cobain became a rebellious teen, engaging in petty vandalism and drug use. Eventually, he put all that pain and anger into his music. The angsty compositions instantly resonated with listeners. 

Songs like “Lithium” made it okay to sing about life’s awful experiences, to be vulnerable and share what’s happened to you and what you’re going through. And that’s invaluable. 

He Helped Make Moshing and Crowd Surfing a Thing

Nirvana made it possible for artists to express their deeply-held emotions in song form, but that approach caused a kind of ripple effect. The crowd, who was taking in all of the music, needed a way of letting go, too. Sure, they could scream alongside Kurt Cobain, but moshing and crowd surfing, which became popular at Nirvana concerts, was a great catharsis, too. 

change completely synonym

If you don’t know, moshing is an aggressive type of dancing or movement, really. Moshers jump and slam into each other, channeling their feelings, and the feeling of the music, into something physical. Crowd surfing is a little less rowdy; the crowd passes a “surfer” overhead, from person to person. There’s something communal about the thrill. And moshers and crowd surfers today can thank Kurt Cobain and Nirvana for these concert staples. 

Nirvana’s Bleach Is Responsible for a Rock Music Trend

change completely synonym

Nirvana used loud, random noises to heighten the charged, raw emotions in their songs. But it wasn’t until their album Bleach that the tactic became a trend. These discordant sounds and crashes became a trademark for the band. Soon enough, other grunge acts and garage bands were incorporating this trademark into their music too.

Kurt Cobain and His Music Are Timeless

change completely synonym

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” might’ve resonated with Gen X 30 years ago, but the song has resurfaced, becoming popular in youth culture today, too. In fact, recent resurgence has seen the song hit over 1.4 billion views and 10 million likes on YouTube. 

Alternative Press frames Kurt Cobain as “a man full of wit and ‘f*ck you’ tendencies” — and it’s that authenticity that speaks to people across generations. The word “iconic” is thrown around left and right on the internet, but, in the case of Cobain, it certainly applies.


change completely synonym

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Synonyms of change

  • as in alteration
  • as in fluctuation
  • as in money
  • as in to modify
  • as in to vary
  • as in to exchange
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Thesaurus Definition of change

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • modification
  • transformation
  • fluctuation
  • refashioning
  • metamorphosis
  • deformation
  • replacement
  • rectification
  • oscillation
  • displacement
  • substitution
  • transfiguration

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • stabilization
  • inconstancy
  • transmutation
  • transmogrification
  • vacillation
  • legal tender
  • money order
  • paper money
  • chump change
  • promissory note
  • folding money
  • pocket money
  • spending money
  • wherewithal
  • cashier's check
  • king's ransom

Thesaurus Definition of change  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • revolutionize
  • metamorphose
  • transfigure
  • deteriorate
  • turn around
  • interchange
  • reciprocate

Synonym Chooser

How is the word change different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of change are alter , modify , and vary . While all these words mean "to make or become different," change implies making either an essential difference often amounting to a loss of original identity or a substitution of one thing for another.

When might alter be a better fit than change ?

Although the words alter and change have much in common, alter implies a difference in some particular respect without suggesting loss of identity.

When is it sensible to use modify instead of change ?

The synonyms modify and change are sometimes interchangeable, but modify suggests a difference that limits, restricts, or adapts to a new purpose.

Where would vary be a reasonable alternative to change ?

In some situations, the words vary and change are roughly equivalent. However, vary stresses a breaking away from sameness, duplication, or exact repetition.

Phrases Containing change

  • change of heart
  • change one's mind (about)
  • small change

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synonyms for changing

  • alternating

antonyms for changing

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

How to use changing in a sentence

Leelah Alcorn's message was sent, and heard, and things started changing .

But the act of killing herself done, the message was sent, and heard, and things started changing .

With enough changing of the influenza RNA over time, the vaccine no longer provokes the “right” immune response.

changing public opinion, of course, will be the work of a generation or maybe two, but kudos to Stewart for getting it started.

The rapid rise of the sharing economy is changing the way people around the world commute, shop, vacation, and borrow.

That, too, is a process which in this changing new world of ours can never be completed.

But he is not aware of the profound extent to which his own opinions have been affected by the changing times.

But changing her mind once more she resumed the peignoir, and went outside and sat down before her door.

It is therefore true that the field of crime is not fixed, is in truth always changing .

The common law is therefore always slowly changing like the ocean and is never at rest.

Choose the synonym for classic

Words Related To changing

  • amelioration
  • improvement
  • indemnification
  • modification
  • rectification
  • reexamination


  • admonitions
  • castigation
  • chastisement
  • punishments
  • reformations
  • charismatic
  • coming on strong
  • enterprising
  • high-powered
  • influential
  • play for keeps
  • play hard ball
  • progressive
  • red-blooded


  • transitional


  • developmental
  • metamorphic
  • revolutionary
  • transformative
  • transmutative
  • fluctuating
  • halfhearted
  • hot-and-cold
  • on-the-fence
  • undetermined
  • vacillating
  • wishy-washy
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