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Free Chore Chart Printable With Weekly and Daily Versions

June 1, 2021 By Casey This post may contain affiliate links. For more information please read my disclosure

Free Chore Chart Printable With Weekly and Daily Versions

Teaching the kids responsibility and organization is very important in our family… that’s I made this free chore chart to help with accountability around the house! If you’re looking for a way to have your kids keep track of their daily or weekly chores, I have you covered! I created four different versions to choose from, whether you’re looking for something simple or more detailed there’s guaranteed to be a version you love! These printables are very easy to download, to print them off:

  • scroll to the version you like
  • click the link
  • print the PDF page

With these chore charts, you can either track daily or weekly chores depending on what you like best! There are also spots for notes and quick reminders if your kids like to do their chores before you get home from work. These are perfect for kids of any age and can help them stay on track and take responsibility!

Here are the free printables:

Daily Chore Chart

free chore chart for kids

The first version is a daily chore chart and it’s super simple! This allows you to write down all the tasks that need to get completed that day and spaces for your kids to check off every time they complete it, which is the most rewarding part! There’s also a space for reminders and a reward if they complete all their chores during that week

Simple Daily and Weekly Chore Chart

free simple chore printable pages

We have a lot of tasks around the house that don’t need to get done every day like dusting or taking out the trash. This version is perfect if you are looking for something simple and easy to use!

Detailed Daily and Weekly Chore Chart

weekly chore tracker printable pdf

Looking for something a little more detailed? This one’s for you! This version allows you to track daily and weekly chores along with notes and rewards! There is also a free space in the middle that you can choose what to do with. A lot of times I like to leave my kids short quotes or fun little notes to read when I am not there!

Weekly Chore Chart

weekly chore chart for kids

The last version I created is a weekly chore chart. This is great if you want your kids to see what they have to accomplish for the entire week, broken down by what task they are doing each day. This version is fairly simple and has a space for notes or reminders!

If you and the kids found these chore charts helpful around the house, please share them with a friend or family member who could also benefit from them! As always, I am working hard on making new printables… you can check them out in my Printables shop … drop me a comment and leave suggestions of what printable you want me to make next!

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July 25, 2023 at 8:37 am

I absolutely love these chore lists and charts! Super simple, to the point, and the individual per kid and age appropriate is amazing. I have tried other chore charts and they good but not like these. I have printed them off a few weeks ago and as direct as the charts are there is no confustion…. If you come up with a chart like these with a space to add what time they need it done or start by I’d love to be emailed or updated on the chart! I have shared your link with several friends to print off and even the daycare uses your charts to fill in for kids and they have a reqard system with it and works great for routine on all the kiddos. Your a life saver and blessing. Thank you Sherry from Arizona

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12 Free Printable PDF Chore Charts

Jerry Wilson

Having an easy-to-follow chore chart is a great way to organize the chores you would like your children to complete throughout the week.

With all of the resources available to us, it’s easy for us to create a chore chart that helps our children to see these accomplishments. Not only are chore charts great for kids, but they are also great for the entire household.

Please share this article on social media or on your blog so that others can use this resource for their family.

Giving kids chores is a great way to teach them organization, responsibility, and hard work. Creating a chore chart will keep you and your children organized, as well as show them a sense of accomplishment.

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I recommend purchasing some chore chart stickers on Amazon , allow your kids to add the stickers to the chore chart themselves. This will create a sense of excitement to finish each task.

A Family Chore List

There are several chores that are ideal for your kids to do each day, week, and month. Chores that take effort, are thought-provoking, and help develop problem-solving skills will best benefit your child. There are the most common chores, like:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Doing the dishes
  • Cleaning their room
  • Putting away toys
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Make your bed
  • Feed the pets
  • Mop the kitchen floor
  • Rake the leaves
  • Clear the table after dinner
  • Dust the furniture
  • Clean the trash from their bedroom
  • Wipe down door knobs
  • Water the garden
  • Match socks
  • Fold clothes
  • Sweep the floors
  • Vacum the floors
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Carry firewood
  • Put the groceries away
  • Peel carrots and potatoes
  • Wash windows
  • Wash mirrors
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Wipe down the table

These are good chores and are suitable to teach children hard work, dedication, and responsibility. I do think that giving your child chores that are more thought-proking is a great way to keep them engaged.

More thought-provoking chores would be to:

  • Organize their closet
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Wash the car
  • Cook simple meal with supervision
  • Help set the table
  • Make some snacks
  • Bake cookies

Create Your Own Chore Charts

You can create your own chore charts for your family or children by using online software like Canva. Canva is FREE to use and allows you to create professional chore charts with just a few simple clicks.

With Canva, you can create more than just chore charts. With the already-created templates, you can create Instagram posts, presentations, business cards, logos, birthday cards, labels, banners, gift certificates, flyers, custom notebooks, planners, reports, resumes, postcards and so much more. The possibilities to create with Canva are endless.

You can check out Canva here , and learn more about what you can create.

Download My Free PDF Printable Chore Charts

Below are several Free printable chore charts in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed for use in your home. You can use these chore charts as many times as you like.

Above you’ll find a great selection of PDF downloadable chore charts for your home. Just click on the download text to the right, and download the PDF chart to your desktop.

These charts are ideal for your home or even your dorm room.

You can find a lot more templates at , and even create custom chore charts for your family.

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chore chart free printable blank

Find informative articles, videos on home and living, family, work-life, helpful products, hacks, how-tos, and everything in between.

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Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids – Tons of Options!

Created On: March 5   |   Updated: March 5   |   Leave a comment

free printable chore charts for kids PDF

Looking for printable chore charts for kids? These free printable kids chore charts and templates make it easy to start your own chore system at home!

If you know even a little bit about me, you know that I love charts and checklists. There’s just something so satisfying about getting organized and checking off those tasks! You could also say that I’m a stickler for responsibility, which I’ve tried to pass on to my daughters.

One of the best ways I’ve taught my kids how to be responsible and organized is with chore charts. My journey with chore charts has been filled with trial and error, but I can honestly say that the rewards have been worth the effort. And it’s important to find the system that works for you, you know?

I previously created a fantastic chore chart system for kids , complete with picture job cards for sale in my store, but now I’ve made a set of free printable chore charts for kids you can snag at the end of this post. They’re perfect if you’re just starting out or want something you can quickly print and start using instantly!

printable chore charts for kids and a child helping with laundry

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full terms of use for more info.

Why make your kids do chores?

For some parents, forcing their kids to do their chores seems like a neverending struggle. So, why make your kids do chores at all? I personally believe assigning tasks is essential, and here’s why:

Chores teach responsibility

A huge benefit of chores is that they teach your child how to be responsible. Yes, they can get every toy out of their closet to play with. And yes, they will have to pick up all those toys and put them away. Chores help teach that while tasks like cleaning up might not be fun, they’re necessary.

Research supports this, saying that children who have regular chores “have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification.” That same research suggests that a child’s success later in life is directly influenced by whether or not they had to do chores as a young child. Crazy but true!

Kids learn life skills

Another important benefit of assigning chores is that they help your child develop independence so they can succeed in the outside world. Learning how to prepare meals, sort and do their own laundry, and keep their living space clean helps them function as adults.

No parent wants to get that panicked phone call from their college-age daughter because she put ten times the necessary detergent in the dorm washing machine. However, you can avoid situations like this by consistently expecting your kids to help with household chores. It’s that simple!

Chores help develop time management

A simple Google search on “time management” will get you hundreds, if not thousands, of resources about how to organize the hours in your day. It’s safe to say that time management is an essential life skill. Well, chores are an excellent way to help children organize their time wisely.

When you consistently enforce weekly chores, your child will begin to learn the importance of how they spend their time. For example, your rule might be that they can’t have tablet time until their chores are completed. Then the kid is responsible for how much time they spend completing their assigned tasks.

If they spend an hour whining about having to do them, that’s less time they get to spend on something they like doing. Eventually, your child will figure out that necessary tasks come first, then playtime.

You’re less burdened

Now, we’re finally to my favorite benefit of chores – parents are less burdened! While it may not be a day at the beach to model and teach your child how to do their tasks, you’ll reap the rewards of your consistency and dedication.

woman sitting on couch overwhelmed by clutter

Just imagine a world where you aren’t the only one responsible for cleaning up, cooking, doing the dishes, and making the beds. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! By assigning chores, you can distribute the household chores more evenly and maybe even gain some free time in the process.

Tips for Starting a New Chore Chart System with Your Kids

Are you new to the whole chore chart thing? Here are my top tips for helping your kids be successful with their new responsibilities:

Work the printable chore chart for kids into your routine

An important thing to remember when starting up a chore chart routine is that change is hard , especially for younger children. They like routine and woe to the mom who tries to mess with it!

It’s a good idea to have a family meeting with all of your children to let them know how the process works. This isn’t something you want to spring on them without warning. Instead, explain what chores you’re assigning, when they need to be completed each day, and how the reward system works.

Also, keep in mind that attitude is everything! Act excited when you introduce the chore chart, even if you’re not exactly feelin’ it. There’s a reason a mother’s motto is “fake it ‘til you make it.” And you should be happy about this! A future is coming where you don’t have to clean the kids’ bathroom! 

Once your children understand their daily duties, it’s time to teach, teach, teach. Your kids will need a little help in the beginning, and expect the first week or two to be, well, exhausting. Just keep in mind that it won’t always be this way!

Be consistent

Expect to be met with some resistance from your kids, even if they have the most even-tempered personality. Just because your preschooler whines and cries that they have to clean their room doesn’t mean you’re a horrible tyrant of a parent.

Just be consistent, and they’ll eventually learn that you won’t cave just because they shed a few tears. Make sure you follow a predictable daily routine , and everyone will begin to understand what they’re supposed to do.

Here are some extra tips for the first few weeks:

  • Remind your kids to look at their chore charts each day.
  • Help them be consistent about checking off their completed tasks.
  • Don’t just tell your kids what to do next. Instead, have them look at their charts to see what’s left to complete.

Set reasonable consequences

So, what happens if your child doesn’t complete their assigned chores?

The simplest answer is that they don’t do anything else until they finish their tasks. This includes having TV or tablet time or playing with any toys. Patiently tell your child that as soon as they complete their jobs, they can do something fun. Be firm but kind. And be consistent!

Hang the chore chart templates where your kids can easily get to them

Do you know the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?” Take this to heart!

Hang your child’s printable chore chart where they’re sure to see it multiple times a day. Prime locations include on the fridge, on the kitchen wall, or in their room.

Don’t make the chores too difficult

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and gotten so overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that you ended up binge-watching Netflix shows in your pajamas instead? Well, a chore chart that’s too long can make your kids feel the same way!

Having too many chores can make your kids want to give up before they even start. Consider your child’s age and schedule when deciding how many duties to assign them. For example, a toddler might only have four to five simple tasks to do each day. Your teenager, on the other hand, could probably handle a longer list.

Need additional chart ideas? Check out these posts!

  • Morning Routine Charts for Kids – destress your mornings and teach your kids to be more independent
  • Ready for School Checklist – no more trips to school because your kid forgot their folder and lunchbox!

printable morning routine chart on a table with school supplies

Create a reward system

The most essential part of creating a chore chart system is deciding on a reward system.

  • Will your children receive an allowance? Or will that be a separate thing?
  • Will you do weekly rewards? Monthly rewards? Or a combination of both?
  • What rewards are you going to give your kids?

You can take several approaches, depending on what you think will work best for your kids. For example, we pay our kids according to their age –  $10/week for my 10-year-old and $8/week for my 8-year-old. That means they have to save their money to buy what they want.

And if you don’t ever have cash to pay out for your kids’ allowance, don’t worry! You can use a free printable allowance tracker like the ones below to keep track of your child’s allowance “balance”… a great way to give kids an allowance without having to run to the ATM every week!

printable allowance tracker worksheet

If you don’t want allowance tied to your kids’ chores, you could try a weekly/monthly reward instead. Some great rewards for kids completing their chore charts include:

  • Ice cream date with mom/dad
  • Bowling night
  • Dollar movie date
  • Mini Dollar Tree shopping spree – give each child $3 to $4 to spend
  • Take them to the local bakery for a treat
  • Mommy and me date
  • Movie night at home – let them pick the movie

And of course, screen time is a great reward that doesn’t cost you a thing! You can hop over to this post to grab these screen time reward coupons for kids: Printable Screen Time Reward Coupons for Kids

screen time reward coupons

For more ideas, check out 51 more reward ideas to motivate kids !

Grab the Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids Here

Want to grab some free printable chore charts to test out a new responsibilities system for your kids? You can click the links to download a few different chore chart templates below:

Colorful Chore Charts for Kids with Chores Already Included

Want an easy print and go chore system? Use the printable chore charts for kids that already include jobs printed on them!

colorful free printable chore chart template

Click HERE for the Pre-Filled Free Printable Chore Chart Template

Free Printable Blank Chore Chart Templates

These blank chore chart templates are great for creating your own personalized chore lists for kids! You have a few different options for how to use these blank chore charts:

  • Print out a new chore chart each week and write the chores in by hand.
  • Print a blank chart and laminate it. Then, use a dry erase marker to use it over again week after week.
  • Use the blank chore chart with the job cards down below.

printable chore chart templates for kids

Click HERE for the Free Printable Blank Chore Chart Templates

Job Cards to Use with the Blank Chore Charts for Kids

These printable job cards for kids work in conjunction with the chore charts. Just pick out which jobs you want to assign to your kids each week, and attach the printable job card to the chore chart. Easy peasy!

chore job cards to use on chore chart templates

Click HERE for the Printable Job Cards for Kids

*NOTE – If you need picture chore charts for kids with printable picture job cards like the ones below, then check out this post: Chore Charts for Kids & Age Appropriate Chores

Printable chore charts for kids with picture chore cards

Chore Ideas for Your Printable Chore Charts

If you need ideas for age appropriate chores for kids, check out this master list:

Chore Ideas for Toddlers (2-3 years)

  • Put away their toys
  • Feed the dog/cat
  • Brush the dog
  • Put dirty laundry in the hamper
  • Wipe up messes on the floor/counters
  • Dust baseboards
  • Organize books and magazines by stacking them
  • Put laundry in the washer/dryer
  • Use a dry mop to clean up small areas
  • Clear their own plate
  • Help make their bed
  • Put away silverware

Chore Ideas for Preschoolers (4-6 years)

  • All previous chores for toddlers
  • Get dressed
  • Tidy up bedroom
  • Pick out clothes for the week
  • Bring in mail
  • Clear the dinner table
  • Water plants
  • Clean up crumbs with a handheld vacuum
  • Help put away groceries
  • Match socks
  • Sort laundry
  • Dust surfaces with a sock or cloth
  • Help set the table
  • Fold towels
  • Pick up their toys and put them away
  • Sweep up small messes
  • Vacuum rugs/small areas

little girl doing chores

Chores for Older Children (7-9 Years)

  • Load and empty the dishwasher
  • Put groceries away
  • Carry things in from the car
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Get their own snacks/make their breakfasts
  • Help pack lunches
  • Clean their bedrooms (Just make sure to check under their beds!) 
  • Vacuum carpet/rugs
  • Mop the floor with a wet mop
  • Put indoor trash into kitchen trash can
  • Help make dinner
  • Exercise family dog in the backyard
  • Help rake leaves
  • Put clean clothes in drawers
  • Clean bathroom sink
  • Clean bathroom mirror

Chores for Tweens and Middle Schoolers (10+ years)

  • Wash the dishes/load dishes into dishwasher
  • Take out garbage
  • Take trash cans to the curb on trash day

boy taking out the garbage

  • Wash the family vehicle
  • Make simple meals without help
  • Wash and dry their own clothes
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Wash the dog
  • Walk the dog
  • Clean out litter box 
  • Babysit younger siblings
  • Complete short shopping trips (once they get their license)
  • Iron clothing
  • Complete basic sewing tasks
  • Prepare family meals
  • Help with deep cleaning
  • Clean the bathroom (toilets, shower, sinks)
  • Mow the yard
  • Wash the windows
  • Help with meal planning
  • Drive younger siblings to and from after-school activities
  • Clean out basement/garage
  • Do homework

How to Use the Printable Chore Charts for Kids

If you’re using my free printable chore chart template, there’s some assembly required (but not much!). Here’s how to assemble this printable chore chart for kids:

Supplies needed for these printable chore charts for kids:

  • Printer – You can print these responsibility charts at home or a professional print shop. If you’re going to use them in black and white, it makes sense just to do it at home. However, if you’re concerned about color quality, you might want to have your kids chore chart professionally printed.
  • Laminator – I absolutely LOVE this laminator ! It’s reasonably priced, and you can use it for so many home projects. I’ve laminated weekly meal plans, my daughters’ artwork, and other checklists I use around the house (like my weekly cleaning schedule !).
  • Laminator pouches – I use these for my laminator (affiliate)
  • Velcro circles
  • Dry erase marker
  • Clipboard to hang your charts on (optional)

Assembling the chore charts:

Once you have all of your supplies together, just follow these easy steps:

  • Download and print the kids chore chart template that you want to use. I suggest printing your templates out on high-quality card stock.
  • Cut out the job cards and reward coupons, if you will be using them. *NOTE – The job cards must be cut out before you laminate them so the laminator pouch will seal around each one. You could also laminate the reward coupons to make them reusable! If you’d like to do this, cut out each reward coupon as well.
  • Place job cards in laminator pouch with space in between each card.
  • Laminate all the job cards and your choice of chore chart according to your laminator’s directions. *Or most office supply stores or FedEx Kinkos can do this for you. I bought my own laminator because I use it for so many things, and it saves me tons of runs to Kinkos. They also charge more for each sheet, so it makes sense for me to buy my own!
  • Cut out each laminated job card, if using. I suggest leaving a small border (¼” or a little less) of clear lamination around each card to make them more durable.
  • Place velcro sticker on the back of each chore chart job card and in the center of each blank slot on the chore chart.

*Want to see step-by-step instructions for how to laminate your job cards at home? You can head over to this post for more detailed directions: Chore Charts for Kids & Age Appropriate Chores

picture chore cards going through a laminator

What job cards are included in the Printable Chore Charts for Kids?

I’ve included 30 different job cards for kids along with my free printable chore chart for kids, so you can choose which age-appropriate jobs are right for your child.

Here is the list of chores that come on the pre-filled job cards:

  • get dressed
  • make breakfast
  • wash dishes
  • water plants
  • pick up toys
  • clean bathroom
  • wipe dinner table
  • change towels
  • take out garbage
  • dust furniture
  • fold laundry
  • iron clothing
  • clean windows
  • clean toilet
  • sort out pantry items
  • match socks
  • rake leaves
  • collect dirty clothes
  • sweep and mop floor
  • set the table

My free printable chore chart file also comes with two types of reward cards – One that rewards completion (no additional reward) and a blank reward coupon you can fill in with whatever you and your child decide on.

Looking for more ways to simplify your life and encourage your kids to be more independent? Head over to these posts:

  • The Best Allowance Trackers – Give Kids Allowance Without Cash
  • Printable Reward Charts for Kids (And How to Make Them Work for You!)
  • How to Use Printable Reward Tickets for Your Kids – 8 Easy Tips!

And don’t forget to PIN this post for later:

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Sometimes it can be difficult to organize your home life, especially when you have kids! To help your household run smoothly, you should look into downloading digital or printable chore chart templates PDF. You are able to download various templates, including daily, weekly, and monthly task lists! Each template is fully customizable, and you can choose between A4, A5, letter, half letter, Filofax, and happy planner!

Chores & Cleaning Planner Templates

Create a cleaning checklist for every day and write down everything you and your family members need to do around the house. Track progress in a convenient format, leave reminders of important to-do's, set deadlines for completing tasks, and keep your home clean and tidy.

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chore chart free printable blank

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Living Low Key

Living Low Key

Spending Less, Saving More

25 Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids (Grab Yours Now)

This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Click Here To Learn More

free printable chore charts

Free printable chore charts you must try!

I don’t know about you, but my family and I have never spent as much time in our home as we have these past two years.

This isn’t a bad thing, but I felt like I was spending so much more time cleaning up after everybody else with no help in sight.

Now my eldest daughter has always done “chores,” but I hadn’t sat down and taken the time to create a chore chart. Let me tell you. This tiny action changed my life.

After implementing chore charts in my home, my children help out so much more around the house, and they do it without question. Now, my 4-year-old folds clothes better than most adults.

Introducing chore charts has challenged my kids to do more, and it’s allowed me to do less. If your children are at the age where they are ready to start doing chores, these chore charts are a great place to start.

free printable chore charts

Free Kids Chore Chart Printables

With these charts, you can assign specific tasks to each child and track their progress. Best of all, these printable chore charts are all FREE, and they are some of the best kid chore charts I’ve found.

There is a variety of different chore chart templates available below, so find one that works best for your family. Once you’ve found a template you like, print it out and start assigning chores. Be sure to praise your kids when they complete their tasks!

Use the links to grab the printable of your choice!

1. Free Printable Chore Chart Template

This is one of the many free printable chore charts for kids but probably my favorite!! Grab this blank chore chart template and fill it in with whatever tasks you want your children to complete. Keep reading for chore chart ideas to fill in your own chore chart!

free printable chore chart

@ Kidz Craft Corner

2. Free Chore Chart

Use this empty simple chore chart to help your child keep track of his or her weekly chores. This is one of the best chore charts I’ve come across, and it also comes with chore bucks. Chore bucks give your child an incentive to make sure their chores are done. This works great with little kids.

If you are looking for a fun printable chore chart, this might be the one. Grab your free printable chore chart below.

free chore chart

@ Mom For All Seasons

3. Weekly Chore Chart Printable

This ocean-themed weekly responsibility chart is adorable. This blank chore chart printable works great for younger kids who are just starting to help around the house.

List out what chore you’d like your child to do during the week. Hang this weekly chore chart in the kitchen and allow your child to mark off when they’ve completed the task.

If I were, I would slip this printable chore chart into a clear page protector . Then I’d use dry-erase markers to fill in the spaces.

free printable chore chart

@ Frugal Mom Eh

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chore chart free printable blank

4. Free Printable Weekly Chore Chart And Reward Tickets

Do you have older kids? If so, this Paris theme weekly chore chart will be a hit with your tween. Write in their weekly chores on this great chore chart template, and let your child mark off which days they did each chore.

This is a great chore chart for kids who want to keep track of their basic chores.

printable chore chart

5. Free Printable Chore Chart

These free printable chore charts come with everything you need to introduce your child to the daily routine of chores.

Look no further if you are looking for great daily printable chore charts for young kids.

daily chore chart

@ Living Life As Moms

6 . Hello Kitty Chore Chart Printable

If your child loves Hello Kitty, these printable chore charts will be a hit in your home. This chore chart comes in 7 different styles.

This is one of the many great free printable chore charts you should be sure to check out.

chore chart printable

7. Kids Chore Chart Printable

You will love these free printable chore charts. They come in several different colors and are simple to use. Pick your color and print it out to use chore charts in your home today.

chore chart printable

@ Practical Perfection

8. Weekly Printable Chore List

This is such a great weekly chore list template. Not only is this a great weekly chore template, but it also includes great information on how to successfully use chore charts in your home.

Grab this weekly chore chart printable, and be sure to check out the blog post written in great depth on how to be successful using it.

kids chore charts

@ Healthy Happy Impactful

9. Free Editable Printable Chore Chart

Using an editable chore chart is a great tool if you have kids of different ages. This free editable chore chart printable allows you to fill in chores or tasks for each kid online and print one printable off per kid.

Go grab this fun, free printable chore chart right now!

chore charts

@ Handmade In The Heartland

10. Free Printable Chore Cards

These simple free printable chore cards will teach your kids to be hard workers and work for what they want. These work great if you have multiple kids.

These also make a great addition to any chore chart or used alone. I’d grab a free chore chart from above and use these as a great incentive to do extra chores around the house.

Simply print these chore cards and let your older kids choose which chores they want to do.

chore sheet

11. Free Summer Chore Chart

Are you ready to fit chores into your summer plans? Grab this free summer chore chart!

One of the best ways to make sure your kids stay on task and finish their daily chores during the summer is by using a summer chore chart.

Be sure that you are setting achievable goals and rewarding your kids for their hard work.

free chore chart

@ Friday We’re In Love

12. Free Chore Cards For Kids

You are going to love these free printable chore cards. These chore cards are great for older children who can read.

Take the guessing game out of what needs to be cleaned in each room this these free printable cards. These cleaning cards tell the kids what needs to be cleaned in every room.

You can laminate these cards and have your older kids use dry-erase markers to X off what chores have been completed.

free editable chore charts

@ Hey Donna

13. Free Printable Chore List

It can be hard to implement chores for kids if this is their first time. It can help to have clear expectations of what needs to be done and a simple printable chore chart.

This is for you if you are looking for a monthly chore chart. If you are tired of printing off weekly chore charts for your kids, I highly recommend this monthly chore chart.

Print off this fun chore chart and write a chore inside each box. Let your child X off each cube as you go.

chore sheet

@ Saving Talents

14. Free Chore Chart Printables

This is one of my personal favorite chore charts for kids! These free chore chart printables take all the work out for you.

This free printable chore chart comes with a free printable that walks you through which chores your child should be doing based on age.

Use the “chores by age” printable to determine your child’s age-appropriate chores. Then fill out the blank chore chart.

kids chore charts

@ Im With Holy

15. Free Chore Chart For Kids

Are you looking for free printables that are great for the entire household? Then check out this family chore chart template. This is great for older and young kids.

Print off as many chore charts as you need for each family member. Fill in the name, age, and week.

Then list what tasks need to be done in each room of the house. This free printable makes for a great to-do list for each child.

family chore charts

@ Cut The Grime

16. Chore Cards For Kids

This is a great place to start if you haven’t tried chore cards. The idea behind these chore cards is to make a chore card for each chore around the house.

Then place the chore card where each task needs to be done as a visual reminder. Most kids need that gentle reminder to brush their teeth. This is such a great way to remind kids to do the simplest tasks.

When they finish the task, let your kids mark off their chore cards as they go.

child chore charts

@ Family Focus Blog

17. Chore Chart And Reward Tickets Printable

If you love bright colors, you will dig this free printable!

This free chore chart and reward system look so fun and inviting. It will make your kids want to do chores! If you are looking for a chore chart and a way to reward your kids for their chores, you’ll love these chore printables.

Print these off, and let’s get your kids doing their household chores.

example chore charts

@ Simply Stacie

18. Free Printable Chore Chart For Kids

Are your younger kids ready to take on more responsibility? Then grab this free chore chart and let your kids do the work. On the left, fill in the to-do column. Let your child check off their completed chores as they go.

fun chore chart

@ A Cowboy’s Life

19. Chore Chart For Kids

This simple yet appealing chore chart for kids will have your children helping out around the house in no time. This kid’s chore chart printable is easy to use and a great reminder of what chores need to be done each day of the week.

hello kitty chart

@ About A Mom

20. Printable Chore Chart For Kids

Go grab one of these free printable chore charts! It’s so easy to use.

Write the tasks on the left and let your child check off each completed task on the right. Chore charts don’t get any easier than this!

free editable chore chart printables

@ Freebie Finding Mom

21. Chore Point System

You are going to love this chore chart point system. Use this blank chore sheet to write each chore in the task column, followed by how much each chore is worth. Let your kids check off their completed tasks on this weekly responsibility chart as they go.

chore chart point system

@ Huss Un- Academy

22. Free Reward Chore Chart

Grab this fun castle-themed free reward chart! If you are looking for a reward chart that allows you to fill in the blanks. You’ll love this chore chart.

reward chore chart

@ Mama Cheaps

23. Printable Chore Chart

Are you ready to introduce chores into your child’s life? Use this blank chore chart to list out each chore! Then have them park off each chore they do every day they do it.

chore charts

24. Blank Chore Chart Printable

Are you looking for a blank chore chart to use to introduce chores to your kids? Then you will love this fun BRIGHT colored chore chart printable. If your child is 3 or older this is the perfect chore chart to begin introducing your child to helping around the home.

blank chore chart

@ Play Party Plan

25. Summer Chore Chart

This FUN chore chart makes me want to do chores! Get your summer started off the right way, with a summer chore chart. Make sure to grab your free copy, and save it for summer!

summer chore chart

Tip: Put Your Chore Charts In Sheet Protectors

Putting your chore charts in clear plastic sheet protectors is a great way to save on computer ink and ensure they last longer. Not only does this help you save money in the long run, but those with smaller printers will find it much easier to use the same sheet repeatedly verse printing off a new chart every week.

If you don’t like using sheet protectors, laminate your free printable chore chart. Either way, now you can use your chore charts over and over again.

Daily Chore List By Age

Are you looking for household chore ideas to accompany your printable chore chart? Here are a few daily chores your child can do by age.

  • Make your own bed
  • Put clothes away
  • Put away toys
  • Pick up sticks in the yard
  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Fold laundry
  • Clear dinner table
  • Take out garbage
  • Clean bathroom
  • Put away groceries

Now, remember, these are only a handful of chore ideas! The options are endless.

Habits to include on your chore chart

We’ve discussed what chores to add to a chore chart, but what about daily tasks or habits? These habits are great reminders if you have littles in your home.

Here are some ideas on what habits to include:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Doing homework
  • Shower/bath time
  • Playing outdoors
  • Putting away your school bag
  • Hanging up your jacket
  • Putting away your lunch box

These are everyday habits that you want your child to get used to doing on their own.

Summary- Kid Chore Chart Printable

I highly recommend including a chore chart in your child’s daily routine. Not only will this build a strong work ethic in your children, but it will take some of the daily responsibilities off of your shoulders.

Be sure to grab one of the free kid chore chart printables above to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions – Free Chore Charts

Should kids do chores.

In short, yes! According to the AACAP , children who do chores may exhibit higher self-esteem, be more responsible, and be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification. 

How many chores should a child have?

The amount of chores one has usually depends on the childs age. However, this isn’t a set rule on how many “chores” a child should have. I usually give my kids chores that will keep them busy for 10-15 minutes a day.

Are all of the chore templates above free?

Yes, these are all free chore charts for you to use! Use the link below each image to get the free downloadable chore chart of your choice.

Make sure to save this post for later and follow us on Pinterest .

chore chart free printable blank

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Easter basket filler ideas for toddlers

Make Professional Life Easier!

Free Printable Family Chore Chart Templates (Word / Excel / PDF)

Home / Personal Templates / Free Printable Family Chore Chart Templates (Word / Excel / PDF)

A chore chart template is a list of household tasks that are required to be tracked and organized. There are several types of chore charts used for different purposes. However, the chore charts are also referred to as reward charts, chore calendars, chore checklist, behavior charts, and chore lists.

The chore charts can be physical or virtual. Moreover, the chore chart is mostly used by the parents to track and organize the chore of their kids.

However, people use different methods to organize and implement a chore system. The chore chart tacked on the refrigerator is the common way of using the chore chart.

The categorized chore charts are also used by the parents. It includes the categories of chore related to kids and household work.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is meant by the chore chart?
  • 2 Types of Chore Chart Template
  • 3 Components of Chore Chart Template
  • 4 What chores have to be done on a daily basis?
  • 5 How to Make a Chore Chart Template?
  • 6 How to make an effective chore chart for kids?
  • 7.1.1 Daily chores
  • 7.1.2 Weekly chores
  • 7.1.3 Monthly chores
  • 7.2 Make deadlines for all chores
  • 7.3.1 Bedroom
  • 7.3.2 Kitchen
  • 7.3.3 Outside
  • 8.1 Determine the chores you want to include in your chore chart
  • 8.2 In your chore chart, include these columns
  • 8.3 Place the chore chart
  • 9.1.1 Toddlers (Ages 2-3, with the supervision of parents or guardians)
  • 9.1.2 Preschool (Ages 4-5)
  • 9.1.3 Elementary school (Ages 6-9)
  • 9.2.1 Middle school (Ages 10-13):
  • 9.2.2 High school (Ages 14+):
  • 10 Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • 11 What is the family chores system?
  • 12 Why should kids do household chores?

What is meant by the chore chart?

A chore chart is a checklist that utilizes to track and arrange homework. It includes multiple charts such as reward charts , behavior charts, chore calendars, or task lists. It can be either handwritten or typed on a computer spreadsheet. A Chore chart is mostly used by parents to make chores expecting of their kids.

Types of Chore Chart Template

There are several types of chore charts based on the category of work and frequency. Some chore charts are only concerned about household activities. Some focus on the cleaning activities while others enlist the chores for kids.

Similarly, chore charts are management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So, the common types of chore charts are:

  • Kids Chore Chart
  • Family Chore Chart
  • Personal Chore Chart
  • Room Chore Chart
  • House Chore Chart
  • Cleaning Chore Chart

These types of charts can be made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis such as:

  • Kids Weekly Chore Chart
  • Kids Daily Chore Chart
  • Kids Monthly Chore Chart

Components of Chore Chart Template

The chore chart template is a document preformatted on the pattern of the chore chart. Although the template isn’t the same for all types of chore charts. However, a generic chore chart template must include the following elements for its effectiveness.

  • Categories of Tasks
  • List of Tasks
  • Concerned Person Name
  • Date / Week

A family chore chart enlists the chores of all the family members individually. A sharp border can be made on the chore chart to reflect the boundary of individual tasks. The first column of such a chore chart is the name of the family member followed by the list of tasks and calendars.

Similarly, chore charts for general tasks related to the household can be categorized as the morning, afternoon, evening, night, and weekend tasks.

What chores have to be done on a daily basis?

With the completion of daily home chores, you can keep your home neat and prevent spending a lot of time and effort cleaning the whole house at one time. There are specific household chores that should be completed every day of a week. Here is the list of those chores;

  • Making your bed
  • Sweeping floors
  • Washing dishes
  • Watering the plants
  • Cleaning the garden
  • Drain the trash
  • Dusting the furniture
  • Mopping the bathroom, and whatever you thought have to have done on a daily basis.

How to Make a Chore Chart Template?

The creation of an effective chore chart is pretty simple. It can be created using an MS Excel tool that requires no professional skill of the tool. Moreover, it makes the customization and editing work comparatively easier for the newbies.

A most important aspect of the creation of a chore chart template is to define the approach for the collection of data. Therefore, several guidelines are provided by the professionals in this regard.

For the creation of a kid chore chart. It is advised to the parent to sit together and make a list of activities keeping in view the mental and physical health of their child.

However, the parents can seek the help of a consultant to make a list that positively contributes to the mental and physical growth of their child.

Moreover, the time and frequency of the tasks included in the kid chore chart must be defined after critical thinking as it’s equally important to ensure the effectiveness of the task.

How to make an effective chore chart for kids?

To make an effective chore chart for your kids firstly you have to make a list of chores that are according to their age and that they want to do. Take an initiative with two-three chores so that they don’t feel a burden.

Then make a chart with four columns that are described below;

  • Enter the chores with certain instructions not just saying, ‘’wipe the room’’, this sentence is full of interruption. You have to provide complete instructions that what things are included in wiping the room such as put clothes in the cupboard, take the utensils into the kitchen, put the books in the bag, keep the toys in the toy box, etc. For small kids, adding pictures in the chores would be interesting and engaging.
  • Tell your kids that they are responsible for finishing the chores.
  • Make a deadline.
  • When the chore is completed appreciate your kids by giving them small prizes such as stars, stickers, etc.

How to structure a chore chart?

Here are the steps to structure a chore chart;

Organize an appropriate schedule

It would be better to divide the chores into categories such as daily, weekly, and monthly chores. Here are some examples;

Daily chores

  • Making the bed
  • Washing the dishes
  • Putting clothes and toys away

Weekly chores

  • Vacuuming all the carpets
  • Sweeping all the hard floors
  • Dusting shelves and window sills

Monthly chores

  • Cleaning windows or large appliances
  • Decluttering
  • Helping to wash the car

Make deadlines for all chores

Decide how long each chore should take after assigning who will complete which chore. When you set deadlines, it will inspire your kids to complete the task and it becomes more of a fun game for them.

Additionally, a great way to prepare children for later life is by using a specific time frame. It provides them with a sense of purpose while completing the chore.

According to rooms in the house, organize the chore chart

Organizing the chore chart as per the rooms in the house is an effective way to structure a chore chart. For instance, you can make a chore list in the following ways for each room;

  • Make the bed
  • Put clothes away
  • Put toys away
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash the dishes
  • Dry the dishes
  • Walk the dog
  • Wash the car
  • Mow the lawn

How to create my own chore chart?

You can keep yourself organized when it comes to household tasks by downloading a chore chart template. After downloading the chore chart, consider the following steps;

Determine the chores you want to include in your chore chart

It is a fact that all households are different. Everyone prioritizes different household chores as they want. Depending on the age of the kids, they should complete age-appropriate chores like making their bed, folding the laundry, etc.

In your chore chart, include these columns

  • Name or picture of the child
  • The household chore they have to complete
  • A deadline when the chore should be completed
  • A completed column; you can simply tick this column when the chore is completed

Place the chore chart

You should place the chore chart in a place where everyone can see it regularly. It’s up to your whether you place it on the fridge or on a wall in the dining room. This makes sure that kids have seen the chart and they know what to expect from them.

What chores should kids do?

You will teach your children a lot about discipline and responsibility by assigning chores to them.

Chores that are appropriate for young children

It is essential to decide which chores are suitable for your family members while designing your chore chart. There are a variety of factors on which the appropriateness of chores for kids depends. The deciding characteristics while assigning chores are age and physical ability. You can consider the following suggestions to design your chore chart;

Toddlers (Ages 2-3, with the supervision of parents or guardians)

  • Place the toys back
  • Putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Wipe up messes and spills

Preschool (Ages 4-5)

  • Make their bed
  • Water plants and flowers
  • For the household pet, sort out food and water
  • Assist to set the table
  • Fold some laundry

Elementary school (Ages 6-9)

  • Sweep the floor
  • Clean their bedrooms
  • Put away groceries
  • Help to prepare dinner
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Mop the floor

Chores that are appropriate for older children

Children become more independent as they grow older as well as they become able to complete more difficult chores. At this stage of life, they have to be more involved in the daily functioning of the household. Here are some suggestions that you can consider while deciding on appropriate chores for older children;

Middle school (Ages 10-13):

  • Prepare basic meals
  • Take the trash out
  • Without help from parents, wash dishes
  • Load the washer and dryer

High school (Ages 14+):

  • Babysit younger siblings
  • Iron clothes
  • Make meals when necessary
  • Clean windows
  • Assist with simple repairs in the house

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the family chores system.

A family chores system involves a family chore planner, a system to assign different tasks to each member of a family, and a system of oversight. In order to become a successful family, you have to divide up all your household chores and assuring each member takes responsibility for their personal ones.

Why should kids do household chores?

There are several reasons why children do household chores;

  • Doing household chores teach your kids life skills because such skills are not taught by educational institutions. Laundry, cooking, and budgeting skills are much important that can be learning at home.
  • It can make your kids responsible and self-reliant.
  • While doing household chores your family members act as a team. Hence, it can develop strong teamwork skills that can be helpful in schools or in any workplace.
  • Household chores assist you to develop time management skills and also improve your planning skills.
  • It will create strong bonding between family members and also builds a strong work ethic. Household chores build special moments between little ones and adults.

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Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts

The Spruce / Theresa Chiechi

Kids are chaos. Dirty clothes on the floor, toys left all around, messy bedrooms. And, the list goes on. It's important for your kids to learn the age-appropriate chores that should be their responsibility. In this list, you'll find everything from sample, printable chore charts for kids up to 18 to full family chore lists with suggestions. Use these resources as a guideline for developing your family's weekly chore chart.

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 2-7

You can use a blank chore chart as a guideline and complete it with the chores that are right for your kids' ages and maturity levels. The chart focuses on attention and accountability.

For the young ones, you can consider a chore chart that uses pictures instead of words.

Here are some suggestions for age-appropriate chores (with your supervision):

Ages 2 and 3

Personal Chores:

  • Help straighten beds
  • Pick up toys and put them back in their storage place

Family Chores:

  • Put dirty laundry in the laundry basket
  • Fill the pet's water bowl 
  • Help clean up spills and dirt

Ages 4 and 5

  • Get dressed (with a little help)
  • Make the bed (with a little help)
  • Help bring in bags from the car
  • Pick up the toys
  • Brush teeth
  • Set the table with supervision
  • Clear the table with supervision
  • Help with food preparation
  • Help carry in the lighter groceries
  • Sort the laundry (whites vs. colors)
  • Match socks (washed)
  • Be responsible for a pet's food and water bowl
  • Straighten towels 

Ages 6 and 7

  • Make bed every day
  • Choose the day's outfit and get dressed
  • Be responsible for a pet's food, water, and exercise
  • Vacuum individual rooms
  • Fold laundry with supervision
  • Put laundry in drawers and closets
  • Put away dishes from the dishwasher
  • Help prepare food with supervision

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 8-18

It seems that up to age 11 the chore chart is a boon and then it becomes a bane. Nevertheless, everyone in the family must pull their weight. Consider using a blank chore chart to fill in with age-appropriate weekly chores. For the older kids, responsibilities may begin to expand outside of the home to jobs where they are expected to earn some spending money.

Ages 8 to 11

  • Personal hygiene (showering, teeth, etc.)
  • Keep bedroom neat and clean
  • Be responsible for homework
  • Be responsible for belongings
  • Wake up using an alarm clock
  • Wash dishes
  • Help wash the family car 
  • Help plan and prepare a few easy meals 
  • Clean the bathroom with supervision
  • Rake leaves
  • Learn to use the washer and dryer
  • Put all laundry away with supervision
  • Take the trash can to the curb for pick up

Ages 12 and 13

  • Take care of personal hygiene, belongings, and homework
  • Set the alarm clock
  • Maintain personal items, such as recharging batteries
  • Change bed sheets
  • Keep rooms tidy 
  • Change light bulbs
  • Change the vacuum bag
  • Dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms and do dishes
  • Clean mirrors
  • Mow the lawn with supervision
  • Babysit (in most states)
  • Prepare an occasional family meal

Ages 14 and 15

  • Responsible for all personal chores for ages 12 and 13
  • Responsible for library card and books
  • Do assigned housework without prompting
  • Do yard work as needed
  • Prepare food — from making a grocery list and buying the items (with supervision) to serving a meal — occasionally
  • Wash windows with supervision

Ages 16 to 18

  • Responsible for all personal chores for ages 14 and 15
  • Responsible for earning spending money and to develop their own budget
  • Responsible for purchasing their own clothes
  • Responsible for maintaining any car they drive (e.g., gas, oil changes, tire pressure, etc.)
  • Do housework as needed
  • Prepare family meals - from grocery list to serving the meal — as needed
  • Deep cleaning of household appliances, such as defrosting the freezer, as needed

Family Chore List

It may be more advantageous for you to prepare and publish a family chore list where every member of the family has their daily or weekly responsibilities in one place. Here's an example of a great family chore chart that you can print and use.

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Sarah Titus

Every mom should be able to stay home with her kids regardless of income.

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  • hand lettering

Top Chore Chart Free Printables to Download Instantly

By: Sarah Titus | August 11, 2023

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  • Pinterest 2804

Make chore time a breeze with these FREE printable chore chart templates. 

These chore charts will encourage your children to develop good behavior and a life long work ethic!

Your kids will learn all about the value of sticking to a routine, being responsible, and the positive impact they’ll make by being hard workers!

Not only that, but these chore charts provide spaces for you to assign age appropriate chores (from toddlers, preschoolers to teenagers), so your children won’t feel overwhelmed or under-qualified. 

Best of all, you don’t have to sign up by email to access ANY of them. These top chore chart free printables are instant downloads !

In this printable chore chart set, there are plenty of blank designs for everyone in the family to chose from!

Everyone is included, which is why these printables make cleaning a fun family affair. 

Something else that I really love about this chore chart set, is that these printables can be used over and over again, and recycled when you’re done with them or even laminated or put in a clear protective sheet covering! 

It’s such a great way to save money, and is good for our environment! 


This first one is my personal favorite. I love the colors and that the shapes are stars. It even has weekly chores down at the bottom! 🙂 It’s absolutely perfect to keep track of daily household chores for kids. 

Get these 10 different professionally designed free printable PDF chore charts that you can download instantly! #formultiplekids #diy #template #weekly

This chore chart is a great weekly chart. Just enter in which week you’re in and you are good to go! Here are some DIY chore chart ideas: 

My son uses this particular online chore chart template. He’s 11 and a few of his chores and chore allowances are: 

  • Dusting the whole house – $2 (once every couple weeks)
  • Laundry – he’s responsible to have his own clothes washed and dried and put up (I don’t pay for this)
  • Dishes – he and my daughter take turns – $2 per load (every other turn)
  • Sweeping/mopping mess – $3 (once every week-ish)
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – we have three bathrooms and he’s responsible to clean them all, yup, toilets too. I pay him $5-$10 for my bathroom (depending on all he does) or if it’s just upkeeping the toilets, that’s $2. I don’t pay him to clean their two bathrooms. They both use both of their bathrooms. Not sure why, just how it works out (once every week)
  • Microwave and stove – $1 for the stove and $2 for the microwave (it’s a harder job) – once every couple weeks

I take care of the rest of the cleaning, which sometimes means hiring a housekeeper because I HATE to clean! lol.

Get these 10 different professionally designed free printable PDF chore charts that you can download instantly! #formultiplekids #diy #template #weekly

Of course, I had to create a girls chore chart with pretty pink and teal! <3

Girls Chore Chart

And a boys chore chart. 

I'm so excited for this household binder. I've been wanting to make one for a very long time, but haven't been able to find a good design I like, until now!

This is another great chore chart that is neutral and can be for a boy. 🙂 

Finding a chore chart is one thing, but getting your kids to actually DO the chores is a completely different ballgame. Here are the 3 secrets to creating a chore chart that's right for you. Best of all, it comes with a free printable chore chart!

Another colorful star chart. A little differently designed than the first one. This is the one that my daughter uses. This free printable chore chart for tweens is perfect for 11-15 year olds! 

A few of the chores for 13 years olds that we have on her list are – great age appropriate chores and allowance:  

  • Dishes – $2 per load (dishwasher) done every couple days
  • Pots/pans – $5 per load (requires more scrubbing power) done every 4-5 days (don’t judge me, I’m a single mom. YUP, I totally have dirty dishes on my counter, not gonna lie!) 🙂 
  • She does her own laundry – I don’t pay for that
  • Weeding the garden beds/front of the house – $2 per section x 5 sections = $10 (usually about once every six months because I spray for weeds)
  • Vacuuming the whole house (not upstairs) – $6 done every couple weeks

Get these 10 different professionally designed free printable PDF chore charts that you can download instantly! #formultiplekids #diy #template #weekly

This chores chart is a black and white version, perfect for gray-scale printers!

Get these 10 different professionally designed free printable PDF chore charts that you can download instantly! #formultiplekids #diy #template #weekly

Age Appropriate Chores – chore chart by age:

This age appropriate sheet is super helpful!

Chore chart STICKERS…

This set of chore chart stickers comes in both color and black/white colorable versions!!!

Chore Chart Free Printable Stickers-01

Printables, graphics, backgrounds, SVG’s, fonts, and design elements given on this site are for personal use only. You may not alter them or redistribute them for free or monetary gain without written consent from the author, Sarah Titus. If you want to share these resources with others, please share the link to the blog post. Teachers/educators: You may share these with your classes and colleagues as long as they are not edited in any way.

The Best Free Student Planner Printables

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After being homeless, this stay-at-home mom wouldn’t let anything stop her from going after her dreams . Now, Sarah has achieved more than she ever imagined through the power of Christ, all while balancing being a single mom and raising a family. She is a best-selling author, most known for her gorgeous printables that help moms clear the chaos in their lives, and how to make money from home doing something you'd do for free.

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10 Free Printable Family Chore Chart Templates for 2023

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

If you are reading this… you have kids.

And your kids have chores that you would like them to do.

Like them to do.

Remember those words.

You’d like them to help out around the house. 

Help out with their siblings. 

Yada, yada.

But whether or not they actually do it… that remains to be seen.

Let’s be honest… telling kids to do something is easy, but getting them to actually do it is the tricky part.

No matter what their age, humans by nature like to feel rewarded for their efforts.

Kids are no different.

They like to be given more than just a pat on the back for a job well done… they crave the feeling of working towards something bigger.

For the littlest ones, the reward needs to come fast.

It’s that whole short attention span thing.

Conversely, older kids are more likely to be okay with waiting… especially if they know it will pay off in the way of a trip to the movies, a new video games, etc….

And that is where the chore chart comes in.

No matter what their age, humans by nature like to feel rewarded for their efforts. Kids are no different.

So let’s get down to it, shall we?

Table of Contents

The (Dreaded) Chore List

First rule of thumb… chores should be age appropriate .

That is key.

After all, you wouldn’t ask a 4-year-old to wash the family car… anymore than you would ask a 16-year-old to make his own bath.

And while creating age appropriate chores may seem daunting… it’s really not.

It’s more about knowing your kids… their personalities, their limitations, etc… than about blindly assigning them jobs just for the sake of it. 

Keeping that in mind, start by asking yourself two questions:

How old is my child?

Is he or she capable of doing “x”?

Now, because I’m so awesome, I’ve gone ahead and done the research for you… breaking down chores by age category:

  • Toddler (Ages 2-3 years)
  • Kinder (Ages 4-5 years)
  • Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 years)
  • Double Digit (Ages 10-15 years)
  • High School (Ages 16-18 years)

The chore chart you create should incorporate these, along with corresponding incentives.

But we will get to that in a minute.

Toddler Chores

Todders are simple creatures.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves… and can have a hard time expressing themselves.

Case in point… the temper tantrum, which is typically them just not knowing how to process a feeling or desire (ie… being tired, hungry or frustrated).

You can’t ask them to take on too much too soon; however, assigning simple chores gives them a sense of pride and self worth.

Believe it or not, they like to help at this age.

Keeping all of this in mind, try and think of a chore chart for toddlers as more of a guidebook for improving their developmental and motor skills… and less about responsibility.

Examples of chores for toddlers  include:

  • Putting toys away
  • Handing items to mom and dad when asked
  • Potty training

Turn these mini milestones into a fun, engaging chore chart… and you will both go the distance!

Want a copy of  Toddler Chores Chart Templates ? Click any of the buttons below to download the PDF!

chore chart free printable blank

Kinder Chores

By this age, most children are in school for at least a few hours each week.

Whether it is pre-k or kindergarten, kids are learning more than just the alphabet and counting… they are being socialized.

They are refining their motor skills.

Things like learning how to share, tie their shoes, zipper their coats, eat with utencils… these are all valuable skills that will benefit them later in life.

The chore chart should mirror that.

Examples of chores for kinders include:

  • Selecting their outfits for school
  • Helping set the dinner table
  • Putting on their pajamas
  • As always, use your common sense.

It’s probably not a good idea for kids this age to be putting glasses on the table; but, they can certainly get all of their plastic or paper dishes and cups out.

Holding them mildly accountable for helping will give them a great sense of pride.

Want a copy of  Kinder Chore Chart Templates ? Click any of the buttons below to download the PDF!

chore chart free printable blank

Early Elementary Chores

Kids grow up fast.

Seriously, one minute you are swaddling them in your arms… the next they are glued to their tablets and tv sets.

Mickey Mouse is no longer cool… he’s been replaced by the likes of Sponge Bob, Bart Simpson and some girl named “Jessie”. 

So after we take a moment to wax nostalgia (sigh), we need to focus our attention on what that means for their responsibilities at home.

If kids this age can figure out how to download video games and program the DVR, they can certainly handle a little more on the ol’ chore chart.

Their chores should now incorporate a handful of items that they can actually take off your list.

Chores such as:

  • Making their bed
  • Putting clean laundry away
  • Feeding the dog

Want a copy of  Early Elementary Chore Chart Templates ? Click any of the buttons below to download the PDF!

chore chart free printable blank

Double Digit Chores

Ah… what a glorious age!

Your child is now expressing themselves… loud and clear!

Not always in a good way either.

If may feel as if “Sassy” has become your daughter’s middle name… and you son practically lives in his room with headphones on all day.

You are well versed in what a selfie is… and may have now been asked by your child to stand 30 feet behind them at the bus stop.

Yes, time flies.

We need to adapt.

And so must the chore chart.

At this age, some Double Digit duties should include:

  • Packing their school lunches
  • Taking out the recycling
  • Loading/Unloading the dishwasher

It may seem very “hard knock life” to you… but, trust me, they can handle these things.  And you deserve the help!

Want a copy of Double Digit Chore Chart  Templates ? Click any of the buttons below to download the PDF!

chore chart free printable blank

High School Chores

By now, your kids are truly young adults.

They are able to drive a car…

Can walk home from school on their own…

Use the oven…

Have a curfew.

Every bit of effort you have put into raising your child is coming full circle now. 

You are privy to a glimpse into the man or woman they will eventually become. And, hopefully, you are proud. 

That being said, their chores should reflect their unique personality and abilities… now more than ever.

Unload some of your daily chore burdens on them… without weighing them down too much, or dismissing their extracurriculars and other obligations.

Keep your eye on the prize… molding responsible, well rounded human beings.

Do that, and the chore chart will compliment everyone.

Some popular high school chore ideas include:

  • Doing the laundry
  • Babysitting/driving siblings

You’ve put in the hours… and earned yourself a little extra help around this house.

You also shouldn’t have to pay for it, in the way of a “mother’s helper” or cleaning service, when you have perfectly capable teens running amuck.

Want a copy of  High School Chore Chart Templates ? Click any of the buttons below to download the PDF!

chore chart free printable blank

Sweet Reward

So, much like you wouldn’t hire someone to clean your house and not pay them… your kids need to feel as if completing their chores will offer them something in return.

The reward, so to speak, should vary by age… much like the chore chart, itself.

A toddler, for instance, may enjoy an ice cream cone… or a new doll… for a job well done.

Whereas a child age 4 or 5 may much rather stay up 20 minutes late… or earn themselves an extra hour of television time.

The elementary student likely wants something a little more…

Maybe it’s to see the new Lego movie with a friend in theaters.

Or go out to lunch on a Saturday with just you, at the restaurant of their choosing.

The value a child this age places on alone time with a parent, especially if they have siblings, is more than you think.

As for your 10-15 year old, spending time with you may not be top on their wish list these days.

Don’t worry. This too shall pass.

Try to be brave and give them what they do want… a new outfit, video game, a trip to the water park with two friends.

The reward here may take a little more earn, which is ok.

A good idea, in fact.

Make them accountable.

They need to put in the hard work for the reward… otherwise they may always expect things to be handed to them.

And that would not end well for either of you.

But don’t fret.

By the time your son or daughter is 16, they’ve likely come back around.

In some instances, they may even view you as a friend and confident now.

They value the sacrifices you’ve made for them… your advice…. your opinion.

Helping is the least they can do.

Still, it should be acknowledged.

Popular rewards for teenagers may include:

  • new hockey gear
  • borrowing the family car for a night
  • concert tickets

The chore chart at this age is more about keeping them organized than accountable.

Make it simple, but perhaps let them write in their own incentives.

They will be inclined to work harder if it’s for something they truly want.

The Printable Chore Chart

These are intentionally left blank so that you both have the opportunity each week to check in and re-prioritize if need be.

For instance, if you see that your child is having a tough time with completing one or more of the items, maybe you need to change them up a bit.

Or even eliminate one or two.

There will be a learning curve… but one you can successfully drive together.

Final Thoughts on the Chore Chart

The chore chart can be as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be.

The key is to select the one that works best for your child. The one that you will have the most success with.

Chores should not be torture for kids.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

As with volunteering… the goal here is for your child to feel good about themselves when the chart is completed.

If you make the chart/reward system an obtainable one… it will work.

And remember: the chore chart can always be tweaked.

For instance, try this:

  • Make one day “chore free”
  • Don’t have too many time consuming chores in one day
  • Make one or two items “fun chores” (ie, bake cookies with mom)

Rome wasn’t built in a day… but if you put a little bit of effort in, you will create a well-oiled chore machine that works for everyone in the family.  

It’s as simple as that.

Finally, if you want to level up your parenting skills, then check out this resource that will show you how to get your kids to listen WITHOUT yelling, nagging, or losing control .

chore chart free printable blank

Nicole Krause has been writing both personally and professionally for over 20 years. She holds a dual B.A. in English and Film Studies. Her work has appeared in some of the country’s top publications, major news outlets, online publications, and blogs. As a happily married (and extremely busy) mother of four… her articles primarily focus on parenting, marriage, family, finance, organization, and product reviews.

Use these 10 free family chore chart templates to help organize your teens chores and other responsibilities.

Printable Chore Charts

Chore Charts

199 free printable chore charts , behavior charts and reward charts you can download and print for free. Or, download customizable blank chore charts for just $5. Great for motivating kids and tracking goals at home or in school.

Here are the 15 most popular chore charts:

Individual Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Individual Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Bank Ledger

Bank Ledger

Stayed Dry All Night

Stayed Dry All Night

Family Monthly Chore Chart

Family Monthly Chore Chart

Family Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Family Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Individual Monthly Chore Chart

Individual Monthly Chore Chart

Allowance Chart

Allowance Chart

Hygiene Chart

Hygiene Chart

Monthly Chore Chart

Monthly Chore Chart

Star Rewards Chart

Star Rewards Chart

Chore Punch Card

Chore Punch Card

Colorful Chore Bucks

Colorful Chore Bucks

Colorful Monthly Behavior Chart

Colorful Monthly Behavior Chart

Monthly Chore Chart with Pastel Colors

Monthly Chore Chart with Pastel Colors

Personal Daily And Weekly Chore Chart

Personal Daily And Weekly Chore Chart

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These chore charts are easy to download and print. Each page is available in two versions: a free version and a $5.00 editable version.

The free versions are available in PDF format: just download one, open it in a program that can display the .PDF file format, and print.

The $5.00 versions are Microsoft Word .DOC files that you can edit to your specifications, adding your child's specific chores, for example.

See the differences between the free and paid versions .

Also available: more free printables for kids

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You can download and use each printable chore chart template on this site for free. You can also find tips on:

  • How to use a chore chart for kids;
  • The chores kids can be expected to do;
  • How to encourage them to do their chores without having to beg!

Chore Chart Maker

With our free chore chart maker you can:

  • Change the background and the theme.
  • Add clipart with various topics such as princesses, superheroes, space, and many more.
  • Add your chore list and edit the text.
  • Insert your child’s photo.

Open Chore Chart Maker

chore chart maker

Free Printable Chore Chart Templates for Kids

Chore chart for kids

Typeable PDF

Chore Chart

Sunday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Monday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Chore chart template

Personalized Punch Chart

Add your child’s name, photo, and chore list then print this personalized punch chart. These charts are suitable for kids, from toddlers to teens.

Click here to personalize

Chore Chart Template

chore chart template

Printable Chore Charts

A selection of free printable chore charts for kids with all of your favorite characters (such as the Minions, Spiderman, Lego, Star Wars, and many others). These are great for toddlers and older kids.

Spiderman chore chart

Charts for Boys

A selection of free printable chore charts for boys with Spiderman, Ninjago, Superman, Batman, ninjas, and more! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Barbie Chores Chart

Charts for Girls

A selection of free printable chore charts for girls with Anna, Elsa, Barbie, Bratz, princesses, fairies, and other girly characters! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Age Appropriate Chores

Suggested age-appropriate chores  list for kids with a printable chart. The list includes chores for toddlers, kids, and teenagers.

DIY Magnetic Charts

Print your chore chart on a magnetic sheet, and use it repeatedly. You will need to purchase magnetic paper, but it might work out cheaper in the long run since it will last forever. These charts can accommodate many children on one page and can thus be used in the classroom or as a family chore chart.

Family chore chart

Family Chore Charts

If you are trying to get your entire family to help around the house, then family chore charts might be the perfect solution. There are various templates for different sized families.

Chore Chart Templates

Chore chart maker

Free chore charts with cute animals , you can make free printable personalized chore charts with your photos, titles, and your very own custom chore list. There are many designs available, and therefore, they are suitable for toddlers to teens.

Add your photo and chore list to this personalized chart.

Make your own free chore chart online

Chore Wheel

chore wheel

It’s a fun and fair way to delegate chores!

Coloring Charts

Color these black and white chore charts before you use them. When kids decorate their chart, it gets them involved and makes the process fun!

Another way to reduce printing costs is to have your chore chart laminated or slide it into a page protector. The chart can then be reused each week without having to print a new copy each week. Use an erasable marker to mark the chores once complete. Some smudge and others don’t. Some are easier to erase than others. Find one that works for you.

If having a new chore chart each week with a different design or character is going to help your kids do their chores, then I would print a new copy each week! See what works for you and your family.

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to do Chores

10 Ways to get your kids to do chores without you having to nag. Yes, it is possible!

chores help kids

9 Ways that Chores Benefit Kids

Some parents worry if kids should be asked to do tasks at home. Did you know that there are at least nine reasons why kids will actually benefit from doing their chores !

How to use a Chore Chart

The more you involve your child, the more successful the entire process will be. Consider holding a family meeting to introduce the chore system and set the rules. List the chores that need to be done together and divide them up fairly, taking into account each family member’s responsibilities, capabilities, available time, etc.

Allow your kids to make suggestions on how to successfully implement the chore system. Once you have decided on the implementation, choose a responsibility chart together (a family chore chart or an individual chore chart for each family member, etc.).

This section of the site includes additional info such as: Why use chore charts? How to use them, age-appropriate chores, and tips on creating a chore list for each child.

If you want your kids to cooperate and help you implement the chore chart system, get them involved in the process.

Let them choose their chore chart, give them some optional chores to choose from, let them decide when the deadline for tasks will be, how many jobs they think they can handle, etc. The more involved they are, the more they will cooperate. If your child chooses the task that he has to do, then the chances are higher that he will do it!

Adapt your chores to your child.

You might find that your child cannot do all of the age-appropriate chores that other kids his age can do. You might need to teach your child how to pack a dishwasher or how to vacuum. Some kids are not capable of doing specific tasks even though they should be able to perform them. You can try and show him how to do it if you think that it will help, but if not, it might only cause frustration. There are enough chores that he can handle. Move on and find something that he can do.

Let your kids choose the prize, privilege, or reward that they will receive if they do their chores.

They can either choose a privilege or small prize or something that you do together as a family, such as going out for ice cream. You might need to intervene and ensure that the reward is reasonable. Once you have agreed on the prize, don’t forget to follow through! You certainly wouldn’t like it if you worked all week and then your boss couldn’t be bothered to give you your salary!

Make sure that your child knows how to do the chores that you are expecting him to do.

Sometimes we assume that they know how to do something, and they don’t. Making a bed, putting dishes in the dishwasher or folding laundry might seem trivial to us, but it isn’t self-explanatory. Show them how to do each chore and watch them doing it to make sure that they understand what you expect from them. In the beginning, you can do the tasks together to ensure that your child knows exactly what you expect of him.

Use incentives.

If your child is not interested in doing chores but wants to do something else, you can explain that they can do whatever they want once they have completed their duties. For example, I understand that you want to go over to your friend, but you have to tidy your room first. This is often the most effective way to get kids to do something. Some children need instant gratification, and they need to know what is in it for them right away.

Start with a few chores and gradually increase them as your child learns to cope with them and gets older.

If you have never asked your child to do chores before and you suddenly present him with a chore list , it might be a little overwhelming. Start with one or two and gradually increase them as your child becomes more proficient. Make sure that your child is physically capable of doing the chores that you have asked him to do. Some tasks seem simple to us, but they are quite tricky for kids.

Try and get your family to work together as a team when getting things done.

It teaches kids how to work together, how to deal with possible conflicts, and about being part of a group with a common goal. Often it is easier to have each person do their own chores, but learning to work together can be a great lesson to teach your kids!

Even young kids want to help out, particularly when their older siblings have chores to do.

It helps them feel grown up and develops their sense of responsibility and self-esteem. You can give them basic chores that they can do, such as picking up toys or feeding your pet. They will feel that they are also contributing and helping out! Sometimes you give your child a chore to do, and it takes longer than if you would have done it yourself. Be patient. They will become more proficient, and it will eventually actually help you.

Be a role model.

If your child sees that you or your spouse don’t complete household chores, then they will do the same. Once you decide what tasks need to completed by a specific time, then this should apply to everyone. If your child sees you leaving your things around the house, then you can’t expect her to put her belongings away.

Hang the chore chart somewhere central, where it will be seen by all family members every day.

It could be on the fridge, on the front door, or even in your kid’s bedroom. If you don’t see the chart, you might forget to implement the chore chart system. Consistency is the key! You can either use an individual chart for each child or have a family chore chart for the entire family.

Print a few of our free editable printable chore charts so that they are ready to use when needed.

Do you use chore charts? Do they help? Please comment below.

chore chart free printable blank

Free Printable Chore Charts to Help Kids Get Organized

This free printable chore chart is the perfect way to help kids get organized and reach their goals over summer break or during the school year!

Kids' Chore Charts in Two Color Schemes

I hate to nag. It’s frustrating to me because I feel like I’m making the same requests over and over without getting results. It’s annoying to my kids because they always feel like I’m on their back about something. And it just doesn’t create the best environment in our house!

But at the same time, it’s important for me to teach my two boys to take responsibility and complete certain tasks each day. So how do I make sure that happens without the dreaded nagging?

Enter: chore charts!

Why Chore Charts Are So Helpful

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here .

You know I’m all about a good list, and chore charts are the ultimate list making tool for several reasons.

First, chore charts eliminate the need for nagging! Woohoo! Rather than me having to remind my kids of all of the tasks they are responsible for, the chart does the “telling” for me. It acts as a neutral third party and causes less friction than me getting on their case over and over.

I also love that the chore chart provides consistency. Checking the chart when they get home from school has become a habit, so they know exactly what they have to do each day.

Free Printable Chore Chart in a Blue and Green Color Scheme

Expectations aren’t constantly changing. They’re not wondering whether they have to do their chores or not. It’s all laid out clearly for them on the chart.

When we have set expectations in place, there’s a lot less fighting, chores are completed more consistently, and its a more positive all around experience for everyone!

How to Use Free Chore Chart Printables

To create my boys’ lists of responsibilities, I simply print out the chore chart printable provided below. I work with each boy to come up with some things that they want to work on, along with chores for them to complete around the house.

Free Printable Chore Charts for Boys and Girls

It will look a little different for each kid, but we try to have them contribute their ideas for the chart so they feel more personally invested in it and are more likely to be excited about it!

There is room to mark off chores each day, but if certain chores only need to be done once per week or a few times per week, we typically just X out the days they don’t need to be done.

What Chores and Activities to Include on a Chore Chart

So what exactly do we put on a chore chart? Well, the most obvious answer is chores! Here are some ideas of household tasks that kids can help with:

Possible Chores for a Chore Chart

  • Load/unload the dishwasher
  • Take out trash/recycling
  • Set/clear the table
  • Pick up their bedroom and/or playroom
  • Help with laundry (collecting dirty clothes, switching the loads, folding, and/or putting away folded items)
  • Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop the floors
  • Clean out cars
  • Wipe down baseboards, doors, light switches, and/or cabinets
  • Clean windows
  • Help clean the bathrooms (wipe down sinks, scrub showers, clean toilets, etc.)
  • Lawn work (weeding, raking leaves, trimming, mowing for older children)

[Not sure which chores to choose? This post from The Happy Housewife has a great list of chore suggestions broken down by age.]

Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

Possible Habits to Include on a Chore Chart

Along with chores, I will also include daily habits I want my kids to build on their chore charts. Here are some ideas of habits to include:

  • Brush teeth
  • Shower/bath
  • Hang up towel after shower
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Some sort of movement/exercise
  • Math games or workbook
  • Practice an instrument
  • Outdoor time
  • Hang up coat and put away shoes when entering the house
  • Complete homework

Some of these items are small, trivial type things, but I have still included them on the boys’ chore chart for a few reasons.

First, there have been certain seasons where I have really worked to break bad habits like leaving wet towels on the floor or leaving shoes in the middle of the mudroom instead of putting them away. Putting these simple items on their charts acts as an extra reminder to replace the old bad habit with a new good habit (again, without me having to nag).

These small habits are also quick wins. Who doesn’t love checking off something from their list?! When some of the larger items may feel daunting, these little easy things are items they can get out of the way fast, all while building those all-important habits.

Chore Chart with a Blue and Green Color Scheme

Obviously, I don’t include every item on these lists on my kids’ chore charts at the same time. But it is nice to be able to rotate things in and out so chores don’t get monotonous and so we can work on building different habits.

Reuse the Same Chore Chart Over and Over

Once we have decided what chores and activities to include on the chart, I like to run it through my laminator  so the boys can check off the goals they accomplish with a dry erase marker. This way, we can use one sheet over and over again without having to print a new chart each week.

Free Printable Chore Chart in a Pink and Purple Color Scheme

Along with helping to keep the kids on track, the chore chart is also helpful to me because anytime they come to me saying, “I’m boooorrrrreeeddd!” I can point them to the chart, and immediately they have several ideas of tasks they can work on!

chore chart free printable blank

They’re not just useful for kids! If I am trying to build new habits or have been having trouble staying on track with my daily habits, I’ll use these charts to help keep myself focused and motivated as well!

Download the Free Printable Chore Chart (in Two Cute Color Schemes!)

If chore charts would be helpful in your house, you can snag the free printables below. I’ve included two different color schemes so your kiddos can choose the one they like best!

Free Printable Chore Chart

I hope these chore charts will be as helpful for you as they have been for us! If we can eliminate nagging while building new healthy habits at the same time, I will always call that a win!

Chore Chart Printables: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Chore charts are not just for kids. Adults can use chore charts to hold them accountable for those tasks they want to complete daily, weekly, or a few times per week.

Chore charts are a great way to see our most important recurring tasks in one place. AND we get the satisfaction of checking each item off the list as we complete it!

The “most” important chores will vary by household and life stage, but if I had to choose 5 chores to stay on top of consistently to help a home run more smoothly, they would be:

  • Cleaning the Floors
  • Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Straightening Up/Dusting

This will vary by child, but I would say that many children can start helping with small tasks as young as age 2.

One of the first jobs I gave my older son Connor was to take the toilet paper out of the package and put it in the bathroom cabinet. It certainly wasn’t done perfectly, but he took ownership of the job and did it proudly. (He would even get offended if I did it myself or had someone else do it! That was HIS job!)

Getting little ones started with helping around the house from an early age can help form that habit that will grow as they get older!

How do you use chore charts at your house? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

More Kids Organization Ideas


Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

Abby Lawson, Just a Girl and Her Blog


Keep it up with the chores. My kids were THERE (cute as a button, awful chore-doers), too, and with age, they are now great chore-doers. Their spouses will love me. 🙂

Ugh, getting kids to clean up. With my three it sounds like I am slowly torturing them by all of their screaming and tears. No amount of warning, discussion or positive attitude makes it easy. My hope is as they get older there will just be less messes to clean. My kids are 6,5, and 3, I think this rewards chart might do the trick. A visual for all three to understand and have goals for. I like it!

I have been using your “planning my day” for my homeschooled boys. It has help us out tremendously. They have scheduled lessons with their teachers, regular lessons, and extra activities. Little notes of reminders are now too small! Thanks for a full page!

This is great! These forms are simple yet covers the bases. Right now I use a popsicle method which works great but when I’m ready to move onto just having pencil and paper, this will be a great form!

Do yo have a version in spanish?

Sadly, we haven’t gotten into translations yet! So sorry about that!

I’ve had a difficult time organizing anything, let alone my life due to my ADHD and dyslexia. But I am working very hard at it. A lot of the tools you have on your site are very useful and I appreciate all your hard work putting everything all together. I don’t know how you do it with 2 boys! Thanks again

THIS is what I needed today! Been feeling super sorry for myself after cleaning up after everyone yet again! And I was thinking that my girls are old enough to start helping out more! So you must have known that mums like me needed this today! Printing it out as I type this comment – lifesaver! Thanks!!

So glad it will be helpful for you, Alice! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Thank you for this idea! My daughter hates doing chores but likes lists so I am hoping this will motivate her ?

Aw, I hope it’s helpful for her! Thanks, Milena!

Hi Abby, while I don’t have kids yet I did utilise these printables for myself and my partner for cleaning the house. I love that they are called Goals and not Chores. I see us as a team and these things (cleaning things) need to be done. It’s great when you can share them. We all mess up the house we all need to clean. Thanks for sharing.

Aw, great! So glad they have been helpful for you all, Janine! Hope you’re having an awesome week! <3

These look very helpful! Thank you!

So glad they will be helpful for you, Helen! Hope you’re having a great week! <3

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  • 45+ Free Chore Chart Templates »

fillable chore chart template

45+ Free Chore Chart Templates

In our collection, you can download many printable chore chart templates for family and kids that save your time and provides a chores schedule for the kids they’ll do during the week. If you want to keep everything clean and organized, then an editable chore chart template helps you to get started. Make a list of chores for each member of the family and assign them to complete them on time.

You can download free chore chart templates available in different designs that are perfect for your needs. It would be better to create a weekly chore list in advance by downloading the weekly chore chart template. It is a wonderful way to remember the daily or weekly chores which each member of the family will do. In this article, you can find everything that you want to know about chore charts and a list of tips to create and make them successful.

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  • Art & Media
  • Budget Templates
  • Business Templates
  • Calendar Templates
  • Certificates
  • Education Templates
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  • Project Plan Templates
  • Timesheet Templates

Download Free Chore Chart Templates

printable chore chart template

What is a Chore Chart?

The chore chart is used to make a list of all household chores and then assign these chores to each member of the family. Divide and conquer approach in household chores save your time when every person in the house is too busy.

A Chores chart should contain the name of the person who will do chores the day when he/she completes it and details of tasks that he/she does and other necessary instructions if you want to train your child for future life and teach them how to behave in the outside world when they go to school or college. When children get paid for chores, they believe money is everything; then, they do their chores just for money. It would be best if you asked your children to help your mother to make her work easier, this creates a sense of helping in children. For that purpose, you need to download a chore chart template for kids and ask them to place a checkmark against the chore when they complete it.

It is the best way to motivate your children and teach them how to complete their responsibilities on time. If a child has a habit of saving money for the purpose of purchasing something, then you should give some money at the end of the week or after two days in return for the chores that he/she completes. It would be better to make a list of all the household chores and break this list and make it for the person in the house. When you complete your chore chart, hang it on the wall to remember the next chore. In our list of templates, you can get customizable, easy daily, weekly, and monthly chore chart templates for families and kids.

monthly chore chart template

How to make a chore chart in Word?

When you see the sample of chore charts, it may help you to write an effective one by downloading the chore chart template, which is available in different formats like Word, Excel, PDF, and google docs. These editable templates save your time and help to state all the things clearly and help create a useful chore chart. Below we share some steps that help you create a chore chart for family and kids in Word.

Step 1 : Open Microsoft Word. 

Step 2 : Click on the “Blank Document.” A Word document will appear on your screen. 

Step 3 : Create the header of your document. Type “Chore chart,” then apply an appropriate font and font size. 

Step 4 : Go to the “Insert” tab from the menu bar then click on “Table” to insert the table in your document. Select the number of rows and columns that you want to include in your chart. 

Step 5 : Make the first column header “Name” and then type the days in each column for which you want to create the chart. You can add another column as an “instruction” column header that can be used by the chart writer to put any specific instruction about the chore. 

Step 6 : Write the name of the person who will do the chore and write the details of the chores in the day column. If you write the chore in the “Monday” column, then the name of the person in this row placed in the “Name” column will do that work. 

If you want to make a monthly chore chart, then create 30 columns after the “name” column and write the chore in that date cell when you want to do this from a member of your house. Everyone has their own preference in document formats; some people want their documents in excel and some in Word. If you are an Excel lover, then don’t worry. You can get free excel chore chart templates from our fantastic collection.

allowance chore chart template

Benefits of Household Chore Chart

Household chores are critical and tedious to do, but when you divide the chores and assign them to each member of the family with the help of a chore chart, people enjoy doing it. We all know about the chore chart benefits; some significant benefits are as follows: 

  • The workload is divided: We all know about the tedious household chores when a single member of a house does it. With the household chore chart, you can divide these chores and assign them to your family member. It helps you to complete your tasks easily and make your house tidy. 
  • Improve time management skills: If the members of your home are too busy, chore charts help them take time for household chores from their hectic routine. It would be better if you create a weekly chart in advance and hang it on a wall where it appears prominently to remind each member of the family about their chores. 
  • Helpful to organize everything: When all of your work is done on time with the help of your family then all the things are organized 
  • Helpful to build a strong relationship: When household chores take time, you can spend more time with your family. It creates a strong relationship between you and your family. 
  • Children learn responsibilities: It is the best idea to teach your children responsibilities. Assign them small daily tasks to do and check whether they complete them or not. 
  • Create a sense of helping: When you ask your children to help complete the household chores, it creates a sense of helping in children that may help them in adults. 

girls chore chart template

Age Appropriate Chores for kids 

If you are a parent and want to learn responsibility and teach them life skills, then assigning them household chores is the best idea. You should figure out the chores that he/she loves to do and assign your child the tasks which he/she can easily do. Below we share a list of chores that are organized according to age. 

  • Chores for 4 to 5 years kids: At this age, you should give children simple tasks. You can make a picture chore chart for preschool kids to remind them of chores. The chores they can do easily are:
  • Pick up the toys and put them in their place
  • Dust furniture
  • Put the dirty cloth in the basket
  • Chores for 6 to 7 years old kids: When children turn 6 or 7 then everything is easier to do. You should create a chore chart and decorate it with colors and pictures to make this process fun. You can ask them to do some difficult household chores. The tasks that they can easily do are as follows:
  • Sort the laundry
  • Keep the room clean
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Clean tables
  • Chores for 8 to 9 years old kids: The responsibilities of an 8 years old child should increase. Parents should teach him how to manage the time efficiently in which he/she plays, do school work, and does household chores. A chore chart for 8 to 9 years old kids keeps them motivated to do all the chores on time. It is the best time to teach them some difficult work. At the age of 8 or 9, your children should be able to take care of themselves. Some household chores are as follows:
  • Help to make food
  • Clean the dishes after meals
  • Clean the shower and sink
  • Make own snacks
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Bathing pets
  • Chores for 10 years old kids: At this age, it’s time to add more chores to your child’s to-do list. Find the chores that your child loves to do. You can find the chore chart templates for ten years, old kids, from our collection that make your work easier. Keep in mind the play and school work time of your child and assign only easy tasks. 
  • Clean bathroom 
  • Keep the room tidy
  • Sweeping and vacuum
  • Cook some meals
  • Fold the laundry 
  • Mowing the lawn

5 Pros and Cons to Pay Children for Doing Chores

Parents who want to let their kids be kids and allow them to enjoy their life playing then these kinds of children face difficulty in doing school work and have no skills to do something successfully. If you build a habit in children of doing chores the 3 to 4 years of age, then they learn responsibility and skills to do all the things in their life easily. Some parents pay their children for doing chores. Below we share some pros and cons of giving your kids an allowance for doing chores. 

Pros to paying children for doing chores are as follows:

  • When you give allowance to your children for doing chores, children learn the value of money.
  • It is the best way to teach your children how to set a goal and achieve it. When you give an allowance, children save it to buy toys and other stuff, then they wait and complete all the chores until they achieve the goal. 
  • Children learn to make financial decisions. 
  • When kids earn an allowance for doing chores, they are more responsible than others who don’t. 
  • If you allow your child to do the chores efficiently, this will motivate him to do better.

Cons to pay children for doing chores are as follows:

  • When parents pay for the chores, children learn they should be paid for everything. It is not good for a child’s future life.
  • When you are running low on money and in this situation, giving your child an allowance for doing chores is challenging.
  • Once children learn to earn money from household chores, then he/she feels independent, which is not a right.
  • When children have money, they make poor financial decisions to spend it. 
  • They learn there is always a return reward for doing anything. 

If you are a parent, then you should adopt a hybrid approach that may build good habits in your child. If you want to give allowance to your child, then you should provide it when the child got high marks in exams. It is pleasant if you create an allowance chore chart with the help of templates to motivate your child to do better.

Tips to completer your chores on time

Below we share some tips that help you to manage your time and complete your chores on time. 

  • Create a chore chart in advance that helps you to take time to do chores from your busy routine.
  • Keep all of your things organized. When you do your cleaning chores, there is less work to do.
  • Planning is the key to success in any job. Create a timetable a week in advance; it helps you to do all of your work on time.
  • Use daily life hacks to do your chores; it may help you to complete your household chore quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a ten years old child get an allowance for doing chores.

You should pay $1 for each chore weekly. The 10 years old child earns $10 weekly for doing chores.

Should allowance be tied with chores?

Parents should tie the allowance with chores if you want to train your child for the real world.

What are the benefits of chores?

Build a strong relationship between family members The household workload is divided Helpful to improve your time management skill Chores are done easily Organize everything in the house

What are the daily household chores to do?

The daily household chores are: Sweeping the floor Cleaning the room Clean dishes after meals Dust furniture Making food

What should include in the chore chart?

It should include the name of the person who does the chores and details of the work done by the person whose name is mentioned in front of the chores details.

What chores are suitable for a five years old child?

Good chores for a 5 years old child are: Picking up the toys Make a bed Dust furniture Clean dishes Putting dirty cloth in basket

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These free printable chore chart templates will make scheduling chores effortless. You can choose from a collection of free customizable chore chart templates if you want to design your own editable chore chart. These charts are ideal for kids and teenagers. Keep up with your household duties and ensure everyone follows any tasks or assignments. Various editable and printable chore chart templates are available.

  • Chore Chart
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Printable Chore Chart Templates

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Family Chore Chart Printable

Use our family chore chart printable template to plan out chores for a week. It's designed with spaces for family members' names and weekday columns where you can enter the chores against each name. With this printable chore chart, each family member will know their list to complete, and when everyone’s list is shown on one page, you can see the bigger picture. You can download the chart in Word, PDF, and JPG format. If you have a large family, simply print several copies and hang them side-by-side. Customize Download

Chore Chart For Kindergartners

Download the kindergarten chore chart in Word, PDF or JPG and start teaching the kids to help out. This colorful chart perfectly organizes daily and weekly chores and includes a separate reward space. It's a great tool for instilling responsibility and helpfulness in young children. Customize Download

Responsibility Chore Chart For Kindergartners

Download our responsibility chore chart for kindergartners in Word, PDF, or image format. This editable chore chart template includes a daily responsibility section followed by weekdays. It also has dedicated weekly chores, notes, and rewards section. Hang it on your child's bedroom or school wall, allowing them to track their daily tasks and see what they have left to do. Customize Download

Weekly Chore Chart

Take advantage of our elegant editable weekly chore chart and immediately begin your routine. This chore chart printable template will serve as a helpful reminder to complete your tasks. It provides clear sections for marking off the chores you have finished each day. You can easily download the free chore weekly chart in Word, PDF, and JPG format. Customize Download

Weekly Printable Chore Chart Template

Efficiently track your weekly chores using our two-column box layout printable chore chart template. This chart provides dedicated space for all days of the week and an additional box for special reminders. It features a classic design that can be easily customized to your preference. You can conveniently download the chart in Word, JPG, and PDF formats. Customize Download

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Free Chore Chart Template Service

Select from many ready-made, excellent ideas to create a chore chart for your house, class, or workplace. These templates can be completely customized to meet your needs and come in a variety of designs, patterns, and themes to meet everyone's requirements. With the help of enjoyable, eye-catching weekly chore chart templates, educators can impart responsibility to their students.

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    Here are the free printables: Daily Chore Chart. Download Here: Daily Tracker. The first version is a daily chore chart and it's super simple! This allows you to write down all the tasks that need to get completed that day and spaces for your kids to check off every time they complete it, which is the most rewarding part!

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    Creative. 12 Free Printable PDF Chore Charts. By Jerry Wilson Updated: August 31, 2022 3 Mins Read. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising.

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    Free Printable Chore Charts. 1. Colorful Chore Chart. This basic chore chart is perfect for younger children because of it's tie-dye rainbow theme and simple layout. You can either write the chores on the blue lines, or print out and paste on simple illustrations of the things you want them to do each day.

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    We created over 20 free printable core charts for kids that you can download and print in just a few clicks. From easy toddler chore chart ideas to blank chore charts you can use with older children and teenagers there is a free chore chart template for everyone!

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    Top Chore Chart Free Printables to Download Instantly. In this printable chore chart set, there are plenty of blank designs for everyone in the family to chose from! Everyone is included, which is why these printables make cleaning a fun family affair.

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    Sweet Reward. The Printable Chore Chart. Final Thoughts on the Chore Chart. The (Dreaded) Chore List. First rule of thumb… chores should be age appropriate. That is key. After all, you wouldn't ask a 4-year-old to wash the family car… anymore than you would ask a 16-year-old to make his own bath.

  16. Chore Charts

    199 free printable chore charts, behavior charts and reward charts you can download and print for free. Or, download customizable blank chore charts for just $5. Great for motivating kids and tracking goals at home or in school. Here are the 15 most popular chore charts: Individual Monthly Chore Chart By Week. Bank Ledger. Stayed Dry All Night.

  17. Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

    Contents hide. 1 Chore Chart Maker. 2 Free Printable Chore Chart Templates for Kids. 2.1 Personalized Punch Chart. 2.2 Chore Chart Template. 2.3 Printable Chore Charts. 2.4 Charts for Boys. 2.5 Charts for Girls. 2.6 Age Appropriate Chores. 2.7 DIY Magnetic Charts. 2.8 Family Chore Charts. 2.9 Chore Chart Templates. 2.10 Chore Wheel.

  18. 23 FREE Chore Chart Templates for Kids ᐅ TemplateLab

    23 FREE Chore Chart Templates for Kids. If your children struggle to complete their chores, then using a chore chart is an excellent way to encourage them. Chores teach kids a range of skills and give them a sense of responsibility. It is not always easy, however, to get kids to do their chores.

  19. Free Printable Chore Charts to Help Kids Get Organized

    Download the Free Printable Chore Chart (in Two Cute Color Schemes!) Chore Chart Printables: Frequently Asked Questions. More Kids Organization Ideas. Why Chore Charts Are So Helpful. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

  20. 45+ Free Printable Chore Chart Templates for Kids & Adults

    45+ Free Chore Chart Templates. Contents show. In our collection, you can download many printable chore chart templates for family and kids that save your time and provides a chores schedule for the kids they'll do during the week. If you want to keep everything clean and organized, then an editable chore chart template helps you to get started.

  21. Blank Chore Charts

    Blank Chore Charts - Free Printable Kids Chore Charts. Get those household chores done while helping kids succeed at new family responsibilities. Our blank chore charts to help you get started....

  22. Chore Chart Template

    This chore chart printable template will serve as a helpful reminder to complete your tasks. It provides clear sections for marking off the chores you have finished each day. You can easily download the free chore weekly chart in Word, PDF, and JPG format. Customize Download.