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Computer Science Projects

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Computer science is a popular topic of study today, with numerous applications spanning a wide range. Final-year students frequently find it difficult to select the appropriate computer science project. On the final day of graduation, projects are the only thing that matters. Any IT-related industry where projects have a substantial impact can be chosen for a job or further education. Project work indicates knowledge depth as well as some soft skills like creativity and problem-solving. Your interview prospects will also improve as a result of your final year projects. As a result, in their last year of graduation, students are required to complete a project.

Best Domain to Choose for Conducting the Projects

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Web Technology

Recent Project Articles !

  • C++ Projects
  • Java Projects
  • Python Projects
  • Project Ideas
  • Department Store Management System(DSMS) using C++
  • Test Cases For Signup Page Using C Language
  • Shopping Cart Project Using C Language
  • OpenCV C++ Program for Face Detection
  • OpenCV C++ Program for coin detection
  • OpenCV C++ Program to blur an image
  • OpenCV C++ Program to create a single colored blank image
  • OpenCV C++ Program to blur a Video
  • OpenCV C++ Program to play a video
  • Creating a PortScanner in C
  • Student Data Management in C++
  • OpenGL program for Simple Ball Game
  • Implementation of Minesweeper Game
  • Finding cabs nearby using Great Circle Distance formula
  • Program to remotely Power On a PC over the internet using the Wake-on-LAN protocol.

Java Projects :

  • A Group chat application in Java
  • Generating Password and OTP in Java
  • Creative Programming In Processing | Set 1 (Random Walker)
  • Creative Programming In Processing | Set 2 (Lorenz Attractor)

Python Projects :

  • Make Notepad using Tkinter
  • Color game using Tkinter in Python
  • Python | Message Encode-Decode using Tkinter
  • XML parsing in Python
  • Desktop Notifier in Python
  • Hangman Game in Python
  • Junk File Organizer in Python
  • Browser Automation Using Selenium
  • Tracking bird migration using Python-3
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python
  • Image Classifier using CNN
  • Implementing Photomosaics
  • Working with Images in Python
  • OpenCV Python Program to blur an image
  • Opencv Python program for Face Detection
  • Cartooning an Image using OpenCV – Python
  • OpenCV Python Program to analyze an image using Histogram
  • OpenCV Python program for Vehicle detection in a Video frame
  • DNA to Protein in Python 3
  • Viruses – From Newbie to pro
  • Handling Ajax request in Django
  • Working with zip files in Python
  • Morse Code Translator In Python
  • Simple Chat Room using Python
  • Creating a Proxy Webserver in Python | Set 1
  • Creating a Proxy Webserver in Python | Set 2
  • Project Idea | Audio to Sign Language Translator
  • Understanding Code Reuse and Modularity in Python 3
  • Multi-Messenger : A python project, messaging via Terminal
  • Movie recommendation based on emotion in Python
  • Implementing Web Scraping in Python with BeautifulSoup
  • Computer Vision module application for finding a target in a live camera

Web Development Projects

  • Design an Event Webpage using HTML & CSS
  • Design a Parallax Webpage using HTML & CSS
  • Design a Webpage like Technical Documentation using HTML & CSS
  • Design Homepages like Facebook using HTML and CSS
  • Page for online food delivery system using HTML and CSS
  • Responsive sliding login and registration forms using HTML CSS and JavaScript?
  • Design a Student Grade Calculator using JavaScript
  • Slide Down a Navigation Bar on Scroll using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 
  • Design a BMI Calculator using JavaScript
  • Task Tracker Project

Project Ideas :

  • Project Idea | (Static Code Checker for C++)
  • Project Idea | (Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition using neural network)
  • Project Idea | God’s Eye
  • Project Idea | (Ca-solutions)
  • Project Idea | College Connect
  • Project Idea | Empower Illiterate
  • Project Idea | (Remote Lab Assistance)
  • Project Idea | (Project Approval System)
  • Project Idea | (Online Course Registration)
  • Project Idea | (Universal Database Viewer)
  • Project Idea | Sun Rise/Set Time Finder
  • Project Idea | Automatic Youtube Playlist Downloader
  • Project Idea | Aadhaar Thumb: A Platform to All Services
  • Project Idea | (Health services & Medical outcome monitoring)
  • Project Idea| (Magical Hangouts: An Android Messaging App)
  • Project Idea | JamFree
  • Project Idea | AI Therapist
  • Project Idea | Get Your Logo
  • Project Idea | ( Client Master)
  • Project Idea | (A Game of Anagrams )
  • Project Idea | Breakout game in Python
  • Project Idea | (Games using Hand Gestures)
  • Project Idea | Amanda: A Smart Enquiry Chatbot
  • Project Idea | (A.T.L.A.S: App Time Limit Alerting System)
  • Project Idea | Sign Language Translator for Speech-Impaired
  • Project Idea | Personality Analysis using hashtags from tweets
  • Project Idea | Recommendation System based on Graph Database
  • Creating a C/C++ Code Formatting tool with help of Clang tools
  • Project Idea (Augmented Reality – QR Code Scanner)
  • Project Idea (Augmented Reality – ARuco Code Detection and Estimation)
  • Project Idea | (CSE Webnode)
  • Project Idea | College Network
  • Project Idea | (Online UML Designing Tool)
  • Project Idea | Voice Based Email for Visually Challenged
  • Project Idea | Assist Bot
  • Project Idea | Social-Cop
  • Project Idea | MediTrack
  • Project Idea | (CAPTURED)
  • Project Idea | LinkBook
  • Project Idea | (Trip Planner)
  • Project Idea | EveMythra Bot
  • Project Idea | Green Rides
  • Project Idea | E-Ration Shop
  • Project Idea | Smart Elevator
  • Project Idea | Get Me Through
  • Project Idea | Innovate Email
  • Project Idea | NextVAC Platform
  • Project Idea | League of Fitness
  • Project Idea | (A Personal Assistant)
  • Project Idea | (Smart Restaurants)
  • Project | Scikit-learn – Whisky Clustering
  • Creating a Calculator for Android devices
  • Project Idea | Airport Security Using Beacon
  • Project Experience | (Brain Computer Interface)
  • Project Idea | ( True Random Number Generator)
  • Project Idea | Distributed Downloading System
  • Project Idea | (Personalized real-time update system)
  • Project Idea | Attendance System Using Smart Card
  • Project Idea | (Detection of Malicious Network activity)
  • Project Idea | Smart Waste Management System
  • Project Idea – Bio-Hashing : Two factor authentication
  • Project Idea | noteSort (Classify handwritten notes)
  • Project Idea | Health Application powered by IBM Watson
  • Project Idea | Collaborative Editor Framework in Real Time
  • Project Idea | Department Data Analysis Mobile Application
  • Project Idea | Analysis of Emergency 911 calls using Association Rule Mining
  • Crop monitoring and smart farming using IoT
  • MyHelper (Access your phone from anywhere without Internet)
  • Project Idea | (Robust Pedestrian detection)
  • Project Idea | ( Character Recognition from Image )
  • Project Idea | (Model based Image Compression of Medical Images)
  • Project Idea | Motion detection using Background Subtraction Techniques
  • Project Idea | (Optimization of Object-Based Image Analysis with Super-Pixel for Land Cover Mapping)
  • A Number Link Game
  • Designing Use Cases for a Project
  • Building a Basic Chrome Extension
  • How to write a good SRS for your Project
  • Creating WYSIWYG Document Editor | Natural Language Programming

Computer Science – FAQs

1. what is computer science .

Computer science (CS) is the study of computers and algorithmic processes including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their applications, and their impact on society.

2. Which is the best project in the final year?

The best final-year project is subjective and depends on your interests and skills. Choose a project that appeals to your interests, challenges you, and provides real learning possibilities.

3. How do I choose a major project for CSE?

To choose a major project for Computer Science Engineering (CSE), follow these steps: Identify your interests and strengths within CSE. Research current trends and emerging technologies in the field. Discuss project ideas with professors, peers, and industry professionals. Consider the project’s feasibility, scope, and potential impact. Select a project that excites you and aligns with your academic goals.

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  • Web Development

Top 30+ Computer Science Project Topics of 2023 [Source Code]

Home Blog Web Development Top 30+ Computer Science Project Topics of 2023 [Source Code]

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Choosing the best computer science project topic is critical to the success of any computer science student or employee. After all, the more engaging and interesting topic, the more likely it is that students or employees will be able to stay motivated and focused throughout the duration of the project. However, with so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of best computer science project topics for students and employees. From machine learning algorithms to data mining techniques, these ideas are sure to challenge and engage you. And while thinking about computer science project topics, if you find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends, go for the best online course for Web Development . This is because the coursework is updated frequently, and there are always new things to learn.

Till then, pick a topic from this blog and get started on your next great computer science project. You will find employees, interns, freelance, as well as final year projects for computer science.

Top Computer Science Project Topics with Source Code

Computer Science Project Ideas

Source: crio.do

1. Hospital Management System

Type :  Application development, Database management, Programming

There is no shortage of computer science project topics out there. But if you are looking for something that's both technically challenging and socially relevant, consider a hospital management system. Such a system would include features like:

  • Developing an application to manage patient records.
  • Creating a database to store patient information.
  • Programming a system to track medical appointments.
  • designing an algorithm to improve the efficiency of hospital processes.
  • Investigating the security risks associated with hospital data.
  • Examining the impact of computerized systems on hospital staff morale.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing hospital management software.

Source Code: Hospital Management System

2. Weather Forecasting APP

Type: Application development, Web development, Programming

A weather forecasting app is a great idea for final year projects for CSE and can be used to provide users with real-time information about the weather, allowing them to make better decisions about their activities. To develop such an app, you will need to have a strong understanding of computer science concepts such as data structures and algorithms. In addition, you will also need to be familiar with the various APIs that are available for accessing weather data.

Source Code: Weather Forecast App

3. News Feed App

Type: Application designing, Application development, Programming

A news feed app is a great choice for a computer science project. Not only will you learn how to create a user interface, but you'll also gain experience with databases and newsfeed algorithms. To get started, you'll need to gather data from a variety of sources. You can use RSS feeds, APIs, or web scraping techniques to collect this data.

Once you have a dataset, you will need to process it and transform it into a format that can be displayed in your app. This will require some basic Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Finally, you will need to design an algorithm that determines which stories are displayed in the news feed. This can be based on factors such as recency, popularity, or user interests. By working on a news feed app, you will gain valuable skills that are essential for any software developer.

Source Code: News Feed App

4. Optical Character Recognition System (OCR)

Type: Algorithm design, Optical recognition, System Development, Programming

An optical character recognition system, or OCR system, can be a great computer science project topic. OCR systems are used to convert scanned images of text into machine-readable text. This can be a difficult task, as there are often many different fonts and formatting styles that must be taken into account.

However, with the right approach, an OCR system can be an extremely useful tool. Not only can it help to reduce the amount of paper used in an office setting, but it can also help to increase efficiency by allowing users to search through large amounts of text quickly and easily. If you are interested in working on a project that will have a real-world impact, then an OCR system may be the right choice for you.

Source Code: OCR System

5. Library Management System

Type: Database management, System design, System development, Database manipulation, Programming

Libraries are increasingly using computers to manage their collections and circulation. As a result, Library Management Systems (LMS) have become an important tool for library staff. LMSs are designed to help libraries track and manage their books, e-books, journals, and other materials. They can also be used to manage patron information and circulation records.

Library Management Systems can be a great Computer Science project topic because they provide an opportunity to learn about databases and information management. In addition, developing an LMS can be a challenging programming project that requires the use of advanced data structures and algorithms. As a result, working on an LMS can be a great way to develop your skills as a computer programmer.

Source Code: Library Management System

6. Virtual Private Network

Type: Application development, Data security, Networking, Programming

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great project topic for computer science students. VPNs allow users to securely connect to a private network over the internet. By Encrypting data and routing traffic through a VPN server, VPNs can provide a high level of security and privacy. In addition, VPNs can be used to bypass internet censorship and access blocked websites. As a result, VPNs have become increasingly popular in recent years.

There are many different ways to set up a VPN, so computer science students can choose a method that best suits their skills and interests. With a little research, computer science students can create a functional and user-friendly VPN that will be sure to impress their instructors.

Source Code: VPN Project

7. e-Authentication System

Type: Authentication, Information security, System Development, Programming

There are many computer science project ideas   out there, but one that is particularly interesting is an e-authentication system. This system would be used to authenticate users and provide them with access to secure online services. The project would involve developing a database of user information, as well as a mechanism for authenticating users.

Depending on the scope of the project, it could also involve developing a user interface and testing the system. This would be a great computer science project for students who are interested in security and authentication. It would also be a good opportunity to learn about databases and web development.

Source Code: e-Authentication System

8. Real-time web search engine

Type: Machine learning, AI, Web annotation, Programming

Real-time web search engines would be a great project for computer science. The idea is to create a search engine that can index and search the web in real time. This would be a major undertaking and would require a team of computer science experts. However, the rewards would be great.

Such a search engine would be immensely useful to everyone who uses the internet. It would also be a major coup for the team that developed it. Therefore, if you are looking for a computer science project that is both challenging and impactful, a real-time web search engine is a great option.

Source Code: Real-time Search Engine

9. Task Management Application

Type: Application design, Application development, Authentication, Database management, Programming

One computer science project idea is to develop a task management application. This application would allow users to create and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. The user interface could be designed to be simple and intuitive, with drag-and-drop functionality for task creation and manipulation. The application could also include features such as automatic task scheduling and reminders, integration with email and calendar applications, and the ability to share tasks with other users.

While developing this application, students would learn about database design and development, user interface design, and data structures and algorithms. Ultimately, the goal would be to create an application that is both functional and easy to use.

Source Code: Task Management App

10. Chat App

Type: Application Development, Application designing, Networking, Socket programming, Multi-thread programming

A chat app is a great way to get started with coding and can be one of the ideal mini-project topics for CSE. Not only will you learn how to create a user interface, but you'll also learn how to work with databases and manage user input. Plus, a chat app is a useful tool that you can use in your everyday life. To get started, simply choose a coding language and framework. Then, create a new project in your chosen IDE and start coding! You can begin by designing the UI and then move on to adding features like messaging and file sharing.

Once you have completed the project, you will have a valuable skill that you can use to build other apps or start your own chat app business. And if creating apps intrigues you a lot, you can consider taking a Full Stack Engineer course to polish your skill and attract various hiring companies. With this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how to build, implement, secure and scale programs and access knowledge across the business logic, user interface, and database stacks. Moreover, the professionals may also assist you with your final year project topics for computer engineering.

Source Code: Chatapp

Best Computer Science Project Ideas for Students 

Here is a list of the best innovative project ideas for computer science students that you can explore.

1. Face Detection

One popular computer science project is building a face detection system. This involves training a machine learning algorithm to recognize faces in images. Once the algorithm is trained, it can then be used to detect faces in new images. This can be used for a variety of applications, such as security systems and social media apps.

Source Code: Face Detection

2. Online Auction System  

Another popular project idea is to build an online auction system. This can be used to sell products or services online. The system would need to include features such as bidding, payments, and shipping. It would also need to be secure so that only authorized users can access the auction site. 

Source Code: Online Auction System

3. Evaluation of Academic Performance  

This project focuses on developing a system that can evaluate the academic performance of students. The system would need to be able to input data such as grades and test scores. It would then use this data to generate a report card for each student. This project would require knowledge of statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. 

Source Code: Student Performance Analysis

4. Crime Rate Prediction  

This project involves building a system that can predict crime rates in different areas. The system would need to input data such as population density, unemployment rate, and average income. It would then use this data to generate predictions for crime rates in different areas. This project would require knowledge of statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms. 

Source Code: Crime Prediction App

5. Android Battery Saver System  

This project focuses on developing an Android app that can save battery life. The app would need to be able to track the battery usage of other apps on the device. It would then use this information to provide recommendations on how to save battery life. This project would require knowledge of Android development and battery-saving techniques.

Source Code: Android Battery Saver

6. Online eBook Maker 

This project focuses on developing a web-based application that can be used to create eBooks. The application would need to allow users to input text, images, and videos into the eBook maker. It would then generate a PDF file that can be downloaded by the user. This project would require knowledge of web development and design principles.

These are just a few ideas for computer science projects that you can try out. If you're stuck for ideas, why not take inspiration from these?

Source Code: Online Ebook Maker

7. Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment  

With a mobile wallet, users can make payments by simply waving their phones in front of a contactless payment terminal. This is not only convenient for consumers but also for merchants, as it reduces the time needed to process payments.

For your project, you could develop a mobile wallet app that includes a merchant payment feature. This would allow users to make payments directly from their mobile wallets to participating merchants. To make things more interesting, you could also add loyalty rewards or coupons that could be redeemed at participating merchants.

Source Code: Mobile wallet

8. Restaurant Booking Website  

Another great project idea is to develop a restaurant booking website. This type of website would allow users to search for restaurants by location, cuisine, price range, etc. Once they have found a restaurant they are interested in, they will be able to view available tables and book a reservation.

To make your project stand out, you could focus on making the booking process as smooth and seamless as possible. For example, you could allow users to book tables directly from the restaurant's website or through a third-party platform like OpenTable. You could also integrate with popular calendar apps so that users can easily add their reservations to their calendars.

Source Code: Restaurant Booking System

9. SMS Spam Filtering  

With the rise of smartphones, text messaging has become one of the most popular communication channels. However, this popularity has also made it a target for spam messages.

For your project, you could develop an SMS spam filter that uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify and block spam messages. To make things more challenging, you could also develop a system that automatically responds to spam messages with humorous or sarcastic responses.

Source Code: SMS Spam Filtering

10. Library Management System  

In this project, you will build a library management system that will allow users to borrow and return books from a virtual library. The system will keep track of which books are currently available and which have been checked out. To complete this project, you will need to design and implement a database system to store information about the books in the library. 

11. Twitter Sentiment Analysis  

Twitter sentiment analysis is a great way to learn about how people feel about certain topics in real-time. In this project, you will build a system that collects tweets from Twitter's streaming API and analyzes the sentiment of each tweet using natural language processing techniques. You can then use the results of the sentiment analysis to generate real-time visualizations of how people are feeling about various topics on Twitter.

Source Code: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

12. Election Analysis  

In this project, you'll collect and analyze data from election campaigns around the world. You can then use the data to answer questions such as "Which candidate is most popular in each country?" or "What issues are most important to voters in each country?" To complete this project, you will need to gather data from multiple sources and analyze it using statistical techniques.

Source Code: Election Analysis

Final-Year Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

As a computer science student, you have the unique opportunity to use your skills to create projects that can make a difference in the world. From developing new algorithms to creating apps that solve real-world problems, there are endless possibilities for what you can create. 

To get you started, here are the top innovative final-year project ideas for computer science students: 

1. Advanced Reliable Real Estate Portal

As the world becomes more digitized, the real estate industry is also starting to move online. However, there are still many challenges with buying and selling property online. For example, it can be difficult to verify the accuracy of listings, and there is often a lack of transparency around fees. 

As a computer science student, you could create a more reliable and transparent real estate portal that helps buyers and sellers connect with each other. This could potentially revolutionize the way people buy and sell property, making it simpler and more efficient. 

Source Code: Real Estate Portal

2. Image Processing by using Python  

Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide range of applications. One area where Python is particularly useful in image processing. You could use Python to develop algorithms that improve the quality of images or that help identify objects in images. This could have applications in areas like security or medicine. 

Source Code: Image Processing Using Python

3. Admission Enquiry Chat Bot Project  

The process of applying to university can be very daunting, especially for international students. You could create a chatbot that helps prospective students with the admission process by answering their questions and providing information about specific programs. This would make it easier for students to navigate the university application process and increase transparency around admissions requirements. 

Source Code: Admission Enquiry Chatbot

4. Android Smart City Travelling Project  

With the rise of smart cities, there is an increasing demand for apps that make it easy to get around town. You could develop an Android app that helps users find the fastest route to their destination based on real-time traffic data. This could potentially help reduce traffic congestion in cities and make it easier for people to get where they need to go.

Source Code: Smart City Travelling App

5. Secure Online Auction Portal Project  

Auction websites are a popular way to buy and sell items online. However, there are often concerns about security when conducting transactions on these sites. As a computer science student, you could create a secure online auction portal that uses encryption to protect users' personal information. This would give users peace of mind when buying or selling items online and could help increase trust in auction websites. 

Source Code: Auction portal

6. Detection of Credit Card Fraud System  

With the increase in online shopping and transactions, credit card fraud has become a major problem. With your knowledge of computer science, you can help solve this problem by developing a system that can detect fraudulent activity. This project will require you to analyze data from credit card transactions and look for patterns that indicate fraud. Once you have developed your system, it can be used by businesses to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. 

Source Code: Credit Card Fraud detection

7. Real Estate Search Based on the Data Mining  

The process of buying or selling a home can be a long and complicated one. However, as a computer science student, you can make this process easier by developing a real estate search engine that uses data mining techniques. This project will require you to collect data from various sources (such as MLS listings) and then use analytical methods to identify trends and patterns. This information can then be used to help buyers and sellers find the perfect home. 

Source Code: Real Estate Search Based Data Mining

8. Robotic Vehicle Controlled by Using Voice  

With the increasing popularity of voice-controlled devices, it's no surprise that there is also interest in developing voice-controlled robotic vehicles. By taking such projects for computer science students, you can help create this technology by developing a system that allows a robotic vehicle to be controlled by voice commands. This project will require you to design and implement software that can interpret voice commands and then convert them into actions that the robotic vehicle can perform. 

Source Code: Voice Controlled robot

9. Heart Disease Prediction: Final Year Projects for CSE  

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. However, with early detection, many heart diseases can be effectively treated. As a computer science student, you can develop a system that predicts the likelihood of someone developing heart disease based on their medical history and other risk factors. This project will require you to collect data from medical records and then use machine learning algorithms to develop your prediction system.

Source Code: Heart Disease prediction

10. Student Attendance by using Fingerprint Reader  

Taking attendance in class is often a time-consuming process, especially in larger classes. As a computer science student, you can develop a fingerprint reader system that automates the attendance-taking process. This project will require you to design and implement software that can read fingerprints and then compare them against a database of students' fingerprints. Once the match is made, the student's name will be added to the attendance list automatically.

Source Code: Attendance with Fingerprint Management

11. Cloud Computing for Rural Banking Project  

This project aims to provide an efficient and secure banking system for rural areas using cloud computing technology. The project includes the development of a web-based application that will allow users to access their accounts and perform transactions online. The application will be hosted on a remote server and will be accessible from any location with an internet connection. The project will also include the development of a mobile app for users to access their accounts on their smartphones.

Source Code: Banking System

12. Opinion Mining for Comment Sentiment Analysis 

This project involves developing a system that can automatically analyze the sentiment of comments made on online platforms such as news articles, blog posts, and social media posts. The system will use natural language processing techniques to identify the sentiment of each comment and generate a report accordingly. This project can be used to monitor public opinion about various topics and issues.

Source Code: Opinion Mining Sentiment Analysis

13. Web Mining for Suspicious Keyword Prominence  

This project involves developing a system that can crawl through websites and identify keywords that are being used excessively or in a suspicious manner. The system will flag these keywords and notify the administrator so that they can further investigate the matter. This project can be used to detect spam websites or websites that are engaged in black hat SEO practices.

Source Code: Web Mining

14. Movies recommendations by using Machine Learning  

This project involves developing a system that can recommend movies to users based on their previous watching history. The system will use machine learning algorithms to learn the user's preferences and make recommendations accordingly. This project can be used to create a personalized movie recommendation system for each user.

Source Code: Movie Recommender System

15. Online Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System Project  

This project aims to develop a system that can track the live location of courier packages and provide real-time updates to the sender and receiver about the status of the delivery. The system will use GPS technology to track the location of courier packages and update the status in the database accordingly. This information will then be made available to users through a web-based or mobile application.

Source Code: Courier Tracking & Delivery System

How to Choose a Project Topic in Computer Science?

Choosing a project topic in computer science can be challenging. However, there are a few steps you can take to make the process a little easier.

How to Choose a Project Topics In Computer Science

1. Define your goals

The first step is to define your goals for the project. What do you hope to achieve by the end of it? Do you want to develop a new skill or build on existing ones? Do you want to create something that will be used by others? Once you have defined your goals, you can narrow down your focus and start thinking about potential topics. 

2. Do your research and Get inspired by real-world problems  

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, it's time to start researching potential topics. Talk to your supervisor, read through course materials, look at past projects, and search online for ideas. When doing your research, it is important to keep your goals in mind so that you can identify topics that will help you achieve them. 

3. Consider the feasibility  

Once you have shortlisted some potential topics, it's time to consider feasibility. Can the topic be completed within the timeframe and resources available? Is there enough information available on the topic? Are there any ethical considerations? These are all important factors to take into account when choosing a topic. 

4. Make a decision  

After considering all of the above factors, it's time to make a decision and choose a topic for your project. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want to do at this stage, as your supervisor will be able to help guide you in the right direction. The most important thing is that you choose a topic that interests you and that you feel confident about tackling it. 

Looking to master Python? Discover the best online Python programming course that guarantees results. Unleash your coding potential and become a Python pro today!


If you are a student looking for a computer science project topic or an employee searching for interesting ideas to improve your skills, we hope this article has given you some helpful direction. We have provided a variety of project topics in different areas of computer science so that you can find one that sparks your interest and challenges you to learn new things.

We also encourage you to explore the resources available online and through your own community to continue expanding your knowledge in this rapidly changing field. On that note, KnowledgeHut’s best online course for Web Development can help you with the different aspects of computer science. With experienced professionals as your instructors, you will be able to gain knowledge and expertise that will benefit you both professionally and academically. Why wait? Learn something new today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final year projects for computer science are important because they allow students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired over the course of their studies. By working on a real-world problem or challenge, students have the opportunity to develop practical expertise and learn how to work effectively as part of a team. 

Yes, final year projects can be very important for landing a job after graduation. Many employers use final-year projects as a way to assess a candidate's skills and abilities, and they may even use it as a tiebreaker when reviewing multiple candidates who are equally qualified. As such, students should take their final year projects seriously and put forth their best effort. 

Final-year projects also provide students with valuable experience that can help them in their future careers. If you select the best project topics for computer science students and work hard, you may be successful in your final year project.

Failing in a final-year project can be discouraging, but it is not the end of the world. One way to try and ensure passing is by taking mini-project topics for computer science. This will help show that you have the ability to complete projects and pass with flying colors. Additionally, try and get feedback from your professors on what areas you need to improve in.


Abhresh Sugandhi

Abhresh is specialized as a corporate trainer, He has a decade of experience in technical training blended with virtual webinars and instructor-led session created courses, tutorials, and articles for organizations. He is also the founder of Nikasio.com, which offers multiple services in technical training, project consulting, content development, etc.

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10 Best Computer Science Projects To Hone Your Skills

computer science student projects

Computer science is that branch of science, which deals with the study, development, and maintenance of computers and computer systems. It is also a diverse field that is the superset of data science, information technology, networking, programming, web development, and a galore of other full-fledged research and interest areas.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the traditional way of pursuing education. As such, more and more people prefer to enroll online for distant and virtual modes of learning; if you’re also looking for a suitable computer science degree that you can complete without going out, check out these best online computer science degree programs .

Learning computer science demands developing and building a lot of skills. What could be better than a project to learn - and/or assess your ability that you’ve developed up until now in - computer science! Now, where to get the best computer science projects? Right here! But wait?

Still thinking, “why I need a computer science project to learn/assess my ability in the same?” Let’s answer that first:

  • Computer Science Projects - Stepping Stones For A Better, Rewarding Future

Students often tumble over the question of what benefit they will get by working and developing projects in computer science, data science, or programming.

Also, if they are also, somehow, bothered thinking why they should give their best when working on computer science projects, then don’t worry because we are going to make things clear.

Most computer science courses' curriculum focuses on developing various skills, namely web development, programming, data analysis, content management, and more, but the implementation of these skills is something that students have to take care of themselves.

By working on a computer science project, candidates can also carve an opportunity for themselves to implement and test what they have learned. They can develop multiple computer science projects during the process and add them later to their portfolio, which will eventually help them land a good job, or, maybe, champion a college major or some specialization.

So, if anyone wants their future as an IT professional to be bright, they must work on one, or more, of the most popular computer science projects listed here. Much said already! Without wasting - any more - time, let’s get started with our pick of the top 10 computer science projects.

  • 10 Best Computer Science Projects

1. Real-Time Weather Forecasting App

Type - Application Development, Programming, Web development Expected Time to Complete - 1 to 3 days Level - Beginner


  • To develop a web-based weather application that provides real-time weather information of a location, such as
  • Current temperature, and
  • Chances of precipitation.
  • Also, it tells if it is going to be a sunny, cloudy, or rainy day ahead.

Project Overview

If you do not have any prior experience working on computer science projects, it’s better to get going with a project idea that is simple and effective.

The development of a weather application, which provides weather data for a particular location, would be a great way to test your coding skills.

To develop a weather application, all you need is the basic knowledge of the trifecta of web development, i.e., HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For creating a proper back-end of the app server in JavaScript, you will have to get familiar with Node.js and Express technologies.

It would be best to learn how to use API calls to get weather data from another website (like weatherstack.com) and display selective data right inside your webapp.

For the weather application’s UI, you need to conjure an input text box where users can enter the name of a location for which they wish to check the weather. As soon as the user hits the search button - most likely to be adjacent to the text box, but you are free to get creative as per your liking - the weather forecast for the entered location should be displayed.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

  • Weather Forecast Android App
  • Weather Forecast App

2. Basic Hospital Management System

Type - Application Development, Database Management, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 2 to 4 days Level - Beginner

  • To develop a system that hospitals can use to digitize and manage their data, such as patient information, appointments, lab test results, patient diagnosis details, etc.

Developing a basic hospital management system is quite easy, even if you are a beginner. You can develop a functional hospital management system leveraging basic forms of HTML and CSS.

The developed system should get new data entries, store them, and let hospital officials and/or a system administrator(s) access and view data.

You need to design the hospital management system, so it automatically assigns a unique ID to each patient registered at the said hospital. Other than the patients, the system should also store information about the staff members, all in a local database.

When the database grows, it might become difficult for the hospital staff or the system administrator to find data related to a particular patient or staff member. So, it’ll be a good idea to add search functionality to make it easier to find specific details across hundreds - or even thousands - of stored records.

While you can use the local storage of the machine that runs the hospital management system, it is also possible to use a cloud database. Both have their distinct advantages over one another. You must figure them out on your own to make the project more challenging.

  • Hospital Management
  • Hospital Management System
  • Sozer Hospital Management System

P.S. - Want more computer science projects focusing on HTML? Try these best HTML projects .

Related Course

Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming

3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System

Type - Algorithm Design, Image Processing, Optical Recognition, Programming, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 6 days Level - Intermediate

  • The optical character recognition (OCR) system should be able to process images and identify characters.
  • Also, the system needs to give users the flexibility to search and manipulate the data.

To accomplish this project, you need to work with an algorithm that makes image recognition possible. This algorithm will enable the processing of images and search for characters in them.

Before working on the OCR system development, you must get a clear idea of how optical recognition technology works. Make sure that you build a good understanding of all the underlying concepts beforehand.

The two most popular technologies to develop a character recognition system are Python and MATLAB. It is advisable to select that particular technology which you want to use more frequently in the future.

While planning the project development work, you may need to set some accuracy level for your OCR system to achieve at the end of the project. Remember, the more accurate your OCR system in processing and identifying the characters in an image, the better.

  • Tesseract OCR

4. News Feed Application

Type - Application Designing, Application Development, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 3 to 6 days Level - Intermediate

  • Development of an online news feed application that gives users access to the latest news and events.
  • The application should also be capable of fetching and displaying local as well as global news.

Building a news feed application is a great way to boost your app development skills as a computer science student. You can either create a web-based news feed application that runs inside browsers or a dedicated mobile app for smartphone users or both; the choice is completely yours.

The biggest challenge you need to tackle while developing the news app is ensuring that the app loads in the minimal time while delivering robust performance. The app should be capable of handling multiple requests from different users at the same time without crashing.

To get the latest and trending news, you can use free news APIs offered by various providers, like Bloomberg , Guardian, and Financial Times. Just keep in mind that the freely-available news APIs offer a limited number of API calls on a daily or monthly basis.

You need to create the front-end and the back-end of the app and thus require both front-end and back-end development technologies. The app can be easily created using any popular programming language, like JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.

  • Making Headlines
  • NewsFeed MVI Dagger

5. Library Management System

Type - Database Management, Database Manipulation, Programming, System Design, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 7 days Level - Intermediate

  • The library management system should make it easier for library professionals to manage their day-to-day activities, such as
  • Issuing books,
  • Keeping a record of all the books issued, 
  • The books that are available for borrowing et cetera.

Developing a library management system will help you become well-versed in database management and data manipulation. The library management system intends to bring automation and eliminate traditional paperwork.

To work on this project, you need to step-up your knowledge about database management (SQL and/or NoSQL database), UI design, and back-end logic development.

The library management system should allow students to create personal accounts that they can use to view the list of available books and initiate requests for issuing the same. Also, the system needs to have separate administrator access for library officials to update the availability of books, review book issue requests, and maintain a list of defaulters.

Additionally, it can also track the fine levied on unreturned or overdue books. It is also possible to add some more advanced features to the library management system, such as issuing ebooks and sending automated SMS notifications to students regarding the due dates for returning the books.

  • A Library Management System with PHP and MySQL
  • Library Management System
  • Library Management System - Java
  • LightLib Library Management System

6. Virtual Private Network

Type - Application Development, Data Security, Networking, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 8 days Level - Intermediate

  • The project demands creating an application that allows users to convert their public network into a private network.
  • The connection to the internet established using the VPN application will be encrypted, thus ensuring data exchange between the user and the server.

If you are interested in computer networks and the internet, creating a virtual private network (VPN) system would be something that is going to help you boost your knowledge and skills in this particular niche of computer science.

The VPN system proposed in this project will let users add a secure extension to their public networks. But first, you should know that there are two different approaches for creating a VPN, namely  IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Although both are good options, SSL is the better choice for developing a VPN.

The project will help you get familiar with various principles and technologies associated with computer networks such as authentication, public-key infrastructure (PKI), et cetera.

  • Lethean VPN
  • Neutron VPNaas
  • Private Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster

7. e-Authentication System

Type - Authentication, Information Security, Programming, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 7 days Level - Intermediate

  • In this project, the aim is to develop an e-Authentication system that uses QR code and One Time Password (OTP) to assess the user's authenticity.
  • The e-Authentication system can be used to add an extra layer of security for users logging into their accounts on a website or application.

For any website or application where users can create and log in to their accounts, it is essential to rule out the possibility of unauthorized access. To accomplish the same, you can develop an e-Authentication system that uses QR code and OTP to ensure secure user login.

Once a user registers or creates an account on a website/app using a set of credentials, usually the email and password, the e-Authentication System will be put into work when the same user will log into their account.

After entering the email id and password for logging in, the user will then be asked to authenticate themselves using either a QR code or an OTP.

If the user selects and proceeds with the QR authentication method, a random QR code will be generated by the e-Authentication system and sent to the user’s registered email id. On the other hand, while opting for the OTP authentication method, the user will receive an OTP code on the registered email or phone number.

The user will only be logged into their account if they complete the authentication process initiated by the e-Authentication system.

  • JWT (JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen)

8. Real-Time Web Search Engine

Type - AI, Machine Learning, Programming, Web Annotation Expected Time to Complete - 6 to 10 days Level - Master/Expert

  • This project requires developing a web search engine that displays a list of web resources relevant to the user's search term.

If you have prior experience working on smaller or entry-level computer science projects and want to move a step further, then working on developing a web search engine is a good idea.

For crafting a search engine, you need to use web annotation to allow your search engine to access web pages and other online resources. Like a typical search engine, you need to provide a text box in which users can type their queries and hit the search button or hit enter to get relevant results.

The results displayed by the search engine needs to be arranged in the form of a list. Also, you can limit the number of search items displayed on a page to 10 or 15. This way, the search engine needs to have multiple search result pages.

For search suggestions and ensuring that the most relevant results are displayed, you can use AI and machine learning. However, incorporating such advanced technologies in your search engine will make the project more complex, more time-consuming, but yes, more fascinating too.

  • RofiFtw (Rofi for the web)
  • AskLawrence Search Engine & Screen
  • Sociopedia Twitter Knowledge Engine
  • Web Search Engine

9. Task Management Application

Type - Application Design, Application Development, Authentication, Database Management, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 9 days Level - Master/Expert

  • To develop a dedicated task management app that allows users to
  • Create personal profiles,
  • Log in to their accounts securely with a proper authentication process,
  • Add multiple tasks within the app,
  • Manage multiple task lists, and
  • Mark tasks as completed.

This is yet another project that will test your technical knowledge and coding skills to a greater extent. The task app needs to have an intuitive interface that will make it easier for users to interact with the app and manage their tasks.

The task app must allow users to create distinct accounts and start managing their everyday tasks effectively. A user's data should only be accessible to him/her, and an authentication system needs to be in place to safeguard the account from unauthorized access or accidental login.

As for the app, the user should add individual tasks or organize multiple tasks under a single task list. Also, the user should have the flexibility to create multiple task lists and manage several tasks altogether. Once completed, users can mark a task as completed.

For successfully developing the task, you need to have the knowledge and prior experience of working with full-stack development technologies such as MEAN stack (JavaScript) and LAMP stack.

  • Pomo (Command-line application following the Pomodoro time management technique)
  • Task Management Application using Vue.js

10. Chat App

Type - Application Development, Application Designing, Multi-thread Processing, Networking, Socket Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 10 days Level - Master/Expert

  • The project requires the development of a chat application that supports instant messaging.
  • The chat app will allow users to create personal accounts from where they will send messages to other chat apps users.

The project is about developing a chat application using Python. Users can sign up to create their accounts and send instant text messages. The project largely focuses on utilizing concepts of socket programming and multi-thread processing.

The project is a little tricky to work with. You need to understand how sockets work and understand various principles related to computer networks.

You need to set up a server to handle user requests to connect and exchange messages in real-time. The chat app functionality can be extended by allowing users to exchange files along with normal text messages.

  • Firebase Codelab: FriendlyChat
  • WebSocket Chat
  • Simple WebSockets Chat App

That wraps up our list of the best 10 computer science projects. Working on these projects will allow you to successfully prepare yourself for embarking on a professional journey in the lucrative field of computer science and IT or, at the very least, to assess your abilities in the same.

What’s important is that you gain something from these, which you will definitely, if you work on these computer science projects with pure dedication. If that’s done, then that fulfills the purpose of this write-up. Best of wishes! Stay safe, keep learning, and keep growing.

Computer science is a complex, interdisciplinary field of study. In addition to programming, web development, networking, et cetera, computer science succeeding also requires good mathematical abilities. Try these best computer science mathematics tutorials to enhance the same.

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Admitted to Harvard? (Congrats!) See CS50’s Fall 2022 website !

Final Projects

Here are just some of Fall 2021’s final projects, randomly ordered. Two thirds of CS50 students have never taken a CS course before!


The Magic of DeBruijn Sequences: An Original Monster Deck Magic Trick by Eric W Tang

A mathematical card trick featuring a monstrous 1024-card deck, magical numbers, and the ability to predict any five-card hand!


Basketball Statistic Simulator by Joshua Kahalelaukanaka Parker

Create a custom NBA basketball player

CSS HTML JavaScript

Website other


Productivity by Jocelyn Hsieh

A glorified to-do list with a productivity leaderboard


Python-Based Website


SpeedReader by Gabe LeBlanc

Turn your lengthy assigned reading into easy-to-read notes!

CSS HTML JavaScript Python


Balkan Ski Resorts Search by Mila Ivanovska

It is a web application that enables the user to search for ski resorts located on the Balkans (based on different filters).



Calorie Counter by Lachlan Henry Roach

A website where you can calculate your daily calorie intake by inputting your daily food intake.


Swiper🧹 by Felix C. Yeung

It's Tinder for jobs!

CSS HTML Java Python SQL

Swiper by Jennifer Xiong

Tinder for jobs

CSS HTML JavaScript Python SQL

Swiper by Iris Lang

Tinder for Jobs


YUUMI Bot by Sandra Moon

Discord League of Legends Bot

Discord Bot


Quickr by Brice D Laurent

A website that tells the user whether taking the Harvard Shuttle or walking is quicker.


My Mood Journal by Evelyn Chen

A website to write, read, and learn data about your mood journal entries.

Yuumi Bot by Elisha Doerr


The Pretzel Game by Jarell Cheong Tze Wen

A command-line, two-player, zero-sum game played on pretzel links.

Game Python-Based Website


Boston Planner by Xinrong Yang

Planner for people living in Boston

The Pretzel Game by Emma Cardwell

A command-line game and a website that explains how to play our game.


Movie Recommendation Engine by Madeline Bale

a Python program that takes as input the name of a movie or an actor and outputs a list of up to 5 recommended movies


Movie Watch Party by Jayden E Personnat

In Movie Watch Party, Harvard students can schedule movie nights with their friends.

Movie Watch Party by Avery Yunsoo Park

Our project is a website that allows users to find friends with similar movie genre tastes and schedules times to watch movies with them.

Movie Watch Party by Kimberly (Rain) Wang

An social forum that allows Harvard students to plan movie events.


Down Time by Clara Qingying Chen

An all-in-one wellness and self-care tracker

CSS HTML JavaScript Matplotlib Python SQL


I Get You by Bristol Fales-Hill

My project is a website that helps parents understand their child's mental health.


Route360 by Glen Liu

Finds a running route from and to a given location.

Route360 by Joshua John Halberstadt

Our project is an iOS app that will generate running loops based on an entered distance.


Music Marks by Nicholas Lopez

A web application to rate albums with a social aspect

Node.js-Based PHP-Based Python-Based Website Website Website


Choose One Out of Four and We'll Tell You Which CS50 Phrase Matches Your Personality by Brooke Newbury

After completing a ten-question quiz in which the user chooses one out of a group of people, objects, or concepts that typically come in 4s, the user is presented with a classic CS50 phrase that matches their personality based on the choices they selected.

HTML/JavaScript Quiz


Coffee Enthusiast by Richard Daniel Flores

Coffee informative website


The Antisocial Network by Nathan Deane Evans

A social media site where users can make posts, follow people, and view the posts of others.

The Antisocial Network by Eli Kirtley

The Antisocial Network is a social media platform where users can make posts, follow other users, and like other posts.



Santiago's Photo Filter Editor by Santiago Saldivar

The project takes pictures that users upload to the website and adds 1 of 5 filters to the photo.


Lash Lounge Scheduler by Pedro Manon

A scheduling tool.

Python-Based Tool Website


HUBC Winter Training Website by Douwe De Graaf

tracking training and health data of HUBC athletes over winter break.


YouBook by Gabriel Khoury

YouBook is a website meant to encourage discussion and overall engagement with books.

Node.js-Based Website


Color Automator by John Michael Boesen

A website that takes Color COVID test codes and automatically inputs them into Color for you.


Veritas Quaesitor by Jiayuan Hao

Veritas Quaesitor is a website that aims to connect lawyers and clients.

Veritas Quaesitor by Anna Zhu


Guac n' Roll by Hanna Chang

A virtual piano website

Node.js-Based Website Website other


AstroLove by Kaya Vadhan

An astrology website that provides users with thoughtful insight into astrological compatibility, birth charting, and products.

AstroLove by Vivian Yee

An astrological website that provides user with thoughtful insign on astrological compatibility, birth charting, and products.


VETSTIMATE by Rod Howard

VETSTIMATE is a college admissions calculator for veterans


Travel Destinations by Tobi Ogunfowora

My project was a website that gives a user travel suggestions within the US based on their preferences.


BergOnline by Adarsh Hiremath

A nutrition tracker for Annenberg menu items.

C++ HTML JavaScript Python


BergView by Dan Jonathan Ennis

An iOS app to see what HUDS is serving!

BergOnline by Kushal Chattopadhyay

An intuitive, social platform to see and track Annenberg meals and nutrition data.


CLUB50 by Oscar Lin

A website in which clubs can register and request grants that can be approved or denied by an admin as well as a place for comments by all users.


You-S by Eden Finkelstein

A study tool for the Civics Portion of the U.S. citizenship test

You-S by Sarah Lillian Packman

You-S is a study tool for the Civics Portion of the U.S. Naturalization Test.


ArticleAtlas by Pranay Varada

Our project is an interactive globe where countries can be clicked on to see and share recent and relevant articles.

ArticleAtlas by Michael Joseph Moorman

Globe with articles associated with each country.


Find My Mountain by Emma Ryan

A website where you can find information about ski mountains and log your trips.

Find My Mountain by Matt John Ryan

A website that allows a user to find the perfect mountain for them, and log trips to different mountains.


Q-Search by Gabe Benjamin Brownstone DiAntonio

A Harvard Class search that includes Q score and Hours as search parameters.


SleepS50 by Jolin Chan

SleepS50 helps users improve their sleeping habits and well-being.

Sleeps50 by Sammi Zhu

Sleeps50 is a webapp that helps users to track their sleeping habits.

Guac 'n' Roll by Dhwani Garg

A website with a virtual piano.


MLB Roster Builder by Aaron Benjamin Shuchman

Build a dream MLB roster and project its performance over the course of a season.


Avalanche database by Oscar Olsen

A website which displays the current avalanche stats du


BookSocial by Gerson Egbert Personnat

A web app that helps you find books to read and connect with other book readers.


Geometry Jungle by Kenny Kim

This is Geometry Jungle, an interactive playground that allows users to create 2D and 3D geometries with special visual effects, various materiality, and user-generated manipulations.

Geometry Jungle by Xiying Bao


ur movie taste sux by Rave Starr Andrews

Our website analyzes your movie taste based on your Letterboxd ratings.

ur movie taste sux by Kelly Ding

Our website analyzes your movie taste based on your letterboxd ratings.


The Crimson Muslim by Tabish Soleman

A guide to Muslim life at Harvard.


Animal Crossing Lo-Fi Study/Sleep Aid by Jessica Lao

A website that lets you customize soothing white noise and lo-fi sounds to help you study or fall asleep, inspired by Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise and www.imissmycafe.com.


MovieGenre by Luis Antonio Renteria

Gives you the best movies that match the genre of a movie you already like!


Boggle Online by Nicholas J DeSanctis

You can play Boggle (Word Hunt) online in singleplayer or with friends.

Geometry Jungle by Ibrahim Ibrahim


HyperBot by Christopher E Lapop Salazar

Discord bot for a Pokémon Interest Group


Zhournalism: An HSK-illuminated Mandarin Headline Study Tool by Catherine Caffey

A tool for interacting with recent Mandarin Chinese news headlines, enhanced by HSK tokenization.

CSS HTML Java JavaScript Python SQL


Phu's Phone Emporium Website and Database by AnhPhu Duc Anh Nguyen

It is a website for my business where I buy, sell and repair phones, that includes a SQL database where customers can search our stock and also find our contact info.


Air Force Fitness Test Scoring by Christina Lowell

A website that scores a user's input to the Air Force Fitness Assesment (FA).


Snoozer by Danilo Austin Thurber

A social website that makes it fun to keep a healthy sleep schedule...

Snoozer by Sofia Marie Giannuzzi

Our project is a social media-driven sleep log that allows you to compare your sleeping data with friends and other users, while also including waking up and bedtime aides.


Dynamic Calendar by Enako Matsumoto

A web calendar application that allows users to manage their schedules and share schedules among groupmates.


Slab: Better Lab Notes by Amulya Garimella

Slab is a web app that'll help you keep track of your lab protocols. Slab's workflow looks like this: first, submit a list describing your lab protocol. Slab will break down the protocol into individual steps. Then, each time you use a protocol, edit and make notes on it!

CSS HTML Python jQuery


Thoban by Ibrahim F Alkuraya

Program translator from English to Spanish (and vice versa)

CSS JavaScript Python


CS50 by Bradley Ross

Javascript match 3 game similar to Candy Crush

HTML JavaScript SQL


Harvard's Closet by Emma Zuckerman

A website that allows Harvard students to rent other's clothes.


Final Project - Time Tracker by Adam Sungoo Park

time tracker for tasks


Cloud Care by Alliyah Nicole Steele

An animated mental health journaling application with minigames.

HTML JavaScript P5

Game Website other


Bubbles by Crystal Wang

A website that allows people to see what political or controversial views are popular within your school and the opposing side.

Cloud Care by Mahia Rahman

Cloud Care is a journaling application to destress with minigames at the end.

HTML JavaScript p5

Game Glitch Website other


My Wallet by Daylyn Brooke Gilbert

Personal budgeting and savings web application


BookSwap by Priyanka Kaul

BookSwap allows Harvard students to lend and pick up books that they need from other students around campus.

BookSwap by Kaitlin Harbour Lampson

BookSwap allows users to give books away and inquire about available books around Harvard College.

CSS HTML JavaScript Jinja Python SQL

BookSwap by Ella M. Lee

We created a website where users and donate and obtain books that people are no longer using.


MoneyManagement by Jasmine Cho

Managing your expenses more effectively

CSS HTML JS Website other


HUBC Training Availability by Christian Tabash

Create a calendar of training availabilities

HTML JavaScript Python


Women's Health/Breast Cancer Awareness Portal by Litsa Kapsalis

My project is a risk calculator for breast cancer and an informational page for breast cancer risk and awareness.


Massabama by Srija Vem

Eat, reserve, and find your taste here, at Massabama!

Massabama by Aaron Zheng

Come eat, reserve a spot, and find your taste, here at Massabama.


Explore Games by Anne Dwojeski-Santos

This is a web app designed to help users find and store information about board games for kids.


Ebook Access by Mario Fares

A cross-platform desktop app to manage, sort, and search e-book files.

Linux App Windows App macOS App


Study Buddy by Marina Nicole Sanchez

A website that reminds an individual to keep studying if they get off track and grants them with breaks after good study behavior.


Memory Lane by Emma Kathleen Price

Memory Lane is a collection of memories surrounding cancer patients that supports the fighters, admires the survivors, and honors the taken.

studyBuddy by Conor Charles Burns

The website attempts to assist users in their study or work sessions by helping them stay attentive and not get distracted.

Ajax and Jinja CSS HTML JavaScript Python SQL

Python-Based Website Website other

Harvard's Closet by Michelle Lin

Harvard's Closet allows Harvard students to rent clothes based on monthly packages.


Toppings: Free Food 4 Friends by Raymond Qin

Mobile app that gives free food when they go out and grab food with friends/bring food back for friends

Bash GraphQL JavaScript Typescript (kinda Javascript)

Android App iOS App


Fantasy Football Trade Evaluator by Eric Dongha Hwang

A website that allows you to simulate and analyze fantasy football trades.


Computer Vision in Robotics by Jasmine Zhang

Use computer vision to recognize location of objects, which informs autonomous robot decisions.

Android App robotics


Noms by Phoebe Meyerson

A centralized website for all things food at Harvard for Harvard students

NOMS: The Food Website for Harvard Students by Natty Pazos

A centralized website for all things food at Harvard.


SongMapper by Luke Kolar

Pin your liked tracks on Spotify to a map to keep track of your favorite songs associated with places you've been.

HTML JavaScript Python SQL


WikipediaGame by Doris Yunwen Yang

A chrome extension that sends you to a random Wikipedia page, assigns a target Wikipedia page, and times your speed.

Chrome Extension


BeerReflections by Sean Michael Fallon

This is effectively a beer journal that promotes people to do more journaling overall

BeerReflections by Maxwell Christmas

Journaling through beer reviews.

WikipediaGame by Ethan Shaotran

WikipediaGame, the easiest way to play everyone’s favorite game, right from your Chrome Extension bar!


VirtualEd by Huiwen Chen

VirtualEd is a community-based tool to share, upload, and access high-quality educational content.


The Chew Guide by Liam Keating Norman

A website where users can rate and view ratings for the food at Annenberg.


MyHealth by Rafay Azhar

A website that monitors, tracks, and provides feedback on the user's health

The Chew Guide by Brett Kim

Rating food from Annenberg!


Night at the Harvard Museums by Deuce Anthony Ditton II

A text-based adventure game about Harvard's campus

Night At The Harvard Museums by Charlotte Jerusha-Pearl Hannan

A text-based adventure game scavenger hunt about Harvard's campus.


Rare Disease Buddies by Mia Wright

Connecting people with diseases to each other and helpful doctors


IKO by Vincent Eric Hock

A buy-and-sell marketplace for vintage items.

IKO by Antonio Paolo Gracias Jr

We created a vintage clothing website.


Civicfy by Tracy Jiang

An app that allows people applying to become a U.S. citizen to practice the civics interview questions


Harvard Haircuts by Alex by Sayalee Neelesh Patankar

It's a website made for our friend Alex's haircut business


LanguagePartner by Uluc Kadioglu

A website that allows users to learn what languages are spoken in their travel destinations, practice those languages and quiz themselves.

Alex's Haircuts by Devishi Jha

A haircut website for our friend Alex!


Sullivan Farms' Website by Sophie Campbell

A website for a family owned ice cream stand in Tyngsboro MA.

HTML Python


John’s List by Michael Olufemi Omole

Craigslist for harvard students


√2 Home by Paul Yang

A website that compares the price of bus and plane tickets based on user's priority.


Knit By CC | A Knitting Collective by Caroline Ann Conway

Knit By CC is an online knitting website that allows for customers to order homemade pieces, and knitters to divide projects.


Crimson Marketplace by Mihir Rajendra Kumashi

A place for university student to sell items they don't have use for but could be used by other studnets.

CSS HTML JavaScript Python SQL jinja


PSET Buddies by Dhrubhagat Singh

Match students who want to do psets together


Find Me New Beats by Ivy Liang

The program creates a list of songs/artist names based on a user inputted sentence.

Crimson Marketplace by Mohammed Khalil Maarouf

A Marketplace for Harvard students to sell or buy items.

CSS Flask HTML JavaScript Jinja Python SQL


SwapStop by Andrew Palacci

A trading place for students.

Air Force Fitness Test Scoring by Kayra Yaman

A website that automatically scores the air force fitness test.


Lithium Mining and Indigenous Water Rights in Chile by Emil Razook Massad

A basic look at the relationships between the lithium mining industry, indigenous communities, and the government in Chile using Google Maps.

SwapStop by Eyob Anderson Davidoff

Trading place for students


CSFitness by Max Miller

Our website helps you calculate your nutritional requirements and allows you to track your progress!


SwiftSearch by Ava Felicia Zinman

Taylor Swift Playlist Generator


Math Dojo by Kristen Cirincione

Multiplication practice for kids


Workout Log by Abbey Murcek

A log for workouts


Timegiver by Carina Peng

The website allows people to spontaneously find service opportunities based on their busy schedules, and allows organizations to post openings for volunteers to find.


Harvard Sorting Hat by Quinn Brussel

Quiz that matches first years with a freshman dorm.

CSS HTML Jinja Python

Harvard Sorting Hat by Henry Raymond Weiland

User quiz that matches first-years with a freshman dorm.


GratituDaily by Mani Chadaga

A web app for journaling what you're grateful for each day.


PowerPlant by Sky Da-In Jung

Productivity Tracker

PowerPlant by Ray Noh

Productivity Tracker and Recorder


Sudoku Solver by Jess Liang

A website that solves sudokus


Gathr ! by Ryan Stanford

It is an alternative to FB events; a hub dedicated to creating, storing and sharing events.


Silent Night Mapping Fright by Rishabh Dave

Allows the user to create maps of any part of the night sky you want.


Thielverse by Elliott James Detjen

A web-app tool to organize and explore the social network of Peter Thiel.


TRANSPOSE For A and Bflat Clarinet by Catherine Stanton

Renders music written for A clarinet into music written for Bflat clarinet and vice versa.

CSFitness by Luke William Khozozian

A fitness website to keep track of a persons calories and eating habits.


Tiger Mom I Love You by Jacqueline Liu

A role play game in which the users will make a series decision to send their "kid" into colleges.


AXCS Video Player by Kyle Jenkins

An accessible video player to enrich learning experiences.

Tool Website other


The online flight booking system by Sezim Yertanatov

It helps to book flight tickets online.

Python-Based Website Windows App

PowerPlant by Andrew L Cheng

Productivity tracking website


StudyBuddy by Sophia Salamanca

Website that matches you with other users to study with, based on study habits and preferences


Serenity by Sharon Tang

Serenity is a web app that tracks an user’s mental health status.


When2Eat by Julianna Nerrissa Zhao

A spinoff of When2Meet that allows users to coordinate times and locations for meetups with friends!


CWPA Fantasy Water Polo by Josie Rae Mobley

A game similar to fantasy football but using the data from the 2021 men's CWPA water polo season.


Workout Pro by Gabe Twohig

workout journal


SWOLENTRY by Xuanthe Nguyen

Fitness Journal

GratituDaily by Abby Emily Miller

A web app where people can journal what they are grateful for each day

Serenity by Kelsey Wu

A website dedicated to measuring users' mental health


inkdrop by Noah Park Tavares

App for music visualization: audio transformed to video through cGAN -- inspired by ink in fluid.

C CSS HTML JavaScript Python SQL


Spanish 101 by Jota Chamorro Matilla

Spanish crash course to learn the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary


Assassin by Ben Daniel Jachim-Gallagher

Website that automates the game assassin


Advanced Strength Development by Amar Singh Boparai

A website to become a better powerlifter


PHP-Based Python-Based Website Website


FinAn by Sibi Raja

A financial analysis tool that evaluates stocks, analyzes investments, fosters an online community of finance-enthusiasts, and educates users about finance.



A church website


Hangman in C by Ethan Ocasio

A hangman game you can play in your terminal


Plant Pal by Angela H Song

A website app that calculates/determines the watering amount and watering frequency for your plant.


Swimsistant by Ben Jago Littlejohn

A web app for tracking, recording, and improving your swimming


Harvard ToGo by Chris Wright

A food ordering service


History Class Matcher by Meredith Elaine Kent

It is a website that helps history concentrators figure out their requirements.

HTML Jinja Python SQL


Harvard Q Board by Emma Tatum Carney

Site for Harvard first year students to ask and answer questions related to any of their classes

Harvard Q Board by Drew Robert Kishi Hesp

Our site is a question-asking site that allows Harvard freshmen to ask questions related to any of their classes; peers in their class can then help answer their questions.


HFit by Celeste Nicoll Carrasco Zuniga

A Workout App


Murr Tennis Court Reservation by David Lins

Help facilitate reservation of Murr center tennis courts as well as pair people to play tennis together.


YellowSaffron by Sofia Gayle Cagliero

A website that outputs recipes given select ingredients

CSS HTML Java Python


Poker Odds Calculator by Kevin Wang

Calculates the odds of winning/losing/tying in poker


Harvard WECode by Kamryn Ohly

My project is an iOS application for attendees of Harvard WECode to connect and stay up-to-date during our conference, as well as build the women in stem community!

Objective-C Swift


Room Escape by Felix Deemer

A ASCII-based roguelike room escape game.


Peer2Park by Justin Xu

Peer2Park is a website that allows users to share and explore parks all over the world.


Orpheus by John Rho

Orpheus is a music splitter and stem player that allows you to extract different parts (vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other sounds) of a song.


Mental Motions by Henry Fintan Austin

Website application with mood tracker to improve mental health.

CSS HTML JavaScript PHP Python SQL


Fantasy Footy by Harry Moore

A fantasy five-a-side website


Roomies by Laura Xuan Nguyen

A website that allows one to find compatable roommates based off of a personality quiz

Roomies by Shirley Zhu

A website that allows you to find the best match for your college roommate.


Study Buddy by Natnael Mekuria Teshome

An app that matches students with similar study preferences.


ProDo by Jon Syla

Productivity tool

ProDo by Scott Arbery

ProDo is a productivity website that allows you to set a work timer, create and edit a to-do list, and write in a journal.


AquaHealth by Sanjna Kedia

data platform to view, log, track waterway health


Lung.ai: An Automated Approach to Lung Cancer Prognosis Prediction Using OpenCV and Flask by Jay Pratap

Lung.ai is a web application that aids doctors in tracking lung cancer progression of their patients, using PET scans and prognosis markers determined by computer vision.

Lung.ai: An Automated Approach to Lung Cancer Prognosis Prediction Using OpenCV and Flask by Shefali Prakash

Fantasy Footy by Edwin Dominguez

A fantasy league webapp to draft real players and build a team.



NBAinfo by Keegan Joseph Harkavy

Getting and betting on stats and games.


FashionKilla by Emily Dickinson Vermeule

A Virtual Closet Organizer


America's Monument by Eshaan Joyen Vakil

An interactive map of America's historic places.

Orpheus by Jonah Wolfsdorf Brenner

Orpheus is a music splitter and stem player that allows you to extract different parts (vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other sounds) of a song and play them separately or together.


αmail by Derek Hu

An email webapp that sorts your inbox by order of importance.

Fashionkilla by Anthony Malysz

Website to which you can upload clothing and outfits to a digital closet.

FashionKilla by Filip Dolegiewicz

A website that lets users upload photos of their clothing into a virtual closet, view other users' outfits, and generate random outfits.


RSA Encryption by Sophie Boulware

A website that generates keys for RSA encryption, as well as encrypts and decrypts.


O.Y.O by Fergus Jackson Ritchie

A workout logging and comparison website


The Harvard Whisky Society by Alexander Kolesnikoff

The Harvard Whisky Society Website - an educational resource and review platform


NBAkinator by Elliott Matthew Fairchild

Remake the Akinator app but with NBA All-Stars


TASK MANAGER by Ploy Assawaphadungsit

A web-based application that helps you keep track of your assignments and plan your day


Pitches Music Database by Rena Cohen

A website to store songs and build set lists for the Radcliffe Pitches, an a cappella group at Harvard.

NBAkinator by Sreetej Digumarthi

NBAkinator guesses the NBA All-Star you're thinking of.

When2Eat by Nadine Han

Schedule meals with friends using this awesome website! :)

O.Y.O by Josh Luke Gordon

a website that allows rowers to see their workouts and compare with others


Rhythm! by Cici Zeng

Forever God


H-Mart by Paul J Chin

Online marketplace for harvard students

Poker Odds Calculator by Luke Richey

Calculates the odds of winning for hands in Texas Hold'em

Songmapper by David Aley

A website built by two music lovers to track map favorite songs across the world!


DStorage: Decentralized Storage App by Sid Bharthulwar

Decentralized secure file-sharing and file-storage app using React and smart contracts.

JavaScript Solidity


Botify by Brian Siwoo Ham

In essence, Botify translates words into music using natural language processing.

H-Mart by Bryan Han

H-Mart is a website that serves as an online marketplace for Harvard students to buy and sell their items.


Glance by Aghyad Deeb

A social media that only allows a post a day


study.group by Edward Sunhyuk Kang

A CS50 stack website and algorithm (Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that helps users find study groups based on course, time, group size, and location.

Harvard Whisky Society by Kyle John Murphy

An online hub for Harvard whisky enthusiasts to learn and share all things whisky.

NBAkinator by Adrian Eduardo Guzman

NBAkinator guesses the NBA All-Star you're thinking of!

study.group by Arjun Nageswaran

We match people into study groups for their courses based on their preferred days, times, and group sizes.


PREG by Isabel Kim

A website that pregnant women can use to track their pregnancy journey.


PaperRank by Eca Boboc

Our projects implements Google's PageRank algorithm in order to help students decide which Paper to start reading first.


Nutritrak by Jack William Schwab

A website to help you maintain your health!

JavaScript PHP Python SQL

Node.js-Based Python-Based Website Website Website other


ROTC Review by Jacob Perry Bicknell

A quiz for ROTC cadets to test they military knowledge.

ROTC Review: Quizzes for Cadets by Jack Richard Walker

Our project is a military knowledge trivia game that tests cadets involved in the Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC programs.

study.group by Aurora Zoe Lee

Website to create study groups based on course and day, time, group size, location preferences


Trend Trackers by Robert Escudero

Making money for the small guys.


Weather or Not by Nico Barlos

Giving life tips based on weather data for a user-inputted location.


What Should I Listen To? by Manny Andres Yepes

Playlist generator tailored to your specific activity.


Feeder by Erika E. Dickinson

Menu creation with food and data scraping


LoveTest50 by Hever Arjon

A python-based website app that gives the compatibility of two people and solves love triangles.

PREG by Evelyn Ma

A website called PREG for pregnant women to use to keep track of and learn more about their pregnancy experience.


My Carbon Footprint by Darius Mardaru

A website which lets you keep track of your personal impact on the environment.


A collection of memories surrounding cancer patients in order to support the fighters, admire the survivors, and honor the taken.


Scheduler50 by Matthew Haines Andrews

This locally hosted website allows users to schedule events with other users and select the best time to host an event (an improved when2meet if you will).


Harvard Hub by Josephine Schizer

A website to compile all the different Harvard websites students need to access


At10Dance by Sam Mucyo

This is a flask web application to mark attendance using facial recognition.


Stud Bud by Caroline Elizabeth Behrens

Matching students to find study buddies

HTML Java Python

Node.js-Based Python-Based Website Website

PaperRank by Rares Avram

My Carbon Footprint by Dennis Du

A website that lets you keep track of your personal impact on the environment.


HarvEats by Isha Agarwal

A Harvard square restaurant reviewing site by and for Harvard students.

HarvEats by Matthew Robert Cabot

Scheduler50 by Grayson Macallister Martin

A website to schedule events and determine when the most invitees are available to attend.


My Fantasy League Athleticism Scores by Sean O'Connell

Its a webscraper that matches available players in your league to better information to highlight the best available players.


ASL Image to Text Translator by Robert McKenzie

A web app that converts images of ASL signs into their corresponding English characters.


HUDS Green by Jessica Wu

HUDS Green lists carbon-friendly options for the day and suggests personalized carbon-friendly meals given your dietary needs.


Algo by Malik S Sediqzad

API based stock analysis tool

Command-line program Python-Based Tool

Harvard Whisky Society website by Alexander Arber

Our website enables members of the (future) Harvard Whisky Society to learn about and review different whiskies.


Foodie by Sam Suchin

A website that allows you to find restaurants and dishes from Harvard Square and Cambridge.


Harvard College French Club Interactive Extension Website by Solene Pauline Marie Aubert

A fun interactive website to complement the official club website.

Harvard College French Club Interactive Extension Website by Victor Crouin

A fun and interactive website to complement the official club website.


Conspiracy Theories by Jack Tian

A website where people can share and vote on conspiracy theories, as well as take a quiz to find their conspirist personlity.


Aware Africa by Yeabsira Tofik Mohammed

A website mainly focused on educating teenagers from Africa about mental health


Tetris by Alexandra Dmitrievna Dorofeev

An out-of-this-world Tetris game.


Revelation Journal by Krishi Kishore

a scientific journal built exclusively for high school and undergrad students

Rhythm! by Carl Ma

A perfect rhythm game with songs of your own choice!


Assassin by Aaron Berger

A web application that organizes a game of Assassins, allowing the creator to play and spend less time in the details.


Productive Procrastination by Jack Francis Griffin

An online quiz to assess the best way for you to procrastinate.

Assassin by Kaleena Roeva

Our web application organizes a game of Assassin online that circumvents the manual labor that creates a difficult and tedious process for the game organizer.

HUDS Green by Matthew Su

Productive Procrastination by Claire Yoo

A program to help you decide how to procrastinate by doing other productive activities

Foodie by Lucy Marie Hurlbut

A website that is social media for food, allowing users to find dishes and restaurants in Harvard Square.


Birthday Party by Olafade Omole

An interactive fiction about your friend throwing you a birthday party.


Fast Facts about the Fifty States by Brendan Franz

Displays information about all 50 US states.


E-Z Flashcards by Sebastian Marroquin

A website that allows you to create decks of flashcards.

Revelation Journal by Jake Carmine Pappo

A scientific journal made by young researchers for young researchers


Bounce50 by Ari Joseph Firester

I made an HTML page that models parabolic motion in a vacuum given changeable parameters such as ball size, initial velocity, launch direction, and gravity.


This is Sequence50 by Harry Sage

Basic melodic step sequencer written in p5.js


Space Survival by Alex Ian Fung

Survive the onslaught of space ogres for as long as possible.


Eating Pretty by Brandon Dang Pham

Allowing users to select dietary restrictions and displaying safe food items from popular restaurants


Blackjack by Ean and Chris by Christopher Michael Ramundo

The most classic way to play blackjack.


The College Shop by Ramzi Elased

A marketplace platform for college students.

Productive Procrastination by Alex Pipkin

The perfect tool to determine the best thing to do in order to maximize your time and productively procrastinate!

ROTC Review: Quizzes for Cadets by Trey Whitehead

Multiple-choice quizzes with randomized questions to help Harvard ROTC cadets memorize their military knowledge curriculum.


Mileage Calculator by Henry Gordon Laufenberg

My project separates a runner's weekly mileage goal into daily distances recommendations using tips I've picked up throughout my running career.


Talk Story by Bella Nesti

A website for people to share stories and where they took place!


Music Reference by Jack Despres

A website to look up information on music artists.

Music Reference by Owen Asnis

A webpage to search for information about musical artists.


Query Your Database with Natural Language by Henry Xuan

A web application that allows non-Computer Science proficient users to query for the PSET7 movie database using natural language.


Tower Power by Megan Yeo

Tower Defense Game inspired by Plants vs Zombies


Queer Flag Maker by Brett Alonso Cardenas

A website that makes unique queer flags representing a sexual orientation, gender identity, and romantic orientation

CSS HTML Jinja Python SQL


SUSTENANCE by Rayhaan Ahmed Saaim

Nutrition Tracker


Color Code Scanner by Rachel Zhou

Scans the barcode on the Color Test Kit to provide users with an easy to paste D-code

Chrome Extension Python-Based Website


The Dorsiflexer by Ben Thomas Fichtenkort

Firmware for a device to combat ankle spasticity in post-stroke patients.

Medical Device Tool

Tower Power by Nithya Sri Gottipati

A tower defense game in which the user must place various vegetable and fruit-themed towers on the game board in order to protect their territory from oncoming “enemy” foods.

Tower Power (or Power Tower) by Michael Hu

Tower defense game of Fruits/Veggies versus Evil Foods

NBA Info by Nikhil Milind Datar

Sports Statistics and Betting Application


Groupie by Tami Kabiawu

Enables students to organize events where they can meet with other students that can center on a plethora of possible topics.


Predicting Win Percentages in Football 2021 by Andrew William Seybold

Effectively, this program is an algorithm that attempts to predict which team is currently strongest in the nfl.


BETTER by Florian Linus Theis

A website to track your bets with friends and family!


SoundingBoard by Derek Yuan

A soundboard for all of your sound effect needs.


tasky by Kenny Gu

tasky is a lightweight task manager and reflection website.

BETTER by Caroline Elisa Kloepfer


Escape Room by Kaitlyn Zhou

We created an escape room dedicated to help people relieve stress, especially during finals week.

Blackjack by Ean Printy Norenberg

It is a website that helps beginner's learn the basics of blackjack by (mostly) practicing.


ml5+ by Quinn He

A machine learning education tool that reduces creative coders' learning curve of ml5.js, a web-based ML library, to better support the creation of their ML-assisted artwork!

CSS HTML JavaScript MongoDB


B^2 Card Games by Cole Oakley Branca

A website where you play war and compete against other users through a leaderboard.

B^2 Card Games by Liam Kendrick Bieber

A website where you can play war and compete against friends.

SoundingBoard by Rhea Lily Acharya

a soundboard for all of your sound effect needs


Bicycle Trader by Adam Reid

A website to sell bicycles for college students


Matchify by Humza Khalid Mahmood

A dating or friendship site that matches users based on their music taste.


C2F: A VC for the People by Nosher Ali Khan

A crowdfunding platform where you can source, vote on, and invest in your favourite startups.

C2F: A VC for the People by Joao Antonio Abdalla Pinheiro

A crowdfunding platform where you can source, vote on, and invest in your favorite startups.


RunJournal by Zan Danoff

A running logger and journaling website.


SLAAP: Sleep Tracker by Anna Dong

SLAAP: the 2-in-1 personalized sleep tracker & social network!

Escape Room by Kevin Chen

An online escape room game with CS50 inspired puzzles

C2F: A VC for the People by Hashem Abdou

A crowdfunding platform where you can source, vote on and invest in your favorite startup,.

SLAAP: Sleep Tracker by Brad Wolf


MACROPal by Ibrahim Qasem

Wellness app aimed to motivate you to keep your nutrition content in order!

MacroPal by Mariam Fadi Markabani

Macropal is a wellness and fitness site that enables users to track their daily macros and calories intake depending on their fitness goals.


CS50 Kids, Roblox - CS50KIDS 1 by Amy Mangino

This is CS50Kids.

CSS HTML JavaScript Python Roblox SQL

Crimson Marketplace by Justin Zixin Liu

An online marketplace for Harvard students to buy and sell used goods.


PRVD by Eric Li

A website hub that allows people to provide and subscribe to different services

CSS Firebase Flask HTML JSON Jinja Pyrebase Python Stripe


TicketMatch by Aditi Raju

A college student marketplace for tickets, rideshares, and more


Human Computer: Computer Edition by Julia Adele Mansfield

My project creates a schedule based on participant preferences, the number of time slots, and the capacity of each activity within a time slot.

Python based algorithm/program

PRVD by Aneesh Chennareddy Muppidi

PRVD is a subscription service platform for small creators; Users can create subscription services and subscribe to other users’ services.

CSS Firebase Flask HTML JSON Jinja Python REST API,

PRVD by Rohan Shah Naidoo

A small scale subscription service platform that allows users to create and join subscription services

CSS Firebase HTML Jinja Python Stripe


InvenStory by Tomas Arevalo

Inventory Management and Replenishment Reports that pulls for the Vend API of the Harvard shop


Meet&Eat by Alexander Kei Karbowski

Website that let's first year students find someone to eat with at Annenberg.


Quorum (quorumvote.com) by Felix Young Chen

An online voting platform for simulated parliamentary debate (Model UN/Congress)

CSS HTML JavaScript PHP SQL jQuery

PHP-Based Website


MapMates by Jessica P Chen

Mark your favorite places and try this social take on markers from Google Maps!


tk-seq by Alec Whiting

tk-seq is a 4-track 8-step sequencer built with the tone.js framework, designed to play in your browser.


CollegePal by Celine Opeyemi Ibrahim

A website that helps college students with scheduling, budgeting, and studying.

Meet&Eat by Alessandro Guido Barbiellini Amidei

Website that allows Harvard freshmen to find someone to eat with at Annenberg.


Music Transposition Tool by Andrew Lobo

Write sheet music and transpose notes.


Spanish Study Guide by Evans Alexander Schultes

Sign in to take a couple tests on spanish conjugations and record your results for others to see!


PottyPicker by Nithyani Anandakugan

Yelp for Harvard Bathrooms


Blackjack by Lucas Tiberio Hilsenrath

online blackjack game against an online dealer.

Game Python-Based Website command line program (suggested it under possibilities on final project page)


Fantasy Basketball Analyzer by Kobe Y Chen

Import fantasy basketball team and get player projections.


Twicketmaster by Amari Butler

Find people reselling event tickets on twitter


Phago by Lucy Chen

A game in which you play as a macrophage trying to eat all of the bacteria.

Lua with LOVE2D as a framework

Game Windows App macOS App


Bubble pop by Frederico Araujo

It is a chrome extension that allows users to rate the bias of a website and see other user's ratings.



Cookbook.com by Ricardo Shawki Marrero-Alattar

Make recipes and find recipes from users using specific search filters to optimize your recipe search.


ChatLingo by Tracy Chen

ChatLingo is a web app that connects language teachers around the world through a shared timetable and helps them organise class exchanges through it.


SmartBudget! by Eric Jose Vasquez Reyes

A web application that helps users budget their money in a better, easier, and funner way!


Harmon-E by Robert Mitchell Sharum

An interactive piano teaching website that allows user to create actual music.


Pokedex by Steve Dalla

It provides the user with information regarding all Pokémon.


Roadtrip.io by Adam Shokry Mohamed

A webapp that generates an efficient roadtrip plan given user preferences


CivicEngine by Pratyush Mallick

CivicEngine is a Peer-2-Peer Campus Voter Canvassing tool. It allows students to find information how to take civic actions and participate in elections at all levels of the ballot.

Civic Engine by Albert Jie Qi

Civic Engine is a Peer-2-Peer Campus Voter Canvassing tool.

CSS JavaScript


Suplyr Pro by Ryan Ixtlahuac

A vendor management platform for small businesses


Anagrams & Palindromes by Joel Rakhamimov

It finds anagrams and palindromes and can check for them too!


Veritas by Finnian Robinson

A chrome extension to flag fake news sites


Fruitfully by Devinder S. Sarai

Fruitfully is a mobile app that scans expiry dates of products and reminds the user when they are about to expire so that they do not go to waste.


TogetherHealth by Khoi Anh Nguyen

Matches users with health insurance plans

TogetherHealth by Raunak Daga

Matching customers with appropriate health insurance plans


Personify by Brandon Lee Kingdollar

The Spotify Personality Test


U.S. School Shootings by Sam (Sam'aan) Saba

A deeper look into school shooting occurrences in the United States.


Vocabuilder by Alyssa Ross

Will help you remember the words you didn't know from your class reading.

TogetherHealth by Saketh Bharadwaj Mynampati

A website that allows users to find a health plan best suited to their needs.

Study Buddy by Callum Charles Taylor

Study budy monitors the user's attentivenes and awards breaks for attentive studying.

Ajax CSS HTML JavaScript Python SQL Swift


LearnOnline by Rodrick Naphtal Shumba

A web app for tutors and threes to interact world wide


The Allergenius by Ricardo Razon

This is a search-engine of reviews and ratings of how restaurants in Cambridge, MA accommodate food allergies/sensitivities.


benjy and will listen to your music by Benjy Wall-Feng

website presenting facial analysis of user's spotify data

benjy and will listen to your music by Will Seokwon Hahn

A python application which analyzes Spotify user data.

Orpheus by Michael Zhao

Orpheus is a music splitter and stem player that lets you play individual instrumental/vocal parts of your favorite song.


Golf Stat Tracker by Adam Xiao

The Ultimate Website for Avid and Amateur Golfers to track their key statistics

CollegePal by Vanessa Oreoluwa Ibrahim

A Website to help college students organize their lives.


Medic.ly by Omar Mohammad Siddiqui

Medical Hub for logging patients, checking prescriptions, and learning about covid.


Prudent by Oziel Flores

Finding an affordable place to stay - made easy!


book club by Kenny Chidi Ikeji

social media app for readers


Crimson Connections by Eliza Kimball

A tutoring company with a homework organizer


Interworld by Devin Doherty

Computer game

Tetris by Christopher Thaddeus Doyle

An out-of-this-world gaming experience.


CultureBoos by Nia Orakwue

Website to assist Igbo or Yoruba Language learners


Fitness50 by Yegor Tverdokhlibov

Fitness50 is a fitness platform that helps achieve your personal goals


Music By Diary by Ni Ye

Create your own music by writing texts.


The Fashion Guide by Brave Jeremie Mugisha

A web app that stores outfits.

αMail by Andrew Lu

An app or website that sorts your emails in order of importance based on relevant features.


Style Calculator by Jessica Shiflett

A calculator that determines your specific style and offers outfit recommendations and inspiration.

CSS Flask HTML JavaScript Python

Style Calculator by Edward Lee

This is a website that takes in fashion preferences and offers relevant styling advice.

Music Transposition Tool by Azim Bankole Raheem

A music transposition tool which will take an original key, a key that you want to transpose to and 4 notes to be transposed in the new key


Quotebot by Lauren Byunn-Rieder

Quotebot will accept submitted quotes, store them in a SQL database per server, and return random quotes when prompted.

Route to Home (stylized as √2 Home) by Raymond Wu

A plane and bus travel ticket comparison tool


Homerunner by Cara Xinyi Yu

A webapp that allows users to submit, fulfill, and view homeless peoples’ requests on a map.

Ruby-Based Website

Homerunner by Matt Tengtrakool

Homerunner is a webapp that allows community members to share resources with homeless individuals.

Homerunner by Janny Liao

A webapp that allows community members to share resources with homeless individuals


Data Processing and Analysis Using Four Parameter Logistic Regression in Python by Joel Enrique Ramirez

Processing and Analyzing ELISA data using non linear regression in python

Processing data specific to the lab work I will be doing.


BlockTrade by John Fitzgibbons

A website that allows users to research and paper trade cryptocurrencies.


Infinite Money Hack by Andrew Chonghao Li

AI Bitcoin trader


Napchat by Jared Hu

A social media app for logging sleep hours so students can motivate each other to sleep more


HealthFreak by Sadaf Tazbir Khan

It is a website with tools one can utilize to improve their health with.

The Chew Guide by Sierra Frisbee

You know how we have the Q Guide for deciding if a class is worth taking or not? Well the Chew Guide is the same thing but for deciding if it’s worth eating at Annenberg for a given meal in which people rate the foods they try, and the average is displayed for the whole freshman class to see!

CSS Flask HTML JavaScript Python SQL


EliteSleep by Niels Heise Korsgaard

EliteSleep is a webapplication for student athletes to make them more aware of the importance of sleep.


Harry's Workout Generator! by Harry Shams

A website that generates a single workout session either randomly or based on specific preferences from the user.


Feedback50 by Chris Nash

A PHP and SQL-based web app for doctors to leave feedback to trainees in the emergency department.



Techytyper by Yesake A Teshale

Typing speed game


Financial Literacy by Adan Salcedo Perez

Introduction to investment asset classes and behavioral biases.


Bot Arena by Mack W Fina

Top down arena shooter

Roomies by Anapaula Barba

Our projects helps college students find matches to their personalities so they can be roommates.


Retrofit Kendall Square by Sihui CHEN

A web app for visualizing the geospatial data analysis

Music Transposition Tool by Kai Hylton Reed

A system allowing users to transpose music and visualize musical notes.


StudyCal by Rebeca Roza Fontoura

A web application that schedules study sessions and lets the user report on such sessions, based on the reports that are accumulated, our website creates a customized feedback page with study statistics that can help the user build better study habits.

CSS HTML JavaScript Jinja Python


DTC CS Camps by Nicole Yee Chen

A website that displays the nonprofit, DTC Computer Science Camp's, information, registration, and resources to name just a few.


3D Solar System Model by Rohil Dhaliwal

A webpage that simulates an interactive 3D model of the solar system as well as information about each planet.


Stagemix by Hoon Shin

A card game where players compete to build the best kpop group.


John's List by Blake Orion Woodford

This is a craigslist type website for harvard students to list and buy stuff on campus.


moodify by Vincent Boersch-Supan

Create color palettes randomly or from an image, search for images based on a color palette, or apply color palettes to an image

C CSS HTML JavaScript Python


ArtHist - An iOS App by Melinda Leyuan Modisette

ArtHist allows users to either take a photo of a painting or select a photo from their Photo Library, and the app will then find the name of the famous painting using an image matching algorithm I created.


StageMix by Lindsay Acacia Blocker

A multiplayer card-game where players compete for the best k-pop lineup

Timegiver by Kyra Mo

Directly match your available time with service opportunities.

3D Solar System Model by Daniel James Sun-Friedman

It simulates the orbits of the planets of the sun and contains webpages with details on each individual planet.


Spark by Hannah J Kim

Questbridge mentorship matching website

3D Solar System Model by Omar Mohamed Elsayed Elshamy

3D animated model of the solar system with specific information about each planet.

"Live Server" Extension Chrome Extension JavaScript VS Code macOS App


Sorter by Kayla Mauricia Zethelyn

Analyzes songs in your playlist and sorts them into newly created playlists based on mood

Python program


Secret Santa by Danai-Christina Avdela

Platform which randomly selects which person will send a gift to which within a group of friends


StoryMagna by Alphania Wanjira Muthee

A webapp that allows users to post, read and like short stories and poems


Sculptor by Isabella Edsparr

An exercise website for women


Jovan's Creative Portfolio by Jovan Lim

A collection of my poetry - my creative portfolio!


PackMyBag by Martin Herrera

Save your trips and get a packing list for them based on your destination and real-time weather data.

The sudoku solver by Henry Cohen Fisher

A website which takes in an unsolved sudoku and gives a step-by-step explanation of how to solve it.

StudyCal by Joao Henrique Teixeira Santos

A calendar to schedule study sessions and report your experiences in each of them.

History Class-Matcher by Collin Robert Bergstrom

Helps History Concentrators see what classes they need to take to fulfill their requirements


Beat Bearing by Connor Watson Carriger

A tangible online drum sequencer based on an instrument invented by Peter Bennet

Fitness50 by Mir Zayid Alam

A fitness education guide and planner, including diet and exercise.

TechyTyper by Eyad Yasser Elsafoury

A typing game


My Golf Tracker by Mario Palarino

My Golf Tracker is a web-based application using JavaScript, Python, and SQL that lets golfers log stats from prior rounds of golf.


TYPE WON by Will Berkley

It is a web app that lets users interact with their dexcom data.


Cupid's Arrow by Fadzai Ngwerume

Dating website

Music by Diary by Guangya Zhu

Allow users to create their own music by writing texts. Music is created by detecting text's emotion and length


Trick or Rate by Kyle Shin

Rate streets based on different attributes on Halloween!


SENSE by Namira Mehedi

It is a mental health web application to see how emotionally well-balanced.

CSS HTML Java JavaScript

Node.js-Based PHP-Based Website Website


CS50 Hone Security Camera by Marcus Edward Shoberg

A self managed home security camera reachable by an html webpage

Raspberry Pi App


I'm First by Aisha Mubashir Khan

An all-in-one resource for first-gen college students


It's Always Sunny (So Wear Sunscreen!) by Carrie Luk

Provides a sunscreen recommendation based on a quiz.


Lift Record by Luke Nicholls

Save your favorite workouts and personal weightlifting records


Content Design 101 by Tiffany Ng

A website introducing the up-and-coming discipline of content design


tier.io by Thomas Orozco

A tierlist web game.


Carbon Footprint Calculator by Axel Kaellenius

Carbon Footprint Calculator


A Yalie's Food Adventure by Tia Hsieh

A Yalie's Food Adventure allows you to input any combination of mealtime, cuisine, and budget, to give you food recommendations of restaurants that will encourage you to explore the diverse New Haven food scene!


Coup by Efe Torunoglu

Its a digital version of the game coup


Comedy@Yale by Lauren Salzman

Helping first-years understand and keep-up with the thriving Yale comedy scene, with some fun surprises along the way.


Build Your MLB Team by Jared Fel

A web-based application that allows a user to select from a database of all MLB players — current and historic — as they build up a lineup of eight hitters that represent one of eight positions in baseball and five pitchers that represent the five-man pitching rotation most MLB teams currently employ.


Capybara Crossing by Miranda Jeyaretnam

A 2D side-scrolling game where you play as a capybara and try to avoid cacti by jumping over them — some of the cacti may chase you!

PyGame Python


YalEats by Jacqueline Rossi

A website that enables Yalies to schedule meals on campus with fellow Yalies.

YalEats by Andrea Cardenas

Social network that allows you to schedule meals with friends.


Yale Nutrition by Peter Williams

It is a web app that allows you to track Yale Dining options in a calorie log.


Physics Simulation by Jenny Giampalmo

Interactive model of physics problems


F.A.T - Fitness Assistance Tool by Dylan Oberst

Workout tracker and recommender


The Nexum Project by Lucie Warga

The Nexum Project is a website that connects companies who need web development help with students who want more coding experience.

The Nexum Project by Sharon Lin

A platform satisfying the demand for website developers by connecting students and businesses


Offside by João Bernardo Souza Pachêco

Website where soccer players can log in their stats, check the stats' progressions and compare their performance to their friends'.

CSS HTML JavaScript SQL jinja and json


Lie-Ability by Parisa Vaziri

Lie-Ability allows users to make informed decisions when deciding whom to hire by analyzing crime scene DNA to ensure that they understand the backgrounds of their potential employees!


swifted by Cheryl Chen

A social website for Taylor Swift fans

swifted by Carly Benson

A social media site for Taylor Swift fans

swifted by Isaac Yu

A social website for fans of Taylor Swift


Pixelation Pro by Tony Potchernikov

Provides a way for artists to create an online gallery to share their work, much like they might when creating a gallery in a museum

Pixelation-PRO by Judith Chang

Online social website specially designed for artists to create and share galleries.


Blackjack Decision Maker by Paul Chiu

A website that can support your maximize your expected return in casino.


Yale Lost and Found Network by Joseph Ismail

A social network that allows Yale students to help each other recover lost belongings on campus.


Ben's Amazing Chinese Writing Tool by Ben Sterling

Classifying Chinese Characters using a Convolutional Neural Network with user inputted characters

F.A.T.- Fitness Assistance Tool by Rohit Misra

Fitness tool, that records workouts, calculates caloric deficit/surplus, and recommends new workouts based on user input height, weight, age and sex


yalies eat by Winiboya Aboyure

A website that allows Yale students to explore local restaurants.

Yalies Eat by Alika Ting

Website that gives Yalies easy access to New Haven restaurants


Wild Switch by Andrew Cramer

Wild Switch is an online platform that allows users to view, "buy", and "sell" baseball cards.


Wild Switch by Nicole Pierce

It's a virtual baseball card trading platform.


Nine Lives by Philomena Wu

A text-based adventure game


Welcome to Desmos! by Julia Levy

For my Final Project for CS50, I decided to make a website that makes Desmos more accessible for anyone to learn.


E-MOTION by Daniel Metaferia

A social space for dancers


Gift Directory by Lydia Kaup

Our project helps users find gifts for loved ones using a personality quiz.


Bouncer by Camila Otero

It is a website that allows hosts to create parties and allows people attending parties to see the parties they've been invited to and parties that are open to all.


Librerapy by Ashley Duraiswamy

A mental health resource that assesses an emotional problem you're currently facing and offers you a corresponding book recommendation


Bake: What's Cookin' Good Lookin' by Megan Grimes

website that tells you what you can bake with the ingredients you have

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'? by Meredith Ryan

Returns recipes that you can make based on the ingredients in your pantry


Impossible RPG by Jeffrey Zhou

An action based game in which you kill monsters and level until you kill the boss.

Game Python-based

Gift directory by Victoria Lacombe

We assign potential gift ideas based on a personality quiz result.


Rowing training Diary by Harry Keenan

An online platform where we can record our training data.

Lie-Ability by Urszula Solarz

Web app offering users the ability to compare two types of genetic information to determine if a certain person committed a crime in a certain location.


QSol by Abubakar Abdi

Web app that allows users to track their position in queues.


Self-CBT by Zakaria Nfaoui

A self therapy website with a stress log, self-diagnoses quiz, and additional mental health resources.


Epic Music SIte by Adam Zapatka

Social media to connect users based on music taste.

Rowing Training Diary by Nick Phillips

A training log specifically for rowers, where users can input sessions and metrics data


Yale Tree Hole by Lindsay Chen

ale Tree Hole is a forum where users can post, reply, search for, edit, and/or delete their own posts. All posts and comments are anonymous and will be deleted after 24 hours of their posting, creating a safer space for users to speak their minds, as compared to identifiable social media platforms.

JavaScript Python


Wings by Dalina Morón

Website for a Patagonian artist (AKA, my mom)



Typing Terror by Aryaan Khan

Typing Terror is a 2D typing game where you must type fast in order to protect a town from incoming boulders threatening to destroy it.


The Extra Mile by Adalen Hammond

An interactive website for aspiring marathon runners to find training resources

Yale Tree Hole by Xinning Shao

Yale Tree Hole is an anonymous forum where all posts will be deleted in 24 hours.


MusicReviewer by Nathan Mai

A website to review music albums.

CSS Flask HTML Java JavaScript Jinja Python SQL

Treehole by Wenyi Xu

Yale Treehole is an anonymous forum where all posts will be deleted in 24 hours.

MusicReviewer by Leila Nsangou

A website to review music albums socially.

CSS Flask HTML JavaScript Python SQL jinja


Secret Santa by Annie Nguyen

This website allows users to organize a Secret Santa activity among their friends.


Recess by Beecher Porter

An interactive platform where college students can share a variety of places to help escape the stresses of a busy college schedule.


Survival Guide to Layering by Iris Tsouris

A website that instructs users on how to dress based on the weather of their current location.


Fitprog by Sameeran Das

The project is a weightifting planner.

Fitprog by Christopher Yoo

A fitness planning website

Recess by Tommy Martin

A place for Yale students to find things to do outside of school.


Music's Home by Joshua Bialkin

A sheet music reader and annotator.


PONG by Alex Deng

A game of PONG

PONG by Jed Jones

GML it is the language in GMS2

Bouncer by Tetsu Kurumisawa

Party invitation website


ErgData 50 by Cameron Matossian

A website that allows the user to track, submit, and analyze their erg data.


Rubiks Cube Solver by Marcus Ramirez

Solves a Rubik's Cube

ErgData50 by Michael Garchitorena

A website that allows a user to submit, analyze, and track one's erging data.

Secret Santa by Alexander Oh

It is a website that allows friends to choose secret santas in private for the holidays.


Tech Scandal Detector by Josh Lam

A web app that measures the reputation of large tech companies in the media


Music Mixing 50: MM50 by Kenny Li

A centralized hub to share my own work and allow users who are interested in making their own mashups to get started!


Hookshot Havoc by Sam Crumlish

Short Puzzle-Platformer game made in LOVE2D


Wavy by Federico Lora

Discord Music Bot


Talk to Me Nice by Yasmeen Adeleke

Positive Affirmations Catalog


Daily Questions by Lucy Minden

You answer a question/day, and the website stores your responses and returns analytics about them.

JavaScript Python SQL


GreedyKitty by Ziyao Zhang

2D platform game

Daybook by Marla Mackoul

Every day of the year has a unique question, track your answers across the years.


TCHR's Assistant by Michelle Zheng

Discord bot for Nitrotype Team TCHR

Chrome Extension Discord Bot

DayBook by Isabel Coleman

The user has the option to answer a different question each day of the year. The website tracks the responses and allows the user to see how they've changed over time.

CSS HTML JavaScript Python if that counts jinja


Who Represents Me? by Matthew Cline

Web app that provides users information about everyone who represents them in government, from the President to the town dogcatcher.


Where's My Bulldog by Guy De La Rosa

Where's My Bulldog


Jukebox by Ariana Delgado

A platform to create, share, and discover what makes music great.


SweatStep by Joshua Bolchover

A website for workout scheduling


PickUp! by Liam Geenen

A website to help organize pickup sports games!

Jukebox by Tran Doan


SweatStep by Jinwoo Kim

A website for workout scheduling.


Plan Yale by Yara Chami

A website to allow yale students to choose their next semester courses with distributional requirements in mind.

Plan Yale by Avery DiMaria

A website that allows students to plan their next year at Yale to fulfill all of their distributional requirements.


Alpha by Jesus Cebreros

Website to learn 2 of the Japanese Alphabets.


The Hub Piece by Richard Corrente

A website for fans of the manga series/anime called One Piece


Yalieats by Marcus Lisman

Yalieats: A better way to discover your next New Haven meal


Tetriscript by Jieming Tang

Tetris implemented as a Javascript Web application

Game Node.js-Based Website


Astro by Randy Munoz

Casual Stargazing Aid


Chess50 by Gabriel Thomaz Vieira

Chess game against friend or engine


Choose Your Own Variable by Carlos HerbozoOsco

"You decide."


i can sign! by Fatima Kamara

I teaches the user ASL.

I Can Sign by Nana Akua Annoh-Quarshie

A website that teaches ASL


Content by Luke Mozarsky

A web application that gives tv show and movie recommendations based on custom parameters, or parameters corresponding to an existing title of the user's choice.


Study Docs by Julian Tweneboa Kodua

A centralized resource hub for academic classes at Yale


Money Manager by Kat Moon

Website that allows users to manage money better.

Where's My Bulldog by Walker Wells

Our website displays an interactive map that shows the home addresses of all Yale students, and allows Yalies to find others from their home town.

Computer Science Project

Computer science is an exciting and ever-evolving field that offers endless possibilities for students to explore various technologies and applications. However, choosing the right project topic in computer science that aligns with your interests, skills, and career aspirations can be daunting.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the ultimate guide to computer science project topics and ideas for students. Computer science projects are an excellent way for students to showcase their skills, creativity, and passion for technology. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, working on a cs project can help you develop essential skills and gain valuable experience in the industry.

From developing bespoke software applications to building robots and creating digital art, countless cs project ideas can help you stand out and make a lasting impression on your professors. 

Our guide will not only give you a list of computer project topics that will help you to boost your grade and put your academic records ahead of others. You’ll also explore some of the most exciting and innovative ideas for your   project report writing help .  These projects for computer science students make your academic years more productive and give you all the required skills to master the subject.  

Why Projects For Computer Science Has Immense Significance in Student Life  

Computer science projects are essential for students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and programming skills. Additionally, projects in computer science promote creativity and innovation, encouraging students to think outside the box and develop creative solutions for real-life technical problems.

Students can apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations through these projects, preparing them for future technology careers. With the increasing demand for technology-based skills, computer science projects can provide a valuable foundation for students to excel academically. 

Best Computer Science Project Topics of 2023    

As 2023 approaches, students are considering their upcoming computer science projects. With so many potential projects in computer science topics to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to start. Here you will explore some of the best computer science project topics for 2023. These will surely help you to stay ahead of your classmates.  

  • Develop Mobile Applications: Students can gain hands-on experience in mobile application development by creating iOS or Android apps. This involves designing the user interface, implementing features using various programming languages, and testing the app for usability. 
  • Build Intelligent Systems: Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be explored by building intelligent systems. Similarly, students can learn about algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning techniques to create models that predict outcomes or recognize patterns. 
  • Create Dynamic Websites: Students can create responsive and interactive web pages using widely used web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They can also learn server-side scripting, user experience, and responsive design to create dynamic and engaging web pages. 
  • Explore Computer Vision: Students can explore the world of computer vision by building recognition systems. They can learn about image processing, feature extraction, and object recognition techniques to create systems that detect and identify objects in images or videos. 
  • Cybersecurity: Students can learn about cybersecurity by building security systems and networks. They can learn about encryption, authentication, and access control to create systems resistant to hacking and other cyber threats. 
  • Data Science: Students can delve into the world of data science by analyzing and visualizing data using popular tools like Python, R, and Tableau. They can understand data preprocessing, data mining, and machine learning to create models that make predictions or uncover patterns in data. 
  • Create Engaging Games: Students can create games using popular game development engines like Unity or Unreal Engine. They can learn to design games, physics simulations, and animation to make immersive and engaging games. 
  • Build Smart Systems: Students can learn about IoT by building smart devices and systems. They can learn about sensors, microcontrollers, and wireless communication to create designs that sense and respond to the environment. 
  • Develop Virtual Assistants: Students can learn about natural language processing (NLP) by building chatbots and virtual assistants. They can learn about language models, text classification, and sentiment analysis to create systems that understand and respond to human language. 
  • Understand Blockchain Technology: Students can learn about blockchain by building decentralized applications (DApps) using platforms like Ethereum. They can learn about smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and cryptography to create secure and transparent systems. 

Each cs project topic can provide students with an innovative and challenging learning experience, helping them develop their programming, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Students can choose a topic project in computer science that interests them. It enables them to get in-depth knowledge about the subject and provides real-life experience with guidance from their professors or tutors. 

Benefits of working on computer science projects

Master 5 Essential Skills with Computer Science Project Topics  

Computer science projects are an excellent way for students to learn and master essential skills in computer science. With rapid technological advancements, students need to gain practical experience in their field of study. So, we will explore the five essential skills students can master by working on computer science project topics. 

  • Programming: Programming is one of the most essential skills in computer science projects. Students can gain an understanding of programming languages and techniques by working on programming projects. Students can start with basic tasks, such as building a calculator or a simple game, and gradually move on to more complex projects. It will also help them develop their programming skills and gain confidence in their abilities. 
  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving is another essential skill students learn by working on computer science projects. Students will encounter various problems and challenges to overcome when working on cs projects. That will require them to use critical thinking skills to develop innovative solutions. By doing so, they will develop problem-solving skills, which will be valuable for their academic years to achieve success and even beneficial for flourish in their future careers. 
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is an essential skill in the field of computer science. Students will often work on projects in teams and must learn how to collaborate effectively to achieve their goals. Also, students will learn how to communicate with team members, delegate tasks, and resolve conflicts by working on projects. These skills will be valuable not only in their future careers but also in their personal lives. 
  • Time Management: Time management is essential to succeed academically and professionally. Students must learn to manage their time effectively to meet project deadlines when working on computer science projects. This will require them to prioritize tasks, set goals, and create a schedule. Doing so, they will develop time management skills, which will be invaluable in their future careers. 
  • Unique Ideation: Finally, computer science projects provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop their creativity. Students can get innovative ideas and come up with unique yet real-life solutions to problems when working on projects. That will also require them to think outside the box and experiment with different approaches. Doing so helps to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.  

Basic Tips for Choosing a Computer Science Project Topic  

When choosing a computer science project topic, many factors must be considered. Selecting a topic that aligns with your interests, skills, and career aspirations is essential. Below are some tips to help you choose an engaging and informative computer science project topic. 

  • Identify your Interests: Choose a cs project topic that aligns with your interests and passions. It will keep you motivated throughout the project and help you stay focused. 
  • Consider your Skills: Prefer a project that leverages your current computer science skills and knowledge. That will enable you to complete the project successfully and gain valuable experience.
  • Research Current Trends: Look for cs project ideas aligned with current trends and technologies in computer science. It will ensure that your project is relevant and has the potential to make an impact. 
  • Consult with your Professors and Peers: Discuss feedback on your cs project idea with your professors and peers. They can provide valuable insights and help you refine your computer science project topic. 
  • Evaluate the Project’s Scope: Make sure your project topic is feasible within the given timeframe and resources. Consider the complexity of the project and the level of effort required to complete it. 

Bonus Tips to Take Your Computer Science Project to the Next Level!  

We have already discussed the basic tips above, though it is not enough for the ultimate guide for students. Our experts jotted down some bonus tips to help with computer science homework for students to follow. It helps them under…

  • Resources for Learning:  Use online courses and tutorials to get in-depth knowledge about your project. You can join forums that will assist you in acquiring the essential skills and knowledge related to your project topic. These resources will support you in gaining a profound comprehension and implementing advanced techniques.
  • Effective Project Management: Learn valuable project management techniques, including the planning of projects, end-to-end execution, and thorough monitoring. Applying these will help you to complete your projects successfully. 
  • Collaborative Tools: Familiarize yourself with various collaboration tools and software to manage project tasks efficiently. These tools enable seamless communication and coordination among team members, ensuring smooth progress.
  • Acing Presentation and Communication Skills: Gain valuable advice on delivering impactful presentations and effectively communicating your project findings. This guide will prepare you for showcasing your work to your professors, effectively conveying the value and significance of your project.
  • Stay Updated with Industry Insights: Explore the latest trends and technologies in the computer science industry. By doing so, you can broaden your knowledge, identify potential career paths, and discover exciting opportunities within the field.

career paths in computer science

Best Computer Science Project Ideas of 2023    

Our experts have already given you some basic and bonus tips to choose projects, but understanding your requirement, we have mentioned here a list of the best computer science project ideas of 2023.  Here are five innovative project ideas that can make you at the top of your class.  

  • AI-Powered Personal Shopping Assistant: Develop an intelligent chatbot to help shoppers find the right products based on their preferences and previous purchases. 
  • Virtual Classroom Platform: Create a virtual classroom platform that allows students and teachers to connect and learn anywhere. 
  • Voice Assistant for People with Disabilities: Develop a voice assistant to help people with disabilities perform everyday tasks such as making phone calls, sending texts, and controlling smart home devices. 
  • Autonomous Delivery Drone: Create a drone that uses GPS and computer vision to deliver packages independently to customers’ homes. 
  • Health Monitoring Wearable: Develop a wearable device that monitors vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and alerts users in case of abnormalities. 

Best Computer Science Project Ideas For Beginners  

If you’re a newbie to computer science, starting with project ideas that are relatively easy to implement and require minimal programming skills is essential. The following are the best computer science project ideas for beginners: 

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Game: Create a game in Python or Java with a simple user interface that allows players to play against each other on a computer. 
  • Calculator Application: Develop a calculator application that performs basic arithmetic operations and displays the results on a user interface. 
  • Weather Forecast Application: Use an API to fetch weather conditions and forecasts for a specific location and display them on a user interface. 
  • Chat Application: Build a simple chat application with real-time communication capabilities using a server-client model. 
  • Password Generator: Develop a password generator that generates random passwords of varying lengths and complexity based on user input. 

Ideas for Final Year Project for Computer Science Students   

Choosing a final year project for computer science that aligns with career aspirations and interests is crucial for final-year students. The following are the best computer science project ideas for final-year students: 

  • Machine Learning-Based Stock Price Prediction: Develop a machine learning model to predict stock prices based on historical data. 
  • Automated News Summarization: Create a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm that automatically summarizes news articles. 
  • Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data: Develop a sentiment analysis algorithm that can analyze social media data and determine the overall sentiment of users. 
  • Traffic Management System: Create a traffic management system to analyze traffic patterns and suggest alternative routes to reduce traffic congestion. 
  • Cybersecurity for IoT Devices: Develop a cybersecurity solution for IoT devices that protects them from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. 

10 Mini Computer Science Project Ideas For Students

Final Verdicts   

Choosing the right computer science project topic can be challenging for students. Fortunately, this guide provides various cs project ideas and topics matching your interests and skills. Selecting a project topic that challenges you often showcases your abilities if it’s aligns with your academic requirements.  Thus, a good selection of computer science project topics can help you to achieve academic success.   

If you need help identifying a suitable topic or completing your project, TutorBin is here to help. We provide project report writing help and homework help services to students worldwide. Our experienced tutors can guide and support you throughout project development, ensuring you achieve your desired grades and excel academically. 

Most Popular FAQs on Computer Science Project Topics and Ideas  

What is a project in computer science  .

The projects in computer science involve applying the principles and concepts of computer science to solve a specific problem. 

How Do I Choose a Computer Science Project Topic?  

Choose a topic for a project in computer science that aligns with your interests and skills. Also, have practical implementation potential that aligns with your academic requirements and future career aspirations. 

What are CS Project Ideas?  

Students can consider various CS project ideas, such as developing a speech recognition system, creating a digital marketing platform, building a machine learning-powered recommendation engine, or designing a mobile-based voting system. 

What are Some Project Topics in Computer Science?  

Project topics in computer science are developing a mobile application, creating a web-based project management system, designing a cloud-based file-sharing system, and building a real-time traffic monitoring system. 

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computer science student projects

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computer science student projects

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computer science student projects

  • Audience: High school students, grades 9 - 12
  • Curriculum length: A minimum of 140 class hours; should be taught as a full-year course. Contains 9 units, which includes an AP Exam Prep unit.
  • Prior knowledge: For students, Computer Science Principles, Computer Science Discoveries, and/or a similar introductory computer science course. Teachers who are able to independently write and debug an error-free function (or procedure) with one or more parameters and that uses conditional logic, loops, and an array (or a list) will be best positioned to use our CSA curriculum with students.
  • Optional professional learning : Our year-long program is intended to support both teachers experienced with Code.org curriculum and tools and teachers who are new to Code.org. Read more about the robust support structure for teachers in our Professional Learning program on the Professional Learning page .
  • Cost to use curriculum: None
  • Languages: English only

computer science student projects

  • Curriculum length: 100-180 hours, should be taught as a full-year course. Contains 10 units, including a Create Performance Task prep unit.
  • Prior knowledge: None! Just bring your curiosity.
  • Optional professional learning : Our yearlong program includes a 1-week summer workshop, 24 hours' worth of follow up workshops during the academic year, and online support through the Code.org teacher forum.

computer science student projects

  • Audience: Middle and high school students, grades 6 - 10
  • Curriculum length: 50-150 hours, can be taught as a semester or full-year course

computer science student projects

  • Audience: Elementary students, ages 4-11
  • Curriculum length: 6 courses, 10-25 hours each, optimized for grades K-5
  • Prior Knowledge: None! Just bring your curiosity
  • Optional professional learning : 1-day workshop, in-person in the US and online globally.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, and 10 other languages.

computer science student projects

  • Audience: Students ages 9-18
  • Curriculum length: 30 hours

computer science student projects

  • Audience: Pre-readers, ages 4-8
  • Curriculum length: 10-14 hours

Elementary school

Middle school, high school.

computer science student projects

Classic Maze

A yellow bird flying between green pipes.

Flappy Code

Five characters from the Froze, Tangled, and Big Hero 6 standing together.

Infinity Play Lab

An image collage showing a blue cat, goofy dog, and prehistoric weasel.

Dance Party

A happy cat, sloth, and shark dancing.

AI for Oceans

computer science student projects

Accelerated Course

computer science student projects

Unplugged Lessons

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing an elephant and a squirrel.

Course A (2023)

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing an explorer, gems, and a flower.

Course B (2023)

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing a squirrel, binary numbers, and a red bird from the game Angry Birds.

Course C (2023)

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing a bee, flowers, honey, and a green pig from the game Angry Birds.

Course D (2023)

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing a person holding a shovel, pumpkin, orchard, and cow.

Course E (2023)

A collage of Code.org puzzles showing colorful geometric shapes, a red pirate, and an artist.

Course F (2023)

computer science student projects

Express Course (2023)

computer science student projects

Pre-reader Express (2023)

20 hour courses for, computer science fundamentals (all ages).

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Top 10 Projects in Computer Science For Students In 2023

Top 10 Projects in Computer Science

In the fast-paced world of computer science, practical application plays a crucial role in enhancing knowledge and skills. Undertaking projects not only strengthens your problem-solving abilities but also opens doors to innovative solutions. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an enthusiast, engaging in computer science projects can provide valuable experience. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 projects in computer science for students, covering various areas of study and catering to all levels of expertise.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, there is sure to be a project on this list that is right for you. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next computer science project today!

What is Computer Science?

Table of Contents

The study of computers and computational systems is known as computer science. It is a broad field that includes everything from the algorithms that make up software to how software interacts with hardware to how well software is developed and designed.

In addition, computer science is a fascinating and rapidly growing field. It is the basis for many other disciplines, including data science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. Computer science is also essential for many industries, such as healthcare, finance, and transportation.

Tips On Choosing the Best Computer Science Project Ideas For Students

Before starting the top 10 projects in computer science, we will discuss tips for choosing the best project. Here are some tips on choosing the best computer science project ideas for students:

  • Choose a project that interests you: This will make the project more enjoyable, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
  • Choose a project that is challenging but achievable: You don’t want to choose a project that is too difficult, or you’ll get discouraged.
  • Choose a project that has a clear goal: What do you want to achieve with your project? Once you’ve determined your goal, you can begin planning how to achieve it.
  • Choose a project that has a deadline: This can help you in remaining motivated and on track.
  • Choose a project that is relevant to your interests or career goals: This will allow you to learn new skills and gain valuable experience for the future.
  • Choose a project that is open-ended and allows you to be creative: This will give you the opportunity to explore your own ideas and come up with innovative solutions.

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Top 10 Projects in Computer Science For Students

Here are the top 10 projects in computer science for students:

1. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry has shown great promise. Students can undertake projects that involve developing AI-powered diagnostic tools, predicting disease outbreaks, or designing personalized treatment plans. This area not only showcases the power of AI but also contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.

Benefits of This Project

  • AI may help doctors in more accurately and efficiently diagnose diseases.
  • AI can help doctors create personalized treatment plans for each patient.
  • It can help reduce healthcare costs by automating tasks and improving efficiency.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Home Automation

IoT is revolutionizing how we interact with our living spaces. Students can work on projects to build smart home systems that can control appliances, lighting, security, and environmental conditions remotely. Implementing voice commands and creating energy-efficient solutions will be valuable additions to such projects. However, IoT is one of the best projects among the top 10 projects in computer science.

  • IoT home automation can make your life more convenient by allowing you to control your home’s devices remotely.
  • It will help you in saving money on your energy bills as well as your monthly security costs.
  • It can help you save energy by allowing you to control your home’s devices and appliances remotely.

3. Blockchain-Based Applications

Blockchain technology has garnered immense attention for its potential to provide secure and transparent solutions. Students can explore blockchain-based applications in various domains, such as supply chain management, voting systems, or decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. These projects can offer valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized networks.

  • Blockchain records transactions in a transparent and immutable manner.
  • It is a secure and tamper-proof way to store data.
  • Blockchain can help to improve efficiency by reducing the need for intermediaries.

4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbots

NLP chatbots are a well-known project among the top 10 projects in computer science. NLP-powered chatbots are transforming customer service interactions. Students can develop chatbots capable of understanding and responding to natural language queries, streamlining communication between businesses and their customers. Enhancing the chatbot’s accuracy and responsiveness will be key objectives for such projects.

  • NLP chatbots can help to reduce costs by automating tasks and freeing up human resources for other tasks.
  • It can help to enhance the brand image by providing a positive and engaging customer experience.
  • It can provide 24/7 customer service that is more personalized and efficient than traditional customer service channels.

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Experiences

AR and VR technologies are reshaping how we perceive and interact with the world. Students can create immersive educational experiences, virtual tours, or interactive training simulations. Such projects enable users to explore new environments and scenarios, making learning engaging and enjoyable.

Benefits of AR/VR Project

  • AR/VR can create immersive and engaging experiences that can help people learn and interact with the world in new ways.
  • It can be used to create more engaging and effective educational experiences than traditional methods.
  • AR/VR can be used to create training experiences that are more realistic and effective than traditional methods.

6. Data Visualization and Analysis

In the age of big data, the ability to analyze and present data effectively is crucial. Students can work on projects that involve visualizing complex datasets, deriving meaningful insights, and presenting them in user-friendly formats. These projects can cater to various domains, including business analytics, environmental studies, or social sciences.

  • Data visualization can help you better understand your data by presenting it in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Data visualization can help you communicate your insights to others in a way that is clear and concise.
  • It can help you identify trends in your data, which can help you make better decisions.

7. Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions is the best project in the top 10 projects in computer science. With the rise in cyber threats, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for organizations and individuals alike. Students can focus on projects that develop innovative cybersecurity solutions, such as intrusion detection systems, ransomware protection, or data encryption techniques, to safeguard digital assets and privacy. 

  • Cybersecurity solutions can help organizations comply with regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • It will help lower the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and reputational harm.
  • It can help enhance security by implementing best practices and policies.

8. Mobile Application Development

The world’s reliance on mobile devices continues to grow, creating ample opportunities for students to explore mobile application development. Projects can range from developing utility apps, gaming applications, or social networking platforms, allowing students to gain experience in the rapidly expanding mobile app market.

  • Mobile apps can be used to reach a wider audience than traditional websites or software.
  • It can increase sales by providing a convenient way for users to purchase products or services.
  • Mobile apps can collect data about users, which can be used to improve products and services.

9. Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation are transforming industries by optimizing processes and increasing efficiency. Students can undertake projects that involve building robotic systems capable of performing tasks in manufacturing, agriculture, or even assisting people with disabilities. These projects encourage innovative problem-solving and creativity. Moreover, robotics and automation is an important project among top 10 projects in computer science. 

  • Robots can be used to streamline processes, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • It can be used to reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire human workers for repetitive or dangerous tasks.
  • It can automate tasks that are repetitive or dangerous, which can free up human workers to focus on more creative or strategic work.

10. Cloud Computing and Scalability

As businesses and individuals move their operations to the cloud, understanding cloud computing and scalability is essential. Students can work on projects related to deploying scalable applications, optimizing cloud resources, or designing cloud-based services. These projects align with current trends in the technology industry.

  • Cloud computing can help you save money by removing the need to buy and maintain hardware and software.
  • Cloud computing can be used to provide a variety of services, allowing businesses to be more flexible and agile.
  • It can help businesses innovate by providing access to new technologies and services.

Computer science is a vast and ever-evolving field, and there are many great projects that students can work on to learn new skills and gain experience. The top 10 projects in computer science discussed in this blog post are just a few examples of the many possibilities.

The best project for you will depend on your interests, skills, and goals. If you are not sure where to start, you can talk to your professors, classmates, or mentors for advice. You can also find inspiration online or in libraries.

No matter what project you choose, working on a computer science project is a great way to learn new skills, gain experience, and make a difference in the world.

I hope this blog about top 10 projects in computer science has inspired you to start working on your next computer science project!

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Top 10 Computer Science Projects For College Students

Computer Science Projects For College Students

Computer science projects for college students can be a lot of fun, and they can also help you learn new skills and concepts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten different computer science projects for college students that you can work on during your time in college. We’ll also provide their difficulty levels, estimated completion time, and instructions on getting started. Stay tuned!

Table of Contents

Why Should You Make Projects as a College Student?

As a college student, computer science projects can be a great way to learn new skills and develop your knowledge in this exciting field.

Whether you’re interested in web development, machine learning, or computer security , there are plenty of projects that you can take on to help you grow as a computer scientist.

Top reasons for developing your own computer science projects as a college student include:

  • To learn new programming languages and frameworks
  • To develop your technical and problem-solving skills
  • To build your portfolio and have a resume ready for your first job applications
  • To collaborate with other students and work on group projects

As you can see, computer science projects offer many benefits to college students, no matter what your interests or level of experience may be.

So if you’re looking for a way to deepen your computer science knowledge and gain valuable skills, consider diving into one of the top computer science projects for college students we list below!

What Type of Projects Should You Make?

There are many different types of computer science projects that you can take on as a college student, depending on your interests and skill level. But not every project is worth the time and effort of building if it doesn’t align with your goals and future career direction. So what type of projects should you pick?

  • Projects aligned with your intended future specialization – this could be web development projects, mobile apps, machine learning programs, PC software, and others, depending on what you intend to specialize in as a professional engineer.
  • Projects that look good to future employers – computer science projects can help you build and strengthen your resume, so make sure that they look good to future employers. This may mean choosing projects with a clean, polished design and user interface, or focusing on projects that demonstrate your technical skills and programming expertise.
  • Projects you are interested in or passionate about – computer science projects can be a lot of fun, especially if they are aligned with your interests and passions. So make sure that you choose computer science projects that you are genuinely excited about and motivated to complete!
  • Moderately complex but doable – in order to challenge yourself and learn something new, your projects need to be complicated enough to make you grow, as you won’t make real progress by building things you know how to develop. Besides, complex projects better show your capabilities as a developer to potential employers.

Whether you’re interested in web development, computer security, big data analysis, or a variety of other computer science topics, there are plenty of great computer science projects you can work on as a college student.

Woman Wearing Eyeglasses Using Blue and and Gray Laptop Inside Room coding Computer Science Projects For College Students

What Kind of Projects Do Employers Like to See?

In addition to the computer science projects that align with your interests and future specialization, there are also certain specifications of coding projects that employers often look for when reviewing computer science portfolios and resumes. As such, your projects should:

  • Show your problems-solving abilities
  • Address a real problem
  • Be moderately complex/featured
  • Use appropriate languages and frameworks listed in the job descriptions
  • Follow main software development principles, including unit testing
  • Have clean, readable code
  • Be described and presented well

From these, you can see that computer science projects for college students should be a mix of challenge and practicality – challenging enough to help you grow as an engineer, but still doable so that you can finish them in a reasonable timeframe.

If you want concrete examples of application patterns that look attractive to recruiters, consider the following:

  • Projects that involve working with external APIs or databases , such as those from Google , Facebook , or Twitter
  • Projects that involve data visualization or analysis , such as those using data from web crawlers, user behavioral analytics tools, or natural language processing algorithms
  • Projects that involve computer networking , such as Internet of Things (IoT) or computer security projects involving network monitoring or penetration testing
  • Projects that involve computer vision and machine learning algorithms , such as computer vision projects powered by TensorFlow
  • Computer security projects using deep learning techniques

These, of course, are only general examples of some fairly complicated project ideas and you should not feel obligated or confined to building them. Instead, be creative and find computer science projects that really interest you, as this is the best way to ensure your success and engagement with them.

How Many Personal Computer Science Projects Should You Have as a College Student?

As a college student preparing for job search and interviews, you should aim to have 2-5 projects ready for presentation on your resume. These computer science projects should be diverse in terms of their purpose, complexity, and other specifications to show off your full range of technical and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, these projects should all be well documented and described – including the languages and frameworks used, goals achieved, etc. – so that employers can get a good sense of your skills and abilities as a computer science professional.

For your coding portfolio, however, which may be hosted on your GitHub page, portfolio website , or YouTube channel as a set of video demos, you may choose to upload as many projects as you wish.

Whatever computer science projects you decide to include, make sure that they showcase your skills and abilities as a software engineer and developer, so that you can stand out from the crowd and land that dream computer science job.

man in purple suit jacket using a calculator and holding a toy house

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of computer science projects for college students, here are some top project ideas to get you started.

1. Weather App

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time required: 1 week
  • Tools: Python, JavaScript

If you are interested in building mobile apps and computer programming, why not try creating a weather app using Python or JavaScript ? This basic app pulls data from an API or other data source and displays the current temperature, precipitation forecast, and other information on a mobile device.

To complete this computer science project, you will need to have a good understanding of the basics of programming, including data types, variables, functions, and code structure.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Choose a data source for weather information, such as an API from a weather service like OpenWeatherMap .
  • Set up your development environment, such as installing Python and any necessary libraries (e.g., Flask or requests).
  • Use code libraries and tools to access the weather data, extract relevant information (e.g., current temperature), and display it on the app.
  • Test your computer science project on a mobile device, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that it functions properly and looks good.
  • Document your computer science project thoroughly, explaining how you implemented the app, any challenges you faced along the way, and any optimizations or improvements you would like to make in future iterations.

2. Booking system for tour groups

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time required: 1-2 weeks
  • Tools: Python, Django, HTML, CSS

If you are looking for computer science projects geared towards building web apps and websites, why not try creating a booking system for tour groups?

This challenging project will involve using Python, Django, HTML, and CSS to create a user-friendly interface that allows users to input their search criteria (e.g., desired date of travel, number of travelers), view available tour options, and book their preferred tour.

To complete this computer science project successfully, you will need to have a solid understanding of web development fundamentals, such as databases, front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation, and back-end programming languages like Python or Ruby on Rails.

  • Research existing website templates and themes for tour booking systems, and choose one that you feel represents your design aesthetic.
  • Set up your development environment by installing Python, Django, and any necessary libraries or frameworks (e.g., JQuery ).
  • Build the backend of your computer science project by creating a database to store tour information, designing an intuitive user interface for users to input their booking criteria, and implementing an algorithm that pulls data from the database and sorts it according to specified search criteria.
  • Create the front-end of your computer science project by using HTML and CSS to design a clean, user-friendly layout that is responsive on mobile devices.
  • Test your computer science project on multiple devices, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that it functions properly and looks great.

3. Health tracking app

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Tools: Swift, iOS SDK, XCode

This intermediate project will involve building an app that uses data from sensors or other input sources (e.g., GPS tracking, heart rate monitors) to track and display a user’s activity level, sleep quality, and other health metrics.

To complete this computer science project successfully, you will need to have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals such as object-oriented design principles, data structures and algorithms, mobile app development frameworks like SwiftUI or React Native, and the iOS SDK.

  • Research existing health tracking apps to get a sense of what types of features and functionality are popular among users.
  • Set up your development environment by installing Swift, XCode, and any necessary programming tools or frameworks (e.g., SQLite).
  • Design the user interface of your computer science project, using input sources such as sensors or GPS tracking to gather data and display it in an easy-to-understand format (e.g., charts, graphs).
  • Program the backend of your computer science project by creating algorithms that can process and analyze health data, and store it in a database for later use.
  • Test your computer science project on a range of devices, making any necessary improvements to ensure that it is user-friendly and functional.
  • Invite feedback from friends and family to get valuable insight on how you can improve your computer science project for future iterations.

person clicking Apple Watch smartwatch

4. Personal finance tracker

  • Tools: Java , Android SDK, Eclipse

Looking to build a computer science project that will help you take control of your finances? This intermediate-level project involves creating a personal finance tracker app for Android devices.

To complete this project successfully, you will need to have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals such as object-oriented design principles, data structures and algorithms, and the Android SDK.

  • Research existing personal finance tracking apps to get a sense of what features and functionality are most popular among users.
  • Set up your development environment by installing Java, Eclipse, and the Android SDK on your computer.
  • Design the user interface of your computer science project, using input sources such as bank account information or expense data to collect and display financial metrics in an easy-to-understand format (e.g., charts, graphs).
  • Program the backend of your computer science project by creating algorithms that can analyze financial data and store it in a database for future use.

5. News website based on a web scraper

  • Tools: Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

This project would involve building a news website populated by content scraped from other online sources, such as articles from popular news journals.

You would need to use web scraping libraries in Python or JavaScript to extract and process the relevant data, and then build a functional website using HTML/CSS that is easy for users to navigate and read.

The details of this project should be described in the documentation and code comments so that employers can understand how you implemented it.

  • Research and decide on news websites to scrape content from, such as CNN or The New York Times.
  • Set up a development environment for web scraping, such as installing Python and relevant libraries (e.g., Scrapy or BeautifulSoup).
  • Create your web scraper, using code libraries and tools to extract the relevant data from each news website.
  • Create a dynamic website using HTML/CSS, incorporating the scraped content and other features as desired.
  • Test the website and make any necessary optimizations or fixes to ensure that it performs well and looks good.
  • Document your computer science project thoroughly, including a description of the scraping process, code comments that explain how the website was built, and any other relevant details.
  • Time required: 2-3 days
  • Tools: Python, Django framework

This computer science project is a great way to demonstrate your understanding of computer programming and AI technologies using the Django framework. You will need to have some knowledge of natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and other computer science concepts in order to complete this project.

  • Choose a dataset that contains enough training text for your chatbot’s machine learning algorithm to learn from.
  • Set up your development environment and install the Django framework, if needed.
  • Use the Django framework to create a web app that simulates a chat interface, along with the necessary code logic and features for processing input text and responding accordingly.
  • Train your computer science project’s machine learning algorithm based on the dataset you have chosen, tweaking any parameters as needed to improve performance.
  • Test your computer science project by interacting with the chatbot, making adjustments as needed to improve its natural language processing capabilities.

white robot near brown wall

7. Music Recommendation Engine

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Time required: 4-5 days
  • Tools: Python, NumPy, SciPy, machine learning libraries

For computer science students who are interested in data mining and working with large sets of data, a music recommendation engine is an excellent project to take on.

This computer science project will require you to have a strong understanding of machine learning algorithms, including classification techniques and clustering methods. Basically, the app will work by analyzing a large dataset of music preferences and generate recommendations based on the data it finds.

  • Choose a dataset that contains information about the characteristics and preferences of different types of music. This could be a public dataset, such as the Jamendo Music dataset on Kaggle, or you may need to create your own dataset using previously collected preferences and ratings data.
  • Set up your development environment with Python and any necessary machine learning libraries (e.g., NumPy and SciPy).
  • Use the data from your chosen dataset to train a computer science project that can predict or recommend music, based on user preferences. This will likely involve implementing some form of classification algorithm, such as a decision tree or linear regression model.
  • Test your computer science project by feeding it new music and comparing its recommendations to those given by other existing music recommendation engines. Tweak any parameters as needed to improve performance and accuracy.
  • Document your computer science project thoroughly, explaining the processes you used to train your algorithm and generate recommendations, as well as any challenges or limitations you encountered along the way. Finally, share your computer science project with other developers so that they can use it too!

8. Text summarization

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Tools: Python, NLTK library

If you are interested in natural language processing and computer algorithms, a text summarization computer science project is a great way to put your skills to the test. This project involves using machine learning techniques to analyze large text datasets and create succinct summaries of the content based on key words and phrases. To complete this computer science project, you will need to have a strong understanding of basic computer algorithms, as well as the Python programming language and the NLTK library.

  • Choose a text dataset that contains information about a broad range of topics, such as news articles, blog posts, scientific papers, or books.
  • Set up your development environment using Python and the NLTK library, which will contain tools and functions for text analysis.
  • Use machine learning techniques to analyze the text dataset, looking for patterns in the content that can be used to generate a concise summary of each document. This may involve using NLP techniques for extracting keywords, identifying important phrases and concepts, or performing topic modeling on the text.
  • Document your computer science project thoroughly, explaining the techniques you used for analyzing and summarizing the text dataset, as well as any challenges or limitations you encountered along the way.
  • Share your computer science project with others to help advance the field of text summarization and natural language processing!

9. Smart home assistant

  • Tools: Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS

Looking to take your computer science skills to the next level? Why not try building a smart home assistant that uses voice recognition and natural language processing to provide real-time information about things like weather, traffic, and news?

This advanced computer science project will involve using Node.js, JavaScript, and AngularJS to create a program that can both understand human speech and respond to user queries in a natural way.

To complete this project successfully, you will need to have a strong foundation in computer science fundamentals such as data structures, algorithms, and web development frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

  • Research existing smart home assistant programs and voice recognition tools to determine which technologies will best meet your project’s needs.
  • Set up your development environment by installing Node.js, JavaScript, and any necessary programming tools or frameworks (e.g., AngularJS).
  • Design the architecture of your computer science project, including a database to store all of your user data as well as an intelligent system that can respond to queries in natural language.
  • Program the backend of your computer science project by creating algorithms that can process speech data and respond appropriately. This may involve using machine learning or natural language processing techniques.
  • Test your computer science project on multiple devices and platforms, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that it functions properly and provides accurate results.

Smart home Mobile app as a Computer Science Project For College Students

10. Virtual Assistant

  • Time required: 2-3 weeks
  • Tools: Python, TensorFlow, computer vision libraries (OpenCV, Keras)

If you are interested in computer vision and machine learning, why not try building a virtual assistant that can recognize images and objects using computer vision libraries? This computer science project will require some knowledge of neural networks and deep learning algorithms, as well as the ability to write clean code and document your work thoroughly. With TensorFlow and other computer vision libraries, you will be able to build a virtual assistant that can identify images and perform object recognition tasks.

  • Research computer vision libraries and machine learning algorithms that are commonly used for image recognition tasks.
  • Set up your development environment, including installing Python and any necessary libraries (e.g., TensorFlow, OpenCV, Keras).
  • Use computer vision libraries to train a neural network on a dataset of labeled images, such as the ImageNet dataset.
  • Test your computer science project on an image recognition task, such as identifying objects in an image or performing scene classification tasks.
  • Document your computer science project thoroughly, outlining the process you took to build your virtual assistant and any challenges or setbacks that you encountered along the way.

Computer science projects for college students can be a great way to learn new programming techniques and build practical skills that can be used in the real world. In this article, we have provided a list of 10 computer science projects that you can try out in your spare time.

These projects range from simpler tasks like building a weather app and a personal finance tracker to more advanced projects like creating a virtual assistant that recognizes objects using computer vision libraries.

All of these projects are designed to help you learn new programming concepts and develop practical skills that you can use in your career.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring these computer science project ideas and see how much you can learn! And if you need proper hardware to start your projects, take a look at our selection of the best laptops for computer science students .

computer science student projects

Elmar Mammadov is a software developer, tech startup founder, and computer science career specialist. He is the founder of CS Careerline and a true career changer who has previously pursued careers in medicine and neuroscience.

Due to his interest in programming and years of past personal experience in coding, he decided to break into the tech industry by attending a Master’s in Computer Science for career changers at University of Pennsylvania. Elmar passionately writes and coaches about breaking into the tech industry and computer science in general.

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Top Computer Science Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Computer Science Portfolio

Computer science involves the study of computers and software systems. It entails the study, design, development, and maintenance of software programs. It is a broad field that encompasses artificial intelligence, computer systems, database systems, software engineering, networking, programming, and web development. 

If you are looking to pursue a computer science career path , you will need to develop your skills. The best way to achieve this is to learn through projects. Learning with real-world projects allows you to learn and practice the necessary skills. This article contains different project ideas for all levels of computer science professionals as well as tips for organizing a digital portfolio.  

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5 skills that computer science projects can help you practice.

Computer science professionals need to develop a wide range of technical skills to succeed in their careers. Computer science projects allow you to develop in-demand knowledge, measure your progress, and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Below are five categories of key skills that computer science projects can help you practice.

  • Programming. Projects can teach you different computer science applications of various programming languages, including the many uses of Python , Java, C, and CSS. 
  • Software Development. Software design projects can improve your proficiency in software development. It can teach the various applications of data structures , databases, and integrated development environments (IDEs). 
  • Database Management. Database management means effectively managing and using information. It also involves data analysis, account and file management, database software, and database planning. 
  • Project Management. Working with computer science projects teaches you the basics of project management. You’ll learn to manage tasks and ensure projects are completed in a timely manner.  
  • Data Visualization. It is important for professionals to be able to analyze, visualize, and present data to stakeholders. Computer science projects can help you practice this skill.

Best Computer Science Project Ideas for Beginners 

Computer science courses can introduce beginners to the fundamentals of web programming, data analysis, and other computer science topics. However, many of them only teach theoretical knowledge and do not offer a platform for students to test what they have learned. Computer science projects are the most tangible way for students to implement coding concepts.

Simple Weather Forecasting App

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Programming, Application Development

This simple and practical project is a great option for students who are new to computer science. It involves the development of an application that delivers real-time weather updates to users. You can program it to report temperature and rainfall probability for a specific location. 

The simplest form of this web application retrieves weather data from an external source using the weatherstack or Accuweather APIs. The user interface requires basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. To create the backend server, you should have a working knowledge of Node.js and Express. 

Basic Hospital Management System

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Programming, Application Development, Database Management

This project involves developing a hospital management system to manage essential data, such as patient information, diagnoses, appointments, and lab test results. To manage data entries, you will need to connect the system to local storage or a cloud database. In addition to getting experience with databases , students will apply their knowledge of HTML and CSS.

YouTube Transcript Summarizer

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Front End Development, Backend Development, Natural Language Processing 

This project takes students through the creation of a Chrome extension that compiles and summarizes transcripts of a YouTube video. You’ll practice using front end and backend programming technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Flask. You’ll also learn natural language processing techniques for text summarization.

Instagram Automation Tool

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Python Libraries, Automation

If you are a beginner looking to solidify your skills in Python , this Instagram automation project is perfect for you. In this project, you’ll create an automation tool that interacts with Instagram like a real person. It follows other accounts, likes pictures, and comments on posts. 

You will learn basic web techniques such as document object model (DOM) manipulation, automation, and dataset creation. This project takes about fifteen hours. 

Breakout Ball Game

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Java, Game Development

This project focuses on Java for game development. In this project, students develop a simple game where the player uses a horizontal paddle to bounce a ball and destroy bricks. You’ll have to use Java Swing, object oriented programming concepts, and Flash. This project will help you develop vital skills for a career in mobile application development and web-based programming.

Best Intermediate Computer Science Project Ideas

If you are familiar with the basic concepts of computer science, you can pursue intermediate projects. These projects will build on the skills you’ve learned and prepare you for more advanced concepts and projects. Below are a few intermediate computer science projects you can try.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Programming, Algorithm Design, Image Processing, System Development

This project requires knowledge of algorithms , an intermediate computer science skill. To create an image detection program, you’ll need to design an algorithm that can search for the right kinds of data and use it to find and identify characters. 

This project requires knowledge of OCR system development. It is also crucial to understand the underlying concepts of popular technologies such as MATLAB and Python.

News Feed Application

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Application Design, Application Development

A news feed application project offers a perfect avenue to practice your app development skills. Slightly more complex than the weather forecasting app mentioned above, it involves curating an online news feed that informs readers of the latest news and events. You can achieve this by using free news APIs from news providers like Bloomberg, Guardian, and Financial Times. 

The software can be hosted as a web-based news feed in a web browser or in a mobile application. This project requires basic knowledge of front end and backend web development technologies, including intermediate proficiency in JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Library Management System

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Database Management, Database Manipulation, Programming, System Design

A library management system helps library professionals issue books, keep records, and track renewal and due dates. It should also allow users to create personal accounts to view available books, borrow books, and receive messages from the library. 

This project will help learners improve their data management and manipulation skills because a library management system has more moving parts than similar computer science projects. This project requires knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, UI design, and backend logic development. 

Virtual Private Network

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Application Development, Data Security, Networking, Programming

A virtual private network (VPN) project will help you develop your skills in computer networks. A VPN is an application for converting public networks into private networks, allowing secure data transfer between a user and the server. 

There are two approaches to developing your VPN application: Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) . This project will introduce students to computer network technologies such as public-key infrastructure and authentication.

Authentication System

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Authentication, Information Security, Programming, System Development

The authentication project involves the development of a cyber security system that uses QR codes and one-time passwords (OTP) to minimize security vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access to websites and web applications. This project requires prior knowledge of C# and ASP.NET, which are a bit more advanced than other programming technologies. 

Best Advanced Computer Science Project Ideas

Advanced computer science projects are usually reserved for programmers at a master or expert level. They are a good test of your skills and knowledge. You may need a few years of experience before pursuing an advanced project.

Real-Time Web Search Engine

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: AI, Machine Learning, Programming, Web Annotation

This project involves the development of a web search engine that provides relevant results for a user’s queries. You will use web annotations to link the search engine to web pages and other sources of information. 

Web annotations give your search engine user-friendly attributes. You will also need to design a textbox and search button that can be used to input queries. For more accurate and relevant results, you may incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the web search engine. This project takes about six to ten days.

Task Management Application

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Application Design, Application Development, Authentication, Database Management, Programming

The difficulty level of this project is a function of how many skills it combines. You’ll need advanced coding skills to develop a task management app that allows users to create personal accounts and manage tasks. You’ll also need design skills to create an intuitive interface and networking skills to create an authentication system.

This project requires prior knowledge and experience of full stack web development technologies such as the MEAN stack and the LAMP stack. It is expected to take between five and nine days to complete this project.

Chat Application

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Application Development, Application Design, Networking, Socket Programming

For this project, you will develop an instant messaging app with Python that allows users to create accounts and communicate with other users. You’ll combine socket programming and multi-thread processing concepts to create a server that can handle user requests and transfer messages. You can add more features to allow the app to transfer other files.

Venus profile photo

"Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!"

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

Crime Rate Prediction

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Data Mining Algorithms, Application Development, Database Management

This data mining project involves building a prediction system that analyzes the crime pattern in a particular location and uses that data to predict the crime rate. For this project, you will employ k-means algorithms to predict the crime rate. This advanced algorithm analyzes the crime pattern through hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis. 

Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment

  • Computer Science Skills Practiced: Mobile App Development, Front End Development, Backend Development, SQL Server, Information Security

If you are looking for a project to test your overall front end and backend development skills, we recommend this one. As the name implies, it involves the development of a secure mobile application for business transactions between merchants and buyers.  

You’ll need to employ the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to generate QR code identification and passwords for the app. The front end part of the application can be designed with Android Studio. The backend can be designed with SQL Server . 

This application has two parts, an Android application that the seller would use to scan the QR code and the customer application for generating the QR code. The seller scans the QR code generated by the customer’s app to collect payment for goods or services. The payment is then transferred into the mobile wallet, which is linked to online bank accounts.

Computer Science Starter Project Templates

Computer science starter project templates can help you get started. Instead of starting from scratch, you can import ideas and the sample code from these templates and modify them to meet your project goals. We have compiled some computer science starter project templates for you to use. 

  • Weather Forecast App . This project involves the development of a simple weather forecast application with Kotlin. It enables users to request weather information for a certain location. The weather information is provided by World Weather Online’s API.
  • Hospital Management System . This template by Sumit Kumar allows admins, patients, and doctors to create accounts on a hospital management system. The programming languages used for this project are HTML, CSS, and Python.
  • News App . This is a template for a news feed application that can provide the top news stories in a certain location. The application receives data by interacting with News API.
  • Library Management System . This template serves as a guide for a library management system that uses PHP and MySQL. It uses a database management system that works with standard SQL systems.
  • Web Search Engine . This project template can get you started on building a real-time search engine with Elasticsearch, PageRank, TF-IDF, and NLP. 

Next Steps: Start Organizing Your Computer Science Portfolio

a man sitting in front of two desktop monitors looking at a project overview

A portfolio can showcase innovative project ideas that demonstrate your ability to perform as advertised in your resume. Rather than just telling your prospective employers about your skills and experience, you can make a stronger impression by presenting a portfolio of projects that you have completed. Below are some tips to help you create a perfect portfolio.

Add Relevant Sample Projects for the Job Role 

In a general sense, a computer science portfolio showcases the projects and tasks that you have accomplished in the course of your career. However, it is better to include relevant sample projects that align with the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a web development job, we recommend that you include more web development projects.

Create an Appealing Design and Layout 

At first glance, your portfolio should attract potential clients. It is vital to create an appealing design and layout that highlights all your projects in a logical manner. There are numerous free portfolio templates on the Internet that you can use to achieve this.

Include Social Proofs and Reviews

Testimonials such as reviews and feedback can boost your portfolio. If possible, you should encourage your clients to write a positive review of your work ethic, skills, and services. This information allows prospective employers to get an idea of your skills and strengths.

Computer Science Projects FAQ

You can start by looking around for project ideas that fit the job role you are applying for. You can also choose projects that are related to your current job or general interests.

There are many projects you can choose, depending on your skill level and experience. Choosing the best project is a fairly objective task. All of the projects in this article are among the best and can help you level up your computer science skills.

Computer science covers diverse areas and job opportunities. Some of the most in-demand fields are artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and the Internet of things.

A good project can help you to advance your career and improve your tech skills. One way to find a good project is to choose project ideas that you are interested in and passionate about.

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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Computer Science Project Topics for Students to Pursue Right Now

Project building is one of the most effective ways of hands-on learning. Building solutions that challenge your skills can prove to be a great avenue to unleash your creative and intellectual outlet. These project ideas for CSE should be aimed at making systems more efficient and, at the same time extremely simple for a user to adapt and use. In this article, we will explore multiple ways of designing such systems and some interesting project ideas that would act as a core platform for your online portfolio. You can also check out some online computer science courses to get more ideas about CS project topics. Read this article to know the list of projects for computer science students.

Computer Science Project Topics for Students to Pursue Right Now

So, without further ado, let us jump straight into some computer science project topics or innovative project ideas for computer science students that will strengthen your learning, and allow you to develop industry-ready skills.

Computer Science Projects: Top Skills

Here are the skills that you must possess while you are on projects for computer science students.

Skill in coding

Design and analysis of algorithms

A data-minded approach to problem-solving

Strong network analysis and networking skills

Disc management

Knowledge of storage systems

Development of mobile and web-based applications

Data protection

Web architecture

  • Free Computer Science Courses
  • Free Computer Science Engineering Courses

Computer Science Projects: Importance

Before we delve into these computer science project topics and project ideas for computer science, let us try to understand their significance. Because success in this sector necessitates such a high level of ability, people are frequently demotivated or intimidated. However, we believe that with enough practice, even the most difficult of the skills can be mastered.

There is a path that you can follow to learn new industry-ready skills and put your existing project for computer science to the test. That fabled technique is to complete as many important CSE tasks as possible. Projects for CSE students, particularly the entire end-to-end ones, gave students a sense of what it would be like to work in the sector. You would also get a rush from developing these computer science project topics. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of libraries and codebases, broadening your knowledge and allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

With top computer science projects, you will have a strong portfolio that can impress any recruiter. Thus, you will have a higher chance of landing your dream roles. You can choose from a variety of significant CSE project ideas. You can choose the ones that make you feel most at ease, or you can stretch yourself by trying something completely different. Regardless of your preference, the list of best computer science project ideas given below will have something for everyone.

Do not think that these computer science projects are quite easy and that you will do them in no time. If jobs are simple you could be able to complete them all in no time. The truth, on the other hand, would only hit you once you started writing your first line of code. The computer science projects on this list are extensive and would take a significant amount of time to complete.

Major Projects For CSE

1. Fingerprint voting system- This is one of the best computer science project topics that can be beneficial for everyone. This initiative takes advantage of the fact that every fingerprint on the planet is unique. The details of how you execute the project are up to you, but you can experiment with things like immediately casting a vote when the computer identifies your fingerprint, only accessing the voting UI when the machine successfully scans your fingerprint, and so on.

In democratic countries, these computer science project topics would aid in more fair elections and general work in support of democracy. It is better if you try this project because it will test a variety of tech stacks at the same time.

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2. Product review analysis to find the ratings which were given by genuine humans- At first look, this endeavour may appear to be pointless; after all, how could a machine submit product reviews? This is where you could be wrong. With the use of web automation, any knowledgeable programmer may create a script that floods a specific product page with gibberish reviews in less than five minutes.

It would be your task in this assignment to separate the weeds from the actual ones. One of the most important reasons is to assure justice. These linguistic reviews would be counted in order to calculate the final rating, and they might easily influence the rating in their favour.

This initiative is necessary to keep this from occurring and to ensure that no customer is duped into buying a poor product or not buying an amazing product. That being said, your work may not be as simple as you believe. While some of the reviews could be easily identified and deleted from the clutter, others could be difficult for any algorithm to separate.

The aim of these final year projects for CSE is to create this algorithm. Your algorithm should find features that make a human-written review unique and remove all the clutter from the product page.

3. Creating a messenger app that uses the technology of Bluetooth- In these types of final year projects for CSE, you will make a messaging programme similar to WhatsApp in this project, except instead of using the internet, you will use Bluetooth. On the surface, this software appears to have no use. However, if you can design a completely functional Bluetooth app that allows you to talk with another person, that would be fantastic.

It has the ability to make a significant difference in people's lives. You will simply need Bluetooth to communicate with others, which means you will be able to transmit and receive text and files from others without having to wait for them to download.

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4. Detection of brain tumors with the help of image segmentation- One of the best mini projects for CSE, if you are interested in machine learning and deep learning, this project's basis is basic. You must develop a classifier capable of detecting malignancies only based on the brain images you submit to the model. If you can properly implement this project, you should be able to save a lot of lives. Cancer is still one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, and if a tumour is discovered at a later stage, the chances of a person surviving are slim.

You should preferably employ image segmentation and excellent features to provide your classifier with high accuracy. In fact, in circumstances like cancer, prediction accuracy is not a good criterion to use when evaluating a classifier (since the issue is due to class imbalance which will present itself when dealing with this problem). You should employ a variety of metrics and try to create an end-to-end model. With the right resources, you should also bring this model into production for maximum impact.

5. Online Authentication and Payments- This, being one of the best project topics for computer science students, is again a project idea that could be implemented across multiple domains. The system here would end up supporting the core architecture of an IT solution. SSO (single sign-on) is an excellent example of how online authentication using session management and tokens can be leveraged not only to support user login but also to support peripherical services like payments, ticket creation, and data sharing.

Payment gateways and online authentication leverage common themes such as token management, OTP services, and user identification across multiple platforms. These days multiple third parties offer these solutions as a direct plug-and-play API but the same would need additional integration points for data consumption and data verification. The core system should have the ability to pass on sensitive data such as user keys, client secrets, and tokens to the payment gateway in order to facilitate a successful handshake.

The project, one of the best projects for computer science students, would involve, developing an end-to-end system that would first involve user registration and login, extending all the way to the final checkout and confirmation. Professionals building such a solution would need to look into keys that do not store any PII information and maintain the entire system. Again, this can be one of the topmost computer science project ideas.

Top Providers Offering Computer Science Courses and Certifications

These computer science projects include a wide range of programming applications. While each of these mini projects for CSE necessitates a particular set of tools within the programming umbrella, they all have basic characteristics. Willpower, tenacity, and a need for knowledge are required to carry out these computer science projects. So, we wish you all the best in learning these computer science project ideas. Do not forget that taking on these computer science project topics can help you enhance your practical skills while also allowing you to network with people, learn more, and grasp the fundamentals of subjects that are even beyond your area of expertise.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

It is better to take a minimum bachelor’s degree so that you can have a foundation. Along with it, take some certifications courses. Then you will be able to easily develop these computer science projects.

Your skills and your time commitment will determine that for these mini projects for CSE. As the name suggests, you might be able to complete these computer science projects within a few weeks. And there are computer science projects that can take months to complete.

If you want to develop these computer science projects then you can pay attention to C, R, Javascript, C++, Python, Java, and PHP.

You can specialise in the following degree programs to take on these computer science projects: BCA, B.Tech in computer science, B.Sc in computer science,  

Software Engineer / Software Developer - (Rs. 5,01,350), AI Developer (Rs. 9,01,800), Full Stack Developer (Rs. 6,41,112), Front-end Developers (Rs. 4,88,349), Back-end Developers (Rs. 4,05,880), and so on are some of rewarding careers you can pursue after completing these Computer Science projects.

Coursera, Edx, and Swayam are some top platforms from where you can take online computer programming courses.  

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The top 2,50,000 students who perform well in JEE Mains are eligible to participate in JEE Advanced. Those with ranks below 500 have the opportunity to pursue a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the prestigious IITs in India. Meanwhile, candidates with ranks above 4500 can secure admission to BTech CSE programs in the newer IITs across the country.

I am providing you a link where you can find out the cutoff of previous years and the cutoff of 2022. Here it is :


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The candidate must have completed a BSc or BE/BTech degree in Computer Science, IT, Cyber Security or any other equivalent degree from a recognized institution to be eligible for MSc Cyber Security course. The candidates must complete their graduation with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.

So, yes you are eligible for the course.

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Hope you are doing well ! Sorry to say but you will not get any good Government College for cse but there add various private colleges which will give you cse at this Percentile.

Here is the best college for you !

  • Malwa Institute of Technology and Management
  • Institute of Engineering and Science IPS Academy, Indore
  • Rajeev Gandhi Prodyogiki Mahavidhyalaya, Bhopal
  • Sagar Institute of Science, Technology and Engineering, Bhopal
  • Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal
  • Patel Group of Institutions (Patel College of Science and Technology), Indore
  • DITM - Delhi Institute Of Technology And Management, Sonepat
  • Maharana Pratap College of Technology Institutions
  • Rewa Institute of Technology
  • Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology.

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MAH MCA CET is conducted at state level and predominantly the scores are accepted in state level colleges of maharashtra, however admission process of MCA varies there are other options well in the form of entrance tests such as NIMCET, BIT MCA,, VIT  MEE, OJEE, TSICET to name a few,  there are many colleges also offering admission based on the merit of the qualifying examination,

some of the top colleges offering MCA course are mentioned below;

  • National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka
  • RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala
  • Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara
  • Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In general the eligibility criteria for MCA is passed graduation in any discipline from a recognized university having studied maths as a subject at graduation or 10+2 level securing 50% aggregate, explore complete information regarding this at https://www.careers360.com/courses/mca-master-of-computer-applications

Top Computer Science Providers

Explore career options (by industry).

  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Data Administrator

Database professionals use software to store and organise data such as financial information, and customer shipping records. Individuals who opt for a career as data administrators ensure that data is available for users and secured from unauthorised sales. DB administrators may work in various types of industries. It may involve computer systems design, service firms, insurance companies, banks and hospitals.

Bio Medical Engineer

The field of biomedical engineering opens up a universe of expert chances. An Individual in the biomedical engineering career path work in the field of engineering as well as medicine, in order to find out solutions to common problems of the two fields. The biomedical engineering job opportunities are to collaborate with doctors and researchers to develop medical systems, equipment, or devices that can solve clinical problems. Here we will be discussing jobs after biomedical engineering, how to get a job in biomedical engineering, biomedical engineering scope, and salary. 

Ethical Hacker

A career as ethical hacker involves various challenges and provides lucrative opportunities in the digital era where every giant business and startup owns its cyberspace on the world wide web. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path try to find the vulnerabilities in the cyber system to get its authority. If he or she succeeds in it then he or she gets its illegal authority. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path then steal information or delete the file that could affect the business, functioning, or services of the organization.

Database Architect

If you are intrigued by the programming world and are interested in developing communications networks then a career as database architect may be a good option for you. Data architect roles and responsibilities include building design models for data communication networks. Wide Area Networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), and intranets are included in the database networks. It is expected that database architects will have in-depth knowledge of a company's business to develop a network to fulfil the requirements of the organisation. Stay tuned as we look at the larger picture and give you more information on what is db architecture, why you should pursue database architecture, what to expect from such a degree and what your job opportunities will be after graduation. Here, we will be discussing how to become a data architect. Students can visit NIT Trichy , IIT Kharagpur , JMI New Delhi . 

Data Analyst

The invention of the database has given fresh breath to the people involved in the data analytics career path. Analysis refers to splitting up a whole into its individual components for individual analysis. Data analysis is a method through which raw data are processed and transformed into information that would be beneficial for user strategic thinking.

Data are collected and examined to respond to questions, evaluate hypotheses or contradict theories. It is a tool for analyzing, transforming, modeling, and arranging data with useful knowledge, to assist in decision-making and methods, encompassing various strategies, and is used in different fields of business, research, and social science.

Geothermal Engineer

Individuals who opt for a career as geothermal engineers are the professionals involved in the processing of geothermal energy. The responsibilities of geothermal engineers may vary depending on the workplace location. Those who work in fields design facilities to process and distribute geothermal energy. They oversee the functioning of machinery used in the field.

Geotechnical engineer

The role of geotechnical engineer starts with reviewing the projects needed to define the required material properties. The work responsibilities are followed by a site investigation of rock, soil, fault distribution and bedrock properties on and below an area of interest. The investigation is aimed to improve the ground engineering design and determine their engineering properties that include how they will interact with, on or in a proposed construction. 

The role of geotechnical engineer in mining includes designing and determining the type of foundations, earthworks, and or pavement subgrades required for the intended man-made structures to be made. Geotechnical engineering jobs are involved in earthen and concrete dam construction projects, working under a range of normal and extreme loading conditions. 


How fascinating it is to represent the whole world on just a piece of paper or a sphere. With the help of maps, we are able to represent the real world on a much smaller scale. Individuals who opt for a career as a cartographer are those who make maps. But, cartography is not just limited to maps, it is about a mixture of art , science , and technology. As a cartographer, not only you will create maps but use various geodetic surveys and remote sensing systems to measure, analyse, and create different maps for political, cultural or educational purposes.

Finance Executive

A career as a Finance Executive requires one to be responsible for monitoring an organisation's income, investments and expenses to create and evaluate financial reports. His or her role involves performing audits, invoices, and budget preparations. He or she manages accounting activities, bank reconciliations, and payable and receivable accounts.  

Investment Banker

An Investment Banking career involves the invention and generation of capital for other organizations, governments, and other entities. Individuals who opt for a career as Investment Bankers are the head of a team dedicated to raising capital by issuing bonds. Investment bankers are termed as the experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the current financial and investing climate. Students can pursue various Investment Banker courses, such as Banking and Insurance , and  Economics to opt for an Investment Banking career path.

Bank Branch Manager

Bank Branch Managers work in a specific section of banking related to the invention and generation of capital for other organisations, governments, and other entities. Bank Branch Managers work for the organisations and underwrite new debts and equity securities for all type of companies, aid in the sale of securities, as well as help to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, and broker trades for both institutions and private investors.

Treasury analyst career path is often regarded as certified treasury specialist in some business situations, is a finance expert who specifically manages a company or organisation's long-term and short-term financial targets. Treasurer synonym could be a financial officer, which is one of the reputed positions in the corporate world. In a large company, the corporate treasury jobs hold power over the financial decision-making of the total investment and development strategy of the organisation.

Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional responsible for product planning and marketing. He or she manages the product throughout the Product Life Cycle, gathering and prioritising the product. A product manager job description includes defining the product vision and working closely with team members of other departments to deliver winning products.  


An underwriter is a person who assesses and evaluates the risk of insurance in his or her field like mortgage, loan, health policy, investment, and so on and so forth. The underwriter career path does involve risks as analysing the risks means finding out if there is a way for the insurance underwriter jobs to recover the money from its clients. If the risk turns out to be too much for the company then in the future it is an underwriter who will be held accountable for it. Therefore, one must carry out his or her job with a lot of attention and diligence.

Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

A career as Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is seen as a promising career opportunity and a white-collar career. Each year aspirants take the Bank PO exam . This career provides plenty of career development and opportunities for a successful banking future. If you have more questions about a career as  Bank Probationary Officer (PO),  what is probationary officer  or how to become a Bank Probationary Officer (PO) then you can read the article and clear all your doubts. 

Operations Manager

Individuals in the operations manager jobs are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of each department to acquire its optimal goal. They plan the use of resources and distribution of materials. The operations manager's job description includes managing budgets, negotiating contracts, and performing administrative tasks.

Transportation Planner

A career as Transportation Planner requires technical application of science and technology in engineering, particularly the concepts, equipment and technologies involved in the production of products and services. In fields like land use, infrastructure review, ecological standards and street design, he or she considers issues of health, environment and performance. A Transportation Planner assigns resources for implementing and designing programmes. He or she is responsible for assessing needs, preparing plans and forecasts and compliance with regulations.

Naval Architect

A Naval Architect is a professional who designs, produces and repairs safe and sea-worthy surfaces or underwater structures. A Naval Architect stays involved in creating and designing ships, ferries, submarines and yachts with implementation of various principles such as gravity, ideal hull form, buoyancy and stability. 

Welding Engineer

Welding Engineer Job Description: A Welding Engineer work involves managing welding projects and supervising welding teams. He or she is responsible for reviewing welding procedures, processes and documentation. A career as Welding Engineer involves conducting failure analyses and causes on welding issues. 

Field Surveyor

Are you searching for a Field Surveyor Job Description? A Field Surveyor is a professional responsible for conducting field surveys for various places or geographical conditions. He or she collects the required data and information as per the instructions given by senior officials. 

Highway Engineer

Highway Engineer Job Description:  A Highway Engineer is a civil engineer who specialises in planning and building thousands of miles of roads that support connectivity and allow transportation across the country. He or she ensures that traffic management schemes are effectively planned concerning economic sustainability and successful implementation.

Conservation Architect

A Conservation Architect is a professional responsible for conserving and restoring buildings or monuments having a historic value. He or she applies techniques to document and stabilise the object’s state without any further damage. A Conservation Architect restores the monuments and heritage buildings to bring them back to their original state.

Safety Manager

A Safety Manager is a professional responsible for employee’s safety at work. He or she plans, implements and oversees the company’s employee safety. A Safety Manager ensures compliance and adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.

A Team Leader is a professional responsible for guiding, monitoring and leading the entire group. He or she is responsible for motivating team members by providing a pleasant work environment to them and inspiring positive communication. A Team Leader contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s goals. He or she improves the confidence, product knowledge and communication skills of the team members and empowers them.

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotists and Prosthetists are professionals who provide aid to patients with disabilities. They fix them to artificial limbs (prosthetics) and help them to regain stability. There are times when people lose their limbs in an accident. In some other occasions, they are born without a limb or orthopaedic impairment. Orthotists and prosthetists play a crucial role in their lives with fixing them to assistive devices and provide mobility.

Veterinary Doctor

A veterinary doctor is a medical professional with a degree in veterinary science. The veterinary science qualification is the minimum requirement to become a veterinary doctor. There are numerous veterinary science courses offered by various institutes. He or she is employed at zoos to ensure they are provided with good health facilities and medical care to improve their life expectancy.


A career in pathology in India is filled with several responsibilities as it is a medical branch and affects human lives. The demand for pathologists has been increasing over the past few years as people are getting more aware of different diseases. Not only that, but an increase in population and lifestyle changes have also contributed to the increase in a pathologist’s demand. The pathology careers provide an extremely huge number of opportunities and if you want to be a part of the medical field you can consider being a pathologist. If you want to know more about a career in pathology in India then continue reading this article.


Gynaecology can be defined as the study of the female body. The job outlook for gynaecology is excellent since there is evergreen demand for one because of their responsibility of dealing with not only women’s health but also fertility and pregnancy issues. Although most women prefer to have a women obstetrician gynaecologist as their doctor, men also explore a career as a gynaecologist and there are ample amounts of male doctors in the field who are gynaecologists and aid women during delivery and childbirth. 

Radiation Therapist

People might think that a radiation therapist only spends most of his/her time in a radiation operation unit but that’s not the case. In reality, a radiation therapist’s job is not as easy as it seems. The job of radiation therapist requires him/her to be attentive, hardworking, and dedicated to his/her work hours. A radiation therapist is on his/her feet for a long duration and might be required to lift or turn disabled patients. Because a career as a radiation therapist involves working with radiation and radioactive material, a radiation therapist is required to follow the safety procedures in order to make sure that he/she is not exposed to a potentially harmful amount of radiation.

Recreational Worker

A recreational worker is a professional who designs and leads activities to provide assistance to people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He or she instructs physical exercises and games to have fun and improve fitness. A recreational worker may work in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centres, nature parks, nursing care facilities, and other settings. He or she may lead crafts, sports, music, games, drama and other activities.

An oncologist is a specialised doctor responsible for providing medical care to patients diagnosed with cancer. He or she uses several therapies to control the cancer and its effect on the human body such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and biopsy. An oncologist designs a treatment plan based on a pathology report after diagnosing the type of cancer and where it is spreading inside the body.

Surgical Technologist

When it comes to an operation theatre, there are several tasks that are to be carried out before as well as after the operation or surgery has taken place. Such tasks are not possible without surgical tech and surgical tech tools. A single surgeon cannot do it all alone. It’s like for a footballer he needs his team’s support to score a goal the same goes for a surgeon. It is here, when a surgical technologist comes into the picture. It is the job of a surgical technologist to prepare the operation theatre with all the required equipment before the surgery. Not only that, once an operation is done it is the job of the surgical technologist to clean all the equipment. One has to fulfil the minimum requirements of surgical tech qualifications. 

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For an individual who opts for a career as an actor, the primary responsibility is to completely speak to the character he or she is playing and to persuade the crowd that the character is genuine by connecting with them and bringing them into the story. This applies to significant roles and littler parts, as all roles join to make an effective creation. Here in this article, we will discuss how to become an actor in India, actor exams, actor salary in India, and actor jobs. 

Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats create and direct original routines for themselves, in addition to developing interpretations of existing routines. The work of circus acrobats can be seen in a variety of performance settings, including circus, reality shows, sports events like the Olympics, movies and commercials. Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats must be prepared to face rejections and intermittent periods of work. The creativity of acrobats may extend to other aspects of the performance. For example, acrobats in the circus may work with gym trainers, celebrities or collaborate with other professionals to enhance such performance elements as costume and or maybe at the teaching end of the career.

Video Game Designer

Career as a video game designer is filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. A video game designer is someone who is involved in the process of creating a game from day one. He or she is responsible for fulfilling duties like designing the character of the game, the several levels involved, plot, art and similar other elements. Individuals who opt for a career as a video game designer may also write the codes for the game using different programming languages. Depending on the video game designer job description and experience they may also have to lead a team and do the early testing of the game in order to suggest changes and find loopholes.

Talent Agent

The career as a Talent Agent is filled with responsibilities. A Talent Agent is someone who is involved in the pre-production process of the film. It is a very busy job for a Talent Agent but as and when an individual gains experience and progresses in the career he or she can have people assisting him or her in work. Depending on one’s responsibilities, number of clients and experience he or she may also have to lead a team and work with juniors under him or her in a talent agency. In order to know more about the job of a talent agent continue reading the article.

If you want to know more about talent agent meaning, how to become a Talent Agent, or Talent Agent job description then continue reading this article.

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey is an exciting, promising career and a great challenge for music lovers. If you are really interested in a career as radio jockey, then it is very important for an RJ to have an automatic, fun, and friendly personality. If you want to get a job done in this field, a strong command of the language and a good voice are always good things. Apart from this, in order to be a good radio jockey, you will also listen to good radio jockeys so that you can understand their style and later make your own by practicing.

A career as radio jockey has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. If you want to know more about a career as radio jockey, and how to become a radio jockey then continue reading the article.

Social Media Manager

A career as social media manager involves implementing the company’s or brand’s marketing plan across all social media channels. Social media managers help in building or improving a brand’s or a company’s website traffic, build brand awareness, create and implement marketing and brand strategy. Social media managers are key to important social communication as well.


The word “choreography" actually comes from Greek words that mean “dance writing." Individuals who opt for a career as a choreographer create and direct original dances, in addition to developing interpretations of existing dances. A Choreographer dances and utilises his or her creativity in other aspects of dance performance. For example, he or she may work with the music director to select music or collaborate with other famous choreographers to enhance such performance elements as lighting, costume and set design.

Talent Director

Individuals who opt for a career as a talent director are professionals who work in the entertainment industry. He or she is responsible for finding out the right talent through auditions for films, theatre productions, or shows. A talented director possesses strong knowledge of computer software used in filmmaking, CGI and animation. A talent acquisition director keeps himself or herself updated on various technical aspects such as lighting, camera angles and shots. 

Copy Writer

In a career as a copywriter, one has to consult with the client and understand the brief well. A career as a copywriter has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. Several new mediums of advertising are opening therefore making it a lucrative career choice. Students can pursue various copywriter courses such as Journalism , Advertising , Marketing Management . Here, we have discussed how to become a freelance copywriter, copywriter career path, how to become a copywriter in India, and copywriting career outlook. 

Careers in journalism are filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. One cannot afford to miss out on the details. As it is the small details that provide insights into a story. Depending on those insights a journalist goes about writing a news article. A journalism career can be stressful at times but if you are someone who is passionate about it then it is the right choice for you. If you want to know more about the media field and journalist career then continue reading this article.

For publishing books, newspapers, magazines and digital material, editorial and commercial strategies are set by publishers. Individuals in publishing career paths make choices about the markets their businesses will reach and the type of content that their audience will be served. Individuals in book publisher careers collaborate with editorial staff, designers, authors, and freelance contributors who develop and manage the creation of content.

In a career as a vlogger, one generally works for himself or herself. However, once an individual has gained viewership there are several brands and companies that approach them for paid collaboration. It is one of those fields where an individual can earn well while following his or her passion. Ever since internet cost got reduced the viewership for these types of content has increased on a large scale. Therefore, the career as vlogger has a lot to offer. If you want to know more about the career as vlogger, how to become a vlogger, so on and so forth then continue reading the article. Students can visit Jamia Millia Islamia , Asian College of Journalism , Indian Institute of Mass Communication to pursue journalism degrees.

Individuals in the editor career path is an unsung hero of the news industry who polishes the language of the news stories provided by stringers, reporters, copywriters and content writers and also news agencies. Individuals who opt for a career as an editor make it more persuasive, concise and clear for readers. In this article, we will discuss the details of the editor's career path such as how to become an editor in India, editor salary in India and editor skills and qualities.

Public Relation Executive

Public relation officer qualifications should enable him or her to handle various activities like developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating communications strategy in order to support the communication objectives and maximize positive exposure in local, national, and international markets. The day-to-day tasks in the career as a public relations officer can vary depending on the industry, active PR campaigns, PR team size, and other factors. However, the job of PR officer often includes, writing press releases to announce company-related news, creating fact sheets and media kits about the company to send to media teams for brand-building and several other activities. In the career a public relations officer, individuals are also responsible for tracking and measuring their PR efforts.

Brand Manager

Brand management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase the recognised value of a product line or brand over time. Effective brand management enables the price of products to go up and builds loyal customers through positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of the brand. As the name suggests, the career as a brand manager refers to the management of the brand’s image by creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers consult with the financial department to plan a marketing strategy schedule and cost estimates. We often see advertisements that attract us a lot, not every advertisement is just to promote a business but some of them provide a social message as well. There was an advertisement for a washing machine brand that implies a story that even a man can do household activities. And of course, how could we even forget those jingles which we often sing while working?

Quality Controller

A quality controller plays a crucial role in an organisation. He or she is responsible for performing quality checks on manufactured products. He or she identifies the defects in a product and rejects the product. 

A quality controller records detailed information about products with defects and sends it to the supervisor or plant manager to take necessary actions to improve the production process.

Production Manager

Production Manager Job Description: A Production Manager is responsible for ensuring smooth running of manufacturing processes in an efficient manner. He or she plans and organises production schedules. The role of Production Manager involves estimation, negotiation on budget and timescales with the clients and managers. 

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Quality Assurance Manager Job Description: A QA Manager is an administrative professional responsible for overseeing the activity of the QA department and staff. It involves developing, implementing and maintaining a system that is qualified and reliable for testing to meet specifications of products of organisations as well as development processes. 

A QA Lead is in charge of the QA Team. The role of QA Lead comes with the responsibility of assessing services and products in order to determine that he or she meets the quality standards. He or she develops, implements and manages test plans. 

Reliability Engineer

Are you searching for a Reliability Engineer job description? A Reliability Engineer is responsible for ensuring long lasting and high quality products. He or she ensures that materials, manufacturing equipment, components and processes are error free. A Reliability Engineer role comes with the responsibility of minimising risks and effectiveness of processes and equipment. 

Corporate Executive

Are you searching for a Corporate Executive job description? A Corporate Executive role comes with administrative duties. He or she provides support to the leadership of the organisation. A Corporate Executive fulfils the business purpose and ensures its financial stability. In this article, we are going to discuss how to become corporate executive.

Computer Programmer

Careers in computer programming primarily refer to the systematic act of writing code and moreover include wider computer science areas. The word 'programmer' or 'coder' has entered into practice with the growing number of newly self-taught tech enthusiasts. Computer programming careers involve the use of designs created by software developers and engineers and transforming them into commands that can be implemented by computers. These commands result in regular usage of social media sites, word-processing applications and browsers.

ITSM Manager

ITSM Manager is a professional responsible for heading the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. He or she ensures that operation management provides appropriate resource levels for problem resolutions. The ITSM Manager oversees the level of prioritisation for the problems, critical incidents, planned as well as proactive tasks. 

Information Security Manager

Individuals in the information security manager career path involves in overseeing and controlling all aspects of computer security. The IT security manager job description includes planning and carrying out security measures to protect the business data and information from corruption, theft, unauthorised access, and deliberate attack 

Big Data Analytics Engineer

Big Data Analytics Engineer Job Description: A Big Data Analytics Engineer is responsible for collecting data from various sources. He or she has to sort the organised and chaotic data to find out patterns. The role of Big Data Engineer involves converting messy information into useful data that is clean, accurate and actionable. 

Cloud Solution Developer

A Cloud Solutions Developer is basically a Software Engineer with specialisation in cloud computing. He or she possesses a solid understanding of cloud systems including their operations, deployment with security and efficiency with no little downtime. 

CRM Technology Consultant

A Customer Relationship Management Technology Consultant or CRM Technology Consultant is responsible for monitoring and providing strategy for performance improvement with logged calls, performance metrics and revenue metrics. His or her role involves accessing data for team meetings, goal setting analytics as well as reporting to executives.  

Career as IT Manager  requires managing the various aspects of an organization's information technology systems. He or she is responsible for increasing productivity and solving problems related to software and hardware. While this role is typically one of the lower-level positions within an organisation, it comes with responsibilities related to people and ownership of systems.

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Top Final Year Projects For Computer Science Students

  • Introduction
  • How to choose a final-year project?
  • Best Final Year Projects for Computer Science Engineers:
  • How to include projects in your resume?
  • Best Final Year Projects for Computer Science Engineers

A final year project is a research project undertaken by students who are in their final year of study at a university. The project is usually supervised by a faculty member and is usually done in groups of two or three students. The purpose of final year projects for computer science is to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies to a real-world problem.

Computer science students have a wide range of final year projects to choose from. It could be one python projects for beginners , java projects or even advanced categories like Computer Vision Projects . Some popular projects include developing a new software application, designing a new hardware device, or improving the security of an existing system. Students can also choose to work on projects that are more focused on the theoretical aspects of computer science, such as developing new algorithms or proving the correctness of existing ones. Whatever direction students choose to take their project in, they can be sure that they will gain valuable experience to help them in their future careers.

Choosing a final-year project can be a daunting task, but it is important to choose something that you are passionate about and that will challenge you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect final-year project:

1. Think about what you are interested in and what you want to learn more about. Your project should be something that you are excited to work on.

2. Talk to your professors and classmates. They may have some great ideas for projects that you can work on.

3. Do some research online and in the library. This will help you narrow down your choices and find a project that you are truly passionate about.

4. Once you have a few ideas, sit down and brainstorm with your friends or family. This can help you finalize your decision and get started on your project.

venn diagram for final year projects benefits

When considering innovative project ideas, consider the following questions:

  • What problem is my project attempting to solve?
  • For whom is it solving?
  • Why is it necessary to solve this issue?
  • Is the knowledge and technology applicable today and in the future 5-10 years?

When considering computer engineering project ideas, keep these considerations in mind.Check out the computer hardware course .

If you are a computer science fresher, look into these free courses from renowned faculty and upskill in your career.

Must learn basic courses for computer science students.

This list of computer science student(CSE) project ideas is geared toward beginners and those just getting started with Python or data science. These computer science project ideas will provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to flourish as a software developer.

 Furthermore, if you’re seeking final-year computer science project ideas, this list should help. So, without further ado, let’s get started on some computer science project ideas to help you build your foundation and go up the ladder.

  • Face Detection project:

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is a programming library geared mostly toward real-time computer vision. Under the open-source Apache 2 License, the library is cross-platform and free to use. OpenCV has now had GPU acceleration for real-time operations since 2011.

Face detection software is one of the finest ways to get started with hands-on computer science projects for students. The goal of this project is to create a face detection program using the OpenCV library. The face detection program will be designed to detect faces in live webcam video streams and video files stored on a PC’s local storage. The software detects and tracks faces in real-time using pre-trained XML classifiers. This detection tool also allows you to use different classifiers to recognize different things.

The OpenCV library must be installed on your local machine to run this program. Before running the program, creating proper locations for the XML classifier files is also a good idea.

  • Online Auction System:

Buyers and sellers participate in transactional business in an online auction, with buyers purchasing products through price bidding. The bids have a starting price and an end time in this case. The victors and owners of specific products are proclaimed to be potential buyers who place the highest bidding price for an item.

 In this project, you will develop a safe online auction system utilizing the binary classification fraud detection method. If a user wants to purchase goods via an online auction, they must give identity information such as their PAN number, email address, license number, etc. The system will then screen, authenticate, and authorize users, and the auction is only open to authorized users. The system will be designed to detect and forecast fraudulent users early on, reducing the danger of online fraud and scams. This set of beginner-level computer science tasks will aid in the development of a solid foundation in essential programming ideas.

  • Evaluation of Academic Performance:

Using the fuzzy logic method, this project entails the design of an evaluation system that can analyze students’ academic achievement. To evaluate the ultimate academic performance of students at an institution, you will use the fuzzy logic method, which considers three parameters: attendance, internal marks, and external marks. Traditional methodologies are substantially less accurate than the fuzzy inference system.

Ensure that the student information uploaded is valid when working on this Computer Science project (devoid of errors). Inaccurate results may occur from incorrect data entry.

  • e-authentication system:

This project aims to create an e-Authentication system that uses a QR code and an OTP for further security. The e-Authentication system is intended to prevent account hacking and misuse of login credentials by preventing shoulder surfing. To utilize the system, a user must first register with the system by providing basic registration information (name, address, zip code, etc.).

 After completing the registration process, the user can utilize the login module to verify their account by providing the email address and password they used during registration. The user can then proceed to the next authentication phase by using either a QR (Quick Response) code or an OTP (One-Time Password) (One Time Password). The system will generate a QR Code or an OTP based on the user’s preference. The QR code will be delivered to the user’s email address, while the OTP will be sent by SMS to the user’s registered cell number.

 At the login time, the system generates the QR Code and OTP at random, improving the security of the login process. However, you must constantly have an active Internet connection to use this system.

  • Crime Rate Prediction:

This is one of the more exciting computer science project ideas. As the name implies, this Computer Science project entails developing a prediction system to examine and forecast a location’s crime rate. Naturally, the system needs data to be supplied into it. The crime rate is predicted using the K-means data mining technology. The K-means algorithm can cluster co-offenders and organized crime organisations by discovering important crime patterns via hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis of crime data.

It works like this: the administrator enters the crime data into the system. The algorithm will examine and extract facts and trends from crime data contained in a database. The crime groupings will subsequently be constructed based on the patterns discovered in the dataset. Clusters will be formed based on characteristics such as the crime location, who was involved in the crime, and when the crime occurred.

  • Search Engine:

Web annotation was used to create this search engine. When users type-specific terms or phrases into a search engine, it automatically gets the most relevant pages that include those keywords, making it one of the most popular computer science initiatives. It’s feasible thanks to web annotation. Web annotation aids in the user-friendliness of an application. Users can add, change, and remove information from Web resources using web annotations without changing the resource itself.

On pages and images in this project, web annotation is used. When a user types words, names, or phrases into the system, it retrieves information and images with the same annotation. The system then shows a list of results, including the image or information matching the user’s input. You must apply an effective algorithm to build a query result page/search result records depending on users’ queries for this search engine.

  • Online e-book Maker:

Working on an online eBook maker is one of the finest ways to begin experimenting with hands-on computer science projects for children. Users will be able to design and create eBooks for free using our online eBook maker. Admin login and author login are the two modules in the system. The admin can receive requests from users (writers), verify and validate their information, assess completed eBooks, and handle the request by sending eBooks to the authors. The author login can be used to sign up for the system.

Users can create new books, select the context of books, add the title, number of pages, add a book cover, and so on after filling in the relevant parameters. Existing users can simply log in with their ID and password to either produce new books or resume updating their previously created (but unfinished) eBooks. Authors can only have three unfinished eBooks at a time, and they must finish at least one of them before starting a new one.

  • Instagram Automation:

Instagram is a well-known app that requires no introduction. But what you should know is that you can automate your Instagram experience, including browsing through the feed, liking and commenting on photos, and even putting part of the data in a separate file so that it can be used in image classification and deep learning applications!

 As a result, you’ll learn DOM manipulation, automation, and dataset building, all of which are important abilities in and of themselves and valuable as side talents when working on other projects.

You’ll use Selenium Web Driver to automate IG login, explore, like, comment, and follow. You’ll save URLs and associated data to media files that may be utilized as datasets for NLP/DL challenges.

Skills Required to do this project:

When you’re finished with the project, you’ll have mastered the following abilities:

  • Python programmes and libraries
  • Selenium 

Learn Selenium with python tutorial

9) Library Management System:

In all institutions, management systems are applied. Whether digital (software) or analog (record books/ledgers), everyone utilizes it. However, for clean and correct data to exist at all times, this data must be well-managed.

 The Library Management System is one such system used to keep track of the volumes in a library. This system has information on books. We can use it to execute all of the operations required in a real system, such as CRUD operations, advanced searches, book issuance, and serialization to save the information (in an encrypted way) within files.

Apart from learning to develop clean, modular code utilizing Java and OOPs ideas towards the end of the project, you will also learn some major topics such as –


In Java, serialization is storing an object’s state in a byte-stream (to store the book data here). Hibernate, RMI, JPA, EJB, and JMS technologies all use it. Deserialisation is the reverse of serialization, in which a byte-stream is transformed into an object (to access the book data from stored files).

Java Collection APIs:

This gives Java developers a set of classes and interfaces that make working with collections of objects, such as lists, maps, and stacks, much easier. Instead of writing your collection classes, Java supplies you with ready-to-use collection classes.

This project will teach you how to create management apps, which are extremely popular nowadays. These skills will come in handy in the future if you pursue topics such as app-web development, system design, or project management tools like Trello and Slideshare.

Working on projects isn’t the end of it. Presenting your talents informed and interestingly is a key part of being recognised by top tech organisations.

Take a moment to organize your information simply and consistently before adding all projects to your CV. Include information that will pique your future employer’s attention.

When scanning your resume, they should be able to tell right away:

  • What is the topic of your project?
  • What you accomplished during the project
  • The abilities and technology that you applied to the project
  • Working time on the project

If you’re called in for an interview later, be prepared to answer questions about:

  • The thought process that went into deciding on the little project
  • During the short project, there were some technical difficulties.
  • What steps did you take to overcome them?
  • Is there anything you would change about your project today to make it better?
  • The mini project’s main learning outcomes

In conclusion, final year projects for computer science students can be very rewarding and beneficial. They can help students gain experience and knowledge in their field, and can also help them improve their problem-solving and communication skills . Hope this blog provided you with all the necessary insights and information required in final year projects for computer science. If you did, please do share the blog and give us your valuable feedback through comments.

' src=

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Best 17 Computer Science Project Ideas for Students in 2023

Princi Rai Image

Princi Rai ,

Oct 17, 2023

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Some very interesting computer science project ideas are face detection, online auction system, crime rate prediction, weather app, resume builder and symbol recogniser applications

Best 17 Computer Science Project Ideas for Students in 2023

Computer Science project topics includes ideas like resume builder, online quiz applications, search engine optimization, symbol recognition, crime rate prediction applications, hospital management application, library management application, news feed app, real time web search and task management system applications.

Top 17 Computer Science Project Ideas for Students

Below is the list of easy-to-understand computer science project ideas that provide invaluable practical experience and lay the groundwork for a rewarding career:

  • Face Detection
  • Online Auction System
  • e-Authentication system
  • Crime Rate Prediction
  • Symbol Recognition
  • Search Engine
  • Online Quiz Application
  • Online eBook Maker
  • Weather App
  • Resume Builder
  • Hospital Management System
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Task Management Application
  • Real Time Web Search
  • News Feed App
  • Library Management System

1. Face Detection

Face detection is a quite significant computer science project ideas and has many uses across many industries, crucially face detection technology has allowed police to intensify their monitoring efforts. Face detection technology uses facial algorithms to determine the range of facial prints.

  • Face detection, in conjunction with biometrics and security technology, has made it possible to recognize faces, which has led to a variety of activities, including the launch of applications, security, and guidance of the application's next course of action.
  • Face detection technology uses facial algorithms to determine the range of facial prints, the technology is adaptable and knows which face features to look for and which to disregard.
  • Face detection software is one of the best mini project ideas for CSE to start experimenting with your hands-on computer science projects for students.

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2. Online Auction System

The advantages of the auction can be obtained by users from any location, the purchasers from various areas can view the seller’s goods or services. This aids in a significant extension of the business's reach.

  • The quick feedback aspect of online auctions, which enables bidders to monitor price increases brought on by higher bidding, is another helpful feature. 
  • Global bidders and purchasers are able to track or bid at any moment of the day by logging in. They avoid missing the chance because of distinct geographic timelines in this way.
  • In an online auction, buyers and sellers do transactional business while bidding on products to buy. The highest-bidding prospective purchasers are recognized as the winners and owners of specific products.

 3. e-Authentication System 

e-Authentication System is one of the significant computer science project ideas.There are many different kinds of authentication systems, including password, biometric, and OTP. Without the need for repeated setups, the authentication system improves the user experience. 

  • Additionally, it helps to increase security and more consumers will utilize the technology as a result of the improved security features.
  • Wider adaptability has been shown with e-authentication. It is employed to gain access to governmental services, business procedures, web resources, and more. 
  • By using an e-authentication system, individuals may protect their identity, opening the door to greater security.
  • The goal of this project is to create an e-Authentication system with increased security utilizing a QR code and OTP combo.

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4. Crime Rate Prediction

Predicting crime rates has many advantages, including the ability to take preventative action, identify offenders, and use more sophisticated decision-making techniques and is also a very interesting computer science project ideas.The methodology enables the decision-makers to anticipate the crime and implement legal actions to lessen its effects.

  • Resource distribution is a major concern authorities can make better use of and the crime prediction system speeds up the administration of justice and lowers crime rates. 
  • The goal of this computer science project is to create a prediction system that can assess and forecast the crime rate in a specific area. 

5. Symbol Recognition 

This is a great example of a beginner-friendly computer science project. The goal of the proposed project is to create a system that can recognize symbols that users have entered. In order to process photos and recognize symbols, this symbol identification system makes use of an image recognition algorithm. 

  • In order to create black-and-white images, the system first turns RGB objects into grayscale images. Image processing is used during the procedure to get rid of undesired objects and outside interference. 
  • The technology also employs optical character recognition, which can identify images with an accuracy of 60 to 80%. One of the intriguing computer science projects is this one. 

6. Search Engine 

The search engine is a helpful tool as it aids in enhancing brand visibility, target-based advertising, brand awareness, performance management, website traffic growth, and also significant computer science project ideas. The brand would be more real, the more people who could see it. It will eventually lead to the brand's revenue growth. 

  • By using the right keywords and a variety of additional strategies, brands may increase their visibility. Additionally, brands can use the search engine to outcompete rivals and expand their reach. 
  • Web annotation was used in the development of this search engine. One of the most popular computer science projects now underway automatically retrieves the most pertinent sites that include the keywords when users input particular words or phrases into a search engine.

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7. Online Quiz Application

The online quizzing tool can also serve as a helpful mini-project for real-world situations if interested students are curious about routine online testing. A user-interactive program where the user can participate by responding to the quiz questions. 

  • This can be a wonderful idea to contain the essence of quizzes and puzzles, it is a complete stack application that needs a front-end to interact with users, a back-end to validate and store the responses, and a database that the developer is familiar with.
  • It can be enhanced with additional features, such as a real-time scoreboard, to make it more useful. 

8. Online eBook Maker

Working on an online eBook Maker is one of the finest ways to begin experimenting with hands-on computer science project ideas for interested candidates. Users will be able to design and create eBooks for free using this online tool. 

  • Two components make up the system: admin login and author login. The administrator can accept requests from users (writers), verify their information, assess finished eBooks, and then handle the request by mailing eBooks to the authors. Utilizing the author login, users can sign up for the system.
  • Users can create new books, select the context of books, add the title and the number of pages, add a book cover, etc. after filling out the relevant information. 
  • Existing users only need to check in with their ID and password to start creating new books or to continue modifying already-started but unfinished eBooks.

9. Weather App

An application that can provide real-time weather information, such as temperature, humidity, and AQI (Air Quality Index), is known as a weather app. This is a good little project that might teach you a lot about that technology.

  • The app may include certain extra features, such as the ability to send users hourly or daily information updates, alert messages when necessary, an interactive user interface to encourage interaction, etc. 
  • Any available technology, such as JavaScript (frameworks), Django, and Python, can be used to create this application.

10. Resume Builder

An application called Resume Builder aids users in creating their resumes and very relevant computer science project ideas. This assignment will also be very helpful in the real world because many students miss out on opportunities due to resume errors.

  • There may be some expert templates available for users to use. This resume builder may be based on an AI program that provides context-sensitive word suggestions.
  •  In the resume builder, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can also be used and this would raise the likelihood that a resume would be chosen. 
  • This project is excellent both as a mini-project and in terms of solving the real-world issue.

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11. Hospital Management System

A hospital management system has to be technically and socially relevant. The system must include features such as the tool for the management of patient information. The medical appointments must be tracked through a tool.

  • Including security features is vital and coming up with a feature that should improve the general working of the hospital is crucial for a hospital management system.
  • The effectiveness and caliber of healthcare services offered by a hospital or healthcare institution can be significantly increased by a Hospital Management System project. 

12. Virtual Private Network

This project idea can get very interesting and educational. The students can choose to work on the VPN project with any of the topics like optimization of performance, security, and performance. 

  • The types of VPN must be known well along with the important protocols such as tunneling, security, and encryption. 
  • The project could be on the VPN client or the VPN server. There are a lot of ways to implement VPN. The students must choose the one that they find suitable.

13. Chat App

This is one of the mostly provided computer science project ideas. Coming up with a chat app will require the students to make a user interface, work on a database, and manage the user-input. 

  • Real-time communication via text interaction is the goal of the Simple Chat Application. 
  • For this project, the students must choose a suitable framework and a coding language.

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14. Task Management Application

The Task Management Application is another great computer science project idea. This project will focus on the development and designing of an app that will help the users in managing their tasks better.

  • A worthwhile project that can aid both individuals and teams in task organization, increased productivity, and responsibility management is the creation of a task management application.
  • This will ensure separate features for the allocation of tasks, tracking the progress, etc. The user interface has to be easy.

15. Real Time Web Search

This would be a great topic for the computer science students. The project would include creating a search engine that will be capable of searching the web on a real-time basis. The search engine will answer every query entered by the user based on its real-time search results.

  • In order to create a real-time online search project, a system that can retrieve and show search results from the web in real-time must be developed.
  • In order to give consumers access to search results from the web that are current, the Real-Time Web Search project was created.

16. News Feed App

This will be a very interesting topic for the students because the news apps are a great go-to app type nowadays. People hardly have the time to go through the newspapers, so they install the news feed apps. 

  • This app will involve the use of API, RSS feed, and other ways to collect the news and relevant data. 
  • The presentation format must be different for the news feed app to stand out.

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17. Library Management System

This project would again involve the creation of a database of the books as well as the users. The track record of the books , the issuance, and submission of the books can be registered on this system.

  • A software program called a library management system is created to automate and streamline a library's activities. It facilitates effective management of books, users, and library resources. 
  •  It will also show the overdue date for a particular user, if the book has not been submitted back to the library since. eBooks can also be included.


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Why MCA? Top 10 Benefits of MCA in 2023

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BCA Lateral Entry 2023: Eligibility, Exams, Top Colleges, Career Scope

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Top 6 Major Projects For Computer Science [CSE] Students in 2023

Top 6 Major Projects For Computer Science [CSE] Students in 2023

What Do You Understand by Computer Science?

Computer science is a field of study that deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of computation and information processing. It encompasses various topics related to the design, analysis, implementation, and application of algorithms, data structures, and software systems. The field is concerned with the fundamental principles underlying computation and the practical techniques used to develop and utilize computing technologies.

Major Projects For CSE

CSE or computer science and Engineering is one of the most coveted branches of engineering in India. There is a growing need for professionals who are well versed in the ways of Computer Science. 

In today’s day and age, the skills which you would be expected to have if you are a computer science and engineering graduate include the ability to write excellent and meaningful code, a data-minded approach to problem-solving, good networking and network analysis skills, knowledge on how to keep information secure, the architecture of web, design, and analysis of algorithms, knowledge of storage systems, disk management, development of mobile and web-based apps and even machine and deep learning. 

Check out our free courses related to software development.

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Explore Our Software Development Free Courses

One-Of-Its-Kind Program That Creates Skilled Software Developers. Apply Now! "}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":14780,"5":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":[null,2,0]},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"6":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":[null,2,0]},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"7":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":[null,2,0]},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"8":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":[null,2,0]},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"10":2,"11":0,"14":[null,2,0],"15":"Calibri","16":11}"> One-Of-Its-Kind Program That Creates Skilled Software Developers. Apply Now!

Importance of Major Projects for CSE

Since there is such a high skill required to be successful in this industry, people often get demotivated or feel highly daunted. However, with enough practice, we believe that even the toughest of the skill could be mastered.  

Enroll for Full Stack Development Bootcamp

There is a pathway through which you would be able to get new industry-ready skills and even practice the ones you already have. That fabled way is by doing as many major projects for cse as you can. Projects, especially the complete end-to-end ones, provided the students with a taste of what working in the industry would feel like.

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You also would be getting the thrill of seeing something that you have developed into action. Moreover, you will have a chance to work with many different libraries and codebases, which would only broaden your knowledge and help you stand out from the crowd.

The icing on the cake would come in the form of the weight it would give to your resume. With a complete end-to-end project, you would be able to impress almost any recruiter, which in turn would boost your chances of getting selected for your dream job. 

There are many major project ideas for cse for you to choose from. You can opt for the ones you feel the most comfortable in or grow by moving out of your comfort zone by choosing something brand new. Whatever be your choice, the list of best major project ideas for cse that we are about to provide you should come in handy.

One final note before we begin our discussion is that the projects on this list are major for a reason. In theory, you might be forgiven to think that these projects are easy, and you should be able to get all of them in no time.

Enroll for Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing 

The truth, however, would only strike you when you begin writing your first line of code. The projects on this list are very comprehensive and would require a great deal of time to complete. These projects can be perfect as Btech final year projects for CSE or IIT final year projects for CSE . 

Learn  Software engineering courses  online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs, or Masters Programs to fast-track your career.

With that being said, let us jump straight into the best major projects for CSE.

Explore our Popular Software Engineering Courses

upGrad’s Exclusive Software and Tech Webinar for you –

SAAS Business – What is So Different?

Top 6 Major Projects For CSE

Below mentioned major project ideas can be perfect for CSE projects for final year students. 

1. Crime rate Predictions using the K-means algorithm

We begin this list with one of the most exciting projects that you would be able to make. This is a great idea for CSE final year projects . You would need the dataset of crimes, and using the K-means algorithm, and you are required to predict the crime rate. This project has overarching importance in our society because we see an upward trend in the number of crimes committed daily.

Even the law enforcers are having a field day in trying to curb crimes in a particular part of the world. This project would help those law enforcers. All you have to do is feed the data of the crimes that have occurred in the past. The data which you enter would automatically be mined, and special care would be taken to ensure a smooth pipeline of the entire functioning of the project.

K-means algorithm would be at the heart of this project. It will help us in clustering all the things like co-offenders and also help us in finding the missing link that humans would have commonly missed. This project could really prove to be fruitful if you would be able to package everything like the model and the pipeline in an easy to use Graphical User Interface package which even the non-tech people would be able to enjoy.

2. Detection of brain tumor with the help of image segmentation

For all the machine and deep learning enthusiasts out there, this one should fit right into your alley. The premise of the project is straightforward. You have to create a classifier that should be able to find tumors just from the pictures of the brain that you would provide the model.

This project, if you are able to implement it correctly, you should be able to save a lot of lives. Cancer still happens to be one of the deadliest diseases that is known to humankind, and if the detection of the tumor occurs at a later stage, then the chances of survival of that human become very low.

You should ideally use the process of image segmentation and use the perfect features, which should give your classifier good accuracy. Actually, in cases like cancer, prediction accuracy is not useful metrics to judge the classifier (because of the apparent class imbalance issue that dealing with this problem would present). You should use different metrics and try to make this an end-to-end model, and if you have the resources at hand, you should also put this model of yours into production for maximum effect. 

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3. A battery saver program for Android devices

Android devices are infamous for the amount of battery that they consume. Because Android is open-source, there are a lot of different devices out there. Optimizing apps for such a vast ecosystem is still a massive challenge for any app developer. Due to this poor optimization of apps, they tend to consume more battery.

Another reason which could be said for the rapid decline of the battery percentage is the poor ram and other resources management, which you would find on the third party reskin of stock android. Your task in this project would be to create a battery saver app to help this omnipotent issue. This battery saver should be built natively for android.

You can use a few different tricks like stooping the apps running in the background by force, ensuring that the user is notified of any app is draining large chunks of battery. Finally, you can also use ram management to your advantage by limiting the number of apps that are opened at any given time.

In-Demand Software Development Skills

The final decision lies in your hand. If you plan to take up android development as your career option or want to polish your app development skills, we would recommend that you pick this project up. You can easily upscale this project by putting the app you created on the app store and ensuring that the app runs smoothly by fixing the bugs upon your user feedback.

4. Product review analysis to find the ratings which were given by genuine humans

This project might seem redundant at first glance because there is no way that a machine would leave product reviews, right? You would be mistaken here. Computers are getting smarter as each passing day, and with the help of web automation, it will not take any experienced programmer more than five minutes to whip up a script that fills a particular product page with jargon reviews.

Your job in this project would be to filter out these weeds from the real ones. One fundamental reason to do so is to ensure fairness. These jargon reviews would be counted to determine the final rating, and these reviews could easily skew the rating to be on their side.

To prevent this from happening and ensuring that no customer is tricked into buying a lousy product or tricked into not buying an excellent product, this project is essential. With that said, your job might not prove to be quiet as easy as you might think. While some of the reviews would be very easily removed from the clutter, some cleverly masked ones could be hard for any algorithm to distinguish.

Your job would be to create this algorithm. Your algorithm should find features that make a human written review unique and remove all the clutter from the product page.

5. Creating a messenger app that uses the technology of Bluetooth

Yes, in this project, you will be creating a messaging app like WhatsApp, only that it will be using Bluetooth instead of the internet. On paper, you would be forgiven to think that this app serves no purpose whatsoever. But, if you are able to create a fully functional app that runs on Bluetooth and gives the ability to have a chat with another person.

It would have the potential to change lives. You would only need Bluetooth to be able to communicate with others meaning in areas that have poor connectivity, and you would be able to send and receive text and files from another person without having to wait a long time for them to download. Another immediate benefit of using such an app would be in case of danger.

You would need just a Bluetooth connection through which you would send SOS if you are in a life-threatening situation. Now, while you work on these significant projects for cse, you would be working on two of your skills. First, you would be improving your app creation skill.

Secondly, you will also be able to gain valuable network knowledge. You will be creating an app that uses the one to many connection formulae. That means at a time, and the communication would occur from server to one person. You will not be given direct access to chat with others. The transmission would occur only through the server. You will also be able to save chats.

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6. Fingerprint voting system

These major projects for cse have the potential to touch a lot of lives. Since all the fingerprints in this world are unique, this project leverages that exact fact. The specifics on how you implement the project lie in your hand, but you can try out different things like automatically casting a vote when the machine recognizes the finger print, Only unlocking the voting interface when the machine reads your fingerprint correctly, etc.

This project in democratic countries would help in doing the elections more fair and overall work in favor of democracy. It would be best if you gave this project a try because it will test out a number of tech stacks at a time.

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Tips for best final year projects for cse.

It’s crucial if you want to become a software developer that your portfolio includes excellent work, especially when it comes to IIT final year projects for CSE or Btech final year projects for CSE. The abilities and knowledge are in computer programming, algorithms, and data structures, among other things, and the assignments are where you put them to use.

If you have completed projects with a group, your teamwork and practical experience are displayed, as well as your domain-specific experience. It is quite crucial to have projects if you are seeking employment jobs in Data Science, web development frontend, etc.

How to build the best final year projects for CSE?

  • Understand the main aim of your CSE projects for final year . This is the most crucial step of the project, it defines the entire purpose. You must write down the exact purpose, the problems it may solve, how it will help society, and more. While this may appear an easy step, it actually requires a lot of thinking and consideration. This will also help you determine how and when the final product will be used by commoners. 
  • Establish who the end user is for the final year project CSE . Following the definition of the purpose of the project, we must think about who we are targeting. When managing projects, many people frequently forget to complete this phase. One should decide whether the product being developed is really for their own, is a hobby project, or if it is a real effort for the public. One must carefully evaluate the particular characteristics of the person who will be utilising their product and design with that customer in mind .
  • Determine the ultimate product’s more important features that will be a part of your major project for final year CSE . For instance, if you intend to create a platform similar to Upgrad, as most crucial aspect it must have is user-friendliness so that users may assist in their education and training. Once the primary functionality is completed, attention can be directed to further features like the authentication process. 
  • Analyze the proposed technology stack. Setting limitations on the cloud platform to be utilised for specific functions can help you construct the project more quickly.
  • Design tools like Adobe XV may be used to create the UI/UX and show us how our ultimate objective will seem. This will be a major help in the CSE final year projects . 
  • Create a prototype as soon as possible using the project’s main feature or element. Because developers frequently get lost during this process, it’s crucial to finish the final year project CSE , as soon as possible.
  • Ask the end-user or consumer to assess the final product and provide suggestions for improvements.
  • Keep working on the project until it is appreciated by the audience. This will help you accomplish your final goal and complete the major project for final year CSE . 

How to Choose major project for cse final year?

Choosing a major project for CSE final year can be an exciting yet challenging task. Here are some steps to help you select a suitable project topic:

Identify Your Interests

Start by considering what areas of computer science interest you the most. Are you drawn to algorithms, web development, artificial intelligence, networking, security, data science, or another subfield? Your project will be more engaging and fulfilling if it aligns with your interests.

Explore Current Trends

Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in computer science. Read research papers, articles, and blogs to understand what problems are currently being addressed and what cutting-edge technologies are emerging.

Narrow Down Your Focus

Once you have a general area of interest, narrow it down to a specific problem or question you want to address. Avoid overly broad topics, as they can lead to a lack of focus and depth in your project.

Assess Feasibility

Consider the resources available, including time, expertise, and tools. Ensure that the project you choose is achievable within your constraints.

Consider Practicality

Think about the real-world applications of your project. Could it potentially solve a problem or provide value in a specific context? Practical projects often have more impact.

Talk to Professors or Advisors

If you’re a student, consult your professors or academic advisors. They can provide guidance, suggest potential topics, and help you refine your ideas.

Brainstorm Ideas

Spend time brainstorming different project ideas. Write down all the concepts that come to mind, even if they initially seem unconventional. You can then evaluate and refine these ideas.

Research Existing Work

Look into existing research and projects related to your chosen area. This will help you understand what has already been done and identify gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Define Clear Objectives

Clearly outline what you want to achieve with your project. Having well-defined objectives will help you stay on track and measure your progress.

Consider Your Skill Level

Assess your current skill level in the chosen area. While a project should challenge you, choosing something within your skill range is important. This way, you can learn and grow while working on the project.

Think about Long-Term Goals

Consider how the project aligns with your long-term goals. Will it contribute to your portfolio, help you gain expertise in a specific area, or lead to opportunities in the future?

Get Feedback

Share your project ideas with peers, mentors, or professionals. Their feedback can provide valuable insights and help you refine your ideas further.

Balance Complexity

While it’s good to challenge yourself, be mindful not to choose a project that is too complex to complete within the given timeframe.

Stay Open to Change

Your initial project idea might evolve as you research and work on it. Stay open to adjustments and refinements along the way.

These projects encompass the popular applications of programming. While all these projects require different tools under the umbrella of programming, they all have some things in common. Executing programming project ideas require willpower, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge.

Taking up programming projects will improve your practical skills and help you learn more, network with people, and understand the basics of subjects, which are even beyond your scope of expertise.

If you are interested to become a software engineer, check out  M.Sc. in Computer Science  by upGrad, IIIT Bangalore, and Liverpool John Moores University which is designed for working professionals and provide 30+ projecs & assignments, IIIT-B & LJMU Alumni status, 6 unique specializations, more than 500 hours of rigorous training & job placement assistance with top firms.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Computer Science Engineering is a course that focuses on designing, implementing, and managing information systems that use software and hardware. A computer scientist is a specialist in data processing theory and computational system design. They help with a variety of disciplines, including electrical and electronics engineering. Computer engineers are highly valuable because they can create innovative solutions to both hardware and software issues. It may be beneficial for computer engineers to consider furthering their education in order to gain a competitive advantage and be able to apply for jobs that are not limited to hardware.

The most essential purpose of computer science is problem-solving, which is a life skill. Students learn about the design, development, and assessment of software and hardware used to fix problems in business, science, and society. Since computers resolve issues to help people, computer science has a strong human component. It also leads to the fact that computing is a crucial component of a well-rounded academic preparation, and that career prospects in computing are limitless. Moreover, there is no domain which does not require computer science and its applications. Be it banking, retail, fashion, food and beverages, tourism, or education, all industries hire from the CSE background.

A procedure for finding a solution or performing a calculation is referred to as an algorithm. Algorithms are a precise set of instructions that perform specified actions in either hardware or software-based routines. It is widely used in all areas of technology. They are also used as requirements for information processing and play an important role in automated systems. An algorithm could be used to sort sets of numbers or to perform more complex tasks such as suggesting user content on social media.

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Page contents

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  • 2 Key features
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  • 4 Key dates
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You are reading:

Course information>

October 2024

This master's degree provides students with in-demand digital skills and a formal qualification in computer science, which can help them switch to or progress a career in IT.

Key features

Develop in-demand digital skills and knowledge.

This degree looks at issues that are important in our society, including intellectual property, digital surveillance, data privacy and ethical issues in computing. The degree also covers the technical aspects of computer science, including system architecture, data management, cloud computing and software engineering.

Progress to a master’s qualification

You can study the degree without having any prior knowledge in computer science. If you do not meet the entry requirements to join the MSc or PGDip, you can progress to these awards if you successfully complete the PGCert, which has more flexible entry requirements.

Project-based coursework

You’ll have the opportunity to undertake a substantive project to address a challenge within your own or a client organisation, allowing you to demonstrate problem-solving skills as well as technical expertise, which will provide a portfolio of work to present to current and potential employers.

Take your career further

The master's degree is valued by leading companies in the technology sector. You will gain in-demand technical skills plus knowledge of how to manage complex issues systematically and creatively in the workplace.

A mark of excellence

The Department of Computer Science at Birkbeck is one of the first computing departments established in the UK and a world-class centre of expertise in algorithms, data analytics, data management, experimental data science, knowledge representation, and programme verification.

computer science student projects

Course overview

Programme strucutre, modules and specification show.

Computer Science is available to be studied as a full master’s degree, a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) or a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert).

You complete 11 modules for the MSc :

  • ten core modules (15 credits each) and
  • one Project module (30 credits)

You complete eight modules (15 credits each) for the PGDip .

You complete four courses (15 credits each) for the PGCert .

The Programme Specification and Programme Regulations contain information and rules regarding what courses you can choose and the order in which they must be studied.

  • Download the Programme Specification
  • View the Programme Regulations

Course structure Show

See the Module release schedule [PDF] for the dates when modules start.

Core modules

Principles of Programming (Open modal with additional information)

Applied Machine Learning (Open modal with additional information)

Cloud Computing (Open modal with additional information)

Computer Systems (Open modal with additional information)

Data Management (Open modal with additional information)

Fundamentals of Computing (Open modal with additional information)

Information Security (Open modal with additional information)

Information Systems (Open modal with additional information)

Object-Oriented Programming (Open modal with additional information)

Software Design and Programming (Open modal with additional information)

Project module (MSc only)

Project - MSc Computer Science (Open modal with additional information)

Module details Show

For the MSc, PGDip and PGCert, you must commence study of the Principles of Programming module before, or along with, any other modules. You must have passed 60 credits before you register for the Project. All other modules can be attempted in any order.

However, it is strongly recommended that you attempt the assessment of the Principles of Programming module before commencing study of the following modules: Object-Oriented Programming; Software Design and Programming; Applied Machine Learning; Data Management.

It is strongly recommended that you attempt the assessment of the Object-Oriented Programming module before commencing study of the Software Design and Programming module.

How you study Show

The MSc Computer Science is offered fully online and allows you the opportunity to flexibly fit your studies around your schedule. You can pay a full MSc fee upfront, or you can pay per module. If you choose to pay as you go, you will pay the fee each time you decide to study a module.

The degree consists of 11 modules, and you can take up to two per session (subject to module availability). That means, depending on your time and financial situation, you can complete the MSc Computer Science in two to five years. And if you need to take a session off, you won't be charged during that session.

Each 15-credit module equates to 150 hours. Over the 10 teaching weeks of a study session, students will need to dedicate around 15 hours of study per module per week. Find out further information are found in the programme structure, modules, and specifications.

Online support

This computer science degree is delivered online and there is no requirement to come to the UK as part of your studies. Our flexible online programme allows you to work around your own schedule and leads to a globally-recognised qualification.

When you register, we will give you access to the Student Portal. You can then access your University of London email account and other key resources including:

  • The Student Guide provides information which is common to all students and gives useful information about your relationship with the University of London through to graduation.
  • Access to all resources and study materials via your Student Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which will help you complete each module successfully. You will gain access to a range of multimedia content, activities, and exercises, as well as the opportunity to engage with your online tutor and fellow students.

Online Library

As a student at the University of London, you will have access to a range of resources, databases, and journals via the  Online Library . You will be able to contact a team of professional and qualified librarians for any help you require.

If you’re based in the United Kingdom, or are visiting London, make sure to visit  Senate House Library . Students studying with the University of London can join the library free of charge. Membership includes a 10-book borrowing allowance, access to all reading rooms and study areas, and on-site access to Senate House Library digital resources.

Online tutor support

Studying our online MSc Computer Science programme entitles you to receive tutor support and feedback. You will join an online tutor group to receive academic support and guidance on assessments. If you choose to study as a web-supported learner, you will have the opportunity to join an online tutor group and to engage with your fellow students. If you are interested in studying with a  local teaching centre , you can benefit from face-to-face tuition.

Study materials

All essential resources, activities, videos, discussions and support are provided through the VLE. This allows you to fit your studies around your work commitments. There is no need to purchase additional textbooks.

Time commitment

The flexible approach to learning allows students to complete the MSc Computer Science in a minimum of two years (subject to module availability) to a maximum of five years.

Each module is run over a 10 week block, with the exception of the Project module which is run over two 10-week blocks.

Student support

We are committed to delivering an exceptional student experience for all of our students, regardless of which of our programmes you are studying and whether you are studying independently.

You will have access to support through:

  • The Student Advice Centre – provides support for application and Student Portal queries.
  • TalkCampus – a peer support service that offers a safe and confidential way to talk about whatever is on your mind at any time of day or night.

Modules include a mix of assessments, giving you the chance to undertake formative assessments, which will help you measure your progress and summative assessments, which will count to your final marks.  You can submit your coursework assignments anywhere in the world with an internet connection meeting our minimum requirements.

The following modules are assessed by two assessments: one online test of a suitable type for the specific module, for example, multiple choice questions (MCQs) or auto-graded problem-solving task using programming (25 per cent) and an end of term coursework assessment (75 per cent):

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Principles of Programming
  • Software Design and Programming.

The following modules are assessed by an end of term coursework assessment (100 per cent):

  • Computer Systems
  • Data Management
  • Fundamentals of Computing
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems.

The Project is assessed by two assessments: a research proposal (30 per cent) and a project report (70 per cent). All coursework and Project items are submitted through the VLE.

Academic Leadership Show

The MSc has been developed by Birkbeck’s highly regarded computing department. The Department of Computer Science at Birkbeck was one of the first computing departments established in the UK and a world-class centre of expertise in algorithms, data analytics, data management, experimental data science, knowledge representation, and programme verification.

The department engages in fundamental and applied research and hosts two research centres, Birkbeck Knowledge Lab and the Birkbeck Institute for Data Analytics. The department is also a member of the Institute of Coding (IoC) and through its partnership has developed new courses to provide opportunities for everyone to acquire the necessary digital skills.

Programme Director

Dr Martyn Harris is a post-doc researcher and Institute of Coding manager at Birkbeck, University of London, where he joined the department in October 2010 as a PhD. Martyn has held this post since 2018, during which time he has managed the development of face-to-face courses, including a PGCert in Applied Data Science in collaboration with the British Library and National Archives, as well as the co-development of the department's first online taster course in data science applications and techniques.

Martyn’s research now focuses on the development of Natural Language Processing techniques for analysing social media posts in the context of social dynamics – how external events such as the recent pandemic can be measured through social media platforms. Martyn has published journal articles in linguistics, and on applying text mining techniques to the analysis of large-scale digital archives.

April 2024 intake Show

October 2024 intake show, entry requirements show, what qualifications do you need.

To qualify to register for the MSc or PGDip, applicants will need a bachelor’s degree which is considered at least comparable to a UK second-class honours degree from an institution acceptable to the University.

If you do not meet the MSc and PGDip entrance requirements, successful completion of the PGCert will allow progression to the MSc or PGDip.

To qualify to register for the PGCert, you will need:

  • A bachelor’s degree which is considered at least comparable to a UK second class honours degree from an institution acceptable to the University
  • Or a minimum of two years’ work experience in a relevant field. This will most commonly be in a software engineering role but each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Entrance requirements for stand-alone individual modules

To qualify to register for a stand-alone individual module, you will need:

English language requirements

You need a high standard of English to study this degree. You will meet our language requirements if you have achieved one of the following within the past three years:

  • IELTS: at least 6.5 overall with 6.0 in the written test
  • Pearson Test (Academic): at least 59 overall, with 59+ in reading and writing and 54+ in speaking and listening.
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (grade C or above).
  • TOEFL iBT: at least 92 overall, with 22+ in reading and writing and 20+ in speaking and listening.
  • Duolingo: must achieve an overall score of at least 120.
  • If you do not meet the English language proficiency requirements but believe that you can demonstrate the requisite proficiency, the University may, at its discretion, consider your application.

We set minimum basic computer requirements because your study resources are accessed via the Student Portal and it is vital that you can access this regularly.

Additional hardware capabilities and software for specific modules will be required, such as:

  • Video and audio recording
  • Programmer’s text editor such as Atom or Visual Studio and an integrated development environment software (IDE) such as IntelliJ
  • Development kits for example Anaconda for python
  • Java SDK, databases such as Mysql
  • Web server such as Apache Tomcat
  • Network analysis tools such as Wireshark.

You will also need access to hardware:

  • Android or iOS device
  • Microcontrollers e.g. Arduino
  • Additional networking elements like routers and protocol service endpoints.

Finally, you will be required to create and use free accounts on several online services including but not limited to: github, Amazon Web Services Educate, Google Cloud Engine and Google Collaborate and Oracle Academy.

More about computer requirements

Recognition of prior learning Show

If you have studied material as part of a previous qualification that is comparable in content, level and standard to our postgraduate modules, you may be exempted from the equivalent course of our degree. This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Exemption. You will not need to study or be assessed in the module(s) to complete your award.

To be considered for RPL you should make a formal request within your application when applying for the programme. Or, you can submit an online enquiry , if you have already applied.

You will need to have met the entrance requirements for the programme to be considered for RPL.

If you are registered for the MSc or PGDip , you may be awarded RPL up to 60 UK credits . RPL for the Project will not be considered.

You must have completed the qualification/ examination(s), on which the application for RPL is based on, within the five years preceding the application.

We will not recognise or accredit prior learning for a module later than 14 days after the module start date. You will be deemed to have started a module once you have been given access to the learning materials on the VLE.

Discretionary RPL

Your qualifications will need to be assessed by specialist academics on a case by case basis , before we can approve RPL. A formal application is required and an RPL application fee is payable. The RPL application fee is non-refundable, even if your prior learning is not recognised.

Your qualification must be at the appropriate level (usually equivalent to a UK Level 7/ Master’s degree qualification or above) to be considered.

For your discretionary RPL request to be processed, you will need to provide: a completed RPL request form, the supporting documentary evidence (normally a scanned copy of an official transcript and syllabus of your previous studies) and the discretionary RPL fee.

You should apply as soon as possible so that we can process your request. You will need to allow time for academics to consider your documentation, so you can register by the registration deadline.

All discretionary RPL requests must be submitted by the dates specified for the April or October intake, in the year that you apply. We must receive all required supporting evidence by the deadline stated.

If you submit your discretionary RPL application but are too late to be considered for RPL in the current session, we will still process your application to study the programme. If you receive an offer, you can still register. If you wish to be considered for RPL in a subsequent session, then you shouldn’t register on the modules you want to apply for RPL.

How to request RPL

Additional information about the process of applying for RPL can be found here .

Further information regarding RPL is covered in the Recognition of Prior Learning section of the appropriate Programme Regulations and Section 3 of the General Regulations .

Fees, funding and payment

The fees below relate to new students registering for the 2023-2024 session. On average, fees are subject to a five per cent year-on-year increase.

Students who registered earlier can view their fees on the Course Fees page .

The fees depend on whether you live in a developing (Band A) or developed (Band B) nation. See the list of Band A and B countries [PDF] .

Disclaimer: Currency conversion tool

More about programme fees

*The full MSc programme fee is payable when you first register on the programme and includes access to study materials and your first entry into the assessments. It does not include resit fees, the module fee when repeating a module, applications for Recognition of Prior Learning and fees payable to a University of London Recognised Teaching Centres, if applicable. By paying in full at the beginning of your programme, you avoid any annual fee increases to module fees. With pay per module , you pay for each module as you register for it.

**The indicative totals given represent the amount you would expect to pay if you commence study in October 2023 and then complete the MSc degree in the minimum period of time (as per when modules become available), without resits, and paying per module with a year-on-year increase of five per cent. These totals do not reflect the cost of any additional tuition support you may choose to take, resit fees or the fee when repeating a module, or applications for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Please note: student fees shown on our website are net of any local VAT, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any other sales tax payable by the student in their country of residence. Where the University is required to add VAT, GST or any other sales tax at the local statutory rate, this will be added to the fees shown during the payment process. For students resident in the UK, our fees are exempt from VAT.

Further information on Sales Tax.

Your payment provider may apply additional transaction fees (if in doubt, please check with them before making a payment).

Funding your study Show

Without the cost of moving to London, studying for your University of London degree anywhere in the world represents excellent value for money. However, there are additional sources of support depending on where you live and how you choose to study.

More on funding your study .

Paying for your course Show

You can pay your fees in a number of ways, including an online payment facility via the Student Portal and Western Union Quick Pay.

More on how to pay your fees

Career opportunities

Careers opportunity show.

For students who are new to the subject, the degree provides a foundation for a career in IT, or software engineering. For those already working in these fields, you will have an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and upskill while obtaining a formal qualification. You will gain in-demand technical skills plus knowledge of how to manage complex issues systematically and creatively in the workplace.

The master's degree is valued by leading companies in the technology sector. Graduates from the on-campus programme have gained jobs with global brands including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, or have been promoted in their existing role.

Possible career paths include different software engineering roles ranging from testing and quality assurance to software architecture. This degree can also be useful in becoming a systems analyst, engineering manager, or other roles that require an in-depth understanding of software design and practice in a range of sectors or organisations.

What do employers think of our graduates?

In some countries, qualifications earned by distance and flexible learning may not be recognised by certain authorities or regulators for the purposes of public sector employment or further study. We advise you to explore the local recognition status before you register, even if you plan to receive support from a local teaching centre.

Careers support Show

You’ll have access to a wide range of careers and employability support through the University of London Careers Service, including live webinars and online drop-in sessions.

More on the University of London Careers Service

Tailored support for careers in the refugee and humanitarian fields is available through regular programme events, webinars and careers resources.


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Title: castdet: toward open vocabulary aerial object detection with clip-activated student-teacher learning.

Abstract: Object detection in aerial images is a pivotal task for various earth observation applications, whereas current algorithms learn to detect only a pre-defined set of object categories demanding sufficient bounding-box annotated training samples and fail to detect novel object categories. In this paper, we consider open-vocabulary object detection (OVD) in aerial images that enables the characterization of new objects beyond training categories on the earth surface without annotating training images for these new categories. The performance of OVD depends on the quality of class-agnostic region proposals and pseudo-labels that can generalize well to novel object categories. To simultaneously generate high-quality proposals and pseudo-labels, we propose CastDet, a CLIP-activated student-teacher open-vocabulary object Detection framework. Our end-to-end framework within the student-teacher mechanism employs the CLIP model as an extra omniscient teacher of rich knowledge into the student-teacher self-learning process. By doing so, our approach boosts novel object proposals and classification. Furthermore, we design a dynamic label queue technique to maintain high-quality pseudo labels during batch training and mitigate label imbalance. We conduct extensive experiments on multiple existing aerial object detection datasets, which are set up for the OVD task. Experimental results demonstrate our CastDet achieving superior open-vocabulary detection performance, e.g., reaching 40.0 HM (Harmonic Mean), which outperforms previous methods Detic/ViLD by 26.9/21.1 on the VisDroneZSD dataset.

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