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365 Drawing Ideas For Your Sketchbook: A Year of Daily Drawing Prompts

Boosting your drawing skills requires consistent practice, but all aspiring artists know this. To make this daily commitment easier, I present a curated compilation of 365 doodling, sketching, and drawing ideas . Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, this list will help drawing become a seamless and fun part of your routine!

Ever find yourself eagerly opening a sketchbook only to be greeted by a mental block? That frustrating moment when you crave inspiration to put pen to paper but end up with NO IDEAS?

I hate getting sidetracked by these creative roadblocks, so I’ve brainstormed a variety of sketchbook ideas, ranging from simple to advanced. Each suggestion is adaptable to your skill level, the time you have available, and even your mood on a given day. Say bye-bye to the struggle of facing an empty page and embrace the inspiration these ideas bring to your artistic journey.

How to Use This List

You can approach the drawing ideas in different ways. Here are two approaches, but you may have a different plan in mind, so don’t feel like there are set rules.

Some artists use idea lists to stay in the habit of a sketchbook practice, to challenge themselves to draw things they wouldn’t have thought of, or to push them out of their comfort zone.

These are perfect for high school or college students who need to keep a sketchbook practice going for class.

Or you may simply not want to deal with coming up with ideas every day to draw. It’s so nice to look at a list and have someone else tell you what to draw!

Good Idea: Click this box to print out 80 silly drawing prompts for kids and have your wee ones draw along side you.

A Daily Sketchbook Practice

I challenge you to carve out a little time each day for drawing. The consistent practice will blow your mind at the end of the year when you see how far you’ve come with your drawing skills. (Take a moment to picture how proud of yourself you’ll feel after you’ve completed this awesome challenge. Don’t worry if you miss a day here and there; pick up the next day where you left off!)

Try your hand at different drawing styles and subject matter to figure out what you like to draw, what you need to practice more, and even what your drawing style is.

Push yourself to go beyond drawing the same, easy, go-to things you usually draw, and you will advance to higher and higher levels of drawing!

Draw Just For Fun, Or When You’re Bored

Here’s an idea: Keep your sketchbook nearby at all times. That way when you have a little down time, you can train yourself to reach for your sketchbook and do a little drawing instead of automatically phone-scrolling. You’ll be amazed at how much drawing you end up doing when your sketchbook is readily available.

If you’re feeling bored or antsy, it’s so fun to immerse yourself in drawing, and you can simply choose any idea from this list that pops out at you. Some of them are intentionally more vague than others; interpret these however you wish, and I encourage you to do a few different drawings based on the same prompt.

For most of the prompts, you choose what supplies you want to use, but a few of them do specifically ask you to use a certain tool. If you want to skip or modify these, feel free. If you are being faithful to the list, or just want a more varied sketchbook experience, make sure you have on hand:

Drawing pencils

Erasers – these are my very favorite erasers

Good sharpener

Black drawing pens

Colored pencils

Small stick erasers with holder – for detailed erasing

Tortillon smudgers

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365 Drawing Ideas For a Daily Sketchbook Practice

1. draw each of your hands, using the opposite hand.

It’s fun and rather funny to attempt to draw using the non-dominant hand. When I do this I notice that I am concentrating harder on drawing, and I can feel a different part of my brain waking up.

2. Cover a page in pencil and erase a plant drawing out of it

Cover the page using the edge of your pencil to lay down a graphite layer. Erase-drawing is fun because you can be very loose and painterly with your drawing. It’s definitely a different way to draw since you’re drawing the highlights instead of the shadows.

3. Eyeglasses

You can draw regular glasses or sunglasses. Set them up at an interesting angle, maybe take into consideration the reflection in them, or add your own made-up reflection.

4. Your face, but from looking at an upside-down photo of you

This taps into the same part of your brain I mentioned in prompt #1 – drawing from an upside down reference makes you realllly look at the image and draw what you SEE, as opposed to the preconceived ideas you have in your mind of how to draw a face.

5. A scene from a favorite book

Hunger Games, anyone? Or maybe you are a Catcher in the Rye fan. Heck, pick a scene from The Very Hungry Caterpillar if you’d rather.

Eggs are the perfect little items to draw. Not only are they beautiful, there aren’t any harsh lines to them, so you are forced to focus on all of the subtle shading that goes along with drawing an egg.

7. Illustrate a dream you’ve had

Pick out a moment from a dream you’ve had – that split second you just can’t seem to forget – and see what comes out when you go to illustrate it.

8. Money – watch this video for inspiration:

9. A video game or cartoon character

This could be a simple drawing or something much more complex, depending on if you want to draw an entire background as well. Your choice!

10. The contents of a backpack or bag

Draw all the fun items you carry around every day, either with or without the bag.

11. Design some new pants

Pants are the coolest. Even if you hate to wear them, you could learn to love to draw them.

12. Perspective drawing looking down a road

Find a road, any road, snap a photo, or sit and draw right there. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the middle of the road. I guess I’d be a little nervous to sit and draw right next to the road as well. Maybe if you can pull off into a little pulloff area, you would be safe. I’ve put far too much thought into this one. BE CAREFUL. Drawing can be deadly.

13. Draw a page of overlapping quick sketches of people moving

Hey this is fun! Quick, light gesture drawings overlapping all over a page looks really cool.

14. A bunched-up paper towel or piece of paper

Get ready for some good shading practice with this one!

Make up your own UFO or go the traditional route – you know, with the lights and beam sucking something up into it.

16. Feathers

Feathers are great to draw from life, so if you happen to find a big old goose feather lying around, grab it.

17. Organs in cross section of human body

I’m picturing a medical drawing sort of thing here – like you see in anatomy books, but go for however you want to interpret this one.

18. Design a playing card (or a whole deck!)

I’ve seen a drawing assignment where you draw a self portrait as a playing card, so that’s an option here if you want.

19. Your hand in a fist

Hold your fist in any direction you want to draw it. You could even do a series of drawings on the page of different angles of your fist.

20. A terrifying monster

Make it cartoony terrifying, or actually horrifying. Make this monster the best monster you’ve ever drawn.

21. Arrange a piece of fabric on a surface to make lots of folds

Set a bright light on the fabric at an angle to give you good shadows to draw.

22. Draw 9 circles on a sketchbook page, and fill each one in with a drawing of an animal portrait

Make the circles fancy or 3-d or designy if you want. Draw the animals realistically, abstractly, comic style. Artist’s choice. Actually all. of this is artist’s choice, you powerful artist.

23. A hoodie hanging from a hook or the back of a chair

Grab a hoodie, hang it from a hook, over the back of a chair, or even from a corner of a chair, and just draw that beautiful thing.

24. Your reflection in a window at night

This was one of my favorite drawing assignments at RISD. Even though I stayed up all night doing it and may or may not have started to hallucinate because I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, either.

25. A glass of water with a straw or utensil in it

Drawing water is challenging, my friends! Especially when you add something into it so you get that fun refraction.

26. Many quick sketches of birds on one page

27. a forest, but using only straight lines.

I am curious to see how people interpret this one, so tag me on Instagram @artmakespeople if you post yours. That goes for any of these, I want to seeeeee them.

28. A corner of your home

Pick a corner, plop yourself down, crank the jams, draw away.

29. Balloons

Draw some balloons in a bunch, separate, flying away, popping, barely hovering over the floor, whatevs.

30. The view out of one of your windows

What goes on out there? Draw it.

31. A still life of shoes, either arranged or tossed into a pile

Shoes are the classic items to draw. Here’s your chance to draw several.

32. Design a candy bar wrapper

What would be your ultimate, amazing tastiest candy bar ever? Design its wrapper. Mine would be dark chocolate, peanut butter, a cookie almost as crunchy as a biscotti, and probably 3-4 peanuts under the top of the chocolate.

33. Find images of beetles and draw a page of them

Aren’t beetles so cool looking? There are some stunning beetles out there, just begging to be drawn.

34. A scene from your favorite movie

I guess this will look a lot different if your favorite film is animae opposed to Pulp Fiction.

35. Octopus

Draw yourself a fantastic octopus. If you haven’t watched the documentary, My Octopus Teacher yet, do so. It’s so good.

36. A page of robots

Robots are just always fun to draw. I mean, you can go regular old beep boop robot, or you could make up your own.

37. Illustrate a favorite song

That’s all.

38. A plate of tacos (or another favorite food)

Tacos just have that fun shape that makes you want to eat them AND draw them.

39. A quick, light sketch of a human figure, with a more detailed drawing over it

I was thinking another human figure over the first one, but really, you could draw anything you want. A face, an animal, a building, flowers…

40. Flowers, either from observation or memory

Get in there and draw those beautiful, fascinating odiferous wonders.

41. Doodled, abstract flowers

Now focus on lines and shapes and even colors if you want to.

42. I love those drawings that look like they are defying the rules of lined paper! Try this one:

Chairs are the perfect drawing models since they tend to not move on their own, they come in all sorts of shapes, and you can arrange them however you want before you draw them. Set a few up, or just draw one at a table.

44. Tattoo designs

Come up with brand new tattoo designs. Make a page of drawings, or draw a human figure and tat it up.

45. A house – as simple or detailed as you want

This is a fun one – draw your dream house, sit and draw your own house, or sit in your front yard and draw the house across the street.

Buy 2-3 lemons, set them on a surface and draw them. Or! Draw a whole bowl of lemons. Or! Or! Buy a couple lemons, chop them up, and draw the wedges or slices. So many lemon options here.

47. A flat lay of some of your favorite treasures

Fun! Gather a few of your favorite things, and spend some time arranging them into a flat lay – probably on the floor – and draw away.

48. Roses in a bunch

You can either splurge on a dozen full, sumptuous roses and draw them, or draw from a photo, but get in there and spend some time rendering these beauties. Short on time for this one? Try a blind contour drawing of roses, or even a quick sketch using as few lines as possible to get the point across.

49. A page full of a pattern

Aimlessly doodle a pattern, or go research patterns and find a favorite to draw.

50. A cell phone

Ya got a cell phone? Draw that bad boy.

51. Draw the cover art from an album you love

Scroll Spotify or the Googles for some cover art to draw. Reinterpret it if you like.

52. Microscopic items

photo of cross section of grass under a microscope

53. Magazine Transfers

Using pencil, trace images from book or magazine covers (or elsewhere) onto tracing paper (printer paper works fine for this in some cases), lay your drawings face down onto a sketchbook page, and go over the lines with your pencil to transfer them to the page. Shade or add lines or erase to create new sketchbook drawings. Tip: Softer, darker pencils transfer more easily than hard pencils.

Clouds. Have fun turning them into cloud creatures or recognizable objects in cloud form if you so desire.

55. Your pet

If you don’t have a pet, draw someone else’s or an internet pet. I highly recommend Boobie Billie, both to draw, and to follow on Insta. 💙

56. Draw a hanging piece of clothing and shade using crosshatching

Do you love crosshatching? Now is your time to practice the hatching.

57. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Another classic duo to draw, since most of us own these items.

58. Snowflakes

Draw some snowflake doodles or cut some out and draw them from observation. Or even shoot some snowflakes with a macro lens and draw your own!

59. An undiscovered sea creature

Make up a sea creature even weirder than everybody’s favorite Angler Fish.

60. A bike or closeup on a bike part

A cool wheel close-up would be fun to draw, or turn this into a long drawing by drawing the whole bike in an environment.

61. Draw frames in your sketchbook and fill them with portraits

Fancy, ornate frames, or simple ovals – your choice.

62. Your hand flat on the table

More hand-drawing practice! Don’t skip the hand drawings!

63. The silhouette side view of an animal with its skeleton drawn over it

Draw the outline of an animal, and draw the skeleton inside. Or shade a very loose pencil shadow of an animal and erase or draw the skeleton inside. Or ink a dark silhouette and draw the skeleton with white pen.

64. Your bed

65. 1 cow, 2 pigs, 3 goats.

Ha ha, I’m picturing them in a stack for some reason. You definitely DO NOT need to draw them in a stack.

66. Copy a Degas painting

Any time you copy a painting by a master like Degas, you’ll get a lesson in light and composition. So good.

67. Draw the passage out of a book

Draw the actual words. Try to copy the typeface perfectly or use your own style of letters.

68. Stack objects from your home into a tall tower and draw it

Here’s where I make you actually draw a stack of items.

69. Fill an entire page with one long, slow scribble

This is fun and relaxing. Listen to music or a podcast, and draw the scribble as slowly as you want.

70. A celebrity portrait

Who will you choose?

71. Make up a comic book page

Just one page – the comic can be a scene from your own life, a dream, a story you heard, have fun with it!

Draw bowls set up on a table, in your cabinet, in the sink, the dishwasher. Find the bowls and draw the bowls.

73. A quote or word in bubble letters and then doodled in

I mean, bubble letters are super fun, but if that’s not your thing, block letters will suffice. And if doodling isn’t your thing, practice drawing textures or shading.

74. Your bathtub or shower

Preferably not while taking a shower. Come to think of it, a relaxing bath while drawing might be fun.

75. Equipment from your favorite sport or activity

Anything goes here. If your favorite activity is meditating, use your cool imagination for what to draw here. 🙂

76. Magazine Starters

Cut out parts of humans from a catalog or magazine, glue them into your sketchbook and draw back in any parts you cut out. You can make this funny or realistic.

77. A skeleton from memory

Try to draw al the bones in a human skeleton, without looking at any references.

78. A skeleton from a photo

Now you can look a skeleton up and draw it.

79. Candy hearts with messages

Draw some of those cute Valentine’s hearts with any little messages you like.

80. Draw your grocery list

Draw all the things you need to buy at the grocery store. If you don’t do the grocery shopping, make up a quick list without overthinking whether or not you want to draw it.

81. A landscape drawing without lifting your pen/pencil from the paper

No cheating! Don’t let your drawing utensil leave the page.

82. A stairway

Going up or going down; draw a stairway.

83. Design a new automobile as cool or wildly unrealistic as you like

You could even reimagine the Batmobile. That would be fun.

84. Wrapped gifts

You can save this one for a holiday, draw from imagination, or actually just wrap up some items for the sole reason of drawing.

85. Write a letter to a friend using only drawing – don’t forget to mail it!

You could draw out interpretations of words, draw scenes, ideas, feelings, or even drawn words.

87. Draw the first image you see when you Google ‘beautiful mountain’

There are some beauties to draw.

88. 3 different pieces of food with bites taken out of them

I mean, you can take bites out of as many different foods as you feel you need to to find those perfect 3.

89. Any type of boat

Anything from a tiny rowboat to a grand cruise ship!

90. Watch a show, and every once in a while pause it to do a quick sketch of a scene

I immediately just thought of Dexter, but that could be a little intense for some people. Blues Clues, anyone?

91. Make a t-shirt design that you would actually want to wear

Bonus points if you actually scan it, clean it up, and make a real t-shirt for yourself.

92. Drop 3 raw eggs onto a table (or a tray 🙂 – protect the surface) and draw them

You thought you got a thrill from drawing whole eggs. Broken eggshells and innards are a whole new ballgame.

93. A person diving

You could even make a series of little sketches of different diving positions.

94. Vegetables

Draw. a vegetable still life, patterns, personified veggies, spiralized, whatever floats your veggie boat.

95. Look up prehistoric tools and draw them

There are some really beautiful old tools to be drawn.

96. Draw a scene in the style of a 6 year old

Just try to make a drawing as cool as 6 year olds do.

97. Design a new book cover for a book you love

This could be super fun. You can go minimal or throw in all sorts of references to the story. ooh – maybe your favorite book is a comic or a cookbook!

Got any Amazon boxes lying around? I know you do. Draw them either arranged neatly, or kicked into a random setup.

99. A favorite toy from childhood

Mr. Bunny Boo Boo Face needs you to immortalize him on paper.

100. Tree branches

Yay! Branches are so beautiful. draw them spooky, draw them full of leaves, draw them broken, hanging, full of birds, or even in a big old vase.

101. A lamp or hanging light

To make this extra challenging, you can draw the light on in a semi-dim room. Or even draw it with light shining on some objects.

102. Slice an apple in half and draw it by only shading with the edge of a pencil (no actual lines)

Let’s practice shading spheres with this apple drawing prompt.

103. Combine 2 animals

Draw one or several of these; they’re fun to create!

104. Create a fantastical underground world that you might see if you could lift a slice out of the earth

Oh my goodness. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

105. Vines taking over a tree or another object

You’ll get your leaf-drawing practice in with this one.

106. Makeup

Draw different makeup containers, from life or from photos

107. Design a dress

Channel your inner fashion designer and design a knockout dress. For a guy or a girl. For a kid or an adult. For a human or an animal. Or an alien.

108. Grab your HB and 2B pencils and follow this video on drawing 3 different textures:

109. A page full of fish

Fish are absolutely wonderful to draw. Go black and white and focus on your linework, or go all full, beautiful color.

110. Separate your page with 8 lines, and draw patterns in each section

Lines can be wavy or straight, all across the page or not.

111. Your keychain and everything on it.

I have 2 keys on mine, so it’s pretty boring, but I know people who have TONS of keys, little toys, id’s, etc.

112. Do a pointillism drawing of your foot in any position


113. Snap a photo of the inside of your refrigerator and draw it – Bonus points for full color

Refrigerators hold so many secrets. This will be fun to look back on in a few years to see what was in your fridge.

114. Draw some snacks like pretzels or potato chips – Pringles would be fun, or Cheetos

Snacks are good drawing practice, and you can munch while you draw.

115. A stack of books

Books are good drawing practice. You can focus on the stack of books as a color study, hone in on the lines, treat them as an object in a larger scene, or go abstract with them.

116. Draw just the tops of trees

I saw a cool photo of only the tops of trees popping up through the bottom of the print, and thought this would be a great drawing challenge.

117. A person tripping over something

If you look up ‘people tripping’, you will get some really funny images to draw.

Sushi is just a perfect, beautiful food to draw.

119. A Halloween scene, or just a jack-o-lantern setup

So many options here. Halloween is fun to draw.

120. A campsite

You either love camping or hate it. Your campsite could be all fun and perfect, or maybe it’s a horror scene?

121. The profile of a horse drawn with scribbles

Just a side view of a horse – or even a horse’s head, maybe – but you can only use scribbles.

122. Runway Fashion

Design something over-the-top that you might see on the runway, but that no one would ever wear in real life. Need some inspiration?

123. Draw donuts

Either a page full or stacked on a plate. MMMMM you might have to go buy some, you know, for observational purposes

124. Something in motion

Like a frog jumping, a top spinning, a person dancing. Try to show the motion.

125. Earthworms

Ew, worms. These things are quite interesting when you look closely at them.

126. A Recipe

Write out a simple recipe (can be extremely simple) and add little drawings of the ingredients to the page.

127. A baseball cap

Do what you will with this one.

128. Negative Space

examples of drawing ideas using negative space

129. Things that fly – all together

Butterflies, birds, dragons, insects, planes, etc all together in a very crowded sky.

130. A tea party

Tea parties are fun! Draw one of your choosing.

131. Make up some new emojis

There are plenty of emojis that we don’t have the pleasure of being able to use. What are some that you can think of that you would like to design. Or redesign a current emoji you feel could be improved upon.

132. Someone laughing

This will give you practice drawing the face when it’s not at rest. Listen to some comedy while you’re drawing!

133. A whole bunch of hairstyles

Draw from hairdo pictures or make up your own.

134. A city scene of skyscrapers

Again, follow a photo, draw from life if you live near a city, or make up a fantastic city, full of the tallest skyscrapers ever.

135. A leopard print or zebra print design

Who knew drawing animal prints could be good drawing practice? Try your hand at different animal prints if you enjoy this one.

136. A sleeping baby

Draw a sleepy little baby. That cute little drooly mouth will be fun to draw.

137. A lizard tank

Complete with lizard(s) of your choice, and all decked out with lizardy toys, etc. Sub a snake or turtle if you prefer those reptiles. Heck, if you really want to, make a tiny dinosaur or dragon tank!

138. Smudgy Marks

Make marks and lines with your pencil and smudge them with your finger. Go massively smudgy or just smudge little bits here and there, but have fun experimenting with moving the graphite around the page.

139. Shopping carts

Shopping carts are intricate and interesting – draw them however you see fit.

140. An African mask

Draw more than one if you get inspired – there are some beautiful examples of African masks to get you started here.

141. Turn 3 everyday objects into living beings

Personifying inanimate objects is fun!

142. A cake

Draw anything from a simple cake to a decked out wedding cake masterpiece.

143. A balloon animal

This will be a good way to practice highlights feel free to twist up your own balloon creations if you want to draw from life.

144. A seahorse

Seahorses are so fascinating, and you can get really detailed or just make a few line drawings.

If you’re drawing from life, really pay attention to the subtleties in shading here.

146. A front door to a building

This would be a fun one to scout out and draw from life.

147. Someone crying

I don’t recommend making someone cry just to draw them, but do what you gotta do.

Hand-letter your family’s names in different styles – or all the same if you would rather.

149. Turtles

Lots of turtles, a few turtles, turtles swallowing turtles, turtles breakdancing. Anything turtle.

150. Tree stumps

This could be a good one for practicing colored pencils.

151. A mandala design or doodles in a bullseye

152. cute wrapped or unwrapped candies.

This one practically demands you use color, but could also be a really interesting pencil study.

153. A page full of bubbles

Enjoy drawing bubbles.

154. Old fashioned roller skates

You know, the old metal kind that you needed a key to expand. Or you can go with the cool sneaker-style 1980’s skates like these. (I may or may not have owned a pair of these, and totally rocked them.)

155. A page of leaves

Leaves of all shapes and colors, or just keep it simple with one leaf style.

156. Tools and screws or nails

Make a little still life if you have these items in your home.

157. A paper airplane

Ya gotta fold your own planes for this drawing prompt.

158. Funny characters

Dive into your imagination and draw some characters of your own design.

159. Seashells

There is endless visual inspiration to be had with seashells.

160. Tiny Square Numbers

Separate your page into a grid, and in each square draw a number in different styles.

161. Draw a long, winding river or stream

Draw a real one if you have one near you.

162. Logos for cars, sports apparel, or other businesses

Draw existing logos or make up brand new cool logos.

163. Ribbons or rope or string

Try your hand at drawing undulating ribbons, a coil of rope, or a messy pile of string. This is definitely good observational practice.

164. Impromptu Still Life

Grab 5 things you see just by looking around, place them together in front of you, and draw them.

165. A train

Choo! Choo! Feel free to give your train a face. You know, sometimes it needs to happen.

166. Illustrate a children’s song

Listen to a happy kid’s song over and over and over again at full volume while you draw. Or save your sanity and listen once or twice before drawing.

167. Take an old electronic item apart and draw the innards

Got anything old and broken to take apart? There are some fun things inside to draw.

168. Scissors, slightly open, pointing toward you (that’s a challenging angle!)

This is good foreshortening practice. Plus, scissors are fun to draw.

169. A pile of pencils or pens or markers or paint brushes

Drawing your drawing tools is so meta.

170. A big, wide open mouth

Discover the mysteries of the wide-open mouth while you draw. Don’t hurt your jaw if you are drawing your own mouth. Maybe alternate between life and a photo…

171. A page full of connected triangles

This is very doodly. Keep it simple or vary your shading, triangle sizes, etc.

172. This is so cool! Draw this ladder optical illusion:

173. Water droplets

Try dripping water on different surfaces to see what makes them look best.

174. Draw a whole playground

Draw the playground from one point of view, or split it up and draw the pieces separately.

175. Make a toilet tube drawing

Draw a little scene as seen through a toilet paper tube.

176. Draw a map

Of your neighborhood, school, or workplace, complete with little illustrations.

177. Design a postage stamp

Draw it the size of a real stamp or enlarged.

178. Set up a scene of different bottles and draw them

Focus on the shadows and highlights, and set the bottles up in an interesting composition. You can even crop in on the bottles so parts of them are off the page.

179. Popcorn

Either in a bowl or closeups of a few popped kernels.

180. Design an ugly Christmas sweater

Pet ugly Christmas sweaters are not off limits here. 🙂

181. Draw a fancy Polynesian drink

This is your chance to draw a tiny, colorful paper umbrella.

182. Underwear! Draw underwear!

Nothing more fun than drawing a page full of undies.

183. Your hand, palm up, fingers curled slightly

Another hand pose to give you more practice.

184. Your favorite stuffed animal

Yours from childhood, a child’s, or make up your own brand new super stuffie.

185. Open an umbrella and draw it

You can do a few sketches of the umbrella in different poses if you’d like.

186. A page full of mushrooms or other fungi

There’s a whole world full of interesting mushrooms and fungi to draw.

187. Larger-than-life fingernails

Draw some or all of your fingernails enlarged.

188. Drip Drawings

Drip ink, coffee, any drops onto your page and make a design from it.

189. A room framed

photo showing perspective with doors framing it

190. An open banana

Peel it mostly or just part way and draw that yellow fruit.

191. A hanging towel

More fabric folds to draw!

192. Draw your toilet

2 days in a row spent drawing in the bathroom.

193. Strangers in public

Go to a coffee shop or park and draw a person (or people).

194. Spaceships and planets

Draw space. The final frontier.

195. A doorknob

Feel free to draw your self portrait in the doorknob if you can see it.

196. Sports balls – one or different kinds

Sporty still life

197. You as a child

Draw yourself from a photo, a video, or draw a strong memory of yourself doing something from your childhood.

198. Stonehenge

Look up Stonehenge and practice drawing that cool, mysterious monument.

199. Write an outlined word and doodle/Zentangle around it on the page

If drawing letters isn’t your thing, you can washi tape a word to tangle around.

200. Marbles

Marbles are a nice little challenge to draw.

201. A pine tree

Or lots of pine trees.

202. Tablescape

Set a table and draw it – or just one place setting.

203. Follow this drawing video:

204. An open book

Face up or face down, or one of each.

Boots are good to draw – try a single boot, part of a boot, or a boot pile.

206. Doodle Tracing

Trace around some random objects, overlapping them, and doodle in the spaces. Again, if you hate doodling, try to perfectly draw a pattern, or make the objects look like they are 3d.

207. Half leaves

Cut some leaves in half and lay them on your page. Draw the other half of the leaves – you can then draw the first half if you wish, or not.

208. Elephants

All that amazing wrinkly skin will push you. Unless you go the cartoony, flat grey illustration route.

209. Copy a Rembrandt painting using pencil

I had this as an assignment in college, but we had to draw it larger than life with charcoal. It was a mess, but really fun.

210. A plastic grocery bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Draw one doing something.

211. Lily pads

Such great shapes- just draw the pads themselves or in a pond.

212. A person from the back

No faces to distract you, but you can still challenge yourself to find a really interesting pose.

213. Car tires

Super close-up car tire texture would be cool, or maybe a pile of tires.

214. A close up of a jeans pocket

Any jeans pocket, full or empty, color or not.

215. A tree, but only using short flicks of a pen or pencil to make your lines

This will give you license to be expressionistic with your tree drawing. Have fun with the marks.

216. A dinosaur

217. a cowboy hat.

Cowboy hats are a great shape – feel free to draw it on a head if you wish.

218. A favorite cartoon character from childhood

Who was your favorite? How old are you? Are you the Jetsons generation, Spongebob, or all about Paw Patrol?

219. The end of a plug cord

Draw the cord, too, but the focus should be on the plug.

220. A broken pencil

All those shards will look lovely in a drawing.

Draw as many or as few as you want. Draw them on a game board if you want.

222. Be inspired by this artwork by Willie Hsu:

223. a self portrait filled with patterns or shapes.

So many opportunities for this one. I’m picturing going in lots of different directions – have fun!

224. A small, secret fairy door at the base of a tree

This can be really cool and mysterious.

225. A bird skull

Skulls and skeletons are just good to draw.

226. A very loose landscape sketch from memory

Or just make one up. Make it loose and easy.

227. Butterflies

You have so many butterflies to choose from, flying or at rest.

228. A Halloween mask

Will you go terrifyingly scary or cutey cute?

229. A page full of circle doodles

Loops and circles all over the page.

230. A scene with a horizon line very low on the page, and the sky full of clouds

This can look beautiful and serene, or really ominous, or even puffy and adorable.

231. A person from the shoulders down

No neck, no head!

232. A truck

Draw a truck, any truck.

233. A hand holding a piece of fruit

Photo your hand at different angles holding fruit and see which one you like most.

234. An item from a celebration from another culture

Have you been curious about Dia de los Muertos? Or maybe some Thai lanterns seem more interesting to draw.

235. A funny selfie with a Snapchat filter

Don’t forget to actually get off of Snapchat and draw…

236. A close-up of an animal’s eye

Get really detailed with this one and then make everyone you know guess the animal.

237. An animal dressed in human clothes

Ah more fun with personifying non-human things. Or this can be a dog dressed up in your t-shirt.

238. An abstract shape tower

Play with shapes and forms.

239. Draw the side view of someone’s face

Look for different interesting photos or draw from life.

240. Sharks

Sharks are fascinating creatures and you can draw all sorts of different types if you want.

241. Flowers in the ground and show the roots underground

Imagine the roots of the flowers underground – what might they look like?

242. A sandwich

Any kind of sandwich you want to draw.

243. One object morphing into another object (source: Eddie Kisosondi)

244. a crowd of people.

This one can be as detailed or as loose and sketchy as you want.

245. Draw what’s on your nightstand

Mine is a mess. Feel free to make yours look lovely if you want to, before you draw it.

246. Draw something that symbolizes a place you want to visit

An object, a building, nature. Your choice.

247. Dried pasta – preferably different shapes

These are great to eat draw.

248. A bear lying down

Big old sleepy bear wants you to draw him.

249. A page of succulents in pots

Succulents make amazing drawing subject matter.

250. A restaurant

From a scene in a busy restaurant to a server serving someone to people leaving, or people at the bar.

251. A page full of 3-d cubes

Remember learning to draw 3-d cubes? Perfect them.

252. A movie screen with a movie scene on it

Will you draw the movie of your life? Or a movie you’ve seem before?

253. Skateboards

Skateboards being used, propped up against the wall, in a shop, what else can you think of?

254. Street signs or traffic lights

Either or both.

255. A Greek God

Yeah! Take some time to draw from a statue or a photo, or from your imagination.

256. Someone blowing a bubble

A small bubble will give you more face practice, or you can hide the face with a giant bubble. Fun!

257. A scene through a rain storm

Day or night, wherever you want, but focus on making it look like rain.

258. Ducks on a pond

Want to try color? Or black and white for this one?

259. Blind contour drawings of objects around you

Really look at what you are drawing and concentrate on drawing what you see.

260. Design a cereal box

I feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to design a much better cereal box than what is currently out there.

261. The Impossible Rectangle!

Foxes are lovely little creatures. Draw one.

263. Paisley designs

Practice your paisley.

264. Glue a few fragments of magazine images to a page and incorporate them into a drawing

This can be an abstract drawing or something recognizable.

265. Draw a large spiral on your page and make a little creature journeying through the whole spiral

Eek, what will happen during the journey to the center of the spiral?

266. Your feet

Draw both of your feet propped up and crossed at the ankle in front of you

267. Listen to your favorite music and doodle aimlessly

268. a stack of plates.

From above, straight on, or maybe draw them from slightly below them, looking up at them.

269. Sketch everything you eat for an entire day on one page

These can be quick sketches if you want.

270. Shadow drawings

Hold up items between your sketchbook and a bright light (try your cell phone flashlight) and trace the shadow outlines.

271. Draw your couch

Then sit on it for a while. You’ve earned it.

272. A pinecone

Pinecones have all those cool darks and lights and so much great texture.

273. A page full of quick little faces with different expressions

Practice drawing expressions.

274. Make a maze

It doesn’t have to be a regular old maze….

275. An ear

Aren’t ears weird looking? Draw one.

Draw many bats or just a few.

277. A brand new superhero

Ooh, what sort of superhero will you make up?

278. A castle

I immediately think of a Medieval castle, but maybe you’ll want to draw another castle entirely.

279. Pots and pans

All that metal will be fun to draw.

280. A stack of rocks

See how high you can make the stack.

281. Geometric Animal

An animal face or the entire animal made up of only geometric shapes

282. A watch

There are so many shapes, surfaces, materials that can go into one watch.

283. A page full of rocks or crystals

Set them up however you want, or scatter them around a table.

284. The inside view of a car

If you sit in a car and look around, there are endless views to draw.

285. A view from a drone

What could a drone see? Draw whatever you can imagine, or of course, photograph if you have a drone of your own.

286. A large ant

You can make it simple or cute if you’re grossed out by ants, or very detailed and realistic.

287. An arm in a cast

I have no idea why I thought this one up, but I guess it sounded like an interesting subject.

288. A flower in a vase

This is a good excuse to go buy flowers – or nab them from your neighbor. No, jk, I don’t condone that.

289. A volcano

I’m sure an exploding volcano would be fun to draw, but you can draw a sleepy quiet one if you’d rather.

290. A plate of french fries

Buy one to eat, and one to draw 🙂

291. Items flying around in a tornado

Cars! People! Furniture! Hats!

292. A tardigrade

293. fill the page with small squares and connect as many corners as you can with any kind of lines.

This is one of those mindless drawing prompts where you can end up with a really cool design.

294. Draw a recurring dream

I love dreams as drawing prompts – if you have a recurring dream, draw it out. Otherwise, any dream will do.

295. Grab the items you use to style your hair and draw them

Not much of a hair stylist? Draw any other tools. Or your shampoo.

296. The entire alphabet, and play with different letter designs

Alphabet letters are great little starter shapes that can take you in a million different directions.

297. A plant growing out of a sidewalk

Don’t you love when little plants just decide to shoot up through sidewalk cracks because they are awesome? Draw it.

298. Combine a flower pattern on the page with a lettered quote or saying

Maybe this is overdone nowadays, but feel free to put whatever twist on it you want to. Make it as lavish and lush or as minimal and stark as you like.

299. Draw a self portrait, but give yourself completely different hair

Now is your chance to play hair stylist.

300. A person on stilts

Stilts always seem to add a surreal twist to people, so se what you want to do with this drawing idea.

301. Heads of garlic

Garlic is beautiful, really. The shape, texture, matte silvery whiteness.

302. Paper lanterns

Choose what kind of paper lanterns you want to draw, and whether you want to draw them in the day or night.

303. Easter Island heads

These heads are so cool, and must be drawn.

304. A view through a window, including the window

Windows make lovely frames to the outside world, so find an interesting scene.

305. Shading practice

Separate your page up into many random, slightly undulating lines, then shade in some of the spaces to make it look like they are recessing, to different degrees

306. A jar full of something

Lights? Worms and dirt? jellybeans? Moonshine? Sand and shells? So many options.

307. 2 Hands holding

308. use a page to try to draw a perfect circle – freehand.

If you get a perfect circle, I must see it. @artmakespeople

309. Family portrait

Have fun and be creative with interpreting this prompt.

310. Different types of bees

There are so many bees. Bees are cool. Let’s celebrate bees by drawing them.

311. A person floating on water

Ahhhh I first thought of this as a soothing, relaxing water-floating pose, but get all dark and murdery if you’d rather.

312. A fence

Yes. A fence.

313. Draw siphonophores

Do we know what siphonophores are? No? Go look here.

Aren’t cacti weird and interesting? They’ll be fun to draw.

315. An empty country road

Draw all kinds of country road emptiness.

316. An empty city road

Draw all kinds of city road fullness.

317. An ant’s view looking up at something

I mean, anything bigger than an ant is fair game.

318. A plaid design

There are so many plaids- they’re actually really interesting. Just choose your favorite and emulate it.

319. Your favorite junk food

French fries, onion rings, Doritos, Funyons?

320. Blind contour drawings of your face

Blind contour drawings are the best.

321. Brooms

Draw brooms in utter detail or simply the outlines.

322. Pick one object and draw it in pencil and then in ink

How does your drawing differ with different media?

323. Spider web(s)

This will be an exercise in patience. Spiderwebs are perfect little gossamer creations, aren’t they?

324. An egg carton

(Feel free to drop some more eggs on the table), but just draw the carton. 🙂

325. Pants laying flat on the ground

Choose your angle. You can draw them from any perspective.

326. Rolls of toilet paper

Make a toilet paper still life and draw away.

327. Design an interesting barcode for a product

328. make a google doodle.

Go check out previous Google Doodles for ideas.

329. Circle art

Draw overlapping circles on your page using a drinking glass and doodle or color in spaces.

330. Swapped Sizes

Draw a large object and small object next to each other, but make the large object tiny and the tiny object HUGE.

331. Paper Curl

Cut a piece of paper into a strip, curl it around something, set it on the table, and draw it.

332. Draw your hand with fingertips coming at you

Okay, last hand-drawing prompt, I promise. Drawing from this perspective is a great challenge!

333. Smudgy Portrait

Draw a portrait in pencil or charcoal and the make tiny smudge marks in the whole thing with an eraser.

334. Layered Drawing

Do a texture-rubbing on your page and draw something over it (you can draw the textured object if you want, or an animal, something in front of you, even yourself.)

335. Negative Space Creatures

Draw a big, full-page scribble and then turn the negative spaces into creatures.

336. An old, wrinkly face

Practice drawing those beautiful skin wrinkles.

337. Muffins

Muffins are a fun food to draw – shoutout to those people who bake their own first.

338. The bottom of a shoe

Draw the bottom of the shoe straight on, or at an angle. You can choose one perspective, or a few sketches.

339. A spoon, a fork, and a knife

However you want to set them up.

340. A scene from your favorite vacation

Got a favorite vacation? What do you want to remember by drawing it?

341. Something on fire

I don’t recommend actually lighting anything on fire here, unless you are at a bonfire, and you’re the edgy person with the sketchbook.

342. Comic Panel

One square from a comic strip – make up your own or copy one.

343. Close your eyes and draw slowly and deliberately on a page

This is a cool way to draw by simply feeling and thinking about where your pen(cil) might be moving.

344. Ancient symbols, real or imagined

Look them up or create your own.

345. Yourself as a vampire or werewolf or Frankenstein

Reimagine yourself as a classic monster.

346. The inside of a box

It might be fun to play around with pointing a bright light at the box the see what kinds of shadows you get.

347. A backhoe

Big old trucks are so interesting-looking.

348. Lie on your back and draw your view in front of you

I’m just assuming here you can find something above you to draw besides the blank ceiling…

349. The floor plan of your dream home

Ahhhh grab a ruler and plan out your dream home.

350. Exercise equipment

Treadmill, weights, medicine ball, you choose.

351. Wrappers

Unwrap some things and draw the wrappers. I would personally choose candy.

352. Your initials as different animals

Turn you initials into animal friends.

353. Crushed cans

Try to get cans in different levels of crushedness, so you have some variation to draw.

354. Calendar Doodles

Draw this calendar month on a page and fill in each square with a tiny drawing.

355. Gloves

Draw some gloves off or on hands.

356. A weapon from history

It doesn’t necessarily need to be from far off history, but there are some fascinating Medieval weapons that would be fun to draw.

357. A giant ground sloth next to a tree (image source: Sci News )

358. cookies.

Practice cookie drawing. You’ll obviously need several packs of cookies for this, or make your own.

359. A lifeguard in a lifeguard chair

Drawing by the pool sounds fun.

360. Puddles

Hopefully you’ll get some good reflections to draw.

361. Personify a food or product

Pick a favorite food or product to turn into something living.

362. Peanuts in the shell

Draw that peanut shell texture while snacking on peanuts. If you have a nut allergy, draw from a photo or sub out for something else to draw.

363. Baskets with things in them

Prop baskets with interesting items and draw.

364. A treasure map

Arrgh, will your treasure map be detailed or simple?

365. 2 puppets talking to each other

What would puppets look like if they were having a conversation?

Once you’ve made your awesome drawings, why don’t you share them on social media with these arty Instagram captions! (Don’t forget to tag me @artmakespeople)

Want more drawing ideas? My lists of drawing prompts are here.

What Sketchbook Should I Buy?

Oh, goodness. I love sketchbooks with my whole heart. There’s nothing better than cracking open a fresh sketchbook and running your hands over that blank page. Especially when you have all these cool drawing ideas to choose from!!

For now, here’s a list of the best sketchbooks based on different criteria. Look for a whole deep dive sketchbook post coming soon!

Inexpensive sketchbook for sketches – this is perfect for students or someone who just wants to dash off pencil sketches to keep warmed up. This links to the 2-pack of this sketchbook.

Good everyday sketchbook for mixed media – This is a hardbound, 8.5×11 sketchbook with paper that is more heavyweight than the first sketchbook. It’s a great book if you want to be able to draw in different media, although I wouldn’t go all watercolory with this one.

High end sketchbook for serious drawings – Moleskine of course is an artist favorite, and has been for years. Moleskines are super high quality and contain some magical dust that makes you draw better. Or maybe not. But every artist should try a Moleskine once to see if you love it or not.

This is the “large” size, which is 5″x8.25″, and what many artists prefer to carry around with them.

Another wonderful sketchbook choice would be from Fabriano – I like this 9×9″ square sketchbook , but I really want to try out this one, it’s adorable!

Related: Gift guide for your favorite artist

  • Image #26 credit: Alex Stanton
  • Image #64 bed drawing credit: Todnar Bonya
  • Image #86 credit: Deposit Photos
  • Image #97 credit: The Arty Teacher – this is a wonderful post on looking at negative space in drawing.
  • image #151 credit: Rishi Kasingh
  • Image #189 credit: Popham Designs – See my post featuring them here.
  • Image #222 credit: Willie Hsu
  • Image #292 credit: The Guardian
  • Image #327 credit: D-Designs

hand drawing flowers with black pen in a sketchbook and text that reads: 365 drawing ideas for a whole year of drawing practice

This post was updated 11/21/23.

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Doodle something odd if you’re stuck. Draw an unusual form or squiggle to use as inspiration. Another option is to use colored paper as a starting point and rip or cut it into random shapes. Then, on one page of your notebook, scribble two or three forms. I often do this, and I frequently like the results so much that I had them made into temporary tattoo patterns

I haven’t really sketched anything since I was in H.S.. At that time, I used to do it daily. I miss it, and have tried to get back to sketching over the years, but life gets in the way. Now that things are not so busy, I will try it. Thank you for this challenge! I needed it.

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365 Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

Need some ideas for what to draw in your sketchbook? This list of 365 drawing ideas is sure to inspire you to doodle, draw, or sketch something every single day of the year!

' src=

Need some ideas for what to draw in your sketchbook? This list of 365 drawing ideas is sure to inspire you to doodle, draw, or sketch something every single day of the year whether you use ink, pen, pencil or charcoal to create.

You can choose whether to draw one drawing a day, go in the list in order, or simply skip around and choose the ones you like best!

Here are 365 Drawing Ideas to Inspire:

1. view from the park.

Parks are great sources of inspiration for drawing. Snap a few of your own reference photos of monuments, benches, and scenes that capture your eye or spend some time in the park with your sketchbook drawing the different scenes you notice.

2. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons are mesmerizing to watch in the sky and can be a beautiful and whimsical thing to learn how to draw. While it’s not too common anymore to see one floating past you in real-life, there are MANY photos out there that you can use as a reference.

Snap a photo of yourself or try drawing yourself while you look in a mirror.

You might see leaves on the ground during autumn or notice them on trees in the spring and summer. Choose a few different leaf shapes to draw.

They say once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget – so why not try the same thing with learning to draw a bicycle? You can make it realistic or simply create a fun doodle.

6. Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are adorable spiny creatures most commonly found in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and in New Zealand. Draw one today!

7. Baseball and/or Baseball Glove

This was actually an assignment we had in high school to practice realistic sketching and shading using nothing more than a #2 pencil!

8. Fruit Bowl

The classic fruit bowl still life might not sound like the most creative idea for drawing, but have you tried it? You might just be surprised. You could also draw a still life of bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes.

9. Tropical Fish

There are so many types of tropical fish to consider as an idea for things that are easy to draw – choose from an angel fish, a clown fish or even maybe a butterflyfish!

10. Skyscrapers

We see so many great examples of skyscraper architecture in our cities that there are endless sources of inspiration for types of skyscrapers you could draw. Take your sketchbook out locally to a city near you, or spend some time drawing iconic skyscrapers such as the Bank of China Tower, the Taipei 101, or the Chrysler Building.

Dragons are mythical creatures that have been a drawing subject since ancient times. Draw a dragon with a knight in shining armor, a Chinese dragon, or maybe even a friendly dragon that helps you roast marshmallows.

Unlock the power of your creativity by drawing some keys! You can choose to draw old fashioned skeleton keys or draw a sketch of the keys out of your purse or your house key.

13. Volcano

Have you ever seen a volcano in real life? Even if you’ve only seen one in movies or in photographs they can be fascinating subjects for art and sketching.

14. Sail Boat

Sailboats are often see on lakes and at marinas and can have all sorts of beautiful designs on the sails.

Draw a teddy bear, a brown bear or a grizzly bear – your choice!

Lay down on a blanket in your yard or at a park and spend some time cloud-gazing for inspiration on what to draw.

17. Family Member

You can have a family member pose while you create a portrait sketch of them, or draw a portrait based on a photo of someone you know.

What can I say about sharks? They have big teeth, they live in the ocean, and they can be very fun and popular to draw.

19. Feather

Birds of a feather…are a great thing to draw! You can make them icon style, or try to recreate a realistic feather on paper.

20. T-Shirt

Surely you have a t-shirt in your closet that would make for a great subject for drawing.

21. The Kitchen

Kitchens are where food is made and are often overlooked as the perfect place to sketch to get a glimpse into your everyday life.

22. Satellite:

Satellites are constantly in orbit around our earth, and they are very interesting looking items with many different geometric lines to use to build your drawing skills.

23. Penguin

Penguins are seabirds that live in mostly cold climates. They don’t fly but they sure do love to swim!

24. Fashion Sketch

What’s trending in the fashion world? Come up with your own fashion designs or take inspiration from some of the leading fashion designers to create your own fashion sketches.

The best part about aliens as a drawing idea? You can make them look like almost anything your imagination can think of, since it is very rare to actually see them in real-life.

26. Pirate Ship

Ahoy Matey! Pirate ships are a great thing to draw in your sketchbook and can be realistic or make your own cartoon.

27. Skateboard

The nice thing about drawing a skateboard is its not nearly as intimidating as trying to actually ride a skateboard.

Celebrate today by drawing a beautiful cake! You can choose how many layers, what kind of icing, and what type of topper fits the occasion. There are so many ideas to draw for what kind of cake you make!

29. Butterfly

There are so many different kinds of beautiful butterflies you could draw, such as monarchs or swallowtail butterflies.

30. Race Car

Vroom vroom, race cars are designed for speed. Draw your favorite kind of race car, whether it’s an old fashioned derby style car or a racecar fit for Nascar tournament.

If you have a cat you can draw a portrait of your own pet or of course you could make a cartoon cat – we all know and love Garfield the Cat and his affinity for lasagna.

With over 190 registered dog breeds by the American Kennel Club you could almost make it a daily challenge just to draw a different type of dog.

33. Super Hero

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s super man! Draw one of your favorite super heroes or create your own!

34. Cup of Coffee or Tea

If you’re going to drink coffee or tea every day, you might as well sketch it, right? Not a coffee or tea drinker? You can always sketch a glass of water.

35. Dinosaur

Dinosaur…roar! Draw a T-rex, a brontosaurus, a triceratops, pterodactyl or a velociraptor if you wish – there are so many great dinosaurs to choose from as sketchbook inspiration!

36. Web Icons

Web icons have become so common place we see them everywhere online. Sketch some icons for your favorite social media channels or visit a site like flaticon.com  for inspiration!

Pizza can be a lot of fun to draw, especially because you get to choose the toppings! Will you make it a veggie pizza, pepperoni pizza or maybe a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham?

38. Dandelions

Every kid knows if you blow on a dandelion and make a wish your wish will come true, much to the dismay of gardeners everywhere who view them as weeds. These edible flowers make for a great easy drawing idea.

39. Hair Styles

Draw a braid, an up-do, or even crazy Medusa inspired snake hair if you wish.

40. Necklace, Bracelet or Rings

Jewelry can be a very interesting thing to sketch or draw, especially if the jewelry has special meaning to you, such as a necklace or ring passed on through your family or given to you by someone special.

41. Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream comes in all sorts of different flavors, and of course there are many different shapes and sizes of cones to choose from, whether its a cake cone, a sugar cone or a waffle cone!

42. Aquarium

Aquariums are beautiful habitats for all sorts of fish and can include plants or even decorative items.

43. Haunted House

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy drawing a spooky and haunted house. Don’t forget details like cracked windows and bent railings – and maybe even a few spirits peeking through.

Whether you draw a beautiful covered bridge scene or a bridge that goes over a river or harbor through the city, bridges give you plenty of architectural inspiration to use as drawing ideas!

45. Crazy Hats

Go ahead, give yourself permission to be a mad hatter and design as many crazy hats as you can think of!

46. Chevron Patterns

Chevrons are fun to draw and there are so many different pattern variations you can try!

You could draw a chandelier, a bedside table lamp, or maybe even a lava lamp!

48. Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are designed to take tourists to view the sights and scenes along the ocean coast. Draw the view from the deck or draw the view from one you can see passing by on the coast.

49. Planets in Outer Space

Draw a single planet like Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune or Jupiter – or draw the whole solar system!

They say eyes are the window of the soul, and it’s true you can learn a lot about a person’s feelings and thoughts based on how their eyes look. Draw your own eyes or draw the mesmerizing eyes of different animals.

51. Caricature

A caricature is a type of cartoon drawing where something about the subject is exaggerated to be funny. For example, if your friend loves to knit or crochet, you might exaggerate the ball of yarn in their hand. Use this drawing idea to make a funny sketch of your friends, family members or even a pet or celebrity.

Everybody needs shoes to walk around, so go ahead and grab the pair of shoes you wear everyday and sketch them!

53. Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are designed to catch bad dreams and keep nightmares away. They are a lot of fun to draw!

54. Rocket Ship

Fly to the moon or a distant galaxy far, far away in your very own rocket ship you can design with this simple idea for drawing.

55. House Plants

Whether it’s a succulent, an aloe vera plant, or a terrarium, if you have anything green growing in your house it can be an excellent source of inspiration for drawing ideas.

56. Inspiring Quote

Practice your hand-lettering by illustrating one of your favorite quotes, sayings, or verse from a poem.

Guitars are stringed instruments that can instantly make us tap our feet and sing along. You can choose to sketch an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

58. Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are the type of trees that lose their leaves in the winter. Examples include oak trees, maple trees, cherry trees, and ash trees. You can choose what season to show the tree – is it spring, winter, summer or autumn?

59. Circus Clown

Clowns can be funny, happy, sad…or even scary! You get to decide which you wish to draw with this drawing prompt.

60. Fairy Tale

Illustrate a scene from your favorite fairy tale. Some examples include Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, or Hansel and Gretel.

Bottles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You could draw a message in a bottle, soda bottles, apothecary bottles and more.

62. What You Last Ate:

What you last ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a simple and obvious drawing idea, but so few people think to actually do it and is a great idea for something to include in a sketchbook.

63. Parrot:

Parrots are colorful and tropical birds, so pull out the colored pencils or some inks to make this come alive in your journal.

What is your favorite book? You could choose to draw a stack of books or draw the cover of a recent book you’ve read and enjoyed. 

65. Elephants

They say an elephant never forgets, and if you draw one you will have a picture to remember an elephant by forever!

66. Camping Scene

Whether you want to draw a travel trailer or a tent, sketch a camping scene. Don’t forget the campfire and marshmallows!

Tigers are big cats with interesting black and orange striped patterns, making them the perfect subject for a page in your sketchbook.

Cartoon-like roses can be easy to draw – they are just a spiral and a circle. Or, challenge your skills to draw a life-like rose complete with petals and stem – just watch out for those thorns!

Zebras are native to Africa and are another interesting animal to draw that are best well known for their black and white stripes.

70. Monster

Could there be a monster hiding under your bed, or in your closet? Probably not, but you never know – which is why you should draw a bigger, more friendlier monster to protect you and scare away all other monsters.

You might remember globes from school and they make for fantastic drawing objects, especially if you are a travel or geography buff.

72. Staircase

We see steps everywhere in regular life, whether it’s in your house, in a park, or maybe even a spiraling staircase along a water tower like in the photo above I took at a nearby park by my house.

73. Peacock

My grandparents used to have peacocks when I was a kid, and they are absolutely beautiful and incredible birds with detailed feathers that are perfect for drawing!

74. The Ocean

You could create an under water scene complete with coral and sea creatures like whales, an octopus and more.

75. Crocodile or Alligator

Crocodiles have a longer, V-shaped snout, while alligators have broad U shaped snouts. Either way, you could draw a snapping good crocodile or alligator in your journal – maybe even both!

76. A Clock

What’s the time? There’s always time to draw something daily! Draw a clock tower, a grandfather’s clock, or an alarm clock.

77. Gumball Machine

A gumball machine can be a lot of fun to draw, and of course there is no rule you have to fill it with gumballs – you can always choose to fill it with a different type of candy, it is your drawing afterall!

78. Giraffes

Known for their long necks, make sure you don’t forget their third horn at the top of their heads. We love visiting the giraffes named Louis and Socks at the local zoo where we live.

79. Bubbles

Bubbles make for a great ideas for what to draw, especially because they are relatively easy for beginners and you could fill a whole page with bubbles in no time!

80. Sports Player

Do you have a favorite sport? Sketch a player in action whether its soccer, baseball, football, hockey or badminton.

81. Airplane

There are so many options for what you could draw with an airplane, whether its the plane’s exterior, the interior, the view from the window, or even possibly the pilot’s cockpit.

82. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright, cheerful, and one of my favorite flowers to see standing tall in the summer sun.

83. Mountains

Try your hand at this idea for drawing mountains by sketching a Rocky Mountain or Appalachian mountain landscape.

84. Bath Tub

Rub-a-dub Dub, draw a bathtub! Don’t forget your rubber duckie!

There are so many great herbs that you can use for drawing. If you grow your own fresh herbs, set them up in a way you can sketch them as a real subject or use reference photos for herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme.

86. Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms are always special, and what better way to preserve them than to sketch them in your art journal?

If you’re a lucky duck, you might even be able to see these water birds at a nearby park or lake by you, but plenty of reference photos abound – you can even use the photo I took of a duck here if you’d like as inspiration!

88. Wildflowers

Draw a beautiful landscape meadow of wildflowers, or take inspiration from botanists through history who meticulously sketched and documented wildflowers in the field.

Someone once told me I didn’t draw a very serious spider, so I gave this spider a briefcase, neck tie and his own private office with a certificate just to prove how serious he was.

90. Drawing Supplies

You already have the perfect subject for drawing in your hand – a pen, pencil, bottle of ink or charcoal set all make for great things to draw.

Fairies are enchanting, tiny human-like creatures that have wings and can fly.

92. Woodland Animals

Draw a deer, a raccoon, a fox, a squirrel, or other woodland animals with this drawing idea.

93. Hippie Van

While you may not be able to actually own and live in a hippie van, you can draw one and that’s the next best thing.

94. Ostrich

Ostriches are fun to draw – and you can decide whether or not it sticks its head in the sand! {Of course, they don’t *actually do this* but that’s the nice thing about drawing, you can use your imagination!}

Whether it is just a slice of your favorite kind of pie or the whole thing, your mouth will be watering by the time you are done drawing this one!

Eggs are a great way to practice your shadowing and depth in drawing. And don’t think you’re limited to just plain white eggs like you get at the grocery store – you can always make them different hues and sizes or decorate with patterns and shapes!

Grab a dollar bill or some loose change and try drawing it. This is a great way to practice shading, depth and more if you want to create realistic drawings.

98. Cooking Utensils & Kitchen Gadgets

Don’t use your blender that often? It’s the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use as a drawing subject! You could also sketch your pots and pans, eating utensils, or other kitchen gadgets you have around the house.

99. Your House

Where we live makes for an excellent idea of what to draw, and you can choose whether to draw the interior or the exterior.

Old fashioned radios are fascinating objects, and many times they still work even in today’s world of digital media. Go for a classic vintage radio, or maybe even draw a 90’s style boombox.

101. Fast Food

You know the drill: soda, burger and fries.

We have smart phones with us almost every day – why not draw it in your sketchbook and document that? Or, draw an old rotary phone for a throwback to the days before cell phones existed.

You could draw a hammer, screw driver, drill, saw, wrench or draw the whole toolbox.

104. Arrows

There are so many different styles of arrows you could try drawing, whether you make arrow doodles or draw a realistic bow and arrow set.

105. Jelly Beans

Known for their unique shape, multiple colors and best found in Easter baskets, jelly beans are a great idea for something to draw!

106. Game Controller

Are you a gamer? Whether it’s Play Station, X-Box, a Gaming Keyboard, or an old school Atari controller, draw a game controller that reminds you of your favorite video games.

107. Soup Can

Take inspiration from Andy Warhol and try your hand at drawing a soup can.

108. Fireworks

Let your paper be the sky for a colorful display of patterns of light.

109. Forest Scene

Think trees, moss covered rocks and maybe even a stream winding through a forest scene perfect for a landscape sketch.

110. Astrological Signs & Symbols

What’s your sign? You could draw a Pisces fish, the Scales of Libra, the Scorpion of Scorpio or the Archer of Sagittarius for example.

111. Banners

Banners are a lot of fun to draw and you can make them as whimsical as you wish. I love drawing banners in my art journals!

112. Wristwatch

Do you wear a watch? Whether its a smartwatch or a classic watch you wind up, draw a wristwatch in your sketchbook.

113. Nuts, Bolts & Other Hardware

Take a walk down a hardware aisle or go through your garage to find nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous hardware to sketch and draw.

114. Typewriter

There is something cool about a typewriter, even if they don’t make much sense in today’s digital age…they are definitely fun to draw!

115. Bunnies or Rabbits

Bunnies and rabbits are cute, soft and fluffy. I used to have one as a kid!

Ivy is a plant that spreads, often times along a wall, window or trellis and is best known for beautiful leaf shapes – perfect for drawing in your sketchbook!

117. Machines

We see all kinds of machines in our daily lives – from the washing machine, to the dishwasher to the furnace that keeps our homes warm. You could also invent your own machine!

118. Garden Tools

A garden shovel, gloves, trowel etc are all examples of common garden tools that make the perfect subject for still life drawing ideas.

119. City Skylines

Draw a silhouette of a city skyline, whether it is a local city where you live or one you want to visit someday.

120. What’s on your desk?

Take a look at what is on your desk today and sketch it – no matter how messy your desk may be!

121. Pineapple

Pineapples were named pine apples because of their exterior resembles a pine cone. Often viewed as a symbol of friendship, these tropical fruits are the perfect thing to try drawing!

122. Hearts

You can choose to draw doodle hearts, or draw an anatomically correct depiction of a human heart.

The first steam train was invented in 1804 and many people were afraid to ride them. Today, trains are still used for transportation and shipping. You can make a passenger train or a cargo train. Draw a single box car, the engine, or the caboose!

124. Lawnmower

My husband is always talking about fixing his broken lawnmower, so I had to include it on this list. You can draw a riding mower or a push mower or even a commercial lawnmower.

125. Hourglass

An hourglass is a type of sand filled timer which you’ve probably seen more often in board games.

126. Scissors

A basic and important office supply, drawing realistic scissors can be more challenging than you might think!

127. Mailbox

Everybody gets mail, so why not sketch your mailbox?

128. Ticket

Have you recently gone to an event where you needed a ticket? Draw or sketch that ticket in your sketchbook.

129. Circles

Circles might seem like a mundane drawing idea, but there are so many great ideas for drawing circular patterns and different circle sizes!

If you are lucky enough to have a grape vineyard nearby, you can find a LOT of inspiration to sketch and draw vines! Many different types of vines also grow on trees.

X-rays allow us to see inside someone or something. You can draw an X-ray view of a person or an object.

132. Tunnels

Tunnels are a great way to practice drawing perspective, especially if you are drawing the view from the beginning to the end of a tunnel.

133. People at Work

Millions of people go t work every single day. This could be construction workers, people in your office, or even the cashiers at the store.

134. Ladders

Ladders are another great exercise for drawing perspective. There are also many different kinds of ladders – from step ladders to paint ladders to imaginary ladders that climb all the way to the clouds.

135. Playground

Draw a swingset, sliding board, the view in the sandbox at a nearby park or playground where you live.

136. Swirls

Swirls are fun to draw and can be highly meditative and addictive! Fill a page with swirls or practice drawing some swirly flourishes.

137. Dancing

Draw people who are dancing, and be sure their clothes and dance moves reflect the type of music they are dancing to!

138. Sunglasses or Eyeglasses

Set up a pair of your sunglasses or eyeglasses on a table and start sketching them.

139. Hills & Valleys

Rolling hills and valleys can give a typical landscape sketch a lot of visual interest.

140. Rocks & Stones

Are you a rock collector? Have you ever been to a rocky beach or noticed rocks along the shore of a river? Take some time to draw the details of rocks or stones.

Good fences make good neighbors, according to poet Robert Frost. They also make for great drawing subjects, whether it’s a white picket fence, a split rail fence or a wrought-iron fence.

142. Triangles

There are so many different kinds of patterns you can create just with a simple triangle!

Moo! Cows can be found on farms around the world and are a great animal to try drawing – this sketch of a baby calf is so cute!

There are over 6,300 known species of frogs in the world, which means you have a lot of choices on what kind of frog to draw! Draw a tree frog, a bullfrog, an African claw frog, or other frog of your choosing.

145. Spool of Thread & Other Sewing Notions

Do you have a sewing box? A simple spool of thread and other sewing notions can make for a great still life.

146. Tomato

Some people love tomatoes, others could leave them. Either way, they make for a n excellent drawing subject.

147. Squares and Rectangles

Drawing squares and rectangles gives you plenty of opportunities to discover new patterns in your doodles. Tip: For straight lines, use a ruler!

148. Tea kettle

How about a nice relaxing cup of tea? Sketch a tea kettle in your journal.

149. Lightbulb

The symbol for creativity and ideas, light bulbs are an invention we still rely on heavily today. Try drawing something inside of a lightbulb for an illuminating challenge.

150. Party Supplies

What do you need to throw a party? You could draw party hats, noise makers, or keep it simple with just party foods.

151. Railroad tracks

Railroad tracks are very dangerous to be around, so I do not suggest trying to go near them for sketching, but there are many pictures you can use as reference and they are great practice for perspective.

Porches are welcoming gathering places for company and the perfect scene to sketch.

153. Rainbow

Rainbows are easy to draw and a great excuse to pull out the colored pencils. An easy way to remember the order of the colors is the acronym Roy G. Biv: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

154. Lemonade Stand

Every kid dreams of having a lemonade stand someday, and now is your chance to finally design the lemonade stand of your dreams.

Do you play piano? You can choose to draw a close-up of the keys, someone playing the piano, an upright piano, or a baby grand piano.

156. Hallways

Interior hallways can be a great way to practice drawing perspective, especially if the hallway has a lot of doors or wall decor.

157. Watch Gears

What’s inside a watch? Lots of little gear parts that make for fun and easy drawing ideas.

It doesn’t have to be taco tuesday to draw a taco. Fill up that shell with all your favorite ingredients and toppings!

159. Paint & Paint Brush

Pull out your paints and paint brushes to set up a still life scene of an artist at work.

160. Faces With Different Emotions

So often in portraits we see people happy – try drawing faces with different emotions such as angry, sad, frustrated, or calm.

161. Dishes

Dishes can have all sorts of different patterns and styles that can make for fantastic creative inspiration.

162. Fountain

Whether its an outdoor or indoor fountain, there are all sorts of interesting details to capture when drawing a fountain.

163. Puzzle Pieces

Puzzles are always entertaining. Grab a puzzle off your game shelf and scatter a few pieces around to sketch and draw.

164. Monkey

You probably can’t have a pet monkey like Curious George in real life, but you can always draw a character of your own.

165. Angels

Angels are majestic divine beings of light, and a fantastic source of inspiration for sketching and drawing.

One of the nice things about drawing hands is you always have a realistic model attached to you! Try different poses or holding different objects.

167. Pair of Socks

Do you have a pair of crazy socks? You can sketch a pair of socks you already own, or make your own crazy sock designs.

168. Bag or Purse

We use bags all the time in our everyday life, whether it’s a shopping bag or a purse where you keep your keys, wallet and more. Draw the bag itself or draw a fashion sketch of a person wearing a bag.

169. Umbrella

Rainy days are a lot more bearable when you have a good umbrella to keep you dry!

170. Beach Scene

The beach is a relaxing and serene place to sit with a sketchbook and sketch the sights.

171. Bowling Ball and Pins

Bowling can be a lot of fun, and drawing a bowling ball and pins makes for a good drawing exercise.

172. Roller Coaster

Do you have a favorite rollercoaster ride? You can draw a lifelike imitation of a rollercoaster you love, or design your own with plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns.

We often associate witches with mean and scary looking old ladies, but Glenda the Good witch from the Wizard of Oz reminds us that not all witches are bad.

174. Headphones

Love listening to music? Don’t forget to sketch your headphones.

Are ghosts real? What do they look like? Now is your chance to draw one!

176. Paper Clips

Pull out a handful of paper clips from your office desk and sketch them.

177. King or Queen

You can draw a king or queen from history, or even imagine yourself as king or queen for the day.

178. Graffiti

Graffiti is a unique form of art and perfectly legal when done on paper.

179. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are cute beneficial insects in any garden.

180. Abstract Line Art

Use this as a chance to draw stripes or have fun with experimenting with different line angles on paper.

181. Mermaid

Fictional characters that live under the sea, mermaids have captivated the imagination of sailors and storytellers for ages.

Do you have any toys from your childhood? Pull them out and sketch them.

183. Junk Drawer

Everybody has a junk drawer – that place where stuff just ends up somehow. Go through your junk drawer and pick a couple of random objects to draw.

184. Highway road

Have you been on a any recent road trips lately? Highway roads are always an interesting thing to draw.

185. Backpack

What’s in your backpack? Whether you’re a hiker or a student or carry your laptop in a backpack, there’s plenty of different styles and shapes to choose from to draw!

186. Mushrooms

Did you know there are over 10,000 different types of mushrooms? That gives you a LOT of options for what to draw, whether you draw realistic mushrooms or fantasy style mushrooms in an enchanted forest.

187. Cactus

Whether you have a cactus growing at home or want to take inspiration from a desert landscape, cacti make for excellent drawing subjects.

188. Turtle

Don’t be shy – draw a turtle! You can make it realistic, cartoonish, or somewhere in between.

189. Seashells

Seashells are abundant in the world and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of creative options to explore when it comes to drawing them.

190. Photo Frames

Every piece of art needs a good frame, and this is a great prompt to make doodle frames or draw ornate frames inspired from vintage and antique photograph displays.

Where does the gate lead? You can draw a garden gate, a gateway to a new portal or maybe a gate to a haunted and spooky hollow.

192. Vegetables

Don’t want to eat your vegetables? Draw them instead!

I am always fascinated by the details in patchwork quilts. You can try drawing different quilt block designs, or even take inspiration from a crazy quilt with elaborate stitching and embroidery embellishing each patch!

194. Sunrise/sunset

The sun rises and sets every single day and that itself is pretty amazing! What’s a drawing prompt list without a sunset or sunrise?

You can draw your state or country’s flag, or choose to draw different flags from around the world.

There are many different types of bells, from bell towers to school bells to jingle bells.

197. Potato Chips

Are you in need of a snack? Next time you reach for that bag of potato chips, sketch it!

198. Your Closet

Open up your closet doors and sketch a scene of your current wardrobe. Hopefully you won’t find too many skeletons in there!

199. Vintage Photographs

Old vintage photos make for great drawing reference photo idea, especially when they feature historical lifestyles.

Heat things up by drawing flames or fire. You can draw a campfire, a fire in a fireplace, or flames surrounding another object.

201. Raindrops

Raindrops are their very own shape, and there are so many different ways you could interpret this! You could make raindrop patterns, or try to realistically capture what raindrops may look like on a pane of glass or when they fall and hit the ground.

Your choice – make a map of where you live, somewhere you’ve visited, or maybe even a map of a completely fictional and imaginary fantasy world.

203. Optical illusions

Optical illusions play with lines, shadows, and depth to create images that aren’t always what they appear to be. Play around with different ideas until you get a drawing that makes you look twice.

204. Snowman

Do you want to draw a snowman? You can make your snowman as elaborate or as simple as you’d like!

205. Steampunk

Steampunk is a type of science fiction where everything is steam powered. Think gears, flying contraptions, and all sorts of odd inventions. Prefer figure drawing? You could also draw people in steampunk attire!

206. Seagulls

These birds may be noisy, squacky, and annoying to deal with at the beach, but they are still beautiful to look at and the perfect subject for drawing.

207. Computer

We spend enough time at the computer, so take a break from the digital world and get out that sketchpad!

208. Chickens

Chickens come in all sorts of varieties – the American Poultry Association recognizes over 50 different breeds of chickens. You can choose to make this as simple or as complex as you wish!

209. Historic Scene

Scenes from history are always fun to illustrate, especially if you choose to depict a time before cameras were invented, which was in 1816.

210. The library

Go visit your local library and bring your sketchbook! You can choose to sketch the outside of the building or sit at a table where you can get a good view of the rows and rows of books.

211. Your grocery store

Shopping for food is an everyday necessity, and chances are you’ve been to the grocery store at least once in the past year. Draw some of the aisles, a grocery display case, or draw the exterior of the building.

212. Jar of Something

Everything in mason jars is all the rage in decor, or maybe you’re like me and love a jar of bread and butter pickles or homemade jam.

213. Numbers

You don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate there are so many different ways to draw numbers! Practice hand-lettering in different styles or use basic numbers as a base for more elaborate doodles.

214. Your Bed

Researchers estimate the average person spends about 26 years of our lives in bed…which is a LOT of time sleeping! Give your bed its proper tribute by illustrating it in your sketchbook.

215. Impossible World

Maybe there’s an imaginary world where fish fly in the sky, or the moon is underwater…invent an imaginary fantasy world and draw it!

216. Speech Bubbles

How do you convey spoken words in your drawings? With speech bubbles of course! You can draw them comic book style or practice creating new patterns using a basic speech bubble shape.

217. Farm or Barn Scene

The Barn is an iconic image of the countryside, and no wonder – these giant buildings serve as a place to store farm equipment and provide shelter to animals. Draw a barn!

218. Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a meandering path that leads to the center of a shape. Traditionally circular in nature, they are often used in common times for reflection and meditation.

Go fly a kite! And if there’s no wind or you don’t have a kite, you can always draw one! Again, there are so many different shapes and types here to choose from!

220. Astronaut

Remember that rocket ship you drew in prompt number 54? What about the person flying that thing? Draw a picture of the astronaut brave enough to travel in your spacecraft.

Balls of yarn can be a fun challenge to draw, especially when you get into different types of hand spun yarns or art yarn!

Go ahead, take a chance…and draw some dice! Did you know there are more dice than just the average 6-sided dice? They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as I learned from playing Dungeons & Dragons.

223. Pumpkins

You can draw a pumpkin patch, a fall themed still life display, or maybe even carve out a face on your pumpkin and create a jack-o-lantern!

224. Flooring

Have you ever spent time staring at the floor? I know that sounds sarcastic, but you might just be surprised how many different textures and patterns exist on what we walk all over every single day.

225. Scene from a Dream

Have any crazy dreams lately? Illustrate a scene from a dream in your sketchbook. Bonus? You can interpret what that dream means based on the image you drew!

Imagine a bench. Who is sitting on it? Draw it!

227. Garden

There are so many different things you can draw for a garden, whether its a vegetable garden or a flower garden or maybe just a peaceful place outside surrounded by plants.

228. Blue Jeans

Get a pair of blue jeans out from your closet and try putting them in different poses on a table or the floor and draw what you see.

229. Wild West Scene

Cowboys, outlaws, and a good saloon make for the perfect backdrop for a wild west scene you could draw.

230. Children playing

Kids are always a source of inspiration to draw, especially when they are playing.

231. Silhouette

Silhouettes are outlines of an object, person or place. Try drawing silhouettes of people in different poses, or draw silhouettes of everyday objects around the house.

Hopefully there are no mice in your house – but they are cute, when they don’t sneak up on you! You could draw a realistic mouse, or draw personified mice characters who live in their own burrow in a meadow.

233. Baby/Infant

Like kids, babies are another great source for portrait photos. You can use a baby you know as inspiration, or dig out those old photos of you as a baby when you were new to this world.

I’d never want to see a hippo close in real life {I hear they can be very aggressive and dangerous!} but I’m definitely okay with drawing them!

When the cold wind blows you get ice! You can draw icicles hanging from the eaves of a roof, or maybe even ice cubes that are guaranteed not to melt.

236. Favorite Animated/Cartoon Character

When I was in the second grade I was so lucky to take a cartooning class where I learned to draw Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and more. Do you have a favorite cartoon character or anime character? Try to draw them as close as the original as you can.

237. Camera

So often as artists we use reference photos to inspire our work, but we forget the camera itself can be a great drawing idea!

238. Mad Scientist’s Lab

Think bubbling potions, beakers, and oh my, what’s that monster doing under the sheet over there in the corner?

239. Wood Texture

Wood grain can be a beautiful texture to draw, especially in pencil, ink, or charcoal. There are so many options for patterns and shading!

240. Gnomes

Who doesn’t love garden gnomes? Maybe they’re tacky, but I think they’re the perfect thing to draw – especially if you draw them in different clothes and styles.

241. Life Underground

Most of the time we think about life on the surface of earth, but there’s all sorts of things that happen underground, from coal mines to subway train stations to fault lines and magma…what world do you imagine? Draw it!

Ever hear the phrase, I’m all ears? Now’s your chance to illustrate it!

We drive in cars every day and there are so many different types we see on the road. You can choose to draw your first car, your current car, or the cars you see passing by on the street near where you live.

244. Holiday scenes

There’s so many holidays we celebrate around the world – you can choose from Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July or maybe even St. Patrick’s Day.

245. Song Lyrics

Do you have a favorite song? Illustrate a scene from the song, or practice your hand-lettering by drawing a quote of the lyrics.

246. Parking Lot

Parking lots might not sound like that exciting of an idea for drawing, but you can be surprised what happens in them! They are great places for people watching, or you could sketch the scene of one to continue a series of drawings of places around where you live.

247. Movie Scene

What’s your favorite movie? Draw a scene from a movie you love or have watched recently.

248. Xylophone

Xylophone is pretty much the only word we could think of that begins with the letter X, so it made our list. 🙂

249. City Street Scene

Walk around the city and sketch the sights on the street.

250. Award or Trophy

Have you ever been given a trophy or award for an achievement? You could also draw trophies or awards for your pets or friends, like “Best Listener” or “Most Furry”.

Look up to the night sky and draw the stars. You could also research and draw different constellations.

From dump trucks to tractor trailer trucks to pick-up trucks, there are all kinds of trucks you can draw. Above is a picture of a pick-up my brother drew.

253. Skeleton or Skull

Skeletons and skulls might be creepy to some, but they can be a lot less scary if you opt to draw a sugar skull from the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

Bird watchers know there are thousands of different species of birds, which means you have a lot of options here! To keep things simple, try drawing birds that are native to where you live and can be found regularly in your backyard and parks.

255. Friend

Ask a friend for a photo or see if they would be willing to pose while you draw a portrait of them.

256. Cleaning Supplies

Fact: It’s more fun to draw cleaning supplies than it is to actually do the laundry, dishes, and other household chores.

257. Wheels

From wagon wheels to car rims, there are all sorts of different types of wheels you could draw. You could also use wheels as a base for making repetitive patterns.

258. Sled Ride

Have you ever been on a sled in the winter? You can draw kids sledding or draw an old fashioned Christmas sleigh!

What’s behind that door? You can draw the door of your house, or draw a door that captures your eye and makes you want to open it…or avoid it.

260. Diamonds

Diamonds are easy things to draw and you can play with all sorts of different patterns and repetitions with them.

261. Favorite Things

What are your favorite things in the whole wide world? Draw them!

Waves are a very cool thing you can draw, whether its realistic waves in the ocean, or simply waves of lines that create a pattern.

263. School

Draw a picture of what you remember school looked like when you were a kid, or draw all the school supplies you remember needing.

264. Abandoned Warehouse

Abandoned warehouses are cool architecture places to draw, just remember that you shouldn’t actually go into an abandoned warehouse without proper permission and safety clearances – it can be VERY dangerous!

265. Cooking Spices

What’s on your spice rack? Draw it!

266. Favorite Place From Your Childhood

What is a place you remember from your childhood? It can be any place you visited that brings back happy memories.

267. Vase of Flowers

The classic still life is the perfect opportunity to practice drawing!

268. Vacation Spot

Think back on all of the places you’ve visited and vacationed at over the years. Draw a scene of one of your favorite spots!

269. News Headline

Look to the news today and draw a headline from the current events.

270. Village

Draw a whimsical village of cute little houses.

Artists like Van Gogh are famous for painting a chair, so get your start by drawing one!

Horses are incredible creatures admired for the beauty and strength. Draw wild horses or someone riding a horse.

273. Drum Set

Not everybody has room for a drum set in their house or the talent to play one, but you can always draw one!

274. Exercise Poses

Draw a figure in different exercise poses, such as yoga or aerobics.

275. Something That Smells Nice

What’s your favorite smell? Draw something that you think smells nice.

276. Illustrate Onomatopoeia Words

Onomatopoeia words are words that are spelled exactly like they sound – and they can be fun to illustrate. Some example words are splash, buzz, pop, fizz, and swish.

277. Detective

Take inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and draw a detective on the case to solve the next mystery.

278. Mythological Creatures

Centaur, griffins, and manticores are all examples of different types of mythological creatures you could draw in your journal.

Draw a game board, game pieces or make up a design that could be used on your very own deck of illustrated cards.

280. Picnic

Set the scene for the perfect picnic lunch – hopefully there won’t be any ants to ruin the fun!

With over 200 owl species to choose from, you could draw a barn owl, a snowy owl, or great horned owl. The above picture my daughter drew when she was six.

282. Your Favorite Decade

Draw a scene from your favorite decade, whether it’s the roaring 1920’s or the fun and colorful 1980’s.

283. Flash Light

No need to stay in the dark – you can draw your own light with a flash light!

284. Bathroom Cabinet

Draw your toothbrush, a bar of soap, or anything else you may regularly keep in your bathroom cabinets.

Idioms are expressions and phrases that generally don’t make any literal sense in the real world…one example being it’s raining cats and dogs. Illustrate a silly idiom or other expression that we don’t take literally. You can find more idioms at the Free Dictionary Idiom Search .

286. Rock Star

Everybody thinks about becoming a rock star at some point, take inspiration from one of your favorite artists or bands or draw yourself rocking out to your favorite kind of music.

287. Party Animals

Draw animals going to a party. Don’t forget their party hats!

What’s hiding up in the attic of that old house? Draw it!

289. Happy Couple

Draw a couple that is happy and in love together.

290. Neighborhood

Sketch a street scene from your local neighborhood.

291. Bar or Restaurant

Where’s the last place you’ve eaten or gone out to? Draw a picture of the exterior or interior of the building.

292. Time Machine

Time machines don’t exist yet, but here’s your chance to design one that will help you travel back and forth in time.

293. Runner

They say life is a marathon and not a sprint…unless a lion is chasing you. Draw someone who is running from something, or maybe they are competing in a 5k or marathon.

294. Treehouse

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a treehouse for a day? Design and draw a Pete Nelson worthy treehouse for you to escape to.

295. Museum

Museums are full of interesting artifacts from history. Visit a museum near you or do a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History online here .

Boxes can be empty or they can be full of surprises. You can draw just one box or a whole stack of them!

Draw a humanoid-like robot, or draw a robot straight out of a science fiction movie. Cartoon robots are also always fun!

Drawing glass can be a fun way to explore drawing reflections and shadows.

299. Mechanic’s Garage

Draw a mechanic’s garage with cars needing repaired.

300. Helicopter

Did you know the fastest speed of a helicopter ever recorded is 248 mph? That’s crazy!

301. Brick Wall

Brick patterns are a great idea for something to draw.

302. Lighthouse

Lighthouses help keep sailors and ships safe while out at sea. They are also beautiful tourist attractions all around the world.

303. Gifts and Presents

Did you receive any gifts or presents recently? Draw them! You could also draw wrapped presents.

304. Christmas Tree

Deck the halls and put up a Christmas tree, in your art journal or sketchbook at least! Not Christmas time or don’t celebrate Christmas? You could always decorate your tree to be more to your liking.

Towers have been used historically for many different reasons, and they stand tall along the skyline. Draw one!

There are so many famous hotels you could choose to draw, or draw the outside of the last hotel you stayed at.

307. Ant Farm

Ants build the most fascinating tunnels in ant farms. Illustrate an ant farm to show their secret lives in their homes.

308. Battle

You could draw a historic battle or you could draw a fantasy battle between an ogre and a dragon.

309. Waterfall

There are so many waterfalls in the world, experts can’t even agree how many there are! They are beautiful cascading natural elements perfect for sketching.

310. Remote Control

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a remote control that does everything? Take inspiration from the remote control you have for your TV or design your own with custom buttons you could use in your life.

311. Bakery

Cakes, cookies, bread…mmmm…all of my favorite foods can be found at a bakery, so draw one!

312. Suitcase

Packing to go somewhere? You could draw a suitcase ready to travel the world, or draw yours.

We live on this great big earth, so draw it.

314. Mandala

A mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe. They are often used for meditative purposes and can be so relaxing to draw.

315. Cassette Tape

Am I showing my age here? Even if everything is digital today, cassette tapes are still cool to draw in my book.

316. Antique Car

Cars from the 1900’s look a lot different than the ones we drive today! Draw an antique or classic car that was manufactured before 1970.

317. Castle

You drew the queen and king in prompt number 177, now where are they going to live? Draw a castle fit for royalty, or take inspiration from one of the famous 500+ castles that already exist in the world.

318. Lightning

Lightning can be mesmerizing and the earth is struck by lightning an estimated 1,400,000,000 times a year – now that’s electrifying!

319. Snakes

Some people are scared of snakes, but the best way to overcome that fear is to draw one on paper. Besides, it’s your imagination – you can make the snake a friendly, non-biting one!

I heard you can really draw a crowd…haha…I know, that’s a terribly punny joke but I couldn’t resist.

Swords are often seen in coats of armor and in historical fiction stories like the sword in the stone…try drawing one!

322. Compass

Which way north? Draw a compass rose.

Pigs are very intelligent creatures…and they are cute!

Be careful if you drew three pigs in the last prompt, this could get hairy and become the story of three little pigs quick, which doesn’t end too well for the wolf.

325. Anchor

Anchors are symbols of strength and safety and often used in logos and tattoo designs.

Who doesn’t love a good donut? Draw your favorite flavor donut.

327. Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are very fast to see in real life, but they are beautiful birds to draw.

328. Statues and Sculptures

Draw your own life-like statue or sculpture, or try to draw a realistic rendition of a famous statue such as The Statue of Liberty or the sculpture of Discobolus .

329. Zipper

Zippers are something we use all the time, and they are fun to draw! You can also use the basic shape of a zipper for all sorts of pattern drawing ideas!

330. Television Set

You can draw a retro TV set or draw a more modern day version of a smart TV.

That alien that you drew in prompt #25…what kind of spacecraft were they flying? Draw an unidentified flying object.

332. Scarecrow

Scarecrows are not really all that useful for scaring away crows, but they have become an iconic decoration around the fall and autumn season.

One of the popular games for kids to play in the woods is to go snipe hunting…of course you never find one because snipes don’t exist. No one knows what a snipe really is, but this is your chance to imagine what one would look like if it were real.

334. Chameleon

Chameleons are best known for being able to change their colors to blend into their environment. This is a great opportunity to practice shading or draw with multiple colors.

335. Jellyfish

The nice thing about drawing a jellyfish on paper is they can’t sting you! While you’d never want to get too close to one in real life, they are beautifully amazing creatures of the sea.

336. Unicorn

A unicorn is a mythical creature that looks much like a horse with a single horn on its forehead. They are often depicted in art and folklore, making it the perfect drawing prompt.

Tulips mean spring is coming, and they are fun beautiful flowers to draw in any weather or season. Because they are bulbs, you can even force them to grow in the winter like I did with my flowers. See my post on the seasons of being an artist .

338. Pinwheel

Pinwheels are toys that twirl around when someone blows on them. They are symbolically seen as a way of “turing one’s luck around” and often signify playfulness and happiness.

339. Palm Tree

Did you know palm trees are actually evergreen trees? They are characterized by broad fan-like leaves and usually found in tropical regions around the world.

340. Rainforests

Rainforests are home to thousands of exotic plant species and animals and are typically found around the earth’s equator.

341. Deserted Island

What would you do if you were stuck on a deserted island? What would it look like? I hope you brought a notebook and pencil!

342. Snowflakes

No two snowflakes are alike, and you can have so much fun drawing different patterns and designs of snowflakes.

343. Ball or Sphere

Balls and spheres are a great opportunity to play around with drawing different shadow angles and light sources.

344. Goldfish

Goldfish are easy to draw and are a favorite pet for many people.

345. DNA Helix

It’s crazy to think we have DNA and I even recently just did a DNA test on Ancestry.com – it’s so fascinating to me to trace back all of my ancestors. Drawing the helix is a great way to practice different shading techniques as well.

One of my favorite songs is You Are the Moon by the Hush Sound , and I can’t think but illustrating a beautiful moonlit landscape everytime I hear it.

347. Trapeze Artist

Trapeze artists are highly skilled entertainers who perform all sorts of aerial tricks on ropes. Often seen at circuses, many modern artists can be seen in cities and other places.

348. Atoms and Molecules

You don’t have to be a chemistry major to recognize that atoms and molecule diagrams can be fascinating subjects for drawing ideas!

349. Carousel

I’ve always loved merry go round carousel rides and still ride them even now whenever I get a chance. You can choose to draw the whole carousel or just draw a carousel horse.

350. Cabin or Cottage in the Woods

Draw your own artists retreat place in the form of a cabin or cottage in the woods.

351. Buttons

Buttons make for great doodles, or you can always draw a magic button that you can push for when things go awry.

352. Pot of Gold

What’s at the end of your rainbow from prompt #153? Shamrock optional.

353. Doctor’s Office

Have you ever noticed all the different things they have at the doctor’s office when you go in for a check-up?

354. Panda Bear

Panda bears are just cute and that is why you should draw one.

355. Building Blocks

Building blocks are a great way to play with different angles, lines, and shadows.

356. Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are popular carnival rides and a great thing to draw.

357. Turkey

You can draw a turkey – it’s as simple as tracing your hand. Of course, you could always opt to draw a turkey that’s a bit more realistic.

358. Lollipops and Candy

Craving something sweet? Draw a lollipop or another favorite type of Candy.

You could draw a city bus, a school bus, or even a double-decker bus.

360. Flamingo

Flamingos are graceful birds most well known for their ability to balance on just one leg.

361. Ukulele

Ukulele’s only have 4 strings and are smaller and higher pitched than a guitar. Both of my daughters play the Ukulele!

362. Strawberry

Strawberries are amazingly detailed when you look at one up close, making them a great option for a close-up sketch.

363. Sandcastle

Did you know people build sandcastles at a competitive level? It’s amazing what architects, engineers, and creative designers and make out of sand at sand castle competitions!

364. Record Player

We may not play records that often anymore, but they are still a totally fun vintage thing to draw.

365. Magic Wand

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic wand? Well, you can always draw one!

I hope you enjoyed this list of 365 Drawing Ideas and of course if you create any of these things to draw I would love to see it in our Artjournalist Facebook community group !

Do you have any ideas for things to draw that I might have missed? I’d love to hear your ideas and how you will use these drawing prompts – tell me in the comments below!

Sharing is caring!

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Share what you’re creating and working on, ask questions + connect with over 4000 creative artjournalists for inspiration + ideas!


How about flowers

she said sunflowers which are technically flowers

great list of inspiration

This was a wonderful list

i like these thanks for curing my dreadful boredom 😃😄😊

I’ve read a lot of lists for drawing prompts, this one is by far the best! Thank you so much! I’m sure it took some time to come up with all of these!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

Can you please share some painting ideas?

Sounds like a great idea Amy, I will get on it 🙂

great list i cant wait to fill lots of sketchbooks up with ideas oh also how about fidget toys they are great to draw

Hmm cant think of any! It sure helped me. I run art contests every week and like gettin opinions from people on themes, seeing this I may never have trouble picking a theme again! lol😂

I was stuck trying to think of ideas of what to draw during a pandemic. Thanks for all the great ideas. I better get started, I have hundreds of drawings to do. Joyce

Glad it inspired you Joyce!

I actually had a drawing competition in my school and the topic was “dreaming with eyes open” and this really helped thanks!

thanks for this great list of inspiration. defiantly cured my boredom. I really liked the coffee idea. i made a really good painting for my kitchen with it. it says: “Key To My Morning. it is is painting of a blue coffee cup, with i red back round. my parents drink coffe every morning so i made it for them.

you should add hallway

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60 + Easy Drawing Ideas For Your Sketchbook

drawing ideas 2021

You’re looking at a blank sketchbook page and you’re at a loss for your next drawing idea…again. Whether you need a creative break in the day, a weekend project, or more drawing prompts to fill the pages, it can be challenging to keep generating cool drawing ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas, tips, and resources to jumpstart your creative juices no matter your drawing expertise – now grab your tools and get going.

Drawing Ideas: People

  • Draw a caricature of yourself.
  • Depict yourself as a superhero.
  • Draw self-portraits from different perspectives. Try positioning a mirror from different angles.
  • Sketch your hands in different positions. Draw your feet.
  • Draw a close up of the eye. Try your teeth. Do a study of different people’s ears.
  • Draw a self-portrait from your reflection in a spoon.
  • Draw yourself double your age.
  • Study and sketch people in cafes, parks, and on public transportation.

CreativeLive has tons of classes on Art & Design, Photography, and more. Learn more. 

Drawing Ideas: Landscape/Perspective

  • Draw the view out of a window.
  • Draw the clouds.
  • Capture the view from your car’s rearview mirror.
  • Play with perspective: look up under a bridge, between high rises, or at the ceiling of an elaborate building. Look down over an overpass, a cliff, or from a balcony.

Drawing Ideas: Imagination

  • Draw an object and give it a face.
  • Create an alternate cover to your favorite book or album.
  • Illustrate a scene from your favorite song.
  • Draw a scene or character from your favorite book.
  • Illustrate your favorite fairy-tale.
  • Invent your own insects.
  • Draw an intricate made up flower. Make it a bouquet.
  • Design your own typeface.
  • Draw something truthful.
  • Draw something false.
  • Create your own game board.
  • Combine animals to make your own mythical creature.
  • Draw a scene from a dream you’ve had.
  • Draw a home in outer space.
  • Play the exquisite corpse drawing game.
  • Fill the page with things with wheels.
  • Fill the page with things that float.
  • Fill the page with robots.
  • Combine two subjects that don’t belong together in the same scene.
  • Design your personal logo.
  • Divide a paper into 6 sections and create a different pattern in each one.

Drawing Ideas: Still life

  • Draw a towel in different positions: crumpled, hanging, strewn on the ground.
  • Get a handful of utensils and toss them on the table. Draw them as they land.
  • Draw a still life of items from your fridge or pantry.
  • Draw the ingredients of your next meal before your prepare it.
  • Draw an old pair of shoes.
  • Draw a pile of unfolded laundry.
  • Draw a fruit or vegetable sliced open.
  • Draw the inside of your closet.
  • Draw your room before it’s cleaned.
  • Draw the same still life 3 times, zooming farther in each time.

Drawing Ideas: Weeklong

  • In your sketchbook, make 7 random scribbles or shapes. Over the course of a week, complete each drawing.
  • Illustrate your to-do list for the week
  • Draw every meal you eat for a week
  • Pick a subject and illustrate it a different way for 7 days.
  • Document your week as it progresses as a comic strip.

Drawing Ideas: Build a Daily Habit

It takes 28 days to make or break a habit. Join the thousands of creators that have been inspired by the free daily ideas in our 28 to Make series:

Drawing Exercises

  • Blind contour drawing: Without looking at your paper, draw any object, such as your own hand, in one continuous line without lifting your hand from the page. Grab a partner and do simultaneous blind contour portraits of each other.
  • Subtractive drawing: Try this one with charcoal. Using it horizontally, shade your paper an even value of grey. Now “draw” with your eraser – erase the highlights of your subject.
  • Left & right: Draw something with your dominant hand, then your non-dominant hand .
  • Everything else: Draw the negative space around an object.
  • Topsy turvy: Draw a portrait from an upside down photo.
  • Scenes from memory: Sketch 3 scenes from your day from memory. Play with perspective and try this daily.
  • Copy the masters: Draw a painting by your favorite painter. Or go to a museum and draw works you enjoy.
  • 360 degrees: Choose an object and draw its outline. Turn the object slightly and draw the outline again. Repeat.
  • Minimalist: Draw something with the fewest lines possible.
  • Get the gist: A great way to approach drawing the human body, gesture drawing captures the basic form of your subject in a loose manner that often expresses emotion. Try limiting your time to gesture drawings of 10-30 seconds.
  • Different techniques: Try shading different ways : hatching, cross hatching, stippling, and more.
  • Light it up: Play with lighting. Draw outside at different types of the day and inside using multiple or single light sources from different angles.

Drawing Tips

Consider the following tips to help improve your drawing skills:

  • Try different media Pencil drawings are just the tip of the iceberg. Try charcoal, pastels, pens, markers, crayons, and conte crayons. Experiment and mix media to discover what produces your best drawings.
  • Draw daily and at the right time Don’t just wait until Inktober to get on the grind. Find the time of day in which you have the most creative energy and don’t waver from it. After the first week it will settle in as routine.
  • Commit to a drawing series online Tumblr and Instagram among other platforms offer daily drawing challenges (think Inktober, but yearlong). Joining one of these and posting your drawings will increase your accountability and motivation. Not only will set themes give you direction and just the right amount of constraints to work within, you’ll also be joining a creative community that shares feedback.

Feeling Blocked?

Happens to us all. It’s part of the messy middle of any challenging project.

  • James Victore advises that you “ Feck Perfuction “, but if you’re at all like us, you might also need some of Gary John Bishop’s advice on how to “ Unfu*k Yourself “.
  • Creatives are hard on themselves. Mel Robbins can help you break the habit of self-doubt and build real confidence.
  • And most of all, listen to Ze Frank: your pencils are sharp enough . Just get started!

How Can You Learn and Improve Your Drawing Skills?

Check out the following resources for more drawing ideas:

Drawing Classes & Tutorials : 

CreativeLive has so many drawing and illustration classes, it can be hard to pick just one or two, so you might want to get a subscription and watch them all! Also check out: 

  • How to Make Money Drawing For Fun
  • Drawing for Graphic Design: 6 Exercises to Sharpen Your Skills ,
  • Drawing the Everyday Every Day
  • Drawing Basics

Additional Resources: 

  • Drawing Ideas E-book By Mark Baskinger and William Bardel, Watson-Guptill Publications. Buy here. 
  • Drawing: A Complete Guide (Paperback – Illustrated) by Giovanni Civardi. Buy on Amazon.  
  • The Master Guide to Drawing Anime by Chris Hart . Buy on Amazon.  
  • 365 Days of Drawing by Lorna Scobie, Chronicle Books. Buy Here. 

CreativeLive has thousands of free high quality lessons, and also streams classes for free 24/7. Subscribe for access to the full CreativeLive library on your own schedule, and learn a variety of different drawing and illustration techniques to express your creativity! Learn more:

Shop Related Classes

Color fundamentals.

Mary Jane Begin

Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives

Lisa Congdon

Adobe Illustrator CC: The Complete Guide

Jason Hoppe

drawing ideas 2021

Tiffany Chan

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Proactive Creative – Guides for Visual Artists

Unlocking Creativity: 50+ Drawing Ideas for Beginners

50 simple drawing ideas

Drawing is a calming and creative hobby, but deciding what to draw isn’t always easy. So, here’s a list of 50 drawing ideas to provide inspiration at any time for your sketchbook .

You’ll find simple drawing ideas and some more complex things to draw in this list. There’s something for everyone, from beginners to advanced artists! 

Drawing regularly is the best way to improve your skills when you’re learning how to draw. Plus, trying to draw, sketch, or doodle new things can be challenging and a lot of fun. 

So, make sure to bookmark this list! Then, you can come back to it any time you’re wondering, what should I draw today? 

Let’s dive in! Here are 50 fun and interesting sketching ideas to get you drawing (even if you’re feeling uninspired)

You can take your pick, draw one idea that calls to you or work through them systematically. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the process – happy drawing!

And if you prefer working from a photo, check out my list of the best reference photo websites . You’re sure to find a photo of every idea on this list to provide inspiration for your own drawings.

50 Cool Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

If you’re looking for drawing inspiration or things to sketch, look no further. Here are 50 cool drawing ideas to get you started! 

You’ll find simple, easy drawing ideas for beginners. Plus, there are some more complicated sketching ideas for experienced artists.

1. The Planets

planets drawing idea

(Image credit: Proactive Creative)

If you’re lacking inspiration, look further afield – right out into outer space! The planets are beautiful, ethereal, and truly out of this world. You could focus on just one planet or sketch them all together. The planets provide tons of potential drawing ideas to experiment with! 

2. Mountains

mountains drawing idea

Mountains are jaw-dropping natural landmarks. So, you can create gorgeous drawings of mountains. They could be snowy, covered in trees, or silhouetted against the sky. You can keep it simple or test your drawing skills.  Mountains are great inspirations for artists.

3. Baby Animals

No one can resist a cute baby animal. So, take your pick of your favorite animal, and create an adorable sketch! 

baby animals drawing idea

4. A Forest

a forest drawing idea

Forests are calm and peaceful environments. So, it’s no wonder that many artists love drawing forests. It’s a great way to invite the beauty of nature inside! 

5. A Piece of Jewelry

a piece of jewelry drawing idea

Drawing smaller items is an excellent way to test your drawing skills. You could draw a ring, bracelet, or necklace you own or use a photo for reference. The more detailed you can get, the better!

6. A Self-Portrait 

a self-portrait drawing idea

Have you ever tried drawing yourself? It’s not easy, but it’s very worthwhile. Artists through the ages have challenged themselves to draw or paint self-portraits. So, set up a mirror or work from a photo, and see if you can recreate your own likeness.

a plant drawing idea

Plants are great things to draw as they look fresh and bright on the page. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like. Keep in mind your skill level when choosing which plant to draw. If you have a house plant you can draw, perfect. If not, look out the window, draw from memory, or find a photo online. 

8. Your Hands

your hand drawing idea

Hands tell the story of the person they belong to. They can be old and wrinkled, soft and smooth, and have long or stubby fingers. Try drawing your own hands or those of someone close to you. Even better if they can model for you! 

9. A Famous Building

a famous building drawing idea

Drawing famous buildings around the world is a fun idea! You could pick your favorite building or somewhere she’d like to go. Or, you could create a whole series of famous landmarks from around the world. Drawing a building or architecture requires very different skills than drawing a person. 

10. A Cityscape

cityscape drawing idea

If you’ve tried drawing a famous building, then have a go at something even more ambitious. Why not draw a cityscape and capture the bustling environment of a large city? You could focus on the buildings, fill your cityscape with people, or draw it at the backdrop of a sunset. It’s totally up to you! 

11. Your Home

your home drawing idea

Home has an emotional connection, so it’s an interesting subject to draw. You could draw your home from the inside or select a room within it. It’s up to you whether you draw it in a realistic way or add your own touches to it. 

12. Your Pet

your pet drawing idea

It’s fun to draw animals. So, if you have a pet at home, take advantage and sketch it. Dogs , cats, rabbits, guinea pigs – any of these will work! (Although you might have to wait until your pet is napping so it will stay still long enough for you to draw it).

13. The Moon

the moon drawing idea

If you prefer drawing at night, why not take inspiration from the night skies and draw the moon? There are lots of different ways you could draw it. For example, you could make it fun and cartoony, realistic, or a little magical. Or sketch the moon in each of its phases. 

14. A Coffee Cup

a coffee cup drawing idea

A coffee cup (or tea if you prefer) is an everyday item. But it can hold many different meanings for the viewer. It could evoke comfort, creativity, warmth, rest, inspiration, or something else. What does coffee mean to you? Try to sketch the cup of coffee as closely as possible. 

15. A Spider in a Web

a spider in a web drawing idea

You can probably find a spiderweb in your home somewhere. Or, you could venture out early in the morning and look for one outside. There’s nothing more beautiful than a spider web covered in dewdrops or frost.

A spider in a web can be as challenging as you make it. If you’re a beginner, you can keep it simple. But if you want to test yourself, it’s a great thing to sketch. You can work on making those individual web strands as true to life as possible. 

16. A Teapot

a teapot drawing idea

A teapot is another comforting image. You can have fun sketching the curves of your teapot and decorating it however you like.

17. A Pair of Shoes

a pain of shoes drawing ideas

While we’re on household articles, why not try drawing a pair of shoes? You could pick sneakers, flats, or high heels. Depending on the type of shoe, it could be more or less challenging. Really focus on the detail and getting the perspective of the shoe right! 

18. A Newborn Baby

a new born drawing idea

A newborn baby makes a beautiful and emotional subject for artwork. It can also be tricky to sketch a baby accurately, but it’s well worth trying! Plus, it will make a thoughtful gift for the new parents.

19. Sketch a Friend or Family Member

drawing idea familly member

Drawing people isn’t easy, but it’s well worth mastering. You could ask a friend or family member to sit while you sketch them. Then, you could gift them the portrait as a kind, personalized present! Or, if you don’t have anyone available, you could draw someone from a photo. Then, as you get more advanced, you could compare your portraits to earlier drawings. You’ll be amazed to see how much progress you’ve made! 

Eyes or an Eye Closeup

eye closeup drawing idea

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. They are also intensely intricate, and every eye is unique. Try to draw an eye in detail and capture it as closely as possible.

a door drawing idea

A door provides untold possibilities. Where does it lead to? What significance does it hold? At the same time, you probably have a few different doors in your own home you could sketch. So, it’s a great way to sketch from your surroundings.

22. A Landscape

a landscape drawing idea,

Get outside with your pencils and draw the world around you! Pick a scenic setting, and take the time to draw it. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could draw a landscape from your imagination. You can still develop your skills this way – it doesn’t have to be a real place.

23. A River 

a river drawing idea

Rivers are always flowing, so they’re never the same from one moment to the next. Plus, they are calm and relaxing places. If you have a river near you, head down to it and spend an hour or two drawing what you see.

24. The Ocean

the ocean drawing idea

Water in any form makes for a gorgeous drawing. The ocean is especially tricky to draw due to the movement of the waves. But it’s also a worthy sketching idea. Take your pick from a calm scene, frothy, foam-topped waves, or a stormy sea! 

25. A Tree in All Four Seasons

a tree in all  four seasons drawing idea

Trees offer lots of inspiration for artists. Older trees have probably lived longer than you and stood the test of time. And they continue to change throughout the year. 

One way to challenge yourself is to find an impressive tree. Then, sketch it in all four seasons. You could make this a year-long project and visit your chosen tree each season. Or if you can’t wait that long, you can use your imagination to draw the tree in every season. Can you recreate the subtle changes from season to season?

26. A Still Life of Fruits

a still life fruits drawing idea

Take inspiration from the Old Masters and draw a still life. It’s an excellent way to practice your sketching skills. Plus, you should have a few fruits at home, so it’s easy to put a still life together at short notice. Then, work on getting your shapes, perspectives, and lighting right. It’s not as hard as you might first think!

27. A Dancer

dacer drawing idea

It’s much easier to draw a still life or stationary object than a person in movement. Dancers are graceful, powerful, and athletic. Try to draw a dancer and capture that feeling of flow and movement!

28. A Bicycle

bicycle drawing idea

A bicycle is surprisingly complex to draw. You could sketch one in motion or stationary – it’s up to you! Add a basket or racing stripes to make your bicycle stand out. 

car drawing idea

A car brings to mind speed, power, and freedom. Have fun drawing your favorite type of car. It could be an old-fashioned Mini, a race car, a Rolls Royce, or a Tesla. The choice is yours!

30. The View from Your Window

the view of yourr window drawing idea,

This idea is very simple and easy to achieve. All you need to do is look out of your window and draw what you see. You don’t need to overthink it; you can just focus on your drawing skills. The interesting thing is that your view might be a little different each time. Maybe people are walking by, or flowers blooming, or falling leaves. You can capture that moment in time and preserve it forever! 

31. Your Favorite Place

your favorite place drawing idea

Think of your favorite place in the world. It probably carries a lot of emotional significance, so it’s interesting to draw. Can you convey an atmosphere that shows people how you feel about this place?

32. A Bridge

bridge drawing idea

Bridges are both elegant and fascinating engineering feats. You could draw a small bridge over a pond à la Monet. Or, you could challenge yourself to tackle a complex design like the Golden Gate Bridge. There are all sorts of bridges you could draw, and each will result in very different artwork.

33. An Autumn Tree 

automn tree drawing idea

There’s something special about autumn (or fall, depending on where you are in the world). The gorgeous golden colors are hard to resist, so why not capture them in your artwork. See if you can recreate the rich red, orange, and gold shades and the leaves as they fall from the tree. If it’s not the right time of year, you can always draw from a photo! 

34. A Cozy Winter Scene

a cozy winter scene drawing idea

We’ve all seen those picture-perfect postcard images of villages blanketed in snow. So, why not have a go at drawing your own cozy winter scene? Drawing a snowy scene has its own challenges as you try to make it look realistic. Capturing the lights and shadows on the snow isn’t easy, but it can look spectacular when done right!

35. A Fireplace

fairplace drawing idea

Winter has its own charms, and there’s nothing like being snuggled up beside a roaring fire. So, create a warm, comforting drawing of a fireplace in winter. 

36. Insects Up Close

insect up close drawing idea

Whether you like insects or not, they make interesting drawing specimens. You could go for a butterfly, ladybird, bee, or beetle. Each one has its distinctive characteristics. I would recommend grabbing a microscope and getting as close as possible. Then, draw these final details in your artwork! 

37. A Hot Air Balloon

ho air balloon drawing idea

Think about how excited you are when you spot the rare sight of a hot air balloon in the sky. Brightly colored balloons against a blue sky make for a beautiful drawing. So, pick up your colored pencils and have a go! 

38. A Dragon

dragon drawing idea

Dragons are fierce, mythical creatures. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to draw, have a go at a dragon! You could also compare the differences between eastern and western dragons – and even draw one of each. 

boat drawing idea,

There are all sorts of boats you could draw: Sailboats, yachts, cruise ships, and more. So take your pick, and get to work on your drawing of a boat.

40. A Feather

feather drawing idea

There’s a lot you can learn from focusing on one seemingly simple item to draw, such as a feather. But when you pay attention, you’ll notice more and more details. You can often find feathers on the ground outside, so pick one up and take it home. Then, aim to get your drawing looking as accurate as possible. 

41. Your Kitchen

your kitchen drawing idea

The kitchen is an essential room in the home, but we don’t pay it as much attention as it deserves. There are a lot of fun details to draw in the kitchen, from cooking utensils to kitchen tiles. Have a go at recreating your kitchen on the page! 

cake drawing idea

Who can resist a nice cake? If you’re into all things sweet, why not try your hand at drawing a cake? It could be a decadent chocolate cake or a little cupcake. It could be realistic or stylized. The choice is yours! But you’re sure to enjoy this delicious drawing prompt.

43. Dandelions

dandolions drawing idea

Dandelions are often seen in art, as they represent time, change, and transformation. That’s a powerful symbol for a little wildflower. You could draw this flower when it’s blooming. But, it’s most commonly drawn as a dandelion clock, with the seeds blowing in the wind.

44. A Musical Instrument

musical instrument drawing idea

There are all sorts of musical instruments, so you have a lot of choices here. You could go for a wind instrument or something from the brass section. Maybe, you’d prefer to draw a guitar or a piano. 

45. A Fairy Tale Scene

fairy tale drawing idea

It’s time to use your imagination and reflect on your childhood. What was your favorite fairy tale? Recapture the magic, and create an enchanting scene from a fairy tale. If you enjoy this prompt, you could create a whole series from different tales!

books drawing idea

Books provide inspiration, entertainment, and knowledge. Why not draw a stack of books, or even someone reading a book. How you interpret this prompt is up to you, so long as it includes books! 

47. A Peacock

peacock drawing idea

Peacocks are regal, elegant animals. They’re a lot of fun to draw, although they’re not the easiest sketching idea. The peacock’s tail, in particular, has gorgeous, vibrant colors and patterns. So, it’s both a challenge and an interesting thing to draw! 

48. An Exotic Animal

exotic animal drawing idea

Exotic animals are wild, fierce, and full of life. Pick out your favorite exotic animal from faraway to draw. It could be an elephant, a tiger, a lion, or a giraffe. This sketch idea is a lot of fun, as there are so many possibilities. You can really make it your own.

49. Fireworks

drawing idea fireworks

Fireworks are amazing, drawing oohs and aahs from spectators. They only last for seconds, but you can capture their beauty forever on paper. Try your hand at the bright colors and bold shapes of fireworks lighting up the sky! You might want to work on dark paper, so they stand out more.

50. A Sketch of Yourself Drawing

a sketch of yourself drawing drawing idea

Finally, I have a very meta drawing idea for you! Have a go at drawing yourself, the artist, at your desk drawing. You could even draw yourself drawing a self-portrait if that doesn’t get too complicated for you! 

50 drawing ideas

The Wrap Up

There you have 50 different drawing ideas to fill your sketchbook. So, you shouldn’t find yourself thinking, ‘what should I draw?’ for a very long time! 

When you make drawing a habit, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn and improve. Soon, you’ll be a talented artist with pages upon pages of amazing drawings.

Browse through, pick an idea that jumps out at you, and off you go! Let me know which of these prompts is your favorite in the comments! 

drawing ideas 2021

Outmane is the founder of Proactive Creative. He is an artist/designer.

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drawing ideas 2021

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40 Easy Things to Draw When You’re Bored!

October 7, 2021 by Nigel Tsopo in  Art Tips

drawing ideas 2021

Drawing is a very convenient way to kill boredom. It keeps your mind occupied and gets you concentrating on something meaningful and creative. Sometimes we all just need to draw something quick and easy, because perhaps you’re taking a work break or you’re just passing the time on a long road trip.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next masterpiece, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 40 cool, easy things to draw when you’re bored. Browse through the list, and get your creative juices flowing.

Feel free to add your own unique spin on these ideas. If you’re still learning how to draw, for a more comprehensive list of cute things to draw with step by step tips be sure to check out our list of Cute Things to draw .

Spiral Waves Drawing

drawing ideas 2021

Via Pinterest

It’s amazing how a few swiveled lines can create a beautiful image. Create your own rendition of this pattern with your own colors. This image can go on and on, so if you’re bored for a long time, draw these wave patterns and add to them for months to create something truly breathtaking.

Stormtrooper Helmet

drawing ideas 2021

The Stormtrooper helmet, a cool idea for star wars enthusiasts to draw. Who knows? This could be the start of your very own star wars inspired displate store .

The Plane Window

drawing ideas 2021

Cool things to draw can be inspired by something as trivial as a flight. Grab your journal and scroll through the camera roll of your phone to find some cool memories to recreate.

Baby Groot Pot Plant

drawing ideas 2021

Nothing like a dose of cuteness to brighten your day. Who wouldn’t want to draw a cute little baby Groot. It only takes a few minutes to recreate this cool image. The Marvel cinematic universe is full of awesome inspiration for easy things to draw, and better yet, it’s full of amazing wall art ideas too .

drawing ideas 2021

What do alien heads look like?. You can draw a few of your own. They only take a few seconds to complete. Perhaps add some ears and a splash of color to bring your vision of the space beings to life. 

Among Us Ghost

drawing ideas 2021

Who killed who? Who’s the traitor among us? The popular game “Among Us” has some cool characters. Here’s a ghost character to draw from the game. 

Rick from Rick & Morty

drawing ideas 2021

Rick from Rick and Morty, His star shaped head and incredibly easy facial structure could be a nice doodle when you’re bored. This could be the start of your very own animated show character sketches. 

Tree & Tent

drawing ideas 2021

Here’s a cool little tent and tree drawn with easy lines. You could easily draw an entire campsite with this style. If you think this drawing is too easy, perhaps you can add a moon to it. Sketching and doodling can be a freeform practice. This means you have the freedom to draw whatever comes to mind, this makes the process more fun.

Staircase To Heaven Art

drawing ideas 2021

This cool picture of a staircase superimposed into a heart is both abstract and easy. A really cool idea to draw.

Ladder Into The Clouds

drawing ideas 2021

Is this the staircase to heaven? Or ladder. Either way it’s a cool image to redraw if you’re bored.

Adventure Time Crew

drawing ideas 2021

Did anyone say more easy to draw cartoon characters? Well Adventure time has you covered. It could be fun to draw these characters from adventure time. 

drawing ideas 2021

Here’s a simple idea of baby Tom cat from the classic cartoon network show “tom and jerry”.  Which cartoons do you enjoy today? You could find other animals to draw from your favourite TV shows.

Paper Plane Art

drawing ideas 2021

This paper plane is a quick and easy drawing. You could easily doodle these into a journal when you’re bored.  

Bart Simpson Art

drawing ideas 2021

If you like The Simpsons, you could take a few minutes to draw this picture of Bart.

drawing ideas 2021

Hand signals, or hands in general. Draw this or any aspect of the human body you might please. You could start with a simple hand gesture and add different parts of the human body when you have time. 

drawing ideas 2021

Snowy mountain peaks, a campfire and nice tree lines. It’s amazing how easy drawings can have so many details. 

Alien In Space

drawing ideas 2021

Cool alien guy with simple stars and planets in the background. It’s a great idea for easy things to draw. 

Eating A Skateboard

drawing ideas 2021

Why not draw easy interesting doodles of a yellow guy eating a skateboard. 

Smiley Face on Skateboard

drawing ideas 2021

Surely, every sketchbook needs a smiley face on a skateboard. Or a sad moon on a skateboard could look awesome too. Draw easy shapes and merge them with the activities you love. The smiley face could be on a surfboard too. Simple things make for fun images.

Hand Painting

drawing ideas 2021

Draw this image of a hand painting.

Cute Ghost Drawing

drawing ideas 2021

Scare away the boredom with this easy ghost drawing.

drawing ideas 2021

If we’re talking about drawing easy things, we can’t neglect to suggest you draw cute Baby Yoda.

drawing ideas 2021

Draw cute Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Draw the Planet Jupiter

drawing ideas 2021

It’s a great idea to learn to draw planets if you’re bored. Their sound and incredibly easy to get done.

Colorful Bird

drawing ideas 2021

If you love adding color to your drawings, this bird could be a great drawing in your past time. 

Mosaic Bird

drawing ideas 2021

Using simple shapes and bold colours, you can certainly redraw this simple bird created using shapes.

Geometric Owl

drawing ideas 2021

For a more seasoned artist, if you’re bored, why not practice drawing this awesome bird. You can get creative with the colours and choose your own. The colours themselves scream “cool easy things to draw”.

Geometric Elephant

drawing ideas 2021

It’s amazing how you can use simple lines and basic geometric shapes to construct a cool image of an elephant. The next time you’re bored, why not draw and recreate this simple image.

Lion Arrows

drawing ideas 2021

If you’ve got time, perhaps you’re bored on a long journey. This is a great Idea to practice using geometric shapes and shading grey tones. 

drawing ideas 2021

Drawing complex images is much easier when done using straight lines. All you need is a ruler and you can definitely reproduce this simple deer image.

Social Icons

drawing ideas 2021

Social media icons are etched in all of our minds. You can easily doodle them when you’re bored. Another great idea could be to draw simple social icon concepts of your own.

Vacation Images

drawing ideas 2021

Looking for fun stuff to doodle while on vacation. Take inspiration from these simple vacation inspired pictures to draw what you see. Carry your journal and a pencil with you to capture every moment.

Hand Gesture

drawing ideas 2021

Why not draw some easy hand gestures. This could be a nice way to improve your drawing skills.

Spirited Away

drawing ideas 2021

Any fans of Spirited Away would recognize this face, an easy character to draw when you’re bored.

Falling Cat

drawing ideas 2021

Easy things to draw like a Tiny Globe

drawing ideas 2021

You can easily stetch small planets. They make for a quick drawing idea.

EKG Heartbeat

drawing ideas 2021

This may not be how a heartbeat looks in an electrocardiogram, but it sure is an easy drawing to recreate when you’re bored.

Sun & Waves

drawing ideas 2021

Flower Inside Shapes

drawing ideas 2021

Flowers make for easy cute drawings. Beginners will find flowers to be one of those easy things to draw that any bored artist can doodle with ease.

Easy things to draw like Superimposed Faces

drawing ideas 2021

If you’re on the search for abstract things to paint. This artistic bit by Shantell Martin can prove that with enough imagination, you can have fun if you choose to draw free form doodles.

Pathway into Stars

drawing ideas 2021

To prove that cool things can be drawn by a bored beginner too, Take a look at this image you can draw by artist Matthew Zaremba. He uses simple straight lines that lead towards a doorway. Grab your pencil, a ruler and sketchbook to recreate this easy and detailed image.

Some people draw birds and others draw portraits of faces. The exciting thing about drawing is that you can pretty much draw anything your mind can imagine. Making the possibilities of cool things to draw endless. 

Simple drawings and minimal art is often overlooked. There is a whole niche of artists making some awesome minimalistic drawings and garnering fame from them. Notable artists like Shantell Martin and Matthew Zaremba showcased above, have taken their style of simple drawings and built a following from them. Why not turn your boredom into quick, easy artworks that even Jackson Pollock would commend.

drawing ideas 2021

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Ordinary and Happy

100+ Drawing Ideas (The Ultimate List of Things to Draw)

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Always feel inspired to draw something with our ultimate list of 100+ drawing ideas , ideal for those moments when you cannot decide what to draw.

Drawing Ideas List

Ultimate Drawing Bucket List (A list of 100+ things to draw)

Drawing can be so much calm and inspiration to your life, and be a great way to channel your creativity. But sometimes, staring at that blank page can be completely overwhelming.

Our amazing list of drawing ideas can help you always feel inspired to draw something. Whether you like intricate pencil drawings or coming up with cool stories, there are ideas to suit all styles.

The Ultimate Drawing Ideas List (Image with Things to Do)

If you want to download this ultimate drawing ideas list as a printable, scroll to the end of this article for the link.

For Beginners

New to drawing? These simple drawing ideas are a great place to start. They are objects and items with simple forms and shapes and don’t require you to think too much.

1. Sunflowers

2. Smiley Face

3. Sun and Moon

5. Clouds with Different Weather

6. View from Your Window

8. Pumpkin with Face

9. Ladybugs

Want to get your kids into drawing? These awesome ideas will help them let their imagination run wild. Let them design new worlds and visualize ideas until their heart’s content.

11. Them With Their Family

12. Rainbow and Pot of Gold

13. Them With Their Favorite TV Character

14. Pirate Treasure Map

15. Dinosaur Wearing Clothes

16. The Castle They Would Live In

17. Them and Their Friends as Superheroes

18. What They Want to Be When You’re Older

19. Their Perfect Pet

20. Their Name in Beautiful Letters

There are some drawings that just look awesome, no matter what skill level the artist is at. If you want to draw something to wow your friends, get inspired by these cool drawing ideas.

21. Penrose Stairs

22. Animals Wearing Sunglasses

23. Skull and Crossbones

24. Girl with Hair of Flowers

25. Mandala Owl

26. Half and Half Faces, e.g. Bruce Wayne and Batman

27. Ace of Spades Playing Card

28. Starry Sky

30. Social Media Icons

Pencil Sketch

Love sketching with a range of pencils? These pencil sketch ideas are perfect if you’re creating art with a set of pencils. These ideas require lots of lines, plenty of shading, and don’t need color.

32. Woodland Tree in Summer and Winter

33. 3D Perspective Drawing of a Building

34. Compass

35. Everything Inside a Toolkit

36. Mandala Flower Design

37. Giant Maze

38. Ikea Assembly Instructions

39. Pet or Animal Portrait (Head Only)

40. Dandelion

Prefer your artwork to be full of color? Make sure to pack a set of colored pencils, watercolors, or any other artists’ tools you love, and get inspired with these drawing ideas you should definitely add color to.

41. Watercolor Lily Pond

42. Fall Landscape

43. Bowl of Fruit

44. Something Red

45. Underwater Coral Reef Scene

46. Self-Portrait with Colored Hair

47. Hot Air Balloon Race

48. Tropical Island Sunset

49. Flags of the World

50. Something Blue

Unique & Creative

Let your imagination run wild with these unique and creative drawing ideas here. The beauty of these ideas is that there’s no comparison to a real-life object or other artist’s work. You can make these look however you like.

51. Your Favorite Word

52. Alien Planet Landscape

53. Giant Burger with Favorite Fillings

54. The 10th Photo on Your Phone

55. How You’re Feeling

56. Loch Ness Monster

57. Spill Coffee on Paper and Draw Something from It

58. The World’s Most Epic Rollercoaster

59. A New Level/World In Your Favorite Video Game

60. Something You Can See with the Non-Drawing Hand

Pushed for time? These quick drawing ideas can be done in a matter of minutes. They’ll help you draw things with speed and precision without having to think too much.

61. Randomly Generated Word

62. Cactus in Pots

63. Different Leaves

64. Circles With Different Facial Expressions

65. City Skyline Silhouette

66. Patterns in Squares

67. Your Name in Fancy Letters

68. A Whale’s Tail

69. Mountains

70. Your Keys

Looking for drawing ideas that require less focus and intensity. Try some of these fun ideas. Use lines, squares, and your imagination to create drawings that look awesome and are super fun to make.

71. Cute Animal Trapped Behind Bars of Lined Paper

72. Pixel Art Character Using Squared Paper

73. Illustrated Map of Your Home Country

74. Aliens and Monsters

75. Animal Hybrids e.g. Cat Head with Elephant Body

76. Character Moving on Every Page Corner of Sketchbook

77. Your Perfect Day

78. Time Machine

79. Something You Are Thankful For

80. Spaceship

Pretty & Cute

Some things are just cheek-achingly cute, no matter what way you look at them! If you love all things cute and pretty, use these ideas to inspire drawings to make your friends and followers go ‘awww!’

81. Kitten with Manga Eyes

82. Fruit with Black Dot Eyes

83. Butterflies

84. Dresses

85. Zentangle Doodle

86. Landscapes in Polaroids

87. Your Favorite Tattoo Design

89. Macbooks with Different Fruit on Front

90. Your Name in Script Font

Love drawing cartoons, comics, and characters, not bound by the constraints of reality? Have loads of fun with these awesome drawing ideas for cartoons.

91. Your Pet in Disney Style

92. Draw Eyes on Everyday Objects

93. Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Character

94. A New Comic Book Superhero

95. What Your Pet Does When You’re Out

96. Illustrate Noises, e.g. Bang! Swoosh!

97. A New Pokemon

98. Cartoon Chameleon Camouflaging Against Objects

99. Cartoon Eyes

100. Cartoon-Style Self Portrait

Procreate App

If you’re drawing on a tablet, Procreate is undoubtedly one of the best apps for digital art out there.

Loved by artists all over the world, these drawing ideas are a great way to try many of the tools Procreate has at its disposal. Be sure to follow your favorite artists on Instagram and YouTube for loads of Procreate tutorials.

101. Sunrise Landscape in a Circle

102. Snow Globe

103. Water Droplets

104. Floral Letter

105. Typographic Signage

Feel free to download our free drawing ideas list PDF  and check off as many as you can!

Never get stuck for drawing ideas again with this amazing list. Print it off, keep it in your sketchbook, and use it to get inspired when the ideas simply aren’t coming to you.

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Want to draw until your heart’s content? Keep this ultimate list of drawing ideas in a safe place, by saving it to one of your Printables or Drawing Pinterest boards.

100+ Drawing Ideas List (Image)

  • Hairstyle Ideas
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • DIY Jewelry
  • DIY Wedding Ideas
  • Floor and Decor

What to draw when bored – 70+ ideas and examples

2020 has been a strange year, even though we have only been through the first four months of it. The coronavirus is spreading all over the world and all of us are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing. Depending on where you are in the world right now, you have probably been inside for about 2 months now. For many people, this is a real challenge. Especially the ones who are used to having an interesting social life. For others, however, staying at home is a chance to learn new things and pick up new hobbies. Which is why, today we have prepared an article for all the creative souls out there in need of an inspiration. So, keep reading to find more than 70 ideas and examples for what to draw when bored.

What to draw when bored – 70+ pictures to take inspiration from

what to draw when bored, colored drawing of a woman, black braided hair, yellow head scarf wrapped around her head

What to draw when bored?

Now, we are just going to assume that you are already pretty good with the pencil. Which is why, in this article, we are going to discuss drawing , as well as painting. For beginners, probably some of the easiest things to draw are natural landscapes. For some more advanced artist, portraits are a go to. In order to be able to draw portraits, however, you have to have a pretty good understanding of shading and symmetry. That is why, we advise all beginners to start off slow – learn how to draw eyes , lips, nose. Then add on with different hairstyles and finally body. Once you go through all of these steps, it is much easier to move on to more advanced drawings.

When it comes to painting, you have the option of acrylics or oil paintings. It seems like acrylics are prefferred amongst non-professional artists, because they are easier to correct. For many advanced artists watercolor is the way to go. So, in the examples below we have gathered quite a few watercolor ideas you can steal.

Start simple and then gradually move on to more advanced drawings by adding on

a little bit confused, written over a drawing of a girl, what to draw when bored, black pencil sketch on white background

What are the benefits of drawing?

Drawing is very beneficial for your state of mind. It develops your imagination and creativity and improves your problem-solving and skills. What’s more, it is even very helpful for your mental state. Even simple doodles help keep your mind off problems or worries you might have. When you think about it children are encouraged to draw from a very young age, so why do you think that is? Furthermore, on top of all the reasons we already listed, drawing helps your motor skills. We can all remember having coloring books as kids and trying as hard as we can to color inside the lines. And, even though you may not be aware of it, all of that has helped you develop basic skills that every human needs to possess.

#stayathome and draw

black pencil sketch on white background, what to draw when bored, girl with long hair and large eyes

So, to sum up, drawing is one of the best hobbies you can pick up. You can use it as an outlet and way of expressing yourself. If you are very talanted and good at it, you can also use it as a side job, or why not even a full time job. No matter tha case, in these times, drawing can be a great way to fill your time while you are practicing social distancing and staying at home.

An example of a simple painting that can start off your watercolor journey

watercolor drawing on white background, black crescent moon, purple crystals and cactuses, what to draw when bored

Your favorite pet deserves a portrait

drawing of a husky with blue eyes, what to draw when bored, black pencil drawing on white background

Hogwarts – as simplifed as possible

black pencil drawing on white background, cute easy drawings, hogwarts castle under the crescent moon

Beautiful artistic interpretation of a portrait

drawing of a boy, surrounded by flowers, cute easy drawings, black pencil drawing on white background

Gorgeous portrait with pencils

girl with short wavy hair, flower in her hair, black pencil drawing on white backgorund, cute easy drawings

Even simple drawings can take up a life of their own when you add some watercolor

colored drawing of three girls, cute easy drawings, all wearing different fashionable outfits

This one is so cute

colored drawing of a girl with long hair, wearing jeans and sweater, cute easy drawings, plaid shirt

And so is this one

colored drawing of a girl with short hair, wearing plaid shirt and grey cardigan, cool easy drawings, white notebook

Cute dedication to a favorite film –  Up

the house from the movie up, carried up by lots of balloons, cool easy drawings, colored drawing with blue background

The characters from a beloved tale –  Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland characters, cool easy drawings, colored drawing, cheshire cat surrounded by other characters

“And if you go far you can always come back”

and if you go far you can always come back, written over a drawing of a bike, cool drawing ideas

“Dn’t you know I’m no good for you” – lyrics from Billie Eilish’s song  When the party’s over  + a portrait of the singer

cool drawing ideas, don't you know i'm no good for you, when the party's over, billie eilish song inspired drawing

Cute easy drawings

black pencil drawing on white background, easy drawings of people, whale fin in the sea, drawn inside a circle

Cool drawing ideas – Judy Hopps from  Zootopia

judy hopps from zootopia, cute simple drawings, black pencil drawing on white background

Things to draw when bored

mountain landscape with lake, under a crescent moon, beginner drawing ideas, black pencil drawing on white background

Stunning portrait of singer Dua Lipa

dua lipa, realistic portrait drawing, beginner drawing ideas, black pencil sketch on white background

One of Disney’s most beloved characters – Donald Duck

beginner drawing ideas, black pencil sketch on white background, drawing of donald duck

Easy drawings of people

girl inside of a fish tank, fish next to it, how to draw cute things, black pencil drawing on white background

How to draw cute things – gorgeous watercolor Harley Quinn painting

harley quinn, pencil sketch drawing with watercolor hair, how to draw easy, hair in red and blue

Sketch drawing ideas – “It’s okat to not know.. no one else does”

it's okay to not know no one else does, written next to female face, universe behind it, aesthetic things to draw

Little mermaid

drawing of the little mermaid underwater, aesthetic things to draw, black pencil sketch on white background

Nick Wilde from  Zootopia – easy things to draw for beginners

aesthetic things to draw, nick wilde from zootopia, black pencil sketch on white background

Breathtaking hyper realistic portrait of Cara Delevingne

realistic portrait of cara delevingne, easy things to draw for beginners, black pencil sketch on white background

Charlize Theron

colored pencil sketch on white background, realistic portrait of charlize theron, easy things to draw for beginners

Jennifer Lopez

realistic portrait of jennifer lopez, easy things to draw for beginners, black pencil sketch on white background

Things to doodle

wander more, writte under a mountain landscape, things to doodle, tent in the middle of a forest, black pencil sketch

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Easy Drawing Guides

100 Easy Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Drawings

Would you like to learn how to draw? Using step-by-step drawing tutorials is a great way to build skills and confidence.

How do step-by-step guides teach you how to draw?

Our drawing guides use a simple system. Click on a guide that interests you. Then, look at each picture. Copy the lines and shapes that you see highlighted in blue.

In the next picture, the lines you drew in the previous steps will have faded to black. New lines and shapes to draw will be highlighted in blue. A written description accompanies each step in case you get stuck.

drawing ideas 2021

Don't be! Our tutorials break down complex projects into easy-to-follow steps.

You'll learn how to identify straight lines, curved lines, circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, hearts, teardrop shapes, and more within the objects you see around you.

What types of things will you learn how to draw step by step?

You'll learn how to draw cute popular characters like Hello Kitty and Pusheen the Cat.

You'll learn how to draw anime characters, dragons, and other fantastic creatures.

You'll even be able to finish your homework with tutorials for drawing DNA, outer space, and realistic animals.

The best part is, the more you draw, the more you will enjoy drawing!

As your skills grow, you can combine characters and objects from different tutorials to illustrate stories or create interesting scenes.

drawing ideas 2021

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With 100 tutorials to choose from, Easy Drawing Guides has something for everyone!

Pick your favorite from the list below, and let's get started.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Lemonade

Would you like a nice, tall glass of lemonade? You can draw one, complete with glistening ice cubes and a lemon slice. Draw up enough to share with your friends!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Wizard

You may not be a wizard, Harry, but you can learn how to draw one. Experience the magic of this classic wizard drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Christmas Present

If opening presents is fun, making them is even moreso! Wrap up something special for your friend or family member.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Fly

What’s that buzzing sound? It’s either your pencil striking the paper or the beating wings of this fly! Did you know? Flies play a vital role as nature’s efficient cleanup crew.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Feeling ghoulish? Your favorite anime character is. Join him on the streets of Tokyo with the help of this drawing tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Corn Cob

This vegetable is cute enough to eat! Fool your friends with the riddle, “Can you draw an ear with eyes?”

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Holding Hands

Hand-holding is a gesture of trust, friendship, and affection. Use this drawing tutorial to make a card for someone you care about.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Iguana

Do you want a pet iguana? Now, you can draw one! Watch out, though - he may be as troublesome as Jason’s iguana Quincy in the Foxtrot comics.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Japanese Dragon

Dragon mythologies are fascinating. Can you spot the differences between the classic Japanese dragon and the Western dragon as you complete this drawing?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Postman

“I gave a letter to the postman, he put it in his sack. Bright and early next morning, he brought my letter back.” - Elvis Presley, “Return to Sender.” Show you appreciation for your local postal worker with this cute cartoon.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Hot Chocolate

Warm up this winter with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. Ignite the Disney magic when you learn how to draw this cutie!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Sweater

Is it sweater weather? The fall of the year is a time for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy scarves. Ring in the season in style.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Lemon

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! And if life hasn’t given you any lemons, draw your own with the help of this tutorial. Then, make some lemonade using the above tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Mummy

Are you my mummy? You’ll have to ask this horror film classic after you’ve unwrapped his secrets with the help of this drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Charizard Pokémon

Has your cute little Charmander evolved into this challenging fire-type Pokemon? Tame the beast with the aid of this drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Bush

Decorated your garden with flowering bushes. When the Knights Who Say “Ni!” ask you for a shrubbery, you’ll be ready.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Wine Glass

Here’s a shout out to our adult artists. Relax and flex your drawing muscles with a nice glass of wine.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Polar Bear Cub

There’s nothing cuter than a baby animal. And this one makes a statement - we’ve got to protect our fragile world so that baby polar bears won’t be set adrift on shrinking icebergs for good.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Baby Pig

Speaking of baby animals - this one will have you squealing with delight! But where will he live? Check out our next guide, below.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Farm

“Old Macdonald had a farm, ee i ee i o. And on that farm, he had a pig…” Yep, here’s the perfect setting for your baby pig, drawn above.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Falcon

Falconry is a majestic sport in which hawks and similar birds are trained to hunt on command. Would you like to try your hand at falconry? Here’s your chance to get started.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw A Robot

Can you “do the robot?” We don’t mean the dance. We mean, can you draw it?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw the Elf on the Shelf

You can start the tradition of hiding a mischievous elf today!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Frosty the Snowman

“Frosty the Snowman was a fairy tale they say…” Whether or not you believe, you can bring Frosty to life with the help of this easy drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Cardinal Bird

The Northern Cardinal is one of the most colorful and recognizable birds in North America. Spot him at your feeder and add him to your life list.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Buddha

Study the ancient teaching with the help of this handy drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Ice Cube

Remember that lemonade, the first tutorial on our list? Make yours ice cold with the help of these cool cubes.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Backpack

Dora's Backpack was was a friend and helper. This backpack can help you store your gear and improve your drawing skills.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Wine Bottle

Have you drawn the wine glass, listed earlier? Fill it up by drawing this wine bottle. What is your favorite - red, white, or rose?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Katana

A katana is an ancient Japanese weapon, a sword hardened by a specific process of heating and cooling the metal. Will your katana be strong enough to defend your favorite anime character?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Peter Pan

You won't have to travel past the "second star to the right, and straight on till morning" to find Peter in Neverland. You can learn how to draw this classic Disney character right here, right now.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Blue Jay

Do you have backyard bird feeders or a birdwatching hobby? Maybe you've seen a bluejay. Add this colorful bird to your life list with the help of this easy yet detailed animal drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Charlie Brown

Good grief! Charlie Brown doesn't have to be hard to draw. Learn how to draw Snoopy's best human friend with the aid of this tuturial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw the Police

Police officers are among the front lines professions that keep us safe. Thank your school or neighborhood officer with this drawing.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Skull in 3/4 View

To draw or not to draw, that is the question. Whether you're preparing for a Shakespearian performance or a punk rock show, draw a realistic skull from a three-dimensional angle.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Flaming Skull

Rock on with this flaming skull. Use washable markers to draw it as a temporary tattoo, or decorate your gear in hardcore style.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Pancakes

Anticipation of a yummy breakfast can make it easier to get up in the morning! Wake up to this warm stack of flapjacks dripping with sweet maple syrup and butter.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw the TARDIS

That's no police box - it's actually a spacecraft time machine, ingeniously camouflaged thanks to its chameleon circuit. The Doctor is in!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Pizza

What's your favorite food? If you said pizza, you're not alone - 21 percent of Americans prefer pizza, according to a Reader's Digest survey. Get ready for your next pizza party with the help of this easy drawing tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Sunflower

Did you know? Sunflowers are named for their ability to "follow" the sun, turning their flower heads. Learn how to draw this late summer and autumn favorite.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Firefly

Lightning bugs are amazing creatures. They create a chemical reaction in their bodies that produces a cold light. Grab a jar and catch a few with the help of this tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Butterfly Garden

Have you enjoyed drawing the insects in this list? Give them a home in this pretty little butterfly garden.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Meteor

Was that an asteroid or a meteorite streaking through the night sky? Learn more about science as well as how to draw this celestial phenomenon.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Skeleton

No bones about it, there is a skeleton inside every great artist. Learn how to draw the insides on the outside with the help of this tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Fozzie Bear from the Muppet Show

Who is the original comedian who looks like a teddy bear? Fozzie Bear, of course! He'll have you rolling in the aisles and saying, "Waka, waka, waka."

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Cartoon Dragon

Dragons are a part of nearly every mythology, and they play a huge role in the stories and legends of today. What will you do with this dragon? Slay it, tame it, or seek its wise advice? The story is yours.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Spooky Forest

What makes a forest spooky? The trees are dry and leafless. The wind howls, and owls call out. The moon casts eerie shadows on the ground. This spooky forest has it all - only you can help your favorite characters brave it.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Candy Cane

Whether it's Christmas in July or Christmas in December, you can enjoy these sweet, minty treats. Hang them from your tree, stick them in your window, or create a card for a friend.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Santa Claus

"Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane..." You can ho-ho-have a great time learning how to draw this classic character. Did you know? The red-suited Santa Claus isn't an old tradition. It came from advertising campaigns during the early twentieth century.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Beard

Beards are in! From Swamp People to The Greatest Showman 's bearded lady, you can create interesting characters sporting beards.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Sans from Undertale

Sans is an average guy from "the RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone." Get to know this hero as you play this nonviolent video game.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw DNA

Can you identify the parts of the DNA molecule? Which base pairs are adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine? Get ready for science class with the help of this STEM-inspired drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Otter

You "otter" learn how to draw this cute little animal! Did you know? Otters are one of the few animals that employ tools. You can use a tool of your very own - the pen or pencil with which you draw!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Dress

Whether you're Cinderella preparing for the ball or an average slice of life anime character, you need a pretty dress. Learn how to draw one with the help of this garment drawing tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants

He's got a clarinet and lives in a tiki. He works at the Krusty Krab. He loves classical music and (usually) finds the antics of his neighbors annoying. Who is he? None other than Squidward Tentacles!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a French Bulldog

Which breed of dog is your favorite? Get to know the French bulldog, one of the cutest canines in the kennel.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Space and Planets

How many planets are there, 8 or 9? You can decide whether Pluto is still a planet when you sketch this out of this world scene.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Manga Hair

Manga and anime characters often have wild, spiky hair. Learn how to craft your own character from scratch with the help of this drawing guide. Will he be a hero, a villain, or play a supporting role? The choice is yours.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Lotus Flower

The lotus is a mysterious flower of myth and legend. It is also a real flower of dazzling beauty that you can bring home with the help of this drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Daffodil

Jonquil, buttercup, daffodil, narcissus - this cheerful yellow flower goes by many names. Brighten up your world with the beauty of springtime and the help of this flower drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is the newest villain of the Star Wars universe. Will he follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Darth Vader, for good or for bad? Get sketching to determine his destiny.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Graveyard

Dark shadows... bare trees... creepy music... This graveyard has it all. Well, you'll have to supply your own creepy music.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Manatee

Manatees are an amazing and endangered species. Once you draw yours, check out our Underwater Scene tutorial, below, to give your manatee a home.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Steven Universe

That boy is out of this world! Learn how to draw this popular cartoon character.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Porcupine

Porcupines are one of the most unique animals in North America. They are huge rodents that are covered in sharp spines! Contrary to popular belief, porcupines cannot "throw" or "shoot" their quills. To get stuck, you have to bump up against one!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Eyeball

"Jeepers creepers, where'd ya get those peepers? Jeepers creepers, where'd ya get those eyes?" Next time someone asks, you can tell them the truth - "I drew them!"

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Underwater Scene

Have you ever wanted your very own aquarium? Now, you can draw one, complete with jellies, fish, sea stars, coral, and grasses.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Waves

The sound of the ocean is considered relaxing by many. You can bring home the beauty of the ocean with this easy drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Ragnarok from Fortnite

What do you do when you can't play your favorite MMO FPS - that is, massive multiplayer online first-person shooter game? You draw your favorite game characters, of course! Here, you can learn how to sketch the frightening Ragnarok.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Horse’s Head

Could the world use a cowboy right about now? Draw your hero on his or her trusty steed. Giddy up!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Face Mask

Masking up can help prevent the spread of germs like colds and flu. Make a sign to remind your friends how important it is to mask up!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's

How long can you survive the scariest video game of the decade? Look out! Springtrap is on its way! He may just be a broken animatronic, but he's dangerous!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Shooting Star

Do you feel like a star? Decorate your favorite things with this dazzling shooting star to remind yourself every day.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Cute Pencil

It is back to school time already? If so, it's also time to get your supplies in order. You can never have enough pencils - label them with this cute sketch.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros

When you play as Mario, Princess Peach is the prize! Look out while you're drawing, though. Bowser may come along in search of a boss battle!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Spiderman

Who's swinging through the city? It's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Learn how to draw this web-slinging superhero.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Zombie

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Protect your brains by putting them to work! Learn how to draw even more interesting characters.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Cherries

These juicy red fruits are great in fruit salads, drinks, desserts, or even as a quick snack. Draw up a bunch of cherries - your friends may want some, too!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Kayak

Kayaking is a fun sport and great exercise. You can refresh your senses as you surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Grab a pen and a paddle, and let's draw one!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Dog Paw Print

What are those tracks in the mud or snow? Could it be someone's pet dog or cat? Or is it something wild - a cougar, coyote, or bear, perhaps? Learn how to draw what you saw with this paw print drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Flute

Get ready for music class! Learn how to draw a special type of flute, also called a recorder. This instrument is often the first that music students learn how to play.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Luigi from Super Mario Bros

Whether you're playing Mario Kart or Super Smash, Mario's brother Luigi doesn't have to come in second. Learn how to draw him in expert style.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Seahorse

These strange-looking animals are actually fish. Fun fact: seahorses are the only animal species in which the male gives birth. He places the eggs in a pouch on his stomach to protect them. After they hatch, dad gives birth!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Poseidon

In ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea. He's also been the inspiration for many modern characters, including Aquaman and Ariel's dad, King Trident, from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Chibi Boy

Chibi characters are cute and childlike, with small bodies, large faces, and big, expressive eyes. Draw your favorite boy band member or anime character in chibi style with the help of this tutorial.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Waterfall

Niagara Falls, Angel Falls, Victoria Falls - there are many famous waterfalls in the world. Each one is different, but stunning in its power. Add a few to your bucket list, and illustrate them with the help of this drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Nemo

Marlin has braved the open sea to look for his missing son, Nemo. You can help him find him! Learn how to draw this cute little clownfish.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw an Impossible Square

Despite its name, this mind-bending puzzle is not impossible to draw. Can you figure out its confusing shapes and shadows?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Beetle

Scare your squeamish friends or complete your bug collection when you draw this realistic stag beetle.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Pusheen the Cat

Do you dream of becoming a dinosaur or a unicorn, or sleeping on a marshmallow? So does Pusheen the Cat. Invite this rolly, polly kitty over for some furry fun when you learn how to sketch this popular comic character.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Church

Did you learn this nursery rhyme when you were little? "Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the door, and out come the people." You can learn to draw just such an edifice with the help of this drawing guide.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was created to exemplify "the epitome of Japanese cuteness." She's now a popular character around the world, embraced by children, teens, adults, and many subcultures. Who will your Hello Kitty turn out to be?

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Poppy

"And now my beauties, something with poison in it I think, with poison in it, but attractive to the eye and soothing to the smell . . . poppies, poppies, poppies will put them to sleep." So said the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Like her, you can summon a whole field of poppies from thin air!

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." So said the Lorax. This is true of your drawing skills - sketching takes practice - but also of the big problems in the world around us. You can use the Lorax to make a poster supporting conservation or raising awareness for climate change.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Queen

Do you feel like a queen today? Prove it! Hone your royal skills and learn to draw one. You'll be singing, "If all of the kings had their queens on the throne, we would pop champagne and raise a toast. To all of the queens who are fighting alone, baby, you're not dancin' on your own."

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street

Who's that peeking out from under that trash can lid? It could be Oscar the grouch! Learn how to bring this grumpy but lovable muppet to life.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Mockingbird

If you hear a bird singing its heart out in your backyard, it may be a mockingbird. Learn how to draw this animal that has been featured in classic and popular literature, including To Kill a Mockingbird and the Hunger Games saga.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw Baymax from Big Hero 6

A big, friendly robot that helps people? That's cool. He's even cooler when he learns how to fight crime! Sharpen your pencil and help Hiro Hamada bring Baymax to life.

drawing ideas 2021

How to Draw a Dagger

Doing things in secrecy is often referred to as "cloak and dagger." Daggers have also played a role in real and literary history. For example, "O happy dagger! This is thy sheath," is a famous line from Romeo and Juliet. Learn to draw this storied weapon.

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50 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

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Drawing is one of the first ways that we all embrace our creative energy. Whether you’re doodling in school or wasting time during a boring work meeting, we often turn spare areas of paper into a portable sketchbook.

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Easy Drawing Ideas to Fuel Your Creativity

Most people let their creative energy stay in the doodling world. Even if the art is fun and attractive, many individuals lack the confidence to promote their work. By thinking of it more as a hobby , there’s a backdoor available if failure arrives.

The truth about drawing is that the only person who needs to like it is you. Since most artists are also their harshest critics, that task is easier said than done! You’ll discover that even a bad day can feel immensely satisfying when you can take the time to embrace your creative side.

How Can I Start Drawing?

Here are a few tips for beginners to consider if you’re looking for some good drawing ideas to get things started.

  • Trace objects that you like to copy their lines. This process can help teach you how to manage proportions while creating manageable boundaries.
  • Add some imagination to your traced figure so that you can turn the piece into something that feels more like your own work.
  • Use structural components, such as squares, circles, and lines, to get to know the referencing aspects of what you want to draw .
  • Use gestures to sketch simple representations and lines.
  • Apply visual stimulation by drawing different curves and lines until something appears.

The Best Drawing Ideas to Help Kickstart Your Creativity

If you’re ready to start drawing, here are some ideas that you can implement to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Draw at the right time each day.

Some people embrace the daily grind of drawing during October and don’t try anything the rest of the year. If you want to see your work get better, set a specific time in your schedule and don’t skip those sessions. It’ll take about a week for everything to feel like it is part of your usual routine.

2. Try using different media.

Drawing is a lot of fun when you’ve got a pencil. You can also try using pens, markers, pastels, charcoal, or Crayons to create something. Why not try an experiment by mixing different media together to see what you like to do?

3. Play with your lighting.

After you draw the primary shapes in your picture, consider making different changes to your lighting perspectives. You could be outside during other times to see how the sun casts shadows, delivering more realism and 3D qualities to your final work.

4. Use the 360-degree methodology.

When you want to practice your perspective while drawing, use this method as a practice session. Once you’ve produced the outline of an object, turn it slightly to the right. Now create the framework again, continuing to repeat the process until you achieve the results you want.

5. Copy the masters.

Try to draw a painting from one of your favorite artists in history. You can look up most pieces online to use as a reference. If you have a local art museum, consider taking your sketchbook down there one afternoon to do the work in person.

6. Tap into your memory.

Try to sketch at least four scenes that you treasure from your memory. It could be your wedding day, a fun vacation, or even a moment where you felt like you were on top of the world. Play with the perspectives until you create something new.

7. Turn everything upside-down.

Think about the landscape you see in front of you right now. Once you have that picture in your mind, leave the room or area. As you start drawing, turn everything you saw upside-down so that you see it in reverse.

8. Try using different techniques with your work.

You can try doing shading in several different ways with your drawing. Although hatching is a popular method, you could always give cross-hatching a try. Stippling is another fun way to add more dimension to your pictures.

9. Draw the view outside your window.

When you sketch what you see outside your home, it creates a unique connection with your property and neighborhood. You can add a few clouds, perhaps a car that passes by, or the kids playing in the front yard.

10. What is in the rearview mirror?

Think back to the last time you took a drive. What do you remember about the view from your mirrors? Once you have that image in your mind, put what you see onto paper. As you play with the perspective, think about the different bridges, buildings, and vehicles that were there.

11. Personalize an object.

You can draw whatever object comes to mind. It could be a television, a computer monitor, or a coffee mug. Once you have its shape on the paper, give the item a face. You can continue adding elements so that it feels like an actual character.

12. Create an alternative cover.

Try pulling out your favorite CD, vinyl record, or book. Instead of staying satisfied with what you see for the cover art, put something else together. It helps to incorporate different elements from the story or music into the piece to make it feel more personalized.

13. Draw your favorite letters.

You could create a typeface that works for the fonts in your future drawings when you need an idea to fuel your creativity. Be as wild and as crazy as you want to be with this effort, although the letters should be recognizable to the average reader.

14. Create a sandcastle.

Although you could build a sandcastle if there’s a beach nearby, it’s less messy to draw one at home. Why not add a couple of towers, a giant drawbridge, or a dangerous moat for added authenticity?

15. Draw your favorite instrument.

What instrument do you like to play? Is there one that you’ve always wanted to learn? Whether your answer is the trombone or a ukulele, you’ll find that drawing one with the appropriate shading is much more challenging than you might realize.

16. Pick your favorite food.

One of the best foods to try to draw is a strawberry. Not only does it have a fun shape, but it is also amazingly complex. Between the seeds on the skin to the ruffled green top it wears, you’ll get a lot of practice with a close-up sketch.

17. Illustrate your favorite fairy tale.

What was your favorite children’s story growing up? Although most fairy tales have already received the illustrative treatment, that doesn’t mean you can’t put a unique twist on the fable. Let your creativity flow to see what becomes possible!

18. Invent an animal.

You can create whatever animal you want with your imagination. If you like giraffes and antelopes, why not turn that love into a “giraffalope?” Your creativity can even invent something from scratch, such as an undiscovered insect.

19. Create intricate flowers.

Flower blooms are incredibly complex. You can replicate their patterned beauty with your drawing by adding in the various shapes your imagination envisions. Once you’ve created one stem, keep going until you have an entire bouquet to enjoy.

20. Draw your truth.

We live in a world that often feels like it is upside-down. Many people think that what was once wrong is now something to be celebrated. If you spend some time drawing your truth, you can tap into the authentic self while staying connected to the imagination.

21. Pick your favorite candy.

Are you craving something sweet right now? Instead of giving in to the temptation to have a sugary snack, try drawing it! You could try a Tootsie roll, a lollipop, or whatever other items you love.

22. Turn your hand into a turkey.

Although this trick is a fun project for toddlers, you can make it an adult project by adding more details. If you want, try to disguise the turkey so that it can try to escape the Thanksgiving meal.

23. Draw a Ferris wheel.

The unique shape of a Ferris wheel makes it a fun drawing project. Since you’ll draw a circular frame first, this idea helps you practice your technique and straight lines. Add the rails, seats, lights, and more to complete the picture!

24. Tap into your dream energy.

Many people have strange and unusual dreams at night. Although it might not happen each day, there could be one particular image or incident you remember. Try to put what you see onto the drawing paper.

25. Create a new board game.

If everything you have at home feels a little stale, it might be time to invent a new board game to play. You can put everything onto one sheet of paper, tapping into your creative energy to draw out the structures, rules, and general requirements.

26. Produce a work of fiction.

It can be fun to start drawing something that is an outright lie. It doesn’t need to be anything from your life to be a fun project! You could put the Burger King logo under the McDonald’s arches for kicks and giggles.

27. Embrace your inner Zathura.

What would happen if your home was instantly transported to outer space? Instead of thinking about the scientific approach, try to pretend that your house is a rocket ship headed toward a distant destination. Think about what you would feel if you were trapped in that situation. How can you convey those emotions into your drawing?

28. Fill the page with your favorite shape.

Whether you prefer wheels, numbers, or the letter “S,” try to fill the entire page with different figures. If you want to try something more complicated, you could create robots, boats, or smiling faces instead.

29. Create a personal logo.

What do you think your life represents? When you can transform those ideas into a logo that communicates everything you need to speak to others, you’ll have something that can work in numerous locations. It could even be printed on a business card one day!

30. Divide your paper.

If you have a standard 8.5×11-inch paper to use, try folding it into six equal squares. Once you have the creases in place, add a different pattern into each block to create a fun design. You might try cross-hatching in one, using circles in another, or whatever other shapes come to mind.

31. Take on the still life in your home.

The classic still-life image is a bowl of fruit. You can attempt that drawing, but several other paths are available to follow. Think about what is stacked on your table right now. Once that image is in your mind, attempt to recreate it.

32. Replicate your closet.

One of the most exciting rooms in any home is the closet. Try to draw one of them in your house as it stands right now, whether it is in the bedroom, by your front door, or the one in the bathroom. How many details can you add to the image?

33. Zoom in to see new details.

Choose an object from around your home. It could be clothing, a cork from a wine bottle, or a bobblehead. Once you have the item selected, try to include the smallest details you see to turn it into a fun drawing.

34. Visit your local park.

When you stop by the park closest to your home, what do you see? The drawing doesn’t need to be something fancy. Even if you only have a couple of trees and a bench in that space, you can turn it into a quick sketch that works on your skills.

35. Create a hot air balloon.

When there is a hot air balloon floating in the sky, the experience can be quite mesmerizing. Not only is it colorful, but it is also a practical method of transportation in some areas. If you don’t have one to use as a reference, try pulling one off the Internet.

36. Take your selfie.

Self-portraits are a time-honored tradition in the art world. If you’re trying to tap into your creative energy, why not try your hand with this option? Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, the chance to work on facial structures can improve your drawing.

37. Replicate a fallen leaf.

When autumn comes along, the fallen leaves are an excellent artistic prompt. You can add different lines and structures with the leaf’s unique colors to create something beautiful.

38. Try to draw a bicycle from scratch.

It’s been said that you never forget how to ride a bike once you’ve learned how to do it. Could the same be true for your drawing efforts?

39. Pick your favorite sport.

Choose something from your favorite sport to draw. It could be a soccer ball, a baseball glove, or anything that feels special to you.

40. Select a colorful tropical fish.

With hundreds of different species from which to choose, it might be hard to pick only one to draw. If you’ve got some time, why not find 3-5 different options to create an aquarium?

41. Draw a skyscraper.

Most large cities today have a building that stands at least 200 feet tall. Today, two buildings are ten times that size! Try picking one from this list to serve as your creative inspiration.

42. Create a dragon.

Although they are mythical creatures, the dragon is a unique challenge for an artist. It has aviary and reptilian characteristics to consider while incorporating a specific personality.

43. Build an old-fashioned key.

If you can draw a key, you might get to unlock the full power of your creativity! All puns aside, the unique shape of this object challenges your spatial awareness.

44. Enjoy the ordinary.

It can be fun to draw what happens with your everyday chores. You could sketch a pile of folded clothes, one of your kitchen drawers, or the pattern of fingerprint smudges on your front window.

45. Pick out a pair of old shoes.

If you have a thrift store in town, consider grabbing a pair of cheap shoes for your drawing inspiration. Once you have the outline in place, add some personal embellishments to the final piece.

46. Draw your dinner.

Before you sit down at the table to eat, quickly sketch the food you see on your plate. If you have a book to use, you could turn this practice into a nightly exercise for the entire week.

47. Let a feather tickle your nose.

A feather might seem like a simple shape at first, but you’ll find that the individual strands within it can be challenging to draw realistically.

48. Create a new t-shirt design.

You can turn a blank t-shirt into almost anything. It could offer an inspirational saying, a funny graphic, or different patterns you find enjoyable.

49. Build a new satellite.

We have thousands of satellites orbiting our planet right now. Try to picture what one of them looks like as a drawing exercise. If you’re unsure of the shape or style, several examples are available online to see.

50. Meet an alien.

With the size and scope of our universe, the possibility of alien life is almost inevitable for some people. What do you think our closest intergalactic neighbors would look like if you met them?

Are You Ready to Start Drawing Today?

As you can see from this guide, the primary methods used to create new drawings are often the most challenging ones to implement. We don’t know what we’re going to draw until something is within your vision to use.

It doesn’t matter what idea(s) from this guide you decide to use. The first step is to try something fast and simple, using it to serve as a base for more complicated lines as your structures gain definition.

Try to let these ideas serve as the first step for your inspirational journey through drawing instead of the only one. Whether you work in an official sketchbook, draw on a canvas, or doodle in a book’s margins, each image you create takes you another step closer to the place you want to be with your art.

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The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 1 of 75

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ArchDaily continues a seven-year-long tradition of celebrating the best architecture drawings of the year . From painting to collages to blueprints, the 2021 edition highlights a carefully-curated collection of architectural drawings and visualizations with a wide variety of techniques and representations.

The list has been assembled by members of ArchDaily's Content Team who have been privileged to have a front-row seat as readers, architects, and designers across the world share their finest work with us. The selected drawings have become not only a valuable tool for the dissemination of architectural inspiration and knowledge but also a demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between perceived contrasts: old craft and new technologies, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, narrative and analytical, fictional and practical.

The 75 drawings, collages, illustrations, sketches, conceptual designs, diagrams, and axonometric have been curated and categorized below for your enjoyment, analysis, and inspiration.

Architectural Collage and Illustrations

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 2 of 75

Architectural Sketches

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 14 of 75

Conceptual Designs

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 33 of 75

Architectural Diagrams and Axonometric

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 39 of 75

Architectural Drawings and Blueprints

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021 - Image 62 of 75

The Best Drawings of 2021 were selected by members of the ArchDaily's Content Team: Agustina Coulleri, Fabian Dejtiar, Victor Delaqua, Paula Pintos, and Nicolas Valencia. Finally, we invite you to explore previous years' editions:

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This article is part of the ArchDaily Topic: Year in Review . Every month we explore a topic in-depth through articles, interviews, news, and projects. Learn more about our monthly topics . As always, at ArchDaily we welcome the contributions of our readers; if you want to submit an article or project, contact us .

drawing ideas 2021

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70+ Fun Art Challenges You Must Try in 2024

Iva Mikles

By Iva Mikles  •  Artist and Illustrator

Updated: 3 Jan 2024  •  Artist Resources » Art Challenges

70+ Fun Art Challenges You Must Try in 2024

Art challenges have become a huge phenomenon in the online art community. They are a great way to be more active in the community, get ideas and inspiration, feedback and suggestions, and especially focus on making art.

So I set a challenge for myself – to collect the complete list of art challenges possible!

I have put together a list of 63+ (!) art challenges, which are still being held as of 2023 and have great themes and communities behind them.

Discover them below and challenge yourself! And most importantly, have fun!!!

Table of Contents

Monthly art challenges, bonus: random art and drawing prompts generator, coloring challenges, drawing and sketching challenges, character design challenges, photography challenges, creativity and inspiration challenges, painting challenges, artist promo challenges, most popular art challenge, crafting challenges, tiktok art challenges, faqs – art challenges, why participate in art challenges.

There are lots and lots of reasons to participate in art challenges:

  • They help kick-start flagging inspiration and kindle your creativity
  • They expand your boundaries and challenge your comfort zones as an artist
  • They set you to a schedule, which can translate into better productivity – in the professional world or just for yourself and your own work
  • The focus you on making art
  • They let you practice, practice, practice!
  • They help you get feedback, critique, and guidance on your work
  • They expose you to lots of other artists and their work
  • You become a part of a larger art community
  • They open up new possibilities
  • They are loads of fun!

Yeah, I could say a lot more about them, and it’s all good.

I have participated in several art challenges and have had a fabulous experience with each and every one of them. Each of them has helped me grow as an artist, increase my network, and connect with others.

The only bad thing I can think of about art challenges is that getting even basic information about them can be a nuisance.

  • Is this or that art challenge still running?
  • What is Drawcember?
  • What hashtag do I use?
  • Is there a website?
  • Are there prompt lists?
  • Who or what is Smaug?

How Can You Find the Best Art Challenges Out There?

I believe this is the complete directory of art challenges on the internet. I hope it proves to be a valuable resource for every artist and leads to many great experiences.

And while you are participating, remember that it’s not just about your own work – equally important is to see what other artists are doing, learn from them, enjoy their art, and maybe even offer some of your own comments and feedback.

So don’t just tag your own work – use the hashtags to follow others!

I have not attempted to rank these by size, popularity, genre or theme, or any preference on my part.

You will find a list of challenges by month and a more complete directory of all the challenges, organized by type – coloring, drawing and sketching, photography, painting, character design, and more.

If you are looking for a particular genre, like Manga, a particular medium, like inking, or just wondering what the monthly art challenges are, you can simply use the page search on your browser – e.g., “March” or “watercolor.”

At the end of the article, I’ll talk briefly about TikTok art challenges and try to answer some frequently asked questions, but for now, enjoy the list, and get your work out there!

And before you get to drawing, painting, or whatever, you might want to check out a couple of my site’s popular resources:

  • Looking for inspiration? Try the word prompts in the Art Prompt Generator
  • Wondering how to price your art? Try the new Artwork Price Calculator

Nurture Your Creativity

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Looking for ideas to draw on Procreate? Then get my list of 100 Procreate drawing ideas ! 🤩

Here’s a quick list of art challenges by month. It’s not an exhaustive list, and you will find many more art challenges in the list below.

This is just a quick way to find out what’s happening in a particular month of the year. Feel free to participate in any art challenge you like!

Click on the name of the challenge to jump to the details. Enjoy!

January Art Challenges

Art Journal January , Creatuanary , From A to Z , 7-Day Urban Sketching Challenge

February Art Challenges

Faerie February , February Faces

March Art Challenges

Magical March , March of Robots

April Art Challenges

April Arts Journey , 100 Day Project , Wizardapril

May Art Challenges

Mermay , Munchy May

June Art Challenges

Kaijune , Junicorn , Childhood Week , Doodlewash

July Art Challenges

Julycanthropy , Kaijuly

August Art Challenges

Doggust , Smaugust

September Art Challenges

Randomtember , Sketchtember , Swordtember

October Art Challenges

Catober , Inktober , Drawlloween

November Art Challenges

Slowvember , Huevember , This Old Thing Fashion Challenge

December Art Challenges

Childhood week , Drawcember

If you are feeling stuck or looking for inspiration for your next artwork, check out my random art and drawing prompts generator.

It’s a free and easy-to-use web app designed to help you spark your creativity and get moving anytime you’re feeling a little stuck.

  • Check it out here: Random Art and Drawing Prompts Generator

3 Marker Challenge

Why not limit yourself?

The 3 Marker Challenge is a bit of a phenomenon these days. 

It has super simple rules, as much a fun party game or activity for kids as a social media challenge. Choose a black and white drawing, select three color markers randomly, and color it in.

Some people prefer very simple images to color in, but using extremely complex pictures is a fascinating exercise. It can teach you a lot about color, your own techniques and preferences, and about illustrating in general.

If you want to do this as a proper art challenge, you can post your work on social media using the #3markerchallenge hashtag. 

And if you’d like more guidance and nice b&w images to download, you can check out the Three Marker Challenge page at colorit.com – and while you’re there, check out some of their beautiful Coloring Books and Marker Sets!

Hue thinks of this stuff? 🙂

This great art challenge will stretch your expressive ability in many areas by constraining you in one specific area.

The idea is brilliantly simple – draw something every day in November with a single dominant hue. You can use different hues, but the “hue of the day” must be the main visible color of the image.

You can use any medium, traditional or digital, and draw anything you want in any style or genre. 

You can also change the hue’s saturation or value, not the color itself!

Mark all your daily submissions with #huevember, and check out what others are doing as well – this one has a large community.

More info at matthieudaures.tumblr.com .

7-Day Urban Sketching Challenge

NEW: Easy Doors Illustration in Procreate

7-Day Urban Sketching Challenge with Prompts

Join me in the 7-day urban sketching challenge , where we will go on an adventure of traveling through art.

You will learn a fun and easy way to create quick sketches and colorful scenes inspired by beautiful locations while developing positive drawing habits.

6 Minute Daily Sketch Challenge

A great way to get into a productive routine!

If you are so busy that you have recently found that even art is taking a back seat, you can make a huge difference with as little as six minutes a day devoted to your work. 

This art challenge asks you to do just that and then post your dailies on social media for the art world to see.

In addition to setting a routine and re-setting priorities, this is a great exercise in quickly seeing and realizing a concept or image, and you might be surprised at how wholly realized such a quick sketch can be!

There are no rules, so just draw every day for 100 days, and everyday post that day’s work with the tag #6minutesketch.

20 Art Styles Challenge

A very popular, if somewhat difficult, art challenge, 20 Art Styles, asks you to draw the same character in 20 different styles.

Many blank meme templates are available for download, with different styles already specified (like famous fine artists, animation studios, etc.), or you can simply create your own meme with boxes in a five-column by four-row format.

Once you have completed the meme, you can upload it on social media with the tags #20stylechallenge and #20styles.

There is no official web page for the 20 Art Styles challenge, so just create, post and see what others are doing!

Art Journal January

According to the Kick in the Creatives web page, the only rule for Art Journal January is to HAVE FUN!!!

The idea is to make a new journal page every day in January, using specific prompts they provide – outer space, something sweet, what makes you happy, under the bed, and lots more.

Your page should mostly feature your drawing but can also include text, borders, or anything else, and each page should also include the date.

You can work in traditional media, like pencils or pens on paper, or digitally, and each day you should post your results with the hashtags #kickinthecreatives and #ArtJournalJanuary.

There are a few rules, but it’s a lot of fun and a great way to fight those January blahs!

I love animals.

And big cats and felines such as tigers, leopards, and ocelots are some of my favorites. I just love the colors of their coats and how well they fit into their natural habitats.

And because of that, #catober is one of my favorite art challenges in October.

Whether you will draw or sketch your own kitty, or a tiger in the jungle, tag your artwork with #catober and #catober2022 (or the current year).

This is one of my favorite art challenges because it’s all about dogs 🙂

Taking place in August, #doggust prompts you to draw or sketch one dog a day. Considering about 190 official dog breeds worldwide, you could actually go on and draw for more than six months! And there are so many mix-breeds that I think you have plenty of prompts forever(?)

More details and prompt lists are here: instagram.com/dogsinaugust/

And Drawcember is a great way to pass the time during those cold winter days.

Drawcember was originally started by Disney Creates and has had other sponsors and organizers along the way, but for the last couple of years, there has been no official sponsor. 

Nonetheless, it still has a huge community and is well worth your participation.

Simply make a new drawing every day in December, using the prompt list(s) posted online in the weeks before December. 

Many of the prompts are related to winter/holiday/Christmas, but they are just a starting point for your imagination and vision.

Remember to tag your posts with #drawcember and #drawcember2022, sit back, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and wait for the raves.


“Draw upon your artly craft,

Engrave each Drawllotheme;

Summon forth the work you hath,

Enchant us with your dream.

From eldest age to youngest child

Everyone take part

Evoke the spirit, and perchance,

The world may see thy art.”

Taken from the Drawlloween website

Drawlloween may be the most fun of all the popular art challenges and is certainly a great way to get in touch with your inner child artist .

Using the prompts on the website, or your own spooky imagination, just create a new Halloween image every day in October. 

Any medium is acceptable, and the organizers encourage “creative uses of art supplies.”

Tag your art with #drawlloween2022 (with the current year) or @drawlloween. More information can be found at drawlloween.blogspot.com .

Draw 50 Things

Professional illustrator and teacher Will Terry created the Draw 50 Things art challenge to help people draw complex illustrations.

The idea is to draw a picture that tells a story , has at least one character, and – here’s the kicker – also has at least fifty other identifiable objects! 

You can post your completed artwork on social media – just make sure that all fifty objects are identifiable and that you tag it #draw50things.

Draw This Again

A wonderful way to check your own progress as an artist – or, I suppose, to see how good you already were!

Draw This Again is an art challenge that asks you to find an old piece you have drawn, inked, painted, digitally rendered, or made in any medium and do it again. 

You then post your before and after pieces side by side on social media with the hashtag #drawthisagain.

While there isn’t a central information page, you can see many great memes at boredpanda.com/draw-me-again-improved-skills .

Draw This in Your Own Style

An art challenge that allows you to stay in one comfort zone while perhaps at the same time moving out of another.

Draw This in Your Own Style is an art challenge where an artist posts artworks, often OC (original characters), and asks you to redo them in your medium of choice. 

You then post it on Twitter with the #drawthisinyourownstyle tag and receive feedback and comments from a sizable online community .

You may also recreate an existing art piece from any source and post it with the same tag.

More information at drawthisinyourstyle.com .

Magical March

A great art challenge to get in touch with your own inner magical anima – whether you are a woman or a man!

Every day in March, you draw a magical girl character. 

There are no set guidelines for style or media, but many submissions are in classic or modern anime or toon styles, including manga, Disney, Tim Burton, and Chibi.

In the weeks before this drawing challenge, many people will post prompts lists, which you can use to gain inspiration and focus, but they are not required. 

Just post your daily Magic Girl on social media with the hash #magicalgirl or #magicalmarch.

What is a Mermay?

Mermay is an art challenge all about mermaids. 

Every day in May, you draw a new mermaid, using whatever medium you prefer, and post it with the tag #MerMay and (for next year) #MerMay2022. 

You can use the provided daily prompts for inspiration, but it is not required.

This is one that I have participated in, and it was a great experience, especially because of the lovely images created by so many artists. 

Such beauty and talent are a real inspiration and helped me appreciate my own work more too!

More information at mermay.com .

Check out my interview with Holly Fae who creates Mermaids, here:

  • Ep.195: How to implement art in business with Holly Fae

As soon as you’re done with MerMay…

June is all about unicorns. 

Junicorn is an art challenge where you draw a different unicorn every day for the entire month. And, as the sponsors say, “deep down, we all desire to be a unicorn!”

It is associated with the freepik website, which offers paid courses and other services, but the challenge is free, and if you win, you get a free premium account on their site.

As with any of these art challenges, you can also simply post your Junicorns on social media with the #junicorn tag to share your work and see others’ Junicorns. 

I like typing Junicorn.

For more information, see freepik.com . Junicorn!


Randomtember is a fairly new challenge, originating from the popularity of random art prompts generators, such as the one I put together here: Art Side of Life’s Art Prompts Generator .

There are more than 1,000 prompts from different categories, so you are covered not only in September but for the whole year and more!

The idea is that you generate at least one art prompt a day and post it on social media with the hashtag #randomtember.

Sketch Dailies

A simple Twitter-based daily art challenge, Sketch Dailies posts a new prompt every day, from which you are asked to come up with your own daily sketch.

While the prompts are mostly characters from fiction, cartoons, and comics, they can be anything, including birds and animals or even the first photograph of a black hole.

Check the daily feed, create and post, and use a #Sketch_Dailies or @Sketch_Dailies2022 tag.

More information at twitter.com/Sketch_Dailies .


The Rules: 1. Capture your idea. 2. Share.

The Sketches: simple, gestural, unrefined

These are taken from the Sketchtember website, which strongly encourages you just to sketch, capturing something without worrying if it is perfect – or even good – or if it is finished. Just sketch and post, sketch and post, sketch and post, Simple, gestural, and unrefined.

And doing this every day (in September, if that didn’t come through in the title) does seem to bring out a kind of primal, gestalt quality to work.

Sketchtember is also interesting in that it provides two prompts every day – one a single word (finagle, backboard, supernatural, shaken, colony) and the other an idiom (adding insult to injury, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I can’t complain).

The perfect warmup for Inktober, Sketchtember is a valuable exercise in letting go.

Started by artist Jake Parker, founder of Inktober, Slowvember is about shifting gears.

While Inktober sets a pretty hectic pace, creating a new piece every day, Slowvember, as its name suggests, is about slowing down and focusing on a single artwork. 

Or, as Jake puts it, “make one thing and make it beautiful.”

When posting your work, you should tag it #slowvember – and don’t just post the finished piece, but show your process and progress as you go along, and also find out what others are taking their own sweet time to create!

Check out my interview with Jake here:

  • Ep.22: Finished, not Perfect with Jake Parker

Speed Drawing Challenge

Does taking your time always yield better results?

Professional illustrator Mark Crilley created the Speed Drawing Challenge to challenge his colleagues to let go of their perfectionist tendencies and get back to the basics of illustration. 

SDC has become quite popular with not just established or professional illustrators but artists from all levels, backgrounds, and media.

The challenge asks you to draw a character in 10 minutes, then again in 1 minute, and finally, the same character in only 10 seconds. 

You then post your results alongside the #10minutes1minute10seconds hashtag to let other artists see and comment.

You can check out Mark’s YouTube account for more information and inspiration: youtube.com/user/markcrilley .


Do I even need to explain?

Ok, I will – the brainchild of illustrator Faith Schaffer , whose site contains a prompt list, this is a challenge to create a new sword every day in the month of September.

A very loosely defined challenge, Swordtember allows you to use Faith’s prompts, the prompts of other participating artists, or even make up your own prompt list. And you can use any media – digital or traditional – you like. 

Use the hashtag #swordtember on social media to share your work and see what others are up to – just remember that if you are giving other artists feedback, be careful that your criticism isn’t too cutting!

The Sketchbook Challenge

Sponsored by the Brooklyn Art Library, The Sketchbook Challenge is a 28-day drawing challenge to fill a sketchbook and is intended to “help you cope with your creativity while you are stuck at home.”

The library will send each participant a blank 28-page sketchbook and give them a different prompt daily for inspiration. 

There is also a 14-day drawing challenge specifically focused on portraits using a different medium than you are comfortable with.

These challenges are donation-based on a “Pay What You Wish” model and proceeds help support the Brooklyn Library of Art.

More information at brooklynartlibrary.org .

Learn to draw people by using simple shapes

Join me in the class, where I take you through the journey of designing characters using simple shapes, so you get more comfortable and have a solid starting point when drawing characters for your illustrations.

100 Heads Challenge

Can you draw 100 heads in 10 days?

If so, or if not, you’re ready for this art challenge, which builds your discipline and craft and hones your skills in portraying human expressions and facial features.

When you are finished, or at any time along the way, you can post your work with the hashtag #100headschallenge. 

This is an especially interesting art challenge regarding following other artists’ posts, as it provides so much insight into different techniques and styles.

Ahmed Aldoori started the 100 Heads challenge. Check out my interviews with him:

  • Ep.39: Ahmed Aldoori on Talent and Discipline
  • Ep.194: What’s new with Ahmed Aldoori

Character Design Challenge

This challenge will build your character – and you can win a prize!

In this monthly art challenge, Character Design will publish a new theme on the 7th day of every month, and you have 30 days to create and submit your character. 

You must stick to the theme, and they only want full figures with minimal or no background or other elements. You can use any medium you like.

This art challenge is organized and run by Character Design References, and more information can be found at characterdesignreferences.com/challenge-rules .


If you are a creature of habit, maybe a few weird daily challenges will help you break free – and what a great way to start the new year!

Creatuanary is a challenge to do just that by making a new character every day in January. And some of the prompts are strange indeed – fruit princess, pigeon man, mutant flying dinosaur, flower turtle… Well, you get the idea.

Created by Dibujante Nocturno , Rafater , and Joshua Cairós 5 years ago, and still going strong, Creatuanary does help you think outside – way outside, some days! – the box, and create beautiful, fantastical, and imaginative beings.

Ok, I’m not sure how beautiful pigeon man could be, but who knows? I know this is a great challenge run by great artists, and the inspiration – from the prompts and from the community – is fabulous and so valuable!

Find more information at the Creatuanary web page.

February Faces

A daily art challenge for the shortest month of the year.

February Faces is a great way to practice your skills in capturing emotion and expression, improve your portraits , and get some great feedback along the way. 

And it’s just that simple – draw a different face every day in February. 

It doesn’t even need to be a human face.

Kick in the Creatives is the host of this art challenge, and you can tag them in your posts if you like, but be sure to at least include the #FebruaryFaces tag. 

The website will publish a list of daily prompts, but remember that there are no rules and the prompts are only for focus and inspiration.

For more on this art challenge, go to kickinthecreatives.com/february-faces . Or just draw and post!

From A to Z!

A January art challenge from Charlie O’Shields over at Doodlewash, the A to Z challenge starts the new year with the letter A and asks you to create a simple object every day for the first month.

And since it’s hosted by DoodleWash, you can feel free to draw, paint with watercolors or use a combination of the two.

This year’s challenge went from the airplane to zebra, and for the last five days, went from aardvark to ears – as you can see, it is about focusing on something quite simple, and that very simplicity kind of inspires artists to elaborate, invent, and go in sometimes quite unexpected directions.

As with many great art challenges, A to Z is as much about the community and seeing what others have come up with as it is about what you yourself are doing.

You can find out more at the DoodleWash A to Z Challenge page.


Sometimes I wonder if the most creative thing about art challenges is the names they are given! 

Julycanthropy is a hybrid of July (easy to figure) and Lycanthropy, which is either the delusion that you’ve become a wolf or, you know, actually becoming a (were)wolf.

And as an art challenge, Julycanthropy is all about wolves, werewolves, and canine creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes.

A fairly loosely organized challenge based in the Deviant Art community, Julycanthropy gives you a different prompt every day in the month of March so that you can draw, paint, ink, digitally render, or whatever you like an image.

Then you can post them on DA or anywhere through social media with the hashtag #julycanthropy – then just sit back and listen to the other artists howl in appreciation!

Kaijune and Kaijuly

The name of this art challenge, Kaijune, is a combination of Kaiju – a genre of Japanese monster movies (think Godzilla) – and June, the month in which it takes place.

Created by Riley Phillips of Warner Brothers, this drawing challenge is about drawing a different monster every day of the month. 

You can recreate an existing monster or image or create a new beast and work in whatever medium you’d like. Just use the #kaijune hashtag. 

And if you don’t have time in June or missed it this year, there’s also Kaijuly – ok, it’s the exact same challenge as Kaijune, but a month later and using the #kaijuly hashtag – and it is also monstrously popular!

More information at kaijune.tumblr.com .

March of Robots

The name says it all!

A new robot every day all throughout March. You can draw or create them digitally, but be sure to hashtag them with #marchofrobots or #marchofrobots2022 (using the current year, of course).

This big contest has a lot of followers and was originally started seven years ago, so you will get lots of feedback and exposure from participating. 

Even if you aren’t into robots, they’re fun to draw, and part of the whole art challenge scene, in general, is to push ourselves in new directions.

More information at chocolatesoopstudio.com .

Sailor Moon Redraw

A pretty specific art challenge, Sailor Moon Redraw asks you to, well, redraw Sailor Moon.

There aren’t any other details or rules – simply draw, paint, sculpt, digitally render, and even cosplay the popular manga character Sailor Moon, aka Usagi Tsukino, the superheroine in her eponymous series.

There doesn’t seem to be a central website for this art challenge, but you can see lots of different takes on Sailor Moon by following the hash – #sailormoonredraw – on twitter.com .

Six Fanarts

The brainchild of Melissa Capriglione, who is thrilled that her idea has helped so many people get through this time of enforced isolation.

You draw six portraits of popular characters – from anywhere – and post them together in a meme using the tags #6fanarts or #sixfanartschallenge. 

You can tag Melissa as well; she says she loves seeing what others are up to, but it isn’t required.

Either way, you will get lots of exposure and feedback from the community of artists.

For more information, you can see Melissa’s disclaimer statement here .

Smaug is dead, but you can bring him back to life!

Every day in August, you are asked to draw a different dragon. 

That’s about it – there is little online about specific rules or guidelines, and you can also get lots of different prompts lists with just a little searching. 

Make sure to tag your dragon – #smaugust.

This is a big art challenge, with many participants on all social platforms. It’s good fun and generates some incredible images. 

Still, there are all levels of artists participating, so don’t be intimidated by how complex, dramatic or beautiful some of these beasts are.

Anything you create will be appreciated – these people love dragons!

Have you ever wondered how you would look as a toon?

Toon Me is an art challenge created by Marvel artist Rene Cordova, in which you take a selfie and then render half of your face in toon style. 

When completed, your half-human-half toon self-portrait can be posted on social media with a #ToonMe hashtag.

This is an especially fun challenge to participate in, and it is also super fun to peruse other artists’ postings.

This is not a proper art challenge per say, but such a popular phenomenon right now that I thought it should be included.

These days, two hashtags are seen all over the arts community’s social media – #witcherOC and #witcherlass. 

These are meant to identify artwork done by fans of the new, incredibly popular Polish-American TV series Witcher, currently on Netflix.

#witcherOC designates artists’ visions of original characters which might appear on the TV show, while #witcherlass is for original artwork depicting female witchers.

And, like almost any art challenge, you can make your own artwork for either category, post it on social media and get tons of feedback and exposure.

And, if you have strong nerves, watch the show – it’s freaky and a bit brilliant!


This challenge is the brainchild of Nathanna Erica, an illustrator and paper artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For the whole month of April, you and other artists come on a magical journey of wizards, potions, spells, wands, and everything else inspired by the worlds of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and many others!

Find more information on Nathanna’s Instagram, and if you participate, don’t forget to tag your creations with #wizardapril!

If you want to learn more about Nathana, check out the interview:

  • Ep.124: How to get paid for doing what you love with Nathanna Erica

30-Day Photo Challenge

There are plenty of 30-Day photo challenges out there, and you can find prompt lists all over the web and start with any of them immediately.

One of my favorites, though, is the art challenge hosted by Footprint and Fancy Free .

With an especially creative prompt list and vivid explanations of each prompt, this is a great art challenge for any artist who wants to shift their focus or for photographers who just need a little inspiration.

You can post to their Facebook page or social media with the #fff30 tag.

More information at footprintandfancyfree.com/30-day-photography-challenge .

365 Day Photo Challenge

A whole year photo challenge, 365 Day asks photographers to look at and capture subjects and themes they might normally not.

The Expert Photography site has created a year-long calendar with daily prompts. You may interpret the prompts in any way you like and shoot in any style.

While paid online courses are associated with this art challenge, you may also participate by simply posting your daily pics on social media with the tag #365daysphotochallenge. You can get more information at expertphotography.com/365-photo-challenge-calendar .

Rediscover Your Creativity

Join me on an exploration of personal creativity and learn how to generate compelling creative ideas and get unstuck when dealing with a creative block.

100 Day Project

Be creative in whatever way you’d like.

The 100-day project, which Lindsay Jean Mason runs, is about being creative and about starting and sticking to something.

Your project can be artwork, dancing, writing , knitting or sewing, interior design, music, gardening or anything else!

The contest runs through Instagram, uses #the100dayproject as a hashtag, and begins on April 7th of every year.

More information at www.the100dayproject.org .

Childhood Week

Two weeks a year to remember and share.

Beatrice Blue’s Childhood Week art challenge takes place for one week in June and one week in December. 

You are meant to “remember and show each other our childhood with either paintings, photographs, anything fun!”

Beatrice will post a prompt list before each challenge week and a fun music playlist to listen to while you’re in the process of creative reminiscing. 

Use the #childhoodweek or #childhoodweek2022 (current year, of course) tags when posting your submissions.

For more information, please go to Bea’s website at beatriceblue.net/childhood .

Check out my interviews with Bea here:

  • Ep.71: How to make the best out of every situation with Bea Blue
  • Ep.206: Beatrice “Bea” Blue on the importance of enjoying the journey

Different Art Styles Challenge

A great meme-based art challenge that makes you stretch your own techniques and style.

Using a 9-square template, you are asked to draw a character (including yourself) in 9 different styles, such as Disney, Simpsons, Tim Burton, or whatever you’d like. 

While this doesn’t seem to be a centrally organized or sponsored challenge, you can easily download a template from the web and check out what others are doing by searching nine styles art challenge, different styles art challenge, or the #stylechallenge hashtag.

You then post your artwork on social media using that same tag to share it with the community. You can also tag your work with the different styles you used.

Left-Hand Challenges

More properly known as Dominant Hand Challenges, these are not one specific art challenge but a series of community challenges throughout the web.

The usual method is to draw something with your dominant hand and then draw the same thing with your other hand. 

Not so much of a challenge for the very few ambidextrous artists out there, but a lot of fun, and often quite illuminating, for the rest of us.

Just post your images side by side with the tag #nondominanthanddrawing to share your work, and see what other artists have come up with. 

And don’t be embarrassed by your non-dominant side – it’s all fun!

A website with great art challenges every month.

While many websites seem to host art challenges only to sell their products or classes, doodlewash wants to have fun with it and help artists in the community.

A different member of doodlewash will post a prompt list every month with ideas of what to sketch or paint in watercolor . 

You can post your work on social media using the tag #doodlewashjune2022 (for the month I’m writing this article – make sure to change the month and year to work with the current art challenge). You can also include the hashtag #worldwatercolorgroup if you are using watercolors.

You can also post on their website if you become a member of the Doodlewash Club, but it is not required.

More information can be found at doodlewash.com .

Faerie February

Once you create your first fairy, she can help you with the next 27.

Drawing, painting, or digitally rendering fairies is a magical experience that gives full but focused reign to your imagination and allows you to make rich and beautiful images.

Faerie February is about making a new fairy every day during the month and posting them for others to see and delight in, even as you see and delight in all of theirs. 

Be sure to tag with #faeriefeb and/or #faeriefebruary.

You can get detailed instructions and a new prompt list at faeriefebruary.com , but don’t be intimidated by the incredibly sophisticated fairies on display there.

This art challenge is for artists from all levels!

Fauna Focus

Turn to nature for inspiration.

The Fauna Focus art challenge brings a new animal into the spotlight every month and asks you to create artwork based on or inspired by that particular animal.

Every type and medium of art is welcome, as are artists of all levels. A great way to practice specific skills, get feedback from experienced judges and learn more about the spotlight animal every month.

You may post your finished pieces on the Fauna Focus website or social media with the #faunafocus tag.

More information can be found on their website, faunafocus.com .

Isolation Art Challenge

A 30-day art challenge for people in quarantine because of coronavirus.

Isolation AC allows you to work in whatever traditional medium you’d like but doesn’t want digital art or photography pieces.

Other rules are that you should only post work made during isolation, follow the themes they provide, be kind and positive in your feedback of others’ work, and don’t talk about the virus.

Isolation Art Challenge is a private Facebook group, and you can join and get more information at facebook.com/groups/isolationartchallenge .

A nice way to create, share with the community and get in touch with gratitude.

Because that’s what Munchy May is all about. Well, that and food!

Every day in the month of May, you are to illustrate something you’ve eaten that day and then post it on Instagram with the hashes #munchymay and #munchymay2022.

And with your post, you are asked to describe what you are feeling grateful for. The founders say this is meant to encourage self-expression and gratitude reflection.

A wonderful idea and a fun challenge. You can find more information on the Munchy May Instagram page – and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna get a snack.

Tic Tac Toe Challenge

“Inspiring Creativity 8 ways each week,” the Tic Tac Toe art challenge offers a cool twist for crafters.

Using a prompt sheet as a tic tac toe board, this weekly challenge asks you to select a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line and use those three prompts to craft a new piece. 

When posting, use their #tictactoechallenge tag and the tag for that week’s specific challenge.

More information at tictactoechallenge.com .

Tinker Labs 12 Months of Art Challenges

The 12 Months of Art Challenges gives a new word prompt every day of the year, for a total of 365 word prompts.

These prompts are meant to be used and interpreted any way you would like, and you are asked to work in whatever medium you prefer.

You can join whenever you want and participate as often as you’d like. Just post your work on Instagram with a @tinkerlab or #tinkersketch tag.

More information at tinkerlab.com/art-challenges .

Abstract Art Challenge

Are you interested in creating abstract art but don’t know how to proceed?

The 42 Concepts to Paint challenge may be for you. 

Courtney Hatcher has developed a prompt list of 42 concepts on which to base non-representational art, and her page has many ideas about getting started.

This is not a social media art challenge like most others but a personal one you can take on to work in a different style, challenge yourself and develop your painting skills. 

If you still want to post your work, gain exposure, and get some feedback, you can use a generic hashtag for social media – #abstractart would be the most popular and effective in this case.

For more information on the Abstract Art Challenge, Courtney Hatcher’s page can be seen at cghatcher.com/42-abstract-concepts-to-paint .

April Arts Journey

Make your own card of the day.

The April Arts Journey is a great way to delve into spiritual or new age art, to try new styles, or to bring your own way of seeing and doing into an already surprisingly diverse sub-genre.

On 22 days of the month of April, you select a prompt card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot or randomly draw one, and then either create your own version of that card or another image prompted or inspired by it.

More information can be divined by visiting mastodon.art .

Daily Paint Works Monthly Challenge

A new art challenge for painters every month!

A great website and online community for painters, Daily Paint Works, is also a great place for monthly painting art challenges. 

Each month a community member will post a new theme or topic for that month’s art challenge, and any member is free to post a submission.

Rules are simple but specify that you should start your painting after the challenge is posted. 

All submissions will also be available for sale on the site – in case one of your art challenges was to start making money .

Please see dailypaintworks.com for more information.

Fox and Hazel 30-Day Watercolor Challenge

An art challenge specifically for people who use watercolors – or want to start.

This art challenge is about quick watercolor sketches more than complex, fully realized pieces, and so is a great way for new watercolorists to show their work without worry and get some good feedback and pointers.

At the same time, it is great for advanced and established painters to do a bunch of quick paintings, to get back to the basics, and break free from obsessive completionist tenancies, and publish something they may not be sure is “finished.”

This art challenge is meant for the Instagram community, and you should tag your paintings with #foxandwatercolour.

For more information, visit foxandhazel.com .

The Critique Me Challenge

Are you stuck or need help with your painting?

This is a special art challenge for the Daily Paint Works website. 

Normally their challenge posts are not just for feedback and viewing but also to sell the paintings.

But the Critique Me challenge is for people who are maybe having some trouble with a particular piece of art – what should I do next, what is wrong with this, what am I not seeing? 

Posting your work on this art challenge will let you receive constructive criticism and advice from the site’s community of artists.

The only rule is that any reference to selling the posted artwork will disqualify the work, and it will be removed. 

You must register to participate, but membership is free—more information here: dailypaintworks.com/challenge/the-critique-me-challenge/14 .


An interesting concept, ArtVsArtist, seems to be as much about getting the artist out there as it is about getting the art itself out there.

This art challenge asks that you create a collage using their pre-made template, which includes 8 of your original artworks around the outside and a photograph of you in the center. 

Just tag your piece #artvsartist and post it on any social media site.

Though there is no main web page, you can download the template from many different sites and see lots of postings at instagram.com/explore/tags/artvsartist .

Face Your Art Challenge

An art challenge that asks you to analyze and describe your own work.

A double entendre, “face,” means drawing faces and facing your own work. 

You are asked to draw nine different faces (though you can draw different things) and collage them into a 3×3 grid of squares. 

Then you look closely at your work, identify mistakes and weaknesses, strengths, interesting aspects of your style or craft , anything at all.

Write a summary of your analysis and post it with the meme tagged with #faceyourartchallenge. And make sure to check out other postings, which can be quite illuminating regarding artists and their relationship with their own artwork.

To see the home page of the artist who started the Face Your Art challenge, Chao, go to www.chaoill u strations.co.uk .

The brainchild of Jake Parker, Inktober was first held in October 2009 and, after more than a decade, is still going strong. 

Inktober may be their biggest art challenge and is a great way to get lots of exposure and feedback.

The daily prompts for 2020 have been recently posted, with prompts 1-25 already revealed – flight, elephant, joy, praying mantis, stranded, lunar and so forth. 

You don’t need to follow these prompts – they’re there for inspiration and focus.

Starting on October 1, simply post a new ink drawing every other day, or as often as you’d like, with the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2022 (if applicable, replace 2022 with the current year).

Also, check out my recommendations for artist inks & supplies: Best Artist Inks in 2024

More information at inktober.com .

Just Add Ink Crafting Challenge

Just Add Ink is a great exercise for crafters, Which provides a different weekly challenge theme.

Simply check their site’s Challenges section to find this week’s Craft challenge, create and post your new craftwork and link your post with them.

More information at just-add-ink.blogspot.com/search/label/Challenges

Paper Craft Crew Challenges

Another great crafting site that offers weekly art challenges.

Using their posted image as inspiration, you let your own creativity go wild, making a new paper craft piece and posting an image on social media with that week’s hash. 

Remember to include their prompt image in your post and link your submission to their site.

With all of the great reasons to do art challenges, Paper Craft Crew lists only one, and maybe the best one of them all – because it’s fun!

More information at papercraftcrew.com .

Check out my interview with “Paperwolf” here:

  • Ep.43: Wolfram Kampfmeyer (Paperwolf) on how to succeed on Etsy and Dawanda

The Paper Players Crafting Challenges

A great site for all kinds of Crafters, The Paper Players has been offering weekly Crafting challenges for years.

Simply check their website for this week’s challenge, create and post your piece and link back to the site.

And once a month, TPP has a Clean and Simple challenge to help you keep your work simple, attractive, and focused.

More information at thepaperplayers.blogspot.com .

This Old Thing Fashion Challenge

Wear your artistic vision proudly!

A fashion challenge involving designing clothing seems a natural fit for this art challenge list, but what about a challenge involving how you dress?

It seems perfect, as it challenges you to bring your artistic sense, creativity, and vision to your daily clothing choices and think about them more active every day. 

And This Old Thing limits you to the palette you already have, which may require even more imagination.

This Old Thing asks you to pull one item out of your closet, dress it up in a new way and post the results on Instagram with the tag #thisoldthingchallenge.

More information can be found on Instagram.

There’s no denying that TikTok is huge right now and that the content creators there have posted countless art challenges.

These are largely a kind of a “random element” form of challenge – to put an absurdly pretentious phrase to a pretty simple concept.

You are asked to draw a certain object – often a character (there are a lot of anime and manga artists on Tik Tok) and the elements and characteristics you’ll use are based somewhat randomly on questions.

  • If you have a dog, make the character’s eyes the color of your drapes and your shoes if you have a cat. If you have both or neither, the color of your favorite shirt.
  • If you are hungry, give the character wings; if you just ate, give it a tail.
  • If your car is older than five years, draw a sunny sky; if it’s newer, there should be light rain.

This is great fun, but it doesn’t make one TikTok challenge stand out from the others – all the ones I’ve seen and tried have been nice and interesting, but I felt like I could have done any other and had the same experience.

Still, it is, again, a pretty big thing right now, and there are so many that I have just begun to scratch the surface.

There are, for example, some much more interesting TikTok art challenges with more specific and purposeful instructions and guidelines.

They’re all fun, though, and it’s worth checking out – and, being TikTok, they don’t take much time (unless, of course, you get lost in that dangerous endless flow of one video after another).

Maybe the best way to proceed is to simply go to TikTok and type in “art challenge” and check out the currently trending content from there. You can then post a video of yourself completing the challenge or the final product itself, or post your challenge artwork on any other social media, especially with hashtags like #tiktokchallenge, #artchallenge, #artideas, or similar – like the videos, the hashes are kind of all over the place.

Or, if you want a real challenge, create your own art challenge video – and make it one that stands out!

There are many fun art challenges, like Inktober, Drawcember, Mermay, and more. Click on the title above for a list of 63+ current art challenges.

The 10-Day Art Challenge is a popular art challenge for students, who are given a specific shape, color, and texture and have ten days to create an original work of art in traditional media (that is, not digital art).

The 100 heads challenge is about drawing heads and portraying human expressions and facial features in 100 (gulp!) heads.

One of the best ways to challenge your art skills is to participate in one or more of the many art challenges currently available to the public. They are almost always free, fun, and challenging in the best ways and allow you to get lots of feedback.

The Face Your Art Challenge asks you to draw nine different faces into a 3×3 collage, write a critical assessment of your work, and post it on social media for others to see.

Drawcember asks you to create a new drawing every day in December and post them on social media with the #drawcember tag.

There are many 30-day drawing challenges, all asking you to make a new sketch or drawing every day for 30 days to share with an online community or just for yourself.

A simple and fun art challenge, Huevember is about drawing something with traditional or digital media every day in November with a single dominant hue.

Yes, your Inktober drawings can be done as digital art. Although Inktober, possibly the world’s biggest art challenge, was originally focused on traditional pen and ink drawing, they recognize digital inking as an equally valid and valuable skill.

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    Guides Mar, 8 2021 Updated: Jun, 22 2022 • 15 min read 35 Cool and Easy Drawing Ideas Use this list of cool and easy drawing ideas for inspiration for your next art project. Ever have one of those days when you find yourself Googling "what should I draw?"

  2. 111+ Drawing Ideas For Awesome Things to Draw

    1. Magical Forest Imagine a forest where everything is magical. Draw trees with leaves made of different colors of the rainbow. Add some animals like unicorns and talking birds, and don't forget to include sparkling flowers and magical fruits hanging from the trees. 2. Underwater City Think about a city under the ocean.

  3. 365 Drawing Ideas For Your Sketchbook: A Year of Daily Drawing Prompts

    Supplies 365 Drawing Ideas For a Daily Sketchbook Practice What Sketchbook Should I Buy? How to Use This List You can approach the drawing ideas in different ways. Here are two approaches, but you may have a different plan in mind, so don't feel like there are set rules.

  4. 365 Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

    1. View from the park Parks are great sources of inspiration for drawing. Snap a few of your own reference photos of monuments, benches, and scenes that capture your eye or spend some time in the park with your sketchbook drawing the different scenes you notice. 2. Hot Air Balloon

  5. 60 + Easy Drawing Ideas For Your Sketchbook

    Drawing Ideas: Landscape/Perspective. Draw the view out of a window. Draw the clouds. Capture the view from your car's rearview mirror. Play with perspective: look up under a bridge, between high rises, or at the ceiling of an elaborate building. Look down over an overpass, a cliff, or from a balcony.

  6. Unlocking Creativity: 50+ Drawing Ideas for Beginners

    1 November 2021 by Proactive Creative Drawing is a calming and creative hobby, but deciding what to draw isn't always easy. So, here's a list of 50 drawing ideas to provide inspiration at any time for your sketchbook. You'll find simple drawing ideas and some more complex things to draw in this list.

  7. 40 Easy Things to Draw When You're Bored!

    Via Pinterest Nothing like a dose of cuteness to brighten your day. Who wouldn't want to draw a cute little baby Groot. It only takes a few minutes to recreate this cool image. The Marvel cinematic universe is full of awesome inspiration for easy things to draw, and better yet, it's full of amazing wall art ideas too. Alien Head Via Pinterest

  8. 15 Drawing Ideas for Beginners to Build Basic Skills

    Landscapes are great drawing ideas for beginners because they offer opportunities to practice shading, texture, perspective, and detail. They also give you the chance to pay tribute to a place that's special to you. 2. Fruit. Houshang Falahrezaei demonstrates how to start drawing fruit still lives with an apple.

  9. 15 Advanced Drawing Ideas and Tutorials

    15 Advanced Drawing Ideas. 1. Draw a Boot. Skillshare instructor Emma Smith explains how to color a boot to make it look like leather. While a boot might seem like a simple thing to draw at first glance, it offers a fun and challenging technique to play with: texture. Skillshare instructor Emma Smith explains how to use different colors and ...

  10. 100+ Drawing Ideas (The Ultimate List of Things to Draw)

    1. Sunflowers 2. Smiley Face 3. Sun and Moon 4. Fruit 5. Clouds with Different Weather 6. View from Your Window 7. Shark 8. Pumpkin with Face 9. Ladybugs 10. Ghosts For Kids Want to get your kids into drawing? These awesome ideas will help them let their imagination run wild.

  11. What to draw when bored

    For beginners, probably some of the easiest things to draw are natural landscapes. For some more advanced artist, portraits are a go to. In order to be able to draw portraits, however, you have to have a pretty good understanding of shading and symmetry. That is why, we advise all beginners to start off slow - learn how to draw eyes, lips, nose.

  12. 100 Easy Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Drawings

    1 How to Draw Lemonade Would you like a nice, tall glass of lemonade? You can draw one, complete with glistening ice cubes and a lemon slice. Draw up enough to share with your friends! View Step-by-Step Tutorial 2 How to Draw a Wizard You may not be a wizard, Harry, but you can learn how to draw one.

  13. 50 Drawing Ideas To Get You Sketching

    Draw your favourite beach, walking trail or rainforest. Draw the snow and what you'd find there. Draw a waterfall. Draw the ocean, sky, or desert. Draw trees and flowers. Draw a farm and farm animals you would find. Draw mountains and hills. Go outside during the evening and draw the moon. Draw a cave.

  14. 50 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

    30. Divide your paper. If you have a standard 8.5×11-inch paper to use, try folding it into six equal squares. Once you have the creases in place, add a different pattern into each block to create a fun design. You might try cross-hatching in one, using circles in another, or whatever other shapes come to mind. 31.

  15. 35 Cool Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas

    A collection of cool, easy drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook, perfect for beginner artists. A collection of cool, easy drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook, perfect for beginner artists. ... June 16, 2021 at 3:49 pm. Hi I've recently had one of your drawings tattooed! So cool! Reply. Shreya says: March 4, 2022 at 9: ...

  16. The Best Architectural Drawings of 2021

    Save this picture! The Best Drawings of 2021 were selected by members of the ArchDaily's Content Team: Agustina Coulleri, Fabian Dejtiar, Victor Delaqua, Paula Pintos, and Nicolas Valencia ...

  17. 42 Simple Drawing Ideas and References

    3. Two Dice. Credit: Inkbox. This simple sketch is a great opportunity to practice symmetry and perspective. Drawing these two dice can help you learn how to create accurate edges and shadows while providing opportunities for lighting and shading experimentation. 4. Fruit Drawings. iStock/Sudowoodo.

  18. 15 Crayon Drawings and Ideas to Try Yourself

    15 Crayon Drawing Ideas. 1. Draw Celebrity Caricatures. A caricature of pop singer Taylor Swift. Caricature artist Baylee Maroney will walk you through the steps of creating celebrity caricatures —from Morgan Freeman to Jennifer Aniston—using crayons and markers.

  19. Art for Kids Hub

    Welcome to Art For Kids Hub! 🎨 ️Here, you'll discover all sorts of awesome art lessons, from drawing to painting, and even some super cool...

  20. The Ultimate Guide to portrait drawing

    1. Draw the outlines of the lips and teeth. As with the other facial features, start with the basic shapes of the mouth, using axis lines as a guide. It also helps to understand the anatomy of the mouth. For example, the curve between the chin and the lowest point of the lip is called the mentolabial sulcus.

  21. International Festival of Arts & Ideas

    Support Us RISE: We face challenges from all directions in life; this is when we choose to RISE above all, with ART being our superpower! The 2023 Festival celebrated self-determination and transformational creativity, powered by the ART we share in community. Ama tu comunidad. Rise above. Move your body. Experience wonder. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER

  22. 70+ Fun Art Challenges You Must Try in 2024

    Updated: 3 Jan 2024 • Artist Resources » Art Challenges Art challenges have become a huge phenomenon in the online art community. They are a great way to be more active in the community, get ideas and inspiration, feedback and suggestions, and especially focus on making art.

  23. 900+ Best Drawing Ideas in 2024

    Feb 13, 2024 - Easy things to draw, doodles, sketches, pencil drawings for your sketchbook or bullet journal #draw. See more ideas about drawings, easy drawings, simple doodles.