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25 Funny School Memes Every Student Will Love

school memes featured image

25 Educational Yet Fun School Memes 

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Capturing a child’s attention is not an easy thing. There are so many distractions present around them that they can easily lose interest in one thing. You can use visual and innovative school memes to retain your child’s attention for a long time. 

Memes are funny images with witty and relatable one-liners that have sarcastic spin. The school memes revolve around students’ daily struggles, moments, and lessons with which they can better connect. 

Parents can use school memes to exaggerate a child’s thoughts, feelings, and other actions related to school. Since kids develop a larger part of their social life in schools; thus, funny school memes can help them learn and explore new things better. 

This post will share the funniest school memes that you can use to make school life interesting for your children. Let’s have a look. 

School memes are not only fun — but they are also educational, informative, and helpful to engage students . Parents can use memes in several ways to make their children excited about school activities, such as:

Back to School Memes

Going back to school after a long summer break can be challenging for kids. Therefore, you can share some fun and relatable memes to excite your child about going back to school and new class.

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1. Laugh at your own misery 

This cute kid crying image with a witty one-liner will make your kids laugh at their own misery. It is a perfect meme to warm your kids about going back to school. 

Summer is over school memes

2. Alert! Alert! It’s school time

Alert your kids with this back-to-school meme and inform them to organize their calendars with a new school schedule. 

Back to school memes

3. Emotions around the year 

Share this every month expression meme with your child and have a great laugh with them.

Moods around the year school memes

4. Are you excited? 

Grumpy cat back to school memes

Let’s poke your kids around and see how they feel about going back to school.

5. Pump your kids

With this meme, you can make the first day of school entertaining for your little people.

First day in class school memes

Homework School Memes 

Homework is not a fun school activity! But you can make it fun with some engaging and happening homework memes. 

6. Forgot to do homework 

Does your kid often forget to do homework? This meme can help you remind them to always do homework on time. 

Homework summer school memes

7. Do your homework now!

When you see your kids chatting with their friends instead of doing homework, don’t yell at them. Just send them this wise and sarcastic meme. 

Yoda homework school memes

8. It’s so unfair 

Understand your kids’ homework issues to motivate them to do their homework on time. 

Teacher test grading school memes

9. Summer vacation homework? 

Are your kids bummed about getting loads of homework for summer vacations? This meme can help you cheer them up!

Summer vacation school memes

10. Homework is fun 

You can bond with your teenagers using this hilarious and extremely relatable school meme. 

Kevin Hart first day in school memes

Exams School Memes

Exam time is a stressful period for both parents and children. However, you can release some of the exam stress with quirky exam memes. 

11. Why aren’t my exams over yet? 

If your kids are complaining about their friend’s and cousin’s exams being already over, diffuse the situation with this hilarious meme. 

Back to school exams school memes

12. Refreshment Meme 

You can refresh your kid’s minds with this meme and give them a few minutes to simply relax. 

Revision school memes no time to die

13. Share some exam dilemma 

Take some stress off your kiddo’s brain by empathizing with them during sleep-deprived exam time. 

Children sleep schedule school memes

14. Let’s laugh over spilled milk

When your kids are stressed about their performance in the test, show them how to laugh over spilled milk with this animated meme. 

Not sure test school memes

15. It’s your test 

When the Call of Duty is more important for your kids than a test, this meme might reduce some of your stress. 

Call of Duty school memes

Online School Memes

Online schools have been a great challenge for students, teachers, and parents. So, you can share a few fun memes in your kids’ school group to laugh at all of your online learning struggles. 

16. On camera class panic 

This is one of the most relatable memes that every student has experienced during online classes.

Online classes switch on camera school memes

17. Oops moments 

Online classes have been a great challenge for parents, and this meme can perfectly show that.

18. Oh boy!

You can have a great laugh while remembering the time when your kid was alone, stuck in the online class.

Awkward online class moment school memes

19. First online class 

Recreate the memory of your child’s first online class with this epic LOL meme. 

Online classes first time school memes

20. Feel your child’s pain 

Online classes are not at all easy! And this meme is a perfect way to tell your kids that you sympathize with them and fully understand their pain. 

Online classes consequences school memes

Most students hate math and its complicated equations. So, you can use some funny yet sarcastic memes to spike your kid’s interest in mathematics. 

21. Fun math equation 

If your kid is bad at solving algebraic math problems, instead of scolding them, laugh at their failed math equations to make them realize their mistake sarcastically. 

Wrong math right answer school memes

22. Algebra will be algebra 

So, yeah! Algebra has a tendency to overcomplicate a simple thing.

Complicated maths school memes

23. It’s going to be easy 

If your kids are stressed about math class, use this cute meme to cheer them up.

Sad pepe school memes

24. What just happened? 

Every math student can relate to this meme! One eye blink in a math class can cost you a full academic year. 

maths school memes Ariel mermaid

25. Ohh! 

That’s an epic math meme that you can share with your family group. 

Barry Allen wrong answer school memes

School memes help to present different aspects of school life in a fun manner, such as homework, back-to-school, extracurricular activities , and so on. When you often share memes with your children, it can help to:

1. Make School Activities Fun

Every child dreads homework or going back to school after the summer holidays. So, here are some funny and sarcastic memes that can ease students’ nerves and excite them about boring school activities. 

2. Nurture a Student and Teacher Bond

Memes can work as icebreakers among students and teachers. It can help to build a friendly bond between teachers and students. 

3. Helpful to Explain Social Topics

Using memes, you can easily make your child aware of different social issues in a light way like human rights, global warming, etc. 

4. Introduce Classroom Rules

Rules are not easily accepted by students. But you can use sarcastic and hilarious memes to make your child understand the importance of classroom rules.

5. Teach New Concepts

Complicated math equations and science experiments can become interesting when they are paired with quirky memes. 

6. Analyze Performance

School memes can help you analyze your child’s performance in school. You can ask your child to create funny memes to explain new topics that they have learned in school. 

School memes are not only hilarious. They can help parents bond with their kids and understand their struggles. Memes can also help to express complicated emotions in a fun way. In addition, young minds better engage with visual and entertaining content. 

We know being a parent, your plate is already full. Therefore, we have already shared 25 awesome school memes with you. So, use them all and celebrate some happy moments with your kids. 

Why should you use memes to teach your kids?

Humor is the best emotion to engage and bond with your children. Thus, when you use school memes, you can lighten up the mood at your home. Instead of scolding, you can use fun and sarcastic memes to make learning engaging for your child. 

Are memes a language?

Memes are a digital age language that helps you bond with young minds. Most memes contain elements like culture, objects, phrases, videos, music, and more. All these multimedia components can be useful to make kids understand your view of points. 

How do you make school memes?

Here’s how you can quickly make a school meme:

  • Choose your vocabulary wisely 
  • Pick a relatable topic
  • Select a funny image
  • Use sarcastic and hilarious one-liners

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