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Grammar Worksheets

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You are browsing Grade 11 questions. View questions in All Grades .

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Capitalization and Punctuation

Parts of speech, prefixes and suffixes, sentence structure, reading strategies, business english, everyday english, slang and idioms.

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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Grammar Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 11 Grammar questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

  • audio-visual
  • Because my alarm did not go off this morning
  • I was late to work
  • new law, motorists
  • must wear their
  • driving in the left lane
  • comma splice
  • faulty parallelism
  • sentence fragment
  • Waiting for the weather to clear up; they played chess indoors for hours.
  • We planted the following vegetables in our garden: carrots, corn, pumpkins, and zucchini.
  • Having purchases noodles, sprouts, and fish sauce at the grocery store; Lin was ready to prepare dinner.
  • Under the light of moon we sat and watched a movie at the drivein theater.
  • The rose, which was deep crimson and in full bloom; was so perfect that it looked artificial.
  • Creeping along the riverbank, the tractor dug up the soft mud; and even lifted the enormous boulders.
  • "Our ability to understand truth is limited: our obligation and power to seek it is limitless," said my grandfather.
  • Being dedicated and strong, Art practiced for the track meet three hours each day; consequently, it was no surprise when he placed in every event.

This question is a part of a group with common instructions. View group »

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11th Grade Grammar Worksheets

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Scoring Rubric: Summary

Free Printable Grammar Worksheets for 11th Grade

Grammar-focused ELA worksheets for Grade 11 students, designed to help educators discover effective teaching methods. Explore our free printable resources to enhance language arts learning.


10th - 11th

Grammar Exam B Review - Có thể in Grammar Worksheets Grade 11 - Quizizz

Khám phá bảng tính theo lớp

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  • worksheets  /
  • grade 11  /

Explore printable Grammar worksheets for 11th Grade

Grammar worksheets for Grade 11 are essential tools for teachers looking to enhance their students' English Language Arts (ELA) skills. These worksheets provide a comprehensive and structured approach to mastering the complex grammar rules and concepts that Grade 11 students need to grasp. With a wide range of topics covered, such as sentence structure, punctuation, verb tenses, and parts of speech, these worksheets are designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of students. Teachers can easily incorporate these grammar worksheets into their lesson plans, ensuring that their students receive ample practice and reinforcement of key ELA concepts. By utilizing these resources, teachers can help their Grade 11 students build a strong foundation in grammar, which will ultimately lead to improved reading comprehension, writing skills, and overall academic success.

Quizizz is an excellent platform for teachers to access not only grammar worksheets for Grade 11 but also a variety of other educational resources. This interactive platform offers a vast collection of quizzes, games, and activities that can be easily integrated into the classroom setting. Teachers can create their own custom quizzes or choose from the extensive library of pre-made quizzes, covering a wide range of topics, including ELA, math, science, and more. With Quizizz, teachers can monitor their students' progress in real-time, providing valuable insights into their understanding of the material. Additionally, Quizizz offers a fun and engaging way for students to learn, making it an ideal resource for teachers looking to supplement their Grade 11 ELA curriculum with interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

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A brief introduction to grammar

Unit 1: parts of speech: the noun, unit 2: parts of speech: the verb, unit 3: parts of speech: the pronoun, unit 4: parts of speech: the modifier, unit 5: parts of speech: the preposition and the conjunction, unit 6: punctuation: the comma and the apostrophe, unit 7: punctuation: the colon, semicolon, and more, unit 8: syntax: sentences and clauses, unit 9: syntax: conventions of standard english, unit 10: usage and style.


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Prestwick House

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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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  • Grammar & Writing

Teaching 11th Grade Grammar & Writing

Which program is best for your high school juniors?

Grammar and Writing Resources by Grade Level

Hone your students’ skills for success in high school and beyond.

Finding the perfect grammar and writing programs for your 11th-grade students is simple at Prestwick House. From reinforcing grammar rules to improving writing clarity, our collection of resources will help your high school students become stronger readers and writers for life.

Grammar for Writing

Grammar for Writing

When your 11th-grade students really understand how and why language works, their newly acquired language skills will naturally improve their writing. This ready-to-use guide is filled with reproducible activities and instruction to give students the practice they need to remember the rules of grammar and writing.

College and Career Readiness: Writing

College and Career Readiness: Writing

Prepare your 11th-grade students for the skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond with College and Career Readiness: Writing . Every lesson in this comprehensive writing program provides your class with instruction and practice in various writing tasks, including process writing, on-demand writing, and journaling. Model student essays will help your students learn to analyze, critique, and refine their own work.

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Devices

Help your 11th-grade students shine on the written portion of any standardized test by teaching the skills they need to craft powerful, compelling arguments with Rhetorical Devices . This manual for student writers offers an in-depth study of 33 different rhetorical devices and literary techniques, including explanations of the devices, exercises on identifying and using them, and more.

Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation

Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation

Provide students with the tools they need to analyze any arguments they’ll encounter with Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation . This easy-to-use book will help you teach the techniques of classical rhetoric tailored to the needs of the modern student. It makes teaching the principles of deductive and inductive reasoning a snap, even if you have no formal training in logic.

Writing an A+ Research Paper

Writing an A+ Research Paper

Want your 11th-grade students to craft top-notch essays? This powerful book for high school students introduces a definitive timeline and step-by-step instructions for choosing a topic, writing a thesis, gathering sources, creating an outline, turning in notes, drafting, and completing a final paper.

10 Days To A+ Grammar

10 Days To A+ Grammar

Are you looking for quick, ready-made grammar lesson plans for the middle school classroom? Then check out 10 Days to A+ Grammar ! Each guide provides you with 10 days of class material that can stand alone or reinforce your existing grammar curriculum. Detailed instructions, examples, and exercises will help you teach and reinforce new and challenging grammar rules.

Writing Rules of the Road Poster Set

Decorate your classroom with colorful posters designed to inform your middle school students about grammar and writing rules.

Grammar Wars

Grammar Wars

This unique approach to grammar instruction will get your 11th-grade students out of their seats and vying against each other for a better understanding of language and grammar. Filled with over 175 exciting and different improvisational games, these books are a great resource to add to your bag of tricks.

Sentence Composing for High School

Sentence Composing for High School

In this book, Don Killgallon presents rigorous writing exercises designed specifically for high school students. This workbook asks students to analyze and imitate the sentence styles of professional writers, making the sentence composing process enjoyable and challenging.

Phunny Stuph

Phunny Stuph

This fun workbook introduces 100 jokes, anecdotes, and amusing urban legends, all presented with multiple grammar, spelling, and mechanical errors. Use these exercises as bell-ringers or distribute them as worksheets; your students will be eager to read the selections and fix them.

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grammar exercises 11th grade

Beginners ESL

Reading skills, major exams, writing & vocab.

11th Grade English Grammar Test! Trivia Questions Quiz


Step into the realm of the 11th-grade English Grammar Test! If you find yourself navigating the 11th grade and seeking an ideal grammar quiz to invigorate your memory, you're in for a treat. The questions presented below have been meticulously curated to evaluate your capacity to construct sentences with correct structure while selecting the most fitting words. Embrace this opportunity to engage with a quiz tailored to your academic level. As you venture into the questions, remember that each one is a chance to refine your sentence-building skills and word choice. Are you ready to take on this challenge Read more and enhance your grammatical prowess? Dive into the quiz and immerse yourself in the world of precise language usage. Your commitment to polishing your grammar abilities is commendable, and this quiz serves as a stepping stone toward linguistic excellence. Best of luck, and enjoy the journey of improving your grammar skills!

Which actor has _______________ (big) house in Hollywood?

The biggest

Rate this question:

My sister, Bea, is _______________ (intelligent) member of our family.


The most intelligent

More intelligent

I love the new cartoon series. It’s much _______________ (funny) the last one.

Is it _______________ (important) to do my maths homework or my english.

The most important

More important

My handwriting is a lot _______________ (bad) it was in the past. It’s because I text all the time.

Your house is _______________ (big) i thought.

Bigger than

Can you get me another coffee? I can’t drink this one. _______________

It's too hot.

It's hot enough .

I need to update my computer. _______________

It isn't too fast

It isn't fast enough

It is fast enough

I didn’t finish reading the whole story. _______________ (long).

It was too long.

It was long enough.

My little sister couldn’t watch the horror film. _______________ (scary).

It was too scary.

It was scary enough.

My mum didn’t buy any shoes at the sale. _______________ (cheap).

They weren't too cheap..

They weren't cheap enough.

They didn’t choose Sam for the football team. _______________ .

He wasn't too fit.

He wasn't fit enough.

Did you see the new __________ last night? They had some interesting guests on.


For me, the most interesting programs on TV are the _________. At least they’re educational


It’s not always a good thing to have a lot of __________. You spend a lot of time changing from one to another!

Some young children sit in front of __________ like the simpsons for hours. it isn’t good for them., watching __________ every evening is important for people who don’t like reading newspapers., i’d be too nervous to go on a __________, although you can win a lot of money., i was very __________ when i got low marks on the test..



The directions you gave me were __________ and I got completely lost.

I’m going to have a __________ bath and read my book., i was __________ by the food they served in the restaurant. it smelled terrible.



Mark’s been really __________ since Jen left him. He should see a doctor.

The number of children who watch tv for more than five hours a day is very __________..


It’s about a girl and she dies at the end. I cried. The film was___


It’s about the longest train journey in the world. I fell asleep! The film was___

It’s about a man who murders ten people in a small town. the film was___, it’s about the language of monkeys. the film is ___, it’s got angelina jolie in it. everyone wants to see it. the film is___, it’s about a group of dogs. i laughed all the way through the film was ________..

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grammar exercises 11th grade

Easel Activities

grammar exercises 11th grade

Easel Assessments

All formats, resource types, all resource types, 11th grade grammar worksheets free.

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grammar exercises 11th grade

Parts of Speech Worksheets & Color By Code Coloring Pages Year Long Bundle

grammar exercises 11th grade

Step up to Writing Inspired MEGA Bundle

grammar exercises 11th grade

Monthly Cursive Copywork Bundle - Handwriting Practice

grammar exercises 11th grade

ELA Daily Reading Journal Full Year Middle School

grammar exercises 11th grade

To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Plan, Harper Lee Novel Unit Study, TKAM, CCSS

grammar exercises 11th grade

AP English Language & Composition Lesson Plans & Printable Materials (FULL YEAR)

grammar exercises 11th grade

Free personal finance lessons plans: Budgeting, Income, and Credit Interest

grammar exercises 11th grade

Cellphone Challenge | The Most Effective Cellphone Policy for Middle/High School

grammar exercises 11th grade

Using Apostrophes Correctly Grammar Worksheets | Print and Easel

grammar exercises 11th grade

  • Easel Activity

grammar exercises 11th grade

FREE Spanish Preterite and Imperfect Mini Cuento Sample

grammar exercises 11th grade

Part of Speech Analysis

grammar exercises 11th grade

  • Word Document File

grammar exercises 11th grade

Part of Speech Form - in Context

grammar exercises 11th grade

ACT Test Taking Skills: GRAMMAR

grammar exercises 11th grade

ESL - The Present Perfect Tense

grammar exercises 11th grade

Grammar Keepers Parts of Speech Sheet Blank

grammar exercises 11th grade

Grammar Keepers 101 Chart Blank

grammar exercises 11th grade

The Use of Articles.

grammar exercises 11th grade

Correlative Conjunctions 5.L.1e

grammar exercises 11th grade

Fun Oxymoron Worksheet

grammar exercises 11th grade

Winter Verbals Word Search

grammar exercises 11th grade

Let's Talk About Grammar! Clauses

grammar exercises 11th grade

Mad Libs Grammar Worksheet

grammar exercises 11th grade

Comma Splice Practice

grammar exercises 11th grade

Spanish Comparatives Animal Practice

grammar exercises 11th grade

Adding Suffix Rules Test

grammar exercises 11th grade

Pronombres de objeto directo y objeto indirecto

grammar exercises 11th grade

Spanish Colors & Numbers Practice (Intermediate)

grammar exercises 11th grade

LITERARY TERMS WORDSEARCH Secondary English Worksheet ELA Freebie

grammar exercises 11th grade

DIY Mad Lib presidential campaign speech

grammar exercises 11th grade

Using Commas: Commas in a series and Commas in Run-ons

grammar exercises 11th grade

Spanish Conjugation Present Tense Coloring Pages

grammar exercises 11th grade

Stronger: Song Activity to Teach Comparatives

grammar exercises 11th grade

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DGP Bookstore

Daily Grammar Practice Grade 11 Original

Regular price $34.95

Curriculum Overview

The teacher guide includes instructions, reproducible materials, answer keys, and more. Daily Grammar Practice is a 30-week curriculum.

Download a Teacher Guide sample

DGP Academy Instructional Videos:

DGP Academy is for teachers who want to be more prepared to answer students’ questions and for students working through DGP on their own at home. DGP Academy provides short video lessons (about 1-5 minutes each) to accompany each day of Daily Grammar Practice. Dawn Burnette, creator of DGP, walks you through every sentence, explaining all of the concepts and answering questions that students and teachers often ask. It’s like having an expert as your own personal instructor! Access to each DGP Academy video collection includes more than 150 videos and never expires. Please note that the videos are streams, not downloads, so you can show them in a live online class but can't post them to your online platform for students to watch later.

With DGP Academy, you will still need a copy of the Teacher's Guide, but you can use discount code Teacher40 at checkout to get 40% off your Teacher's Guide with purchase of corresponding DGP Academy collection.

(For a full week of samples, see our blog!)

View Blog Samples

View a single grade 11 sample video here:

Student Workbook:

The optional student workbook is not reproducible and does not contain the answer keys found in the teacher guide.

Student Workbook Volume Discount : If you purchase 6-10 workbooks, you will receive a $2.00 discount on each workbook; 11-19 copies $4.00 discount on each; 20-99 copies $6.00 discount on each. You may request a further discount for quantities of 100 or more by contacting Rod at [email protected] or 706-745-1005.

Download a Student Workbook sample

Overhead CD:

This CD contains a PDF with the exercises for each day of Daily Grammar Practice. Because the CD does not include the answer keys, it does not replace the teacher's guide. Also, you cannot print from the CD. The CD is an optional accessory that provides a convenient way to project each day's work if your students are not using workbooks.

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Daily Grammar Practice Grade 6 Original


Class XI: Grammar- Work Sheets

grammar exercises 11th grade

Work Sheet- 1

(iii)       A gray cloud spread over the sky.

  • channels.  Beside  giving    =     Besides
  • path  who  leads  =  that
  • leads  for  systematic  =   to
  • hobby  prove  to  =  proves 
  • abandon  him  after    =  it
  • of  many  time  =  much  
  •       seen  hang  in  =  hangin
  •        He  is the  =  It
  •       which  build  the  =  builds 
  •              nest  had  a  =  has
  •        or  the  cluster  =  a 
  •       He died of fever.  
  •       They know how to swim. 
  •         Man is mortal 
  •              All my relatives are well settled.
  •   They are saying that the crisis is over.
  •     He behaves as if he were a millionaire.     
  •   Tell me when and where you were born.

(e) But older children prefer animal stories true to life.

1_____abbreviation is ____2____ shortened form of a word or ___3____ group of words. It is used to save time and space. ____4________ abbreviations are also used while speaking. Most of ___5____ dictionaries include ___6___ list of commonly used abbreviations.

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  • XI/XII – ASL – Speaking Test
  • Albert Einstein at School – Snapshots -Class XI – English Core – NCERT
  • Ranga’s Marriage – Snapshot – Class XI – English Core – NCERT
  • Class XI English – We’re not afraid to die…If we can be all together – Hornbill
  • Class XI English – The Portrait of a Lady – Hornbill
  • Sample Question Paper (HY) – English Core – Class XI – CBSE

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Great work Well done A very useful one for students

DELIGHTED to use this very helpful Thank that I don’t need to buy BBC any more

Very nice website…. Helpful for the exams

It’s gud bt all questions aren’t available……..ya it’s really gud for exams

i think you want to say good

It was helpful.🙂 Took around 1hour to solve the whole thing. The difficulty level is not too high neither too low. Just perfect ( for class 11)

Nice questions really helped a lot👍

Questions were very easy. The last rearrange question has a mistake in it. Please correct the question.

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Free English Tests and Exercises for Grade 11

grammar exercises 11th grade

These free English tests and exercises were designed for grade 11 learners. These tests will help learners to improve grammar, reading, and writing skills. Besides, learners can also learn vocabulary and pronunciation skills. There are a lot of advanced tests for advanced students. Each test has 10 questions and you have 10 minutes to complete the test. After finishing the test, user can review the test and check the result. Different kind of skills are listed below:

English Tests for Grade 11

  • Error Recognition
  • Fill in the blanks - Multichoice
  • Phonetics - Sound
  • Phonetics - Main Stress
  • Reading - Multichoice
  • Same meaning sentences
  • Word Family

Profile picture for user Thultt

Nguyen Anh Thu

This test help students revise their grammar structures as well as vocabulary.

  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Download PDF


Lesson Plan

Sept. 10, 2023, 7:45 p.m.

Lesson plan: 9/11 — Ways to reflect on the day’s legacy

The moon rises between the "Tribute in Light" illuminated next to One World Trade Center during 911 anniversary, as seen from Jersey City, New Jersey

September 11th will remain a day that shaped the course of the nation’s — and the world’s — history. Students in high school and middle school who were not yet born on September 11, 2001, have still grown up in a cultural and political environment that owes much to the actions of the United States in response to 9/11.

The purpose of this lesson is to invite participants to generate and share their own questions about both the day of 9/11 and the larger context of the response that followed, including the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan that is just now ending after two decades.

You can see more stories from the NewsHour examining how this recent history has shaped the nation and the world. These NewsHour pieces will become optional components of the lesson.

Click here for a series of slides that can supplement this lesson (note: you will be prompted to make a copy).

  • Understand the history and impact of the 9/11 attacks
  • Construct critical questions around the anniversary of 9/11 and its present-day context
  • Evaluate & reflect on personal understanding of 9/11 through critical questions

Grade Levels

Supplemental links.


CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.9-10.1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.9-10.2: Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of how key events or ideas develop over the course of the text. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.11-12.7: Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, as well as in words) in order to address a question or solve a problem. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.9-10.9: Compare and contrast treatments of the same topic in several primary and secondary sources.

Original lesson appeared Sept. 11, 2021.

Twin Towers September 11th 9/11

Sun setting behind Twin Towers. (Photo by Robert Pirillo/Ovoworks/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images) For a Google version of this lesson click here . A note on teaching hard history: Most educators can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when 9/11 unfolded. Today’s generation of students does not share this collective memory, with today’s high school seniors being born a few years after 2001.

Teaching 9/11 on its anniversary has its merits, as does teaching 9/11 within the curricular context of American and global history. We encourage educators to explore the wealth of resources provided in this lesson plan, to examine their own unanswered questions and biases, and to reflect on pedagogical practice before bringing in traumatic and provocative images of 9/11. Check out “Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies” and consider how you might design lessons that engage with hard history with a trauma-informed lens. Read Learning for Justice's article “Debunking Stereotypes About Muslims and Islam” and incorporate media literacy education as you confront misinformation.

In addition, consider doing the following:

  • Preview your expectations or reminding your class about norms
  • Name clearly the topics; create time for participants to reflect and process
  • Teach with a trauma-informed lens
  • Consider the emotional response of your participants and yourself

Warm up activities (5-10 mins):

Note for instructors: Whether you’re teaching about 9/11 on the anniversary of the attacks or as a part of your broader curriculum, starting with the questions participants have can set up an anchor and circular flow (returning to those questions to close out or build upon them in the end). Remind participants to be and stay curious and to practice the skill of writing and developing strong questions.

  • Generate: Participants write as many questions as they can about the September 11 attacks — without stopping to revise, edit, evaluate or answer their questions.
  • Reflect: Then, participants circle or mark their three most important questions — and briefly reflect on why they selected these three.
  • Turn & Talk: Participants turn and share their three questions, noting what may overlap or be different, and have partners share out questions to gauge what participants are curious about. This is also an opportunity to note any misinformation or incorrect assumptions participants may have to clarify & revisit. Read “Debunking Stereotypes About Muslims and Islam” by Learning for Justice to learn more.

Main activities (30-45 mins)

Directions: Choose one or more activity best suited to your class based on the many factors your role as a teacher requires you to know.

  • Watch the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s short film (3 minutes): This video outlines the events on the morning of 9/11. As participants listen, instruct them to watch for any answers to the questions they just constructed. CONTENT WARNING : This video contains images of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon after they are hit.
  • Optional: Take a detour into a robust timeline of the 9/11 attacks using this interactive guide at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and pair it with this “Historical Timeline of Afghanistan” from PBS NewsHour . Focus on context-building, asking participants to investigate questions, connections and narratives they see represented.
  • Clarify and reflect (5-10 mins): Turning to talk with their partners again (or return to their notebook to write), what did participants notice about the short clip or (timelines) that answered some of their questions?
  • Together with their partner, what new questions can they create? Note: If a participant replies with “I don’t have any questions,” encourage them to practice the skill of questioning and examining what they think, why they think it and what they wonder. Encourage curiosity.
  • Share this infographic with participants. After reviewing, ask participants: What surprises them? Does anything connect to the questions they crafted?

9/11 infographic september 11th

via slideshow — see link at top of lesson

  • Ask participants: What stories do these numbers tell? What stories don’t these numbers tell? (Can invite participants to update their list of questions here, pushing into open-ended questions vs. closed questions.)
  • Watch The 9/11 Memorial & Museum has a trailer (3 minutes) for one of their programs featuring some personal connections individuals have to 9/11.
  • What did you notice, what surprised you, or what do you now wonder after hearing from some individuals who have a personal connection to that day?
  • Now that you’ve reviewed or learned some of the historical context of 9/11, what do you know or wonder about the legacy of 9/11? What impact has the 9/11 terrorist attacks had on the United States? Other countries? Ordinary and everyday people in the United States?
  • Turn & talk: Have participants share some of their ideas, questions and reflections with their partner.
  • Whole group: Invite participants to share any ideas, encourage questions and discuss together.

Part 3 (Choose one or more of the following activities)

Each night this week, PBS NewsHour features stories that examine some of the ways 9/11 transformed the nation and world. Choose one or more of the following available stories to discuss.

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • Does your community share anything in common with the communities of the speakers? How so?
  • How does (or did) 9/11 impact different communities? How so?
  • What other connections or questions can you craft?
  • NewsHour's Amna Nawaz says: “20 years later, there is now an entire generation of young American adults, including American Muslims, who don’t have firsthand memories of [9/11], who did not live through the trauma, as all of us did.”
  • How do you think the impact of 9/11 varies from generation to generation? What similarities or differences do you notice among your generation versus your parent’s generation? And older generations?

  • What are some of the ways these students' lives have been directly impacted by the legacy of 9/11?
  • What are some ways these students sees their generation's experience as different from past generations?
  • What is Middletown’s connection to the 9/11 attacks?
  • What were the different perspectives shared on how families coped with the loss of loved ones in the attacks?
  • How does this feature story expand or inform what you already know about 9/11?
  • Why is it important to understand the emotional reaction of U.S. citizens on the day of 9/11, according to Graff?
  • What is the connection that Graff makes between 9/11 and political polarization?
  • What do you think Graff means when he says 9/11 is slipping “from memory into history”? What are your first memories of learning about 9/11 or understanding the day’s events and legacy?
  • As a generation, what has shaped your view and understanding of 9/11? How so? How might this differ from other generations or communities?
  • What perspectives and narratives are you seeing and hearing surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11?
  • How do you think the legacy of 9/11 will continue to evolve?
  • Whose stories are being told? Is anyone’s voice missing?

Closing (10-15 mins)

Circle back to warm up questions for clarifying and answering the unanswered questions. (Could be collected as an exit ticket or final turn and talk.)

  • Look back over the questions you created at the start of class.
  • What’s one question that has been answered today?
  • What’s a new question you have or are thinking about? What’s left unanswered for you? What are you wondering about?
  • What’s the impact of 9/11 on your generation? What do you predict will be the legacy of 9/11 for future generations?

Extension activities

Extension 1, Poetry Focus: Days before 9/11, poet Lucille Clifton welcomed a granddaughter into the world and remembers eating lunch on the day itself as she “watched on television the devastation of the Twin Towers.” In her poem “September’s Song: A Poem in Seven Days,” she examines “love and continuing and fear and hope.”

Share this excerpt of Tuesday and Sunday from the longer poem with students , reading aloud together or ask participants to annotate a copy of the poem (or digitally with a partner using this Google Doc). [Note: September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday]

Write in response:

  • Ask participants to write their own day poem connecting to the themes of hope and fear, of love and continuing, mimicking some of Clifton’s style.
  • Do not require participants to write specifically about 9/11. Instead leave the invitation open for them to write about what they choose.
  • Or invite participants to identify vivid imagery, metaphors or symbols in the poem.
  • Compare Clifton’s poem with excerpts from “ With Their Eyes: September 11th — The View From A High School at Ground Zero. ” What word choice evokes an emotional response in the reader? How does the physical structure of the poems impact the way it is read aloud? As writers, what writing moves might participants employ in their own writing?

Extension 2 : Just over a year ago, more than 123,000 Afghan refugees, many fearing for their lives, were evacuated from Afghanistan and were resettled all over the world, including the United States. Thousands of Afghans did not make it out of the country before the U.S. military's departure on Aug. 30. Explore who, what, when, where and how of the refugees arriving in the U.S., and what local community organizations are still working to provide assistance. Read this NewsHour article for more information.

  • Inquire: What do trustworthy and credible charities and organizations look like?
  • Explore: What is being done locally in your area or state?
  • Understand: What don’t you know? What questions do you have?
  • Apply: How could your class, school, or community support and welcome refugees?
  • What are the latest updates as to the Afghan refugees welfare and status in the U.S. and around the world?


U.S. Air Force loadmasters and pilots assigned to the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, load passengers aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III in support of the Afghanistan evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 24, 2021. Picture taken August 24, 2021. U.S. Air Force/Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen/Handout via REUTERS

Kate Stevens, M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction, is an instructional coach and educator with more than a decade of experience in online, hybrid, and blended learning. In 2015, Kate was honored with Colorado Department of Education’s Online & Blended Teacher of the Year. Connect with Kate on Twitter @KateTeaching.

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