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historical events assignment


historical events assignment

Arts Integration/Creating Artifacts to represent Historical and Cultural Events

historical events assignment

Current Events Analysis World History Project EOY, Post-Exam

historical events assignment

  • Google Docs™

historical events assignment

RI 5.3 connection of people, events , ideas, and concepts unit plan 4th-6th grade

historical events assignment

Historical Event Postcard Project | FREE! | Assessment

historical events assignment

Historical Inquiry Unit-Hamilton and Burr Duel Federalist/AntiFederalist Debate

historical events assignment

A League of Their Own Historical Connections Prompts

historical events assignment

  • Word Document File

historical events assignment

Connecting A Series of Events In A Text ELA 3rd Grade RI.3.3 - Kentucky

historical events assignment

Blood Brothers - Linking the Play to Context

historical events assignment

Historical Impacts on Family Structures Assignment

historical events assignment

Connecting Series of Events ELA 3rd Grade RI.3.3 - Ohio

historical events assignment

Industrial Revolution: Connecting Past with Present - Google Docs

historical events assignment

Mission to Mars: Report on Significant Person or Event ( Historical Sources)

historical events assignment

Industrial Revolution: Connecting Past with Present - Version 2 - Google Docs

historical events assignment

Graphic Organizer Ri3.3 Historical Events

historical events assignment

Industrial Revolution: Connecting Past Events with Present

historical events assignment

Industrial Revolution: Connecting Past with Present - Version 2

historical events assignment

Current Events Simple Worksheet

historical events assignment

Connect , Extend, then Rearrange Your Thinking

historical events assignment

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historical events assignment

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Social and Historical Context!

historical events assignment

Ancient History Posters | Historical Figures Social Media | Classroom Decor

historical events assignment

Historical Look at the Spice Trade

historical events assignment

U.S. History Match-Table Grid - Civil Rights Events

historical events assignment

April Funday Math Puzzle: Extreme Weather Events | Daily Mixed Review

historical events assignment

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U.S. History: Current Events Assignments: 1. Select a news article

  • 1. Select a news article
  • 2. Locate a reference article from a database
  • 3. Put together your CE assignment
  • 4. Check Yourself

How to find a news article that meets the requirements. 

Browse a news aggregator and be really picky about the link you choose. google news  , browse through the articles in a specific publication. , commercial appeal — if you need to log in to get a full article, you can use sms username/password , daily memphian — free access when you are at school, new york times — create a free account with your email address at this link, newsweek   — see the complete issues on sora — login with your email address, see more below  , search a database and limit to the required sources..

Gale Popular Magazines

Local Newspapers

historical events assignment

Click here for the  Commercial Appeal  email and password. Otherwise, please ask a librarian for the login credentials. 

historical events assignment

The Daily Memphian is available on-campus only.


National Newspapers

historical events assignment

Click on the link above to create an NYT account with your or email address.

historical events assignment

News Magazines

Available in sora.

  • The Economist

Available in Databases

  • Time Magazine

Search for Magazines in Databases

Gale Onefile: News

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Historic Event Comic Strip Assignment US HISTORY.

Published by Dominick Dalton Modified over 8 years ago

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Historic Event Comic Strip Assignment US HISTORY

History Project WWII Rise of Dictators in Germany, Italy and Japan Germany, Italy, and Japan were called the Axis of Power. They rose to power.

historical events assignment

Please do not talk at this timeOct. 3 On pg. 23 in your notebook…. Use last nights homework, and specific details from your answers to respond to this.

historical events assignment

DO NOW – REVIEW ANSWER ON ½ SHEET OF PAPER  1. In what ways did World War I influence the American policy of isolationism during the 1930s?  2. Explain.

historical events assignment

June 4, 2014 RAW Why did Japan surrender? AIM 70 AIM 70 How did the U.S. attempt to stop the spread of communism? How did the U.S. attempt to stop the.

historical events assignment

Emergence of World War II. Russia Vladimir Lenin: Establishes the communist party, and makes Russia the Union of Soviet Republicans.(USSR) The Communist.

historical events assignment

Isolationism and Pearl Harbor

historical events assignment

Author Joe Dunn By Caden Genre Fiction.  The book is about how America got involved with World War II and how Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. It talks about.

historical events assignment

In our power point we will talk about how WWII began.

historical events assignment

Post World War I: Prosperity and Depression, New Hostilities, and World War II.

historical events assignment

Historical Comic Strip. Throughout history comics have been used to tell stories, relate information, give opinions, and create humor. You will be creating.

historical events assignment

The people, places and events that played a part in the start of the Second World War NAME DATE The Unit Organizer BIGGER PICTURE LAST UNIT/Experience.

historical events assignment

How to create a Political Cartoon

historical events assignment

Hansen U.S. History U.S. Imperialism – Group Project 1.Materials the Group Will Have - this sheet of instructions - a world map -a reading packet with.

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An aerial view of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.. Learning Goals: Understand how dictators took power in several European countries.Understand how dictators took.

historical events assignment

Interactive Student Notebook American History I. What is it? An instructional learning tool that requires students to revisit concepts learned in class.

historical events assignment

PresentationExpress. Click a subsection to advance to that particular section. Advance through the slide show using your mouse or the space bar. Dictators.

historical events assignment

 STAGE I – Brainstorm: Essay Topic COLLEGE ESSAY.

historical events assignment

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Bellwork (5 minutes)  Begin KWHL Chart Hitler’s Rise to Power  Students to take notes (25 minute slide) Students.

historical events assignment

Unit Opener: World War II. Warm-up Is it ever justified to kill someone?

historical events assignment

ESL I US History (Reconstruction to the Present) Study for End of Course Exam Topics K. Gonzalez.

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5 (Recent) Historical Events You Should Discuss with Your Students

historical events assignment

One of my students recently asked me about something he saw on the news regarding the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. His question was not about a certain sporting event but instead about the increased security because of the possible terrorist attacks, particularly against athletes from the West. I attempted to explain how some individuals do not agree with the American culture and related the situation back to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Unfortunately, the connection I was trying to establish between these events wasn't as clear as I'd hoped because my ninth grade student, born in the year 2000, was unaware of what happened on 9/11. Of course he'd heard of the attacks, but he didn't understand the background behind the event.

This conversation got me thinking about other important events from the 21st century that my students were unaware of but that will have lasting impact on their futures. Some of these events may already be covered in contemporary curriculum, but could be enhanced further by infusing them into other content areas. These discussions could help improve comprehension and global awareness as today's students mature into young adults in our ever changing, digitally connected world where nothing happens in isolation.

The list I've created below is by no means all-encompassing but only a reflection of the events I believe students could develop a deeper understanding about. Instead of just listing facts about each event, I've detailed below a few reasons why each event should be discussed.

1. 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and the War on Terror (2001-Present)

  • This explains our national remembrance of the nearly 3,000 Americans that were killed.
  • These attacks led to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Operation Enduring Freedom is still being fought by our Armed Forces.
  • The U.S. government has spent nearly $8 trillion since 2001 on national security.
  • There has been a rise in intelligence spending and monitoring of citizens worldwide by governments.
  • This is the story behind the building of the Freedom Tower in New York City.

2. Arab Spring (2010-Present)

  • A sweep of popular uprisings led to multiple civil wars (Syria's war continues), civil disorder, governmental changes, major and minor protests, and the overthrow of entire governments (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen).
  • The movement rapidly spread due to social networking sites.
  • These changes led to the creation of new governments.
  • The uprisings have drawn international support for protestors and condemnation by foreign governments for violence against these countries' citizens.

historical events assignment

3. World Financial Collapse (2007-2009)

  • This event was considered by some economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
  • Governments went to great lengths to bail out banks and private industry.
  • The trigger was the housing market drop of 2006, resulting in evictions and foreclosures.
  • There was a global rise in unemployment levels.
  • Some countries are still recovering from financial losses.
  • Congress passed the Consumer Protection Act of 2009 the Dodd-Frank Bill of 2010 (Wall Street reform) as a result of financial mismanagement.

4. Natural Disasters (Early 21st Century)

Each of the following events drew extensive international support.

  • The Tohoku Tsunami (2011), caused by a 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan, led to the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The death toll reached 18,400.
  • The Boxing Day Tsunami (2004) was caused by a 9.2 earthquake in the Indian Ocean. 230,000 were killed in 14 different countries.
  • Myanmar (also known as Burma) was hit by Cyclone Nargis (2008), which caused the death of more than 146,000 people.
  • The Haiti Earthquake (2010) resulted in the death of over 316,000 people.

5. Social Networking Revolution (2000-present)

  • Our students are Digital Natives !
  • Social networking sites are used by 73 percent of U.S. adults ( Pew Internet Project ).
  • There are over one billion Facebook users, and that network is now ten years old.
  • Over six billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube , with 100 hours of video uploaded every minute!
  • Legal disputes are now common between potential college students, potential employees, current employees, and companies and universities over privacy violations concerning social media sites.
  • We are beginning to see legal disputes concerning government agencies monitoring Americans' digital traffic.

What recent and potential historical events are you discussing with your students?

Course Activity: Discussing the Impact of Historical Events   Task...

Course Activity: Discussing the Impact of Historical Events

Task        Participating in a Peer Discussion

When you participate in a job, a club, or a committee, you have opportunities to engage in collaborative discussions. In this assignment, you will get the chance to hone this skill by preparing and actively leading a peer discussion on how historical events have impacted literature.

These Discussion Tips will help you as you work through this task.

Synthesize and evaluate your thoughts and response. Researching and preparing for a discussion helps to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of a collaborative discussion. To start forming your response, write down your initial thoughts on your chosen topic.

Here are the questions to use when formulating your thesis:

  • How did historical events affect American literature? (Sample question: How did the Civil War affect American Literature?)
  • How did the Civil War transform American literature?
  • Does literature affect history?
  • What events were affected by literature?
  • How does history affect current pieces of writing? Or does it only affect literature from the same period?

What is your thesis? What statements and evidence will you use to support your thesis?

Record the names of the discussion participants below. If you organized the discussion, record how you know the other person, and summarize how you chose and invited him or her and how you organized the time and place for the discussion.

Record the questions asked by your partner as well as your responses to these questions.

During the discussion, what main points did your partner make supporting or opposing your thesis? What new questions or thoughts were raised about your thesis?

Describe the discussion of the thesis. How balanced was the participation? What would you change if you could do it again? What insights did you gain about your thesis from discussing it with others? What did you learn from discussing your peer's thesis?

Did your partner change your viewpoint on the topic discussed? What was discussed that changed your initial response?

Answer & Explanation

  • The most significant effect of the Civil war to the American literature was Regionalism, it includes and supports by magazine publication which is an explosive in nature, writings about the curiosity about the different parts of United States after the war, and for a rural past a sense of nostalgia has seemed to be slipping out of the way. 
  • The Civil war saved the Union and ended slavery. After the war, the great writers who fight using the power of their inks including their writings' followers, survived the war. The bigger picture is, the great national tragedy occured (but ended) which let the United States born protagonists - better, deeper and wiser than before.
  • Literature does affect history whether writings are explicitly or implicitly involved. Literature leads people intellectually and emotionally because it deepens ones understanding of his own history, society and individual lives. As to this connection of people and literature, we can say that literature affects people and vice versa.
  • There were a lot of traumatic happenings in US history since WWII, like the assassination of Kennedy, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban missiles crisis, the Watergate scandal, the Iran-Contra scandal, the seizure of the US embassy in Iran, the events of 9/11, the Iraq War, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan wars, and so on— and all of these events have literature writing that is significant to the society to help them fight and understand the reality.
  • Postwar, non-war related and other historical literatures do affects our writing today. One, language invention. History contains the languages that we still using as of today. There are many words or languages that was created back favoring as in the present time. Second, basis of the study. Literatures that have been written during those years are the greatest related literature for studying and understanding culture, custom and society. Lastly, literature preserves that history. Even how tragic the events back then, literature let us view how great the people are who fight back and wins the peace and independence we have right now.

B.   Literature: The Novelty of History 

  • "A Tale Intended to be After the Fact..." this statement views that history was influenced by American Literature. There is a beautiful story after the tragedy, a beautiful disaster as they win. There has been a connection of history between different periods of writing and literary.  This is how Stephan Crane introduced his harrowing story, "The Open Boat".
  • Americans have fought wars, within their own country as well as abroad. Reasons of fighting is within the need of being independent from the colonist and expansion of national boundaries. Herein, the history of America writes down why is is the United States we are living right now.
  • Literature helps the present to shape and mold the society better than before.

I am very sorry, as much as I want and can help you to answer Part C to G, it is impossible as you need to do it with a partner. It will be a violation if we answer it here even without a real discussion partner. I hope everything above helps you. Thank you so much!

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