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Work these part-time jobs from home.

With no commute, no cubicle and no co-workers nearby, remote work is the ideal arrangement for many people. Working from home can save you money on expenses such as transportation and child care while also adding flexibility to your schedule. Fortunately, many employers are now embracing remote work as the rule rather than the exception.

But what if you only want to work part-time? The good news is that you can work many part-time jobs from home as well. Here are seven of the best part-time, work from home jobs, with data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

African girl in wireless headphones sitting at the table in front of the laptop and making notes, she studying at home

Data Scientist

Median salary: $100,910 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Data scientists take big numbers and boil them down into insights that business, government and nonprofit leaders can use to make decisions. They work in the realm of big data to make sense of the massive amount of information available through various sources. Much of this work is done online which makes it possible to work from home. Part-time employment is also a possibility, particularly for those who work on a contract basis.

Learn more about data scientists .

home work job part time

Computer Systems Analyst

Median salary: $99,270 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Computer systems are an integral part of businesses today, and companies hire computer system analysts to evaluate their current technology and suggest upgrades. They may also oversee the installation of new systems, test equipment and train workers on how to use it. While this work may require workers to be on site for some tasks, others can be completed remotely. Analysts who serve as consultants can pick and choose their projects to create a part-time work schedule.

Learn more about computer systems analysts .

Man using computer in home office

Management Analyst

Median salary: $93,000 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Management analysts may work as consultants, allowing them to work as little or as much as they want. Companies hire them to review policies and procedures and make recommendations that will improve efficiency and the bottom line. Management analysts will likely need to visit workplaces to meet with clients and collect data. However, they can review information and prepare reports from home.

Learn more about management analysts .

Daughter sitting in working mothers lap

Market Research Analyst

Median salary: $63,920 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

As with other analyst positions, market research analysts may find they can easily work from home on a part-time basis, should they choose to be self-employed consultants. Their job involves monitoring sales trends, gathering customer data and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Then, they may prepare reports of their findings to be presented to business decision-makers.

Learn more about market research analysts .

home work job part time

Web Developer

Median salary: $77,030 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

As their name suggests, web developers create websites. Some focus on the back end to ensure a site operates smoothly, while others specialize in front-end development which includes the graphics and multimedia elements that visitors see. Web developers may meet with clients or other team members to discuss a project’s scope, but much of their work can be done remotely. Developers who freelance or work on a contract basis can limit themselves to part-time hours.

Learn more about web developers .

A serious senior businesswoman gestures as she facilitates a staff meeting while working from home. She is talking with her colleagues during a video conference.

Information Security Analyst

Median salary: $102,600 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Information technology careers as a whole lend themselves well to remote work. Thanks to computer networks and cloud applications, many IT jobs can be done wherever workers have access to a laptop and the internet. Information security analysts are responsible for keeping networks and data safe from cybercriminals. They may create a security plan, oversee its implementation and recommend upgrades to software and hardware as needed.

Learn more about information security analysts .

Man using mobile device at home

Software Developer

Median salary: $120,730 Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Software developers have an ideal job for remote work. They create system and application software and don’t need to be in an office to do it. Instead, they can work from any location with internet access to design software, oversee its creation and test it for bugs. While many software developers work full time, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are also part-time opportunities for those who want to work on an hourly or contractual basis.

Learn more about software developers .

Asia, Indonesia, Bali. Asian woman working from home sitting in garden furniture surrounded by tropical plants, using laptop computer and mobile phone and reaching for a coffee.

The 7 best part-time, work-from-home jobs:

  • Data Scientist.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Management Analyst.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Web Developer.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Software Developer.

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Part-Time Remote Jobs

Find the best part-time remote jobs here. Whether you're looking for a side hustle ... for some extra income, or just trying to dip your toe into a new career, a remote, part-time job may be the right next step for you. Many of the finest remote companies frequently look for part-time help in nearly every job category. Explore our latest postings below.  

Find the best part-time remote jobs here. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle for some extra income, or just trying to dip your toe into a new career, a remote, part-time job may be the right next step for you. Many of the finest remote companies frequently look for part-time help in nearly every job category. Explore our latest postings below.

Full-time Part-time Freelance Entry-level High-paying International

See all Remote Jobs >

Cobalt Core Pentester 3 days ago | IT  |  Freelance  |  International  |  Part-time

Omni Interactions

Entry Level Work from Home Customer Service 5 days ago

Omni Interactions | Customer Service  |  Entry-level  |  Freelance  |  Part-time


Online SAT/ACT Tutor 6 days ago

ArborBridge | Teaching, Tutoring  |  Part-time


Virtual Assistant 6 days ago

BELAY | Virtual Assistant  |  Freelance  |  Part-time

Watershed Technology

Social media manager 6 days ago

Watershed Technology | Marketing, Social Media  |  Freelance  |  Part-time


Media Analyst 6 days ago

Barbaricum | Other  |  Part-time


Virtual Teacher, Social Studies 2 weeks ago

Edmentum | Teaching  |  Part-time


YouTube Specialist 2 weeks ago

Cozymeal | Marketing, Social Media  |  Freelance  |  International  |  Part-time


Social Media Coordinator + Content Editor (Entreprenista Media) 2 weeks ago

Socialfly | Marketing, Social Media  |  Freelance  |  Full-time  |  Part-time

IT Support Specialist 2 weeks ago

Cozymeal | IT  |  International  |  Part-time

Cranky Concierge

Weekend & Overnight On Duty Concierge 3 weeks ago

Cranky Concierge | Customer Service  |  International  |  Part-time

Mathematica, Inc.

Project Assistant 3 weeks ago

Mathematica, Inc. | Virtual Assistant  |  Part-time

Blueprint Test Prep

Medical College Admission Test Live Instructor, Tutor 3 weeks ago

Blueprint Test Prep | Teaching, Tutoring  |  Part-time

TELUS International AI Inc.

Internet Ads Evaluator 4 weeks ago

TELUS International AI Inc. | Other  |  Entry-level  |  Freelance  |  Part-time

Franklin University

Learning Commons Writing Tutor 4 weeks ago

Franklin University | Teaching, Tutoring  |  Part-time


Quick Turn Video Editor 4 weeks ago

Cella | Editing, Video Editing  |  Freelance  |  Part-time

Included Health

Triage Registered Nurse 4 weeks ago

Included Health | Healthcare, Nursing  |  Part-time


Math Tutor 1 month ago

GoGuardian | Teaching, Tutoring  |  Part-time

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8 Part-Time Jobs Retirees Can Do From Home

These remote positions are popular among workers over 55.

A man is looking at his phone with a headset on at a desk in his home

Stacy Rapacon,

If you're considering working in retirement, you're not alone. The majority of Americans (57 percent) plan to work during their golden years, with 36 percent opting for part time and 21 percent full time, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies .

The good news is that working from home has gained more acceptance during the coronavirus outbreak. That means there are plenty of job opportunities available now for retirees who are seeking remote work.

Image Alt Attribute

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To help you find a good part-time work-from-home role, we started by identifying the most common part-time jobs held by workers over age 55 , based on data collected by compensation research firm PayScale. Then, with the help of FlexJobs, an online job market specializing in flexible and remote work, we sifted through the list for positions that can be done remotely and are available now. (Note: FlexJobs charges users a fee to view its full job postings.) Bonus: A few of these occupations score highly among workers in terms of satisfaction and meaningfulness.

Take a look at these eight popular part-time jobs that retirees can do from home. You may click on this link for a search of all work from home jobs available on the AARP Job Board.

1. Bookkeeper

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 46 percent (All part-time jobs: 24.5 percent)

Median hourly pay: $17.74 (All part-time jobs: $14.76)

Satisfaction rating: 77 percent (All part-time jobs: 63 percent)

High-meaning rating: 48 percent (All part-time jobs: 57 percent)

Find remote bookkeeper jobs

Bookkeepers create and maintain a company's financial records, which includes issuing payments to suppliers and invoices to customers. Step up to the title of full-charge bookkeeper and you'll take on sole responsibility for a company's accounting matters, including supervising lower-level bookkeepers and accounting clerks. More older workers go for the full-charge role and enjoy the higher pay that comes with greater responsibility; 74 percent of all full-charge bookkeepers are over 55, and their median pay is $21.10 an hour. Either way, you can find opportunities to keep your accounting expertise at home and provide your services virtually.

2. Registered nurse

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 23 percent

Median hourly pay: $32.03

Satisfaction rating: 66 percent

High-meaning rating: 76 percent

Find remote resident nurse jobs

Telehealth services were growing in popularity before the coronavirus hit the U.S. and got an extra boost from the pandemic. As a result, nurses and other medical professionals can continue providing care and expertise from the safety of their own homes.

But the standards for filling such jobs remotely are no more lax: You still need to have completed the rigorous education and training necessary to become a nurse. Plus, you have to maintain a nursing license in the state where you plan to work, which can be tricky if you're working remotely and are able to assist patients who live elsewhere. ( Licensure requirements vary by state .) Still, both the relatively high pay and the sense of meaning can make the hurdles worthwhile.

3. Administrative assistant

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 22 percent

Looking For a Job?



Median hourly pay: $14.84

Satisfaction rating: 70 percent

High-meaning rating: 59 percent

Find remote administrative assistant jobs

You don't always have to be physically at the office to ensure that it runs efficiently. Virtual assistants are able to provide administrative support from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Specific duties can vary greatly from gig to gig, but tasks are likely to include a range of services, from scheduling and email management to social media strategizing and event planning. In addition to finding positions through the AARP Job Board, you can use freelance job boards such as FreeUp and Upwork to connect with potential clients.

AARP Job Board

Search job opportunities for experienced workers

4. Paralegal

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 20 percent

Median hourly pay: $17.46

High-meaning rating: 53 percent

Find remote paralegal jobs

Paralegals, along with legal assistants, provide support to lawyers by tackling a range of tasks, including conducting legal research, organizing and maintaining documents and files, and writing reports—all of which can be done from anywhere. You may need experience in a particular field or geographic location to qualify. One opportunity, for example, available through staffing agency Equivity, seeks candidates with litigation experience in California ; another position requires estate planning experience .

A woman is teaching a student online

5. Nanny of Tutor

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 11 percent

Median hourly pay: $15.15

Satisfaction rating: 76 percent

High-meaning rating: 74 percent

Find nanny jobs

If you hadn't known it already, the weeks of required homeschooling at the beginning of the pandemic surely proved that child care assistance is an essential service for parents. And while care providers cannot exactly replicate their work via screens and remote services, they may be able to apply some of their skills in a work-from-home opportunity as a tutor, teacher or camp counselor.

Of course, you'd need expertise in a particular subject to teach it, but demand for knowledge goes beyond what you might think of as standard academic curriculum. For instance, Outschool, a marketplace for online classes, offers a platform for teachers to share their knowledge and talents in a wide range of activities, such as shoe tying , French braiding and creating a Dungeons and Dragons character . You can even host your own show-and-tell or storytime session.

6. Receptionist

Median hourly pay: $11.99




%{ newsLetterPromoText  }%

%{ description }%

Privacy Policy

Satisfaction rating: 65 percent

High-meaning rating: 56 percent

Find remote receptionist jobs

You don't have to be on location to be the gatekeeper for an organization. Virtual receptionists can respond to calls, emails, web chats and other messages on behalf of one or more companies from any location. Traditionally, most receptionists have been employed in health care and social assistance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , but you can find opportunities in a variety of fields.

7. Customer service representative

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 16 percent

Median hourly pay: $11.82

Satisfaction rating: 50 percent

High-meaning rating: 36 percent

Find customer service representative jobs

If you have a phone, computer and internet connectivity, you have a shot at making your home a one-person call center. Virtual customer service representatives assist people by phone for a variety of businesses in a range of industries, from retail to health care to technology. You may also provide your services online, helping customers via email, text messaging, online chat or social media.

Although these jobs are remote, you may have to live in a certain state to do them. Be sure to check the fine print before applying.

8. Sales associate

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: 13 percent

Median hourly pay: $10.72

Satisfaction rating: 53 percent

High-meaning rating: 33 percent

Find sales associate jobs

Companies across a range of industries, including retail, finance and health care, are seeking star salespeople with various experience levels (and a license to sell, if necessary) to push their products and services from a remote location. And despite the low hourly pay, you may be able to earn more through commissions — potentially much more if you're moving cars, electronics or other high-ticket items. Workers in some higher-level (and higher-earning) positions may even manage a sales team remotely.

Editor’s Note: This article originally published on June 3, 2020. It has been updated with current postings for part-time remote jobs.


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A person taking an online class

18 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving the House

woman working on laptop and calculator

SBA Offering Work-From-Home Jobs to Process Stimulus Loans

Remote positions well suited for older workers, retirees with accounting, finance experience

A woman is pointing to a board while undergoing a training to be a contact tracer

Health Agencies Hiring an Army of Coronavirus Contact Tracers

Up to 300,000 needed to help control its spread

Notes on employment data and sources

Portion of part-time workers over age 55: Provided by PayScale, based on data from 180,332 respondents, collected between May 1, 2018, and May 1, 2020. “Part time” is defined as less than 35 hours a week.

Median hourly pay: Provided by PayScale, based on data from 180,332 respondents, collected between May 1, 2018, and May 1, 2020.

Satisfaction rating: Provided by PayScale; percentage of respondents in a given job title who said they are “extremely” or “fairly” satisfied with their job.

High-meaning rating: Provided by PayScale; percentage of respondents in a given job title who say their work makes the world a better place.

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Woman's World

Woman's World

5 Easy Ways You Can Work From Home for Disney and Disney-Themed Jobs

Posted: November 2, 2023 | Last updated: November 2, 2023

Are you a Disney fan who loves to visit Disney theme parks, stay at Disney resorts and sail the high seas on Disney cruises? Pride yourself on planning the perfect Disney getaways that leave lasting joy-filled memories? Believe it or not, you can turn your passion for Disney vacations into a lucrative career that you can do from the comfort of home. And, just like a Disney getaway, you'll have lots of fun doing it. Here, work-from-home Disney jobs where you can work for the company or us your Disney expertise to cash in on your own. (Click through to see beyond Disney ways to make money working from home .)

Can I work for Disney from home?

There are several options for turning your Disney know-how into an at-home job: You can work directly for The Walt Disney Company by searching for remote positions on its job board, which includes answering questions from callers as an official Disney Guest Services Representative. Or you can work independently by helping fellow Disney enthusiasts learn about and plan their next Disney vacation by sharing your expertise on the phone, in blog posts, through videos, and on social media…all while getting paid!

And there are lots of folks who are looking for your Disney vacation-planning help! Indeed, 75 million folks visited Disney's theme parks in 2022 alone.

Every year, millions book a room at one of Disney's 25 resorts. And the popular Disney Cruise Line, which visits more than a dozen destinations around the world, has been named the best cruise line for families 9 years in a row by US News & World Repor t.

Many vacationers are taking their first Disney trip, while repeat visitors want to learn about Disney experiences they haven't tried yet. This means you get to share your insider knowledge about the most magical place on Earth with other Disney fans who are eager to hear it!

5 easy ways to work from home for Disney

If you'd like to turn your love of Disney into a paying career that you can do remotely, read on for all the options available to you right now.

1. Disney work-from-home job: Provide guest support for The Walt Disney Company

While The Walt Disney Company largely employs people who work in person or on a hybrid basis, the official job board also includes remote positions that you can do from home. It's smart to bookmark this page and come back to check it regularly. That's because Disney has hired remote Guest Services Representatives who live in certain states, such as Florida, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia. And when new openings come up, you'll find them posted here .

As a Guest Services Representative, you'll get to talk with Disney enthusiasts like you about your favorite topic: Disney! You'll use phone, email and live online chat to answer their questions, for example, about information they need or issues they're having with their Disney shopping orders. To qualify to apply, you'll need a high school diploma along with a phone, computer and reliable Internet access.

Pay has recently been $12 per hour, and depending on how many hours you work, you may qualify for benefits that include health insurance assistance, paid vacation and free tuition . And, of course, you'd get Disney perks, too, such as complimentary Disney theme park admission and discounts on other Disney activities.

2. Disney work-from-home job: Help Disney vacationers as a Disney-themed travel planner

Love the thrill of planning your perfect Disney vacation, picking the ideal dates, booking the best rooms, and arranging a fun-packed itinerary? As a Disney-themed travel planner, you can do the same for folks who want help arranging their perfect trip that includes a Disney theme park, resort or cruise.

In this role, you'd work for a travel company, not Disney, but be your own boss. This means setting your own hours and working anywhere you like. You just need a phone, computer and Internet to help your clients by researching vacation details, creating itineraries, providing quotes and booking travel. Pay is based on commission, which means you'll be earning a percentage of the vacations you help plan. Starting commission is typically 10% to 25% of the total cost of the client's vacation package, and this can increase as you book more trips. In some cases, you'll also qualify for discounts on your own vacations.

A sampling of travel agencies that are inviting new independent Disney-themed travel planners to join them include:

Submit your application, and you'll be contacted about training that's provided and the commission rates you'd earn. To find more travel companies looking for independent Disney-themed travel planners, do an online search for "Authorized Disney Vacation Planner", which are companies that specialize in Disney vacations.

3. Disney work-from-home job: Write online articles about your Disney vacations

Enjoy writing as much as you love taking Disney vacations? You can earn cash as a freelance writer crafting articles about your Disney theme park trips, resort stays and cruises! Websites that specialize in sharing information about Disney vacations are looking for fresh content. And they'll pay you $25 to $75 for each 500- to 1000-word original article they publish.

To get started, visit Disney-themed websites that are seeking writers, like these:

Read their guidelines and check out past articles they've published to find the topics they're looking for and what they've already covered. Then write and submit your own article.

4. Share your Disney expertise on YouTube

Find it easy to talk about your Disney experiences with friends and family at social gatherings? You'd be a natural at hosting your own YouTube channel and starring in videos where you share your Disney expertise, just like the hosts of Mammoth Club , Megan Moves and The Mouselets .

Viewers turn to online videos from Disney fans all the time to get answers to their many questions before booking their own Disney vacation (such as how to find deals, what the new rides are like and which restaurants are best). Not only is it lots of fun to be the star of your own YouTube channel, but as your viewership grows, you could also earn revenue from advertisements that appear before and alongside your videos.

Getting started is easy : Sign up for a free account on YouTube, follow the simple instructions for launching your own channel, then start filming! You'll become eligible to start earning ad revenue when you reach 1,000 subscribers along with 4,000 hours of viewed video within the past year. After you reach these milestones, you can apply to become a YouTube Partner in your YouTube Studio dashboard (in the left menu, click Earn, then Apply).

According to BusinessInsider. com , YouTube content providers earn between $1.61 and $29.30 per 1,000 views. Depending on how many views you get for your videos, you can earn hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars every month.

5. Add links for Disney trips and products to your social media posts or website

Enjoy regularly posting about your latest Disney trips and sharing Disney-related tips on your social media account or website? You can earn cash by joining affiliate programs for companies that sell Disney vacations and merchandise. You just add links to these offers to your posts. Then, when people click through and make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Some Disney-related affiliate programs that you can join now include:

Success story: "Planning Disney vacations part-time for others pays for my own Disney vacations and household bills!"

In 2007, Kim Bowers had a life-changing revelation. "Coming home from a Disney vacation, I thought, ‘I want this to be a regular part of my life.' I began to research how to make that happen without moving. I landed on becoming a Disney-focused travel advisor because I had experience with planning and working with families, and I loved the idea of helping families have great vacations."

"I started with Off to Neverland Travel in 2008. Since then, I have planned hundreds of vacations, and also expanded my portfolio to include cruises and other destinations. Planning a Disney vacation, especially one with all the bells and whistles, a first-time visit or a multi-generation trip can be more complex than planning a trip to Europe! So, typically, people come to me overwhelmed by all of the information available online and the opinions they got from friends and co-workers. I step in and help them tune into what really matters for their unique situation. After I help them choose and book a vacation package, I act as their personal pre-travel concierge. I help them build a daily itinerary, then handle all the leg work and provide a customized itinerary.

So, what does the average workday look like for Kim? "A typical day for me involves phone conversations with clients about their plans and researching or booking experiences. Aside from the hotel package, I also book dining reservations, tours, limos…anything a client needs for their trip. I also do a lot of problem-solving, especially for clients with special needs. And it's important to note that while planning Disney vacations is fun, a very important part of my job is being there to help when things go wrong. I jump into action for my clients when they need to change plans due to illness, hurricane warnings, etc. While a client is traveling, I am on call for them should something happen and they need my help, even holidays and weekends."

Kim adds that promotion for her business is also up to her. "As an independent contractor, I have support from my host agency, Off to Neverland Travel, but I am responsible for my own marketing and social media." The upside is that Kim can decide how long she wants to work during any given week. "On average, I work 20 hours per week currently, but it has been more and less over the years."

Plus, there are additional benefits of working as a remote Disney-themed travel planner, Kim notes: "I enjoy the flexibility and independence of working from home. At first, it was great for my kids. Now they are grown and I care for my mother at home, so it's nice for her to have me available."

The extra paycheck has helped Kim live out of her dream of making Disney getaways a regular part of her life. "It can take time to build a client base. Now, in my 15th year, working part-time, I earn enough to fund family trips and pay several household bills."

And on top of it all, she genuinely enjoys what she does. "Vacation time is precious. Whether they are spending $2,000 or $20,000, everyone wants to share experiences and unplug from the everyday. And with Disney, in particular, trips are often a rite of passage or big family celebration so it's wildly important to them for everything to be just right. Helping people provide that for their families, and building relationships with them along the way, is rewarding. Recently, a young mom called, saying, ‘You helped my parents plan our Disney trips when I was a kid and now I want to take my kids. Would you please help us?' What could be better than that?"

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Blog » Career » How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia

How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia

  • Animesh Prasad
  • May 3, 2021
  • Last Updated: October 6, 2023

Working part-time while pursuing higher education is a worldwide common trend these days. Many university programs allow students to work while studying. Russia is one such country that warm-heartedly allows students to work for a limited number of hours per week. There are numerous types of jobs in Russia for students. Although the earnings from these jobs won’t be high enough to pay your tuition fee yet they help in multiple ways. For example, this earning can support your studies by covering food and travel costs. Additionally, they can help you learn in real-time and socialize. I know you must be keen on knowing what types of jobs are available and how do you find them and get a part time job in Russia yourself. This guide will help you know everything about finding  part-time jobs in Russia. 

Rules and Regulations For Working While Studying | Part-Time Job in Russia

It is important to be well aware of your rights and the prevailing laws when you’re in a foreign land. So, before you begin your hunt for the best part-time jobs in Russia let’s see what the guidelines state:

  • In order to work for jobs in Russia, foreign citizens must be of majority age (18+ years) and hold the relevant permit from the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia.
  • International students do not need any permits if they are employed at Russian universities (or their affiliated organizations) outside class time (including vacations). In all other cases, a permit is required.
  • International students can work only according to the profession mentioned in the permit and the region where the university is located.
  • The permit is issued for one year which needs to be extended for the term of the respective employment contract. If students leave their course, the permit is cancelled.
  • If a student quits a job before the end of the current work permit, they may choose to work at the next organisation using the same permit provided they inform the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia of the same.
  • A work permit in Russia is issued within 10 working days.
  • Students who work in Russia without a permit face fines of 2,000 to 5,000 roubles. In some cities, the fine may go up marginally and students may be deported.  

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What Are The Part-Time Job Profiles in Russia? 

It goes unsaid that the job market will vary depending on sectors, your highest qualifications, previous experience and skillsets . Depending on this, you can apply for various types of jobs in Russia. The primary sectors in Russia with the most opportunities include health, retail, tourism, mining, education and manufacturing. Following are some of the most common jobs in Russia that interest students.

1. Tour Guide

If you are a student who knows both English and Russian then this is the perfect job for you. Apart from a good memory and knowledge of the city roads, there isn’t much that you need as a prerequisite here. Russia attracts lots of tourists every year and you can easily find a place for yourself in this domain. Becoming a tour guide is quite a popular choice as part-time jobs for Indian students. 

2. Freelance Writing

There’s relatively very little information about this country on international websites which generates a need for writers. If you have an interest in writing then you may contribute here. Also, online magazines and culture guides will be delighted to have you on board. It pays well so you can go for this profile without a second thought. 

There’s a huge demand in Russia for tutors and especially language tutors. It is infact one of the most common jobs in Russia. If you are fluent English, German, Spanish, French or Chinese speaker then you have endless options. Russians will pay you really well for teaching them these languages. It is evident that securing a tutor job will be easy and hence, is one of the most popular part-time jobs in Russia for international students. 

Apart from the above-listed jobs, there are plenty of others as well. Working at a gas station, amusement park, grocery store, mall, showrooms, restaurants or even university campus are other profiles that you could explor

Read About  Abroad Education Loan

How & Where To Find A Part-Time Job in Russia?

Now the question is how to find these part-time jobs? Here are the answers. 

1. Search In Your College Premises

As students search for what are the most common jobs in Russia options such as working in the cafeteria, library, laundry, gardening, supporting the administrative staff and many others open up for university students. Be on the lookout for vacancies in these posts in your university itself. Chances are high you’ll get one easily.


2. Contact the International Students’ Office

Most of the Russian universities have dedicated offices to cater to the needs of international students. All you need to do is approach them, ask them for guidance about what are the most common jobs in Russia and they will be happy to help you fetch a good part-time job in Russia.

3. Regularly Visit Online Portals  

Many portals such as Indeed and GraduateLand can simplify the process for you. Periodically checking the available jobs will definitely bear fruit one fine day. 

4. Talk To Your Seniors and Peers

You can discuss with your peers or seniors in the college who are working and join the same place. If that’s not possible then at least they will guide you as to which shops should you approach or which profiles you should consider. 

5. Self-Employment

The best part about studying in Russia is that you can be self-employed as well. If you have any particular soft skill that you can teach or become a sports coach, dance teacher then you may feel free to go ahead and start your venture. 

Bonus Tip: Key cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are two of the best places to find work. The jobs here pay well whilst ensuring you takeaway some skills that will help you advance in your career. Moscow is considered the economic heart of Russia . Reason being that it has maximum jobs across all sectors and the highest employment rate. Start your hunt for part-time jobs in Moscow, Russia and you’ll be most likely content with your job. 

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Tips To Find A Part-Time Job in Russia

  • Take an ample amount of time to prepare a well-written structured CV and adapt it to the kind of job you are applying for. Tailor it to meet the Russian expectations.
  • Be careful with your e-reputation. Recruiters today are increasingly using social networks to gain an idea about the candidates that they are thinking of calling in. Make sure your public profiles look decent to any third person. 

That’s it for this article. Hope I helped you to some extent and may you land a good part-time job soon. Good luck!

1. Is it easy to find part-time jobs in Russia?

Finding part-time jobs in Russia can vary depending on your location and field, but opportunities exist in major cities and tourist areas.

2. Can I work in Russia without knowing Russian?

While knowing Russian is beneficial, some international companies and tourist areas may offer part-time work for foreigners with limited language skills.

3. Can I get a job easily in Russia?

Job availability in Russia depends on various factors such as your skills, qualifications, and location, so it’s advisable to research specific industries and regions.

4. What are the top 3 jobs in Russia?

The top three jobs in Russia typically include IT professionals, healthcare workers, and engineers.

5. How much can I earn in Russia as a student?

Earnings for students in Russia can vary widely, but part-time jobs may offer a monthly income ranging from $200 to $500, depending on the job and location.

6. How do I create a strong resume or CV for a part-time job application in Russia?

To create a strong resume for a part-time job in Russia, focus on highlighting relevant skills, experience, and language abilities, if any.

7. What are the typical working hours and schedules for part-time jobs in Russia?

Part-time job schedules in Russia can vary, but they often involve flexible hours, evening shifts, or weekend work, depending on the industry.

8. Do I need a work visa or permit to legally work a part-time job as a foreigner in Russia?

Foreigners typically require a work visa or permit to legally work part-time in Russia, and the process can be complex, so consult the Russian consulate for guidance.

9. Are there any tips for preparing for interviews for part-time positions in the Russian job market?

Prepare for part-time job interviews in Russia by researching the company, dressing professionally, and practicing common interview questions in both English and Russian if possible.

Thank you for reading this blog on – ‘How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia’. If you enjoyed reading this blog then do check out our other blogs as well.

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  • The Importance Of IELTS For Education, Employment, And Immigration
  • What Is The Importance Of English In University?

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Working in Moscow

Learn what it’s like to be an expat living and working in Moscow, Russia, from Malcolm Constable of Boston, Massachusetts.

Did you go through a work abroad program or figure it out yourself? Why did you do it that way? How did you decide where you wanted to go?

No program. I knew that I wanted to go to Moscow because I loved the history, culture, and language of Russia, as well as the idea of working in an emerging economy with tons of existing human and natural resources.

I was also attracted by the idea of doing something different than my peers, working extensively abroad, and testing my resiliency to the unknown.

What was your job in Moscow? Did you like it? Plusses and minuses?

I worked as a junior consultant for a Russian firm. I wore many hats, as it was my first real job after college. I did a lot of market research, editing (I was an English major) and writing of white papers. My job turned into more of a public relations role as I was the liaison between our firm and the Communications company we used for our oil / gas and intellectual property rights clients. It was great working for a Russian company because people actually spoke a lot of Russian in the office. My language skills grew a great deal. The only really bad thing about my job is that increasingly each day, I noticed that the way people were doing business was shall we say…ethically gray?

What was your accommodation overseas? How did you find it? How was it?

The son of the CEO of the consulting firm where I had previously interned was head of asset management for a Russian investment bank. He was my contact in Moscow. I lived with him and his family for the first two months while I found a job and my own apartment. He introduced me to many of the ‘right people’.

How about transport? Did you buy a car? Use public transportation? How did you organize your initial flight?

Moscow has a phenomenally beautiful and efficient metro system so I had no need for a car. I bought my flight online, and got my visa through a NYC based private transit company.

What did you think of your job abroad experience overall? What did you gain from it? What were the best/hardest parts?

I could easily write a novel trying to answer these questions, but I will just say that it was a life altering experience that I would not give up for the world. To a certain extent I had to start my business career over when I returned to the States, because one has to earn one’s stripes in the western world before being accepted as a competent business person. The business and communication skills I learned were dwarfed by the growth I experienced internally.

When I arrived at Sheremetova in the north of Moscow my flight was 4 hours late, my ride had long since left, I didn’t speak the language, and there were a two dark Russians getting cuffed and thrown into the back of a tinted BMW. I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. After 20 months in Moscow I returned home unafraid of taking on new things.

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