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Get the Best Deal on Your Mobile Phone Plan

Cell phones along with their monthly service plans can get expensive. Keep reading to learn how to get the best deal on your mobile phone plan.

What Is a Mobile Phone Plan?

For those with home internet who are rarely away from home, a monthly mobile phone plan may be a waste of money. Using a smartphone, you can use the phone by tapping into your home Wi-Fi network. If you travel a lot or are away from home on a regular basis, having a mobile phone plan gives you the freedom to access the internet and make and receive calls and text messages from the comfort of your phone no matter where you’re located as long as you have a connection to your carrier’s nearby cell tower.

There are a variety of major mobile phone service carriers. The most common ones across the United States are Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS, Boost and Cricket.

What to Look for in a Mobile Phone Plan

There are three primary aspects to consider when purchasing a mobile phone plan. You’ll need to look at limits regarding:

Look at past mobile phone statements to get a good idea of how much talk, text and data you use. This gives you a clear picture of the type of mobile plan to purchase moving forward.

Get a Plan That Meets Your Needs

The best way to save money on a mobile phone plan is to purchase one that fully meets your needs. You can buy a plan that limits how much you can use the phone in regards to making and receiving calls and texts and accessing the internet. You also have the option to buy an unlimited plan. Many carriers allow you to customize your plan. Take for example you don’t make or receive many calls each month — but you’re a heavy text messenger. A good plan for you would be one with 100 minutes worth of talk and unlimited messaging. You can also add on a certain number of gigabytes worth of internet data if you want to use the phone to access the internet.

Go Unlimited

Unlimited talk and text plans are ideal for people who make more than 100 minutes worth of calls and send hundreds to thousands of texts each month. You can usually get this type of plan for around $40 a month. For an unlimited talk, text, and data plan, you’re looking at spending anywhere from $50 to $70 a month.

Skip Insurance and Enroll in Auto Pay

Another way to save money on a mobile phone plan is to skip the insurance. If you aren’t prone to breaking or cracking your phone, you might not ever need it. Lastly, many carriers offer discounts if you enroll in auto pay. You can save up to $5 or more by enrolling. Over the course of a year, the savings may equal a full month’s worth of mobile service. Plus, enrolling keeps you from missing your payment date, which is helpful in avoiding late fees.


how much is t mobile business plan

T-Mobile Business Unlimited Ultimate

T-mobile business, plan summary.

T-Mobile Business's Unlimited plan is $70 per month.

It includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited of data per month. You get truly unlimited data that will not slow down based on how much data you use. You can use up to 100GB as hotspot data.

T-Mobile Business uses the T-Mobile networks to provide coverage.

This plan has premium data.

Premium data gives you slightly faster data speeds during times when the network is busy. This includes being at sports games, stadiums, concerts, airports, or other crowded areas where a lot of people are on their phones. Keep in mind that a lot of people using the network at the same time will still slow down data speeds for everyone, regardless if you have premium data or not.

Video streams at Full Speed on this plan.

That's fast enough for watching videos at about 4K UHD resolution.

T-Mobile Business's Unlimited plan also supports:

You can add a smartwatch to this plan for $10 per month.

You can add a tablet line to this plan for $20 per month.

Overall, I do not recommend T-Mobile Business's Unlimited plan. I think it’s too expensive for the features and the data you get. I suggest you to consider other options.

Plan Add-Ons

T-mobile business unlimited ultimate plan details, t-mobile business’s $70 plan includes the following features:.

The following features are not supported:

International features.

Estimated Total Plan Cost

Factoring in all auto-pay discounts, taxes, and fees, we estimate you'll pay the following:

T-Mobile Business offers T-Mobile plans targeted for business customers.

Compatible Phones

Pixel 6 Pro

Plan Features Explained

Visual voicemail, personal hotspot, wifi calling, domestic roaming, international calling, international data roaming, multi -line discount, account manager, compare similar plans, browse all cell phone plans.

T Mo Bus Plans

Overview: Business Plans by T-Mobile (Cellular Data Plans)

Released Around: March, 2019 / Last Updated: April 6, 2023

T-Mobile Business is a potential option for RVers, cruisers, and nomads because of they are the easiest carrier to get a business account and offer several easily obtainable plans for sole proprietors and small business customers.

Plan Information

T-Mobile offers various plans for business customers that are generally very similar to consumer postpaid plans but with some different features & benefits.

You must have a "qualifying" business account and approved credit to sign up for a business plan.  Plan eligibility, the number of lines on an account, and other factors can vary depending on credit rating.

Typically, a business account will get tax-inclusive pricing for accounts with five or fewer lines.  More than five lines may get the account (and associated plans) switched to tax exclusive (


Top Pick Notes : T-Mobile Business offers a few plans that we consider Top Picks worth focusing your research on. Here are the highlights of the plans we recommend and why we consider them top picks:

Business Unlimited Ultimate+

Business Unlimited Ultimate

Business Internet

Small Business Internet

Business Tablet Promo

Smartphone Plans

Currently available plans.

Additionally, customers can get small business versions of T-Mobile's consumer plans .

Plan Specifications:

Business Internet Plans

Tablet Plans

News, Videos & Status

We keep a variety of T-Mobile plans active amongst our staff and are constantly testing them. 

Video Stories

Related news stories.

Alternatives to Consider

Also consider some of our other top pick data plans:

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T-Mobile Business

Shopping for Cellular Data Plans

Finding the right plans for your needs is no easy task - quite simply mobile travelers using cellular data as their primary way online is not how most carriers have designed their plans. Many of us want plans that provide copious amounts of data.

Here's our video going over ways to get LOTS of data for use in your travels:

But a data plan alone will not keep you online. You also need the right gear, signal enhancing strategy and planning your travels around the options you carry with you. Head on over to our collection of guides:

Top Data Plan Picks

Our constantly updated list of the BEST data plans. 

Which Carrier is Best?

Is Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Dish best for your travels?

Selecting Data Plans

Our deep dive into understanding data plans and shopping for them. 

Data Plan Pricing Grid

Our always updated spreadsheet comparing all data plans suitable for mobile internet. 

Getting LOTS of the Data

Learn how to get lots of cellular data in your mobile internet arsenal. 

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All About Cellular SIM Cards – Swapping, Resizing, Dual SIM & eSIM

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T-Mobile Business Plans: For Business People on the Go


Are you looking for a way to keep in touch with your employees? Travel on business, but still want to contact your customers? With T-Mobile’s business mobile plans, you can use low rates for calling. Discover more about attractive deals, 5 G connectivity in the US and how they can benefit your business.

T-Mobile Magenta Business: Advantages for Business Customers

Many businesses are turning to mobile technology to keep up with their employees. An efficient workforce is essential to a productive business. Do you want to give your business a professional boost? T-Mobile for Business offers tailor-made solutions for your business. There are various ways your business can enjoy Magenta Business.

Data Volume with T-Mobile for Business

You never have to worry about going over your limit and getting charged extra for mobile data. It also means that you will always be able to use 5G internet in any way you want. With the T-Mobile “Unlimited” phone plans, you have a complete package with unlimited high-speed data volume within the T-Mobile network.

A T-Mobile business mobile plan is the perfect solution to help you keep in touch with customers, employees, and your entire team. Your T-Mobile business tariff for the mobile plan will provide all the tools you need to stay connected, including unlimited calls, SMS, and a Multi-SIM option.

Whether you are on the go or in the office, T-Mobile for Business offers a high-performance 5G network experience. It offers bandwidth from 100 Mbit/s up to 1,000 Mbit/s. You’ll never have to worry about your employees using too much data or your customers using it all up.

Your business will never run out of bandwidth again! Magenta T-Mobile offers unlimited data volume at no extra cost. It’s easy to see why many companies choose this service over others.

The T-Mobile mobile tariffs for businesses help companies save more money by offering more services and special packages at lower prices. By providing mobile phones as employee benefits , we can give your employees the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want.

Fixed Network to a Mobile Flat Rate

The fixed network to mobile flat rates option lets you make free calls to any mobile phone from your landline. It applies to up to eight voice channels. You can reach your customers at any time and enjoy inexpensive telephony with low basic fees.

If you want to save yourself from an expensive fixed network contract, then a mobile flat rate is suitable for your business. As a business customer with this service, you can enjoy the following benefits.

What Type Of T-Mobile Business Mobile Plan Is Right For Your Business?

The development of new technologies and the growth of the mobile internet are leading to new forms of communication. To be available for your customers at all times, you need a strong partner who can guarantee fast and reliable connections.

Business Unlimited Select

This package gives you the most affordable way to increase your company’s productivity. You can now connect all your devices to a fast and reliable mobile network. It will be a great advantage when working from home or while moving.

Suppose you already use a T-Mobile business mobile plan for your company. Thanks to your status as an existing customer, you will receive an extra price advantage when booking another product for your company. As an existing T-Mobile customer, you can save on extra monthly products at your company price.

Business Unlimited Advanced

Business Unlimited Advanced offers you a comprehensive package for your telephone needs, including unlimited talk and text, unlimited 5G and LTE data on the T-Mobile network and some extra benefits such as free in-flight Wi-Fi an Netflix account (as of 2022).

With this package, you can also choose either to get subsidized phones and tablets and buy accessories such as headsets and speakers.

T-Mobile Business Phone Plans - Subsidized Devices

The subsidized devices may require an initial down payment 

Business Unlimited Ultimate

“Ultimate” is the largest T-Mobile Business package in the US. It boasts unlimited text and talk, unlimited 5G and/or 4G connections as well as +100 GB of high-speed data. With unlimited premium data, you can be sure not to be slowed down if your data connection has been exceeded.

You get an overview of your costs thanks to monthly billing in advance. So there are no unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill at the end of the month. Now you can use your company smartphone for phone calls and messages without any worries about the costs.

Mobile Security and MDM Software

Tip: With a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can keep an eye on the status of all your devices and protect yourself against any threats or vulnerabilities.

Get more information on the topic of mobile device management in our white paper. Click here to download it for free!

T-Mobile Phone Plans: SIM-only and BYOD

Naturally, T-Mobile also offers SIM-only phone plans without a subsidized device. At Everphone, we generally recommend to keep phone plans and devices separate in organizations. This usually allows for more flexibility in selecting the phone plan, more cost transparency and overall lower costs and expenditures.

Want to learn more? Click here for a free consultancy with one of our experts.

T-Mobile Business Mobile Plan vs. Verizon Business Mobile Plans

If you’re looking to get started with a new mobile phone plan, one of your first decisions is to choose what type of plan you want. Two popular options in the US are T-Mobile business mobile plans and Verizon business customers’ phone plans . And of course, there is also AT & T and Sprint.

All of these carriers and their business phone plans have their upsides and downsides. For example, Verizon business customers’ phone plans are known for their flexibility, but they may not offer what you need if you’re looking for a specific set of features.

On the other hand, T-Mobile business mobile plans might be more limited regarding what features you can pick and choose. Still, they offer an excellent value for your money with included features that might otherwise be add-ons with other providers.

If you’re trying to decide which plan is best for your needs, there’s no single correct answer. You’ll have to weigh your budget and priorities against the different types of plans available on the market today.

T-Mobile Business Mobile Plan – Data Plans with an End Device

A data plan is the amount of data your business can use each month for online roaming, streaming and browsing. Data plans come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to keep your company connected to the internet.

When you select a data plan, you’re choosing how much data your company will be able to use each month. Some companies may only need 200 MB/month, while others require 1 TB/month or more. You choose a T-Mobile business mobile plan that gives you enough data to power your business without overpaying for something you don’t need.

Some companies offer unlimited plans, but these plans can be fairly expensive—and if you don’t need unlimited data, they aren’t worth the extra cost. If you aren’t sure how much data your company needs, talk to an expert! They’ll be able to help you figure out what kind of plan is best for your business’s needs and budget.

how much is t mobile business plan

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how much is t mobile business plan

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Business Cell Phone Plans: Find an Affordable Company Tariff in the UK

Making mobile device management convenient for any business.

how much is t mobile business plan

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how much is t mobile business plan

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how much is t mobile business plan

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how much is t mobile business plan

Wirefly helps you save on cell phones and plans by offering innovative comparison tools so consumers can make educated choices. Start saving today with Wirefly!

Find the Best Internet Service

Wirefly helps you save on Internet service by offering innovative comparison tools to compare Internet providers in your area.

7 Phones Available

This plan may support more phones, click "Purchase this Plan" to view all options

how much is t mobile business plan

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T-Mobile ONE for Business

Latest Deals

About this Cell Phone Plan

The T-Mobile ONE for Business Plan is cell phone plan meant for small businesses that need 12 lines or less. The plan offers customers unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited 4G LTE data (which may be slowed after 50GB of usage per month). The T-Mobile ONE for Business Plan is a no contract plan.

The T-Mobile ONE for Business Plan includes:

Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

This plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot per month at 3G speeds.

T-Mobile DIGITS allows you to use multiple phone numbers on the same phone. That means you can use your work number and personal cell number from the same phone with the DIGITS app. You can use up to 5 numbers per phone.

Phone Options

There are several options for customers to bring their own phone or purchase a phone from T-Mobile for this plan:

All Taxes and Fees Included

T-Mobile ONE for Business pricing now includes Taxes and Fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

Unlimited Calling and International Text Messaging

This plan offers unlimited calling to and from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and unlimited texting from the United States and internationally to over 200 countries.

Data, Texting, and Calling Coverage Around the World

This plan offers unlimited data and texting in over 200 countries around the world at no additional charge. Calls are 25 cents/minute.

Free In-flight Text Messaging

T-Mobile customers get free 1 hour of in-flight text messaging per month through Gogo Air.

WiFi Calling and Texting

T-Mobile offers the ability to make calls or send text messages over WiFi anywhere in the world.

Stateside International Talk

With the Stateside International Talk Add-on, customers get all these features when they call or text from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada:

Additional Extras

This plan also includes the following features:

*Other fees based on usage may apply, including early termination fees and a one time activation fee of $0.00.

Other T-Mobile Plans

Top Cell Phone Providers

Wirefly offers great deals on a large selection of smartphones, cell phones, tablets, mobile hotspots, and other wireless devices for the nation's most popular carriers. Use Wirefly’s innovative cell phone and plan comparison tools to ensure you are getting the best deal on the market. Shop with confidence knowing that Wirefly wants to help you find the best prices on cell phones, cell phone plans, TV, and Internet service.


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    The plan offers customers unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited 4G LTE data (which may be slowed after 50GB of usage per month). The T-Mobile ONE for