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Whether the Federal Government Should Raise Taxes on the Wealthiest or Not

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i will check and do my assignment regularly

Turnitin's AI writing detection available now

Turnitin launches AI detection to help educators identify when AI writing tools such as ChatGPT have been used in students’ submissions.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Academic integrity in the age of AI writing

Over the years, academic integrity has been both supported and tested by technology. Today, educators are facing a new frontier with AI writing and ChatGPT.

Here at Turnitin, we believe that AI can be a positive force that, when used responsibly, has the potential to support and enhance the learning process. We also believe that equitable access to AI tools is vital, which is why we’re working with students and educators to develop technology that can support and enhance the learning process. However, it is important to acknowledge new challenges alongside the opportunities.

We recognize that for educators, there is a pressing and immediate need to know when and where AI and AI writing tools have been used by students. This is why we are now offering AI detection capabilities for educators in our products.

Gain insights on how much of a student’s submission is authentic, human writing versus AI-generated from ChatGPT or other tools.

Robust reporting identifies AI-written text and provides information educators need to determine their next course of action. We’ve designed our solution with educators, for educators.

AI writing detection complements Turnitin’s similarity checking workflow and is integrated with your LMS, providing a seamless, familiar experience.

Turnitin’s AI writing detection capability available with Originality, helps educators identify AI-generated content in student work while safeguarding the interests of students.

Turnitin AI Innovation Lab

Welcome to the Turnitin AI Innovation Lab, a hub for new and upcoming product developments in the area of AI writing. You can follow our progress on detection initiatives for AI writing, ChatGPT, and AI-paraphrasing.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Understanding the false positive rate for sentences of our AI writing detection capability

We’d like to share more insight on our sentence level false positive rate and tips on how to use our AI writing detection metrics.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Understanding false positives within our AI writing detection capabilities

We’d like to share some insight on how our AI detection model deals with false positives and what constitutes a false positive.

Have questions? Read these FAQs on Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities

Helping solve the AI writing puzzle one piece at a time

AI-generated writing has transformed every aspect of our lives, including the classroom. However, identifying AI writing in students’ submissions is just one piece in the broader, complex, ever-evolving AI writing puzzle.

Helping solve the AI writing puzzle one piece at a time

Teaching in the age of AI writing

As AI text generators like ChatGPT quickly evolve, our educator resources will, too. Curated and created by our team of veteran educators, our resources help educators meet these new challenges. They are built for professional learning and outline steps educators can take immediately to guide students in maintaining academic integrity when faced with AI writing tools.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

A guide to help educators determine which resource is more applicable to their instructional situation: the AI misuse checklist or the AI misuse rubric.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

A guide sharing strategies educators can consider to help when confronted with a false positive.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

A guide sharing strategies students can consider to help when confronted with a false positive.

The Turnitin Educator Network is a space to meet, discuss and share best practices on academic integrity in the age of AI.

Learn more about AI writing in our blog

Written by experts in the field, educators, and Turnitin professionals, our blog offers resources and thought leadership in support of students, instructors, and administrators. Dive into articles on a variety of important topics, including academic integrity, assessment, and instruction in a world with artificial intelligence.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Discover the secrets of mastering AI for simple tasks with the best writing AI practices. Unlock new levels of efficiency and creativity.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Students come to our classrooms with an awareness of AI writing tools. While many students comprehend that AI writing can be misused, it’s important to define the difference between proper and improper use of tools like ChatGPT. Having a discussion about learning and the ways in which ChatGPT can help or inhibit the ways in which students absorb information can highlight the intersection of AI writing tools and academic integrity.

Stay up to date with the latest blog posts delivered directly to your inbox.

Turnitin ai tools in the news.

Never miss an update or announcement. Visit our media center for recent news coverage and press releases.

Cheat GPT? Turnitin CEO Chris Caren weighs in on combating A.I. plagiarism | CNBC Squawk Box

Since the inception of AI-generated writing, educators and institutions are learning how to navigate it in the classroom. Turnitin’s CEO Chris Caren joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss how it is being used in the classroom and how educators can identify AI writing in student submissions.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Trouble viewing? View the video on YouTube or adjust your cookie preferences .

Schools Ban ChatGPT amid Fears of Artificial-Intelligence-Assisted Cheating

U.S. educators are debating the merits and risks of a new, free artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT, which students are using to write passable high school essays. So far, there isn’t a reliable way to catch cheating. Matt Dibble has the story.

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Some U.S. schools banning AI technology while others embrace it | NBC Nightly News

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence program, can write college-level essays in seconds. While some school districts are banning it due to cheating concerns, NBC News’ Jacob Ward has details on why some teachers are embracing the technology.

i will check and do my assignment regularly


Artificial intelligence, it seems, is taking over the world. At least that's what alarmists would have you believe . The line between fact and fiction continues to blur, and recognizing what is real versus what some bot concocted grows increasingly difficult with each passing week.

THE Journal

In this episode of THE Journal Insider podcast, host and THEJournal.com editor Kristal Kuykendall welcomes two former teachers who have been working on AI writing tools at Turnitin, a plagiarism-detection software used by thousands of K–12 schools and institutions of higher education.

Fast Company

ChatGPT, an AI-powered “large language” model, is poised to change the way high school English teachers do their jobs. With the ability to understand and respond to natural language, ChatGPT is a valuable tool for educators looking to provide personalized instruction and feedback to their students.

For press and media inquiries, contact us at [email protected]

Meet us in person to discuss ai writing detection.

We are attending larger and smaller events to ensure we’ll have the opportunity to discuss academic integrity in the age of AI writing with you in person. Here’s a list of events that Turnitin has already participated in, or will be participating in this year. Looking forward to seeing you there!

MBO Digitaal Conferentie, September 21-22, Ulft, Netherlands World Academic Summit, 26-28 September 2023, Sydney, Australia Campus Innovation, September 27-29, Hamburg, Germany tawiab 2023: Tagung wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten und Hochschulschriften-Repositorien, September 28, Vienna, Austria ACO-TEC 2023, September 28-29, Vienna, Austria Digital Universities: MENA, 9-11 October, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, 9-12 October 2023, Chicago, USA

EDUtech Europe, October 10-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands Digital Universities: Europe, 23-25 October 2023, Barcelona, Spain THE Campus Live US, 8-9 November 2023, Los Angeles, USA SURF Onderwijsdagen, November 14-15, Den Bosch, Netherlands NCTE, 16-19 November 2023, Columbus, OH, USA THE Campus Live UK, 22-23 November 2023, UK Online Educa Berlin 2023 (OEB), November 22-24, Berlin, Germany

Let’s innovate together

i will check and do my assignment regularly

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Eric St.

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View and navigate your assignments (student)

View both upcoming and completed assignments by class, or view them across all your classes. Selecting an assignment will allow you to view its details, turn it in, or view feedback and scores. You can also view your current grades by class.

View and sort assignments within one class

Navigate to a class team, then select Assignments .

Select the Assignments tab to view your assignments in one class.

Tip:  Use your search bar to search for an assignment by keyword.

Upcoming assignments

By default, assignments you haven't turned in yet will display by order of due date under the Assigned  tab. Select Load previous and Load more  to browse the list. Assignments you haven't opened yet will have a bold title. Late assignments will include a Past due warning.

Select an assignment to view details, attach resources, and turn it in.

View your assignment and select Turn in.

Upcoming assignment status

Assignment title and due date —Before the due date. You haven’t turned in work yet.

Past due —You haven’t turned your assignment in yet and it’s past the due date. This will only appear if your educator is accepting late turn-ins.

View turned in and returned assignments

A returned assignment.

Completed assignment status

Open a completed assignment to view more details on its status.

View grades in one class

The Grades app open in a class team.

Here you'll see all your assignments listed with the nearest due date at the top. View your status on each assignment as well as points you've received on graded work. Assignments without points will show as Returned after your educator has reviewed them.

View assignments across classes

To view assignments across all your classes, select Assignments from your app bar. Select an assignment to open it or turn in work. 

Assignments app in the app bar.

Select Load previous or Load more to load additional assignments.

Select Assigned to view work you haven’t turned in yet and Completed to view work that you have.

Note:  Not seeing an older assignment? Navigate to individual class teams and open  Assignments  to load more assignments.

Turn in assignment


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Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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Ask the Microsoft Community

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Microsoft Tech Community

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Windows Insiders

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8 Ways To Stay Motivated To Complete Assignments


When you enter college, you get blasted with many responsibilities. Some are new to you, while others are not. The new things can take you a lot of time to learn. One new thing you have to learn and master is assignment writing . Yes, assignments are a big part of college life.

If you haven’t started college yet, you may be thinking that we’re exaggerating things. But, that’s not the case. Learning how to write assignments in college is crucial. Students who don’t learn it take expert help from websites like Grow With Grades (GWG), which isn’t bad, in our opinion.

Taking help occasionally isn’t bad. What’s bad is when you don’t learn how to write assignments throughout your time spent at college. We're writing this blog to stop you from dealing with this problem. This blog will tell you 8 ways to stay motivated to complete assignments.

Let’s start. 

Put An End To Procrastination

The first thing you want to take care of while writing assignments is to end procrastination. It is the number one enemy of a good and productive life. We know you love to sleep whenever you get time. But taking multiple naps throughout the day isn’t a good thing.

Procrastination can also look like using your smartphone, even after knowing that you have assignments to complete. Whatever is causing you to procrastinate, you need to find a solution ASAP.

The thing with procrastination is that it can stop you from completing the simplest of tasks. Consider you get 10 days for completing assignments . You can still not do it if you have a habit of procrastinating. You may not realize it now, but it is a big problem that will stop you from succeeding in life.  

Put Distractions Aside

Often some things lead you to procrastinate. And the most common is a smartphone. Parents reading this blog will agree that smartphones are indeed why they argue with their children. Children these days use smartphones for hours on end because they can do everything using them. From taking notes in class to setting reminders for assignment submission, there is no end to what can be done using smartphones.

When children have access to smartphones from a young age, they’re very likely to develop a habit. And developing a habit of using smartphones is never good because it can stop you from focusing on what’s important and start indulging in timepass activities.

So, from now on, when you’re about to start assignment writing , make sure to keep your smartphone away from you, preferably in the other room. Initially, you may want to use your smartphone every few minutes. But once you develop a habit, not using it will become a habit for you.

Do Extensive Research

You can’t straight away decide to write assignments when the professor asks you to. When you do it, assignment writing becomes boring, which is why you can’t stay motivated. There’s a very simple way you can counter this problem.

The way is by doing extensive research. When you research, you learn many things, and the task does not stay boring at all. Moreover, research is crucial for any assignment because you can’t complete it if you don’t research.

Make sure to search for information from multiple resources. When you do it, you identify any wrong information you might include if you don’t check multiple resources. We recommend you check research papers because they have the most credible information.

Create An Outline

You feel bored and lack motivation when you don’t begin the work. Often starting something is the hardest thing. You’ll realize it when you have to write assignments. Starting them is like a challenge, but you realize writing the other parts becomes fairly easy when you start writing.    

So, what you can do is create an outline for the assignment. Outline means to create the introduction and different headings. When you do it, you put an end to boredom and have a rough idea about what you’ll write. And when you have done some work, you stay motivated to complete the rest.

Reward Yourself

Writing assignments continuously can be tiring. We assure you that no one (even the best writers) can do it.

So, what’s the solution when you’re tight on deadlines?

A very good solution is to start rewarding yourself. The reward can be anything from tasty food to watching funny videos. There is no limitation to what a reward can look like. Whatever makes you appreciate your efforts can be a reward.

You might have seen many people these days intentionally make their lives harder. They do it in the name of evolving through challenges. While it is true that a person grows when they go through challenges, it isn’t a good practice to create them forcefully. We all have to realize how crucial it is to appreciate ourselves.

And occasionally eating your favourite food won’t make you fat. So, stop thinking about it and reward yourself often.    

Take A Walk

The breaks you take when writing assignments aren’t a waste of time. They are meant to refresh your mind and body, which are essential if you want to keep your productivity high. You can either sit idle or take a walk.

Taking a walk is a pretty good habit , as it can refresh your mind. When you walk in nature, your eyes, mind and entire body feels refreshed. If you’re looking to lose fat, walking is a good choice. You don’t necessarily have to run or go to a gym to get in good shape. Brisk walking can burn a lot of calories, and it is the perfect choice for people with busy schedules.

Ask Your Friends What You Don’t Understand

It is common for students in college not to know everything about all the subjects. It could be because they are interested in a specific subject or just don’t have enough time to become good at everything. When this happens, students can ask their friends to teach them what they don’t know.

We feel asking your college friends about topics you don’t understand is a very good thing. You can’t always approach your professor and ask them about your doubts. Well, you can, but most students are not comfortable doing it. If you are or want to learn how to be your professor’s favourite student, we recommend you read this blog .

Anyways, when you take help from your friends, you don’t have to speak in a formal tone, as you would with your professors. Another benefit is that your relation with your friends will strengthen. You never know which friends can become your best friends, and you may end up staying in touch with them for many years.  

Know The Negative Consequences

For some students, positive things don’t work. They have to think about the negative consequences to get motivation. In college, it means they have to think that they can fail if they don’t complete and submit their assignments on time.

Many people crumble under pressure, but some love working under it. Many athletes deal with pressure when the race is about to start. But whenever any news reporter asks them how they’re feeling, they always reply that they’re excited. That’s because the same part of your brain works when you’re under pressure and excited.

So, if thinking about negative consequences motivates you to take action and complete assignments, resort to it.

Staying motivated while writing assignments is difficult because there are some challenges that one is presented with. If you also lose motivation easily while doing assignments, you need to read this blog. That’s because, in this blog, we covered 8 ways to stay motivated to complete assignments. After reading this blog, we hope that you won’t have trouble finding motivation.

If you liked reading it, share it with your college friends.


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How to Improve Writing Skills for Assignment Work

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i will check and do my assignment regularly

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How Do I Create Meaningful and Effective Assignments?

Prepared by allison boye, ph.d. teaching, learning, and professional development center.

Assessment is a necessary part of the teaching and learning process, helping us measure whether our students have really learned what we want them to learn. While exams and quizzes are certainly favorite and useful methods of assessment, out of class assignments (written or otherwise) can offer similar insights into our students' learning.  And just as creating a reliable test takes thoughtfulness and skill, so does creating meaningful and effective assignments. Undoubtedly, many instructors have been on the receiving end of disappointing student work, left wondering what went wrong… and often, those problems can be remedied in the future by some simple fine-tuning of the original assignment.  This paper will take a look at some important elements to consider when developing assignments, and offer some easy approaches to creating a valuable assessment experience for all involved.

First Things First…

Before assigning any major tasks to students, it is imperative that you first define a few things for yourself as the instructor:

  • Your goals for the assignment . Why are you assigning this project, and what do you hope your students will gain from completing it? What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you aim to measure with this assignment?  Creating assignments is a major part of overall course design, and every project you assign should clearly align with your goals for the course in general.  For instance, if you want your students to demonstrate critical thinking, perhaps asking them to simply summarize an article is not the best match for that goal; a more appropriate option might be to ask for an analysis of a controversial issue in the discipline. Ultimately, the connection between the assignment and its purpose should be clear to both you and your students to ensure that it is fulfilling the desired goals and doesn't seem like “busy work.” For some ideas about what kinds of assignments match certain learning goals, take a look at this page from DePaul University's Teaching Commons.
  • Have they experienced “socialization” in the culture of your discipline (Flaxman, 2005)? Are they familiar with any conventions you might want them to know? In other words, do they know the “language” of your discipline, generally accepted style guidelines, or research protocols?
  • Do they know how to conduct research?  Do they know the proper style format, documentation style, acceptable resources, etc.? Do they know how to use the library (Fitzpatrick, 1989) or evaluate resources?
  • What kinds of writing or work have they previously engaged in?  For instance, have they completed long, formal writing assignments or research projects before? Have they ever engaged in analysis, reflection, or argumentation? Have they completed group assignments before?  Do they know how to write a literature review or scientific report?

In his book Engaging Ideas (1996), John Bean provides a great list of questions to help instructors focus on their main teaching goals when creating an assignment (p.78):

1. What are the main units/modules in my course?

2. What are my main learning objectives for each module and for the course?

3. What thinking skills am I trying to develop within each unit and throughout the course?

4. What are the most difficult aspects of my course for students?

5. If I could change my students' study habits, what would I most like to change?

6. What difference do I want my course to make in my students' lives?

What your students need to know

Once you have determined your own goals for the assignment and the levels of your students, you can begin creating your assignment.  However, when introducing your assignment to your students, there are several things you will need to clearly outline for them in order to ensure the most successful assignments possible.

  • First, you will need to articulate the purpose of the assignment . Even though you know why the assignment is important and what it is meant to accomplish, you cannot assume that your students will intuit that purpose. Your students will appreciate an understanding of how the assignment fits into the larger goals of the course and what they will learn from the process (Hass & Osborn, 2007). Being transparent with your students and explaining why you are asking them to complete a given assignment can ultimately help motivate them to complete the assignment more thoughtfully.
  • If you are asking your students to complete a writing assignment, you should define for them the “rhetorical or cognitive mode/s” you want them to employ in their writing (Flaxman, 2005). In other words, use precise verbs that communicate whether you are asking them to analyze, argue, describe, inform, etc.  (Verbs like “explore” or “comment on” can be too vague and cause confusion.) Provide them with a specific task to complete, such as a problem to solve, a question to answer, or an argument to support.  For those who want assignments to lead to top-down, thesis-driven writing, John Bean (1996) suggests presenting a proposition that students must defend or refute, or a problem that demands a thesis answer.
  • It is also a good idea to define the audience you want your students to address with their assignment, if possible – especially with writing assignments.  Otherwise, students will address only the instructor, often assuming little requires explanation or development (Hedengren, 2004; MIT, 1999). Further, asking students to address the instructor, who typically knows more about the topic than the student, places the student in an unnatural rhetorical position.  Instead, you might consider asking your students to prepare their assignments for alternative audiences such as other students who missed last week's classes, a group that opposes their position, or people reading a popular magazine or newspaper.  In fact, a study by Bean (1996) indicated the students often appreciate and enjoy assignments that vary elements such as audience or rhetorical context, so don't be afraid to get creative!
  • Obviously, you will also need to articulate clearly the logistics or “business aspects” of the assignment . In other words, be explicit with your students about required elements such as the format, length, documentation style, writing style (formal or informal?), and deadlines.  One caveat, however: do not allow the logistics of the paper take precedence over the content in your assignment description; if you spend all of your time describing these things, students might suspect that is all you care about in their execution of the assignment.
  • Finally, you should clarify your evaluation criteria for the assignment. What elements of content are most important? Will you grade holistically or weight features separately? How much weight will be given to individual elements, etc?  Another precaution to take when defining requirements for your students is to take care that your instructions and rubric also do not overshadow the content; prescribing too rigidly each element of an assignment can limit students' freedom to explore and discover. According to Beth Finch Hedengren, “A good assignment provides the purpose and guidelines… without dictating exactly what to say” (2004, p. 27).  If you decide to utilize a grading rubric, be sure to provide that to the students along with the assignment description, prior to their completion of the assignment.

A great way to get students engaged with an assignment and build buy-in is to encourage their collaboration on its design and/or on the grading criteria (Hudd, 2003). In his article “Conducting Writing Assignments,” Richard Leahy (2002) offers a few ideas for building in said collaboration:

• Ask the students to develop the grading scale themselves from scratch, starting with choosing the categories.

• Set the grading categories yourself, but ask the students to help write the descriptions.

• Draft the complete grading scale yourself, then give it to your students for review and suggestions.

A Few Do's and Don'ts…

Determining your goals for the assignment and its essential logistics is a good start to creating an effective assignment. However, there are a few more simple factors to consider in your final design. First, here are a few things you should do :

  • Do provide detail in your assignment description . Research has shown that students frequently prefer some guiding constraints when completing assignments (Bean, 1996), and that more detail (within reason) can lead to more successful student responses.  One idea is to provide students with physical assignment handouts , in addition to or instead of a simple description in a syllabus.  This can meet the needs of concrete learners and give them something tangible to refer to.  Likewise, it is often beneficial to make explicit for students the process or steps necessary to complete an assignment, given that students – especially younger ones – might need guidance in planning and time management (MIT, 1999).
  • Do use open-ended questions.  The most effective and challenging assignments focus on questions that lead students to thinking and explaining, rather than simple yes or no answers, whether explicitly part of the assignment description or in the  brainstorming heuristics (Gardner, 2005).
  • Do direct students to appropriate available resources . Giving students pointers about other venues for assistance can help them get started on the right track independently. These kinds of suggestions might include information about campus resources such as the University Writing Center or discipline-specific librarians, suggesting specific journals or books, or even sections of their textbook, or providing them with lists of research ideas or links to acceptable websites.
  • Do consider providing models – both successful and unsuccessful models (Miller, 2007). These models could be provided by past students, or models you have created yourself.  You could even ask students to evaluate the models themselves using the determined evaluation criteria, helping them to visualize the final product, think critically about how to complete the assignment, and ideally, recognize success in their own work.
  • Do consider including a way for students to make the assignment their own. In their study, Hass and Osborn (2007) confirmed the importance of personal engagement for students when completing an assignment.  Indeed, students will be more engaged in an assignment if it is personally meaningful, practical, or purposeful beyond the classroom.  You might think of ways to encourage students to tap into their own experiences or curiosities, to solve or explore a real problem, or connect to the larger community.  Offering variety in assignment selection can also help students feel more individualized, creative, and in control.
  • If your assignment is substantial or long, do consider sequencing it. Far too often, assignments are given as one-shot final products that receive grades at the end of the semester, eternally abandoned by the student.  By sequencing a large assignment, or essentially breaking it down into a systematic approach consisting of interconnected smaller elements (such as a project proposal, an annotated bibliography, or a rough draft, or a series of mini-assignments related to the longer assignment), you can encourage thoughtfulness, complexity, and thoroughness in your students, as well as emphasize process over final product.

Next are a few elements to avoid in your assignments:

  • Do not ask too many questions in your assignment.  In an effort to challenge students, instructors often err in the other direction, asking more questions than students can reasonably address in a single assignment without losing focus. Offering an overly specific “checklist” prompt often leads to externally organized papers, in which inexperienced students “slavishly follow the checklist instead of integrating their ideas into more organically-discovered structure” (Flaxman, 2005).
  • Do not expect or suggest that there is an “ideal” response to the assignment. A common error for instructors is to dictate content of an assignment too rigidly, or to imply that there is a single correct response or a specific conclusion to reach, either explicitly or implicitly (Flaxman, 2005). Undoubtedly, students do not appreciate feeling as if they must read an instructor's mind to complete an assignment successfully, or that their own ideas have nowhere to go, and can lose motivation as a result. Similarly, avoid assignments that simply ask for regurgitation (Miller, 2007). Again, the best assignments invite students to engage in critical thinking, not just reproduce lectures or readings.
  • Do not provide vague or confusing commands . Do students know what you mean when they are asked to “examine” or “discuss” a topic? Return to what you determined about your students' experiences and levels to help you decide what directions will make the most sense to them and what will require more explanation or guidance, and avoid verbiage that might confound them.
  • Do not impose impossible time restraints or require the use of insufficient resources for completion of the assignment.  For instance, if you are asking all of your students to use the same resource, ensure that there are enough copies available for all students to access – or at least put one copy on reserve in the library. Likewise, make sure that you are providing your students with ample time to locate resources and effectively complete the assignment (Fitzpatrick, 1989).

The assignments we give to students don't simply have to be research papers or reports. There are many options for effective yet creative ways to assess your students' learning! Here are just a few:

Journals, Posters, Portfolios, Letters, Brochures, Management plans, Editorials, Instruction Manuals, Imitations of a text, Case studies, Debates, News release, Dialogues, Videos, Collages, Plays, Power Point presentations

Ultimately, the success of student responses to an assignment often rests on the instructor's deliberate design of the assignment. By being purposeful and thoughtful from the beginning, you can ensure that your assignments will not only serve as effective assessment methods, but also engage and delight your students. If you would like further help in constructing or revising an assignment, the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center is glad to offer individual consultations. In addition, look into some of the resources provided below.

Online Resources

“Creating Effective Assignments” http://www.unh.edu/teaching-excellence/resources/Assignments.htm This site, from the University of New Hampshire's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning,  provides a brief overview of effective assignment design, with a focus on determining and communicating goals and expectations.

Gardner, T.  (2005, June 12). Ten Tips for Designing Writing Assignments. Traci's Lists of Ten. http://www.tengrrl.com/tens/034.shtml This is a brief yet useful list of tips for assignment design, prepared by a writing teacher and curriculum developer for the National Council of Teachers of English .  The website will also link you to several other lists of “ten tips” related to literacy pedagogy.

“How to Create Effective Assignments for College Students.”  http:// tilt.colostate.edu/retreat/2011/zimmerman.pdf     This PDF is a simplified bulleted list, prepared by Dr. Toni Zimmerman from Colorado State University, offering some helpful ideas for coming up with creative assignments.

“Learner-Centered Assessment” http://cte.uwaterloo.ca/teaching_resources/tips/learner_centered_assessment.html From the Centre for Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo, this is a short list of suggestions for the process of designing an assessment with your students' interests in mind. “Matching Learning Goals to Assignment Types.” http://teachingcommons.depaul.edu/How_to/design_assignments/assignments_learning_goals.html This is a great page from DePaul University's Teaching Commons, providing a chart that helps instructors match assignments with learning goals.

Additional References Bean, J.C. (1996). Engaging ideas: The professor's guide to integrating writing, critical thinking, and active learning in the classroom . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Fitzpatrick, R. (1989). Research and writing assignments that reduce fear lead to better papers and more confident students. Writing Across the Curriculum , 3.2, pp. 15 – 24.

Flaxman, R. (2005). Creating meaningful writing assignments. The Teaching Exchange .  Retrieved Jan. 9, 2008 from http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Sheridan_Center/pubs/teachingExchange/jan2005/01_flaxman.pdf

Hass, M. & Osborn, J. (2007, August 13). An emic view of student writing and the writing process. Across the Disciplines, 4. 

Hedengren, B.F. (2004). A TA's guide to teaching writing in all disciplines . Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.

Hudd, S. S. (2003, April). Syllabus under construction: Involving students in the creation of class assignments.  Teaching Sociology , 31, pp. 195 – 202.

Leahy, R. (2002). Conducting writing assignments. College Teaching , 50.2, pp. 50 – 54.

Miller, H. (2007). Designing effective writing assignments.  Teaching with writing .  University of Minnesota Center for Writing. Retrieved Jan. 9, 2008, from http://writing.umn.edu/tww/assignments/designing.html

MIT Online Writing and Communication Center (1999). Creating Writing Assignments. Retrieved January 9, 2008 from http://web.mit.edu/writing/Faculty/createeffective.html .

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How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

When you ask CodeAvail experts how to do my assignment, Our assignment writing experts will motivate you and provide the best ways to do the good assignment. Here in this blog, assignment writing experts will give you the best ever tips related to do my assignment quickly and efficiently, time scheduling tips for students, making a good assignment, and tips for self-study.

How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

Some ways to do my assignment quickly

Table of Contents

The most important thing for you to realize is that there is an assignment so you have to practice more on the content being taught. It’s not there’s it. “Just be done”. You should take as much time to make assignments as you need to understand the topic.

At my school, a lot of teachers give homework but never check it out. It deliberately provides good questions for students to practice. This is especially true for science and mathematics classes. If this is the case for you, just don’t do homework.

This is what I am doing and it is working fine. If teachers check it out, and you feel like the task towards understanding the subject is futile, it’s most likely, and usually, you can find answers online to save time. (Wolfram Alpha is great for math). That being said, if you think additional practice is needed to understand the subject, work.

To get the maximum homework, you should focus on it. This means keeping the phone away and finding a way to block everything. I like to plug in my noise-canceling headphones and play music while working , you just have to be careful not to distract you.

I recommend focusing classically or on music (you can find it on YouTube), but ultimately it’s your call and if you can focus on listening to your favorite music, go for it.

Then, do assignments if needed. You consider yourself better than anyone else, but when you need homework, be honest with yourself about making decisions.

Do not be in the trap of laziness while deciding to complete the work.

Best ways to do my Assignment efficiently

We all want to do more at work – being able to head over our weekends without tons of unfinished tasks and challenging projects hanging over our heads. But, here’s the thing: Being productive isn’t always easy. Well, in all honesty, it rarely is. Even in those days when you think you’re cranking in a relatively painless way through your various assignments, you look down at the end of the homework day and realize that somehow your to-do list is even longer when you started.

  • Do the difficult homework   topic first. Once that’s out of the way, the easier ones just seem to roll quickly.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted – no screaming kids, TVs, etc. A regular study area or desk is the best. Distracting can waste a ton of time.
  • All your tools are ready – scrap paper, pencil, calculator, dictionary.
  • Have a study buddy. Some time helps to work together on homework because you learn by teaching each other.

What are some tips that should be kept in mind to do my assignment

Sometimes students have so many assignments that they feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. The truth is, you only decide whether you will manage to write a bunch of assignments. You should have only one plan. And you need to start as soon as possible.

The secret of a successful and fast writing essay is giving yourself enough time to get ready for it. You have to do your research, write your paper, have a clear understanding of what it should be, and review your work. That is it. If you have a plan and follow it, you won’t need to hurry up. Remember that it is better to write something and then better than to sit and wait for good ideas. We’ve decided to provide you with a short step-by-step guide that will simplify your work a little bit.

1.Make a plan

Plan your assignment so you can stay focused and know what to do.

  • Check how important your assignment is. What is the percentage of the final mark? ( fabulouseyebrowthreading.com ) When you know how much it’s worth, you can better understand how much time is necessary for the assignment you have to write it.
  • Think about how your tutor will mark your assignment. Check the marking schedule and how the score is assigned. Considering the marking schedule, you’ll easily understand what to focus on. Next, check your quick or assignment question to clearly understand your assignment topic.
  • Decide what you have to do to write assignments. You may need to do research, provide context or collect certain specific information. You should also understand how much time you have to write your drafts.
  • Set a deadline keeping in mind the due dates of your assignment.

2.Read the assignment question

You need to understand your question. Read it attentively and ask questions to yourself:

  • What is the main meaning of the assignment question?
  • What it’s about? What assignment topic fits it best?
  • What do you need to do in this assignment?

Sometimes you can benefit from rewriting your assignment question using your own words. When reading the question of assignment, See the so-called “Instructional Words” – phrases that tell you what you have to do. Pay attention to these words and do the same with words that prompt you on possible topics.

3.Write an Outline

Write the main heading of your assignment for the best outline.

4.Find Information

First, you have to familiarize yourself with your subject. Search the suggested source and for extra sources on this topic. Likewise, you should make sure they are reliable, so we suggest using a public library, a university database, Google Scholar, or other online sources that are proven and relevant sources. Once you’ve collected enough information, check it out with the question of your assignment and make sure they’re really useful to you.

Write your first step based on the outline. Fill all the gaps and develop your main details. When writing the first step, don’t stop to edit it. Just feel free and write what according to your topic of the assignment.

6.Finally, Check Your Content

Make sure your text answers all the required questions and it is written properly. Check its structure and make sure your thoughts are clear and logical. Check your grammar and spelling. Next, make sure you use the correct format.

Some of the best time scheduling tips for students

  • Live on or close to campus
  • If you stay away, study while traveling
  • Spend a few minutes planning your weekly study program
  • Spend a few minutes each morning planning your day
  • Create a well-organized folder structure on your computer
  • Save everything on cloud storage for easy access
  • Then, take only important notes while reading textbooks
  • Ask your lecturer which area to study for do my assignment
  • Delete social media apps you’re addicted to
  • Don’t spend time complaining to friends or students
  • Wake up early and Do your most challenging tasks in the morning
  • Join a social media study group to help each other
  • Set small goals every day and give time to your study session
  • Send or respond to messages only during your break
  • Take a short study break and do some interesting new things.
  • If you have a question in the class, ask at that time
  • Don’t aim for perfection, good enough
  • Don’t rely on your memory, set calendar alerts and reminders
  • Never delay, just make a start

What are some tips for do my assignment good?

In any topic or subject related assignment, making it very interesting and claims the best skill about the particular topic.

In addition, For good assignment should be having the following

  • To plan for your topic of writing
  • Analyze your topic question
  • Make a good and attractive outline
  • Search information about your topic
  • Make your assignment
  • Edit if any corrections in possible
  • Post important information about the topic

Best tips for self-studying ever

Here are some basic points to remember:

  • Read the class notes daily
  • Read the textbook 
  • Look up other online resources for your doubts(if you want)
  • Make colorful and proper notes 
  • Create a mind map
  • Teach someone what you’ve learned
  • Do practice problems from a variety of sources

Although, now you know the best ever tips related to do my assignment quickly and efficiently, time scheduling tips for students, making a good assignment, and tips for self-study. If you need any computer science assignment help , hire us now for instant solutions.

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How To Improve Your Assignment? 10+ Assignment Writing Rules

blog author name

Table of Contents

Working day and night on your assignments and you still fail to get good grades? This is a major problem for everyone specially those lacking assignment writing skills. Some blame it on the assignments and the topic while others think it is their poor writing style.

But even after getting them rectified, there can still be poor grades. Students have no clue after that about what to fix. If you have been passing on these situations for years and want to improve your assignment writing skills then here are some ways to do it.

10+ Assignment Writing Rules:

Today we will share the top 10+ assignment writing tips to improve your assignment and take it to the next level.

Work on the format and visuals

Let’s start with one of the most basic things, which is format. You cannot write an assignment without an outline. Every assignment type has its own format. Essays come with distinct introductions, informative body and compelling conclusions.

Then we have a dissertation, which consists of an abstract, a review of literature and more.  Students must follow this format, as those who do not follow it can get their marks deducted.

Make the format organized, clear and sturdy. This creates an appeal and pulls in the viewers to read your work. While refining your structure, you can also work on the overall visual presentation.

While you are working on the format, you can also improve the presentation. While editing, makes sure you are cross-checking the overall visual from the reader’s point of view. Papers which look cluttered can make people disinterested from the get-go. Hence add charts, fancy colours, fonts and themes to make it look presentable.

Provide value through your content

There are so many refreshing ways of getting educated right now that people rarely goes through papers anymore. Video form of content is taking over the world. Hence it would help if you put effort into your work to offer value. The audience has a very short span, and you need to showcase a problem and come up with a solution for it.

If not this, you can also share unique facts or shed new light on an unresolved case. Overall the goal is to share information, which is valuable to the readers. We all love getting new information and data from something. And if your paper can provide that, not only will you will get good grades, but you will also have a loyal reader base that will always rely on your work.

Verify information

Since getting information is so easy to get right now, students can type in their question and get answers instantly at their fingertips. But beware and do not trust the first website which you see. You need to cross-check the information and the source while assignment writing.

There are so many scam sites, and the information they offer can have no substantial evidence. Such misleading data can be quite harmful to the audience. So do not just go in with the first information you get and submit your document. Rather cross-check the data analytics, figures, names, events and everything to ensure that your paper is not filled with hoaxes but legit data.

Polish introduction and conclusion

A constant tip from best assignment writing services has been to work on your introduction and conclusion. We see so many students who work extremely hard on the body but not so much on the introduction and conclusion. The introduction is the first part to be read which needs to be an attention grader for your audience. At the same time, the conclusion can conceptualize the overall paper to give it a good ending.

When you start crafting your paper, start paying equal attention to your introduction and conclusion too. This way, you will have a paper with zero or no flaws. Polish them to have no scope for poor grades.

Keep it simple

Adding sophisticated terms to your paper strengthens the quality, but you must keep it simple for majority of the readers. Students who keep it simple can get the attention of all readers.

You might add a few sophisticated terms here and there but do not use too many tough words unknown to the readers.

A key to knowing the kind of words to use in your work is by knowing the audience you’re writing it for. If you are writing for students in the 8th grade, then there is no point in making it highly advanced. However, if you are writing it for college or university students, then advanced words will be appreciated.

If the topic is already hard then try to keep it simple, which will give clarity to the readers. Simpler papers can attract masses and stand out. Try to simplify complex matters to keep it easy for readers.

Avoid plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism at all costs in any work. What we mean is defiantly to avoid general plagiarism but also self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism is when you copy material from your previous work. Since you are still using sections from another source, in this case, it is your source yet you can still receive plagiarism on it.

Plagiarism can be a big mark on your credibility. Although a certain percentage of plagiarism is accepted, try to keep it below that extent. Papers with zero or no plagiarism are big credit to the writer. And if you think it is unlikely that a paper will have zero plagiarism, then it is not.  It is quite easy to compose a paper without plagiarism if you know the correct tactics or strategies.

Choose appropriate titles

Next assignment writing tip is to choose appropriate titles when composing one. Most students are so engrossed with writing that they forget to pick appropriate titles. Titles are the ones which will be printed on the cover page. A title too broad or too narrow can limit the potential of your topic. Try to come up with a fancy topic that explains the concept and also states its prospects.

Rather use pseudo titles. Later, you can replace them with better ones once you finish the writing part.  Follow the same when picking out titles for subheadings. Even dull subheadings in the paper can lead readers to boredom and not excite them for what’s coming up.

Follow assignment guidelines

Another key highlight to remember is to follow the assignment guidelines and the general assignment rules. Apart from basic guidelines there can also be other rules, like omitting certain topics or colours.   These guidelines are laid out for you to follow. Students who do not follow them definitely get their marks deducted for it, no matter how memorable the paper is.

Students who do not follow this look disrespectful and inattentive. Also, why risk your paper with these silly mistakes when you can follow them and get grace marks?

Get feedback from others

Getting feedback from others is a crucial step in writing an impressive essay. When you seek feedback, you gain valuable insights and perspectives that can help you improve your work.

First of all you need to choose reliable reviewers. Select people who have expertise in the subject matter or are skilled writers. They can provide more valuable feedback. Also, be open to criticism. Embrace constructive criticism and view it as an opportunity to enhance your essay’s quality. Ask specific questions and you will get answers. You can get feedback from writing services to know their opinion. Also, consider multiple perspectives. Different reviewers might have varied opinions, so use their feedback to refine your ideas.

Finally, don’t rush changes. Take time to process feedback and carefully consider which suggestions to incorporate. Revise and edit to implement the feedback into your essay, making it stronger and more polished. Seek additional feedback if needed and don’t hesitate to reach out to more people for diverse viewpoints.

Remember, feedback is an essential part of the writing process that helps you grow as a writer and ensures your essay resonates with your audience effectively.

Proofread an edit seriously

Proofreading and editing your essay thoroughly is essential to ensure it is polished and error-free.  Take a break and Step away from your essay for a while before proofreading. A fresh perspective can help you spot errors more effectively.

Another pro assignment writing tip would be to read aloud. Reading your essay aloud can help you identify awkward phrasings, inconsistencies, and grammatical mistakes. Check for clarity and smooth flow of ideas. Ensure your ideas flow logically with transitional phases in between and each paragraph contributes to the overall argument.

Look for grammar and punctuation errors. Pay attention to subject-verb agreement, verb tense, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Finally, verify facts and sources. Double-check all the information and references used in your essay to maintain accuracy and credibility.

Overall, also ensure consistent use of formatting, citation styles, and writing conventions. Trim unnecessary content and remove redundant sentences or irrelevant information to maintain conciseness.

Get inspiration

To get inspiration for your essay, explore a variety of sources and techniques that can stimulate your creativity and critical thinking:

Read extensively and delve into books, articles, and essays related to your topic to gain insights and ideas from different perspectives. Brainstorm and jot down all the ideas that come to mind, even if they seem unrelated at first. This can spark connections and unique angles for your essay. Engage in discussions and talk with friends, classmates, or online communities about your topic. Sharing ideas and opinions can lead to new insights.

Movies, paintings, music, and other forms of art can inspire fresh ideas and emotions related to your essay’s theme. Observe the world around you and pay attention to current events, social issues, or personal experiences that might connect to your subject matter.

Sometimes, stepping away from the topic can provide clarity and inspiration upon returning. Use writing prompts and use them to explore different angles or aspects of your essay topic. Keep a journal and document your thoughts, observations, and ideas regularly to capture potential inspiration.

Get Help with Assignment from the Best Writing Service

Doing justice to the tips mentioned above can be hard for beginners. Such students can rely on us for writing their assignment online.

Here is what you get once you reach out to us:

  • If quality assignment is your dream then we are here to offer you personalized and high quality papers.
  • Get best writing service from top scholars, ex professors, researchers and degree holders in various fields.
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Do not jeopardize your future and improve your assignment grades with us. We have helped tons of students and we would love to extend our qualities to you as well.

Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions:

How can i improve my assignments.

Ans: If you are struggling with the assignments, then here are some tips to follow:

  • Find a good topic
  • Research on it
  • Make  a good outline
  • Write it on time
  • Add pieces of evidence
  • Always edit and proofread

What should every assignment have?

Ans: Every assignment should have a content page, cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, page number and reference number. Apart from these, citations, structures, and graphic reports can also be necessary.

What should you do to improve your assignments?

Ans: To improve your assignment writing, work on your writing style. Try to pick a good topic which pulls in readers.  Also, use fancy words and add unique facts, fits and data to make it interesting for the readers.

How to Write Your Assignments to Ensure Good Grades?

Ans: Students struggling to write good assignments must understand and dissect the topic first. Once understood, start researching and building an outline for it. Adopt a good writing style and add data that enrich your paper. Also, never skip proofreading and editing your paper to make it stand out.

What are the 6 characteristics of a good assignment?

Ans: Characteristics of a good assignment are:

  • Content which resonates with the topic
  • Good writing standard
  • No plagiarism
  • Offering educational value
  • Adding evidence to support the topic
  • Submission on time


Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for myassignmenthelp.com for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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Pay for Assignment and Get Multiple Benefits

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Reviews About StudyCrumb

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Hire an Assignment Professional in 4 Steps

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1. Can someone do my assignment for me?

If you need someone to do your assignment, turn to StudyCrumb for help immediately. It’s the fastest way to save time and money. Our services are quality-focused with lots of freebies included. On our site, someone with relevant skills will definitely help with your task.

2. Is it legal to pay someone to do my assignment?

Paying someone to do your assignment is 100% legal. For years, our service has been successfully operating in the US. Payments are protected by our money-back guarantee. Our company doesn’t share any order-related info with third parties. With academic integrity in mind, your discretion is advised.

3. Can you do my assignment in any format?

Our specialists can do the assignment for you in any format. Specify the sought format when making orders for free. We do APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Cambridge, Oxford, as well as any other format you name. Finished works arrive in the text format you could open with Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

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Students can pay for assignments to be done using their debit or credit cards. Online payment services will also do. Note that payment information won’t contain any suspicious details. Simply another payment for one of the many online services US students use for living in college. Payments are made during the secure SSL-protected checkout.

Feeling stressed and exhausted?

Feeling stressed and exhausted?

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Right Attitudes

Ideas for Impact

Assignments Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster

October 16, 2020 By Nagesh Belludi Leave a Comment

When you are in college, assignments can go both ways. They can either be interesting or a big challenge . The latter happens very often, especially if you have little time or are tired. What should be a short assignment can turn into hours of work, finished with an essay of average quality.

But, there’s no reason why writing should be so hard for a student. With the 8 tips in this list, you can make your assignments easier and complete them faster.

Assignments Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster (Courtesy: Andrew Neel at Unspash)

Before you start working on your homework and assignments, you need a plan. You don’t want to end up juggling more tasks than you can handle when you can simply prioritize and get everything done on schedule.

Figure out how much time you have. Then, see how much you’ll need to complete your assignments. Be realistic while doing so. If a task isn’t due in a week, complete the ones that have a more urgent schedule. But, if you realize that you won’t have time for it, make sure to find a solution sooner to avoid the pressure afterward.

If the time is still tight and you fear that you won’t be able to handle the pressure, you can always ask Writix to write your assignment. Delegating your tasks is much better than missing deadlines and ruining your grades.

Find the Ideal Working Space

Students have different spaces where they feel most productive and can do their work without problems. If you are distracted by the TV, you need a room without it. If you prefer some background noise, this is the cafe around the corner for you. Or, you can go the traditional way and do your research and writing in the library.

Experiment a little to find your ideal working space. This can boost your productivity, keep you focused, and help you complete your assignments faster.

Gather All the Tools You Need

When you are working on your papers, you’ll need some basic tools like pens, calculators, your laptop, an Internet connection, some books for the research, your notes, etc.

Have these at your fingertips when you do your work. Having to go around the house looking for that book you need for your homework can take away your focus.

Turn Off Your Phone

Nowadays, if you want to ace your assignment, you need to turn off social media, notifications, and all those endless messages from your friends. Your phone beeping every minute is sure to take away your focus. You’ll find yourself procrastinating and tasks will take much longer than they should. For the duration of your studying, turn off your mobile device.

Try Some Background Music

Studying with some background music works for many, so why wouldn’t this work for writing, too? Try out different things such as classical music, background lyric-free melodies, nature songs, etc. Don’t go overboard and pick genres that have too much wording in it—it can be a distraction.

Keep Yourself Hydrated—and Well-Fed

Nutrition is highly important while you’re at college. In a rush to get things done, many slack off on the most important thing—their wellbeing. To keep your energy levels high and remain focused on the work, have some brain food handy for snacks, and hydrate regularly.

Make your assignment writing faster and more effective (Courtesy: Avatar of user Nick Morrison at Unspash)

Make Time for Breaks

Pushing yourself too hard will only make you work slower. It can also have a bad effect on the quality of your work. When making your schedule, take some time for breaks. Don’t overdo it, but make sure that your schedule is flexible. This way, when you feel like you are losing focus, you can take a 20-minute break to refuel and keep going.

Praise Your Work

Small rewards can do wonders with our motivation. When you cross a thing off your schedule, reward yourself with something. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Sit down and watch an episode from your favorite show while sipping on hot cocoa. Go out and have a night off with your friends. Play your favorite game or simply stay home in bed all day. A bit of praise never hurt anyone.

Final Thoughts

Assignments aren’t always fun. When you are assigned task after task, this can become so dull and repetitive, students can hardly sit down to write. However, with some organization and tricks under your sleeve, the school can get significantly easier as you go. Use these 8 tips to make your assignment writing faster and more effective.

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  • Stephen King’s Tips for Writing Better
  • 5 Crucial Tips for Writing Polished Email Marketing Copy
  • The More You Write, The Better You Become
  • Persuade Others to See Things Your Way: Use Aristotle’s Ethos, Logos, Pathos, and Timing

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Learn ESL

10 Tips to Help Students do Their Assignments Perfectly

10 Tips to Help Students do Their Assignments Perfectly

Are you depressed due to your grades in school? Are your assignments not good enough to make your teacher impressed? Mostly college and high school students lose their interest and enthusiasm while they are scolded for their assignments. That is why students hate doing homework and then this hatred causes a problem for them in their school. Another reason behind their hatred comes from not being appreciated by their parents and teachers. Bloggers always give tips for doing everything perfectly or solving people’s problem but they should also co-operate with themselves. Besides the tips, parents have also a role in solving this issue by supporting the students to do their assignments perfectly every time they write.

Similarly, teachers have to be supportive too otherwise, the students will not be able to do their assignments perfectly ever. Therefore, students, this article is written for you. Come on check out what I have recommended for you to do in order to do your assignments perfectly the next time you submit it. Did you struggle to submit a perfect assignment to your teacher? But no more because I have brought you some very helpful tips and tricks to help you do your assignments perfectly after reading this. Have a glance at them and then start writing your assignments. Here you should do to write a perfect assignment as follow.

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1. Make a daily timetable for your assignments

Did you know that the success behind the successful assignment is having a timetable for each and everything you do? Writing a perfect assignment is very easy just by giving yourself time. You must know when to write and why to write something. A successful student always finds a perfect time for writing their homework. For instance, Doing homework in the evening after a nap is a very good time and idea because your mind is fresh, active, and relaxed. Indeed, everything which has a timetable for it can be proved effective. So, students what are you waiting for, take a pen, and make your schedule for your next assignment.

2. Eliminate disturbance from your study schedule

Have you ever noticed when you are depressed or overwhelmed then you can’t write a single word? Do you know the reason behind it? One of the reasons is that students mostly use a mobile phone while doing their homework that’s why they can’t concentrate on their work better and then their assignments are done in a hurry. Therefore, put your devices aside while you are doing your assignments. On the other hand, students do their assignments in a dark and noisy place that’s the real matter, which is called disturbance, due to which students can’t submit a better assignment. Choose a bright and peaceful place where no one enters then you can write a perfect assignment. Try to eliminate these sorts of distractions from your study life.

3. Read books to improve

Writing without reading is incomplete therefore, try to read the books or articles in which you can find out some better ways of doing your assignments. Reading never wastes your time in fact, it helps you learn some basics to try while writing and mostly they are effective. Most students can’t submit a good assignment because of their less knowledge that they have about the title. Successful students always read different books and articles for adding their knowledge and information. Therefore, they are doing a great job while doing their assignments. Try this tip believe me it will really help you find what you are missing in your writing.

4. Research before writing

After you read something about which you find interesting for using it in your assignment then firstly go and search about it. The very first thing you have to do is to make sure whether you should include that in your assignment or not. A perfect homework needs research because you may find something better to add in it. Actually, the purpose of researching is not copying the exact information and adding it to your assignment but trying to extend your opinions. Before writing anything even if it is your school homework, you need to research once about that topic.

5. Make a plan and an outline for your assignment

Every time you want to do your homework, try to make an outline for it because it will help you make sure that your assignment is free from errors and you can notice them in the form of a draft easily. Never write your assignment directly without planning and making a list of the information you need to add in the form of an outline. Successful students always make a plan before writing their assignments because they know the tips and tricks of doing a perfect assignment. Going With the flow of the plan leads to a good remark for the homework. Students, who do their assignments in a hurry without making a plan and an outline, always get scolded because of their homework. Making a plan and outline helps you prevent from committing errors in your homework and that’s the trick you can do your assignments perfectly. That’s how easily you can do your homework in a better way without any stress.

6. Write neatly and don’t hesitate

Do you know that the way you write really affects the one who receives it? Your teacher may have told you several times to write neatly but you can’t because you want to finish it as quickly as you can. One of the harmful things that affect your assignments the most is writing carelessly in a hurry. If you want your teacher to be impressed by your homework then try this technique. If you yourself want to find an interest in doing your assignment perfectly then try to write neatly and be relaxed. Because in doing good homework your effort and passion are must. Therefore, be passionate and writing neatly.

7. Take a break:

We know that writing for a long period of time is very tiring. Generally, students can’t write a good assignment because they are given a lot of homework that’s why they don’t find any time to rest. Therefore, they can’t find interest in doing their homework. In school, they do a lot of stuff then while they come home again they have to do a lot of homework therefore, they get tired of doing it and can’t write a perfect assignment. That’s why I recommend you to take a break when you come from school. Don’t start writing directly just take a nap for a while and then prepare yourself for doing homework step by step by following the tips I mentioned in this article. Taking a break doesn’t mean that you should put it for your next day, in fact, to make your mind refreshing and ready for doing your assignment perfectly.

8. Follow what your teacher says

Successful students always follow what their teacher recommends them to do. If you can’t understand the title just get help from your teacher or friend in order to do your assignments better. If you have a problem writing your assignments perfectly then follow what so ever your teacher recommends you to do. Before giving any assignment teachers always give instructions for doing it so do follow them. Some lazy students don’t even listen to the teacher then later they get stuck while doing their homework. The problem is that they don’t listen to how to do their assignments. Mostly what the teacher recommends for doing good homework really helps but it depends on the student too.

9. Rewrite the outline

We know that before writing anything we have to make an outline for it. After that, we have to rewrite the homework back in a neat paper so that we can get a good remark from the teacher. While you are rewriting your homework then you can feel secure about your assignment because at that point your homework is free from the errors. And there you can find your homework perfectly written. The benefit of making plans and outlines before rewriting is that you will not be bothered anymore to write again and again wasting your time. Therefore, try to make a plan and draft form for your homework before writing it down on the neat paper.

10. Re-check your assignment

After we are done with all the instructions step by step then now it is the turn of re-reading the assignment. Re-checking is the process of going through all the assignment thoroughly once more. By Re-checking the students can correct their errors which were not noticed by them at first therefore, in the same way, you have to move on. Rechecking is the last step of doing your homework therefore, try to do it in a better way. Don’t skip this step because by skipping this step you will miss making the arrangement of your assignment very well.

Useful:   5 Tips to Help You Proofread Your Writing Like a Pro

Try to follow these instructions step-by-step believe me you will be successful in writing a perfect assignment. Every student wants to perform well in their school or college but those are known as successful students, who can do their assignment perfectly. Therefore, in today’s era grades and degrees mean the most, not the talent. So kindly follow some guidelines which are recommended by the professionals.

What do you think about this article? What else do you recommend for being successful in writing a perfect assignment and what else have I missed to mention in this article? Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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How to use figurative language in your writing, how to write a definition essay in english, how to write a phd research proposal, leave a comment cancel reply.

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Assignment Time Calculator to help meet Deadlines

Got an assignment deadline coming up?

Not sure how much free time you need to sacrifice to complete the work on time?

Here’s a handy calculator to estimate the time needed to complete an assignment within the given deadline.

Calculator for time needed to finish an assignment

To use this tool, please follow the instructions below.

  • The cells marked in yellow should be amended to suit your specific situation
  • Check whether your assignment has a word count allowance. If so, then you just need to meet the minimum end of the range when you’re pressed of time
  • An excellent writing speed would be about 600 words an hour
  • Medium would be around 350 words per hour
  • A slow writing speed implies roughly about 200 words an hour
  • Enter the deadline for the assignment in Month / Day / Year format

Tips to complete assignments on time

Cliché as it may be, the best advice to complete assignments by the deadline is to start in advance. Of course, this may not always be feasible but just trust us, your future self with be really grateful that you didn’t leave it until the last minute.

If you’re behind schedule, you’re going to want to make the most efficient use of whatever little time you have. However, even in such a situation, we highly recommend that you set aside a brief slot in your schedule to plan the structure of the assignment and what word count needs to go in each section that you have identified.

This will help you get a better idea of which sections are going to take up a bigger chunk of your time and you can use this to prioritize your available time accordingly.

We have a guide on how to make an assignment structure outline quickly using grading criteria . We also have another one on managing assignment word count .

Here’s another helpful guide from Purdue University with good suggestions for time management when it comes to assignments.

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Privacy Overview

An assignment is one of the essential aspects of the study. Students often get stressed out while doing assignments. It is not rare for students to complete their assignments early but get late as they don’t know the best way to submit assignments. TutorBin experts describe the process here just for you for those who find it difficult. We also offer you help with assignments.  

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Best Way to Submit Assignment-  

Here, we have discussed some options that you can explore to submit your assignment. Our experts have assembled detailed descriptions to ensure that you can use different platforms and devices to complete the submission without a glitch. Though we have given several options considering all grad school and university students, the assignment submission process mainly depends on your educational institution. The teachers decide how they want you to submit your assignment. Confirm what process your teacher has selected, and then use that specific method.  

Assignment  Submission through web  

If you want to submit your assignment through a web platform, this submission through the web is one of the best options for you. Students who want to make their submission this way can follow these steps to complete the process: 

  • Hover over the Submit Assignment button in the Submissions area. Click the button 
  • Upload: Select your assignment file from your computer. 
  • Create: You can also create your assignment document on the web using the text editor option.
  • Click Submit to finish. Optional: If students want to resubmit an assignment, then they can click on the re-submit button and follow the same steps above.

Assignment Submission through Google Classroom 

We have stated the best way to submit assignments is through Google Classroom. If your university or grad school uses this platform, read out the process to know how you can Turn in (submit) an assignment.  

  • Visit classroom.google.com.
  • Click the class> Classwork.
  • Click the assignment> View assignment.
  • Go to Your Work . Click on Add or Create . Select Google Drive, File, or Link. 
  • Enter a URL or you can also choose an attachment. Click the Add option.
  • Under Your Work , you have to click on Add or Create> Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings. A new file will attach and open.
  • Click on the file and start entering your information.
  • (Optional) To remove any attachments, you have to go to the attachment. Next to the name, you will get an option to remove, click Remove and your previous attachment will be removed.
  • (Optional) For Public Comments, you can click on the comment section and the whole class can see the comment. You can ask relevant questions. It helps others to complete the assignment. 
  • (Optional) To add a private comment, enter your comment under the Private comments section and click Post. Only your teacher can see this private comment. 
  • Click Turn In and confirm. The status of the assignment changes to Turned in. Important: If you get an error message when you click Turn in, let your instructor know. Once you turn, you will lose the editing rights. Your teacher will take over. 

Sometimes, your teacher assigns a doc where you get instructions and you have to complete the allocated assignment on that specific doc. If that is the case, here is your step-by-step guide that shows you the best way to submit assignments.  

Turn in an assignment with a doc assigned to you

When your teacher attaches an assignment document specifying your name, it becomes a personal copy. Here, your teacher has access to review your progress and edit when your first copy is done. Your teacher can add review comments on it as your work progresses. You can make the edits before clicking on Turn in and submitting your final assignment. The process is described below: 

  • 1st, click the class> Classwork.
  • Now, click on the image with your name and open the assigned file.
  • Once you open the file, enter your work into it.
  • After finishing the document in Classroom, click Turn in to confirm your assignment submission. The assignment status will get changed and it will show Turned in.

Unsubmit an assignment

Sometimes, students mistakenly press the Turn in button before making the final version of their assignment. If you want to modify an assignment, unsubmit the work and make the changes. 

Important: If you submit an assignment after the due date, it is marked late. The turn-in should be before the due date, even if you submitted the corrected version or previously submitted the assignment before your deadline. Resubmission of an assignment should be before the due date. 

  • Then, click the assignment> View assignment.
  • Finally, click Unsubmit, and confirm.

Note: Once you do the above-mentioned process, you will unsubmit the assignment. Turn in the assignment once again before the set deadline. 

From the iOS App

You can submit assignments by other means as well. If you plan to do that, the best way to submit assignments is through an iOS application. For submission of assignments, students can:

  • Tap the assignment Which you would like to submit.
  • Go to the top right and then, Tap the + icon over there.
  • Create a Submission if you want to write a text-only response. 
  • For the camera roll, go to your iPhone or iPad camera roll and submit.
  • Submit your video or image assignment directly from your camera . You just have to take a Video or Photo from your camera at the time of submission.
  • Submit from Resources by attaching your files through Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • Make submissions from iOS Apps. Attach your file to your device 
  • Once you have completed the assignment, tap the Submit or Green checkmark .

From the Android App

Students can also submit their assignments from the Android application. For this, they have to follow the below-mentioned process:  

  • Select the assignment that you would like to submit.
  • Now, you need to swipe left. You can access the Submissions/Grades , Or You can tap the down-facing arrow sign given in the header part and select Submissions/Grades.
  • Now go to the top right and tap the + icon there.
  • You have to select your assignment here from your device to upload it. Choose Upload Submission for this. If you want to create the assignment there, tap the option Create Text Submission and write your assignment there.
  • Check the Draft if you want to save the created assignment that you will submit. 
  • Go to the top right & tap the sign arrow to complete the submission.

Step-by-Step Guide For Assignment Submission    

Now, we know what the best way to submit assignments is. But it’s important to ensure that you do complete your assignments properly. We have given you a step-by-step guide that will ensure you have nailed it. One can always take the help of online assignment help if all fails.

Step 1 – Understand your assignment 

Understand your assignment task from your teacher. 

Don’t forget to check what type of assignment you are doing. It helps you in your research and assists you in structuring your assignment accordingly. 

See the details of the assignment. Clarify with teachers if you have any doubts. 

Find the parameters on which your assignment will be assessed. 

Step 2 – Do your research

Research in writing assignments is one of the key aspects. Finding relevant and reliable information could help you to improve your assignment. 

For this, you can do the below-mentioned: 

  • online sources
  • talking to experts.

Step 3 – Plan

Plan how you will do the assignment. It will help you to put your full focus on making it better. If you need to follow a structure, make a special note before you start working on it.  

Step 4 – Start Working on the Assignment 

In the first draft, write the key pointers that you need to focus on. Jot down the information sequentially. If you are working on a mathematical assignment, you can note the formula or any concept required to explain. All the basic information will be there in the first layout of your assignment. For writing assignments, you can write pointers and conclusions while structuring your first layout.  

You need to revise your draft to make it grammatically correct for Fine-tuning it. Check plagiarism . Make the sentences more sensible, information-rich, and relatable. For writing assignments, check your content flow as well. For mathematical assignments, explain your answers with relevant formulas and functions. It will make more sense for your teacher that you have understood it well. 

Why is Assignment submission important? 

An assignment is an academic task given by teachers. It offers students the scope to study, and practice and reflects what they have learned. An assignment is a work that helps them to achieve learning goals. It provides them with an overview of whether students have understood the subject. Teachers evaluate the gained knowledge from the task and measure students’ academic performance depending on its quality. It’s amazing if you are able to submit assignments on time or else you can take homework help from experts to ensure that you meet the assignment deadline.  

i will check and do my assignment regularly

We understand your predicaments. Considering your confusion and doubt, TutorBin experts have given the required information. If you feel that you also need our help with assignments, we welcome you to the TutorBin family. Our assignment writing help will guide you to deliver the best quality assignments and assist you in outperforming in your studies. For our help, click here . For more information, check our blog page regularly. 

  • E- Learning
  • Online Learning

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Online homework help, get homework help.

Get Answer within 15-30 minutes

i will check and do my assignment regularly

Check out our free tool Math Problem Solver

About tutorbin, what do we do.

We offer an array of online homework help and other services for our students and tutors to choose from based on their needs and expertise. As an integrated platform for both tutors and students, we provide real time sessions, online assignment and homework help and project work assistance.

about tutorbin | what we do

Who are we?

TutorBin is an integrated online homework help and tutoring platform serving as a one stop solution for students and online tutors. Students benefit from the experience and domain knowledge of global subject matter experts.

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8 simple things you can do to protect yourself from getting scammed

Marielle Segarra headshot

Marielle Segarra

A thief sneaks behind a computer screen with a grocery cart full of stolen goods.

Scams can happen to anyone — even to people who study them.

Kelly Richmond-Pope , a forensic accounting professor at DePaul University, fell for one in 2017. While searching for tickets to a Bruno Mars concert, she found a website that was offering front-row seats for a low price. After she paid for the tickets, she realized ... they were fake!

Looking back on the incident, Richmond-Pope, who also researches fraud and white-collar crime, says "the website I got the tickets off of did look different from Ticketmaster."

To reduce your chances of getting swindled, take extra precautions to safeguard your data and finances. Scammers may want personal information like your social security number to say, open a bank account or steal your benefits, or your bank account numbers.

"Criminals will steal from anyone, whether you have $5 or $500 or $500,000," says Amy Nofziger , the director of fraud victim support for AARP, which focuses on issues affecting people over 50. She oversees their fraud hotline, where they get calls from people of all ages.

Fraud is a big business. According to a 2022 report by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Americans reported losing nearly $8.8 billion to fraud, an increase of more than 30% in 2021. The most common schemes were impostor scams, followed by online shopping scams and those that involved prizes.

Richmond-Pope and Nofziger share eight simple things you can take to protect yourself from getting conned.

1. Regularly check your bank accounts for fraud

Look through your accounts, especially your checking and credit card accounts, every two weeks. "Take an hour and do a deep dive. Look at all the transactions and make sure everything there is valid and legitimate," says Richmond-Pope.

2. Check your credit report every four months

Look at your credit report every four months to see if anyone has made charges or opened accounts in your name, says Nofziger. You can get a free report from each of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, every year.

3. Freeze your credit (then 'thaw' it when you need it)

This ensures that no one can open up a credit card or take out a loan in your name. To freeze your credit, go to the websites of each of the major credit bureaus, make an account and request a freeze.

"If I need to refinance or get a loan, I just go and 'thaw' it — that's what the companies call it — for ten days. My creditor can check my credit and then it'll automatically be frozen again," says Nofziger.

4. Use your credit card whenever possible

Use your credit card rather than your debit card, says Richmond-Pope. "Your credit card company has a level of protection that the banks don't seem to give. So I've always used my credit card for as much as I can, then just pay that credit card balance off at the end of the month."

If someone makes a fraudulent charge on your credit card, the most you'll be liable for is $50, according to the FTC . But if someone gets a hold of your debit card, they can take money straight out of your checking account, leaving you without access to that cash while you sort things out with your bank. You also may be liable for much more of the losses , depending on when you report the fraud.

5. Call the number on the back of your bank card

If you suspect that someone has made a fraudulent charge on your bank card, don't search for your bank's phone number on the internet. Call the number on the back of your bank card or on your account statement, says Nofziger. "Criminals are placing fake customer service phone numbers [online]. You call it thinking you're talking to your actual bank" but it's a fake number.

6. Sign out of your Venmo app when you're done using it

If you thought you were only at risk while browsing the internet, you are wrong. Picture this, says Nofziger. Say you're walking down the street and a teenager comes up to you and says " 'Oh my gosh, I lost my phone. I need to call my mom to pick me up. Can I borrow your phone?' 'Well, of course,' you say. 'Here's my phone.' You see them dialing a phone number. But actually what they've done is they've gone into your Venmo app" and they've transferred money to themselves.

For this reason, Nofziger recommends signing out of your peer-to-peer payment apps when you're done using them.

7. Set up your phone to decline calls from people you don't know

To reduce your chances of answering phone calls from scammers, go into your phone settings and select the option to send unknown callers to voicemail. "That means that anybody that is not in your contacts that calls you will go directly to voicemail," says Nozfiger. "If it's important, [the caller] will leave a voicemail."

8. Be careful about what you post online

People can gather a lot of information from your social media accounts, says Richmond-Pope. If you share a birthday photo on your actual birthday with your age in the caption, people can find out your birth date. They can find out who your friends and family are by looking at your followers list and your tagged photos.

They can also find out when you're out of town. Your vacation photos on Instagram announce to the world that you are not home, she adds. "Most people are not posting their pictures two weeks after they come back. They're posting their pictures while they're on vacation."

If you do get scammed, make sure to report it, says Nofziger. And give yourself grace. "You were a victim of crime. End of story. You need help, kindness, empathy and guidance."

The audio was produced by Clare Marie Schneider. The digital story was edited by Malaka Gharib. The visual producer is Kaz Fantone.

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Home » Education » 5 Easy Tips to Complete Your School Assignments on Time

5 Easy Tips to Complete Your School Assignments on Time

Assignments are never easy, not until you have completed it within the allocated time. It can get challenging if you are facing a mountain of work from school which includes necessary reading, complex math problems, long essays, science projects or any other homework. In case you are facing difficulties with your assignments, you can get professional assistance from help with my homework services.

Table of Contents

Best Tips for Completing Your Homework On Time

Here are some handy tricks that will help you in completing your school assignments within time:

Acknowledging the importance of the assignment

You must first understand how important the assignment is. This will stimulate you to take it up and finish it, so that you can submit it on time. The significance of the assignments and its complexity may vary depending upon the submission date. Planning your work accordingly will help you to tackle all the assignments.

Creating a homework schedule

Before starting with your homework , you should make a plan. Creating a full- fledged schedule will be extremely helpful. It will help you to manage your time and submit your assignments on time.  You can make a list of all the work and then divide it in the number of days you have to complete it. At the end of it, you will be successful in finishing all the work without rushing.

Rewarding your progress

Promise to treat yourself to small rewards at the end of every target that you have set to complete your homework. You can write your goals on an index card with the target date and also a reward for sticking to that schedule. This is quite motivating and helps you to complete the work well within time as you keep looking forward to entertaining yourself with the set rewards.

Staying in touch with classmates and teachers

While doing your homework, you may come across problems or difficulties. If you stay in touch with your classmates you can sort such problems by giving them a call when in need. Your teachers can help you too. If you are unable to solve a particularly complex math problem or find it hard to understand any part of a book chapter, your teacher is the best person to go to.

They will guide you in the correct way and this will help you in completing the assignments. Another way to help you solve your math problems are online calculators such as derivative calculators for instance. Some of them show you the steps so you can understand the whole process.

Challenging yourself

The best way to get yourself do your school homework is to continuously challenge yourself into getting it done. You can begin by looking for different ways to enhance your knowledge base and your work’s performance as a student.

This will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve yourself. If you focus and motivate yourself into doing your work in an orderly manner, you would not have to worry about rushing to keep up with the time. If you hurry at the last moment, your work’s quality will get hampered and you will end up making errors.

These simple tips will help you in concentrating on carrying out your school assignments more productively and successfully.

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  2. AI Writing Detection

    THE Journal. In this episode of THE Journal Insider podcast, host and THEJournal.com editor Kristal Kuykendall welcomes two former teachers who have been working on AI writing tools at Turnitin, a plagiarism-detection software used by thousands of K-12 schools and institutions of higher education.

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  5. Should I say "taking the assignment" or "doing the assignment"?

    I also think that your question is very interesting. Maybe we use "taking" when we talk about something more official (it sounds more official in Polish; in Polish instead of "to take" we use a phrase "przystępować do") and "doing" when referring to something more usual, as assignments and homework? -

  6. View and navigate your assignments (student)

    Microsoft Teams for Education View both upcoming and completed assignments by class, or view them across all your classes. Selecting an assignment will allow you to view its details, turn it in, or view feedback and scores. You can also view your current grades by class. View and sort assignments within one class

  7. 8 Ways To Stay Motivated To Complete Assignments

    The breaks you take when writing assignments aren't a waste of time. They are meant to refresh your mind and body, which are essential if you want to keep your productivity high. You can either sit idle or take a walk. Taking a walk is a pretty good habit, as it can refresh your mind.

  8. How Do I Create Meaningful and Effective Assignments?

    Once you have determined your own goals for the assignment and the levels of your students, you can begin creating your assignment. However, when introducing your assignment to your students, there are several things you will need to clearly outline for them in order to ensure the most successful assignments possible.

  9. 24 X 7 Live Expert Help

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  10. How to do my assignment

    Best ways to do my Assignment efficiently. What are some tips that should be kept in mind to do my assignment. 1.Make a plan. 2.Read the assignment question. 3.Write an Outline. 4.Find Information. 5.Write. 6.Finally, Check Your Content. Some of the best time scheduling tips for students.

  11. I Have an Assignment Due Tomorrow, and I Haven't Started

    Priority. Having your assignment requirements prioritized is the best starting strategy if you need to complete an urgent assignment. If your assignment is due tomorrow, make sure you clear your schedule for today to achieve the timeline. To get the assignment done, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

  12. 13 Recommended Tips On How To Do An Assignment in a Day

    Make a list of all the points you wish to cover in your assignment. This stage ensures that you don't get caught in your thoughts and don't waste time reiterating your opinions when writing. 8. Form a Skeleton of your Assignment. Do you know what the skeleton of an assignment is?

  13. 10 essential tips on how to improve your assignment

    10+ Assignment Writing Rules: Work on the format and visuals Provide value through your content Verify information Polish introduction and conclusion Keep it simple Avoid plagiarism Choose appropriate titles Follow assignment guidelines Get feedback from others Proofread an edit seriously Get inspiration

  14. Do My Assignment for Me: Get Expert Help With Any Assignment

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  15. Assignments Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster

    Turn Off Your Phone Nowadays, if you want to ace your assignment, you need to turn off social media, notifications, and all those endless messages from your friends. Your phone beeping every minute is sure to take away your focus. You'll find yourself procrastinating and tasks will take much longer than they should.

  16. 10 Tips to Help Students do Their Assignments Perfectly

    Successful students always read different books and articles for adding their knowledge and information. Therefore, they are doing a great job while doing their assignments. Try this tip believe me it will really help you find what you are missing in your writing. 4. Research before writing.

  17. Assignment Time Calculator to help meet Deadlines

    Calculator for time needed to finish an assignment. To use this tool, please follow the instructions below. The cells marked in yellow should be amended to suit your specific situation. Check whether your assignment has a word count allowance. If so, then you just need to meet the minimum end of the range when you're pressed of time.

  18. Thinking "Who Will Do My Assignment Fast?" Here's the Answer

    "Who will do my assignment" is often the most asked questions among students who are struggling with deadline issues. If you are facing similar issues and wondering who can do your assignment as fast as possible, then read this article for great suggestions. There are lots of ways to do assignments fast; you need to follow certain smart ...

  19. What is your 3 most unforgettable experience at school and the lesson

    answer answered What is your 3 most unforgettable experience at school and the lesson that you have learned to what you did? Ex. I was the only one who forgot to accomplish the assignment in english. Lesson learned. I will check and do my assignment regularly Loved by our community 85 people found it helpful lucaspoeff Answer:

  20. Step-By-Step Guide- Best Way to Submit Assignments

    Upload: Select your assignment file from your computer. Create: You can also create your assignment document on the web using the text editor option. Click Submit to finish. Optional: If students want to resubmit an assignment, then they can click on the re-submit button and follow the same steps above.

  21. 8 simple things you can do to protect yourself from getting scammed

    Richmond-Pope and Nofziger share eight simple things you can take to protect yourself from getting conned. 1. Regularly check your bank accounts for fraud. Look through your accounts, especially ...

  22. Quora

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

  23. Let's Try This Unforgettable Experiences Suggested Time ...

    Most Unforgettable Experience Lesson Learned School NOOR Ex:/ was the only one who forgot Ex: I will check and do my to accomplish the assignment in assignment regularly. English. DepED 1 2. 3. Community Ex. Our district won the "Cleanest Purok Award". We helped in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of our place. Ex.

  24. Ex: I was the only one who forgot to accomplish the ...

    Ex: I will check and do my assignment regularly. MOST UNFORGETABBLE EXPERIENCE LESSONLEARNED school: 1 1 2 2 3. 3 Community: MOST UNFORGETTABLE EXPERENCE Ex. Our district won the "Cleanest Purok Award". We helped in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of our place. LESSON LEARNED Ex. We can do our part in little ways to contribute in our ...

  25. 5 Easy Tips to Complete Your School Assignments on Time

    Creating a full- fledged schedule will be extremely helpful. It will help you to manage your time and submit your assignments on time. You can make a list of all the work and then divide it in the number of days you have to complete it. At the end of it, you will be successful in finishing all the work without rushing.