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30 Wedding Seating Chart Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Replace escort cards with a seating assignment display that shows off your personality.

Emily is a former editorial assistant for MarthaStewart.com.

ideas for assigned seating at wedding

While escort cards suit some wedding aesthetics, a single, seamless chart can often be a better fit for your vision (or venue). If you use a single diagram, map, or list to direct guests to their tables, then custom menus or personalized favors placed at each setting can indicate specific seats (you can also allow guests to choose their own spots as they get to know their seatmates).

A seating chart can also add a memorable statement detail to your wedding décor. Your shared hobbies and interests—sports, sailing, and favorite cities—can all provide inspiration, and so can a color palette, mixed materials, or unique textures. See how real couples incorporated glass, copper, wood, fabric, and a variety of other elements into creative wedding seating chart ideas.

Copper Pipe Wedding Seating Chart

A couple who were introduced by a mutual friend beside a school water fountain included a cheeky nod to the location with a seating chart made from copper piping (prettier than any piping we've ever seen inside a wall).

Nautical Wedding Seating Chart

The couple's favorite song and waterfront venue inspired their seating chart, which included guests' names calligraphed onto the sails of small, vintage model sailboats.

Rainbow Wedding Seating Chart

At a "retro beach rainbow"-themed wedding, guests found their seating assignment according to color, not number, on an installation designed by the bride and built by the groomsmen.

Mountain Wedding Seating Chart

After reaching this couple's mountaintop ceremony site by chairlift, the seating chart—which read "The mountains are calling"—was an appropriate touch.

Etched Glass Wedding Seating Chart

This double-layered seating chart, which included a frosted panel in front of the etched panel for depth, was decorated with trailing greenery.

Textile-Inspired Wedding Seating Chart

Small blue leather triangles, each etched with a guests' name and table number, were arranged to mimic the layout of a classic Pendleton blanket at this Nebraska wedding .

Black Wedding Seating Chart

This couple used three different tents for their cocktail hour, reception, and after-party, purposefully incorporating every color of the rainbow into the layout. A sleek black seating chart let the florals and lighting shine.

Full-Length Mirror Wedding Seating Chart

Ornate full-length mirrors surrounded by lush florals—and calligraphed with the guests' table assignments—were an opulent accent to the rustic exposed brick and gravel pathways at this venue.

Potted Plant Wedding Seating Chart

A backyard wedding may not offer space for an expansive escort card display, but a shelf of potted plants—with each pot displaying the guests assigned to a different table—looks right at home.

Glass Jug Wedding Seating Chart

Rich wood tones, seaglass-inspired jugs, bright fruit, and casual handwriting lent a vacation vibe to this beachfront wedding.

Blue Floral Wedding Seating Chart

These brides kept their seating chart simple and chic with a bold blue shade, which they repeated throughout the decor, a line-drawn floral element, and contrasting white text.

Golden Gate Bridge Wedding Seating Chart

At a venue surrounded by views of the Golden Gate Bridge , the iconic structure inspired many of the day's illustrations—including the seating chart, where acrylic panels with guests' names sat atop a custom image.

Handmade Wedding Seating Chart

The bride's father crafted this handmade seating chart from wood salvaged from his North Carolina farm.

National Park Wedding Seating Chart

Tables at this wedding were named for the couple's favorite national parks, and guests' names were calligraphed in copper on dark leather by Jessica Lee Calligraphy .

Greenery Wedding Seating Chart

This simple seating chart gets an extra dose of elegance thanks to the surrounding boxwood greenery.

Rustic Arrangements Wedding Seating Chart

This wood and lettering seating chart at this couple's rustic, outdoor wedding reception was decorated with lanterns and floral accents.

Mirror Display Wedding Seating Chart

This display—which was inspired by Snow White —featured gold-rimmed mirrors stuck in a wall of greenery and blooms.

Scroll Wedding Seating Chart

Inspired by a classic, regal scroll (with paper swapped for fabric), this seating chart was comprised of a rich velvet base and held gold assignments calligraphed by Perfect Fête Designs .

Lucite Wedding Seating Chart

Four elegant Lucite slabs lit by votive candles displayed the seating arrangements at this reception.

Illustrated Wedding Seating Chart

Hand-watercolored artwork by Emily Baker Studio topped seating-assignment cards with illustrations related to the wedding's venue and the groom's heritage.

Record Wedding Seating Chart

LB Events owner Hallie Slate fulfilled a bride's request for a music-inspired seating chart by using spray-painted, vintage records. The bride's sister (Kenzie of Details, Darling ) then calligraphed each with the guests' names.

Transparent Wedding Seating Chart

Martha's niece used this floating display for her wedding. The chart itself was made from Plexiglas and was held from barn rafters using barely-there fishing wire.

Window Wedding Seating Chart

A father of a bridesmaid made this seating chart by placing a piece of glass in a window frame, while the bridesmaid added the details using a white paint marker.

Sporty Wedding Seating Chart

This tennis-loving couple turned their seating chart into sports brackets. The fun display was printed on navy vinyl.

Album Wedding Seating Chart

Album sleeves from some of the couple's favorite bands made this casual seating chart pop. Guests could hear the albums, too, since they were played throughout cocktail hour and dinner.

Milled Wood Wedding Seating Chart

This calligraphed cut of locally-milled wood served as an eye-catching seating chart (and decoration, too).

Citrus Wedding Seating Chart

This white structure—complete with greenery and lemons—made a statement in this outdoor space.

Easel Wedding Seating Chart

Grit & Grace made this formal blue-and-white seating chart, which was supported by a clear easel. "Having the seating chart was a last-minute decision," said the celebration's bride, but "it turned out to be a really cool addition to the wedding."

Simple Wedding Seating Chart

This wooden seating chart features tables named after Hawaiian islands (perfect for the couple's island celebration) and a welcoming pineapple illustration.

Chic Wedding Seating Chart

The bride designed this seating chart by borrowing elements from her invitation suite.

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60 Wedding Seating Chart Ideas to Inspire an Epic Seating Plan

pink floral seating chart with velvet sofa

  • Hannah writes and edits articles for The Knot Worldwide, with a focus on real wedding coverage.
  • Hannah has a passion for DE&I and plays an integral role in ensuring The Knot content highlights all voices and all love stories.
  • Prior to The Knot Worldwide, Hannah was the Social Media Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding seating charts are an incredibly important part of a wedding reception. Seating charts act as crowd control, disseminating key information to guests about where their reception home base will be all evening, so you don't have to worry about everyone knowing where to go. You want all attendees to enjoy themselves and be as in the know as possible as they move throughout your wedding celebration, and wedding seating charts are an integral component in that undertaking. And, as an added bonus, a well-designed seating chart can also be an important piece of wedding décor, making a special statement that complements your color palette and theme.

We gathered all the out-of-the-box seating chart inspiration images you'll need to dream up your own creative wedding seating chart. Plus, we tapped some wedding industry experts to answer your most pressing seating arrangement questions.

In this story:

Colorful Seating Chart Ideas

Floral and greenery seating charts, classic and refined seating chart ideas, boho seating charts, industrial and eclectic seating chart ideas, rustic wood seating charts, elegant linen seating chart ideas, glamorous mirror seating charts, dramatic black and blue seating chart ideas, modern glass and acrylic seating charts, wedding seating chart faqs, 1. tropical teal seating chart.

Tropical seating chart board at beach wedding

Tropical leaves added even more greenery to this teal display at a beach wedding in Hawaii .

2. Seating Chart with Modern Shapes

Colorful geometric seating chart at poolside Palm Springs wedding

For this Palm Springs wedding , wedding guest seating assignments were written on colorful shapes suspended from a copper frame.

3. Suspended Pink Acrylic Signs

Hanging pink acrylic seating chart

The wedding table seating chart at this wedding was a pink acrylic display hung amongst plants.

4. Minimalist Painted Seating Chart

Painted acrylic seating chart

Pink and red abstract shapes were painted on the back of this translucent table plan.

5. Orange Ombre

Orange ombre seating chart

An ombre of orange signs served as the wedding table seating chart for this celebration.

6. Pink Wood Wedding Sign

Hot pink seating chart

To customize this pink display, illustrations served as table names, instead of traditional wedding table numbers.

7. Boho Pink Seating Chart

Acrylic seating chart hanging amongst boho pink decorations

At this laid-back fete, an acrylic seating chart hung amongst boho pink decorations and garlands.

8. Prismatic Meets Geometric

Colorful acrylic shapes hanging as part of a seating chart

Colorful acrylic shapes were strung together for this kaleidescope-inspired seating chart.

9. Greenery Arch

Seating chart surrounded by greenery arches

This wedding seating plan was framed by a trio of greenery arches.

10. Wall of Ivy

DIY kraft paper seating chart hung on ivy wall

A wall of ivy ensconced this DIY seating chart written on brown kraft-style paper.

11. Freestanding Seating Chart

Seating chart suspended from gold structure and covered in greenery

Instead of using a traditional easel, freestanding metal frames held these calligraphy-adorned seating charts.

12. Seating Chart with Moss and Hydrangea

Seating chart on moss wall with hydrangea and eucalyptus accents

A moss wall anchored this trio of seating arrangement signs while hydrangea, eucalyptus and roses rounded out the display.

13. Tropical Round Seating Chart

Round seating chart with tropical greenery in the background

A round frame and small seating chart cards ensured this wedding venue's tropical greenery was on display.

14. Sprawling Greenery

Large white seating chart display with greenery decorations

Greenery encased most of this dramatic white seating chart creating a secret-garden-inspired feel.

15. Simple Blue Table Plan

Romantic calligraphed blue seating chart

Ask your wedding planner to display your seating chart prominently at the entrance to your wedding reception to ensure all guests have a chance to stop by.

16. Oversize Black-and-White Board

Large black-and-white seating chart with floral accents

Don't leave a large seating chart display, like this one, to the last minute. Proper planning is needed to pull off a dramatic seating chart.

17. Simple Yellow Seating Chart

Simple yellow seating chart on easel

An easel, placed at the entry to the wedding reception, held this couple's simple yellow seating chart.

18. Elegant Wood Sign with Calligraphy

Wood seating chart with calligraphy

This painted wood board with wedding guest table assignments was finished off with the couple's names written in calligraphy.

19. All-White Seating Chart

White seating chart with greenery accents

White stationery layered atop a white board brought a refined feel to this seating chart, which was finished off with loose greenery.

20. Three Signs

Seating chart made up of three individual signs.

Your table plan doesn't have to only use one board or sign. This seating chart made use of three complementary signs.

21. Boho Beaded Seating Chart

Boho seating chart with wood beads

Boho beads adorned this seating chart, which also featured subtle watercolor-inspired brush stroke details.

22. Glass Jar Seating Plan

Glass bottle with calligraphy as seating chart

Instead of a flat, traditional seating chart, this couple has guests' names written on glass jars.

23. Grouping of Seating Charts

Moroccan-inspired seating charts

A grouping of five seating charts, featuring a Moroccan-inspired pattern border, ushered guests to their seats at this wedding reception.

24. Clay Jars

Calligraphed clay pots as seating chart

This is not the type of display you should try to DIY. Tap your wedding planner and calligrapher to help pull off a vignette inspired by this boho creation.

25. Laser-Cut Wood

Laser-cut wood seating chart hanging from copper frame

Instead of painting guests' names onto wood, this couple had seating assingments laser engraved into their boho wood signage.

26. Industrial Copper-Inspired Sign

Copper-hued wood seating chart

Although this wedding table seating chart was made of wood, the seating chart's copper-inspired look felt right at home at this industrial wedding.

27. Moody Table Assignments

Moody blue-and-black seating chart trio

Three signs propped against a brick wall helped lead VIPS, family members and wedding guests to their seats at this wedding reception .

28. Floorplan

Floorpan-inspired seating chart with copper frame

This seating chart doubled as a floorplan, letting wedding guests know exactly where under the tent their tables were located.

29. Rustic Meets Tropical

Wood seating chart with floral accents

These rustic wood signs got a tropical upgrade with the help of vibrant fresh flowers.

30. Gray Wood Seating Chart

Gray-washed wood seating chart

Guests' names and the couple's calligraphy monogram were displayed on a gray-washed wood sign at this outdoor California wedding .

31. Rustic Pennants

Rustic wood seating chart with pennant-inspired stationery

12 pennant-shaped signs, with watercolor calligraphy, directed wedding guests, VIPs and family members to their table assignments at this wedding reception .

32. Wood Hutch Seating Chart Display

Seating chart displayed on top of wood hutch

A wood hutch served as a shelf to hold a grouping of seating charts at this wedding .

33. Wood Crates with Glass Growlers

Wood crates with glass growlers for seating chart display

Wood crates, sunflowers and hand-lettered glass growlers worked together to create a rustic seating chart display at this couple's wedding.

34. Charcuterie-Inspired Seating Chart

Hand-lettered wood cutting boards for seating chart display

Charcuterie lovers, pay homage to your favorite snacks with a cheese board and wine seating chart vignette.

35. Wood Panels

Wood panels atop wood farm table for seating chart display

A grouping of five wood panels, bearing guests' names and table assingments, sat atop a farm table at one couple's rustic celebration.

36. Linen Sign Duo

Linen seating chart mounted on wood board

As you're deciding how to make a wedding seating chart, it's a great idea to look to your wedding invitations for inspiration . If you're using a unique material, such as cloth, in your wedding invitations then bring that same material into your wedding seating chart design.

37. Illustrated Linen Seating Chart

Linen seating chart with tropical illustrations

The illustrations seen on this linen sign mirrored the motifs first introduced in this couple's wedding invitations for their Tulum, Mexico, wedding .

38. Simple Linen Seating Chart

Linen seating chart at rustic wedding in the woods

A single alphabetical list of names conveyed seating arrangements at this woodsy wedding reception.

39. Linen and Calligraphy

Linen seating chart with calligraphy and greenery decorations

A calligraphy directive to "Find Your Seat" ushered wedding guests to this customized linen sign.

40. Mirrors on the Beach

Two mirrored seating charts on the beach

Two silver mirrors with calligraphy bore guests' names and table assignments at one couple's beachside wedding day.

41. Ornate Mirrors with Calligraphy

Calligraphed gold mirrors used as seating charts

Three gold-framed mirrors were used as part of this couple's wedding seating plan.

42. Over-the-Top Mirror

Large gold mirror seating chart

A huge gilded mirror reinforced this wedding's glamorous aesthetic.

43. Outdoor Mirror Seating Chart

Mirror seating chart under tree

Instead of using an easel, this mirror seating chart was propped up against a tree.

44. Glam Black and Gold

Glam black-and-gold metallic seating chart

An arched design made this metallic black-and-gold seating chart even more luxurious.

45. Chalkboard Seating Chart

Chalkboard seating chart with floral accents

For DIY-minded couples, consider using a chalkboard for a casual, but impactful, seating chart.

46. Neon Sign

Black seating chart with neon sign and colorful flowers

A modern custom neon sign made this black-and-white seating chart even edgier.

47. Modern Black Signs

Black seating chart on wire mess frame with flower accents

Black signs were mounted to a mesh metal display for this cool seating chart.

48. Watercolor Backdrop

Blue paneled seating chart

Three blue seating chart signs were layered atop two watercolor-inspired signs for a dramatic decor moment at this Michigan wedding .

Peacock themed save-the-dates

49. Gold Frames

Glass frame seating chart display

Miniature gold frames bore wedding guest seating assignments at this wedding.

50. Rustic Acrylic

Acrylic seating chart for rustic woodsy wedding

While acrylic is typically used with modern, minimalist design, two acrylic seating charts looked perfectly at home at this rustic, woodsy wedding .

51. Rooftop Wedding Reception

Acrylic seating chart at urban rooftop wedding

At this rooftop wedding celebration, an acrylic seating chart made sure the signage didn't detract from the epic city views.

52. Romantic Calligraphy

Hanging acrylic seating chart with calligraphy

Calligraphy reinforced the elegant garden vibe of this hanging acrylic seating chart.

53. Monogram and Greenery

Acrylic seating chart with monogram

Eucalyptus, peonies and a traditional monogram brought a classic feel to this wedding table seating chart.

54. 3D Seating Chart

Glam 3D seating chart with roses and gold mirrors

While seating charts are often less interactive than escort card displays , that certainly doesn't have to be the case, as evidenced here.

55. Modern and Minimal

Modern acrylic seating chart with monogram

Seating charts don't have to be huge displays, this small tabletop sign was petite, yet stunning.

56. Fresh Flowers

Calligraphed acrylic seating chart with fresh flowers

Large blooms finished off this calligraphy-centric acrylic seating chart.

57. Tropical Seating Chart

Leaf-shaped copper acrylic seating chart

Acrylic seating charts don't need to be square, these acrylic leaves reinforced the Florida wedding's tropical aesthetic.

58. Layered Signage

Acrylic seating chart layered atop greenery wall

Acrylic layered atop a greenery wall, and accented with lights, brought a modern vibe to this garden-inspired display.

59. Simple Hand-Lettering

Calligraphed acrylic seating chart

Calligraphy and hand-lettering are a fun way to add a bit of personality to a simple seating chart.

60. Clean and Crisp Acrylic Signage

Modern acrylic seating chart with white flower accents

This refined acrylic seating chart is a great reminder that pared-down, elegant designs are absolutely timeless.

What's the difference between an escort card, place card and seating chart?

An escort card is an object , meant to be taken by wedding guests, displaying attendee names and table assignments. A seating chart similarly disseminates table assignments, but via a stationary display for guests to look at, but not interact with. If used, place cards tell wedding guests which specific seat at their table belongs to them.

"A seating chart is a (much more beautiful) version of a mall directory that guests can reference to find out where they're sitting during the reception. They're often displayed in a central location that all guests will pass by at some point, and often categorized by table number or by guests' last names," says Ashley Lachney of Alston Mayger Events . Along the same line, Dena Cohen of The Planning Society explains that, "both seating charts and escort cards direct guests to a specific table. A seating chart lists your guests' names in alphabetical order with the table number next to the name or grouped together according to table number, for all guests to see. It can create an unexpected and fun entrance into the event space. Seating charts can be personalized , monogrammed and calligraphed on a variety of formats—acrylic boards, mirrors, wood, fabric, glass, chalkboards, specialty paper, etc. Escort cards are typically the more formal of the two seating methods at a wedding or event and can be customized to the couple's special story, theme, colors or season. Creativity and unique ideas are endless. Escort cards can be organized alphabetically on a table, arranged against a backdrop or hung from greenery, florals, twine or even a chandelier. Each escort card will have the guest's name or couple's name and table number included and will allow for guests to take the card with them and can also serve as a favor. Some escort cards can also include the guests' meal option." She goes on to note that if you want to go a step further in formality, "you can place a personalized table card (or place card) at each place setting, so your guests know exactly where they are sitting at the table."

When should you make a wedding seating chart?

While a seating chart can't be finalized until all your RSVPs are in , you should certainly begin the preliminary planning process early. Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events advises couples to start early. "Generally, you should be able to create a rough plan for seating while you're waiting for your RSVPs to come in. Getting a head start on this will save a lot of grief as you approach the big day. If you do about 80 percent of the work while you're waiting for responses, all you'll need to do is make some small adjustments once you've received all RSVP cards ."

How do you make a seating chart for a wedding?

Thankfully, there are plenty of online wedding planning tools out there (and wedding seating chart templates) to help with the actual task of assigning seats. From AllSeated.com to WeddingWire's seating chart tool , these online resources give you the ability to look at a diagram of your reception and drag and drop to assign tables. Before even getting to that stage, it's a great idea to add notations to your RSVP spreadsheet to help categorize attendees. Whether you add a column to signal how you know a given person or color code based on whether they're family, a college friend or a work colleague, starting to group guests early on will make it easier to assign seats. Of course, if you're more of a tactile person, the paper plate method is a trusted option. Lay out a collection of paper plates on your table and use flag sticky notes to decide who sits where. To save space, you could even get your reception floor plan enlarged and printed on a poster board before using sticky notes to play around with potential table assignments.

Should a seating chart be organized alphabetically or by table?

This is a hotly debated question and even industry professionals are split as to which style of seating plan is best. Generally speaking, arranging your guest list alphabetically is the more efficient method, but for a very small guest list, couples can consider making an exception to organize by table number.

Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events advises couples to "always always always organize a seating chart alphabetically by the last name. If it is organized by table, as I have seen in photos, it takes guests a longer time to find their name and table assignment, and staring at a poster is no way to spend a cocktail hour. Listing guests by table causes a bottleneck, and generally, it is not a pleasant guest experience." Shannon Ducker of Shannon Rose Events agrees that when it comes to large guest counts, alphabetical is the only logical organization method. "For guest counts of 100 guests or fewer, it's perfectly acceptable to organize a seating chart by table if the design lends itself better to that method. For any events larger than 100 guests, you should always organize alphabetically so that guests can find their seating assignment more easily." Ducker goes on to suggest that seating charts list parties and not individual guests as this "allows for couples and families to find their table faster since they are only having to look once for their table."

Escort Card Ideas & Displays for Your Reception

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12 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Ace your reception seating by following our expert advice.

ideas for assigned seating at wedding

Jaimie Mackey was the real weddings editor at Brides from 2013 to 2015. She also worked as a luxury wedding planner and produced over 100 high-end weddings and events in Colorado

ideas for assigned seating at wedding

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

While assigned seating at a wedding certainly isn't mandatory, most couples do opt to create a wedding seating chart for their big day. At any kind of sit-down dinner affair—including your wedding reception —assigned seats just tend to make things simpler. To begin with, it ensures each table will be filled to max capacity. And without assigned seating, for plated dinner service especially, things can quickly get confusing for the staff. In fact, many wedding reception venues actually require assigned reception seating.

Deciding on seating arrangements for your wedding guests can seem overwhelming at first—and trust us, we hear you. Planner Chanda Daniels of A Monique Affair points out that a good starting place is consulting with the venue before beginning the seating chart. "Ask for several layouts based on the guest count to see what the options are, including the plotting of dance floors, photo booths, etc.," she suggests. "That will help you determine where to seat the guests."

Meet the Expert

Chanda Daniels is a wedding planner and the founder and creative director of A Monique Affair .

And remember: Once you get into the swing of things, the process can actually be a good time! Daniels recommends doing it together on a Saturday morning with brunch. "Put the names on index cards and start working on it like a puzzle," she recommends. "Then sit with it for a day or two before it’s actually due. Once you make it final, [send] it to your planner.  And remember to have fun!"

To help the two of you get started, we've created the ultimate guide to planning out your wedding seating chart. With these expert rules of thumb and expert tips, you'll have it figured out in no time.

Pick Table Shapes


Before you start seating guests, you'll need to have a game plan for your tables, generally, as the size and shape will dictate how many guests can be seated at each one. When it comes to reception layout and table shapes , typically there are four standard options: Round, rectangle, oval, and square. Different table shapes have their own benefits, too. Rectangular tables can fit a greater seated capacity into a space, and it's easier for guests to talk across them. Round tables, on the other hand, are the most traditional option and afford your guests more legroom.

Keep Your Friends Close

Photo by Mon Soleil

A head table with your wedding party (and their dates) is a great way to acknowledge their special role and ensure you're surrounded by your BFFs during the reception. Opting for a sweetheart table ? Have your wedding party "host" tables instead. Seat them with their dates and a group of other mutual friends. They should be seated at the third-best tables in the room: The first is your sweetheart table, the second-best table is for your parents, and the third nearest table is for your wedding party. (Near the dance floor, naturally!)

Figure Out Where Your Parents Will Sit

mgstudyo / Getty Images

Traditionally, all of the parents will share a table at the reception, along with grandparents and any siblings that aren't in the wedding party. This gives everyone another chance to get to know each other and bask in the glow of your special day. While all of your guests will be thrilled to be there and share in your celebrations, no one will likely be as overjoyed as your parents—which is a wonderful thing for them to share together.

Of course, things can get tricky when you're dealing with divorced parents (or other more complex family circumstances). If things are tense between certain key individuals, consider having two tables that are equally close to the head table and then put one at each table. That way, no one feels uncomfortable or left out. Another option: Consider seating them at the same rectangular table but at opposite ends (and try to make the table long ).

Enlist Your Parents' Help to Seat Their Friends

Photo by Love Is My Favorite Color

If you have no idea where to seat your parents' close friends, ask your mother and future mother-in-law (or whoever is closest to them) to help arrange those tables—they'll be happy to be involved. Generally, it's helpful to involve your parents in the seating chart process. If there's room at the family table(s), for example, they're sure to have an opinion on which close friends or other extended family members they might like to have seated at their table. And if there will be another family-and-friends table nearby, they may want to help choose those guests, too.

Organize Guests by Groups


Once you've finalized who's coming, step one is to start grouping guests according to how you know them, such as family members, high school friends, college friends, work friends , etc. This doesn't mean you have to sit them according to the group, but a picture will start to form of who already knows each other and gets along.

In addition to grouping your guests by how you know them, you can also consider your guests' age, interests, and backgrounds. "People who have kids around the same age, people who traveled to be at the wedding—find the commonality within people so they can have things to talk about, again like putting together the perfect puzzle," says Daniels. Try to make everyone feel comfortable by offering a mix of familiar and new faces at each table. And, of course, be tactful: Absolutely avoid seating people together who you know don't get along.

Skip the Singles Table

If you've been dying to fix your old coworker up with your cousin, you might take this opportunity to discreetly seat them next to each other. But resist the urge to create a separate "singles" table, which might embarrass your guests. Also, don't seat your unmarried friend at a table full of married couples. Use your best judgment, and try to be sensitive to guests' feelings.

Consider a Kids' Table

James Brokensha Photography / Getty Images

If you have several children as guests at your wedding, one strategy is to seat them together at a separate kids' table, where you can even have engaging activities and/or crafts to keep them occupied. And, while it might be tempting to put the babies in a corner, definitely do not put the kids' table too far away from where their parents are sitting. Younger children might get anxious when they look around and don't see their parents anywhere (and vice versa). On the other hand, if your flower girl and ring bearer are the only children present, seat them with their parents.

Keep the Venue in Mind

Photo by KT Merry

It's easy to get caught up in who's sitting where, but just don't forget to give your VIPs the best seats in the house so they have a clear view of all the action and can jump into the celebration. Also, remember that older guests may want to be a little farther from the band (and not near a speaker). Guests in wheelchairs or those who need more mobility should be seated at tables that are either closer to one of the edges of the room or closer to the dance floor, so they’ll have plenty of space to maneuver as needed.

Seat younger guests who will be dancing all night near the band or the DJ, so they have easy access to the dance floor.

Make a Digital Seating Chart

Sites including WeddingWire , AllSeated , and Wedding Mapper make it incredibly easy to design a seating chart online. As an added bonus, these sites have drag 'n' drop seating options, which makes it so simple to arrange (and rearrange) to your heart's content. You can also customize the templates and try out different table options. AllSeated even has an extensive library of dimensions for actual venues; if yours is included, you can select it and the dimensions will auto-populate. In addition to customizing layouts for tables and seats, you can add other space-consuming setups—such as bar locations or additional seating areas—to really get a sense of how the space will flow.

Create a Physical Seating Chart

Photo by Michelle Beller Photography

For couples who would prefer to make a wedding seating chart that's tactile, you can use one or more poster boards to create a physical layout you can play around with until you've found the right mix. (This is also where Daniels' index card idea comes in handy). After you decide on what type of tables you want and where they'll be located, based on the dimensions of your venue , sketch them on the poster board. To save a lot of do-overs, keep things neat by writing each guest's name on a Post-It and then simply stick (and unstick) guests in different seating arrangements. Another option: A large whiteboard and dry-erase markers.

Consider Assigning Tables Only (Not Seats)

Photo by M. Hart Photography

If you're still not into an assigned seating master plan, why not consider assigning tables—without specific seats—instead? This way your wedding guests will still have some direction but can make their own choices, too, and no one will be scrambling for seats when you’re about to make your grand entrance . Just as you would with an assigned wedding seating chart, put thought into who you’ll be grouping together to make sure everyone’s got someone to talk to and will have a good time. If you forego assigned seats or tables, just make sure your elderly guests always have a designated place to sit down.

If you plan on having a formal sit-down meal with wait staff service, assigning tables instead of specific seats may not be your best option. Venues will often require place cards for formal dining to subtly indicate which guests will be receiving which meal.

Convey All Table Assignments Clearly


When it comes to actually telling your guests where to sit, the goal for wedding table cards or place cards is to find that sweet spot between creativity and ease of use. Tented or envelope cards are the most traditional and can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on the type of tables you’re working with. Table assignment signs and charts can also work well. Arranging guests’ names in alphabetical order (versus grouped by table) means they’ll be able to find their seats faster than if they had to read every table arrangement on the list to figure out where to go.

Opting for one or two long tables for everyone? A diagram with numbered seats, accompanied by an alphabetical list of guests’ names and seat numbers, will get them in place with ease. A font that’s easier to read is always welcome, for any sort of signage.

The bottom line: Having some sort of wedding seating plan, even if it's just table assignments, will make your reception flow that much more smoothly.

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The 13 Best Seating Charts for the Design-Oriented Couple

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Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding seating chart ideas.

Everything you need to know to direct guests to their dinner tables.

  • 26 Creative Seating Chart Ideas
  • Seating Chart Etiquette and FAQs

By Minted | Last Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Escort cards are a traditional way to direct guests to their assigned dinner table. The individual cards are printed with each guest’s name and table number, and the cards are typically arranged neatly on a table near the reception entrance.

But if escort cards aren’t quite in line with your wedding vision, then a single wedding seating chart might better suit your style. Make sure to check out our guide on how to create your seating chart .

If you prefer something more straightforward, opt for a target="_blank">large seating chart sign that lists guests’ names in alphabetical order, along with their table number assignment. Up for a DIY project? Keep reading for unique seating chart ideas.

Seating Chart sign


Consider the overall wedding theme and style when choosing a unique seating chart idea. Get creative and have fun with it, as it adds a special touch to your wedding decor and guest experience.

While most of our display ideas won’t have a huge impact on your venue, consider asking about ideal wedding seating chart placement when you tour the space .

Seating Chart Sign

Display an elegant wedding seating chart sign at cocktail hour so guests can peruse and locate their dinner table while enjoying a beverage. Be sure to display the sign at the eye level. You’ll also want to position it in a spot where guests can easily gather around without hindering traffic flow. Minted’s new seating chart signs come in two different large-format sizes (16" x 20" and 18" x 24") and guests’ names can be arranged by table number (as shown) or in alphabetical order, whichever makes the most sense for your guest list.

Shop Minted’s Seating Chart Signs

Someone Like You seating chart by Design Lotus

“ Someone Like You ” seating chart by Design Lotus

Paper Scroll Seating Chart

We love this oversize take on an elegant paper scroll. Guests’ names and assigned table numbers were calligraphed onto a large roll of paper. The scroll was draped over a stone wall along the path to the reception, then anchored with candlelit lanterns and fresh greenery.

Paper Scroll Seating Chart

Photo: Thecablook Fotolab

Window Panes Seating Chart

This seating chart is a stylish and creative repurpose of a pair of hinged wood-frame windows. Each glass window pane lists the numbered table numbers, along with the guests assigned to sit there.

Window Panes Seating Chart

Photo: The Sanadas / Marianne Wilson Photography

Serving Trays Seating Chart Display

Turn simple serving trays into an elegant seating chart display with some chalkboard paint and a white-ink pen. Source a variety of serving trays in different shapes and sizes; then, paint the centers using chalkboard paint. Once dry, write everyone’s seating assignment and display the serving trays on small tabletop stands. This look would pair nicely with black and white wedding invitations .

Serving Trays Seating Chart Display

Photo: Nicole Baas Photography

Mirror Seating Chart

This chic seating chart display is a trio of mirrors at varying heights, each lettered with guests’ names and seating assignments (names were arranged in alphabetical order by first name). Cascading blush and white flowers add softness, while the dozens and dozens of flickering candles cast a romantic glow (and also help with readability!). This seating chart style adds elegance to your floral/botanical wedding theme.

Mirror Seating Chart

Photo: Raquel Benito

Translucent Cube Seating Chart

For a modern wedding seating chart display, we love this series of stacked acrylic boxes. Each translucent cube lists a different table number, along with the names of the guests assigned to that table. Stack the boxes on a table in numerical order and accent them with rosebuds and petals.

Translucent Cube Seating Chart

Photo: Loft Photography

Photo Seating Chart

Such a creative way to guide guests to their seats: Print a photo of each guest (grab a good one from their Instagram or Facebook page), along with their name and table number. Affix them to a freestanding display for everyone to browse during cocktail hour. This is also a great way to help guests mingle and get to know each other—it will certainly help put faces to names.

Photo Seating Chart

Photo: Ryan Ray Photography

Mix-and-Match Seating Display

This seating chart display combines an eclectic mix of elements like terra-cotta planters, glass and ceramic vases, agate slices, and mirrors. All elements are hand-lettered with guests’ names and table numbers. An inviting neon sign adds ambiance to this boho-style installation. Be sure to read through our additional bohemian wedding ideas .

Mix-and-Match Seating Display

Photo: Anna Delores Photography

Bud Vases Seating Display

For a stylish twist to a seating chart, fill clear-glass bud vases with a single bloom in your wedding’s color palette, like these pretty dahlias and ranunculuses. Write guests’ names and table numbers on each vase and display them on a table at cocktail hour in alphabetical order.

Bud Vases Seating Display

Photo: Joel Serrato

River Rocks Seating Display

Draw inspiration for your seating chart display from nature and your wedding setting. If you’re tying the knot by the water or in a wooded setting, we love this idea incorporating river rocks. Write each guest’s name on a rock with a white-ink pen and arrange the rocks on vintage trays according to their assigned table number. This look works nicely with a rustic theme or vintage theme .

River Rocks Seating Display

Photo: Michelle Lillywhite Photography

Fruit Baskets Seating Display

Such a sweet (and delicious!) way to show guests to their seats! Feature mini berry baskets, filled with ripe strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries that also bear a small card printed with each guest’s name and table number. Invite guests to snack on the sweet treats as they make their way to the reception.

Fruit Baskets Seating Display

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher

Bookshelf Seating Display

This is perfect seating chart idea for a pair of book lovers. To achieve this look, cover hardcover books with white butcher paper or brown kraft paper. Then write guests’ seating assignments on the front cover and display the books on wood shelves during cocktail hour for guests to browse.

Bookshelf Seating Display

Photo: Megan Welker

Map Seating Chart

Pay homage to your home state(s) with a map-themed seating chart like this one, with tables named after California cities and neighborhoods that were meaningful to the couple.

Map Seating Chart

Photo: Sara Weir Photography

Embroidery Hoop Seating Display

Such a charming way to guide guests to their reception table! Feature embroidery hoops bearing guests’ names and table assignments, individually cross-stitched and hung from twine with clothespins.

Embroidery Hoop Seating Display

Photo: Jeff Loves Jessica

Shot Glass Seating Display

Your guests will enjoy this interactive seating display idea. This couple filled Himalayan sea salt shot glasses, which were calligraphed with each guest’s name, with tequila and topped them with a slice of lime that also noted their table number. We’ll drink to that!

wedding dinner table set up in backyard

Photo: Shot Glass Seating Display

Framed Rustic Seating Chart

If you’re planning a rustic wedding , this wood-framed seating display is the perfect complement (and won’t be very hard to DIY!). Print out table assignments and attach them to chicken wire with mini clothespins. Embellish the corners of the frame with greenery and flowers , then place the seating chart display in a prominent place at cocktail hour so guests can locate their seat.

Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography

Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography

Vintage Typewriter Seating Chart

Nothing says "vintage wedding" quite like a seating chart typed out on an old-fashioned typewriter. If possible, source an old typewriter in a color that complements your wedding palette, or display a vase of blooms next to it to tie the overall look together. If your wedding is large and all the names won’t fit on a single page, frame the other typed-out seating-chart pages and place them next to the typewriter to keep the traffic flow smooth.

Photo: Q Weddings

Photo: Q Weddings

Pine Cone Seating Display

Planning a winter wedding ? Add some creative wintry touches to your celebration as a nod to the season. For example, collect pine cones on your winter walks and use them to create a festive seating card display. You could use the pine cones as card holders and prop the cards on top, or simply arrange the cards alongside the cones on a wood table. You may also draw inspiration from our Christmas flowers and greenery guide .

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Seed Packet Seating Chart Idea

If you’re tying the knot during the spring , include wildflower seed packets with each person’s table assignment. The seed packets can double as a wedding favor and guests can plant the seeds at home and, once the flowers bloom, think back fondly on your wedding.

Photo: Gypsy Jane Photography

Photo: Gypsy Jane Photography

Fresh Fruit Seating Display

When it comes to wedding seating chart ideas, this ranks among the most unique! For a fresh take on a seating chart, use in-season fruit to display guests’ escort cards. Think oranges and lemons for a winter or springtime wedding and peaches or a basket of cherries for a summer celebration. And, if you are hosting a tropical destination wedding , pineapples and mangos work perfectly!

Photo: Paige Jones Photography

Photo: Paige Jones Photography

Glass Cloche Seating Chart Idea

If your wedding is going to be small and intimate ( think micro wedding ) then you have more leeway to be especially creative with your seating chart display. This couple had glass cloches calligraphed with guests’ seat assignments. Beneath each dome was an arrangement of fresh blooms.

Photo: Amy Arrington Photography

Photo: Amy Arrington Photography

Surfboard Seating Chart

Having a beach wedding ? Play up the ocean theme with seating chart wedding ideas like a surfboard lettered with guest names and table numbers. Not only will this clever idea bring smiles to everyone’s faces (and probably become the selfie station for the night), but you can use the surfboard time and time again for future beach trips. Every time you catch a wave you will be reminded of your wedding day.

Photo: Anna Kim Photography

Photo: Anna Kim Photography

Propped Suitcase for a Destination Wedding Seating Chart

If your guests have traveled far and wide for your destination wedding, greet them with a travel-themed seating display. Line a vintage suitcase with rows of folded escort cards in alphabetical order. You could even DIY them to resemble old-fashioned letters with "Par avion" printed on the outside. Guests can be instructed to open a miniature letter to reveal their seating assignment inside.

Photo: Sylvie Gil Photography

Photo: Sylvie Gil Photography

Wine Bottle Vase Display

For couples hosting a vineyard wedding, chances are you’ve come across many creative winery-themed wedding seating chart ideas. This is one of our favorites because it checks all the boxes: it’s on-theme, elegant, and easy to execute. Collect empty wine bottles and create adhesive labels that list the table number and all the guests assigned to that table. Then, have your florist fill the vases with seasonal blooms to match your wedding color palette. Because this idea is rather easy to execute, it works perfectly for a backyard wedding as well.

Photo: Melani Lust Photography

Photo: Melani Lust Photography

Fortune Cookie Escort-Card Wall

What a clever (and delicious) wedding reception seating chart idea! This couple affixed fortune cookies to a display board along with a banner that said, "So fortunate for you all." Guests were invited to find their fortune cookie. Once located, they cracked the cookie open to reveal their seating assignment inside.

Photo: Anya Kernes Photography

Photo: Anya Kernes Photography

Christmas Ornament Wedding Seating Concept

If you’re tying the knot around the winter holidays , we love this elegant nod to the season. Turn Christmas tree ornaments into escort card holders. Achieve a uniform look and use all the same ornaments, or mix up the presentation with an assortment of ornaments. You can even invite guests to take home the item to hang on their mantel or tree.

Photo: Kelly Sweet Photography

Photo: Kelly Sweet Photography


We’ve got the answers to all of your burning questions on wedding seating chart etiquette.

Do I have to do a seating chart?

Assigned seating at the reception is not mandatory, but most couples do create a seating chart because they make things simpler. For example, for a plated dinner service, things could get confusing for the catering staff without assigned seating. Plus, some guests may feel a bit uneasy walking into a large reception and having to scan the room for an open spot to sit. A happy medium would be to assign each guest to a dinner table, but let them choose their own seats.

How do I make a seating chart?

Check out our comprehensive guide to creating a seating chart and wedding seating chart etiquette . But in a nutshell, keep the floor plan of your venue in mind as you’re working on your seating chart. Seat yourselves, first; then give your VIPs (parents, grandparents, wedding party members) the best seats in the house. For the remaining guests, try to find some commonalities between groups and seat them together. And, of course, be tactful: Definitely avoid seating people together who might have a history they wish they could forget.

Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

What are the pros and cons to having table assignments vs. seat assignments?

Assigning guests to specific seats at the dinner table makes it easier for the catering staff to deliver guests their selected meals.

Assigning tables (but not specific seats) is less work for you and your partner, and you won’t need place cards. Plus, guests will have some choice as to who they would like to sit next to.

What’s a fun alternative to numbered tables?

Table numbers are the most straightforward option, of course, but you can inject some personality into your reception by naming each table after something meaningful to you and your relationship. Here are a few of our favorite table-name ideas:

  • Names of streets you’ve lived on (from childhood, homes you’ve lived in together, etc.)
  • Countries or cities you’ve visited together
  • Song titles that are special to you
  • Favorite childhood books
  • Sports teams
  • Meaningful landmarks
  • Places you’ve gone to on dates
  • Favorite authors or books
  • Astrological signs
  • Constellations
  • Wine varietals

Photo: Rebecca Yale Photography

Photo: Rebecca Yale Photography

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8 Unforgettable Seating Chart Ideas For Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for fantastic seating chart ideas that will wow your wedding guests … you’ve come to the right place.

Saphire Event Group has seen thousands of seating charts during its 45 years in the wedding industry , and there are certain seating charts that are truly memorable.

We’ve gathered our 8 all-time favorite seating chart ideas that are guaranteed to make your wedding stand apart from the rest!

1. Mirrored Glass Seating Display

Mirror seating displays were all the rage in 2022 , and there’s a reason why… they are absolutely GORGEOUS! A mirror seating display is a show-stopping décor element that will make a statement on your big day.

Use a smaller mirror paired with gold wax seals, crisp white paper and beautiful calligraphy, or really wow your guests with a grand, free-standing mirror.

Mirror Seating Chart idea

2. Picture Frame Seating Collage

Picture this picture frame seating collage at your wedding! This seating chart idea is a lovely (and DIY-friendly) way to guide guests to their tables. These picture frame collages can be found at any local craft store , and are completely customizable in terms of colors and sizes. Organize the seating collage alphabetically or by table number, and fill the empty picture frames with photos of you and your partner for an added personal touch.

Picture Frame Seating Chart

3. Shot Glass & Lime Escort Cards

Cheers to this creative seating chart idea! This shot glass seating display will definitely be a crowd-pleaser among your guests . The best part about is that the shot glasses double as wedding favors, meaning one more task for you to check off of your to-do list! Guests can find their names and table numbers written on paper limes, and take their shot glass home as a keepsake from your unforgettable wedding night.

Shot Glass Seating Chart idea

4. Organic Wood Seating Sign

A wooden seating sign is the perfect addition to a rustic wedding. This is a beautiful way to transform a traditional white seating chart sign into an organic design element for your wedding décor. Pair this sign with an elegant easel for a breathtaking display on your wedding day.

Wood Seating Chart idea

5. Acrylic Seating Signage

Another 2022 wedding trend we’re obsessed with are acrylic seating displays. These contemporary seating charts are super customizable and will complement any vision you have for your wedding day. We suggest layering clear acrylic over a colored backdrop, as depicted below. This will make the beautiful calligraphy clearly legible for guests.

Blue Acrylic Seating Chart Sign idea

6. Succulent Escort Cards

Calling all green thumbs… these are the perfect escort cards for you!

This take-home seating display is a lively way to add extra personality into your wedding décor. Guests will leave with love in their hearts, and a new plant in their hands … sounds like a win-win!

Succulent Seating Chart Summer Wedding

7. Festive Ornament Place Cards

This charming ornament place card display is a festive idea for a winter wedding. Acting again as both a seating chart and wedding favor, your guests will reminisce about your wedding day each year when holiday season rolls around.

Winter Wedding Ornament Seating Chart

8. Vintage Window Pane Seating Display

A window pane seating chart makes a gorgeous addition to a rustic wedding , and can truly be one of a kind. Get creative with unique paper and calligraphy to customize this seating chart into a one-of-a-kind décor piece.

Rustic Window Pane Seating Chart

Choosing a seating chart is an exciting wedding-planning task. With endless décor inspiration on the internet, and more specifically, Pinterest, it can be challenging to choose a seating display that will pair perfectly with your dream wedding vision.

Here’s a piece of advice from our MA wedding venues : A seating chart is meant to guide guests to their tables . If guests can easily find their name and table number, any idea you choose will be amazing!

Check out our Pinterest for more seating chart ideas and wedding planning tips.

Start Planning Now

  • Date * MM slash DD slash YYYY

ideas for assigned seating at wedding


Inquire below for more information.

Social Tables

Learn how to create a digital seating chart for a wedding:

Digital seating charts are a must-have for all wedding planning. Having a visual tool allows everyone to picture the final setup.

Writing one by hand might lead to more problems than it solves. Paper and sticky note charts just don’t have the same features and capabilities as digital ones. A digital seating chart for a wedding can be shared with key decision makers for better communication. It can automatically clean up messy guest files. And it allows important details like special needs and meal preferences to be added on. Plus, last-minute changes can be made, and updated versions can quickly be sent out so everyone stays on the same page.

Step 1: Select a great tool.

A great digital seating chart will have a few key features. Robust seating solutions will always be easy to use and offer clear instructions. They’ll also be collaborative, making it easy to invite other key decision makers to view the chart in real time so they can weigh in on placement of guests and seating. A great seating chart tool will also be adaptable. Updating guest lists and editing meal preferences should all be quick and painless, and help to keep you organized. Here at Social Tables, we offer all of this and more with our collaborative seating software .

Plan Events Seamlessly

Step 2: Perfect your layout.

Input the dimensions of the space into your diagram, upload a PDF of the venue’s floor plans, or choose from over 5,000 venues floor plans already in Social Tables. Add tables and their relative sizes. Play around with alternative wedding layouts to see how to arrange the band, buffet, and dance floor. Now is the time to experiment and see which layout feels the best. With a digital seating chart, you can create as many different versions as you like without having to start from scratch every time.

Step 3: Adjust the tables.

Add in table shapes, dimensions, and positioning. Number the tables by clicking and dragging across the tables in your diagram. You can skip numbers, clear your choices, and even skip numbers containing certain values as you go. You even have the option of using only even or odd numbers.

Step 4: Import the attendee list.

Upload the guest list in a few clicks, and choose whether you’d like to merge duplicates to clean up any messy info. Manage attendees by adding their organization, email, tags, meal choices, and more. Here you’ll also find information on what group number they are as well as their table number and seat after they’ve been assigned one.

Step 5: Add VIP and other customizable tags.

screenshot of a wedding attendee list using Social Tables

Tagging the in-laws and the bridal party as VIPs is easy. Just create a new tag and assign it to each name on the list. Later on you can sort your list and chart by these tags if you need to check on something. Viewing this list in spreadsheet form also makes the planning process easier so no one gets left off by accident.

Once your tags have been added, you can zoom in on guest information on the seating chart to do a final check that everything looks right.

a screenshot of wedding guest information using Social Tables

Step 6: Drag and drop imported attendees to their seats.

You can also assign attendees by group or auto-seat everyone in a single click. Use the spreadsheet version to view your guests, and double check to make sure you’re not missing anyone.

Step 7: Add meals and make note of individual dietary restrictions.

There are several ways to edit attendee records at any point during your digital wedding seating chart creation process. Whether it’s clicking on their seat, the side panel, or on the chart itself, inputting guest details is a snap.

Step 8: Share with caterers, venue, rental, and other important decision makers.

They’ll be able to quickly gather information on the party and the space. If any changes need to be made, you can be confident that the whole team will be on the same page at all times, as your diagram will automatically update. The catering team can even sort guests by their meal preferences. Florists can plan out the number and positioning of their arrangements. And day-of coordinators can stay in the loop without missing a beat using real-time collaboration to see instant updates.

Wedding seating made simple

Get Started Now

That’s how to create a wedding seating chart, simplified!

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a bad seating chart for a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but making a seating chart doesn’t have to be when you use free table planning software . No matter how you plan to arrange guests, keep these main ideas in mind:

  • Start with what you know. If there are religious elements to the wedding, there will be some helpful guidelines as to who sits where. Or if you’re certain grandma likes to boogie, make sure she gets a seat next to the dance floor.
  • Not everyone will be happy. But as long as the couple is happy with the seating arrangement, that’s all that really matters.
  • Choose safety over style. Keeping the tables a certain width apart or adding space for wheelchairs ensures that everyone is comfortable and well taken care of no matter what.

Don’t forget to check out Social Tables’ 3D wedding design software !

Guide: The Most Efficient Wedding Planning Checklist

Quick answers about wedding seating charts:

First get the floor plan. Then, plot out how many tables you need and where they will fit. Pick the seats for the VIPs and arrange groups for everyone else. Make sure you are creating an accommodating environment for everyone.

We certainly recommend one! It doesn’t necessarily need to be super in depth, but a seating chart makes sure everyone is on the same page, and will help everyone to visualize the logistics of the event.


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