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  • Vocational research paper on a career - lawyer

Vocational on a career - lawyer - Research Paper Example

Vocational research paper on a career - lawyer

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Extract of sample "Vocational on a career - lawyer"

Vocational research paper on a career - lawyer Introduction A career is a profession chosen by individuals as a source of earning a livelihood. A Profession refers to the type of job specialty individual pursues. It can be medicine, law, education, fashion, music or engineering amongst other related professions pursued by individuals globally. A lawyer is a professional representing lawsuits for clients and also offering legal right advises in various legal matters. This essay aptly examines the training, education requirement, study mode, salaries, personalities and demand of people in the law profession.

Type of Training:A lawyer must accomplish three or four years of studies to earn a certificate based on the majors taken. The certificate is called pre-law degree. The training is available at universities or law schools. An individual practicing to be a lawyer must pass through the Bar examination, ethics examination and graduate from a law school (The Lawyers Almanac 2011: The Leading Reference of Vital Facts and Figures about the Legal Profession 301). Education Requirement:Education requirement for practicing lawyers is set by each school and normally the fees charged for the training ranges from & $150,000 to over $200, 000.

In addition, the entry in the bar examination depends on each state’s bar association. Length of Study:The duration taken to study law differ in countries and law schools. An example is that, in the UK, it is: The LLB is 3 years, and the LLM is one year course. Conversely, in the US: A J.D. will take three years to complete after you have spent four years completing a bachelors degree (Walton 95).Salaries:There are different kinds of lawyers amongst them judicial clerks being paid an average of $54,000, Prosecutors $35,000 to $90,000, public defender $35,000 to $57,000, and federal government lawyer $ 62, 467 as of 2012(The Authoritative Guide Careers for the Year 2000 and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Career 118).

Prominent People in That Profession:Law as a profession also has various prominent personalities who act as a role model to aspiring lawyers to be. They are Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Dick Button and Jeffrey Chodorow (Basu 192). Demand of People in That Profession:Demand of people in the profession of law is rather disturbing since most law schools are producing an excess of graduates lawyers. These lawyers are not proportionated with the available employment opportunities available in the nation and the result is unemployment for most graduates lawyers and decreased pay as there are many lawyers available in the market (Occupational Outlook Handbook 256).

ConclusionIn conclusion, law is a extremely essential profession since it is required in all fields. The fields may include management, sciences amongst others. The demand for lawyers through overpopulated currently, will still be in demand as lawyers will always be required by every profession and individuals for legal purposes. The importance of law can not be underestimated as it is eminent from the prominent personalities who are its products that law plays a significant role within the society.

Works CitedBasu, Raj S. Nandanars Children: The Tamil Paraiyars Tryst with Destiny, 1850-1956. Delhi: SAGE, 2010. Print.Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2008. Print.The Authoritative Guide Careers for the Year 2000 and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Career. Piscataway, N.J: Research & Education Association, 1997. Print.The Lawyers Almanac 2011: The Leading Reference of Vital Facts and Figures About the Legal Profession. Aspen Law & Business, 2010. Print.Walton, Kimm A, Kimm A.

Walton, Lazar Emanuel, and Eric S. Lambert. Strategies & Tactics for the First Year Law Student: Maximize Your Grades. New York: Aspen Publishers, 2004. Print.

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lawyer career research paper


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Career Report: Lawyer

1072 words 4 page(s)

For those who study history in college, the legal field is one of the most popular future landing spots. Lawyers enjoy tremendous benefits, including above average compensation, intellectually stimulating work, and in many cases, the garnering of respect from society at large. In order to become a lawyer, though, one must take a number of specific steps. The field is accessible, but it requires work and a strategic plan. From there, a number of different choices can shape the nature of one’s work and one’s overall success level as a lawyer.

In order to become a lawyer, one must have a law degree, and in order to get into law school, one must have a bachelor’s degree. This effectively means that one will need both a bachelor’s and a juris doctor (JD) in order to get into the profession. Lawyers come from a range of different undergraduate focus areas. Everything from psychology to engineering to history will be represented in the typical law school, with students choosing a career focus area that matches their interests and background in most cases.

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For most lawyers, the work is almost entirely done inside. Lawyers will spend significant amounts of time in their offices, researching various issues. Depending upon the type of legal work, lawyers may bounce from an office setting to a courtroom setting, but in most cases, they will be doing their own at a small, set grouping of locations. Some travel can be required, especially for lawyers who work on the civil side. In representing clients, lawyers often have to travel in order to conduct depositions, take interviews, conduct site visits, or even to negotiate a deal with another company. As a criminal lawyer, an attorney’s job will also revolve around interviews, with much of the attorney’s work going to the investigation of a case and discussions with the person who has been accused of a crime. Criminal attorneys also spend their days in court. This does not mean that they are always going to trial, however.

A very small percentage of cases make it all the way to trial. This means that lawyers are usually negotiating plea agreements and conducting various hearings in front of a judge. Some lawyers take more cases to trial than others, but on the average, a criminal lawyer can expect one trial or less each month. In the civil context, lawyers are divided in their work based upon their area of focus. One who works in “corporate” or real estate will mostly deal with documentation, contract drafting, and deal-making. These individuals do not often go to court, and their focus is almost entirely on the mechanics of various deals. Civil litigation lawyers will occasionally go to court. Their work is focused on resolving commercial disputes between their clients and other companies or other individuals. In most cases, these individuals spend their time researching complex legal issues. Very rarely will they take things to trial, though they will often file motions with the court and go through the motions that would lead to the trial.

There are many different career paths that one might take. In most cases, a lawyer will start off as an associate in a law firm. From there, the person might progress to the role of partner if the person has enough skill and puts in enough hours. Partners are paid more and they often have an ownership interest in the firm. In many firms, there is a senior partner level where the compensation is even higher. This structure is more distinct on the civil side, with firms often having an ingrained partnership “track.” In criminal practice, firms tend to be smaller, and they make determinations on a case-by-case basis.

Salaries for attorneys can vary depending upon one’s firm, one’s job, and one’s experience level. An attorney starting out in a large firm can expect to make the standard salary of $160,000 per year in larger cities. Most national firms are in lock-step on the salary issue, with employee raises happening every year. In this field, the salary distribution is bi-modal. Those who get into big firms often make that $160,000 figure, while those who work in small firms or in non-profit organizations tend to make something closer to $50,000 per year (Joy, 2014). It is very difficult to locate jobs in the middle, though some medium sized firms will pay their associates closer to the $100,000 mark. Partners have salary packages that vary wildly. In smaller firms, partners make $300,000 or so, while partners in the bigger firms can make seven figures in some cases (Dinovitzer, 2011).

The legal field took a major hit around 2009, when the financial markets collapsed and firms had to stop hiring. Over the last few years, the field has made a comeback, and though hiring has not returned to pre-collapse levels, it is getting better. This is true nationally, but some cities have done better than others. The Chicago market was hit harder than the New York market, and cities like Houston and Dallas have seen the best recent growth. Over the next five to ten years, most suspect that this field will experience moderate growth, but there is little expectation that it will return to the robust hiring figures that were present before the financial collapse (Flood, 2011).

There are many major firms that students will want to work for in order to take home the best salaries. Firms like Watchell or Davis Polk are two of the best in New York City. Baker Hostetller is one of the world’s biggest firms. In addition, students might find employment at any company that has its own in-house legal department, though these jobs are hard to get for people with no experience. Non-profit organizations also hire their fair share of attorneys.

The legal field is a good one for people who want a combination of interesting work and good long-term prospects. It does require many hours per week, but most of the work is intellectually stimulating. It can be stressful, but for people who are willing to work both hard and smart, the rewards can be tremendous.

  • Dinovitzer, R. (2011). The Financial Rewards of Elite Status in the Legal Profession. Law & Social Inquiry, 36(4), 971-998.
  • Flood, J. (2011). The re-landscaping of the legal profession: Large law firms and professional re- regulation. Current Sociology, 59(4), 507-529.
  • Joy, P. A. (2014). Law Schools and the Legal Profession: A Way Forward. AKRON L. REV., 47, 177.

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Research Advancing Justice

After the JD: A National Study of Lawyer Careers

Robert Nelson

Robert L. Nelson

lawyer career research paper

Bryant Garth

lawyer career research paper

Ronit Dinovitzer

lawyer career research paper

Meghan Dawe

lawyer career research paper

Joyce Sterling

lawyer career research paper

David B. Wilkins

lawyer career research paper

Ethan Michelson

The ABF has long been recognized as the leading source of research on legal education and the profession. One of the ABF’s hallmark projects in this area is After the JD (AJD), the first national study of legal careers. Designed as a longitudinal study of lawyer careers, AJD is tracking the professional lives of more than 4,500 lawyers during their first twenty years after passing the bar. The first wave of interviews (AJD1) was fielded in 2002-3; the second wave (AJD2) was fielded in 2007; and the third wave (AJD3) was fielded in 2012-13. Employment data for respondents has been updated through web searches through 2019. In addition to survey data, the project has collected more than 200 in-depth interviews with respondents that provide narrative accounts of how lawyers navigate changes in their careers.

The History 

The AJD project was a concept first proffered by members of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) more than 40 years ago. Legal career services and recruitment administrators in the mid-1970s were hungry for information that would help them in their efforts to counsel, recruit, hire and develop young attorneys. But, it wasn’t until 1996 that the After the JD Project was transferred to the ABF. The Project enjoys continued support financial from the Soros Foundation, NAPL, the Law School Admission Council, Access Group, and the National Science Foundation. 

Over twenty years, the project collected three waves of data, with project management by Ronit Dinovitzer and Gabriele Plickert and research oversight by Bryant Garth in the first and second phase of the project and then by Robert Nelson in the third phase of data collection and data analysis. Meghan Dawe has been project manager in the final phase of data analysis leading to the capstone book.

The Findings 

Some groundbreaking findings from this project include:  

  • Attorneys of color, white women, and LGBTQ+ attorneys perceive high levels of workplace bias compared to white male attorneys and to respondents in other workplace studies.
  •  Female attorneys in every racial and ethnic group reported higher levels of discrimination than their male counterparts, ranging from 50% of African American women to 30% of white women.
  • 42% of African American male attorneys reported workplace discrimination. Studies of African American workers across all occupations find that 28% report discrimination at work.
  • LGBTQ+ men were nearly twice as likely as non-LGBTQ+ men to report discrimination at 29% vs. 16%.  

The capstone book project for this project, The Making of Lawyer s’ Careers: Inequality and Opportunity in the American Legal Profession , will be published by University of Chicago Press in 2023. 

The project researchers have also submitted a public dataset to the University of Michigan’s ICPSR , which is available to all researchers. There is also a restricted data set, distributed to certified researchers who commit themselves to maintaining limited access. To receive access, individuals can complete the AJD restricted access form and submit to Meghan Dawe, Research Social Scientist for the AJD project, at [email protected] .

lawyer career research paper

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