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Best Budget Airlines Worth Flying

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Budget airlines companies are no-frills companies. When you purchase low-budget carriers, you generally buy your presence on board. This means you have to pay for any other service you need. For instance, some companies charge you for carry-on bags, while others ask you to pay a fee for priority boarding. And then, some carriers, like Ryanair and Wizzair, charge you for airport check-in. But there are still advantages to choosing a low-budget company. For example, tickets are pretty cheap, and you only pay for the services you need. These carriers even push full-service airlines to lower their fares sometimes.Of course, there are some cases where it pays to spend more from the start. Yet, it is still worth learning more about the best budget airlines before booking your flight.

About Low-Budget Airline Security

Despite what many believe, low-cost carriers are safe. These airlines have to follow the same standards other companies do regarding technical requirements and limitations. 

The difference is typically in comfort. For instance, budget airlines usually feature non-reclinable seats, and some do not offer many options to eat or drink on the flight.

Budget Airline: Southwest

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Southwest, founded in 1967, is probably the oldest and one of the best budget airline in the US. It flies to many different destistinations within the US and has some international routes in the Caribbean and Central America. People love it for its bag policy.

Compared to other low-cost companies, Southwest’s fares are higher. However, the ticket price includes perks many other budget airlines don’t. Southwest passengers:

  • Can board a carry-on and personal item for free in the cabin with size requirements.
  • Get Two Free Checked Bags.  Southwest ticket prices included checked bags that must weigh less than 50 pounds maximum. A third bag costs $75.
  • Can change their flight anytime with no change fee. You only have to pay the difference if the new flight is more expensive. Does your chosen flight cost less than the previous one? Then purchase credits will be issued for future travels!

Flight Options 

Southwest offers three kinds of fares :

  • Wanna Get Away – it’s non-refundable, but if you cancel your flight within 10 minutes before departure, you are still entitled to a credit that you can use in the next 12 months.
  • Anytime – it’s fully refundable, and the amount will be credited on the same method you used to purchase the ticket. This fare also features the Same day change and Same day standby service.
  • Business Select  – fully refundable. Passengers are entitled to priority onboarding, priority access to security checks, and a premium drink (available on 176 + miles routes only).

Earning Miles 

Southwest mileage program is simple, as the amount of points you earn depends on the fare you choose. For instance, when you purchase a Wanna Get Away fare, you earn 6 points for every dollar spent. Instead, if you buy an Anytime ticket, you earn 10 points, and if you buy a Business Select ticket, you earn 12 points. The cool thing? You can earn points with your family members’ flights, too.

The airline offers:

  • Streaming entertainment to your device – Southwest planes don’t have screens on board. However, you can watch movies and live TV on your smartphone by downloading the Southwest app and connecting to their wi-fi. Do you need wi-fi to read the newspaper or check your email? Then you have to pay a small fee (at the moment, Southwest charges $8 per device).
  • Snacks and drinks (including alcohol) for free – This service is only available for 176+ mile flights. If your flight is less than 175 miles, you can still bring your food and drinks on board. In this case, though, alcohol is not allowed! 

What People Say About Southwest

People are generally satisfied with Southwest’s service. Yet, their seat policy is peculiar. When you book your flight, you do not get a seat assignment, nor do they give you one when you check-in. How does it work then? Basically, you can pick a seat the moment you board. And this is the reason why many customers pay for Earlybird check-in.

Paying For Extra Services 

There are a few things you pay extra for like:

  • Earlybird check-in service , you have to pay (the cost is about $15 per person). With Earlybird, you’ll be checked-in automatically 36 hours before departure and board early. In other words, with this service, you’ll get priority access to the overhead bin and the opportunity to choose better seats.
  • upgraded boarding ; allows those who purchase it to get priority boarding and a seat in rows A1 – A 15.

Budget Airline: Ryanair

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Ryanair was the first low-budget airline company to connect European cities. It is one of the best budget airlines in Europe. In time, new destinations were added, and now the carrier also serves Israel, Morocco, and Jordania. Where can you fly in Europe? Basically, everywhere .

Ryanair became famous because of its low fares, which are still its main competitive advantage. The problem is they try to sell you all kinds of extra services. When you buy online, you get an endless series of services throughout the booking process.

Flight options

The company offers five different fares. In particular, customers can choose among:

  • Value – it’s very cheap, but it only allows you to bring a personal item with a specific size , like a computer bag and a purse. like a computer bag and a purse. Plus, if your personal bag is oversized, the airline may place it in the hold and charge you up to €69.99 for the service!
  • Regular – You get the same perks as value passengers. Moreover, you are entitled to priority boarding, a 10 kg carry-on bag, and a reserved seat.
  • Plus – you can check-in for free at the airport at least 40 minutes before your flight departure. You also get a 20 kg checked-in bag and a reserved seat.
  • Family Plus – You get one 20 kg checked-in bag per family, one 10 kg carry-on bag per person, and one personal item per passenger. In addition, children under the age of 12 travel free of charge! Finally, you can also book adjacent seats.
  • Flexi plus – The fare features priority boarding, one personal item, two carry-on bags, and a flexible ticket. In addition, you’ll skip the queues at the security checkpoint, and you can choose any seat on the plane.

Earning miles

The miles program of this company is particular. To earn flight points, you must book a stay through Rooms, Ryanair’s room finder service. Every time you book with Ryanair, 5% of the cost of the room is converted into flight points. And once booked, the credits will be transferred to your personal Ryanair account.


  • Entertainment – Ryanair flights are mainly short distances, and onboard entertainment is not provided. The company does not supply wi-fi connection for its guests either.
  • Getaway Cafe – the carrier offers snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and alcohol. All of this, however, comes with a fee. Don’t want to purchase extras? You can still bring your food onboard. But remember, alcohol or hot drinks from the outboard are not allowed.

What People Say About Ryanair

This company’s prices inevitably attract people. Yet, if you travel with them, there are some disadvantages you need to know. 

First and foremost, Ryanair does not serve major airports. This means that reaching the city center may be harder than expected. Second, the company does not use jet bridges, so you must walk to the aircraft. Yes, even in the rain. Finally, if you’d like to have extra services, like adjacent seats, you have to pay (a few fares allow you to get them for free, though). What are the most common fees? We listed a few below.

Paying For Extra Services

  • Bags fees: When it comes to size and weight, Ryanair is pretty strict. Specifically, if your bag is overweight, they charge 9 £/€ for each kg in excess. And if you want to check-in a last-minute suitcase, you have to pay €69.99.
  • Flight changes/cancellation: There may be some difficulties with changing your flight, too. For starters, you can change the destination and departure time. However, you cannot switch from domestic to international and vice versa. Plus, changes come with a fee, and if you apply changes online, they charge €45. Instead, if you contact the reservation center or make the change at the desk, the fee is €60.

How to avoid paying extras? You can use 24 hours grace, a free service reserved for people who purchased tickets on Ryanair website. Specifically, when you buy online, you have 24 extra hours to change the date/time of departure and reverse the departure and arrival airports if you switched them by mistake. 

Please note that the fees we presented here are not the whole picture. If you need more information, visit https://www.ryanair.com/sr/en/useful-info/help-centre/fees .

Budget Airline: Jetblue

low budget business ideas in malaysia

With Jetblue, you can fly across the US. Moreover, the airline features connections to Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, and London.

Is flying with this company convenient? Well, it all depends on fares. Mint may seem pretty expensive, but it provides many services. On the other hand, Jetblue Blue basic ticket is cheaper with fewer services. However, there is one thing that does not change depending on the fare, and that is comfort. All Jetblue seats are quite large. Plus, all passengers get entertainment for free.

Flight Options

Jetblue features five fares. Here is what you should know about them.

  • Blue Basic – The cheapest one, but it only allows you to carry a personal item (size info here ). Thus, if you have other bags, you’ll have to pay an extra fee.
  • Blue – it allows you to bring on board a personal item and a carry-on bag . In addition, you can choose your seat in advance and board earlier than with Blue basic fare. Finally, you can change and cancel your flight free of charge.
  • Blue Plus – It includes the same perks as Blue fare. Plus, you get a checked-in bag for free.
  • Mint – It includes everything in Blue Plus fare, and you also get priority boarding and an extra checked-in bag (70 pounds maximum).
  • Blue Extra – In addition to other services we already listed, it allows customers to get Same Day Switches, Same Day Standby, and Even More Speed services free of charge. And, of course, passengers are entitled to priority boarding.

Want to add more baggage? You can become a Mosaic member. This option entitles you to one personal item, one carry-on bag, and two checked-in bags regardless of fare. Plus, you get priority boarding and Even More Speed for free.

With Jetblue’s miles program, you can always earn points, regardless of the fare you choose. What changes is the amount. Specifically, with Blue Basic, you get 1 point for every dollar spent, while all other fares allow you to get 3 points. The good side is they never expire, so you can use them whenever you want. Plus, you can pool with your friends and family to earn points faster.

  • Onboard entertainment – The company offers free wi-fi and seat-back entertainment. In addition, each seat comes with a screen to enjoy live TV and movie selection. 
  • Free food and drinks – Jetblue offers a wide range of branded beverages and snacks. You can purchase an Eat Up box, including various snack packages if you want more. The price range? It goes from $6 to $12. Moreover, people traveling to/from London are entitled to a hot meal and a pre-arrival light bite. And if you are 21+, you can also have wine, beer, or spirits.
  • Relax – If you’d like to take a nap, you can ask for a pillow or a blanket (a $6 fee)

What People Say About Jetblue 

Customers are usually satisfied with seat quality and onboard entertainment. But the company has some major flaws too. An example? When Jetblue planes are delayed by several hours, customer reviews say that their customer care does not handle things well. They don’t send emails about the situation until several hours later. They do not provide correct information via phone to the customers.

Checking-in additional bags

This is expensive. Depending on the destination and the fare, you pay between $35 and $105 for each piece. Your third bag costs $150, but Blue basic passengers pay $200.

Have you decided to fly with Jetblue? Then we suggest checking all the possible applicable fees here: https://www.jetblue.com/legal/fees .

Budget Airline: Frontier

low budget business ideas in malaysia

With Frontier, you can reach both the main cities of the United States and exotic destinations in Central America. The carrier connects Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. Finally, they also serve Canada.

Frontier domestic flights are cheap (sometimes, tickets start at $25). The main inconvenience? Unfortunately, like other low-budget carriers, the company often has delays.

Frontier has two fares:

  • The Standard – This only features a free personal item (8 in x 18 in x 14 in maximum)
  • The Discount Den – This is Frontier exclusive membership guarantees customers to fly at the lowest fare. And it only costs $59.99 annually ($99.99 for new members). Other advantages? You can fly an under-15 with you for free and add up to 9 travel companions. Plus, they all get the same discount as you do. Of course, there are some restrictions. In particular, minors fly for free only on domestic flights marked with the Kids Fly Free logo. Also, bags are not included.

The only way to bring on board or check-in a bag is by purchasing Bundles, packages which include several services. Which ones? Well, Perks Bundle offers a carry-on bag, a checked bag, seat selection, and priority boarding. With WORKS, you get the same services and you are also entitled to premium seats and flight flexibility. 

Warning: be careful how you pack, because if your luggage is oversized, you will be charged $75 for each piece! Info about baggage restrictions here .

Frontier also has a miles program, where 1 mile flown equals 1 point, regardless of the fare. And with 10,000 points, you are entitled to a free domestic flight. Moreover, you can earn points by purchasing services with Frontier’s partners, such as Hertz, Teleflora, and Home Chef.

Frontier offers neither onboard entertainment nor wi-fi. Also, on Frontier planes, they serve no free food or drinks. If you want to, however, you can purchase stuff from their menu.

What People Way About Frontier

When it comes to Frontier, people usually say they like the price. But there are other benefits as well. This airline is known for being on time and having clean planes. However, there are drawbacks as well. Frontier’s basic seats, in particular, are not very cushioned. Also, these seats generally have poor leg space.

  • Flight changes and cancellation : You change or cancel your flight within 60 days before departure at no cost. On the other hand, if you do it within one week before departure, you will have to pay $49. Did you forget to cancel or change data until the very end? No problem, you can still ask for a change. It will cost you $79, though. Of course, all fees are charged per passenger per route.
  • Flight Flexibility : The service costs between $15 and $55 and allows you to change your flight for free within 24 hours from departure. What are the restrictions? First, you must purchase the service together with your ticket. Second, there is only one free change.
  • Priority boarding : This is pretty cheap. If you want to board early, you only have to pay $5.99 – $9.99 more.
  • Pesky costs: Among these, we list checking in at the airport ($10 per person) and booking through the reservation center (the fee is $35 per person).

Budget Airline: Wizz Air 

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Wizz Air was established in 2003. The company serves all European countries and also offers flights to Africa and Asia. In particular, with Wizz Air, you can reach Morocco, Egypt, Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Oman, and Georgia.

Fares are pretty low, and the company offers lots of perks. The airline’s flaw? Wizz Air flights are often several hours late. Moreover, they will charge additional costs if you make a mistake, like forgetting to check in online.

  • Basic – It includes a personal item and the online check-in. Note: the only articles recognized as personal items by the company are backpacks, women’s handbags, and laptop bags. All trolleys, instead, will be checked-in, regardless of size.
  • Wizz GO – You are entitled to a personal item, carry-on bag, and checked bag (size and weight info here ). You also get seat selection, free online and airport check-in, priority boarding, and priority check-in. The downside? You are not entitled to book premium seats.
  • Wizz PLUS – People who purchase this option get the same perks Wizz GO passengers do. And there are further advantages too. The checked-in bag, in particular, is bigger (max weight 32 kg and max size 149x119x171 cm). Plus, you can choose premium seats and change the departure date for free. Finally, you will receive flight updates via email.

Families can take advantage of the WIZZ Discount Club subscription service, which allows you to save €10 on every ticket purchased and €5 on checked baggage. The subscription is pretty cheap, and discounts also apply to your fellow passengers. The €29.99 subscription, in particular, provides advantages to the holder and one travel companion. The €69.99 annual pass, on the other hand, allows you to add up to 5 travel companions.

If you travel alone and want to purchase a membership, you can choose the Privilege pass. This costs €199 and entitles you to seat selection (including premium seats), carry-on baggage, priority boarding, and a personal item.

Earning Miles

Wizz Air is the only company we listed in this article that does not feature any miles program.

Comfort is the main issue for this airline. Wizz Air does not offer its passengers wi-fi nor in-flight entertainment. Also, negative note on the food. True, the airline offers a good menu, but all meals and drinks are subject to a fee.

What People Say About Wizz Air

izz Air’s punctuality, and many passengers think the planes are nice and clean. However, there are some downsides. For starters, the company often flies to budget airports that are poorly connected to the city. Which means you have to rent a car to get to the city. Second, boarding is chaotic. Wizz Air flights are very crowded, and failing to purchase priority boarding means waiting a long time to get on the plane. Finally, you pay for any extra service, from SMS notifications to seat selection.

  • Fare lock: Not sure if you want to fly with this company or not? If you pay a small fee (ranging from €3 to €7), you can lock the price for 2 days. This way, you’ll have some time to think about it. But be careful, you can only do this if the flight you choose will depart at least one week away. Plus, if you’d like to get tickets for that price, you must finalize payment before the 48 hours have passed.
  • Seat choice: If two adults purchase Basic tickets and want to sit next to each other, they must pay a 6 € supplement per person (per route). Plus, passengers can’t choose seats before checking in, and all they can do is book their presence on the plane.
  • Flight changes: Changing your flight with Wizz Air is pretty cheap. Fees range from €31 to €41 per person, depending on flight departure.


low budget business ideas in malaysia

Biztraction Consulting

30 Profitable small business ideas in Malaysia with little capital

Are you looking for profitable small business ideas in Malaysia you can start with little capital? We will guide you through everything you need to know about starting a small business in Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia and globally. It is an upper-middle-income country with a GNI per capita of US$10,568. The country prevails as a well-placed investment destination for enterprises looking for opportunities. 

Read about opportunities in Europe

What We Covered In This Article

How easy is it to start a business in Malaysia?

In 2020, Malaysia ranked 12th place on the World Bank’s Doing Business amongst 190 global economies and 2nd place in Southeast Asia. This ranking proves that starting a business in Malaysia is easy.

Is Malaysia a good place for business?

Malaysia has become one of the best places for startup business entrepreneurs in the Pacific region.

Several things make Malaysia a great business place, like the low tax rate for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

But it is more than the low tax rates. Malaysia has a conducive business environment, a low cost of living, and access to global trading partners. These make Malaysia a good stop for investors and anyone looking to start a business.

How can a foreigner start a business in Malaysia?

For a foreigner to start a business in Malaysia, there are eight simple steps to be done. We outline the steps below.

Decide on the business entities.

There are six types of business entities for foreigners. They are;

Branch office

Private Limited company

Representative office

Sole proprietorship


Limited liability partnership

Choose a business name.

Ensure a name check to find out if anyone else is using that business name.

Fill out a Request For Availability Of Name form and submit it to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). Each name you apply for costs RM30.

Register the name

After the name check, you can register the name with the CCM to get approval from the Company Formation in Malaysia.

Rent / Buy a business space.

The next step is to look for a business or office location. Every business must have a registered local office address in Malaysia.

Gather the incorporation documents

The documents you need for incorporation are below:

Memorandum and Article of Association

Constitution Statutory Declaration By A Director Or Promoter Before Appointment Declaration of Compliance

One copy of the Company name’s approval letter from CCM

One copy of each of the Identity cards of every director and company secretary

Incorporate the company

After gathering the documents, submit them to the CCM within three months from when they approved the company’s name.

Failure to do this after three months means you must apply for a new name search.

Pay registration fees

The registration fee is RM1,000. You must pay this sum of money to the CCM.

Issuance of a Certificate of Registration

After you pay, wait for at least one hour to receive your business Registration Certificate.

Business ideas to start in Malaysia without money

Create digital products.

Digital products are intangible goods, only available in digital form. Examples of digital products are courses, podcasts, templates, ebooks, etc.

Creating a digital product is a business you can start in Malaysia without spending money. You don’t need to worry about many things that will cost money, like renting a store, shipping, and tax.

If you have a skill or talent, you also need to think of the best way you can advertise or showcase that talent to people. These will be key to the digital product you choose to sell.

Service selling

Service selling is a simple way to earn money in Malaysia and be self-employed simultaneously. A service business means you have the time and freedom to work on your terms. Some services you can offer are based on your skills. It can be a physical skill or a digital skill.

These services include cleaners, handypersons, dog walkers, laundry persons, landscapers, graphic designers, etc.

They can be a one-person service, agency, or consulting business.

These services also create the opportunity to sell physical or digital products. For example, a cleaner can make or retail cleaning products to clients; a photographer can offer service at events and sell images online.

Sales of crafts and homemade goods

Many people have different simple DIY crafts like making scented soap and candles, herbal remedies, jewellery, and knitted items of clothing and accessories.

This skill is a business opportunity to earn your money in Malaysia, even from home.

Although you’d still need a store, you can easily advertise your goods on social media websites and produce in small quantities that you can store at home.

Remember that your goods must be safe, especially if they’re what people will invest in or use on their skins.

Franchise opportunities in Malaysia

The average cost of a franchise in Malaysia is between RM15,000 to RM1,000,000. This price depends on the type of company and its size.

Below are some outstanding franchise opportunities available in Malaysia and their initial capital costs.

Tealive is a famous tea and beverage brand that focuses on providing people with beautiful experiences through their freshly brewed beverages. They have over 500 outlets worldwide in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Australia and the UK.

The initial capital that franchisees need is RM250,000 above, while the franchise fee is RM75,000. After doing this, you can contact the Tealive team to assist you from setting up to opening your store. They will do these through the partnership program designed for franchise opportunities.

Hai-O Enterprise was established in 1975 with over 70 retail outlets and nine franchise outlets throughout Malaysia.

It is a herb and healthcare products enterprise with over 2,000 traditional Chinese herbs. They import some of its other health care products from China or local manufacturers.

Their retail outlets have a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs), teas, health tonics, gift hampers and other healthcare products.

The initial capital for the Hai-O franchise is RM300,000, while the franchise fee is RM20,000.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a gym and fitness enterprise established in the US in 2002 and has since grown worldwide.

It is a popular gym across West Malaysia, and its franchise ranked number two on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2015 Franchise 500 list, exceeding other popular franchises like Subway, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut.

Anytime Fitness has a proven model, with processes to guide each growth stage. They offer intensive continuous training and franchise consultation for every phase of the business. The Initial Capital needed for the Anytime Fitness franchise is RM1,200,000, while the Franchise Fee is USD60,000.

Websites to find businesses of the sale in Malaysia


BusinessesForSale is a global service website connecting over one million buyers and sellers monthly.

For over two decades, BusinessesForSale has given a helping hand to private sellers and business brokers to market their listings.

You can search according to location, industry/sector, and other requirements that suit your needs. BusinessesForSale.com also has email alerts and a service directory to get business brokers and lawyers.

Business Broking Solutions

Business Broking Solutions is a business-for-sale website in Malaysia founded in 2007.

They have over 3,000 businesses for sale, from small businesses to large corporations. With over a decade of experience, Business Broking Solutions has learned the knowledge and skills they need to give customers valuable support to increase their Success Rate.

Business Broking Solutions also offers privacy and personal advertisement and transactions.

Easy Buy Sell Business

Easy Buy Sell Business offers businesses like finance and accounting, IT firms, restaurants, etc., for buying and selling.

Business owners who want to sell their business in Malaysia can create an ad for free and promote it. That way, potential buyers can see it and reach out to them.

Potential buyers can also find businesses for sale by using this website. They can contact the owner or even place an ad post about the company they are looking to buy.

The website is easy to use. It requires users to sign up and create an account with their correct contact details.

Tech business opportunities in Malaysia

Software developer.

Software developers are the creative minds behind many computer programs.

There are different customized software, and they are very profitable tech businesses for IT professionals in Malaysia.

Software development has a vital role in business operations and providing solutions for every modern business.

Software development is a business that you can do at home too. It would help if you also had an excellent marketing strategy for your business before starting.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is all the processes involved in making an app for mobile devices.

Mobile app development has a lot of opportunities and is a lucrative tech business you can start in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s high number of enterprises is the reason for that. Many companies need to create a mobile app or update their existing one. They also need someone they can regularly contract to do maintenance or routine checks.

Most of the popular apps today are under the categories of social networks, utility, productivity, entertainment, lifestyle, business and finance.

Web designing

A web designer is someone who creates and designs the layout of a website and also maintains it.

If you have programming and coding skills and a creative mind, this tech opportunity can be a good business for you to start in Malaysia.

You can offer your services to companies who need an internet presence and do not know how to do it.

Before, many big companies hired full-time employees to do various services for them, but now they prefer to hire web designers on a contract basis. This practice has been favouring the demand for part-time web designers, which is growing remarkably.

Benefits of doing business in Malaysia

  • Malaysia is well-connected to prominent cities in Asia – within eight hours flight from Mumbai in India to Beijing in China.
  • Malaysia’s conducive business environment is the second most developed country in Southeast Asia.
  • Malaysia has a young workforce to support regional operations.
  • They are open to foreign investments – there are over 5000 foreign companies from about 50 countries.
  • The English language is commonly used for business.
  • Malaysia has a wide range of trading partners, like the US, Singapore and China.

Challenges of starting a business in Malaysia

Applying for entry permits.

Foreigners must apply for entry permits before residing in Malaysia as permanent residents.

There are four types of entry permits for foreigners. They are Investors and experts permits, Professionals permits, Spouse of Malaysian citizen permits and Point system permits.

Halal certification

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and they all have halal standards that certain types of businesses must meet.

All dairy and meat products produced or imported must get halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) or any recognised halal-certified body.

Physical office location

All jurisdictions in Malaysia require businesses to have an office presence. This location can be a registered office, where they can send official correspondence or a physical presence that the relevant authorities can inspect.

30 profitable small business ideas in Malaysia

1. online marketing expert.

An online marketing expert helps other businesses grow, reach more people, and build a reputation. As an online marketing expert, you must know about business, marketing strategies, and business growth. It would help if you also build your reputation by excelling so that more people will patronise your business.

The good thing about this business is choosing your niche, which influences you. Meanwhile, the downside is that you have to keep learning, be up to date with the latest trends and be patient for your business to grow because results don’t come overnight.

2. Tourism Business

Tourism is the third-largest contributing sector to Malaysia’s GDP.

Tourists who come to Malaysia enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and sightseeing.

One popular business under tourism is tour guiding. This business is for anyone who enjoys showing people around unique places and offering them an unforgettable experience.

You can also offer products and services to help tourists enjoy their stay in Malaysia and get paid.

The benefits of starting a tourism business are that you can connect with local businesses and earn rewards or tops from satisfied customers.

3. E-commerce & Dropshipping

An online e-commerce store is cheaper than obtaining a physical shop.

E-commerce is one of the best small businesses you can start in Malaysia. You must have a license and register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

These days there are plenty of online marketplaces for people to do their shopping and the platforms are affordable, so buyers don’t find it hard to profit.

Most platforms also provide you with analytics and insights that help you understand your customers and how to improve your marketing strategy.

4 . Smartphone & Computer Repairs

Smartphone and computer repairs are a business for anyone good at repairing faulty devices.

Many people use their devices for school and work, so they must repair them rather than throw them away.

Hence, a smartphone and computer repair business will be favourable in Malaysia. If you take the time to improve your technical skills, you’ll find that your business will profit.

The benefit of this business is that you’re in control of your time and workload. But you also need to be most of the time.

5. Motor Bike Service

A vast part of the Malaysian population uses motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. Just like all mechanical automobiles, motorbikes need routine maintenance.

You will get many customers if you erect a motorbike service shop in a busy area. People will prefer coming to your shop if you work at a reasonable rate and provide better service than others.

You can also add a car wash area for those who want to wash their motorcycles. This expansion will be more profitable because you will have both services in your shop. In time, you can have other branches to get more customers from various locations in Malaysia.

6. Business Card & Office Letterhead

Every business needs business cards and a letterhead for their company.

They use letterhead, which is usually with their company name. The need for these cards and letterheads is on the rise and needs constant printing. Starting a business card and office letterhead business in Malaysia will be profitable for you.

7 Real Estate Business

In 2011, the Malaysia People’s Housing Bill was launched to make it possible for young people and low and medium earners to buy their own homes.

You can start a real estate business in Malaysia by focusing on cities like George Town, Kuala Lumpur, and Johra Bauru, where the demand for properties is high.

Although it needs considerable capital, you can decide to focus on other areas in the real estate sector, like being a retailer of raw building materials.

These materials range from sand, gravel, bricks, aluminium rods, etc.

8. Cleaning Service

Malaysia’s home cleaning services market will increase to USD 50 billion by 2025, with a 55% year-to-year growth between 2021-2025.

Cleaning services are on the rise as many companies are just startup businesses and need cleaning services.

These services can involve daily, weekly or monthly, and even post-construction cleaning services. It would be best to focus on getting customers and the equipment you will need for the business.

9. Affiliate Marketing

According to Shopify, Nearly 80% of brands have affiliate programs.

If you don’t want to commit to a full-time job, affiliate marketing is a substantial business you can start in Malaysia. You get the chance to earn income even while doing your regular job.

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost business, and you don’t need high startup capital. It is flexible and convenient.

The disadvantage is that payment is based on performance only.

10. Laundry Services

Another good business idea in Malaysia is laundry or laundromat services. It has above 90% rate of success.

To start your laundry business, you can lease or buy a place close to where people live, like campuses, homes, or even malls.

A laundry service needs no franchise fees, and you don’t need to hire many employers, mainly if you use the equipment and facilities. You also have to be wary of the bills it might incur, like electricity and water bills.

11 . Social Media Influencer / Content Creator

Today, many businesses need influencers to promote their brand or content creators to work on their social media pages and increase engagement.

This business is an excellent opportunity for you in Malaysia if you have this knowledge.

You can help these businesses easily with the right strategy, such as a customer-driven marketing strategy.

Content creator or influencer allows you to work with excellent brands. You get a lot of free stuff and gift from them. The downside is that there can be a lack of privacy for those who decide to be influencers, while social media managers must spend their time promoting the brand online.

12. Food & Beverages Business

Malaysia is a well-known place for travellers worldwide; If you can get a suitable location near a school, market, office areas, and shopping malls. A food or beverage restaurant can be a successful business in Malaysia.

Your restaurant can be a place where people will enjoy their free time. You can also choose to open an ethnic restaurant; you’ll have many curious customers who want to try the dishes.

Before starting a restaurant business in Malaysia, you must get a business license from SSM and Halal. You can also hire multilingual staff to assist you with attending to customers.

13. Online Coaching

Online coaching teaches people through virtual apps or videoconferencing, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Many look to improve their digital skills and other knowledge crucial to their jobs, searching for online coaches or tutors.

An online coaching business can be an excellent way to earn income in Malaysia if you have a sellable knowledge or skill.

You can create an account on freelance job sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or even Facebook, where you can promote your services.

14. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a skill that requires you to be a creative thinker and inclination toward art. It is another attractive business idea in Malaysia,

To be successful in the graphic design business, you need design skills, a quality portfolio, and good advertising skills.

As a graphic designer, you can work remotely or as a freelancer or contractor for companies in Malaysia. It will be a plus if you remain up to date with the latest design trends and technologies.

15. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can do the job of a personal assistant, secretary, receptionist, or customer care representative, except it will all be virtually or remotely.

Your virtual assistant business can be an agency or a freelance service. You need social media management, marketing, communication, content creation, or blog writing skills.

Starting a virtual assistant business in Malaysia won’t need too much expensive; you get to have a flexible schedule and even the freedom to pick your clients.

16. Photography Services

Photography service is a small business in Malaysia that can be great for your financial goals. You get to utilise your photography skills not only to make money but to ensure people’s special moments last an eternity.

Many people feel the photography industry has too much competition or is over-saturated, but not everyone can snap quality pictures. Therefore, quality skills and the readiness to continue learning are critical.

The photography business means showing your creative skills and building a reputation for yourself to improve your client rate.

17. Video Editing

Videos are more striking and getting more popular than photos, and that’s why many people keep using platforms like Instagram reels, YouTube, or TikTok to promote their content online.

Even the most popular influencers, celebrities and vloggers pay people to edit their videos.

You can show off your editing skills on social media like Instagram and make it some sort of portfolio.

Learning to edit is not so difficult if you put your mind to it, and doing a video editing business in Malaysia can connect you to prominent people and companies.

18. Website Building Services

Nowadays, all successful businesses need a good functioning website.

Creating websites for brands to boost online visibility can be another profitable business in Malaysia if you have the skills. Although it can be easy, you still need experience and learning from an expert if you’re a beginner.

You can also do minor website building jobs to build your expertise until you become good enough to work for well-paying companies. Not all website building needs coding skills; the pay is good if you’re doing an excellent job.

19. Fashion & Retail Business

In Malaysia, people are interested in fashion and luxury. Like in any other country, people are also conscious of being well dressed.

To start a fashion business in Malaysia, consider local fashion essential to Malaysian culture.

This knowledge will help you plan and strategist your fashion retail business properly.

The benefit of the fashion retail business is that finances are easy to control, and you can easily use your clients’ posts for advertising your fashion products.

20. Life Coach

Life coaching is a good business you can do by helping people create a good life for themselves. This job requires you to have skills like patience, communication, empathy, etc.

If you do, people will willingly pay you to teach them how to improve their lives, have direction and enjoy life to the fullest. To become a life coach in Malaysia, you must take a coach training program and be certified.

The benefits of a life coaching business are that it is simple to set up, you get to be your boss and manage your time, and it also has the potential to be high earnings.

21. Health / Beauty Product Agent

A health and beauty agency is Another simple but good idea to improve your finances in Malaysia. The best part about the business is that you don’t need too much technical knowledge to succeed.

Although you might need to get certification in some places before starting the business, therefore it is essential to get such details before you decide to start.

As a health or beauty agent, you should know the latest products and beauty trends to advise people on them. You can also contract your services as an influencer or brand ambassador for beauty companies.

22. Publish & Sell Online Courses

People continuously need to expand their skills and knowledge through online courses.

Platforms like Skillshare, Domestika, and Udemy are some places where you can publish your online courses.

To boost your engagement on these platforms, you can share it with your friends who might be interested and encourage them to leave a comment or a review. It can serve as a testimony to any who comes across your course and might be interested in it.

23. Content Writing Services

Every company needs high-quality content that will help them attract potential customers.

If you choose to be a content writer, keep learning to improve yourself and know a bit of everything. You can also earn money through SEO knowledge.

There are various platforms where you can create a portfolio, advertise your skills or even search for jobs. You can also contract your services to companies in Malaysia or work for them as a freelancer.

24. Transportation

Transportation is another thriving industry in Malaysia. It offers people without capital and skill opportunities to make a profitable living.

Private transport business is for personal use, and most customers prefer it because they won’t have to encounter crowds, unlike public transportation.

All you need to start this business in Malaysia is a working car, driving skills and a license. You also need to inquire about region-specific requirements that might impede your transportation business.

25. Car Rental Business

The car renting business is now getting popular in cities like Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia. This business can be a promising venture for you because of the visitors and foreigners who would need a car to move about their daily activities.

To do the car rental business, you can decide to start small and save up to get more automobiles as your business and sales increase.

26. Coffee shop

There are a lot of office workers in Malaysia. Many of them need to spend some quiet time alone or with colleagues at a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee. The coffee shop business can be profitable because its demand in Malaysia is high. If you can open a coffee shop close to a business location, you can get many customers from nearby offices who like to drink coffee.

27. Travel Agency

Many people visit Malaysia for business and other purposes as a business centre.

Some organisations offer travel services to travellers indirectly or directly.

It provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to start a travel agency business.

Your travel agency can help with all the information for foreigners who come for business or citizens who wish to leave. If possible, you can help with their applications too.

The business doesn’t need high startup capital, it’s easy to begin, and the profits are high.

28. Petroleum business

Malaysia is one of the largest oil and gas producers in Southeast Asia. The government encourages foreign direct investment in several industries, including oil and gas.

You can be an oil and gas retailer in Malaysia. To start the business, you only need a few thousand dollars. With that capital, you can be a retailer for various oil and gas products, for example, kerosene and natural gas.

Or, if you have significant capital, you can set up a filling gas station that will generate revenue.

29. Fintech and Cryptocurrency Business

Whether you have a finance background or not, you can benefit from this era of online financial business.

Finance and Cryptocurrency are digital assets you can exchange online for goods and services or sell to earn money. Your Fintech business can use blockchain technology to develop a payment gateway platform for users to use different cryptocurrencies to transact goods and services.

You can also be a crypto consultant and guide those who need to invest in the business.

30. Construction Business

Most people in the construction business work as contractors; they sell their services to investors or landowners. You can only do this business if you have building skills. You can hire others to work with you as a construction service agency.

It ensures you get more jobs because most people don’t like the stress of searching for more workers.

Image Credits: All images on this website are sources from Getty Images, Pexels and Unsplash.

low budget business ideas in malaysia

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Small business ideas in Malaysia

Small business ideas in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great destination to invest in among southeast Asian nations. The vibrant economy of Malaysia has attracted many foreign and local entrepreneurs. Many people who are looking for ideas to set up a small business in Malaysia, often seem to get confused about several aspects. For instance, what type of business they should begin with? or, how is the demand of a particular business in Malaysia, etc? To deal with those queries, this article schemed out some of the popular and profitable small business ideas in Malaysia.

You can get your business registered in Malaysia. Company registration in Malaysia will give you all the information you need with step-by-step guidelines.

List of small business ideas in Malaysia

Here is a list of preferred small business ideas that you can easily start in Malaysia.

Restaurant business

Coffee shop

Travel Agency

Fashion company

Foods and Snacks corner

Micro-finance services 

Petroleum business

Internet business

Professional services

Smartphone and PC repair

Real estate materials retailers

Aircon Service

MotorBike Service

Cleaning Service

Key Maker and Access Card

Smokey Red Meat Food

  • Big Size Photocopy and Banner Business

Business Card & Office Letterhead

Seal Business

Types of business in Malaysia

We know that Malaysia is a tourist country many foreign tourists visit every year. Tourists visit to enjoy a vacation and ask after setting up business and/ or business meetings. The restaurant is the best business in Malaysia if you may start smartly. Our suggestion is to select a location where the restaurant will be taking place. The business location should be inside or near a crowded area, besides schools, markets, shopping malls, Condo & office areas. To remind, you have to take permission for a business license from SSM and Halal. You may hire multiple language knowledgeable staff to serve customers.

Child care in Malaysia

It is noticeable that taking care of a child is responsible whether father or mother but most of the family both are service holders. Who will take care of the child? To keep that in mind, child care turned out to be a good business in Malaysia. When considering business ideas at a limited spectrum, this is relatively a clever concept that can inspire small business investors to begin within Malaysia.

Laundry business in Malaysia

Another business that can be run on a brief scale in Malaysia is the Laundry business. So far it seems to be a success in this nation and has good demands. You may set up a business near a residential area where the demand for laundry is the most.

Coffee shop in Malaysia

There is a lot of office-going people in Malaysia. After a tiring day at work, they might want to spend some quality time with colleagues at a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee. This business can be easily profitable as the demand is high. If you can set up a coffee shop in a business location, you can get a regular customer base as the office going public will have the need to drink coffee.

Travel Agency

Since Malaysia is a business center, many individuals visit it for business purposes. This adds up to opportunities to open doors for travel organizations. And organizations that offer services for travelers indirectly or directly. Along these lines, in the event that you are hoping to start a business in Malaysia. It brings idea to begin with a travel agency. It requires low capital, it’s anything but difficult to begin, and the profits are immense. This is a common small business idea in Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia

Malaysia plays host to a few a huge number of guests consistently. This leaves tremendous benefits made by investors in the nation’s tourism division. If the investor has prepared a big budget for opening a tourism business, they may build resorts or hotels. And offer their services to the tourist to invest again. Independent companies can likewise tap from the segment by offering products, services. And administrations that will help tourists as well. Along these lines, regardless of whether your financial plan is enormous or little. It can simply bring profit to Malaysia’s tourism division. It’s another small business idea that you can start and generate revenue.

Fashion business in Malaysia

Malaysians, similar to each other individuals, love fashion. They indicate awesomely and it helps them express what their personality is. In spite of the fact, there are many form outlets spread everywhere throughout the nation. There is enough space for new investors to make a profit in Malaysia. If by any chance investors pay interest in opening a fashion retail store, it is best to sell local design. As so, it is advisable to do research if you are not a native of Malaysia.

Foods and Snacks business in Malaysia

Considering small business ideas in Malaysia, Food and snacks sell off pretty well in this country. This means that there are enormous open doors for organizations. It is open who show interest in selling fast foods or snacks such as yogurt, ice cream, or cakes. Beginning a nourishment business is simple and requires minimal capital. In this way, you will earn profit from this business whether local or foreign.

Check out the list of major food companies in Malaysia .

Micro-finance service in Malaysia

New organizations, particularly private companies are springing up day by day in Malaysia. Furthermore, to continue operating in the long run, these organizations need financing. That aid can get from micro-finance banks or financial institutes. Along these lines, micro-finance business is definitely a good opportunity for businesses.  If you have the capital needed to open these types of services, you may start operating this business. Anyway, collect experience in banking and finance before starting the business.

oil and gas seller in Malaysia

Daily usage items produced from oil and gas sell out well in Malaysia. Also, setting up this business does not need you to be a millionaire. In fact, it only requires a few thousand dollars to begin this business. With a couple of thousand dollars, you can be a retailer for different oil and gas items. Retailers, for example, kerosene and natural gas. What’s more is that, if you have a big capital, you may set up a filling gas station that will give you huge revenue.

Internet Business in Malaysia

Many people are getting peace to accessible in online business now a day. Most of the students of undergrads and graduates are doing different online businesses. For example, businesses are web architecture, independent writers, and professional blogging.

Professional Service in Malaysia

Many new independent ventures develop every single day. All organizations need the expertise of bookkeepers, Engineers, etc. to handle jobs. Whereas household demands are for workers such as painters, carpenters, woodworkers, plumbers, etc. Expertise guy can set up this business service and start earning profits. As a founder of a company at a small scale, you may start it if you are skilled with building tools and household utensils.

Smart phone and PC Repair business in Malaysia

Almost everyone in this entire world contains a smartphone and a computer. This shows that the opportunity for businesses in fixing devices is huge. Individuals would prefer to repair their devices rather than discard them after damage. If you have a talent or experience for fixing gadgets, here’s a brilliant open door for you to make profit. Therefore, this can easily be a good small business idea in Malaysia.

Real estate materials retailers in Malaysia

Another great small business can be the all-round real estate sector. The real estate business itself may ask for a huge capital, but retailing raw materials for such a sector is way more convenient to start with. Moreover, the business turnout supposes to be impressive in this country, where infrastructure developments are highly prioritized. Such retail business usually evolves around construction raw materials ranging from bricks, sands, rods, woods steel, etc. to heavier machinery and building safety tools and utilities.

Aircon Service

Malaysia is a tropical country. They mostly experience sunny days. Air conditioner is a must for every office and household in Malaysia for their tropical weather. As the country faces a humid weather, they use air conditioner often and that’s when the aircon service comes in play. If you use a mechanical appliance often, you will need someone to service it now and then. This business can be profitable of you can hold some permanent clients who requires regular servicing of their air conditioners in their home and mostly office as office users tend to use air conditioners more. Try to target the official areas as more clients can be found there. If you are good at the job, then there is no need for your customers to look elsewhere. They will just contact you regularly for your service.

Motor Bike Service

A large population in Malaysia uses motorcycles as their main transportation. As with any mechanical thing, motorbikes also require regular maintenance. If you set up a motorbike service shop in a busy location, chances are you will get a lot of customers. Regular customers will come to you if you provide a reasonable price and better service compared to your competitors. You can even make a cleaning sector in your shop for people who need to clean their bikes. Cleaning is required more often than regular servicing so this can be more profitable as you will have both services in your shop. You can even have branches of your shop to capture even more customers from different locations in Malaysia.

Cleaning Service

Some businesses are on a regular basis and this option falls among them. Cleaning services are on the rise as a lot of companies are starting up and the demand for the cleaning service is increasing. These services can include regular cleaning, weekly cleaning, or even monthly cleaning and provide services like post-construction cleaning and even pest cleaning. Pest cleaning is a more advanced procedure for cleaning and is not regular but there is more profit from this service. Catching customers should be the first priority.

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Among the small business, this option can be the best for you. The market is not saturated and if you can make a name for yourself using marketing, the potential to get a lot of customers are a lot. And the best part is they will stay your customer as the market is not saturated with key makers. Access Cards are getting normal nowadays with just a card required to open any locked doors. However, these cards are easy to get lost, and making a duplicate can be time-consuming and hard. This is when your business comes to play. Being the access card and key maker, you can catch those customers and make a lot of profits.

Smokey Red Meat Food

Among the food varieties in Malaysia, smoked foods are the most popular. There is a huge demand in this market. Know the competitors who are already making a lot of profit from this food. Smoked food is basically the food, usually meat, that has been exposed to the smoke from burning of wood. The taste and smell become smokey and more delicious to eat. This food has a lot of demand and if you can open a restaurant with this category of food, there is a sure chance of getting recognition. Just focus on marketing and providing ways for the people of Malaysia to know about your food and restaurant.

Big Size Photocopy and Banner

Big Size Photocopy and Banner Business

You must be familiar with the photocopy and printing shops available across Malaysia. Those are common. But the need for printing and photocopy on large canvas or paper is a lot too. People often search for shops or services that print on large papers. Printing road signs or area map require large-scale printing. Setting up a printing press that prints on a large scale can be profitable and if you can capture a large audience and make a name for yourself, you can make it a regular income. New businesses are always being registered in Malaysia and those businesses require banners for their shops or office. They often must wait a long time to get their product. If you can provide them with the product in a very less time, then you will have a lot of customers that are loyal.

Business Card & Office Letterhead

Business requires business cards and office letterhead. Every employee has a business card now. The printing press can print these business cards on a large scale for every employee and business owner. These businesses also have dedicated letterheads. Often with the name of their company name. The demand for these letterheads is a lot and requires constant printing as they can be used up fast. Setting up a business card & office letterhead business can be beneficial to both parties. You will get regular customers and profits can come easily.

Seal Business

Companies in Malaysia require a company seal. Usually after the registration of their company they search for shops or businesses that produce company seals. If you can set up a shop for this purpose, then you can get a lot of customers as company registration is common in Malaysia. It's not like this is a one-time business. Companies require this seal regularly for legal tasks and frequent use makes those seals bad. They will require more seals again. Having many customers can make this business profitable.

Other types of businesses in Malaysia

  • Electricians and refrigerator engineers supply.
  • Open super shop near busy place or inside of mall area.
  • Open fitness training center.
  • Gym and bar business.
  • Fruit and coffee shop.
  • Gents and lady’s parlor.
  • Property rent and sale agent.
  • Pet foods business.
  • Intercontinental food trades.
  • Printing, card, signboard & chop business.

Proprietorship & Sdn Bhd Business Registration Malaysia

Proprietorship and SDn Bhd business registration in Malaysia

There are two types of businesses that can register as law 1) Proprietorship 2) Sdn Bhd (Limited Liability). Local businessmen like to register proprietorship as easier and liability-free. On the other hand, Sdn Bhd business is wide open for locals and foreigners. One person is an all-in proprietorship business where no liability and freedom of business and business tax is the same as Sdn Bhd. No shares of the company are allocated in proprietorship companies whereas shares are purchased from Sdn Bhd as director and shareholder. Multiple (maximum 50) shareholders can buy shares of the company and perform duties as shareholders and directors by law. Tax & annual returns must submit by the time of Sdn Bhd companies same as proprietorship businesses.

Steps of business registration

Name search

Appoint company secretary by law

  • Documents preparation
  • Submit documents to SSM

Receive business registration copies

  • Make tenancy agreement
  • Eligible to open bank account
  • Signboard and premise license apply
  • Apply for other licenses, if need, like export, import, WRT
  • Apply for employment visa by ESD registration

To register a business name search is the first step as the name is the identity of every business. Ask Company Secretary to find names as proposed names if available. Each name search is costly, RM 50, and as a similar name is rejected always so be careful. Share directors’ detail, business activities, and propose names to reserve names through SSM. Business registration will startup after approval of the business name by SSM.

To appoint a company secretary in every country is not mandatory but it is a must in Malaysia for Sdn Bhd businesses whereas proprietorship business is exempted. The company secretary is responsible to prepare documents for new business registration in Malaysia. A form is given to fill up and sign by the director (s) where basic information is asked for the name of directors, address, contact number, email, business nature, etc.

Documents preparation & submission

Secretary will submit all draft copies to SSM online after making payment of RM 1200 (approximately including name reservation). Maximum three nature of businesses can be added in one registered business as a policy of SSM. Secretary will receive notification if anything needs to change otherwise straight submission copies will be registered.

Now business incorporation is completed, and incorporation, directors’ detail, and articles are ready to collect. Buy copies from Mydata SSM if need further forms for business purposes as all other forms are payable.

Tenancy agreement

The virtual address is used for most of the businesses initially that do not have a physical office. Now, it is the time to start a business so, a tenancy agreement is a must to be prepared with stumping. Sometimes, partial rent (sublease) is accepted by the bank but not fair.

Open bank account

Bank account opening as Malaysian is not an issue in local and foreign banks. But, the opening account is issued as a foreigner as the bank asks for a work permit and/ or residence copy. Do not worry as a foreigner, visit the office of S & F Consulting Firm Asia Sdn Bhd and consult with an expert. Account will be opened for sure (100%) without a work permit in foreign banks, HSBC, OCBC , UOB, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Signboard, premise, export, import, WRT license

DBKL and MBPJ provide signboard and premise license to put signboard of the business. It is an offense if the business is a startup with licenses and a penalty if a delay in renewal. To apply for export and import license must prepare documents as 1). Invoice 2). Business sample 3). Product detail information 4). Port selection. In terms of WRT application contact experts as the procedure is a bit complicated and time-consuming. Export-import and WRT license applications take around 3-4 months each.

ESD registration

To apply for a work and residence permit as businessmen must register the business through ESD. Follow instructions of application and arrange to support 9-10 number of papers. Contact S & F team to guide your registration of business and apply for a work permit.

Business registration in Malaysia is easier as anyone can open by a maximum of 5 working days. Bank account opening is easier too and manpower hiring is hassle-free. Being Malaysia is the business hub of Asia, the suitable environment for business to do and easier than Singapore. Roads, electricity, lands, ports, administration are excellent for business.

Can foreigners open a small business in Malaysia?

Yes! foreigners are allowed to start both small and large size ventures in Malaysia.

How can a foreigner start a small business in Malaysia?

As a foreigner you should follow the Steps below to register a company in Malaysia :

  • Company name approval.
  • Registering the business governed by SSM.
  • Hiring company secretary.
  • Collect business license, signboard license, WRT license, and Halal license.
  • Arrange premises agreements.
  • SOCSO and EPF.
  • Export/ import license (if required)
  • ESD registration and visa application.

Who is the responsible government body to register a company in Malaysia?

Malaysia Company Commission is better known as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is the responsible government body to register a company in Malaysia.

What are some most successful businesses?

Malaysian most profitable small businesses are:

  • Tourism business
  • Catering Services
  • IT Business
  • Business Consulting
  • Cleaning Services

What business is best to start in Malaysia?

There are lots of good business in Malaysia where you can invest. Some of the popular business are restaurant business, real-estate business, coffee shop, manufacturing industry, etc.

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Follow these easy steps for starting a Malaysian business.

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Topics you might find useful for registering a business:

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All of business licenses in Malaysia - WRT, Import, Sign Board, GST, SOCSO

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45+ Best Small Business Ideas in Malaysia 2023 (Low Cost)

If You Are Looking for All the Best Small Business Ideas in Malaysia , Then You Are in the Perfect Place.

From Low Cost Business Ideas to Online Business Ideas We Have Added Most of Them by Finding the Earning Potential and the Market Demand.

Malaysia is a South East Asian Country and Kuala Lumpur is Its Capital and Some of the Major Business Cities Are Kajang, Seberang Perai, Subang Jaya, Klang , and Others.

Small Business Ideas in Malaysia

Table of Contents

List 45+ Small Business Ideas in Malaysia 2023 (Low Cost)

From Low-Cost Business Ideas to Easy to Start Business Opportunities in Malaysia We Have Covered All of Them and With Research and Market Analysis You Can Start Any of These businesses With Very Low-Cost Investment.

Future Proof IT Services

Future Proof IT Services

There Are Many People Who Switch Their Career From Other Profession to IT as the Benefits of a High Salary and Other Perks.

With the Proper Knowledge, You Can Also Start Your Own IT Company and Provide All the Software and Web Service to Other Businesses.

Cyber Security Business

Small Businesses to Large Industries Everyone Coming Online to Set Up Their Business and Grab the Young Audience.

On the Internet There Are Many Types of Websites From Entertainment to Banking Websites, So if You Have Any Knowledge of Cyber Security Then You Can Protect Them From Different Types of Malicious Threats.

From Small Businesses to Jobs There is a Used Demand for Cyber Security as Everything is Going Online.

Fintech Startup/Business

Fintech Businesses Are Growing Rapidly and There Are Many Types of Business Comes Under It.

All of the Businesses Are Highly Profitable as They Are Directly Connected to Money.

So if You Have Proper Knowledge and Skills of Money and Investing Then You Can Start Different Types of Fintech Startups Like Personal Finance Consultancy, Small Loan With Banks, Credit Cards Referrals, Trading Advice, and Financial Blog Websites.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Malaysia 2023

Attorney service in malaysia.

Attorney Service in Malaysia

  • Get Register
  • Tax Reduction & Accounting
  • Legal Fight With Other Business
  • Copyright Protection
  • Deal With Employee Issues

With a Very Hard Demand, You Can Start It as a Small Business and Work for Different Businesses and Help Them to Get Registered by Making Money From It.

Recruitment Service

Recruitment Service

From Tourism to Industrial, Malaysia is Highly Developed and Starting of a Requirement Service By Hiring The People For Multiple Hotels, Manufacturing Industry and It Industry Has a Great Business Opportunity to Start.

  • Ecommerce Business

E-commerce is Currently Boom Industry and the Grow is Hitting its Limits.

From Small Businesses to Large Businesses Are Coming Online and Want to Sell Their Products by Reaching the Global Customers, With the Help of E-commerce.

So Starting of Small E-commerce Platforms and Helping the Small Businesses to Take Their Offline Business to Online Has a Huge Potential.

Transportation Business in Malaysia

Transportation Business in Malaysia

The economy of Malaysia is Growing Rapidly Enhance Many Small Businesses and Transportation Sector, With a Good Investment You Can Purchase Lorries and Trucks and Use Them in Transportation Sector.

The Growing Economy of Malaysia Enhances the Transportation Sector.

Unique Small Business Ideas in Malaysia

Luxury goods business in malaysia.

People in Malaysia Hold a Great Potential for Purchasing.

So Starting of Different Types of Large Scale and High Margin Businesses Are Highly Profitable,

Luxury Goods Business is One of the Best Businesses That You Can Start in Malaysia.

With a Great Investment, You Can Start Selling Different Types of Branded Bags, Haute Couture Clothing, Accessories, Such as Jewelry and High-end Watches, High-end Automobiles, and Others.

  • Freelancing


If You Have Any Particular Skills Then You Can Provide Services Online, There Are Many Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Services and Make Money From There.

Some of the Best Freelancing Platforms Are Upwork, Peopleperhour , and Fiverr, Where You Can Add Your Profile and Get Orders.

Automobile Repairing & Cleaning

The Automobile Industry is Growing Rapidly and You Can Start Different Types of Business Related to It as Per Your Budget. With Growing Sales of Auto Vehicles, You Can Start Different Types of Businesses such as Like-

  • Automobile Cleaning
  • Modification

This is Another Low Investment Small Business Idea That You Can Start on a Roadside or in Any Crowded Place in Your City, as It is one of the Low Investment Small Business Idea That You Can Start and Provide Different Services to the Customer.

Smart Phone Repairing Service

Smart Phone Repairing Service

With a Few Moths of Training, You can Start a Smartphone Repairing and Accessories Selling Business, It is a High Demanding Business, That You can Start with Low Investment.

So Starting of a Smartphone Repairing Business is Another Low Cost & Service Based Business that You can Start In a Local Market or in a Crowded Place.

Fashion and Retail Business

There Are 3 Types of Retailing Business Like Product Retail, Service Retail, and Non-store Retail and All of Them Has a Good Potential to Start in Malaysia.

So Starting of a Retail Business in the Offline Market is Another Profitable Business Idea, That Needs Good Investment and Business Plan to Start.

Catering business in Malaysia

Catering business in Malaysia

Catering Services Are the Best Service Based Business, That Require Minimum Skills to Start and Good Potential in It.

From Catering to Cooking Services, You Can Provide a Package to the People and Make Money From This Service Based Business.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Business is Yet Another Service Based Business That You Can Start With Zero Investment.

From House to Office, It Requires Cleaning So There is a Huge Demand for This Business, and You Can Start Different Types of Cleaning Business as Like Car and Bike Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Door and Glass Cleaning, and Others.

It is a Service Best Business So Does Not Require Any Investment to Start This Business, and You Can Do This in Your Part Time or Full-Time Career or by Opening an Agency.



So if You Are a Child Love Her and Love to Take Care of a Baby Then You Can Start a Baby Sitting Small Business From Home by Taking Care of the Baby for the Whole Day.

It is one of the Best Businesses for Women and the Earning Potential is Also Good.

Pet Care & Sitting

Pet Care & Sitting

There Are Many Working People Who Do Not Have Time to Take the Proper of Their Pets Like Dogs and Cats.

If You Have the Basic Knowledge of Pet Care Like Wasting, Cleaning, and Walking, Then You Can Start a Small Pet Care Business and Provide All Types of Services.

Teaching/ Tutor

Malaysia Has a Huge Amount of Students and Every Parent Wants to Educate Their Children for a Great Future and to Get a Job.

So if You Have Any Educational Background Then You Can Start a Tutor Service and Provide Education to Children. There is a Huge Demand for This Business and You Can Start It is a Part-Time or Full-Time Career.

You Can Start a Tutor or Online Tutoring Business and Money From It on a Monthly Basis or Session Basis.

Security Service in Malaysia

From Personal Security to Office Security There is a Huge Demand of Security Businesses.

If You Have Good Connection and Communication With Human Power Then You Can Start a Security Business and Provide Banks, Offices, and Personal Security Guard.

Event Management

Event Management

From Music Concerts to Weddings, There is Always a Demand for Event Management Services.

So if You Have Some People and Skills of How to Manage Events, Book Hotels, and Security and Other Related Services Then You Can Start a Small Event Management Business Where You Work for Small Events at the Beginning.

Become a Social Media Marketer

If You Have Practical Skills in Social Media Management Than You Can Start a Social Media Marketing Manager Business in 2023.

That is a Huge Number of Young Audiences on Social Media Platform Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and You Can Directly Each Different Type of Brand by Aware Them the Benefits of Social Media Presence, and You Can Also Ask Them to Hire You for This Management Business.

There is a Huge Potential for This Business as the Growing of Online Media Consumption and With Proper Knowledge and Pitching Ideas, You Can Get Multiple Clients for This Business.

Top 10+ Manufacturing Business in Malaysia 2023

  • Potato Powder Making
  • Ice Cream Making
  • Car Modification
  • Candle Making
  • Plywood Making
  • Homemade Chocolate/Cookies
  • Palm Oil Processing
  • Wood Products
  • Hair and Beauty Products
  • Leather Bags

Top 10+ Online Business Ideas to Start in Malaysia 2023

  • YouTube Channel
  • Digital Marketing
  • Domain Flipping
  • Earn From Survey Sites
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Web developer
  • Social media specialist
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Tutoring
  • Stock Market Trading

Top 10 Low Investment Business Ideas in Malaysia 2023 (No Cost Business Ideas)

  • Courier Service
  • Career Counselling
  • Service Based Business
  • SEO Specialist
  • Landscaping Service
  • Security Services
  • Car Cleaning

Top 10 Best Work From Home Business Ideas to Start Malaysia

  • Proof Reading
  • Online tutor
  • Transcriptionist
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Freelance designer
  • Social media manager
  • Cloud Kitchen

What are The Top Business Cities in Malaysia?

From Skilled Labors to Modern Infratech, There Are Many Business Cities in Malaysia, Where You Will Find All the Requirements to Start a Business.

So the Major Business Cities Are:-

  • Seberang Perai
  • Subang Jaya

Why You Should Start a Business in Malaysia – Top 7 Benefits Of Starting a Business in Malaysia 2023

Starting of Business in the Growing Economy of Malaysia, Provide Different Opportunities to Start Small Businesses and Startup Ideas, Below Are the Best Benefits to Start Any Business in Malaysia Are:-

  • Multiple Business Opportunities
  • Skilled People
  • Government Support
  • Industrial Infrastructure
  • 4 Way Transportation
  • Investor Friendly
  • Wide Space Available
  • Global Reach

As Malaysia is One of the One Most Developed Countries in the Asian Continental, There Are Many Business & Startup Opportunities to Start.

The Country Provide Advance Technology to Skilled Men Power to Start Mid to Large Scale Business.

In This Post, We Add All Types of Traditional Businesses to Modern Businesses, for Students, Professionals, and Females to Start in Malaysia and Its Major Cities.

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low budget business ideas in malaysia

  • Startup Ideas

16 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Malaysia 2023

Starting your career as an entrepreneur can be very tough and challenging sometimes. There can be a number of problems that you would have to face.

However, having a good idea in your mind and a proper business plan somehow minimizes the risks to some extent.

If you are having trouble in making a decision about what idea to pursue, you can check out the following small business ideas in Malaysia for the coming year that can prove to be the best as far as the uniqueness, starting capital, risk minimization and some other factors are concerned.

Top Small Business Ideas in Malaysia With Low Investment in 2023

1. fashion business.

Like all the other glamorous countries, the people of Malaysia also love fashion. They have a great sense of fashion. The Malaysians are concerned and conscious about their dressing and looks.

In spite of the fact that lots of fashion brands and outlets are already there in the country, there is still enough scope for new investors to bring better fashion sense.

If you are planning to purse this idea for running your business in Malaysia, do not forget the significance of their local fashion.

For that you need to have a deep knowledge and know-how of the country’s local fashion. Getting into this field can be the top small business opportunity in Malaysia in 2023.

Related: 10 Most Profitable Fashion Business Ideas

2. Smartphone and Personal Computer Repairing Startup

It can be an outstanding example of small business in Malaysia.  More than 50% of the adults in Malaysia own PCs or smartphones.

It means that there is a great opportunity for such kind of businesses that can assist in fixing the problems with various devices like laptops, smartphones, etc.

Most of the people want their faulty devices to get repaired rather than being thrown away. Therefore if you have a skill to repair the latest mobiles and other devices that you have an outstanding opportunity to start your own business in Malaysia.

3. Oil and Gas Business

In the list of resources that are the most beneficial for Malaysia from the point of view of emerging industries, oil and gas are on the top.

Moreover, the economy of Malaysia also depends largely on the export of natural gas, petroleum products, etc. Starting a business in this particular industry would surely be a great idea.

4. Ecommerce Store

In the list of small business in Malaysia , the business of an e-commerce store always remains one of the best options.

It does no matter that whether the person starting this business owns his own website or not. He/she can also get the services to sell the products from a reputable website for online shopping. Lazada and Best Buy are popular in Malaysia.

In the coming year, there will be lots of such opportunities to start an online business in Malaysia. Initially if you do not have a lot of budget that can let you launch an eCommerce store of your own, there are a number of reliable online stores that can help you sell your products.

5. Professional Services

In Malaysia, lots of new businesses are emerging on small scales with every passing day. Therefore, the professionals of business are supposed to have a continuously growing market in 2023 that they need to cater. Most of the small scale business owners need the help of accountants and other professionals to manage their matters.

Therefore, if you are good at accounting or any other similar field, you can start earning some handsome amount of money even in the starting days of your business. It is one of the best small business ideas in Malaysia to pursue in 2023.

6. Rubber Plantation Business

In Malaysia, rubber is another important product found naturally. Additionally, the agricultural activities play an essential role in the economy of the country.

It is a very profitable and lucrative business to choose in Malaysia especially if you are a farm owner. It can be a great home-based business opportunity in Malaysia.

7. Online Hotel Booking Business

Malaysia is a beautiful state and this is one of the reasons that tourism is steadily growing in the country. The two alluring islands in Malaysia named the island of Borneo and Malay Peninsula attract the tourists from all over the world.

The beaches, rain forest and other splendid sights lure a great number of foreigners to visit Malaysia. This gives a background for the significance of the business of online hotel booking in the country.

You just need to have some partnerships and links with most of the nearby hotels that are situated in the country. The payment will be on the basis of their terms and conditions and your agreement. It can be an excellent online business opportunity in Malaysia for 2023.

Related: How to Make a Popular Hotel Booking App Like Booking.com?

8. Business of Micro finance services

Many new businesses are being introduced in Malaysia these days. These businesses definitely need some proper funding in order to thrive and continue in the long run. The business owners can get this funding from various microfinance banks.

Therefore, the microfinance banking is a booming business opportunity for various investors in Malaysia. Having knowledge and some experience in the field of accounting and finance, you can start this type of business easily.

9. Real Estate Business

The real estate market of Malaysia is growing continuously. The government is also taking numerous initiatives.

There was a bill launched in Malaysia in July 2011, named PR1MA Bill; it was meant for making it easier for the people to buy houses who have low or medium incomes. You also have an option to start such kind of real estate business in Malaysia through different ways.

10. Affiliate Marketing

The business of Affiliate marketing is always greatly renowned throughout the globe. However, in Malaysia the number of affiliate marketers is lesser as compared to those in other countries.

The process of affiliate marketing basically lets you earn your commission by selling the products or services of a third party. There are several websites for affiliate marketing that you can join to start the business.

Some other small business ideas in Malaysia for 2023 are as follows:

11. Business of Food Truck

If you are good at cooking but lack the fortune required for opening any restaurant or a café, the food truck business might be the right choice for you. This is a business with low investment and chances of high profits.

All you need to do is to buy a truck and decorate both the exterior and interior to turn it into a food truck. Now decide on a tempting menu. Make sure the items require cheap raw material. It will help you in maintaining good profits.

Hire enthusiastic people for building a strong team and here you are, all ready to kick start your career.

12. 3D Printing Business

3D printing is a newly found wonder of technology. But unfortunately, it is still making its way into the world of glamour. People are still to accept the possibility that there could exist 3D printers.

Luckily the situation is quite different in Malaysia. Entrepreneurship is spreading rapidly in the country, hence, people have a good know-how of 3D printing.

The best part about the 3D printing business is the assurity of continuous success in the future. You will undoubtedly continue to earn more and more in the future as the technique is expected to gain more and more popularity.

13. Custom T-shirt Printing Business

Customized products are the most fascinating and soulful gifts. Moreover, it gives the customers an opportunity to design their own products. Hence, this business is flourishing more and more with each passing year.

You can start your own custom T-shirt printing business at a low cost and with a high chance of a prospering future. Another benefit is that you can also start an online shop. Spend a few bucks on building a website or a social media handler and earn huge profits sitting at your home. You just need to be careful to maintain the quality of your products.

14. Mobile Phone Accessories Business

Being a beautiful country, Malaysia is a popular tourist spot. With quite a large number of tourists visiting the place, entrepreneurs get a number of chances to establish their businesses. Mobile is an ultimate necessity and becomes even more necessary when you are on a tour. Therefore, tourists are in dire need of mobile phone accessories.

Starting a mobile phone accessories business is a highly profitable business idea in a country full of tourists. To enhance your chances of having a successful business, pay attention to advertisements and glamour too.

15. Photography Startup

Photography is one of the amazing startup ideas that can lead to a high yield business within a small time span. In Malaysia, photographers enjoy a number of special benefits. For example, they experience leniency in taxes, insurance, and gaining a business license.

If you have good photography skills, get the advantage of these benefits and start your business right now. Focus on building an attractive portfolio website and construct your business plan. No matter how short your budget is, make no compromise in the quality of equipment.

If you have a small investment, you can also start with an online set up. It not only limits your expenses but also increases your reach.

16. Pet Related Businesses

Man is trying to fill the void in his life through pets. Nowadays, some people are more affectionate to their pets than people. This carves out a new opportunity for the entrepreneurs. Setting up a pet-related business will attract all the pet lovers, which by the way are in a good number.

You can go for anything from pet food to pet toys. In fact, you can also sell all pet essentials under one roof. This will actually be more beneficial for the customers and more profitable for you.

Additional Advice

No matter what business idea you decide to carry on with, keep in mind the importance of proper advertisement. The more you advertise, the more you can gain.

Also, do not rely on traditional advertising methods. Advertise through emails, social media platforms, your own website and other technical options.

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Top Business Opportunities in Malaysia 2023

What’s in this article, why start a business in malaysia, types of businesses to consider in malaysia, other small business ideas in malaysia to consider, checklist for starting a business in malaysia, run & expand your business in malaysia with regional experts, can’t find what you’re looking for talk to our experts today..

Starting a business in Malaysia is one of the best decisions you could make, even in the midst of the pandemic. The country has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has made its name as one of the places to incorporate a company. If you’re looking for inspiration and top business opportunities in Malaysia, this is for you!

There are plenty of reasons why investors and entrepreneurs are choosing Malaysia as their destination of choice when it comes to setting up a company. These include:

Malaysia Company Tax is ones of the more competitive ones, at 17% for SME business which is the same as Singapore’s.

Malaysia’s population is $33.5 million provides a domestic market hence small business can strive locally

Malaysia has diversity and different level of skills within their local work force. Hence, an entrepreneur has many choices between from semi-skilled to professional employees.

Strategically positioned next to many of Asia’s other leading markets like Singapore and Indonesia

Good News: New Malaysia Companies Act 2016 about setting up Sdn Bhd for Foreigner

A Foreigner can be the same director and shareholder of the company

There is no need to have local resident director for you to incorporate a company

There is an audit exemption for Sdn Bhd

There are many business opportunities available in Malaysia post-pandemic. Here are some of them:

Fintech and Cryptocurrency Business

If you have a finance background, this is the era of online financial business.  Cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Your Fintech business can utilise blockchain technology create payment gateway platform for different users to use different types of cryptocurrencies to transact goods and services.

Cybersecurity Business

Since Covid started, there is a surge in usage of online transactions where lots of people working from home resulted in payment and personal information are being uploaded online. As per news:

“Malaysians suffered RM2.23 billion losses from cyber-crime” and “Complaints on online transactions rise 112.5%” Therefore, Covid resulted in triggers epidemic of cyber fraud hence there is certainly an increase in the demand of cybersecurity business from corporate to consumer markets.

Online E Commerce Business

More than 26 million Malaysians use the internet today, and data from  GlobalWebIndex  shows that 80% of users between the ages of 16 and 64 are already shopping online.

While fashion retail was recognised as one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic, both consumers and businesses have been taking major steps by going online to adapt to the situation. Luxury brands saw an increase in search traffic in Southeast Asia after the COVID-19 breakout compared to before. Starting an e-commerce business  in Malaysia is surely a popular option to consider.

Even if you don’t have a shopping website setup of your own, you can still make this one work. Malaysia has several reputable online shopping websites which have a lot of business and traffic going on each day. Examples of these sites would be Zalora, Lazada, Shopee and Best Buy where you can quickly setup an account and start selling your goods.

Mobile app developer

App development is one of the best business opportunities in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mobile apps are a great source of revenue as there will always be market shares available to be sought by those who wants it. According to Tech in Asia, as long as you have sufficient knowledge about programming languages such as Java or Python or Swift, you are ready to go!

As a professional app developer, you are required to write out a proper code and have the ability for graphic designs and coding skills. It is undeniable that there are many app developers in the world, you have to strive to stand out from the crowd by constantly polishing your expertise!


Transportation is another thriving sector in the country! Private transportation has revolutionised the industry with e-commerce. This can be shown by the success of companies such as Grab and MyCar. Private transportation business is designed for personal or individual usage and unlike public transportation, customers won’t be encountering mass crowds.

Some of the services you can provide for in the transportation industry include:

  • Rental of Vehicles for Events: Company trips, school trips, weddings, party bus, minibus charter
  • Corporate Services: Executive ride shares, limo services, airport transfers
  • Miscellaneous Services: School bus, delivery services, e-hailing cabs, private hotel tours

F&B Business

There is no place like Malaysia when it comes to delicious cuisines which are sure to delight your taste buds. The Malaysia Food and Beverages Industry (F&B) is identified as a fast-growing market and one of the main contributors to the national account. The F&B industry in Malaysia is very diverse with a wide range of processed food for Asian taste and dietary preference as well as many western recipes. Locals and foreigners alike love eating out and there’s no shortage of food options to choose from. From fine dining to local street food, starting an F&B business could be your calling.

Online Real Estate Business

There are reports that points out that the real estate industry has been slow to innovate, which means it’s poised for disruptors to arrive on the scene. Malaysia real estate is still very much a people business where housing agent and developers set to dominate the transactions.

Therefore, the opening an online real estate business portal where all parties can view, communicate, and even perform sales transaction will be a great breakthrough. The bulk of the real estate growth (closely linked to construction, which also made this list) will come from agents (people or mechanised), property managers, property rentals, and other people and companies providing related services.

Agritech Business

Agritech has long been an active sector in Malaysia’s business field. Agritech refers to the use of technology and innovation to improve the quality, efficiency, and output of agricultural processes and products in Malaysia. Agritech has seen revolutionary change due to exciting new advances in technology. Found below is a non-exhaustive list of use cases in Agritech:

Smart Farming

Drones and satellites (scanning and surveillance of crops and fields)

Internet Of Things (IoT) based sensors (provides information about the weather conditions and soil conditions)

Blockchain and big data (for consumers to know the origin of their produce)

Biotech (creating crops that can adapt to the environment better than ordinary ones)

Construction Business

The residential real estate market is the cornerstone of any economy. Shelter is considered a basic need for humans, demand for the construction business. Malaysia currently has a population of about $32 million, with a fertility rate of 2 births per woman and GDP growth rate of 4.3%. These factors can be considered very positive to builder or contractor in starting a construction business in Malaysia. However, construction industry has one of the slowest growths in productivity. Therefore, if the business can concentrate on prefabricated and top-notch manpower planning to reduce overhead cost then opening a construction business is definitely a viable business opportunity.

Childcare Business

Starting a childcare business in Malaysia is another one of the lists of business ideas in Malaysia which you could think about venturing into. In Malaysia, the fertility rate is still at a healthy level of 2 births per woman and constant inflow of foreigner relocating to Malaysia due to second home program. With a rising numbers of children and many parents are starting to realise the importance of early childhood education, and thus there is a growing demand for quality childcare services that needs to be met. If you’ve got the capital and the passion, this is one business idea which could prove very lucrative.

Fashion and Retail Business

Malaysians love their fashion. You simply need to walk into any mall, and you’ll notice that fashion boutiques bustling with customers eagerly scouting for the latest fashion trends.

If you’re considering setting up a retail business in Malaysia, research shows that the median age of Malaysians is 29 and 44% of the population is between the ages of 22 to 44. A huge target audience for the Fashion and Retail industry.

Microfinancing Services Business

There are always companies out there in need of funding and financing. With more people eager to fulfil their dreams of being their own boss, new businesses are continuously springing up. If you have the capital needed to help these entrepreneurs get their business off the ground, this could be the venture for you. It is advisable to have some background or knowledge in banking and financing before venturing into this sector.

Professional Services Business

If you’ve got a specific niche of expertise, like accounting for example, you could think about starting a professional services business in Malaysia. With new companies emerging every year, there is a need for professional services to help these businesses survive and thrive. This makes professional services business one of the best small business ideas in Malaysia you could think about starting.

Other small business opportunities in Malaysia which you can consider include:

  • Photography business
  • Personal computer and smart phone repair services
  • Food truck business
  • Custom t-shirt printing business
  • Mobile phone accessory business
  • Pet related business
  • Affiliate marketing business
  • Freelance services
  • Laundry service business
  • Café business

Knowing that Malaysia is flush with business opportunities, how does one, for example,  start an online business ? All businesses in Malaysia must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. They are known locally as the SSM, and they oversee the registration of all companies in Malaysia while ensuring that compliance requirements are met.

Investors will have several business entities options to choose from for their Malaysia company registration.

Generally, there are 5 main types of business entities in Malaysia.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Private Limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.)

Public Limited Company (Berhad)

The table below will highlight the differences of each business type:

The most popular option is a  private limited company , also known as a Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) company. The reasons are as follows:

  • It is considered a separate legal entity.
  • The personal assets of the investor are protected and this entity option is suitable for both foreign company setup, as well as business setups by local residents in Malaysia.
  • This business entity is also popular for its perpetual successions option.

Come down to our office or connect with us virtually to discuss your company incorporation, and other corporate services today.

What are the requirements being a Director and Shareholder of the Malaysia Sdn Bhd company?

  • Minimum age of 18 and above
  • Fit and proper person
  • He or she is not bankrupt and has not been convicted and imprisoned

How can I be sure that the incorporation Sdn Bhd Company to meet my objectives?

In order to ensure all necessary approvals able to obtain in place from the beginning of registration of company, licenses and work permit, we will perform a background check and due diligence process every step of the way based on your profile and objectives.

Do I need to be in Malaysia to incorporate the company?

Not necessary, we can provide the incorporation while you are in your home country.

How fast is the incorporation of Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company?

Incorporation of a Malaysia Sdn Bhd company usually takes 3 to 5 days.

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low budget business ideas in malaysia

I would like to start a business and be a founder of a product, but i have no idea on what product i can produce. Can i have little advice on how to do the survey to get an idea on what i can do for business?

low budget business ideas in malaysia

You can conduct a consumer research survey to understand the market, however, it is recommended to have an idea of which industry you’d like to enter to have quality responses (e.g. Food manufacturing, etc.)

This survey can be posted on various groups on social media. If you’d like more responses, you can consider incetivising them. Alternatively, you can engage a research company to conduct your survey for you.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your research! Feel free to reach out to us for incorporation services once you’re ready.

Best Regards, Paul

low budget business ideas in malaysia

I would like to start a small business in Malaysia

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to assist you with your incorporation of Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. Please be informed that the company can be 100% foreign owned and you are not required to be physically present in Malaysia as it can be done online using our in-house system – iBizfile.

To understand what is required for incorporation/to START your incorporation, please find the link below. https://my.ibizfile.com/auth/signup

To understand what is required for your employment pass/to START your employment pass, please find the link below. https://ibizfile.com/employement-pass-form/

Here is a Demo Video to show you what our process looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=679s_ekkINc – MSIA INCORP

Thank you for your question. Warm regards Paul

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Best 23 Small Business Ideas in Malaysia for 2023

Do you want to start a business in Malaysia? Here in this post, we list down the most profitable small business ideas in Malaysia that can be started with small and medium investments.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country. The country is a highly open, upper-middle-income economy. The country’s economy into higher value-added activities in both industry and services. In addition, the country is a leading exporter of electrical appliances, electronic parts and components, palm oil, and natural gas.

In addition, the government is moving towards a more business-friendly environment by setting up a special task force to facilitate business called PEMUDAH. The objective of the scheme is to simplify the business environment in the country. So this is the right time to start a business venture in Malaysia.

Find Below a list of preferred small business ideas that you can easily start in Malaysia:

23 Small Business Ideas in Malaysia

1. start an online business.

If you are looking for business opportunities from the comfort of your home, the online platform can be a good place to explore. There are plenty of online businesses like starting a blog, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, freelance writing, and many more. Check out our list of recommended online business ideas to learn more.

2. Restaurant Business

Malaysia is a popular place for travelers all across the world. It is also a business-friendly nation and a lot of companies are based in the country. If you find a good location, the restaurant can be a profitable business in Malaysia.

3. Amusement Park

Tourism is an important industry in Malaysia. The country attracts thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year. So, starting an amusement park is a very promising business in the country. However, the business demands strategic planning and substantial capital investment.

4. Start an Automobile-Related Business in Malaysia

Malaysia’s automotive industry is very promising. In addition, the country is the 22nd largest automotive manufacturer in the world. The immense growth in the automobile industry creates enormous opportunities for small business entrepreneurs.

5. Make or Sell Computers

Malaysia is an excellent country for computer-related businesses. There are several options in this sector. You can start a small-scale assembling business or can sell computer-related products. Furthermore, there are several computer-related opportunities you can start at home.

6. Consulting Services

Rendering professional consulting services is another promising opportunity in the country. In addition, you can start this business from home. However, you must have adequate knowledge and experience in the specific subject.

7. Electrical & Electronics

The electrical & electronics (E&E) industry is the leading sector in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector, contributing significantly to the country’s exports. And some of the major products are mobile devices, storage devices, optoelectronics, and embedded technology.

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8. Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are the promising industry in the country. Furthermore, it is an exporter of petroleum products and natural gas. So you can start an oil and gas-related business in Malaysia. One can be a trader of natural gas or kerosene on a small scale by investing just a few thousand RM or Malaysian Ringgit.

9. Real Estate

Malaysia’s real estate market is growing. And Govt. is taking several initiatives. To make home-buying possible for people on low and medium incomes and young people, in July 2011 the Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA) Bill 2011 was launched. You can start a real estate business in the country in various ways.

The demand for properties in cities like Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Johra Bauru, and Ipoh is rising.

10. Rubber Plantation

Rubber is one of the important natural products in the country. In addition, agricultural activity plays an important role in the country’s economy. Furthermore, rubber plantation is profitable and gives lucrative profit to the farm owners.

11. Tourism

Tourism is a huge sector of the Malaysian economy. United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) listed Malaysia as the 10th most visited country in 2012. Malaysia is rich with diverse natural attractions. And the country becomes an asset to the country’s tourism industry.

12. Transportation

Transportation is another thriving sector in the country. Furthermore, it offers different small and medium-scale business opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, strategic planning and the right promotion are important to get long-term success in the industry.

13. Start a Fashion Business in Malaysia

The people of Malaysia are mostly fashion lovers. As per the latest studies, the fashion apparel market is expected to grow by 7.21% during 2023 -2027. There can be no better time to start a fashion-related business in Malaysia at present.

14. Smartphone Repair Shop

The sales of smartphones are rising faster than ever before. Hence, it is quite obvious that the need for repairing old defective smartphones is bound to increase.

15. Airbnb Business

Travelers from outside are more and more preferring Airbnb for accommodation. If you have a property at a tourist destination, think of renting it on Airbnb.

16. Provide Photography Services

More and more Malaysians are looking for photography services to cover big events like weddings and corporate parties. If you have the necessary skills as a photographer, it won’t be difficult to get customers.

17. Sell Mobile Phone Accessories

This retail business has high potential in Malaysia. The mobile phone accessory industry is growing fast in this part of the world.

18. Open a Coway or Cuckoo Agency in Malaysia

If you are a water filter specialist, starting a Cuckoo agency can be a profitable venture in Malaysia.

19. Food Truck

Malaysians having short on budget but interested to enter the restaurant business, owning a food truck business is a good alternative.

20. Car Rental Business

The business of renting cars is becoming very popular in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in the country. Starting a car rental business here can be a profitable venture.

This is a country full of business opportunities. In addition, the country provides a full business-friendly environment for startup entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it is the best place to start a business for foreigners also.

21. E-Commerce Business

The e-commerce industry in Malaysia is expected to grow at 11.4 percent in the coming years. It can be said, without a doubt, that the e-commerce business is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Malaysia at present and in the future. However, selecting the right e-commerce product is the most critical factor in the success of this type of business.

22. Start a Leasing Business

Industry pundits predict good growth in the leasing and rental industry in Malaysia in the coming years. Recently, many big companies from the telecommunication and transport industry have entered the country. For foreign nationals looking for entry into the leasing industry in Malaysia, places like Labuan can be a good option. Foreigners not only get 100% business ownership but also a wide range of tax incentives here.

23. Construction

More and more apartments, office buildings, and shopping malls are coming up in almost all towns and cities in Malaysia. Cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, etc have witnessed huge growth in the construction business in recent years. It is predicted that the country will see a growth of around 7% during the years 2023 to 2025. So, if you have experience in the construction sector, starting a construction-related business in Malaysia can fetch you big profit returns.

We hope, this list of profitable small business opportunities in Malaysia will help you in making an informed decision to start your own venture.

low budget business ideas in malaysia

About the Author: 99businessideas.com led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their businesses.

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  • February 6, 2023
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7 Business Idea You Can Start Today With RM5000 (2023 Edition)

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Is there any business idea that is simple and makes you able to generate money from home? Bear in mind that not all have the guts to start their own business. But to become a businessman, you need to think like a businessman. And the best way to generate money from your home comfort is to fully utilize your potential and hard earned skill.

This article is not just a compilation of business ideas, but a realistic idea that has been proven successful by Malaysians. With the right idea (and attitude), you’ll finally find a way to grow it as a business, or at least, generating income from home.

In practical terms, you don’t have to follow all the ideas given. Just go through all of it and pick one or two ideas at one time, and hustle it until you’ll achieve what everyone wants – financial freedom and no more working 9 to 5. For your information, there are three types of business you can venture in.

low budget business ideas in malaysia

3 Types of Business You Can Do Today 

1. sell products.

The simplest method to start selling a product is to become a dropshipper. Buy the product directly from the brand at a low price, and sell it at market price. That small margin is your profit.

Secondly, you can make your own product and sell it to the right target audience that really needs it. To sell it from your home, you’ll need an online store or your own e-commerce website to serve as a storefront, a functional catalog, secured payment method and robust delivery. There are a lot of third parties that are more than willing to help you with these.

2. Offer Services

You can offer your skill and expertise as service. The advantage of this is it has a low start cost and is easy to start. But, you’ll need a lot of effort and time to do service compared to selling a product.

3. Promote Digital Products

The third type is to promote digital products as an affiliate or referral program opened by other businesses. To successfully generate income with this, you need to build a digital asset like subscribers, database and social media account so that you can promote the item to the correct audience.

low budget business ideas in malaysia

7 Business Idea You Can Do With RM5,000

1. sell household item via marketplace.

Served as a platform to link between sellers and buyers online, there are more than 10 domestic and international marketplaces that Malaysians buy and sell everyday.

Selling through Shopee, Lazada, Mudah, PG Mall, AliExpress (just to name a few) is a common yet popular way to generate money from home. The key is to sell a sellable yet profitable product.

2. Digital Marketing Services for Business

Skill for service; it became more and more prominent as businesses aiming to sell more via content material. 

So you can offer being a video editor, working on short videos and specials for Tiktok for example.  Or you can be a content creator, representing a business, creating engaging, inspirational or educational content for brand followers or viewers. Or even you can be a digital writer, writing content in blogs, websites or social media.

These services usually served as contracts. Securing a few, you can start generating money from home in no time.

3. Invest in Stock Market 

You love risk and studying numbers and trends. So investing in the stock market may be one of many answers to you.

In stock markets, you can generate a 20% profit in under a minute or a 25% loss a minute after. But if you know the right technique and have done your homework on studying the company that you want to bet on, you’ll definitely be able to generate income. Personally, it’s a bit riskier than conventional business. Never use your hard earned money on this!

4. Sign Up as Agents/ Stockist for Hot Selling Item

Being a dropshipper is about buying your supplier or HQ products at a lower price and selling it to their targeted customers at market price.

It’s a good and lesser risk as you don’t have to manage stocks and delivery. What you need to do is just promote the product and get paid. Being a dropshipper, you can generate up to RM10000 a month as long as you don’t stop promoting the product via social media.

5. Sell Healthy Food

low budget business ideas in malaysia

Malaysians are now more aware of their health and diet. They want to lose weight, be healthier and more confident. So selling healthy food is now getting traction. Take confinement meals for new mothers or vegetarians for example.

So you can put your culinary skill into good use like preparing and selling healthy menus to customers. Take advantage of your social media present, marketplace or websites to find your customers.

6. Promote House For Rent / Airbnb 

There are thousands of searches on room rents, house lets and airbnb via Facebook Group and Google. This business idea requires you to be detailed and fast. Most importantly you need to tailor your offering so that future tenants are unable to resist.

This could work as you work along with owners on targeted areas and promote it via group channels or property sites.

Let’s say, the house rental is RM900, and the owners ask for a 1+1 for deposits. You can deal the extra RM900 as your commission.

7. Consultation & Short Course

If you happen to have a skill and experience that you think is valuable to share, you can start a short course. There is a lot of demand for online consultation and short courses.

As long as you are willing to conduct a class in the evening or on the weekend, you’ll guarantee to conduct one. This is because Malaysians nowadays are hungry to upskill themselves.

Challenges in Doing Business in 2023 

low budget business ideas in malaysia

1. Work in Silo 

Being in silo means you don’t have colleges, friends to advise or to give an opinion on what you are doing. It’s solitary but then it’s a choice not to. Always keep in touch with friends within the industry to keep the networking alive.

2. Less Time For Family & Friends

At the beginning, your time on building and generating income will be demanding. You need to make use of your spare time now for generating more money.

3. Workstation at Home

Working at home is a different environment compared to working in the office. There are a lot of distractions like binge or neighbour doing wall drilling. So you need a strong motivation to work everyday and continue working despite all those distractions. And bare in mind, working from home is longer than working in the office.

4. Hard to Scale Business

To scale a business, you need to focus on the business and not the small hassle routine. The only way is to hire to fill that hassling routine. Unfortunately, not all are willing to pay or hire others in the early stages of business. So prepare to do everything on your own at first!

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The 57 Best Business Ideas To Start In Malaysia [2023]

Interested in starting a business in Malaysia in 2023?

We put together 57 of the best businesses you can start in Malaysia today.

In this list of ideas, you can find:

  • Home-based businesses to start in Malaysia
  • Profitable online business ideas
  • Unique business opportunities for Malaysia
  • Low investment business ideas (under $5k to start)
  • Easy businesses you can start in Malaysia today

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples, revenue expectations for each idea, + a step-by-step on how to start your small business in Malaysia.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a video production company

A video production company (VPC) also known as a video production agency or film production company, creates videos for clients to use in their marketing strategies. These videos can be commercials, online ads, product showcases, corporate videos, and employee training videos.

How much you can make: $10,000 — $1,500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $7,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 100 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A $500K/Month Video Production Company From My Bedroom in LA Lemonlight CEO, Hope Horner, co-founded an on-demand video production company that has produced over 7,000 videos for more than 3,000 brands, generating over $6 million in sales and growing to a 45-person team, all without taking any outside capital and being recognized in Inc 5000 and Entrepreneur 360 for three years in a row. $1.5M Monthly Revenue $500 Startup Costs 16 16.3K

2. Start an online vape shop

How much you can make: $60,000 — $300,000/month

How long does it take to build: 60 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A $60K/Month Online Business From Malaysia Jeremy Ong built Vape Club from an MVP vape subscription box business to a top online retail store in Malaysia, earning a monthly revenue of USD 60,000 with only 2 team members, primarily through blogging, SEO and email marketing with a CLTV of $400. $60K Monthly Revenue 10 27K

3. Start a SEO agency

An SEO agency is a company that provides search engine optimization services to businesses. The function of an SEO agency is to help businesses rank higher in search engines through organic or paid means.

SEO is a rapidly growing industry, with experts across all aspects of the field already making six-figure incomes and expecting to see these earnings grow dramatically over the next few years. Getting into SEO today, before it gets too saturated, will allow you to establish a strong base in a new career, with an excellent chance for success.

It’s easier than ever to start your SEO agency in Malaysia. The tools are there, and the competition isn’t as stiff as it used to be. If you’re considering starting an SEO or digital marketing agency, it might be a good idea to learn how other digital agencies succeed.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $10,000,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

Case Study I Went From Making Extra Income With Affiliate Websites To Building A $360K/Year Business Case study on SEO consultancy and affiliate marketing business generating over $360k per year with over 700k monthly visitors, with insights on building valuable content, conducting extensive research, and working with a skilled and dedicated team. $30K Monthly Revenue $500 Startup Costs 14 5.45K

4. Start an online food business

Gone are the days when food lovers needed to leave their homes for delectable delights. Insert: online food business. This venture allows individuals or groups to offer ready-to-eat meals or pre-packaged ingredients for home preparation, straight to customers' doorsteps.

In simple terms, the business centers on creating and selling meals through an online platform. In a world perpetually pursuing convenience and variety, this idea caters to a diverse audience—busy professionals seeking nutritious meals, cooking novices craving guidance, or adventurous eaters exploring global cuisines.

As an owner of an online food business, you'll be involved in menu planning, sourcing ingredients, preparation, packaging, and delivering—while constantly innovating and adapting to the ever-changing food trends and dietary preferences. With the right blend of business acumen and culinary passion, the online food business can offer a unique opportunity to merge profit with satisfaction—giving people the gift of good food while filling a fundamental market gap.

How much you can make: $4,000 — $12,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 120 days (?)

Case Study How We Started A Meal Prep Delivery Business And Did $1.8M In Sales Healthy Chew is a profitable weekly meal preparation service that grew from 200 to 10,000 weekly bowls in just over 3 years, with an overall sales figure of $1.8 million, achieved through effective branding and personalised customer service. $60K Monthly Revenue $500 Startup Costs 15 35.8K

5. Start a consulting business

Consulting businesses are booming, more so than ever before, and seeing year-over-year growth. With an accumulated value of about $250B , the global consulting industry is one of the biggest markets within the professional services sector.

If you want to start your own consulting business with valuable insights from industry experts, reading about their entrepreneurial journey will help you decide how you should go about it.

How much you can make: $100 — $2,500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $750 (?)

Case Study How I Started A $45K/Month Cybersecurity Consulting Firm For Startups Cybersecurity consulting firm Eden Data, launched in March 2020, scaled to four team members and generated over $45k MRR without large startup costs through their unique Virtual CISO offering, which outsources cybersecurity and compliance needs for a flat monthly price, rather than charging by the hour or for long-term commitments. $230K Monthly Revenue 8 32K

6. Start a furniture business

The furniture industry involves designing, manufacturing, and selling various types of furniture for household and commercial purposes. With the increase in flexible workspaces and the real estate industry’s growth, the furniture business’s demand is boosted.

The furniture business is easy to start and does not require high investments. However, it is first essential to know your niche, for example, office, domestic, home furniture, and luxury items.

The furniture business needs a lot of preparation and prior knowledge. Taking business classes, learning about your local market, and making a solid business plan is advisable. In general, if your products are unique and one of a kind, consumers will be willing to pay a higher, including the shipping cost.

How much you can make: $1,700 — $999,999/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

Case Study How I Took My Woodworking Hobby Full Time To Build A Successful Brand Sasha Weekes, owner of Timber Grove Studios, turned her fine arts and cabinetmaking education into a successful home-based woodworking business that grew from a side project to netting 20-50% profits month-to-month and up to $10,000 in sales during peak periods through Etsy, with her company's growth continuing to increase through other social media outlets. $6.5K Monthly Revenue 12 56K

7. Start an online video editing business

Video editors manage camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce the final film or video product. To become an online video editor, you must have media production and communication knowledge and the ability to work with others.

To start a video editing business, you can outsource video editing skills from an experienced professional. Your role will be to pick video footage from the customers and upload them for the video editor to do the magic.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $208,000/month

How long does it take to build: 110 days (?)

Case Study I Created The Simplest Video Editor Ever & Earn $2K/Month Piktostory co-founder, Ai Ching Goh, divulges how she created a simple video editor with customizable captions and integrated "highlight" clipping features, attracting over 350 early adopters and focusing on promoting through Facebook communities and Product Hunt to acquire new paying customers. $2K Monthly Revenue $300K Startup Costs 5 3.64K

8. Start a 3D Printing Business

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, makes it possible to produce a physical item by assembling a material layer by layer.

If you love creating stuff, then a 3D printing business may be for you.

How much you can make: $42,000 — $330,000/month

How long does it take to build: 360 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A $330K/Month Ecommerce Specialized In 3D Printing Founder Roy Kirchner shares how he started an eCommerce business specializing in 3D printing with an initial investment of $65,000, which now averages monthly gross sales of $330,000 and has partnered with international manufacturers and local businesses while offering technical support and education. $330K Monthly Revenue $65K Startup Costs 12 28.5K

9. Start an IT company

How much you can make: $500 — $2,400,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,400 (?)

How long does it take to build: 150 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A $3.7K/Month Software Company In Kenya Apps: Lab KE is a software development company generating $3,500 per month, specializing in problem-solving using technology and data for businesses and communities. $6K Monthly Revenue $1.2M Startup Costs 7 9.07K

10. Start a digital marketing business

Digital marketing businesses serve local and international companies to expand their reach and grow revenue. A top reason digital marketing is so exciting is that the field is constantly evolving and is easy to learn.

If you plan to start a digital marketing business in Malaysia, educate yourself and understand how digital marketing agencies work. Then, focus on building your digital skills and advancing your career through online digital marketing courses.

To stand out, find a digital marketing niche and focus on the audience interested in your services.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $6,660,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,260 (?)

How long does it take to build: 58 days (?)

Case Study I Built A SEO Tool That's Completely Free For Users [From Lebanon] H-supertools founder Hasan developed a set of free SEO and digital marketing tools generating $2k per month in profit using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling ad spaces, and email, plans to launch a membership option, and has attained over 80k registered users and 300k monthly visits in less than two years. $2K Monthly Revenue 11 11.7K

11. Start a catering business

A catering business is responsible for providing food & beverage-related services for vast types of events.

Catering businesses are known to be more flexible than other businesses because they don't have to worry about location or pricing and can even work 24/7. They can cater anywhere and offer any price point that they want.

However, starting a catering business requires a lot of planning. To start a successful catering business in Malaysia, you'll need to plan and prepare menus, manage budgets, handle clients, and more. In addition, catering allows you to meet more people and show off your cooking skills.

How much you can make: $3,750 — $48,333/month

How much does it cost to start: $500 (?)

Case Study How I Found Success With A $20K/Month Catering Company After Starting Many Businesses Elegante Catering founder, Nestor Nidome, details his journey from failed DJ business to a $20k/month catering company, emphasizing the importance of online marketing and customer feedback as key contributors to his success. $20K Monthly Revenue $500 Startup Costs 11 8.41K

12. Start a cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business is an excellent opportunity to be your boss and make money doing what you love. This business is relatively easy to create and does not require much equipment or funds.

There are many cleaning services, so deciding what services (or combination of services) you will offer and what hours of the day or week those services will be available is essential.

To start cleaning service in Malaysia, you’ll want to consider investing in professional cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, a quality mop, and a good cleaning bucket. You will also need to buy environment-friendly cleaning products such as detergent, bleach, paper towels, and trash bags.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $708,333/month

Case Study How I Started A $100K+/Month Home Cleaning Service For Busy Individuals And Airbnb Hosts MaidThis®, launched by Neel Parekh in Los Angeles with just one cleaner in 2013, has achieved over $10 million in total revenue by focusing on cleaning Airbnbs and vacation rentals, thanks to its successful remote business model and new-age marketing tactics, and has now launched MaidThis Franchise to expand the business further. $100K Monthly Revenue $800 Startup Costs 18 19.1K

13. Start a barber shop

Are you passionate about men’s grooming and looking to start a low-investment business with a high-profit margin? A barbershop can be a great business idea since it will never hit a low a season. Men and boys always look for grooming, no matter how bad the economy is.

Therefore, starting a barbershop can be a profitable business venture.

How much you can make: $125,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $125K Barber Shop, Beard Grooming Brand And Barbering Academy Antonio Camilleri built Antonio's Barber Shop from a small two-chair operation to two locations servicing over 250 daily clients and €1.5M in annual revenue with a product line generating a 30% profit. $125K Monthly Revenue $500K Startup Costs 2 7.76K

14. Start a travel agency

Are you a passionate traveler with entrepreneurial skills? Then starting a travel agency can be a great career choice for you.

As a travel agency, you'll be responsible for linking travelers to providers of all the travel and tourism-related services such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventure, etc.

Starting an online travel agency is a lot easier than you might think. You'll need to perform market research, get a few necessary certifications (such as your IATA number), study competition, build a website, and do proper marketing.

To maximize earnings, negotiate discounts from the industry service providers, and charge travelers within the market rate.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $114,200,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $2K/Month Side Hustle Selling Vacations Marissa Daniels runs a successful travel agency, Spread Your Wings Travel, that hit $100,000 in sales within a year of launch and provides payment plan options for its all-inclusive vacations, and she hopes to help 100 families supplement their income through the business. $7K Monthly Revenue $200 Startup Costs 4 16.2K

15. Start a tour company

Starting a tour company is a great way to bring your love of travel to life. You can share your passion with others and help make their dream vacations come true!

There are many types of tour businesses, so choosing something you are passionate about and knowledgeable about is best. Here are a few of the most popular tour companies to start in Malaysia:

  • Food & Drink Tours
  • Adventure & Sporting Tours
  • Sightseeing & Historical Tours
  • Shopping Tours
  • and many more!

It’s also essential to determine what mode of transportation you want for your tour company, as this will determine the initial startup costs needed for your company.

To get started, find out if you need a license to operate in your state. Some states require tour companies to be licensed, while others do not. If you are required to be licensed, talk with the licensing agency to find out what steps must be taken before you can apply for that license.

How much you can make: $3,750 — $43,300,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $2,500 (?)

Case Study How I Started A Wildly Successful Food Tour Business How Jessica Baumgart founded a successful food tour business in Denver, which broke even and started making a profit after just three months, generating $20,000/month in revenue from offering different food tour experiences. $75K Monthly Revenue $2K Startup Costs 21 18.8K

16. Start a coffee cafe business

How much you can make: $13,000/month

How long does it take to build: 180 days (?)

Case Study How We Started A $13K/Month Coffee Shop And Coworking Space Chicago based Ignite Technology and Innovation-owned Momentum Coffee & Coworking, which focuses on coffee, coworking, community, and event space, rakes in about $17-20k a month in revenue, mostly from online and offline advertising, and just celebrated their first anniversary, with plans to open 2 more locations in Chicago in under-resourced communities. $13K Monthly Revenue $200K Startup Costs 5 5.43K

17. Start a pet store

Pet stores are retail businesses that sell animals and pet supplies. They are a leading industry category with sales of approximately $4.5B U.S dollars and positive sales growth of 2.7% .

You can set up a pet store in many places, like supermarkets, malls, or pet supply stores.

The first thing to do is to find a location for your store. A good place would be an area with many residential buildings, schools, and colleges as this will give you access to many customers. It would help if you also looked for a location near public transport as it will make it easier for people to come and visit your store.

How much you can make: $20,000 — $1,833,333/month

How long does it take to build: 356 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A 6-Figures Business Selling A Dog Accessory Mechanical engineer and avid bike rider Mike Leon turned his hobby of creating a safe bike-to-leash attachment for his service dog into a 6-figure business, shipping from hundreds to thousands of 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leashes per year to dog owners, military and law enforcement, and search and rescue teams. $20K Monthly Revenue $22K Startup Costs 8 12.7K

18. Start an affiliate marketing business

Are you looking for a side hustle to pay you a passive income? Affiliate marketing is one of those side hustles that will pay you well over the long term. It is a way to earn money online by promoting other companies' products and services. You will be paid a commission for each sale you make as an affiliate marketer.

To get started, learn how to find the right product and brand to partner with. For example, you may prefer becoming an affiliate marketer for an eCommerce store, partnering with a manufacturer, and marketing their products for a commission.

How much you can make: $500 — $773,000/month

How long does it take to build: 55 days (?)

19. Start a freelancer platform

Freelancer platform is a place where people come with skills and services to offer and people come who need those skills and services. So we can say freelancer platforms are a marketplace for sellers and buyers of services and skills.

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly and it's becoming a popular career option for people who are "non-traditional" employees. The global Freelance Platforms market size is expected to reach $6.7B by the year 2025 . While working on a full-time job, freelancers simultaneously work on a freelance career. The platforms available online help them to increase their business by attracting new clients.

With all of the businesses looking for help on their websites, it would be a good idea to start a freelancer platform. Freelance platforms do well because people have jobs that need to be done and businesses have the resources to pay for the job at hand.

How much you can make: $3,000 — $5,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 80 days (?)

Case Study We Bootstrapped A Tech Talent Platform To $1.2M Sales In Our First Year CloudDevs, a tech talent platform that sources and vets freelance tech talent and matches them with companies, has achieved $1 million in GMV in its first year, plans to achieve 100% growth year on year, and focuses on customer loyalty through its Net Promoter Score metric. $100K Monthly Revenue $2.5K Startup Costs 18 15.2K

20. Start an ecommerce platform

Over the past decade, eCommerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework. According to statistics, over 2 billion people prefer shopping online.

While brick-and-mortar stores are still making more sales compared to online sales, the adoption of eCommerce is still rising, mainly because of the increased speed and convenience of online shopping.

Therefore, starting an eCommerce platform could set you on the right path to building a futuristic business.

How much you can make: $100 — $83,333,333/month

Case Study How We Started A $700K/Month Business Getting Targeted Traffic For Online Sellers StoreYa co-founders Eyal Reich and Yariv Dror, along with CTO Pasha Zaft, created a suite of marketing and advertising apps that include Traffic Booster, which has generated an average of $700,000 MRR and helped the business win a 2018 Google Acquisition Performance award, as well as becoming a PayPal exclusive advertising partner. $1.4M Monthly Revenue $5K Startup Costs 14 9.85K

21. Start a resume writing business

The resume writing business is a service that helps job applicants write professional resumes, provide details about their past experiences, and highlight their skills. Resume writing makes it easier for clients to capture hiring managers’ attention and shows they are fully qualified on paper.

A successful resume writer should have strong communication skills, proofreading skills, typing skills, and relevant business experience. Besides, the resume writer should have strong interpersonal skills and proven success.

According to glassdoor , 68% of job seekers who hire professional resume writers find a job within 90 days. The study also points out that professionally written resumes score jobs faster and earn more.

Therefore, the demand for professional resume-writing businesses will keep increasing.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $42,857/month

Case Study How I Make $30K/Year On The Side Writing Resumes This case study follows a business owner who doubled his income from side hustles in two years, earning over $30,000 annually by writing resumes and LinkedIn copy, blogging weekly, and increasing rates as he attracted more clients from online platforms like Craigslist and LinkedIn. $3K Monthly Revenue 10 8.21K

22. Start a food truck

Food trucks are a highly profitable business that offers customers a variety of meal options out of a mobile truck. This basically operates inside a large vehicle equipped with kitchen and food products. Starting a food truck is a dream for many people, but it's more challenging than it looks. To make it work, you need the ideal location and menu.

To start a food truck business in a particular city, it is mandatory to check what kind of food trucks are already operating, identify a gap, and bring in some new experiences. Then, with the right plan and the right approach, you can be on your way to starting your own food truck empire.

How much you can make: $29,166 — $61,650,000/month

How long does it take to build: 75 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 5 hours/week

Case Study How I Took Food Trucks Corporate And Built A $18M Business Food Fleet grew over 160% in just one year and managed over 20 million in sales for its clients, securing multiple contracts with the likes of Sodexo, Levy Restaurants and more, due to its understanding of catering client needs and its advanced turnkey and design services. $1.5M Monthly Revenue 14 13.8K

23. Start a natural health product business

A natural health products business covers many products, including foods, supplements, drinks, and weight management products. Typically, natural health products go into the production of drugs.

It is easy to imagine why you would want to start your own natural health products business. First, health and wellness are hot topics right now. Everyone wants to be happy and healthy regardless of background, culture, or economic status. Second, the natural health products industry will exhibit a CAGR of 5.3% and reach over 32 billion in the next few years.

Therefore, the natural health products business can be a profitable venture. To maximize profitability, focus on providing health products that solve the problems experienced by your target customers.

How much you can make: $35,000 — $1,000,000/month

Case Study How I Created A $30K/Month Greens Superfood Powder Supplement SuperGreen TONIK's founder developed a greens powder supplement with 38 superfood nutrients, adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and minerals that achieved $250k in sales in its first year and is looking to hit 7-figures in its second year, thanks to transparency, repeat customers, and focusing on fewer, properly dosed ingredients. $75K Monthly Revenue $50K Startup Costs 14 13.5K

24. Start an online car sales business

The online car sales business is a business idea that involves selling cars online through an e-commerce platform or website. To run this business, you will need a reliable source of car inventory, a website or e-commerce platform to list the cars for sale, and a payment gateway to process transactions.

One of the benefits of running an online car sales business is that it allows you to reach a wider audience, as customers can view and purchase cars from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to operate the business from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

To run a successful online car sales business, you must have a good understanding of the car market and strong marketing and sales skills. You must also build trust with potential customers and provide excellent customer service.

Regarding financial investment, you will need to consider the cost of acquiring the car inventory and setting up a website or e-commerce platform. However, the potential for profit in online car sales is significant, as the market for used cars is constantly growing.

Overall, the online car sales business is an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion for cars and are looking for a flexible and scalable business idea. With the right marketing strategy and customer service, you can build a successful online car sales business that generates significant profits.

How much you can make: $491,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $20 (?)

How long does it take to build: 1 days (?)

Case Study How We Built A Platform To Buy Used Cars And Grew It To A $6M/Year Business The Clunker Junker founders built a modern platform that has enabled the purchase of hundreds of thousands of cars across the US, generating almost $6 million in revenue in 2020 and changing their lives forever. $491K Monthly Revenue $20 Startup Costs 14 8.08K

25. Start a recreational boat rental service

Boat hiring and boat rental services are tapping into the booming market of the experience economy. Today, most consumers prioritize experience over material items. Boat rental services are necessary, not just for tourists but also for family, couples, friends, and even solo. Investing in the right recreational boat rentals can have a significant return on investment.

Listed are the steps to start a recreational boat rental service business.

  • Register your business name
  • Permit and licenses to operate
  • Obtain equipment for the operation
  • Hiring staffs
  • Organize your business and activity flow
  • Promote your business

26. Start a mobile photography business

Want to start your own photography business? You're not alone. With the rise of social media and photo-sharing, blogging, and online retailing, it's never been easier to start making money behind your camera.

There are photographers shooting weddings, creating images for ad campaigns, freelancing for magazines, touring the world, taking photographs of destinations — the list is endless!

To start mobile photography in Malaysia, research the target audience and determine which specialization area is more lucrative. Invest in high-quality, professional cameras, lenses, and a computer with professional software photo-editing software.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $5,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 200 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A Commercial Product Photography Business Pro Photo Studio founder Tsour Lee Adato shares how she turned a $5k investment into a business that services over 500 clients annually and makes approximately $350k per year with plans to expand and become a 7-figure business while offering advice to fellow entrepreneurs to always be innovating, learning and growing, and not to undervalue themselves. $45K Monthly Revenue $5K Startup Costs 13 14.2K

27. Start a marketing agency

Marketing agencies can be a great option for businesses looking to advertise in different ways. For businesses, hiring a marketing company can help them achieve success as they don't have to spend money on employees or needed equipment. Marketing agencies are not inexpensive and there are many different variables that come into play when deciding which one is the best fit for your business.

You want to start a marketing agency, but don't know where to begin. You're not alone, there are thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe that have the same ambition. Luckily for you, compiled a list of how other agencies were able to grow their agency and scale effectively.

How much you can make: $1,300 — $465,583,333/month

How long does it take to build: 51 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A Successful Podcast Production Company A successful podcast production company that grew from one client making $15/hour to a team of 10 contractors producing over 30 shows per week with revenue of over $10k/mo, primarily through referrals and with a focus on providing high personal touch and being picky about working only with clients who are a good fit. $16K Monthly Revenue 6 16.8K

28. Start a pdf conversion business

As pdf has become an essential format for about every industry it only makes sense that everyone would want the ability to convert their documents in both ways. This is great news for anyone looking to start a business centered around converting pdf.

Starting a pdf conversion business can help you earn extra income and take control of your career. Professional pdf conversion services are in great demand.

Many medium to large companies prefer to present their documents in pdf rather than Microsoft Word. Besides, various official and private organizations prefer PDF versions of documents for security. This creates an opportunity for anyone to start a profitable business by establishing a standalone pdf conversion company.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $15,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $800 (?)

How long does it take to build: 135 days (?)

Case Study How I Developed A $3.5K/Month Tool That Converts HTML To PDF A passionate computer-coder entrepreneur shares the story behind his successful PDFShift business which after a year and a half generates $3.2k of monthly revenues with the focus now on growth. $5K Monthly Revenue 12 7.62K

29. Start a life coaching business

Life coaching has become an increasingly popular career choice. A life coach helps people in various areas of their lives using a combination of emotional intelligence, professional knowledge, and experience.

Life coaching is a global industry worth over $2.85 billion, and the number of life coaches has increased by 33% between 2015-2019 .

This is a very profitable business and can be started at virtually no cost. You'll need a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a LinkedIn account to start. Then, you can begin coaching part-time in your spare time until you build up your clientele.

How much you can make: $100 — $660,000/month

Case Study How I Launched A $5K/Month Platform To Connect With Growth Mentors GrowthMentor, a platform connecting vetted growth mentors for one-on-one calls, founded by Fotis Panagiotakopoulos, has had over 2,500 mentorship calls booked to date and has seen success in using word of mouth, content marketing, and leveraging other people's networks as the primary drivers of customer acquisition. $10K Monthly Revenue 12 35.1K

30. Start an airbnb management company

An Airbnb management company manages every aspect on behalf of an owner and manages a complete day-to-day running of a rental property.

The services offered by the Airbnb management company include: marketing a property, optimizing financing, meeting and greeting guests, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning.

An Airbnb management company fee structure is generally based on commission, flat rate, and guaranteed income.

Airbnb management companies can easily increase the Rental Income by a minimum of 30% to 50% without compromising guest experiences.

To become an Airbnb property manager, one should be able to find homeowners who will be interested in the services offered by you. Airbnb property managers can make an average annual salary of $55,000 or $27 per hour.

How much you can make: $1,333 — $270,000/month

How long does it take to build: 30 days (?)

Case Study How I Bootstrapped An Airbnb Management Service To $35K/Month HostButlers is Ireland's first professional property concierge service for short-term rentals on Airbnb, boasting over 200,000 hosted guests and profitability from month 5. $35K Monthly Revenue 15 20.2K

31. Start a fashion business

In 2022, the fashion industry was valued at $473.42B, with a growth rate of 8.3% over last year . To become successful in this highly competitive & ever-growing industry, you must have passion, perseverance, and the ability to take risks.

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the way that fashion products are marketed online has completely changed, so it’s essential to keep up with these trends.

How much you can make: $100 — $40,480,000/month

Case Study How I Make $10K/Month Selling Printable Sewing Patterns From My Fashion Blog Learn how this DIY blogger turned sewing pattern maker generates over $10k per month in passive income, and discover her tips for building an authentic brand on a budget. $10K Monthly Revenue $50 Startup Costs 6 24.6K

32. Start a sensory deprivation tank business

Experience total isolation and float your way into blissful serenity. The sensory deprivation tank business has been growing, 20-25% as of a few years ago .

As our lives become more chaotic and stressful, people will continue to look for ways to destress, and float tanks might be one way that they pull out their wallets.

33. Start a health care training business

Health care training businesses provide a wide range of training programs to healthcare workers. They offer guidance on career preparation and assist workers in learning new skills to gain employment stability. The basic goal of healthcare training is to improve the performance of the employee and give the employer a trained and compassionate professional.

The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly especially after the global pandemic. There is never a shortage of challenges for the healthcare workers. Hence, continuous education is highly essential in health care sectors where there is high demand and growth in terms of new medical & technological advancement. Hence starting a health care training business can be highly profitable.

To start a healthcare training facility, you do not necessarily require a location, it can be set up virtually with proper planning, exposure, and advertisements, you can attract many customers. The customers may range from hospitals, medical schools, managed care companies, and national medical specialty societies.

There are several courses available online to learn how to deliver healthcare training. An ideal healthcare trainer should be excel in people management and should be able to plan, execute and manage to deliver training programs to a large group of participants. The average Healthcare Trainer's salary is $45,000.

How much you can make: $15,000/month

Case Study How We Built And Launched A Health Care Training Platform VORTTX Training and Testing is a virtual emergency response training system generating 1% of its market potential of one hundred million dollars a year in its second year of full-time operation through utilizing email marketing, trade shows, trade events, referrals, personalized LinkedIn messages, and featuring testimonials from early adopters. $15K Monthly Revenue 3 7.37K

34. Start a real estate business

Are you a qualified architect with a broad range of knowledge in the real estate field? Starting a real estate business can be a profitable venture.

Real estate involves purchasing, selling, managing, or investing in land and buildings.

To become a successful real estate business owner, you must have finely honed visual awareness and a strong understanding of various building materials and structures.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $1,500,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $500K/Month Real Estate Investment Business This case study is about T. C. Lewis & Co, a real estate investment and management firm that successfully diversified their approach to include sales, development, remodeling, and construction, with property management being the key to investor doors and organic growth. $500K Monthly Revenue 9 11.4K

35. Start a flea market or marketplace

Starting a marketplace business is one of the best ways to capitalize on the gig economy and make serious profits. There are clear advantages to starting an online marketplace and being the middleman between suppliers and consumers.

The top online marketplaces in the world sold $3.23 trillion in goods in 2021 . Sales through platforms like those operated by Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and others accounted for two-thirds of global eCommerce sales last year. To create and compete in the marketplace business requires adaptations, modifications, overhauls and innovation.

How much you can make: $8,300 — $200,000/month

Case Study I Started My Online Food Business At 17: It Now Earns $720K/Year HalalWorldDepot is a Halal online marketplace that started three years ago as a meat and grocery delivery service and has now expanded to offer a wide variety of Halal products, with a customer return rate of 50-60%, profitability at 16-25%, and over 10,000 customers, with plans to expand to Canada and the United Kingdom within three to five years. $200K Monthly Revenue $5K Startup Costs 12 4.71K

36. Start a resume and cover letter business

A resume & cover letter is short documents used to advertise yourself for an open job. This document also helps with winning over the hiring manager and provides evidence that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Starting a resume and cover letter business is an excellent way to make money. You can start this as a side-hustle or a full-time career. Running a resume and cover letter business could be very lucrative, yet it is also something that you should put your heart into. Resume and cover letter businesses are not only able to make a living but they can also find joy in helping others become successful.

The resume writing business is a multi-million dollar industry . Everyone is worried about making sure that they have a good resume. The resume and cover letter writing business is actually one of the coolest things you can do at first. You get to help people turn their careers around and serve them in your own way.

How much you can make: $3,500 — $42,857/month

How much does it cost to start: $35 (?)

Case Study I Launched A $30K/Year Etsy Shop That Sells Resume Templates [Side Hustle] Founded by a corporate career coach in 2018, ByRecruiters has sold over 6,000 digital resume templates in 50+ countries, generating $1,500 to $4,000 per month and boasting a 116.91% return on ad spend through Etsy. $3.5K Monthly Revenue $5 Startup Costs 8 14.5K

37. Start a hotel booking platform

The explosively popular Airbnb and countless similar services have proven that the market for home and apartment rentals is growing rapidly. As an entrepreneur who loves travel, you see an opportunity to extend this model to hotels. That’s why you start a hotel booking platform where travelers can search for and book accommodations worldwide.

The market size of the online hotel booking platform industry worldwide amounted to nearly $518B in 2020 . Starting a hotel booking platform can be so interesting as an idea that can proliferate. It doesn’t require any license, no inventory — only mobile phones, an internet connection, and some motivation to succeed.

How much you can make: $114,200,000/month

38. Start a recruiting agency

The global online recruitment market size was $29B in 2019 and is projected to reach $43B by 2027.

The best way to assess the success of a Recruiting Agency is to review what their clients say about them and the results achieved for those clients.

As a recruiter, you dream of landing your first client, but once you do, you realize it’s only the start of what you hope will be a successful business. Have you ever wondered how to start a recruiting agency business? There’s so much you can learn from books, but nothing beats getting real-world experience.

How much you can make: $100 — $320,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $3M/Year Remote Worker Recruitment Agency DistantJob is a unique recruitment agency that specializes in finding full-time remote employees, and with $3 million in annual revenue, they offer small to medium-sized tech companies an edge over big competitors who are not willing to hire remotely. $290K Monthly Revenue 16 10.5K

39. Start a mobile phone cases & accessories kiosk

The increasing adoption of mobile phones and other handheld devices has created a secondary demand for phone accessories. Experts project the mobile phone accessories market will reach $166 Billion in the next decade.

High-demand mobile phone accessories include phone cases, batteries, headphones, portable speakers, etc.

Opening a mobile phone accessories kiosk can be a profitable way to make money. Do you plan to start a mobile phone accessories kiosk? Find a busy shopping mall where people buy phones. You can sell mobile phone accessories in retail or wholesale only.

Case Study Selling One Million Phone Accessories Phone Loops founder Jean-Philippe Brousseau developed and launched his first product after realizing how often he dropped his phone and caused costly repairs, and to date, the company has sold over one million Loops in 66 countries. $125K Monthly Revenue 12 6.69K

40. Start an online retail store

Starting an online retail store is straightforward. All you need is a computer, a domain, and a web hosting service. Then, determine a niche for your online store, and conduct product research before listing products.

You can start your online store based on a drop shipping business model or list your self-made products in your online store.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $62,500,000/month

Case Study How I Started An Online Store Selling Backcountry Skis Hagan is a ski mountaineering gear company that has 50% annual growth and focuses solely on backcountry ski touring, resulting in the world’s widest selection of mountaineering skis. $90K Monthly Revenue $10K Startup Costs 6 5.96K

41. Start a water purifying business

It is a very lucrative industry, especially if you select the right location for your business, and will be the center of attention in the coming years.

Water is a necessity. Daily, around the world, billions of people require clean drinking water and sanitation services. However, millions don’t have access to safe and affordable water. They either have to purchase it or otherwise search for systems that can purify water for consumption. This is where the water purifying business comes in handy.

Listed are the steps to start a water purifying business.

  • Plan your business
  • Complete all required business documents to run your business
  • Get insured

How much you can make: $1,500/month

How long does it take to build: 232 days (?)

Case Study We Developed A $18K/Year Patented Ayurvedic Alkaline Water [India] Pyotam is India's first ayurvedic alkaline beverage brand that provides water solutions through expertise and innovation, boasting a monthly revenue averaging Rs. 1,00,000/- ($13K) from a customer base of around 250 customers having sold 1,400 bottles so far. $1.5K Monthly Revenue $15K Startup Costs 9 3.18K

42. Start a marketing consulting business

Marketing consulting is a business that helps other businesses and organizations improve their marketing strategies and tactics. The improvement involves conducting market research, analyzing data, developing marketing plans, and offering guidance on effectively reaching target audiences.

To start a marketing consulting business, you will need a strong understanding of marketing principles and how to apply them in a business context. Marketing consultancy requires formal education or training in marketing or a related field and experience working in the industry. You will also need strong communication and problem-solving skills to consult with clients effectively.

To operate a successful marketing consulting business, you will need to be able to effectively assess a client’s marketing needs and develop a plan to address those needs. Managing clients’ needs involve market research, analyzing data, and creating marketing materials such as brochures, websites, and social media campaigns. You will also need to be able to communicate your recommendations to clients and work with them to implement the marketing plan.

In addition to these technical skills, you will also need to be able to manage your business effectively. Managing a business involves setting fees, marketing your services to potential clients, and managing your finances.

Overall, a marketing consulting business can be a rewarding and challenging career for those passionate about helping businesses succeed through effective marketing strategies.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $3,100,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,500 (?)

43. Become a freelance editor

Freelance editing is a great business idea for those passionate about language, grammar, and literature. As a freelance editor, you will review and improve written materials, whether novels, articles, reports or resumes.

To start a freelance editing business, you will need excellent communication and editing skills and a keen eye for detail. It is also helpful to have a background in writing or editing, although this is only sometimes necessary.

To run a successful freelance editing business, you must establish a robust online presence through a website or social media platforms. You will also need to market your services to potential clients through networking or paid advertising.

One of the main benefits of starting a freelance editing business is flexibility. You can work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You can work around other commitments, such as raising a family or pursuing other interests.

Freelance editing is a great business idea for those looking for a flexible, rewarding career that allows them to use their skills and expertise to help others. This could be the perfect business opportunity if you have a passion for language and a keen eye for detail.

How much you can make: $3,500/month

Case Study Leaving The Agency Grind To Start My Own Freelance Writing Career Daniel Waldman started his freelance writing business over three years ago and has since earned an average of $3,500 per month, mostly through referrals and Fiverr - offering blogging, article writing, website copywriting and editing services. $3.5K Monthly Revenue 7 4.79K

44. Start a professional organizing business

Are you interested in a side hustle business idea you can launch today? How about becoming a professional organizing consultant? You can teach others how to keep their spaces neatly organized if you have special organization skills.

Typically, a professional organizing business helps clients develop critical organizing skills through training. To start your business, you can create videos and share them on Instagram or other social media platforms.

To earn income from the organizing business, you can partner with promoters or introduce paid advertising opportunities.

How much you can make: $8,000 — $100,000/month

How long does it take to build: 40 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 100 hours/week

Case Study How I Make $8K/Month Helping Organizers Automate Their Business Professional organizer turned system strategist boosts monthly sales to $8,000 by helping others in the industry implement business systems and through successful niche marketing on Instagram for Dubsado CRM setups. $8K Monthly Revenue $2.5K Startup Costs 14 3.58K

45. Start an electronics store

An electronics store sells any electronics from smartphones to televisions, laptops, refrigerators and other home appliances. With the technological advancements in the past decade, the electronics sector is expected to grow by 5.6 percent over the next five years.

To start an electronics store, research and find the right location for your store, then register your company at the state level to get the tax ID number.

Then, research your competition, which includes online stores and the local electronics store in your area. You should examine what they sell and focus on the products you can provide at a better price than the competition.

How much you can make: $4,000 — $1,175,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $27K/Month Business Modifying And Upgrading Game Consoles Founder Kyle Capel started Hand Held Legend, a DIY upgrade shop for vintage handheld consoles, which generates an average revenue of $27,000 a month and grew 30% in Q1 of 2020, offering an array of modern LCD upgrades for various consoles and serving an audience of mostly male customers aged between 13 and 45, 40% of which are international. $230K Monthly Revenue 6 9.77K

46. Start a beauty business

The beauty industry is growing at a rapid pace - valued at $511B in 2021, with an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75% worldwide. The beauty industry is predicted to exceed $716B by 2025.

If you are thinking of starting your own beauty business, there are many opportunities in this space to succeed. The most profitable branches in this industry include makeup, skincare, and hair products.

How much you can make: $1,500 — $40,480,000/month

How long does it take to build: 165 days (?)

Case Study How I Started A $650K/Month Hair Extensions And Products Business Private Label Extensions is a hair distribution and technology company that builds hair brands from A to Z for entrepreneurs, achieving over $650,000 in monthly sales and ranked #278 of the fastest-growing companies by Inc Magazine for 2018. $650K Monthly Revenue $14K Startup Costs 16 35.4K

47. Start a data science recruitment service

Data science recruitment is a service that helps companies to find and hire the best data scientists. This service offers a variety of features, including a talent database, job postings, and a matching algorithm.

If you are interested in starting a data science recruitment service. In that case, you should have a strong understanding of the data science industry and be able to identify the best talent. You should also be familiar with the various tools and platforms that data scientists use.

Glassdoor says that in 2021, ‘data scientist’ was the second most sought-after role in the United States, with an average salary of $113,736 . According to the data of Glassdoor, over the past five years, this has been a pretty consistent salary expectation for data science roles in the US.

Starting a data science recruitment service is a great way to help companies find the best data scientists for their needs. This is a growing industry with a lot of potential, and there is a lot of demand for data scientists.

How much you can make: $250,000/month

How long does it take to build: 121 days (?)

Case Study How We Started A $250K/Month Data Science Recruitment Service Data science recruitment company Big Cloud shares how they grew their business to generate £250k per month through expanding into global markets and using social media and marketing strategies to attract and retain customers while keeping a strong focus on building honest, long-standing relationships with clients and candidates. $250K Monthly Revenue $80K Startup Costs 11 4.94K

48. Start a hotels business

If you are considering starting a hotel, then it is time to implement your plan. There are five key elements to understand if you want to succeed in this industry: location, size, budget, experience, and market demand.

Here are some tips to consider before forming a hotel:

  • Name your business
  • Decide on a marketing strategy
  • Start by renting out a room in your home.
  • Hire a business capital broker
  • Make a marketing plan
  • Offer complementary services

How long does it take to build: 325 days (?)

Case Study I Created A $120K/Year Skincare Brand For Black Women Recommended By Beyoncé SKNMUSE, a premium beauty brand dedicated to elevating the beauty experience for Black Women, has a 40% customer retention rate, achieved a 169% increase in revenue, and made $30,000 in Q1 alone. $15K Monthly Revenue $1K Startup Costs 14 2.95K

49. Start a youtube channel

For anyone looking to start a successful YouTube channel, there are plenty of YouTube channel success stories that can be used as inspiration and encouragement. In addition, YouTube has an established monetization system and boasts incredible popularity, making it a potential platform for revenue generation.

In this article, we'll look at different approaches you can use to help promote your channel and grow your viewers. While there's no quick and easy way to success, you can take these tips to build your own YouTube Channel Success story. If you love content creation, you can capitalize on YouTube's popularity to earn extra income.

If you want to join the Youtube partner program to monetize your channel, you will need to reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

How much you can make: $800 — $4,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 48 days (?)

Case Study How This Couple Makes $5K/Month Generating Content About Ways To Make Money Online Learn how this entrepreneurial couple made $5-7k a month by helping others find legitimate work from home jobs and creative ways to make money online through their blog and YouTube channel, as well as offering two flagship products designed to help beginner freelancers and new bloggers accelerate growth. $5K Monthly Revenue $500 Startup Costs 7 13.1K

50. Start a child care business

Starting a childcare business is a great way to build a steady income. You will have the opportunity to be your boss and set your hours even from home. You will have the satisfaction of building one-on-one relationships with children and watching them grow over the years.

A childcare business is an excellent idea. It is both a personal and economical investment for its owners. This is especially true if you are considering starting your non-profit organization or becoming licensed to provide child care. Running a childcare business allows you to help children develop while also making money. As with any business endeavor, running a childcare business has its ups and downs, but it can be very rewarding.

Case Study How This Nanny Started Her Own $940K/Month Childcare Business Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency has grown from a side hustle to over 20 locations in 5 states, offering an impressive franchise model with almost no overhead and a strong ROI, due to their online scheduling system, which creates a network of nannies and families ultimately providing quality in-home childcare for families. 7 3.52K

51. Start a travel consulting business

Travel consultants offer clients advice on all things related to travel, including destinations, airfare, accommodations, and activities. Be it flights or cruises, and you can bridge the gap between customer and service provider with a travel consulting business.

You can start a travel-related consulting business without being an expert in the travel industry. The U.S. travel and tourism industry generated $1.9 trillion in economic output, supporting 9.5 million American jobs and accounting for 2.9% of the U.S. GDP. At 14.5% of international travel spending globally.

Traveling the world is a dream that a lot of people have. Starting a travel consulting business is a fantastic way to create a passive income, travel the world, and help others at the same time. Travel consulting is one of your best ways to start a business on the side to earn more money.

How much you can make: $14,167 — $1,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 195 days (?)

Case Study How We Started The $35M/Year Dubai's Leading Tour Operator Rayna Tours and Travels, founded by Kamlesh Ramchandani and Manoj Tulsani, began its journey as a small travel counter inside a Dubai hotel, and has now grown into one of the UAE’s leading destination management companies with earnings exceeding $40 million per year. $500K Monthly Revenue 7 6.88K

52. Start a car washing and detailing business

The carwash business is already a multi-billion-dollar industry with room for growth.

With the number of vehicles per household increasing daily, starting a car wash and detailing business could be a profitable idea.

If you have a piece of vacant land in the right location, you can get into the carwash business. You can set up an in-bay automatic carwash, self-washing carwash, touch-free carwash, or a wide range of other options.

53. Start a flower shop

Do you enjoy designing floral arrangements for special events like weddings or holidays? If so, owning a flower shop can be exciting and rewarding.

However, setting up the business for success can be overwhelming.

As a florist, your role is to touch people’s emotions with the flowers. The career requires creativity and design skills to appeal to your target customers. You need to love and enjoy working with flowers and have some patience.

How much you can make: $9,600 — $120,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $120K/Month Modern Flower And Plant Shop Green Fresh Florals + Plants owner and creative director Carlos Franco explains how he built a unique, authentic, and profitable modern flower and plant shop in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood, growing from one employee to a $120k per month business through customer service, a focus on design, and a deep love for his craft. $120K Monthly Revenue $75K Startup Costs 10 5.31K

54. Start an organic gardening business

Are you looking for a fun and easy home business? Would you love to try something totally different? Do you love the idea of growing your own food? Then starting an organic gardening business might be for you!

The idea of starting an organic gardening business may seem like a dream for many people. That’s because there are many requirements in starting a business involving time, effort, knowledge and capital. However, you shouldn’t stop dreaming now – organic gardening is a booming industry and it has no signs of slowing down.

Here is a guide for starting your organic gardening business:

  • Learn about organic gardening
  • Select a crop you want to work on

55. Start a grocery store

A grocery store sells a wide variety of food products, fresh or packaged, and other household & personal care items. The grocery store industry is the largest retail channel that makes $682 billion in the United States.

To start a basic grocery store, you can expect to spend a minimum of $50,000. Ideally, the bigger expense would be the rent, equipment, labor cost, cash registers/POS systems, and software. Some of these are recurring monthly fees. However, the location, size of the store, competitors, and local customers will significantly impact the business. A new grocer should sell more items for a lower price to make a more significant profit.

A new grocer can also save costs by buying the items from local distributors. The distributor is the middleman between the manufacturer and the grocery store selling it. Once the store cost and location are decided, the next step is to obtain a seller license. In most states, a grocer's license is required to run a grocery store.

Thus an average grocery store has a profit margin of 3% to 5%. The profit rates depend on the store's location, size, and popularity. On average, a small to medium grocery store can make a profit of up to $300,000 annually if all the profit factors are considered.

Another way to make your business more profitable is to diversify your store and add amenities like a coffee shop or stocking up the front of the store with magazines, batteries, etc., as these items can cross a margin of up to 70%. As a rule of thumb, offering lower prices on higher purchases will ultimately win more customers and increase profitability.

56. Start a writing & editing business

A writing and editing business is a business that provides writing, editing, and sometimes proofreading services. Such businesses market their services to businesses, corporations, and individuals who might require those types of services.

The earning potential of writing and editing is incredible. Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn some extra money. If you like writing and editing, then freelancing can provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself as an expert, increase your network and help steer your career in a new direction.

Writing is one of the easiest businesses you can start. You might dream of becoming a professional writer, selling your stories to famous magazines, or writing books that millions around the planet will read.

How much you can make: $1,200 — $42,857/month

How much does it cost to start: $300 (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. -1 hours/week

Case Study How I Started A $10K/Month Business Writing Custom Long-Form Articles A freelance writing program that teaches intermediate-level writers how to command $1,000 - $3,000 per article, with creator Arlie Peyton generating $10k a month from writing custom long-form articles that get premium results in the eCommerce and SaaS industries and for personal brands. $10K Monthly Revenue 12 9.11K

57. Start an eye wear store

The global eyewear market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% over the next few years. The growth is because of the changing lifestyle patterns and increased adoption of luxurious accessories.

Therefore, starting an eyewear store can be a profitable business. An eyewear shop sells sunglasses, contact lenses, and eye protection wears.

How much you can make: $3,352 — $100,000/month

Case Study How I Started A $480K/Year Eyeglasses Online Brand Mouqy founder Daren Low discusses how he leveraged his experience in digital marketing to create a retail brand offering quality eyewear at affordable prices, with 172 unique frames currently available and targeting 1,000 frames by year's end, with the company's core online store running on Shopify and lead generation from content on WordPress CMS with performance enhanced by Gatsby and Zendesk for customer support. $40K Monthly Revenue $200K Startup Costs 12 3.12K

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