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The Role of a Marketing Project Manager

  • 1.  An Introduction to Marketing Management

What does a marketing project manager do?

What types of projects do marketing project managers oversee, what are the different types of marketing project manager, what skills are important for a marketing project manager, what tools do marketing project managers use.

  • 3.  Building a Marketing Team
  • 4.  How To Create a Marketing Strategy
  • 5.  How to Create a Marketing Plan: Ultimate Guide
  • 6.  How To Build a Marketing Calendar
  • 7.  An Introduction to MarTech
  • 8.  Choosing Marketing Tools & Software
  • 9.  A Guide to Marketing Analytics
  • 10.  How To Create a Marketing Dashboard
  • 11.  Marketing Resource Management Guide
  • 12.  FAQs
  • 13.  Marketing Glossary

What Is a Marketing Project Manager?

A marketing project manager is a professional who handles the project management for marketing either internally or as an external agency, overseeing projects related to marketing campaigns. Marketing project managers supervise both the people working on marketing projects and the projects themselves.

Marketing project managers might oversee the launch of a product from start to finish, or manage a product kickoff event. While many marketers have roles and responsibilities related to products, events, and advertising, a marketing project manager is typically in charge of overseeing a sizable project or campaign with a specified beginning and end.

A growing field, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts marketing management roles will grow faster than average , at a rate of 6% over the next decade. Moreover, the Project Management Institute (PMI) reports that there will be an increased need for project managers globally in the coming years, explaining that “across the globe, there’s a widening gap between employers’ need for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals to fill those roles.” Based on that outlook, it might be the right time for you to jump into the field of marketing project management. 

Marketing project managers may work within larger organizations, or they can be brought in as contractors to manage one-off projects. Marketing project managers often employ standard project management techniques that can be used in other industries, but they must also have specific and intimate knowledge of marketing practices, tools, and channels.


A marketing project manager oversees the marketing manager experience and leads a project from the initial brainstorming and research phase, straight through implementation or production, and on to debriefing and reporting. The marketing director and chief marketing officer will steer the overall vision for the marketing department , and the marketing project manager will carry out that vision on a granular level. Marketing project managers will therefore manage the team of marketers, vendors, and support staff involved in the project. 

From determining the scope of a project to overseeing market research on the target customers, marketing project managers typically begin their work early on in the project life cycle . As the project’s foundation is established, they will assign tasks, set deadlines for team members, and determine the project’s budget and resource allocation requirements — all while making adjustments over the course of the project’s duration. 

Marketing project managers also manage communication with stakeholders , both internally and externally, ensuring their team has the information and buy-in needed to get the project across the finish line. 

Project management for marketing usually involves overseeing a wide range of possible projects, but what types of projects do they typically work on and oversee? Here’s a selection of potential activities and projects marketing project managers might undertake: 

  • Working alongside the marketing director to create the company’s marketing strategy
  • Creating a content calendar for the company’s blog and social media accounts
  • Managing the production of television or YouTube commercials
  • Building and maintaining external vendor relationships
  • Creating project timelines and budgets 
  • Liaising with graphic designers to create print and digital advertisements
  • Commissioning freelancers to create blog or eBook content

Deliver marketing projects with effortless collaboration

Project management for marketing can include working in a variety of different roles and industries. The job scope of a marketing project manager can range from assisting external clients in a marketing agency to planning media campaigns within a corporate setting. Here are a few types of marketing project manager roles. 

Project manager in a marketing agency

Project management for a marketing agency involves making sure deliverables make it to the clients on time and within budget. That may involve shepherding any number of client projects through to completion, from a website redesign to a social media campaign. 

A project manager in a marketing agency will work with external clients, internal team members, freelancers, and vendors. Typical tasks of project management for a marketing agency will include meeting with clients, setting deadlines and assigning tasks, preparing the project budget, and clearing roadblocks. 

In-house marketing project manager

An in-house marketing project manager works for a company or group of companies to manage and coordinate projects that advance specific marketing strategies and goals. 

In-house marketing project managers liaise with internal creative and communications departments, as well as external vendors and freelancers. Depending on their area of focus, they can be tasked with stewarding any type of marketing project, from a product launch to a targeted email marketing campaign. 

Marketing program manager

A marketing program manager oversees a group of marketing projects simultaneously and tracks the success of that selection of projects against company goals like sales growth or customer retention. While the project managers work on specific tasks to drive their projects forward, the marketing program manager will use analytics and reported data regarding each campaign to ensure the marketing projects are helping the company reach its broader targets and objectives.

International marketing project manager

An international marketing project manager designs, plans, and coordinates marketing campaigns and projects abroad. They must be able to ascertain which international markets present the largest opportunity for profit, and they must design culturally appropriate campaigns. International marketing project managers often work directly with marketing teams in other countries and oversee vendors and freelancers in various locales.

Digital marketing project manager

A digital marketing project manager plans and oversees digital projects and campaigns designed to drive traffic to the company or product website and generate leads . They may commission eBooks, plan video campaigns, manage social media channels, and optimize the company website content by liaising with the creative, copywriting, and graphic design teams as part of the project marketing manager experience.

Further reading

How to manage marketing projects effectively, what it means to be a digital project manager.

Communications and organizational skills are high on the list of skills most managers need to succeed in their roles. However, project management for marketing also requires a host of other important skills in order to excel. 

  • Soft skills: Marketing project managers must have the following soft skills.  
  • Leadership: For a marketing project manager to succeed, they need to be able to lead their team members, encouraging and directing them, as well as anticipating their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Communication: Communicating with team members, executive leadership, external stakeholders, vendors, and freelancers is an important skill for project management for marketing. 
  • Analytical: Because a marketing project manager has a role in planning a variety of campaign types, they need to be able to leverage marketing analytics and prioritize resources to maximize the outcome for their company or client. 
  • Marketing: While project manager roles utilize many of the same philosophies and concepts, project management for marketing will need a specific expertise in marketing itself to be able to manage a website redesign, plan a viral social media campaign, or launch a product.
  • Decision-making: The project marketing manager experience involves at least some high-pressure situations, and marketing project managers will be called upon to make informed decisions on a tight timeline. 
  • Technical skills: In addition to the soft skills mentioned above, marketing project managers should also have the following hard skills.
  • Resource allocation: Marketing resource management , the allocation of both human and budgetary resources, is critical to being a successful marketing project manager. This skill will allow for added agility and flexibility as obstacles or bottlenecks arise. 
  • Proficiency with project management tools: A host of project management software options, including Wrike, can help marketing project managers set deadlines, track resources, and ensure team member accountability. 
  • Ability to set deadlines: Deadline forecasting and management is an important skill for any marketing project manager to master, as they will often be in charge of many deadlines across several projects simultaneously.
  • Task management: Project management for marketing consists of tens or hundreds of specific tasks. The marketing project manager will need to manage and delegate these tasks effectively to ensure deadlines are met. 
  • Timeline planning: Planning the timeline of each project is a critical skill that a marketing project manager needs to hone, especially when they are forecasting multiple complex projects with time- and resource-dependent deadlines.

Do marketing project managers require specific qualifications?

Most companies or agencies hiring for the role of marketing project manager or marketing program manager will require a successful candidate to have earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, business, or management. Coursework in marketing is often considered essential, and experience with online platforms, website content management systems, and other marketing tools is important as well. 

  • Advanced degrees: A master’s degree in project management is an option for someone who is hoping to land a job in project management for marketing, as it can make a candidate stand out in a crowded field. 
  • Certifications: Many project managers gain additional knowledge with certifications in project management. The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most popular project management certification, run by the Project Management Institute. There are quite a few others available as well, including: 
  • Associate in Project Management
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Certified Project Director (CPD)
  • Certified Project Manager (IAPM)
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  • CompTIA Project+ certification
  • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Master Project Manager (MPM)
  • Professional in Project Management (PPM)

What experience is needed to become a marketing project manager?

Depending on the specific role, a potential marketing project manager will need relevant professional experience and must be able to demonstrate competencies across a number of areas. Most companies and agencies will require between two and five years of marketing manager experience when considering a candidate. Employers will look highly at candidates who have worked their way up from entry-level marketing roles, which will give candidates an understanding of general marketing tasks and requirements.

Because project management for marketing involves overseeing many moving parts, as well as allocating resources, sticking to a budget, and meeting deadlines, project management software can be invaluable to their management success. 

A marketing project manager will ideally use project management software that can streamline marketing activities like organizing events, publishing content, and team collaboration. 

Marketing project management software like Wrike for Marketers enables 360-degree project visibility and allows marketers to quickly drill down on key details at a glance.

Why You Need a Marketing Plan Template

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  • Targeting In Marketing
  • Lead In Marketing
  • Marketing Asset Management
  • What is A/B Testing in Marketing
  • Marketing Reach
  • Marketing Channel

Marketing Tools and Software

  • Marketing System
  • Brand Management Software
  • Marketing Asset Management Software
  • Marketing Events Calendar

Marketing Roles & Skills

  • Marketing Hard Skills
  • Marketing Functions
  • Marketing vs Marketing Management
  • CMO Responsibilities

Marketing Performance Management

  • KPIs in Marketing
  • Marketing ROI
  • Marketing Performance
  • LTV in Marketing
  • Marketing Metrics vs Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing CPA
  • Marketing Efficiency
  • Measuring Marketing Performance
  • Marketing Performance Assessment
  • Most Important Marketing Metrics


Marketing Project Manager Job Description

  • Job descriptions
  • Marketing and Communications

Job summary 1

We are currently recruiting for a Marketing Project Manager to join our marketing team. As the Marketing Project Manager, you will drive the progress of our projects throughout the organization from initiation through delivery. In this role, you will be effectively coordinating resources, schedules, and project deliverables all while ensuring the cross-functional team is “on the bus”. If you have awesome organizational, structure, and communication skills, keep reading to learn more about the Marketing Project Manager role!

Duties & Responsibilities 1

  • Plan, coordinate and oversee a wide variety of tasks with cross-functional teams ensuring all targets and requirements are met and completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Maintain continuous contact with stakeholders, coordinating resources and providing overall project alignment.
  • Proactively develop, implement, monitor, and socialize new and/or existing processes that improve cross-functional alignment, effectiveness, and decision-making.
  • Responsible for assessing, integrating with, and optimizing processes and technology.
  • Establish and communicate project strategy, deliverables, and priorities to cross-functional stakeholders (internal, external, and global) to gain their support and required resources.
  • Develop and execute an efficient internal communication strategy ensuring all teams are aligned and informed while maintaining understanding, advocacy, and education of internal processes.
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders, work to meet business and marketing objectives and targets.
  • Gather required data from end users to evaluate objectives, goals, KPIs, and progress of the project on a regular cadence.
  • Facilitation and fostering cross-functional relationships and alignment.
  • Execute tactical support materials (e.g. Sales Sheets, etc.).
  • Support and maintain a positive safety culture by following all safety policies and procedures and actively contributing to a safe working environment.
  • Other duties as required.

Requirements & Skills 1

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Experience instead of a degree may be considered.
  • Minimum four years of project management experience required.
  • Project Management certification preferred.

Job summary 2

The Marketing Project Manager role is a full-time position that reports to the Marketing Operations PMO. In this role, you'll partner with the Brand and Digital Marketing teams to own the successful delivery of complex multi-channel cross-functional initiatives and execute companywide programs. Ultimately, you're responsible for all project executions for the Global Marketing Team. In this role, you're responsible for defining and managing the value proposition, work plan, resource needs, timeline, and budget for projects. You'll organize and drive resources (capital, staff, tools) to achieve project objectives on time, within scope, and budget. Your responsibilities include overall project planning, direction, prioritization, change management, delivery, and post-delivery evaluation. Our project managers ensure project scope, planning, and implementation align with client expectations and business needs.

Duties & Responsibilities 2

  • Lead and ensure successful delivery of large-scale projects within Global Marketing aligned with Marketing business objectives and goals
  • Develop and maintain all project-related documentation (project scopes, budget, requirements, project timelines & internal meetings, etc.)
  • Work cross-functionally with expanded teams in print, email, web, social, CRM, and customer care
  • Lead the execution of all project-related marketing and customer-facing materials for in-store and digital activations
  • Analyze stakeholder needs, identify gaps, identify risks, and define capabilities for an acceptable solution to the business problem
  • Build constructive business relationships with all marketing stakeholders, including regional marketing peers
  • Demonstrate effective planning and stakeholder management as well as an ability to set and manage realistic project timelines
  • Work with creative and content teams on Retail Marketing campaigns

Requirements & Skills 2

  • 3-4 years of marketing experience, preferably (but not required) in retail or the food or packaged goods industry
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and a strong sense of urgency and follow-through
  • Proven relationship builder with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects at once in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment
  • Desire and ability to be a team player who appreciates a unique, entrepreneurial, and collaborative environment
  • Resourceful self-starter who is comfortable with ambiguity
  • Energetic, friendly, and self-motivated attitude
  • Collaborative spirit to work with all internal and external stakeholders to gain consensus and clarity
  • Vision for broader goals, paired with a passion for organization and details
  • Keen listener to understand team needs and create solutions
  • BA/BS degree and 2-4 years relevant experience OR equivalent education and relevant experience.

Job summary 3

We seek a Marketing Project Manager. The Marketing Project Manager manages project workflow and assists in daily support of assigned projects, ensuring that projects go smoothly and meet deadlines.

Duties & Responsibilities 3

  • Coordinates support for project management activities, resource allocation, and communication.
  • Develops a schedule designed to meet necessary deadlines and communicates with team members.
  • Monitors project progress and handles moderately complex issues that arise.
  • Ensures projects adhere to frameworks and all documentation is maintained appropriately for each project.
  • May manage projects by integrating with and utilizing a project management system, pulling reports as directed (for prioritization and efficiency insights).
  • Provides light administrative and financial support as needed.

Requirements & Skills 3

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • One year of relevant project management experience.
  • Demonstrated project management skills.
  • Proficient communication skills.
  • Excellent collaboration and team-building skills.
  • Demonstrated time management and priority-setting skills.
  • Effective interpersonal skills.

Job summary 4

We are seeking a Marketing Project Manager as part of the Marketing Operations team. This position has responsibility for the planning, managing, and executing of projects associated with consumer marketing and communications to ensure flawless delivery and successful results. The ideal candidate must have demonstrated the ability to execute against multiple projects and excel in a fast-paced, results-oriented work environment. Additionally, you must be highly motivated, roll up your sleeves, and have collaborative partnerships with a passion for producing excellence for every project.

Duties & Responsibilities 4

  • Accountability of the end-to-end project plan - Oversee marketing and communication projects from start to finish, managing timelines and making sure that all aspects of the project are delivered on strategy, on time, and budget
  • Partner with internal and external cross-functional teams (e.g. marketing technology & analytics, data governance, fulfillment, email operations, creative designers, marketing managers, and client services) to foster highly engaged and collaborative partnerships to achieve optimal performance and successful outcomes
  • Work closely with business unit partners to understand program goals and objectives to develop strategic and suitable project plans to achieve successful implementation and optimal results
  • Manage competing priorities and timelines across the cross-functional project team
  • Use multiple platforms for organizing, tracking, and managing projects. Create, manage, and communicate project timelines leveraging Workfront (PM Software tool)
  • Schedule and facilitate project status and kickoff meetings
  • Maintain detailed project plan status and associated project plan reporting metrics
  • Lead and embrace continuous improvement methodologies and drive detailed solutions to completion with minimal oversight

Requirements & Skills 4

  • BA/BS degree
  • 3+ years of project management experience
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Experience utilizing solid collaboration and relationship-building skills across a wide range of groups and functions
  • Experience demonstrating strategic thinking by using appropriate information to diagnose problems, identify root causes, and collaborate with impacted groups to drive decisions and quality results
  • Experience and ability to effectively shift back and forth from a variety of projects and priorities
  • Familiarity with a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment

Job summary 5

The Marketing Project Manager will lead projects within the campaign management area of our business. They will assist with the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control, and completion of specific projects to deliver on marketing objectives and improve our customer experiences. This individual will work with cross-functional project teams and pass along the strategic direction (from the Campaign Manager), marketing communications, and assets to regional and dealer partners for execution within their region and market teams. The Marketing Project Manager is a motivated self-starter that is always looking to improve their work and make a difference in Global Marketing. They ensure all projects are completed with consistency to the company strategy, commitment, and goals.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

  • Collaborates and provides support for department team members.
  • Support a variety of product launches within the campaign and retail space including motorcycle, general merchandise, and parts & accessories.
  • Assist with the creative process from concept through production and delivery of assets (print and digital) to ensure the availability of quality tools and materials.
  • Traffic and provides governance monitoring of creative assets and program materials to channel partners and dealers via our content management systems. Incorporate learnings and results into future campaign briefs.
  • Translate campaign direction into retail directives and support overall campaign channel integration.
  • Work with regions on translation, transcreation, and trafficking of campaign support assets to ensure creativity is provided globally and maintain standards set by the campaign marketing team.
  • Work with a third-party agency on developing retail marketing playbooks for each major product launch
  • Provide retail marketing content including product displays, retail moments, and other in-store activation for each marketing campaign.
  • Overall team support for project tracking and organization.
  • Works to increase the awareness and understanding of interactive communication techniques throughout the department and company.
  • Streamline and improve processes within the marketing project area by proactively evaluating current work processes and updating as required in line with our continuous improvement ethos.

Requirements & Skills 5

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, or a related field.
  • Typically requires a minimum of 5 years of related experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of related professional experience, with at least 2 in retail corporate atmosphere or agency. Global campaign management is preferred but not required.
  • Demonstrated experience in project management skills with a proven ability to manage, customer-focused online initiatives involving cross-functional teams and external partners
  • Self-starter with the ability to multitask and effectively work under tight deadlines regularly and flexibility to work in an interactive environment with a high tolerance for ambiguity and change
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Job summary 6

This Marketing Project Manager role will directly support the efforts of our marketing team, working on some of the most unique and diverse sets of marketing campaigns in the industry. He or she will work directly with internal clients to ensure project deliverables fall within the applicable scope, and are on time and within budget. He or she will coordinate with other departments and business lines to ensure all aspects of each project are understood and agreed upon.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

  • Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with internal clients and external contacts.
  • Meet with internal clients to establish specific requirements for each project
  • Delegate project tasks to appropriate internal clients and external contacts
  • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals.
  • Meet budgetary objectives and adjust projects based on financial analysis and any changes in the budget.

Requirements & Skills 6

  • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Eight to ten years of experience in project management and leadership activities
  • Background in financial services or payments
  • Outstanding Excel, Access, and SharePoint skills
  • Agile experience is a plus
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • Ability to identify and resolve exceptions and analyze data
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • PMI PMP Certification

Job summary 7

As Marketing Project Manager, you will be responsible for maintaining the marketing roadmap and ensuring the team is set up for success every day. Your day-to-day focus will be coordinating the Marketing team’s channel managers and content creators around the highest priority tasks mapped out in weekly sprints and partnering with stakeholders to ensure the marketing process is followed, tasks are unblocked, and the feedback cycle is smooth.

Duties & Responsibilities 7

  • Work with Marketing Directors across Acquisition, Engagement & Retention, Product Marketing & Customer Operations to create a strategic marketing roadmap informed by the company and team's OKRs and evergreen initiatives
  • Manage the Creative Brief process to ensure all requests are organized and prioritized according to OKRs and team bandwidth
  • Coordinate with Content Creators and Channel Owners to scope initiatives and create project plans
  • Maintain marketing roadmap, project plans, and marketing backlog to ensure deadlines are met, the team is not overbooked, and sprints are properly organized by priority
  • Communicate with stakeholders to inform them of progress, mitigate impediments, and ensure a smooth feedback cycle to keep project plans on track
  • Communicate with Content Creators and Channel Owners regularly to ensure all work is on track, identify potential blockers, and take action on any blockers or impediments
  • Always be thinking about ways to improve the efficiency and throughput of the Marketing team to enable faster time-to-market and higher quality output

Requirements & Skills 7

  • 3-5 years experience in project management, specifically working with marketing teams
  • Experience managing multi-channel, cross-team projects within a marketing organization
  • Experience managing multiple project roadmaps at the time same
  • Excellent organizational, prioritization, and decision-making skills
  • Experience with OKR setting and tracking is highly preferred
  • Hands-on experience using Jira, Confluence, Google Workspace, Slack, Miro

Job summary 8

We have an exciting opportunity for a Marketing Project Manager. The Marketing Project Manager will manage the full lifecycle of marketing programs from project initiation to final asset delivery, bridging partnerships between creative services and cross-functional teams. This role is responsible for the execution of marketing plans, marketing communications, media and advertising, and trade shows. To be successful, this person must be a strategic thinker, proficient in project management, and thrive in a growth-oriented environment.

Duties & Responsibilities 8

  • Project manage marketing program campaigns, facilitate kick-offs, and ensure all stakeholders involved are informed of the marketing strategy, creative brief, and overall expectations
  • Develop complete timelines for all components of a campaign, including major milestones and escalating roadblocks or timing risks to key stakeholders
  • Partner closely with creative and content teams (including freelancers and agencies) to ensure that priorities, marketing objectives, and deadlines are met
  • Help manage team resource assignments with awareness of their bandwidth and expertise
  • Utilize established resources, project management tools, processes, and techniques while identifying opportunities for scalability across the department
  • Foster, nurture, and encourage team collaboration

Requirements & Skills 8

  • 5-7 years of agency or in-house project management is highly preferred
  • Experience with project management theory, workflow, and best practices
  • Excellent organization, prioritization, and decision-making skills to manage multiple programs
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Able to efficiently work remotely

Job summary 9

The Marketing Project Manager is responsible for overseeing all creative projects within the department while ensuring that all brand standards and values are being met. Effective and efficient management of the creative calendar and the functions of the team.

Duties & Responsibilities 9

  • Responsible for successful onboarding, planning, management, and delivery of all creative projects -including social, web, video, and retail trade.
  • Oversee the output of the Marketing Design Team to ensure all work is delivered on brief, on brand, and on-time
  • Manage creative calendar including photoshoot schedule and photo shoot execution (internal and external). Manage schedule, shoots, vendors, models, and content for shoots, etc.
  • Assign all projects to the Design Team to ensure balance and flow
  • Source and manage any outside vendors needed to produce creative content.
  • Organize projects to be accessible and archived logically and efficiently

Requirements & Skills 9

  • Ability to work well within a team environment; providing support, critique and assistance on projects
  • Ability to stay organized while managing several projects; prioritizing workload based on timelines and approvals
  • Experience working in a creative environment: fast pace, high output
  • Strong communication skills, and the ability to communicate ideas both visually and verbally to others
  • Ability to keep your cool under pressure
  • 3-5 years experience in managing projects in a creative environment

Job summary 10

We are looking for a Marketing Project Manager to support our internal creative agency. In this role, you will facilitate and manage project timeline development, scope projects, and capacity plan, and ensure the brand stands out consistently and authentically across all deliverables. You’ll rely on agile project management practices to support a cross-functional team of content strategists, designers, copywriters, UX designers, and web developers that support marketing activities for the business. You will be responsible for building out, tracking, and communicating the progress of projects from conception through optimization. You’ll also serve as a champion of process and a key collaborator along with account managers in large multi-team projects. Through agile practices and our project management tool, you’ll work with team members to continuously improve their work. You must thrive in a fast-paced environment and embrace rapid reprioritization while practicing clear and consistent communication. Successful applicants must reside in a state where Red Hat is registered to do business.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

  • Serve as project manager of a cross-functional team responsible for executing key global marketing initiatives
  • Manage the delivery of project planning, conception, production, promotional asset production, and optimization
  • Lead planning and delivery of multiple, simultaneous projects by coordinating across account managers and strategists
  • Build and maintain project plans and timelines
  • Establish and manage feedback cycles
  • Ensure that projects are delivered on time and in compliance with Red Hat’s brand standards
  • Plan and allocate resources based on capacity, priority, budget, and expertise
  • Support the managers of the creative team members in their selection of the proper associates for projects based on availability, expertise, and professional development goals
  • Serve as an ambassador of agility and advocate of continuous improvement

Requirements & Skills 10

  • Demonstrable ability to learn and apply new skills and processes rapidly
  • Demonstrated team management experience with customer focus and service orientation
  • Exceptional communication, organizational, problem-solving, and relationship management skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals in leadership, creative, technical, and business roles
  • Experience working in a collaborative, cross-functional team environment
  • Flexible with the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment
  • Ability to learn by doing, thus finding opportunities to teach others
  • Ability to effectively provide, accept, and apply feedback
  • Understanding of and passion for open source
  • Clear communication and excellent language skills in English
  • Experience with marketing tactics, creative processes, and digital marketing
  • Experience working in a marketing or creative agency
  • Understanding of creative processes, design, and content development
  • Experience working within an agile marketing organization
  • Experience working within a technology organization

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a marketing project manager.

A marketing project manager is responsible for overseeing marketing projects from start to finish. Their primary role is to plan, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns that meet the company's goals and objectives.

The responsibilities of a marketing project manager typically include:

Developing project plans: They create a comprehensive plan outlining the scope, budget, timelines, and resources required for each project.

Leading cross-functional teams: They work with various teams, such as creative, digital, and social media, to ensure the smooth execution of campaigns.

Monitoring progress: They track project progress, identify potential roadblocks, and make adjustments as needed to ensure successful project delivery.

Managing budgets: They are responsible for creating and managing project budgets, including identifying cost-saving opportunities and ensuring the project stays within budget.

Communicating with stakeholders: They liaise with internal stakeholders and external vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page, and expectations are met.

Evaluating results: They measure the success of each project and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) to stakeholders.

Overall, the marketing project manager plays a crucial role in ensuring marketing campaigns are delivered on time, within budget, and with maximum impact.

Who does a marketing project manager work with?

A marketing project manager works with a variety of teams and stakeholders to ensure the successful execution of marketing projects. These may include:

Marketing teams: They work closely with the marketing team to develop campaign ideas and ensure the project is aligned with the company's overall marketing strategy.

Creative teams: They collaborate with creative teams, such as graphic designers, copywriters, and video producers, to develop and deliver creative assets for marketing campaigns.

Digital teams: They work with digital teams, such as web developers and SEO specialists, to ensure marketing campaigns are optimized for digital channels.

Social media teams: They collaborate with social media teams to create content and develop social media campaigns that align with the overall marketing strategy.

Sales teams: They work with sales teams to understand customer needs and ensure marketing campaigns are designed to generate leads and drive sales.

External vendors: They collaborate with external vendors, such as advertising agencies and media buyers, to develop and execute marketing campaigns.

Management teams: They report to senior management on project progress and results, ensuring stakeholders are informed and aligned with project goals.

Overall, a marketing project manager needs to be able to work effectively with various teams and stakeholders to ensure that marketing projects are completed successfully.

marketing project director

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  • Marketing Director
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Marketing Project Manager Job Description

Marketing project manager writing on a desk

The role of Marketing Project Manager is a leadership position. They manage both people associated with the project and the project itself. They typically work in marketing agencies or the marketing department of a company.

Let’s understand a little bit more about this corporate function.

What is a Marketing Project Manager?

The Marketing Project Manager is in charge of planning the marketing campaigns and supervising employees while delegating tasks to team members. They must succeed in an organization as they are responsible for keeping all the project team members on track.

Marketing Project Managers are the ones who binds people and project together. They specialize in planning, managing, executing, and organizing projects. The scope of the project differs from a single project to multichannel and multifaceted marketing campaigns.

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The Marketing Project Manager is a detail-oriented individual who possesses a combination of soft and technical skills. They have expert-level knowledge of best practices and the theory of project management.

A Marketing Project Manager should have strategic planning and strong leadership qualities. In addition, they are expected to have excellent decision-making, project management, and analytical skills.

What does a Marketing Project Manager do?

The Marketing Project Manager is responsible for planning out marketing strategy, mapping projects, and supervising project tasks to execute the strategy.

They will determine budgets for marketing projects and ensure that everyone follows them.

They are in charge of supervising and managing all the marketing projects from the initial stage to their completion. To accomplish that, they create marketing KPIs based on marketing project goals, following up marketing project timelines, and reporting to the executive team.

They manage, create and schedule content calendars while mentioning deadlines for each task.

They have to maintain a proper understanding of the company’s client’s base, products, and services to effectively create and support the company’s marketing strategies

And finally, they usually manage, negotiate, purchase and bid on external supplier services to accomplish budgets.

Below we will create an outline of job responsibilities based on these tasks listed above.

Marketing Project Manager Job Description Sample

The Marketing Project manager will be responsible for planning and overseeing global marketing campaigns for the company, ensuring that marketing projects are delivered on time and done with the required precision.

She/He will plan, manage and execute projects related to marketing challenges. She/He will be responsible for turning the strategies into reality with the team members’ help.

The role and duties include creating and managing a content calendar, collaborating with writers and designers, creating project budgets and timelines, and maintaining project follow-up meetings with internal team workers and external partners.

The ideal candidate for the Marketing Project manager position is a go-getter who sees opportunities in crisis and is willing to make the most of them. She/He is required to have a knack for leadership as the position is supervisory in nature.

Marketing Project Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and manage content calendars keeping in mind the content strategy.
  • Schedule and monitor marketing projects and campaigns in line with the industry standards.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy working relationship with all the different departments within the company to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Ensure that all the marketing projects are carried out as smoothly as possible and are delivered on time without taking anything away from the quality.
  • Come up with ideas to enhance the company’s local and regional outreach with unique and useful marketing ideas.
  • Develop and maintain project files and other similar documentation within the marketing project domain ranging from logging and tracking to charts and instructions.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team for market and consumer research to ensure on-time insights from our customers to be used on the company’s product development projects.
  • Prepare timelines for projects and make sure they are seen through utmost precision and within the established budget.
  • Ensure that the team’s marketing project goals are understood and all the required communication tools identified to achieve those goals.
  • Understand the company’s products and consumer base to create marketing projects and campaigns that align with its vision and work culture.
  • Communicate with all the stakeholders and carry out supervisory duties with efficiency wherever required.
  • Ensure that all the marketing assets align with the global business strategy to ensure that the company is always up there with the competition.
  • Carry out other supervisory responsibilities and lead marketing teams for overseeing marketing projects and campaigns designed based on consumer insights and market research.


  • An eye for detail and strong analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills and prior leadership experience with handling marketing projects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, or related business field.
  • Exceptional decision-making and organizational skills necessary to supervise marketing projects.
  • Prior experience of working based on the project management theory and the best practices to achieve optimum results.
  • Willingness to keep learning and the confidence to take up challenges that seem intimidating for everybody else.
  • MBA required.

Position reports to:

  • Marketing Director
  • VP of Marketing

How much does a Marketing Project Manager make?

The national average salary is $69,923 for Marketing Project Manager based on six job search/salary research websites. However, the total compensation will depend on commission and profit-sharing variables.

People can initially make $45,435, rising to $104,162 after considerable experience in the field.

Wrapping Up

Marketing Project Managers are passionate about their work and share their insights over best practices for effective marketing campaigns. They can change a vision or idea, or strategy into a reality. 

This Marketing Project Manager job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to copy, alter, and use this outline for you and your company’s hiring purposes and goals. Do not duplicate this content as an article on the Internet.

Make sure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Marketing Project Manager job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

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Marketing Project Manager

What is the role, salary information, job description, hire a marketing project manager, what is a marketing project manager.

Marketing Project Coordinator , Program Manager

In the marketing world, there are often products that need promotion or marketing campaigns aimed at achieving a specific business goal. For big projects like this, organizations often enlist the help of a Marketing Project Manager.

Marketing projects managers typically work in unison with advertising, sales, upper management and other departments and may also responsible for managing teams. This role is important because Marketing Project Managers are responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategies that in the end make customers more aware of a brand.

What does a Marketing Project Manager do, typically?

Marketing projects managers must be adept at organization, prioritization and careful planning to successfully achieve marketing project goals. Their daily responsibilities may include:

  • Collaborating with the graphics department on advertising artwork
  • Writing copy, scheduling deadlines, communicating with stakeholders and carrying out other supervisory responsibilities
  • Conducting in-depth market research on a product or service as well as competitor analyses
  • Understanding the company, its products, and customer base in order to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring all marketing assets are on-brand and aligned with the global business strategy
  • Planning, managing and executing projects from beginning to end
  • Working with brand managers and/or senior staff to collect deadlines, budgets, objectives, etc.

Misconceptions about Marketing Project Managers

Many people think project management is all about scheduling, but the reality is that project management is so much more than administrative work; it takes a very specific type of personality and skill set to continuously pull off projects successfully.

Marketing Project Managers must be able to understand the scope of the work, the deliverables, the satisfaction of stakeholders and they have to not just deliver on-time, but make sure things are done in the right way to ensure successful projects.

Important metrics for a Marketing Project Manager

Customer/client satisfaction.

The quality of a product or service delivered from a marketing project and it’s success rate with clients and/or customers.

Return on Investment

The dollar amount earned for the amount invested in a project, including time.

Schedule Variance

The pattern of whether projects run ahead or behind schedule.


In essence, this is the units of input compared with the units of output so the relation between both can be improved.

Marketing Project Manager Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Marketing Project Manager:

  • 25th Percentile $52 K
  • Average $62 K
  • 75th Percentile $72 K

Marketing Project Manager Job Description

Bonus copy for your Marketing Project Manager job description or job ad!

Copy the text below and paste it into your own job description, or, into our FREE downloadable template in the section that looks like this: <INSERT JOB DESCRIPTION COPY FROM BLOG POST HERE>

As a Marketing Project Manager at <company XXX>, you will do more than just manage schedules. You will be responsible for ensuring marketing project process from beginning to end is efficiently executed with positive results. More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Collaborate with the graphics department on advertising artwork
  • Write copy, schedule deadlines, communicate with stakeholders and carry out other supervisory responsibilities
  • Conduct in-depth market research on a product or service as well as competitor analyses
  • Understand the company, its products and customer base in order to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Ensure all marketing assets are on-brand and aligned with the global business strategy
  • Plan, manage and execute projects from beginning to end
  • Work with brand managers and/or senior staff to collect deadlines, budgets, objectives, etc.

Free Job Description Template

We can help you find a qualified Marketing Project Manager that would fit your specific needs. Send us a few details about your ideal candidate and we'd love to start the search for you!

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marketing project director

What Marketing Project Managers Do And How To Become One

Marketing Project Manager

A Marketing Project Manager is the person who deals with planning, controlling, and implementing strategies tied to marketing drives. Marketing project managers bear the responsibility of changing the strategizing team’s ambitions into reality. Additionally, Marketing Project Managers pinpoint all the undertakings that need to be accomplished by the end of a marketing drive. After identifying these tasks, a marketing project manager strategically assigns them to the relevant members of the marketing team. Project managers work to ensure that company projects meet deadlines and that errors that occur in the completion of the projects are as few as possible.

Supervision is another role that marketing managers play. They manage both people and projects. Normally, Marketing Project Managers work on an official site.

They can either work in-house in the marketing unit of a large organization or at a marketing agency that deals with small and mid-sized businesses. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of the roles and responsibilities of a marketing project manager, the skills that you require to become a marketing project manager, and the path to becoming a successful or established marketing project manager.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Marketing Project Manager

1. A Marketing Project Manager works in conjunction with the Marketing Director to structure a Marketing plan

A Marketing or Media Director creates the strategic ambition of a marketing campaign. After that, the Marketing Project Manager is charged with the responsibility to lay out the activities needed to have that vision implemented.

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2. A Marketing Project Manager creates and manages the Content Calendar

In the present-day digital era, practically each marketing drive involves a continuous content creation plan. This strategy could take the form of blog posts or marketing content put out on social media platforms. Marketing Project Managers create and manage a content calendar to make sure that the material is implemented within a specified period.

3. Working with Writers and other content creators

This conjunction with writers and content writers differs a bit depending on the kind of place one works for. Established companies usually have full-time and operational writers and designers, so Marketing Project Managers work with these writing and designing units all through content creation. For smaller businesses that may not have these departments in-house, the Marketing Project Manager is charged with the responsibility to source these independent service providers.

4. Budgeting and setting marketing campaign timelines

Marketing Project Managers must have relevant financial knowledge because they are responsible for the budgeting of a marketing campaign. They also have the responsibility to create the project timelines. Additionally, marketing project managers ensure that every team member sticks to the set timelines.

5. Marketing Project Managers are charged with the responsibility to establish and maintain external relationships with all the foreign players

No matter the size of the company, there are frequently external vendors involved in the various phases of any marketing campaign. A marketing project manager has the responsibility to establish and perpetuate these external relationships.

6. Quality assurance

A marketing project manager ensures that a marketing project has met the highest attainable quality standards.

7. Advising the marketing staff accordingly

A marketing project manager acts as a consultant to the marketing staff.

8. Content incorporation and dissemination

After content creation, marketing project managers play the role of ensuring that the content reaches the prospects and clients. They Design a strategy for distributing every aspect of the material to the broadest possible reception. Some of the content dissemination channels include various social media platforms.

9. Measurement

Every bit of the content a marketing team creates should brace a measurable marketing object of the exercise. A marketing project manager identifies a way of measuring return on investment for their content before they create it.

They go on to enhance their content marketing strategy as they find out the content creation plans which are likely to be successful and the ones likely to fail.

Skills That A Marketing Project Manager Should Possess

Successful marketing Project Managers have a range of technical and soft skills. It is mandatory for Marketing Project Managers to have an expert-level understanding of Project Management principles and best practices.

Similarly, marketing project managers must possess high-standard competence in Marketing. They have to prosper in their workplaces, as the more significant part of their work is bringing on board everyone involved in that particular project, not forgetting about managing the team players. They also have to be the best communicators to keep participants motivated member’s production at the maximum.

Below is a list of skills that a Marketing Project Manager uses the most.

1. Organizational Skills

A Marketing Project Manager employs their organizational skills when designing the project and related tasks relevant to the implementation of the marketing campaign plan. Additionally, marketing project managers use their organizational skills when budgeting for the project at hand.

2. Prioritization Skills

A Marketing Project Manager doesn’t just plan the businesses tied to a marketing campaign. They pick the most prominent tasks based on the size, extent, and timeliness of each undertaking. This planning needs proper prioritization skills to organize tasks in the most methodical way.

3. Decision Making Skills

Organizing and prioritizing each of the functions associated with a marketing campaign calls for the capacity to make speedy decisions. A Marketing Project Manager also engages their decision making skills when identifying the workers best suited for specific tasks.

4. Analytical Skills

A Marketing Project Manager engages their analytical skills when structuring the content schedule for a marketing drive. They run a background check on the appropriate keywords and advancements in the customer’s field, and then utilize the findings of the research to originate content ideas.

5. Project Management Skills

To many people, project management skills may sound obvious. However, they are among the critical skills that a marketing project manager should possess. These project management skills entail principles of project management, as well as the knowledge on how to put those theories to use. Project management skills apply in all things that a marketing project manager engages in.

6. Leadership skills

Exceptional leadership skills are the primers or any marketing project manager. Undoubtedly, a project manager’s primary role is to lead a marketing team in any project. However, numerous other reasons make this skill vital to a marketing project manager. A marketing project manager who has leadership skills sets the vision for a project, encourages the marketing team, and avails themselves to solve the crisis. For a lot of marketing project managers, they find themselves in situations of maintaining a balance between two stakeholder levels– the strategic and the operational. From a leadership point of view, a marketing project manager must acquire the trust and executive-level policies relevant to give life to a vision. From an operational point of view, a marketing project manager must demonstrate leadership skills when bringing in new tools, implementing project timelines, and seeing to it that everyone involved works towards the ultimate goal of the project.

7. Teamwork

A Marketing manager should work for the oneness of purpose and unity of their team and make sure that team players are recognized and appreciated. A proper team spirit intensifies imagination and the entire team’s psyche.

According to studies, project management software improves communication within a team. Therefore, it is critical that a marketing project manager adopts a healthy marketing project management software for proper coordination of activities and progress evaluation.

8. Creativity

Naturally, Marketing will always involve transformations. To succeed, therefore, a marketing project manager must continually seek new ideas and strategies to reach the market.

9. A Marketing Project Manager must be an experimenter and ready to learn

Any Modern marketing project manager should always have a quest for knowledge, keeping at par with the newest advancements, and checking on technology and management learning material. There are always principles and speculations by renowned management masterminds and philosophers. These developed theories, should, however, not keep a marketing project manager from experimenting. Landmark marketing inventions are not put to practice after extensive formulation and tracking; they originate from experiments.

10. Flexibility with technology

The internet has virtually changed every field in today’s world. Numerous clients nowadays make smart decisions about what they buy, similar to organizational executives. Marketing project managers should, therefore, keep to speed with the many probabilities available in the technological world.

Working with artificial intelligence software tools can help a marketing project manager organize their data and align keep their plan in line with the modern market requirements. Every needy person anywhere is a prospective client. However, this fact does not mean that a marketing project manager has to strain. Clients can be sensitized about the merchandise and the entire industry via blogs, useful content, and much.

11. Negotiation and Conflict Management skills

Not every team player is likely to agree with everything always. When conflicts occur, it will be the marketing project manager’s job to resolve them to secure the project’s progress.

12. Resource Allocation

Plans will always be subject to limitations on available resource-that is time, money, or the workforce. Therefore, a marketing project manager will need to have an understanding of how to obtain the most out of what is at hand.

Tips To Becoming An Established Marketing Project Manager

1. Set Goals & Priorities for Projects and Revisit them often.

Set flexible goals. Revisit them frequently, drop those that do not seem, and uphold the beneficial ones. You may even set project checkpoints. This way, it becomes easier for you to track your progress.

2. Write down everything

Do not try to remember everything. Keep your records in a diary or a digital space. Writing things down gives you a great reference.

3. Ensure your estimating and scoping processes are consistent

In order to succeed, a marketing project manager should use a similar process for all the projects they undertake. This secures a smooth flow of things and helps eliminate confusion.

4. Supplement your project management tools

Aside from the project management tools put in place by a company, a marketing project manager can employ substitute management tools.

5. Delegate appropriately

It’s vital to assign the right tasks to the right people.

6. Ensure everyone is on board and in agreement with the strategy

This is vital for clear communication. Even though set a plan, do not finalize it yet. Avail it to all interested parties, make them understand, and finalize it when all are in agreement.

7. Be genuine and truthful

Honesty is vital when securing and presenting work. In setting project timelines, be practical and realistic.

8. Be detailed and organized to the greatest possible degree

The success of a project majorly depends on the marketing project manager. Have everything well executed and documented. Provide to all the participants what they need forehand.

9. Be smart

Keep a record of all your successful errands as you can always use them as a point of reference. This way, you continue making them better and become more efficient.

10. Over-communicate

People would rather hear too much than remain ignorant. Keep records, ask a lot of questions, and clarifying everything. This means proper delivery.

11. Conduct regular meetings

These meetings create avenues for feedback and approval, which significantly helps in keeping the team together and make the project a success.

12. Have a fallback plan

This eases any transitions that may be necessary and helps you deliver quality without faltering.

13. Communicate consequences to team members

Clearly communicate to your team what would happen if any of them does not stick to the agreed-upon plan.

14. Be a team leader

Embrace your team regardless of the situation. Be supportive and give a listening ear to them.

Indeed, the field of project management has evolved. We have moved from the years when companies used to contract project managers to an age where project management departments have become central parts of businesses and organizations. A lot of companies also have adopted full-time operational project management departments, and developers are always on the run to bring up new project management tools. It is upon marketing project managers to keep to speed with these new developments. All the best in your next project! Good luck!

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