How to Create Massage Therapy Mission Statement in 2023| Examples

Massage Therapy Mission Statement

A massage therapy mission statement is a crucial element of your business strategy. It indicates to new and existing clients, staff, and business associates what your massage therapy is all about and what your values are.

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This post will guide you in writing a clear, memorable, and appealing massage therapy mission statement and give you some inspiring samples.

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A massage therapy mission statement is a short, action-based overview of your business goals and objectives, main values, and how they will benefit your clients. It should reflect your massage therapy's character, leave a lasting impression of your massage therapy brand, and highlight your unique points over your competition. It is a vital part of a massage therapy's business plan and a reference point to all significant decisions in your business.

Your massage therapy mission statement communicates your vision and ideas to anyone involved in your business, from business partners to clients.

The Main Advantages of a Good Massage Therapy Mission Statement Are:

Helps to clarify your goals

Opening massage therapy is overwhelming and stressful. It is easy to lose your objectives and forget why in all the different work you have to do. Creating a massage therapy mission statement will help you remain on track and help you keep your long-term massage therapy marketing strategy cohesive.

Helps to share the work

If your massage therapists know the endgame, they can support you much better with different duties and organize the work to profit the business.

Motivates your team

Shared objectives and values are essential for productive teamwork and a healthy work environment. Sharing your vision will motivate your masseurs to succeed in your business.

Brings in customers

These days consumers are not just looking for a massage. They want to be a part of something that makes the world better, even if it's a small change. Seeing that you stand up for the things they value may tip the scales in your favor.

Attracts investors and

None of them wants to be a part of yet another massage therapy. Your mission statement will tell them why they should choose your business over many other massage therapies out there.

Matrix Spa & Massage

An ideal mission statement should range from two to four phrases and not exceed 100 words. Ultimately, the mission statement for your massage therapy should be just the right length to get your point across, demonstrate your proposition to clients (superior customer service), and how you inspire your team to accomplish your business objectives.

Key Elements of a Massage Therapy Mission Statement

Focus your statement on these four elements:

  • Value. What value does your massage therapy offer your clients and your staff?
  • Inspiration. Why should people want to visit your massage therapy?
  • Plausibility. Make it sound believable.
  • Specificity. Tie it back to your business.

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Tips for Creating a Good Massage Therapy Mission Statement

  • Define your business purpose. Why did you start your massage therapy? Why is it your passion?
  • Describe what and how your massage therapy aligns with your values and priorities.
  • Consider your target clients. Why should they choose your massage therapy? What are they looking for in massage therapy? Where do they live? What do they do?
  • Reflect on your massage therapy brand. What kind of customer experience do you offer?
  • What makes your massage therapy unique? How do you stand out from other massage therapies? What is your competitive edge?
  • Consider your staff. Make sure the message conveys your company's culture. It's relatable, encourages, and inspires your current and future team.
  • Make it concise. You want your mission statement to be easy to read, straightforward, and be memorable. Make sure your clients and staff easily understand your vision for massage therapy.

Common Massage Therapy Mission Statement Mistakes

  • Boring. Don't make it a fact sheet of just what your massage therapy does.
  • Lacking character and fun. Show what makes your massage therapy unique.
  • Full of buzzwords and jargon. Focus on natural, straightforward language to get your main message across.

Once you've written down your massage therapy mission statement, scan for wordiness and delete anything that could be seen as hype or a buzzword. Fakeness is easily spotted and would not be suitable for your brand in the long run.

Everything you have written applies explicitly to your massage therapy, not the industry or simply any other massage therapy. Mission statements of the firms you look up to can be a great inspiration but withhold from copying them, be unique.

This is about your way and what makes you different from the rest.

To learn more about massage therapy license requirements check out our post.

Therapeutic Massage & Wellness...

So, what is a good mission statement for massage therapy? We have searched for some of the best mission statements for you to get inspired. Take a look and see if they can help you create your own mission statement.

Matrix Spa & Massage

To release stress in people life’s creating a positive change for men and woman owners and executives of their own business. Relaxing and calming touch or better yet strong and dynamic combination of sports or deep tissue massage. The expertise of our caring, confident and competent therapists will enhance your experience of the healing art of our intuitive massage.

Therapeutic Massage & Wellness...

We strive to offer quality and customized treatments with a personal touch. When you come to TMW with a chronic problem, overall wellness or health concern, we make it our number one priority to address your individual needs. At the very least, we determine how to help you with pain management and ensure that any problems you experience will be addressed by educating you on how to minimize discomfort. We take pride in staying up to date with the most current clinical research to provide professional, top quality treatments empowering you to look and feel your best.

To learn more about massage software check out our website.

Writing a massage therapy mission statement is both challenging and essential. Without it, your communication with partners and staff members may always miss a necessary foundation for understanding each other.

We hope this brief guide will help you, and you'll find some inspiration in the massage therapy mission examples we gathered in this post.

Mission Statement Theory And Practice: A Content Analysis And New Direction.

How companies define their mission

Mission and business philosophy

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  • Massage Therapy Mission Statement

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Testimonials, writing a massage therapy mission statement (with examples).

Writing a massage therapy mission statement

Do you struggle to articulate the values of your massage business? Need help putting your intentions into words? In this article, you’ll learn to write an impactful and concise massage therapy mission statement. We’ll give you plenty of examples to spark your imagination. After reading this, you’ll be able to craft your own and put it into action.

What is a Mission Statement for Massage Therapy?

A mission statement is a brief description of why a business exists and what makes it different. A massage therapy mission statement clearly outlines the values, vision, and philosophy of a massage business. 

Ultimately, it tells your clients, staff, and the rest of the world, what your business is all about. It explains the why and how of your massage business. 

Every massage business offers massage therapy, but not every massage business is like yours. Your massage therapy mission statement is your chance to describe the purpose of your business and how that’s different from the others.

Massage therapy mission statement example 1

Do you really need a Massage Therapy Mission Statement?

A massage therapy mission statement will keep you on track in creating the practice of your dreams. That sounds a little grandiose, but it’s true.

Here’s why creating a massage therapy mission statement is so important:

  • It guides business owners. A mission statement keeps your values and purpose top of mind. When you’re struggling to make a difficult business decision, you can reflect on your massage therapy mission statement. It will guide you to the right choice.
  • It informs prospective customers. A mission statement clearly defines who your business was created for. Therefore, it attracts the right people to your business and helps weed out those who aren’t a good fit.
  • It sets the par for staff. A mission statement lets your staff know what the expectations are. Your staff is a reflection of your massage business. Your massage therapy mission statement gives them a philosophy to work by. It also sets the tone for how they’re treated in your company.

Massage therapy mission statement example 2

Things to Consider when Crafting a Massage Therapy Mission Statement

Before you begin writing, take time to think about what your business means to you. Why did you start it?

It’s a good idea to talk to friends, family, or colleagues about this. Sometimes, things that come up in conversation have more depth than what’s in our heads. Other times, someone else’s words can inspire a more thoughtful explanation. Even if you have the perfect explanation without talking to anyone, your mission statement is for sharing. Conversations can help you figure out the best way to share your intentions.

Consider these things before writing a massage therapy mission statement:

  • Why did you choose to become a massage therapist?
  • Why did you start your massage business?
  • Who do you strive to help with your business?
  • What kind of customers do you want to attract?
  • What physical benefits does your business provide to customers?
  • What emotional benefits do you provide customers?
  • What’s special about your staff?
  • What are your core values?
  • What words of wisdom guide your decisions in life and in business?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by running a massage business?
  • How does your business impact the community?
  • What goals do you have for your business?
  • What goals do you have for yourself, as a therapist and in life?
  • How is what you do different from other therapists?

Massage therapy mission statement example 3

How to Write an Impactful Massage Therapy Mission Statement 

The goal is, to sum up the purpose and values of your business. This is your mission. Ideally, you do this in as few words as possible (so choose the best ones).

Create your mission statements in 2 steps.

1. Let your words flow. Write down the most important things about your business. What does it provide? How do you do it? What are the intention and core beliefs behind it all? What’s the goal of the whole thing?

2. Condense it down to a brief statement. Take the strongest pieces from step one and craft that into a single phrase. It takes creativity to convey the meaning in just a sentence or two, but it’s possible when you choose the most impactful words.

Include these elements in your massage therapy mission statement:

  • Vision: What your business offers the world.
  • Inspiration: Spark some feelings in people.
  • Connection: Connect it back to your business.

Massage therapy mission statement example 4

Things to Avoid When Writing a Massage Therapy Mission Statement

Remember, you want your mission statement to be a true reflection of your business values. You want it to resonate with prospective clients and employees. You also want people to read it and understand it. 

Massage therapy mission statement example 5

Here are some mistakes to avoid when writing a massage therapy mission statement.

  • Don’t make it too long. Keep it brief. No one will read a whole paragraph.
  • Don’t copy your competitors. You’re unique. Let your mission statement reflect that.
  • Don’t be vague. Be really specific. This is your chance to define who you are.
  • Don’t use buzzwords and jargon. That does not inspire people. It makes them feel like they are being sold.
  • Don’t focus on features. Focus on the benefits you offer.

How to Use and Where to display your Massage Therapy Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the words your business lives by. Use it to guide how your business grows and changes. Use it to guide how your business engages with customers. Use it to always show up the way you intend.

Massage therapy mission statement example 6

Here’s how a mission statement works in action.

First, you create a massage therapy business plan . Your mission statement will be included in this plan, and it’ll help shape your vision.

When you’re ready to hire a massage therapist, use your mission statement to choose the right candidates and to train them to do it your way.

Then, use it in your marketing. Share it with the world by putting your massage therapy mission statement on your website, brochures, and in the signature of your email marketing campaigns .

Remember, your mission statement isn’t just written words. It’s reflected in the language you use every day and the way you do business. Once you create it, be it. 

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Massage Therapist Mission Statement Examples & Templates

massage therapy mission statement

In this article, we have included examples of mission statements for massage therapy. It has ready-to-use templates that you can simply copy-paste and publish on your website with the required customization. So, without further delay, let’s explore professional and in-depth mission statements for massage therapists and spas.

Independent Massage Therapist Mission Statement Template

If you’re a solopreneur having an independent practice, you can take inspiration from the following massage therapy mission statement samples.

At [Business Name], my mission is to create a serene and nurturing environment where individuals can escape the stresses of everyday life and experience the transformative power of touch. Through skilled and compassionate hands, I strive to promote physical, mental, and emotional balance, facilitating a profound sense of relaxation and renewal. I continuously expand my knowledge and skill set to offer the most effective and innovative massage therapies available in Brooklyn, New York.

My mission is to be a trusted partner in clients’ journey towards optimal well-being, supporting them in finding balance, harmony, and a deep connection with their own bodies. I am committed to fostering a culture of compassion, empathy, and respect in all my interactions. I aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my clients, empowering them to overcome pain and stress and embrace a life of vitality and wellness.

Mission Statement for Spas Providing Massage Therapies

If you’re a spa owner and looking for some ideas for the mission statement, here are some therapy mission statement examples and templates you can use and customize according to your needs.

At [Spa Name], we believe that massage therapy is not merely a luxury, but an essential component of self-care and wellness. Our highly trained and experienced therapists utilize a variety of techniques, tailoring each session to address the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Whether seeking relief from muscle tension, pain management, or simply a moment of tranquillity, we are committed to delivering exceptional therapeutic benefits.

[Spa Name]’s mission is to be the most trusted partner in our clients’ journey towards a pain-free and fulfilling life. Through a combination of skilled techniques, compassionate care, and evidence-based practices, we strive to address the root causes of pain, enhance mobility, and restore overall physical function.

At [Spa Name], our mission is to provide a haven of relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing through the art of massage therapy. We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our clients by offering a personalized and holistic approach to bodywork. Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, supporting individuals in their pursuit of mental and emotional health, and guiding them towards a brighter future.

Mission Statement Examples for Massage Clinics and Med Spas

If you’re providing therapeutic massage or own a med spa, here are some of the best mission statement examples that you can use for your website and marketing literature.

At [Massage Clinic Name], our mission is to provide exceptional therapeutic massage services that go beyond temporary relief, offering a path to lasting pain management and improved quality of life. We strive to be a beacon of hope and healing for individuals living with chronic pain, supporting them on their journey to a pain-free and vibrant existence.

At [Massage Clinic Name], our mission is to provide exceptional therapeutic massage services with a primary focus on relieving chronic pain and promoting lasting relief and well-being. We believe in the transformative power of therapeutic massage in managing and reducing chronic pain. Our aim is to alleviate chronic pain by offering specialized therapeutic massage treatments tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

At [Massage Clinic Name], our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, leaving them feeling restored, rejuvenated, and empowered to live their lives to the fullest. We are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all. Our therapists adhere to a code of ethics, respecting client boundaries, and maintaining strict confidentiality.

Final Words On Massage Therapy Mission Statement

We hope this article helped you to find the right words for your massage therapy business’s mission statement that reflects your values, commitment, and integrity. If you’re looking for highly efficient appointment booking software, try Yottled . It has 30+ brilliant features which are essential for your business growth.

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Myokinematic Massage Therapy

Mission, vision and values.

To provide unparalleled, evidence-based massage therapy to restore, preserve and promote optimal health and maximize the quality of life for our patients.

A healthy community empowered to make informed choices in achieving their full health and wellness potential.

In the pursuit of this Mission and Vision, our actions will be guided by the following values:

  • Integrity – adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients place in us.
  • Excellence  – delivering the best outcomes and highest quality service while continually learning and looking for ways to improve.
  • Teamwork and collaboration -valuing the contribution of all, blending the skills of individual care providers in unsurpassed collaboration.
  • Respect – embracing diversity and treating everyone with dignity.
  • Compassion – providing the best care, treating patients with sensitivity and empathy.
  • Innovation  – committing to quality through ongoing development, improvement and evaluation of the services provided.
  • Accountability  – accepting responsibility for our actions, attitudes and health.
  • Patient-centered care – supporting each patients’ individual choices, preferences and needs.
  • Informed choices – encouraging shared decision making based on fully informed options, empowering patients to take responsibility for their health.
  • Evidence-based care – providing care based on the best available scientific standardized knowledge.

Active.  Proactive.  Be well.  Be strong.

Matrix Massage & Spa logo - Massage therapy in Salt Lake City Utah

Mission Statement for Matrix Spa & Massage

To release stress in people life’s creating a positive change for men and women owners and executives of their own business. The expertise of our caring, confident and competent therapists will enhance your experience of the healing art of our intuitive massage.

Mission Statement - Affordable, cheap, inexpensive massage services - matrix-massage

The brand name of the company as Matrix massage was established officially in 2001.

The project was developed under tough times in 2000. The dream was full of desire, passion and commitment it was time to give back to the community that supported her since 1993.

Matrix Massage became a place where massage was taken to the next level to help people to forget about chronic pain and long standing discomfort. New massage therapist will have the opportunity of being mentored by the owner. She empowers her massage therapists to be better, and teaches them how to achieve their highest potential.  The humble beginning was so successful that with in 2 years a major expansion occurred.

By 2003 the headquarters of Matrix Massage relocated in the heart of Salt Lake City by Trolley Square and it became one of the best and finest massage studios in town. The standard of excellence was always reinforced and then a new challenge emerged. It was time to rebirth; it was time to keep the dream alive. She went back to school and got educated in the business management field.


Under our 2008 strategic plan we have  re-structured our company, from the very bottom to the top, changes were made , policies were modified. Our mission statement has been redefined, we embrace our past and focus on the future where our company is headed. Our rich history has preserved the high values that differentiate us from the rest.

The new Matrix Spa & Massage expanded into a more integrated spa center adding new services apart from Massage: facials, our steam bath, infrared sauna, hot stone, and cupping.

It is important to mention that all products will be of high quality and organic as well as our estheticians are insured and licensed.

Every person: receptionists, massage therapists and estheticians working at Matrix Spa & Massage are trained and supervised by the owner to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have deployed an internal satisfaction process that allows us to consistently track and monitor if we are delivering excellence and quality service.

Our customers are our business and your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Experience is the core of our treatments. When giving a massage it is our academic knowledge and the years of experience that allow us to connect with your needs customizing each and every one of our massages. Through our hands we connect and experience your change, healing, peace and satisfaction.

At the same time in your own being you are experiencing a series of changes that create balance in your life. Both experiences, yours and ours, close the circle of balance of our work.

Our slogan invites you to: “Experience the Healing Art of Intuitive Massage”

The hands in our logo represent the Human Touch, Experience, the means by which we are able to deliver the Healing Art and the Strength.


We believe not everybody has the Gift of Healing, as we called it in our slogan “intuitive massage”. We pride ourselves in having an intensive recruiting program which focuses not only on the academic studies but also on the Gift of Healing.

Once we find a massage therapist with the Gift, we then instruct and teach on how to best be prepared to perform at the top of his or her abilities.

It is through this Gift that our hands are able to locate the conflicted areas in your body and bring the healing needed.  



We believe that there is a connection that needs to take place for us to be able to perform to the best of our abilities: The

Human Touch. We believe that there is no routine that will always be effective for the same person. Through the understanding of your pains, stresses and discomfort we believe we can deliver balance with our treatments.

The hands in our logo represent the Human Touch, Experience, the means by which we are able to deliver the Healing Art and the Strength.  


From our original icons we have kept the Dragon and modernized it. A powerful Dragon in a red outline that keeps the warmth in the color and the Strength in the heart.


The feelings of relaxation, cleanliness and peace come together in our logo through the white on the background, the relaxed handwriting of the word “Matrix” and the detailed brushes that created the outline of the hands.

We have also adopted the Swan because of its Chinese meaning as a solar bird

The “White Swan”, considered a solar creature by learned scholars of ancient China, is truly symbolic of Matrix’s nurturing attributes. Goodness and peace coupled with renewal and strength makes Matrix Spa & Massage a sanctuary of healing

Matrix Spa & Massage Customer Reviews

Ori W

Call 778.800.8770 or Click here to login -->

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Philosophy, Mission Statement, and Values

My philosophy is simple: I believe, inherently, that the human body can heal itself. As such, I try and facilitate that natural healing process by listening to and understanding each client's particular needs by working collaboratively to develop an individualized treatment plan that enhances your experience. Whether it's through pure relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, postural education, breathing or exercise, we will be working together to help you optimize your innate health and well being.

Mission Statement

To provide client focused massage therapy by continuously listening to my clients and tailoring every treatment with your needs in mind to ensure the best possible outcome. I will do this in a friendly, professional manner within a safe, clean and inviting clinic setting.

  • Respect: Every person that enters my clinic and treatment space will be treated with respect. I want everyone to feel like I am focused on them at all times and will do my best to earn your respect by being client focused.
  • Education: I believe my role is to not only achieve positive results, but also to empower each of my clients with knowledge about their bodies and what they can do to enhance their own well being through exercise, postural awareness and suggestions on specific exercises and stretching. This will serve to enhance every massage treatment you come in for. In order to achieve this, I myself will continuously seek out new educational experiences to enhance my skill as a massage therapist so that I can pass this on to you.
  • Results: One of the areas that motivates me as an RMT is my innate desire to see measurable results. I care just as much as you do about you feeling better and finding solutions to your health challenges. Rest assured that if I can’t get the results you desire within the scope of my skills, I will look for other options and/or practitioners who might be able to. That is my commitment to you.
  • Client Focused: As a consumer, I know what my expectations are when I am seeking professional service and advice. While I may not always have the answer, I will ensure that your experience is one that makes you feel you are getting value. I will ensure a professional treatment area, a clean and safe environment and an experience that makes your impressions of Registered Massage Therapists a good one.
  • Listening: Health issues and concerns are common, but everyone has unique symptoms that cause them distress or concern. From years of experience, I understand that from listening. The most important thing a therapist can do is to listen attentively to their client and gather as much insight as possible to ensure that an effective treatment plan is mapped out to deal with those symptoms. The goal is: ‘find the cause, then treat the cause’. There is no cookie cutter template to treating an individual, so my goal is to figure out what will work best for you!


3593 Commercial St Vancouver, BC V5N 4E8 (at Paper Crane Massage Therapy)

Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 6:30 (varies by day - see schedule )

All prices include GST

60 Minute Massage: $135

Phone: 778.800.8770 Email: [email protected]


© 2017-2023 Aaron Hicks. All rights reserved.

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Planet Massage Spa

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote relaxation, stress relief, and a pain free lifestyle though therapeutic massage and bodywork while supporting you in healing yourself holistically. Our focus is to provide natural solutions as well as education that ultimately result in helping you realize optimum health and happiness.”

At Planet Massage ever since our humble beginnings in 2006, our goal has always been to surround ourselves with people passionate for health and healing. We are a family of what we feel are the very best, most caring, trained and talented professionals in the business. We are comprised of a diverse group of health and wellness professionals with a well rounded assortment of specialties to address many common, chronic and devastating aches, pains and disorders as well as simply battle life’s every day stresses. It is a true honor to be able to serve you.

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Logo of Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage and Massage Therapy New York City

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54th Street Location NOW OPEN! See you there!

Please be aware we have a 16hr cancellation policy that also applies to reshedules

Beret Kirkeby, Owner of Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage NYC

  • We will not push treatment you do not need; we figure that you know what you want at this point in your life.
  • We will uphold the values of medical practice by using massage in a way that is plausible for science. We will not use faith, energy, misinformation, imaginary lines, or dubious science to treat. We will not perpetuate misinformation or myths within the industry and will do our best to correct false information when we see it. We will not pretend to be able to provide impossible results.
  • We will foster an environment of learning for both clients and for employees. We will deliver one-of-a-kind personal care in the beauty of a spa environment but without any of the standardization of a spa. Educating our clients empowers them to take control of their health, as does educating our employees.  We want massage therapy to be a career, not a job. Each member of our company starts by building skills in the medical and sports category and then goes on to be an expert in specialized areas of their choice.  It will be their job to stay passionate and educate their peers on their massage subject of excellence. Rather than being one of many, each massage therapist will be an individual… which ensures that you get treated like an individual as well. We build people up by offering them challenges and in turn, letting them teach when they are ready.
  • We value our massage therapists ; in fact, many of the services we now offer come from ideas the staff had or wanted to create.
  • We will practice evidence-based massage therapy . What does that mean? Our treatments will be based on the latest scientific evidence for results, and we will uphold the standards of medical practice. We will be invested in your health, which means we will refer you to other professionals and provide home care solutions as needed. We put your health needs first.
  • We will pay our employees what they are worth, not what we can get away with. All of our staff have access to fair pay, sick days, W2 employment, continuing education, our health plan, transit benefits, and a 401k with matching when they qualify. Massage therapists are title eight health care workers. The standard pay in NYC at a reputable massage company (which has not changed in many years) is $40.00 an hour or a low hourly rate. That may seem like a lot. However, a therapist should only be working 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, because the job is physically demanding.  (That, by the way, could be around $33,000 a year with normal bookings, with no unemployment benefits, no vacation, and before taxes) To earn a living wage, many have to wait around for unpaid hours, work more than they should and are forced to ‘sell’ products at the spas in order to make ends meet. Massage therapists who are new graduates are often at the mercy of these employers.
  • We have decided the best way to change our industry is to lead by example.
* Even if you do not choose us, you can help by choosing independent massage businesses that do not abuse their employees. When a spa offers a 30-50 dollar massage, it is less than a therapist should be making hourly. Large corporate spas are not in favor of customers, or employees, they are in favor of money. 

Book Your Massage Therapy Session Online

When you book with us, you are choosing a fully licensed professional who will do a full assessment and who cares deeply about their work and about keeping you safe.


I was in pain, and I mean by the truck loads. Stupidly, I ignored it, popped some 800mg Advil and kept chugging along. After a few days of this, I woke up unable to walk upright without being in teeth-clenching misery.I couldn’t put the pain off any more. I asked around and a friend pointed me to Body Mechanics. Luckily, a spot had just opened up and I hobbled over to the office like a man three times my age.I’m not a man that believes in miracles, but believe me when I say a miracle was performed. I don’t know how she knew, but she knew exactly where everything hurt and fixed it. Massage therapy doesn’t even come close to describing what I experienced.I walked out of the office standing straight up, sore in a good way, and, most importantly, pain free. It was worth every damn penny and then some. Do yourself a favor, don’t wait for the pain to win, just go here.

Brooklyn, NY

Beret is my favorite therapist, hands down. With a past in professional dancing and a present in yoga teaching, my body often doesn’t take the breaks it needs. Beret was always able to help. Whether it was a strained hamstring or a migraine, I never walk out of her room feeling I didn’t get all I wanted and more. She is really clear and loves explaining what the problem is, so you an expect to walk out with a wealth of information about your condition. She is not scared of having patients move, even with injuries: as long as you move intelligently, which she will help you to learn. With my life choices and career, this is an incredible value: she truly wants to HEAL you!

I have had severe problems with my neck for years, and more recently with my back as well. A friend of mine told me about Beret Kirkeby and how different she is from other massage therapists. He told me that she had gotten results for his problems that no one else had been able to resolve. So I figured that I would give it a try. I was skeptical. What a difference Beret has made in my lifestyle. For several weeks after my visits with Beret, I feel younger, and pain free again. Now I look forward to my visits to Beret, because I know I will feel better when I leave than I did when I got there

New York City, NY

Beret is an expert in the field of Massage Therapy. Her knowledge far exceeds the industry standard. While attending the Swedish Institute, Beret had assisted me with a treatment plan for a client. She helped me think and act outside the box. Incorporating specific yoga postures within my treatment plan greatly effected change and rehabilitation in a specific muscle region. Beret’s hands on approach may be surprising to some, being that her education is more oriented in Orthopedic style massage. She can not only give a relaxing session, but actually address a condition, treat it, and fix it!!Go check out her beautiful space!!!!

Beret led two anatomy workshops for our Yoga Teacher Training this past summer. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how to work with injuries. I feel more confident as a yoga teacher with the knowledge that I gained from Beret’s workshop. I trust her completely, there is no one I know that knows more about anatomy than Beret!

Beret is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that she’s spoiled me for any therapist who is not as talented as she is. When I first started seeing Beret, it was just for general relaxation and to relieve the occasional back pain I get from working long hours at a desk. In addition to that, Beret pinpointed a problem with one of my vertebrae that I didn’t know I had and no massage therapist had ever noticed before. She treated me for it on the spot and completely solved the issue. Now I see her regularly and every time she works on me, I feel like a new woman.I also enjoy talking with Beret during our treatments – she’s incredibly knowledgeable, funny, intelligent and wise.

I worked with Beret for a few years at a clinic in Toronto, Ontario. On our down time, we always were discussing and figuring out new ways to treat specific ailments. Beret is an expert with knowing how the body works and what types of stretches, movements or body work needs to be done to help fix a problem area. Her wheels are always turning, trying to figure out the best treatment plan to get to the root of the problem area. Our loss is your gain NYC!

E. Matheson, L.M.T.

Beret is a warm hearted therapist. She makes the effort to find the source of your pain and rehabilitate your imbalances.

I’m not a big review writer, but I thought Berets work on my neck/shoulder injury was exceptional. Firstly, growing up with a father as a traditional Chinese healer and massage therapist-I got a lot of great healing massages. Unfortunately, my father is much older and I feel guilty asking him for another massage!(and he moved back to China)I went to a few massage therapists and they really sucked. I was tickled,poked, and brush with their hands. I thought I could never get as good as a massage/healing unless it was from my father. Last month I injured my neck/shoulder in some athletic ventures and was totally out of the game. I had all these big goals for the summer to be doing calisthenic work that included a lot of pull-ups- NOT with this injury! I was heartbroken and lost-my dad was in China and although ice and heat helped, I didn’t know what else I could do to make it heal faster. Thankfully Beret was available to help me. She is just as nerdy as I am about anatomy and explained to me what might have happened to my neck/shoulder. I love how she spent time with me painting the picture of the injury and what was going on with my neck. I decided to get a massage with her, thinking I might be disappointed- and oh gosh was I wrong! Beret’s massage was, as creepy as it may sound, as soothing as if my father was doing it. Her ability to connect the muscles, have constant flow, even pressure- is something you think all masseurs have right? Well, Berete’s massage did the trick! My neck was feeling soooooo amazing- she even gave me tips on how to stretch and lightly exercise it. I booked another massage with her the following week to speed up the healing process.In 2 session and about 3.5 weeks of healing, I was ready to start doing pull-ups again! Now I am back on track with my summer athletic goals and it’s all thanks to that extra help from Beret’s knowledge and skills.I love her work and her passion for her work- she continuously seeks more and more knowledge to further her skill and you betcha I’m going to get more massages! Oh yes- by the way, I’d like to mention- since I never really paid for all the massages in my life, Im kinda spoiled and don’t like to pay for massages- but I definitely find so much value in her work and seek more of it!

Beret is the best massage therapist I know, she has an amazingly in depth knowledge of the human body which she uses to literally heal people.I can’t wait for my next session with Beret at the new beautiful location.

Simply amazing! I came to see Beret to help me get a handle of a nagging injury that just recently flared up. I told her my symptoms and she went to work identifying and healing my muscle spasms. I left feeling like a human being again along with knowledge around what i can do to maintain the good work she did. She is incredibly knowledgeable, she helps you to understand what she’s doing and why. For a curious person like me, this was great to better understand how my body works. Can’t wait for my next session.

Milburn, NJ

I have known Beret for approximately 5 years during which time she has been my massage therapist for several long-term and more recent injuries.I am a 44 year old professional male has seen approximately 10 RMTs over the last 20-odd years for a variety of issues; general sports therapy, lower back problems due to damaged L3-L4-L5 disks, a broken foot and strained PCL and ACL. Beret was one of two RMTs with which I had excellent results.I don’t much like having injuries treated and she was always focused on my specific issues and progress. I found her engaging, well informed and professional. I have recommended her to colleagues in the past and have not found a comparable replacement since she left Toronto last year to return to NYC.

Toronto, ON

I was very pleasantly surprised by this brand new facility. It is elegant and peaceful, a rare oasis floating above the hustle and bustle, and only one step away from Grand Central. How convenient is that?I was lucky enough to receive a massage from Beret, who happens to be the owner of the place. As a former dancer and massage therapist myself, my back can get achy and needs regular attention. Beret works on the deeper side, but knows how to adapt to individual needs. Upon my questioning, she told me what she found and which approach she chose to address it and why. She is very knowledgeable, open to discussion and funny!Let’s be honest, as a massage therapist, I am picky when it comes to receiving any type of bodywork. Beret and her sophisticated medical spa doesn’t get just a thumbs from me up but both my hands up! I will be back!

Astoria, NY

Beret helped me immensely after a nasty fall. She has a laser focus for finding the relief button. She has magic in her fingers!! I swear. Her medical knowledge and calming bedside manner make for an ‘spa like’ therapeutic massage. If you are aching even a little bit just do yourself a favor and call her!

As a healthcare provider, I recognize and appreciate professional, courteous service from another practitioner. I found Beret Kirkeby to be both warm and knowledgeable in her delivery of care for my work-related musculoskeletal strains and discomfort. She always maintained a soothing, relaxed atmosphere and “checked in” periodically to ensure pressure was effective yet not uncomfortable. Beret listened carefully during sessions and was always skilled in her response. Without hesitation I would recommend her as a massage therapist.

Ron McFarlan, RN, BScN

Toronto, Canada

I have been looking for a massage therapist since moving to New York two years ago. I’ve gone to several different people throughout the Brooklyn and Manhattan. I found that most spa type places were overpriced for a standard massage or that it was uncomfortable going to a random persons house for massage. Beret has been working on me for about 8 months now and has helped treat a really bad problem with my IT Band (which she also gave me stretches to help remedy) as well as relieve neck, shoulder and back pain. Along with being super knowledgeable she’s been nothing but professional and friendly. I don’t have anything but good things to say about Beret. I’ve referred her to co-workers and friends alike. Definitely schedule an appointment if you’d like to get a relaxing treatment or if you’re experiencing aches and pains.

Came here for sports massage as a a last resort for an injury to my achilles tendon (severe achilles tendonitis) and I'm glad I did.  A few massage treatments here helped fix what months of PT could not.  I went from limping when I walked to running again within 3 weeks.  I now get regular massages here for maintenance and general well being.  On top of the work being top notch, the space is beautiful and relaxing.  The massage therapists at Body Mechanics are of the highest calibre and I could not recommend them enough.

I can't say enough great things about Beret and her team at Body Mechanics. As a former dancer I feel Body Mechanics massage is the place to go for a superior massage. Not only do I have the regular aches and pains from former injuries, I like many others now sit at a computer for 8 hours a day which only adds to the stress in my upper body. I spent years going to a chiropractor regarding neck pain. After 3 massage sessions with Beret, it vanished. Truly.  I've seen other members of her staff for shoulder and hip pains- they are all so incredibly trained knowledgeable about every area of the body - it just works. They all spend time talking to you about what your issues are before the massage and no one rushes you out of the calm and beautifully decorated massage room the moment your time is up. The office and massage rooms are an atmosphere of serenity. Whether you have a body part that is bothering you or just want to treat yourself to an amazing massage that takes you out of the world, you should definitely go to Body Mechanics. I always take cards to give to my friends. They are amazing.

No matter which therapist I see, I know that I will get a professional massage geared towards my orthopedic aches.  

Since finding Beret, I cannot imagine going to anyone else. She is not only extremely well-versed in all forms of massage and integrates them into her own technique (which, simply put, is whatever will work best for you during your session), but is more knowledgable about every single body part, tendon and muscle in my body than my own doctor! I have not had a pain that I've brought to her that she couldn't completely relieve. I even once had terrible chronic jaw pain that I'd been living with for two years. I didn't think of telling Beret of it sooner because I didn't think of massage for jaw pain. Incredibly, she took away the pain in one session. It was remarkable. I've also been to Beret with intense neck pain, back pain and bursitis (in the knee). She knew what to do in each case and in just one or a few sessions (depending on how bad the problem), relieved my pain completely. Beret is simply the very best.

Beret is the best massage therapist I've ever seen.  She is so knowledgeable in orthopedic massage and has been an instrumental part in my recovery from major knee surgery (osteotomy).  She took a lot of time to understand my past history and exactly where I've struggled in my rehab.  From there, her expertise showed immediately as she found all the areas where scar tissue had built up and through a mix of massage and stretching, she helped to relieve pain and speed my recovery.  I have been to dozens of therapists over the past 20 years and none were nearly as knowledgeable and thorough.  She really cares and remembers all the specifics of when my surgeries took place and where I should be in my recovery.  I've been to her many times and plan to continue!!

Best massage service I have experienced and very competitive price!

I am a professional classical singer. I have suffered from TMJ for many years. Body Mechanics offers extremely helpful TMJ massage. My symptoms have greatly decreased. I am thrilled with the results and my singing has greatly improved.

I’ve had terrible TMJ for about 20 years. I see them for their TMJ Massage. I tried everything but nothing worked until I found Body Mechanics.  My TMJ is now under control to the point that I hardly notice it---an occasional twinge if I’m stressed.  Truly a miracle after 20 years of constant pain. I also found that the therapists at Body Mechanics were able to fix an issue I had with a leg that locked up. I’ve tried three of their therapists and have found that, even though their techniques are different, they are all extremely effective. These people really know what they are doing. I don’t know what I could do without my bi-weekly massage. For anyone who has injuries or chronic pain, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Manhattan, NY

Beret has done an amazing job with this place. The space is comfortable, classy, and convenient. I have some back issues that I have been dealing with and after speaking with a few massage therapists and acupuncturists, Beret was the only one who could give me some real information to work with. She showed me what was happening in my hips and lower back, worked extensively on that area, and then gave me some exercises to do at home (along with information about what exercises to avoid - also very important). I trust Beret and I also trust that she has hired the best massage therapists to work beside her. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Body Mechanics Massage to anybody looking for some answers or even just for a relaxing massage. Plus, you get some little goodies once your massage is over! I will definitely be back!

These guys are like my new church!! I spent a couple years in constant back pain from a horse racing injury, I search for a solution with a chiro, acupuncture, stretches Etc etc. It wasn't until I went in to Body Mechanics Massage for the first time that I finally felt both understood by the highly skilled staff, in particular Sarah A for her massage., and RELIEF! It was a GAME CHANGER! I have since sent other friends in, and all of them feel the same way I do. If you're need results, go to the people who know how to get them! Love you guys!![related_posts]

What a relief to have found Beret.  I have been getting regular massages for 25 years now.  I suffer from chronic lower back pain as well as severe TMJ.  When I moved into the city from New Jersey five years ago, my greatest concern was being able to find someone who could address these issues as well as the therapist I had been seeing.  Happily a friend referred me to Beret--and amazingly, she is the best I have ever worked with!  Whereas I always felt good when I got off the table in the past, with Beret, the effects are much longer lasting.  As I am a professional speaker, my TMJ can be a particular problem.  It can affect not only my ability to speak but also my ability to concentrate--my back teeth won't meet and it makes my entire head feel loopy.  I am thrilled to say that since I've been going to Beret, I have had not one single such episode.    I have also noticed better results with my back than in the past, including the work several chiropractors had done.  My problems are primarily muscular, and Beret identified the root cause and applied treatment that has made a real difference! Sometimes I forget that Beret is not a doctor!  Then again, the level of relaxation I feel when we are done with a treatment, not to mention the beautiful facility she provides, serve to remind me that she is simply the best therapist I have been fortunate enough to know.

I have had nothing but positive experiences since I began going to Body Mechanics Massage at the beginning of 2014. Beret has done an incredible job growing the business, and I am never hesitant to see a new therapist in the event I need to schedule a last minute appointment. The entire staff is well-trained and extremely knowledgeable!

I first came here after a running injury (IT Band) but stayed and kept coming back because it not only helped my running injury, but I felt more limber after each massage. Great work and great service. I always look forward to coming. [related_posts]

Beret is AMAZING. And if you have TMJ, it is transformative- major pain relief- to have a massage by Beret is a wonderful experience. [related_posts]

I have severe TMJ pain and the TMJ massage here is the only thing that helps. Each therapist I have had is super knowledgeable and skilled. Highly recommended.

Brittnay. L.

I've had several prenatal massages here and all of the therapists have been wonderful. They listen to my problem areas and really focus on those specific areas during the massage. I feel so relaxed and stretched out after. The best massage I have had in NYC!

I have been coming to see Sarah for massage for months to work on a rotator cuff injury. I have have tried everything short of surgery for pain relief. The massage techniques she uses is the only thing I have found that has managed the pain and given me more mobility. Everyone is incredibly  nice and helpful and the space is beautiful.

Each time I come by, I feel I am getting the best Orthopedic Massage done here. It really is the best ever.

Beret of Body Mechanics Massage is hands down the best and most knowledgeable massage professional I have ever worked with. There really is no comparison.

The body mechanics space encourages relaxation but also is interesting as each massage room is different and charming. A massage with Beret leaves me feeling as good as a session with my physical therapist and it's certainly a lot more enjoyable!

I love Body Mechanics. My therapist Sarah is amazing and really tailors the experience of the massage to what I need. You really get the sense that your problems and specific pains are being addressed rather than just being generally rubbed around. Also the office is very thoughtfully designed and relaxing. Highly recommended.

Ivan really knows what he is doing. He is able to work out all of my knots and tight muscles in every session. I feel very relaxed afterwards!

I had a pain in my neck and shoulder for a while and came to body mechanics to seek relief, Sylvia was amazing and in finding the problem and working it out! I felt great afterwards, so now I stop in 2x a month. Its worth it, don't wait till your in pain. Come get a massage.

I have searched near and far and had massages in many states and never found a place that no matter who was providing the massage, it would be reliably fantastic. It is disheartening to spend good money on a Sub-par massage, particularly as many view it as a luxury. For me it is necessary to get a good reliable  orthopedic massage and this is the place.On top of it, everyone is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond. Once they even put my Tupperware in the fridge and they have chocolate in the lobby ( the good kind!) Also worth noting, the decor and ambiance are a ten, beautiful, relaxing and very clean. a+ all around.

I’ve had chronic pain in my rotator cuff for years now and Beret has been working on it to help alleviate the pain which has been very successful. I’m excited to see she has opened up anew location and will continue to use her as my massage therapist because she really understands the needs I have with my shoulder issue.

I had been feeling extreme pain near my left bicep for a couple of months. I finally decided I’d had enough and saw Beret. Turns out I had torn by left tricep and it had healed incorrectly. Amazingly enough, she was able to do the impossible- not only did it stop hurting that day but the pain never came back. Magic touch.Since then, I have seen her quite a bit…Once for a minor whip lash injury (body surfing on my wedding day, not a smart move) and just recently, for tennis elbow.

My husband and I have both been in the care of Beret recently. I for prenatal massage and my husband for a bulged disk. Beret does the best work we’ve had. She takes a holistic approach to her practice bringing in her training in anatomy, yoga, breath, physical therapy, diet, etc. There aren’t many professionals in the area that are versed in all areas and can provide the BEST care. We recommend her practice highly.

Caroline A.

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37 Vision and Mission Statements for Spas and Estheticians

definitions of vision and mission statements, explained below

I studied 37 esthetician and spa mission statements found using snowball sampling online.

A text analysis shows that common words in the mission statements included: wellness, service, beauty, environment, quality, committed, education, relaxation, healing, health, well-being, and atmosphere.

A common theme across the discourse analysis of the mission statements revealed that esthetician mission statements highly value:

  • Service as a product: The focus is on providing a quality experience .
  • Personalized experiences: There is also a strong focus on making the client feel pampered, such as in quotes like “see a smile on our client’s face” and “[we] want to make your experience with us as unique and memorable as you.”

Below are examples of spa and esthetician mission statements from around the web. If you’re creating your own, remember to use these as inspiration, but make sure your mission statement is unique to your own brand.

Fair Use Disclaimer

All quotes and brand mentions in this article are used under fair use doctrine. Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. None of the following mission statements are claimed to be the mission statement of Helpful Professor. The surrounding commentary and analysis of the corpus of mission statements in this study demonstrates use of the quotes for educational and research purposes.

Esthetician and Spa Mission Statement Examples

  • “Every day we at Bellagio Luxury Spas aim to deliver not only high quality prouducts to out customers but also supply them with allround service to create an efficient, positive and for both sides successful business relationship.” – Bellagio Luxury Spa
  • “Treating the whole mind, body and spirit – by integrating ancient healing modalities with the best of modern science.” – Amanagi Spa
  • “Here at Elements of Style, we value our guests’ experience and deliver a high quality of service. Each reservation is customized to fit each individual’s personal style and beauty budget.” – Elements of Style Salon
  • “Skin Essence A day spa invites you to come enjoy peace, tranquility and relaxation. Our goal is to provide you with the finest treatments available in a beautiful, zen environment and to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and well-being.” – Skin Essence Day Spa
  • “Our mission statement at Wispers Day Spa is to inspire staff and clients to connect with beauty that creates a passion for living one’s best life by providing elite service, products and care – no exceptions.” – Wispers Day Spa
  • “Our goal is to safely produce excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your personal aesthetic and with minimal down-time.” – Koru Wellness Aesthetics
  • “Our mission at Sonrisa is to care for the people we serve and our planet. Our vision is to be a leading innovator in connecting the mind, body and spirit through holistic inspiration, education and service.” – Sonrisa Day Spa
  • “Our Wellness Spa Team of Professionals are committed to openly listening to the needs of our guests and with respect, genuine acceptance, and compassion will help to positively guide towards physical relaxation, spiritual and mental renewal, and individual growth within a sanctuary that welcomes one home again and again.” – The Wellness Spa, Inc.
  • “Our mission is to promote relaxation, stress relief, and a pain free lifestyle though therapeutic massage and bodywork while supporting you in healing yourself holistically. Our focus is to provide natural solutions as well as education that ultimately result in helping you realize optimum health and happiness.” – Planet Massage
  • “Our mission is to enrich, enhance & encourage individuals through their beauty. We strive for excellence by setting goals, educating & communicating with our guests and each other.” – Bella Salon + Spa
  • “Our goal is to provide you with an atmosphere where you can escape from everyday stresses and focus on your well-being. In today’s society, we often are too busy and forget to take care of ourselves.” – Ultimate Escape Day Spa
  • “We are committed to wellness for our clients, our team and our earth by providing the highest level of customer service, by upholding the highest standard of professionalism and by incorporating green practices & organic products in truly peaceful, luxurious spa environments.” – Rocky Mountain Day Spa
  • “The Sunrise Wellness Spa mission is to add value by providing the finest care and healing environment in the spa industry so our guests leave with renewed balance and beauty.” – The Sunrise Wellness Spa
  • “To provide a unique service experience while striving for excellence in each and every action and consistently exceeding our guests’ expectations.” – Avalon Salon Spa
  • “Our mission is to commit to ourselves to Refresh your mind body and spirit. We want to revive your body, renew your health and improve your performance in your busy life.” – Refresh Spa and Wellness
  • “RSVP Med Spa has a genuine desire to enhance your self-image and confidence at any age by delivering results-driven, quality care with state-of-the-art equipment through our highly trained staff” – RSVP Med Spa
  • “We are committed that every client who enters, leaves feeling more empowered, more connected, more accepted and  more beautiful than when they arrived.” – Clean Slate Spa
  • “Our mission is to deliver exceptional patient experiences with outstanding outcomes.” – AesthetiSpa
  • “Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing a highly professional, state-of-the-art salon and spa in a warm, relaxing and customer-focused environment.” – Elavína Salon and Spa
  • “We believe that the rejuvenation experienced at Fountain Springs Wellness Spa empowers personal well-being through the integration of health and beauty in one location.” – Fountain Springs Wellness Spa
  • “My goal as an aesthetician is to bring back the confidence that other people lost just because of having imperfect skin and body, and at the same time give them the relaxation they truly deserve.” – La Bella Med Spa
  • “Our purpose – our passion – is to provide our guests with exceptional service. We strive to feel the needs of our guests and respond with salubrious feedback.” – Mandara spa
  • “Urban Float is committed to providing a clean, calm, and welcoming environment so guests can get the most out of flotation therapy.” – Urban Float
  • “Simply Euphoric Spa and Wellness provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of health and well-being to health-minded individuals.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with nurturing treatments and sub education to promote relaxation and self-healing.  Our success is built on trust, expertise, professionalism and our personal touch.” – Simply Euphoric Spa and Wellness
  • “Our mission is to provide our customers with genuine, knowledge based, expert level skin care advice.” – Skin Trends
  • “At Bauhaus Salon + Haus Spa, we want to make your experience with us as unique and memorable as you.” – Bauhaus Salon + Haus Spa
  • “To provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations and to ensure the highest quality hair and skincare products available. To maintain a team-based environment that builds trust and allows staff to achieve goals while creating an atmosphere that encourages personal and professional growth through continuous education.” – Hair Etcetera
  • “Happiness is our business moto. Every day, our objective is to see the smile on our client’s face when they pick up their car. Clean car do make people happier.” – Metrotown Car Wash – The Auto Spa
  • “It’s our mission to make every guest feel welcome while providing superior hair care, nail care, skin care, and massage services in a fun, inviting atmosphere.” – Innovations Salon & Spa
  • “We are committed to offering the highest quality of attention to each member who chooses to work with us and we aspire to cultivate an environment where our clients will receive healing, naturally.” – HempyHands Massage
  • “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” – Neroli Salon & Spa
  • The Reflexology Association of Canada aims to be the foremost registering body of Reflexology Therapists in Canada.” – Reflexology Association of Canada
  • “Knowing that everyone has their own unique style, it is our goal to assist each and everyone of our guests to express theirs.” – EM Salon & Spa
  • “We partner with our patients on a journey to beautiful skin ensuring you look and feel your best.” – Cayce Medical Spa
  • “Adara Spa’s mission is to set the highest standards in services, products and  exemplary client care. We deliver a quality of service that is difficult to find elsewhere.” – Adara Spa
  • “To restore the natural beauty within ourselves, one treatment at a time.” – Century Derma Lounge
  • “We are an innovative salon delivering world class experiences in education while delivering cultivating community awareness.” – Infinitee Salon & Spa

See Also: Vision and Mission Statements for Bakeries

Common Words in Spa Mission Statements

To figure out what’s valued in a spa mission statement, I ran each of the above mission statements through a word cloud and generated a table of the most common words in a mission statement. The results are below.

  • Service as a product: The focus is on providing a quality experience such as in the use of words like “quality”, “service”, and “atmosphere”.
Don’t forget to also write a code of ethics – see here for a hospitality code of ethics example

Remember, if you’re making your own mission statement for your spa or esthetician business, you need to make your own rather than taking someone else’s. But the above examples and study can help you to understand what’s valued in an esthetician mission statement.


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

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massage business plan mission statement

Amanda Fincham – Remedial massage & craniosacral therapy

Tailored therapeutic hands on treatments

My Mission, Vision and Values

My mission:, to create happier people through healthier bodies.

Too many people believe that living with aches and pains is just part of life and getting older. Living with pain often means that there are things people feel they can’t do and therefore don’t do. The less pain we have the more we are willing to get out and about and do what makes us happy! Which equals living a happier life.

Providing a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental environment to help people reduce their aches, pains and stress. To inspire people to be proactive about their health rather than reactive.

* Exceptional customer service and communication

* To always be professional, personable, respectful, empathetic and non judgmental.

* Listen to clients health goals and help them achieve them

* Keep clients & myself accountable to their health goals

* Know where my limits are as a practitioner and when to refer

* Be present with every client every time

* Educate clients about their health to the best of my ability

Ensure I am continually checking in with clients to make sure I am helping them achieve their individual health goals not just assuming I am.

Keep up with latest research and continuing education as well as looking after myself so I can provide the best possible care for my clients.

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Mission Statement for Massage Business


A mission statement for massage business is very important portion of an effective marketing plan. It is very significant that you understand your main aim or reason for opening and running such business before you can start promoting it in the public. As a massage therapist, it is part of your mission to help clients to relax and restore to health after stressful situations or any injuries.

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It is comprises of short sentences only but it summarize your major reasons for running a massage business instead of working on a certain business.

The Importance of Mission Statement

In any business or company, mission statement plays an important role. It is a set of goals, mission and concise description or information about the services offered by the business. This describes the wholeness of the company. Mission statement will be the guide for operation of a certain business entity. Clients can able to understand more about the business main mission and services offered by reading its mission statement.

The Mission

The mission is the first thing that you need to think about. Basically, your mission statement must describe the whole nature of your business. It includes business name, professional credential like being a licensed massage therapist as well as the main client you wish to serve. For an instance, you may focus of a particular kind of massage therapy like deep tissue massage or aromatherapy massage.

The Motivation

Next, it is a must to explain your motivation for running or managing a massage therapy business. This must be focused on healing and helping the clients to feel better and relaxed. The mission statement is one of the most important portion of marketing plan of your business, so make sure that it describes how your service will benefit the clients you serve.

Included in your mission statement are the services that you offer. Primarily, there are various kinds of massage that you and your staffs must be skilled and knowledgeable to perform. Even if pricing information should not be included in your mission statement, you can also use attractive words like “affordable” or “inexpensive”.

It would be best if you can include anything that separates your business from other massage business out there. As an example, if you and your staffs are trained in physical therapy, perhaps you can add services to people who suffer injuries. This separates you from other massage business out there because some of them only provide massage only. Edit or revise your mission statement for you to be sure that it has the important information that is important. It would be best if other people in your business are involved on making effective mission statement like massage therapist or staff that will able to help add or edit information.

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