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maths project 4th class

Mystery Pictures Thanksgiving - Multiplication and Division Facts

maths project 4th class

Personal Finance Unit - PBL Simulation - Print and Google™ Drive

maths project 4th class

Math Curriculum For 4th Grade, 5th Grade, and 6th Grade Print and Digital

maths project 4th class

2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets

maths project 4th class

4th Grade Math Review | Mystery Picture Thanksgiving Chipmunks

maths project 4th class

Thanksgiving Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

maths project 4th class

4th Grade Math Center Games - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

maths project 4th class

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets 4th Grade Common Core

maths project 4th class

Fraction Name

maths project 4th class

Dream House: An Additive Area Project (Common Core FREEBIE!)

maths project 4th class

Real Life Multiplication Project - Design a Restaurant

maths project 4th class

Marshmallow Challenge Handout

maths project 4th class

Balloon Car STEM Challenge: Engineering Design Process

maths project 4th class

Math: Dream Vacation Project

maths project 4th class

Decimals & Money Project Based Learning CREATE FRUIT SALAD PBL Math Enrichment

maths project 4th class

The Million Dollar Project

maths project 4th class

Road Trip Performance Task - Adding and Multiplying Decimals (5.NBT.7)

maths project 4th class

FREE Math and ELA Project - Grade 4 - Run a Food Truck - Print and Digital

maths project 4th class

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maths project 4th class

Math Review Project (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Word Problems)

maths project 4th class

Back to School Math: Project Based Learning 3rd 4th 5th 6th

maths project 4th class

Green Eggs and Ham: A Graphing Activity

maths project 4th class

! FREE "Dot-to-Dot Polygon Creature" Math and Art Project

maths project 4th class

Place Value | Donut Shop- Hundreds, Tens, Ones | FREEBIE

maths project 4th class

STEM Raft Challenge Distance Learning

maths project 4th class

Geometric Town Project

maths project 4th class

Design Your Own Amusement Park

maths project 4th class

Math/Art Desert Themed Math Project - Grades 2-4

maths project 4th class

Random Acts of Kindness Financial Literacy & Real Life Math | World Kindness Day

maths project 4th class

Thanksgiving Dinner Project

maths project 4th class

Performance Task {Holiday Shopping} FREEBIE!

maths project 4th class

Free Fraction Circles

maths project 4th class

Find lessons for 4th grade math | TPT

Importance of learning math in 4th grade.

Since math forms the basis for many other subjects — like science, engineering, and technology — it's of course essential that kids develop strong math skills from a young age as it makes them more likely to succeed in other courses in the future.

Benefits of learning 4th grade math

Learning math in 4th grade has many benefits. It helps students:

  • Develop problem-solving, logical reasoning, and critical-thinking skills
  • Prepare for more complex mathematical concepts in higher grades
  • Understand how math is used in real-life situations

By ensuring that students have a solid understanding of math concepts, teachers can help set them up for future success

Key topics covered in 4th grade math

In this grade, math starts to become more complex and challenging. Generally, it's the year when many students transition from basic arithmetic to more complex mathematical concepts. Building on concepts learned in earlier grades, students will tackle topics like multi-digit multiplication, fractions, decimals, and geometry

Multiplication and division

By this grade, students generally have a basic understanding of multiplication and division and are ready to move on to learning how to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. For multiplication, students will learn how to multiply four-digit numbers by one-digit numbers and multiply two two-digit numbers together. For division, students will learn how to divide numbers of up to four digits, many of which will involve remainders.

Fourth graders generally have a basic understanding of fractions, but now they’ll learn how to learn how to convert fractions to decimals, and how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, different denominators, or different numerators. Students might also learn how to add and subtract mixed numbers.

In 4th grade, students learn about decimals and how they relate to fractions and whole numbers. They learn how to read, write, and compare decimals to whole numbers and fractions. They'll also learn to read and write decimals up to the hundredth place.

Fourth grade math introduces students to basic geometry concepts. They learn about points, lines, angles, and shapes. They also learn how to calculate the perimeter and area of shapes.


Students learn about different units of measurement and how to convert between them.

Data analysis

Fourth-grade math introduces students to basic data analysis concepts. They learn how to collect and organize data, create graphs and charts, and interpret the results.

How to find math resources for 4th grade

Educators can save time preparing math lessons with resources created by experienced teachers. Simply search the TPT marketplace for "4th grade math," and filter by grade level, price, and/or resource type to find print and digital materials that've been proven to work in classrooms around the country.

Frequently asked questions

What types of 4th grade math resources are available on tpt.

There are many different types of math worksheets, lessons, and activities sold by Sellers on TPT. Some popular math worksheets and resources can be found on topics like: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, geometry, measurement, fractions, and much more.

Why is 4th grade math important?

Math in 4th is important because students begin to transition from basic arithmetic to more complex mathematical concepts. Additionally, they'll learn foundational concepts and skills that are necessary for solving more complex math problems in the future.

What if my child is struggling with math?

If your child is struggling with a specific math concept, you can provide extra support and resources such as math worksheets, tutoring, or online educational tools. Sometimes, visual aids like charts, graphs, and manipulatives can help children understand abstract concepts better.

How can I make math fun for my child?

Children learn best when they're engaged! Sprinkle a little fun into your math lessons by using games, videos, puzzles, and real-life scenarios. If your class seems to find math boring or uninteresting, you can also try connecting it to their interests or hobbies. Encourage your child to ask questions and explore mathematical concepts in different ways.

What are some common challenges in 4th grade math?

Common challenges include difficulty with multiplication and division, struggles with word problems, trouble with memorization, and lack of confidence in math abilities.

How hard is math in 4th grade?

In this grade, math becomes more complicated. Students spend many days exploring new ideas.

What are some key math concepts taught in 4th grade math?

Some key concepts taught to 4th grade students include multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, measurement units, and data.

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Maths Project

Maths Project helps students to improve their thinking capabilities and logical skills. Most of the schools conduct exhibitions for classes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, where students can represent their innovative ideas and project wor k with mathematical models ,  to learn the subject in a creative way.

There is an old saying that goes like this: “Tell me, and I will forget, Show me, and I may remember, involve me, and I will understand.” Said by the Chinese philosopher, Confucius

Today’s generation demands an interactive learning model that will engage them and make them learn the facts in an easy way. Earlier, the basic tool used by schools for imparting education was:

  • Taking tests and

This no longer is fundamental to teaching the students in the 21st century. This is why CBSE board has welcomed the project-based training and learning program for the students. Including Maths project in the CBSE and ICSE curriculum have helped millions of students in their career endeavour.

Maths Project Ideas

Maths Project helps students to exhibit their theories into practical knowledge and get real-time experiences. It will help them to grow interpersonal skills and thinking capacity, along with building the confidence level for the subject. Let us see some ideas for Maths models, here;

  • Maths in real-life
  • Number system
  • Area and Perimeter of different types of figures and shapes
  • Types of Angles
  • Equations-Algebraic and Quadratic
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Conic Sections

These are the few general topics for which students can create a model.

Maths Project for Class 12

Class 12 Maths is a higher level one where concepts of calculus, inverse functions, linear algebra, etc., are given. Here are some ideas for Class 12 students to work on Maths projects. They can also create Maths working models for the below given topics.

  • History of Mathematics including the great Mathematicians and their contributions
  • Graphs of Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Applications of integrals and derivatives in real life
  • Vectors and scalars quantities in real life
  • Direction cosines and direction rations in three dimensional geometry

Maths Project for Class 11

Students are introduced with higher level concepts in Class 11 Maths. Therefore, it is necessary for them to give more time in practicing Math’s problems. The concepts introduced in this standard will be continued for Class 12 also. In schools, during extra curriculum activities, students can also present some Maths working models based on these new concepts. Also, they can work on projects related to mathematical concepts. The project ideas for the same has been mentioned below.

  • Linear programming problems based on day to day life (for e.g., daily expenses, budgets, raw materials required for factories, etc.)
  • Formula chart for differentiation and integration
  • Statistical data collection and analyzation
  • Maxima and minima graph

Maths Project For Class 10

For students of class 10, we are mentioning some of the project ideas for Math subject, which are relevant to their syllabus and also could be easily modelled.

  • Surface area and volumes of Cube and Cuboid: Class 10 students need to know how to calculate the surface areas and volumes of given 3d shapes such as cube, cuboid, etc. Try to identify the 3d shapes around you and explore how we can find the surface area and volume for them.
  • Comparison of areas of two similar triangles: The concept of similar triangles is easy to remember; simultaneously, it is required to understand the relationship between areas of two similar triangles using their sides.
  • Finding the angles with the help of trigonometric ratios: As we know, trigonometry helps in finding the missing sides or angles of a right triangle. Maths project model on trigonometry will help in practicing more such cases. Application of trigonometric ratios will help in finding the required parameters.
  • Mean values of given data: Generally, we deal with many numbers in our everyday life and sometimes it is required to know the average of these numbers, for example, an average time to finish a specific task. In this case, the concept of the mean values is the efficient one to get the required result.
  • Probability of random experiments: This Maths project on probability helps in understanding various types of random experiments and finding the probabilities of events associated with them. For example, getting exactly two heads in the experiment of tossing a coin 3 times.

Maths Project for Class 9

Students who are studying in Class 9 can use these project ideas for developing Maths models and which are according to their syllabus. Try these 9th class Maths project ideas and have fun learning.

  • Representation of Numbers in a number line.
  • Cartesian Plane in Coordinate Geometry
  • Euclid’s Geometry Model
  • Types of Triangles
  • Shapes of Geometry

Maths Project Ideas for Class 8

Class 8 secondary students can make some of the best working models based on these topics:

  • Constructing different types of quadrilaterals
  • Representation of rational numbers in number line
  • Grouping, organizing and presentation of data using charts and graphs.
  • Profit and loss for commodities and finding simple interest
  • Playing with numbers
  • Linear graphs (use matchsticks to represent)
  • How to visualize 3D objects

Maths Project for Class 7

Students of Class 7 can learn Mathematics and its concepts easily with the help of working models. They can get here different project ideas to create such models. These models will help the students to visualize the concepts and develop their confidence on any particular topic.

Here are the topics based on which students create projects.

  • Types of integers (positive and negative)
  • Types of Fractions (Proper and Improper fractions)
  • What are lines and angles in two-dimensional space?
  • Types of Triangles (Scalene, Isosceles and Equilateral)
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Visualizing Solid Shapes

Maths Project for Class 6

When students jump from class 5th to class 6th, the level of their education gets increased. They will be introduced to many new concepts which they haven’t learned in primary classes.

Hence, it will be very engaging for them to do Maths projects based on different concepts and understand them thoroughly.

  • Knowing and comparing different numbers
  • Patterns in whole numbers
  • Defining Point, Line and Angles (Basic geometry)
  • Models of Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines
  • What are decimals and fractions
  • Algebra – Matchstick patterns
  • Symmetry of shapes

Maths Project for Class 5

The working model for class 5 students will help them to understand mathematics in a more easy way. Students may be given challenging Maths projects so that they can work on them and develop their thinking level. This way they can visualize the complex Mathematical concepts that they are unable to understand with the classic way of learning. Class 5 Maths will introduce students to new topics such as shapes, angles, multiples, factors, ways to multiply and divide, etc. Here are a few Maths projects for Class 5 students, that they can work on:

  • Introducing Area with Square boxes
  • Preparing a Chart for Different Shapes and Angles
  • Representing difference between Big and Heavy (using examples)
  • Geometry surrounding you

Maths Project for Class 4

In Class 4, students are introduced with interesting topics to understand Maths and its applications in our daily life. Hence, students can make use of real-life applications to work on Maths projects and working models. Here are some ideas for students class 4 Maths projects:

  • Chart of symmetrical shapes in your neighbourhoods
  • Different hours in a wall-clock
  • Difference between heavy and light
  • Tall, Taller and Tallest objects in a sequence
  • Draw the top-view of different objects present in a drawing room (fans, sofas, TV, etc.)
  • Build your dream home using  craft items

Maths Working Models For Exhibition

There are many mathematical projects which can be produced in exhibitions in schools, such as:

Calculator: The calculator is made up of cardboard, where there will be four holes, in such a way that first, third and fourth holes will consist of movable numbers and the second hole will have all the symbols based on the operations performed: Addition, Subtraction, Division & Multiplication. In this way, we can create a man-made calculator and test the skills of the visitors to the exhibition.

Some more good ideas to create working models based on mathematical concepts are:

  • Build a school project where each structure is represented by different shapes. For example, the rooftop of the school will be in a triangle shape.
  • Build a model based on trigonometry ratios (Sine, Cosine and Tangent) using LED lights
  • Create a “Height and distance” model using cardboard, paper, pulleys, threads, etc.
  • Match the following model for square numbers and cube numbers using LED lights
  • A model representing the centroid of different types of triangles (Acute, Obtuse and right triangle)
  • Create a model showing the parts of circles (radius, diameter, center of circle, chord, sector, arc, etc.)
  • Three-dimensional geometrical shapes

Maths Project Work Advantages

Including Maths Project in the upper primary stage helps students in visualizing the basic concepts, theorems, principles and the underlying process involved in solving them. Mathematics is a word that is feared by most of the students in their early grades. Some students use Maths tricks to solve problems, and some do really hard work. In real, Maths is a subject full of logic and proof. Following are the advantages of Maths projects in schools:

  • While rote learning is not recommended to solve math problems, it is recommended to the teachers and board to impart Maths education in a more rational and challenging through project works.
  • It has been seen that rote-learning or memorizing, is not effective for long-term retention. Maths-related project work not only helps in improving the problem-solving capability but also will be able to learn it in a fulfilling way for their lifetime.
  • Maths projects help the students to improve their planning and critical thinking ability of the student as they employ “habit of thinking and mind skills”. Including Maths projects in the curriculum will also help improve the reasoning skills of the student.
  • It is mandatory for the students to present what they have created for their projects in front of the class. This, in turn, helps the students to improve their communication and presentations skills, which will go a long way in their professional careers.

Keeping in mind all these advantages for the Maths project will help in creating a memorable learning experience for the students.

CBSE has included Maths projects in their formative and summative classes, and the percentage of marks allotted to the projects varies from 10%- 15%. The project can be in the form of high thinking skills questions or case studies based. Sometimes the class teacher also accesses the students on the basis of an open book assessment test.

The advantages underpin the approach to access their students on the basis of Maths projects and out-of-school learning. This helps students in making real-life decisions and acquiring mathematical knowledge in a more holistic way that will help them in their career and professional life as well.

We approach to make the students learn through interactive sessions, and videos make it possible for students to learn in an interactive way. We, at BYJU’S, delve in continuous research and development, to formulate a better way of learning right from the beginning of the early careers of students. The topics are covered in a way so that the students could pick any topic in the videos and learn in an adaptable way. We employ tricks to the student’s minds that will compel the students to answer their own doubts.

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