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Ocean pollution poses a dire threat to marine ecosystems and human health, driven by activities such as plastic disposal, chemical pollution, and oil spills. Essays could delve into the myriad sources of ocean pollution, exploring the scale and impact of contaminants like plastic debris, heavy metals, and agricultural runoff on marine life and coastal communities. Discussions might extend to the various international and national initiatives aimed at mitigating ocean pollution, including legal frameworks, technological innovations, and community-led conservation efforts. The discourse may also touch on the challenges and prospects of curbing ocean pollution, analyzing the effectiveness of current measures, and proposing holistic strategies that encompass policy, education, and technological advancements to foster a more sustainable interaction with marine environments. We have collected a large number of free essay examples about Ocean Pollution you can find in Papersowl database. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Ocean Pollution as a Major Problem

The Ocean is one of the major reasons why humans survive in this world. The Ocean provides us with water to drink and the fresh air we breathe. That's why the issue of ocean pollution is important and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We depend on the ocean for so much in our life. Ocean pollution is becoming a major problem. Trash is piling up in our oceans but the question is, where is the trash coming […]

Ocean Pollution: Plastic

The topic that I chose to write about is ocean pollution, specifically plastic. I found a very interesting article by National Geographic that makes me wonder just how much plastic we use daily, and how much it affects marine life. According to the article, the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), comprising twenty-two aquariums in seventeen different states is pushing a campaign called "No Straw November". The campaign is a push to eliminate single-use plastic including plastic straws, bottles, and plastic in […]

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

All pollution is bad for the ocean and all the creatures in it. However, there is one material that is highly potent to the ocean, and that is plastic. It has many immensely negative effects on the ocean's wildlife. Thousands of marine animals die each year because of plastic debris. There are many ways that plastic can get to the ocean than you know. This has been an ongoing problem and still has not been stopped. Plastic was founded in […]

Should the Government Regulate Ocean Pollution?

The government should regulate ocean pollution due to the fact they are one of the contributing factors to ocean pollution. Ocean pollution affects more than just the waterways. Marine life is decreasing day by day due to the amount of trash that builds up in our oceans. Agricultural fertilizer and climate change have also been afflicted in negative ways by the inconsiderate attitude towards our environment namely the ocean. From nuclear bomb testing to creating the Great Pacific garbage patch. […]

Ocean Pollution for the most Wildlife

The ocean is home to the most wildlife in the entire world. Every day people are destroying life in the ocean by polluting it. There are many different endangered animals in the ocean. Every day they are being killed off by man-made pollutants. The ocean covers more than eighty percent of the Earth so we should protect it by, being more conservative, recycling, and cleaning out the ocean (noaa.gov). Plastic pollution is deeply reflected on humans; over half of the […]

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Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

“There is more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way” (McCarthy). Many Americans consume plastic throughout the year and do not recycle all of it. The beaches are getting dirtier and dirtier but there is not much change going on. The wastes on the beaches, streets, and air are going into the ocean and harming the species. Pollution in the oceans is affecting the sea creatures because surfers are exposed to pathogens, sea turtles develop […]

Ocean Pollution and a “dead Zone”

There is a “dead zone” the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico in which aquatic life cannot survive . There is a garbage patch the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Dead zones and garbage patches are just some examples of the horrific effects that water pollution has on the life of all sorts. Every day, millions of sea critters, as well as humans, are victims to a harder life at the hand of pollution. With […]

Mercury Pollution in our Ocean

Mercury pollution is everywhere, it's in the air that animals breath and we breath as well. It's also in our land and inside of our beautiful sea. Mercury is a metal that's heavy and is cycled throughout the earth. Mercy pollution is world wide and a global problem. The reason mercury pollution is an issue is because it hurts fish. The fish and shell fish breath in the water through there gills which is inside of the water that they […]

Fight against Plastic Pollution

 Do you ever consider the life of the shopping bag you use to transport your groceries or the plastic straw that seems to come standard now with most beverages? “A bag that is used on average for 15 minutes, yet it could take 100 to 300 years to fragment” according to SAS.org. These often one-time-use plastics do more harm than good when looking at their long half-life and the effects on our environment, even though their implementation into the market […]

Plastic Pollution in the Philippines

The top countries that dispose of the most plastic are all in Asia the Philippines is the third. What is the problem, the Philippines are using too many plastic objects. Who has the pollution affected humans, food sources including, land animals, crops, and wildlife? Solutions what can the Philippines do to help the water pollution and save their and our world. What is the problem? “The Philippines generates 2.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and 20 percent – or […]

Pollution in the Pacific Ocean

Pollution has become an ongoing problem throughout the Earth. From air pollution to waste pollution, the Earth is getting destroyed from the carelessness of others. More importantly, plastic is one of the leading problems of waste pollution, as it can take hundreds of years to break down, if at all. As the plastic industries grow, so does the amount of waste that is created, and that trash has to go somewhere. Many don't tend to think about where their trash […]

Plastic Pollution in Ocean

Abstract The use of plastic is a part and parcel of modern life. Because of its non-biodegradable nature, plastic garbage creates hazards both on the surface and in the water of seas and oceans. Inhabitants of the oceans are endangered due to plastic pollution. Moreover, the presence of tiny plastic particles in the marine food chain also raises questions about human health and food security. The UN Environment Assembly passed a resolution in Dec. 2017 to eliminate plastic pollution in […]

Plastic Pollution in Tho Ocean: Facts and Information

To many, the ocean may just serve as a place for water recreation and fishing. However, without the ocean, the Earth would not have the air we breathe. The ocean produces over half the world’s oxygen and absorbs fifty times more carbon than the atmosphere. Covering more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface we truly have only one “World Ocean”. Home to 97 percent of the planet’s water supply saltwater moves from one part of the ocean to another […]

Kinds of Pollution: the Future of Environment

Can you stay without light in your life?! Our environment is our light. God created the surroundings in their most beautiful form, but when a shadow got here over this light, our surroundings grew to become darkish and this shadow is us. The environment includes the living and non-living things that an organism interacts with or has an impact on it. Living elements that an organism interacts with are known as biotic elements: animals, plants, etc., abiotic elements are non-living […]

The Negative Effect of Single Use Plastic

One of the largest producers of plastic wastes in Asia is the Philippines. According to PhilStar Global (2018), about 79 percent of branded plastic residual wastes came from food packaging, followed by household and personal care products with 12 and eight percent, respectively. One of the solutions that the researchers have in mind to minimize producing plastic waste is the banning of single-use plastic. The researchers envision their campus free from single-use plastic and free from its harmful effects on […]

Campaign against Plastic Pollution

Plastic has become a necessity in man’s life all around the world. Plastics are in everything; your toothbrush, mechanical pencil, cell phone, milk jug, and even your face wash. This “versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture-resistant, strong, and relatively inexpensive” substance has dire consequences on the ocean environment because it is extremely durable and non-biodegradable (Le Guern, 2018). Consequently, plastic is found floating around in our oceans for decades. Some countries are enforcing taxes, laws, and bans on microplastics (such as plastic […]

Beach Clean-Up Study Shows Global Scope of Plastic Pollution

Have you ever been to the beach and seen trash laying there? Most people who see trash on the beach pick it up and throw it away. But, there are some people who see it and think “It’s just a little bit of trash, I’m sure it’s fine”. If you're one of those people I suggest you stop. There is so much waste in the ocean that destroys the life of marine animals. Not only does it hurt them and […]

Plastic Pollution of Earth’s Oceans

Introduction Approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year (Cressey 2016). It's disposable, yet long-lasting nature makes it critical to pose the question “where does all this plastic end up?” A large quantity of the plastic produced eventually ends up floating on the surface of the ocean- some even reach the seafood humans eat (Rochman, 2016). Plastic is a cheap, versatile, disposable material that does not degrade easily, making it a perfect candidate for a variety of uses […]

Plastic Pollution and its Effect on the Thermal Capacity of Seawater

The findings of this study indicate that as expected the natural albedo of seawater is susceptible to positive and negative forcing by pollution and natural agents. Comparison of oil and gas pollutants showed inverse temperature change profiles, with the oil sample heating more rapidly and cooling more slowly than seawater, while the plastic sample heated slower and cooled faster than the control. Regarding oil pollution, reports have shown that while a rainbow film of oil over the surface of the […]

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Ocean pollution and how it is affecting.

ocean pollution, and how it is affecting marine life. It will also look at what is being done to control pollution in the United States and around the world. OCEAN POLLUTION AND ITS EFFECTS There are numerous pollutants contaminating the world's oceans - they have been building up for hundreds of years, and they are both man-made and natural, although man-made pollutants are much more common than natural pollutants. Over 900,000 gallons of oil spills into the oceans every year, either from leaking tankers, oil spills, or leaks from oil dredging machinery. "In 1997, the 22 oil spills reported worldwide involved a total of 15 million gallons (57 million liters) of oil" ("ater Pollution"). Marine pollution by oil is also extremely harmful to anything the oil touches. It contaminates beaches, rocks, and of course, all the animals it touches. Oil adheres to poisons that are fat-soluble, such as DDT. This means when….

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Ocean and Coastal Literacy Understanding

A three: 63% of Americans in a recent study believe that "regulations and laws" that are intended to protect our oceans are not strict enough, while 16% say laws are ok; c) the knowledge most people have about the science related to the ocean and coast is not high. A one: citizens are unaware of threats to the oceans, though the threats are immediate two: 50% of people recognize that factories are a pollution source, but only 24% recognize that "runoff" is what causes the pollution from factories and oil refineries three: 75% of people in one survey believed trees and forests give off more oxygen than oceans; and 60% of respondents didn't know that there are more plant and animal species on oceans than on land. A four: about 45% of those polled between that between 11 and 20% of U.S. coastal regions are now in federally protected zones; the truth is,….

Coyle, Kevin J. "Understanding Ocean and Coastal Literacy: How Public Opinion and Knowledge Research Helps Inform Ocean and Coastal Science Education Programming at NOAA." National Environmental Education and Training Foundation. 2005.

Oceans & Plastic Pollution the

9% of the turtles" -- and "plastics" dominated the debris found (Katsanevakis, p. 75). The list of plastic trash found in those turtles is too long to include in this research. Seabirds (especially pelicans, gannets and gulls) often fall prey to "monofilament line"; albatrosses, petrels, penguins and grebes are not found entangled in plastic fishing line or other plastic debris as often as pelicans and gulls (Katsanevakis, 2008, p. 69). hat is particularly insidious about plastic is when it is ingested by marine animals is releases "toxic chemicals" due to the chemical additives that are added to the plastic during the manufacturing process. Once in the abdomen of the animal the toxic materials can block the digestive tract and block "gastric enzyme ingestion, diminished feeding stimulus, nutrient dilution, reduced growth rates, lowered steroid hormone levels, delayed ovulation and reproductive failure," Katsanevakis asserts (p. 71). There is lethal danger for small marine organisms….

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Moore, Charles, 2003, Trashed: Across the Pacific Ocean, Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere,

Analyzing Pollution in the Oceans

Systems Thinking Applied to Sustainability Challenges "SYSTEMS THINKING IS CRITICAL IN DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS TO SUSTAINAILITY CHALLENGES" POLLUTION IN THE OCEANS "Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges" Pollution in the Oceans Ocean pollution is an issue for both society and individuals. Such complex issues exhibit some commonality, including being nonlinear, being heterogeneous, interdependent and self organized. It follows, therefore, that the issues require well thought-out and equally complex solutions. Venturing on pursuing causes without structured frameworks is a waste of time. 'Systems thinking' provide a new model for solving complex problems that afflict society; including pollution issues. In the system, biology interacts with social, cultural and manmade environmental elements in permutations and combinations that continue to evolve, discontinuously. The causes of pollution (Anon., n.d.) arise at various levels. They also interact at these varying levels. Organizations and individual entities are important at any given level. There is optimization of the system function when….


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Available at:  http://www.enesco.org/new/fileadmin/MULTIMEDIA/HQ/SC/pdf/interagency_blue_paper_ocean_rioPlus20.pdf 

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Ocean Marine Life Conservation

Conservation of ocean or marine life has attracted significant attention in recent years given the devastating impacts of human activities on these ecosystems. This paper examines a study conducted to promote conservation of marine or ocean life across the globe. The review demonstrates the significance of combining policy interventions and management interventions to achieve this.  Background Ocean or marine areas cover approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface. Even though the depths of these areas are yet to be fully explored or exploited, they are habitats for a huge portion of the world’s biodiversity and essential in global climate change (Addis, p.5). Ocean or marine biodiversity is recognized across the globe as an essential component of life not only in the oceans, but also on Earth. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development states that ocean or marine areas are key components of the Earth’s ecosystem to an extent that without them….

Features of the Ocean Floor Continental Margins

Features of the Ocean Floor Continental Margins As one travels away from the continents, water depths increase in a systematic manner. Closest to the continents are continental shelves with water depth typically less than 1000 m. Continental shelves were formed as rivers carried tons of particles of sand and soil from the land out to sea. This sand and soil then settled as layers of sediments, or layers of particles of rock and animal remains. Commonly at the distal edge of the continental shelves, there is a marked continental slope where water depths increase quickly. The continental slope separates the continental shelf from the ocean floor. The continental rises, located at the base of the continental slopes, mark the beginning of the deep ocean basins. Submarine canyons commonly occur along continental margins and transport sediment from the margins down into the deep ocean basins. B. Mid Ocean idges Long mountain chains found in the deep ocean basins….

Loomis, Jennifer. "Observe the origins of some ocean floor sediments. " Exploring Earth.

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Grounding of the NATUNA SEA

The NATUNA SEA sinking incident occurred on October 3, 2000 on the rock-strewn outcrop of Batu Berhanti in Indonesia when it was headed to Jinzhou, China.  The grounding of the NATUNA SEA took place approximately 6NM from the tanker’s manager’s office (Ferguson, 2002).  This incident had devastating effects because of the oil spill into the sea, which was nearly 3 years after the EVOIKOS oil spill.  Since the occurrence of this incident, the shipping industries in Singapore and Indonesia have embarked on several initiatives to prevent future accidents and their subsequent oil spills.  These industries have also been keen in ensuring oil pollution from such incidents are avoided or mitigated.  However, there is need for more initiatives to be undertaken by the shipping industry in order to prevent and deal with such incidents in an effective manner. Brief Description of the Ship NATUNA SEA was a Panamanian tanker that was carrying approximately….

War on Pollution of the

.." For example, during the Vietnam War the United States "sprayed 3640 km2 of South Vietnam's cropland with herbicides, using a total estimated amount of 55 million kg. The stated rationale was to deny the enemy sources of food and means of cover. This widespread use of chemicals to destroy farmland, forest and water sources is unprecedented, and the environmental consequences are still relatively unexplored. International teams have been granted access for field assessments only in the last few years." (Learning, 2000) The work of Lindon, Jernelov, and Egerup (2004) entitled: "The Environmental Impacts of the Gulf War 1991" relates that the oil fires in Kuwait" emitted pollutants that potentially could affect the health and well-being of the people in the region. Most of the substances emitted from the burning wells can potentially cause adverse effects, which vary according to concentration and duration of exposure." In fact the concentrations of sulfur….

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Lindon, O., Jernelov, a., and Egerup, J. (2004) the Environmental Impacts of the Gulf War 1991. Interim Report. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Schlossplatz 1

Marin Pollution

sciencedaily.com/Releases/2012/04/120417102506.htm In the article titled: "Plastic garbage in oceans: Understanding marine pollution from microplastic particles," discussion starts with the danger posed by microplastic particles to numerous marine life that inhabit the oceans and seas. These "large quantities of globally produced plastics end up in the oceans where they represent a growing risk." The smallest objects within the range of particles that make up the pollution are microplastic particles which not only pose the greatest risk in harming marine wildlife, but also remain the least investigated pollutant. The article wishes to show how efforts are being undertaken to establish standardized guidelines to help record and characterize microplastic particles in the sea for analysis and measurement of its impact on marine wildlife. When observing the source of these microplastic particles, the investigators note the water bottles in and around the shorelines and the pieces of plastic floating in the water creating the microplastic….

Global Pollution Has Increased Significantly

While global warming is still hotly debated global pollution is already a fact. An environmentally sustainable development plan is the need of the hour. ibliography 1) University of East Anglia (2009, November 17). 'Fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions up by 29% since 2000.' ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 9, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/11/091117133504.htm 2) NGC, 'Acid Rain', retrieved Dec 9th 2009, from,, http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/acid-rain-overview.html 3) WHO, (2006), 'Indoor air pollution. 4000 deaths a day must no longer be ignored', retrieved Dec 9th 2009, from, http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/84/7/editorial30706html/en/index.html 4) lacksmith Institute, (2009) 'Pollution Facts, Retrieved December 9, 2009, from, 'http://www.worstpolluted.org/pollution-facts-2009.html 5) U.S. PIRG Education Fund, (Jan 2005), 'Pollution on the Rise: Local Trends in Power Plant Pollution', retrieved Dec 9th 2009, from http://cdn.publicinterestnetwork.org/assets/0kExFsxeEE6g_YLDhOxTAA/Pollution_On_The_Rise.pdf 6) NASA, 'NASA Satellite Measure Pollution from East Asia to North America', retrieved Dec 9th 2009, from, http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/pollution_measure.html 7) EEA Report, (2008) 'Greenhouse Gas Emission Trends and Production in Europe 2008', retrieved Dec 9th 2009, from, http://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/eea_report_2008_5/Trends_and_projections_2008_executive_summary.pdf 8) Worldwatch Institute, (Dec 2005),….

1) University of East Anglia (2009, November 17). 'Fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions up by 29% since 2000.' ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 9, 2009, from  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/11/091117133504.htm 

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4) Blacksmith Institute, (2009) 'Pollution Facts, Retrieved December 9, 2009, from, ' http://www.worstpolluted.org/pollution-facts-2009.html

Multiple Forms of Pollution Are Quickly Becoming

Multiple forms of pollution are quickly becoming a focal point of concern for many societies concerned with both human and natural environments. One of the primary difficulties with controlling pollution is that it frequently comes from many sources and possesses the power to contaminate numerous aspects of life. Additionally, companies and corporations are often very resistive to implementing pollution controls, as they can have substantial costs associated with them. Ordinary citizens, as well, tend to resist actions that potentially could help the environment simply because they are time consuming or conflict with other aims. Nevertheless, as the population of the earth grows and Americans continue to utilize an ever increasing amount of the world's resources and energy, pollution is reaching levels that threaten lives and the traditional functioning of society. One form of pollution that has received increased attention in recent years has been noise pollution. Usually, the problem is associated….

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Yellow River Pollution

Yellow River Pollution A report published by Terra Daily (2006) reports that the famous Yellow River of China "is becoming more polluted, with water flow dropping despite billions of tons of waste being pumped into it…" The largest part of the discharge is reported to be coming from factories in China and the discharge increased "by 88 million tons from 2004, and more than 66% of the water in the river was unfit for drinking." (Terra Daily, 2006) According to officials, "excessive exploitation of the river's water resources had resulted in lower sections totally drying up on more than 1,000 days between 1972 and 1999." (Terra Daily, 2006) Another source reports that in 1972 that the Yellow River, for the first time in the recorded history of China had "dried up in patches and failed to reach the sea." (Time World, 2006) It is reported that while the central government in China….

China Invests in Yellow River Tributary Treatment (2012) China Xinhuanet News. Retrieved from:  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2012-04/26/c_131554014.htm 

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City Governments Fined for Yellow River Pollution (2010) China Daily. 11 Mar 2011. Retrieved from:  http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2010-03/11/content_9574818.htm

Reducing Pollution in Any Neighborhood

Riding a bike to work or school immediately reduces the carbon footprint that otherwise would be left from the exhaust of your car. Taking a bus, a trolley, carpooling or walking -- any of these modes of transportation is being "green" instead of contributing to pollution and to global climate change. it's true that every mile you drive your car, you produce exhaust waste, and so over a year's time of driving your car to work or school, you are adding thousands of pounds of pollutants to the air that every one breathes. When shopping for groceries, use a cotton bag or other reusable shopping bag rather than letting the checker fill plastic bags with your purchases. Plastic bags (it is well-known) find their way onto the sidewalks, roadways, in fields and in waterways, and they cause injuries and death to wildlife, and so it is always a good way to….

Plastic in the Ocean

Wilson also believes that the key solution to the problem of plastic in the oceans is to stop producing plastic products in such massive quantities and for consumers to stop using plastic products. The next step according to Wilson is to get involved in cleanups such as beach cleanups and so forth, get involved in campaigns to eliminate products that produce the problem, and demand that companies take responsibility for the issue. While the notion of actually going out and cleaning up the plastic out of the ocean may be a lot more complicated than the Ocean Cleanup Array proposal suggests, Wilson's solution to the issue is rather simplistic as well. For years environmentalists have been trying to get companies to be responsible for their actions and to get consumers to use biodegradable containers and yet there does not seem to be any end to the increasing number of plastic….

Moreover, this reader found Wilson's skepticism a bit too overarching; Wilson would most likely be skeptical of any program that would attempt to clean up the massive amounts of plastic garbage already in the oceans as opposed to just letting it all wash on the beaches and then picking it up and yet Wilson discusses how ultraviolet light acting on plastic in the ocean causes it to break down and all the issues and dangerous associated with the plastic already out there. He does not really give a time frame as to how long the Gyre Memory effect will take to rid the oceans of a significant amount of plastic; however, the Ocean Cleanup Array proposal claims that a good deal of the plastic could be cleaned out of the ocean within five years. At least that is a target estimate.

It seems to this writer that the real solution is not to be passive about the plastic that is already in the ocean as Wilson is or not to only rely on cleaning up the ocean as the Ocean Cleanup Array proposal suggests. It is very obvious that this is a serious issue and that action needs to be taken on both ends of the spectrum. Wilson's idea of actually getting involved on the consumer and production end is certainly feasible and something needs to be done, but just sitting around passively waiting for all the plastic that is in the ocean to wash up on shore is simply a form of non-action. Likewise, the Ocean Cleanup Array proposal suggests action and even if it is unfeasible there certainly needs to be some direct action to clean up the oceans. It seems of this writer that the solution is to attack the problem from both angles instead of simply concentrating on one of them.

The article is here:  http://inhabitat.com/the-fallacy-of-cleaning-the-gyres-of-plastic-with-a-floating-ocean-cleanup-array/

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Short Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping Services in Europe The study aims to identify the impact, benefits, and drawback of implementing a short sea shipping policy within Greece. Within the paper, arguments have been made for supporting the adoption of the policy, and there have been clear facts presented. The paper also attempts to make comparisons between the different modes of transport available with an aim to show how cost effective and environmentally friendly short sea shipping is to a country. The results presented are backed by previous research that has shown the impact of marine transportation and made comparisons with road or rail transportation. Short Sea Shipping is defined as the movement of passengers and cargo by sea, between ports that have a shared coastline without crossing an ocean. Short seas shipping has been at the forefront of the European Union's transport policy mainly because it offers the potential to reduce road congestion and reduce….


ocean pollution, and how it is affecting marine life. It will also look at what is being done to control pollution in the United States and around the…

Business - Miscellaneous

A three: 63% of Americans in a recent study believe that "regulations and laws" that are intended to protect our oceans are not strict enough, while 16% say laws…

Business - Industries

9% of the turtles" -- and "plastics" dominated the debris found (Katsanevakis, p. 75). The list of plastic trash found in those turtles is too long to include in…

Research Paper

Systems Thinking Applied to Sustainability Challenges "SYSTEMS THINKING IS CRITICAL IN DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS TO SUSTAINAILITY CHALLENGES" POLLUTION IN THE OCEANS "Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges" Pollution in the…

Conservation of ocean or marine life has attracted significant attention in recent years given the devastating impacts of human activities on these ecosystems. This paper examines a study conducted…

Features of the Ocean Floor Continental Margins As one travels away from the continents, water depths increase in a systematic manner. Closest to the continents are continental shelves with water depth…


The NATUNA SEA sinking incident occurred on October 3, 2000 on the rock-strewn outcrop of Batu Berhanti in Indonesia when it was headed to Jinzhou, China.  The grounding of…

Research Proposal

.." For example, during the Vietnam War the United States "sprayed 3640 km2 of South Vietnam's cropland with herbicides, using a total estimated amount of 55 million kg. The…

Transportation - Environmental Issues

sciencedaily.com/Releases/2012/04/120417102506.htm In the article titled: "Plastic garbage in oceans: Understanding marine pollution from microplastic particles," discussion starts with the danger posed by microplastic particles to numerous marine life that…

While global warming is still hotly debated global pollution is already a fact. An environmentally sustainable development plan is the need of the hour. ibliography 1) University of East Anglia…

Multiple forms of pollution are quickly becoming a focal point of concern for many societies concerned with both human and natural environments. One of the primary difficulties with controlling…

Yellow River Pollution A report published by Terra Daily (2006) reports that the famous Yellow River of China "is becoming more polluted, with water flow dropping despite billions of tons…

Riding a bike to work or school immediately reduces the carbon footprint that otherwise would be left from the exhaust of your car. Taking a bus, a trolley, carpooling…

Wilson also believes that the key solution to the problem of plastic in the oceans is to stop producing plastic products in such massive quantities and for consumers…

Sea Shipping Services in Europe The study aims to identify the impact, benefits, and drawback of implementing a short sea shipping policy within Greece. Within the paper, arguments have been…

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Essays on Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution essay topics and outline examples, essay title 1: the silent crisis: understanding the causes and consequences of ocean pollution.

Thesis Statement: This essay delves into the multifaceted issue of ocean pollution, exploring its root causes, the devastating impacts on marine ecosystems and biodiversity, and the urgent need for global action to mitigate and prevent further harm to our oceans.

  • Introduction
  • Sources of Ocean Pollution: Industrial, Agricultural, and Urban Contributors
  • The Ecological Crisis: Impact on Marine Life and Ecosystems
  • Human Health Concerns and Economic Implications
  • Solutions and International Collaboration: Strategies for Ocean Conservation

Essay Title 2: Plastics in Our Seas: Investigating the Pervasive Threat of Plastic Pollution

Thesis Statement: This essay focuses on the global issue of plastic pollution in oceans, examining the prevalence of plastic waste, its detrimental effects on marine ecosystems, and efforts to reduce plastic consumption and promote responsible waste management.

  • The Scale of Plastic Pollution: Microplastics, Macroplastics, and Ghost Nets
  • The Impact on Marine Fauna and the Food Web
  • Legislation and Initiatives: Bans, Recycling, and Alternatives
  • Consumer Awareness and Responsible Consumption

Essay Title 3: Ocean Pollution and Climate Change: The Interconnected Threats to Our Oceans

Thesis Statement: This essay explores the complex relationship between ocean pollution and climate change, investigating how pollution exacerbates climate-related challenges such as ocean acidification and rising sea levels, and the need for holistic solutions to protect marine environments.

  • Ocean Acidification: The Consequences of Increased Carbon Emissions
  • Warming Seas and Coral Bleaching: The Role of Pollution
  • Sea Level Rise and Coastal Communities: Pollution's Contribution to Climate Impacts
  • Adaptive Strategies and Policy Integration for Ocean Resilience

Tackling a Global Crisis: Marine Plastic Pollution

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The Causes of Ocean Pollution and The Need for Humans to Save Marine Life

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The Actions P.u.f.f Will Be Taking to Clean The Oceans

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Pakistan United Nations Environmental Program Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Combat Ocean Pollution

The effects of water pollution on people and animals, ocean acidification: solutions, impact and causes, ocean acidification: solutions to the grave environmental concern, ocean acidification: solutions and threats.

Ocean pollution, or marine pollution, occurs when substances used or spread by humans, such as industrial, agricultural and residential waste, particles, noise, excess carbon dioxide or invasive organisms enter the ocean and cause harmful effects there.

Marine debris pollution, plastic pollution, ocean acidification, nutrient pollution, toxins, underwater noise, and other.

There are many ways to categorize and examine the inputs of pollution into marine ecosystems. There are three main types of inputs of pollution into the ocean: direct discharge of waste into the oceans, runoff into the waters due to rain, and pollutants released from the atmosphere.

Ocean pollution has many consequences, such as: harm to marine animals (cancer, behavioral changes and inability to reproduce), depletion of oxygen in seawater, threats to human health (cancer and birth defects).

100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. The largest trash site on the planet is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, twice the surface area of Texas, it outnumbers sea life there 6 to 1. 70% of our debris sinks into the ocean's ecosystem, 15% floats, and 15% lands on our beaches. 80% of global marine pollution comes from agriculture runoff, untreated sewage, discharge of nutrients and pesticides.

Relevant topics

  • Deforestation
  • Fast Fashion
  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Natural Disasters

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Good Essay Topics on Ocean Pollution

ocean pollution research paper title

  • How Ocean Pollution Affects the Earth
  • Causes, Effects, and Prevention of Ocean Pollution
  • Human Environmental Impact: Ocean Pollution and Marine Life
  • Pollution in the Ocean and Other Human Environmental Impacts
  • Is It Appropriate for the Government to Regulate Ocean Pollution?
  • Ocean Pollution and its Impact on the Ocean
  • Ocean Pollution Causes and the Need for Humans to Save Life
  • Ocean Pollution and its Effects on the Coral Reefs
  • Ocean Pollution Caused by Plastic
  • An Introduction to the Problem of Third-World Ocean Pollution
  • Ocean Plastic Pollution: Facts and Information
  • Ocean Pollution: Facts and Information on Marine Pollution
  • Ocean Pollution for Most Wildlife
  • Ocean Pollution Causes and the Need for Humans to Preserve Marine Life
  • Western Ireland Coastlines and Galway Bay: Historical and Current Characteristics
  • An Overview of Ocean Waters and the Growing Problem of Ocean Pollution
  • A Conversation about Ocean Pollution and Human Waste
  • Pollution in the Ocean and a “Dead Zone”
  • A History of Ocean Pollution and Its Consequences

Simple and Easy Ocean Pollution Essay Titles

  • An Overview of Ocean Pollution Cleaning Techniques
  • An Investigation into Plastic Ocean Pollution in the Pacific Ocean
  • Life Below Water: How to Conserve and Use the Ocean Sustainably
  • The Global Problem of Ocean Pollution and Possible Solutions
  • Ocean Pollution and Its Consequences
  • Plastic Pollution and Its Impact on Seawater Thermal Capacity
  • Ocean Pollution Causes and Effects
  • Ocean Pollution and Its Environment Impact
  • The Environmental Impacts of Ocean Pollution
  • Ocean Plastic and Noise Pollution
  • Unpurified Wastewater Dumping in the Ocean
  • Oil Spills Are a Significant Source of Ocean Pollution
  • Ocean Pollution’s Impact on the Marine Ecosystem and Animals
  • The Great Pacific Patch Problem
  • The Influence of Ocean Pollution on Human Health and Commerce
  • The Ocean Conservancy’s Contribution to Whale Protection
  • Urban Runoff: The Primary Source of Ocean Pollution
  • New Technologies for Combating Ocean Pollution
  • The Negative Impacts of Ocean Pollution on Human Health
  • American Lifestyle Sustainability in the Face of Ocean Pollution

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85 Ocean Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on ocean, 🎓 most interesting ocean research titles, 💡 simple ocean essay ideas, ❓ questions about the ocean.

  • Oceans and Their Systems An ocean gyre can be defined as a system of ocean currents, which exist in a constant rotating movement. The cause of the ocean gyre is wind movements.
  • Will California Really Fall into the Ocean? The paper discusses if it is possible that California fall into the ocean due to the influence of some forces in the near future.
  • What Lurks in the Depth of the Ocean? A range of technological advances and solutions for economic issues pose a tangible threat to environment, and oceans are by far the most vulnerable element of the latter.
  • Ocean Research vs. Outer Space Exploration Both the study of the outer space and the research of the processes that take place on Earth, particularly, in the ocean, are crucial for facilitating the safety of the humankind.
  • Iron Seeding Oceans: Global Warming Solution The principle behind iron seeding is the reduction of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. One of the major raw materials needed in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.
  • Geologic Time and the World Ocean: Diving a Bit Deeper Studying the history of the Earth’s climate means analyzing the archaeological traces that the previous eras have left; and nowhere is the search for these traces is as efficient as it is in the ocean.
  • The WWF’s Environmental Advertisement on Marine and Ocean Pollution Visual image can also make a convincing point, and this is particularly applicable to social and environmental advertising.
  • Environmental Issues: Plastics in the Ocean The circular economy encourages recycling and reuse and this approach could be used effectively to mitigate the problem of plastic marine pollution in the long term.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy and Framework Blue ocean strategy represents a policy that challenges organizations to distance themselves from the violent competition through the establishment of uncharted markets.
  • Hong Kong Ocean Park’s Resource-Based Management The main idea of the resource-based view within the context of the Hong Kong Ocean Park case study is to emphasize the role of assessing the company’s own resources.
  • Ocean Transport Capitalizing Interest Costs Ocean transport plans to convert its container ship to passenger-container ship via borrowing of funds. The intended use of the modified ship is not intended to be sold.
  • Comparative History of the Red Sea Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean Slave Trades In the period that spanned the four last decades of the 15th century, the merchants took slaves from East Africa, North Africa, and some parts of Europe, such as South Italy.
  • West Indian Ocean Coelacanth (Latimeria Chalumnae) Latimeria Chalumnae is an exception – a living fossil and a fish that is closer to tetrapods, including humans, rather than to the ray-finned fish, from an evolutionary standpoint.
  • Five Oceans of the Earth There are five oceans on the surface of the earth, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.
  • Trans-ocean Transportation: Environmental Study The ocean has always been an inseparable part of human existence. It serves as a source of food and a transportation network, linking all continents.
  • The Problem of Ocean Pollution Today One of the main causes of the oceans being polluted is trash that includes various manufactured products like plastic bottles, shopping bags, food wrappers, and cigarettes.
  • Climate Change Impacts on Oceans The consequences of climate change on seawater have had harmful impacts, including irreversible damage to the water’s natural environment and ecological system.
  • The Consequences of the Ocean Acidification The paper aims to explore the phenomena of ocean acidification and define human-caused threats to the health of the world ocean and the corresponding consequences.
  • How El Niño Affects Ocean Circulation and How Climate Is Impacted Climate change research has progressed to the point that paleoclimatic data may now provide trustworthy information on the responses of the climate system.
  • How Human Activities Pollute Oceans It is essential to protect the ocean because anything that human beings throw into the ocean will make its way back to affect those responsible for polluting it.
  • Silk Road and Indian Ocean Trade
  • Shark Hunting: The Loss of an Apex Predator and the Corruption of the Ocean Ecosystem
  • Australi the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on the Ocean
  • Coral the Most Important Part of Ocean Ecosystem
  • Climate Change and Ocean Temperature
  • Jersey Shore Ocean Pollution
  • How Does Ocean Pollution Impact Earth?
  • Economic, Technological, and Social Aspects of Ocean
  • How Dangerous the Ocean Can Be?
  • Human Overpopulation, Ocean Acidification, and Pollution
  • Ocean Floor’s Hydrothermal Vents
  • Ocean Dumping & Marine Pollution
  • Microbial Respiration, the Engine of Ocean Deoxygenation
  • Novel Ocean Energy Permanent Magnet Linear Generator Buoy
  • Objects Deep Beneath the Surface of the Ocean Are
  • Horizontal and Vertical Ocean Currents
  • Cruising Across the Indian Ocean
  • Ocean Acidification May Change How Sharks Behave
  • 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Sanaysay
  • Acidification and the Ocean’s Changing Climate
  • Sahara and the Indian Ocean
  • Ocean Carbon Sinks and International Climate Policy
  • Ocean Ecosystem-Based Management Mandates and Implementation in the North Atlantic
  • Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
  • High-Frequency Ocean Carbon Chemistry Observation
  • Earths Dynamic Ocean and Atmosphere
  • Ocean Acidification: Negative Impacts on Shellfish
  • Ocean Global Warming Impacts on the South America Climate
  • Future Vision for Autonomous Ocean Observations
  • The Pacific Ocean and Land Bridge Theory
  • Cuttlefish and Squid Jets of the Ocean
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model Versus a Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Ocean Tidal Power: Obtaining Electricity From Low and High Tides
  • National Science Foundation Funds Is Called Ocean
  • Coral Reef Ecosystems Under Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
  • Bacterial Biogeography Across the Amazon River-Ocean Continuum
  • Human Impact Upon the Environment: Ocean Pollution and Marine Life
  • Deep Water Ocean North Atlantic
  • Multivariate Modeling and Analysis of Regional Ocean Freight Rates
  • Can Nano Technology Help Clean Up Oil Spills in the Ocean and Seas?
  • How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Levels of the Ocean?
  • Where Did the Water of the Ocean Come From?
  • Should the Government Regulate Ocean Pollution?
  • How Does the Overfishing of Sharks Affect Ocean Ecosystems?
  • Where Does the Responsibility of Conserving Ocean Life Lie?
  • How Does the Temperature of Ocean Water Vary?
  • Why Is Productivity Higher in Some Areas of the Ocean?
  • What Causes the Major Types of Ocean Currents?
  • How Does Water’s High Latent Heat Influence the Ocean?
  • Where Are the Youngest Rocks in the Ocean Crust?
  • Can Humans Survive Without the Ocean?
  • What Drives the Vertical Movement of Ocean Water?
  • How Do the Colonists Change the World of the Atlantic Ocean?
  • Why Did People Think an Ocean Is Deepest at Its Center?
  • Can a Human Swim to the Bottom of the Ocean?
  • What’s Causing Ocean Acidification?
  • How Do the Ocean and Plants Affect the Removal of Carbon in Our Atmosphere?
  • Where Are the Major Warm and Cool Ocean Currents Located?
  • Why Is Exploring the Ocean Mankind’s Next Giant Leap?
  • How Does Ocean Acidification Affect the Arctic Ocean?
  • Why Should Ocean Exploration Be Funded at the Same Rate as Space Exploration?
  • Will the Atlantic Ocean Ever Be Bigger Than the Pacific Ocean?
  • How Cold Is the Bottom of the Ocean?
  • Why Are There Deep Grooves in the Floor of Some of the Ocean Basins?
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  • Question generator for research

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95 Ocean Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best ocean topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good topics about the ocean, 💡 most interesting ocean topics to write about, ❓ research questions about the ocean.

  • Policy Change to Control Ocean Dumping Policies addressing the issue of ocean dumping and the need to curb it have been in place. Several factors fueled the change; for instance, change in the information concerning the effect of ocean dumping to […]
  • Ocean Currents: General Information There are generally two types of ocean currents depending on the water level where the movement of oceanic water takes place and they are the deep ocean currents and the surface ocean currents.
  • The Ocean’s Rarest Mammal Vaquita – An Endangered Species The vaquita looks like a curved stocky porpoise, and it is the smallest of all the porpoises in the world. This is a matter of concern and ought to be investigated if the survival of […]
  • Ocean Pollution and the Fishing Industry In essence, the activities of over six billion people in the world are threatening the survival and quality of water found in the oceans, lakes and other inland water catchment areas.
  • Movie Making: Movies That Take Place on the Ocean As the Waterworld was “one of the most troubled productions in Hollywood history” and the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean was easy and quick, it possible to notice that the filmmakers got the success […]
  • Plastic Ocean Pollution on Ocean life in U.S Ocean plastic pollution has had a great impact on a minimum of two hundred and sixty seven species across the world and these include forty three percent of all of the sea mammal species, eighty […]
  • The Problem of Ocean Pollution in Modern World Wastes such as toxic matter, plastics, and human wastes are some of the major sources of pollution in the ocean. Many people consume fish as food; when marine life is affected by toxic substance in […]
  • Living Resources of the Ocean The most commendable among the benefits of marine life to human life are the fact that marine life can act as food and the fact that some oceanic organisms have medicinal value.
  • The Viability of Continuing Investment on Tourism in the Great Ocean Road Region Tourism in the Great ocean Road region Tourism is a very critical sector of the economy and it entails provision of various services to tourists who visit tourism attraction sites which in most cases are […]
  • Blue Ocean Simulation: Innovation in New and Existing Firms On the contrary to what red ocean has to offer, the blue ocean is a representation of all the industries and markets that are not in existence in the world currently.
  • Analysis of Group Identity and Norms in Ocean’s Eleven In this respect, the members of Ocean’s group reveal their ability to think in accordance with group’s objectives and contribute independently to the success of activities they were engaged in. In the search of oscillator, […]
  • Ocean Fisheries Sustainability Analysis It is necessary for fishing industries to use better fishing methods in the ocean to ensure that their activities do not endanger the ecological balance. Fish species do not get the chance to replenish and […]
  • The Global Ocean Conveyor Belt This ocean water phenomenon is a result of the temperature difference in the ocean waters between the warm, salty surface water, and the less salty cold water in the ocean depths.
  • Ocean and Atmosphere Circulation Oceanic and atmospheric circulation is the means by which heat is distributed on the surface of the Earth by large scale circulation of air.
  • The Great Ocean Road Triathlon The website will have information about joining the triathlon, and will give advice on how to prepare for the event. The group will be responsible for the quality, safety and fairness of the event.
  • Early Americans and Easter Island Colonization Genetic evidence has been used to prove the theory that though the Europeans were the first inhabitants of this Island, South Americans assisted in the colonization.
  • Ocean Literacy and Exploration From the onset of “human-ocean interaction and exploration in the fifteenth century” and despite ocean being the largest feature of the earth, only 5% of the ocean is known.
  • The Indian Ocean Economic Future In particular, the increasing interest of China, India and other southern Asian states in the Africa-Asia and Asia-European trade is expected to play a significant role in determining the future of the Indian Ocean trade […]
  • Climate Change Impacts on Ocean Life The destruction of the ozone layer has led to the exposure of the earth to harmful radiation from the sun. The rising temperatures in the oceans hinder the upward flow of nutrients from the seabed […]
  • Ocean Acidification: Marine Calcification Process This article correlates calcium with oceanography because the process of acidification, which causes the ocean’s pH to decrease because of excess carbon from the atmosphere, has impacts on calcifying organisms in the oceans.
  • The World Oceans Pollution and Overfishing Human beings have taken a lot of time to realize the need for ocean conservation to the extent that the ocean has succumbed to ecological challenges that have affected their lives in a variety of […]
  • Political Problems in the Atlantic Ocean However, these human activities have posed a menace to the ocean’s life, a situation that has led to the development of international ocean policies that include laws, guidelines, and conventional practices to enhance the life […]
  • The Ocean Beauty Center’s Marketing Strategy Issues The current marketing strategy of differentiating the business from current bridal salons by offering unique customized products and services to customers has seen a decline in the number of customers, despite the improvement in services.
  • The Ocean Pollution Problem Overview Ocean pollution is the unfavorable upshot due to the entrance of chemicals and particulate substances into the ocean. The land is the key source of ocean pollution in the form of non-point water pollution.
  • Danny Ocean’s Character in the Film “Ocean 11” In addition, a leader keeps his word, and Danny does that after promising Bruiser that he would be back to the holding.
  • Ocean Beauty Center Marketing Program In order to satisfy the customers, the firm will incorporate the concept of product diversification. The firm intends to achieve this objective by developing a high level of customer loyalty.
  • Pacific Ocean: Essentials of Oceanography The ocean has about 25,000 islands which are in excess of the entire number islands in all the oceans across the world. The volume of water in the ocean is about 622 million km3.
  • Ocean Acidification Impact on the Sea Urchin Larval Growth Due to the carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere, acidity in the oceans is increasing++ and a fast increase of change rate is experienced.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: New Market Space The new and uncontested sphere of market makes the competition irrelevant, so while all other companies and business makers struggle in the red ocean full of sharks fighting for influence, power and revenues, the inventor […]
  • Water Crisis, Oceans and Sea Turtles Issues In the case of Mexico, it appears that the past regimes have never put a lot of focus on the utilization of water resources.
  • Ocean Spray Company’s SWOT and Marketing Strategy The marketing strategies of this business should highlight the health benefits of cranberry juice, especially the prevention of cancer and heart diseases.
  • Ocean Beauty Center’s Logistics and Distribution Chopra and Meindl refer to it as “the process of planning, executing, and controlling efficient and effective storage and flow of goods and services” p.22). The aim of such a flow is to meet the […]
  • Competition: Blue Ocean Strategy and Five Forces Model It is called Five Forces model and it states that businesses should ensure they are ahead of the game in order to defeat their competitors.
  • Dubai Port World’s Blue Ocean Strategy and Management The answers of DP World’s representatives help to understand that blue ocean strategy is the way of how to create a new company, avoid significant losses, and reduce costs.
  • Blue vs. Red Oceans in Kim & Mauborgne’s Study Initially, the authors of the article use the terms “red oceans” and “blue oceans” to refer to two different categories of existing industries.
  • Common Ownership of Oceans and Regulations The “common ownership” problem relates to the pollution and unsustainable use or overexploitation of a common access resource. Regulations that address the problems of overexploitation and pollution are required to preserve marine life.
  • Climate Change Effects on Ocean Acidification The scientists realized that the crisis lasted for several millennia before the oceans could fully recover from the impacts of the drop in the pH level.
  • Ocean-Plate Tectonics and Geology Bathymetry of the ocean seafloor refers to the measurement of how deep the sea is in relation to the sea level.
  • Hudson River’s Ocean Floor Investigation Mapping the ocean floor of the Hudson River would enable the analysis of sediments and the bottom surface hardness as well as would provide data on bottom features and the depth of the river.
  • Plastic Accumulation in Oceans However, it is also important to state that the East Pacific garbage patch is rather unique in its concentration of plastic on a large area that is discussed as the widest plastic accumulation zone in […]
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong and Its Future As a result, it is possible to expect the attraction of more visitors and significant increases in the number of hours they usually spend at Ocean Park Hong Kong.
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong in the Philippines Despite the fact that the number of visitors to Hong Kong outweighs that of the Philippines by close to ten times, the majority of visitors to the latter are on vacation and, thus, are looking […]
  • Ocean and Motiongate Amusement Parks’ Comparison These parks can be found around the globe; for example, Ocean Park is a leading amusement park in Hong Kong, and Motiongate Amusement Park in Dubai offers similar services in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis In relation to the proposed product, in particular, a smart first-aid kit signaling the expiring shelf life of drugs, this assessment strategy may allow evaluating potential impacts and risks associated with the promotion of the […]
  • Concerns of Ocean Ecosystem Pollution The range of adverse outcomes for ocean ecosystems can be discussed in volumes; however, the current discussion will focus on trash in the ocean waters, acidification, and the disruption of the marine life cycles.
  • Marine Biology: Polar Oceans as an Eco System The water in and around the Antarctic continent is referred to as the Antarctic or Southern Ocean. The Atlantic Water is situated between the Arctic Surface Water and the Arctic Deep Water.
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion The warm seawater is carried into a chamber and is used to produce vapor that, in turn, is used to rotate a turbine.
  • Ocean and U.S. Naval Transportation This is in response to the jurisdictional revolution in the law of the sea, the expansion of economic activities at sea, increased concern for the health of the world’s oceans, and awareness of the importance […]
  • Islam Expansion With the Intrusion of European Powers Impact on the History of the Indian Ocean This development has been researched and most of the research dwells on the activities of the Islamic rise between the seventh century and the 15th century.
  • Ocean Circulation in a Warming Climate These effects will enhance the development of reduced release of radio-carbon depleted carbon dioxide gas and thus the idea of the self-restoration mechanism of the earth to this global warming.
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Ocean Policy Change The administration of Ronald Reagan contributed to the Federal ocean policy in the 1980s. During this change, analysts believed the United States was making a shift from ocean protection of the 1970s to ocean management […]
  • Gulf’s Indian Ocean Connections and Cultural Exchanges The persistence of Indian Ocean-Gulf trade due to demand of the goods resulted in a mixture of heritage and culture from the sailors, fishers, and traders from the western Indian Ocean system.
  • How Climate Change Impacts Ocean Temperature and Marine Life The ocean’s surface consumes the excess heat from the air, which leads to significant issues in all of the planet’s ecosystems.
  • The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 and Its Consequences The worst effects of the great wave were observed in Indonesia, where the death toll exceeded 160,000 people, and the overall damages almost reached $4.
  • Life in the Bottom of the Ocean and Its Protection While we all strive hard to detect and analyze the essence of life and the impact it has on our lives, we need to understand that life in itself is a big mystery, the truth […]
  • How the Ocean Current Affect Animals’ Life in the Sea Depending on the strength of the ocean current, sea animals along the path are flown along with the water, and the animals are moved to new regions that are sometimes thousands of kilometers away causing […]
  • The Ocean Shipping Security Concerns The government has become aware that the security of all kinds of transportation may be breached, and it could be dangerous for the overall safety of U.S.citizens.
  • Plastic Ocean and Its Effect on the Ecosystem The purpose of this essay is to present science-based facts in support of the author’s words to convince the reader of the criticality of the ecological problem.
  • “History of Ocean Basins” by Hess From the article it is vivid that the coming into being of oceans is subject to discussion since the previous knowledge is doubtful, and the existing framework is confusing.
  • Ocean Circulation and Biogeography, Species Distribution, Invasive Species The concept of ocean circulation refers to the movements of water in the oceans and seas. Surface ocean currents carry water from the poles to the tropics, where it is heated, and, afterwards, this water […]
  • Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 342 Such flows reduce the temperature of the planet’s core, change the composition of the foundation bedrock, and impact microorganism dispersion in the subterranean ecosystem.
  • “Seaspiracy”, Making People Aware of Oceans’ Ecological Problems Subsequently, the most significant wellspring of plastic contamination on the planet’s seas is disposed of fishing gear. The film has brought issues to light of the emergencies on the seas.
  • “Ocean Acidification Impairs Olfactory Discrimination…” by Munday As was predicted prior to the experiment, the clownfish from the control group spent significantly more time in the stream of the water that contained xanthostemon, anemone, and non-parent olfactory clues.
  • “Seaspiracy” by Ali Tabrizi: The Issue of the Ecology of the Oceans A guy interested in the impact of the plastic boom on the ocean’s life spins a chain that threatens the ecology of the oceans.
  • The Ocean Dumping Problem: A Visual Argument There is, however, less awareness of deep-sea drilling and the impacts on the habitat and human life in the oceans and along the coasts.
  • Ocean Dumping Issue and Rhetorical Rationale Therefore, the goal of this paper is to prove that the poster in question manages to accomplish an impressive goal of subverting the audience’s expectation and encouraging them to shift from an ironic perception of […]
  • Habitat and Ocean Life Considerations of Bottlenose Dolphins The temperate and tropical oceans of the world are home to bottlenose dolphins. On the American continent, bottlenose dolphins can be seen along California’s southern beaches and the eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Florida, and […]
  • Mining and Ocean Use in Canada Cobalt, nickel, manganese, and copper are among the metals deep seabed mining seeks to extract from the polymetallic nodules on the seafloor and seamounts.
  • Ocean Sustainability and Human Economic Activity The world economy and the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people depend on the ocean. It is important to remember that the misuse of water resources and the effects of global climate change will […]
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Ocean The development of phytoplankton is sensitive to the temperature of the ocean. Some marine life is leaving the ocean due to the rising water temperature.
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Essays on Ocean Pollution

Pollutants have been destroying marine habitats for decades. This kills animals, makes water quality poor, and causes a lot of other sea issues that affect the whole planet. We have to protect the world and decrease marine pollution as much as we can. Plastics is one of the biggest problems here. With the superb ... of the oceans, we can have a healthier planet. All of this means that ocean pollution is one of the common essay topics and one you will have to write about. You can talk about the oil, pros, and cons of different methods and include various reports that are versatile. Check these essay examples on ocean pollution. You can find out a lot of useful details, and you can create an outline that will help you. Thesis statements are also something you can get from these papers. All of these free argumentative essays about ocean pollution are written by experts who know how to share a proper introduction and conclusion. The same people can write your research paper as well.

Ocean Pollution: Plastic

Post World War Two was a time where all citizens wanted a better quality of life. This quality of life also meant to protect the environment and the Earth they live on. Starting in the 1970s there became a huge depletion of natural resources and pollution became a huge problem. Specifically, in America, it only truly became evident in the 1970s but the interest of aiding the environment had been in the agenda since the 1960s. Even before the 1970s, […]

Ocean Pollution with Plastic

Have you ever wondered how many pieces of plastics are in the ocean? There are trillions of plastic waste in the ocean. If we keep polluting the world people won’t want to go there. So, stop polluting the world or else we will have a dirty life. We can have fun if we keep this world clean. My first reason plastic pollution is terrible is, it affects animals. An example, it can harm animals. Another good example is that animals […]

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Plastics and Ocean Pollution

Walk the remote shores of the coastline, where the sunbeams and the wind sings, and you’ll find miles of warm sandy white beaches. You’ll also find plastic straws. Orange ones, red ones, clear ones. They are just about everywhere. This reason isn’t hard to fathom because whether you’ve ordered an iced coffee or a coke, the likelihood of getting your drink handed to you with a straw, is high. Now you never think to yourself “Wow, what a brilliant invention! […]

A Problem of Ocean Pollution

Growing up and spending most of my childhood in one of the most beautiful places Florida has to offer, you learn to love the ocean and its surrounding features. As a little girl pretending to be a mermaid in the Florida Keys water, was such a thrilling experience, until you see trash floating beside you. This was a saddening and painful feeling knowing the affects that are occurring as you are trying to soak up the sun and view the […]

The Blue Shark and Ocean Pollution

Additional studies were done on another endangered species, blue sharks. The blue shark is a oceanic and pelagic species found in the mediterranean sea. The blue shark migrates vast distances of water for feeding and reproduction, therefore, it faces various areas with distinct species. The aim of this study was to also examine plastic ingestion in blue sharks from the north western mediterranean through analyzing the stomach contents and quantifying the litter ingested. The study was done by collecting 139 […]

To Bring Awareness to the Ocean Pollution

“In 2008, a study found that approximately 35% of the fish studied had ingested plastic, averaging 2.1 pieces per fish.” (OceanUnitelp) Around 34 years ago, a group of surfers grouped together and formed the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to protect the oceans and beaches all over the world. The Surfrider foundation created and posted the following ad to bring awareness to the effects of our pollution especially in the ocean. The message of the ad is […]

Sewage is Another Important Kind of Ocean Pollution

Did you know that without the ocean, you would not be able to survive in this world? The ocean provides us with the water we drink and the air we breathe. Ocean Pollution is becoming a major problem, some people just don’t care about the ocean. Most people think that throwing trash in our local waters would not have an affect on them. What they don’t know is that the ocean not only that it affects marine life, but also […]

Sea Turtle Endangerment is Pollution of the Ocean

The last human activity cause of sea turtle endangerment is pollution of the ocean. “The ocean is the final stop for much of the garbage generated on land” (Wroble, Kähler). Sea turtles are vulnerable to ocean pollution at all stages of life, from eggs to hatchlings to juveniles to adults. Pollutants can include things like toxic metals, petroleum products, and things such as fertilizers, chemicals, and untreated waste. They can cause immediate harm to the turtles through direct contacts, or […]

Ocean Acidification Indicates Earth’s Climate is Changing

This acceleration has resulted in increased temperatures, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity, and ocean acidification (OA). Since the industrial revolution the planet has been subjected to immense quantities of pollution. One of these pollutants is carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas well known for contributing to temperature increases, but it is also the primary cause of OA. OA is the reduction in the ph of the ocean over time resulting in a […]

Plastic Pollution: Reuse

Is plastic affecting our world to the point where we might need to take action? Plastics have taken over our oceans, lakes, and every product we use. Marine animals such as fish, turtles, seals, seabirds, whales, etc. are being affected by the plastic being flushed, littered or even windblown into the ocean. Our air is being polluted by tiny plastics called microplastics. It is possible that all fish go extinct by the year 2050. The percentage of the trash in […]

The Ocean International Trash Isles

  TABLE OF CONTENT 1.INTRODUCTION 2.PLASTIC AND THEIR EFFECT ON THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH 3. CURRENT INTERNATINAL WATER QUALITY CONVENTONS AND NATIONAL OCEAN WATER STATUESS 4. PREVENTION AND REDUCTION AGREMENT 5. ISSUES FOR CONTEMPORARY OCEANS GOVERNANCE 6. CONCLUSION 7.REFERENCES   INTRODUCTION:  Plastic and synthetic debris within the oceans have a profoundly terrible impact at the lives of marine animals, vegetation, birds, and in the long run humans. As this form of pollutants endangers the satisfactory of ocean water, […]

The Ocean is the Largest Body of Water

The water was gentle as the waves waded through it, the sunset like orang mango and spicy red paints on the light and brittle canvas. The water was calm and soft relaxing gentle as the gentle water hits the itty bitty tickly toes. The water was so heavily , with enough force to destroy the land but then, the most innocent faces were the most ferocious thing to see . With tears of excitement scroll down her face, all she […]

Deep Ocean Technology

Sylvia was named the First Hero For The Planet by Time Magazine in 1998. She has been acclaimed in her field(s) due to her incredible level of knowledge and expertise regarding aquatic life. For the majority of Dr. Earle’s career, she had been met with lack of recognition due to her gender. Sponsored jointly by the U.S. Navy, the Department of the Interior and NASA, the second Tektite project was to be all men until Sylvia. Preparing for Tektite II, […]

Melting of Glaciers Due to Change in Climate Causing Rise in Ocean Level

At some time, who among us has not wondered about the magnificence of the cold weather, ice?covered Alps, snow, or respected the perseverance of polar pilgrims and the gutsy spirits of climbers on the glacier?clad summits of the high Himalaya? The interest of far off ice secured regions has enrolled in excess of a couple of enlisted people into the positions of glaciologists, not most yet many, of the present understudies of glaciology are a marginally not so much sentimental […]

Changes in Ocean

Trash, especially plastics, can be found across the world’s oceans because of its buoyancy and resilience (Erikson et al.). Because the plastic releases toxins into the environment, researchers have stressed that if they are found in the ocean, they should be treated as hazardous waste. The accumulation of plastic pollution can also be found in bays, gulfs, and seas that are heavily populated along their watersheds and coasts. The impact that plastic pollution has had on ocean animals and plants […]

Trash in the Ocean

The primary audience in this context are the people surrounding the Mediterranean region and those working in the office of marine research in this region. Actually, for the workers, they help in measures that prevent tampering the marine life and performance of the study smoothly and ethically. In the subsection below, the main idea is the different forms of ocean contamination such as pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, detergents, oil, sewage, plastics, and other solids. Also, in the discussion are how […]

Managing Marine Plastic Pollution

Going into the effects it has on marine life. Waste disposal, such as chemicals and sewage, has been recognized as a potential threat to the environmental quality of waters. Everyday, marine life are getting caught in some kind of plastic material. Most think that only fish are affected from getting caught in these but sadly, not many know that they also kill birds, turtles, dolphins, seals and many other mammals swimming in the sea. Marine animals end up eating plastic […]

Going Green Can Save Ocean

In the United States, there are also ways to protect the citizens from dirty water and there is also acts put in place to protect the water, such as the Clean Water Act. There are more options and opportunities in the United States than in third world countries. A lot has to do with how much the population has raised as well as how much government action is taken. That is why there is a lot of pollution in other […]

Dumping Trash into the Ocean

Thousands of pounds of trash is washed back up on oceans, because of this animals that live on the beach can’t live there anymore do to the excessive amount of trash washed up from the ocean. It would really help if people volienterd and helped clean beaches with trash. This helps the animals that live on the beach and also the environment around it. Also donating to causes that go against pollution helps too. We could also make certain things […]

Lack of Oxygen in the Ocean

Oceanic anoxia or anoxic events are a part of Earth’s cycle. Anoxia refers to a lack of oxygen. Geological records show it has occurred many times in the past and coincides with several mass extinctions. Ocean Anoxia has been a naturally occurring phenomenon in Earth’s history but over the past 130 years’ anthropogenic forces are contributing to current ocean oxygen depletion. Oceanic anoxic events commonly occurred during periods of very warm climate characterized by high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), […]

Toxic Chemicals that Enter the Ocean

Ocean pollution is a defining crisis of the twenty-first century. Considering even only the last decade, disasters such as the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill—one that leaked more than 200 million gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, have already caused irreparable damage to our biosphere. Additionally, the millions of tons of trash, oil, fertilizer, sewage, and toxic chemicals that enter the ocean every year only exacerbate this burgeoning problem. Though humanity has prided itself on its mastery of […]

Pick up Trash in the Ocean

    The community can gather at least once a month to pick up the trash on their block. I can go to the lake and tidy up the trash that is dirtying it. Others recommended heading off to the shoreline and wiping out the waste or having garbage cans close-by. Guiding Questions   First, have more nearby trancans. Another one being gather at least once a month and pick up after your block. Thirdly, have consequences for litterbugs.   […]

Changing the Environment to Save the Ocean 

The United States extracts 63 billion gallons of oil every year to make water bottles that more than 90% is only used once. Changing the materials that we use in our everyday lives helps a mammal live to their life expectancy. For example, blue whales are dying a painful, slow death due to the plastic products we use every day. When a blue whale rises to grasp air than fluke down to open their mouth to engulf krill, they’re absorbing […]

The Impact of Oil on the Ocean

There are many ways oil can get into the ocean or any body of water. Of course the most obvious being oil spills but also ways like natural seeps, consumption, transportation, and extraction of oil. Nearly 85 percent of the 29 million gallons of petroleum that enter North American ocean waters each year as a result of human activities comes from airplanes to cars and small boats. (“SOURCES OF OIL IN THE SEA”) While less than 8 percent comes from […]

Straws: Sucking the Life out of the Ocean

It’s a hot summer day, the waiter hands the cold, iced, refreshing drink. They also offer a straw. One doesn’t necessarily think about the potential danger a harmless straw can cause. Once finished, the straw goes in the recycling. Everything is good, but wait, newsflash. Straws are not recyclable. Americans tend to use 500 million drinking straws daily. This is equivalent to a total of 125 school buses filled with straws every day (National Park Service). Many people don’t realize […]

Plastic is the most Harmful for the Ocean

The ocean is essential for human life and is the lifeblood for earth. Three fourths of the plant is made up oceans. In addition, about seventy five percent of the oxygen is produced from our oceans. In many ways we use the ocean in day to day tasks. We use it drink water, we use it to breathe, we even use things that are made up of water, like for example pools, or even a water hose. Deep ocean waters […]

Natural Alternatives

“One plastic bottle eventually disintegrates into many tiny pieces that can be eaten by anything,” explained an experienced biological oceanographer, Jennifer Brandon. “The real problem in the ocean is happening at a very small scale.” Marine plastic the size of a dime is 90 percent of the problem found from sea ice in Antarctica to the North Shore of Hawaii. The tiny glitter should be the biggest concern as it interacts with the food chain the most. There is no […]

How Many Animals Aren’t Showing up on a Beach

Glitter gets a free pass in our minds, while microplastics, fibers, and beads do not. Understandable when eight-hundred trillion microbeads are washed away daily, ten-thousand of those from the plastic particles in an “exfoliating” face wash used during daily showers. Fifteen billion tons of microplastics end up in the ocean each day. That is the same weight as sixty-thousand blue whales. Most of those water samples trace the debris back to microfibers. As only 9 percent of plastics are recycled […]

Eco-Friendly Glitter

Everyone has heard about microplastics, the small pieces of plastic waste created by the disposal of everyday consumer products. Everyone is strongly against microbeads found in thousands of cosmetic products. Everyone knows a little about microfibers, the thin synthetic yarns shedding into the water during each wash. What about glitter? Chances are you haven’t even considered it having a negative connotation. But glitter is a plastic-based product made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that pollutes the ocean. Glitter kills eight billion […]

Time’s Hero for the Planet

An oceanographer and marine biologist, Sylvia Earle has been making waves in the scientific community from a youthful age. She is the ripple society needed to realize the global environment is in danger. Sylvia is one of the most influential environmental activists due to her thousands of hours of experience in the ocean, becoming a pioneer for women’s careers in science and creating not only new technology but authoring and co-authoring impeccable novels and children’s books.Born in Gibbstown, New Jersey […]

Plastic Oceans International

Research Papers & Reports

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Plastic and health: the hidden costs of a plastic planet.

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Stop the Flood of Plastic: How Mediterranean Countries Can Save Their Sea

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