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Outsourcing Services from USA, America, Canada

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Hear the word outsourcing, and you'll hear two sections of crowd - one chanting why outsourcing is here to stay, while the other crowd up in arms against the fallacies of outsourcing. The Unites States has been the leader in outsourcing various business services. Of all services outsourced globally, US accounts for about 60% (Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers). And much of this business goes to outsourcing leaders like India.

Among the countries that provide outsourcing services, India continues to lead the race. Despite threats from new outsourcing hubs springing up around the world, Indian outsourcing vendors lead the pack. Once considered a hotbed of 'low-end' outsourcing services like call centers, it now provides high-end services in the areas of research, design and engineering. As of 2008, revenues from outsourcing were nearly 11 billion USD (Source: NASSCOM).

Outsourcing services by Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld has worked with companies across the globe in maximizing their business goals. Whether it is providing transcription services to a small medical center or taking up engineering services for a large manufacturing organization, our breadth and depth of outsourcing experience has resulted in several long term customer partnerships. Almost 60% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Here is a breakdown of the services that we offer -

  • Call center services
  • Data entry services
  • Transcription services
  • Engineering services
  • Healthcare BPO
  • Finance and Accounting services
  • Software development services
  • Photo editing
  • Research & Analysis
  • Creative Design
  • Web Analytics

Outsourcing services for states in US

We have worked with different regions in the US and are fully aware of the culture that exists in the different parts of America. More so, our flexible shift system allows us to work seamlessly and serve the various time zones that exist.

Outsourcing from Arizona

We have worked on several projects with companies in Arizona. Our most notable ones have been in the areas of - Engineering services and in Analysis services.

Outsourcing from Dallas

Dallas has given us successful relationships with companies who have outsourced their bookkeeping and other finance and accounting services .

Outsourcing from Atlanta

We have experience in dealing with companies from Atlanta and surrounding regions. Many have used our call center services to maximize their customer relationships.

Outsourcing from Washington

Though Washington has been relatively low in outsourcing, we have had very fruitful partnerships working in high end outsourcing services.

Outsourcing from New York

New York has helped Flatworld grow from just another outsourcing vendor to establishing key partnerships worldwide with a plethora of IT and ITES companies.

Outsourcing from Los Angeles

We've had experience on working with several media and film companies providing services such as transcription, media editing and software development.

Outsourcing from Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been a revelation in terms of the huge number of partnerships that we've had with companies who have partnered with us for their accounting needs. We have also provided large scale finance and accounting services to firms across Las Vegas.

Outsourcing from New Jersey

We have worked with several healthcare firms as well as IT firms from New Jersey.

Outsourcing from Houston

Houston is one of the key cities that we've worked with. A large base of our customers comes from Houston and other cities from Texas.

Outsourcing from Kansas

Kansas has provided us with partnerships in the areas of IT, call center and other BPO services.

Outsourcing from San Antonio

Like other cities in Texas, San Antonio too has given us a big chunk of customer partnerships. We have worked with companies across various industries from San Antonio.

Why Flatworld is an ideal outsourcing partner for US companies?

Flatworld Solutions was already at the forefront of providing outsourcing services since 2002. At the beginning we offered just custom software development. But soon we began offering a wide range of specialized business process outsourcing solutions designed to meet rapidly increasing market demands.

Today, we are a 750 strong organization with multiple delivery centers spread across India, South East Asia and South America, UK and Philippines. Almost 80% of our business comes from the US. Our customers range from budding entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Some strong drivers as to why US companies can benefit from Flatworld's outsourcing services include -

  • We have leveraged the outsourcing advantages that other countries have to offer. We have global delivery centers in - India, Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia, US and Colombia. This has helped us not only create local talent, but also utilize near shore off-shoring benefits
  • In any outsourcing model the offshore partner supplements the operations of the outsourcing company with redundancies and back-up mechanisms. Flatworld employs a multi-tier backup system - where multiple copies of secure data are stored. In the event of any calamity or disaster, we can easily retrieve the data and get up to speed immediately
  • Outsourcing processes to an external third party ensures that an organization's internal resources are freed up for more mission-critical activities. Flatworld has worked with this premise with all our customer engagements. We have always been more than just a vendor and have established successful partnerships with businesses in the US
  • Lower cost outlay is a primary advantage of outsourcing. The costs of labor, infrastructure and systems in India are a fraction of what is available in the US. Through outsourcing, Flatworld has realized this fact and has worked its pricing in such a way that they can be reinvested for growing the core areas of your business

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These are the Best BPO Outsourcing Companies in the USA

outsourcing projects from usa

Unity Communications - May 26, 2021

unity Communications Blog Post Feature Image

Top 10 Best BPO Outsourcing Companies in the United States

You are a growing business in need of  outsourcing  some of your tasks. You also want to choose a firm that works a little closer to home. So, we’ve formed a list that includes ten of the best BPO outsourcing companies in the USA.

These firms are ranked in no particular order.

1. Helpware

Helpware  is a business process outsourcing company based in Lexington, Kentucky. They average about a 4.8-star rating, so they are definitely one of the best. An average hourly rate is less than $25, but the minimum project size is about $5k.

Their firm primarily builds customized teams for customer service and the back office, splitting their services up 50/50. While based in the USA, Helpware has offices in Kyiv, Manila, and Guadalajara.

Coming in at a 4.69-star average review,  Cience  is another top BPO company based in Solana Beach, California. An average hourly rate is less than $25, and the minimum project size is about $1k. They provide email marketing, CRM consulting services, conversion optimization, digital strategy, and digital marketing services.

Cience is self-proclaimed as a PaaS (people as a service) firm. They partner with top brands, enterprise companies, and even startups.

3. Unity Communications

Unity Communications upholds an average 5-star review. As one of the best BPO outsourcing companies in the USA, they provide everything from back-office services to accounting and IT staff management. While they are located in Arizona,  Unity Communications  also has offices in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.

An average hourly rate is less than $25, and the minimum project size is about $1k. Their specialty, as the name implies, is in customer experience, call center services, and telecommunications.

Callbox  is an outsourcing company located in Encino, California. They have an average of 4.6-star reviews and have been operating since 2004. Unfortunately, we could not find an average hourly rate or minimum project size. However, they specialize in voice services and back-office needs.

Their BPO firm has over 700 marketing professionals spread within the Philippines as well. Callbox’s multi-touch and multi-channel strategy enable them to connect with their client’s target markets efficiently.

5. Smith.ai

Another 5-star outsourcing company in America,  Smith.ai  is geared towards 24/7 virtual receptionist support. They are based in Los Altos, California, and all of their receptionists are based in North America. Smith.ai provides voice services, artificial intelligence-based services, conversion optimization, and some back-office services.

Their outsourcing firm is best for businesses who want to screen and convert potential customers who interact with your website via call, chat, or text. It is unclear the hourly rate or minimum project size.

6. Abby Connect

Abby Connect  is based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. They boast a 4.8-star review and have been providing BPO services since 2005. An average hourly rate is less than $25, but the minimum project size is undisclosed. However, they do base their rates on a monthly plan.

Their firm primarily offers voice services. They are most known for flexible call handling and small receptionist teams for specific industries: accounting, real estate, law, and home services.

7. Peak Support

Peak Support  is another one of the best BPO companies in the USA. They have rated about 4.7 stars and are based in Cambridge, MA. An average hourly rate is less than $25, but the minimum project size is around $10k.

Half of their service offers involve front-office tasks, and the other half involves back-office tasks. Some activities they might perform include customer support and sales operations. Their global delivery model lets them offer services from America and the Philippines.

XACT has been providing contact center services for over 19 years. Their BPO firm is based in Orlando, Florida, and has a 4.7-star average review. An average rate and minimum project size are undisclosed.  XACT  only offers voice services, which makes them a 100% contact center.

They believe in a “partnering” method for communication. And they also design custom solutions for small businesses and organizations.

9. DialAmerica

DialAmerica  is based in Mahwah, NJ- like the name suggests. Projects usually start at 5k, and their solutions are always custom-tailored. Their BPO firm has been operating for around 60 years, which makes them one of the leaders in outsourcing in America.

They provide a full range of B2B and B2C services that fuse contact center tasks with marketing technology. DialAmerica seems to focus quite a lot on voice solutions.

10. Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office  has several locations across the USA, from Florida to California and all the way to Michigan. They also have an office in the District of Columbia for a more global reach. Their BPO firm has an average 4.5-star rating.

We couldn’t find an average hourly rate or project size, but their solutions are always customized. Intelligent Office is best for businesses who need voice services, reception services, and scheduling services.

Unity Communications- Global Award Winner for BPO

US-based companies are amazing at R&D, creative endeavors, product development, sales, and other professional crafts. But when it comes to repetitive, entry-level, and detailed tasks, sometimes it is better to outsource the work to keep wages and job satisfaction high.

Unity Communications was awarded as a  Cluth Top 1000 B2B company  in 2020 for BPO. If you want to get a taste of high-quality outsourcing and how it can benefit your company, take a look at our website and  schedule a meeting  to get started.

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The 6 best online outsourcing websites (and how to use them)

outsourcing websites

Freelancer and Upwork are freelancing sites that facilitate and streamline the process of hiring virtual or remote workers.

Each of these sites have their own approach, but in essence, all of these companies allow you to do more or less the same thing.

You can post a job description, have people bid on the work, negotiate on price, and look at previous ratings and work history before settling on either a contract rate, or a pay-per hour agreement.

Generally, money is held by each of the websites in an escrow account, and they release the payment to the worker when the work is complete (skimming a neat profit at the same time – typically 10-15% of the money that changes hands).

The best outsourcing websites

  • Freelancer.com
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Read on as we will review each of them later.

See how Time Doctor’s easy-to-use time tracking software can help your team be more productive.

So why outsource.

Freelancer (an online job marketplace acquired by Freelancer in 2012) argues that online outsourcing makes workers “more accountable”.

With 54% of traditional workers in the U.S. “sleepwalk through their day” and an additional 18% actively sabotage other workers, a Gallup Research says, “in today’s competitive environment, that’s simply unacceptable,” says Freelancer founder Ian Ippolito.

“When I hire a traditional employee, I can’t be sure they’ll do the job right, spending time at the water cooler or playing solitaire instead. But in our virtual environment, we’re proud to guarantee performance,” Ippolito said.

The added flexibility of having to hire staff only when you need them is another reason why many businesses are turning to online outsourcing . You also can get access to top quality people at a much lower rate than if you were hiring in your own country and the cost savings can be very significant.

To hire a quality programmer in California is probably going to set you back $80-$120 per hour.

Using outsourced web sites you can find quality programmers in the US for $30-$40 per hour, or in India, the Philippines or Russia for $10-$15 per hour.

Additional Tips:

If you are managing remote teams, take a look at these strategies for managing virtual teams . See also the online collaboration tools to help your team be more productive .

Outsourcing and freelancing sites allow entrepreneurs to easily launch side hustles and affiliate sites without incurring huge labor costs.

Getting started

Outsourcing can be overwhelming at first – each of these sites uses a different system, have a different layout and can take days to get used to.

Deciding on which site to use while striking the balance between competitive rates and effective results can be like walking a virtual tightrope.

As mentioned above, all of these sites will require you to:

  • Post your job.
  • Start receiving proposals from candidates.
  • Compare profiles, reviews, ratings, credentials, portfolios and price to select the best fit. Methods of payment and working together generally vary from site to site (explained in more detail below).

We ourselves have been active in online outsourcing for over 10 years and our virtual team extends to several countries around the world. We’ve used these sites many times for many different projects (small and large).

Here’s what we know.

Based on Compete.com rankings, these six sites are the top outsourcing sites on the internet (at least in terms of traffic). From most to least popular:


How it works: Pay only for verified time spent working for you – Upwork’s Work Diary software allows you to see each of team members activity levels (keyboard and mouse activity), and feedback, as well as web cams and screenshots of their computer to make workers more accountable.

Payments: Based on hours worked, or completed jobs.

Fees: The fee is 10% of the employer’s payment to Upwork which equates to 11.11% on top of the amount paid to the contractor.

Our experience: Upwork is great when you have a task where you’d prefer to pay by the hour. Also, note that Upwork is formerly oDesk, which merged with Elance in 2013.

Check out our comprehensive Upwork review if you want to go into more detail about the platform.

2. Freelancer.com


How it works: When you hire a worker you need to create payment milestones, as milestones are completed, payment is released.

Payments: Based on milestones, or completed work.

Fees: Here’s where it gets messy:

  • Posting a project – $5, refundable, fully refunded on selecting a Service Provider.
  • Selecting a Service Provider – $3 or 3%, whichever is higher
  • Posting a Featured Project – $19
  • Hide Project from Search Engines – $3
  • Optional Hide Bids from Other Users – $3
  • Gold Membership – $24.95/month, 0% project commissions
  • Posting a Full Time Project – $99.95

Our experience: Better for project based work (one off jobs). Easy to use, and suited to smaller jobs – “The average job is under US$200, making outsourcing for the first time extremely cost effective for small businesses .

We also have a full Freelancer review if you want to learn more.


How it works: Pay for completed work.

Fees: Memberships are available from $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter.

  • Project Fee – Either 5 or 10% of the Invoice or Escrow amount, depending on your membership level.
  • Escrow Fee – 2% of the escrowed amount. Only charged when SafePay Escrow is used.
  • Employer Payment Method Fees – Up to 4% for a credit card payment and 2.5% for Withdraw Method Fees – $3 to receive funds by check and $9 to receive funds by wire transfer.

Our experience: Caters more to US based freelancers (182,000 workers in the US vs 51,242 in India, and only 1,887 in the Russian Federation). Working with a native English speaker is sometimes a good option when you need to be able to verbally communicate project requirements.

Guru is also a good option if you are looking to work with a US based provider.

4. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

amazon mechanical turk

How it works: This platform provides developers with access to an on-demand workforce with a flexible UI with a simple API.

Organizations use crowdsourcing via MTurk for help with things like microwork, human insights, and machine learning development .

Fees: You decide how much to pay the person you hire.

  • 20% fee on the reward and bonus amount (if any) you pay Workers.
  • HITs with 10 or more assignments will be charged an additional 20% fee on the reward you pay Workers.
  • The minimum fee is $0.01 per assignment or bonus payment.

Masters qualification fee:

  • There is an additional fee for using the Masters Qualification.
  • The fee is 5% of the reward you pay Workers.

Premium qualifications:

  • There is an additional fee for using Premium Qualifications .
  • The additional fee per assignment starts at $0.05 and varies depending on the qualification .

Our experience: It’s a strange name, but it has some great functionality. MTurk is based on the idea of taking a job and separating it out for many different people to work on (in pieces).

It’s an interesting approach and worth checking it out if that approach fits your project requirements.

5. DesignHill


How it works: Post a brief where you describe your project, choose a package, and then launch your design project.

You’ll browse dozens of designs that designers submit to your contest. Then, you can give feedback and get unlimited revisions. You get to choose the best one when all is said and done.

Fees: Fees vary depending on which package you select. Fees vary from $199-$999.

Our experience: This is a good option if you have a limited budget for graphic design and/or want to choose from more style than one.

The crowdsourcing option gives you the opportunity to limit down designers until you’ve found the one you like the best.


How it works: Professional freelancers post “gigs” and buyers can review the gig, contact the seller, and see the price.

Once a gig catches a buyer’s eye, they can enter into an agreement and start working on a project together.

Fees: The buyer will pay full price of the gig, usually via PayPal or CC, the seller keeps 80%, and Fiverr keeps the other 20%. If a gig costs the traditional $5, the seller keeps $4, and Fiverr keeps $1.

Our experience: Fiverr started out with most freelancers posting their services for $5. Freelancers can now post their starting rate, and also provide add-ons. Even though gigs sometimes cost more than $5 , the prices are still outrageously low. It’s possible to strike gold and find remote work for very reasonable prices.

You can also try out the other sites like Fiverr for the more reasonable prices for the different tasks.

Which site is best?

In short, it depends on the type of work that you are doing.

For hourly work, Upwork is possibly the best option. For one off project based work, Guru and Freelancer.com are great options as they have a process where you upload funds into escrow (giving the provider and reassurance).

Disputes over completed work are usually handled swiftly – although it’s important to have a clear job description (see below – Tips for posting jobs). In our experience Freelancer is best for getting project based work completed.

Guru is great if you are looking for a US based provider. With Upwork the providers often have to pay to bid on projects. This provides a bar that eliminates some of the lower quality providers. The result is that you are more likely to pay a little more, but you are also more likely to get a good end result. Places like Fiverr have workers all over the world, but the prices are also more than fair.

If you are looking for a specific type of work, DesignHill and MTurk are more focused. These might be a great place to start if you know what you want, and want to only hire a designer, for example.

It’s hard to say which site is the best, because it depends on your preferences, your goals, your budget, and how you like to work with remote workers.

Each outsourcing website is different, and you’ll get different features, different benefits, different types of remote workers, and different expertise. The best idea is to check them all out and see what works best for you individually.

Comparing the software used to monitor paid by the hour work

If you are hiring on an hourly basis you’ll want to monitor how many hours are worked (and confirm they were actually worked).

If you develop trust in someone you might not need to do this, but generally it’s hard to trust a new person that you are paying on a hourly basis that they will deliver the results you want (and/or that they aren’t just sitting around fiddling with their mouse).

Upwork has a “similar tool” which takes screenshots of the person’s computer at regular intervals.

Time Doctor (that’s us!) is another alternative which can be used to monitor paid by the hour workers.

It’s a much more comprehensive and a more effective tool for working with remote teams and has many advantages including automated reports, time usage reports (for application and internet usage) and it doesn’t attract an ongoing fee (as the Team Tool and AccueTime Card would).

Project based work versus paying an hourly rate

Generally, you can hire either on a project basis, paying for a completed project , or on an hourly basis.

Project work is generally safer for you as there is a fixed amount you need to pay to get the task complete.

When you hire on an hourly rate you don’t have any reassurance of the maximum amount that you will spend.

An hourly rate is more appropriate for longer term work or where you have a variety of different tasks for the person.

Tips for project based work

If you hire on a project basis, make sure that you do complete and detailed specifications of the project . Exactly what do you want to happen, how will you know when it is complete.

List the requirements in detail. Be careful that you select someone who has experience doing projects of a similar level of complexity.

It is easy for freelancers to say yes to a project without thinking through how difficult it might be to complete (particularly if they are desperate for work).

Having someone quit halfway through a project is the worst possible outcome (and an experience we’ve have had many times).

Having to start over means you lose time and money. Learn from our mistakes – see below.

Hiring an individual versus a team

hiring a team

On all of these sites, there are generally 2 types of workers – individuals and teams.

The advantage of hiring an individual is that you know exactly who you are working with and you can get familiar with the working style of that person.

If you are working long term on an hourly rate, you can negotiate lower rates if you are working directly.

You will also have more control if you are hiring a person rather than you hiring a company which has a number of employees. On the other hand a company might bring more training, synergy and an environment where people can ask for advice and direction.

In our experience working with an individual is a better move especially if you are working together in the long term.

Which country should you hire in?

About 5 years ago, we worked with an online researcher and programmer based in Mumbai.

Things were going so well that we asked him to set up an office for us. We paid for computers, office space, etc and wrote up some contracts for 2-3 new staff who would work under his supervision.

5 weeks later we received an email that went something like this:

“Hi, I am the younger cousin of ________ and he is forcing me to do work and doesn’t pay me. He threatened to stab me with a knife if I talk to you”.

Our Mumbai contact had forged receipts for office equipment, falsified personal documentation and was sitting between 2 computers pretending to be 3 different people.

In general most of our experiences with workers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been negative.

In our experience, it’s common for freelancers to ask for bonuses before work is completed, complain that the work is taking longer than expected, ask for money, and will often create really poor excuses for not reaching milestones: rare diseases, non-existent floods, house fires and everything in between have been used to excuse under-performance.

As always, it really depends on the person.

There are extremely talented people in India, however it is sometimes difficult for you to get access to them on freelance sites .

We work with a designer who is Indian – he’s an illustrator and does great work and has never missed a deadline.

It’s important to look at work history carefully to make sure that past performances matches would you’d expect from a worker (and make sure their experience is in the right area). If they have multiple very high ratings on the freelance site you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.

Other locations

Former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc) – a good place to find low cost, technically superb coders.

Usually not the clearest communicators (or the best designers), and you’ll have more luck if you have a detailed blueprint at the beginning of a project. However, they are generally hard workers and honest in answers to any questions you have.

Philippines – incredibly diligent workers in all areas. It’s possible to find good writers, marketers, researchers and programmers. One of the cheaper places to hire great staff.

USA / Canada / UK – excellent if you are looking for skills in a particular area, but it’s important to look at work history.

We’ve had bad experiences hiring people who are new to freelancing. In general hiring someone in these places is more likely to get you a better result but is also more likely to be 2-10 times more expensive.

Graphic / Web design – don’t hire designers from South East Asia if you expect a western looking result. South America seems to have good illustrators and Flash programmers.

Expats – hiring someone from the US or UK living in Thailand for example can be a great way to get very talented people at a lower hourly rate.

Their living costs are lower and they might not find it easy to get a high paying job in their place of residence – freelancing might be an extremely appealing option. Try advertising on expat forums.

Note: In each country be aware of natural disasters. For example, typhoons can wipe out power to entire cities for a number of days in the Philippines. Political turmoil or severe heat waves can also create problems in some countries.

Tips for selecting the right worker

A common struggle with online outsourcing is ending up with people that can’t get the job done or leave half way through a project.

One way to overcome this problem is to hire people that have good feedback and ratings. If we are posting a complex job, we never hire anyone with less than 30 completed jobs and they must have ratings of higher than 90% (or 9 out of 10).

Another way to dissect your applicants is to avoid any generic responses. If someone hasn’t addressed your criteria in a clear and simple way, it’s probably not worth looking at their work history.

You can even put a simple test in your job description like “mention the word elephant when you are replying so that I know you’ve read our job description in full”.

Kick the tires

Although it takes a little longer, if the job is important, you should create a small test that can evaluate a person’s skills.

For example when hiring a writer for my website, I asked them to write 3 sentences for a specific page on my site. “Please look at this web page, evaluate the current content and then add another paragraph of 3-5 sentences that you think are missing on the page, and that fits with the current style of the content”.

Here’s a very good example of a short job advertisement / test by Jason Fried from 37 Signals they used to hire customer support representatives for their business.

Alternatively (especially for larger projects), hiring someone for a small-project they can do in their spare time is a lot easier for both sides to swallow. “Kick the Tires” in Getting Real talks about this:

Before we hire anyone we give them a small project to chew on first. We see how they handle the project, how they communicate, how they work, etc. Working with someone as they design or code a few screens will give you a ton of insight. You’ll learn pretty quickly whether or not the right vibe is there. Scheduling can be tough for this sort of thing but even if it’s for just 20 or 40 hours, it’s better than nothing. If it’s a good or bad fit, it will be obvious.

It’s also a good idea to think hard about what you’re offering and how you can make your situation as attractive as possible: flexible hours, bonuses for work completed before deadlines and any other sweeteners will help attract a great pool of workers to select from.

The most common frustration is in not getting the output that you desire out of the contractor. Another potential problem is needing to spend a lot of time back and forth training the person or fixing issues with their work.

Here are a few pointers for overcoming these and other challenges:

  • Hire people with a lot of great feedback.
  • Test many different people, possibly using several different outsourcing sites.
  • After testing, select the best few people and hire all of them. Then start working with these few different people on test projects and continue working long term with the ones that produce the best results.

Really it’s a matter of trial and error to a large degree, and once you work with dozens of people you will find a few who always come through for you and whom you can depend on.

Over time you’ll develop a list of preferred contractors that you can contact for work that you know they can deliver.

What can you outsource with these sites?

Theoretically, you can outsource anything.

Looking at the types of work listed in Upwork for example there is: programming, web design , writing, sales, customer support even legal work or accounting.

In practice the more specialized and complex the task, the more difficult it is to find the right person on one of these sites.

Hiring staff directly vs using an outsourcing site

Outsourcing sites are best for finding people to do project based work.

If you want a longer term full time person you might want to try hiring them directly. Target the country or area where you are most likely to find the right staff. Then use a multi-pronged recruitment method including: posting on job sites, Linkedin, posting in relevant forums and referrals from people in your network.

Recruiting remote staff (in your own country or abroad) is really no different to recruiting locally. All of the same hiring and firing principles apply.

In the US, Craigslist, Linkedin, Monster are good ways to advertise for people. Sometimes you can get better results from word of month, from advertising on Facebook or from advertising or relevant forums or industry specific web sites.

For example if you are recruiting Java programmers, there are a number of Java forum websites where you can advertise for free or for a small fee. This helps you to go direct to the place where your target employees are hanging out. You can do the same thing with Linkedin.

Recruiting overseas in the Philippines, Russia, India etc is similar.

You can use Facebook, Linkedin or local job websites to recruit in all of these places. For example to recruit in the Philippines you can use BestJobs.ph .

In Romania, there are English language job websites like bestjobs.eu . In general, it’s not hard to find popular job sites any country and posting a job ad is usually $50 to $100.

In other developed countries you will find sites like Gumtree (Australia) where you can advertise jobs for free (or find people looking for work). Similarly, in the U.K. Where the job market is tight you can find highly skilled travelers who might be interested in any sort of work (try the jobs section in TNT Magazine ).

10 tips for posting projects requirements

posting project requirements

  • Write your description as if you are explaining them to a 10 year old child
  • Set clear milestones if you want use them for payments
  • Ask someone else to read your project description before uploading it – sometimes things that make sense to you will make no sense at all to someone who has no involvement with your project or company
  • Invite workers who have matching experience. For instance, if you are looking for Joomla help, search for workers with Joomla experience and good ratings. Sort them by the last sign in date and then invite them to your project.
  • If you are worried about protecting your intellectual property or idea, create an NDA and make sure you are exchanging it with a real entity. Make your terms and conditions reasonable (most of these sites have a standard NDA you can modify).
  • If you don’t want to draw attention to what you are doing, keep your job description vague and discuss details only with parties you are interested in working with.
  • Post the majority of your job description in an attachment and leave a small “test” to make sure the person has read the description (for example, mentioning a particular word or asking them to address 2-3 key criteria).
  • Use a service like gomockingbird.com to clearly outline your ideas in a visual medium
  • Make your project sound exciting and include that it will look good in any portfolio
  • Post your job to specific geographic regions depending upon the sort of worker you are looking for.

Remote work is growing as a viable, cheaper, and often better option when it comes to building your team. Let this article act as a resource in helping you find the right remote worker for your organization.

Time Doctor - start a free trial

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of Time Doctor which is software to improve work productivity and help keep track of what your team is working on, even when working remotely.

8 high paying remote jobs

Why your business needs process documentation, related posts, finding harmony: achieving work-life balance in distributed teams, top 10 software to see if remote employees are working, remote vs. distributed work: which one is right for your team, bridging distances: effective communication strategies for remote teams, the rise of digital nomads: opportunities and challenges for businesses, top 15 remote working software for efficient teams.

WBPRO | Software and Mobile App Development

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Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies in USA

18 years of experience managing teams for large corporations makes us a strong partner for all of your software development outsourcing needs.

Software Outsourcing Services

Software Outsourcing provides companies with access to expert software engineers boasting a range of tech skills from cloud computing to UX design. And they can start working on a project right away.

With a dedicated team, you have access to highly experienced senior engineers while maintaining maximum flexibility.

It works great for an Agile development process or maintenance, support, and upgrades to existing applications. WBPRO has a unique way of providing clients with the benefits of a traditional dedicated team model while ensuring accountability and focus.

National Water outsourced software development to WBPRO

WBPRO created Prime Audit, a web-based application, meeting National Water’s goals by helping the end-user to process an existing contractor estimate, resulting in a fully audited estimate.

We Build Remote Teams

Our Outsourced Software Development Service allows you to quickly grow your team with remote, high qualified software professionals.

WBPRO takes care of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing top developers so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters to your business.

outsourcing projects from usa


World-leading enterprises use WBPRO software applications built using the following technologies.

  • Web Technologies: Microsoft .NET, C#, PHP, HTML5, Angular, React, NodeJS
  • Mobile: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google
  • Advance: Microsoft HoloLens,  Nuance: Speech to Text
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, IBM DB2, Teradata, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Top Benefits

Financial restructuring.

Improving the business’s financial position while reducing or at least containing costs.

Core Competence

Redirecting the business and IT into core competency.

Technology Catalyst

Strengthening resources and flexibility in technology and service to underpin the business’s strategic direction.

Business Transition

Facilitating and supporting major organizational change.

Business Innovation

Improving and innovating in processes, skills, and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor.

Time to Market

Accelerating the product’s time to market.

Remote Software Development

Here’s an example of a successful team structure you might use when you first start working with a remote software development team for Software Projects Outsourcing Companies in the USA.

outsourcing projects from usa

Our Key Service Offerings

Software Projects Outsourcing Companies in USA


With WBPRO Outsource Software Development, you can hire one or more developers to work as an extension of your existing team, accelerating a project’s progress.

Hire Developers


With WBPRO Outsource Software Development, you can hire an entire team of software developers that consists of a Project Manager, Designer, Developer, and QA.


Hire one or more Quality Analysts to support your development team for testing the application, using both manual and automated testing and creating the test cases.

Customer Stories

Our customers are everything. They inspire us, teach us, and motivate us to always do better. Through their stories, you’ll learn how we work closely with our clients to design custom eLearning solutions that meet businesses’ goals and have a measurable impact on employees and learners.

outsourcing projects from usa

Crawford & Company automated their compliance training using web-based Compliance Training Distribution System (CTDA). By using CTDA, time to create a distribution decreased from weeks to less than an hour.

outsourcing projects from usa

Pilot LMS provides courses, quizzes, assessments, and exams, allowing learners to earn credits and certifications. LMS has trained more than 27,000 learners and reduced the per-employee cost vs. traditional training by 60%.

outsourcing projects from usa

KMC LMS enables the creation of a personalized URL to access the LMS and custom brand the entire application. The complete LMS can be customized and set up with assignments in less than 5 minutes.


What our clients say.

WBPRO LMS is used by some of the world’s biggest enterprises for training and compliance. See what our customers have to say about transforming the learning process for their organization.

outsourcing projects from usa

“WBPRO’s software expertise, coupled with their collaborative and innovative company culture, made them a perfect fit to handle all our software development needs. The team assigned to our projects is extremely committed to our success, highly knowledgeable, hard-working, detail-oriented, and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant.”

Ted Nelson CEO, National Water

Contact Software Development Experts


More From Forbes

The future of outsourcing—and how to outsource the right way.

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Stephen King serves as President & CEO of GrowthForce , a leading outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service provider for businesses.

As a business leader, you know how important it is to identify your unique value proposition and focus on maintaining the quality of services you offer while being the absolute best you can be in your own corner of your industry. One of the most powerful business tools and operations strategies that can help leaders focus their time, resources and manpower on the valuable tasks that hold up the core of the business and drive profits is outsourcing.

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to provide, manage or handle a business function that could otherwise be performed internally. For example, outsourcing includes contracting outside accounting firms, attorneys or marketing companies to handle a business's bookkeeping and accounting, legal department or marketing.

The Current State Of Outsourcing

I've found that two sub-industries dominate outsourcing: IT outsourcing (cybersecurity, cloud computing, etc.) and business process outsourcing (HR, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, etc.). Many businesses that use outsourcing say that it increases focus on core functions, and about two-thirds of businesses cite cost savings as a primary advantage of outsourcing. Outsourcing HR through professional employer organizations was found to save businesses an average of 27.2% in 2019.

In 2019, Clutch found that 37% of small businesses already outsourced at least one business function, and Statista reported the total market value of the global outsourcing market to be worth $92.5 billion . More recently, Deloitte found that around 90% of companies see cloud computing as a vital aspect of outsourcing.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

Best covid-19 travel insurance plans.

According to Syntax's 2021 IT Trends Report, 91% of IT leaders have their own security operations center (SOC) team or in-house security talent, but 83% of those leaders are actively considering or seeking outside cybersecurity solutions.

The Future Of Outsourcing: What's Next?

As the “great resignation” surges on, remote and hybrid workplaces become increasingly popular, and automation with improving technologies takes increasing hold, I think the outsourcing industry is likely to continue expanding.

Globally, outsourcing spending is predicted to reach $731 billion in 2023 . IT outsourcing spend could increase 22% over 2019's numbers to reach $519 billion in 2023. The global business process outsourcing spend could increase 19% over 2019's numbers to reach $212 billion in 2023. Grandview Research predicts that the business process outsourcing industry will reach $525 billion by 2030.

Outsourcing Pros And Cons

Outsourcing can have both benefits and drawbacks, depending on a variety of factors. The primary benefits include improved productivity, cost savings, time savings and better use of resources. Outsourcing non-core business functions can also allow companies to tap into vast wells of expertise outside of their industry. Additionally, outsourcing reduces the number of positions needed to fill in-house, helping to ease the hiring burden.

Problems with outsourcing can occur when businesses outsource with partners that are not high-quality choices. Disadvantages of outsourcing can include problems like a lack of continuity in communications, quality, security concerns and hidden fees or costs. Additionally, if you don't receive the quality of service you expected, the business can suffer overall.

How To Outsource The Right Way

1. Choose the right outsourced services.

Don't outsource parts of your business willy-nilly. Instead, think carefully about the non-core business functions that slow you down and drain the largest portion of your resources. To get the most bang for your outsourcing buck, begin with outsourcing these areas.

2. Define, set and measure goals.

In addition to choosing the right parts of your business to outsource, it's also important to define and set goals early so you clearly understand the reasons why you're choosing to outsource. Do you want to improve productivity, save money, increase security, reduce labor costs, increase ROI on labor or increase profit margins?

Set goals, measure your starting metrics and make sure you have systems in place that enable you to measure the impact outsourcing has on your business.

3. Choose the right partners.

When outsourcing, the quality of the partner you choose is paramount to a successful relationship and outsourcing experience. Be sure to choose an outsourcing partner that has expertise (education, certification and/or other credentials), experience (a long track record of doing business and positive customer reviews), and good security (sound IT security and employee vetting practices).

4. Understand your responsibilities and those of your outsourcing partners.

When working with an outsourced partner, it's important to understand everyone's responsibilities and the role they play in the relationship. This helps ensure that the relationship goes smoothly and that the outsourcing partnership is successful. For example, it's essential that you understand how the system works, have a clear plan for communication and understand what your business needs to do to ensure outsourcing success.

5. Read the fine print.

Before signing a contract with an outsourced service provider, be sure you read all the fine print. You should understand exactly what services you are purchasing, the nature and rules of your subscription or contract, and also the pricing structure. Ask whether there are any limitations with your outsourcing plan and if there are ever any surcharges or fees that you could encounter.

6. Manage your employees through the change.

Outsourcing not only impacts operations, costs and productivity, but it also affects your employees. Outsourcing can be a great resource for helping to avoid employee burnout, but the way you plan to use outsourcing needs to be communicated clearly. Outsourcing can lead employees to worry about their job security.

Be sure you communicate the plan to your employees, provide them with training for new roles (if their job duties will be redefined) and ensure they understand the new processes and procedures for minimal disruption when the workflow shifts.

Whether you're still operating 100% in-house or have already outsourced portions of your business, you can show strong leadership by identifying aspects of your company that outsourcing could benefit. By creating an outsourcing strategy now and pairing it with a human capital management plan to see your employees through the changes, you'll be well prepared to super-charge your profits and productivity.

Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

Stephen King

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IT Outsourcing - United States

  • United States
  • Revenue in the IT Outsourcing market is projected to reach US$167.90bn in 2023.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 10.67%, resulting in a market volume of US$278.70bn by 2028.
  • The average Spend per Employee in the IT Outsourcing market is projected to reach US$1.00k in 2023.
  • In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$167.90bn in 2023).

Key regions: India , Germany , Spain , Netherlands , United Kingdom

Definition: The IT Outsourcing market refers to the external contracting of IT functions, services, or projects instead of relying on company-owned resources. By outsourcing IT tasks (e.g., to IT suppliers or software developers), enterprises are able to focus on their core functions and save internal resources and costs (e.g., office space, maintenance, and utilities). Thus, outsourcing teams becomes a viable cost resilience strategy in an environment where companies are looking to save money more than ever.

In an IT context, these activities include IT administration, IT application, and web hosting services. Non-IT-related outsourcing services are excluded.

IT Outsourcing contains four distinct markets that are based on different services:

  • Administration Outsourcing refers to the market for services associated with the external sourcing of typical IT administration tasks such as hardware supply, setup, configuration, maintenance, security, and support.
  • Application Outsourcing refers to the market for all IT application services in a software production context, spanning from requirement assessments to concept and design of software applications.
  • Web Hosting includes all types of internet hosting services that allow companies or individuals to provide access to their web page via the World Wide Web.
  • Other IT Outsourcing refers to aggregated revenues of the types of IT outsourcing that are not specifically mentioned in the other IT Outsourcing markets, such as infrastructure outsourcing, network outsourcing, and managed services.

Additional Information:

The IT Outsourcing market comprises revenues, revenue change, average spend per employee, and revenues of the outsourcing types. Market values represent revenues that are generated by primary vendors either directly or through distribution channels at the manufacturer price level (excluding VAT). Reported market revenues include spending by enterprises (B2B) and governments (B2G). Detailed definitions of each market can be found on the respective page where the market data is displayed. Key players in the market include IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, NTT, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

For more information on the data displayed, use the info button right next to the boxes.

  • Application outsourcing
  • Administration outsourcing
  • Web hosting
  • Infrastructure outsourcing


  • Non-IT related outsourcing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Professional payment outsourcing
  • Infrastructure as a service and platform as a service

IT Services

  • IT Consulting & Implementation
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Administration Outsourcing
  • Application Outsourcing
  • Web Hosting
  • Other IT Outsourcing
  • Other IT Services
  • Analyst Opinion

Interest in IT outsourcing is growing thanks to accelerating digitalization, the wider use of enterprise applications, and the increased popularity of home office setups. More than ever, IT oursourcing is being adopted by large and mid-sized companies across a range of industries from telecoms and finance to e-commerce and manufacturing. Most often, companies are looking to outsource IT support, infrastructure management, and business application operations. The main reason for outsourcing is the lack of IT experts. The shortage is caused by demographic issues and the high demand for skilled workers.

With digital transformation and increasing applications and extensions provided by IT, the segment of IT Outsourcing has been growing steadily in the past few years and is anticipated to witness significant growth in the upcoming years. This is leading to two developments: first, a higher demand for products and services that can be outsourced, and second, a lower threshold for outsourcing these products and services to companies located outside the buyers’ countries. Moreover, by outsourcing IT tasks (e.g., IT suppliers and software developers), enterprises are allowed to focus on their core functions and save internal resources and costs (e.g., office space, maintenance, and utilities). Thus, outsourcing teams becomes a viable cost resilience strategy in an environment where companies are looking for savings more than ever.

The IT outsourcing sector is the biggest contributor to revenue in the IT Services market, with US$361 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach US$777.8 billion by 2028.

  • Methodology

Data coverage:

Modeling approach / Market size:

Additional notes:

  • Global Comparison
  • Key Market Indicators

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The Complete Guide for Outsourcing IT Projects

Outsourcing is driving value for businesses of all sizes and from everywhere in the world. But you probably know all about that already. So let’s take a walk.

Damian Scalerandi

By Damian Scalerandi

SVP of Professional Services Damian Scalerandi leads every step of IT project delivery with multi-cutural teams to help accomplish client goals.

12 min read

Outsourcing IT

There’s no doubt about it: outsourcing software development projects is making digital acceleration accessible to anyone. For the first time in the history of outsourcing (and thanks to the many new technologies that have allowed remote work to become a commonplace practice), any company in the world can get immediate access to the best developers in the market .

That, of course, has brought up a lot of attention to technology adoption, giving birth to what we now know as digital differentiation . In other words, getting an edge over the competition is now all about who has the best tech and the best IT talent at their disposal. This is easy to see when you take into account that the leading companies in every industry are the ones that know their way around the best software solutions. 

But you probably know all about that already, which is why you’ve ended up here, at the Best Guide for Outsourcing IT Projects In 2021. So let’s take a walk and dive deeper into how exactly you can outsource your IT project, what parts you could outsource, why or why shouldn’t you do it, and a lot more. 

How Do You Outsource an IT Project?

Being a fairly recent industry with just over a decade on its back, business leaders have had all kinds of experiences with outsourcing their IT projects. I’ve heard horror stories about projects that delivered entirely different products than what was requested and inspiring stories about companies that saved a ton of money on development and still got a better solution than what they expected. 

All of that begs the question: What did the first group do wrong? What makes or breaks IT outsourcing? 

Well, the answer to that question is perhaps simpler than it seems. Unlike what most people may think, outsourcing is not about finding the cheapest solution out there – it’s about getting the most valuable return on your investment. In other words, if you want to do outsourcing right, you need to focus on cost-effectiveness. 

The most important step to achieve that is choosing the right vendor. For many,  picking the perfect offshore company can be a little tricky, especially given how many there are around the world. Luckily, there are few aspects you can always focus on, including:

  • Fluent Communication and Workflow : Fluent communication and workflow is the most critical step to outsourcing. Your Software Outsourcing partner should be perfectly fluent in English or the language of your choice. Also, their work process should match your workflow throughout the development cycle.
  • Standardized Security Protocols : In an increasingly tech-driven world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Make sure the IT company of your choice has up-to-date security protocols for keeping all data and software products safe.
  • Top Talent Software Engineers : Software development outsourcing gives you access to world-class IT talent. It’s the job of an outsourcing company to gather the best software developers from the region and use their talent to build the best possible product for you.
  • Quality Experience : Always check references, past clients, and completed projects of your potential IT partner. This information will give you some insight into the IT company’s performance, workflow style, and quality of software products.
  • Full Range of Services : What you need today might not be what you need tomorrow. The best outsourcing companies specialize in a wide range of fields to handle your project from a holistic and highly-experienced approach.

What Parts of the Project Should Be Outsourced?

This is a great question (and one that always has a different answer). The beautiful thing about outsourcing IT solutions is that you can outsource literally as much of the project as you want. Some companies outsource the work of a single engineer who can help patch a vulnerability in a couple of weeks, others hire a team of System Architects to redefine and optimize their IT infrastructure, and there are even those who simply outsource the entire thing to a third party and take all the weight off their shoulders. 

But that doesn’t really answer the question, does it? If you’re wondering what parts of your project should be outsourced, I’m afraid I can’t give you an exact answer. I don’t know what your project is about! But what I can do is tell you exactly how the most common types of outsourcing work, and then you can hit the ballpark of what types of services you’ll be needing before you sign anything. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the three main types of IT outsourcing there are: Delivery Teams, Staff Augmentation, and Project-Based Outsourcing. Read our article on the 9 types of IT projects to outsource.

Delivery Teams

Delivery Teams are perhaps the most common form of IT outsourcing today. Simply put, a Delivery Team is an autonomous group of engineers that works in parallel with the client’s in-house team. If you choose to work with a top software development company, you’re likely to get a tailored-fit team in just a few days. 

Delivery Teams are an ideal choice for companies who are looking to develop high-quality software but don’t have the infrastructure or talent available to do so. This makes it easier for businesses to jumpstart their projects in a flash and start freeing up internal resources by transferring workloads to their development partners.

Staff Augmentation

If you already have an established IT or software development department within your company, then IT Staff Augmentation might be exactly what you’re looking for. This service provides an “Extended Team” that works as part of your local team—and I mean that. Extended Teams will attend daily meetings, report directly to your company’s managers, and do anything else that the in-house engineers do to get things moving. 

Staff Augmentation is the perfect choice for companies that need a rapid integration of outstanding software engineers into their team. This way, you can immediately find the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, which boosts the scalability and efficiency of project development. And, of course, you’ll be bypassing everything related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented software engineers.

Project-Based Outsourcing

Project-Based Outsourcing or PBO is what most people understand as good, old plain software outsourcing. PBO is a full-cycle process in which the software services vendor takes care of everything related to software development from start to finish. You, as the client, only need to come up with what you want to get done and provide feedback as the project progresses. 

This model gives you immediate access to the resources necessary to execute complex and time-sensitive projects without the need to have any onboard IT talent. Nonetheless, remember that it’s always better to have a clearly defined project scope (or at least a solid idea of what you want to achieve and how you are going to measure it) so that the end product turns out to be what you actually wanted. Your software outsourcing partner will also provide consultancy on project management, choice of the technology stack, and any other area from the client’s end that requires support. 

When Should I Outsource My IT Project?

There are many situations in which offshoring becomes the most viable option. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • When you lack in-house IT Talent : Top talented offshore developers are scarce on a global scale. IT Companies work with remote methodologies to overcome this challenge.
  • When you need to fill specialized roles : Many projects require either super-specialized technical roles or temporary positions that aren’t attractive for top talented developers.
  • When you’re dealing with complex projects : Tackling a complex project requires a lot of know-how and technical expertise. Without those, it’s easy to run into speed bumps and accumulate downtime.
  • When you are working on tight deadlines : Getting the right results at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Offshore developers scale your capabilities when needed.
  • When you need expert support and consulting : Software outsourcing companies provide consulting and support solutions for existing or ongoing projects that have fallen off the tracks.
  • When you want to maximize cost-efficiency : IT development companies completely eliminate the costs of hiring in-house staff while providing the same or better benefits.

What Should Be Practiced for Best Outsourcing?

As with most things in life, the better prepared you are to start your outsourcing journey, the better results you will be able to achieve. Most of the time, practicing these five things will get you on your way towards a smooth and value-driven outsourcing experience. 

  • Have clear goals : As we all know, outsourcing services make it easier for your company to reach its goals. However, you are the one in charge of setting the goals your outsourcing partner needs to achieve. That’s why having a clear idea of what you’re aiming for and the results you expect in a given time frame are both so important to developing a custom technology solution that matches your needs. 
  • Set your priorities straight : While it is true that your outsourcing partner will help you build a detailed roadmap of your project, you’ll be the one to provide feedback on what is getting done and what needs to get done. As such, you’ll need to clearly state what matters most for your company and your clients. So keep your priorities straight and participate as much as possible throughout development. 
  • Paint a clear picture : Today, bringing an idea to the table is rarely enough to build a successful software solution. You need to describe an experience and paint a clear picture of it so that your software development partner can make it into the real thing. The clearer the picture, the faster your project will come out of the wireframing and sketching stage. 
  • List all of your needs : The tech stack of your company is most likely very particular in its needs. And your project, just like any other, will require a team of engineers that are well versed in that very same tech stack and in your industry. Make a list of what you’ll need from your IT partner and ask about the different service models and technologies they can offer to get a feel of how they could fit in your project.
  • Put everything on paper : Service Level Agreements are the lifeblood of outsourcing contracts . If you want to include accountability in your project (and you should), always put everything on paper. Having proper documentation speeds up any process and makes everything much more transparent. Your outsourced team will help you choose the best solution to achieve your goals on time and cost-efficiently. 

A Quick Recap on This Definitive Guide to Outsource IT Projects in 2021

Outsourcing is driving value for businesses of all sizes and from everywhere in the world. I hope this article was helpful to you. And remember, if you have any further questions, my colleagues at BairesDev are always happy to help . Let’s finish this guide with a recap of the most important aspects of outsourcing IT projects in 2021. 

  • Define the objective : If you want your project to be successful, you’ll need a clear statement of exactly what you’re trying to achieve and what you’ll be requiring from your software outsourcing partner. Outlining expected deliverables within the contract timeframe is a must. 
  • Choose your partner wisely : Not all software outsourcing companies are the same. It is always better to go with an experienced partner that has a proven track record developing software similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Always check references!
  • Understand the different service models : Outsourcing is a fully-customizable service, so you’ll always get the best deal on what you need. However, learning the differences between the three main outsourcing models ( Dedicated Teams , Staff Augmentation, and Project-Based Outsourcing) will get you ahead on the process. 
  • Prioritize value, not cost : The days when outsourcing was all about getting the cheapest solution possible are gone. Now, businesses from all over the world outsource software services to access a global talent pool of expert developers who can build high-quality products cost-effectively. 
  • Communicate Constantly : Communication is key in every software development project. Make sure you have established communication channels and protocols with your outsourcing provider. Keeping a constant feedback loop throughout development is highly beneficial for both parties. 
  • Ask questions : As the client, you need to ask as many questions as you need to understand exactly what your software outsourcing partner is offering and how it will benefit your goals. All of your doubts and concerns must be addressed in the Service Level Agreement. 
  • Demand cybersecurity : Cybersecurity is more important than ever. No matter what kind of software you’re looking to outsource, make sure that your partner can comply with all the cybersecurity requirements that apply. 
  • Put it all on paper : As you know, your contract with the software provider will determine everything related to the outsourcing project. This includes all of the relevant documents for the process, such as the Service Level Agreement, the Software Requirements and Specifications, the Key Performance Indicators, and a Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary. 

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out some more outsourcing articles:

  • How To Manage Outsourced Software Development Teams Effectively
  • Strategies for Ensuring Vendor Accountability in Software Outsourcing
  • The Benefits of Outsourcing Telemedicine Software Development
  • Understanding and Selecting the Best Software Outsourcing Payment Model

Damian Scalerandi is SVP of Professional Services at BairesDev. Damian leads every step of IT projects from design through project delivery. His 10+ years of experience in the tech field helps him lead globally diverse teams on large-scale tech projects.

outsourcing projects from usa

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The best job boards for hiring data entry staff in USA USA employers will notice a lack of dedicated data entry job boards to post their vacancies on. Therefore, we've gathered a list of popular local and international job boards that have a lot of traffic to bring the most attention to your data entry vacancies.

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with data scraping from Google from USA , UK ,EUROPE Specifically, I need to scrape contact information (phone number, email) for furniture dealers, architects, and interior designers. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web scraping techniques and tools - Experience in data extraction from Google search results - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in collecting contact information - Familiarity with Excel for formatting the scraped data - Ability to handle a large number of entries (more than 500) for each category Deliverable: - The scraped data should be provided in an Excel spreadsheet format.

We are based in Florida, USA and are looking for a Spanish to English translator who resides in Cancun to assist in coordinating tasks with local Architect and Real Estate Agent to remodel our warehouse near the Hotel Zone. The ideal candidate will have strong translation skills as well as coordination experiences real estate projects . Responsibilities include translating email, texts, documents, facilitating communication between parties, and ensuring tasks are completed according to the client's requirements. The translator must be detail-oriented, organized, and capable of working independently. Fluent Spanish and English language skills are required. Site visits to make sure work is being completed will also be necessary, taking photos, and sendi...

...specialize in . Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in PHP or .Net (or other specified programming language) - Experience in developing similar projects related to milk collection systems or other inventory management systems - Knowledge of accurate fat and weight calculation algorithms - Familiarity with database management and integration - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for easy data input and retrieval - Attention to detail and ability to ensure accurate calculations and data management - Strong problem-solving and debugging skills - Ability to work independently and meet project requirements This project has a 5 months timeline. However, timely delivery and regular communication are expected. Please provide examples of similar pr ...

...PROPOSALS FROM FREELANCERS WHO COMPLY WITH THAT. Please RECORD a quick intro about yourself, your skills, experience, availability, etc. Hello freelancers, looking for a virtual assistant to work during USA business hours 9 am to 5 pm Eastern time that can handle phone customer service and sales, emails, data entry, and WordPress. Skills and Experience: - Expert level skills and experience in sales and customer service - Knowledge of technology, hospitality, or retail services - Ability to work independently and communicate effectively - Strong problem-solving skills - Experience in closing deals and generating leads - Ability to handle customer complaints and provide solutions If you are an experienced and skilled sales and customer service representative...

...BE 100% ACCURATE YOU MUST USE VPN FOR USA SEARCH (100% REQUIRED) THIS IS NOT A SCRAPING JOB (NO SCRAPING ALLOWED) Your work will be completed ( ON ) a spreadsheet You will provide me the link for me to monitor This is MANUAL SEARCH - NOT SCRAPING (NO SCRAPING) Your work will be checked for accuracy 1. I will give you (10) USA STATES WITH ALL CITIES 2. You will use this keyword for each city: "fiber optic cable structured cabling install" 3. You will go to Google Maps through VPN- USA 4. You will search each city using my keyword 5. You will collect Company, street number address and website URL. (put on spreadsheet) separated by city/state Try this example of the work: Go to google maps through VPN- USA , search this keywor...

Looking for a team of experienced lead list builders to build a list of med spa & weight loss clinics around the world ( USA , CA, UK, ANZ). Long-term project. We need 5,000 hand-qualified, VALID leads (no catch-all, invalid ones) per month. We already have an existing list that you can check for duplicates. Fields required: -First name -Last name -Company name -Website -Email address -Linkedin profile URL -Phone number (optional) Will pay 0.03 valid lead. Please provide a sample lead list of 100 sample leads. Long-term. Ideally, you have a TEAM of list builders .

LPHK SOLUTION LLC, headquartered in Palmetto, GA, is a forward-thinking software development company established on June 21, 2023. With a team of approximately 100 overseas developers, we are committed to delivering exceptional software solutions through strategic outsourcing partnerships. As we continue to expand, we are seeking a dedicated Project Lead to join our team and contribute to the growth and success of our projects . Responsibilities: - Lead the initiation, planning, execution, and closure of software development projects . - Coordinate with overseas developers to ensure project requirements are understood and executed accurately. - Communicate effectively with native and non-native English-speaking team members, fostering a collaborative and cohesiv...

licensed in the State of Washington, USA only I have complete plans to have a log cabin built in Ferry County Washington. The state codes do not have a log cabin section, so the county planning department requires an engineering evaluation of the plans. Is this a service you provide?

Qualifications: at least 5 years of experience in : - PHP 7.4+ - MySQL - MongoDB, - Experience with at least one front-end framework (react, vuejs, angular, jQuery) - Excellent English skills. (Bonus points if you use PHPUnit.) *A competitive salary package commensurate with experience will be offered, along with performance-based bonuses and additional benefits. If you are interested and believe that your qualifications align with the job requirements, please submit your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio showcasing your relevant work.

I have no familiarity for GMAT exam . I want to study all sections for it and need tutoring for all sections for 2 months , so maybe 90 minutes , 6 sessions , mon-sat . Can anyone help me ? I am currently doing mba in infirmation systems from USA and i want to Apply for PhD so that I need to prepare for GMAT exam .

We give $10,000 to anyone who gets 5 clients in 2 months. In addition, he will receive a 10% commission rate from that customer every month. It will be explained in more detail at the Zoom meeting. Phone numbers will be given to you. You only need to call. You must live in the USA .

Problem: We are a company that create personal videos, host them on our landing pages, and sends them out via email or sms. We are going to send a lot of films to end users and would like to know if our landing pages and videos plays smoothly being hosted here in EU. This should take 15-30 minutes maximum. Step 1: I would like you to check these three links: Høyre: Entain: Vertical: Step 2: Enable device Screen record on mobile/PC, check if the landing page loads quickly and check if the videos are playing smoothly on: - A computer with wifi (On your computer browser, right click the landing webpage and go to “Inspect” and go to the “Network” tab option, take a

I am seeking someone located in the USA who can assist me in obtaining an AT&T Postpaid and delivering it to me via standard mail. Requirements: - Located in the USA - Experience in purchasing and shipping items via standard mail - Familiarity with AT&T Postpaid models and availability Ideal Skills: - Knowledge of AT&T Postpaid models and their specifications - Strong communication skills to discuss and confirm the specific model I have in mind - Efficient and reliable in handling the purchase and delivery process If you have experience in obtaining and delivering AT&T Postpaid devices and are located in the USA , please submit your proposal. Thank you.

Only bid if you have a paid subscription for Statista and only once you’ve found the following exist; 1. Revenues from books in the USA in 2022 2. Printed/ebook/audio ratio 3. How many Public libraries in the USA 4. How many physical book shops in the USA 5. How many American visiting public libraries and how often 6. How many books does the average American read per year

Hello, I own a web-based restaurant management system (POS) developed on PHP & Codeignator. I'm looking for outsourcing a PHP&Codeignator developer. Monthly budget: $400 | Contract period: 1 year Monday to Friday | 4 hours a day | 20 hours a week | 80 hours per month From 2PM to 6 PM | GMT+4 time zone Note: No budget increase during 1 year! so please don't ask if not agree my terms. General requirements: 1) Minimum of 3 years experience in PHP and Codeignator 2) Available Monday to Friday, 3) Communication by phone, Whatsapp, and Skype 4) A developer has to provide a tech support and development process Again, Monthly Budget: $400

...assist our team in gaining projects from the Freelancer onboarding staff. The ideal candidate should have customer service experience and be able to effectively communicate and build relationships with the onboarding staff. Specific Skills and Qualifications: - Customer service experience is required to effectively interact with the Freelancer onboarding staff and address any queries or concerns they may have. - Sales and marketing experience would be beneficial in promoting our projects and services to the onboarding staff. - Project management experience would be valuable in coordinating and tracking the progress of our project acquisition efforts. Type of Projects : - We are primarily interested in design projects , web developm...

To give you some contect: SSHT HALLOWEEN OKTOBER XX REGISTER NOW: LIMITED CAPACITY (Instagram icon) Inspiration: (prefer this one) Tekst line 1: JOIN US Tekst line 2: SS... SSHT HALLOWEEN OKTOBER XX REGISTER NOW: LIMITED CAPACITY (Instagram icon) Inspiration: (prefer this one) Tekst line 1: JOIN US Tekst line 2: SSHT HALLOWEEN PARTY Be creative! If you've made designs in the past, feel free to post. Maybe I'm impressed by your other work. Also looking for long term

Looking for an HR company or agency that can provide recruitment and hiring services. Targeting countries in North America, Europe, and Asia for recruitment. Currently have more than 100 employees in the company. I need a good human resources company or an intermediary company that can help me complete the collection of local languages. More details after bid me. Countries list: 1. ar_AE/SA - Arabic (United Arab Emirates/Saudi Arabia) 6 it_Italy-Italian(Italy) 9. th_TH -(Thailand) 10. yue_CN - Cantonese (China) 11. da_Dk- Danish (Denmark) 19. ms_MY - Malay (Malaysla) 21.nl_NL - Dutch (Netherlands) 23.ru_RU - Russlan (Russia) 24.tr_TR - Turkish (Turkey) 25. zh TW- Chinese (Taiwan) Project description: 3 kits of equipements :provided by the client Supplier needs to pro...

?? **AI Law White Label Site Project Opportunity in Canada and USA ** ???? Attention potential candidates, We are seeking individuals or teams with a strong amalgamation of legal expertise and coding prowess to collaborate on a groundbreaking AI Law White Label Site project designed for deployment in both Canada and the USA . This is a serious undertaking that demands the highest level of professionalism. **Project Requirements:** 1. **Legal Expertise:** A comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks in both Canada and the USA is an absolute prerequisite. Your ability to navigate complex legal intricacies will define the success of this project. 2. **Coding Proficiency:** Mastery over coding, particularly in the realm of web scrapi...

Looking for someone to assist in opening AdWords accounts using USA and UK emails. Please apply only if you have a live presence in the USA or UK."

Hi there, Thanks for reaching out to us, here is our proposal. Please take a look. We can have a phone call for further details if you are interested in my service. Where creativity meets imagery, stories come to life through the lens. Infusing your visual aspirations with sound and soul, making each frame an eternal moment. We are dedicated to turning your narrative into visual marvels, exceeding expectations, transcending time. Let's together craft a journey of visuals that captivate not only the eyes but also touch the heart.

I have a couple of AI/ML projects that I am starting up. Can you please check if you have knowledge to write technical in any of these fields? 1. AI/ML in Digital marketing/Sales/SOME to automate marketing work. See inspiration: This task includes describing a technical description of a AI/ML project, that MUST include some new technoloy and innovation factors. We will use the text to qualify to funding of our project and company to start. Please also see the attached template how the report shall be formatted. Can you do this within 4 days? I have an attached file also go through it.

Looking for a part-time job in the field of job search and application. Interested in all industries. Need assistance with searching for any and all remote jobs which I could qualify based on the provided resume from USA or European companies. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge of job search strategies and techniques - Familiarity with online job boards and application portals - Excellent communication and organizational skills - Ability to tailor job applications to specific industries and job requirements - Attention to detail and ability to proofread and edit application materials Budget is $100 USD per month for minimum of 5 hours per week. I will need you to provide a weekly report on a spreadsheet containing the job tit...

... Excellent UX/UI for mobile and desktop without compromising speed. Wizard to be customisable in cms for future changes to the business. I supply questions. End of funnel users see recommendation based on their responses and existing booking button. Option to email their results too.l if they're not ready to book immediately. Include CTA buttons linking to the funnel customized appropriately per landing page. Design Style: - I prefer a corporate and professional design style for the wizard funnel. Preferred Platform: - The wizard funnel should be developed using WordPress. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in WordPress development and conversion rate optimisation - Experience in designing corporate and professional interfaces - Knowledge of use...

...this project is to establish brand guidelines for consistent branding and enhance brand visibility and recognition at events. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of branding and design principles - Experience in creating brand guides and exhibit displays - Ability to work with existing brand elements and incorporate them into the design - Creativity in designing an attractive and eye-catching exhibit display - Knowledge of different sizes and formats for event exhibit displays, specifically small (up to 10x10 feet) in this case. The Logo is made in Adobe Illustrator and the main color theme has been selected. I need a detailed brand guide to use for our new company. I need graphics for the exhibit display for the templates and photos at...

I have 3 members team who can handle Laravel, React Js and Vue.Js Along with Full Custom Designing worked for more than 4 years we can deliver high quality work and timely we can share our profit. Need project bidder or project outsourcing work - I am looking for assistance with a web development project - I am open to quotes and do not have a specific budget range - The expected timeline for this project is not specified

Hi Phillip, let's use this task and the revised rates to work on the 2 landing page projects going forward

...create a logo for my business. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating logos for service-based businesses. Project Requirements: - Design a professional and eye-catching logo for my business - The logo should accurately represent the nature of my services - The design should be unique and memorable - I am open to the designer's creativity and suggestions - The logo should be versatile and easily recognizable in both digital and print formats Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in logo design for service-based businesses - Creativity and the ability to think outside the box - Attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence of a business through design - Proficiency in design software such as Adob...

Skip Tracing USA Homeowners I am looking for a skilled professional to assist me in skip tracing USA homeowners. This project requires finding specific information about the homeowners, including their current address, phone number, and email address. Requirements: - Ability to accurately find and provide the current address, phone number, and email address of homeowners - Experience in skip tracing and familiarity with various methods and tools - Strong research and investigative skills - Attention to detail and ability to deliver accurate results - Ability to handle a large volume of skip tracing tasks Preferred Method: I do not have a preferred method or tool for the skip tracing process. I am open to recommendations and suggestions on the best approach to...

...applicable for Validate Addresses 2. Update of the UI layout to add the Location ID. B. Inventory Usage updates (step 1 completed) - $200 1. Review and Modification of the query to remove the duplicate entries caused by the INItemRep and POVendorInventory joins. 2. Warehouse Qty on Hand, Warehouse Qty Available, Qty. SO Back Ordered, Qty. PO need to be as of current time, and when the warehouse details in not checked all warehouses totals should be summed C. Calendar View change (not started) - $300 1. Add "Remove DGI Delivery Reservation" action to the Sales Order entry. 2. Action will remove the Route ID, Route Date, Route Time, Booked Hours and IsScheduled checkbox values from the Sales Order. 3. Action will increase back the OpenHours for that day of the Rout...

Hello, I am looking for a creative and talented freelancer to design the clothing items for my military/veteran clothing brand. I would like a collection of t-shirts to form the...looking for a creative and talented freelancer to design the clothing items for my military/veteran clothing brand. I would like a collection of t-shirts to form the basis of the clothing line, with the possibility of expanding it to include hoodies and hats in the future. When designing the clothing pieces I want to release, I'd like a mix of simple and complex designs with specific themes in mind. I'm excited to see what you come up with and am looking forward to a productive collaboration. I also would prefer someone that is active or former USA military. attached is my logo exce...

This will be installed on the "AWS Federal Government Cloud" and only individuals "physically located" within the borders of the USA are authorized to work within this system. Otherwise, it is just like working in the commercial AWS cloud. So Freelancer must be based in the United States. I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with configuring an AWS EC2 instance and installing the 'Coral ERM' system. Files and description are here: Overview of the project requirements: Operating System: The AWS EC2 instance should be set up using Amazon Linux. Apache Web Server: Apache 2.2 or above. Coral ERM System: The Coral ERM system needs to be installed from a fresh install. Files here: SOFTWARE: requirements for CORAL 3.0: PHP 5.5

JOB DESCRIPTION: FIRE ALARM CAD ENGINEER Position Overview: We are NYC based rapidly growing start up Fire Alarm Company, seeking a dynamic and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant to join our team. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in our operations by accurately analyzing blueprints to perform device counts, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets, and transforming the information into comprehensive proposals. This position requires exceptional organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with our team. The role also encompasses general administrative tasks to support the smooth functioning of the office. Responsibilities: Blue Print Device Take Off: Review blueprints and construction documents to extract rel...

JOB DESCRIPTION: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Position Overview: We are NYC based rapidly growing start up Fire Alarm Company, seeking a dynamic and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant to join our team. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in our operations by accurately analyzing blueprints to perform device counts, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets, and transforming the information into comprehensive proposals. This position requires exceptional organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with our team. The role also encompasses general administrative tasks to support the smooth functioning of the office. Responsibilities: Blue Print Device Take Off: Review blueprints and construction documents to extract re...

Project Title: USA Live Job Leads Provider Target Industries: Technology, Healthcare, Finance Preferred Location: No preference, any location within the USA Frequency of Job Leads: Daily Skills and Experience: - Experience in data entry and lead generation - Strong understanding of the technology, healthcare, and finance industries - Ability to collect and provide live job leads on a daily basis - Familiarity with various job boards and websites for sourcing job leads - Attention to detail and accuracy in providing job lead information

Content Writer Needed for SEO Optimized Articles (Less than 500 words) I sent this over as what i do , also i can send some keywords . Port St. Lucie, FL, USA Water softening equipment supplier N/A N/A Best Whole House Water Filter N/A N/A Water softener N/A N/A water filter supplier N/A N/A Water Softener Systems N/A N/A Commercial Water Softeners N/A N/A Water Softening Services N/A N/A Water Softener Companies N/A N/A industrial water softners N/A N/A Industrial Water Softener Systems N/A N/A water filtration suppliers N/A N/A Home Water Softeners N/A N/A Certified Water Specialist N/A N/A Residential Water Softeners N/A N/A Commercial water softener companies N/A N/A Best commercial

I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in collecting homeowner data in the USA for direct marketing purposes. Specifically, I am interested in gathering property information such as property value and mortgage status with owners contact such as name, email, phone. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in data collection and be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information. I am looking for you to be able to provide data across USA to 20 clients every month consistently. If you have the necessary skills and expertise in data collection and direct marketing, please submit your proposal.

Hey Designers! A USA Payment Processing Company is looking to have a new logo. Of course, i am excited to see what you geniuses come up with! Company name: CruisePay Finance Special Requirement: We need the same colour scheme as per attached logo

More details: What specific industries do you need the database from? This question was skipped Do you need assistance with drafting and sending the emails as well? Yes How many contacts do you need in each industry? More than 500

...marketing in the USA furniture industries. Features Needed: - Contact Management: The CRM should have the ability to store and organize contact information for potential clients in the furniture industry. - Email Marketing: The CRM should have robust email marketing capabilities, allowing for the creation and sending of targeted email campaigns to potential clients. - Sales Pipeline Tracking: The CRM should have the ability to track the progress of leads through the sales pipeline, from initial contact to conversion. CRM Platform: - No specific CRM platform has been chosen yet, but I have some options in mind. I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. Monthly Email Volume: - I plan to send between 1000-5000 emailers per month. Ideal Skills and Expe...

Looking for a freelancer to help with advance excel projects . Tasks include: - Data analysis and visualization - Formula creation and automation Requirements: - Intermediate level proficiency with Excel - Experience with data analysis and visualization - Knowledge of formula creation and automation Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Excel functions and formulas - Experience with data analysis and visualization tools - Strong attention to detail and ability to work with large data sets Deadline: - No specific deadline for this project

i need 200 quality backlinks for the e-commerce website we manufacture of Security seals and we want to get traffic from USA we have some specific keywords

English USA Neutral Voiceover Duration: 1-3 minutes Application: Commercial Tone/Style: Professional Skills and Experience: - Must be a native English speaker with a neutral American accent - Experience in voiceover work for commercials - Ability to deliver a professional and polished voiceover - Strong communication skills and ability to follow directions - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines

I am looking for a USA Tax Attorney to provide a one-time consultation on a business tax issue. I have all the necessary documents and information prepared and ready to go. If you have experience advising on business tax issues, I'm seeking your expertise to help provide me with the best course of action following the consultation. Must be a USA licensed attorney to apply for this job.

...fundraising strategy, and my goal is to raise more than $5,000. I am looking for a creative and dedicated professional, who can help me develop and implement a full fundraising plan, while helping me meet my ambitious goals. We are reaching out to you with a heartfelt appeal to support the South African National Lifesaving Team in their mission to attend the prestigious International Surf Rescue Challenge. This year, the event takes place in South Padre Island, Texas, USA , from 18 to 24 September 2023. Our dedicated team of 26 members is eager to showcase their life-saving skills and compete on an international platform. Senior Ladies: Nicolette Challenor; Sasha Lee Corris; Tatum Botha; Kerry Elliott and Waris Mills Senior Men: Brayden Bergset; Cheyne Haupt; Chr...

My business is looking for a skilled freelancer to create a visualizer for our architectural projects . This visualizer must include 3D rendering capabilities and fit into the business context of our existing enterprise. We are hoping to find someone who can complete this project as soon as possible, with an expected timeline of 1-2 weeks. If you think you have what it takes to deliver this project to us, feel free to apply! We look forward to hearing from you.

Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing has become a strategic component of any successful organization. Even more important is to consistently deliver the projects on time and within budget and increase an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. This is where C-Metric has established a strong reputation with its clients by taking on numerous outsourcing projects and delivering them with precision.

C-Metric specializes in delivering solutions for both large and mid-sized companies. We provide you with educated, technical and functional experts in current and legacy technologies. We constantly strive towards maintaining clear communications with our clients, deploying the right talent for the projects, managing high efficiency in resource utilization, and delivering cost effective solutions on time to our clients.

  • Full Life-Cycle Technology Development
  • Structured Development Process
  • In-depth Industry and Technology Experience
  • Client Involvement in all Phases
  • Remote Implementation and On-site Support as Needed
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Cost-effectiveness and Timezone Advantage

Dedicated and Reliable IT Outsourcing Services

We have skilled, well-trained, motivated, and dedicated IT personnel to manage your IT outsourcing projects. Hire the best outsourcing development team to manage complicated projects without hassles. We ensure the highest level of code quality and cost-effectiveness.

Outsource Projects to Reliable Software Development Partner

Outsource complex it projects and experience a hassle-free service.

C-Metric has a team of skilled IT professionals, and we continue with our efforts in building a stronger team of IT personnel. We provide comprehensive training and nurture talents by monitoring their technology skills. Most importantly, we embrace cutting-edge technologies in managing advanced and complex IT projects. Therefore, we ensure the most productive IT outsourcing solutions.

What Makes Us the Leading IT Outsourcing Company?

At C-Metric, you can obtain flexibility in outsourcing IT projects. Our team assures seamless communication, timely project completion, and precise adherence to all your requirements.

  • Top IT Talents: We relentlessly put effort into hiring the most dedicated and professional IT personnel. We give them an ecosystem for growth and job satisfaction.
  • Top-Quality Service Assured: Leveraging our expertise for the IT outsourcing job comes with the highest level of quality assurance. We are committed to delivering result-oriented software development services.
  • Experience and Industry Expertise: Our IT outsourcing team has worked on multiple projects. We are equipped with the experience and expertise to meet your requirements.
  • Workload Optimization: We deploy the latest project management tools to optimize productivity so that we can deliver on time and within budget.
  • Dedicated Staff: Hire a team of dedicated staff for managing your IT projects at your ease and convenience.
  • Low Risk: We eliminate the risk by following a well-defined process that identifies your exact requirements and make sure to deliver what you need.
  • High Security: We follow the highest level of security verification standards for all your projects.

Leverage Our End-to-End Software Development Outsourcing Expertise

Our expertise in rendering on-demand it outsourcing solutions.

  • Custom Software Development: We have skilled experts for custom software development projects. Develop efficient, tailor-made, and cost-effective software with us.
  • Software Testing: Often, organizations have a development team, though they do not have a dedicated testing department. Outsource software testing and quality assessment service to our team.
  • Mobile and Web Development: Our teams develop eCommerce websites, apps, and cross-platform mobile apps. Outsource mobile and web development projects to our team.
  • Maintenance and Support: Hire dedicated staff to maintain and support C-Metric’s apps and web-based tools.

How Do Our IT Outsourcing Services Work?

C-Metric is a transparent IT outsourcing services provider where strong business values are nurtured. We adapt to the standardized outsourced project management procedure to serve our clients with precision.

  • Discussion and Planning: The first stage includes client interactions about the project. Discuss the requirements so that we can provide estimates for your budgeting purpose. Depending on your project objectives, we allocate staff and resources for the project.
  • Choose Your Service: We offer different IT outsourcing services. You can hire a dedicated outsourced team. Alternatively, you can seek support for the IT staff augmentation of your team. Choose the service you need according to project objectives, resources, and budget.
  • Project Complexity Assessment: We put effort into assessing the project complexity and assessing the resources required for handling the projects. A quick and hassle-free assessment helps us manage projects efficiently by ensuring quality output.
  • Project Development and Deployment: The final stage is completing a project. We develop projects adhering to all guidelines to deliver quality output. You can also rely on us for maintenance and support services for post-project completion.

What are the qualifications of the IT professionals at C-Metric?

We hire professionals with globally recognized IT expertise. Our company follows a rigorous approach for hiring highly qualified professionals with excellent educational backgrounds and qualifications.

Does C-Metric have adequate infrastructure to handle large-scale projects?

We are equipped with the infrastructure and resources to deal with different size projects. We have experience in managing large-scale IT outsourced projects for our clients. Therefore, we can assure you of top-quality service that meets your requirements with precision.

How can I hire dedicated IT staff at C-Metric?

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We will assign professionals with the exact skills required to manage your projects depending on your project requirements. Every professional at C-Metric undergoes corporate training that sharpens skills and teaches standardized approaches.

Can I replace a resource if I am not happy with the output?

Client satisfaction is our most important business goal. If you feel that our dedicated staff could not meet your expectations, you can request to change the resource anytime. However, we have rarely faced such concerns from our clients.

Do we sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. As the first step, your firm and C-Metric will execute a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring that both parties’ valuable information is well protected. We offer a worry-free IT outsourcing service at the most reasonable budget.

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12 Data Entry Projects Outsourcing Companies: Best List

Most of the companies work globally across US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, France, Germany. If you have a variety of data entry projects for outsourcing and outstaffing, you might be surprised how effective and cheap can be their support.

  • 1840 & Company

1840 & Company is a worldwide BPO provider that has an exclusive global network of freelancers, including data entry experts available in over 150 countries.

The company can leverage the skills of data entry freelancers to diversify your workforce and help you build remote teams.

1840 & Company has an affordable and flexible pricing structure, a dedicated account manager, and 24/7 support. It operates in different languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and many others.

Plus, the company’s access to relevant investors and market insights gives you an extra bonus and a competitive edge.


DataPlus offer accurate and cost-effectively data entry from any type of format – handwritten originals, scanned image and etc. Besides outsourced data entry services, they also provide database programming, data reporting, document scanning, data handling, and others. http://www.dataplus-svc.com/

  • Invensis Technologies

Invensis Technologies is one of the leaders in data entry outsourcing that works across the world in countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Ireland and others.

They are an offshore data entry company with data entry professionals, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy. With their data entry India team, you can achieve significant cost-savings and make your business data entry outsourcing very affordable . https://www.invensis.net/

  • ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM Incorporated offers a full specter of data entry outsourcing services such as data entry from paper forms, from scan images, directly into your databases and etc. They work for US – all the 50 states.

You can outsource a part of your data entry projects or the complete data input process. Their data entry outsourcing services are used for keying data from surveys, data entry from customer sign-up forms, data entry from product registrations, data entry from health claim forms, and many many others. http://www.ardem.net/

  • Coleman Data

Coleman Data offers document management solutions and outsourced data entry services. They are one of the proven data entry projects outsourcing companies that work entirely from the USA with a long history (since 1988).

They work for a variety of industries such as marketing, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, retailers, banking, publishing, and many many others. Your business data is secure as they are versed in regulatory issues that come with working with data, including HIPAA and PCI. http://www.coleman-data.com

  • Saivion India

They offer a full cycle of data entry services such as data extraction services, data conversion and capturing, online and offline data entry, image, language-based data input and etc.

Some of the benefits of their services include: data security & integrity, minimal turnaround time, maintains quality for client’s satisfaction, authentic for end users and many others. http://www.saivionindia.com

  • Team Data Entry

The company is capable to deal with a huge range of projects and to safeguard your business data. They accept all size of projects – no matter if they are too big or too small.

They accept several input sources like email, scanned images, web forms, fax, documents and etc. Among their outsourced data input services are: document data entry, form, online, offline data entry, book entry, data typing, data input from product sets to web system, image entry, PDF document indexing and etc. http://teamdataentry.com

  • Falcon Data Entry
  • Acelerar Technologies

Acelerar is one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies in India and a global brand offering outsourcing solutions for clients from all over the world. Their experts with a wide high data entry skills make sure that there is no error in input process.

Their data entry team uses the latest data entry apps and software to offer high-quality data entry outsourcing services that include, but not limited to: online and offline data entry; eBook data entry; mailing list compilation; file conversion outsourcing; word formatting data cleansing outsourcing; forms processing; Microsoft excel outsourcing; product data entry outsourcing and etc. https://www.acelerartech.com/

OBP is based in Australia and provides some of the best data entry services using the latest technology and highly educated and experienced data entry professionals. The company offers affordable and cost-effective catalog data entry services such as product categorization, and online product information research for catalog development and others.

Their expert catalog data entry team ensures that text, images, maps, and symbols are entered accurately for the best results. Even if you are in a specialized business area, OBP possesses the resources to find a data entry professional with specialist industry knowledge to cover your needs. http://www.offshorebusinessprocessing.com

  • Data Entry 101

DataEntry101 is among the one-stop offshore data entry projects outsourcing companies for various industries like real estate, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc. around the world. They are based in India and provide a wide range of data management solutions.

Among their services are: online and offline data entry, offshore data entry, image data entry, website data scraping, single and double key data entry and etc. http://dataentry101.com/

  • Lake Data Center

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There is also oworkers company 100 % specialized in data entry.

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Start » strategy, how to outsource everything : a guide for overwhelmed small business owners.

If you’re a small business owner who’s feeling overwhelmed, here’s why you should consider outsourcing some of your business’s tasks.

 A man in a chef's jacket sits at a marble-topped table and looks off to one side thoughtfully. His elbows are on the table and his hands are clasped together loosely near his chin. On the table in front of him are a few papers, a smartphone, an electronic tablet, and a white tea cup and saucer. In the background is a room with gray concrete walls and a few more tables with wooden chairs arranged around them.

As a small business owner managing various daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to focus on your business’s growth. Often, the most efficient and affordable way to handle those tasks isn’t by taking care of them in-house, but rather by outsourcing.

Here’s what you should know about outsourcing for your small business.

The benefits of outsourcing

Without the right support, small business owners can easily feel overwhelmed; however, outsourcing can help alleviate those burdens. Data shows 83% of small businesses will continue or increase their spending on outsourcing services in 2023.

Here are four benefits of outsourcing.

[Read more: Running Your Business Alone? 10 Things You Can Outsource to Free Up Time ]

Cost reduction

Those on a tight budget can benefit from outsourcing, as companies that outsource their work are not required to fulfill the same legal obligations as companies that hire employees. Unlike in-house workers, outsourced workers don’t receive benefits from your business and pay their own taxes and insurance — the outsourced worker must pay all of their own costs.

Additionally, outsourced workers don’t add much burden to a company’s overhead costs, and their expertise comes at a more affordable rate than W-2 employees because you’re only paying for the projects they complete.

Increased productivity

Outsourcing allows your team to hone in on the projects that are most important to your company’s success while passing along manual or mundane tasks to an outside party who can take on the projects at an affordable cost. You can then use your team to its full potential by having employees focus their expertise where it's needed most, avoiding feeling overworked or unmotivated.

For small business owners, outsourcing time-consuming responsibilities helps with time management, providing them with more time to focus on growing their business and achieving their goals.

Increased customer satisfaction

When small business owners outsource tasks and projects to external workers, they open themselves up to new opportunities, which can aid in company growth and improve customer satisfaction. That’s because outsourcing helps to waste less time on burdensome tasks, allowing business owners to take back control of their schedule and increase their productivity.

Instead of focusing on responsibilities that are essential to operations but not necessarily bringing in money — such as HR responsibilities or IT solutions — small business owners can outsource these roles and instead focus on high-priority, revenue-generating tasks and developing new ideas that will keep customers returning long-term.

Access to specialized talent

Sometimes your business will require a set of skills your existing team may not have. In these situations, outsourcing tasks to a specialized worker can lead to better and faster results — and at a cheaper cost overall — than if you were to task an ill-prepared employee with the project.

Outsourcing allows employers to seek out candidates from around the world, as opposed to hiring only local candidates. This means business owners no longer have to worry about finding the right candidate from their local talent pool; they can connect with the right worker for their needs online, regardless of where they’re located.

[Read more: 7 Business Tasks You Can Outsource ]

When you’re deciding what to outsource, consider where your business is lacking expertise.

Things to be cautious about

Although there are many benefits of outsourcing, small business owners should also consider some of its potential disadvantages, which could negatively impact the business if unaddressed.

Lack of control

Outsourcing requires a small business owner to relinquish some control to the contracted worker, as they are not working in the office or part of the employer’s team where they can be more closely monitored and have their mistakes promptly addressed. While you can explain to the worker the kind of tasks you need them to perform, when and how they handle the task is up to them, as long as they ultimately fulfill what you contracted them to accomplish. A business owner may find that tasks are completed in a different way than they are accustomed to, which can lead to bigger, more long-term problems if not handled.

Communication issues

Because an outsourced worker isn’t a part of your staff, it can be harder to communicate with them — and a lack of communication can often lead to problems for businesses. Therefore, it’s important to find someone who is reliable, easy to get a hold of, and has a stable internet connection if you plan to outsource.

Companies should also consider that communication may be challenging based on where the outsourced worker is located. If they are in a different time zone than the one your company operates in, or if they prefer different communication methods than you’re used to, you could run into delays in communication or have difficulty reaching them in times of emergency.

Quality issues

When you hire somebody outside of your business — who isn’t immersed enough to understand your company culture or expectations, and who doesn't hold much stake in your business — you run the risk of receiving lower-quality work, which can negatively affect your business’s reputation with clients or customers. Therefore, business owners shouldn't consider outsourcing if they aren’t willing to spend time finding the right candidate for the role and closely managing and reviewing the work they complete.

Finding a reliable outsourcing company

Making the time to find the right outsourcing company can be difficult. Every outsourcing company operates in different ways — and not all can take on new clients — so it’s important to find a partner who works with your business’s specific needs, respects your intellectual property, takes direction, is easy to communicate with, and delivers a quality product on time and in your price range. Otherwise, the partnership could wind up wasting money and negatively impact your business’s revenue, reputation, and customer relationships.

Know when to outsource

Many entrepreneurs would prefer not to spend resources on tasks they can handle themselves. However, it’s important to consider outsourcing if your business isn’t equipped to handle the project independently (and could benefit financially by outsourcing it) or if your daily responsibilities have hindered your ability to focus on the business’s growth.

Keep in mind the financial impact of outsourcing and ensure that you can afford to pay an agency for its services; however, remember that outsourcing provides the flexibility to experiment, so you can change agencies or workers who aren’t the right fit for your business.

[Read more: Outsourcing HR: Is a PEO or ASO Right for You? ]

Consider what to outsource and what to keep in-house

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration , accounting services are some of the most commonly outsourced roles, as improperly handled financials can lead to issues, such as penalties from the IRS. Other commonly outsourced services include marketing, customer support, human resources, shipping, web design, manufacturing, and payroll, among other areas.

When you’re deciding what to outsource, consider where your business is lacking expertise. For example, if your team doesn’t have anybody familiar with the latest social media trends, consider outsourcing your social media marketing to a third party. However, if a task can be properly handled by somebody in-house without burden or if the task is a high priority or involves confidential information, it’s best to keep the project internal.

How to choose the right outsourcing partner

Finding a fitting partner whose values align with your business is essential to a successful outsourcing experience, and it’s important to nurture the relationship to ensure a long, fruitful partnership.

Look for a company with experience by asking for references and proof of a positive history. They should be able to provide names and introduce you to satisfied clients who have worked with them for an extended period. Also, ensure the quality of the contractors it works with to ensure the work produced will be up to your standards. Consider making on-site visits to outsourcing companies you’re considering to learn more about their infrastructure and how they operate.

CO— aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

CO—is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business. Learn more about the benefits of small business membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, here .

outsourcing projects from usa

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Outsourcing Statistics 2023: In the US and Globally

Top outsourcing statistics : editor’s choice, statistics on outsourcing rundown, us outsourcing statistics, frequently asked questions.

Running a business can be expensive. Is there a more efficient way to reduce that cost than moving some of the work to people from other, cheaper parts of the world? Probably not.

The outsourcing statistics listed below will point out the good and the bad sides of this business, as we answer some of the key questions on the topic. By the way, outsourcing doesn’t always need to be financially motivated. The lack of expertise is just one of the other factors prompting companies to seek external professionals locally, nationally, or internationally. Read on to find out more.

  • The global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 billion in 2019.
  • 59% of companies outsource to cut costs.
  • Outsourcing accounts for 10% of the Philippines’ economy.
  • 37% of small businesses outsource at least part of their business process.
  • 80% of companies aren’t planning on outsourcing any sales or marketing jobs.
  • 14.3 million jobs are outsourced from the US.

1. 59% of companies outsource to cut costs.

Cost-cutting is the most common reason that makes organizations turn to outsourcing. More than half of businesses take this step in a bid to reduce the weight on their budgets. Other reasons include:

  • Enabling focus on core business (57%);
  • Solving capacity issues (47%);
  • Improving service quality (31%);
  • Meeting business needs (28%).

2. The global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 billion in 2019.

Outsourcing statistics by year show that in 2019, the value of global outsourcing services reached $92.5 billion. Compared to 2018, the market grew by just over 8%. Still, the value of outsourcing services provided around the world remains far from the 2014 record of $104.6 billion.

3. India is the top global outsourcing destination.

Outsourcing statistics by country put India on top of the list of global outsourcing providers, with much of the industry being concentrated in the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. The global top 5 of BPO destinations is rounded up by China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil.

4. Outsourcing accounts for 10% of the Philippines’ economy.

Offshoring customer service is standard practice for thousands of businesses around the world. Stats on outsourcing show India has always been the leading market for call centers.

For the past five years, however, the Philippines has been strengthening its foothold in the game, as outsourcing has become one of the major contributors to this country’s economy. According to estimates, the country’s BPO industry employs over 1.2 million people.

5. 37% of small businesses outsource at least part of their business processes.

Over a third of small businesses use outsourcing, according to a 2019 study by Clutch. 52% of participants in the outsourcing survey plan on contracting out a business process in the near future. The small business outsourcing statistics are based on the answers of 529 market players.

6. 37% of businesses that outsource list accounting as one of their outsourced processes.

Accounting is the most commonly outsourced business aspect, at least among small businesses. The top 5 list also includes IT services (37%), digital marketing (34%), development (28%), and HR (24%).

7. 65% of companies that outsourced in the past are planning to increase outsourcing.

Outsourcing statistics by industry show that the majority of organizations—especially those in the manufacturing and IT business—plan on increasing their outsourcing efforts. Once they experience the financial benefits of this practice, just 35% of companies don’t plan to expand on it.

8. Ukraine has over 200,000 IT workers.

Ukraine boasts the fastest-growing number of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. IT outsourcing statistics put the number of those workers in the country at over 200,000, potentially turning Ukraine into the next big market for the IT outsourcing industry .

9. 80% of companies aren’t planning on outsourcing any sales or marketing jobs.

There are some positions that organizations tend to avoid outsourcing. Sales and marketing are two of them. Strategic planning is also among the activities that 89% of businesses would not consider entrusting to external vendors.

10. Over 1 million outsourced jobs are in danger due to automation.

All previous job outsourcing statistics could be overshadowed by a new development in the industry: repetitive and/or low-skilled jobs that have been outsourced are now at risk due to automation. Estimates show that, in the next five years, automation could ax some 1 million jobs in the US, Poland, India, and the Philippines.

11. The global HR outsourcing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.69% until 2022.

Despite the previous stat, HR outsourcing statistics are showing no signs of slowing down. Since 2018, the industry has been expanding steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 8.69%. The trend is expected to continue at least until 2022.

12. 93% of companies have adopted cloud services to optimize outsourcing.

In order to streamline their outsourcing efforts, 93% of organizations have either adopted or are considering adopting cloud-based solutions. These solutions might help with control and coordination, but they come with some risks, particularly when it comes to protecting sensitive data. This is why 68% of these organizations cite security as their primary concern.

13. More than 84% of outsourcing deals come from the US.

The US is responsible for the lion’s share of outsourcing deals. The country alone accounts for 84.2% of the $92.5 billion spent on BPO services globally. On a regional level, North and South America attract 42% of overseas outsourcing buyers.

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa together account for 35% of deals in the industry, while Asia and Oceania hold a 23% share.

14. Every year, US businesses outsource about 300,000 jobs.

These offshore outsourcing statistics give a clear indication of the scale of BPO. In 2015 alone, US foreign affiliates hired 14.3 million workers overseas. If those outsourced jobs stayed in the US, they would be enough to hire the 5.9 unemployed Americans, plus 4.3 million of those who are working part-time and want to switch to a full-time position.

15. 29% of US businesses with less than 50 workers outsource.

Outsourcing in the USA is much less common among businesses that have 50 or fewer employees. Just 29% of them outsource. Companies that employ more than 50 workers, on the other hand, are much keener to take some of their work outside: outsourcing statistics show that 66% of them do so.

16. 71% of Americans think that outsourcing harms the US economy.

While organizations across the world enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, most members of the US population agree that it is harming the economy. 71% of Americans think that outsourcing has a negative impact, and 62% want the government to ban it altogether.

17. California has lost 654,000 jobs to China since 2001.

Jobs lost to outsourcing statistics show that, between 2001 and 2018, California lost 654,000 jobs to China. Texas is next on the list with 335,000 displaced jobs, followed by New York with 185,100 lost workplaces. Directly or indirectly, China is responsible for the loss of 3.7 million jobs in the US.

What is global outsourcing?

Global outsourcing is a business practice where a company decides to task a third party with dealing with some of its services or job functions. Companies can decide to outsource a small part of their operations (for example, QA testing), or their entire divisions (for example, IT).

Depending on where it takes place, outsourcing can be onshore (within the country), nearshore (to a nearby country), or offshore (to a remote country).

How big is the outsourcing industry?

The outsourcing market saw $92.5 billion worth of services during 2019, growing at a significant annual rate of 8%. However, the outsourcing industry reached its peak in 2014, when the world spent a total of $104.6 billion on BPO services.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

Companies that outsource do so mainly as a cost-cutting effort. Around 59% of businesses that outsource say saving money is one of the reasons behind their decision. Reducing spendings on labor, operation, and overhead is, arguably, the biggest benefit of BPO. Other advantages include improved efficiency, freeing up internal resources, and mitigating risks by sharing difficult tasks.

What are the negative effects of outsourcing?

International outsourcing doesn’t come without risks and negative sides. The danger of losing sensitive data is always there when you work with third parties. Lack of quality control is also a common fear shared by businesses that outsource. 

What are the most outsourced jobs?

Accounting-related and IT jobs are the most outsourced ones, with 37% of businesses that outsource listing them as one of the operations that they contract out. Digital marketing jobs are outsourced by 34% of these businesses, followed by development-related activities (28%), and HR (24%). The list of jobs that can be outsourced is virtually endless.

Which countries outsource the most?

Outsourcing research shows that India, China, and Malaysia are the biggest outsourcing destinations in the world. The country that outsources the most is the US, where more than 84% of all BPO deals are made. The UK is at the other end, accounting for around 5% of the deals.

How many US jobs have been outsourced?

In order to find the appropriate workforce or cut costs, US businesses have outsourced 14.3 million jobs. If these jobs had stayed within the country, they would have been more than enough to cover local unemployment: there are currently 5.9 million jobless people in America, as well as 4.3 million part-time workers who want to transition into full-time work.

How many jobs are outsourced to India?

As mentioned above, India is the largest market for businesses looking to outsource. Even though the exact number of BPO jobs in India is not available, we can expect it to keep growing, as the cost of local labor remains far lower than the average global standards.

Outsourcing is an excellent way to reduce the costs of running a business. It is also a smart lever to improve efficiency by freeing up internal resources and mitigating risk. However, it does come with some negative sides. Should you outsource or you should rather count on your own staff to deal with all or some of your non-core operations? The decision is up to you. Take your time to carefully tick all the pros and cons. Consult the experts, do your numbers, and feel free to use our list of outsourcing statistics as a guide.

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What Is Outsourcing and How Does It Affect Jobs in the U.S.?

outsourcing projects from usa

Erika Rasure is globally-recognized as a leading consumer economics subject matter expert, researcher, and educator. She is a financial therapist and transformational coach, with a special interest in helping women learn how to invest.

outsourcing projects from usa

What Is Outsourcing?

Why do companies outsource jobs, how outsourcing can hurt a business, economic impact of outsourcing, is outsourcing bad for the economy, frequently asked questions (faqs).

GCShutter / Getty Images

Outsourcing occurs when an organization contracts some of its functions to another organization. For example, a company may decide that it will be more efficient to hire IT developers from another firm than to bring them on as employees. The work may be outsourced to a company in the same country (sometimes called “onshoring”) or to a company in another country (sometimes called “offshoring”).

Outsourcing has economic effects, both good and bad. Find out more about how outsourcing works, why companies do it, and its impact on jobs in the U.S.

Key Takeaways

  • Outsourcing involves contracting a business process to another organization.
  • The organization that receives the work may be in the same country or in another one.
  • Outsourcing can help save money and give an organization access to skills that it doesn’t have.

When an organization hires another organization to do some of its business processes, it is outsourcing. Services that are outsourced may include bookkeeping , customer service, programming, marketing, or cleaning.

In theory, any function of a business can be passed to an outside contractor rather than done in-house by employees.

Some companies outsource a small project to an independent contractor. Others may hire a major firm to handle all of their customer support functions. As technology improves and new businesses emerge, more and more of a company’s operations can be done outside the organization.

Outsourcing to an organization in another country is often called offshoring. If the operation is kept in the same country, it is sometimes referred to as onshoring. Both have potential economic benefits as well as potential problems.

Companies outsource functions for all sorts of reasons. Among them are:

  • Cost : it is often less expensive to outsource an activity than it is to hire people to do the job. This is especially the case if the work can be outsourced to a part of the country with a lower average wage or to another country with a significantly lower pay rate.
  • Access to skills : One reason a business might outsource is to gain access to skills and services that it might not be able to obtain otherwise. For example, a small business might not be able to afford keeping a high-end graphic designer on staff, but it can afford to contract one just to design a logo. Many businesses have found they can find higher-level programming, bookkeeping, or human resources skills by outsourcing than if they hired in-house.
  • Manufacturing capabilities : Many companies are great at designing and marketing products, but they don’t have the ability to manufacture them. To get the goods, they contract the manufacturing work out to a company that does production.
  • Taking advantage of time zones : Many businesses have found they can get more work done in less time by outsourcing it to people in different time zones. A U.S. company can offer 24-hour customer service by outsourcing to call centers in India and the Philippines, for instance. A Swedish investment bank can turn reports around faster if it has freelance editors in the U.S. work on them while Europe is asleep.

Outsourcing can be a good solution for many businesses, but it’s not right for all of them. Even if it is approached carefully, it can cause problems. For example:

  • Lack of control : When you outsource a project or a process to someone else, they might not think it’s as important as you do, or they may not do it the way you want it done. However, the final outcome may be what you want. Some managers are more comfortable giving up control than others.
  • Loss of knowledge : This cuts both ways. The organization that takes over your process does not understand your organization and culture as much as an employee on staff does. This may make it harder for the work to meet expectations.

Your staff forfeits expertise in the area that is being outsourced. Your company may lose skills and knowledge by turning the work over to someone else.

  • Customer problems : Your customers don’t care if work has been outsourced or if it is being done by your employees. They only care about whether their expectations are met. Language problems, culture clashes, or outsourced work that doesn’t meet consumers’ standards can lead to unhappy or lost customers.

Outsourcing has economic effects, good and bad. It has the greatest impact on jobs and prices. In general, it leads to less employment and lower prices in the business’s home country, but not always.

Job Impacts

When it comes to employment, outsourcing moves jobs around. Work moves from employees to contractors and from high-cost areas to low-cost areas. This can benefit someone who wants to be self-employed and hurt someone who would prefer employment, just as it leads to job loss in the high-cost area and gains in the low-cost one. Average wages across the economy fall slightly. In the manufacturing sector, it’s estimated that offshoring has led to the loss of nearly 5 million American jobs since 1997. Globally, employment is the same.

Price Impacts

In general, outsourcing leads to lower prices , because the work generally moves to those who earn less. However, some costs may increase. Independent contractors doing specialized work may charge more than an employee would because they are not receiving benefits. Transportation costs and supply-chain disruption may lead to higher prices from offshore manufacturing over time. Eventually, skilled workers even in lower-cost countries will demand higher wages as the demand for their labor grows.

On a net basis, outsourcing is good for the economy. It lets more people concentrate on what they do best and lowers prices for consumers. However, some people benefit from it more than others.

What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?

Outsourcing is the process of turning business functions over to an outside organization. If the organization is in another country, then it is known as offshoring.

When did outsourcing begin?

Businesses have long hired outside contractors for certain functions. Outsourcing was first identified as a distinct strategy in 1989, and it grew in popularity as the internet made it easier to do work remotely .

U.S. Small Business Administration. " 10 Small Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced ."

Institute for Research on Labor and Unemployment. " Domestic Outsourcing in the U.S.: A Research Agenda To Assess Trends and Effects on Job Quality ." Page 2.

U.S. Census Bureau. " Import Competition from and Offshoring to Low-Income Countries: Implications for Employment and Wages at U.S. Domestic Manufacturers ." Page 9.

Economic Policy Institute. " We Can Reshore Manufacturing Jobs, but Trump Hasn’t Done It ."

McKinsey Global Institute. " Exploding the Myths About Offshoring ." Page 11.

NC State University. " A Brief History of Outsourcing ."

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Outsourcing is a hot topic in the USA today. Even with millions of jobs being outsourced, and cost savings amounting to billions of dollars, there is still no clear outcome on whether outsourcing has been accepted by the general populace or not. Till date, outsourcing is a frightening proposition to many people. But still, its overall effect on the American economy cannot be ignored.

Outsourcing has enabled organizations across both public and private sectors to achieve their business objectives faster and focus on their core competencies while mitigating business risks and adding value to their offerings. The global market size of outsourced services touched 104.6 billion US dollars in 2014, with the US accounting for almost 60% of the outsourced services.

With the number of employers joining the outsourcing bandwagon by the day, Asian countries, and especially India, have seen their economies soar because of the value proposition they offer. 59% of the world's employers now employ Indian workers, and 22% of the US companies who have never outsourced before say they have plans to move at least some segments of their business offshore to India.

Outsource2india - Providing Service Outsourcing to the USA for the Past 24 years

At O2I, we have been at the forefront of providing value-added outsourcing services to the USA and other countries, helping our clients improve processes, reduce workload, and more importantly, save millions of dollars in costs. Whether your requirement is to fulfill day-to-day administrative tasks, provide support during transition periods, receive expert consultation, or to attain an improved, streamlined workflow - we can help.

We offer customized services at cost-effective rates as per our client's requirements. Our services span a variety of industry verticals and include value propositions for -

  • Non-core Business Process Support: From call center services to general accounting, payroll, taxation, data entry, reporting, company secretarial, etc., we provide exceptional services which take care of all your non-core work, thereby reducing business workload and increasing employee productivity
  • Core Business Process Support: Our professionals with their relevant experience and core competencies help to improve your processes - be it in IT, Healthcare, Creative, Mortgage, etc.

Our services include -

Call Center Services

  • Creative Design
  • Data Entry Services
  • Research & Analysis Services

Engineering Services

  • Mortgage Services
  • Finance And Accounting Services
  • Software Development Services
  • Healthcare BPO
  • Web Analytics

Transcription Services

States in the USA Which Have Benefited from Our Partnership

Over the years, we have been able to generate an enviable client roster composed of both Fortune 500 companies as well as up-and-coming business startups. We focus on delivering ideal solutions to support the CRM lifecycle, including customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer loyalty extension, to our US based client. Some of the prominent examples of our work with various US clients include -

Service Outsourcing for Atlanta

1. Service Outsourcing for Atlanta: With various fortune 500 companies situated out of this state, including The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airline, Home Depot, etc., there is an express requirement for BPO services in this state. We have provided our Call Center Services to many companies based out of Atlanta.

Service Outsourcing for Arizona

2. Service Outsourcing for Arizona: With an economy greater than countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, etc., the state of Arizona is a business hub for many Engineering and Healthcare services. We have provided exceptional Engineering and Analysis Services to our clients in Arizona.

Service Outsourcing for Dallas

3. Service Outsourcing for Dallas: With Dallas-Fort Worth MSA consisting of a large number of corporate headquarters for publicly traded companies, we have provided our exceptional bookkeeping as well as finance and accounting services to many companies in the region.

Service Outsourcing for Houston

4. Service Outsourcing for Houston: Houston is world famous when it comes to its energy industry as well as aeronautics and biomedical research. We have partnered with many companies in the region for our outsourcing services.

Service Outsourcing for Kansas

5. Service Outsourcing for Kansas: We have provided our IT, Call Center and other BPO services to many organizations in this Aerospace and Agriculture dominated state.

Service Outsourcing for Las Vegas

6. Service Outsourcing for Las Vegas: Although a state dominated by its tourism industry, we have partnered with quite a few multinational organizations based out of the state to provide impeccable and large-scale accounting and finance services.

Service Outsourcing for Los Angeles

7. Service Outsourcing for Los Angeles: As a center of entertainment and the home of Hollywood, LA has various companies who have partnered with us for our media editing, transcription, and software development services.

Service Outsourcing for New York

8. Service Outsourcing for New York: New York City is termed by many as the financial center of the world, and Outsource2india has worked with several companies based out of NYC to provide exceptional IT and ITES services.

Service Outsourcing for New Jersey

9. Service Outsourcing for New Jersey: We have provided our healthcare and IT services to many companies based out of this affluent and economically stable state.

Service Outsourcing for Antonio

10. Service Outsourcing for San Antonio: With an economy primarily focused on Healthcare, Financial services, Military, Civil services, etc., we have worked with clients belonging to different industry verticals to provide them with our wide array of services.

Service Outsourcing for Washington

11. Service Outsourcing for Washington: The seat of power in the United States also has a bustling economy to be proud of. We have partnered with organizations belonging to engineering, aeronautics and IT within the state, amongst others.

Our Value Proposition for the US-based Companies

Our involvement with US companies begins right from the conceptual stages of a project, to its eventual completion. With multiple delivery centers and a taskforce which is highly motivated as well as skilled, we offer a value proposition to US companies which very few can offer, including -

  • Significant Price Advantages: Most companies prefer to outsource because of the cost advantages associated with it, and with Outsource2india, you stand to receive high-quality services at a fraction of the price as compared to our peers in the outsourcing industry
  • State-of-art Data Security: Our services guarantee complete information security and confidentiality and feature world-class multi-tier redundancies and backup systems. All this is governed by strict NDAs and adherence to ISO:27001 - ISMS standards.
  • Quality: Governed by our strict adherence to ISO:9001 standards, our QA teams ensure that the final deliverables are always of the highest quality
  • Experienced Workforce: Our workforce consists of top graduates from both Indian and Foreign Universities as well as B-schools. This ensures that any team assigned to a particular project is highly skilled in the exact nature of work to be accomplished
  • Scale-up and Scale-down: With a talent pool of over 900 experts, combined with multiple delivery centers, we empower you to ramp up your project during busy seasons in as short a time as possible, while retaining the ability to scale-down whenever you require
  • Partnership: Our aim is not to move from one project to the next, but forge long-lasting partnerships with our US clients which can stand the test of time. We believe that true success can only come by working with a partner who can provide the necessary insights and has the expertise to propel your business forward

Partner with Outsource2india and Avail the Outsourcing Advantages

As a partner-of-choice, your long-term success is the motivation behind our work. This means that we are ready to meet any and all challenges, while capitalizing on the opportunities which come up, in order to ensure that your project always receives the attention and care it deserves. This is our promise to all our clients, both large and small.

By helping you set the right goals and then ramping them up so as to meet your business targets, we lay down a rock-solid foundation upon which our partnership can then flourish.

Contact us at Outsource2india and maximize your investments while receiving access to world-class BPO services.

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Best Project Outsourcing Company

Hire the best project outsourcing company for your business today.

Take care of all your business needs by letting us know your requirements and deadlines! We’ve got you covered on this! 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business process outsourcing  is when a company hires an external agency to complete its tasks.

Generally, these projects and tasks are sourced out to project outsourcing companies who specialize in doing these kinds of tasks. 

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Rio Business Solutions Ltd

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No.174/96A, Barathi Colony Main Road , Peelamedu , Coimbatore – 641004,  India

Benefits of Hiring a Project Outsourcing Company

It’s always best to leave tasks to those who know and do it the best!

Project outsourcing companies specialize in what they mention and businesses can completely rely on them when it comes to tasks. 

With a project sourcing company like Rio Business Solutions, you get to work with people who have been helping with business process outsourcing projects for years! 

Businesses have work. Sometimes, it’s work that they couldn’t handle. Sometimes, it’s work that is the topmost priority beyond all and it is at these times that a project outsourcing company could really come in handy. 

All you have to do is, send your requirement to a project outsourcing company and let them take care of the rest.

When you’re hiring a project outsourcing company, there’s no need for you to hire employees in-house!

Since the project outsourcing company is taking care of things, you don’t have to be worried about this!

This not only saves you time and effort but also helps you cut huge costs also, you never know whether you’re hiring the right employee or not for a couple of months.

That’s precious money you’re shelling out and some moments on the clock!

Flexibility is another great benefit that a project outsourcing company can offer you.

You can change the requirements and guidelines of your project and how it is worked any time you want Because the market is competitive out there and you need to make changes accordingly!

One thing on which project sourcing companies specialize is in delivering on deadlines.

Most project sourcing companies treat timely deliveries as an important trait but again, as we said, it all depends on the business process outsourcing company you choose to go with!

Once you make the deadlines and commitments clear enough during the start, the project outsourcing company gets it done on time!

Type of Business Process Outsourcing Projects

As one of the leading project outsourcing companies around, we are known for handling most of the business outsourcing projects around!

From accounting to administration and more than that, we undertake all kinds of business process outsourcing projects. 

Here is the list of business project outsourcing projects we undertake

  • Customer services & Call Centers
  • HR Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Research Services

Rio Business Solutions is a leading provider of project outsourcing services in USA and beyond. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses maximize their productivity and efficiency through effective project management outsourcing . Whether you’re looking to outsource IT projects, software development projects, or back-office operations, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our project outsourcing services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses looking to streamline their operations and maximize their resources. At Rio Business Solutions, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient partner to help manage your projects. That’s why we are dedicated to providing top-notch project management outsourcing services that help our clients achieve their goals. So if you’re looking for a project outsourcing company in USA  that can help you manage your projects more effectively, look no further than Rio Business Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our project outsourcing services and how we can help you achieve your goals


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