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Top Essay Writing Services:

Physics problem solver online.

Gravity helps us to keep our feet on the ground, and these amazing physics problem solvers will help you hold your head up high. No more difficulties with concepts of Physics! The immediate help is here. Mainky because every student who chooses to study physics correctly and in-depth occasionally needs the access to useful online resources that may act as a guide for their academic journey. In this post we will go through the list of them and discuss the advantages of how it works.

TOP 3 physics homework help sites where you can solve your problems right away:

  • DoMyMathHomeworks
  • BookwormHub.com
  • CheapWritingService.com

Free Physics Calulators

  • Velocity / Acceleration / Time Calculator
  • Thin Lens Equation (solve for focal length)
  • Altura de una caida libre
  • Position-Time Graph for Accelerated Motion
  • Schwarzschild Radius of a given mass
  • Kinetic energy calculator
  • Buoyancy of Cylinder in Water
  • Calculate the Acceleration on an Inclined Pla
  • U (Volts) = I (Amps) * R (Ohms)
  • Buoyancy Calculator
  • Image Distance In Parallel Mirror System
  • Particle stopping power calculator
  • Centripetal Acceleration Calculator
  • Convert Wavelength to Color
  • Standing Wave Equation
  • Final Velocity Calculator
  • Rearrange Equations
  • Projectile force calculator
  • Wavelength (nm) to eV
  • Force Calculator
  • Momento de Inercia para un Disco Solido
  • Match a Wavelength of Light to a Color
  • How High Could You Jump on The Moon?
  • Reduced Mass Calculator
  • Finding a Vector in 3D from Two Points
  • Projectile Trajectory
  • Relativistic Lorentz Gamma Calculator
  • Calculate Miller Indices for Planes
  • Wave Plotter
  • Hydrogen transition calculator
  • Watt to HP conversion
  • Compute Euler-Lagrange Equations
  • Wave Grapher
  • DeciBel Calculator
  • Projectile Motion Calculator
  • Velocity-Time Graph
  • Calculate Elastic Potential Energy
  • Velocity / Distance / Time Calculator
  • Energy – Frequency – Wavenumber (2)
  • Centripical Acceleration
  • dimensional analysis
  • Local Acceleration of Gravity
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Gravitational potential energy calculator
  • Diffraction Limit calculator
  • Drag Force Calculator
  • Landau-Levich Equation
  • Thin Lens Equation (solve for image distance)
  • Hexagonal to Rhombohedral Lattice Conversion


Top 3 Physics Apps For Students

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—> 15 Best Physics Apps For iOS

Physics problem solver for homework help.

physics homework solver free

Physics Homework Help to Prop up your Grades in School

Homework given at schools is never a cause for joy for the students, even those who are good in studies. However, there are subjects in humanities that prove to be much easier for students when it comes to doing their homework. After all, you do not solve numerical applying formulae when asked to do the assignment at home in language or History. But the same is not the case with homework given in science subjects, especially physics. Even though it is a very interesting subject that explains the way things in the world around us work, most students dread mastering the theories and their applications in real life. These students look for physics homework help to complete their assignments in time as otherwise they lose important marks and grades in the final exam.

Online help with your problems is a very effective method

Internet has emerged as information super highway for people around the world. Availability of fast speed internet in homes across the country has helped students greatly as they can now receive physics homework help sitting in the comfort of their own home rather than having to go to a coaching center or call in a tutor at home. Both these options are costly proposition in present times. In contrast, registering yourself with any of the many websites providing online help to students proves to be not only inexpensive but also very convenient way of receiving help in completing your physics homework.

Get answers on time to submit assignments on time

You cannot remain dependent upon your school science teacher to look after your specific problems in Physics as he has to complete the syllabus in a short time period. He therefore explains the chapters in Physics at his usual pace and expects that all students will grasp the concept. If you are not attentive or fail to understand a concept, you will need help from an expert to make the concept clear for you. This is necessary as otherwise you cannot solve problems based upon that principle. Websites solving the problems of students claim to have cracked thousands of text books to provide quick and efficient physics homework answers in a quick time. You can post a question on the website at any time of the day and also expect it to be answered by the expert teachers in as little as 2 hours time.

You can get this online help sitting in the comfort of your own home any time of the day. This is really great as you can get answers to questions given by your teacher at school as homework. This is only the start as you find that explanations given by teacher on these websites slowly and gradually start to make the concepts clear to you. This is really helpful as it goes a long way in mastering physics homework solutions on your own. Yes, as time passes and you receive continuous help from online teacher, you become proficient in Physics and become able to solve the problems on your own.

There are many reasons why students do not do well in their homework, and many reasons why they need physics homework help. The most common reason is that they find it difficult to understand some of the formulas and theories in physics. This is why they look for physics homework help. There are many sites on the internet that offer help with homework in physics. However, if you are really serious about studying and doing well in this subject, you should look for a reliable physics homework help site, that offers help from real experts at a reasonable price. All such sites offer physics homework help online, and this is the way to go, as the physics homework help online is done by real experts and teachers, and the students can get instant answers to all their questions and doubts. They can get help with their homework in physics on subjects like thermodynamics, mechanics, electromagnetism, and optics, and other branches of physics.

Apart from giving physics homework help online, these sites also offer other services to students. They can prepare physics homework online, and also can prepare for their physics exams online. They can also get interactive help from the experts at these sites, and this is very effective, as the students can then ask questions in a language of their own, and the experts will help them understand the answer. It is always good to take help from experts without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are several other benefits of using physics homework help online. If you are a student of any class, and are struggling to do your homework in physics for some reason, you can take help from experts. There are many companies that offer physics homework help online, and you can get the best services from any of them. However, you need to choose a site that has experts who are qualified and have years of experience in providing such services. You need to choose a site that will provide you with the best help with physics homework at the best price.


All I can understand from physics is that there are some particles that make up everything we see and the smart guys are trying to combine the 4 forces of physics into one universal theory. I think this is the most my brain can process. Thanks for this collection though. Helps me doing my homework without a clear understanding of what I’m doing.

Thank you!! Excellent:) I have no words to express how grateful I’m to this site.

Question#2: The electrostatic force between two identical ions that are separated by a distance of 5.0 x 10-10 m is 3.7 x 10-9 N. (a) Find the charge on each ion. (b) How many electrons are missing from each ion?

please anyone help me

I have two towers and both of them are 10cm long and they are connected by a rope that is 15m long and the distance between the rope and the ground is 2.5m long , what is the distance from the first tower to the second tower? HELP ME PLEASE

1. Determine the tension in each of the ropes holding the object. Rope T1 is at an angle of 60 degrees, rope T2 is at an angle of 55 degrees, the suspended block has a mass of 300kg. 2. w = mg 3. 300kg * 9.8 m/s = 2940 N, or the weight of the block, but since this I’ve just divided the weight by the sin of each rope’s given angle. Completely baffled and very tired, looking for a push in the right direction so my brain can worky again. The answers are: T1 = 1862 N , T2 = 1620 N but I have no clue how to arrive at them

1. an object is dropped from a point at a height of 750 meters. What is the time and velocity when the object reached the ground?

2. A ball was thrown horizontally with a speed of 60 ft/sec on the top of a building with a height of 50 meters. How far from the base of the building did the ball hit the ground? What is the velocity, magnitude, and direction 4 seconds after it was thrown?

3.A small weight is tied at the end of a string 3 ft long and revolves 13 times in 2 seconds. What linear distance has the weight traveled? How many radians does it make in 1 second?

4. A wheel with 25 cm radius starts from rest and rotates about a horizontal axis through the center with a constant angular acceleration of 0.8 radian/sec^2. A point in the circumference is directly at the right of the center of the wheel. At the end of 2 seconds, a) find the angular displacement of the point, b) the radial acceleration, c) tangential acceleration and d) the resultant acceleration.


5) The weight of a ladder resting on a wall and a floor is 78 lbs. If the total length of the ladder is 16 ft. and it is inclined 57 degrees with the horizontal. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant, F, exerted by the floor on the ladder.

6) A body weighing 60 lbs in on a horizontal plane. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.22, what horizontal force will start the body? What parallel force to the horizontal will keep the body moving uniformly if the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.192?

7) A body slides down on the slide when it is inclined 30 degrees. What is the coefficient of friction between the boy and the slide?

8)An automobile traveling at a speed of 60 km/hr is brought t orest by means of the brakes in a distance of 89 meters. What is the average acceleration?

COnsider a Cubical box of length L. And a positive charge q is placed inside the cubical box . Find the net Flux???????

calculate the no. of atoms of each element present in 9.8 g of sulfuric acid, H2SO4 pls slv tis prblm…….**

A person swims @ a velocity of 3.6 m/s N 20′ E. The current of the water is flowing at the speed of 1.8 m/s S 80’E. What is his true velocity and how do I find it with trig

A person swims at 5 m/s W30’S for 20mins. He then swims at 6 m/s N20’W for 15 mins, what is his displacement and what is his average velocity? How to solve w components please

Kinematic 2 Dimension (Vector)

Here is the question…

Position of squirrel in a park is given by : r =[(0,280 m⁄s)t+(0,0,036 m⁄s^2 ) t^2 ] i ̂+(0,0190 m⁄s^3 ) t^3 (j.) ̂

Find ; 1. Vx(t) dan Vy(t) ?? 2. t = 5,00 s, how far from the starting point position is squirrel moving ? 3. t = 5,00 s, how fast the squirrel moving and define its direction?

When a family of four with a total mass of 200 kg step into their 1200-kg car, the car’s springs compress 3.0 cm. a)What is the spring constant of the car’s springs, assuming they act as a single spring? b)How far will the car lower if loaded with 300 kg rather than 200 kg?

Assume the shock absorbers of a car are very poor. poor, so the car really oscillates up and down when hitting a bump. Determine the period and frequency of a car whose mass is 1400 kg and whose shock absorbers have a spring constant of 6.5 x 104 N/m after hitting that bump.

A large motor in a factory causes the floor to vibrate at a frequency of 10 Hz. The amplitude of the floor’s motion near the motor is about 3.0 mm. Estimate the maximum acceleration of the floor near the motor.

The cone of a loudspeaker oscillates in SHM at a frequency of 262 Hz (“middle C”). The amplitude at the center of the cone is A = 0.15 x 10-3 m, and at t = 0, x = A. a) What equation describes the motion of the center of the cone? b) What are the velocity and acceleration as a function of time c) What is the position of the cone at t = 1.00 ms?

For the simple harmonic oscillation of a spring where: Spring constant k = 19.6 N/m, Max. amplitude of the system: A = 0.100 m Start condition: x = -(0.100 m) Angular frequency: ω = 8.08/s Max. speed of a mass connected to the spring: 
vmax = 0.808m/s Determine: a) the total energy
 b) the kinetic and potential energies as a function of time
 c) the velocity when the mass is 0.050 m from equilibrium d) the kinetic and potential energies at half amplitude
 (x = ± A/2)

An unfortunate accident occurred on the toll way. A driver accidentally passed through a faulty barricade on a bridge (quite unfortunately). and landed in a pile of hay (quite fortunately). Measurements at the accident scene reveal that the driver plunged a vertical distance of 8.26 meters. The car carried a horizontal distance of 42.1 meters from the location where it left the bridge. What was the driver’s speed (in mi/hr – do not enter units)? Assume that the contact with the barricade did not slow the car down. (1.00 m/s = 2.24 mi/hr)

A cannonball is launched from the top of a 125-meter high cliff with an initial horizontal speed of 20 m/s. How far horizontally did the cannonball travel in the first 2s?

A balloon is moving up from the ground in such a way that its acceleration is linearly decreasing with its height above the ground. It starts from the ground with acceleration 4 m/ s2 and with zero initial velocity. Its acceleration becomes zero at a height 3 m. The speed of the balloon at a height 1.5 m is …… can you give me the answer please?????????????????????

a bicycle driver covers 90 km with average speed equals 36 km/h but he covers the first 30 km in 2 hours .Calculate the Speed in which the remaining distance is covered.

15 meter focas duri wale uttal lans se 20 meter dur and 1meter lambi 1pancil rakhi hai pancil k pratibimb ki sthiti prakriti and lambai kya hogi

Why do electrons not loss in atom when electricity is generated by the method of electromagnetic induction.

The half life of radioisotope is 10 hrs. Find the total number of disintegration in the tenth hour measured from a time when the activity is 1 Curie.

You push your physics book 1.50m along a horizontal tabletop with a horizontal push of 2.40N while opposing force of friction is 0.600N. How much does each of the following forces do on your book (i) your 2.40N push (ii)the frictional force (iii) the normal force from the tabletop and (iv) gravity (v) what is the net work done on the book?

A bullet is fired from the back of a pick up truck that is 1meter above the ground. The gun is shot at a 60 degree angle at an initial velocity of 200 meters per second. What is the range of the bullet? What is the maximum height that the projectile reaches?

How much water in g can be evaporated by adding 9.25 kJ of energy, with no change in temperature?

Turn three at the Talladega speedway has a radius of 254m and is banked at an angle of 33 degrees from the horizontal. a. Draw a force diagram for a 60kg driver on the turn. b. At what speed could the driver take the turn without steering? c. What is the magnitude of the force of the seat on the driver? d. How would he feel?

calculate the force needed to hold a 1000kg car in arc of radious 10metre when the car is turning a corner at 10meter per seconds? please i need help in okeke physics text book sss 2

1. Explain the statement a. Metallic bond is an unsaturated covalent bond. b. Ionic bond is unsturated and non – directional. 2. Using the f – r curve explain how you would. a. Find the force constant k (form f=-kx)where x is the extension of a wire in the elastic region. b. Account for hook’s law of elasticity c. Obtain the value for the breaking force of a solid

How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 100g of water from 10’C to 25’C? (The specific heat of wateris 4180 J/ Kg/ K)

I get two answers for this but i don’t know which is correct. The only difference in both of my methods lies in the conversion of Celsius to Kelvin. first: Q = m*c*rise in temperature m=0.1kg ; c=4180 J/Kg/K ; rise in temperature= 25’C-10’C=15’C=288K Q= 0.1*4180*288 = 120,384 J

second method is : Q= m*c*rise in temperature m=0.1kg; c=4180 J/Kg /K; rise in temperature= (273+25) – (273+10) = 298-283= 15K Q= 0.1*4180*15 =6,270 J

Hey, your first method is incorrect, because you can’t convert change of the temperature to direct temperature (it doesn’t matter if it’s Kelvin or Celsius, the change will be the same number, since you have to apply 273 before calculation, not after it), your second method is correct, because the change is 15 degrees (both in Kelvin and Celsius, since 25-10 = 15 and 298-283 = 15).

Explanation: You can find the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of your sample by Δ T = 50 ∘ C by using the equation

q=mxcx triangle time

Here q is the heat lost or gained by the substance m is the mass of the sample c is the specific heat of the substance Δ T is the change in temperature, defined as the difference between the final temperature and the initial temperature of the sample

Now, the trick here is to realize that the mass of the sample is given to you in grams, but that the specific heat of water is expressed in joules per kilogram Celsius. This means that you will have to convert the mass of the sample from grams to kilograms by using the fact that

100 g x 1kg/10^3=0.1 cross “gram and gram

Now you’re ready to plug your values into the equation and solve for q

q=0.1 kg.4,181 J kg^-1 C^-1 . 50 C= q 21,000 j

A duck of mass 2,5 kg paddles and a force of 0,2N acts on it.current of water exerts a force of 0,2N in a direction of 52degrees SE .the velocity of the duck is 0,11m/s find size of displacement that the duck undergoes in 3s

We will model the behaviour of elastic arteries as they expand with each heartbeat, and store energy. Assume a radius of r at the lower diastolic pressure P1, and length L, and an inner surface area A for this cylindrical section. The blood pressure exerts a force F1 on that surface area, and when the pressure increases to P2 (systolic) the force increases to F2 and the radius increases to r + x. (a) Sketch a graph of force on the blood vessel surface A versus x, the increase in radius. Mark and label a quantity corresponding to elastic potential energy due to increased blood pressure. (b) Estimate this energy when the diastolic and systolic pressures are 10 kPa and 16 kPa, respectively, L = 27 mm, r = 5.1 mm, and the increase in radius x = 0.5 mm.

What is the quantum number of proton?

A stone is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed u from the top of a tower , reachesthe ground with a speed 3u.Find the heightof the tower.

First let us check the approximate position of the stone. Time to reach highest point: v-u=at Putting v=0, a=-g we get T=u/g Thus the stone will still be in the air on its way back to the ground at t=4u/3g Distance traveled by going to highest point, h=u^2/2g Distance traveled going down, x = ut + (1/2)at^2 Putting u=0 (coming down from top), t=4u/3g-u/g = u/3g (time elapsed after reaching the top) and a=g you get x.

Thus total distance = h + x

A hollow charged metal sphere has a radius r if the potential difference between its surface and a point at distance 3r from its center is V then electric intensity at distance 3r from the center

A load W hangs from a rope connected to two separate ropes that are attached to the wall and ceiling at the angles: T1: 75° and T2: 56°. If the weight of the object is 100N, find the magnitudes of the tensions T1 and T2.

Can anyone help me about this problem? ” Convert 400 in.3/day to cm 3/min”. Please help me. I’m not good at that.

Daisy and Rema made a circuit. They turned on the switch but the electricity did not flow, bulb did not lit up even though electrical wires were connected properly. Give possible reasons why their circuit did not work when they close the switch. please help

The position of a particle moving along the x axis varies in time according to the expression x=4t^2 , where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Evaluate its position at the following times. (A) t= 3.40s (B) t=3.40s + delta t (C) evaluate the limit of delta x/delta t as delta t approachs zero to find the velocity at t=3.40s.

A 51.0-g Super Ball traveling at 30.0 m/s bounces off a brick wall and rebounds at 21.5 m/s. A high-speed camera records this event. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 4.90 ms, what is the magnitude of the average acceleration of the ball during this time interval?

I am not sure but I think it is proportional to KE or kinetic energy which means it would be 9 times larger. 3^2

24. C velocity increases and acceleration remains unchanged. When you drop something it will accelerate at 32.2 ft/s^2. After two seconds the object is travelling at 64.4 ft/s so velocity is increasing which is the definition of acceleration.

25. It is important to distinguish here between momentum P1V1 = P2V2 and kinetic energy or KE = (1/2) mv^2. B 1/3 3 x 1/3 = 1 x 1

33. The circumference is proportionate to the radius which is twice as long so the centripetal acceleration should be half as much. B

34. 1 N = 1kg-m/s^2 thus 500 kg-m/s^2 x 7s x 1/20kg = 175 m/s. Note that the units cancel. This is called dimensional analysis.

How do you solve kinetic energy problems when you are not given the velocity?

the defender on a football team kicks a ball 47.4 meters down field it takes 7.4 seconds to hit the ground what angle was the ball kicked

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physics homework solver free

Physics Homework Help | Physics Assignment Help

Get 24/7 Personalized Online Physics Help From Experts For Top Grades

Trusted by 1.1 M+ Happy Students

Popular subjects for physics homework help.

  • Modern Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Electrostatics
  • Condensed State Physics
  • Laser Physics
  • Astrophysics

Access millions of solved questions with TutorBin Library

physics homework solver free

A = 4î – 2î and B = -2î – 3î,a. b. Ā = -4î + 2ĵ and B = 2î + 4ĵ.

Guarantees of TutorBin Physics Homework Help

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100% unique & accurate

With our homework help physics, you will get 100% unique solutions without calculative or analytical errors. We assure you to not lose marks because of plagiarism and errors.

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We understand that students are usually on a tight budget. Therefore, we keep our service pricing student friendly & affordable!

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It’s quite common for students to lose marks for late submissions. Our experts try to solve physics problems online as quickly as possible to ensure you can submit it on time.

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Take physics help from some of the most talented minds and score high in your college with quality solutions.

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We understand that students may require our services at any hour of the day, so we guarantee to help you even at the odd hours.

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We offer unlimited rewrites until you are completely satisfied with the solutions. We also provide an instant refund in case of ultimate dissatisfaction.

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Place your order, make payment, get solution, student stories.

"They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."

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"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."

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"Ever since I started using this service, my life became easy. Now I have plenty of time to immerse myself in more important tasks viz., preparing for exams. TutorBin went above and beyond my expectations. They provide excellent quality tasks within deadlines. My grades improved exponentially after seeking their assistance."

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"The service they provide is great. Their answers are unique and expert professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience work on the assignments. Expect the answers to be of the highest quality and get ready to see your grades soar."

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Who Is This Physics HW Help For?

Homework help physics is for those students who go through lots of trouble solving their physics problems assigned by schools and colleges. The difficulty of not completing their homework often complicates their academic life. If you are the one who is suffering the same consequences, TutorBin homework help is for them.

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Major Services for Physics Solutions

physics homework solver free

Assignment Help

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Live Session

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Lab Report writing

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Essay Writing

University students choose tutorbin physics homework help.

TutorBin’s services have now become a household name for more than 100000 students in the following prestigious universities. While universities set a stage for their success, we work hard to make their journeys a bit easier.

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Get amazing offers on signup & other added benefits whenever you ask for an expert physics homework helper. Register Now to avail signup bonus & 5X credit points on the order amount.

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TutorBin is Offering Best Physics Help Worldwide

TutorBin believes that distance should never be a barrier in learning. Over 500000+ orders and 100000+ happy customers later, TutorBin is the name that keeps learning fun in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and UAE.

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Physics Homework Help- Best Solution For Students

Proficiency in the field of physics demands extreme efforts from students. Achieving the desired efficiency of the subject within a few years is not easy. Still, with the proper guidance from experts, it can become easier for students to master this subject. Accessibility to online physics homework from an authentic source aids students in reaching their ultimate goal. TutorBin is one such physics homework help online site that wins over the confidence of more than lakhs of students due to its student-oriented approach. From proficient tutors, quality work, accessibility, superb after-sales service, and affordable rates to deadline-focused service, TutorBin has all the benefits that a physics hw help site should have

When we talk about physics homework help online solutions, it is not complete without mentioning why students consider it as the best option for them. When students think about "Where can I get help with my physics homework?" we assure them that we are there for them. With online physics homework support, students successfully retain what they have learned in class, gain conceptual clarity, and gather knowledge. With updated teaching and engaging learning methods, their academic inclination increases, and they become interested in learning their subject. Academic help also reduces time constraints and lets students have the freedom to learn more without carrying the burden of heavy coursework.

But Is it Legal If I opt for “do my physics homework?”

Some students ask, "Is it legal if I pay someone to do my physics homework?" In this query, we must say that experts do the solution with the good faith to make students understand the solutions. It largely depends on the students how they use this service, though we must say that there are no legal prohibitions for asking for professional help for their academics. With our diverse services, you will get access to homework helpers physics for your tasks. It's our promise to help with physics whenever you seek answers or feel like "I need help with physics," just remember, TutorBin is set to help you wholeheartedly. Whether it's one topic or its sub-disciplines like quantum physics homework help, we got your back.

TutorBin Physics Homework Help Online in the USA- No. 1 Choice

It took time to build trust among students from famous colleges and universities. Still, it's worth every effort TutorBin puts into maintaining quality while conjoining the efficiency of delivering a large quantity of tasks. When students from famous educational institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Singapore & other countries seek help with physics homework, we ensure they get the best. Our team of expert physics homework helpers is well aware of the educational standard strictly followed by your institutes. Therefore, we ensure that the homework help meets the expectations.

Subjects Experts Cover While Offering Physics Help to Students

The base of TutorBin is its founders, the real tutors who have extensive experience in offering academic guidance and are well aware of the difficulties students face daily. This reason encourages our physics helper team to guide students in diverse study areas of physics. When it comes to TutorBin, our specialists help with physics homework as they cover a wide range of subjects. It ensures students don't have to go anywhere. They get a comprehensive range of physics homework services in one place. Even if students want to avail "pay someone to do my physics homework" service, they can directly communicate with experts who offer support or help with physics. Whatever the subject-oriented problem, our experts walk the extra mile to help in physics homework.

Topics Covered By Physics Homework Help Experts

Before discussing why you need help with physics homework, let's see how TutorBin offers services for different physics sub-disciplines. The organization has 65000+ active tutors in more than 250 subjects. From modern physics homework help to gravitation, whatever subject you choose, we have tutors for these. We aim to provide students with physics homework help online through which they can clear their doubts, get their homework done, and understand different concepts. Students often feel stressed due to the lack of experts offering help with physics homework. Opting TutorBin for services helps students in their academic activities. This single yet smart move supports them in growing and boosting their performance.

Finding The Best Physics Homework Help Online

Students often get stuck with physics homework and think, "I need help with my physics homework," but the problem is they don't know where they get it. Some wish to have support if they are given complex problems. They think, "who can solve my physics homework?" This section is for you if you are among these two types of students. It's time to find homework help resources that suit your requirements. Here, we will focus on where you can find physics homework help suitable for you.

  • Get physics homework help online from academic help websites
  • You can hire an online physics homework helper or freelance tutors
  • You can also take physics hw help from tutors of your peers or seniors
  • Hiring an offline tutor for physics homework can be helpful for some
  • For some, peer tutoring works best for physics hw help

College Physics Homework Help- Solution For All Homework Problems

Due to overloaded classes, packed schedules, and other reasons, professors rarely get time to give extra attention to students seeking help for their physics homework. These circumstances often lead students to face academic challenges and put them in stressful situations. Understanding how these challenges affect the lives of Science students, especially for advanced study pursuers, TutorBin introduced its college physics homework help. It is nothing less than a boon for those college students who are in dire need of physics help online from experts.

Since TutorBin has a strong team of professional subject matter specialists for physics, we can provide different homework services in your domain. Our online experts will offer physics home work help with the below-mentioned activities:

  • Provide insights for your specific physics homework
  • Review conceptual ideas & analyze complex problems
  • Simplify problem solving approaches to physics questions
  • Break down topics into understandable pieces of information
  • Tailored physics home work help to suit your requirements & learning style
  • Extensive experience in offering solutions in diverse methods
  • Tech savvy and helps to complete homework quickly through physics help online
  • Gives guidance for enhancing logical ability
  • Good research skills on any topics in their domain
  • Empathy toward students who lack analytical & reasoning skills
  • A practical & analytical approach to obtaining solutions
  • Good communication & detail-oriented mentality
  • Excellent self-management: planning & timeliness to meet deadlines

With this end-to-end assistance, our college Physics help experts enable you to gain comprehensive knowledge in physics. You can use in-depth learning for your future courses. Moreover, it eases academic success achievement without sacrificing your physical and mental health.

How TutorBin Help Students Who Need Help with Physics Homework

In the above paragraphs, we discussed why physics hw help is one of the best student options. We know that a large segment of students are there who need help with physics homework from experts. We have explained here how TutorBin continues to help with physics homework. Moreover, we will also discuss in this paragraph how TutorBin, a physics homework help online website, addresses students' problems. If you are thinking about how it will solve my physics homework problems, then here's the answer for you:

Solution 1: Tutorbin has a dedicated tutor team that works with full commitment to provide students with online physics homework support. Our experts try their best to make students understand the underlying concepts behind problems and what type of approach students should opt for to get the solutions. The examples and explanations of our tutors make learning easier to grasp. When students say they don't understand the subject well, we know they don't get the concepts right. TutorBin experts devote their time teaching students the concepts and the applications of the knowledge in solving real-life problems. Our team also promotes an effective yet easy educational journey for making learning goal-oriented.

Solution 2: Time constraint is one of the major problem areas for students that TutorBin is trying to solve. Our educational experts focused on this area and introduced online physics homework solutions. When universities decide on the coursework, they already assume that students already have enough knowledge about the concepts and don't need extra time to grasp the topics. But due to the lack of proper tutoring and less inclination toward the subject, students feel that they don't have much time in hand. Moreover, some students face economic obstacles and have to work part-time. For them, time constraints become a challenge to finish the course. With TutorBin, students not only finish their coursework but also will be able to learn at their pace.

Solution 3: Teachers explain that it's for the students' good that students do their homework without copying. It's correct, though the problem lies elsewhere. Students often don't understand the problem or have doubts regarding the problem-solving approach they should opt for. For some students, copying from their peers helps them know how their classmates solved the problem, though that's not the solution. Under these challenges students face, TutorBin helps students with physics hw help. It offers conceptual clarity; even tutors support students to finish given homework with a step-by-step problem breakdown. This step reduces the burden and gives accurate yet unplagiarized physics homework answers.

Solution 4: It is not uncommon for students to get dissatisfied when they feel that school hours are not helping them grow. The problem comes from the lack of time teachers spend with students to help them grow. When students say they are unsatisfied with what their teachers taught them, we understand that they don't find the subject interesting. Our tutors update their teaching style to make physics homework help more engaging yet easy to understand. We encourage students to incline toward the field of physics. Moreover, our service is streamlined as per the current university coursework and designed to boost students' academic performance.

TutorBin Benefits If You Need Help with Physics Homework

Till now, we have discussed how TutorBin solves problems. We have explained the benefits of opting for our physics homework help online in this paragraph. Our subject matter experts try their best to increase students' learning capabilities. We ensure that students adopt smart ways to learn, gather knowledge, and improve their academic performance. Our student-centric facility puts our students on the priority list. Team TutorBin focuses on meeting students' requirements, and our student-centric system made us one of the most sought-after academic help platforms for uni and grad school students.

Exclusive guidance from our subject matter experts helps students learn physics and finish their physics homework. They simplify problems and ensure students develop practical skills to excel in their studies.

Secondly, a single platform for all types of homework is one of the best benefits for students. Our platform is easily accessible and student-friendly. Due to the one-stop solution, students don't have to search for other sources.

Customized learning makes things easier for students. It enables them to finish up the coursework at their own pace. They can do their homework and gain knowledge without stressing how fast the teachers are getting over the course.

Excellent after-sales support is one of our most incredible benefits. We don't just deliver tasks. Our team ensures that students understand and make the most out of the tasks. Even after delivering tasks, we prefer to listen to students who need further help.

High-quality education at an affordable rate makes us different from others. We don't believe in growing business from a profit perspective. Our services are much more than that. We believe in growing together. It's the reason we like to keep our rates in your budget.

24/7 Expert Availability- Help with Physics At Your Convenience

The dedication of our physics help online experts runs deep in their bones. Our experts work in multiple rotation shifts to cover all queries raised round-the-clock. From particular physics help to a set of questions, doubt clearance, and extra help from tutors, you will get every physics homework help online according to your convenient place & timezone. The flexibility we show while offering physics homework help enables us to win students' trust. The 24*7 availability of our physics homework helper has given us popularity. The fulfillment of "do my physics homework" or "do my physics assignments" requests proves that we are equally serious and committed, just like you.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and need a physics helper, we are there for you. Whatever timezone you are in, if you are facing difficulty and wondering who can do my physics homework for me at this odd hour? just come to TutorBin. Our physics helper team has every support resource available just for you. The physics homework helper team is extremely competent in their work & always prepared to provide you with top-notch physics homework help online.

Personalized help with physics homework- Boon for Students

The education industry is changing dynamically, and so are the students of this 21st century. In this decade, students prefer personalized help with physics homework instead of classroom learning, aiming to get a better learning experience customized according to their particular requirements. TutorBin, a trustworthy name in the EdTech industry, emphasizes the active participation of students with expert physics homework helpers. This step establishes a cooperative ecosystem, solidifying the learning scope for students through a collaborative & conversational approach. Personalized expert support not only aims for long-term benefits but also significantly impacts existing challenges students face nowadays. We have pointers explaining how it eradicates difficulties by helping students solve physics problems online.

Eradication of procrastination: Postponing or delaying are just a few signs of procrastination that often indicate the lack of self-control, time inconsistency, and absence of long-term goals. Personalized help from experts assists students in focusing on their long-term goals & committedly works to enhance their academic inclination. Moreover, it also becomes preferable for students to take care of their progress & encourage them to follow through with whatever they've set out to do.

Effectively managing time constraints: The challenge of time restrictions comes forth due to several reasons, including students having a part-time job, inability to handle multiple tasks, outside influence, or urgency. Expert help to solve physics problems online offers the best possible solution to effectively manage all the time constraints. Using the right platform & effective communication, experts not only aid students in submitting their tasks on time but also cover all of the quality requirements of students.

Strengthen conceptual clarity: Another effective but immediate benefit of personalized physics homework help is its strengthening of conceptual clarity. TutorBin experts use an inductive teaching strategy to assist students in understanding their subject with more clarity through a set of examples and charts. First, our experts assess the problem statement and then understand what students require. Once it's done, experts solve physics homework online in detail, explaining the concepts behind the application so that students can get clarity. This step not only supports students in obtaining in-depth subject understanding but also helps them to clear their doubts if they have any.

Improving students' performance: The significance of personalized learning and help with physics homework lies in its effectiveness in inducing meaningful education. It motivates students to gain in-depth learning and improves their academic performance extensively. With the help of physics homework helpers, students achieve the desired result without submerging themselves in a pit of stress and anxiety.

How Physics Tutors Solve Physics Problems Online

In the above para, we have seen how personalization is changing the face of academic help & supporting the young generation to thrive in academics. Here, we will simplify the process of personalizing homework help when students ask experts to solve physics homework online.

Step-wise solutions: Solving physics homework assigned by colleges & universities is way much different than in high school. Unlike a multiple-question answer setup, questions demand detailed solutions that are much more concept-oriented & depend on a deep understanding of the topic. It's practically impossible for advanced study pursuers to solve these in one-liners or copy without understanding the approach to solving them. Our experts have the knowledge & experience of real-life application of the concept through which they offer step-wise solutions that reflect your in-depth knowledge about the concept & the approach to solving those questions efficiently.

Thorough Explanations: Though step-wise solutions often solve most of the problems for students, the problem arises when a student does not understand what approach has been used in the answer or how it connects the dots. In this condition, our experts come up with thorough explanations of each step of the given solution. It gives students the required clarity and makes it easy for them to retrieve knowledge & retain information whenever they try to solve similar physics homework.

Doubt Clearance: Not all students are the same, nor are their problem statements. When some face problems due to the lack of knowledge, others find it challenging to apply the learned concepts successfully at the time of practice. They need help understanding why they are not reaching the desired solution, or they should have clarity on where they are going wrong. It is seen that more than 50% of students failed to finish their physics homework due to their doubts & confusion regarding the topic. Our experts not only clear their doubts that they could not address the professors due to short classroom time but also ensure that they retain the information effectively for the long run.

Physics Homework Help FAQs Asked By Students

What websites help with physics homework.

Several websites like TutorBin offer physics help to students. With the help of customized physics homework answers from scratch, the experts ensure that students can submit complete homework within the deadline and fully understand the problem-solving approaches with step-wise explanations.

Is there an app that solves physics?

Yes, you will get a diverse physics homework helper app on the internet offering step-by-step solutions to different physics homework. For reliable homework help, you can also search for the TutorBin homework help app . It takes a few minutes to complete the entire order placement process and offers a solution within a short turnaround time.

What is online assignment help?

Online assignment help is an academic help service that completes assignments and provides solutions to students. It helps them to improve their performance and aids students in overcoming study struggles by preparing themselves academically strong with expert help.

Is physics help online free of charge?

Some websites offer physics helper free of charge. With this free version, students can get some common answers for physics questions, though it could be plagiarized and also have limited options for students to get solved answers with explanations.

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Physics solver

How to find the most useful study resources to complete a physics assignment.

When you’ve got another complex assignment and are pressed for time, having a trustworthy physics solver on hand will definitely come in handy. However, the main problem students encounter is not being able to find the most useful study resources. To specify, they often don’t know which physics problem solver to choose as there are simply too many to select from. Here are some of the best tools and resources with the help of which completing your physics task will get much simpler. Perhaps, you will come across the physics word problem solver you have been looking for all this time.

  • Physics problem solver from the University of Texas at Austin. This physics solver is rather simple. Yet, you’ll manage to complete your tasks quickly and effectively should you choose to use this tool.
  • Pocket physics. This is an app that helps you solve any kind of physics problems faster. If you are looking for a physics word problem solver, you should definitely consider downloading this app. The app provides students with detailed descriptions of how a certain problem is solved. In other words, it’s both helpful and educational.
  • Physics prof. This app consists of a variety of physics equations. Basically, it’a large library which will come in handy to anyone searching for a physics equation solver. Here’s how it works: students input values into the app and get ready solutions to their equations. Fast and simple.
  • Omni calculator. This resource has a variety of physics calculators available with the help of which it gets easier to complete the task of any difficulty. This physics equation solver will be useful to anyone looking for a quick solution to their problem.

What is important to highlight is that finding the perfect tool for you may take longer. This is why it is advisable to allocate a sufficient amount of time to look through all the available study resources. Due to a variety of physics problem solvers available online it may be challenging to choose the one that meets all your needs. Yet, you will certainly find the most suitable one. Just make sure the tools and the resources you select have enough features to come in handy no matter the type of physics assignment you are dealing with. In other words, they need to be universal. Besides, the more tools you have at your disposal, the less time you spend on completing tasks.

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Physics Calculator

Physics is an interesting branch of science and has got huge applications in our day to day lives. However, it can be troublesome to few people due to its huge collection of mathematical formulas. Don’t Fret as we have got you covered with a comprehensive list of physics calculators from basic to the most advanced level of topics. Need any guidance in your homework you can always visit us.

Online Physics Calculators List

Solve different types of physics problems in no time using the list of physics calculators available. Just enter the concept you wish to prepare and you will find the physics problem solver with solution under the respective headings. Use our best physics calculators for free and have an enjoyable learning experience in physics.

  • Physics Formulas
  • Accleration Calculator
  • Accleration due to Gravity Calculator
  • Density Calculator
  • Friction Calculator
  • Gravity Calculator
  • Specific Gravity Calculator
  • Gravitational Potential Energy Calculator
  • Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Momentum Calculator
  • Force Calculator
  • Displacement Calculator S=VT
  • Mass to Energy Calculator
  • Angular Speed Calculator
  • Absolute Pressure Calculator
  • Current Density Calculator
  • Momentum With Velocity Calculator
  • Momentum With Time Calculator
  • Half Life Calculator
  • Centripetal Acceleration Calculator
  • Vertical Velocity Calculator
  • Inductive Reactance Calculator
  • Torque Calculator
  • Velocity Calculator
  • Water Pressure Calculator
  • Wavelength Calculator
  • Youngs Modulus Calculator
  • Uniformly Accelerated Motion Calculator
  • Velocity Calculator (v = √(u² + 2as))
  • Velocity Calculator v = u + at
  • Average Velocity Calculator
  • Displacement Calculator
  • Static Friction Calculator
  • Power with Displacement Calculator
  • Impact Force Calculator
  • Sound Wavelength Calculator
  • AC To DC Calculator
  • Average Speed Calculator
  • Centripetal Force Calculator
  • Acceleration of particle in electric field Calculator
  • Projectile motion for Vertical Displacement Calculator
  • Projectile motion for Horizontal Displacement Calculator
  • Atomic Mass Calculator
  • Parallel Plate Capacitor Calculator
  • Power Calculator
  • Standard Form of a Number with Calculations

Classical Mechanics Calculator ⚙️

  • Belt Length Calculator
  • Normal Force Calculator
  • Projectile Motion Calculator
  • Free Fall Calculator
  • Rocket Equation Calculator
  • Acceleration Calculator
  • Car Center of Mass Calculator
  • Car Crash Calculator
  • Conservation of Momentum Calculator
  • Elastic Potential Energy Calculator
  • Factor of Safety Calculator
  • Free Fall with Air Resistance Calculator
  • Gear Ratio Calculator
  • Gravitational Force Calculator
  • Hooke's Law Calculator
  • Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator
  • Impulse and Momentum Calculator
  • Inclined Plane Calculator
  • Maximum Height Calculator - Projectile Motion
  • Mechanical Advantage Calculator
  • Newton's Second Law Calculator
  • Potential Energy Calculator
  • Power to Weight Ratio Calculator
  • Pressure Calculator
  • Projectile Range Calculator
  • Pulley Calculator
  • Quarter Mile Calculator
  • Reduced Mass Calculator
  • SUVAT Calculator
  • Tension Calculator
  • Time of Flight Calculator - Projectile Motion
  • Trajectory Calculator
  • Work Calculator
  • Work and Pressure Calculator

Rotational and Periodic Motion Calculator 🌎

  • Simple Pendulum Calculator
  • Simple Harmonic Motion Calculator
  • Angular Acceleration Calculator
  • Centrifugal Force Calculator
  • Mass Moment of Inertia Calculator
  • Angular Velocity Calculator
  • Physical Pendulum Calculator
  • Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Waves Calculator 🔊

  • dB Calculator
  • Speed of Sound Calculator
  • Doppler Effect Calculator
  • Diffraction Grating Calculator
  • Dipole Calculator
  • Distance Attenuation Calculator
  • Harmonic Wave Equation Calculator
  • Lumen Calculator (Lumen to Lux to Candela)
  • Reverberation Time Calculator

Optics Calculators 🔍

  • Snell's Law Calculator
  • Lens Maker Equation Calculator
  • Index of Refraction Calculator
  • Thin Lens Equation Calculator
  • Angular Resolution Calculator
  • Aperture Area Calculator
  • Binoculars Range Calculator
  • Bragg's Law Calculators
  • Brewster's Angle Calculator
  • Malus Law Calculator
  • Telescopic Magnification Calculator
  • Wien's Law Calculator

Fluid Mechanics Calculators 💧

  • Buoyancy Calculator
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator
  • Bernoulli Equation Calculator
  • Drag Equation Calculator
  • Stoke's Law Calculator
  • Fan Calculator
  • Flow Rate Calculator
  • Hydraulic Jump Calculator
  • Hydraulic Pressure Calculator
  • Hydraulic Radius Calculator
  • Knudsen Number Calculator
  • manometer Calculator
  • Pipe Flow Calculator
  • Poiseuille's Law Calculator
  • Reynolds Number Calculator
  • Water Density Calculator

Atmospheric Thermodynamics Calculator ☁️

  • Air Density Calculator
  • Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator
  • Heat Index Calculator
  • Dew Point Calculator
  • Lighting Distance Calculator
  • Cloud Base Calculator
  • Wet Bulb Calculator

Thermodynamics Calculators 🌡️

  • Combined Gas Law Calculator
  • Thermal Expansion Calculator
  • Van Dar Waals Equation Calculator
  • Specific Heat Calculator
  • Latent Heat Calculator
  • Carnot Efficiency Calculator
  • Ideal Gas Law Calculator
  • Particles Velocity Calculator
  • Biot Number Calculator
  • Boltzmann Factor Calculator
  • Boyle's Law Calculator
  • Charles' Law Calculator
  • Curie's Law Calculator
  • Efficiency Calculator
  • Electrical Mobility Calculator
  • Enthalpy Calculator
  • Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator
  • Joule Heating Calculator
  • Newton's Law of Cooling Calculator
  • Mean Free Path Calculator
  • Thermal Conductivity Calculator

Electromagnetism Calculators 🧲

  • Coulomb's Law Calculator
  • Lorentz Force Calculator
  • Ohm's Law Calculator
  • Parallel Resistor Calculator
  • Capacity Calculator
  • Acceleration in the Electric Field Calculator
  • Capacitance Calculator
  • Capacitor Energy Calculator
  • Capacitors in Series Calculator
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  • Cyclotron Frequency Calculator
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  • Magnetic Force Between Current-Carrying Wires Calculator
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  • RC Circuit Calculator
  • RLC Circuit Calculator
  • Resistor Color Code Calculator
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  • Solenoid Magnetic Field Calculator
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  • Rydberg Equation Calculator
  • Hydrogen Energy Levels Calculator
  • Photoelectric Effect Calculator
  • De Broglie Wavelength Calculator
  • Stefan Boltzmann Law Calculator
  • Bohr Model Calculator
  • Compton Scattering Calculator
  • Compton Wavelength Calculator
  • Curie Constant Calculator
  • Fermi Level Calculator
  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Calculator
  • Magnetic moment Calculator
  • Photon Energy Calculator

Relativity Calculators 🚀

  • Specific Travel Calculator
  • E=mc2 Calculator
  • Relativistic Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Velocity Addition Calculator
  • Time Dilation Calculator
  • Length Contraction Calculator

Astrophysics Calculators 🌌

  • Escape Velocity Calculator
  • Orbital Velocity Calculator
  • Luminosity Calculator
  • Black Hole Temperature Calculator
  • Redshift Calculator
  • Alien Civilization Calculator
  • Black Hole Collision Calculator
  • Exoplanet Discovery Calculator
  • Hubble Law Distance Calculator
  • Kepler's Third Law Calculator
  • Orbital Period Calculator
  • Radiation Pressure Calculator
  • Schwarzschild Radius Calculator

Unit Conversion Calculator ⚙️

  • Angle Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Energy Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Volume Unit Calculator
  • Power Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Distance Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Area Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Pressure Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Speed Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Temperature Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Torque Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Time Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Force Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Mass Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Acceleration Unit Calculator
  • Capacitance Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Density Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Electric Charge Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Force / Length Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Illuminance Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Mass Flow Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Viscosity Unit Conversion Calculator

Other Physics Calculators

  • Weight on Other Planets Calculator
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  • Earth Curvature Calculator
  • Arrow Speed Calculator
  • Sled Ride Calculator
  • Universe Expansion Calculator

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Physicscalc.Com is a trusted portal that has a comprehensive collection of topics in physics ranging from the basic ones to the most advanced ones and solves all your problems in a fraction of seconds.

2. How to Solve Physics Problems Faster?

The Only key to solve physics problems faster is to practice regularly. Try to learn shortcuts so that it would be easy for you to solve difficult concepts too easily.

3. Is there any website which can answer questions related to Physics?

Physicscalc.Com is a website that answers all your questions related to physics instantaneously and is a great resource for studying Physics.

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a ball is thrown horizontally with an initial speed of 10ms from an 80 m cliff.how long does it take to reach the ground?

5 m wire made of gold ( ρgold = 2.4 x 10−8 ) has a cross-sectional area of 2 mm.

Calculate the voltage if a 32 A current runs through the wire.

Water is flowing in a hose with a velocity of 1.5 m/s and a pressure of 3 kPa. At

    the nozzle the pressure decreases to atmospheric pressure (101300 Pa), there

    is no change in height. Use the Bernoulli equation to calculate the velocity of the

   water exiting the nozzle. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 and gravity g is 9.8 

A balloon is fitted over the open end of a glass beaker that contains water.

The beaker is placed over a flame, which heats the water. At the same time,

the balloon is squeezed, so that it deflates. What are the correct signs for the

heat and work changes to the beaker and balloon system?

O D. +0. -w

 Calculate the strength of an electric field 1.2 m away from a point charge of 7.4 x 10-5C.

Calculate the magnitude of force that would act on an object carrying a charge of 3.2 x 10-5C if it was placed in a magnetic field with a strength 4.27 x 104 N/C.

What is my power rating if I can run up three storeys in 20s, given that each storey is 4m high and I have mass of 80kg

A square coil (0.40 m 2 ) of wire consists of 70 loops. The magnetic field is perpendicular

to the face of the coil and decreases at a rate of 0.025 T/s. What is the magnitude of

the induced electromotive force in the loop?

A circular coil with 100 turns and a radius of 0.10 m is placed in a uniform magnetic

field so that it is perpendicular to the plane of the coil. The field changes uniformly

from zero to 0.4T in 2 seconds. Calculate the induced emf.

Resistor consist of R1=4, R2= 4.5 R3= 12

Resistor R3 connected in parallel with R2 .

1 )draw a the circuit diagram

2 )calculate the voltage across R3 if the applied voltage is 12V .

3 ) calculate the current passing R1 and R 3

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Pure Future AI

6 Best AI Tools for Physics Homework (Free and Paid)

Embarking on a journey through the multifaceted universe of physics often poses a labyrinth of challenges for many scholars. The arcane concepts of quantum mechanics and the rigorous mathematical demands of thermodynamics make physics an academic field that necessitates precise comprehension and continual engagement. AI, in its innovative brilliance, uncomplicates the convoluted physics conundrums and amplifies students’ understanding. In this illuminating discourse, we will delve into an evaluation of 6 best ai tools for physics homework.

Nevertheless, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of educational resources is lighting the way, turning these daunting obstacles into surmountable stepping stones. These digital virtuosos are revolutionizing the terrain of physics education, transforming it from an intimidating mountain into an exhilarating voyage of discovery. So, buckle up and join us as we surf this dynamic technological tidal wave and uncover how it’s recalibrating the compass for future physics education

6 Best AI Tools for Physics Homework

  • Smodin Physics AI Homework Solver
  • Google’s Bard
  • IBM Watson Discovery

1. Smodin Physics AI Homework Solver

physics homework solver free


As we delve into the realm of AI assistance for physics homework, the undisputed leader is the Smodin Physics AI Homework Solver, topping our list of “6 Best AI Tools for Physics Homework”. This powerful digital companion integrates sophisticated AI technology to simplify the intimidating task of solving physics homework. Whether you’re wrestling with a challenging physics equation or dissecting complex theories, Smodin’s AI capabilities are designed to provide prompt and comprehensible step-by-step solutions, making your homework journey remarkably straightforward.

The beauty of Smodin isn’t just in its computational prowess, but also in its intuitive, user-friendly interface that supports multiple languages. This inclusive feature ensures students from all corners of the globe can access this tool and reap its benefits without any linguistic barriers.

Smodin is not only a homework solver but also a hub of educational resources. It enriches its problem-solving service by providing ancillary learning materials such as related articles, instructive videos, and supplementary practice problems. This wealth of resources fosters a profound understanding of physics, making it not just a quick-fix homework aid, but a comprehensive learning platform.

Embrace the Smodin Physics AI Homework Solver as a reliable ally for your physics homework. Its efficient solution-generating capabilities combined with its extensive learning resources ensure physics no longer remains a daunting subject but transforms into an engaging and comprehensible discipline. Join countless students who’ve found success with our number one pick in the “6 Best AI Tools for Physics Homework”.

  • Limited: Free
  • Essentials: $10/month
  • Productive: $29/month

2. Tutor AI

physics homework solver free

Taking the number two spot in our roundup of the “6 Best AI Tools for Physics Homework” is TutorAI, a remarkable platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized educational experiences across various subjects.

TutorAI is your go-to virtual physics companion, providing tailored problem-solving exercises to illuminate complex concepts. From kinematics to quantum mechanics, TutorAI’s AI-driven engine digs into the crux of physics problems, effectively demystifying intimidating topics. The platform enhances this with lively simulations and immersive videos, transforming abstract principles into understandable and relatable knowledge.

What sets TutorAI apart is its intelligent ability to assess each student’s unique learning patterns. It not only offers tailored content but tracks students’ progress, empowering them to identify their strengths and areas that need more attention. Additionally, TutorAI’s community-oriented approach encourages students to learn from their peers’ insights, further enriching their understanding of physics.

Despite being a versatile tool for various subjects, TutorAI shines brightly when it comes to tackling physics homework. Its robust AI features and user-friendly interface make it one of the most valuable allies for any physics student seeking homework assistance.

  • Premium: $10/month

physics homework solver free

Surveying the “6 best AI tools for physics homework,” Chegg emerges as a noteworthy candidate. Though this versatile online educational resource can aid with various subjects, it is its specialized assistance with physics homework that lands it on our list. By harnessing the power of AI, Chegg matches student queries with the right experts, thus facilitating a streamlined physics problem-solving experience. It offers a broad range of solutions, a robust math solver, and safeguards academic integrity with citation generators and plagiarism checkers. 

But Chegg doesn’t stop at homework assistance; it further enriches the learning journey with practice exams, videos, and study guides. Consequently, its unique blend of AI-powered homework assistance and an array of supplementary educational resources firmly establishes Chegg as one of the 6 best AI tools for physics homework.

  • Study Pack: $19.95/month

4. Chat GPT

physics homework solver free

As we explore the “6 best AI tools for physics homework,” nestled in the fourth spot is ChatGPT, a remarkable product from OpenAI’s innovative research landscape. This AI language model is altering the manner in which students tackle physics assignments. Rather than merely providing immediate answers, ChatGPT is a robust virtual ally designed to engage students in enlightening dialogues, thereby deepening their comprehension of intricate physics theories.

The beauty of ChatGPT lies in its AI-driven algorithms that interpret user queries in a conversational format, closely mimicking a one-on-one interaction with a personal tutor available 24/7. Whether you’re grappling with basic concepts or need guidance in cracking challenging problems, ChatGPT emerges as a reliable aide, always prepared to elucidate and assist.

Beyond its precise response generation, the truly transformative aspect of this chatbot is its ability to venture beyond the confines of traditional pedagogical techniques. It fosters a novel learning environment by interpreting and answering questions with a remarkable degree of accuracy, which ultimately reinforces the tremendous impact of AI in reshaping educational paradigms. This underlines why ChatGPT ranks among the top 6 AI tools that are redefining the face of physics homework assistance.

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $20/month

5. Google’s Bard

physics homework solver free

An ingenious brainchild of Google, Bard harnesses the power of AI, specifically Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Generative Pre-Trained Transformer technologies, to deliver precision-packed responses to student inquiries. The tool stands out for its exceptional ability to interpret the subtleties of text and code, making it an ideal companion for physics students. Bard illuminates even the most complex physics principles in an easy-to-understand manner, making it a standout resource in our lineup.

But it’s not just about explanations; Bard goes the extra mile to generate personalized practice problems, aligning with a student’s learning rhythm to strengthen their conceptual understanding. Furthermore, it offers insightful feedback on students’ work, pinpointing areas for improvement and potential mistakes. By leveraging advanced AI, Google’s Bard is redefining the way students approach physics homework, providing a comprehensive learning journey that far outpaces traditional methodologies.

6. IBM Watson Discovery

physics homework solver free

Rounding off our list of the 6 best AI tools for physics homework at the sixth position is the innovative IBM Watson Discovery. This ingenious, cloud-based platform harnesses the might of artificial intelligence to sift through enormous piles of unstructured data, discovering valuable insights via natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Ideal for students grappling with physics assignments, Watson Discovery offers a wealth of physics-focused documents. Whether you’re seeking precise definitions, formulas, or problem-solving methodologies, this tool makes targeted searches a breeze.

Not stopping there, it beautifully elucidates the nuanced interconnections between various physics principles, aiding students in conquering challenging topics. Watson Discovery’s proficient NLP capabilities decode text and data, extracting pivotal concepts, and creating pertinent queries. Its ML competence enhances precision over time by unveiling new patterns within data. Visualizing data to accentuate trends and correlations, it even proposes related content tailored to user’s history and preferences. For instance, a student can utilize Watson Discovery to decode “momentum”, find relevant resources on “relativity”, or visualize data in a projectile motion problem. Therefore, IBM Watson Discovery emerges as a powerful ally in making physics homework less daunting through its smart data interpretation.

  • Starter: Free
  • Plus: $500/month
  • Enterprise: $5000/month

Want to Find More AI Tools?

Check out our AI tool directory in the button below, where you can dive into more AI-powered tools to help you increase your productivity. From  AI math tools  to  image-generating software , we can help find the right tool for you.

As we wrap up our exploration into the realm of artificial intelligence within the sphere of education, it becomes apparent that the best AI tools for physics homework are no longer a mere concept but an impressive reality. Renowned platforms such as Tutor AI, Smodin Physics Problem Solver, Chegg, ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and IBM Watson Discovery stand at the forefront of this revolution, providing invaluable aid to budding physicists worldwide.

These cutting-edge tools harness the power of AI to demystify complex theories, create compelling practice scenarios, and deliver rich, personalized educational experiences. Through the insightful analysis and interpretation of vast volumes of data, these tools are adept at crafting custom solutions, thus deepening students’ comprehension of intricate physics concepts.

Incorporating these innovative AI resources is leading to a paradigm shift in how homework is perceived and tackled. Students can now experience a more interactive, engaging, and productive homework routine, transforming an often daunting task into an opportunity for exploration and understanding. As the boundaries of AI’s potential in education are relentlessly pushed and expanded, it’s clear that the future of homework assistance is not just bright, but also poised to foster a more enriched, effective learning environment. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards harnessing the best AI tools for physics homework, and the landscape is ripe with promise for what lies ahead.

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