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25 Preschool Book Activities For Hands-On Learning

Bring books to life with these fun and sensory-rich book activities for kids. There are many ways to enjoy reading books, and pairing them with early learning activities makes it easy! Our book activities are meant to be very hands-on! You won’t find crafts here, but sensory activities will delight any child and make reading fun!

preschool activity book ideas

How to Get Started with Preschool Book Activities

Using books for preschool hands-on activities can be an excellent way to engage young children in interactive learning experiences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you incorporate books into hands-on activities for preschoolers:

Incorporating science, math, engineering, art, and literacy into preschool hands-on activities using books can provide young kids with an enriching learning experience.

Step By Step Guide to Pairing Books with Activities

STEP 1: Choose a Book with Multidisciplinary Themes: Select a book encompassing multiple themes and concepts related to science, math, engineering, art, and literacy. Look for stories that offer opportunities to explore these subjects in an integrated manner.

STEP 2: Read and Discuss: Read the selected book aloud to the preschoolers. Engage them in discussions about the characters, plot, and themes. Ask open-ended questions that encourage critical thinking and creativity.

STEP 3: Identify Key Concepts: Identify key concepts from the book that can be tied to each subject:

  • Science: Identify natural phenomena, animals, plants, or environmental concepts.
  • Math: Focus on counting, shapes, patterns, and measurements.
  • Engineering: Explore building, problem-solving, and creating structures.
  • Art: Discuss colors, textures, shapes, and creative expressions.
  • Literacy: Emphasize vocabulary, storytelling, and communication skills.

STEP 4: Design Hands-On Activities: Create hands-on activities that integrate science, math, engineering, art, and literacy based on the book’s themes:

  • Science: Set up simple experiments or observations related to the book’s science concepts. For instance, create a weather observation station if the book is about the weather.
  • Math: Count and sort objects from the book, create shape collages, or measure items related to the story.
  • Engineering: Provide building materials (blocks, cardboard, etc.) and encourage children to construct structures inspired by the book.
  • Art: Create art projects that relate to the book’s themes, allowing children to explore different materials and techniques.
  • Literacy: Extend the story by encouraging children to write or dictate their own versions, create storyboards, or act out scenes from the book.

STEP 5: Integrate Activities: Incorporate the hands-on activities into the lesson by connecting them to the book’s concepts. For example, you could read a story about insects and then engage in activities such as making bug sculptures, counting legs on insects, and discussing different types of bugs.

STEP 6: Foster Exploration and Curiosity: Encourage children to explore, ask questions, and experiment during the activities. Provide them with opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve, and express their creativity.

STEP 7: Reflect and Extend Learning: Discuss what the children learned and discovered after each activity. Encourage them to make connections between different subjects. What other activities can you add to extend the learning?

STEP 8: Document and Display: Document children’s work through photos, drawings, and written descriptions. Create a display! Find thrift store picture frames and repaint or use spray paint to create a unique wall gallery.

preschool activity book ideas

Remember that the goal is to foster a love for learning and exploration. Keep the activities age-appropriate, adaptable, and flexible to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play activities, such as sensory tables, sensory bins, glitter bottles, sensory dough, and slime, are always a hit whether you use them as a classroom center or at home! You can also add your favorite preschool books to create a hands-on literacy activity!

There are so many wonderful benefits to sensory play:

  • Practical Life Skills ~ Sensory play lets a child explore, discover and create play using practical life skills (dumping, filling, scooping) and learn valuable play skills.
  • Play Skills {emotional development} ~ For both social and independent play, sensory play allows children to play cooperatively or side by side.
  • Language Development ~ Sensory play increases language development by experiencing all there is to see and do with their hands.  It leads to great conversations and opportunities to model the use of language.
  • Understanding 5 Senses ~ Many sensory play bins include a few of the senses! Touch, sight, sounds, taste, and smell are the 5 senses. Children can experience several at a time with a sensory bin.

Imagine a bin of brightly colored rainbow rice: touch the loose grains against the skin, see the vivid colors as they mix together, hear the sound of sprinkling over a plastic container or shaken in a plastic egg! Did you add a scent like vanilla or lavender?

Please do not taste uncooked rice, but there are plenty of sensory play options that you use edible ingredients like our pigs in mud pudding play . 

FREE Quick Start Sensory Bin Guide

preschool activity book ideas

25 Book Activities For Preschoolers

Whether you love sensory bins, sensory bottles, sensory dough, or even slime, book activities paired with sensory play are just fun!

We love to read books daily, and these activities accompanying the story have become a much-anticipated part of our day. What a fantastic way to think and talk about the story you have just read.

Here are 20+ preschool books paired with 20+ hands-on activities covering science, math, engineering, art, and literacy. Use the ideas listed or use the ideas as a springboard for your own activities based on the materials you have available.

preschool activity book ideas

Preschool Book Activities for Science

Book: “ the very hungry caterpillar ” by eric carle.

Activity: Create a Butterfly Life Cycle Craft. Benefit: Teach about a butterfly’s life cycle , introducing biology and sequencing.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “How a Seed Grows” by Helene J. Jordan

Activity: Planting Seeds and Watching Them Grow. Benefit: Introduces the concept of plant life cycles and encourages observation and care.

Egg Shell Seed Science for Spring

Book: “I See a Kookaburra!” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Activity: Nature Scavenger Hunt . Benefit: Enhances observation skills, fosters animal curiosity, and connects children with nature.

Book: “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister

Activity: Color Mixing Experiments . Benefit: Introduces color theory and the science behind mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.

Book: “My 5 Senses” by Aliki

Activity: Set up a 5 Senses Discovery Station. Benefit: Teaches kids about the 5 senses, including sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, and how they interact with the world around us.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “What Makes a Magnet?” by Franklyn M. Branley

Activity: Magnetic Exploration . Benefit: Teaches about the basics of magnetism and engages kids in hands-on experimentation.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “ Gravity is a Mystery ” by Franklin M Branley

Activity: Play with gravity! Benefit: Teaches about the concept of gravity and the basics of physics.

preschool activity book ideas

Preschool Book Activities for Math

Book: “what is math” by rebecca kai dotlich.

Activity: Make a math mini-book. Benefit: Explore different concepts in math, such as shapes, counting, fractions, and more.

Book: “Ten Black Dots” by Donald Crews

Activity: Counting and Arranging Dot Art. Benefit: Develops counting skills, spatial reasoning, and creative thinking. Also, grab these Black dot themed ten frame sheets !

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “Mouse Count” by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Activity: Counting and Sorting with Toy Mice. Benefit: Reinforces counting, introduces basic addition and subtraction concepts, and promotes sorting.

Book: “Shapes, Shapes, Shapes” by Tana Hoban

Activity: Shape painting art. Benefit: Enhances shape recognition, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “ If You Were A Plus Sign ” by Tisha Sue Speed Shaskan

Activity: Benefit: Introduces basic addition concepts.

Book: “Pattern Fish” by Trudy Harris

Activity: Creating Pattern Necklaces. Benefit: Develop pattern recognition skills, mathematical thinking, and fine motor coordination.

Book: “How Long?” Wacky Ways to Compare Length by Jessica Gunderson

Activity: Compare the lengths of different objects . Benefit: Develop basic observation and measurement skills.

Preschool Book Activities for Engineering

Book: “ rosie revere, engineer ” by andrea beaty.

Activity: Build a hovercraft . Benefit: Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and the exploration of basic principles of flight.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “The Three Little Pigs” by Steve Guarnaccia

Activity: Build a Strong House for the Pigs . Benefit: Introduces the concept of stability and materials in construction, promoting engineering thinking.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “Iggy Peck, Architect” by Andrea Beaty

Activity: Build a Structure with Everyday Items . Benefit: Sparks creativity, promotes experimentation, and introduces architectural concepts. Also, try these building activities .

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “If I Built a Car” by Chris Van Dusen

Activity: Build a LEGO balloon car . Benefit: Encourages imaginative thinking, design exploration, and fine motor skills.

Book: “ Not a Box ” by Antoinette Portis

Activity: Create and Transform a “Not a Box” Structure. Benefit: Stimulates creative thinking, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

BONUS: Pumpkin Books with Activities

preschool activity book ideas

Preschool Book Activities for Art

Book: “ish” by peter h. reynolds.

Activity: Create “Ish” Artwork. Read the book “Ish” aloud to the children. Afterward, have a group discussion about what it means to create art that is “ish.” Provide paper and art supplies, and encourage the children to draw their own “ish” versions of their favorite things or objects from the book.

Benefit: Encourages artistic expression, builds self-confidence, and fosters a positive attitude toward creativity. Download this printable project sheet here.

preschool activity book ideas

Book: “Beautiful Oops!” by Barney Saltzberg

Activity: Turn Mistakes into Art!

Idea #1: Rip and Repair Art: Give each child a piece of paper and encourage them to rip or cut a hole in the paper. Provide adhesive tape or glue and colorful pieces of paper. Have the children cover the ripped areas with bright paper, turning the “oops” into a beautiful repair.

Idea #2: Mistake Transformations: Distribute sheets of paper with smudges, spills, or accidental marks. Invite the children to turn these mistakes into intentional drawings or designs. Show them how a simple fall can be transformed into an animal’s body or a cloud’s shape.

Benefit: Promotes resilience, creative problem-solving, and embracing imperfections.

Book: “Mix It Up!” by Hervé Tullet

Activity: Interactive Color Mixing Art. Provide a sensory-rich experience using homemade finger paints , or try ice cube art !

Benefit: Teaches color theory through hands-on exploration and encourages artistic experimentation.

Book: “Press Here” by Hervé Tullet

Activity: Create mixed media dot art. Set up a large piece of paper or a canvas. Provide circular stickers, round sponges, circular objects such as jar lids, paper towel rolls, and plates of paint. Invite the kids to press the stickers onto the paper or canvas and use the circular objects or sponges dipped in paint to do some printmaking.

Benefit: Inspires storytelling and sequencing and encourages tactile and visual exploration.

Book: “ Harold and the Purple Crayon ” by Crockett Johnson

Activity: Draw Your Own Adventure with a Purple Crayon! Provide kids with a purple crayon and sheets of paper. Encourage them to use their purple crayons to draw their own imaginative adventures, just like Harold. Let them share their stories and drawings with the group afterward.

Benefit: Sparks imaginative storytelling, fine motor skills, and creative thinking.

Each of these activities, paired with a relevant book, provides a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for preschoolers across multiple areas of development.

  More Awesome Preschool Activities

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  • Best Board Games For Preschoolers
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  • Fun Playdough Activities
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  • Weather Activities
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Printable Preschool Bundle Theme Pack

Get ready to explore this year with our growing Preschool STEM Bundle !

What’s Included:

There are 5 fun preschool themes to get you started. This is an ” I can explore” series!

  • My 5 Senses
  • All About Me
  • Science and Scientist

Each unit contains approximately 15 activities, with instructions and templates  as needed. Hands-on activities are provided to keep it fun and exciting. This includes sensory bins, experiments, games, and more! Easy supplies keep it low cost and book suggestions add the learning time. 

preschool activity book ideas

~ Projects to Try Now! ~

preschool activity book ideas

The Educators' Spin On It

Learning Games and Activities

By Kim Vij Leave a Comment

Book Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Preschool activities for Kids with themes and books

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is the place to start with book activities for preschoolers . Discover storybook fun with your child with free weekly ideas! As parents, we know our kids need as many books read to them as possible when they are little.

Are you looking for more than just bedtime stories to do with your child?

The weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids is for you… 

Book Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Fantastic themes, featured books, and 5 easy and simple activities are delivered straight to your inbox each week to share with your preschooler at home.

Remember as a kid getting flyers from the scholastic book club? Have you seen the latest idea with monthly book club subscription boxes? Book Clubs are something that have always been around but now you can do them virtually in the online world with your child.

In our Virtual Book Club for Kids you can build your child’s first library and inspire a lifelong reader themed around moments that parents and little ones experience together. The best part is that our book club shares activities based on children’s books for free each week.

Here’s a sample from our previous year’s books, themes and activities.

Sign Up for our Book Themed Newsletter

Our Book Club features

  • Popular and diverse children’s picture books
  • Fun themes to learn, create and play with
  • Active Facebook group for more ideas and inspiration each week

I invite you to join our Book Club for Preschoolers and Toddlers. It’s fun and easy! The perfect way to encourage your child to fall in love with books!

Plus it’s a way to explore other learning skills they need like ABC’s, numbers, book-themed crafts and even play ideas!


virtual book club for kids

Each week we’ll share a popular children’s book and 5 activities to go along with it.

You can do these book club activities with your preschooler or toddler…

  • Once a week
  • Host a themed playdate with friends
  • Meet at the park and coordinate activities with friends

Do what works with your schedule as a parent. If you’re at home with your child this virtual book club is ideal for you. A working parent who wants to do fun things when you’re home together, this is for you. Or even caring for little ones, this book club is for you!

preschool book club with weekly plans for parents

What is Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids?

Our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids is a program created for families with children ages 2-5. Each week we feature a new theme and focus on a popular children’s book related to that theme. Along with the book suggestion we share five activities each week that you can do with your kids. We’ve done the planning so you can have fun with your little one at home.

Have siblings? These activities and books can be used with children that are older than 5 or younger than 2 with a few modifications.

Fun and easy activities that are budget-friendly and tons of fun for your child. Plus we’ll sneak in learning skills that they need to get ready for school.

Join the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group

How can I participate in your Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids?

1. To get started, you’ll want to join our Virtual Book Club for Kids Weekly Newsletter email list and our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook group .

2. Next, you’ll want to check out our Book and Theme Lists for 2023-2024 (you’ll get emailed them as soon as you sign up for our newsletter).

3. After that, gather the books you’ll be using from your local Library or Book Store or online at Amazon.

4. Finally, pick which activities from our weekly newsletter you want to try and do them!

5. Then Share! Once you’ve done an activity, come share it in our Weekly VBC group! We love seeing photos or hearing what you’re up to. You can inspire other parents to create and engage with their kids.

Virtual Book Club for Kids Book List and Themes.

How Does the Virtual Book Club Work?

Each Friday, you’ll get an email with the Theme, Book suggestions, and activity ideas for the following week.

Virtual Book Club Weekly Schedule

  • Monday: Sensory and Imaginative Play Activities 
  • Tuesday: Alphabet Letter Activities 
  • Wednesday: Math Activities 
  • Thursday: Cooking and Science Activities 
  • Friday: Art Activities 

The activities are structured so that we have a specific type of activity shared every day. You can use the schedule below as a reference. This is the format we will be following, though you can mix it up and pick and choose activities based on how kids are feeling.

Weekly Schedule for Virtual Book Club for kids Activities

How do we get the book lists?

We have the book lists posted on our VBC website. We’d love to send you the list of books and themes for the 2023-2024 school year, all you need to do is subscribe to our Virtual Book Club for Kids Newsletter . 

Then you can download and print  to hang on the fridge and get ready to join us this year!

Join our newsletter to get this year’s themes and featured books plus the activities to your inbox each week.

When is the book club start?

Our 2023 Virtual Book Club is kicking off on Monday, September 18, 2023, and it runs through April 29, 2024 . { BUY BOOKS HERE }

We are so excited for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids to get started next week and we hope you will be joining us! Grab a friend to join the fun too!

Weekly Preschool Books and Activity Ideas on Mondays

If you have any questions about our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids, please comment and let us know!


You may also enjoy these book activities for kids…

20 Children's Books and Book Activities

Like this idea? Pin for later or share now with a friend!

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Early childhood teacher, author, speaker and mom of 3. Kim shares ways to make learning fun and parenting an adventure by sharing developmentally appropriate activities.

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preschool activity book ideas

Miniature Masterminds

Creatively Containing the Chaos – Home School Life

The Ultimate Busy Book For Preschoolers With 100+ Pages of Activities

Over a hundred different activities for toddlers and preschoolers to explore the alphabet, numbers, counting, science, and more!

Included are:

Alphabet upper and lower case Counting to 10 Shadow matching shapes planets Recycling Healthy foods Animal habitats Transportation Months and Days Seasons and many many more!

I tried to make the book simple to use but the nature of how it should work does require it to be work putting together. Each activity has the mat to put in the book and the cutouts for the activity. You can store the cutouts in an envelope and either laminate the mats or place in a plastic binder sleeve. You can use velcro to keep the pieces in place or just a flat surface. I would suggest laminating the cutouts to make them reusable.

You could also use each activity as a file folder activity as well!

There are so many different activities that I would probably pick and choose which ones I wanted to use at one time and cycle through them.

preschool activity book ideas

Click Below To download!

preschool activity book ideas

Some of the art included is my own but most came from  I now can save time and it is so cute!

Use our worksheets or activities? Send a picture to be featured in a future post!

Email to:  [email protected]

This download is free to use for any daycare, church, school, personal, co op, or home school use.

We all make mistakes sometimes, if you happen to find one of mine feel free to email me and let me know so I can correct it!


All activity images, printables, and games are free to download and/or use as you choose, with the exception of claiming as your own, modifying, or redistributing as your own. Please feel free to use in any classroom setting! Feel free to link to this page but not to the download or image itself, if you would like to share downloads or ideas. All shares are appreciated. Permission to use 1 image of your choice is given. Thank you for respecting these guidelines.

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We are Christian based and all curriculum and activities will fit a Biblical perspective. However, most of it can also be used in a secular classroom as well. 

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preschool activity book ideas

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preschool activity book ideas

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Homeschool Preschool

Book Activities for Preschoolers

Don’t miss these book activities for preschoolers . Printables, crafts, and more based on the most popular preschool books on the market.

I love to read with little ones. Books open up a whole new world for preschoolers.

When you pair your child’s favorite story with some preschool book activities , you can bring the stories to life. 

Don't miss these book activities for preschoolers. Printables, crafts, and more based on the most popular preschool books on the market.

Are you looking for a craft to go with your favorite picture book? Or maybe you need some free preschool printables to extend the learning? Maybe, you’re looking for some fun hands-on activities.

No matter what you’re looking for, this list is a great place to start.

As I create more book-based activities, I’ll add them to this page. So, be sure to bookmark it or pin it for future reference.

There is no way to have a comprehensive list of activities for EVERY book on the market. But, I’ve tried to include many popular picture books. 

And, I’ve got many more posts in the works. If you are looking for a specific activity or an activity to go with a specific book, please leave me a comment and let me know. I’ll add it to my list!

My book list is in alphabetical order. So, scroll down to find what you’re looking for. 

Be Brave, Little Penguin

What happens when a penguin is scared to swim? Read Be Brave, Little Penguin to find out. Then complete these Be Brave Little Penguin activities to extend the fun!

Bear’s Loose Tooth

Prepare your preschoolers for their first loose tooth with some quick, fun activities to go along with  Bear’s Loose Tooth  by Karma Wilson.

Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On  is a great book to read with kids in the winter when discussing bears or animals that hibernate. It’s also perfect for early spring if you’re discussing animals coming out of hibernation or everything coming back to life after a long cold winter.

These  Bear Snores On sequencing cards   are perfect for storytelling and sequencing practice. These are great skills for little ones to learn as they begin to read.

Big Red Barn

This set of no-prep  Big Red Barn  activities  is a great way to work on early math, literacy, and more skills with your preschoolers.

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch

What happens when Biscuit visits the pumpkin patch ? Read the story and find out. Print these activities to extend the fun!

Cat in the Hat 

No child’s home library is complete without a copy of  Cat in the Hat ! It’s a favorite for preschoolers, preschool mommas, and preschool teachers alike. Kids love the cat and all his antics. Moms love the rhythm and rhyme. Teachers love all the fun activities they can use to bring the story to life!

There are fifteen fun Cat in the Hat crafts in this post. The list includes snacks, sensory activities, and more! 

Dr. Seuss (general book activities)

The posts below include a variety of Dr Seuss books. Check them out to see if your favorite is included.  

From crafts and printables to hands-on activities and more, discover more than twenty Dr Seuss activities for preschoolers . 

Little ones will love sitting down to learn with this Dr Seuss printable ! This free preschool printable includes 17 pages of Dr. Seuss-themed learning fun!

Growing Vegetable Soup 

Growing Vegetable Soup  is a great book to have on hand in the spring and summer. Together, a father and child share the joys of planting, watering, and watching seeds grow. Add this book to your lessons about seeds and plants or about healthy eating.

Discuss seeds, plants, and gardening as well as sequencing with these Growing Vegetable Soup story sequence cards . 

How to Catch an Elf

Add these  How to Catch an Elf book activities  to your preschool reading and literacy centers this holiday season! Kids will love them!

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty preschool science activities are the perfect addition to your nursery rhyme lesson plans. Explore eggs with these experiments!

These Humpty Dumpty literacy activities are a great way to add rhymes, syllables, and CVC words to your nursery rhyme unit.

This  Humpty Dumpty sequencing activity  is perfect for your nursery rhymes activities for preschool. Grab your copy today!

Hunting the Daddysaurus

If you haven’t read Hunting the Daddyosaurus yet, you’ve missed a treat. Two dinosaur siblings search the house hunting for their daddyosaurus. The rhyme and rhythm draw you in and keep you hooked until the last stanza.

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Laura Numeroff’s circular stories are some of my very favorite preschool picture books. Kids love watching the main character cycle through the day only to end up right back where they started.

In this story, cat wants a cupcake which ultimately takes him to the beach, the park, karate class, and more!

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake story sequencing cards are a great way to help students retell their favorite story! Four card styles allow for differentiation.

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie 

Mouse wants a brownie, and then goes on an adventure which includes a concert, a trip to the grocery, sailing in a boat, and more.

These If You Give a Mouse a Brownie printables will help kids dive deeper into the story with early math and literacy activities. 

Don't miss these book activities for preschoolers. Printables, crafts, and more based on the most popular preschool books on the market.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 

This is the book that started it all. Mouse wants a cookie, and continues on to paint pictures, trim his whiskers, and more!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie sequencing printables   will help your students retell and sequence their favorite story!

If You Give a Pig a Party

If you give a pig a party, she’s going to ask for some balloons. When you give her the balloons, she’ll want to decorate the house. When she’s finished, she’ll put on her favorite dress.

Whether you’re studying Laura Numeroff or preparing for a birthday party, your preschoolers will love each of these If You Give a Pig a Party activities !

Jack Be Nimble

This pack of Jack Be Nimble activities is perfect for kids ages 3-7. This unit includes a variety of math and literacy activities preschoolers will love.

Litte Acorn

How does a little acorn grow into a mighty oak tree? Read Little Acorn by Melanie Joyce to find out. Then, print these Little Acorn book activities to extend the fun!

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups

These Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups activities are a great way to bring this adorable winter book to life with your preschoolers.

Little Red Hen

The little red hen finds come grain and wonders which of her friends will help her plant it, tend it, grind it into flour, and ultimately turn it into a lovely loaf of bread. 

I’ve shared three ways you can use these free printable Little Red Hen sequencing cards with your preschoolers. 

The Lorax 

I love all of Dr. Seuss’s books, and The Lorax is no exception. This book teaches kids about taking care of the environment in a non-confrontational way. 

Add these Lorax inspired crafts to your Dr Seuss activities ! Your preschoolers are sure to love each one. They’ll be begging to do just one more!

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear

These Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear activities are a great way to bring this adorable Christmas book to life with your preschoolers.

The Mitten 

I have yet to read a Jan Brett book that I didn’t love. The Mitten begins with a pair of snow white mittens and ends with a large group of animals trying to squeeze inside to stay warm. Kids will love the story and the illustrations!

Preschool and kindergarten kiddos will practice ordering events with this set of   The Mitten story sequence   activities. Set includes sequencing discs, mat, and character cards.

This winter, be sure to read Jan Brett’s The Mitten with your kids. Then, choose one or more of these The Mitten printable activities to extend the learning.

There are over 80 pages in this pack of The Mitten worksheets for preschoolers! They’re perfect for working on early math and literacy fun this winter.

Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint  is a great book to use when you’re teaching color mixing to your preschoolers. They’ll follow a group of white mice as they encounter some jars of paint and begin exploring all the different colors they can make. 

These Mouse Paint activities for kids are a great way to bring Ellen Stoll Walsh’s book to life for your little ones. Crafts, printables, and more!

Nursery Rhymes

These Baa Baa Black Sheep coloring pages are perfect for helping preschoolers build important early learning skills.

This  Baa Baa Black Sheep sequencing activity  is perfect for your nursery rhymes activities for preschool. Grab your copy today! You can add this preschool sequencing activity to your nursery rhyme activities. 

These  Hey Diddle Diddle printable sequencing pictures  are perfect for your nursery rhymes activities for preschool. Grab yours today!

Don’t miss this engaging Hickory Dickory Dock sequencing activity for preschoolers. Hands-on fun for little ones!

Your preschoolers will love this Itsy Bitsy Spider sequencing activity ! It’s so colorful, and it’s the perfect sequencing activity for your spider theme!

Grab your copy of these Jack and Jill sequencing pictures today! Add them to your upcoming nursery rhyme or sequencing lessons.

These Little Bo Peep sequencing pictures are perfect for your nursery rhymes activities for preschool. Grab your copy today! 

This  Little Miss Muffet sequencing printable  is perfect for your nursery rhymes activities for preschool. Grab your copy today!

Three Blind Mice sequencing pictures are a great addition to your nursery rhymes activities for preschool! Grab your copy today!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Beginning with just five fish and continuing into flights of fancy, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish celebrates how much fun imagination can be.

Discover fifteen hands-on One Fish Two Fish printables and activities to use alongside the Dr. Seuss book. Your preschoolers will love them!

Dr. Seuss Day is the perfect day to try one or more of these One Fish Two Fish activities and snacks! They’re perfect for homeschools and classrooms.

Put Me in the Zoo

Spot believes he deserves to be in the zoo with the other amazing animals. Spot shows two young friends all the exciting things he can do with his spots. From changing their color and juggling them to moving them onto everything around him, you won’t believe what Spot can do.

Your preschoolers will be so excited to get in the kitchen to help you mix up a batch of these yummy Put Me in the Zoo inspired sugar cookies . 

And, if you need more activities to bring the story to life, check out these Put Me in the Zoo activities which include more recipes, crafts, and printables.

Rainbow Fish 

This pack of  Rainbow Fish book printables  will help you extend the learning after reading Marcus Pfister’s classic story of sharing and friendship. 

Don't miss these book activities for preschoolers. Printables, crafts, and more based on the most popular preschool books on the market.

Snowmen at Night

If your kids have ever wondered why their snowman looks a little different the day after he was built, they’ll love  Snowmen at Night.  It opens the door for some very creative discussions about what snowmen do when everyone else is asleep.

Young readers will have a blast with this Snowmen at Night sequencing activity. With four versions of the sequencing cards, it’s easy to differentiate for all learning levels. 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey

Focus on early math and literacy skills when you add these  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey activities  to your holiday preschool lessons.

The Three Little Pigs Activities

Your kids will love diving deep into the story with these hands-on Three Little Pigs preschool activities ! Worksheets, STEM challenges, and crafts galore!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fans of Eric Carle’s popular children’s book will love this adorable  Very Hungry Caterpillar craft  for preschoolers.

The Watermelon Seed

If you’re reading The Watermelon Seed with your preschoolers this summer, help them practice math and literacy skills with these free The Watermelon Seed activities .

There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider

Boost your child’s learning with “ There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider” activities . Enhance vocabulary, motor skills, and more.

Miscellaneous Book Activities

Check out these Nursery Rhyme costumes ! They’re perfect for Halloween and Nursery Rhymes Day. But, they’re great for dress up any day!

Be sure to check back regularly as this post will be updated often to reflect my latest book-based activities for preschoolers!

Remember, if you are looking for a specific activity or an activity to go with a specific book, please leave me a comment and let me know.

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Sharing creative ideas and lessons to help children learn.

preschool activity book ideas

Ten Best Activity Books for Preschool Kids

February 17, 2022 by Evan-Moor | 0 comments

preschool activity book ideas

The workbooks in this list are the best for providing preschoolers with hours of fun activities that teach early learners valuable foundational skills. Preschoolers benefit from quality educational workbooks by practicing fine-motor skills, learning beginning alphabet letters and sounds, practicing beginning numbers, and developing problem solving!

Give your child some screen-free learning fun and help your preschooler get ready for kindergarten and/or transitional kindergarten with the best workbooks for preschool.

Best-Value Jumbo Workbooks

preschool activity book ideas

Top Student activity books won the 2020 Parents’ Picks Award for Best Educational Products for Preschool and Elementary Kids.

Beginning Reading and Math Starters

preschool activity book ideas

Fun with Science, STEM, STEAM, and Coding

preschool activity book ideas

Download free sample activities from Smart Start STEM here .

preschool activity book ideas

Skill Sharpeners STEAM activity books won the 2021 Parents’ Picks Award for Best Educational Products for Preschool and Elementary Kids.

Download free sample activities from Skill Sharpeners STEAM here .

preschool activity book ideas

Globe-trotter Delight

preschool activity book ideas

Download free sample activities from Skill Sharpeners Geography here .

preschool activity book ideas

Summer Learning to Transition from PreK to K

preschool activity book ideas

Daily Summer Activities activity books won the 2020 Parents’ Picks Award for Best Educational Products for Preschool and Elementary Kids.

Download free sample activities from Daily Summer Activities here .

Life Skills

preschool activity book ideas

For more learning ideas for PreK–1 check out:

preschool activity book ideas

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Simple Living Mama

Preschool Lesson Plans Based on Books

One of my very favorite ways to teach homeschool preschool is with simple preschool lesson plans based on books.  I’m slightly obsessed with children’s literature and putting together lesson plans based around those books. Children’s books are the kind of books that tend to stick with you for a lifetime.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” I was in kindergarten. My class wasn’t in our regular classroom. I think we were in a music room because we were sitting on risers. I LOVED story time, and I loved sitting there and listening to that story.

That was one of the very first books I ever bought my first child. It was such a well loved book that it has completely fallen apart and I really need to buy a new one for my younger children.

Now that I teach my own children, I love creating preschool lesson plans based on books. I’ve made several, and have even made them so that you can use them, too!

Preschool book theme lesson plans are an amazing way to teach preschoolers about books, along with lots of other fun preschool activities!

Each lesson plan is full of preschool activities based on books. I love creating lesson plans based on children’s books because my own children just absolutely love stories! Below you will find an ever-growing list of preschool lesson plans based on children’s books.

Ten Apples Up On Top Preschool Activity Guide - Five awesome activity ideas with instructions and 20+ printables for your preschooler.

Ten Apples Up on Top Unit Study Printables

This Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See lesson plans pack includes a week of lesson plans and printables for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Lesson Plans and Printables

preschool activity book ideas

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

Introduce your child to ducks with Make Way for Ducklings Pre-K/K lesson plans and printables.

Make Way for Ducklings Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

Plan Your Own Homeschool Preschool Curriculum!

Our free eGuide will walk you step by step through planning your own curriculum!

preschool activity book ideas

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

Goldilocks and the three bears printables

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

Twas the Night Before Christmas Actitivites

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

The Mitten Lesson Plans and Printables

The Mitten Activities for Preschool and Lesson Plans

The Little Red Hen activities

The Little Red Hen Preschool Lesson Plans and Printables

We all know reading aloud to our children is important. It helps them learn language skills, sparks their imaginations, increases their vocabulary, and leads to a love of reading. I always tell my kids that once they learn to read they can learn anything they want.

preschool activity book ideas

When we expand on a favorite story, we are only building a love of that story. I do not believe in busy work for little children. My preschool lesson plans offer children a way to use their imaginations through art, build their fine and gross motor skills, and practice their alphabet and numbers.

More Resources for Teaching Preschool

How To Plan Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool Book Lists Your Child Will Love

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90 Educational & Engaging Preschool Books

September 26, 2023 //  by  Lauren Du Plessis

With the help of 55 spectacular preschool books, children learn to explore new concepts and thus increase their pre-existent knowledge of the world. Explore new and exciting literary worlds and all the creative tales they present!

1. Kindness Starts With You

The main character, Maddy, spreads kindness wherever she goes. Kindness Starts With You teaches kids that every kind act has the potential to make a difference!

2. We Listen to Our Bodies

We Listen to Our Bodies teaches young learners to tune into their physical, emotional, and intellectual selves. These skills help learners navigate their surroundings and foster better interactions with those around them.

3. Grumpy Monkey

Get ready to laugh your socks off! Grumpy monkey Jim may just need to have a bit of a bad day to turn his frown upside down. This read demonstrates that it’s important to feel all of your emotions and not just try and rid yourself of the negative ones!

4. The Gruffalo

A mysterious creature named the Gruffalo is invented by a mouse to be his protector!  The Gruffalo is a beloved tale about using your intelligence to navigate the tough, puzzling, and scary times faced in life.

5. The Family Book

The Family Book is the perfect addition to every Preschool class! It shows readers that each family is special in its own unique way by depicting different types of family arrangements.

6. All by Myself

Little Critter is really enjoying his independence! He learns to accomplish everyday tasks such as tying his shoes, brushing his hair, and many more, all by himself!

7. Learn to Read: Sight Words Storybook

Sight Words Storybook is a wonderful book for learning to read. Identify sight words as you enjoy 25 short stories as well as a reinforcing educational activity at the end of each read.

8. All About Weather

All About Weather is the perfect addition to your preschool classroom as it helps learners gain basic knowledge about the seasons, different types of weather and clouds, and a whole lot more!

9. Llama Llama Loves Camping

Help Llama Llama face his fears as he sets off on his very first camping trip! So much fun, adventure, and camp-time favorites are in store!

10. My First Learn to Write Workbook

Looking to replicate a day in the life of preschoolers at home? Why not enlist the help of this fun Learn to Write a book! This awesome book helps children practice pen control whilst learning to recognize, read and write the letters of the alphabet.

11. How to Catch a Mermaid

Discover how to catch a mermaid in this sweet book. Will you find the most success using glittering gold crowns, perfectly shaped pearls, or other sparkling jewels?

12. The Wonky Donkey

The Wonky Donkey is the perfect read-aloud book. Children practice recognizing and forming an assortment of vowel sounds as they enjoy a comical read about a donkey with only 3 legs!

13. When I Feel Frustrated

Help children better navigate emotions of anger with the help of this cleverly written read. When I Feel Frustrated shows learners how to cope with unsettling emotions such as frustration and anger.

14. Peppa in Space

Peppa Pig has quickly become a fan favorite tv-show. Based on the hit show, Peppa and her family explore a day at the museum and this rambunctious little pig quickly decides that she’d like to explore outer space.

15. Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath reminds readers of the importance of brushing your teeth as well as maintaining good gum and mouth hygiene. This funny picture book is a great walk-through of how a young boy and his dragon maintain proper dental care.

16. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

With bold graphics, rhyming sentences, and beautiful characters, this lovely book will quickly become a storytime favorite! Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Eric Carle is certainly a classic book for children and introduces young minds to farm animals like never before!

17. The Color Monster

The color monster needs your help in exploring his emotions. This heartwarming book is perfect for teaching kids how to identify what they are feeling and then calmly process their emotions without losing control.

18. The Night Before Preschool

Banish first-day preschool jitters with the help of this endearing read. Billy makes a friend on his first day that helps to take all of his nervous feelings away!

19. If Animals Kissed Good Night

This charming story prompts readers to consider the ways in which different animals would kiss one another goodnight if they were just like humans!

20. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

With vibrant illustrations and a beautiful storyline, The Very Hungry Caterpillar will have you intrigued from page 1! This read is all about one caterpillar’s magnificent transformation into a butterfly. It is the perfect reading choice for preschoolers as it not only allows learners to enjoy a lovely story but also practice counting and learning the days of the week.

21. How to Be Cooler than Cool

The hilarious tale teaches readers that coolness is something that comes from being yourself and having fun! How to Be Cooler than Cool is a great book for kids as it follows a lively bunch of animal friends on their journey to discovering what it means to be cool.

22. The Mysterious Sea Bunny

The Mysterious Sea Bunny may not be all that he first seems! This unique picture book teaches learners about the hidden life of many sea creatures.

23. Best Day Ever!

Best Day Ever maps out a day in the life of an energetic pooch and her owner. This is one of the best books for preschoolers as it demonstrates how to turn a bad day into a good one!

Explore the sounds of a busy city in this wonderful picture book . Listen inspires readers to be aware of their surroundings and make the most of even the smallest of joys.

25. Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter

Dakota Crumb is a tiny treasure hunter who lives in the museum. With a mission to find prized artifacts, Dakota is in for the ride of her life as she embarks on her nocturnal adventure!

26. How to Apologize

How to Apologize is an endearing read that explores the ins and outs of apologies. This book about friendship reminds us that although apologizing isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it’s extremely important in helping us maintain healthy relationships.

27. We All Play

We All Play likens young children to animals and helps encourage a spirit of fun and playfulness. This has to be one of the most beautiful books on the market and acts as a fantastic reminder to make time to explore your connection with the natural world.

28. The Museum of Everything

If you’re ready for an adventure-filled read, then The Museum of Everything is the perfect book for you! This story invites readers to take delight in exploring the world around them and marveling at its natural beauty.

29. I Am Not a Fish!

After undergoing a bit of an identity crisis, Edgar the jellyfish learns to accept himself and love the characteristics that make him special! I Am Not a Fish helps to shed light on the importance of self-acceptance.

30. How to Talk Monster

How to Talk Monster is an imaginative tale of a boy who may just encounter a monster before going to bed. Monsters aren’t as scary as they’re always perceived and this humorous picture book shows readers just that!

31. The Octopus Escapes

After being taken from his cave by a diver, this brave little octopus undergoes studies and tests in an aquarium. He plots his escape in order to live freely in the ocean once more!

32. I’m Getting a Shark!

Being the biggest shark fanatic around, a young girl hopes to be gifted a shark for her birthday after mishearing her parents’ conversation! Learn about the varieties of the shark species as well as how to protect these magnificent creatures with the help of this exciting book.

34. Regina Is NOT a Little Dinosaur

Regina dreams of independence in this captivating picture book with bold, child-friendly illustrations. When a trip from her nest goes wrong, Regina realizes she may not be as ready as she first imagined!

35. Are You a Cheeseburger?

Are You a Cheeseburger is a hilarious book about a raccoon who befriends a seed that he finds whilst rummaging through the trash. With big hopes for his little friend, Grub the raccoon is on a mission to grow a cheeseburger, and with the right approach- he may just find success!

36. Turtle in a Tree

Turtle in a tree is about learning to respect other people’s ideas or opinions. In this charming read, a bulldog and greyhound demonstrate that one cannot always see the full picture from their point of view.

37. What If, Pig?

Pig catastrophizes everything when he starts planning a party for his best friends. Help Pig adopts a positive outlook and disregards his anxious approach in this endearing tale.

38. The More the Merrier

Great for classroom teaching about learning to love what makes you different from others. Join a variety of forest animal companions as they dance in celebration of their differences.

39. Scribbly

After moving to a new town Maude finds herself lonely and bored. She draws an imaginary friend dog who teaches her the value of being her authentic self.

40. Have You Ever Seen a Flower?

Marvel at the natural world with this magnificent picture book. Have You Ever Seen a Flower? encourages readers to explore the natural wonders around them and appreciate the diverse universe in which we exist.

41. Memory Jars

Memory Jars is a beautiful story that illustrates how wondrous times can be stored as memories- to be retrieved and contemplated whenever we should wish to do so.

42. The Smile Shop

Left feeling downtrodden after facing a day of disasters, a young boy hopes to use his pocket money to buy himself a smile in the hopes of cheering himself up.

Follow the inspiring journey of a Vietnamese family who seeks to build a new life on the other side of the world. Wishes is a poetic read that instills a new hope for humanity in its readers.

44. Oddbird

Oddbird helps readers appreciate what makes them unique. This witty book sees a young bird gain confidence and relish in new friendships!

45. Dessert Island

Learn to share with the help of this awesome picture book. Dessert Island is about a fox and a monkey who become the most unlikely of friends.

46. When Lola Visits

When Lola Visits is a timeless read about the bond between family relatives. This special book details the account of a granddaughter visiting her grandmother for the Summer.

47. Wonder Walkers

Tap into a world of wonder with the Wonder Walkers. This duo has explored far and wide and has many-a-tales to share. Thought-provoking questions encourage readers to be creative and use their imagination- quickly making this a fan favorite book.

48. My Heart Fills With Happiness

My Heart Fills With Happiness reminds its readers to appreciate the small joys in life by considering the beauty and pleasure in everyday life.

49. Dumplings for Lili

Dumplings for Lili is a celebratory tale of family, culture, and cuisine. Lili spends the day helping all the grandmothers in her building make different types of dumplings.

50. Fred Gets Dressed

Encouraging self-expression, Fred Gets Dressed sees a young boy who enjoys wearing no clothes, playing dress-up, and falling in love with clothing!

51. The Curious Garden

Liam dreams of a greener world and so decides to fix up a dying garden- planting trees and promoting green growth as he goes!

52. Bedtime for Bad Kitty

Bad kitty isn’t in the mood for bedtime, but can she keep her eyes awake after she runs out of energy? Find out in this hilarious tale about before-bed antics.

53. Star of the Party: The Solar System Celebrates!

Loved by all, Sun gets a surprise when all her solar system buddies throw her a birthday party! The Solar System Celebrates is a fact-filled book that helps learners discover more about the galaxy!

54. A Pizza with Everything on It

A dynamic father-son duo creates an outlandish pizza that threatens to destroy the universe and everything in it!

55. Goodbye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten

Kiss Preschool goodbye with this exciting paperback. Goodbye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten is about a quirky duck named Max who overcomes his fears about moving grades.

56. One Little Lot: The 1-2-3s of Urban Gardening

preschool activity book ideas

In this book, a young girl turns an empty city lot into a lush garden. One Little Lot combines lessons on counting, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. This hands-on approach makes it an excellent educational tool; encouraging students to consider their role in community and nature.

57. I Promise

preschool activity book ideas

Authored by LeBron James, this book focuses on the importance of commitment and diligence. It discusses the key values required to achieve one’s dreams and goals. I Promise is a motivational read for students who aim high. It emphasizes the significance of keeping promises- both to oneself and others.

58. Just Ask: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

preschool activity book ideas

Written by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, this book tackles the concept of diversity and acceptance. It prompts students to celebrate different abilities and perspectives while encouraging open dialogues about diversity and fostering a culture of empathy. Just Ask is a valuable resource for inclusive education.

59. The Day the Crayons Quit

preschool activity book ideas

This book tells the story of crayons who decide to go on strike. It engages students with the crayons’ unique problems and grievances- touching on problem-solving, negotiation skills, and the importance of diversity within a community. Readers can cheer on Duncan, the young boy in the story, who becomes the mediator who resolves the conflict.

60. Uni the Unicorn

preschool activity book ideas

In this story, Uni the unicorn believes that little girls are real. It flips the classic fairy tale narrative, making it more inclusive and broad-minded. Uni the Unicorn encourages students to believe in the extraordinary and imagine limitless possibilities while highlighting the value of faith and imagination.

61. Steam Train, Dream Train

preschool activity book ideas

This book features a train filled with animals ready for bedtime. The writing’s rhythmic flow makes it an engaging read for younger students, especially at bedtime. The book introduces various types of animals and their bedtime rituals; making it a fun way to learn about the habits and behaviors of different creatures.

62. The Snail and the Whale

preschool activity book ideas

This adventure-filled book involves a snail and a whale exploring the world. It teaches readers about the power of friendship and the beauty of diversity while emphasizing bravery, and that even the smallest can make a big difference. The Snail and the Whale is a multicultural and environmental journey wrapped in a children’s tale.

63. The Invisible String

preschool activity book ideas

This heartfelt story discusses the invisible bond of love between people, regardless of distance. It can be used to help students understand emotions and connections, and it can be particularly helpful during periods of separation or loss. The Invisible String offers reassurance that love is a force that transcends physical presence.

64. Ada Twist, Scientist

preschool activity book ideas

Ada is a young girl who loves exploring the world through science. The lively story encourages students to explore STEM subjects and remain inquisitive. This book is a great way to introduce scientific thinking and methodology, and it motivates students to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

65. The Watermelon Seed

preschool activity book ideas

This humorous book features a crocodile who fears swallowing a watermelon seed. It teaches students about confronting and overcoming irrational fears, utilizing humor to deal with a subject that can often feel overwhelming. The Watermelon Seed is an excellent resource for discussions about courage and problem-solving.

preschool activity book ideas

Gaston is a bulldog raised in a family of poodles. The book teaches students the value of self-identity and authenticity, encouraging kids to accept and celebrate their uniqueness. Gaston is a useful resource for discussing diversity and the importance of family.

67. The Rainbow Fish

preschool activity book ideas

In this classic book, the Rainbow Fish learns the joy of sharing his beautiful scales with friends. The book offers lessons on generosity and community,  and it serves as a great discussion starter about sharing and kindness in the classroom. The colorful illustrations also make it visually engaging for young readers.

68. The Paper Bag Princess

preschool activity book ideas

This story challenges traditional gender roles in fairy tales. The princess becomes the hero, promoting empowerment and independence. It can be used in the classroom to discuss stereotypes and gender equality. The Paperbag Princess teaches kids that anyone can be a hero, regardless of gender.

69. Corduroy

preschool activity book ideas

Corduroy is a teddy bear waiting for someone to take him home. This book teaches children about love and friendship in the simplest terms, and it can help students understand the importance of feeling loved and valued. Corduroy is a comforting story that discusses the meaning of home and belonging.

70. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

preschool activity book ideas

The story follows a pigeon who dreams of driving a bus. This funny book teaches students about setting boundaries and making wise decisions, and it can be a helpful tool for teaching the importance of saying “no” when necessary. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus uses humor to impart important life lessons to children.

71. Iggy Peck, Architect

preschool activity book ideas

Iggy Peck has been building amazing structures since he was two. The book encourages students to explore their talents and follow their dreams, and it’s particularly good for inspiring interest in STEM subjects. It teaches that with passion and hard work, you can achieve anything.

72. Press Here

preschool activity book ideas

This interactive book turns reading into an adventure. It encourages children to touch and shake the book, providing immediate feedback and a unique way to engage students in the reading experience. It shows that books can be not only informative but also interactive and fun.

73. Owl Babies

preschool activity book ideas

This book centers on three owl siblings missing their mother. It teaches students about parental love and security. Owl Babies can help children who are dealing with separation anxiety or similar issues, assuring them that their loved ones will always return to them.

74. The Snowy Day

preschool activity book ideas

This classic book explores the wonder of the first snowfall. It teaches students about the joy and curiosity that come with experiencing something new and celebrates the simple yet magical moments in life. It’s a winter staple that resonates with students of all ages.

75. Rosie Revere, Engineer

preschool activity book ideas

Rosie is a young girl who loves to invent. This book encourages kids to persevere in their endeavors, no matter the challenges. It’s an inspirational read for young learners, especially those interested in STEM. Rosie Revere teaches that failure is just another step toward success!

76. Waiting Is Not Easy!

preschool activity book ideas

Gerald the Elephant has to wait for a surprise from his friend Piggie. This book teaches students the virtue of patience,  and it’s a great discussion starter about handling anticipation and delayed gratification in the classroom. The simple yet expressive illustrations make it engaging for young readers.

77. The Dot

preschool activity book ideas

Vashti believes she can’t draw, but her teacher helps her see otherwise. This book encourages students to discover their creative potential. The Dot serves as a catalyst for discussing talent, self-belief, and the impact of encouragement and inspires children to make their mark confidently.

78. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

preschool activity book ideas

A family embarks on an adventurous bear hunt, overcoming various obstacles. This book encourages bravery, determination, and a love for adventure among students. It’s an excellent resource for teaching about problem-solving and resilience, while the repetitive text and sound words make it a fun read-aloud experience.

79. The Bad Seed

preschool activity book ideas

As you might imagine, the main character in this book is a seed whom everyone thinks is bad—but there’s more to the story. This book helps students understand the complexities of human behavior. It encourages discussions about making good choices, empathy, and forgiveness and teaches that everyone has the potential for change.

80. The Little Engine That Could

preschool activity book ideas

This classic story features a small engine that must overcome a challenging task. It teaches students about optimism and the value of hard work. The phrase “I think I can, I think I can” becomes a mantra for overcoming obstacles. The Little Engine That Could is a well-loved motivational tool for teaching perseverance and self-belief.

81. The Pout-Pout Fish

preschool activity book ideas

This underwater tale follows a grumpy fish who learns to choose happiness. The book teaches students that moods are temporary and can be changed, and it’s also a useful resource for discussing emotions and mental well-being. The colorful illustrations and rhyming text in The Pout-Pout Fish make it engaging for young readers.

82. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

preschool activity book ideas

In this tale, a mouse’s simple request spirals into a series of hilarious events. This book teaches students about cause and effect through its clever storyline. It’s a fun way to introduce young learners to logical connections and consequences, engaging students while providing valuable lessons.

83. Chrysanthemum

preschool activity book ideas

Chrysanthemum is ridiculed for her unique name but learns to embrace it. This book teaches students about the importance of individuality and self-confidence. It serves as a tool for discussing bullying and the value of uniqueness and encourages children to be proud of who they are.

84. Harold and the Purple Crayon

preschool activity book ideas

Harold creates his own world with a single purple crayon. This book celebrates imagination and creativity among students. It’s a fantastic resource for art classes or creative writing sessions, showing that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can imagine.

85. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

preschool activity book ideas

Alexander experiences a series of unfortunate events but learns a valuable lesson in the end. This book helps students understand that bad days happen to everyone. It teaches resilience and empathy, showing that tomorrow is a new day. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a relatable, comforting read for children dealing with difficult emotions.

preschool activity book ideas

Olivia is an imaginative pig who loves to try new things. The book encourages students to embrace their individuality and creativity. It’s a delightful read that captures the essence of childhood wonder and inspires young learners to explore their interests and be themselves.

87. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

preschool activity book ideas

A young girl loses her beloved stuffed bunny, leading to a dramatic search. This book teaches students about attachment and the lengths we go to for love. It’s a heartwarming story perfect for discussing the importance of care and responsibility and the book’s inventive, mixed-media illustrations add a unique touch.

88. The Napping House

preschool activity book ideas

In this cumulative tale, a flea disrupts a peaceful napping house. This book is a fun read for students that teaches about cause and effect. It’s perfect for naptime or teaching sequencing and pattern recognition, and it’s a humorous way to engage children in reading.

89. Where the Wild Things Are

preschool activity book ideas

After misbehaving, Max is sent to bed without dinner and sails to a land of wild creatures. This book teaches students about imagination as a powerful tool for coping. It’s a classic that dives deep into the emotional world of a child and encourages young learners to explore their feelings through imagination.

90. Green Eggs and Ham

preschool activity book ideas

Dr. Seuss encourages trying new things in this iconic book. It teaches students to step out of their comfort zones and be open to new experiences. The rhyming text and catchy phrases make it a fun read. Green Eggs and Ham is a classroom favorite for discussions about open-mindedness and adaptability.

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Preschool curriculums founded on literature rely on books as the main focus in a child’s learning journey. Here’s why: books explore a number of themes, ideas, and natural phenomena, as well as help, increase a child’s vocabulary through natural language acquisition.


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Preschool Books and Activities

  • by Colleen Beck
  • August 25, 2015

Amazon affiliate links may be included in this blog post. As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Children can explore books through their senses and with a hands-on approach while learning and making memories. These preschool books and the activities that we’ve come up with…are popular children’s books that are fun to read, and fun to play along with! These are book extension activities that we’ve read and come up with book-based sensory play ideas , regulation ideas , fine motor activities , crafts, and more. Check out the list below, because these are some of our favorite ways to use books in therapy activities and learning!

The fine motor activities for preschoolers page is another great place to find activity ideas to meet the needs of preschool children. Many of the book activities here incorporate developmentally appropriate play activities using these concepts.

Preschool book extension activities to use to explore children's books through play. Use these preschool books in activities for kids!

Preschool ACTIVITY Books

We love coming up with fun crafts and activities based on favorite books.  This is a collection of crafts and activities that go along with some fun books for Preschoolers, Toddlers, and School-aged kids.  

Kids remember the activity that you create for a book long after they’ve read a book.  So often, my kids will say (out of the blue), “Hey Mom, remember when we made bear puppets?” in reference to our We’re Going on a Bear Hunt activity.  

We love to create multi-sensory play and learning enrichment activities to extend themes of books.  We’ve covered many Preschool books and activities in our blogging days, but also many school-aged books with creative play and learning ideas.  We’ll be adding to this page, so be sure to stop back for more fun ideas!

Related, these friendship activities for preschoolers are more great tools to address social emotional learning in young children.

Book activities for kids

Preschool, Toddler, and School-aged Children’s Books and Crafts Activities

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 Quick as a cricket book activity

Books We LOVE (Book Lists):

preschool activity book ideas

The books Preschoolers LOVE:

Activities and crafts based on Preschool and Toddler books.  This blog has so many quick and easy ideas for kids!

Love exploring books with hands-on play?   

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preschool activity book ideas

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The Best Preschool Learning Activities Book is Here!

Book cover for the Best Preschool Learning Activities

Not only is play fun for young children– it is how they learn best!

Make a mesmerizing alphabet sensory bottle. Journey through a jungle animal obstacle course. Create an entire town powered by magnets.

This book has it all 75 activities to teach: literacy math science social-emotional learning gross motor fine motor and art.

Teacher holding butterfly puppets with children during circle time

See inside the book with my book tour!

Available for Pre-Order at:

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

Indie Bound


Use the power of Play to help 3-5 Year Olds Learn

  • Important listening, speaking, and pre-reading skills
  • To confidently count and understand math
  • Ways to investigate and explore how the world works around us
  • How to identify emotions and work through them
  • To move their bodies with purpose and develop hand-eye coordination
  • Hand strengthening that promotes proper writing grasp and letter formation

Child doing stamping with Lego Duplos

What others are saying...

Smiling Teacher Leaning on Bookshelf

About Katie

Katie is a veteran preschool teacher with 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and is passionate about teaching children how they learn best–through play and movement!

She is best known for ideas that are simple, packed full of learning, and kid-loved!

Katie loves helping educators and parents find hands-on activities that make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Are You ready to Teach the Smart Way

Stay At Home Educator

intentional teaching for purposeful learning

Classic Children’s Books Preschool Lesson Plans

March 25, 2021 by Sarah Punkoney, MAT

Books, books, books, and more books! High-quality children’s books are full of amazing learning opportunities, including vocabulary exposure, language development , and of course the love of reading ! These classic children’s book preschool lesson plans are perfect for any time of the year.

You’ll find 16 activities of all kinds–designed especially for a children’s book preschool theme–bundled up in a tidy and FREE preschool lesson plans download at the end of this post.

Picture Book Activities for Best-Loved Children’s Books

preschool activity book ideas

I have always been somewhat of a book hoarder. Mostly children’s picture books…I know, it’s a problem.

There’s something so amazing about having the perfect book for the perfect lesson within arm’s reach. Or reading those same favorites year after year and knowing that their little faces will light up just like all the previous students who fell in love with the hysterical or silly stories.

My 4-year-old son has become a “book guy” (as he defines it) just like me. He can’t go to the library without trying to put every book that seems remotely interesting into the checkout bag, and he asks for a new story from our home library every night.

And it makes me ECSTATIC. I want him to grow as a reader and love all the magic and mystery that great authors weave into their stories. I am so blown away by his vocabulary, by his constant questioning (we are definitely in the WHY phase) of the world around him, by his curiosity about sharks, and by his love for Pete the Cat. But mostly, I’m most excited for him to one day lose himself in a lengthy series or a favorite book that will remain with him for years.

That’s why this preschool theme is my ABSOLUTE favorite to teach. I love using books as a springboard for all the fun learning that awaits. Plus, young children benefit greatly from read-alouds!

preschool activity book ideas

Learn how to make the most of reading books with your toddler here: >>> Must Read Picture Books for Toddlers <<<

* Learn At Home Preschool Lesson Plans Bundle

FAQ About Using Picture Book Activities for Teaching Preschoolers

Preschoolers adore books of all kinds: funny, serious, factual, and everything in between. Young toddlers enjoy books with lots of rhyme and repetition . They enjoy predictable text and love to participate in the rhythm of the story. Preschoolers enjoy books with a bit more “meat” and love to use illustrations to help them uncover the meaning of the text.

Choose books that are well-known and written by familiar authors. Award-winning books that have earned a Caldecott or other awards are a great place to start as well. Don’t forget to seek out ideas from your preschoolers! Learn their interests and snag some great books that will feed into their curiosities and excitement. Check out all my tips for choosing picture books here: >>> Tips for Choosing Out Picture Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Although there are plenty of tried and true favorite children’s books, there are so many amazing new texts published every year that are relevant and wonderful for preschoolers. The NY Times has an updated list of the current bestselling children’s books. You can find that list here.

preschool activity book ideas

Hands-on Preschool Activities for Favorite Children’s Books

Learning through favorite children’s books invites you to connect the text(s) with hands-on fun and learning. Here are some popular activities to keep with your favorite children’s book lesson plans.

Literacy Activities for a Favorite Children’s Books Theme

Rhyme Time – After reading “Stand Back,” said the Elephant, “I’m going to Sneeze” by Patricia Thomas, chat with your preschooler about the rhyming words in the story. This is a great story for introducing rhyming fun and practicing a simple rhyming game. Print these cards and begin with just a few pairs. Use this silly sentence starter to help gain interest and fun in the game: “Did you ever see the  moon  using a  spoon ?” After practicing for a bit, encourage your child to match the rhyming pairs they already know. Then introduce the next set!

Reading our Colors – After reading Pete the Cat, I Love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin, talk about the fantastic lesson in this story: to go with the flow and not get bothered by the little things. Now it’s time to re-tell the story. Print this emergent reader , cut it apart, and staple together. Time to color the shoes to match the story and re-tell!

Don’t Forget These Children’s Books

It’s definitely hard to choose picture books for any preschool theme…there are just that many amazing books. Here are some favorites that are a little less known, but just as fantastic. These preschool picture books turn young listeners into young readers.

preschool activity book ideas

Math and Science Activities for a Favorite Children’s Books Theme

Math Crumbs Board Game – Using the book This House Needs a Mouse by Jeffrey Nunnally, create this clever math game. Draw four rooms on a piece of paper, grab a die, and grab as many crumbs (pom-poms) as possible! Use clothespins for added fine motor work! This fun game encourages imagination and builds number sense as you play along. Color Mixing Magic – Using the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh, use paint or playdough to mix up some primary colors of your own! Encourage your preschooler to mix colors beyond the primary colors and make predictions about what new color it will create.

Oobleck Science Sensory Play – After listening to Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss, it’s time to make your own! Oobleck is made of cornstarch and water and makes for wonderful sensory play.  Simply add a mixture of about 1.5 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water. Mix together and watch the oobleck magic happen. This sensory experiment creates an amazing result; not a liquid and also not a solid, this “goo” is truly mesmerizing!

Don’t Forget Writing and Books Go Hand-in-Hand

There is a strong correlation between reading and writing, so be sure to create some fun at the writing center. These are some things I always have on hand.

Playful Learning Activities for a Favorite Children’s Books Theme

Number Matching Paper Cups – Practice number recognition with this fun and easy activity. Simply write numbers on cups and then match them to the corresponding dots. A great indoor activity for busting boredom! Stack them in order, line them up, sneak counters or snacks underneath…the options with this activity are endless! Playdough Name Prints – Using magnetic letters or alphabet stamps, roll out some playdough and set out all the letters in your preschooler’s name. Write their name on a card and have them stamp the letters of their name in order into the playdough. Bubble Pop – Tape leftover bubble wrap from packages onto the floor and let your preschooler pop it with their fingers or stomp on it. You can also roll it into paint and paint bubble pictures with it! Use it for stress relief or for a much-needed calm down time.

preschool activity book ideas

Social-Emotional Activities for a Favorite Children’s Books Theme

“It’s All Good” – Reread Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin. Talk about the fantastic lesson in this story: to go with the flow and not become too bothered by the little things. Chat with your preschooler about the difference between a big problem and a small problem. Make a list of things that might be big or small problems. How would they handle these kinds of problems in real life? What choices would they make if they were feeling angry, sad, or frustrated?

Being “You”nique – Go to YouTube and listen to the book Elmer by David McKee. Discuss with your preschooler why Elmer wanted to change into a typical gray elephant. Print out an elephant coloring page from the internet and grab some colorful tissue paper. Invite your preschooler to cut out squares to make their own patchwork elephant. While working on gluing and cutting, talk about the important lessons of acceptance, diversity, and friendship. Remind your preschooler that they are exactly who they are meant to be!

preschool activity book ideas

Just Plain Fun Activities for a Favorite Children’s Books Theme

Dragons Love Tacos – Read the fun book Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. Make your own tacos with appropriate toppings for a dragon! Real or pretend tacos, this book is sure to get a giggle!

Llama Llama Red Pajama – Why not spend the day in your PJs just like Llama llama? Cuddle up with some classic reads like Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise and The Very Hungry Caterpillar , and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle. Invite your preschooler to vote on their favorite story. Wacky Wednesday – Read Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss and find the wacky things in the picture that just don’t belong! What does the word wacky mean? Invite your preschooler to draw a simple picture and add in some wacky drawings or magazine cutouts.

Get Online Activities for a Favorite Children’s Book Theme

Grumpy Monkey Story – Listen to the story Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang. After reading, discuss with your preschooler how Jim said that he needed to be grumpy. What does that mean? Is it okay to be grumpy? Invite your preschooler to draw a grumpy face on a different animal.

Animated Goodnight Moon Story – A timeless tale brought to life with animation and music. It’s a must-read at bedtime or anytime!

My No, No, No, Day – Check out My No, No, No Day by Rebecca Patterson on YouTube. This important tale models a glimpse into a hard day of a young child. Bad days happen but there is always a chance to start fresh!

Get Your FREE Favorite Children’s Book Lesson Plans Here

Want to include these favorite children’s book activities in your lesson plans? No problem. I’ve made a printable for you. Just click the image below.

Looking For More FREE Preschool Lesson Plans?

Looking for more free preschool lesson plans? Try all the preschool themes included in my Learn At Home Preschool Lesson Plans Collection. New activity sets are rolled out weekly. Themes include everything from apples, spring, and bugs & butterflies to 1st Week of School, Family & Pets, and now…Fire Safety Preschool Lesson Plans! Be sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest set of activities and have them automatically emailed to you when they’re ready. To find all my Learn at Home Preschool lesson plans, see here: >>>  LEARN AT HOME PRESCHOOL LESSON PLAN COLLECTION  <<< In total, I will have 40+ sets of free preschool lesson plans (that can easily be used for homeschool preschool or in the classroom) by the end of the school year. Seriously, make sure you have subscribed so that you don’t miss a week of free lesson plans!

72 of the Best Math Picture Books for Kids
11 Must-Have STEM Picture Books
Tips for Choosing Out Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

preschool activity book ideas

I’m Sarah, an educator turned stay-at-home-mama of five! I’m the owner and creator of Stay At Home Educator, a website about intentional teaching and purposeful learning in the early childhood years. I’ve taught a range of levels, from preschool to college and a little bit of everything in between. Right now my focus is teaching my children and running a preschool from my home. Credentials include: Bachelors in Art, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.

preschool activity book ideas

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How to Make Activity Books for Children

Last Updated: November 7, 2023 Tested

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 19 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 131,411 times. Learn more...

Activity books can be fun as well as educational for children. One of the advantages of homemade activity books is that you can tailor them to your child's preferences. They also make nice gifts for your friends’ children. You can plan, write, and construct activity books using items you have at home. For a fun bonding activity, you can even include your child in the construction process.

Planning Your Activity Book

Step 1 Choose a theme.

  • Holidays make good themes for activity books. You can educate your child about the cultural origins of the holiday and how people celebrate it. It also gets your child excited about the season.
  • Seasons of the year are also good themes. They can teach your child fun outdoor activities as well as cultural folklore surrounding that time of year.
  • If you want your activity book to tell a fun story, the theme may simply be adventure.
  • Some examples of other topics are family, farms, flowers, food, animals, history, and cultures.

Step 2 Figure out activities your child enjoys.

  • Look in the newspaper for comic strips and puzzles. Children love comic book strips and they are a great way to encourage a burgeoning reader.
  • Examples of other children’s activities that could easily be compiled in an activity book are fill-in-the-blank stories, mazes, word search puzzles, and even open-ended doodling.
  • A few examples of creative activities that your child may not have tried before are stenciling, torn paper art, and stamps. [2] X Research source

Step 3 Decide on some educational content for the book.

  • You may have a book that teaches your child days of the week, months, and holidays by having them write in the correct answer in the blanks.
  • Another example of educational content may be a series of mathematical crossword puzzles. If you can weave the puzzles into the plot of the book, it is a fun way for your child to learn basic arithmetic.

Step 4 Write a story to include in your activity book.

  • Some examples of fun adventures may involve a child rescuing a pet, a family discovering what is in their attic on a snow day, or a knight journeying to a foreign land.
  • Try to include songs, nursery rhymes and poetry. This will draw your child in and promote an appreciation for music. You can write your own lyrics or put in well-known songs and poems. Choose songs that are based on the theme – such as "Let it Snow" for a winter-themed activity book. You all can sing the songs together.

Step 5 Decide on a medium.

  • The simplest way to make an activity book is with a three ring binder or folders with built-in brads. You can print out or design pages, punch holes in the side, and put them in.
  • Fold computer paper in half to create an easy binding system. This will also make the book smaller and more easy for your child to handle.
  • Blank bound books are inexpensive. This will give the activity book a more polished feel. They are also a more interesting texture for your child to interact with. You can paste pages in the bound book, or draw on activities by hand.
  • A fun project is dry erase coloring exercises. Make the black and white outline on a piece of paper and place it in a plastic sheet protector. Give your child dry erase crayons and watch them redo the activity over and over again!

Constructing the Activity Book

Step 1 Decide the size of your book.

  • Number the pages on the front and back. Insert blank pages, if you want to have extra drawing paper.

Step 6 Copy your book, if desired.

  • If you use a three ring binder or folder with brads, you can continue to add activities.

Step 7 Consider professional binding.

  • Hand sewing a cloth pouch is a good activity for to teach your child basic sewing methods and safety.

Expert Q&A

Video . by using this service, some information may be shared with youtube..

  • Consider laminating the activity book, if you have access to a laminating machine. Laminated activity books are great for breakfast time, trips and restaurants. You can use erasable markers so your child can wipe off the color and start again. Some print shops may be able to provide this service. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

preschool activity book ideas

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The 10 Best Activity Books for Kids of All Ages

These kids' activity books effortlessly combine fun and education

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Verywell Family / Danie Drankwalter

Activity books are a type of book that feature a variety of topics, skills, and areas of interest , like coloring or puzzles. What's great about activity books is that they're not only entertaining for kids, but they're also educational . Plus, an activity book is perfect for long car rides , screen-free entertainment while eating out, or rainy days at home.

Consider one (or several) activity books for kids that are a good match for your child's preference and learning level. We carefully considered material, price value, age and grade recommendations, and educational and entertaining value when reviewing products. A board-certified pediatrician from our Review Board also reviewed the contents of this article for accuracy and how to evaluate age-appropriate activity books for kids. Help children of all ages brush up on new skills or learn a new one with the best kids' activity books.

  • How We Selected
  • What to Look For

Why Trust Verywell Family

Best overall, paint by sticker kids: under the sea, why we recommend it.

The Paint by Stickers: Under the Sea activity book is our best overall pick because this activity book includes 10 pages of intricate designs that are “painted” using stickers. It’s similar to a paint-by-number design but with stickers. Each of the pictures in this specific book is of some sort of underwater scene or animal .

The book comes with coordinating stickers for each page, and once all of the stickers are on the image, it comes to life as if it were actually a painting. While the stickers in this book can be enjoyed by most kids, the best results come from kids 5 years old and up.

  • Number of Pages: 34
  • Recommended Age: 5 years old and up
  • Skills Required: Fine motor

Price at time of publication: $10

Best for 2 & 3 Year Olds

Wipe clean: giant activity workbook.

The best part about this toddler activity book is that kids can play with it again and again because it uses a whiteboard marker and wipes clean after each use. It focuses on early learning topics like colors, counting, words/letters, and animals and is made for kids between 2 and 4 years old. There are 112 total pages in the book, and it comes with a dry-erase pen.

  • Number of Pages: 112
  • Recommended Age: 2 to 4 years old
  • Skills Required: Math, writing, counting

Price at time of publication: $17

Best for 4 & 5 Year Olds

Big preschool workbook.

Pre-K kids who are starting to get ready for elementary school will benefit from this activity book that is equal parts fun and educational. It has more than 300 pages of different activities in math and counting , critical thinking, letters and reading, shapes, and more.

All of the pages are bright and colorful and easily tear out (which is helpful since it’s such a thick book), with activities suited for kids between 3 and 5 years old.

  • Number of Pages: 320 pages
  • Recommended Age: 3 to 5 years old
  • Skills Required: Reading, math, writing

Price at time of publication: $13

Best for Kindergarten

Kindergarten big fun workbook.

All of the activities in this book are educational and aligned with kindergarten standards in the US; however, the book is by no means boring because it’s full of puzzles, games, art pages, and more. It covers sight words, colors, patterns, phonics, sorting, basic math, and more.

There are more than 250 pages in the book, and it has content suiting rising kindergarteners all the way through the summer before first grade.

  • Number of Pages: 256
  • Age Recommendation: 4 to 6 years old
  • Skills Required: Reading, math

Best for Elementary School

Summer brain quest.

After finishing first grade, kids can spend the summer prepping for second grade with this activity book that has more than 150 pages full of activities in math, history, reading, science, and writing. The book also comes with tons of fun stickers and a “Summer Map” so kids can keep track of their work as they get closer and closer to the second grade.

In addition to the in-book activities, there are also “ outside quests ” kids can go on that will get them outdoors and playing while also learning.

  • Number of Pages: 160 pages
  • Recommended Age: 6 to 7 years old
  • Skills Required: Writing, reading, math

Best for Writing

My first learn to write workbook.

Kids 3 years old and up who are starting to learn how to write will benefit from this book which has more than 80 pages of letter and shape tracing . It’s great for kids who are learning to better control a writing utensil in their hand and will help them gradually learn the different curves and lines of shapes as well as the alphabet.

  • Number of Pages: 84
  • Recommended Age: 3 years old and up
  • Skills Required: Writing, fine motor

Price at time of publication: $9

Best for Arts & Crafts

Origami for kids: 20 projects to make plus.

While this book is aimed at kids between 5 and 7 years old, you’re never too old to enjoy some Origami crafting . There are 176 pages in this book with 20 tutorials for animals, cars, boats, fans, as well as other fun designs. In addition to the step-by-step guides, the book also comes with 100 pieces of origami folding paper as well as QR codes so kids can get video tutorials if the book guide just isn’t cutting it.

  • Number of Pages: 176
  • Recommended Age: 5 to 7 years old

Price at time of publication: $25

Best for Reading

Wipe clean: learning sight words.

Kids can not only learn their sight words with this book, but they’ll also learn how to write them out with tracing activities throughout. The book comes with a dry-erase marker so they can do an activity, wipe it clean, and do it again if they’d like. There are more than 50 pages of words that kids will learn how to sight-read , spell, write, and use in everyday language.

It’s great for kids between 4 and 7 years old.

  • Number of Pages: 56 pages
  • Recommended Age: 4 to 7 years old
  • Skills Required: Reading, writing

Best for Math

Stem starters for kids math activity book.

Elementary-aged kids with an interest in math and science will have a lot of fun with this activity book that has 32 pages of math problems, science puzzles, and fun facts . It’s created for kids between 6 and 10 years old and balances fun, engagement, and challenge well , so even though it’s a shorter book, kids will still get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Recommended Age: 6 to 10 years old
  • Skills Required: Math, reading

Best Science

Brain games: big book of boredom busters.

If your kid is a fan of the show “Brain Games,” they’ll love this science activity book . The Big Book of Boredom Busters features logic puzzles , optical illusions, and short explanations about how the brain works. There are 160 pages for kids ages 8 to 12 to enjoy. 

  • Number of Pages: 160
  • Recommended Age: 8 to 12 years old

How We Selected Activity Books for Kids

In order to select the best activity books for kids, we studied the design and features of more than 30 kids’ activity books on the market. We also monitored shopping trends to bring you the best and most up-to-date offerings. Additionally, we carefully considered age recommendations, number of pages, learning levels, type of content, skills, and overall value when reviewing products. 

What to Look for in Kids' Activity Books 


Entertainment is key when it comes to kid's activity books because if a book isn’t engaging, kids may see it as a chore or simply ignore it. To find one that will keep your child occupied, you’ll want to look for something that plays into their interests and keeps them busy doing things they already love. Options include:

  • Arts and crafts : There is no shortage of activity books that have space for coloring, drawing, and creating. If your child loves a good craft, then an art-centered activity book will surely keep them engaged. 
  • Puzzles and games : For kids who love a good challenge, check out activity books featuring connect-the-dots, mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, hangman, and Sudoku
  • Trivia, riddles and word problems : Similar to activity books focused on puzzles and games, this genre is a good option for kids who love brainteasers, whether they’re math problems, sequencing/pattern games, letter scrambles, or even just general trivia questions. 
  • Writing development : Writing-themed activity books range from letter and number tracing for preschoolers to writing prompts for older kids. If your child loves to put pencil to paper, then an activity book with a focus on writing will likely be a hit. 
  • Math and science : Kids don’t have to be in school to flex their STEM muscles, and many find true joy in these academic areas. Bigger kids may even enjoy these subjects more in an activity book simply because it’s outside of school.


Just because an activity book says it’s made for a certain age group, doesn’t mean it’s right for your child. Scan through the pages (or read some reviews) to see if the content is below, at, or above your child’s current age and/or developmental stage.

Books that are filled with activities that are too hard or too easy will likely go unused. Similarly, if the pictures in the activity book are too “babyish” for your big kid, they won’t want to use it. 

Educational Value

An activity book does not have to be obviously educational in order for it to be a quality option for your child (if a book is full of tic-tac-toe grids and mazes, and your kid loves it, that’s perfectly fine). But many do support developing and practicing new skills and learning new concepts.

If your child is struggling in a subject, you may want to look for activity books on that topic so your kid can strengthen their skills in a fun and engaging way. Or, if your child happens to love a subject, like reading or writing, look for an activity book that lets them tap into that interest in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activity books can keep kids engaged in learning, if the book is on their level and high-interest. Working on an activity book can help kids review and practice important learning concepts. And as long as they are interesting to your child, activity books can keep them busy instead of bored when waiting at the doctor's office or on a long car ride.

Activity books may reduce stress if they are fun for your child. When kids are stressed, doing an activity they enjoy, like coloring, can help. Word puzzles or visual math problems found in activity books can also help kids focus on the present moment. This state of mindfulness may reduce stress.

A 100-page activity book may last your child three months if the activities are challenging enough (or longer, if the pages are reusable; some activity books offer this feature). Some kids will work through many pages each day, but they may grow bored and abandon a book whose activities are too easy for them. These books are generally paperback, so if they get wet or dirty they may fall apart before your child can work through them.

Activity books are a perfect addition when traveling with kids. Kids can use them in cars or on planes (unless they trigger motion sickness ), or any time kids have to wait quietly and patiently during a vacation. If your child is missing school for travel, activity books are a good way to make sure they don't fall behind.

Ashley Ziegler is a full-time parenting writer and mom to a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. She has personal experience in researching and purchasing a variety of children’s products and key considerations she used when selecting these recommendations include materials, design, and user reviews.

American Psychological Association. How to help children and teens manage their stress .

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Ideas for Pre-K & Preschool Teachers

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Free resources for pre-k teachers.

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preschool activity book ideas

Letter Tumble

… Read More about Letter Tumble

preschool activity book ideas

Spider Ring Counting Game

… Read More about Spider Ring Counting Game

Alphabet Printables for Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten

Alphabet Printables

… Read More about Alphabet Printables

preschool activity book ideas


preschool activity book ideas


This site is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources to help you teach pre-k children., before footer, we believe in hands-on, active, & playful learning to inspire young minds.

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preschool activity book ideas


Lesson Plan Ideas

Are you looking for preschool lesson plan ideas and learning activities for your classroom? Your little learners will love these fun, hands-on activities for literacy , math , science , dramatic play and more!

Some of our favorite lesson plans to explore with pre-K students are using sensory bins , incorporating fun preschool songs , and practicing fine motor play. 

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Community Helper Math • Transportation Literacy • Pet Literacy

Morning Tubs for Preschoolers

How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine for Your Preschool Classroom

Use morning work boxes to create a simple morning routine for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom. Perfect for back to school!

preschool activity book ideas

Valentine Play Dough Activity

Valentine play dough activity for a Valentine’s Day theme in preschool or pre-k. Your kids will have fun exploring and creating with play dough!

Tweezing dried corn from the cob with tweezers

Tweezing Corn Fine Motor Practice in Preschool

Provide your preschool kids with a super fun, hands-on activity to practice fine motor skills. They’ll love tweezing corn from the cob!

November Themes Preschool

12 Creative Thanksgiving Ideas To Spice Up Your Classroom This November

Curriculum themes and activities for fall and Thanksgiving for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten; November Preschool Themes; Pre-K fall activities.

Cranberry Sensory Bin for Preschool

Cranberry Sensory Bin for Preschool

A hands-on cranberry sensory bin is perfect for a Thanksgiving theme. Your preschool kids will love using turkey basters and real cranberries

preschool activity book ideas

25 Thanksgiving Books for Preschool

25 Thanksgiving picture books to read aloud during the month of November with a focus on being thankful and turkeys. Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten.

preschool activity book ideas

36 Must-Read Interactive Books for Preschool Storytime

36 must-read interactive books for an engaging preschool storytime. The best fun and engaging interactive picture books to encourage student participation in preschool or pre-k.

preschool activity book ideas

28 Nursery Rhyme Books for Preschool and Pre-K

More than 25 nursery rhyme picture books to read aloud to kids in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom.

Books for the Beginning of the Year in Preschool

Best Back To School Books For The First Day Of Preschool And Pre-k

The best books to read aloud at the beginning of the school year in your pre-k or kindergarten classroom.

preschool activity book ideas

Books About Friendship and Kindness

Books about friendship and kindness for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten. A book list you can use at home or in the classroom.

Childrens Books About Food

40 Delicious Books about Food for Preschoolers

Best books about food for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids. Delicious food theme books to read aloud in your classroom. Tacos, pancakes, and more!

Diverse Picture Books

25+ Must-Have Children’s Books About Diversity for Preschoolers

Best books about diversity to read aloud to your preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten kids. A book list featuring must-read multicultural books.

Sensory Table Ideas for Preschoolers

Sensory Table Ideas for Preschool and Pre-K

Fun sensory table ideas for your preschool or pre-k classroom. Sensory play ideas to engage young children in hands-on learning.

Circle Time Props for Preschoolers

The Best Circle Time Props for Preschool

A collection of the best circle time props to use in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom. Props to increase engagement.

How to Dress for Snow

Dressing for Winter Weather Sequence

If your kids need help dressing for winter weather, these tips and tricks will make getting ready for outdoor play a breeze!

Snow Volcano Winter Science

Snow Volcano – Winter Science Activity for Kids

Make a snow volcano with your kids for a fun winter science activity! Take the learning outdoors this winter and make volcanoes in the snow.

Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas for Students

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Students

Are you looking for inexpensive holiday gifts for your students? These super fun, yet low-cost ideas won’t break the bank!

Sorting Books for Preschoolers

Sorting Books to Teach Preschool Math Concepts

Age-appropriate books about sorting for preschoolers. The best sorting books to help you teach your little learners how to sort.

Science Books for Kids

Best Science Books for Preschoolers

40 age-appropriate science books for preschoolers. Age-appropriate books to help you teach your little learners science concepts.

Pumpkin Volcano

Pumpkin Volcano Science Experiment

A fun science experiment your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten students will love. Use simple ingredients to make a pumpkin volcano!

Printable ABC Fishing Game

Fishing for Letters: A Fun Alphabet Game

Your preschool or pre-k kids will have fun fishing for letters with this alphabet game! Perfect for learning letters of the alphabet.

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preschool activity book ideas


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    preschool activity book ideas

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    preschool activity book ideas

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    preschool activity book ideas


  1. Reading for Fun: How to Start a Kids Book Club

  2. Play with: Maisy mouse activity book Things that go

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  4. Children's Picture Book Project #shorts

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  1. 25 Book Activities For Preschoolers

    STEP 1: Choose a Book with Multidisciplinary Themes: Select a book encompassing multiple themes and concepts related to science, math, engineering, art, and literacy. Look for stories that offer opportunities to explore these subjects in an integrated manner. STEP 2: Read and Discuss: Read the selected book aloud to the preschoolers.

  2. 20 of the Most Engaging Class Book Ideas for Preschool

    Here are some additional class book ideas for preschool kids. Environmental Print Book - Kids can help gather labels and logos to add to alphabet cards. Sensory Books - Make a book of softness. Each can add something to a page that is soft. You can also make rough, smooth, bumpy books too.

  3. Book Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

    1. To get started, you'll want to join our Virtual Book Club for Kids Weekly Newsletter email list and our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook group. 2. Next, you'll want to check out our Book and Theme Lists for 2023-2024 (you'll get emailed them as soon as you sign up for our newsletter). 3.

  4. Class Book Ideas for Preschool Pre-K

    Class books have many benefits for children: Builds confidence for pre-readers and pre-writers. Encourages class collaboration. Creates highly engaging (and inexpensive!) books for your class library. Helps children learn concepts of print. Shows children that print conveys meaning. Creates memory books for your class.

  5. The Ultimate Busy Book For Preschoolers With 100+ Pages of Activities

    Each activity has the mat to put in the book and the cutouts for the activity. You can store the cutouts in an envelope and either laminate the mats or place in a plastic binder sleeve. You can use velcro to keep the pieces in place or just a flat surface. I would suggest laminating the cutouts to make them reusable.

  6. Printables and Book Activities for Preschoolers

    Set includes sequencing discs, mat, and character cards. This winter, be sure to read Jan Brett's The Mitten with your kids. Then, choose one or more of these The Mitten printable activities to extend the learning. There are over 80 pages in this pack of The Mitten worksheets for preschoolers!

  7. Ten Best Activity Books for Preschool Kids

    The cross-curricular activities include stories, reading comprehension activities, writing practice, and more. Download free sample activities from Skill Sharpeners Geography here. The Never-Bored Kids Book is the perfect travel companion. These creative activity books provide hours of entertainment with activities such as crafts, mazes, dot-to ...

  8. Preschool Lesson Plans Based on Books

    Preschool Lesson Plans Based on Books. Each lesson plan is full of preschool activities based on books. I love creating lesson plans based on children's books because my own children just absolutely love stories! Below you will find an ever-growing list of preschool lesson plans based on children's books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You ...

  9. 90 Educational & Engaging Preschool Books

    90 Educational & Engaging Preschool Books. September 26, 2023 // by Lauren Du Plessis. With the help of 55 spectacular preschool books, children learn to explore new concepts and thus increase their pre-existent knowledge of the world. Explore new and exciting literary worlds and all the creative tales they present!

  10. 20+ Super Fun Preschool Book Activities

    These book activities will help introduce character, plot, setting, and sequence of events with your preschooler. Here, I team up with bloggers worldwide to share the very best preschool activities for retelling a book. From food ideas to art projects, here are the very best 20+ preschool book activities.

  11. Big List of Book Activities for Children

    Jack and the Beanstalk - includes printable activity. Little Red Riding Hood - includes printable activities. Goldilocks and the Three Bears - includes printable activities. The Little Red Hen - includes printable activities. The Three Little Pigs- includes printable activities. The Three Billy Goats Gruff- includes printable activities.

  12. Preschool Books and Activities

    This digital e-book (or physical book, available on Amazon), contains 50 hands-on activities that use math, fine motor skills, movement, art, crafts, and creativity to support social emotional development. This resource includes activities, crafts, hands-on play ideas, and so much more. There are activities based on 10 popular children's books:

  13. Preschool Activities Book

    The Best Preschool Learning Activities Book is Here! Not only is play fun for young children-. it is how they learn best! Make a mesmerizing alphabet sensory bottle. Journey through a jungle animal obstacle course. Create an entire town powered by magnets. This book has it All!

  14. Classic Children's Books Preschool Lesson Plans

    Sale. * Learn At Home Preschool Lesson Plans Bundle. $50.00 $20.00. Math is a difficult subject for many children, so difficult in fact that many children claim they hate math! One way to pique interest in math and to help solidify math skills is to use picture books to help explain mathematical concepts.

  15. How to Make Activity Books for Children: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    Insert blank pages, if you want to have extra drawing paper. 6. Copy your book, if desired. If you are making the book for more than 1 child, there are a few ways to create multiple copies. To give the copies a more handmade feel, you should repeat the same steps of drawing and printing out each page for every book.

  16. 150+ AMAZING Preschool Books Preschoolers Will Love

    Preschool Books and Activities. ... Here are some more ideas for getting books for FREE or almost free.—->8 Ways to Get Books for Free; Then, once your preschooler has a starter library, it will be important to teach her how to care for it.—>Teaching Kids to Take Care of Books.

  17. The Ultimate List of Fun and Easy Preschool Activities

    Apple Racing Game - Cooperative Learning Game. Apple Smash Activity. Apple Tree Game with Sight Words. Arctic Animals Alphabet Puzzle. Back to School Songs for Preschoolers. How to Create a Balanced Preschool Routine. Bathroom Routine Visual Cards. Beginning of the Year Picture Books with QR Codes.

  18. The 10 Best Activity Books for Kids of 2023

    Why We Recommend It . The best part about this toddler activity book is that kids can play with it again and again because it uses a whiteboard marker and wipes clean after each use. It focuses on early learning topics like colors, counting, words/letters, and animals and is made for kids between 2 and 4 years old. There are 112 total pages in the book, and it comes with a dry-erase pen.

  19. 900+ PRESCHOOL BOOK ACTIVITIES ideas in 2023

    Oct 17, 2023 - Preschool book activities to go along with favorite books in your preschool, pre-k, or and kindergarten classroom. Printables and ideas for using popular children's literature to extend early learning. See more ideas about book activities, activities, preschool.

  20. PreKinders: Ideas & Resources for Pre-K & Preschool Teachers

    Read More. PreKinders is a resource site for teachers of Pre-K and Preschool with teacher-created activities, lesson ideas, printables, and themes for your classroom.

  21. 620 Preschool Crafts that go along with Books ideas

    Mar 25, 2020 - Looking for crafts and activities to do with your preschooler that go along with a book? Search this board for fun ideas. See more ideas about preschool crafts, crafts, activities.

  22. Activity Books for Kids & Toddlers

    Find toddler activity books about their favorite animals or fictional characters. Whether you're looking for activity books for older children or preschool-aged kids, we have something to keep everyone busy and entertained. Some of our bestselling activity books include: Doodling 101 by Mo Williams; Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Book by Jeff ...

  23. 400+ Free Preschool & Pre-K Lesson Plan ideas & activities

    Fishing for Letters: A Fun Alphabet Game. Your preschool or pre-k kids will have fun fishing for letters with this alphabet game! Perfect for learning letters of the alphabet. Are you looking for pre-K lesson plan ideas and learning activities. Your preschoolers will love these 400+ FREE preschool lesson plans and activities.