45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

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45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

October 04, 2018 - tom jager.

Do you enjoy standing up in front of a large audience and making a speech? Or do you get so nervous that you forget what you were going to tell the audience about?

If the answer to the second question is "yes," then you’re not alone. Many people, including well-known entrepreneurs, politicians, and actors, aren’t fans of public speaking. For example, did you know that Richard Branson is among them? Yes, one of the best entrepreneurs in history has a real far of public speaking!

"I loathe making speeches, and always have," Branson admitted in one of the interviews. “Over the years, however, I have become much more practiced at giving speeches, though it still makes me a bit nervous.”

Richard Branson giving a public speech

"Fortunately, the fear of public speaking shouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle for you with some learning and practice," says Gordon Stevens, a motivational coach. "The more you develop your skills, the more confident you'll feel during your speeches."

Moreover, having strong public skills can greatly boost your career and improve your position in the labor market. Warren Buffet stated “you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills - public speaking”

So, whether you’re looking for topics for your next public speech or just for practice, take a look at these 45 ideas, including tips on how to choose the best ones for your purpose.

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Public speaking topics

Category: science.

1. Why humans should colonize mars

Let’s be honest here, humans are endangered species because all of us live only on one planet. Colonizing mars increases the chance of long-term survival of humankind and has many other benefits, so it’s definitely a great topic to talk about.

2. When will AI exceed human performance?

It’s one of the most discussed topics in science right now because AI has been developing at an amazing speed in the recent years. So, there are tons of quality materials to retrieve information from, such as this article from cornell university .

3. What is the future of commercial space flight?

Elon musk has recently announced the name of the first space tourist who will orbit the moon several times on SpaceX’s most advanced spacecraft, the BFR. The trip is scheduled for 2023, but the musk’s behavior in the recent months is very likely to get him fired as a CEO of SpaceX. Does that put the future of commercial space flight at risk?

4. Should nanotechnology research continue?

With all the risks and ethical issues that nanotechnology research is facing now, it could be an interesting topic to discuss.

5. Should we bring extinct species back from the dead?

Animal cloning is becoming more common, so cloning extinct species appears to be a matter of time. But should we really bring back animals like mammoths? What would we do with them if we succeed?

6. Potential for super greenhouse effect on earth

Global warming is the real thing, and governments around the world are starting to take this issue seriously. But where are we on our way to triggering a runaway greenhouse effect that turned our neighboring planet Venus into a hellish world?

7. What is gene therapy?

For example, could we use it to prevent diseases and conditions?

8. Why whales should not be hunted for food

Also an interesting topic that touches upon one of the most relevant issues in environmental health.

9. Stephen Hawking’s contributions to science

One of the greatest minds in history, Stephen Hawking, passed away recently, so it would be great to share his main contributions to science.

10. When will the next solar superflare hit earth?

The scientists know it’s coming, but can we make some predictions?

Category: self-development and self-help topics

11. How can you improve public speaking skills?

Why not, right?

12. What leadership style is the most suitable for your personality?

There are a number of leadership styles, so finding out which one suits you is an interesting idea.

13. How to get a fresh start after a breakup / divorce?

14. Why you should become a freelancer

15. Why being lazy isn’t always a bad thing

16. What Richard Branson recommends to everyone to make everyday a success

Here are some materials for you to start researching.

17. Why you should visit at least 5 countries by the time you’re 30

18. Gluten isn’t bad for health

19. Scientific evidence on why you shouldn’t skip your breakfast

20. Why success if often an extreme tolerance for failure (Jeff Bezos experience)

Jeff Bezos is an excellent example of a person who thinks of a failure as a chance to learn .

Category: society

21. Do professional athletes make too much money?

22. Why the your country should promote legal immigration

23. Is it possible to eliminate poverty in every country in the world?

24. The internet should be free for everyone

25. Why punishing children for bullying others isn’t a solution

This conversation article has some good ideas on that for you to explore.

26. The U.S. should encourage the spirit of volunteerism

27. Society should make monopolies illegal

28. Is our society too dependent on technology?

29. Why we need to support local businesses

30. Being gay: choice or nature?

31. Cell phone use while driving should be banned in all U.S. states.

Category: workplace

32. How to spot a toxic employee?

33. Give 5 reasons why we should abolish tipping restaurant servers

This Huffington Post article will be of great help to you on this topic.

34. Why the minimum wage should be raised?

35. Top reasons why best employees invest in employee wellness programs

36. The best ways to increase employee engagement for better performance

37. Should age discrimination be a criminal offence?

38. All internships should be paid internships

39. The minimum age for unsupervised driving should be raised to 18

40. LGBT workers are protected from workplace discrimination.

Category: controversial

41. Airline passengers should sacrifice their privacy for the sake of flight safety

42. Your government should promote conservation

43. Your government should make animal testing illegal

44. The use of the internet by teens should be limited

45. The internet contributes to media bias

How to choose a public speaking topic?

Check out these quick tips for picking a great topic:

  • Choose a topic that you’re fairly familiar with or have an interest in. This might help you to include some personal experience as a bonus to your speech.
  • Know your audience. Your topic should always resemble the interests of your audience, otherwise they could find it boring. In this case, you’ll be wasting yours and their time.
  • Pick up a hot topic that describes a current event, place, or process.

Read this article for additional information on choosing a public speaking topic .

151 Best Public Speaking Topics In 2021

Thu Oct 21, 2021

Do you love giving a speech in front of a large group of people or simply feel nervous about it? Sometimes, the lack of preparation and planning a good speech may cause the latter. With today's fast-paced environment, you will have to step up on stage to deliver a speech at some time in your life. Writing a compelling and insightful speech necessitates the selection of a suitable topic, extensive research. It will need the creation of individual ideas to communicate everything fact and opinion. It might be difficult to select a suitable speech topic for your speech . But don't worry, the work has been done for you! This blog provides a list of popular English speaking themes as well as some useful tips and methods. Be ready to effectively communicate your views and suggestions in front of the public. Table Of Contents:

List Of Best Speech Topics For Public Speaking

1-minute speech topics.

  • 2-Minute Speech Topics

Unique Speech Topics

Interesting speech topics, easy speech topics, speech topics on environment.

  • Speech Topics On Social Issues

Speech Topics On Greatest Leaders

Speech topics on education, speech topics on health, frequently asked questions.

Speeches are entirely about the speaker's own ideas. It should not be duplicated from another source. It ultimately boils down to what the speaker believes about any particular issue. Examine the following collection of English Speaking Ideas on various current topics and themes.

public speaking workshop topics

A 2-minute speech is an excellent method to start into public speaking and is often utilised in the classroom. It's brief. It's quick.

To make things easier for yourself, choose a topic that fascinates you and about which you can speak passionately.

  • Public Smoking
  • Bar Hours of Operation
  • Confirmed Alien Sightings
  • The Rape Culture
  • Indian Reservation Casinos
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Making Prostitution Legal
  • The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Adoption Across Cultures
  • What Causes Men to Have Affairs?
  • What Is the Importance of Reading?
  • Homelessness in the United States
  • Reducing the Legal Drinking Age
  • General Education Courses (20)
  • Is Online Dating Dangerous or Safe?
  • How to Speak English in America
  • Getting Your Pets Spayed/Neutered
  • Are Video Games Beneficial to Your Health?

Choosing new and exciting unique speech themes for your public speaking skills is vital. It can also help with any other special event that necessitates developing your own exceptional experiences. Read through these ideas and choose just the ones that are unique to you.

  • Seniors are no longer able to adopt children.
  • TV commercials are not works of art.
  • Allow students to use social media at school.
  • Cash will be phased out.
  • Music has the ability to heal.
  • Historic structures must be protected.
  • There should be a one-car-per-family regulation.
  • Marriage should be permitted only after the age of 25.
  • Parents who home educate their children should first have to pass examinations.
  • The Bermuda Triangle is not a work of fiction.
  • Medication has no effect on hyperactive youngsters.
  • It is possible to survive without internet access.
  • Leadership cannot be learned.
  • Married couples should engage in extramarital relationships.
  • Modern art just requires ambition.

Almost always, you will be required to present one or more compelling speeches throughout your career.

Unless the topic is appropriate, no matter how good your material or delivery is, you will fail to make an impression. As a result, when making this decision, one must use extreme caution and wisdom. Here are some interesting topics to choose from, especially if it’s your first on stage.

  • Reality television is a source of exploitation.
  • Reality programmes are far from authentic.
  • Computer-based learning is the most efficient.
  • Gamification and virtual reality are the educational technologies of the future.
  • Juvenile criminality is tolerated.
  • Prostitution need to be legalised.
  • To conserve endangered species, severe fines should be imposed.
  • Pollution of the environment is a worldwide issue.
  • The developed world is to blame for global warming.
  • Is Pink appropriate for men
  • Eco-fashion is the way of the future.
  • Fashion shows one's actual self.
  • Travel introduces fresh experiences.
  • Travel broadens your horizons.
  • Rhetorical learning is less essential than personal experience.

If you don't have much time to prepare or research , it's necessary to adhere to what you know. This will greatly reduce your burden because you already know the majority of what there is to know.

Here are some simple and easy speech topics on popular topics.

  • There are less professional ads in schools.
  • Why are single-gender public schools preferable than co-ed?
  • From cradle to finish, schools should educate students on healthy nutrition.
  • Students who engage in cyberbullying should be expelled from school.
  • Before getting married, you should live together.
  • Higher education is a basic requirement for success in today's world.
  • French fries and drinks should not be served in schools.
  • Students who study online are more likely to cheat.
  • Classic literature should be reserved for college students alone.
  • Every kid at every school should be required to wear a uniform.
  • After completing a basic education, students should be put in trade schools.
  • Exam results provide little insight into a student's skills.
  • History textbooks do not always tell the entire storey.
  • It is critical for students to learn about all global faiths in school.
  • Homeschooling outperforms formal education.

For public speaking , consider environmental speech themes and essay writing on many elements of our ecology. https://www.letstute.com/s/store/courses/Spoken%20English

Do you want to write about sustainability in the environment? These suggestions will serve to enliven your imagination.

  • The dangers of oil spills in the water.
  • Recycling should be made compulsory.
  • Why is it necessary to save oil?
  • Why should we use reusable bags?
  • Why should palm oil be banned?
  • Mining should be prohibited in environmentally vulnerable regions.
  • Disposable diapers pollute the environment.
  • In deciding how a person will turn out, the environment is more significant than heredity.
  • The dangers of drilling for oil in Alaska.
  • Fishing restrictions are required to protect the ecosystem.
  • Endangered species must be protected.
  • We need to put more money into alternate fuels.
  • Endangered oceans ought to be protected.
  • We should work for a paperless society.
  • Conserve the world's resources.
  • Rain forests must be safeguarded.

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Spoken English for Learners Online Course

Speech Topics on Social Issues

When working on a speech that asks you to write about a societal topic, you must be neutral in your research and writing. The topic you choose should be related to and relevant to the societal issue addressed in your speech. Here are a few issues that will have a bigger influence in terms of social affairs.

  • The notion that all individuals are equal
  • The statistics on homelessness in the United States are accurate. Fashion is the biggest cause of kid misbehaviour.
  • Corporate corruption is a major factor of poor economies in many countries.
  • Never take your right to privacy for granted.
  • People are not killed by firearms. People kill one other, and the meaning of beauty pageants is muddled.
  • The prevalence of spoiled children has increased as a result of media violence.
  • The world's biggest population has lost its cultural identity.
  • There is an urgent need to put an end to the maiming and abuse of schoolgirls.
  • China's one-child policy is justifiable.
  • In current culture, correct tipping etiquette and procedures
  • Unemployment, a growing crisis
  • The Importance of the Right to an Education
  • Child trafficking as an unspoken issue

The capacity to lead is extremely powerful since it allows you to influence the future and control the behaviour of others.

Choose a theme for your speech that focuses on the notion of leadership. By delving into this subject and expanding on it in your speech, you may not only increase your personal understanding of what makes a successful leader. However, also communicate your insights with your listening crowd. Pick on the topics below to exemplify leadership.

  • Jacinda Adern
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Winston Churchill
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Mother Teresa
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • George Washington
  • Julias Caesar
  • Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Francoise Hollande
  • Pope Francis
  • Akbar the Great

Education is a human right to which everyone is entitled. When individuals differ on what is good and wrong with education, problems occur. As a part of public speaking, education becomes an important topic to address the audience about.

The topics listed below are ones that everyone working in or with education must deal with at some time.

  • The value of education in advancing one's career
  • Outside the classroom, there is a lesson to be learned.
  • The Advantages of E-Learning
  • E-learning vs. traditional classroom instruction
  • What will the future of education look like?
  • Is it appropriate for instructors and students to connect on social media?
  • Should homework be assigned in schools?
  • How to Achieve Academic Success in College Through Online Learning
  • Which is the better measure of success: theory or practise?
  • Various modes of learning and teaching
  • Before being admitted to school, one should undergo a psychological evaluation.
  • Do you believe it should be permissible for students to drop out before reaching the age of 18?
  • Should life skills classes be required in schools?
  • Should public universities be free?
  • Should laptops take the role of textbooks?

Today, public health speeches are required so that people may concentrate on promoting and safeguarding community health. It is critical to implant the concept of well-being in broad groups of people, with a focus on wellness.

Here is a list of compelling and instructive health and wellness speech themes. These are certainly, also for the purpose of enhancing your own thinking and that of others.

  • Diet beverages are frequently not diet at all, while ordinary beverages are not quite regular.
  • Going barefoot in the summer is beneficial to your feet.
  • Take a test to determine whether you are susceptible to any hazardous diseases or viruses.
  • Why you shouldn't work too hard if you have diabetes.
  • Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day for several reasons.
  • Fast food establishments should provide healthier choices.
  • Do you believe that sex education should be taught in schools?
  • People who live in cities will die younger.
  • Excessive salt consumption is harmful to one's health.
  • Consumption of meat should be decreased.
  • People should be more concerned about their sleep.
  • Why should you become an organ donor?
  • Why should we utilise homoeopathic remedies?
  • Why are vaccinations beneficial?
  • Are e-cigarettes preferable to cigarettes?

1. What are the 4 types of public speeches?

To master public speaking, you must first distinguish between four styles of public speaking:

  • Ceremonial Speaking
  • Demonstrative Speaking
  • Informative Speaking
  • Persuasive Speaking

2. What do you say in a 2-minute public speech?

Prepare your 2–3 main points ahead of time, and keep in mind that a successful presentation would include:

  • Captivating start, such as a strong quotation or questions that pique your audience's attention.
  • Introduction, major body, and conclusion are all well-structured.
  • A strong conclusion that will stay with the viewers.

3. What is the best topic for students?

The Best Speech Topics for Students:

  • Noise Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Environment Pollution
  • Health and Wellness

4. What are the 7 elements of public speaking?

The 7 aspects of public speaking are:

  • The speaker
  • The message
  • The channel
  • The listener
  • The feedback
  • The interference
  • The circumstance

5. How do you practice impromptu speaking?

You may practise spontaneous speeches in two ways:

  • You're on your own. Every day, pick a different random topic and talk out about it.
  • Speak in front of a group. The greatest method to master spontaneous speaking is to practise in front of a group and receive expert criticism.

People are generally encouraged to talk about a current issue in order to help them become better public speakers. They are also required to acquire the skill of expressing themselves in front of an audience. Choosing the appropriate topic before you begin practising your speech may make all the difference. It is a method of keeping your audience engaged and from being bored. You may also choose one about which you are enthusiastic so that you can express it properly. When considering these persuasive English speech ideas, ensure you keep it interesting, engaging, short, and clear. Do you think we left something out? Or do you have a topic that you believe is significant and would want to add? Please mention them in the comments section below!

public speaking workshop topics


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Public Speaking Workshop Activities

Thiagi Group

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse


Object Matching

One person holds up an object to the camera The rest of the group is given 8 seconds to find a matching object The first person decides what is the best match

Status mingle

Start with eye contact instructions (2 groups) & mingle switch roles & mingle choose and change status Explore external vs. internal

Story Spine

create a story using Kenn Adams Story Spine

Once upon a time... Every day... Until one day... And because of that... And because of that... And because of that... Until finally... And ever since then...

One Person One Thought

In groups, each player takes a turn talking for 90 seconds while expressing one thought at a time to one person.

Partners improvise scene in 1 minute. Then repeat same scene in 30 sec. 15 sec. 5 sec. 1 sec.

Save time and effort designing your workshops

Eye contact count.

In small groups, speaker must hold eye contact with each person for 5 seconds at a time while speaking about any topic

Vojta Žák

Get over your fear of public speeches and presentation by embracing the beauty of making mistakes.

Christian Badea

Shakespearean Insults

People will do a remake of a Shakespearean scene except they will improvise it a little and change the words with something funnier.

Gettysburg address

The participant will try to act like Abraham Lincoln and pronounce loudly and clearly as if he was in a wide open area.

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  • Presentation Hacks

10 Public Speaking Games and Activities to Try

  • By: Kelly Allison

Public speaking is a skill like any other—to become great at it, you need to practice. But if you’re like most, then you probably don’t have a room full of people at the ready that you can speak in front of every day. Don’t let that stop you from practicing, though.

There are actually a ton of games and activities you can take advantage of that’ll help you hone your chops and become the best presenter you can be without the need for a formal audience.

public speaking workshop topics

Speak Nonsense According to research , an excellent presentation is 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication and just 7% your content. In other words, your delivery matters even more than what you say, and this exercise helps you refine it. Find a paragraph online in a language you don’t understand or simply write down a few lines of jibberish, and practice saying it aloud as though you’re giving a speech. Pay mind to your tone, inflections, and generally how you can use your voice to create more interest.

Learn From the Pros Look online for speeches that are widely accepted as exceptional. The most popular TED Talks of all time is a great place to start. Pick a talk that you’re interested in and watch it through a critical lens. Analyze the narrative structure the speaker uses, what makes their delivery effective, how their visuals enhance their talk and other components that make their speech extraordinary.

30 Seconds Filler-Free Filler words like “uh” “um” and “y’know” not only make your talk more difficult to listen to, but they also make you seem less prepared and authoritative. For this exercise, record yourself giving a talk on any topic for 30 seconds, taking care to omit all filler words. Whenever you use a filler word, start over and try again. Do this exercise ten times, filler-free.

One Minute Off-the-Cuff For this exercise, you’ll set a timer on your phone for one minute and record yourself giving an impromptu speech on any topic that interests you. The only rule is that you can’t prepare for it in any way. This is designed to get you more comfortable speaking off-the-cuff and minimize the anxiety that comes from being afraid you won’t have anything to say.

Tell a Photo Story Storytelling is critical to engaging your audience and helping them retain the information you’re sharing. To practice developing narratives, find an interesting photo online and record yourself presenting a story about it. Discuss what you think the backstory is, who the people are, their dreams, their motivations, and anything else that’ll tell a compelling story about them.

Make Up a Definition No matter what your presentation is about, you should always seem like you have authority over the topic. For this exercise, choose a word you don’t know the definition of and record yourself saying, with authority, what you think it means. Pay attention to how you can use your voice and intonations to have more command and seem more authoritative.

Q&A With an Expert You’ll need to find a friend for this one. Choose a topic or job that you don’t know much about. Ask your friend to interview you about it and answer their questions as though you’re a well-informed expert. This will help you with both your delivery and authority.

Gush About Something You Don’t Love Enthusiasm is contagious. If you want your audience to be excited about your topic, then you need to show enthusiasm for it. Choose something you’re indifferent about, say, a kitchen utensil, and practice speaking about it enthusiastically. Use your voice, emphasis, and body language to make it seem like the most exciting thing in the universe.

Make a Commercial Presentations are all about selling an idea, so you should practice the art of sales and persuasion to be the best you can be. Choose an item in your home and create a one-minute commercial about it. Record yourself saying what makes it special, how it can enhance lives, and why everyone needs that item in their corner.

Where Did That Name Come From? This is another exercise that’ll make you a better storyteller on stage. Pick an item in your home, like a stapler, and tell a story about how it got its name. The idea here isn’t to be accurate, so by all means, make something up; this is just to get you in the habit of finding and developing interesting stories from anything.

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10 public speaking topics and ideas for 2023.

22 December, 2022

10 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas for 2023

Public speaking is not the favorite activity for most people. Even well-known politicians, business people and actors are not a fan of giving speeches in front of large audiences. However, having good communication skills can significantly advance your career and place you better in the professional world.

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

As a public speaker, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to address the big topics of the day. While some of these topics may seem daunting, remember that as long as you do your research and remain respectful of different viewpoints, your audience will appreciate your insights. 

Are you a public speaker and you are stuck on ideas and topics for 2023? This article is specifically for you, where we will discuss 10 topics and ideas you should consider.

1.Speak on science-related topics :  

What will the future look like with technology, if it looks like this now, will ai ever totally replace humans, if humans keep multiplying at this pace, will there still be space for humans on earth, 2.speak on personal development and self-love, how can you improve your skills, the importance of self-love.

  • How to be a successful leader?

3.Speak on healthy relationships

How to grow a healthy relationship with friends..

  • How to leave a toxic relationship

How to have a healthy relationship at the workplace. 

How to have a healthy relationship with your family.

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas On Science

S cience is a broad topic and so choosing to speak about science in public speaking can be a bit of a minefield. With so much constantly changing in the world of science, it can be hard to keep up. Try to focus on speaking about the most understandable and relevant aspects of the topic. With a little knowledge and preparation, speaking on Science trends can be enjoyable and enlightening for everyone involved. You can speak on the following topics about science;

Talk about how curious you are about the growth of technology, what new things would be invented and how you think it might benefit humans. Would there really be a time travel machine? Which we can use to travel to the past or future. Aren't you curious? Then it is a great topic to discuss .

Artificial intelligence keeps growing at a fast pace and humans are scared that it will be totally replaced in industries, this is a great topic for discussion. Will AIs ever have emotions like humans? Will there be AI surgeons? Would it be beneficial to businesses if AIs have emotions or not? These are all interesting to think of and talk about 

Do you think humans are an endangered species because of the growth rate?  If yes then it is an interesting topic to discuss. The more humans grow there is a scarcity of resources, and it will get to a stage where humans will rise against one another for resources(survival of the fittest).

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas on Personal development and Self-love

Public speaking can be a great way to promote personal development and self-love. By speaking about topics related to personal development and self-love, we can help others to see the importance of these concepts in their own lives. When we speak from a place of personal power, we have the ability to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Everyone loves to grow in their field, so this is a topic your audience can relate to and would love to discuss. Give them tips on how to develop themselves and how to keep learning in their fields. 

Talk about how it is important for them to love themselves for who they are, how to work on their weaknesses and to enjoy every step of their journey in life. How to utilize their strengths for their growth, and how to see value in themselves, forgive themselves of their past mistakes and move on instead of dwelling on their past. 

How to be a successful leader? 

Everyone aspires to lead and will be interested in knowing how to be a successful leader, giving them tips on how to be a successful leader . Talk about the importance of knowing their roles and responsibilities and how they can carry out their duties, and tell them the importance of setting boundaries and having laid down rules to guide their followers. The importance of making sure their followers are growing and they are also growing. 

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas on Healthy Relationships

“Healthy relationships” is a relevant topic nowadays to discuss, and so choosing it as a topic for your public speech is a great thing. Healthy relationships are essential to society's well-being. Here are a few topics for you to choose from;

Give tips on how they can relate well with friends and be of value to friends, and do so not at the expense of their happiness. Tell them how to select friends, and how to build a healthy relationship with them, ways they can help friends grow, how to notice when their friends are in need of their help, as this will make friends cherish them. Everyone loves to be cherished, so this is a relatable topic to discuss. 

How to leave a toxic relationship. 

A lot of people are in a toxic relationship, knowingly or unknowingly, tell them that you can feel their pain and make them see the importance of breaking from such a relationship. Give them advice and a step to step guide on how to break free from such a relationship, tell them that they are the most important ones, and their health(mental) is paramount.

Do you know the importance of having a healthy relationship in your business?  Then talk about it to your audience, and give them reasons why they should develop a healthy relationship with other co-workers, their bosses and customers as this is good for the growth of the business and their own growth.

We all love our families, but not everyone knows how to relate well with them. Talk about how you believe people should relate to their families and the importance of settling any misunderstanding in 3 families, as this helps to raise a healthy and happy family in society. 

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Tips on How to Select Public Speaking Topics

As a public speaker, you know the importance of having a great topic. After all, your topic is what will engage your audience and help you deliver a memorable speech. Also, Public speaking is not an easy task. But if you get public speaking course training, it will be easier for you to engage with people or give a presentation. But how do you go about selecting the right public speaking topics? Here are a few tips on how to select public speaking topics:

  • Know your interest
  • Know your audience
  • Select hot topics
  • Tell stories

Know your area of interest :

Know what interests you, what you are always happy to talk about and what you are familiar with. This will help you have confidence in what you talk about and let you know how to relay the message to the audience. 

Know your audience:

Select topics that you know your audience can easily relate to, and ask these questions "would my audience have interest in this topic? " '' Can they relate to and understand this topic? " If you keep bringing the wrong topic to the wrong audience, your audience is going to lose interest in your speech, so always make sure your topics are for the right audience. 

Select hot topics:

Pick topics that talk about the latest event, it could be in politics, the fashion world, the health sector, sports, etc. Select a topic that they would love to be curious to know more about

Tell Stories:

Everyone loves stories. You can use a personal experience as a topic to discuss in public speaking. You can tell them your success stories, your failure stories, and how you didn't let your weaknesses weigh you down. 

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As a public speaker, it is important to get yourself ready with the topics you want to pass across to the audience, as this will get you organised and confident about your speech. Having read this article, you now have ideas for topics you can discuss in 2023.

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A seasoned professional with more than 18 years of experience from reputed organizations like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Amway and Commercial Bank. Her experience encompasses project management, strategic planning, resource utilization, revenue growth, cost reduction & optimization. She has diversified & led operations both in India & Middle East Markets. Neena’s greatest strength is building a project from the primary level to guiding it to attain new performance levels. She creates unique solutions to yield profitable outcomes in a project. She is also competent and efficient in maintaining exclusive relationships in a key market segment, expanding the company's share in that market. She works closely with entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs across the globe to find practical ways of enhancing entrepreneurship. She is now working at Edoxi Training Institute .

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A List of Public Speaking Topics That are Worthy of Discussion

Are you looking for public speaking topics and were wondering what all topics are worthy of a speech? Then go through this article to know more about the different topics and some tips to improve public speaking.

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Public Speaking Topics

For many, addressing a crowd or speaking publicly may seem frightening, and there is hardly a soul who doesn’t experience butterflies in his/her stomach when asked to talk in front of a crowd. Our first experience at public speaking usually occurs in school or college. Generally, the topic or subject is chosen and handed to you, but what if you are not given the choice to select a topic and are not sure about what topic to choose?

Here is a collection of various topics that may seem appropriate for your public speaking debut. And yes, we have provided some useful tips, further down below, that will help you speak effectively, minimize anxiety and prevent you from going blank before you start speaking.

For Middle School Students

  • Should we be trying to prevent animal species from becoming extinct? If so, why?
  • Fur is not a fashion statement
  • Turn off your TV and do something more interesting
  • Should we ban the use of animals in circuses?
  • Are we doing enough to stop bullying? What are the causes and remedies of bullying?
  • Consequences of using candy as reward
  • Should physical education in schools be compulsory ?
  • Should smoking in public places be banned ?
  • Things that will become obsolete in the next 10 years
  • Vegetarianism versus non-vegetarianism
  • Can pets sense supernatural activity ?
  • Do superstitions still exist ?
  • Co-ed school vs. Single-sex school
  • History of Yosemite National Park
  • Who invented the first computer
  • Types of dolphins
  • Types of Christmas trees
  • Types of dinosaurs
  • Types of tropical fish
  • History of feminism
  • Disappearing bee theories
  • What are the Seven Wonders of the World
  • How was the Earth formed
  • Who invented the bicycle
  • Who invented chocolate
  • Who invented the iPod
  • Reasons why you should recycle

public speaking

For High School Students

  • Do schools have the right to search students’ lockers?
  • Is there an alternative for prison?
  • Chat Rooms: Are they safe?
  • Why you should never eat fast food
  • Different types of clouds
  • Homeschooling Vs. Public school
  • Does using mouthwash really cause cancer ?
  • Are there any ambiguities and loopholes in science ?
  • Pros and cons of euthanasia
  • Is the fashion industry promoting eating disorders in our society ?
  • Do self-help books really help ?
  • Is shopping online really cheaper ?
  • History of the White House
  • History of International Space Station (ISS)
  • Is there life on other planets ?
  • Types of dreams
  • Types of engineers
  • Do magnetic bracelets work ?
  • Story of the Trojan War
  • Uses of computers
  • How was the solar system formed
  • Who invented golf
  • Types of communication
  • Why do people need government
  • Why should you quit smoking
  • Does television affect your intelligence ?

For College Students

  • Is the current tax system unfair?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Can terrorism ever be justified?
  • Does luck play an important part in the success of a person?
  • Does dieting lead to eating disorders?
  • Should HIV positive workers have to tell their employers of their status?
  • Brand names cost more, but is the quality any better?
  • Religions: Should they interfere with medical care?
  • Rehabilitation: Why prison doesn’t work
  • Should young people be subjected to curfews as a way to reduce crime?
  • Priests: Should they be allowed to marry?
  • Is stomach stapling the right way to lose weight?
  • Should assisted suicide be legalized?
  • Why you should become a blood donor
  • Highest paying careers
  • Impact of oil spills in oceans
  • Is premature birth hereditary ?
  • Should gambling be legalized and regulated?
  • Why the death penalty should be abolished
  • History of Hip-Hop
  • Can we defend testing on animals or should we fight It ?
  • How to dress for a job interview
  • Abortion: Pro-choice arguments
  • Should waterboarding be allowed ?
  • How was the Sun formed
  • How did the Bermuda Triangle myth begin
  • Does social networking cause depression ?
  • How was the Moon formed
  • Do cigarette warning labels work ?
  • How was the Grand Canyon formed
  • Who invented the first automobile
  • Reasons, why gambling should be illegal
  • Should college athletes get paid ?
  • Does ear candling work ?

Choosing a topic for a speech can seem a herculean task with so many options but you can reduce the confusion, if you decide the type of topic you want to deliver. Is it going to be informative wherein you provide information to the crowd regarding a particular subject, or persuasive type where you discuss and try to win approval or support for some current social issues. Before you settle with a topic, question yourself whether the respective topic is relevant or appropriate, gather and research the topic properly and make sure your message is covered in the right manner. Public speaking becomes interesting when it is more like an interactive session. So, go for a topic that you are comfortable with, a topic that will give the listener a new insight.

Tips to Improve Public Speaking

To begin with, as a speaker, you must have good command over the audience and be able to grab their attention with your voice. Your voice should be audible and clear.

Thorough Research

All the facts, values and reasoning must be thoroughly researched, correct and to-the-point.

To lighten up a serious topic, draw the audience’s attention with humor. But remember jokes should be relevant and inoffensive.

Timely Pauses

A rightly timed pause could give your speech that special dramatic effect, whereas fillers like “umm” and “ahh” could ruin the quality of your speech.

Good Body Language

Practice in front of a mirror, the way you would stand, use your hands and facial expressions when addressing the audience.

Use Flash Cards

Make notes on flash cards and hold them in one hand and use your other hand to gesture the crowd.

Strong Conclusion

Convey and complete your discussion with a powerful and strong conclusion.

The most vital and sometimes the most difficult aspect about public speaking, developing confidence. Yes, confidence comes with experience but till that time I would suggest, virtually playing out the scenario in your mind where you have confidently and successfully delivered a talk. Self-talk and reassurances do help in building confidence.

A speech is nothing but addressing a group of people, either to share some serious information, tell a story or to motivate them to act. The whole idea here is to build a conversation, think of your speech as an important message that you have to tell everyone, overcome your fear, relax, take a deep breath, look up and address the crowd confidently. Remember to smile and do your best.

Privacy Overview

Public speaking workshop ideas

public speaking workshop topics

Public speaking can be a valuable skill to have, and with the right tools it can help you feel confident in any situation. Whether you’re attending a professional conference or giving one of your friends an engagement toast, there are several public speaking workshop ideas out there for every type of person. These workshops include everything from learning how to create engaging presentations to refining your dance moves before you take the stage.

No matter what type of public speaking workshop interests you, there are plenty of options available to help you grow as a speaker. Here are some specifics on workshops that can help boost your confidence and hone your skills.

Table of Contents

Practical Speech Courses

Practical speech courses are designed to focus on the specifics of public speaking. These workshops emphasize different techniques for speaking, like how to use body language and voice intonation to convey your message. Practical speech courses typically provide students with feedback on their performance in the form of constructive criticism, so they can learn how to improve over time.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication workshops are designed for people who regularly interact with others, so basically everyone. Learning how to acknowledge others in conversation, express your thoughts more clearly and respond to challenging questions are all skills that will help you be a more confident speaker. These workshops can also help you stay calm under pressure so you appear polished and professional.

Professional Communication

Public speaking workshops for professionals are designed for people who have to communicate with colleagues or clients on a regular basis. These workshops teach the specific skills needed to interact in a professional setting, like managing your interpersonal relationships and knowing how to conduct yourself in a work-related conversation. Learning how to engage with others and respond appropriately in stressful business situations will prepare you for anything.

Mastering Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication workshops are designed for people who regularly communicate with others, so basically everyone! This workshop teaches students how to acknowledge others when speaking, express themselves more clearly and handle challenging questions confidently. With the right instruction, anyone can become a better communicator. These workshops can also help you stay calm under pressure so you appear polished and professional when interacting with colleagues or clients.

Team Building Course

While not technically a public speaking workshop , teambuilding courses can help you improve the way you communicate as a member of a team. Learning how to better interact with your coworkers or classmates can make it easier for everyone to work together as a cohesive unit.

Dance Workshops for Public Speaking

If public speaking makes you nervous, why not learn some dance moves before taking the stage? Dance workshops teach students different types of dances that they can use to express themselves . You’ll feel more confident about yourself and be able to hone your improvisational skills at the same time. The next time someone asks if you know how to dance, you’ll be ready to show off your best moves!

public speaking events examples

Public speaking events are a great way to not only gain confidence in your skills but also build your professional network. A public speaking event is a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the people who have been there before you. It can be a scary thing, but it’s important to remember that even if you’re nervous, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself-the more you do it, the better you’ll feel about yourself!

One of the best ways to get over your nerves when giving a talk is by practicing beforehand. For example, try recording yourself and watching it back so that you can see what areas might need improvement or what things worked well and you want to keep doing more of it!

This can be an excellent way to visualize your success and prepare for the next time you give a presentation.  It’s always helpful to practice in front of friends or family members who can give you feedback on what went well and what might need some work. If possible, try practicing with someone who is more experienced than you are!

On top of building your confidence, giving public presentations also gives you the opportunity to connect with new people. For example, if you go to an event where there will be round tables, make sure that you ask your fellow speakers questions about how they got into their field or what motivated them to present at this particular conference. This person might just know someone who works for your dream company or knows of a job that would be perfect for you.

The best way to get over your nerves is by realizing that everyone else is nervous, too! Even if it’s one of the biggest public speaking events of the year, remember that the other presenters are probably just as nervous as you are. They might even appreciate knowing that you’re feeling equally anxious!  

It can help both you and the speaker to know this beforehand so that they won’t feel like they have to act like everything is perfect when in reality it’s not. Remembering these things can help to calm your nerves before getting up there in front of everyone.

Public speaking events are an excellent way to build up your skills and confidence while also gaining important professional connections with people in your field. If you’re feeling nervous, remember that everyone else is just as nervous-if not more than you are! By practicing beforehand and by being confident in yourself, you’ll be able to do excellent at these talks.

As more events happen, the less nervous you will get because of all the practice and networking opportunities involved with public speaking events.  It’s important to keep working on your skills so that if one day you become a keynote speaker or start giving speeches at conferences, it won’t be because of luck but rather an earned opportunity! It might seem intimidating now but remember that this is what public speaking is all about! You can do it.

10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Few are immune to the fear of public speaking. Marjorie North offers 10 tips for speakers to calm the nerves and deliverable memorable orations.

Marjorie North

Snakes? Fine. Flying? No problem. Public speaking? Yikes! Just thinking about public speaking—routinely described as one of the greatest (and most common) fears—can make your palms sweat. But there are many ways to tackle this anxiety and learn to deliver a memorable speech.

In part one of this series,  Mastering the Basics of Communication , I shared strategies to improve how you communicate. In part two, How to Communicate More Effectively in the Workplace , I examined how to apply these techniques as you interact with colleagues and supervisors in the workplace. For the third and final part of this series, I’m providing you with public speaking tips that will help reduce your anxiety, dispel myths, and improve your performance.

Here Are My 10 Tips for Public Speaking:

1. nervousness is normal. practice and prepare.

All people feel some physiological reactions like pounding hearts and trembling hands. Do not associate these feelings with the sense that you will perform poorly or make a fool of yourself. Some nerves are good. The adrenaline rush that makes you sweat also makes you more alert and ready to give your best performance.

The best way to overcome anxiety is to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. Take the time to go over your notes several times. Once you have become comfortable with the material, practice—a lot. Videotape yourself, or get a friend to critique your performance.

Communication Strategies: Presenting with Impact

Search all Communication programs.

2. Know Your Audience. Your Speech Is About Them, Not You.

Before you begin to craft your message, consider who the message is intended for. Learn as much about your listeners as you can. This will help you determine your choice of words, level of information, organization pattern, and motivational statement.

3. Organize Your Material in the Most Effective Manner to Attain Your Purpose.

Create the framework for your speech. Write down the topic, general purpose, specific purpose, central idea, and main points. Make sure to grab the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds.

4. Watch for Feedback and Adapt to It.

Keep the focus on the audience. Gauge their reactions, adjust your message, and stay flexible. Delivering a canned speech will guarantee that you lose the attention of or confuse even the most devoted listeners.

5. Let Your Personality Come Through.

Be yourself, don’t become a talking head—in any type of communication. You will establish better credibility if your personality shines through, and your audience will trust what you have to say if they can see you as a real person.

6. Use Humor, Tell Stories, and Use Effective Language.

Inject a funny anecdote in your presentation, and you will certainly grab your audience’s attention. Audiences generally like a personal touch in a speech. A story can provide that.

7. Don’t Read Unless You Have to. Work from an Outline.

Reading from a script or slide fractures the interpersonal connection. By maintaining eye contact with the audience, you keep the focus on yourself and your message. A brief outline can serve to jog your memory and keep you on task.

8. Use Your Voice and Hands Effectively. Omit Nervous Gestures.

Nonverbal communication carries most of the message. Good delivery does not call attention to itself, but instead conveys the speaker’s ideas clearly and without distraction.

9. Grab Attention at the Beginning, and Close with a Dynamic End.

Do you enjoy hearing a speech start with “Today I’m going to talk to you about X”? Most people don’t. Instead, use a startling statistic, an interesting anecdote, or concise quotation. Conclude your speech with a summary and a strong statement that your audience is sure to remember.

10. Use Audiovisual Aids Wisely.

Too many can break the direct connection to the audience, so use them sparingly. They should enhance or clarify your content, or capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Good communication is never perfect, and nobody expects you to be perfect. However, putting in the requisite time to prepare will help you deliver a better speech. You may not be able to shake your nerves entirely, but you can learn to minimize them.

Find related Communication programs.

Browse all Professional Development Programs.

About the Author

North is a consultant for political candidates, physicians, and lawyers, and runs a private practice specializing in public speaking, and executive communication skills. Previously, she was the clinical director in the department of speech and language pathology and audiology at Northeastern University.

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Every business relies on collaboration and communication to be successful. Even if you have a team who are experts at what they do, their ability to express their ideas, lead others, and persuade clients relies on how good they are at public speaking . That’s why our public speaking workshop covers essential skills from how to prepare for a speech to speaking with confidence and speech delivery. Teams will learn our elite public speaking methodology while also receiving feedback from a Moxie Master Trainer to help them overcome personal limitations and find a new passion for public speaking.

  • Experience a customized public speaking workshop for your team
  • Receive live feedback from expert trainers
  • Build confidence and charisma as public speakers
  • Learn how to give a good speech
  • Experience instant and lasting lifetime skills
  • Learn and practice proven rehearsal techniques
  • Communicate powerfully and effectively

public speaking workshop topics


  • SPEAKING WITH IMPACT: Learn vocal executive presence from emphasis and tone to pacing and pausing.
  • REFINING YOUR MESSAGE: Get expert guidance on authentic speaking and speech writing.
  • COMMANDING THE SPACE: See how to stand out and impress in meetings, pitches, events, and more.
  • TIPS FOR ENGAGING AUDIENCES: Understand audience psychology and how to use non-verbal communication to your advantage.
  • OVERCOMING YOUR FEAR: Learn proven techniques to transform nervousness into confidence and focus.
  • REHEARSAL TECHNIQUES: Learn presentation warm ups and methods to enhance your performance on the big day.
  • AND MORE: We offer a customized curriculum to every client—book a call to learn more and craft a learning journey for your company and culture.


Jackie heinricher, booshoot technology and #57 lamborghini race driver, public speaking classes customized for your team.

  • Customized training relevant to your objectives and people
  • Build a team of phenomenal public speakers
  • Amplify your employee's communication skills
  • Winning teams present with confidence and conviction



  • Learn the art of public speaking from a master speaker coach
  • Find out how to speak with eloquence and power
  • Overcome fear and transform nervousness into confidence
  • Engage and persuade others with their thoughts and ideas


  • Engaged your audience with powerful first impressions
  • Uncover what will inspire others to lean in and follow you
  • Command any space and exude executive presence
  • Exude confidence and poise when delivering presentations



Public speaking classes and workshops, adaptable training tailored to your team.

public speaking workshop topics

Our experiential training will have you on your feet, moving your body, and practicing the core skills used by the world’s best public speakers. Our Moxie Master Trainers have the experience to give each team member the insights they need to overcome their weaknesses and amplify their strengths.


public speaking workshop topics

From boardroom presentations to conference speeches, your team will develop a cohesive voice that will transform your presence in the market. Our public speaking training will show you how to promote your products and services in new ways that will guarantee better results and build better relationships.


public speaking workshop topics

Public speaking is a challenging and vulnerable experience. To truly connect with your audience you have to be personal and feel confident in your message. Time and time again, teams leave our public speaking training having learned more about each other and feeling more unified than ever.

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”

Take the first step today, have questions we can help.

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Public Speaking Workshop

Build a team of internal influencers able to communicate clearly, effectively and with passion, trusted by global brands & leaders, what is the public speaking workshop.

Public speaking is much more than an optional skill nowadays – it’s a strategic tool. Yet, only 25% of experienced professionals actively use public speaking to express their ideas, inspire teams to achieve better results, and get real buy-in when change is necessary. The rest grapple with insecurity and struggle to make meaningful change happen.

Our public speaking training can change that. 

The training was developed by expert public speaker LaQuita Cleare who took her first public speaking class at 8. LaQuita and the CCA team have created an action-filled experience that combines psychology, theatre techniques, and Hollywood storytelling to help the 75% conquer their fear of public speaking, and 25% improve their public speaking skills and the delivery of their message.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our public speaking workshop offers. 

Turn townhalls, sales pitches, knowledge sharing sessions, board and sales meetings into an engaging experience that drives real business results.

Who this Workshop is For

…who want to boost their authority and improve message delivery flaws

…who wish to inspire their team and deliver their presentations confidently

Team members

….who want to reap the benefits of next-level communication and collaboration

Top performers

….who want to communicate ideas more effectively and progress their career

…who know the impact effective public speaking abilities can have on attracting and retaining top talent

Contrary to my fears though, not only LaQuita’s workshop was very useful and constructive but her personality and approach made it even enjoyable to stand up and speak. What was even more unexpected, was the fact that we would get up to speak on topics varying from personal stories, to subjects none of us had any idea on, nor any time to prepare for and we managed to do it successfully.

Public speaking definitely needs a lot of practice and LaQuita gave us the right tools to practice it correctly but most importantly, to stop fearing the idea of it. I’d love to have her coach me again as well as my work team!

Vasso Vassiliou Managing Director at Innovation / Leo Burnett in Cyprus

Who This Workshop Is For

… who want to boost their authority and improve message delivery flaws

… who wish to inspire their team and deliver their presentations confidently

…. who want to reap the benefits of next-level communication and collaboration

…. who want to communicate ideas more effectively and progress their career

… who know the impact effective public speaking abilities can have on attracting and retaining top talent

Topics Covered in the Public Speaking Training

The public speaking training consists of three complementary modules: content, body language, and vocal delivery.

We teach you how to:

  • Understand the science behind first impressions and use it to your advantage.
  • Immediately hook and win your audience using a combination of persuasive messages and powerful body language
  • Use pauses, tone, rate, and volume to become more dynamic in your speech delivery
  • Apply storytelling techniques to enhance your speaking presence
  • Overcome anxiety and worrisome thoughts and be completely comfortable with presenting to audiences of different sizes

Training Attendance Details

How the Public Speaking Workshop Works

See our top techniques in action and what makes public speaking work.

In this workshop, public speaking participants get to try exercises prepared by experts. Learn from real-life examples, get opportunities to expand on new skills, and improve existing ones.

We provide our public speaking training participants opportunities to get relevant experience and training. Your approach to public speaking won’t be the same after our sessions.

Our top-notch learning techniques help mold you into the public speaker you always wanted to be.

Our detailed approach to providing feedback is something we really take pride in. You get to not only see how far you’ve come but where you’re headed next after our transformative public speaking workshop too.

We always support our claims and teachings with facts, tips, and actionable takeaways you can apply long after the public speaking workshop is over.

I signed up to do a public speaking seminar through YPO fully expecting world-class resources and an only-in-YPO experience. I am happy to say that my expectations were thoroughly exceeded. LaQuita is a brilliant instructor, observer, coach, and psychologist all rolled into one. She took us through a fast-paced two-and-a-half-day program that allowed every one of the 20 of us to quickly develop our skills and gain the confidence and understanding required to significantly improve our public speaking abilities.

Kojo Mills

The lessons, knowledge, and tips you taught me were extremely insightful and will help me grow both personally and professionally. You have shown me the value of exuding confidence, competence, warmth, and effectiveness and how important it is to remain relatable. I will continue to practice my speech and body language until it becomes second nature and I can confidently roll with the punches.

Danna Metz

As an MBA student, I value soft skills like Public speaking one of the most valuable assets for future leaders. And your presentation from Clear communication Academy was really helpful in understanding the key factors of the objective and the activity we did as an individual presentation and the comments followed have helped us in understanding ourselves and explore more in the area of improvement. This activity is a self-learning path which I enjoyed the most as part of our Leadership journey.

Hariprasath Thiyagaraj

What you will Master

Did you think great public speakers are born that way? We built this workshop to prove you otherwise. We have helped thousands of individuals go from average communicators to GREAT speakers. Now it’s your turn. 

Get ready to learn all about:

  • Building dynamic presentations using proven frameworks used by the world’s best speakers
  • Crafting a concise, compelling message that people understand and get excited about
  • How to turn your idea into an outline, and your outline into an engaging presentation
  • How to improve your executive communication skills so you can be a more inspiring leader that drives real change
  • Tactics to build confidence to present and combat anxiety and stage fright in any situation.
  • Body language and gestures to stand out and appeart fully confident on stage or on camera
  • Techniques to hook your audience and keep them engaged from start to finish (and wanting for more)
  • Powerful calls to action to end your presentation with a bang


A: No, we provide participants with everything they’ll need.

A: No, from complete newbies to experienced speakers, our public speaking training is open to everyone.

A: No, you don’t need any prework to join the public speaking workshop.

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  • Storytelling Training Workshop
  • Presentation Training
  • Virtual Communication Skills Training
  • Media Training Workshop
  • Pitch Training
  • Workplace Communication Training


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University of Washington

Introduction to Public Speaking

This course is part of Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

Dr. Matt McGarrity

Instructor: Dr. Matt McGarrity

Financial aid available

300,742 already enrolled

(1,972 reviews)

Skills you'll gain

  • Category: Confidence Confidence
  • Category: Presentation Presentation
  • Category: Speech Speech
  • Category: Public Speaking Public Speaking

Details to know

public speaking workshop topics

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5 quizzes, 4 assessments

Available in English

Subtitles: Arabic, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Portuguese (Brazilian), English, Italian, Indonesian, French, Spanish

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Build your subject-matter expertise

  • Learn new concepts from industry experts
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There are 5 modules in this course

This course offers a proven framework for crafting and delivering impactful presentations.

In the professional world, academic settings, or public life, we're frequently asked to "share some thoughts." Many individuals struggle in these situations. This course aims to make you excel where others stumble. We'll explore how to structure speeches coherently, write memorably, and present confidently. Upon completion, you will diminish your public speaking anxiety, leverage rehearsal methods to develop a robust, engaging speaking voice, and execute speeches with dynamic movements. The speech model we'll practice is versatile for briefings, elevator pitches, interviews, and even as a blueprint for hour-long presentations. Whether you're a novice or an experienced speaker, this course will help you master speaking fundamentals or elevate your public speaking skills to new heights. As a bonus, you'll gain access to an immersive VR experience that lets you perfect your presentation skills in a simulated auditorium or conference room, complete with a virtual audience. You will receive real-time feedback, empowering you to refine your abilities through practice in a realistic setting.

Week 1: Understanding speech

Thank you for joining Introduction to Public Speaking! I am thrilled at the prospect of a global discussion about good speech. Let's get started! In this module, we’ll focus on the basics of the course and how rhetorical canons will help us structure our time. Then we’ll turn to the important ways that speaking and writing differ. By the end of this week, you should have some tools for evaluating your speech writing. If you want some feedback, you’ll be able to upload an introductory speech for peer review.

What's included

13 videos 2 readings 2 quizzes

13 videos • Total 43 minutes

  • Welcome! • 1 minute • Preview module
  • Course and assignment overview • 4 minutes
  • Week 1 overview • 0 minutes
  • What is rhetoric? • 1 minute
  • Rhetorical situations • 5 minutes
  • The canons of rhetoric • 3 minutes
  • Speech is a natural medium of sound • 6 minutes
  • Don't treat speaking as writing • 4 minutes
  • How do we talk? • 3 minutes
  • Good delivery is easy to understand • 3 minutes
  • Week 1 review • 0 minutes
  • Introductory speech sample • 2 minutes
  • Recording good speech videos • 4 minutes

2 readings • Total 20 minutes

  • Week one lesson summaries • 10 minutes
  • Week one assignment check-in • 10 minutes

2 quizzes • Total 40 minutes

  • Week 1 quiz • 10 minutes
  • Rhetoric • 30 minutes

Week 2: Making ideas compelling and memorable

Now that we have the course foundation out of the way, we can work on our basic speech model: the key point speech. I love this format. It's the Swiss army knife of speeches. This basic model works in interviews, short presentations, elevator talks, and can even structure an hour long presentation. After overviewing the assignment, we’ll talk about how to plan out your speeches. By the end of the week, you should have some tools for quickly putting together short presentations. You can practice this by analyzing some speeches.

14 videos 8 readings 2 quizzes

14 videos • Total 54 minutes

  • Week 2 overview • 0 minutes • Preview module
  • Key point speech overview • 3 minutes
  • Key point speech rubric • 4 minutes
  • The components of a memorable point • 5 minutes
  • Can you hear these components? • 2 minutes
  • Outlining and flowing • 7 minutes
  • Inventing key points: Topics • 5 minutes
  • Inventing key points: How many points? • 4 minutes
  • Arranging key points: Subordination • 2 minutes
  • Arranging key points: Coordination and discreteness • 4 minutes
  • Stylizing key points: Phrasing • 4 minutes
  • Key point speech for analysis • 3 minutes
  • Improved key point speech (Optional) • 4 minutes
  • Week 2 review • 1 minute

8 readings • Total 77 minutes

  • Key point speech assignment description • 10 minutes
  • Case study: Inventing key points • 15 minutes
  • Speech analysis #1 overview • 2 minutes
  • Matt's feedback (Optional) • 10 minutes
  • Week two lesson summaries • 10 minutes
  • Week two assignment check-in • 10 minutes
  • Dealing with Q&A • 10 minutes
  • Sample Q&A exchanges • 10 minutes

2 quizzes • Total 12 minutes

  • Week 2 quiz • 10 minutes
  • Dealing with Q&A • 2 minutes

Week 3: Illustrating and delivering your ideas

This week, we’ll talk about support and arrangement. The lessons here will immediately help all of your other presentations. Why? Because we need to think about how audiences hear our ideas in real time. There are things we should be doing to help listeners instantly organize and process the information we’re presenting to them. By the end of the week, you should be able to discuss evidence clearly and highlight your speech's organization. If you want some feedback, you’ll be able to upload a practice elevator speech for peer review.

14 videos 2 readings 2 quizzes

14 videos • Total 50 minutes

  • Week 3 overview • 0 minutes • Preview module
  • Finding the right support • 4 minutes
  • Discussing your examples concisely • 3 minutes
  • Performing your key point • 3 minutes
  • Sample performance of a key point • 4 minutes
  • Highlighting speech structure • 3 minutes
  • Introductions • 4 minutes
  • Transitions • 3 minutes
  • Conclusions • 3 minutes
  • Key point speech with structure identified (Optional) • 7 minutes
  • Revising your speech • 5 minutes
  • Practicing and remembering your speech • 4 minutes
  • Week 3 review • 1 minute
  • Sample elevator speech • 1 minute
  • Week three lesson summaries • 10 minutes
  • Week three assignment check-in • 10 minutes

2 quizzes • Total 20 minutes

  • Week 3 quiz • 10 minutes
  • Discussing your support • 10 minutes

Week 4: Overcoming your fear of public speaking and developing great delivery

This week, we'll discuss speech apprehension and delivery. I know the fear of public speaking is a pressing topic for many. Why didn’t we start the course with this? Because I think many delivery concerns go away if the invention and arrangement are good. However, invention and arrangement are just part of the equation - now we can supercharge our delivery. By the end of this week, you’ll have some techniques for combating those butterflies and speaking confidently. If you want some feedback, you’ll be able to upload a practice key point speech for peer review.

15 videos 6 readings 3 quizzes

15 videos • Total 72 minutes

  • Week 4 overview • 0 minutes • Preview module
  • What is public speaking apprehension? • 6 minutes
  • The causes of public speaking apprehension • 6 minutes
  • Reducing your public speaking apprehension • 5 minutes
  • Example of public speaking apprehension • 5 minutes
  • Analyzing the example • 4 minutes
  • Breath control • 6 minutes
  • Projection • 5 minutes
  • Pitch • 6 minutes
  • Rate and pauses • 5 minutes
  • Gestures • 6 minutes
  • Movement • 4 minutes
  • Sample speech • 2 minutes
  • Improved speech (Optional) • 3 minutes
  • Week 4 review • 0 minutes

6 readings • Total 50 minutes

  • Speech analysis #2 overview • 5 minutes
  • Matt's feedback on the sample speech (Optional) • 10 minutes
  • Week four lesson summaries • 10 minutes
  • Week four assignment check-in • 5 minutes
  • Linguistic bias, uptalk, and vocal fry • 10 minutes
  • Getting interrupted at work • 10 minutes

3 quizzes • Total 15 minutes

  • Week 4 quiz • 10 minutes
  • Pause length • 5 minutes
  • Dealing with difficult situtaions • 0 minutes

Week 5: Course conclusion and your final speech

Thank you for time in this course. I hope the material has proven helpful in some way. We concluded our discussion of the speech last week. I would like to spend a bit of time reflecting on the course and talking a bit about the other courses in this specialization. We will end this week with your final key point speech.

3 videos • Total 11 minutes

  • Course review • 2 minutes • Preview module
  • Other recommended courses • 1 minute
  • Sample key point speech • 7 minutes

Instructor ratings

We asked all learners to give feedback on our instructors based on the quality of their teaching style.

public speaking workshop topics

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public speaking workshop topics

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public speaking workshop topics

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public speaking workshop topics

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public speaking workshop topics

Learner reviews

Showing 3 of 1972

1,972 reviews

Reviewed on May 19, 2017

I have a great fear of Public Speaking. After taking this course, I came to know various ways and methods of getting over them. Thanks to the team for creating such a wonderful course.

Reviewed on Jul 31, 2023

goodGood for every speaking easily everything student and some help for your future skills developed by the learning listening and that will be must have to complete your can English course public

Reviewed on Jun 15, 2020

An excellent course to understand the nuances of public speaking. Crisp explanation and useful tips to overcome apprehensions of public speaking to inch closer towards a good orator.

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Frequently asked questions

What do i need for the course.

This class has peer review speech assignments. You need to have a digital video camera or smart phone so you can record your speeches for upload and review.

When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

Access to lectures and assignments depends on your type of enrollment. If you take a course in audit mode, you will be able to see most course materials for free. To access graded assignments and to earn a Certificate, you will need to purchase the Certificate experience, during or after your audit. If you don't see the audit option:

The course may not offer an audit option. You can try a Free Trial instead, or apply for Financial Aid.

The course may offer 'Full Course, No Certificate' instead. This option lets you see all course materials, submit required assessments, and get a final grade. This also means that you will not be able to purchase a Certificate experience.

What will I get if I subscribe to this Specialization?

When you enroll in the course, you get access to all of the courses in the Specialization, and you earn a certificate when you complete the work. Your electronic Certificate will be added to your Accomplishments page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free.

What is the refund policy?

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  • Acute anxiety help
  • Breathing exercises
  • Letting go - free e-course
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  • Delivery overview
  • 4 modes of delivery
  • How to read a speech
  • 9 vocal aspects
  • Vocal variety
  • Diction/articulation
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking rate
  • How to use pauses
  • Eye contact
  • Body language
  • Voice image
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  • Public speaking activities and games
  • About me/contact
  • Activities and games
  • 5 fun speech games

Public Speaking Activities

5 fun speech games to build skills and confidence.

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-22-2021

There are five public speaking activities on this page, along with numerous spinoffs.

Their principal purpose is to develop speech fluency and confidence through fun!

You'll find they are easily adaptable to groups of all ages and skill levels: from newcomers to advanced.

I've used them all and know they work. People become so enjoyably engrossed in them, they forget to be fearful!

1. Interview Introductions

Interview Introductions are a great way to break the ice with a new group of people. The exercise has them finding out about each other and then introducing the person they interviewed to the whole group.

As it's a lot less threatening or scary to talk about someone else rather than yourself, you'll find people respond really positively as they're generally eager to represent the person they interviewed well.

Image background a collection of assorted postage stamps. Inset of face of a young woman. Text: Public speaking activities: Paired Interview Introductions. This is Mary from Taupo ...


  • Divide your group into pairs.
  • Each person interviews the other in turn. The information gained forms the basis of a brief introduction speech they'll give to the whole group when the interviewing process is complete.
  • Ask them to find out their partner's name, where they live/work, what hobbies they have, what their favorite book, film, song...is, what they're most proud of (an achievement perhaps), what they hope for from the class, something funny that happened in their childhood, where they go for holidays, what they think about the latest local issue ... Obviously they can't expect to cover all of that in detail inside the brief time they spend talking with each other. One or two interesting points is enough!
  • Establish a time limit for the interviews. I've found 10 minutes works well. Keep track of the time and call change at the halfway point, 5 minutes, to ensure both people get an opportunity to be interviewed and to interview.  
  • When the group comes back together the introductions begin: "This is Mary from Taupo. When she's not working for the Social Welfare Department as a community social worker she's collecting stamps. She says part of their charm is that they don't answer back and are quiet!"

2. Image Starters

Image: a collage of 7 images. Text: 40 picture prompts.

Picture prompts or image starters are great for sparking  imaginative storytelling and conversations.

Either use my ready-made printable file of 40 picture prompts , (which you can find out more about by clicking the link), or gather up a collection of your own to use.

You'll need interesting images/photos from magazines or newspapers - enough for everybody to have one each and then a few spare.

Place them face down and have everybody pick one.

Using the image as a prompt, what can they share about it? 

Questions to get started are:

  • Where is this photo/image from? (And the answer doesn't have to be true - merely plausible! Encourage imaginative creativity.)
  • What's happening in this photo/picture?
  • What feelings does the image evoke?
  • Is there a season or time associated with it?
  • What happened after or before the photo was taken?

5 activities using image starters

If you'd like specific instructions for five different activities based around images you'll find them here: picture prompts for impromptu speeches . 

They range from introductory 'show and tell', like the starter questions above, to more advanced. There are solo as well as group activities.

3. For and Against

Image: Karl Marx. Text:Religion is the opiate of the masses.

'For and Against' encourages flexibility: the ability to see a topic from opposing sides.

A speaker has 30 seconds to talk 'for' a topic and then another 30 seconds to speak 'against' it.

Prepare and print out a selection of controversial speech topics. You'll need one per person.

Put the topics into a non-see through bag. Have each speaker select their topic when it's their turn to speak.

Ideally what's wanted is at least two or three good points supporting both sides: for and against.

Time the speech. Call start, the half way point and, stop.

Sample topics:

  • money is the root of all evil
  • a country gets the government it deserves
  • ' green ' politics are just the current fashion
  • pets in apartments should be banned
  • marriage is essentially a business contract
  • 'Religion is the opiate of the masses' : Karl Marx
  • poverty is a state of mind
  • euthanasia is unjustifiable
  • global warming is media hype
  • cloning animals should be banned
  • animal testing is immoral

For variation split your group into pairs and extend the time limit to 1 - 2 minutes. One person takes the 'for' position, and other takes the 'against'.  

More 1 minute speech practice

Image: stylized clock. Text: From zero to hero in 60 seconds. 150 one minute speech topics with example outlines.

For 150 1 minute speech topics with 3 example speech outlines following the PREP (Point, Reason, Example, Point) format, the full text of three speeches plus audio, visit:  1 minute speech topics .

Get instant organizers for impromptu speeches

For more on structuring impromptu speeches quickly and effectively go to impromptu speaking templates . You'll find 7 useful speech organizers explained (including PREP), alongside suggestions to banish impromptu speaking blues. 

4. The Object of my Affection

Image: vintage match box toy truck Text: The Object of My Affection: 5 public speaking activities

Gather up a collection of small objects, enough for one per speaker. For example: a vintage toy car, a can of sardines, a hair ribbon, an old black and white photographic portrait, a pair of baby shoes .... 

Put all of them into a non-see through bag.

Each speaker puts their hand into the bag and pulls out an object. Whatever they get forms the basis of their 1 - 2 minute speech.

Ideas to help the speakers get started:

  • This ... { insert the name of whatever it is the speaker has in their hand } saved my life. It happened like this...
  • Whenever I see a ...{ insert the name of whatever it is the speaker has in their hand } it reminds me of the time I...
  • I collect ...{i nsert the name of whatever it is the speaker has in their hand } and this one is the prize of my collection. It used to belong to ...

5. Conducted Speech

public speaking workshop topics

This is a group public speaking activity. It is noisy, effective and outrageously good fun! 

Select a tongue twister from this page of  diction exercises  eg. " Sister Susie sat on the seashore sewing shirts for soldiers ".

Divide your class into groups of four. Three in each group will be the speakers and the fourth, the conductor.

The speakers repeat the tongue twister responding to the conductor's direction. He/she can make them go faster or slower, louder or quieter. The conductor could even decide to make it a round by staggering when each person begins! 

The goal of the exercise is to practice articulation coupled with vocal variety ie. speech rate and volume.

It also teaches cooperation and focus, or concentration. Let your mind wander, and it's game over! You've lost it, not only for yourself but your group as well.

Swap the conductor role around to give everybody a turn.

Once everybody is familiar with the activity, give the groups turns at demonstrating their prowess to the whole class. They'll love seeing and hearing each other perform. ☺

If you liked these speech activities ...

E-book cover: Public Speaking Games

You'll love my ebook!

28  public speaking games  (with many more variations and extensions), full instructions, PLUS printable topic, tongue twister, poem and image sheets.

A complete  one-stop-select-print-go  public speaking resource for busy people.

Find out more >>

For more freebie public speaking activities:

  • 10 activities for public speaking - a collection of tried and tested speech class activities for middle school upwards
  • Another 7 fun-filled public speaking games for groups
  • Improv games - a collection of 5 excellent drama games for groups
  • Public speaking exercises - these focus on the individual speaker- how to breathe well, stand, use eye contact effectively...

What's the difference between these freebie activities and your ebook?

My ebook contains the best of all the games from these pages and then some more strictly Susan specials, PLUS detailed instructions on how to use them.

You'll find out how to select games for a class, introduce them for maximum effect, integrate them into your lesson plans, and so on.

It also has all the topics, tongue twisters, images etc you need to play available as printables.

It's a one-stop, time saving resource that you'll return to time, and time again. Why not check it out?

Image: cartoon of excited girl. Text: OMG. I love presenting and giving speeches. I was a scaredy cat until I played public speaking games. Now I'm cool with it. Wicked eh?

Your students will thank you for it!

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From fear to fun in 28 ways

A complete one stop resource to scuttle fear in the best of all possible ways - with laughter.

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public speaking workshop topics



13 Most Effective Games and Activities for Public Speaking

activities for public speaking

If you believe that public speaking comes naturally , then you are mistaken ! It is a communication skill that can be studied and honed.

The best public speakers have dedicated time to perfecting their art . That involves proper communication skills, body language, and polished public speaking activities . They could put in many hours of practice, engage with a tutor, or enroll in speaking classes.

The best part is that you will develop your public speaking abilities and talk more persuasively in time. Public speaking activities can significantly enhance your success. Here, we’ll go through the 13 most effective games and activities for public speaking that may teach you how to talk passionately.

1. Talk Pointlessly

Activities for Public Speaking

A great oration is, as per a study , 38% your tone, 55% nonverbal cues, and only 7% your material . Therefore, this activity for public speaking will help you improve your presentation since it matters more than the content.

The best way to do this is to pick a passage in an unfamiliar dialect over the internet. You can also jot down a nonsense paragraph and practice reading it loudly as if you were addressing an audience.

Notice how you are utilizing the ring of your voice to arouse interest amongst your audience. Pay close attention to your pitch, mannerisms, and overall delivery. You can also do this public speaking activity in front of the whole class.

2. Study the Experts

Try looking up talks regarded as extraordinary in the public eye available on the internet. The most well-known TED Talks ever are a fantastic starting point .

Choose a speech that interests you, and then observe it critically. Examine the speaker’s use of storytelling . The use of graphics plays a vital role in making a presentation successful. Also, note the other elements that help their speech stand out.

3. Thirty Seconds Without Fillers

Filler words are brief, empty phrases or sounds that we employ in conversation to fill up short gaps as we consider what to speak next. At times, we unwittingly speak our ‘umms,’ ‘uhs,’ and ‘ers,’ which interrupt the flow of our talks.

filler words to ponder and cut in public speaking

They not only create difficulties in following you when you speak but also give the impression that you lack confidence and authority.

To do this particular activity for public speaking:

  • Record yourself speaking for thirty seconds on any subject.
  • Make sure you leave out the filler words.
  • When an ‘um’ comes up, restart and give it another go—ten times through, without any fillers.

4. Extempore

To do this activity for public speaking, capture yourself speaking spontaneously about any subject you find interesting. The only restriction is that you cannot arrange the topic and the speech beforehand . You can use your device’s stopwatch to start a one-minute countdown .

extempore is good as a public speaking activity

This exercise is meant to help you feel relaxed when speaking spontaneously. It will also help lessen the stress associated with worrying that you will run out of words to convey your idea. Try carrying out this public speaking activity in front of the class. Familiar faces always help!

5. Storytelling Using Pictures

Storytelling is essential to keep your listeners interested and assist them in remembering the particulars you’re delivering.

storytelling using pictures

Please talk about the characters’ backgrounds, personalities, goals, driving forces, and everything else that will help write a fascinating tale about them.

6. Construct a Meaning

Whatever the subject of your speech, you must always come across as an expert on the subject.

To carry out this activity, select a term you are unfamiliar with . Then record yourself trying to give meaning to that unfamiliar word. Pay attention to how you can use your tone of voice to project a stronger sense of authority and influence.

Find Out More About Public Speaking as a Skill

Read Is Public Speaking a Skill to find out.

7. Questions for a Professional

To do this activity for public speaking, you’ll require a friend .

Pick a profession or subject that you are unfamiliar with. Invite a pal to ask you about it, and when they do, respond to their inquiries as if you were an experienced authority. This is a great exercise that will improve your confidence and presentation .

8. Prattle on about a Subject You Dislike

Excitement spreads easily. You must be EnthuZiastic about your issue for your listeners to be as well.

Pick anything you don’t care about, like a household tool, and practice talking excitedly about it. Use your tone, intensity, and gestures to convey the impression that it is the most exciting item in the world.

9. Write an advertisement

Since speeches are all about promoting a topic, develop the craft of marketing. In this way, you will be able to convince anyone and everyone.

public speaking activity - write an advertisement

Film yourself describing the object’s unique qualities, how it may help society, and why each person requires it in their possession.

10. The Origin Story

One activity for public speaking that will improve your storytelling abilities on stage.

Choose a household object, such as a stapler, and share a story of its name’s origins. Create your own story if you like. The goal here is to create the practice of locating and creating compelling narratives out of anything, not to be historically correct.

11. A Different Conclusion

OTT platforms have brought countless sitcoms and movies to our fingertips. We are glued to a show if it has a good plot and a cliffhanger. But, the ending of a show is what we take home. Now imagine your favorite show having two parallel finishes!

a different conclusion

To do this activity for public speaking, you must start by choosing a popular television program or film. And you give it a different finish . Let your creativity run its entire course!

12. One Lie and Two Truths

This one is often relatively simple to beat and has tremendous excitement. And you’ll discover that while some people are good at it, it’s highly entertaining to see others stumble whenever they attempt to lie.

one lie and two truths

Call up all your close friends to partake this activity for public speaking. Now, o ne of your friends will stand up and say three facts about themselves . The catch here is that only two of them can be genuine . The third must be a fake .

The group must then decide which of the three was false before determining whether they were right. This one is, therefore, relatively short and incredibly simple, and you are not required to go into considerable length about it, but it is delightful.

You will win this game if you keep an eye on your friends’ behavioral cues. According to scientists , nonverbal communication helps us to understand a person’s personality. Also, it is an important aspect that will help you in your professional, as well as, your personal life.

Take note of things like eye contact, expressions, posture, hand movements, and voice tone since there are many different ways that people convey information.

13. A False Vacation

This activity for public speaking is mostly made up of one photo or a collection of similar photographs. It can be a farmhouse where you see pictures of animals, the barn, or anything amusing.

a false vacation - public speaking game

You must provide one, two, or three phrases for every picture before moving to the following one. The following image must then be used to carry on the narrative. As a result, you have to keep on making up stories to carry on the narrative.

How can public speaking skill be improved?

The best way to develop the skills for public speaking is to start small and keep practicing. Study the great public speakers, especially their mannerisms and tone.

How do you teach public speaking skills?

As a teacher, you need to understand your students. Please help them be the best version of themselves by providing feedback after every session. Do not forget to be patient with them.

What makes an excellent public speaker?

Speaking confidently in front of an audience is seen as more specific, correct, informed, clever, and likable than speaking less assuredly. Feeling anxious is normal, but if you want to succeed in public speaking, you must overcome your anxiety.

How to gain confidence in public speaking?

Maintaining eye contact with your listeners, using hand gestures to highlight points, and moving around the stage will help you appear confident on stage.

Being an excellent public speaker involves delivering engaging stories. You will become a more effective public speaker if you train yourself on how you can come up with innovative ideas for storytelling in the moment.

To educate yourself on being an excellent public speaker, you should frequently practice and make it enjoyable. It is similar to learning to ride a bike. In no time at all, you will develop the necessary skills.

If you had fun practicing these fun games and activities for public speaking, let us know in the comments.

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By Shramana Biswas

A prolific reader, musician and chess enthusiast, Shramana likes to write about everything and anything that interests her. As a firm believer of 'carpe diem', she travels whenever she can.

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NO SWEAT Public Speaking!

Fred Elliott Miller: Speaker | International Coach | Author

Public Speaking / Presentation Workshops

This workshop is ‘mouths on’.

Just like a great meal comes from following an old family recipe, a great speech comes from following a proven formula.

The speech must have the right ingredients, in the right quantities, and be put together in a very specific order.

The ability to stand in front of an audience is a great confidence builder. Even if a person rarely speaks to groups, the ability to do so will greatly improve their one-on-one communications.

People know their careers can benefit if they are able to stand in front of a group and give a presentation.

Those who speak are perceived as experts.  Since perception is reality, those who speak get promoted and, if entrepreneurs, grow their businesses.

This Workshop is delivered in a manner that educates, entertains and explains the components, parts, and elements of a great presentation.  And because it is a Workshop , attendees will participate!

The ‘No Sweat Public Speaking!’ Formula is presented with explanations and examples that leave the audience with the knowledge that they can lean this skill!

Attendees will learn presentations skills.

We discuss, and work on:

  • Developing a Presentation
  • Practicing a Presentation
  • Delivering a Presentation
  • Vocal Enunciation and Pronunciation
  • Voice Projection
  • Voice Inflection
  • Vocal Cadence
  • Pausing, as an element of Verbal Communication
  • Eye Contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Body Movement
  • Why most people  have it
  • Techniques to lessen it
  • How to handle a Q&A Session
  • PowerPoint / Keynote Slide Presentations
  • Taking the ‘Temperature’ of the audience
  • Handing Handouts
  • Techniques for getting the audience to remember your message
  • A visual, non-linear technique that makes developing, practicing and delivering a presentation much easier.
  • What to avoid in a good presentation
  • And much more!

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