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Review of Trends in Fast Food Consumption

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Dr. Nazrul Islam , G. M. Shafayet Ullah

Fast food industry is a high growing sector of Bangladesh. It is concerned with the tastes and habits of the people. The food-taking habit especially in fast food segment has been changing very fast over last decade among the people of Dhaka-the capital city of Bangladesh. The reasons could be attributed by the increase of awareness, growth of education, development of information technology, and expansion of television channels and print media in Bangladesh. Hence, this paper aims at identifying the preference factors of fast food consumers living in Dhaka city. This study was conducted among the university students who usually eat fast food at their leisure time. To conduct the study, a total of 250 respondents were interviewed with a structured questionnaire. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used in analyzing the data. Multivariate analysis technique like factor analysis was performed to identify the preference factors of the fast food student-consumers of Bangladesh. Multiple regressions were run to identify the relationship between the factors identified and the overall preference of the consumers. Results show that the consumers give most importance on brand reputation of the food item followed by nearness to receive and accessibility, similarity of taste with previous experience, cost and quality of the food, discount and taste, cleanliness and hygiene, salesmanship and decoration, fat and cholesterol level, and self-service factors. This study suggests that the brand reputation, nearness and accessibility, similarity in taste, and cost and quality relationship should be emphasized to improve the attraction of the university students towards the fast food items in Bangladesh.

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Thesis Abstract The retail landscape in Pakistan is experiencing a transformation from traditional to modern retail formats. The presence of modern retailers is gradually increasing because they offer customers a wide stock of products and services. Local shops are still surviving, although with difficulty, and they continue to provide a choice of shopping venue. The present study elaborated the consumers shopping behaviour: Malls versus Local shops " The purpose of this research was to 2 0 1 F study the consumer purchase pattern and to investigate factors that determine consumers shopping behaviour from both the modern and traditional retailers, so that appropriate measures can be suggested for upgrading of Pakistan's retail Industry. A structured questionnaire was used to gather information regarding shopping preferences from randomly selected 200 respondents from Faisalabad city of Pakistan. Descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and binary logit model were used to analyze the data. Results showed that socioeconomic variables such as age, family income, gender, marital status had insignificant as well as education and transportation had significant influences in the retail format choice. Moreover, results also indicated, family income, age, education and transportation had positively affected the consumer behaviour for Shopping Malls, while gender and marital status had negative relation to consumer choice the retail format(FS), location convenience were found to lead consumer behaviour for Local shops.. Almost one half of the consumers preferred Local shops (43%) while (57%) respondent preferred Shopping malls. The study recommended that shopping should be made more adventurous by continuously upgrading the product portfolio, by changing the layout and by providing the touch and feel experience.

Do Quoc Viet Anh

Background: With the advent of the service sector in this globalized and international world, fast food chains have become a regular choice of consumption for many. Vietnam is only not an exception but also emerging as an excitement market for that industry. KFC chicken fast food chain was leader in that market by establish their standard for services as possessing first mover competitive advantage. On that market situation, the understanding of buyer is necessary to advance business strategies. Many studies suggest that consumer decision making (CDM) process is the core part of consumer study. The area of CMD could be immediately approach and apply as intergradation of process stages from need recognition to post purchase and influence factors of personal, psychological, cultural, socials. Purpose: This study aims to understand CDM and apply that in the context of fast food industry in Vietnam. In the scope of an dissertation paper, this study focus on profile KFC buyer to create the first stone for long-term further research. As well as, examines the impact personal factors and psychological factors to find out significant factors KFC Hanoi’s buyers’ decision-making process. Method: The research was conducted by the leading of positivistic philosophy, deductive approach and questionnaire survey collection methods. Conclusion: The KFC buyers in Hanoi were young people in 20-30 with middle income majorly. They had two significant motivations to visit KFC to enjoyment or emotional value and convenience. That also related to their belief and attitude on the fast food chains. Many buyers expect to KFC with modern standard but others concern to the core of restaurant as food. There significant factors found out were age, income, motivation of enjoyment or emotion, motivation of convenience, belief and attitude of modern restaurant and service, belief and attitude of price and food quality. There were no different among student and other occupation in fast food consumption.

Asmaliyana Ghani

Journal of Management and Research, 4(1)


This current research endeavors to study important factors having a significant impact on consumer's choice of beverages in Punjab province of Pakistan. Beverages in two major categories of 'hot' and 'cold' have been studied to examine consumer consumption pattern. Data has been collected through interview from 80 respondents belonging to these two major cities of Punjab i.e. La-hore and Faisalabad by incorporating stratified random sampling technique. These two cities of Punjab were selected because of their big departmental stores like Metro cash and carry store, AL-Fateh and others. A pre-tested and well-arranged questionnaire was used for data gathering from the respondents. To estimate the outcome of factors affecting the choices of consumers (demand function), multiple regression was incorporated. Results of this research showed that consumption pattern of cold beverages was affected significantly by consumer income, cold beverages prices, city selected for survey and number of adolescents in a family whereas factors which affected the consumption of hot beverages were food expenditure, living area, marital status, income, working persons in a family and family size. Due to availability of various brands of beverages, consumption is accelerating with the passage of time and consumers are willing to pay for beverages due to change in various socio-economics factors in the society. So, local industry should produce cost effective and quality drinks to enhance the usage.


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Sustainability 2020, 12(1), 356 (ISI Web of Science – Social Sciences Citation Index® & Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition) (Impact factor 2.592)

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Executive MBA Research Projects

Selection and consumption of fast food by Karachi consumers

Nazia Sultan Sheikh

Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Project type.

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access

Fast food consumption , Karachi , Junk food , Z-test

Executive Summary

Fast food business is of the rapid growing area in food industry, gained repute in Pakistan because of nuclear family, and now fast food culture become so prominent in Pakistani society. Awareness about perceptions and consumer behavior has become so important for understanding variations in market environment. There is a get larger direction for fast food restaurants in Pakistan, fast food pattern such as Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and McDonalds travel behind a easily understood strategy of development and financial gain. Pakistan inhabitants, of above 190 million and with a arising middle class, accurately one quarter of the total population entitled the prospective market for fast food. The report divides into three main sections, generally talk about consumer behavior towards selection of fast food restaurants.

The report defines how the opinions or beliefs of consumers towards fast food restaurants, the report is carry out in Karachi by choosing randomly 100 respondents who move in at multinational fast food restaurants. A questionnaire for the parallel has been made for this reason. Statistical approaches like Percentages and Z-Test are used. The study give out that 75% of the respondents visit fast food restaurants 1-2 times in a week and greater number of respondents spent more than 15% of their monthly earnings on fast food, and have different elements of attractions like quality of food, services provided, friends or family gatherings and brand image, They also exhibit that discounts and deals offered at the fast food restaurants are reflect on the effective promotional activity. From analysis we found that 70%of the respondents were affected and attracted with offers and schemes. Advertising plays a very crucial part in the consumer decision making process, 45% of the respondents selecting restaurants because of marketing and 55% of respondents because of taste of food, so both factors very important for selecting suitable restaurant. 84% of the respondent’s favoring towards strong brand and product, quality and image of brand plays a very important role because consumers never compromise on quality of product.

There must be more varieties of fast food so that customers not getting bored, in addition few health friendly food products can be added to the menu. Restaurant offers a menu that is a mixture of desi cuisine such as Biryani, Vegetables, Curries, Kofta curry, Shahi Kabab and added other more tasty items. There are two main essential factors for gaining confidence of customers are service quality and food quality, and that's why restaurants managers to understand consumer mind about how they come to realise or understand the service they deliver.

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Recommended Citation

Sheikh, N. S. (2018). Selection and consumption of fast food by Karachi consumers (Unpublished graduate research project). Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan. Retrieved from

Available for download on Tuesday, November 03, 2026

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