resume builder project research paper

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Volume 8 Issue 3 March-2021 eISSN: 2349-5162

UGC and ISSN approved 7.95 impact factor UGC Approved Journal no 63975

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resume builder project research paper

  • Shreekanth Marapaka
  • Ms. Shweta Ramteke
  • Prof. Hirendra Hajare

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resume builder project research paper

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resume builder project research paper

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resume builder project research paper

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Resume Builder Application

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2020, International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology IJRASET

Nowadays there is a tough competition for getting a job and one of the biggest trials for many job-seekers is creating the perfect resume. The resume is the very first thing that a potential employer encounters regarding an applicant and is used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview. This research paper aims to specify a method for creating resumes in a very simpler and user friendly way. We are proposing an application that will help applicants in creating resumes by simply taking their information as input. Resume builder application allows users to login/signup via OTP verification and let them create, update, delete, view and save their resume in pdf format. I. INTRODUCTION This is an application that helps us to build a resume for individuals. The system is malleable for creating an appropriate resume according to qualification by reducing the need of thinking. Usually individuals get confused while creating a resume especially fresher's who are looking for new jobs. They are not much clear about what things and information must be included in a resume. This application will provide an easy way of developing a resume that will look like a professional resume [3]. This application requires less human interruption and a user friendly app. Individuals just have to fill in the required fields of the form such as educational information, interest, skills, work experience and so on. The information given by the user will be stored in the system and generate a well-structured resume. Users will be able to create a resume in any format. The proposed application will reduce the manual work of individual as a person can get his resume in a formal format without any issues just by using this resume builder application. It is mainly focused on format by simply choosing the desired template and giving some necessary details to the application and the resume builder app will process this raw information into the finished resume easily [3].

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International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology

IJRASET Publication

Every time a pet owner wants to visit a place he has to sit down and check if their pets are allowed over there or not, where to get all the pet products etc. So, the main motive behind our project is to make the life of pet owners hassle-free and provide them with a one stop solution. The idea is to develop a cross platform app (which can be accessed from both Android and iOS). Technologies used are: Flutter and Firebase, and the language used is DART. The various features incorporated are pet friendly places, parks, hotels, products etc. It would be similar to an e-shop app but it would be oriented towards pets. This application can save a lot of time and effort of the users and provide a more efficient way to handle things out.

resume builder project research paper

Every day billions and trillions of data are generated from different sources. To store such a huge amount of data need large storage, for that cloud becomes the most effective solution due to the properties like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. It has become a suitable and efficient option for the storage of data. But with the storage of data on a cloud platform, it is very essential to avail all possible securities to the data stored in the cloud. That aim can be achieved by providing access control to the data and storage. Storage can be made secure by implementing user-level access methods. User-level Access Control prohibits the storage at the user level itself. All the users do not have the same permissions in storage access. Some users are allowed to only read as well as write data/files in the storage, some are allowed to only read data and write data in the storage. All this access control is achieved by writing certain rules concerning the storage of the cloud platform. For more efficiency and security purposes along with access control on storage, access control can also be implemented over the stored data through Attribute Based Encryption. So the data stored in the cloud can be accessed by permitted users. The storage requires an application to address the reading, writing of data and imposing access control over the data stored in it. In this paper, we propose an Attribute-based User Access Control method. We create an application over Amazon Web Services (AWS) that facilitate uploading data on the cloud platform. We keep the cloud storage of the application security and access to the stored data is controlled by implementing our idea. The security of the cloud storage and data stored is controlled at the user level. This application also prevents spamming from unauthorized users to keep data more secure. Thus, our proposed Attribute-based User Access Control method proves a suitable and effective solution for providing security to the AWS cloud as well as data stored over its platform.

International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

Nowadays getting a good job is a vigorous and vast competition and many fail in the first step i.e., Resume shortlisting due to either imperfect data in the resume or imperfect/wrong resume format. Recruiter hardly takes 10-15 seconds to judge you upon your resume. In this survey paper, we point out a comparative study on different methods used for resume building and which technology is used to build them. Some of the methods use Android applications, some use Desktop applications. This paper makes a detailed analysis and talks about the merits and demerits of various Resume building methods.

International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

The project is a responsive Web application that will allow businesses from a variety of industries to register, upload, and bid on projects. Businesses on this platform will provide their project requirements and budget, and other businesses in that domain will be able to bid on their quote and provide their business profile. The project owner can then award their project to the company that best meets their budget and requirements. The primary goal of this project is to provide opportunities for businesses to assist one another during these difficult times due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This project provides registered businesses with a platform to outsource their projects at a reasonable cost with no or minimal workforce, and businesses that are out of business or trying to survive economically will be able to get enough business to sustain themselves by bidding and proposing to projects available on the Vyaapaar application's platform. Keywords: outsourcing, business-to-business, web application, mobile application I. INTRODUCTION During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world altered dramatically, with hospital systems, vaccines, and face masks becoming vital parts of our daily routine. 2 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought entire countries to a halt, re-imagined "normal" life patterns, and drove the world economy into one of the worst recessions in recent history [1]. This shift in focus has had a negative impact on the global economy, with uncertainty about future conditions exacerbating the problem. Poor customer demand, supply variations, and shutdown limitations have all had an impact on Indian enterprises, forcing them to walk a tightrope between recovering production systems and keeping their staff safe [2]. Approximately 71.31 percent of enterprises saw lower cash flows during the lockdown, with the industrial sector being the hardest effected. Furthermore, project delays and cancellations have been a major source of concern, particularly in the tertiary industries. Some firms were unable to stay afloat due to a lack of manpower [2]. In such exceptional times, it is essential to align the impact on businesses with policy responses by determining the nature of the crisis's commercial impact. To accomplish so, we're creating a platform for firms to outsource work and collaborate with one another. Businesses from multiple domains will be able to collaborate and enhance their income by bidding on projects listed by companies from various domains. II. LITERATURE REVIEW A. Existing System 1) Upwork: Upwork, originally Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform that connects and collaborates enterprises and independent workers throughout the world. Clients can use Upwork's platform to interview, hire, and work with freelancers and freelancing agencies [3]. The client provides a description of their project as well as a pricing range for a freelancer to perform it. The customer may ask certain freelancers to apply for their jobs, or the job may be posted for any freelancer to apply. The client then conducts "interviews" with potential freelancers. They can sort freelancers by ratings (the number of positive reviews they have), experience (the number of jobs completed successfully), or keywords (what kinds of work the freelancer can do). Clients who want to hire freelancers can also see their ratings and job descriptions. Upwork's platform offers a searchable freelancer directory, filters to help customers locate appropriate workers and freelancers see relevant projects, and a real-time chat function for clients and freelancers to message prospects. The chat tool is designed to speed up the process of finding, vetting, and hiring freelancers [3]. 2) Freelancer: Freelancer is an Australian freelance marketplace website that allows companies to post jobs for freelancers to bid on [4]. Employers and employees can locate each other on Freelancer. Employers can post jobs on the site for site members to bid on in a competitive bidding procedure [5]. Members can also sponsor and enter contests with cash prizes. As they offer, win, and complete work, as well as post and get reviews of people they work with or for, freelancers and employers build profiles on the site. Members of the site are given a fixed number of bids to use on the site, which are replenished on a regular basis. There are a variety of account varieties, ranging from free accounts to professional subscriptions [5]. B. Problems in Existing Definition 1) Hidden Charges: These platforms typically charge transaction fees and commissions of up to 20%. They also require the independent workers to pay more fees or money for certain 'extra' projects. Furthermore, payment dispute resolution systems are frequently biased, putting the freelancers at a significant disadvantage.

Clean City Project will be a system that will provide citizens to directly contact authorities about the waste management in their locality. Our system will assist people and authorities to come together and keep the city clean. The Clean City app is motivated by the need for decreasing the time required to manually complain and take action regarding cleanliness in a particular area.

Covid-19 pandemic has made mobile applications very popular. There is a huge competition between many mobile application development frameworks available in the market. In today's world ease of development is the thing all developers are seeing for and flutter has come with the required platform to support development of applications for both iOS and Android platforms, consequently decreasing the cost and complexity of application creation across both platforms. Flutter is the crossplatform mobile application development open-source SDK tool for developing high-performance and more reliable mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. This paper has been undertaken to indicate the benefits of using flutter over other app development platforms.

Entrepreneurship is a process which promotes individuals to create or establish new businesses. Entrepreneurship not only, helps the person practising it, but also plays a major role in improving a country's economic value. A country that is rich in resources should also be able to channelize those resources. This will be done with the promotion of entrepreneurship as it deals with the upbringing of many new businesses. The journey of an entrepreneur is not a cake walk either. One might experience various kinds of problems from finding an opportunity to solve a problem to maintaining the credibility of the company one might establish over the years. Over the years entrepreneurs find problems or opportunities by being an expert in a certain field, observing the society around them, or by interviewing people present in the domain of their interest. The proposed solution aims at providing a social media platform to the budding entrepreneurs to explore a wide range of problem areas that exist in the society. One can claim the problem that they might find interesting showing their interest towards solving the problem by coming up with an innovative solution. The platform also aims at providing the entrepreneurs with a wider range of users or customers based on their field of operation. This helps them to conduct surveys and market their products to the targeted customers.

parth jindal

Task Management applications are readily used by many individuals; however, various clients utilize the applications distinctively relying upon their specific necessities. To recognize the issues faced by clients of task applications, I directed exploration to build up a comprehension of the market and clients' necessities. Web-based media and other easily available online interruptions make it difficult for us to remain fixed on our tasks and make it hard for us to tackle our job proficiently. Additionally, continually switching between tasks may give us the false inclination that we are being gainful when we are, indeed, not. It's more significant for us to focus on assignments and work on those that are generally significant, instead of zeroing in on erasing little things from our daily agenda only to feel good. The objective of this application is to assist us with getting mindful of how we invest energy and time doing those tasks and how profitable that time is. It can ...

In this day and age, the use of physical copies for portfolios and resumes has largely been replaced with the use of online documents to showcase the skills and experience of the individual in question. However, this too is beginning to give way to a newform of a portfolio-a website that communicates all of the above information in a document, but in an aesthetic and elegant way. While this was only usually required or recommended for a specific portion of the workforce, an increasing number of employers have begun to prefer this creative approach, making it more appealing to any aspiring applicants. In this project, we plan to build a website that will take data from users and build a custom portfolio using a variety of pre-developed templates and designs. The user just needs to provide their LinkedIn profile which will then be used to scrape the data of the user, usin Flask, Selenium, and BeautifulSoup. After the information and details of the user has been extracted, our website will provide various templates to choose from. The user will then have the option to build the website or download the zip file of the created website which could be used in future or could be hosted by the user. Hence, in this paper we aim to build a website that would help create a resume quickly and professionally without the hassle and struggle of figuring out how to format everything or what fonts and styles to use. We will help generate a dynamic resume that will highlight the skills, achievements and talents and also be able to showcase the user's thoughts and personality. Moreover, using Naive Bayes, we will provide a career recommendation to the user, which will guide steer them towards the most suitable profession for their skills

Now a days The Rapid growth of wireless technology and Mobile devices in this era is creating a great impact on our lives. Due to which many things going digitalized with time. Hence to reduce the manual work we are doing work through application. For Making application now the developer use cross platform framework. Flutter is a popular UI framework for developing mobile applications by Google. This library consists of various reusable UI(User Interface) elements, such as sliders, buttons, and text inputs. Developers building mobile applications with the Flutter framework will do so using a programming language called Dart.


International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET) i

International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology IJRASET

International Journal For Research In Applied Science & Engineering Technology

international journal for research in applied science and engineering technology ijraset

Multimedia and Sensory Input for Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality

Jani Anbarasi

International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology

Abhishek Rasal

Shubham Katkar

Aditya Bhanwadiya

International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology Ijraset

mr.santosh Maher


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Project report on Online Resume Builder

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Resume Designing using Speech Recognition System

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