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Learn SQL at Your Own Pace: The Advantages of Online Practice

Are you looking to enhance your SQL skills but find it challenging to practice in a traditional classroom setting? Look no further. With online SQL practice, you can learn at your own pace and take your skills to the next level. In this article, we will explore the advantages of online SQL practice and how it can benefit both beginners and experienced professionals.

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of online SQL practice is the convenience it offers. Traditional classroom settings often have fixed schedules, making it difficult for individuals with busy lifestyles or full-time jobs to find time for learning. However, with online platforms, you have the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever suits you best. Whether you prefer early mornings or late nights, all you need is an internet connection and a device to access the platform.

Moreover, online SQL practice allows learners to progress at their own pace. Everyone has different learning speeds and styles, so being able to control your learning journey is crucial. Unlike classroom-based courses where everyone follows a set curriculum, online platforms offer self-paced tutorials that allow you to spend more time on challenging topics or quickly move through familiar concepts. This flexibility ensures that learners can focus on areas they need the most help with without feeling rushed or held back by others.

Interactive Learning Experience

Another advantage of online SQL practice is its interactive nature. Traditional learning methods often involve lectures or reading textbooks without much hands-on experience until later stages. However, online platforms provide immediate access to practical exercises that reinforce theoretical knowledge.

Many online SQL practice platforms offer interactive coding environments where learners can write queries directly in a web browser. These environments usually provide real-time feedback on syntax errors or incorrect results, helping learners identify and correct mistakes promptly. Additionally, some platforms offer gamified elements such as challenges or competitions that make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

When it comes to online SQL practice, learners are not limited to a single resource. Online platforms often provide a wealth of learning materials, including video tutorials, written guides, and practice exercises. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners have access to various resources that cater to different learning preferences.

Video tutorials are particularly valuable for visual learners as they can watch instructors explain SQL concepts and demonstrate how to write queries effectively. Written guides offer detailed explanations and examples that can be revisited at any time, making them ideal for those who prefer reading and taking notes. Practice exercises allow learners to apply what they have learned in a hands-on manner, solidifying their understanding of SQL principles.

Community Support and Collaboration

Lastly, online SQL practice platforms often foster a sense of community among learners. These platforms typically include discussion forums or chat features where users can interact with each other, ask questions, and share insights. This community support is invaluable as it creates opportunities for collaboration and peer learning.

Engaging with fellow learners who are also practicing SQL helps create a supportive environment where you can seek advice or discuss challenges you may encounter along the way. Additionally, some online platforms offer mentorship programs where experienced professionals guide beginners through their learning journey. This mentorship provides personalized guidance and expert insights that can greatly enhance the learning experience.

In conclusion, online SQL practice offers numerous advantages over traditional classroom settings. The convenience and flexibility it provides allow individuals to learn at their own pace without being restricted by fixed schedules. The interactive nature of online platforms enhances the learning experience by providing immediate feedback and practical exercises. The availability of comprehensive learning resources caters to various learning preferences, ensuring a well-rounded education in SQL. Lastly, the sense of community support fosters collaboration among learners, creating an environment conducive to growth and development. So why wait? Start your online SQL practice today.

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sql online assignments

SQL Tutorial

Sql database, sql references, sql examples, sql exercises.

You can test your SQL skills with W3Schools' Exercises.

We have gathered a variety of SQL exercises (with answers) for each SQL Chapter.

Try to solve an exercise by filling in the missing parts of a code. If you're stuck, hit the "Show Answer" button to see what you've done wrong.

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If you don't know SQL, we suggest that you read our SQL Tutorial from scratch.

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Free SQL exercises

You are welcome to try any of the 129 SQL exercises listed below, but please do not distribute them in any form without asking for our written permission first.

You can search our full list of SQL exercises here . Or why not learn to do them the right way on one of our SQL training courses ? You can attend our online training classes wherever you are in the world!

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Revising the Select Query I Easy SQL (Basic) Max Score: 10 Success Rate: 96.03%

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10 Beginner SQL Practice Exercises With Solutions

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  • sql practice

Solve these ten SQL practice problems and test where you stand with your SQL knowledge!

This article is all about SQL practice. It’s the best way to learn SQL. We show you ten SQL practice exercises where you need to apply essential SQL concepts. If you’re an SQL rookie, no need to worry – these examples are for beginners.

Use them as a practice or a way to learn new SQL concepts. For more theoretical background and (even more!) exercises, there’s our interactive SQL Basics course. It teaches you how to select data from one or more tables, aggregate and group data, write subqueries, and use set operations. The course comprises 129 interactive exercises so there is no lack of opportunities for SQL practice, especially if you add some of the 12 ways of learning SQL online to it.

Speaking of practice, let’s start with our exercises!

The Dataset

The question is always where to find data for practicing SQL. We’ll use our dataset for all exercises. No need to limit yourself to this, though – you can find other free online datasets for practicing SQL .

Our dataset consists of two tables.

The table distribution_companies lists movie distribution companies with the following columns:

  • id – The ID of the distribution company. This is the primary key of the table.
  • company_name – The name of the distribution company.

The table is shown below.

The second table is movies . These are the columns:

  • id – The ID of the movie. This is the primary key of the table.
  • movie_title – The movie title.
  • imdb_rating – The movie rating on IMDb.
  • year_released – The year the movie was released.
  • budget – The budget for the movie in millions of dollars.
  • box_office – The earnings of the movie in millions of dollars.
  • distribution_company_id – The ID of the distribution company, referencing the table distribution_companies (foreign key).
  • language – The language(s) spoken in the movie.

Exercise 1: Selecting All Columns From a Table

Exercise: Select all data from the table distribution_companies .

Solution explanation: Select the data using the SELECT statement. To select all the columns, use an asterisk ( * ). The table from which the data is selected is specified in the FROM clause.

Solution output:

Exercise 2: Selecting a Few Columns From a Table

Exercise: For each movie, select the movie title, the IMDb rating, and the year the movie was released.

Solution explanation: List all the columns needed ( movie_title , imdb_rating , and year_released ) in the SELECT statement, separated by the comma. Reference the table movies in the FROM clause.

Exercise 3: Selecting a Few Columns and Filtering Numeric Data in WHERE

Exercise: Select the columns movie_title and box_office from the table movies . Show only movies with earnings above $300 million.

Solution explanation: List the columns in SELECT and reference the table in FROM . Use a WHERE clause to filter the data – write the column box_office and use the ‘greater than’ operator ( > ) to show only values above $300 million.

Exercise 4: Selecting a Few Columns and Filtering Text Data in WHERE

Exercise: Select the columns movie_title , imdb_rating , and year_released from the table movies . Show movies that have the word ‘Godfather’ in the title.

Solution explanation: List the columns in SELECT and reference the table in the FROM clause. Use a WHERE clause to filter the data. After writing the column name, use the LIKE logical operator to look for ‘Godfather’ in the movie title, written in single quotes. To find the word anywhere in the movie title, place the wildcard character ( % ) before and after the word.

Exercise 5: Selecting a Few Columns and Filtering Data Using Two Conditions in WHERE

Exercise: Select the columns movie_title , imdb_rating , and year_released from the table movies . Show movies that were released before 2001 and had a rating above 9.

Solution explanation: List the columns in SELECT and reference the table in FROM . Set the first condition that the year released is before 2001 using the ‘less than’ ( < ) operator. To add another condition, use the AND logical operator. Use the same logic as the first condition, this time using the ‘greater than’ operator with the column imdb_rating .

Exercise 6: Filtering Data Using WHERE and Sorting the Output

Exercise: Select the columns movie_title , imdb_rating , and year_released from the table movies . Show movies released after 1991. Sort the output by the year released in ascending order.

Solution explanation: List the columns in SELECT and reference the table in FROM . Filter the data with WHERE by applying the ‘greater than’ operator to the column year_released . To sort the data, use an ORDER BY clause and write the column name by which you wish to sort. The type of sorting is specified by writing ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending). If the type is omitted, the output is sorted in ascending order by default.

Exercise 7: Grouping Data by One Column

Exercise: Show the count of movies per each language category.

Solution explanation: Select the column language from the table movies . To count the number of movies, use the aggregate function COUNT() . Use the asterisk ( * ) to count the rows, which equals the count of movies. To give this column a name, use the AS keyword followed by the desired name. To show the count by language, you need to group the data by it, so write the column language in the GROUP BY clause.

Exercise 8: Grouping Data by Multiple Columns

Exercise: Show the count of movies by year released and language. Sort results by the release date in ascending order.

Solution explanation: List the columns year_released and language from the table movies in SELECT . Use COUNT(*) to count the number of movies and give this column a name using the AS keyword. Specify the columns by which you want to group in the GROUP BY clause. Separate each column name with a comma. Sort the output using ORDER BY with the column year_released and the ASC keyword.

Exercise 9: Filtering Data After Grouping

Exercise: Show the languages spoken and the average movie budget by language category. Show only the languages with an average budget above $50 million.

Solution explanation: Select the column language from the table movies . To compute the average budget, use the aggregate function AVG() with the column budget in parentheses. Name the column in the output by using the AS keyword. Group the data by rating using GROUP BY . To filter the data after grouping, use a HAVING clause. In it, use the same AVG() construct as in SELECT and set the values to be above 50 using the ‘greater than’ operator.

Exercise 10: Selecting Columns From Two Tables

Exercise: Show movie titles from the table movies , each with the name of its distribution company.

Solution explanation: List the columns movie_title and company_name in SELECT . In the FROM clause, reference the table distribution_companies . Give it an alias dc to shorten its name for use later. The AS keyword is omitted here; you may use it if you wish. To access the data from the other table, use JOIN (it may also be written as INNER JOIN ) and write the table name after it. Give this table an alias also. The join used here is an inner type of join; it returns only the rows that match the joining condition specified in the ON clause. The tables are joined where the column id from the table distribution_companies is equal to the column distribution_company_id from the table movies . To specify which column is from which table, use the corresponding alias of each table.

That Was Fun! Now, Time to Do SQL Practice on Your Own!

These ten SQL practice exercises give you a taste of what practicing SQL looks like. Whether you are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, it’s the same. What changes is the complexity of the problems you solve and of the code you write.

Look for more challenges in the SQL Basics course and the Monthly SQL Practice track. Both are excellent for your SQL practice online. This is true, especially if you do not have an opportunity to use SQL on a daily basis in your job.

So, don’t try to test how long it takes to forget what you once knew in SQL! Use every opportunity to solve as many SQL practice problems as possible.

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sql online assignments

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Need SQL Assignment Help?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to manage data in relational databases. It is not a programming language and has no control flow statements or ability to perform computations. SQL is the standard for accessing data stored in the current big data platforms like Hadoop, NoSQL, and Apache Cassandra. A programmer needs to know how to write SQL queries to access, manipulate and update data from the database.

You can find tutorials and how-to guides for these SQL databases on the Internet, but it requires you to do a lot of Googling to find what you need. To help you with this tedious and time-consuming task, FavTutor has been assisting students in succeeding in their academics by helping them with their homework and assignment details. Our tutors have helped thousands of students across the globe reach their goals and graduation by solving their queries and doubts during their academics. We have a team of over 150 qualified tutors who are eager to help you succeed with your academic assignments while you focus on your practical ambitions.

What is SQL?

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS). SQL is one of the most popular computer languages ever. It's used to create and manage databases central to most enterprise software systems.

Many web and mobile apps use SQL behind the scenes to store everything from your shopping cart to your search history. Because SQL is so widely used, there are many different dialects of the language—most notably Oracle SQL, MySQL SQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Taken together these facts mean that you're almost certainly already working with SQL, even if you don't know it.

Types of SQL

Following are some of the types of SQL widely adopted by every enterprise around the globe:

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Data Control Language (DCL)
  • Data Query Language (DQL)
  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)

Key Concepts of SQL

Let us emphasize understanding a few key topics that can be difficult for some students while working with SQL:

  • Keys in SQL: The key is a single or combination of multiple fields in a table. A key enables you to select data from a database table using only a few characteristics, such as the database table name and the field name. Keys are also used to establish relationships among tables. Keys promote consistency by ensuring that related data appears in the same table.
  • Views in SQL: Views are virtual tables that display the data stored in other tables. A view can display all or a few rows from a single table or many tables. Essentially, a view is an SQL query stored permanently in the database.
  • SQL joins: In SQL, a JOIN operation combines records from two or more tables in a database. A JOIN links data from two tables by using values common to each. This operation may help retrieve data from two or more tables.
  • Normalization: Normalization is a database design technique that reduces redundancy and dependency of data by dividing larger tables into smaller tables and linking them using relationships.
  • Transaction in SQL: A transaction is a unit of work in which one or more changes are made to a database. A transaction propagates changes to the database in a logical order, whether manually by a user or automatically by some sort of program.

Advantages of SQL

SQL is a widely used, efficient programming language for communicating with databases. Some of the common advantages of SQL include the following:

  • No coding skills: For data retrieval, there is no need for many lines of code. You need only essential SQL keywords--SELECT, INSERT INTO, UPDATE--as well as specific syntactic rules, which eventually make SQL a user-friendly language.
  • Faster query processing: Using SQL query language, large amounts of data are retrieved quickly and efficiently, and therefore, you can perform operations such as insertion, deletion, and manipulation of data in a matter of seconds.
  • Portable: SQL is a platform-independent query language and, therefore, can be used in PCs, servers, laptops, etc., consisting of any operating system.
  • Standard language: SQL is a standardized structured query language supported by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) used for relational databases. SQL’s lengthy, detailed, established documentation over the years has helped to set it as a solid programming language.
  • Open source: Free, open-source databases developed by MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL means that you can use SQL databases at low cost and with help from a large community.

How Our Experts Provide SQL Help Online?

At Favtutor, we offer quality academic help for students across the globe and help them complete their homework or assignments on time. We have a team of experts who are experienced in their fields and provide the best live online tutoring services to students at affordable prices.

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SQL Assignment Help, MySQL Database Homework Help

sql database homework help

Every programmer is familiar with MySQL, because it’s the most widely used open-source relational database management system, and the second most used overall. It has a graphical user interface and command-line interface (such as MySQL Workbench), operational on many systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac), and has many features the same as commercial database management platforms such as Microsoft MSSQL and Oracle SQL. You might find yourself lost in all the tables you have to manage in the MySQL database (including stored procedures, triggers, etc.). Luckily we are here to provide students with SQL homework help. We offer a wide range of services and help with SQL:

  • Planning and constructing new database (ERD using Microsoft Visio or draw.io)
  • Managing database connections (e.g. connection to MS Access)
  • Optimizing existing database (especially design!)
  • Backup and restore database
  • Procedures, Triggers, timers
  • Reports, Forms, Queries, VBA...

And help with any other issues you might face… So if you wonder who can "help with my SQL homework" -  WE CAN !

There is a wide range of possibilities for completing SQL assignments while incorporating other programming languages. On the other hand, there are not so many options for saving data: simple text files, XML, or relational databases. The best option is usually MySQL. Every server most commonly uses some SQL variant as their database platform, because most are free and reliable. In case you need help with SQL project setting up ERD – it is one of the database homework help services we provide. We will solve every problem you face in the SQL database at an affordable price.

We also can help you with  Murach’s MySQL course.

SQL Assignments Are Easier with Our Help

Our team consists of experienced programmers, data analytics, information specialists who hold degrees in their fields. If you are in the middle of a difficult SQL database project, specifically stuck with a certain bug, Homework Help Online is happy to share the experience we have gained in many of years. Why would you need to puzzle yourself with such a thing as the database procedures or triggers? There’s a better option – ask the questions and get the answers, or just simply submit your task, fill in the requirements, and wait for your SQL assignment help to proceed. This is why the students like us. In case you don’t have enough time for completing your task (it is a common issue that one gets stuck with a database bug the last night!), a quick tip is the best option.

Typical university SQL assignment (full project) consists of:

  • Business needs analysis, based on some partial information provided in the requirements (a.k.a. business rules)
  • ERD design and drawing, including primary/foreign keys, relation types, and data types
  • Database construction - a script of the correct order of tables CREATE queries and relations assignments
  • Filling in the example data (not too much, but enough for the SELECT queries)
  • Writing SELECT queries. This might be simple or very challenging, depending on the course you take
  • Extra credit: writing triggers and procedures (this part is rare in our experience, however, it is important in the real systems)

Overall, all this struggle most likely leads you onto a great career path. Once mastered, database technology is used not only in websites but also in various ERP (enterprise resource management) projects. You don't deal with it while studying in university, but it might be a nice surprise to understand how the industry really operates. Starting from simple SQL projects and gaining momentum with database assignment help leads to an IT career path you never expected.

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  • R / Statistics
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  • Engineering
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SQL Assignment Help

MyAssignmenthelp.com is a trusted name in the domain of providing SQL assignment help. Students, who pursue an academic degree in computer science or deal with subject related to computer language, often seek help with the subject of SQL. The reason is its complex nature. So we have set up a team of SQL assignment writers who are dedicated to answering students’ queries - ‘can anyone do my SQL assignment’ - and providing them with needed academic assistance . Many students from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia get benefitted by our services since we offer top-notch quality academic help at an affordable price. 

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Solving SQL homework needs in-depth subject knowledge of the discussed topic. This contributes to students’ inability to craft well-informative assignments on SQL. This is why our experts help students comprehend all difficult concepts related to SQL. Our experts not only explain the topic to students, but also help them to understand its application into practice.

Help in debugging applications

After successfully developing and deploying an object in the database, students require debugging using SQL server. However, students mostly struggle to debug as it involves a lengthy procedure. But with the help of our experts, students can easily debug an application without facing much trouble. In case, students are asked to describe their actions in a written manner, they don’t need to spend time searching for a solution by typing, ‘assist me with SQL assignment’. Instead they can get in touch with our experts for getting further assistance.

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Most of the students find SQL homework assignments difficult as it is time-consuming. Students barely make it on time because they need to study different sources and craft the paper according to the provided academic requirements. But completing an assignment is comparatively easy for our professionals. The reason is they hold several years of experience in solving SQL projects and understand all essentials of writing a computer language assignment. Hence, they fulfill students’ requests - ‘guide me with SQL assignments’.

Students are guaranteed to receive the perfect resolution to their academic problems if they choose to consult with our SQL experts. They are the most feasible option when it comes to getting academic assistance.

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Our SQL assignment help team has been preparing academic papers, projects and annual projects for students over a decade now. So they boast all required knowledge and experience to craft well-written plagiarism-free high-quality academic papers on SQL. So, students can always expect highest quality SQL assignment paper from us. They don’t need to spend their time in searching, ‘can anyone do my SQL assignment’; instead they can easily convey their requirements to us. Our experts will them in the following manner:

Write each paper from scratch

In order to maintain our reputation of being a plagiarism-free assignment provider , we instruct our all our writers to compose help solution from scratch. They always use authentic resources to collect research material for writing. It not only maintains the authenticity of the paper, but also academic standards set by professors and examiners. Students, who often wonder ‘who can write my SQL assignment from scratch’, will find our services helpful and beneficial.

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Use authentic data from different sources

The primary purpose of assignment writing is to examine students’ ability to prove their points in the light of existing theories. In order to do so, students need to collect relevant and authentic research material to present the relation between their ideas and other theories and concepts. To end the struggle of getting hold of relevant and original data and information, our experts lend a helping hand in finding most authentic and relevant literature for writing an informative, well-crafted assignment papers for students who dedicate their time in searching, ‘draft my SQL assignment’. 

Provide quick assistance

In case, students need instant assistance in dealing with complex SQL topics, they can easily get hold of our experts. Our experts work round the clock to provide uninterrupted SQL assignment help to students. They can also be contacted through our 24x7 live customer support team. Students can put forward their queries and doubts in order to get it resolved by experienced and skilled experts.

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What all topics can your SQL assignment writers cover for providing academic assistance to students?

SQL is a broad study-area that comprises areas, sub-areas, subjects and numerous topics. Students need to comprehend all these underlining topics and subjects in order to solve all types of assignment problems. But with our SQL assignment help, students can solve any assignment on any given topic. The reason is we boast a special team of SQL assignment experts who have earned their academic degree in either computer science or computer programming . Hence, they understand this subject closely better than students who are pursuing their academic degrees. This is why they provide SQL assignment help in all underlining topics and subject on which students receive assignment writing tasks. Here is a brief list of topics on which we receive requests like ‘do my SQL assignment for me’.   

Business Intelligence (BI) Overview

Students don’t need to worry about their homework on business intelligence because we boast a team of SQL assignment writers who possess industry experience in this subject. So they better understand how a SQL assignment on business intelligence should be written. Owing to their extensive knowledge and practical experience, they are always capable of drafting plagiarism-free high-quality assignments on this subject.

MS Access is Graphical User Interface (GUI) database management system which is used to design small-scale database. Owing to its significance, professor generally asks students to use MS access while solving SQL homework. In this context, our SQL assignment helpers lend a helping hand to students to learn it quickly. Students can easily get in touch with our helpers through customer support team and put forward their problem in front of our experts. In return, they receive the perfect resolution to their problems.

As SQL server is easier than Oracle DBMS, students prefer to work with this database management system. But students struggle when they have to understand tons of functionality of SQL server. This is where they feel the need of expert assistance which our SQL assignment helpers can fulfill perfectly. The reason is they hold the experience of writing numerous academic papers on this subject. They also can help students grasp the underlining subjects and topics.

Our highly skilled SQL assignment writers can help students who struggle to solve homework assignments on Oracle SQL. Our experts provide step-by-step SQL assignment help to ensure students accomplish the task with ease. As Oracle SQL is difficult for beginners, our experts explain the study notes to students in order to help students comprehend related concepts and theories.

Difference between oracle and SQL server

It is an important chapter in SQL coursework. In order to learn SQL perfectly, students have to understand the difference between oracle and SQL servers. In order to make things easier for students, our experts guide students to understand the similarities and dissimilarities between Oracle and SQL servers. In case, students are assigned to write an assignment by expressing their views on the topics, students can hire our experts for getting high-quality SQL assignment help.

Graphical database management tools

When it comes to writing assignments on this subject, most students face difficulties. The reason is the complexity involved in the task. This is why our writers provide SQL assignment help to every student who needs a helping hand to put up a good quality academic paper. They not only assist students to accomplish due assignments, but also help them understand the applications of these tools in practice.

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The price of the SQL assignment help service that you want to avail from us will depend on few factors like:  

The complexity of the assignment

Our SQL assignment writers have to compose numerous assignments whose complexity ranges from simple, average to tough. Naturally, our writers have to spend more time in researching, writing and analyzing while crafting a SQL assignment on a difficult topic. So the charges for SQL assignment assistance services go up depending on the complexity of the subject or topic.

Due date of the project

Deadline is another major factor that decides the prices of our SQL assignment help services. Students, who want to avail SQL assignment support from us, have to mention the due date in their online order form so that our operation team can decide the amount which students need to pay. If the deadline is short, we need to hire one of our most efficient writers. Hence, it increases the charges for students.

Length of the paper

After deadline, length determines the price for SQL assignment help services. If the deadline is shorter and the paper is lengthier than the average, students may need to pay more than the usual. But it also depends on the subject of the assignment at the same time.

These three factors combined decide the amount that students need to pay for getting SQL assignment guidance from our highly-qualified and experienced experts.

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There are many online SQL assignment help providers available on the internet. So, naturally students would ask, ‘Why should I avail online SQL assignment assistance from MyAssignmenthelp.com’. The answer is our unique features. Our unparallel guarantees and benefits make our online SQL assignment help service stand out from others. Students from all over the world prefer getting online SQL assignment support from us not just because we provide high-quality academic assistance, but they also get to enjoy the following the benefits:

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Students can put forward their queries in front of our customer support team. In return, they resolve each query and doubt with great care and patience. Students receive perfect resolution in no time. They only need to start a live conversation with our customer care executives who work round the clock to attend students’ questions.

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SQL Assignment  

Mysql online editor.

Write, Run & Share MySQL queries online using OneCompiler's MySQL online editor and compiler for free. It's one of the robust, feature-rich online editor and compiler for MySQL. Getting started with the OneCompiler's MySQL editor is really simple and pretty fast. The editor shows sample boilerplate code when you choose language as 'MySQL' and start writing queries to learn and test online without worrying about tedious process of installation.

About MySQL

MySQL is a open-source, free and very popular relational database management system which is developed, distributed and supported by Oracle corporation.

Key Features:

  • Open-source relational database management systems.
  • Reliable, very fast and easy to use database server.
  • Works on client-server model.
  • Highly Secure and Scalable
  • High Performance
  • High productivity as it uses stored procedures, triggers, views to write a highly productive code.
  • Supports large databases efficiently.
  • Supports many operating systems like Linux*,CentOS*, Solaris*,Ubuntu*,Windows*, MacOS*,FreeBSD* and others.

Syntax help

3. truncate, single-line comments:, multi-line comments:, dml commands.

Note: Column names are optional.


  • To Create Unique index:


1. create a view, 2. how to call view, 3. altering a view, 4. deleting a view, 1. create a trigger, 2. drop a trigger, stored procedures, 1. create a stored procedure, 2. how to call stored procedure, 3. how to delete stored procedure, 1. inner join, 2. left join, 3. right join, 4. cross join.


Assignment - SQL Querying Practice

This assignment is a part of the Zero to Data Science Bootcamp by Jovian

As you go through this notebook, you will find the symbol ??? in certain places. Your job is to replace the ??? with appropriate code or values, to ensure that the notebook runs properly end-to-end without errors.

  • Make sure to run all the code cells in order. Otherwise, you may get errors like NameError for undefined variables.
  • Do not change variable names, delete cells, or disturb other existing code. It may cause problems during evaluation.
  • In some cases, you may need to add some code cells or new statements before or after the line of code containing the ??? .
  • Since you'll be using a temporary online service for code execution, save your work by running jovian.commit at regular intervals.
  • Review the "Evaluation Criteria" for the assignment carefully and make sure your submission meets all the criteria.
  • Questions marked (Optional) will not be considered for evaluation and can be skipped. They are for your learning.
  • It's okay to ask for help & discuss ideas on the Slack Group , but please don't post full working code, to give everyone an opportunity to solve the assignment on their own.

Important Links :

  • Make a submission here: https://jovian.ai/learn/zero-to-data-analyst-bootcamp/assignment/assignment-8-sql-querying-practice
  • https://jovian.ai/aakashns/relational-databases-and-sql
  • https://jovian.ai/aakashns/advanced-sql-aggregation-and-joins

How to Run the Code and Save Your Work

Option 1: Running using free online resources (1-click, recommended): The easiest way to start executing the code is to click the Run button at the top of this page and select Run on Binder . This will set up a cloud-based Jupyter notebook server and allow you to modify/execute the code.

Option 2: Running on your computer locally: To run the code on your computer locally, you'll need to set up Python , download the notebook and install the required libraries. Click the Run button at the top of this page, select the Run Locally option, and follow the instructions.

Saving your work : You can save a snapshot of the assignment to your Jovian profile, so that you can access it later and continue your work. Keep saving your work by running jovian.commit from time to time.


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    SQL is short for Structured Query Language. It is a standard programming language used in the management of data stored in a relational database management system. It supports distributed databases, offering users great flexibility.

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    Are you looking to enhance your SQL skills but find it challenging to practice in a traditional classroom setting? Look no further. With online SQL practice, you can learn at your own pace and take your skills to the next level.

  3. Common Mistakes to Avoid when Working with SQL Databases as a Beginner

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