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Maximize Your Business Efficiency with Tally ERP9: Free GST Download Available

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is crucial for companies to have efficient and reliable accounting software. Tally ERP9 is a popular choice among businesses worldwide, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline financial management processes. With the recent implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in many countries, including India, Tally ERP9 has also adapted to incorporate this taxation system seamlessly. In this article, we will explore how you can maximize your business efficiency with Tally ERP9 and take advantage of the free GST download available.

A Powerful Accounting Solution

Tally ERP9 is much more than just an accounting software. It is a complete business management solution that allows businesses to automate their financial processes efficiently. From managing inventory and sales to generating financial reports and filing taxes, Tally ERP9 covers all aspects of your business’s financial needs.

One of the key benefits of using Tally ERP9 is its user-friendly interface. The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those with limited accounting knowledge. This means that you don’t need to be an expert accountant to use Tally ERP9 effectively.

Seamlessly Incorporating GST into Your Business Processes

With the introduction of GST in many countries, businesses are required to accurately calculate and report their tax liabilities. Manually managing GST compliance can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with Tally ERP9’s seamless integration of the GST module, businesses can automate their tax calculations and reporting effortlessly.

The GST module in Tally ERP9 allows you to set up different tax rates for various products or services as per the regulations in your country. It automatically calculates the applicable taxes on sales or purchases based on these rates. Additionally, it generates accurate tax invoices that comply with the GST regulations.

Effective Solution for Businesses

One of the most attractive aspects of Tally ERP9 is that it offers a free GST download. This means that businesses can get access to the latest version of Tally ERP9 with the GST module without any additional cost. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are looking for a cost-effective accounting solution.

By opting for the free GST download, businesses can save money on expensive software licenses while still enjoying all the benefits of Tally ERP9’s powerful features. This allows SMEs to allocate their financial resources more efficiently and invest in other areas of their business growth.

Enhancing Business Efficiency with Tally ERP9

Using Tally ERP9 with the free GST download can significantly enhance your business efficiency. The software automates various financial processes, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time. From generating accurate invoices to tracking inventory and managing payroll, Tally ERP9 ensures that your business operations run smoothly.

Moreover, Tally ERP9 provides real-time insights into your business’s financial health through its comprehensive reporting capabilities. You can easily generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and more at the click of a button. These reports help you make informed decisions based on accurate data, enabling you to improve your business’s overall performance.

In conclusion, by leveraging the power of Tally ERP9 with its seamless integration of GST and taking advantage of the free download option available, businesses can maximize their efficiency in managing their finances. Whether you are a small startup or an established enterprise, Tally ERP9 offers a robust solution that simplifies complex accounting tasks while ensuring compliance with taxation regulations. Invest in this powerful software today and reap the benefits of streamlined financial management for your business’s growth and success.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


tally gst assignments for students

Tally Practical Assignment with Solutions PDF

Tally Practical Assignment including GST with Solutions PDF for free download. Super Success Institute Tally computer training coaching classes day by day task. Notes is very useful for learn and practice the tally ERP 9 with GST. We found that student face problem to find the practice assignment of Tally. The Training Faculty of Super Success Institute compiled the practice task in this PDF for self study of students.

Our Tally Coaching Class Assignment / task includes following:-

Purchase Invoice Bills Sundry Creditors Sales Invoice Bills Sundry Debtors Purchase Invoice Bills Batch Wise Details

Brief of GST Business For Purchase & Sales Of Goods Business for Service providing Who are Compulsory For GST Registration Document Required For GST Registration GST  What is GSTIN Number Types of GST Rates GST Rates How GST Apply in Tally How GST Apply in Invoice SGST  (State Tax) & CGST (Central Tax) IGST (Interstate Tax) – Purchase GST Invoice Sundry Creditors Sale GST Invoice Sundry Debtors

Purchase Entry

Purchase Invoice with GST (Sundry Creditors)

tally gst assignments for students

Sales Invoice with GST Sundry Debtors

Entry of 25 Sundry Debater bills are given in the PDF

Download Tally Practice Assignment PDF

Tally Practical Assignment with Solutions PDF

Document Name : Tally Practice Assignment with solution

Publisher : S uper Success Institute Muzaffarnagar and https://onlinestudytest.com Author : Super Computer Muzaffarnagar Number of Pdf Pages : 28 Quality Very good

Note : The Tally Practical Assignment with Solutions notes PDF are property of Super Success Institute Muzaffarnagar. We are sharing the google drive download link with due consent of Computer Coaching Institute.

Tally Prime Notes

  • Fundamental of Accounting and Tally Prime Notes
  • Introduction of Tally Prime Notes
  • Groups and Ledgers in Tally Prime Notes
  • Voucher Entry in Tally Prime Notes
  • Create Stock Item in Tally Prime Notes for Practice
  • Bill wise entry in Tally Prime
  • Batch wise Details in Tally Prime Notes
  • Cost Center in Tally Prime Notes
  • Export Import Ledger in Tally Prime

More Tally PDF may be found – Tally Notes PDF Archives – SSC STUDY

Tally Prime Book PDF Free Download – SSC STUDY

Tally ERP9 Question Paper in Hindi – Online Study Test

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dVIDYA : e-learning | CA/CS/CMA Foundation | CBSE/ISCE/Boards- Class 11-12 | Competitive Exams

Practical Assignments : GST Accounts–Tally

The Practical Assignments-Tax Accounts- covers  Basic tasks of Maintaining GST Accounts, from set up, Data Entry to GST Reports, in Tally Prime Rel 3.x.  

This assignment is in continuation to Practical Assignments of Basic Financial Accounting & Basic Invoicing & Inventory Accounts. Maintain GST Accounts  in the same Company in which Basic Financial Accounts and Basic Invoicing &  Inventory Accounts Practical Assignments data were entered.  

Perform the operations for each Assignment as explained. Capture the screenshots (Prtscr) and paste it in MS Word file in 1×1 cell. Write the number and Name of screen shot as indicated. Explain the options and operational step.  

This way, capture the screenshots and place in MS Word file, in sequence. Don’t repeat same screenshot.  

After completing all assignments, take Back up of the data files. Now email to [email protected], attaching the Data Back Up file and screenshot zip file.       

GST Accounting – Practical Assignments

Continue in same Company after previous assignments

01-1 Company GST Features

[At Company >Click F11. At Company Features , under section Taxation , set Yes at Enable Goods & Services Tax (GST) . Next, At GST Details screen , under GST Registration Details section, enter the relevant details.]  

Capture Screenshot 1-1A : Company Features . 1-1B : Company GST Details set up  

For more details, visit

https://dvidya.com/goods-service-tax-gst/ https://dvidya.com/goods-services-tax-gst-set-up-composition-dealers-tally/ https://dvidya.com/goods-services-tax-gst-set-up-regular-dealers-tally/ https://youtu.be/STv3wbduT8A https://youtu.be/RwJJIYC6msE https://youtu.be/VSS48c_LZXY https://youtu.be/OjSvFYUJ_bI   https://youtu.be/mLrLyOeDX78 https://youtu.be/7wlTsturfks

02 GST Masters

02-1 Create SGST Ledger Account Master

[Select GoT>Create> Ledger. At Ledger Account creation , at Name , enter SGST; at Under , select Duties & Taxes ; at Tax Type , select SGST/UTGST ; At Inventory Values are affected , set No .  

Capture Screenshot 1-2 : SGST Ledger Account Creation.  

https://dvidya.com/gst-set-up-accounts-inventory-masters-tally/ https://youtu.be/x8VZLjVEeug https://youtu.be/XVZbi0-ufDY https://youtu.be/Uzsise4yZXg

02-2 Create CGST Ledger Account Master

[Select GoT>Create> Ledger. At Ledger Account creation , at Name , enter CGST; at Under , select Duties & Taxes ; at Tax Type. At Inventory Values are affected , set No .   Capture Screenshot 2-2 : CGST Ledger Account Creation.  

02-3 Create IGST Ledger Account Master

[Select GoT>Create> Ledger. At Ledger Account creation , at Name , enter IGST; at Under , select Duties & Taxes ; at Tax Type select I GST ; At Inventory Values are affected , set No .  

Capture Screenshot 2-3 : CGST Ledger Account Creation.  


02-4 UQC set up in UoM Master

Set UQC in UoM – Kilograms [Select GoT>Alter> Unit. Select Kilogram. At Unit Alteration , at Unit Quantity Code (UQC) , select KGS-Kilograms from the UQC list. Press Ctrl+A to save].  

Capture Screenshot 2-4 : UoM-UQC set up.  


02-5 GST details set up in Stock Item Master

Set GST details in Stock Item Wheat, Select GoT>Alter> Item. Select Wheat, At Stock Item Alteration,  Under HSN/SAC & Related Details, at  HSN/SAC  Details , select Specify Details Here. At HSN Description – Food grains, HSN Code- 1234, At Description of Goods, select Specify Details Here , Under GST Rate and related Details, At GST Rate details, select Specify Details Here . At Taxability Type, select Taxable . At GST Rate, enter the GST Rate applicable for the Item. At Type of Supply, select Goods .  

2-5 : Capture Screenshot UoM-UQC set up.  

https://youtu.be/U7fuonC9dkI https://youtu.be/LK-df_Oh6Vk

02-6 Set GST details in Supplier Master

At Supplier Ledger Account, enter Tax related details [Select GoT>Alter>Ledger,  select ABC & Co. At Ledger Alteration, click F12:Configure. At Ledger Master Configuration screen, under Party Tax Registration details , set Yes at Provide GST Registration details . At Tax Registration details of Ledger Account Master, Enter Registration Type- Regular, GSTIN 19AAAC1234K1ZV. At Set Alter Additional Details, set Yes and then Place of Supply, select the State of the Party.  

Capture Screenshot : 2-6A: Ledger Account Master, 2-6B: Ledger Master Configuration screen,

https://youtu.be/1_jlZD8mXkI https://youtu.be/B6jEPMw26Tg  

03 GST Invoicing

3-1 Create GST Sales Invoice .

Create Sales Invoice for 10 kg of Wheat @25 per kg sold to ABC & Co on 1-5-21. [Select GoT>Vouchers. Click F8:Sales (or press F8). Select Sales Voucher type from List. Click Ctrl+H and select Item Invoice . Enter Voucher Date 1-5-21 . At Party A/c Name , select ABC & Co . At Sales Ledger, select Sales .  At Name of Item , select Wheat , At Quantity , enter 10 kg. at Rate , enter 25/kg. The amount 250 would be shown. In next line, select End of List . Next select SGST, the SGST amount (15.00) would be auto calculated. Next select CGST. the CGST amount (15.00) would be auto calculated. The total Invoice amount (250.00+15.00+15.00 = 280.00) is displayed. Press Ctrl+A to save the Voucher].  

Capture Screenshot : 3-1 GST Sales Invoice Entry ,

https://youtu.be/L57aR4Zb7GM https://youtu.be/S0y56oS7r1U

3-2 Print the Sales Voucher

Voucher dated 1-5-23 on ABC Co [Select GoT>Day Book . At Day Book display, press F2 and Date 1-5-23. Select the Sales Voucher from the list to get the Voucher Alteration. Press Ctrl+P to get the Print screen. Click I:Preview to View the  Print form of the Invoice on screen]    

Capture Screenshot : 3-2 GST Sales Invoice in Print ,

https://youtu.be/L57aR4Zb7GM https://youtu.be/S0y56oS7r1U  

03-03 GST Reports

  • Display GSTR-1 for 1-4-23 to 31-7-23

[Select GoT>Display more reports>GST Reports>GSTR-1. Click F2:Period (or press F2) and enter Period from 1-4-23 to 31-7-23 to display GSTR-1 Report  

Capture Screenshot : 3-3 GSTR-1 Display, https://dvidya.com/gsrt-1-return-filing-tally/

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tally gst assignments for students

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tally gst assignments for students

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Technical Cube

444+ Tally GST Assignment Pdf Download in 2023-24

जब से India में GST लागू हुआ है, तब से हर एक Company या Firms में आपको GST Bills और उसकी Entry करने में काफी सारे Students को Problems आती है, ऐसे में आज मैं आप सभी के लिए Tally GST Assignments Pdf में लेकर आया हु, अगर आप इसकी detailed information को जानना चाहते है तो article End तक पूरा पढिये।।

Tally Assignment details in Hindi? 

अगर आप tally का Course कर रहे है तो आपको सबसे ज्यादा जिस चीज की जरूरत है, वो है Practical Assignments Questions papers, क्यूकी बिना Practice किए आप Tally को कभी भी नहीं सीख सकेगे, तो अगर आप चाहते है की आप Tally मे Expert बन जाए तो आपको Various Entries की रोजाना practice करनी होगी और साथ ही साथ आपको Assignments और questions papers को भी Solve करना होगा, तो ही जाकर आप एक best tally Expert बन सकेगे। 

Tally GST Assignment Pdf Download

Tally, Tally Prime , Accounting और Various Types के GST Assignments और Solutions Pdf download की सभी जानकारी आपको हमारे ब्लॉग पर मिलेगी, अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप blogs जाए और Articles Read करे

Tally and GST Practical Assignments Pdf Download?

अगर आप टैली, और GST से related Various Questions and Answers, Assignments papers, और Practice Sets को Free में download करना चाहते है तो नीचे दिए गए बटन पर Click करे और Download करे।।

Download Now

  Example Question of Tally GST Assignment Pdf:- Capital Introduced by Mr. Rohan Sharma Rs 500000/- Same was deposited in PNB Bank.

  • Purchased Cloth from Mr. Ajay 50 Mtrs at Rs 500 per mtr. + GST 18%. While paying to Mr. Ajay, he allowed a Discount of Rs 1000/- and accepted Rs 28500/- as full and final settlement
  • Cash Sales made during the year 150000/- + GST 18%.
  • Purchased Machinery required for the production of Cloth from Rama Traders and cheque issued immediately from PNB bank 50000/- + GST 18%
  • Raw Material purchased from Mr. Shriram Traders on 30 days credit 75000/- + GST 18%
  • Sold goods to Mr. Deepak Enterprises 15000+ GST@18%. A discount of Rs 150/- was allowed to Mr. Deepak Enterprises and a cheque received for the balance payment.
  • The cheque received from Mr. Deepak Enterprises was dishonored.
  • Goods sold to Mr. Arun and cheque received. 150000+ GST@18%.
  • Wages paid in cash Rs. 25000.
  • Cash is withdrawn from PNB Bank Rs. 15000.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses paid in cash 12000.
  • Depreciation: Plant and Machinery 15% WDV method.
  • The commission received in cash Rs 10000/-.
  • The fire broke in the factory and goods costing Rs 5000 were destroyed.
  • Cash was stolen from Cash box Rs. 1500/-.
  • Mr. KAPOOR withdrew Cash Rs. 15000 for his personal use.
  • GST liability was offset and balance payment was made in cash.

GST Assignment Books in Hindi Pdf Download?

दोस्तो अगर आप GST को अच्छी तरह से समझना चाहते है तो मैं आपको बुक Provide कर रहा हु, जिसमे आपको goods and service tax के reagarding बहुत सारे Concepts मिल जायेंगे, अगर आप इस बुक को Pdf में download करना चाहते है तो इस Link पर Click करे— GST Book

अगर आप Best Tally बुक को Amazon से Discount Rates मे Buy करना चाहते है, तो नीचे दिये गए बटन पर click करे और बुक को Online amazon की website से buy करे। 

Tally Hindi Notes को Buy कैसे करे ? Combo Offer 99/- Hindi+ English

ebook hindi

Tally Hindi Notes Buy

Read also articles:-.

  • टैली सीखने के बाद job कैसे मिलेगी? आइये जाने
  • DCA Course Book Hindi Pdf Free Download
  • GST Practitioner कैसे बने? पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में जाने
  • Cost and Management Accounting Hindi Notes Pdf
  • Tally Course Syllabus Pdf कैसे डाउनलोड करे?
  • Tally Trainer कैसे बने-Jobs, Salary detailed information

About The Post:-

आज मैंने आपको ये बताया कि Tally GST Assignment Pdf Download in 2021? Tally Practical Papers Pdf download करने की पूरी जानकारी इस आर्टिक्ल मे मैंने आपको Provide की।  

मैं उम्मीद करता हु की ये आर्टिक्ल आपको  पसंद आया होगा, अगर आपको ये आर्टिक्ल पसंद आया तो इसको सोश्ल मीडिया पर अपने दोस्तो के साथ जरूर से शेयर कीजिए, जिससे उनको भी ये जानकारी प्राप्त हो सके।

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' src=

by Technical Cube

इस ब्लॉग पर आपको (Tally, Tally Prime, Computer Courses, Various Exams PDF Notes, CCC, O Level, and Motivational Books, etc से Related Articles मिलेगे।

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How To Easily Learn Tally Online With Practical Assignments

Every business needs accounting since it’s essential for everything from tracking expenses to choosing investments to calculating profits. we can say that learning tally is a terrific skill to have in the job market. even there’s no need to be physically present in the class to learn tally. nowadays, thanks to the internet you can learn tally online. this article has included how to learn tally online and everything you need to know about tally. there are so many institutes that provide tally courses online. so, let’s get started..

How to Learn Tally Online

What is Tally?

  • Tally stands for Transaction Allowed in Linear Line Yards.
  • It is an accounting and inventory management application software.
  • It which can record daily business transactions or accounting works like sales, purchases, payments received, banking or taxation, etc.
  • The most popular way we can say that Tally is an Accounting Software.
  • It is designed and developed by Tally Solutions which is a Bangalore-based IT Solution Company.
  • In 1986, S.S Goenka was the founding chairperson of Tally Solutions Private Limited.
  • Developed based on Accounting principles and Mercantile Law.
  • It is simple yet powerful software.
  • It is a window-based software.
  • It is a stand-alone application.
  • It is developed using the Tally Definition Language (TDL).
  • It supports,


-MIS report

Versions of Tally Software 

Other features of tally software.

  • User-friendly accounting software
  • Multi-lingual
  • Excellent backup provisions
  • Easy exit to an operating system
  • Tally can maintain books of account either with inventory or without inventory.
  • It can work with multiple company accounts simultaneously.
  • Tally can get offline and online support.
  • It can be installed on any version of Windows OS like NT, 2000, ME, 95, 98, XP, 7 Ultimate, Vista, and Windows 8. Etc.
  • Many computerized accounting software requires numeric codes to maintain the account. But Tally pioneered that no accounting codes were needed.

Skills required in Tally

Career and scope in tally.

Having the skill set of Tally software may help you land your chosen job path quickly if you are someone wishing to start a futuristic career in the accounting field. It is because Tally is extensively used across all business sizes, from small to large across all sectors. 

90% of companies and businesses are said to use Tally software for their daily accounting tasks.

Additionally, the top MNCs and Retail businesses of all kinds, financial institutions, financial organizations (NGOs), hospitals, BPO and KPO sectors, and chartered accountant companies are among the many different industries that use Tally software.

You can have so many career choices in Tally. Such as-

  • Inventory Manager
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Billing Executive
  • Tally freelancers
  • Tally Course Benefits
  • Scope of Tally Courses in India

Job Profiles and Salary in Tally

The common job profiles offered in the organizations for accountants with Tally skill sets are-

Many students who are looking for Diploma Courses after 10th/12th or after graduation and planning to look for career opportunities in computer accounting can learn tally.

The purpose of the tally training course is to teach students the fundamentals of accounting and how to integrate such concepts with the tally platform. Although it’s easy to learn, for ways of operation one must grasp how the software works as well as be familiar with its applications.

Tally Jobs in India

Requirements for Learning Tally Online.

  • Any student who wants to learn tally software online should have a computer or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Nowadays it has become very easy to learn any software or anything from home.
  • There are so many courses with certification and placement assistance in Tally you can opt for.
  • Here we have listed some of the best Tally courses you can learn online.
  • All of these courses are completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person.
  • You can access your lectures, readings, and assignments from reputable institutes anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • Investment Banking Course
  • Business Accounting And Taxation Course
  • CAT Coaching

Learn Tally Online: IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the global leading institutes that provides professional courses in various subjects including writing, marketing, accounting, etc.

The tally master course by IIM SKILLS is one of the best for getting hands-on experience. It is a comprehensive training program that covers all of Tally’s topics and features. Students learn precisely how to manage and maintain accounts, inventory, GST, and payroll at Tally in the course modules. The training module is particularly informative because it starts from the basics, providing a foundation for your understanding of Tally. Also, a variety of practical assignments and tasks are included to ensure that students grasp the subject well. IIM SKILL’s professional guidance allows one to interact, clear doubts and learn more effectively.

Course Name: Tally Course

Duration of the Course: 18 Hours of Self Learning, 20 Hours of Lecture

Mode of the Course: Online

Fees: Rs.2, 900 + 18% GST

Course Syllabus:

Course offerings:.

  • Access to Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Software Tools
  • 60+ Hours Practical Assignment
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Govt. of India Recognized Certification

Certificate Availability: Yes

Contact Information:

Email ID: [email protected]

Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Learn Tally Online: Tally Training

In-depth information is covered in the Tally ERP9 online course with GST to match the industry’s accounting standards. With the use of real-world examples and tally entries, Tally Training not only explain the principles but also show you how to practically apply them in your day-to-day accounting process.

Course Name: Tally ERP9 Expert Course

Duration of the Course: 1 or 2 Months

Fees: Rs.1800

Couse Syllabus:

  • Learning in Hing-lish language
  • DVD(Videos + eBook PDF)

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 9081211174

Learn Tally Online: Vskills

Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited (ICSIL), a department of the Indian government, manages the skills certification programs.

Their certification programs help students measure and exhibit the skills that have high demand and business value. Vskills Tally ERP9 course provides students with a clear understanding of accounting as well as the necessary practical aspects. Thanks to their self-paced training, even newbies can gain from the course’s worthwhile teaching.

Course Name: Certificate in Tally ERP9

Duration of the Course: 19 Hours

Fees: Rs.3, 499

Couse Syllabus: 

  • Introduction to Tally ERP9
  • Stock and Godwon in Tally
  • Groups, Ledgers, Vouchers and, others
  • Reports in Tally ERP9
  • Back and Restore in Tally ERP9
  • Tally.NET in Tally ERP9
  • Government Certification
  • Lifelong e-learning access

Phone Number: +011 4734 4723

Recommend Read,

  • Advanced Tally Courses
  • Tally ERP 9 Certificate
  • Learn Online Tally
  • Tally Training Benefit
  • Tally Courses Uses
  • Tally Course Eligibility

Learn Tally Online: LearnVern

LearnVern teaches students in the user’s native language. You can learn their Tally courses in Hindi.

Their method of instruction encourages critical thinking, learning by doing, and teaching by example. To help students in remembering the subject better, their Tally course material is enhanced with graphics, animations and, photos. LearnVern also gives practical training through assignments and tests.

Phone Number: +91 88490 04643

Learn Tally Online: UDEMY

Udemy is one of the best online platforms that provide various Tally certification courses. All of these courses are accessible from anywhere at affordable prices. Here we’ve listed three courses among others with the highest rating. You will learn how to use the tally program for payroll, audit, TDS, and GST accounting of any organization.  Their tally course provides students the chance to work on real-time projects in addition to assignments.

  • Assignments
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Full Lifetime Access

Please, go to their official website for further details.

Learn Tally Online: Coursera

Students who want to build a career in bookkeeping or want to learn how to manage their account books, Coursera offers the best Tally Bookkeeper professional certificate course.

In their unique 4-month Tally Book Keeper Professional Certificate program, three separate Tally software-related courses are offered. It comprises most of the theoretical and instructional modules. You have to take the course in the specific order listed because the content builds on the previous session.

Program Name: Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate

Fees: You can enroll for free.

  • Interview Prep

Learn Tally Online: InternShala Trainings

InternShala is an Ed-tech company that provides live, interactive learning in digital format.

Their Online Tally course has covered all the accounting-related concepts. They also provide quizzes and assignments after completing every module to revise your knowledge. 

Duration of the Course: 6 Weeks, 1hr/day (Flexible Schedule)

Fees: Rs.4499

  • Basic Concepts of Accounting
  • The world of Tally
  • Accounting process in Tally
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Tax Deducted at source (TDS) & Collected at Source (TCS) accounting in Tally
  • Payroll in Tally
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) accounting in Tally
  • Data extraction from Tally
  • Some extra topics
  • Final training project
  • Placement Assistance
  • Learn in Hindi
  • 1:1 Doubt Solving
  • Hands-On-Practice

Learn Tally Online: FITA Academy

Tally Online courses at FITA Academy offer comprehensive instruction in the tally ERP9 software from Journal Entries to finalizing accounts, including managing GST and other taxation. 

You will learn the ins and outs of accounting and finance-related Tally. The modules are covered from both basic and advanced standpoints to help student comprehension of the subject better. Their online Tally course also includes real-world assignments to meet industry standards.

Course Name: Online Tally Course

Duration of the Course:

  • Tally-Advanced accounting professional-basics in financial accounting
  • Introduction to Tally
  • Configuring Tally ERP9
  • Company Management
  • Master- Ledgers and Groups
  • Understanding Vouchers in Tally
  • Tally ERP9 reports
  • Inventory configuration in Tally ERP9
  • Managing inventory using Tally ERP9
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • Purchase and Sales reports
  • GST reports and returns
  • Using tally to manage point of sales (POS)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tally-expert accounting professional
  • Payroll accounting
  • More advanced topic
  • Live Projects
  • Instructor-led Live Class
  • Flexibility
  • Placement Support

Phone Number: 93450 45466

Learn Tally Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. can i learn to tally online through a laptop.

Answer: Yes, Students who wish to study tally software online should have access to a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Q. Which Tally is best for beginners?

Answer: The latest version of Tally Prime is easy to learn. There is no longer a need for prior expertise or specialized training in Tally. You can easily use Tally Prime for your regular accounting tasks with only a simple installation and setup.

Q. Can learning Tally online is difficult?

Answer: Beginners have the choice of enrolling in expert courses provided by reputable institutions or learning the program on their own with the help of blogs and videos that are easily available online.

Q. Where can I practice Tally?

Answer: The Tally Software Education version is available on  www.tallysolution.com  website. You may practice it by downloading it for free.

Q. Which industries can one enter after completing the Tally course?

Answer: The private and public sectors provide a ton of options. Banking, finance, business manufacturing, IT industries, and so on. You can also work in sales, marketing, insurance, and HR.

Learn Tally Online: Conclusion

That’s all about how to learn tally online. In this article, we have focused on tally software, its feature, also the scope and career opportunities in tally. And institutions that provide tally training online. We hope this might have helped to get some insights about tally.  If you plan to learn tally online, you can get in touch with the experts of this institute that will provide you with the information and exposure you need in this area.

tally gst assignments for students

Author: Swati Varli

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tally gst assignments for students

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tally gst assignments for students



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