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The Ultimate Self-Care, Mindfulness and Gratitude Journal for Teachers

The Ultimate Self-Care, Mindfulness and Gratitude Journal for Teachers

Student Awards and Certificates Classroom Kit


Student Awards and Certificates Classroom Kit

New Teacher Starter Kit

New Teacher Starter Kit

The Complete Guide to Healthy Habits for Teachers

The Complete Guide to Healthy Habits for Teacher Self-Care

Grading Strategies and Report Card Comments Essentials Kit

Grading Strategies and Report Card Comments Essentials Kit

The Time Management Workbook


The Time Management Workbook

The Ultimate Self-Regulation Kit

The Ultimate Self-Regulation Kit

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Role Plays For ESL Classes

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This page contains literature circle sheets, book reviews, book report forms, and a reading survey.

Reading Worksheets

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teachers role worksheet

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teachers role worksheet

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teachers role worksheet

Speech Therapy Self-Advocacy Role Play Activity for High School Students

teachers role worksheet


teachers role worksheet

Conversation Skills Role Play Activity for Social Language Groups Speech Therapy

teachers role worksheet

Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set

teachers role worksheet

Middle & High School Speech Therapy Self Advocacy Activities/ Role - Play Scenarios

teachers role worksheet

Role - Playing Scenarios and Coping Strategy Cards ⭐️ SEL

teachers role worksheet

FRENCH DRAMA BUNDLE | Game Cards & Role Play Activities | Le Drame

teachers role worksheet

Conflict Resolution Role Play Activities With Situation Cards

teachers role worksheet

Reader's Theater for Literacy Centers: 10 Original plays / 2 Roles

teachers role worksheet

Resilience Scenarios - Task Cards for Role Play

teachers role worksheet

  • Easel Activity

teachers role worksheet

Drama Role Play Task Cards-Games and Activities- 36pc

teachers role worksheet

Problem Solving: Role Playing Bundle

teachers role worksheet

Social Skills Role Play Scenario Task Cards for K-5 Social-Emotional SEL Lessons

teachers role worksheet

Problem Solving Role Playing : Friendship Edition

teachers role worksheet

Social Skills Partner Role Plays - Classroom Skills

teachers role worksheet

Conversation Scripts and Role - Playing | Social Skills Speech Therapy

teachers role worksheet

Role Play Cards for Stuttering Therapy

teachers role worksheet

To Kill a Mockingbird Activity - Tom Robinson's Trial Role Play Harper Lee Novel

teachers role worksheet

Andrew Jackson: Nullification Crisis and Bank of the U.S. - Student role play

teachers role worksheet

Spanish Restaurant Role Play Activity!!

teachers role worksheet

  • Word Document File

teachers role worksheet

Drama Role Play or WritingTask Cards- Situational Improv-72pc

teachers role worksheet

Hunger Games Class Reaping Mock Training Sessions Role Play Activity

teachers role worksheet

Restaurant Project - Ordering Food, Role Play and Activities BUNDLE

teachers role worksheet

At the Zoo Dramatic Role Play Center

teachers role worksheet

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Study from Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore Shows Knowledge of Students Plays Important Role in Teachers’ In-the-moment Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Strategies

Elementary Education

Mathematics teachers are often urged to encourage students to solve problems using their own preferred strategies, says NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore . If teachers struggle to determine what a student did in using any given strategy, they might encourage them to abandon it in favor of something more familiar or conventional. This, research shows, could ultimately limit students’ learning as well as create negative attitudes towards mathematics. 

Jarry-Shore is the lead author on a recently published study entitled “ The Role of Contextual Knowledge in Noticing Students’ Strategies In-the-Moment ,” which examined the extent to which four novice teachers noticed students’ mathematical strategies in the moment, identifying instances when teachers had attended to specific details in students’ strategies and made precise claims about understandings reflected in the strategies. 

Teachers’ in-the-moment noticing was studied by capturing videos of lessons and then having teachers participate in a video-stimulated recall interview with Jarry-Shore. Interviews concluded that teachers attended to specific details of a student’s chosen strategy and made precise claims about understanding reflected in those strategies on nearly 50 occasions. 

Teachers in the study also referenced 11 different types of knowledge when noticing student strategies, with their knowledge of individual students and knowledge of prior lessons referenced most frequently. 

This revelation, Jarry-Shore said, is significant because, in prior studies focused on teachers’ in-the-moment noticing of student’s strategies, teachers were asked to observe students who were not in their classes. However, this study reveals that, when a teacher has access to contextual knowledge of their own students and the prior lessons they have engaged with, such knowledge may play an important role in supporting their in-the-moment noticing. 

“Although we did not examine how teachers went about developing this knowledge of students and prior lessons, our hunch is that they did so by inquiring into their own classrooms and being curious about the children they taught and the classroom environment in which they learned,” Jarry-Shore said. “This suggests that, as teacher educators, if we want novice teachers to develop such knowledge, we need to develop teachers’ disposition to be curious about and inquire into the classroom in which they teach.” 

Jarry-Shore and his co-author, Hilda Barko of Stanford University, entered into the study guided by the theory that teachers’ in-the-moment noticing of students’ mathematical strategies was contingent upon their knowledge of research-based trajectories describing how students typically solve particular problems and how understanding of mathematical concepts develops. However, they rarely observed any of the four participant teachers referencing such knowledge. 

This, Jarry-Shore said, demonstrates that a blend of research-based knowledge alongside knowledge of one’s students as learners and individuals is key.

“Although teachers in this study did not often reference the knowledge we expected, it remains crucially important,” he said. “This study suggests that complementing such research-based knowledge with contextual knowledge could do much more to support teachers in noticing students’ mathematical strategies in the moment.”

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More From College of Education News

teachers role worksheet

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, Department Head Joy Gaston Gayles Encourages New NC State Students to Take Lessons from Wolves in Convocation Speech 

MSEN summer camp students

Students Gain Real-World Experiences in Augmented and Virtual Realities at MSEN Summer Camp with Newcombe Family Donation 

This year's LASER Institute summer workshop was hosted July 17-21, 2023, at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, part of the NC State College of Education at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.

LASER Institute Builds Community of Scholars for Lifelong Connections, Future Collaboration 


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  1. PDF TKT Module 3: the roles of the teacher

    Description In this activity, participants analyse the various roles of the teacher in the classroom. They consider the functions of various roles and when different roles might be taken. The roles of the teacher in the classroom is assessed in TKT Module 3 Part 2. Procedure 1.

  2. PDF Collaborative Teaching Roles & Responsibilities

    Handout 1: Flight School Worksheet Directions Handout 1a: Flight School Worksheet Materials, continued Handout 2: The Flight Simulator Self-addressed, stamped return envelope-one per collaborative team Handout 2a: The Power of Two: Collaborative Teaching Approaches Handout 3: Taking Flight Handout 3a: Taking Flight Sample

  3. Quiz & Worksheet

    1. Which of these roles is important for a teacher? Educator Caregiver Colleague Student All of these are important roles for a teacher. 2. Which of the following is NOT a role of a...

  4. Trusted Teacher Resources, Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Grades K-12

    Find the right resources, right now. Your prep time just got a whole lot shorter. An ever-growing library of more than 20,000 worksheets, lesson plans, and activities. Organizational tools and resources to help you manage your classroom and engage your students. Find your resources.

  5. Roles And Responsibilities Teaching Resources

    $15.00 PDF Google Apps™ Unit for Grade 1 Roles & Responsibilities Social Studies for the 2018 Ontario Curriculum! Interactive Digital Google slides and Printable PDF both included!! Let this 112 page unit help you with the new grade 1 curriculum! Please see preview for details of pages included, samples, and more! **NEW UPDATE!!!! SURPRISE!!!

  6. Teacher Roles PDF

    required: Participants worksheet 2 (one for each participant) Participants worksheet 3 (cut into strips) Sample Task (one for each participant) Aims: to introduce common teacher roles and to discuss the functions of teacher roles to provide practice in completing tasks in which the role of the teacher is the testing focus. Procedure 1.

  7. Free, custom printable worksheet templates for teachers

    Teachers like you are saddled with lots of tasks. You have to write lesson plans, manage the classroom, grade tests—the list can go on and on. But with Canva's worksheet templates, you have one less thing to worry about. Our template library has an array of free worksheet templates for teachers that you can use both for educating kids and ...

  8. Super Teacher Worksheets

    50 States We have lots of printable PDFs for learning about the 50 states and their capitals. Worksheets include printable games, maps, puzzles, and more. 50 States Phonics Whether you're looking for games, learning centers, flashcards, or just a simple worksheet, we have the elementary-level phonics worksheets you need. Phonics Daily Word Problems

  9. Class Roles Worksheets & Teaching Resources

    1. $5.00. Zip. This pack was designed to provide a simple and interesting overview of gender roles and social classes in the Mali Empire. Gender Roles and Social Classes in the Mali Empire Pack includes: - Power Point: "Gender Roles and Social Classes in the Mali Empire" (33 slides) - Worksheet: 5 social classes.

  10. Role Sheets Teaching Resources

    Literature Circles roles, job sheets, rubrics, activities and more are all included in this Literature Circles Made Simple resource! Get literature circles up and running with eas

  11. Teachers' Roles Worksheet

    TEACHERS' ROLES WORKSHEET - Read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Teachers' Roles Worksheet. Uploaded by Maritchuita JaSi. 0 ratings 0% found this document useful (0 votes) 1 views. 1 page. Document Information click to expand document information.

  12. Role Models Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed by Teachers

    For Teachers 6th - 8th. Being able to identify what characteristics make a good role model is one way for students to better understand their own positive behaviors. The class brainstorms what characteristics make up a good role model, research a role model... +. Lesson Plan. Anti-Defamation League.

  13. Team Roles Teaching Resources

    This Leadership Role pack is exactly what you need in order to:-to students excited about leadership within the classroom-teach them how to work cooperatively towards a common goal-take pride and ownership of their classroomINCLUDED:-Application letter for students to fill out-Announcement flyer notifying students what role they are hired forThe...

  14. 286 FREE Role Playing Games Worksheets

    These 286 worksheets offer role playing activities of every shape and size. Some put the students in various roles to act our common real-life situations - while others invite them to imagine voyages to foreign cities, challenge them to take on different jobs, or even cast them as characters in movies and fictional stories.

  15. Role Plays For ESL Classes

    This sample worksheet contains six role playing situations from the book "ESL role plays for English teachers: 40 great role plays for ESL classes.". Each role plays presents some useful vocabulary, each student role and a let's go further twist the teacher may use to keep conflict going. The role play topics and difficulty level are ...

  16. Reading Worksheets

    Print out the set of 4 - Reading Rocks, Reading is Dino-Mite, Blast off with a Book, and Books are Cool. Reading comprehension passages and questions for fourth graders. Reading comprehension passages and questions for fifth graders. Phonics Worksheets. We have printable worksheets and games for consonants, vowels, digraphs, diphthongs, and blends.

  17. Whats My Role Worksheet Teaching Resources

    Whats My Role Worksheet Teaching Resources | TPT Results for whats my role worksheet 2,800 + results Sort by: Relevance View: List The Water Cycle Worksheets and Anchor Chart Created by Tails of Teaching I love anchor charts, and this pack takes the hassle out of creating the perfect anchor charts for your classroom! The best part?

  18. Role Worksheets

    Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Role. Some of the worksheets displayed are Role clarification work, Literature circle role, Role model icebreakers activities, Drills dialogues and role plays, Lesson plan 2 find a role model be a role model, Dysfunctional family roles, Eaw user roles in nsips, Therapist work for in session and at home experiments.

  19. Results for group work roles

    These cards are your perfect hassle-free plan to define student roles during cooperative group work! 9 roles are included to give you a variety of student jobs to choose from: Writer Speaker Time Tracker Encourager Includer Supply Manager Reader Typer CaptainEach role also comes with a simple, clear description of what's involved on the back ...

  20. PDF Worksheet Usage, Reading Achievement, Classes' Lack of ...

    Teachers use worksheets for the purposes of supporting studying, promoting active learning, raising interest in learning science, and assessment. Many studies suggest that well-designed worksheets have had positive impacts on students' learning achievement (Sasmaz-Oren & Ormanci, 2012).

  21. Results for role play

    This packet includes:-What the word Self-Advocacy Means-Why we need to Self-Advocate-Steps to Advocate-Example of Role - Play to Self-Advocate-10 scenarios with a script to Advocate at School-10 scenarios with a script to Advocate at Work (Added 9/2018)-Self Rating Form-Teacher R Subjects: Special Education, Speech Therapy, Vocational Education

  22. 20 role-play activities

    Role-Play Activities TEACHER GUIDE DOCUMENT 20 JOSHUA Number of students needed: 5 (Joshua, Anthony, Tyler, Marcus, and a student to play the teacher) ... Role-Play Solutions Worksheet List all the possible solutions that you can think of to your role-play situation. Then go back and check whether each solution is realistic, whether it is safe ...

  23. Teachers of Tomorrow CEO Heath Morrison plans to fight teacher shortage

    The first thing Morrison plans to do in his new role, he told the Houston Business Journal, is make people aware of how severe the teacher shortage is. The next step is to have honest ...

  24. Study from Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore Shows Knowledge of

    Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore is the lead author on a recently published study that examined the extent to which four novice teachers noticed students' mathematical strategies in the moment, identifying instances when teachers had attended to specific details in students' strategies and made precise claims about understandings reflected in the strategies.

  25. PDF TKT Module 3: the roles of the teacher

    Hand out Participant's worksheet 2 and one set of strips from Participant's worksheet 3 to each group. Participants match the strips with the functions of the teacher roles with the names of the teacher roles on Participant's worksheet 2. Check answers together (see key below). Leave the strips and the worksheet on the desks.