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Many of the tools below are fillable PDFs. If the fillable version opens in a browser for you to complete, please choose to "print" when you're finished. When the print screen opens, select PDF from the printer options, and then you should be able to save your work. 

Unless otherwise noted, all of our worksheets hold the Creative Commons (CC) license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND .

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Resources and Downloads to Support College Readiness

Discover resources and information — including downloads from schools — related to developing the awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare students to enroll and succeed in college.

Preparing Students Socially and Emotionally

  • When Social and Emotional Learning Is Key to College Success : Read about the difference between college-eligible and college-ready and the social-emotional skills that can help kids find college success. ( The Atlantic , 2016)
  • Failure Is Essential to Learning : Understand how helping students to reframe failure as part of the learning process can help them succeed in college and beyond. (Edutopia, 2015)
  • Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation and Growth Mindset in Writing : Discover how one teacher’s strategies for preparing her students to read and write in college changed as she explored new ideas about student motivation, engagement, and growth. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • That "Aha!" Moment of College or Career Readiness : See how one teacher helped his students connect to ideas about themselves and their futures through a program called Roadtrip Nation . (Edutopia, 2015)

Building 21st Century Skills Through Deeper Learning

  • Defining Twenty-First Century Literacy : Discover how deeper-learning environments can help foster 21st century competencies. To learn more about deeper learning, check out Bob Lenz's Deeper Learning video and blog series . (Edutopia, 2013)
  • 8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Language : Try out some of the eight strategies discussed in this post to help students develop the language skills they’ll need in college. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • Critical Thinking Pathways : Explore six different pathways to practicing critical thinking within the context of authentic inquiry, PBL, or interdisciplinary (integrated) studies. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • How to Help Students Think Abstractly : Explore exercises in figurative language and abstractions in order to develop college-level language and thinking skills. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • Why Collaboration and Communication Matter : Consider ways to incorporate Common Core-aligned speaking and listening practice into group activities. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • Study Habits and College Readiness : Watch a video about a lesson from a 9th grade class that helps students develop study skills, literacy skills, and mindsets to prepare for success in high school and college. (Teaching Channel, 2013)
  • Yes, You Can Teach and Assess Creativity! : Find guidance to help you intentionally teach and assess creativity to help students learn more deeply, build confidence, and increase college readiness. (Edutopia, 2013)

Improving College Readiness Through PBL

  • Stand and Deliver: The Role of Presentations in Project Based Learning : Explore how schools like Manor New Technology High School hone written and oral communication skills through PBL presentations to build college-and-career readiness. Read more about Manor New Technology High School in Edutopia’s Project-Based Learning: Success Start to Finish ." (P21, 2016)
  • Experiencing Deeper Learning Through PBL : Watch a video profiling high school student Rahil, and learn more about how his experiences with project-based learning prepared him for college. (Edutopia, 2013)
  • Can PBL Help Pave the Way to College Success? : Learn how one charter school network helps students become college-ready through an emphasis on project-based learning, student leadership, STEM education, and technology integration. (Edutopia, 2013)
  • Want Your Students College Ready? Use PBL : Discover how well-implemented PBL taps into critical factors for college readiness. (Edutopia, 2011)

Increasing College Access

  • Bridging the Gap Between Aspiration and Attainment in College Enrollment : Consider takeaways from an analysis by the Center for Public Education , including suggestions about how to bridge the gap between college enrollment aspiration and attainment. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • Student Advocacy for Every Secondary School : Read about the role of student advocacy in helping students succeed and get to college. (Edutopia, 2013)
  • How to Provide Guidance to First Generation College-Bound Students : Try out five strategies to better prepare first generation college-bound students for the college experience. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • How to Provide College Planning and Counseling Support to Students of Color : Consider some advice to school counselors on giving balanced college-planning advice. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • How College-Bound Students of Color Should Prepare for Life in a Predominantly White Campus : Explore conversation topics that can help students of color make a smooth transition to college life. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • Five Steps to Widening the College Pipeline for African American and Latino Students : Transform classroom culture to help young people think about college as probable rather than possible. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • College Readiness for ELLs : Discover ways to support English-language learners as they consider their future plans. (Colorin Colorado)

Helping Students Select and Apply to Colleges

  • Gaming the College Admissions Process : Find out how games can help middle and high school students understand challenges and find solutions related to test review and the college application process. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • A Strategy for Discovering and Describing Student Accomplishments : Prepare students for admissions essays by helping them examine the value of their experiences and accomplishments. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • Choosing a College : Consider some advice about how to help students navigate around college myths to find their college match. (Edutopia, 2015)
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to College Financial Aid : Help students navigate the process of applying for college financial aid, including information about FAFSA . (Edutopia, 2012)

Facilitating the Transition Beyond High School

  • High School Support Through College : Learn about one school that extends support beyond high school to help students succeed in college. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • Helpful Resources to Share With High School Graduates : Explore resources educators and parents can share with graduates to help them start planning ahead during the summer after graduation. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • College Readiness Checklist for Parents : Use this college readiness checklist to make sure your high school grads are prepared for what's waiting for them on campus. (Edutopia, 2012)
  • 9 Steps for Easing the Transition to College : Think through strategies to help teens with learning and attention issues prepare for the college transition. (Understood, 2014)
  • College Board School Advisory Session Guides : Reference guides (especially the guide for grade 12) for session outlines that address topics about setting expectations for college and adjusting to college life; session outlines for grades 6 and up address other aspects of college readiness. (Big Future/College Board)

Downloads and Examples From Schools That Work

Edutopia's flagship series highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn. Below, dive into real-world examples and practical downloads from schools that are preparing their students for college success.

College Prep: College Acceptance for Every Student

Learn how Urban Prep Charter Academy, Englewood Campus in Chicago, Illinois, ensures that all graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university. See how they conduct pride advisory classes to help students develop socially and emotionally and build college preparedness through all four years of high school. Then download information about their advisory curriculum and one of their college-readiness tools:

  • College Planning Worksheet -- Use this worksheet to understand how students identify which colleges they'd like to attend.
  • Pride Curriculum Map -- Learn more about the entire Pride Curriculum, which covers topics ranging from study skills to racism and financial literacy.
  • Sophomore Pride Curriculum -- Take a look at the Pride Curriculum for sophomores, which covers topics such as identity development and responsible decision making.

Critical Thinking: A Path to College and Career

Review suggestions from educators at KIPP King Collegiate High School in San Lorenzo, California, on how to develop and assess critical-thinking skills to foster college readiness. Then check out how Kipp King addresses professional development on critical thinking , and explore some of the KIPP King school downloads to use them in your own school. Here are some highlights:

  • Socratic Seminar Connectors : Download a one-page handout describing connector statements that students can use within the context of Socratic seminar discussions.
  • Socratic Seminar Roles : Download a handout with specifics about possible roles and assignments of outer-circle members during Socratic seminars.
  • Evaluating Seminar Statements : Download a handout that gives students practice evaluating seminar statements in advance of Socratic seminars and a reference list of connectors to help them formulate responses.

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Templates for college and university assignments

Include customizable templates in your college toolbox. stay focused on your studies and leave the assignment structuring to tried and true layout templates for all kinds of papers, reports, and more..

college tools photo

Keep your college toolbox stocked with easy-to-use templates

Work smarter with higher-ed helpers from our college tools collection. Presentations are on point from start to finish when you start your project using a designer-created template; you'll be sure to catch and keep your professor's attention. Staying on track semester after semester takes work, but that work gets a little easier when you take control of your scheduling, list making, and planning by using trackers and planners that bring you joy. Learning good habits in college will serve you well into your professional life after graduation, so don't reinvent the wheel—use what is known to work!

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Free Math Worksheets — Over 100k free practice problems on Khan Academy

Looking for free math worksheets.

You’ve found something even better!

That’s because Khan Academy has over 100,000 free practice questions. And they’re even better than traditional math worksheets – more instantaneous, more interactive, and more fun!

Just choose your grade level or topic to get access to 100% free practice questions:

Kindergarten, basic geometry, pre-algebra, algebra basics, high school geometry.

  • Trigonometry

Statistics and probability

High school statistics, ap®︎/college statistics, precalculus, differential calculus, integral calculus, ap®︎/college calculus ab, ap®︎/college calculus bc, multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra.

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Place value (tens and hundreds)
  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Addition and subtraction within 100
  • Addition and subtraction within 1000
  • Measurement and data
  • Counting and place value
  • Measurement and geometry
  • Place value
  • Measurement, data, and geometry
  • Add and subtract within 20
  • Add and subtract within 100
  • Add and subtract within 1,000
  • Money and time
  • Measurement
  • Intro to multiplication
  • 1-digit multiplication
  • Addition, subtraction, and estimation
  • Intro to division
  • Understand fractions
  • Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions
  • More with multiplication and division
  • Arithmetic patterns and problem solving
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Represent and interpret data
  • Multiply by 1-digit numbers
  • Multiply by 2-digit numbers
  • Factors, multiples and patterns
  • Add and subtract fractions
  • Multiply fractions
  • Understand decimals
  • Plane figures
  • Measuring angles
  • Area and perimeter
  • Units of measurement
  • Decimal place value
  • Add decimals
  • Subtract decimals
  • Multi-digit multiplication and division
  • Divide fractions
  • Multiply decimals
  • Divide decimals
  • Powers of ten
  • Coordinate plane
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Converting units of measure
  • Properties of shapes
  • Ratios, rates, & percentages
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Negative numbers
  • Properties of numbers
  • Variables & expressions
  • Equations & inequalities introduction
  • Data and statistics
  • Negative numbers: addition and subtraction
  • Negative numbers: multiplication and division
  • Fractions, decimals, & percentages
  • Rates & proportional relationships
  • Expressions, equations, & inequalities
  • Numbers and operations
  • Solving equations with one unknown
  • Linear equations and functions
  • Systems of equations
  • Geometric transformations
  • Data and modeling
  • Volume and surface area
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Transformations, congruence, and similarity
  • Arithmetic properties
  • Factors and multiples
  • Reading and interpreting data
  • Negative numbers and coordinate plane
  • Ratios, rates, proportions
  • Equations, expressions, and inequalities
  • Exponents, radicals, and scientific notation
  • Foundations
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Linear equations and inequalities
  • Graphing lines and slope
  • Expressions with exponents
  • Quadratics and polynomials
  • Equations and geometry
  • Algebra foundations
  • Solving equations & inequalities
  • Working with units
  • Linear equations & graphs
  • Forms of linear equations
  • Inequalities (systems & graphs)
  • Absolute value & piecewise functions
  • Exponents & radicals
  • Exponential growth & decay
  • Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring
  • Quadratic functions & equations
  • Irrational numbers
  • Performing transformations
  • Transformation properties and proofs
  • Right triangles & trigonometry
  • Non-right triangles & trigonometry (Advanced)
  • Analytic geometry
  • Conic sections
  • Solid geometry
  • Polynomial arithmetic
  • Complex numbers
  • Polynomial factorization
  • Polynomial division
  • Polynomial graphs
  • Rational exponents and radicals
  • Exponential models
  • Transformations of functions
  • Rational functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Non-right triangles & trigonometry
  • Trigonometric equations and identities
  • Analyzing categorical data
  • Displaying and comparing quantitative data
  • Summarizing quantitative data
  • Modeling data distributions
  • Exploring bivariate numerical data
  • Study design
  • Probability
  • Counting, permutations, and combinations
  • Random variables
  • Sampling distributions
  • Confidence intervals
  • Significance tests (hypothesis testing)
  • Two-sample inference for the difference between groups
  • Inference for categorical data (chi-square tests)
  • Advanced regression (inference and transforming)
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Scatterplots
  • Data distributions
  • Two-way tables
  • Binomial probability
  • Normal distributions
  • Displaying and describing quantitative data
  • Inference comparing two groups or populations
  • Chi-square tests for categorical data
  • More on regression
  • Prepare for the 2020 AP®︎ Statistics Exam
  • AP®︎ Statistics Standards mappings
  • Polynomials
  • Composite functions
  • Probability and combinatorics
  • Limits and continuity
  • Derivatives: definition and basic rules
  • Derivatives: chain rule and other advanced topics
  • Applications of derivatives
  • Analyzing functions
  • Parametric equations, polar coordinates, and vector-valued functions
  • Applications of integrals
  • Differentiation: definition and basic derivative rules
  • Differentiation: composite, implicit, and inverse functions
  • Contextual applications of differentiation
  • Applying derivatives to analyze functions
  • Integration and accumulation of change
  • Applications of integration
  • AP Calculus AB solved free response questions from past exams
  • AP®︎ Calculus AB Standards mappings
  • Infinite sequences and series
  • AP Calculus BC solved exams
  • AP®︎ Calculus BC Standards mappings
  • Integrals review
  • Integration techniques
  • Thinking about multivariable functions
  • Derivatives of multivariable functions
  • Applications of multivariable derivatives
  • Integrating multivariable functions
  • Green’s, Stokes’, and the divergence theorems
  • First order differential equations
  • Second order linear equations
  • Laplace transform
  • Vectors and spaces
  • Matrix transformations
  • Alternate coordinate systems (bases)

Frequently Asked Questions about Khan Academy and Math Worksheets

Why is khan academy even better than traditional math worksheets.

Khan Academy’s 100,000+ free practice questions give instant feedback, don’t need to be graded, and don’t require a printer.

What do Khan Academy’s interactive math worksheets look like?

Here’s an example:

What are teachers saying about Khan Academy’s interactive math worksheets?

“My students love Khan Academy because they can immediately learn from their mistakes, unlike traditional worksheets.”

Is Khan Academy free?

Khan Academy’s practice questions are 100% free—with no ads or subscriptions.

What do Khan Academy’s interactive math worksheets cover?

Our 100,000+ practice questions cover every math topic from arithmetic to calculus, as well as ELA, Science, Social Studies, and more.

Is Khan Academy a company?

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Want to get even more out of Khan Academy?

Then be sure to check out our teacher tools . They’ll help you assign the perfect practice for each student from our full math curriculum and track your students’ progress across the year. Plus, they’re also 100% free — with no subscriptions and no ads.

Career Guides, Handouts, and Worksheets

In this section:, career services handouts, career services worksheets, cla career readiness guide.

The CLA Career Readiness Guide covers, in-depth, all of the career-related topics you’ll need to consider as a liberal arts student. Access the guide online!

CLA Career Readiness Internship Guide

For a comprehensive guide to making your internship the best experience it can be, see the CLA Career Readiness Internship Guide: Making the Most of Your Internship. Access the guide online!

These handouts are specialized content for tailored career interests.

  • Explore Pre-Health
  • Federal Employment Search Tips
  • Navigating the Benefits Package of a Job Offer
  • Resumes: Project Sections

The worksheets below correspond with the CLA Career Readiness Guide so that you can reflect, make progress, and take action steps now on any or all of these career topics. They are configured to be fillable PDFs, meaning you can type in the fields provided directly on your computer! 

You will find the link to the fillable PDF worksheet for that topic in the first column in the table below. In the second column, you will find the link to the corresponding section of the CLA Career Readiness Guide that you can use to complete that worksheet. There are links to sections of the CLA Career Readiness Guide that are also mentioned within the worksheets.

Download Instructions 

  • Do not "Open with GoogleDocs."
  • Save the downloaded worksheet to your “Desktop” or whatever folder you prefer.
  • Open and fill in the PDF. Or you can always print it out and fill it out if you prefer.

If you are having trouble filling out the fillable PDF, download Adobe Reader for free! 


  1. 20+ College Budget Worksheet Templates in Google Docs

    worksheet for college

  2. Algebra Worksheets

    worksheet for college

  3. College Application Worksheet printable pdf download

    worksheet for college

  4. Pin on College

    worksheet for college

  5. Algebra 1 Practice Worksheet Printable

    worksheet for college

  6. College Comparison Worksheet

    worksheet for college


  1. Worksheet of "A or An"

  2. online worksheets class training

  3. A guide to worksheet #8

  4. worksheets


  6. Creating Interactive Worksheet Using Top Worksheet


  1. All Worksheets

    Anatomy of an Email. Classify Your Course. Communication, Canvas & You. Customize Your Learning. Elements of a Productive Study Space. Physical Strategies to Support Learning. Questions to Ask to Prep for Exams. Remote Study Group Activities. Remote Study Group Set-Up.

  2. Resources and Downloads to Support College Readiness

    College Planning Worksheet-- Use this worksheet to understand how students identify which colleges they'd like to attend. Pride Curriculum Map -- Learn more about the entire Pride Curriculum, which covers topics ranging from study skills to racism and financial literacy.

  3. Free Printables for College Students

    We know the first few weeks of college can be overwhelming, whether you're a senior or a freshman, so we've created some college freebies to help your move that much easier. With budgeting worksheets, dorm room essentials and checklists, you're sure to pass through your year with flying colors!

  4. Templates for college and university assignments

    Templates for college and university assignments. Include customizable templates in your college toolbox. Stay focused on your studies and leave the assignment structuring to tried and true layout templates for all kinds of papers, reports, and more.

  5. Free Math Worksheets

    Math worksheets can lead to cheating or a lack of differentiation since every student works on the same questions. Khan Academy has a full question bank to draw from, ensuring that each student works on different questions – and at their perfect skill level.

  6. Career Guides, Handouts, and Worksheets

    The worksheets below correspond with the CLA Career Readiness Guide so that you can reflect, make progress, and take action steps now on any or all of these career topics. They are configured to be fillable PDFs, meaning you can type in the fields provided directly on your computer!