Turnitin assignments by groups

If you are using groups within Blackboard Basic you can access your group of choice from the Course Tools section of the Course Management side panel.

Select Turnitin Assignments by Groups from Course Tools.

turnitin group assignment

Select the assignment containing the groups you wish to view.

turnitin group assignment

If the assignment is anonymous, the Grade column will remain unpopulated until the post date/feedback release date has passed. If grades have been assigned, they can be viewed by the instructor within the Turnitin assignment inbox at any time.

The Turnitin assignments by groups feature is not linked to the Blackboard groups feature. Any grades applied will not sync to Blackboard groups, they will have to be manually added.

Interested in learning more about course groups? Check out Blackboard’s guidance for more information.

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Turnitin LTI: Marking submissions by Group

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This feature has been replaced by a filter in the Assignment Inbox which allows you to make use of Blackboard course Groups as a way filtering the Assignment inbox to show only those students in the selected group.

You could use this approach:

  • Where tutors are marking work submitted by their tutor group
  • As a way of randomly assigning papers to markers
  • Where students have a choice of essay topics, with a different marker marking each topic


How do I use the filter?

You do not need to take any extra steps when creating your Turnitin submission point.

However, you do need to set up Groups on your Blackboard course. This can be done at any point but will need to be done before marking has begun.

Helpful tip!

Accessing Turnitin papers by Group

When there are groups set up on the course a filter will appear in the Assignment Inbox between the Search and the Submit on behalf of the student boxes.

Assignment Inbox menu with All Students filter circled.

If you can not see this filter create a group on your course.

By default it will be set to “All Students” click on the down arrow to view the Groups.

Groups Filter with drop down list of groups open and on group set revealed. A group has been selected.

Hover over the right arrow icons next to a Group Set to reveal the individual groups.

Select a group. You will then see the Turnitin Inbox filtered to display only members of the selected Blackboard Group.

Group Filter with Marking Group 1 selected. The Assignment Inbox shows two students.

There is a search box, so you can easily home in on a student by first and last name or title.

Anonymous Marking

The filter feature respects anonymous marking. When anonymity is enabled, you can still use the tool to filter the class list by group, but you will not see the names associated with individual student submissions.

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turnitin group assignment

Create Moodle Assignment guide

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  • Create Assignment
  • Create Assignment with Similarity Report
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  • Create Anonymous Assignment with Similarity Report
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  • Create Group Assignment with Similarity Check

Create Group Assignment with Similarity Report

Create moodle assignment activity, availability, submission types, accepted file types and names, feedback types and submission settings (group), group assignment submission settings, turnitin plagiarism plugin settings, notifications, common module settings & save, restrict access and activity completion settings.

  • Create Anonymous Group Assignment
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Related guidance

This page provides an overview of how to create a Moodle Assignment where students submit in groups and where a Similarity Report is generated. When using group assignments you need to set up and apply groupings in addition to groups. This is because group submissions can disappear if groups are used and a student is in one group and is subsequently added to another group.

Review the Get started - Group assignment guidance before you start. This assignment type is more complex than other assignment activities.


Turnitin does not support group marking. You must use Moodle's grading mechanisms to provide grades and feedback.

Settings not enabled

  • Anonymous submissions are not enabled.

If you are familiar with the assignment set up, you will only need to review:  

  • Group assignment settings.

Screencast: Create group assignment with Similarity Report

This screencast demonstrates how to create a group assignment with Similarity Report in Moodle 3.9. 

  • Turn Edit Mode on. 
  • Open the relevant section. Select Add an activity or resource . Select Assignment from the Activities tab.
  • In the General settings, write a meaningful Assignment name . This is the name that will be displayed on the module page and also in the gradebook.
  • In  Description , provide clear instructions to your students about the assignment. Consider adding a link to the student educational technology guidance.
  • Check Display Description on module page  to display the description beneath the assignment activity on the module page. If unchecked, the Description will only display when a student opens the assignment.
  • Do not use  Activity Instructions , as these will   only display to students  after  they have opened the assignment (usually at the point of submission). This setting should only be used for timed Moodle assignments. 
  • If required, in Additional files , upload any files you would like to attach to this assignment (e.g. assignment cover sheet or example submissions). Download links for the files will be displayed on the assignment page under the Description.
  • Moodle guidance for students
  • In the Availability section, set the Allow submissions from date to indicate from when students will be able to submit their coursework. This is enabled by default. 
  • Set the Due date to match the assignment deadline. This date displays on the module page it is added to the Moodle Calendar and the students' Timeline block.
  • Check the box next to Enable to set a Cut-off date . This is the final date and time when coursework can be submitted. Any submissions added after the Due date will be marked as late. Once the Cut-off date has passed, the submit button will not display on the assignment.
  • Disable or update the  Remind me to grade by date. This appears in Timeline and Upcoming events block for staff enrolled on a module to remind them of grading deadlines.
  • Do not use Time Limit . This feature is for setting timed assignments.
  • In Submission types , select the box to indicate if the submission will be online text or whether students will upload one or more files. 
  • If Online text submissions are enabled, students type rich text directly into an editor field for their submission. Markers can comment on, and edit students' text directly. Tick the Enable box to set a word limit. Set the maximum number of words that each student will be allowed to submit.
  • Note: This is also the maximum number of feedback files that you can attach to each individual student when providing feedback. For example, if you want a student to submit one file but want to upload two feedback files then select three files.
  • The maximum submission size defaults to the maximum upload limit for Moodle of 400MB . This default can be decreased if required.  Please note: If you have Turnitin enabled on Moodle assignments that Turnitin's upload limit is 100MB .
  • The lecturer can specify the types of file the students may upload to the assignment. The file types may be added with their file extension, such as .png and mp3, or else as image/png and audio/mp3.
  • Accepted file types can be restricted by entering a semicolon-separated list of mimetypes, for example: 'video/mp4; audio/mp3; image/png; image/jpeg'. You may also limit to extensions by including the dot, for example '.png; .jpg'.
  • If the file types have been restricted, then when students attempt to submit the assignment, they will see a message telling them which files are accepted.
  • Leaving the field blank will allow all file types.

If an assignment is set to  allow any file type , Turnitin will accept a limited number of file types that are:

  • smaller than 100MB; even if the Moodle assignment is set up to accept files of 400MB
  • have a minimum of 20 words; and
  • fewer than 800 pages.

However, Feedback Studio cannot generate a Similarity Report for all file types so check Turnitin's accepted file types .

Feedback types controls how you can provide feedback. In most cases, you will not need to change these settings unless you have an online text submission. Set Comment inline to Yes for online text submissions.

turnitin group assignment

  • Set Require students to click the submit button to Yes if you want the option to Require all group members to submit from the Group assignment settings.
  • The setting Require that students accept the submission statement is enabled by default on assignments. Do not change this setting as it is important that students understand what is required of them in regards to academic integrity prior to submitting an assignment.

turnitin group assignment

  • When a student who is not in a group attempts to submit Moodle will display a message You're not a member of any group; please contact your lecturer . The student will not be able to submit the assignment.
  • If Yes is selected, then the assignment will not be classed as submitted until all members of the group have clicked the Submit assignment button.
  • This setting becomes selectable if you set  Require students to click the submit button  to  Yes  under the Submission settings.
  • Select a Grouping in the  Grouping for student groups  drop-down menu.

turnitin group assignment

  • To allow students to view their Similarity Report, change the Display Similarity Reports to Students to Yes .
  • Change Allow submission of any file type? to Yes if students are required to submit a variety of file types. Not all file types will generate a Similarity Report. 
  • The default option is  Standard Repository  which is suitable for most submissions.  
  • No Repository  can be chosen for formative submissions or for a confidential projects/commercially sensitive dissertations which should not be included in future similarity searches. For confidential submissions, once the assessment process is completed and you have downloaded and saved a copy of the confidential submission, you can log a ticket on IT Self Service Portal to request that the assignment is removed from Turnitin. Please quote the Turnitin ID number in your request.
  • Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until the due date, After 3 submission, reports generate after 24 hours). Similarity Reports for the initial submission by each student are generated immediately. Students may resubmit as often as they wish until the Due date. Similarity Reports for the third or subsequent submission will require 24 hours before processing. Only the latest submission is available to the lecturer or student. Previous versions are removed. Student submissions will be compared against their peers submissions within the assignment on the Due date, which may then result in a change in the similarity index.
  • Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date): Similarity Reports will not be generated for any submission until the Due date of the assignment. Students can resubmit as needed until the Due date and time but no Similarity Reports are generated. 
  • Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit):  This option is not recommended as students are unable to resubmit and submissions are not checked against each other. Submissions must be deleted by the lecturer/course officer to enable resubmission. Similarity Reports for all submissions will be generated immediately. Students cannot resubmit papers.
  • The remainder of the options enable you to exclude certain searches from a Similarity Report and we do not recommend that any of these options are changed. These Similarity Report should be filtered in the Feedback Studio during the marking process instead.
  • You cannot use Feedback Studio for providing feedback on a group assignment so you can skip the Rubric option.
  • Turnitin rubrics

Screenshot of Notification settings on a Moodle assignment.

  • If you want all Lecturers and Programme Administrators on a module to be notified via email of late submissions change Notify graders about late submissions to Yes .
  • The Default setting for Notify students is Yes . Do not change this setting as it controls the generation of an email to students on release of grades and feedback.

turnitin group assignment

  • The other grading methods are Rubrics and Marking records.
  • Anonymous submissions aren't possible with groups as the lecturer can see the membership of each groups.
  • Use  Marking workflow  is an  optional workflow  that requires grades to go through a series of stages before they're released to students. 
  • This option might be required if course officers are uploading feedback received from lecturers.
  • From the Common module settings , you can set Availability to Show or Hide on course page .
  • You do not need to change the Group mode .
  • Select Save and return to module .

You can use the Restrict access settings to control the availability of content and activities based on one or more conditions, including date and group. 

Activity completion allows you to set completion criteria for a specific activity or resource.

Activities or resources with a completion criteria display a circle next to them in the Module index. The circle turns green (and is filled in) when the student meet the criteria. On the main module page, a tick and the word "done" appears against the item when the student meets the criteria. This helps students manage their progress on a module and staff can easily review student engagement and progress against key activities.

You can combine Restrict access   and Activity completion to provide structured pathways through your module.

Apply the settings

  • Open the activity or resource.
  • Select Settings from the contextual navigation menu above the module name. This opens the activity settings.
  • Change the settings required.
  • Select Save and return to module  to save any changes made.
  • Manage your content guide
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  • URL: https://city-uk-ett.libguides.com/staff/moodle/assignment

Creative Commons Licence

Mark Turnitin Assignments by Group

This guide explains how to filter Turnitin by group to facilitate marking. Both Allocate and manually created Blackboard groups may be used.

Allocate groups are linked automatically and have to be made available first. Blackboard groups have to be created manually and set to available.

Warning:  Blackboard groups may take up to an hour to be displayed in Turnitin.

Video guide

Allocate groups - make available

  • From the  Control Panel ,   select  Users and Groups  >  Groups .
  • Select a group.
  • Click on the down arrow and select  Edit Group  from the drop-down list.

turnitin group assignment

  • Select  Yes  radio button in the  Group is visible to students .

turnitin group assignment

  • Repeat for additional groups

Learn.UQ groups - create

  • Click on the  Create button, then from the Group Set select Manual Enrol .

create a group

  • Enter a group name in the  Name  textbox.
  • Select the  Yes radio button for the setting  Group is visible to students .

turnitin group assignment

  • Enter the required number of marking groups in Number of Groups.
  • Check the  Create Smart View for each group in set checkbox.

turnitin group assignment

  • Click on the Add Users button.

turnitin group assignment

  • Check the checkbox next to the name of required users. 
  • Repeat for additonal groups.
  • Click on the Submit button.

turnitin group assignment

Marking Turnitin Assignments

  • Click on the  Turnitin Submission link.

access turnitin link

  • Click on the All Students  menu.
  • Select the required groupset and group from the drop-down menu.

choose the group

  • Select the required student to start marking. Refer to the Turnitin marking guides.
  • Apply late penalities in Gradescope
  • Assign questions to pages in Gradescope
  • Change a Turnitin qualitative rubric to a grading rubric
  • Copy a Gradescope assignment
  • Mark by group in Gradescope
  • Publish and Post Gradescope student results
  • Review marked Gradescope assignments

eLearning Support and Resources

  • Staff guides
  • Blackboard staff guides
  • Manage users and course enrolment
  • blackboard groups

Blackboard – Creating and marking a Group Assignment

  • Assessment and feedback
  • Blackboard Assignments

Staff Guide: use a Blackboard Group Assignment so one member of a group can submit but all members of the group see the mark and feedback. If you need a plagiarism check this guide explains how to combine a Blackboard Assignment with a Turnitin Assignment.

Set up Blackboard user groups to support group work.

Your students will need to be allocated to Blackboard Groups to support group work on the cours e. See the guide to Getting Started with Groups for more information on Blackboard Groups and how to set up the different types of groups.

Essential Group Properties:

  • Manual -you allocate students to groups,
  • Self enrol – create a sign-up sheet so students can organise themselves into groups – you can add students who have not signed up manually.
  • Random – Blackboard will add students to groups randomly.
  • Groups Visible to students – tick yes.
  • Create Smart View for each group – tick yes.

Add a Blackboard Assignment for group submission.

  • It is best to create a folder to hold all content relating to the group submission. (Select Build Content – Folder)
  • See this Blackboard guide for details on how to Create and Edit Assignments .

turnitin group assignment

Important Settings

  • Add CLEAR instructions to the Assignment so students know what to do – see the example in the section below.
  • Assignment Type – Select Group Submission
  • Items to Select – Select all the groups that will participate in the group work. One member from each group will submit the work.
  • Number of Attempts – Allow 2 or 3 attempts to allow for mistakes and updates.
  • Score attempts using – Score using Last Marked Attempt .

turnitin group assignment

  • Include in Grade Centre marking calculations – Tick. This will ensure that only the last submitted attempt will appear in the “Needs Marking” Grade Centre view. Make sure the Grade Centre TOTAL column is hidden.
  • Show to students in My Marks – do not tick. Leave unticked until you want to reveal marks to students.

turnitin group assignment

Combine a Group Assignment and a Turnitin assignment for similarity checking.

Currently, Blackboard Assignments do not do similarity checking so you can add a Turnitin Assignment if the group work needs to be checked for plagiarism. Blackboard is planning to integrate Turnitin Similarity checking with Blackboard assessment tools soon.

Set up a Blackboard Assignment and a Turnitin Assignment with clear instructions

turnitin group assignment

Make the Turnitin Assignment unavailable after the due date.

Students will not see their marks and feedback via the Turnitin link so it is better to make this unavailable.

turnitin group assignment

Check Submissions for each Group and mark via the Gradecentre

See the Blackboard Guide to Grading Group Assignment for more details.

  • Go to: Course Management – Grade Centre – Full Grade Cente
  • Select Filter from the Grade Centre top menu.
  • From the Current View options, you can select each group (Smart View) to filter the GradeCentre view.
  • You should see a submission for each member of the group.Anyone in the group can submit to the Blackboard Assignment and it will show as “needs marking” for all group members. There should be a single Turnitin submission.

turnitin group assignment

  • Select the drop-down options to the right of the “needs marking” icon (for any of the submissions) and choose the group attempt to be taken to the group submission.
  • Give an overall mark and feedback, then Submit, all members of the Group will be given the same mark. Individual members’ marks can be altered if necessary.

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