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Computer science

Course: computer science   >   unit 1, binary search.

  • Implementing binary search of an array
  • Challenge: Binary search
  • Running time of binary search

Describing binary search

  • Let m i n = 1 min = 1 m i n = 1 m, i, n, equals, 1 and m a x = n max = n m a x = n m, a, x, equals, n .
  • Guess the average of  m a x max m a x m, a, x  and m i n min m i n m, i, n , rounded down so that it is an integer.
  • If you guessed the number, stop. You found it!
  • If the guess was too low, set m i n min m i n m, i, n to be one larger than the guess.
  • If the guess was too high, set m a x max m a x m, a, x to be one smaller than the guess.
  • Go back to step two.

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    binary search research paper

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    binary search research paper

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  1. Interpolated binary search: An efficient hybrid search algorithm

    This paper presented a new hybrid search algorithm called Interpolated Binary Search (IBS). IBS is based on the principle of binary and linear interpolation search.The proposed algorithm is designed to be used on sorted datasets within unknown distributed keys.

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    Searching is a process that cannot be issued for a transaction and communication process, many search algorithms that can be used to facilitate the search, linear, binary, and interpolation algorithms are some searching algorithms that can be utilized, the comparison of the three algorithms is performed by testing to search data with different ...

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    Abstract. In this paper, we present randomized algorithms over binary search trees such that: (a) the insertion of a set of keys, in any fixed order, into an initially empty tree always produces a random binary search tree; (b) the deletion of any key from a random binary search tree results in a random

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    Binary search. Binary search is an efficient algorithm for finding an item from a sorted list of items. It works by repeatedly dividing in half the portion of the list that could contain the item, until you've narrowed down the possible locations to just one.