How to do a financial forecast for a kebab shop?

kebab shop financial forecast

Are you planning to open a kebab shop, or trying to grow an existing one? For it to be successful, you’ll need to have clear visibility on your future profits and cash fows: that's where having a financial forecast becomes key.

Creating a financial forecast for a kebab shop is the closest you’re going to get to seeing the future of your business.

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of putting together a financial forecast for a kebab shop then don’t worry, as in this guide we’ll give you all the information needed to create them with ease.

First, we will look at what the role of the financial forecast is and what data we need to create one. We will cast our eyes over the three main parts of the financial forecast, and the tables that compose it. And last but not least, we will give you several tools that will help you create your own financial forecast.

Why make a financial forecast for a kebab shop?

A financial forecast allows you to assess whether or not your business is likely to be profitable and sufficiently funded in the future. 

You will analyze every detail of your kebab shop (from operating costs to menu prices) to make sure that it’s financially viable.

You will also list the investments required for starting up or growing your business, such as kitchen equipment and furniture, to set out how much money you need to invest in the coming years. 

The financial forecast will also give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of growth, profit and cash flow over the next three years, allowing you to plan the development of your business with confidence.

It’s also important to remember that your kebab shop's financial forecast will be essential when you’re looking for financing. You can be 100% sure that a banker or investor will ask you for these numbers when presenting your project, so make sure they’re set out accurately and attractively. 

What information do I need to create a financial forecast for a kebab shop?

Your kebab shop’s financial forecast will be based on specific data that you will need to have collected beforehand.

First of all, you will need to have already carried out market research to evaluate the commercial potential of your location.

The market research allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How much will the average spend per head be?
  • How many times per year will the average customer visit the shop?
  • How many people are likely to visit your kebab shop during opening hours? When assessing this, think about the potential customers around you (e.g. office workers, students, families) and split it into lunch and dinner hours during the week and on weekends. 
  • Who are your competitors? Do they serve the same type of cuisine or do they have a very different menu from yours?

Your market analysis will also consider the marketing strategy you need to put in place to get your kebab shop’s name out there. Whether you set up your own website, use popular delivery platforms such as Deliveroo or Uber Eat, or pay people to hand out flyers on the street, these promotional costs will need to be included in your budget. 

Finally, you will also need to draw up a precise list of the resources needed to keep the kebab shop running on a day-to-day basis. Between staff, utility bills and maintaining stock, it’s important to ensure these are all accounted for if you want to create a budget that’s as close to reality as possible.

Your kebab shop's sales forecast

When creating your kebab shop's financial projections, the first thing you should do is create a sales forecast. 

Your level of inventory and staffing requirements will depend on how busy you expect your kebab shop to be, so it’s easier to start with how much you intend to sell.

To estimate your sales projections, you will need to estimate the number of orders your are likely to receive every day and the average price of each order.

When putting together these assumptions, it’s important to bear in mind:

  • The kebab shop’s opening hours
  • The amount of traffic in store and out if providing deliveries
  • The time it takes the kitchen to prepare the orders and how many they can process during a shift

Your kebab shop's overheads budget

Overheads are the expenses needed to run the business on a day-to-day basis.

To make sure these figures are as precise as possible, it’s important to quantify each expense item using estimates provided by your suppliers. 

Generally speaking, a kebab shop will have significant overhead costs in terms of payroll. You will need both kitchen and counter staff, not to mention part time workers who will fill in during the busy periods. 

It’s therefore vital that you accurately estimate the number of employees you will need by taking your number of potential customers into account.

Your overheads will also include rent for the premises as well as water, gas and electricity bills. Typically, additional costs will include licensing costs, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, and/or commissions if you use online delivery platforms.

Investments required for your kebab shop

There’s no getting away from it, several investments will need to be made in setting up your business and maintaining its equipment up to date. 

You’ll need to stock up on kitchen and counter equipment, it’s important to create a list of all the appliances needed. This will change depending on your kebab shop’s concept.

Research quotes for kitchen equipment, furniture, packaging and all the elements that are vital for the day to day operations of your establishment.

The tables setting out your kebab shop's financial forecast

Now let's take a look at your kebab shop's financial forecast tables.

The kebab shop's forecasted P&L statement

This table will give you an idea of your business’ growth over the next three to five years, and allow you to see if it’s likely to be profitable.

Keep an eye on the operating profit to make sure your business model is a sustainable one.

profit and loss statement kebab shop

The projected balance sheet of your kebab shop

The balance sheet will give you an overview of the company's debts (suppliers, taxes, etc.) as well as what it owns (fixed assets, inventory, etc.).

balance sheet kebab shop

The cash flow forecast of your kebab shop

This table will show the cash generated or spent by your kebab shop. 

This gives you the ability to assess whether the kebab shop will have sufficient cash flow to repay its loans and finance the development of the business as time goes on.

projected cashflow kebab shop

How do you develop a financial forecast for a kebab shop?

As you can see, creating a budget for your kebab shop's can quickly become technical, which is why we’re presenting you with a range of solutions that will help you create one.

Create your kebab shop's financial forecast using a spreadsheet 

A spreadsheet software like Excel offers a cheap solution, since you have the option to either buy the license or use a free version such as Google Sheets.

The downside? It's very easy to make mistakes. Therefore, this is a better option for those with a solid background in accounting and advanced knowledge of financial modeling. 

If you have neither of those things, Excel probably won’t be the best option for you - but don’t worry, as we have alternative solutions available below. 

Hire a chartered accountant or a consultant

Enlisting the help of a consultant or accountant will let you obtain accurate figures from a professional point of view. 

While it will save you time, this expertise comes at a price. We estimate that for a simple financial forecast over 3 years (including a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) calling on professional help will set you back around £700 or $1,000 (excluding VAT/taxes).

Using an online forecasting software

The final solution available to you is to use an online financial forecast software .

Using professional software offers multiple advantages:

  • You can easily make your financial projections, letting the software take care of the calculations
  • You have access to complete financial forecast templates
  • You get a complete financial forecast ready to be sent to your bank
  • You can easily track your forecast against accounting data to ensure you are on track to deliver what you planned, or make adjustments if needed

If you are interested in this type of solution, you can try our budgeting software for free by signing up here .

We hope that this guide helped you to see more clearly what needs to be done to create a financial forecast for a kebab shop. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

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Opening a Kebab Shop


Opening a kebab shop is complex, yet the rewards are lucrative. You should be aware of the most important things you need to consider. Please do your part and start it by knowing where to start.

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You need to be systematic, and once done, you can already start entertaining customers.

chicken kebab store

A kebab shop is a fast-service food establishment that specializes in different kebabs. Opening a kebab store is one of the best decisions you can ever make today regarding earning money. Kebab is among the most famous fast foods you can find in Poland. It is the favorite of many customers out there. Still, because of the economy's current situation, as a new Kebab store, you must develop something new to allure people and effectively make them your loyal customers. Opening another kebab store like the rest will not be a recipe for profit and success. Today, you need to have a unique selling point. However, the secret of success in opening a kebab restaurant is making a delicious kebab. Apart from that, low operational costs and a good location for your business are critical.

Opening a New Kebab Shop

First of all, it is vital to come up with your vision. How will you want to see your business? Do you like offering your customers an exceptional dine-in experience or just an ordinary kebab store experience? You can also go for something more radical, like a mobile kebab shop. Once you are done thinking about these things, you can start materializing your vision. Start your search for the most suitable location for your business. The area is essential, and accessibility should be easy, convenient, and straightforward. It would help if you were afraid to pay extra costs for the site and less amount for marketing in the beginning until your business gains regular customers. When you already have regular customers, you could always change to a much more affordable location when you want to. Remember that the best site will complement your business, like using other local companies to entice their customers to come and visit your business. You can have your business near a school, nightclub, car wash, or public area. Also, the size of the location would affect the kind of food your business will serve, involving your brand image or theme.

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Things You Need to Open a Kebab Shop

You have to go online and start looking for all the pieces of equipment that you need. Do not buy the cheapest parts of equipment available in the market. The reason behind its cheapness is that you will pay more for the repair as they break down quickly. That can halt your operations which will stop your revenue from flowing. You have to be severe and think ahead. It is essential to future-proof all your investments and then purchase quality equipment.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Kebab Shop?

You can expect to spend over $100,000 to start a kebab shop today. It may be expensive to start a business like this, but when you make it popular, rest assured that you will earn much more than the amount you invested to run your kebab shop.

Other Things You Need to Consider

Kebab is best to be consumed with a glass of alcohol, but selling alcohol in your kebab shop would require a license. There can be problems with the consumption since public alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. You will need to assign a designated area to get permission. Also, you need to pay attention to some sanitary requirements, and it is essential to meet them all. You have to ensure access to flowing water, a cloakroom designed for all employees, and a clean and safe kitchen.

The place has to be well-ventilated with a vent. You need to plan for a technology project that outlines the functionality of your kitchen. The next step is to equip your shop with all the essential utilities and equipment. These include a vertical oven and also a fridge for food storage.

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  • Puja   said on March 4, 2016 These tips are really helpful. I am from UK and i would like to know more about opening a kebab shop in UK with Indian style. People here like indian style kebabs so please help me where to find all related ideas and help to open this shop.
  • Nayeem   said on March 7, 2016 I would like to open a kebab shop in dubai. What are the rules and regulations of UAE that I should know about. Where can I find local help for opening this shop here?
  • rohitguta   said on March 8, 2016 I am interested in opening a kebab shop in newyork, us. I am looking for a good chef to handle my kitchen.
  • ahmed76   said on March 8, 2016 My name is Jessi, I would like to open a kebab restaurant in Toronto or Ontario, Canada. I am at the research stage. Do you know how much money I need to arrange for this business? Where will I find all supplies in Canada? I am a good chef, can I handle the kitchen myself?
  • Sridhar reddy   said on October 25, 2016 My name is sridhareddy I would like to open a kebab centre in nellore town in andhrapradesh I need your help
  • Sandeep Shetty   said on December 29, 2016 I am opening a Kabab shop in Thane or Mulund area of Mumbai.. Any body interested in partnership can call me at 9892355322
  • Abrar Ahmed   said on November 29, 2017 I am opening kebab shop in karnataka bijapur so please help me
  • Santosh Kumar   said on March 14, 2018 Tips provided by you really helpful. I am from Hyderabad and i would like to know more about opening a kebab shop in Hyderabad. so please help me where to find all related like chief's and kitchen items and kitchen equipments with latest technologies. Thanks
  • Theresa   said on May 19, 2018 I want to open a kebab shop in Hyderabad. Please, I need your help.
  • kumar kb   said on July 14, 2018 my name is kumar from bangalore. i want to open a kebab shop
  • Hari   said on December 24, 2018 Hi All, I have done so much of research in starting Kebab center, to be frank, this business is one of the most profitable business in Hyderabad, but you should get the good and loyal chef and good location, I am very much interested in opening Kebab Centre, I am looking for any chef to be my partner if any one interested can mail me,
  • Suraj Revankar   said on January 15, 2020 Guys this is Suraj here from Bangalore. I wanna open a kabab and biriyani shop in Bangalore can anyone please help me by giving suggestions about cost management and investment please guys this is my last hope so please anyone help me if you guys have experience in this is my email id [email protected]
  • Nowziya banu   said on June 4, 2021 Hi, im Nowziya. I want to open a kabab center. How much money should I arrange, please? Please help me out.
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How to Work Effectively in a Home Office

There are many successful home business models ranging from total chaos to very structured. So there is no single recipe that must be followed to be successful. Many home businesses are started by refugees from corporate America who are used to the structure and socialization aspects of the corporation. For these owners, the following secrets will help provide the structure they may need when they first start.

1. Negotiate an agreement with the other inhabitants and live up. to that agreement. Frequently there is a re-entry problem with the other inhabitants. Your spouse may be used to being alone during the day, and may be unhappy with your increased presence. Have a kick-off meeting to negotiate an agreement that will avoid conflict.

2. Set aside a separate area for the business. If possible, dedicate a room or part of the basement to the business. This helps everyone feel that the home is still a home. It also provides a basis for a home office income tax deduction.

3. Schedule separate blocks of work time and free time. There can be many distractions during the day. It is helpful if you have a schedule for the day so you can minimize interruptions and distractions.

4. Start every work day at the scheduled time. Form a habit of starting on time and keeping to the schedule. This makes it easier to minimize distractions.

5. Don't sleep late or watch daytime TV during work time. It's tempting sometimes, but successful businesses are built on the days that you don't feel like it, not on the days that you do feel like it.

6. Wear your work uniform when you are working. When I started my consulting practice, I found it helpful to dress business casual (for men this is wearing a tie without a food stain). It made me feel more like I was supposed to be working.

7. Work on high value tasks during your peak productive hours. Most people have specific part of the day that they are more productive. I find my optimum schedule is to start about one hour after sunrise, work continuously for four hours, then go out. I can work another two hours after I return. That six hour work schedule has consistently produced more work product than I used to produce in two days in the corporate environment.

8. Accomplish your Single Daily Action before you finish the workday. Have a Single Daily Action every day which is the most important action for that day. When you are starting your practice, this is likely to be marketing-related.

9. Build a supportive community and nurture it every day. I think the chief complaint about home business is that it can get lonely and isolated. Make it a practice to talk to people every day, even when your focus is on completing an important project.

10. Manage your thoughts. Sometimes it is easy to become discouraged and/or negative. Create a method of maintaining a realistic positive outlook and re-energizing yourself when the voice of your Evil Twin intrudes.

How to Organize Paperwork for Business

We must all be efficient and productive in today's business world. Being organized helps you handle tasks quickly so that you have more time and space to do what you truly want to do.

1. One-time mail system.

Have an In Box on your desk for new mail/information. Look at your mail once a day. Review each piece of mail once to decide whether to do it, delegate it or dump it. If it adds value to your business or is required for doing business, do it or delegate it. If not, then dump it. If you keep it, then categorize it using the A, B, C system. Use your time wisely.

2. Categories for performing your work.

Set up desk trays labeled A, B, and C. Items in category A must be handled today. Category B items must be handled this week. Category C items are generally filing that must be kept because they have some value, such as invoices, tax returns, and statements.

3. Prioritize your work within categories A and B.

Sort the categories into 1, 2, and 3. A1 must be done NOW, it is "hot" or "urgent." A2 can be done this AM. A3 can be done by the end of the day. B1 is done on Monday. B2 done by Wednesday. B3 done by the end of the week. Make the decision once, then do the work.

Set a day and time each week for filing. Don't let it stack up. Give yourself space to work.

5. Purge your files on a regular schedule.

For example, purge files every six months. Send these documents to storage. This gives you more space to work.

6. Storing records.

Store documents in boxes. Mark the contents of each box. For instance, clients A-F2013. Mark the destruction date on the box, D = June 02. Base your destruction date on the legal requirements for your industry.

7. Toss out stored documents on a regular schedule.

For example, two times per year, visit the storage area and remove boxes that are beyond the destruction date. Depending on your industry, they may need to be shredded rather than put in the trash.

8. Color code your records.

For example, clients with first names beginning with A-F are in Orange folders; G-K Yellow; L-P Blue; Q-Z Green. This will save you time when you are searching for a file. You can also apply this to AP, AR, Payroll, and Taxes. This can also be done by year. For example, 2012 AP is blue; 2013 AP is purple.

9. Hot files.

Put a red cover on files that you consider "hot." These could be urgent projects, legally or financially sensitive, or important VIP clients. Keep these visually at your fingertips.

10. Use out guides.

If you work with other people and share files, create a check-out system so that files are not lost. Put the file name, taken-by name, and date on a card and place it in an out guide box. When you can't find what you want, check the box to see if your co-worker is using the file. Be sure to remove the card from the box when you return the file.

Predict Your Future. Don't use a crystal ball to create predictions of your small business. By carefully assessing the historical trends of your business enterprise, as shown in your records for the previous five years, you can predict for the year ahead. Your record of sales, your expertise with the markets in which you market, and your general understanding of the economy should enable you to predict a revenue figure for the following calendar year. When you have a Sales forecast figure, make up a budget demonstrating your costs as a proportion of the figure. In the following year, you can compare actual P&L figures to your budgeted figures. Thus, your financial plan is an important tool for determining the health of your enterprise. Make Timely Decisions. Without action, predictions and decisions concerning the future are not worth the paper they are written on. A decision that doesn't result in action is a poor one. The rate of business needs timely as well as informed decision making. In case the owner-manager would be to stay ahead of competition, you must move to control your destiny. Powerful Decision making from the small business requires several things. The owner-manager must have as much accurate information as you can. With these details, you should establish the consequences of all feasible courses of action and the time demands. When you've created the decision, you have set up your business so the decisions you make can be transmitted into action. Control Your Small Business. To be effective, the owner-manager must have the ability to motivate key people to acquire the outcomes planned for within the price and time constraints allowed. In working to achieve results, the small business owner-manager has an advantage over big business. You can be flexible and fast while many big businesses need to await committee action before a decision is made. You do not have to get consent to behave. And equally important, bottlenecks to implementing new practices can get your personal attention. One of those Secrets is in determining what things to control. Even in a small company, the owner-manager should not attempt to be all things to everyone. You should keep close control on individuals, products, cash, and any other resources that you consider important to maintaining your operation geared toward profit. Manage Your People. Most businesses realize that their largest expense is labor. Yet due to the close contact with employees, some owner-manager of small businesses don't pay sufficient attention to direct and indirect labor costs. They have a tendency to think of these prices in terms of individuals as opposed to relate them to gain with respect to dollars and pennies. Here are a few Tips concerning personnel management: Periodically Review each position in your company. Have a quarterly look in the job. Is work being duplicated? Is it organized so that it motivates the worker to become concerned? Can the tasks be given to another employee or employees and a position removed? Can a part-time individual fill the job. Perform A modest private mental game. Imagine you have to get rid of one worker, If you needed to let 1 person go, who would it be? How can you realign the jobs to make out? You may get a real solution to the fanciful problem is potential to your financial advantage. Use Compensation for a tool rather than viewing it as a essential evil. Reward quality work. Look into the potential for using increases and bonuses as incentives for higher productivity. By way of example, can you schedule bonuses as morale boosters during seasonal slacks or other dull periods? Remember There are new ways of controlling absenteeism through incentive compensation plans. For instance, the owner-manager of a little company eliminated vacations and sick leave. Rather, this owner-manager gave each worker thirty days annual leave to use as the employee saw fit. At the conclusion of the year, the employees were paid at regular rates for the leave that they didn't use. To make up for the year-end cover, the worker had to establish that sick leave was taken only for this purpose. Non-sick leave needed to be applied for in advance. As a result, unscheduled absences and overtime pay have been decreased significantly. In addition, workers were happier and more productive than they were under the older system. Control Your Inventory. Don't tie up all of your money in inventory. Use a perpetual inventory system for a cost control rather than a system only for taxation purposes. Establish use patterns or purchase patterns on the substances or items you have to stock to keep the minimal number needed to provide your clients to maintain production. Excessive stock, while it's finished merchandise or raw materials, ties up capital that could be used to better advantage, as an instance, to open up a new sales territory or to purchase new machinery. Centralize your Purchases and avoid duplications. Be a comparative shopper. Verify orders . Get the purchase price and amount straight right away. Assess what you Get for quality and condition. Assess bills from suppliers against quotes. You do not wish to be the victim of their mistake. You Ought to, However, keep 1 fact in mind when you install your stock control system. Don't invest more on the control system than it can yield in savings. Control Your Products. From charge of inventory to control of products is but a step. Ensure your sales people understand the value of promoting the products which are the most lucrative. Align your service coverages along with your own markup in mind. Arrange your products that low markup items require the least handling. Control Your Cash. It's good policy to handle checks and cash as though they were perishable commodities. They are. Money in your protected earns no return; and it Can be stolen. Bank promptly.

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75+ Unique, Creative & Catchy Kebab Shop Business Names Ideas

Are you looking to open a kebab shop and need some creative and catchy business name ideas? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 75+ unique and creative kebab shop business names that will give your business the boost it needs. Whether you’re looking for something edgy or classic, this list has something for everyone. Let’s get started!

image of author, Nick

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Table of contents:, 25 catchy kebab shop business names:.

  • Bike Parkers
  • Wheels & Gears
  • Pedal Parkers
  • Biker's Haven
  • Commuter's Corner
  • Parking Wheels
  • Bicycle Station
  • Cyclists' Depot
  • Wheels Parked
  • Bike Garage
  • Pedal-Power
  • Bike Storage Solutions
  • Cycle Shelter
  • Bike Storage World
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Image of Zenbusiness business formation

25 Creative Kebab Shop Business Names:

  • Kebab Palace
  • Kebabicious
  • Gourmet Kebab
  • Kebab Nation
  • Kebab Krazy
  • Kebab Supreme
  • Kebab Kitchen
  • Kebab Lovers
  • Kebab Factory
  • Kebab Magic
  • Kebab Mania
  • Kebab Paradise
  • Kebab Connection
  • Kebab Delight
  • Kebab Corner
  • Kebab Delicacy
  • Kebab Haven
  • Kebab House
  • Kebab Fusion
  • Kebab Splendor
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25 Unique Kebab Shop Business Names:

  • Frontier Kebabs
  • Kebab Avenue
  • Kebab Station
  • Kebab Kings
  • Kebab Kingdom
  • Kebab Republic
  • Kebab Emporium
  • Kebab Express
  • Kebab Galore
  • Kebab Spice
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Business Plan: Queen Kebab Shop Report (Assessment)


Queen Kebab Shop (QKS) will be a fully owned joint venture business. The shop will be situated at Waterford Plaza Shopping Center in Karawara. It will be along Manning Road and at Corner Kent Street. The QKS will offer kebabs made from various sauces, a choice of salads, and freshly baked bread. Besides, the shop will provide tastiest kebabs, and its menu will be wide.

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The menu will comprise of deserts, salads, vegetarian dishes, and specialties. The specialties will include mixed platters, Garlic bread, great coffee, sweets, pizza, dips, and samosas.

Baklava specials, cakes, lamb, mixed, chicken, Mezze, on rice, and shish kebabs will also be offered at affordable prices. QKS will focus on offering the most delectable food originating from fresh ingredients. Thus, its menu will have products and specialties section to meet the rising demands of clients.

Identified opportunities for opening up the promising Queen Kebab Shop

To carry out this promising business, the QKS advertising campaigns will target the older generation and youths. There are numerous and promising business opportunities in the area where QKS will be located. For instance, there are residential settlements, schools, businesses, technology parks, and higher learning institutions.

All these are situated around Karawara, Bentley, Como, Wilson, Shelly, Manning, Waterford, as well as Victoria Park where the shop will be located. Therefore, the target market will comprise of students and tutors from the nearby higher learning institutions such as Curtin University, Penhros, Aquinas, and Cannig Colleges.

Other markets that QKS will target include both adults and children from the residential settlements, schools, businesses, and technology parks.

How Queen Kebab Shop will serve the clients differently

QKS intends to serve the target market in a different way from how business currently serves it. First, QKS will emphasize on the development of menus that clients wants. Nonetheless, since the requirements of clients eventually vary, QKS will phase out old products by introducing new ones (Ritcher, 2012).

Food items in QKS menu are expected to vary in attractiveness. Secondly, clients usually attach the values of products to the charged prices. Since most competitors charge low prices on their products, QKS will offer its products in two categories to have an established integrity and brand identity.

QKS, unlike other market rivals, will offer core value products and affordability products. These products categories will have different price attachments to satisfy clients who have different perceptions on prices.

Third, market rivals rarely use different product promotion tools. QKS will use various promotional tools to serve its clients. The adverts will be carried out through press and posters, online, televisions, and radios. Besides, the shop will use door drops, loyalty schemes, direct mails, merchandizing, points of sales displays, and sales promotion to serve the clients (Angehrn, 1997).

Product details will be made available through the press, but products promotion will be done through television. Finally, QKS will have different outlets to make products more accessible to the clients. The outlets will have employees who wear standard uniforms.

The focus will be to offer prompt and friendly services to clients. Food processing will be transparent to allow customers judge and view food ingredients as well as the hygienic standards.

Marketing mix to be used by Queen Kebab Shop

QKS will utilize various marketing mix to achieve its business objectives. The first aspect is effective service and products pricing (Ritcher, 2012). QKS will price its products in different ways. To be market leader, the shop will categorize the food items according to the prices charged.

In fact, products prices will be match those of other market opponents. Valuable products that require high-end icons will have higher prices attached to them. QKS will ensure that customers who buy many goods get discounts. The shop will examine the product pricing at the point of sale to increase its sales.

The other ingredient that Queen Kebab Shop will employ is situating services and products in a strategic positions where they easily accessible. This will entail distribution channels and special stores where products and services can be promoted and sold. Furthermore, distribution channels will be opened to establish QKS products and effect online promotion (Brown, 2009).

The third aspect will be to focus on products that the shop intends to sell. This will comprise of physical products, brand icon, and serving the available products. The shop will verify the right product to sell before instigating its sales and distribution to the target market (Ritcher, 2012).

QKS will ensure the products are fashioned properly towards meeting the demands of the target market. This will ensure that clients develop products preference towards the offered products.

Finally, QKS will strategically promote its products and services through various means. This will involve using advertisement channels like radios, televisions, internet, and newspapers. Besides, the shop will send sales representatives on a door-to-door promotion mission to facilitate the recognition of its products brands and service identity.

Online internet presence

The presence of an online internet will be useful for QKS. As indicated by Li and Wang (2010), for QKS marketing to be effective, it has to integrate both the marketing principles and technology. As such, the websites for this shop will encompass product-marketing dimensions including communication, transaction, technical merit, and relationships with clients.

The internet will be used to advertise products, indicate charged prices, and allow customers to give their feedbacks (Roberts & Zahay, 2012). Thus, it will be used to relate with clients, offer products, and for improving both service and product deliveries.

SWOT analysis

  • Unusual menu choices

QKS anticipates a tremendous growth because of the extraordinary menu choices it offers the clients. The menu brings a variety of products and specialties to clients. This extraordinary menu is the biggest strength that increases QKS competitive advantage.

  • Quality food

Besides providing a unique menu, QKS is also committed towards the provision of quality products to customers. The competitors are capable of copying and introducing unique menu products and specialties. However, the shop has opted to differentiate its food items through quality. This will ensure customer sustainability.

  • Large customer base accruing from the working vicinity

The large pull of customers is an additional strength to the business. The customer base consists of residential settlements, schools, colleges, and the increasing number of the office workers that need food delivery services. These large pools of customers will increase QKS sales revenues. This will eventually be used for its expansion and growth.

  • Incapacity to service the incoming customers

QKS might lack the capacity to service a large pool of walk-in customers. The working staffs are few and clients’ accommodation space might be limited. This might contribute negatively to its sales revenues.

As QKS reputation grows, the capacity to serve customers during dinner, lunch hours and breakfast will be limited. The limitations may be in terms of the quantity of food and efficiency in delivering services. Order delays and low food productions might make the QKS lose some of its customers.

  • Limited funds

QKS lacks funds, and this can hinder its rapid expansion. As a mere shop, it has not generated enough capital to expand its operations. Moreover, QKS is not large enough to benefit from the economies of scale. Lack of enough capital might negatively affect its capacity to deliver services to the clientele.


  • Rapid growth reported in the market segment

There is growth potential in Kebab business as clients have increased demands. The growing number of the working class, students, residential settlements, and schools within Waterford environment provide new opportunities for QKS business growth. The growing number of walk-in customers is also a growth opportunity for QKS.

  • New menus that are without direct competitors

QKS has an opportunity to offer new menus that other competitors hardly offer. Offering a new menu that is different from those in the market will make this shop have an increased competitive edge. In fact, offering new menu without any direct competition will increase the demand for its food items and customer base.

  • Increased demand for take away

QKS should utilize the increasing demand for take-away. The increasing number of take-away customers that swarm kebab shops during evening hours offers an incentive for QKS growth. The shop should increase its capacity to meet the rising demand of clients.

  • Competition from entrenched kebab shops

The biggest threat facing QKS is competition from large and well- established kebab shops. These competitors have networks around the town where QKS will operate its businesses. Some independent competitors already offer a combination of products.

  • Pricing strategy and menu adoption

Rivalry kebab shops are likely to imitate QKS’s menu. After imitating QKS menu, market competitors may opt to lower their prices below those that are charged by QKS. This competition strategy may make the business lose most of its potential customers. QKS faces increment in input prices and the escalating cost of doing business.


Angehrn, Albert. “Designing mature Internet business strategies: The ICDT model,” European Management Journal 15, no.4 (1997): 361-369.

Brown, Ellen. Great Year-Round Grilling in the Northeast: *The Flavors * The Culinary Traditions * The Techniques . New York: Globe Pequot, 2009.

Li, Xi & Wang Young. “Evaluating the effectiveness of destination marketing organizations’ websites: Evidence from China,” International Journal of Tourism Research 12, no.5 (2010): 536-549.

Ritcher, Tobias. International Marketing Mix Management: Theoretical Framework, Contingency Factors and Empirical Findings from World-Markets . Berlin, Germany: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH, 2012.

Roberts, Mary & Zahay Debra. Internet Marketing . Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, 2012.

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IvyPanda . 2022. "Business Plan: Queen Kebab Shop." April 11, 2022.

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Business Plan: Queen Kebab Shop'. 11 April.

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business plan for kebab shop

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Basisversion (Teile 1+2): Bereits zum günstigen Einstiegspreis erhalten Sie einen vollständig ausgearbeiteten Businessplan inklusive tragfähiger Finanzplanung.

Plusversion (Teile 1+2+3): Für einen überzeugenden Auftritt bei Banken, Kunden und Geschäftspartnern sorgt die vollständig ausgearbeitete Businessplan-Präsentation.

Premiumversion (Teile 1+2+3+4): Das Buch „Der perfekte Businessplan“ ist die ideale Begleitung für Ihr Business-Konzept.

Komplettversion (Teile 1+2+3+4+5): Sie erhalten wertvolles Zusatzmaterial, das Sie für eine erfolgreiche Existenzgründung unbedingt benötigen.

  • Artikel-Nr.: AA10018
  • Der Masterplan zur Verwirklichung Ihres Traums vom eigenen Döner Kebab Imbiss
  • Geeignet für Banken, Kapitalgeber und Förderstellen
  • Downloaden, durchstarten und steuerlich als Betriebsausgabe absetzen

Sie benötigen einen Businessplan für einen Döner Kebab Imbiss? Wenn Sie einen Dönerladen eröffnen und erfolgreicher als Ihre Konkurrenten betreiben wollen, benötigen Sie mehr als umfassende Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen in der Branche. Mit diesem Konzept können Sie sich eine lukrative Einnahmequelle aufbauen. Das Businessplan-Paket Döner Kebab Imbiss gliedert sich in 5 Teile:

  • Teil 1: Businessplan Döner Kebab Imbiss
  • Teil 2: Finanzplanung Döner Kebab Imbiss
  • Teil 3: Präsentation Businessplan Döner Kebab Imbiss
  • Teil 4: Begleitbuch "Der perfekte Businessplan"
  • Teil 5: Zusatzmaterial Döner Kebab Imbiss

Der 56-seitige Businessplan punktet durch exzellente Lösungen für alle Aspekte Ihres Vorhabens, z.B. Angebot, Zielgruppe, Rechtsform, Marktanalyse, Wettbewerbsanalyse, Marketing, Vertrieb und Fördergelder. Dieses stichhaltige Unternehmenskonzept beantwortet alle Ihre Fragen und die von Förderern, z.B.:

  • Welche Dönergerichte und Getränke sollte ich anbieten und was maximiert meinen Profit?
  • Welche Trümpfe spiele ich aus, um Wettbewerber hinter mir zu lassen?
  • Wie stark wächst der Markt und wie nutze ich die Trends?
  • Welche Werbetools bringen wirklich etwas?
  • Welche Umsätze darf ich erwarten und wie viel Gewinn fahre ich ein?
  • Welche gesetzlichen und administrativen Aspekte muss ich einkalkulieren?

Darüber hinaus erwartet Sie eine hieb- und stichfeste Finanzplanung , mit der Sie bei Kapitalgebern und Entscheidern über Fördermittel glänzen. Weisen Sie nach, auf welch einer soliden finanziellen Basis Ihr Konzept steht! Damit schaffen Sie bestmögliche Voraussetzungen für die Gewährung von Krediten und Förderungen – egal ob für Neugründung, Übernahme oder Sanierung.

Anhand der Präsentation begeistern und überzeugen Sie nicht nur Banken, sondern auch Ihre künftigen Kunden, Mitarbeiter und Geschäftspartner.

Zur hilfreichen Ergänzung bekommen Sie das Begleitbuch "Der perfekte Businessplan" – Das Standardwerk für Existenzgründung und Selbstständigkeit mit 357 Seiten. In dem Begleitbuch bekommen Sie das ganze Hintergrund Know-how zum professionell ausgearbeiteten Businessplan (Teil 1) und Finanzplan (Teil 2). Interessant: Entwickeln Sie Ihren Business Plan spielend leicht in alle gewünschten Richtungen weiter.

Als sehr gute Ergänzung enthält das Businessplan-Paket Döner Kebab Imbiss sinnvoll zusammengestelltes Zusatzmaterial, z.B. eine AfA-Tabelle für das Gastgewerbe, Arbeitshilfen, Vorlagen und Gesetzestexte (BGB, HGB, Gewerbeordnung, Datenschutzgesetz, Gaststättengesetz, Jugendschutzgesetz, Lebensmittelhygiene-Verordnung, Preisangabenverordnung).

Als langjährige Unternehmensberater wissen wir, was erfolgreiche Gründungen auszeichnet. Mit diesem Business Plan wurden bereits extrem kritische Gutachter überzeugt. Vertrauen Sie auf unsere Expertise und starten Sie jetzt – mit dem Businessplan-Paket Döner Kebab Imbiss!

Teil 1: Businessplan Döner Kebab Imbiss (Formate: docx, PDF)

  • Vollständiger und professionell ausformulierter Businessplan mit Textteil (Businessplan) und Finanzteil (betriebswirtschaftliche Planung)
  • Klärt alle Fragen, die mit der Gründung und erfolgreichen Führung Ihres Unternehmens verbunden sind
  • Sie ergänzen individuelle Angaben wie z.B. Firmenstandort oder lokale Wettbewerber und stellen so innerhalb von Minuten Ihren persönlichen Businessplan fertig
  • Optional können Sie den gesamten Businessplan beliebig bearbeiten, erweitern, kürzen oder weiterentwickeln
  • Stellen Sie Ihr Vorhaben auf ein solides Fundament und steigern Sie Ihre Erfolgschancen!

Businessplan Aufbau

Management summary:, angebotsbeschreibung:, zielgruppe:, kundennutzen, erfolgsfaktoren und wettbewerbsvorteile:, gründungsvoraussetzungen:, rechtsform:, versicherungen:, markt- und branchenanalyse:, wettbewerbsanalyse:, vertriebskonzept:, marketingkonzept:, stärken, schwächen, chancen und risiken:, kennzahlen:.

business plan for kebab shop

Teil 2: Finanzplanung Businessplan Döner Kebab Imbiss (Format: xlsx)

  • Vollständig mit branchentypischem Zahlenmaterial fertiggestellte Finanzplanung
  • Bei Bedarf innerhalb von Minuten anpassbar durch selbstrechnende Tabellen
  • Alle Berechnungen, Kennzahlen und Grafiken werden automatisch erzeugt
  • Simulieren Sie Ihren Geschäftserfolg in verschiedene Richtungen und über Jahre hinweg
  • Empfohlen von Banken und Kapitalgebern – Hervorragend geeignet zur Beantragung von Krediten oder Fördergeldern

Finanzplanung Aufbau

Kapitalbedarfsplanung:, finanzierungsplanung:, umsatzplanung:, kostenplanung:, rentabilitätsplanung:, liquiditätsplanung:, teil 3: präsentation businessplan döner kebab imbiss (format: pptx).

  • Highlight zur Präsentation des Businessplans Döner Kebab Imbiss gegenüber Geldgebern, z.B. Banken, Investoren, Arbeitsagentur und Förderstellen
  • Vollständig ausgearbeitete PowerPoint-Präsentation mit 37 Folien/Slides: Enthält alle Inhalte des Businessplans und des Finanzplans (Teil 1 und Teil 2)
  • Nutzen Sie dieses beeindruckende Tool ab dem ersten Tag Ihrer Gründung aktiv als Marketing-Instrument
  • Überzeugen und begeistern Sie nicht nur Geldgeber, sondern auch Ihre zukünftigen Geschäftspartner, Kunden und Mitarbeiter

Teil 4: Der perfekte Businessplan - Praxisbuch für Existenzgründer, Manager und Unternehmer (E-Book, Format: PDF)

  • Das Standardwerk im Bereich "Entrepreneurship", Existenzgründung und Selbstständigkeit mit 357 Seiten
  • Ideale Ergänzung zum Businessplan (Teil 1) und zur Finanzplanung (Teil 2)
  • Schritt für Schritt Anleitung zur Erstellung eines perfekten Businessplans inklusive professioneller Finanzplanung
  • Inhaltlich aufgebaut wie ein Businessplan, damit Sie eine direkte Verbindung zu Ihren Vorlagen herstellen können
  • Unverzichtbar zur Minimierung des Gründungsrisikos und zur Maximierung der Erfolgschancen
  • Reichhaltiges Wissen zu den Themen Existenzgründung, Geschäftsmodell, Rechtsformwahl, Versicherungen, Buchführung, Personalverwaltung, Zeitmanagement u.v.m.
  • Auch staatliche und privatwirtschaftliche Fördermöglichkeiten werden ausführlich behandelt
  • Ideale Vorbereitung auf das Finanzierungsgespräch mit Banken, Investoren, fachkundigen Stellen, Arbeitsagenturen und anderen Geldgebern
  • Unterstützung in der anspruchsvollen ersten Geschäftsphase und bei der festen Etablierung Ihres Unternehmens am Markt
  • Mit vielen Strategien, Tipps, Tricks, Checklisten und Beispielen
  • Logisch aufgebaut, schlüssig formuliert und auch für Nicht-Kaufleute ohne BWL-Kenntnisse gut lesbar und verständlich
  • Dieses Profihandbuch weiß, was Ihr Business erfolgreich macht, da es auf der Basis jahrelanger Praxiserfahrung entstanden ist

Teil 5: Zusatzmaterial Businessplan Döner Kebab Imbiss (Formate: docx, PDF)

Sie bekommen unverzichtbares Zusatzmaterial zur Erleichterung der Existenzgründung und zur Unterstützung Ihres Döner Kebab Imbisses im laufenden Geschäft, z.B.

  • AfA-Tabellen für das Gastgewerbe
  • Arbeitshilfen
  • Musterdokumente
  • Gesetzestexte (BGB, HGB, Gewerbeordnung, Datenschutzgesetz, Gaststättengesetz, Jugendschutzgesetz, Lebensmittelhygiene-Verordnung, Preisangabenverordnung)

Übersicht Produkteigenschaften

* Die Vorlage wird in zwei Versionen geliefert: als Word-Datei (.docx) und als PDF-Datei (.pdf)

** Zum Öffnen der heruntergeladenen Dateien wird WinZip benötigt

business plan for kebab shop

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‘Carved with wonky abandon’ … the plan for the redevelopment of Folkestone harbour.

‘Like something out of The Flintstones’: the luxury flats causing fury in Folkestone

They’ve been compared to termite mounds, doner kebabs, even piles of poo. We report on the outrage that has greeted plans for seaside towers in the once faded town – with one-bedroom flats costing almost half a million pounds

A rippling white wall of luxury flats rises from the beach in Folkestone, the glazed bricks doing their best to gleam with summery seaside promise on an overcast day at the Kent coast. The building swells out in a broad arc towards the sea, bulging with curved bays and big balconies, as roof terraces cascade from the penthouses up top. It has the smooth white form of freshly served Mr Whippy, while dotty areas of protruding bricks add a pixelated look, like a cloud from a video game. Shoreline Crescent is the latest evidence of Folkestone’s rapid ascent from rundown seaside town to fashionable coastal commuter hub. Marketed as “On the beach’s edge but just an hour from the capital”, these new homes come with London prices to match. While an average terrace house in Folkestone goes for £290,000, these flats range from £430,000 for a one-bed, to £1.3m for a two-bed, topping £3m for a penthouse. And it’s not a one-off. This block is the first in a battalion of similar buildings that will march all the way along the beach, rising in height until they eventually culminate in a cluster of towers around the harbour, bringing 1,000 new flats and a big shopping centre, radically changing the face of this former fishing town. Only 8% of the homes will be classed as affordable – in one of the most deprived wards in the country, where the local target is 22%.

It might sound like the steroidal speculation of an out-of-town developer, but this plan has in fact been concocted by a local philanthropist, who has spent the last two decades pumping many charitable millions into reviving the town. Sir Roger De Haan, who grew up on Clifton Crescent nearby, sold his family’s Saga holidays business for £1.3bn in 2004 , and has since used his trust to build schools and sports facilities (including the world’s first multistorey skatepark ), establish a triennial art festival and a bustling creative quarter in the old town. More recently, the 74-year-old has transformed the derelict harbour arm, converting the disused rail viaduct and station platforms into a walkway inspired by New York’s High Line, along with a fountain square, shipping container cafes and a public space that constantly hums with events.

‘If you are sunbathing topless, you need to stay low’ … Shoreline Crescent, which has £3m penthouses.

Having turned Folkestone around and secured its position on lists of the top places to live, De Haan is now trying his hand as a developer. Will it be the icing on the regeneration cake, his last love letter to a town he has done so much for – or a monstrous blight on the coast, set to undo all of his good work to date?

As seaside flats go, Shoreline Crescent is more sophisticated than most. Designed by London-based architects Acme , the development is an inventive take on the classic English seaside housing type – the bay-fronted Victorian crescent – only turned inside-out to maximise the sea views, and jacked up a few storeys at either end, as if power-dressed with shoulder pads. There are nods to its neighbours, which include an assortment of similarly optimistic seafront architecture from previous eras: the creamy stuccoed range of Marine Crescent; a terrace of bay-windowed townhouses; and a colossal 1980s hotel, the Grand Burstin , which looms at the eastern edge of the beach like a concrete cruise-liner, bingo hall and all. Acme’s block could be the lovechild of all three, a crescent that has been inverted and inflated for maximum returns.

“The fun thing about bay windows,” says Acme founder Friedrich Ludewig, “is that you feel like you own the horizon.” He is standing in the first-floor living room of one of the new townhouses (yours for £2.1m), where a pair of full-height bay windows appear to bring the beach right up to the dining table. They open on to a balcony that billows its way along the length of the crescent, its underside flaring out with a stepped white concrete profile, adding a glam art-deco-ish touch (a sensibility that continues in the gold-lined lifts).

More sophisticated than most … the rippling balconies of Shoreline Crescent.

We ascend past two more floors of bedrooms to a roof terrace, separated from its neighbours by waist-high walls. “You have to be able to see France in all directions,” says Ludewig. “So if you are sunbathing topless, you need to stay low.” With its sensuous curves, sleek white finishes and voyeuristic sense of overlooking, the place gives off decidedly Ballardian vibes . You can almost picture the wealthy residents gathered on their roof decks, ice creams in hand, as some maritime calamity unfolds for their entertainment.

Out front, coastal plants emerge from the shingle, leading to a boardwalk that wiggles its way along the beach, outlining the forthcoming plots. Around the back, the building’s curved bays are inverted to form a sharply scalloped rear, where little back yards lead on to a manicured lawn, on top of sunken parking. The homes even come with cellars, adding further costs to what was already a very expensive project to build.

“I’ve spent £100m on it already,” De Haan tells me, speaking in a rare interview about the project. “I bought the land, commissioned three major masterplans, raised the level of the beach, and refurbished the harbour arm to get it into its current state. It’s had immense investment and it’s immensely challenging and high-risk. And now people criticise us for building on the beach. But it never was a beach – it was half a mile of concrete and tarmac. The order I did the work in is unusual, some might say foolish.”

Recent arrivals to Folkestone may be horrified by what looks like flats being built right on the shingle. But before the works got under way, raising the beach by 1.5 metres to mitigate flood risk, the site had been a sea of tarmac dotted with amusement arcades, a nightclub and a lorry park. Its previous owner, the funfair tycoon Jimmy Godden , won planning permission in 2005 to build a casino, multiplex cinema and apartments on the site – anathema to De Haan, who compared those plans to Benidorm and convinced Godden to sell him the site instead. De Haan had already acquired the neighbouring harbour, and had Norman Foster draw up a flashy vision for a marina, ice rink, exhibition centre and 1,400 flats, anchored by a new campus for Canterbury Christ Church University. But the 2008 financial crisis scuppered the plans. The university dropped out, Foster’s scheme was no longer viable, “and I was left with the damned harbour,” says De Haan.

‘It’s like plonking a Westfield shopping centre on the seafront’ … a digital rendering of the harbour plans.

He turned to Terry Farrell, an architect with a reputation for devising realistic regeneration plans in times of recession. Farrell drew up a more in-keeping, seasidey place of pitch-roofed blocks and little houses , a world away from Foster’s glass slabs. Having secured planning permission in 2013, De Haan hoped to sell the site to a developer. “But that proved to be difficult,” he says. “So I decided to get together a team from the development industry and do it myself.”

Such is the chequered backdrop to what is now emerging on the beach. But there was another twist. When De Haan invited architects to submit designs for the first building, the plucky firm Acme decided the whole masterplan needed a rethink, and persuaded their client to head back to the drawing board. Again.

“The Farrell plan looked like a piece of generic suburbia on the beach,” says Ludewig. “It had lots of little streets and surface parking, and only about 20% of the homes had a great view.” He wooed De Haan with his inventive plan for a row of curvaceous crescents , each increasing in size as they snake their way along the beachfront, mirroring Marine Crescent to create a kind of circus (and blocking some of the existing homes’ sea views in the process).

‘We will rethink some of the colours and materials’ … the harbour plan.

“We looked at the Georgian crescents of Bath,” says Ludewig, “and Brunswick Square in Brighton, where the fronts of the buildings are corrugated to make more sea views. If you work with larger shapes, you can create a sense of publicness in front, a space that feels like it’s for everyone.”

But not everyone in Folkestone feels like it’s for them. At a recent consultation event, where the latest proposals for the harbour were presented, the plans were met with fury. Many local people have resigned themselves to the forthcoming buildings along the beachfront, which were granted permission in 2015, but the latest plans for a cluster of 12-storey blocks around the harbour arm – currently a car park – have sparked outrage.

“It’s as if they’re plonking a great big Westfield shopping centre on the seafront,” says Folkestone-based artist Charlotte Chapman. “If people wanted that, they’d move to Stratford. It’s so strange for the man who’s done so much to improve the area to want to create this weird, hellish abyss.” Since witnessing other people’s responses to the plans, Chapman has started a “Block the blocks” campaign with photographer Lee Walker, collecting local opinions and putting up posters around town. “It’s like supercharged gentrification,” says Walker. “Folkestone already feels like two towns, and this is only going to make the divide bigger.”

Debbie Convery, who was born in Folkestone and runs a pet shop on the high street, agrees. “It looks like Wembley,” she says. “Just a pile of flats and shops that will completely block the view of the sea, not to mention increase congestion, sewage overflow problems, and doctors’ waiting lists. It’s just so out of scale and character with the rest of the town. And it’s only going to take footfall away from the shops in the struggling town centre.”

The designs are the work of a young firm called A Is for Architecture , founded by former Acme employees in 2021, and they mark a departure from the white, neo-deco language of Shoreline Crescent. Instead, they take the form of lumpen blocks with highly sculpted profiles, lopsided towers that have been sliced and carved with wonky abandon, rendered in earthy shades of pink, brown and terracotta, referencing the nearby cliffs. Local people have not held back , comparing the designs to termite mounds, doner kebabs, “something out of The Flintstones”, and piles of poo.

Views of France … Shoreline Crescent.

“People are appalled,” says Georgina Baker, who started a petition that has more than 7,000 signatures. “There has been no proper public discussion, and now the architects are saying they’re going to carry on regardless.”

Duarte Lobo Antunes, founder of A Is for Architecture , was taken aback by the intensity of the reaction. “It was brutal,” he says. “The planners and design review panel had been very encouraging, so it came as quite a surprise. But we are very open to feedback, so we’re looking at where we can shave off some height and make some of the streets a bit wider, as well as rethink some of the colours and materials.”

The size and form of the development aside, the question of why only 8% of the homes will be affordable remains. This figure was agreed in the 2013 Farrell plan, but in the eyes of housing viability expert Bob Colenutt, it represents a gross failure. In England’s Faustian planning system , the amount of funding for affordable homes is guided by a project’s “residual valuation”, which is the difference between the gross development value (GDV) and its total costs (which includes the developer’s profit, usually at least 20%). In 2012, De Haan’s consultants estimated a GDV of up to £253m, and total costs of £194m, leaving a residual value of £59m – arguably more than enough to fund 30% affordable housing, even at that time.

Since then, thanks to rising house prices, Colenutt estimates that the gross development value is around double what was predicted in 2012, while construction costs have risen by around half. If this is the case, the residual value is significantly higher than originally thought, and the project should be eminently capable of delivering a lot more affordable housing, while still remaining viable. When assessing long-term regeneration projects like this, it is common practice for councils to include a review clause, so that the number of affordable homes can be increased if a project turns out to be more profitable than forecast. But Folkestone & Hythe council failed to include such a clause, no doubt thrilled by the prospect of any investment during a time of recession.

How can De Haan possibly justify such a low number of affordable homes? “It’s the viability,” he insists. “If we don’t work to normal commercial disciplines, I think we would lose an awful lot of money. It would have the potential to be an absolute disaster.” The viability report, however, remains confidential.

It seems that De Haan has ended up in a position that he never imagined, nor indeed desired, when he first acquired Folkestone’s harbour in the hope of bequeathing a university to the town. He is no stranger to tearing up plans and starting from scratch. It’s not too late to rethink the future of Folkestone’s harbour, before he undermines the very work he has done to make it so appealing.

  • Architecture
  • Regeneration

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  24. Matriarch Coffee shop set to open in ...

    The 7,800-square-foot M&S Grill restaurant in the Pratt Street pavilion at Harborplace closed in 2018. Matriarch Coffee is going into 600 square feet of that space. Joanna Sullivan. The physical ...

  25. 'Like something out of The Flintstones': the luxury flats causing fury

    They've been compared to termite mounds, doner kebabs, even piles of poo. We report on the outrage that has greeted plans for seaside towers in the once faded town - with one-bedroom flats ...