• Cast & crew

Leilani Rosine, Donald S Hinson, Dakota Reece, Dawn Taylor, Kayla Sinclaire, Keith Trent, Richard Coleman, Martin Dorsey, and Greg Mays in Homework (2021)

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  • Leilani Rosine
  • Martin Dorsey
  • Donald S Hinson
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Leilani Rosine and Dakota Reece in Homework (2021)

  • Trini John John Browne

Donald S Hinson

  • Darnell Jackson
  • Adrienne Winnock

Keith Trent

  • Mr. Jeffries
  • Roberta Staxx
  • Salima Nesbitt
  • Adrienne's mother
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  • Trivia "HOMEWORK" was filmed in quarantine.

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  • January 4, 2021 (United States)
  • United States
  • Official Facebook
  • Official Web-series website.
  • Hempstead, New York, USA (on location)
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  • Runtime 30 minutes

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Leilani Rosine, Donald S Hinson, Dakota Reece, Dawn Taylor, Kayla Sinclaire, Keith Trent, Richard Coleman, Martin Dorsey, and Greg Mays in Homework (2021)

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homework show reviews

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i hatwee shoiw nmy home work it…

i hatwee shoiw nmy home work it cimplet5elt ruineed dmy life i wajrt to sue the comany myhouse burned diwb and mjyt dog died because of it pleasae raje sqghr rgte4ew hsxy cojpany And shedy syu

Date of experience : June 05, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Upload issue via google chrome.

The site doesn't work properly when my son try to upload his work via Google Chrome! AND we didn't get back any warning sign, eight pieces of his homework weren't submitted! So annoying! Finally, we could somewhat manage to use it via Safari...

Date of experience : May 02, 2020

Show My Homework can be useful for the minority, but not for me. Why? Well, I rarely connect to the internet and teachers can also forget to upload homework and you therefore miss out on learning. Planners are a perfectly reliable way to write homework: it never crashes, which Show My Homework does sometimes and you just have it with you. Without my beloved diary which my mum bought at WH Smith (she doesn't like it either) I probably wouldn't get homework done. I don't recommend this service.

Date of experience : January 24, 2018

I tried a free trial - avoid at all costs

I tried a free trial - my daughter didn’t use it. When I tried to cancel it was impossible. Customer services initially told me I didn’t have an account and I had to send a credit card statement to prove it. Then they sent instructions to access ‘cancel’ tabs that did not exist. Messages answered after gaps > 3 weeks at 16:51 one day as further payment taken that night. It’s now over a month since I instructed them to cancel the subscription which they have refused to do yet I am unable to. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY’S FREE TRIAL OR ADD ON SERVICES

Date of experience : June 26, 2021

Show my homework / satchel one is diabolical

Show my homework / satchel one is turning out to be diabolical. My grandson has only just started secondary school and has had his first detention ever for being late with homework even though it has been uploaded. Submitted homework is showing as outstanding (not in a good way!!) even though it has been done. Maths homework had questions that weren't covered in course work and English homework gave the answers but not the questions. Presumably schools are paying for this awful service, let's get back to proper teachers doing proper teaching and putting effort into delivering the curriculum and their pupils education and futures. Let's get personal!!

Date of experience : October 07, 2020

Issues accessing on and off but…

Issues accessing on and off but perserverence wins through. Overall excellent for keeping tabs on homework due. However, cannot seem to tick off completed homework which still showing as overdue tasks! Constant reminders for pupil to mark as completed but still doesn't accept tasks ticked off.

Date of experience : February 07, 2020

If you start writing in the SMHW…

If you start writing in the SMHW document ( to submit hw ) and then go back to the "description" bit of your homework, everything gets deleted and it cannot be retrieved. I just lost an entire essay :) Fix this, SMHW!!!

Date of experience : April 08, 2020

Do not use this app / website - it has ruined my life. It encourages and enables laziness and selfishness from teachers, who can spend 30 seconds setting a 4-hour-long piece of homework without any more information than a sentence. My school uses this app, and I have been given several behaviour marks and detentions from not submitting a homework that didn't come up on SMHW for me, or didn't send to the teacher when I submitted it. It lets teachers bombard you with homework without setting it properly, and you are forced to spend every minute of your free time / weekends checking the damned website to see if you've been given homework, or else be punished. It just lets teachers ruin your holidays and home life with homework.

Date of experience : October 08, 2021

Good if used properly

This website is good if it is used properly by both teachers and students. Some teachers may forget to upload homework so I do understand some peoples reservations about using the website. Our school has recently got rid of the trusty paper homework diaries as a way saving money and paper. And although these were a useful way of keeping track of assignments, individual pupils tended to "forget" to write down homework. This website provides no excuses. The website also allows students to upload assignments online. Quizzes and online activities can also be uploaded by teachers. Show my homework also has an app!!!

Date of experience : June 01, 2018

evasive regarding technical support....IF you get a reply that is

son's account has another pupil's details/homework etc on it, have been begging them since the beginning of September to sort it out....and so far (today is the 30th) they have ignored my 5 technical support tickets, and there is no contact on the site itself, i've had to do a bit of detective work but i've found a number for them.....

Date of experience : September 30, 2018

How can i delete work from early last…

How can i delete work from early last year but my son hasn't got it on his it's driving me nuts also it's so slow not all the time the work appears

Date of experience : February 03, 2021


Date of experience : June 26, 2020

It's actually quite good but I hope it…

It's actually quite good but I hope it gets killed like DingTalk there is so much stress, sorry SMHW but I'm getting too much homework.

Date of experience : April 02, 2020

I cant give it a 0/5

Terrible website doesnt even work 90% of the time and then when it doesnt the teachers still give you detentions for the company being as smart as a jake Pauler

Date of experience : September 11, 2017



Date of experience : June 25, 2020

satchel one review

it is too slow when I try and load up show my homework it takes a hot minute to slow. Also, it sometimes unchecks my homework for no reason but I hope these bugs get fixed then i would give show my homework a 4

Date of experience : February 08, 2021

Low reviews?

I don't see why the low reviews. Sometimes, yes, it bugs. Obviously. Everything does. Otherwise it's almost always working great.

Date of experience : July 16, 2020

this app is horrible and is supporting…

this app is horrible and is supporting a source of stress and literally no one likes homework so this app is very not good

Date of experience : March 16, 2020

Sometimes the homework doesn’t come…

Sometimes the homework doesn’t come through and that makes me get detentions because I don’t know there’s homework

Date of experience : August 01, 2020

It’s awful gives us homework and the…

It’s awful gives us homework and the teachers are annoying sndnsbwsbbs he’s he’s. She she she she she she ensnared

Date of experience : December 15, 2022

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1982, Comedy/Drama, 1h 30m

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Homework   photos.

A teenager (Michael Morgan) sees the school psychologist and his girlfriend's mother (Joan Collins) about his problem.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Original Language: English

Director: James Beshears

Release Date (DVD): Apr 16, 2013

Runtime: 1h 30m

Cast & Crew

Joan Collins

Michael Morgan

Shell Kepler

Lee Purcell

Ms. Jackson

Carrie Snodgress

Dr. Delingua

Wings Hauser

Beverly Todd

Clinic Receptionist

Betty Thomas

Reddog's Secretary

James Beshears

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homework show reviews

Satchel One

homework show reviews

What is Satchel One ?

Satchel One is the market-leading learning platform that's launching with full cloud MIS functionality next academic year. Already used by ~1 in 3 UK secondary schools, it's firmly the teachers' choice for ease of use and classroom management. From the team behind award-winning software, Show My Homework , schools can use the suite of classroom management apps to support learning, save teachers time and involve parents in the learning process.

With the ability to choose your own apps, schools can create a bespoke learning platform to suit their needs, choose from: Show My Homework, Seating, Behaviour Attendance, Detentions, Timetables, Welfare Notes and Documents.

Achieve a consistent approach to online learning that involves teachers, students and parents in the process, whilst providing powerful evidence to Ofsted of your school’s behaviour and attendance policies. All from one simple login.

Satchel One, is now also an official Google for Education Partner and a Microsoft partner , offering powerful integrations to help schools take a holistic approach to education. Integrated use of these platforms results in an online learning experience like no other.

Learning Platform Features:

- Show My Homework

- Behaviour

- Attendance

- Timetables

- Welfare Notes

- Detentions

- Documents

MIS Functionality:

Apps Everything you need for classroom management including Behaviour, Detentions, Homework, Seating and Timetables.

Students Manage your student profiles, applicants and their parent or carer records easily.

Staff Access everything for staff HR, personnel, contracts and directory from one place.

School From subjects and departments, to teaching groups and academic structure, organise your school details effectively.

System Setup roles and permissions, or personalise with public pages and custom themes securely.

Working with MATs

Satchel One provides multi-academy trusts with consistent reporting across all schools in the MAT and makes it simple for trusts to adhere to centralised attendance, behaviour and homework policies, and in the future a cloud-based MIS . By providing each school in your trust with access to Satchel One , trust leads can enjoy the benefits of dealing with a single supplier, preferential rates and tools for use in both primary and secondary schools.

Stay in touch

Stay in the loop about our MIS developments Visit www.teamsatchel.com to learn more about our MIS, including our 'One Licence Offer' where we will provide you with up to 18 months free of charge if you're using another MIS provider, plus 25% off your first paid year.

Get a demo of Satchel One Visit www.teamsatchel.com to book in a demo of multi-award winning Satchel One. We can run you through any combination of our apps and provide you with pricing and next steps for you to consider in your school.

Call us today

Give our friendly team a call on 020 7197 9550. Whether you're looking to discuss our product suite, find out about our MIS launch or anything else, we're happy to talk to you.

Recommended Usage

20 minutes per week

Video & Screenshots

homework show reviews

Educational Impact

homework show reviews

Case Studies

Returning to Satchel One (Melksham Oak Community School)

Monitoring Behaviour (Icknield Community College)

Increased Student Engagement (Ashton on Mersey School)

Enhancing Parental Engagement (Lesmahagow High School)

Compare Satchel One with...


Satchel One Reviews

from 34 Verified Reviews

User rating

Satchel One

Neelam Parmar

Digital Learning

Used Satchel One daily for 1-2 years

Fully cloud-based that involves parents in educating their children.

Neelam Parmar found Satchel One :




Used Satchel One daily for 3-4 years


RICHARD ABBEY found Satchel One :

Teacher of Design and Technology

Used Satchel One weekly for 5 years+

Show my Homework has been an invaluable tool for us, particularly throughout the challenging times of COVID: it's also very easy to use, and the Team have responded really well to feedback, creating new features which extend the effectiveness of SMH as a teaching and learning tool.

Mr Flynn found Satchel One :

Simon oldfield.

Head of RE and Citizenship

Used Satchel One weekly for 3-4 years

No other piece of software has so positively and widely impacted by teaching.

Simon Oldfield found Satchel One :

Excellent service!

James found Satchel One :

Andy braithwaite.

Used Satchel One for 5 years+

Saves lots of teachers time - easy for students to use on multiple platforms

Andy Braithwaite found Satchel One :

Teacher of MFL

Only good experiences administering and using it

Liz found Satchel One :

Damian woolf.

Used Satchel One for 1-2 years

I think it costs the school a lot

Damian Woolf found Satchel One :

English Teacher

Used Satchel One for 7–12 months

It was a lifesaver in Lockdown. The company quickly adapted further tools. Now it's a comprehensive site.

steve found Satchel One :

Sam obeng-asare.

Head of Economics and Business studies

Used Satchel One for 2years

it is informative and useful to set work as a teacher and check work as a parent

Sam Obeng-Asare found Satchel One :

Science teacher

Used Satchel One for At least 10 years I think

Saves time, allows me to send web links and the huge variety of types of homework. Amazing support during lockdown and you are helpful when I cannot get hold of our own IT!

Kim Vale found Satchel One :

KS3 RS Coordinator

Used Satchel One for 2 months

Really good. A couple of things that could make it easier to use.

Rosie found Satchel One :

Leader of Learning MFL

Used Satchel One for 6 years

It is very efficient; allows parental access; archives tasks; allows 2 way communication between pupils and teachers; keeps records and much more. We don't use seating plans, timetabling or behavior in Satchel One but I wish we did.

Emma found Satchel One :

Emma callan.

Head of Chemistry

Used Satchel One for 18 months

Very professional, rapid answer to issues, constantly updating in response to feedback - new facilities added regularly

Emma Callan found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 3 years

not sure it does ease my workload as it is currently

Stella found Satchel One :

Good to share workload across a department and to track students' knowledge; parents like being able to see that too.

Clare found Satchel One :

Teacher of Science

Used Satchel One for 2.5 years

I would like to see the recurring feature added for regular HW (see Q9). I also think that expanding the quiz feature where questions can be posed that ask pupils to type a short, one word answer would be helpful. The multiple choice option is great, but they only make up a small portion of an exam paper so pupils need to be able to recall names etc. and not always chose it from a set of options. It is difficult to create a platform whereby pupils can write extended answers (Google Forms works to an extent here) but answers for 'state the name of...' questions could be loaded by the teacher when creating the quiz. Teachers would still need to be able to overwrite the mark given to allow them to give marks for misspellings etc.

Siobhan found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 4 years

It isn't perfect but the functions they have work really well, and there is lots in development too. The customer service is excellent, and they are very responsive to suggestions. The apps are easy to use and really enhance the system, for example it is super easy to tick off homework on the app if it is completed on a different website. Not 10 yet as the detentions module needs more development and the parent app should mirror what the teacher ticks off as completed not what the student ticks off.

Tina found Satchel One :

Michelle venn.

Mathematics Teacher

Used Satchel One for 10 months

Ease in which you set work, collate progress and monitor attainment.

Michelle Venn found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 5 years

it almost meets all of my needs

Lisa found Satchel One :

Sylvia hawken.

Teacher of Religious Education

I have found it incredibly useful during this period of lockdown, however I was using it to enter homework as well and that has been excellent

Sylvia Hawken found Satchel One :

James hutchings.

Easy to use! Very useful!

James Hutchings found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 2 years

Easy to track homework and chase outstanding homework. Reports are easy to download and print.

Michaela found Satchel One :

Limited question types, inability to set tasks to just some of a class or individuals. Needs a better messaging system/notifications

Rick found Satchel One :

It is helpful but the assessment grid is to clunky

Mandy found Satchel One :

Satchel one categories.

Satchel One

Contact Satchel One

We value your privacy

homework show reviews

  • facebook-rs

‘Roar’ Is Spoon-Fed Women’s Empowerment That’s Tough to Swallow

By Jenna Scherer

Jenna Scherer

Roar is what happens when a group of five-star chefs combine their talents, roll up their sleeves, and wind up making a garbage plate. All the ingredients are there, and all the skill, but it somehow adds up to a muddled creation that’s less than the sum of its parts.   

The Apple TV + anthology series (all eight episodes streaming now) is essentially a collection of modern fairy tales about female empowerment, based a 2018 short story collection by Irish author Cecelia Ahern. The episodes open with bright typographic title cards that more or less tell you what you’re in for: “The Woman Who Disappeared,” “The Woman Who Was Kept on a Shelf,” “The Woman Who Was Fed by a Duck.”   

On the page, Roar couldn’t sound more appealing for a certain type of audience (read: your intrepid reviewer). Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the minds behind Netflix’s canceled-too-soon masterpiece GLOW, the show features a who’s who of female creative talent on both sides of the camera. Aside from the creators, episode writers include Janine Nabers ( UnREAL ), Vera Santamaria ( PEN15, Orange Is the New Black ), and playwright Halley Feiffer. A refreshingly diverse cohort of directors includes Rashida Jones ( Angie Tribeca ), So Yong Kim ( Dr. Death, Transparent ), Anya Adams ( Fresh Off the Boat, The Good Place ), Channing Godfrey Peoples ( Miss Juneteenth ), and cinematographer Quyen Tran ( Maid, Palm Springs ). 

And then there’s that cast: Issa Rae , Nicole Kidman , Cynthia Erivo , Merritt Wever, Judy Davis, and GLOW stars Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, to name a few. Hell, even the male ensemble is amazing: Jake Johnson, Daniel Dae Kim, Hugh Dancy, Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas, and Alfred freakin’ Molina. With this dream team and this pedigree, how could Roar go wrong? 

We have no earthly idea. But man, is it a mess—albeit an interesting mess. The series’ eight half-hour episodes vary widely in quality and tone, and only a precious few nail the assignment. The stories read like fables, and like Aesop’s, are mostly populated by archetypes and come with a too-neat moral at the end. Sometimes this works, but even the best installments of Roar tend to pull their punches right when you want them to go further down the rabbit hole.  

Editor’s picks

Special report: future of music 2023, the 200 greatest singers of all time, the 500 greatest songs of all time, the 100 greatest tv shows of all time.

Take the opener, “The Woman Who Disappeared,” penned by Nabers and directed by Peoples. Issa Rae stars as Wanda, a newly famous novelist who goes to Hollywood to meet with execs who want to adapt her book for the screen. But even in this rarefied air, she’s a Black woman in a world not built for her. During a meeting with a room of smooth-talking producers—all of them white men—she feels her voice getting ignored as they talk about spinning her writing into something it was never meant to be; and then she literally becomes invisible.  

It’s a rich metaphor that gets more complex as it goes, and Rae beautifully evokes the existential horror of her situation. But then, in the episode’s final act, it becomes something much more simplistic, sacrificing nuance for a generic message of empowerment through self-actualization. It feels like a cheat.   

Some episodes, on the other hand, are just kind of dull. “The Woman Who Ate Photographs,” written by Flahive, boasts the star power of Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. She plays Robin, a woman driving her aging mother Rosey (Oscar nominee Judy Davis) — who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s — through the Australian hinterlands to come live with her. When Robin stumbles across an old family photo album, she begins to literally consume the faded snapshots, causing her to relive old memories in brief, impressionistic bursts. But mother and daughter never go deep enough into their complicated history, and very little comes of the magical-realist premise. It ends, once more, in a sunny denouement that feels unearned. 

And then there are the installments that are just plain weird. There’s “The Woman Who Was Kept on a Shelf,” which features Gilpin as Amelia, a model who marries a wealthy man (Kim) who invites her to sit on a high shelf in his vacant mansion so that she can be his muse as he works. She’s a trophy wife. Get it? Despite its facile premise, this one is worth a watch for the always magnetic Gilpin’s performance; she leans hard into the candy-colored unreality of the episode’s world, so manic and childlike that you can’t help but be charmed, even if it ultimately amounts to nothing. 

But trust us on this: Please, please skip over “The Woman Who Was Fed by a Duck.” Does it star respected master of subtlety Wever? Does Mantzoukas make an appearance to charm the pants off of viewers as per uszh? Yes. But it’s also about, quite frankly, a woman who has a sexual relationship with a talking mallard. 

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Jennifer aniston demands attention in 'the morning show' season 3 trailer, ‘barbie’ may be the most subversive blockbuster of the 21st century.

The nice part about an anthology series, however, is you can just watch the good ones. And thankfully, there’s a trio of them: “The Woman Who Found Bite Marks on Her Skin,” a body horror-tinged nightmare starring Oscar nominee Erivo as a woman who, while trying to balance motherhood with her high-powered job at a male-dominated company, discovers that a malevolent force is leaving bloody tooth marks all over her body. Jones directed this one from a script by Mensch and Flahive, and it’s a thing of stark and evocative beauty — a metaphor that actually makes good on its promise. 

Brie is at the top of her chatty game in “The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder,” the clever (if unoriginal) tale of a ghost trying to get to the bottom of her grisly death while the detectives assigned to her case ( GLOW ’s Christopher Lowell, and, in an inspired bit of stunt casting, Hannibal ’s Hugh Dancy) prove to be utterly incompetent. It’s simultaneously a sendup of the male-centric dead-girl mystery genre and a character study of a woman discovering too late that she was completely  misunderstood. 

And then, finally, there’s that understatement we’ve been looking for in “The Woman Who Returned Her Husband,” an episode that could easily fly under the radar for its lack of A-list names. But don’t sleep on it: Santamaria pens the story of Anu (Meera Syal), who at the age of 60, finds herself dissatisfied with a marriage that’s grown stale and trades in her husband (Bernard White) at a big-box store for a newer model. The story is funny and sweet, and a lovely look at both what it means to be an immigrant in America and the ways in which people never stop growing, both separately and together. 

But three episodes out of eight, in this age of peak television, just isn’t going to cut it. Roar has built a daring experiment, bringing in a diverse group of female writing, directing, and acting heavyweights — which makes the series almost fascinating in its failure to deliver. There’s a solid chance the main fault lies in the source material, but that doesn’t absolve Roar of its faults. The world always needs more stories of women’s empowerment, sure; but we’re all grown-ups here, and we don’t need that message spoon-fed to us — and certainly not by a duck. 

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  • Unstoppable
  • By Jon Blistein

From 'American Horror Story' to 'Stop Making Sense,' Here's Everything We're Watching This Month

  • By Keith Phipps

Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Luc Besson Cast Dark Cloud Over Venice

  • By Marlow Stern

Richard Linklater Says Muse Glen Powell Has ‘A McConaughey Quality’


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