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Youth Panel meeting

Volunteering in Kenya

We've been working in Kenya since 1959. Volunteers support a range of initiatives improving health and education outcomes as well as supporting people improve their ability to provide for themselves and their families. 

Peter in a maths class

Kenya is an exciting place. The Kenyan economy continues to grow. The country's innovators are using technology to tackle the country’s most pressing needs - some have dubbed Kenya the ‘Silicon Savannah’. New startups appear every day. 

However, the gap between rich and poor is widening. Access to vital services, including healthcare and education as well as economic support is difficult for a majority of the population. Our volunteers are working to bridge the gap. We'd love for you to join them. 

We have over 60 years' experience supporting volunteers in Kenya. You are in good hands. 

Volunteer stories from Kenya

Vilma in the classroom

From Kenya to Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, meet the volunteer igniting change across the world

Vilma Esoto is a remarkable national volunteer working hard in the Philippines, where she ensures that out-of-school youth get the relevant mentorship and leadership skills they deserve to achieve a prosperous future.

Harrison Kariuki

Expanding horizons for Deaf youth in Kenya: Harrison’s story

Volunteer Harrison Kariuki is on a mission to end stigma and improve the lives of Deaf young people in Kenya.

Two teams meet for a training session

Why refugee teachers on the frontline need support

Education volunteer Casey Pearson is helping refugee families find order amid the chaos of Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.

Volunteer roles in Kenya

Below is a list of all our current volunteer opportunities in Kenya. Some of these volunteer jobs may only be available to Kenyan nationals. Others are available for international volunteers from anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our work

  • Resilient livelihoods
  • Inclusive and resilient education
  • Adolescent and youth health and wellbeing

Every open Volunteering position in the UN located in Kenya

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Instructional design and e-learning expert

Wash officer.

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Programme Assistant

Knowledge management and communications officer, project support officer, programme coordination assistant, programme coordinator, policy analyst - disaster recovery, public information and outreach officer, associate legal officer, social media specialist, programme management assistant, communication officer.

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OSL Supply Specialist

Information management officer, recruitment specialist, programme support officer, environment and resilience, information systems assistant, project officer - climate change, humanitarian affairs associate, wuf12 communications officer, programme assistant – technical coordination, meetings services assistant, communications & knowledge management associate.

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Staff Counsellor

Child protection officer ( in emergencies)- program quality, associate programme officer.

(214) 390-7947 (Overseas Callers)

Toll-Free: 1-800-675-2504 (US/Canada)

01273 93 0514 (UK ), (02) 8006 6640 (Australia)

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Volunteer in Kenya!

Your chance to make an impact by helping the less fortunate through love and care while on a lifechanging adventure..

Fulfill your passion for improving the lives of others and make a difference for entire communities

Provide lasting benefits to and change the lives of disadvantaged people and animals

Enjoy your adventure in total safety with secure facilities that have been extensively vetted

Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 22,000 since 2006

Right this moment, many people in Kenya who are in desperate need of your help. will you answer the call?

Take a minute to complete the form and we will be in touch.

Volunteer Kenya

  • Help in an Orphanage
  • Teaching English in Rural Schools
  • Medical/Health Project

HIV/AIDS Project (Nairobi)

  • Summer Program(4 Weeks)
  • Volunteers' Photos
  • Volunteers' Reviews
  • Kenya Accommodation
  • Kenya Free Time
  • Date & Price
  • Room & Foods
  • Photo & Videos
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Are you thinking of volunteering abroad? Would you like to help those in need while seeing the world? Have you ever wanted to volunteer in Kenya?

Kenya is a great country to volunteer and travel in. Here you can witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve, taking in unforgettable wildlife experiences in the country's national parks and preserves while seeing endangered lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino populations.

africa kids with volunteer in kenya

Though amazingly beautiful, Kenya is still a developing country, with the typical problems facing much of the third world. Poor economic diversity, lack of opportunity and education, along with rapid population growth, all conspire to keep half of the population living in poverty. Unfortunately, this affects poor communities, children, and women the most.

Today, many local organizations work to help poor communities and children desperately need volunteers more than ever.

There are many volunteer opportunities In Kenya for you to get involved with and make a difference through. You can teach in schools, serve in medical clinics, or offer support in orphanages or help in an HIV/AIDS awareness program. No matter what program you join, you will have the opportunity to share your passion, and change the lives of others while changing your own.

Are you interested in taking your life in new directions while helping those in need? Then request information about volunteering in Kenya by contacting IFRE today!

Volunteer Opportunities and Projects In Kenya

Interested pick one of the ifre four volunteering abroad projects in nepal..

Africa needs your help in countless ways, so no matter what your experience, background, passion or interests are, IFRE has a project in Kenya you can get involved with that will help you make a real difference in the world. Take a look at these exciting offerings and find your future project!

Help in an Orphanage(Nairobi )

Kenya is a country that is consumed by poverty. There are thousands of orphaned and homeless children who have to fend for themselves in order to survive, and few orphanages in Kenya are trying to help these orphaned children. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to dedicate your time, energy, and skills to change the lives of children, but also enrich your own life through unforgettable experiences.

The aim of the orphanage volunteer program in Kenya is to help the local orphanage centers turn things around in the fields of education, child development, and healthcare. With your valuable efforts, orphaned children will be able to shape their own future into far brighter and potentially more prosperous ones.

You will also give orphaned children healthy, secure and constructive childhoods. Most of your volunteer work will revolve around caring for the children, teaching them, and assisting in the kitchen and the administrative offices.

Are you willing to share your love and passion for orphaned children? Go to the project page to find the complete information.

Go to detail page

Teaching English in Rural Schools (Nairobi, Mataboni)

Although good English language skills will give young Kenyans better prospective jobs and help to break the cycle of poverty, access to a good English education is not available for children from low income families.

Thus, these children go to local public schools which are perpetually over-crowded and understaffed.  Volunteers’ help is always needed in these school, and with your help students can gain this valuable skill and a chance at a brighter future.

By joining  volunteer English teaching project in Kenya, you will be able to teach English to children from disadvantaged families while immersing yourself in the Kenyan culture and language. As a volunteer, your main goal is to increase the student’s ability to comprehend English and encourage them to participate in creative activities. With their newfound ability, they will be able to obtain better jobs in the future and raise themselves out of poverty.

Interested to share your love and passion for orphans? Go to the project page to find pricing and complete information.

Go to Detail Page

Medical/Health Project (Nairobi)

In Kenya, many local clinics and hospitals are always overcrowded and looking for volunteers. So, when you join our medical volunteering program in Kenya, you will work in local hospitals/clinics directly under the supervision of local doctors and medical staff.

Depending on your education or experience, you will be shadowing the local doctors or be involved in general check-ups and treatments. No matter what you do, you will have a meaningful and fulfilling volunteering experience.

Want to learn more about medical volunteering in Kenya? Go to the project page to find the complete information.

HIV/AIDS is a deadly virus which is widespread in Kenya. Many people, especially in rural areas where there is a severe lack of medical services, have to deal with HIV/AIDS on a daily basis. There is a lack of manpower and resources in the local hospitals to treat and help these patients, and an urgent need for volunteers. The effort put forth by volunteers like you will help change the lives of many poor and HIV-infected people in Kenya.

Upon joining IFRE’s Kenya HIV/AIDS volunteer program, your tasks will include counseling, visiting patients and their families, and participating in public awareness activities to help prevent the spread of future infections.

You will also provide tips to patients on health, nutrition, and sanitation, and keep patient records. Work responsibilities vary depending on your education, skills, and experience.

Want to share your love to HIV affected people? Go to the project page to find the complete information.

Summer and Adventure Program in Kenya (4 Weeks)

During this exciting volunteer program and adventure, you will get the opportunity to volunteer in a local orphanage and explore beautiful Kenya. Not only will you make a difference in the life of children but also get to visit traditional Maasai lands, spot incredible wildlife, admire the stunning valleys, and explore beautiful villages and cultures. This program is a perfect blend of a volunteering abroad experience and a Kenya safari experience

Interested to make a difference in the life of orphans while experiencing African Safari? Go to the project page to find the complete information.

In addition to the life-changing programs listed above, IFRE also offers a hands on medical program , group programs for high school and college students , Family volunteering , alternative spring breaks , and many more unique programs. Contact us today to learn more .

Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya : Fees & Start Dates:

Start Dates : Our Kenya volunteer programs usually start every Monday, although we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints and if you require another start-date, we can usually accommodate your needs.

Please check the program page for the available dates

Since 2006, IFRE has been the most trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world, and also the most affordable. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer programs at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students, to volunteer internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We believe in 100% transparency. Rest assured, we never use middlemen. Your one-time registration fee of $299 covers our administrative costs. The low weekly fee is paid in the host country directly to your host family and project (via country coordinator), and includes housing, food, and minor expenses. IFRE is a non-profit organization, so your program fees are tax deductible. 

Pricing Detail

Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day »

How your fee is allocated?

Program Fees Cover:

  • Accommodation (host family)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • Airport Pick up/Transfer
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

Program Fees Exclude:

  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya : Room/Food/Supervision

Volunteer opportunities in kenya : frequently asked questions- faq, arrival and orientation- faq, which airport do i need to fly to.

You should fly to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport , Nairobi.

Do you organize airport pick-up services ?

Yes, we organize airport pick-up services for our international volunteers in Kenya. You just need to provide our staff with your flight details and meet them at the airport, so that they can drop you off at your hotel prior to the start of your volunteer placement.

What happens if I miss a flight or arrive late?

It is crucial for our volunteers to inform us about their missed flight or late arrival in such circumstances. Volunteers must always give us proper information regarding their flight details and arrival time, so that we can prepare for their arrival.  If you missed your flight, please book a hotel downtown Nairobi and call your ground coordinator. You can find the phone number in your placement details

Who will come to pick me up? How do I recognize the person at the airport?

Our local representative will be waiting for you at the airport arrival terminal. He/she will be responsible for picking you up from the airport on time and taking you to your accommodations. Our local staff will be carrying a white signboard with your name on it. If you do not see them, you can always call them, as their contact information will be provided to you before your flight to Kenya. We also encourage volunteer to exchange pictures with our ground coordinator so you will more easily recognize each other.

If my Kenya volunteer program begins on Monday, when should I arrive? If I want to arrive before the starting date of my assignment, where will I stay and who will organize the accommodations? Will it cost me extra?

If your assignment begins on Monday, we highly advise you to arrive on Sunday and take the day to rest and prepare. If you plan to arrive earlier than the starting date of your volunteer program, you should get in touch with our in-country coordinator and let them organize the accommodations for you.

Who will take me to the airport for my departure?

IFRE does not provide airport drop off services after the completion of your volunteer project. You will need to arrange a transfer vehicle to take you to the airport for your departure on your own. If you need assistance, you can ask your in-country coordinator for advice. Be sure to budget for this expense.

What do I need prior to departure from my home country?

To prepare for volunteering program in Kenya, you will need to complete several steps. The first is research, so you’re already ahead of the game. Be sure to also research Kenya, including customs and culture, so you know what to expect. You’ll need to book your flight and provide that itinerary to our coordinator so they can set up your airport pick-up. Research the visa requirements based on your home country and apply well in advance as this process can take a few weeks.

Next, you’ll want to visit your doctor and discuss your trip. Get up to date on any necessary vaccinations, including subsequent boosters that may be needed, and get any prescription meds filled as you won’t be able to get these abroad. Speaking of health, you’ll need to obtain a reliable travel insurance policy in order to participate in our programs. Print out a copy along with making a copy of your passport to bring along in your travels.

Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya : Projects & Locations

Where are the projects located.

Our Kenya volunteer programs are located in the Nairobi suburbs and the Mataboni (rural) region. These places are full of culture, so you will enjoy every moment of your stay. Volunteers can go on insightful trips around the surrounding areas of their project locations and visit popular tourist attractions.

Is there any minimum or maximum stay? Can I extend my stay if I choose to?

Our programs run in duration from one to twelve weeks. You will need to ensure your visa is for a sufficient period to allow you to complete your volunteer work.

Can I extend my stay if I choose to?

Yes, if you want to stay for a longer period of time you can easily extend your stay in Kenya. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible to make sure that you have no trouble extending your stay and if needed, the duration of your visa.

Will I have enough time to travel after work and on weekends while volunteering in Kenya?

Yes, our projects are designed flexibly for volunteers who wish to spend some time exploring Kenya’s beautiful landscapes . You will always have your evenings and weekends free.

Who will guide or support me in the project?

It can be intimidating to visit Kenya and spend time volunteering without any guidance or supervision. Fortunately, our local staff and in-country coordinator are always ready to help you. Our in-country coordinator will be responsible for guiding you throughout your time abroad.

Can I change my project if I do not like the one I have initially chosen?

Yes, our volunteers can change their project if they have some issues with their first choice. However, this rarely occurs, and our volunteers are in general quite satisfied with our program offerings. Contact our in-country coordinator to discuss this issue, and a new project will be selected based on availability.

Can I work on more than one volunteer program in Kenya at a time?

Yes, you can work on more than one volunteer project at a time if that is what you wish to do. You should get in touch with our in-country coordinator if you decide you are up to the challenge. However, you should know that each of our projects requires you to work for at least 4 -5 hours per day so it can be physically exhausting to work on more than one volunteer project at a time. Consider splitting your trip in two and dividing the time between the two projects for a more manageable option.

How old should I be to take part in these projects?

You must be at least 18 years old. Those who are under the recommended age of 18 years should submit a parental consent from their legal guardian, and in some cases, we can make an exception. Minors can also volunteer alongside their parents.  

Who manages IFRE’s projects?

Our in-country coordinator manages all IFRE’s programs. You can always ask them for help or if you have any issues regarding the volunteer work.

Will I receive any training before the start of my volunteer work in Kenya?

IFRE provides training to our volunteers before the start of any of our programs. The nature of the training given to our volunteers will depend on the nature and the level of difficulty of the volunteer project they have selected. You will be briefed on your service work, your schedule, necessary safety measures, and the customs and culture of Kenya.

Is there a dress code in the project?

No, there is no dress code, and you are free to wear what you would like as long as you appear modest and decent.

Dates & Costs

Why should i pay to volunteer abroad.

IFRE is a non-profit volunteer organization, which depends on the program fees paid by its volunteers in order to run its volunteering programs in Kenya. Unlike other non-profit organizations, IFRE does not receive any kind of funding from the government to pay for its volunteer projects. Hence, IFRE is completely dependent on its volunteer program fees for the operation and management of its programs. The money paid by volunteers help IFRE cover the expenses of rent, advertisement, utility bills, staff salaries, and tax of the company. Your project fees go directly to your host family and the projects you have traveled abroad to support.

Why are IFRE’s fees so much more affordable than other volunteer organizations?

IFRE does not run its volunteer programs to earn a profit and can thus afford to charge less than competing organizations. IFRE aims to provide meaningful and affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya and collaborates with numerous international organizations to make sure that its volunteer programs offer a rewarding experience to volunteers who wish to help and support local communities in poor countries across the globe at a reasonable cost. IFRE does not charge any additional fees for its volunteer trips in Kenya, as its volunteer program fees are just enough to sustain the operational costs of the company.

Can I get help to raise funds?

Yes, volunteers can get a tax deduction for their volunteer trip abroad as we are a registered non-profit in the United States.

Yes, we can help you raise funds for your volunteer project in Kenya. Contact IFRE to learn more about this assistance.

For further readings: Why to pay for volunteer abroad How to reduce the cost of volunteer abroad Pay fee directly to host family

Safety and In-country Support Team

Is it safe to travel to kenya.

Yes, it is very safe to travel in Kenya . The government of Kenya is doing its best to make sure that international visitors can come and experience the beauty of Kenya as safely as possible. IFRE also puts effort in keeping its volunteers safe and away from any danger. Volunteers should check safety advisory websites to keep up to date on current and developing conditions.

What safety measures should I take during my volunteer trip in Kenya?

While Kenya is a safe country for foreigners, it is always a good idea to be cautious when traveling abroad. The instances of mass protests and violence are pretty rare, but you always have to be vigilant of your surroundings and take precautionary measures, like you would do in any other country. You must always make sure that no one is following you. You also need to keep your money, credit cards and passport in a safe place. We advise all our volunteers to do proper research before coming to Kenya.

What will happen if I get sick in Kenya?

If you ever get sick and require immediate help while volunteering, our field staff will take care of you and take you to the nearest hospital or medical clinic. Our in-country coordinator, as well as the doctors and medical professionals, will do their best to provide treatment to you if you are sick. Be sure to bring along a copy of your insurance policy and your passport to present to the doctor.

Why must I get travel insurance before beginning my volunteer trip to Kenya?

What vaccinations do i need to have prior to the start of my volunteer project.

All participants joining this program require vaccinations. The following vaccinations are highly recommended and mandatory:

  • Typhoid (recommended)
  • Hepatitis A &B (recommended)
  • Yellow fever (Mandatory)

It is also recommended that you are up to date with your other vaccinations. You may wish to insist your doctor provide you with a script for a broad-spectrum antibiotic to protect you from certain bacteria. For more information, please specifically contact a travel doctor at a travel clinic at least 2 months before you plan to travel.

However, you must visit your local doctor for proper advice first. You can learn more about vaccinations for your trip in Kenya.

What are the principle health risks for volunteers in Kenya?

Like any other developing African country, Kenya has its own set of health risks and hazards, which you should be prepared for. You must be cautious while volunteering outdoors and prepared to cope with the temperature and exposure to the sun and insects. A good protection against mosquito bites during the daytime is necessary. Staying hydrated all day long should be your top priority, but you should only drink boiled or chemically filtered liquids. You MUST avoid drinking tap water and only eat food from hygienic places.

For further readings: Vaccination Volunteer Health and Safety

Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya : Application procedure - FAQ

How can i apply.

Applying for IFRE’s programs is easy. You just have to go to our website and fill out a volunteer application form . You must fill it out with the correct information and check it before submission. You will then have to wait for our staff to contact you for further actions.

When should I apply for a volunteering project in Kenya?

You should apply for our volunteering projects in Kenya as soon as possible, whenever you find yourself seeking for a volunteering trip abroad, have found a project which resonates with you, and have determined the dates which you are available to travel. Applying a few months in advance is desirable, as this gives IFRE more than enough time to make sure everything is in order for your life-changing volunteer experience .   

What happens once I submit my documents and application?

Once you submit your documents and application, our staff will begin analyzing and evaluating them. After that, the application will be sent to our in-country coordinator in Kenya, who will be responsible for managing your time abroad. Once the in-country coordinator approves your application, we will contact you and provide you with the full details of your volunteer trip.

How long does it take to process my Kenya volunteer project application?

Depending on the number of applications, we usually take about a week to process your application. However, if there is an emergency where we have to hurry up, we can finalize the application within one week. Let us know if you are in a hurry, and we will do our best to meet your request.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

You don’t need to submit any documents with your application, with the exception of if you have decided to take part in our medical/health care project. In this case, you must be ready to provide us with an authentic medical certification from a legitimate institution, or a student medical id.

Are there any necessary requirements to participate in volunteer programs?

If you are applying for the medical volunteering project in Kenya , you will need to provide us with your medical certificate or id. If you wish to teach English, you will need a solid grasp of the language and native speakers are preferred. Otherwise, the only other requirements to join are being 18 years of age and passionate about making a difference in the world.

Do I need a visa to volunteer and travel in Kenya?

Yes, you won’t be allowed to enter the country unless you have obtained a travel visa from the Immigration Department of Kenya. You will need to obtain a tourist visa . A tourist visa allows you to enter Kenya once for a maximum duration of 90 days, and carries a fee of US$ 51 for a single-entry visa.

How do I apply for the visa?

The easiest and most direct way to apply for a Kenyan tourist visa is by visiting the Embassy of Kenya at your home country prior to your departure. You can also apply for a visa on your arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport before the start of your volunteering program in Kenya.  Visit for more information about the Kenyan visa process

Can I extend my visa while I am in the country? Can you help me with this?

Generally speaking, extending a Kenyan tourist visa is not difficult. According to the Immigration law, you must visit the Immigration Department of Kenya in order to extend your Kenyan visa. Keep in mind that the extension will only last for three more months.

Communication and Internet

How do i contact the ifre’s local coordinator during my volunteer work in kenya.

You can contact the IFRE’s local coordinator by dialing their phone number on your personal mobile phone or sending them an email. Contact information will be provided prior to your departure.

How can I communicate with my family from Kenya?

The most convenient way to communicate with your family while in Kenya is by using social media like Facebook and Skype. Internet facilities are available everywhere in Kenya, so it won’t be hard to access.

Can I use my phone during my volunteer project in Kenya?

Yes, you can use your personal mobile phone. However, you will need to contact your current provider prior to travel to ensure that your phone will work while traveling abroad. Be aware that international roaming charges may apply, and these can be quite costly.

Can I buy a local SIM Card in Kenya?

Yes, you can buy a local SIM Card in Kenya even if you are a foreigner. This can help eliminate those expensive roaming charges and offer easy and affordable internet access via your mobile phone. Again, you will need to check with your current provider prior to travel to ensure your phone will work with the foreign SIM, as it may be locked.

How can I get/purchase internet?

First of all, you need to buy a SIM Card from a local vendor shop. For that, you need your original passport and a recent passport size photo to fill out an application form. Once you have done that, a vendor will give you a SIM Card. You can then purchase a data package to access the Internet after its activation, or you can always ask the vendor to purchase it for you if you can’t do it on your own.

Is there internet available everywhere?

Yes, Internet facilities are available everywhere in Kenya. So, you can always go online and browse the Internet during your volunteering trip in Kenya. However, there are many places where you won’t have access to free Wi-Fi, so make sure to buy a local SIM Card and use an Internet data plan on your mobile phone.

Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya : What to bring -FAQ

Some of the things you may want to bring along for your stay in Kenya are a pollution mask, power adapter, toiletries, medicines, first aid kit, passport, visa , flight tickets, travel insurance, rolling suitcase, insect repellent, filtered water bottle, power bank, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, , and sunscreen. IFRE provides bedding, but if you feel you would like a sleeping bag you are welcome to bring it along.

We hope we have answered all of your questions, and that you are ready to get moving with your volunteer abroad adventure. Contact IFRE today to get started planning your trip volunteering in Kenya!

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8 Best Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

by Luciana Dinu - Last updated on June 8, 2023

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You’ve decided to make this year’s adventure about giving back to others, and volunteering in Kenya seems like a great way to start your good deeds. In the land also known as the home of the Big Five, you can witness the amazing phenomenon of wildebeest migration, explore tropical beaches and coastlines (Kenya is not all just about the wildlife!), binge on delicious food, step out of your comfort zone, and have a cultural experience to remember.

Kenya, Zebras

Volunteering in Kenya means taking in the beautiful scenery and giving back to a magnificent country.

Kenya volunteer work will offer you all of these amazing experiences, but the highlight of your day will be the smiles you put on children’s faces. Such an experience will make you more humble and compassionate, it will teach you patience, and it will enhance your leadership skills. But the most important lesson you will leave with is how to find happiness in the simple things in life.

Volunteer opportunities in Kenya range from wildlife , conservation , local community and school development , to business administration programs and dental projects . Whatever your motivations may be, you will find a program that matches your goals and interests!

To help you with your decision, we’ve put together a very diverse list of Kenya volunteer programs that cover a whole slew of causes. Here are our 9 best volunteer opportunities in Kenya this year offered by high-quality volunteer organizations in Kenya.

  • Volunteer Abroad in Kenya with African Impact
  • 8-Week Gap Year Adventure in Kenya - Wildlife & Conservation
  • Volunteer Abroad & Make a REAL Difference
  • Volunteer Work at an Orphanage in Kenya
  • ELI Abroad - Experiences to Change Your Life
  • Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers
  • Care Work in Kenya with Projects Abroad
  • Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research and Conservation Project

8 best volunteer opportunities in Kenya this year

Editor’s note: This information on Kenya volunteer programs was accurate at the time of publishing. Please refer to each individual program for current data.

african impact logo

1. Volunteer Abroad in Kenya with African Impact —8.84

African Impact offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Kenya, from wildlife research and conservation programs, medical support, to teaching English and offering childcare assistance. You will be working with different groups while learning and exploring together. The lengths and prices of the programs vary, but you have a lot of good options to choose from. Make a positive impact in the lives of Kenya’s population, and let them make an impact on your life as well. Take advantage of your surroundings; go on safaris, explore the wildlife up close, enjoy traditional food and celebrations, and make strong connections with your colleagues and the local community.

  • Where: Nairobi
  • When: Year-round
  • Cause: Animal welfare, childcare, healthcare, veterinary science, conservation
  • Read African Impact reviews

culsans purposeful gap travel logo

2. 8-Week Gap Year Adventure in Kenya - Wildlife & Conservation —9.5

Culsans Gap Travel will take you on an 8-week Kenyan adventure, where you will get the chance to embrace the traditional Maasai culture, make new friends, and sample the flavors of the local cuisine. During your volunteering experience you will receive a behind-the-scenes look at education in anti-poaching, wildlife research, and community development, while ushering in the future of community-based conservation. Protect endangered animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, and many other species. You’ll also learn skills in veterinary care and spend your days off visiting local sights.

  • Where: Nairobi, Nanyuki, Rural Areas
  • Cause: Wildlife conservation
  • Read Culsans reviews

love volunteers logo

3. Volunteer Abroad & Make a REAL Difference —9.59

With Love Volunteers you can find great volunteer opportunities in Kenya in community centers, refugee camps, orphanages, schools, hospitals, and community medical clinics; each placement can often be customized to suit the needs, interests, and profile of each volunteer. With the help and tools offered by Love Volunteers, your contribution will make a real and meaningful difference in the lives of the people in this stunning country. You yourself will be coming home touched by the experience as a more compassionate person with a different view of life.

  • Where: Nairobi, Mombasa, and Diani Beach
  • Cause: Childcare and development, education support, medical internships, women’s empowerment
  • Read Love Volunteers reviews

Volunteering Solutions Logo

4. Volunteer Work at an Orphanage in Kenya —9.33

If you love children, playing with them, teaching and taking care of them, then sign up with Volunteering Solutions for one of their placements at orphanages in Kenya. Support the staff in daily tasks such as feeding or clothing children and keeping them active during the day. You can also help with household tasks such as cleaning or cooking, but that’s not all you’ll be doing on your trip. The weekends are all yours to explore the city on your own. Working with children is a rewarding experience, and this is your chance to make a difference!

  • Cause: Childcare, social Work
  • Read Volunteering Solutions reviews

5. ELI Abroad - Experiences to Change Your Life —10

eli abroad logo

To all the dentists out there, if you wanted a program dedicated to your valuable skills, here it is. You can now gain experience towards your future career by providing a full range of dental services to the kids in Kenya and teaching them about daily hygiene. Discover the beauties of Africa on your safari trips while visiting the local markets and vendors. Connect with the local community and discover the incredible abundance of Africa’s wildlife. What makes this program great? The simple fact that experience is not necessary! You will receive the necessary training from them. 

  • Where: Nakuru
  • When: Year round
  • Cause: Dental, health care, nutrition, public health, childcare
  • Read Global Dental Relief reviews

Naturally Africa Volunteers

6. Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers —10

Naturally Africa Volunteers and their program will give you the chance to make a real change in the lives of vulnerable individuals and extremely disadvantaged communities. You will help building or repairing homes for families, teach English or other subjects like mathematics or sports to the local children and community, and help with sharing the food ratios and clothing. It’s a vulnerable (yet rewarding) and life-changing experience both for you and all the people your good deeds will touch. Your support, even for a few weeks, is vital and will help these children and women build better lives for themselves. 

  • Where: Kisumu, Kitale
  • Cause: Childcare and children, youth and community development, AIDS
  • Read Naturally Africa Volunteers reviews

Projects Abroad Logo

7. Care Work in Kenya with Projects Abroad —10

Get real hands-on experience in the Kenyan culture and lifestyle with Projects Abroad and live with a local host family throughout your entire stay. Enjoy the local food, connect with your host family and local community, learn about Kenyan traditions, and explore the African savannah. You’ll be giving back to the welcoming community by teaching English to the children, along with basic skills and knowledge to perform well at school. So if you are pursuing a career in childcare services, this is a great way to add some significant experience to your resume, as you’re also improving the lives of so many children.

  • Where: Nanyuki
  • Cause: Community service and volunteering, education, childcare, social work
  • Read Projects Abroad reviews

kaya resposible travel logo

8. Maasai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research and Conservation Project —10

Hey all you animal lovers and Steve Irwin fans out there, we are calling you out! Join forces with Kaya Responsible Travel in a lion and wildlife research and conservation project this year, and work alongside their team of researchers to promote ways of coexistence between the local Maasai tribes and wildlife. No special skills are required, but a positive attitude and willingness to learn and work (especially as part of a team) will make you the perfect candidate. You'll be trained in consistent and accurate collection of data, monitoring the movement of big cat populations such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs, assisting in the research of elephant populations, taking pictures, and learning everything there is to know about wildlife. 

  • Where: Maasai Mara
  • Cause: Animal welfare, conservation, eco-tourism, wildlife, building and construction 
  • Read Kaya Responsible Travel reviews

Find & Compare Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

Ready to volunteer in kenya.

An elephant in Kenya

Pack your bags and get ready for the most amazing experience when you volunteer in Kenya.

Now that you know you can find Kenya volunteer programs in different areas of interest, you can start on next steps. Compare dates and lengths of programs , and decide on the type of program you would like to do. Read reviews and contact the organization directly if you still have questions! Finally, work out your budget or start a fundraising campaign , and on you go. Trust us — it’ll all be worth it.

Start as a volunteer in Kenya this year and maybe aim for a different country next year! Opportunities are endless and help is always needed. Give yourself the chance to step out of your comfort zone and develop personally, all while making a huge impact in one corner of the world.

Explore ALL Kenya Adventure Travel Programs

maps on the table

Want to Get Matched with Programs?

man looking at the mountains

Use MyGoAbroad to Save & Compare Programs!

Recommended programs.

9.54 747 reviews

World’s #1 Volunteer Programs. 40+ Countries from $20/day!

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) brings people together from all walks of life to make a difference on the adventure of a lifetime. With over 300 projects across 40+ countries, we offer the world’s largest ...

International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

A Music Volunteer teaching a boy how to play the guitar

9.34 266 reviews

Big Cat & Elephant Research in Kenya - Maasai Mara Reserve

Assist in the conservation efforts of the Pardamat Conservation Area in Kenya's Maasai Mara Reserve by monitoring wildlife and conducting important research. The loss of wildlife in the area has been devasta...

African Impact

African Impact

photo of a lion

10 1 reviews

Maasai Mara Big Cat & Elephant Volunteering in Kenya

Maasai Mara measures 1,510 km2 in terms of land area. Such vastness requires assistance when it comes to running conservation initiatives. Thus, local conservationists seek volunteers to help with vital moni...

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya Responsible Travel

Mara Leopard - Kaya

0 0 reviews

Projects Abroad in Kenya

Kenya is an enchanting East African country that spans both sides of the equator. Its incredible diversity of wildlife, landscapes, and cultures make it a great destination for volunteering. Our volunteer projects in Kenya are available for anyone interested in volunteering in...

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad

Volunteer in Kenya with World Endeavors

World Endeavors offers exciting programs that allow participants to experience Kenya while contributing to the community in a meaningful way. Volunteers can choose from a variety of immersive, unique, and re...

World Endeavors

World Endeavors

World Endeavors - VA - Kenya

9.61 31 reviews

GoEco - Top Rated & Award Winning Volunteer Programs Abroad

GoEco is one of the world’s top volunteer organizations, with award-winning and ethical programs selected by sustainable travel experts. Since 2006, tens of thousands of volunteers have taken part in projects and internships worldwide, focusing on wildlife and marine conservat...

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

Top Volunteer Abroad Program Opportunities

Popular opportunities to check out

Top-Rated Volunteer Abroad Programs in Latin America

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Go Volunteer Africa

Volunteering in Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya! Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa welcomes you to Kenya. Kenya is one of the most popular volunteer travel destinations in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa arranges meaningful and affordable volunteer projects in Kenya.

Volunteer Programs in Kenya

The volunteer placements in Kenya for volunteers are selected by determining many factors such as the community’s need, its location, host community interviews, the availability of basic infrastructure, and an analysis of what impact the volunteer will have on the volunteer program in Kenya as well as what impact it will have on the volunteer.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Our Kenya volunteer programs provides you with a unique opportunity to experience real Kenya. A mixture of volunteer work in Kenya, meeting and interacting with local people and helping disadvantaged communities. Our development partner NGOs looking for volunteers in Kenya have volunteer opportunities in every corner of Kenya.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

The volunteer opportunities in Kenya will offer you an experience with wildlife and ethical cultural encounters which will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Doing charity work in Kenya sharing your knowledge and skills, helping under-privileged people to achieve better livelihoods and bringing smiles to people in need and support makes volunteering in Kenya an intellectually rewarding experience.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya


  • Coach sports and games
  • Teach English languages
  • Take up a medical care job
  • Work with childcare projects
  • Learn Swahili & Masaai Cultures
  • Work with our arts  and culture projects
  • Work with women empowerment projects
  • Get involved in our environment conservation project
  • Visit the numerous historic and geological sites of the region

At Go Volunteer Africa, we work diligently with volunteers to make custom volunteer trip arrangements that match individual skills and interests with on-the-ground need. Our volunteer safaris in Kenya offer an immersion  customized experience for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to volunteer in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kajiado, Eldoret, Kisumu and Usain Gishu.

Kenya Social Volunteer Projects


Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. Kenya encompasses savannah, Lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It’s also home to Big 5 wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.  Kenya is bordered by South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, and the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

Volunteering in Kenya

At 580,367 square kilometers (224,081 sq mi), Kenya is the world’s 48th largest country by area. With a population of more than 47.6 million in the 2019 census, Kenya is the 29th most populous country in the world. Kenya’s capital and largest city is Nairobi, while its oldest, currently second largest city, and first capital is the coastal city of Mombasa.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Kisumu City is the third-largest city and also an inland port on Lake Victoria. Other important urban centres include Nakuru and Eldoret. As of 2020, Kenya is the third-largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Its geography, climate and population vary widely, ranging from cold snow-capped mountaintops (Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana on Mount Kenya) with vast surrounding forests, wildlife and fertile agricultural regions to temperate climates in western and rift valley counties and dry less fertile arid and semi-arid areas and absolute deserts (Chalbi Desert and Nyiri Desert).

Wildlife Safaris Kenya


Kenya is an undoubtedly a gorgeous African country. If you are dreaming of tropical weather, lush plains, white sandy beaches that rivals the Caribbean, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, lazy afternoons out in the sun and gracious people to boot, Kenya will simply blow your mind.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Go Volunteer Africa is the best volunteer organization in Kenya offers a variety of gap year, internship and volunteer opportunities in many different sectors for the passionate travelers. Whether you already have training in a particular field or would like to gain experience, there are many projects run in Kenya that would gladly take your passion and support. Whichever program you choose, Kenya’s wildlife, cultural diversity, and rich East African history will not disappoint.


Kenya Midwifery Volunteer Project

KENYA: Midwifery Volunteer Project

Kenya Conservation Volunteer Project

KENYA: Conservation Volunteer Project

Kenya Construction Volunteer Project

KENYA: Construction Volunteer Project

Kenya Agriculture Volunteer Project

KENYA: Agriculture Volunteer Project

Kenya Music Volunteer Project

KENYA: Arts & Music Volunteer Project

Kenya Sports Volunteer Project

KENYA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Kenya Community Volunteer Program

KENYA: Community Volunteer Program

Kenya Medical Volunteering Project

KENYA: Medical Volunteering Project

Kenya Orphanage Volunteer Project

KENYA: Orphanage Volunteer Project

Kenya Slum Volunteer Project

KENYA: Slum Volunteer Project

Kenya Childcare Volunteer Project

KENYA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Kenya Teaching Volunteer Project

KENYA: Teaching Volunteer Project

How to apply.

To start the process fill  Volunteer application form  and submit it for consideration and book your placement. For more information on how to get enrolled for the volunteering experience of a lifetime  contact us .  Or Give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at  +254-796-786292  to talk to a Program Specialist.

Volunteer Application Form        WhatsApp Us       Contact Us

© 2023 Go Volunteer Africa. All Rights Reserved.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Volunteer Jobs in Kenya

Kenyan volunteer programs.

Love Volunteers offers volunteering opportunities in community centres, refugee camps, childcare centres, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in Nairobi and Mombasa.  

Volunteers in Kenya derive immense personal satisfaction from their experience, while gaining eye-opening and sometimes troubling insights into the conditions and level of services available in a developing country. Arranged through Love Volunteers, your contribution in Kenya will make a real and meaningful difference to the people of this country. Volunteers will have continued support throughout the duration of their placement.

A dramatic and highly photogenic country, Kenya is a hugely varied land of plains and mountains, beaches flanked by coral reefs, alongside lively tribal culture and possibly the most crowd-pulling wildlife on the planet. In some respects, this one small country essentially encompasses all Africa.

To volunteer in Kenya is to transport oneself to a distinctly different world... one where the beauties of nature sit alongside the multiple disadvantages suffered by poor tribes-people, the sick and the vulnerable. No individual will leave a Kenya volunteer placement untouched by their experience in this country.

Childcare & Development

  • Mombasa & Diani Beach, Kenya
  • from 2 weeks
  • Volunteer House
  • from USD 359
  • Airport Pick Up Included
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • from 1 week
  • from USD 279

Drug Rehabilitation

  • Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Host Family
  • from USD 299

Education Support

  • from USD 259

Medical Internship

  • from USD 369

The Kenyan Explorer

  • from 4 weeks
  • from USD 2259

This fantastic volunteer program is like no other. Volunteers will play an important role in helping on essential programs, while also exploring the sights of wonderful Kenya. The program schedule;

Wildlife Conservation

  • Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
  • from USD 779

This wonderfully ambitious program aims to provide sustainable water sources in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park, one of the world's largest protected Wildlife reserves.

Women's Empowerment

  • Mombasa, Kenya

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Volunteer in Nairobi and discover an unexpected side of Kenya ... read more

Volunteer in Nairobi and discover an unexpected side of Kenya . Trade in the outstretched landscapes of the Savannah for a concrete jungle with predators of its own. Besides being a unique and beautiful city, Nairobi also boasts a vibrant cultural scene that will astound food lovers and party animals.

Volunteer in Nairobi and take this opportunity to brighten up the lives of those less fortunate. Teach the youth of Nairobi, roll up your sleeves in the medical industry , or dig your heels into a sustainable projet agriculture project.

Local Medical, Healthcare, & Clinical Experience

Healthcare providers, & Dentistry professionals are always in high demand in the communities we are serving.Gain volunteer experience with us in humanitarian Aid in Kenya Details >

Building Schools for Children & Families

Perfect Opportunity for short-term volunteers to join the meaningful causes to uplift disadvantaged people & communities in Kenya to acquire decent School & basic needs. Details >

Childcare Companion, Caretaker/caregiver assistant

Volunteers who love children, come, join our Children's home and daycare center that takes care of orphans, and children from underprivileged families. They will be happy Details >

Help Women through Micro-Finance Education

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without the generosity of volunteers.We would be honored to have your support in helping our women with micro-finance education. Details >

Community Service to improve life for the needy

If you’re a people person, your help is crucial to support some programs we are doing for the community to encourage cultural interchange and community development. Details >

Ecofarm and Ecotourism opportunities to experience

For Volunteers concerned about climate change, passionate about rural Community farming in Kenya, and ready to connect with the local community for interchange skills Details >

Mental Health & Psychology Counseling Supporter

Currently, in Kenya rates of mental disorders, suicide cases are increasing & are in dire need of support. You are invited to instigate a change of healing & restoration Details >

Teaching in School and Communities

Teaching is the only future hope we can give our children. We need your help! Whether your strengths lie in teaching English, math, or sports, you can make a difference Details >

Music, Art , Dance and Culture Teacher

Music, Dance, Culture & arts are what make the world beautiful & have the ability to illuminate people’s lives. Please apply & support us training our children & youths Details >

Sports & Recreation Coaching Academy

Sports volunteering is the chance to combine your love for sports with traveling the world. We have introduced Sports programs in Kenya to engage our youths and children Details >

Construct Schools for Children and Families

Perfect opportunity for short-term volunteers to join the meaningful causes to uplift disadvantaged people & communities in Kenya to acquire decent school & basic needs. Details >

Giving Human Dignity to the vulnerable,feel better

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without the generosity of volunteers. we would be honored to have your support of giving Human Dignity to the vulnerable locals. Details >

Come & teach Basic computer skills to our students

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without our volunteers. We would be honored to have your support in teaching students basic computer skills. Details >

Supporting Orphan Children

Spend quality time with children from the local communities who have faced the wrath of losing their parents at an early age. Share love and affection to show you care. Details >

Support Healthcare

Volunteers in this program work in medical clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals in and around the city of Nairobi. Program is recommended for medical and nursing students Details >

Yoga and Physical Exercise Teacher

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without our volunteers. We would be honored to have your support in teaching Yoga & other Physical exercises to locals in Kenya Details >

Local Women Empowerment-Assistant

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without our volunteers. We would be honored to have your support in teaching our students & women nail art & beauty. Details >

Teaching Grade 5

Grade five is an upper primary schoo. It is a teens class between ages 11-13 years Details >

Teaching in Grade 3

The class is between ages 8 - 10 years.The class ranges from 10- 13 kids both boys and girls Details >

Teaching in Grade 4

The class is after Grade 3 and of different ages of 9-11 years of age. Details >

1 - 24 of 79 job vacancies

Volunteer jobs

Safeguarding coordinator - ipdhe at volunteer service overseas (vso).

International Potato Center - Nairobi

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity 1 with a vision for a "world without poverty" and a mission to "bring people together to fight poverty". VSO recruits professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries. Founded in 1958, VSO has sent over 50,000 volunteer. As of 2015 VSO worked in 23 countries in Afric...

Mentorship in Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning for Advocacy at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)

Volunteer Service Overseas VSO - Nairobi

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity 1 with a vision for a world without poverty and a mission to bring people together to fight poverty . VSO recruits professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries. Role Overview: The consultant will be expected to carry out assessment and refinement of VSO MEL plan,...

Supply Chain Volunteer

International Rescue Committee - Nairobi

Specific Responsibilities:Procurement and Logistics:Understand, implement and maintain IRC standard procurement policies and procedures.Ensure that procurement is carried out in accordance to IRC and donor-specific policesReceive and update in BvA system all fully authorized Purchase Requests in timely manner.Obtain quotations from suppliers by preparing and submitting Request for Quotations (RFQ...

Volunteer: Partnership Proposal Presentation At Catchafire

Catchafire - Kilifi

Catchafire is the leading skills-based volunteering platform connecting high impact organizations in need with talented professionals eager to give back their skills. Through Catchafire's technology, pre-scoped project opportunities, and ongoing customer support, we provide meaningful, transformational volunteer experiences for every volunteer and organization in the community. Give what you're g...

Volunteer: Employee Review Process At Catchafire

Catchafire - Nairobi

Volunteer: Website Major Update at Catchafire

Catchafire is the leading skills-based volunteering platform connecting high impact organizations in need with talented professionals eager to give back their skills. Through Catchafire s technology, pre-scoped project opportunities, and ongoing customer support, we provide meaningful, transformational volunteer experiences for every volunteer and organization in the community. Give what you re g...

Entrepreneurship Development Advisor at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity 1 with a vision for a world without poverty and a mission to bring people together to fight poverty . VSO recruits professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries. Ideal Applicant Summary We are looking for a professional with knowledge and experience in enterprise ...

Volunteer: Email Marketing System Set Up at Catchafire

Volunteer: employee review process at catchafire, volunteer: partnership proposal presentation at catchafire, supply chain volunteer at international rescue committee (irc).

International Rescue Committee IRC - Nairobi

The International Rescue Committee is a global humanitarian aid, relief and development nongovernmental organization. Responsiblities The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugee...

Associate Director - Global Volunteer Engagement

Habitat for Humanity - Nairobi

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Leadership and Liaison SupervisionProvide thought leadership and guidance to area office staff managing volunteer efforts, providing the support needed to advance innovative volunteer programming with an understanding of regional context.Strategically liaise with all the components of VIE s work, -including but not limited to Global Village-, to ensure adequa...

Associate Director Global Volunteer Engagement at Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International - Nairobi

Habitat for Humanity International, generally referred to as Habitat for Humanity or simply Habitat, is an international, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1976. Purpose This position will serve as a liaison between VIE and Habitat s Area Offices (AOs), providing oversight and coordination support to the volunteer efforts that happen regionally. The Associate Dire...

Volunteer Intern, Great Lakes Project

International Crisis Group - Nairobi

Monitoring political developments in the Great Lakes region via online sources;Providing assistance to editing reports and briefings on conflict issues, and other documents produced by Africa program staff;Preparing advocacy and research materials and attending meetings with/on behalf of the Crisis Group staff;Assisting with carrying out weekly press reviews and composing monthly situation report...

Volunteer Intern, Great Lakes Project at International Crisis Group

Our Mission The International Crisis Group is an independent organisation working to prevent wars and shape policies that will build a more peaceful world. Crisis Group sounds the alarm to prevent deadly conflict. We build support for the good governance and inclusive politics that enable societies to flourish. Responsibilities include: Monitoring political developments in the Great Lakes region ...

Consultancy - Review Of Ecde - Situation Analysis At Volunteer Service Overseas (Vso)

Volunteer Service Overseas Vso - Nairobi

Role overview Conduct a comprehensive county-level situational analysis of the ECD system and its programmes in North Counties - Mandera, Wajir (1st Block), and Turkana, Lamu, Marsabit, Kilifi, Isiolo (2nd Block) Generate reliable evidence on counties' existing ECD policies and programmes, their technical capacities and existing technical gaps to implement ECD policies and programmes. Review all ...

VWF Digital Health at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)

Jobs in Kenya - Nairobi

Job Description Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will provide on-site support in the project location and/or VSO office, (full-time unless otherwise specified) for a set period of time. To support the delivery of VSO s - The Pitch project, in close collaboration with different stakeholders (government, private sector, non-government organization and community) in Health...

VWF iCSC at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)

Job Description Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will provide on-site support in the project location and/or VSO office, (full-time unless otherwise specified) for a set period of time. To support the delivery of VSO s Make Way Programme in close collaboration with different stakeholders (government, private sector, non-government organization and community) in Health. ...

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity 1 with a vision for a world without poverty and a mission to bring people together to fight poverty . VSO recruits professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries. Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will provide on-site support in the projec...

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charity with a vision for a world without poverty and a mission to bring people together to fight poverty . VSO recruits professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries. Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will provide on-site support in the project ...

Youth Business Club Advisor W2W

Vso - Nairobi

Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will?provide?on-site?support in the project location and/or VSO office, (full-time unless otherwise specified) for a set period of time. The national volunteer will be expected to lead the establishment and training of youth savings and loans association activities in the Project's Youth Business Clubs. Ideal Applicant Summary Competenci...

Entrepreneurship Development Advisor - Nairobi

Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will?provide?on-site?support in the project location and/or VSO office, (full-time unless otherwise specified) for a set period of time. The national volunteer will be expected to provide support and guidance on entrepreneurship for emerging small enterprises /entrepreneurs in the waste management sector. Ideal Applicant Summary We are l...

Supply Chain/Admin Volunteer

International Rescue Committee -

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Volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

If you are Kenyan seeking volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens then you will want to continue reading. Whether it is a paid volunteer job in Kenya or a volunteer for free opportunity its one of the best way for the beginners who are having a hard time finding a job due a lack of work experience to enter the job market. It provides the required work experience and one can even be absorbed into the organization after the volunteer period is over. Volunteer in Kenya for free jobs also provide one with an opportunity to make a difference in the society. Here are a few examples of volunteer opportunities in Kenya for NGOs.

Top volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

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Since a volunteer is defined as an individual who carriers out a service willingly and without pay, expect to volunteer in Kenya for free. This majorly implies that you will not enjoy financial benefits but have access to some non-financial benefits, as in the case of Red cross.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Latest NGO jobs in Tanzania 2020

United Nations volunteer opportunities

Most people desire to work with any arm of the United Nations. The UN is a sought-after employer because of the terms and conditions that it offers its employees, including a lucrative compensation package. In addition, UN volunteering jobs are desired because they are one of the paid volunteer jobs in Kenya. The United Nations Volunteer programme plays a major role in peace and development through volunteerism globally. Interested volunteers must fulfill the following requirements to become UN volunteers:

  • Be eighteen years of age and above. In some cases, the age is specified as in this case.
  • Have a university degree or higher technical diploma
  • Have at least 2 years of relevant work experience in a professional background
  • Have excellent working knowledge of at least one of UNV’s three working languages: English, French or Spanish
  • Be devoted to the values and principles of volunteerism
  • Be able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Be willing to work with individuals and local organizations to draw upon the synergies between expert solutions and local knowledge
  • Be able to deal with difficult living conditions and at times remote locations
  • Possess strong interpersonal as well as organizational skills
  • Have prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is an asset

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

A complete guide on living, working and doing business as a foreigner in Kenya

When volunteering assignments arise, the UN searches in the Global Talent Pool for profiles that perfectly match the terms and conditions of the job. Fit candidates are then contacted and provided with the particular details of the task, after which they can confirm their interest and availability. The organization comes up with a short-list of potential candidates and a selection procedure is conducted. Only in cases when there are tough, highly specialized, or high-volume volunteering assignments, for instance after a natural disaster or in the wake of a conflict, does UNV advertise volunteering opportunities on their website, or via professional associations and social media. It is important to note that even in these cases, candidates still must be registered in the Global Talent Pool. Therefore, if you want to be considered for a special volunteering assignment, follow the required application instructions.

Volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

Kenya Red Cross volunteer program

The International Federation of Red Cross runs mainly using volunteers as the backbone of its services, so does the Kenya Red Cross Society. The Red Cross Society

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

KPA internship 2019: Minimum qualifications and the deadline for applying for the top fields

  • Provides the necessary information to all its volunteers on the nature and condition of the voluntary assignment and also safe, secure, and healthy working conditions.
  • Establishes an effective volunteer management system and also offers volunteers appropriate training.
  • Provides the volunteers with an required infrastructure for them to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.
  • Reimburses any costs incurred by volunteers in the course of carrying out approved volunteering tasks.
  • Makes sure that volunteers are protected by an appropriate insurance, taking care of eventual risks of accident or sickness directly related to any volunteer activity.

Kenya Red Cross Society volunteer recruitment

According to the Kenya Red Cross Society volunteer policy, volunteers are recruited with the intention of widening and expanding the volunteer involvement of the community. Kenya Red Cross Society actively seeks to recruit volunteers regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex, religious belief, disability or age. Volunteers are hired for particular, clearly outlined role and on the basis of their commitment and potential. Youth volunteers below eighteen years of age must get approval from guardian, parent, or school as may be applicable. For Red Cross volunteer application Kenya, visit this website and follow the guidelines provided.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Everything you need to know about quantity survey course in Kenya

Volunteer opportunities in Kenya for NGO's

Amref volunteer work

Another organization that offers volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens is AMREF. Amref Health Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, offers various volunteer opportunities in Nairobi as well as other parts of Kenya and abroad. Out of school candidates either on sabbatical leave or willing to participate in community service can apply for volunteering opportunities at AMREF. Volunteers are recruited through notices on the Amref Health Africa website only , indicating type of the volunteers required, period of the assignment, and the application deadline.

Interested flying doctor volunteers can book a date on their official website, then fill the remaining details on the application form found on this site. Volunteer work at Amref Health Africa is a structured learning experience through which candidates get to understand the various aspects of the organization and the volunteering program. Amref Health Africa harmonizes volunteer work as a supervised program of work and study with terms that are beneficial to both the volunteer and the organization itself.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Techno Brain courses, certifications, and contacts

Interested candidates of Amref internship and volunteer program must:

  • Submit an application to undertake the volunteer training at Amref Health Africa. All the applications should be submitted to the HR office.
  • Clearly specify why they have chosen to volunteer at Amref Health Africa, the gains expected upon completing the program and how this contributes to the Amref Health Africa’s objectives.
  • Clearly indicate their field of academic specialization or the area in which the practical training is needed
  • The number of credits required for the validation by candidate’s institution where applicable
  • The application for volunteering and internship will be accompanied by a supporting letter from their learning institution, where relevant.

volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

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Well there you have, some of the top Kenya volunteer opportunities you can seek and source for that will be a big boost in the advancement of your career and will also double up as a an excellent way of giving back. Also, always search for paid volunteering opportunities in various NGO's advertised to gain not only experience, but also the financial benefits that come with it.

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Information Technology courses in Kenya

  • Paid Internships in Kenya
  • Internship in Kenya banks
  • Central Bank of Kenya Internship Jobs – Career Opportunities for Graduates
  • List of Best Kenyan Companies by Sector
  • Top safe recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs abroad

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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Volunteer in Kenya - International Volunteer Work in Africa 2023

Volunteer in africa » volunteer kenya » volunteer in kenya application - click here to apply volunteers needed, volunteer in kenya: children orphanage volunteers program.

Emily from USA cuddling a baby -  Kenya Orphanage Programs

Kenya volunteer - Medical and Health Volunteer Program

Medical volunteer in Kenya

Volunteer in Kenya » HIV/Aids Volunteer Program

Volunteering in kenya - masai volunteer program.

Masai volunteers outside a Masai Manyatta

Volunteer in Kenya Teaching Program

Donato from Italy on the volunteering in Kenya teaching program

Volunteer in Kenya Program Locations

Kenya volunteer program schedule, kenya volunteer program is open to:, volunteering in kenya costs.

Maasai Girls in a Masai Village

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Scholarship 2023/24

Search Kenya

Where to Volunteer in Nairobi | 5 Best Places to Volunteer

Before we get into our main concerns, let’s define what it means to be a volunteer. Volunteering is defined as working for an organization or an individual without payment. Volunteering provides numerous benefits, including the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, be a part of a community, meet new people, and gain confidence, to name a few.

Here is a list of places where you can volunteer in Nairobi:

1. Pact Kenya Offices

Pact Kenya is a non governmental organization based in Nairobi Kenya.

Their responsibilities include reducing border tensions, facilitating civilian-military dialogue, and training peacekeepers.

They are on the ground floor of Umeme Plaza.

2. CIVS Kenya

CIVS stands for the Center for International Voluntary Service.

It is a community development organization that fights poverty in Kenyan communities through various volunteer and community development programs.

Their development program is primarily focused on agriculture and food security, water and sanitation, ICT vocational training, Early Childhood Development, and education.

Volunteer with them to make a difference and an impact by donating your time and talents. You can either volunteer for a short period of time (1-4 weeks) or for an extended period of time (1-12 months)

3. Boundless Loves

This is one of the fastest growing volunteer center in Kenya.

They have run low-cost volunteering abroad programs, internship abroad opportunities, summer getaways, and mini-adventures. Apply to volunteer at Boundless Loves for a life-changing experience that is both worthwhile and enjoyable.

4. Youth Alive Volunteers

They are located on Ngong Road opposite Ligi Ndogo.

They advocate for youth participation in development processes.

5. Combat Child Labour

Combat Child Labour is a media based community organization with the primary aim of fighting child labour and protecting children’s rights.

They provide educational program to the needy children and empowering their guardians or parents.

If you are located around Nairobi, you can consider finding volunteer opportunities in Nairobi. There, you will acquire the relevant skills and experience that will help you in the near future. 

NGO Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

There are a lot of NGO volunteer opportunities in Kenya. All that has to be done is look for the best places that can suit you.

Some of these opportunities can be found at the following places:

1. Volunteer Intern.

2. Resource Mobilization Volunteer.

3. VSO Project Officer Jobs.

4. Presentation Template Creation for Hatua Network.

5. Projects Development Volunteer.

NGO volunteer jobs in Nairobi can be found at: The Slumcode Group, Soweto Youth Initiative, Transformers Mathare, and Wema Trust. 

Free Volunteer Programs

Free volunteer programs in Kenya are available where you can volunteer for free. The programs are available in order to ensure that people have the relevant knowledge and experience in their various fields. 

One can’t miss the USAID volunteer opportunities in Kenya. All you have to do is to visit the official USAID website for more guidance. 

Paid Volunteer Jobs in Kenya

Looking for paid volunteer jobs in Kenya? Well, as you know, working as a volunteer doesn’t guarantee one a payment plan. However, volunteers can work up to 8 years with a given amount of allowance depending on the organization. 

We hope that we have assisted you in finding a place to volunteer in Nairobi and give back to the community.

We are a team of passionate content creators. We have been writing for many years and have authored several blogs. Our work revolves around all you need to know about Kenya. From business, culture, traditions, food, music, and more, we provide our readers with an in-depth look into this beautiful country. We believe that through our writing, we can help others learn more about Kenya and its people. Additionally, we blog about our personal experiences living in Kenya, which provides our readers with a first-hand account of what it is like to live in this amazing country. Enjoy!

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Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project

  • Teaching Program
  • Environmental
  • Medical Program
  • Youth Program
  • HIV/Aids Program
  • Voluntravel
  • Volunteer Start Dates
  • Operation Africa
  • Shangilia Centre
  • Sponsorship Program

First slide

KVCDP have been running volunteering programs, medical work camps in Kenya since 2005. We have so far handled happy volunteers from all walks of life who share our vision that together we can make a difference. KVCDP offers you unique volunteer opportunity to work on short, medium or long term basis focusing on cultural diversity, environmental education and community development. Explore this great volunteer in Kenya placements opportunity while serving underprivileged communities, orphans and vulnerable children women and youth groups in Kenya. We welcome you to be part of our volunteer in Kenya team.

Day Care & Orphanage

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Volunteer in Children Program is the most precious gift on earth and we have a responsibility to enhance these childrens growth and development.. More Details

Teaching Programs in Schools

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

We have a variety of teaching programs that educate both children in schools and youth in various capacities. This program starts from one week. More Details

Environmental Conservation

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

The Kenyan economy relies heavily on the countrys natural resources both in terms of peoples livelihoods and as a contribution to national income.. More Details

Medical/Health Program

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Even though greater efforts to improve health service delivery, especially the health of women and children is being observed.. More Details

Volunteer in Youth Program

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

If you have a love for sports and a little sporting ability, then you could play an important part in the personal and development of young Kenyans.. More Details

Volunteer Travel in Kenya

paid volunteer jobs in kenya

Volunteer travel in Kenya is taking short, mid or long term break to travel around Kenya while volunteering to make a difference in peoples lives.. More Details

Join KVCDP Volunteer Group Trips Abroad in Kenya

KVCDP in partnership with Texas A&M University and other University students who have been able to organize a medical camp program in Kenya since 2011. The program Operation Africa offers opportunity of a lifetime for Pre-Med students (ages 18+) interested in the field of medicine, nursing and medical expertise. The program provides international volunteers with an opportunity to gain practical skills that can help them to stand ahead of their peers in standard medical programs while expertise to put their acquired skills into practice while helping the communities.

Volunteer Programs in Kenya - KVCDP

Ever got a feeling that you have a higher calling - You know that you have a special purpose on this planet earth - Infact if you had a chance, you would surely try to save the world or some part of it. Volunteering in kenya is one way to make a difference in the world around us, volunteering abroad in Kenya is not for everyone its for volunteers who really feel they can make a change in peoples lives and the surrounding environment even if you are volunteering in Kenya with children, it demands a very real committed heart. Change Yourself: by Volunteering in Kenya, you learn so much about yourself and you will do things that you never imagined you were capable of doing. The biggest difference you will notice at the end of your volunteer work placement in Kenya will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Sharing your thoughts and friendship with local people will have a greater understanding of another culture. Cultural Immersion: Many Volunteers know where they want to go and Volunteer abroad in Kenya, but they don’t know what they can do once they get to their volunteer placement location. Volunteering in Kenya with KVCDP gives your volunteer travels a purpose of a life time experience

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  • Philippines
  • South Africa

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Did you notice an error or suspect this job is scam tell us..

  • Malaria Technical Advisor - Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) at Catholic Relief
  • MEAL Assistant at Save the Children
  • Senior Technical Advisor-Economic Strengthening (STA-ES) at PATH
  • GBV Case Worker at International Rescue Committee
  • Sudan Regional Response Coordinator at Danish Refugee Council
  • Awards Assistant at Save the Children

Volunteer Jobs in Kenya at GVA Partners

  • View Jobs in Consulting / View Jobs at GVA Partners
  • @outlook.com

Never pay for any CBT, test or assessment as part of any recruitment process. When in doubt, contact us

Volunteer Jobs in Kenya

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification
  • Experience None
  • Location Not specified
  • Job Field NGO/Non-Profit  

Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya! Volunteer abroad in Kenya with Go Volunteer Africa. Go Volunteer Africa is the leading and largest volunteer travel organization on the African continent!

Go Volunteer Africa is an award-winning volunteer travel operator. Go Volunteer Africa provides sustainable and ethical volunteer projects, and exciting adventure holidays in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa is number one provider of affordable and meaningful volunteer travel programs in Africa.

At Go Volunteer Africa, we make volunteering simple, possible, cost-effective, safe and sustainable for people who travel to do good.


Go Volunteer Africa allows you to give back to communities in Kenya while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of this stunningly beautiful country in Africa. Whether you are interested in teaching volunteer work, childcare volunteer work, construction volunteer work, healthcare volunteer work or sports coaching volunteer work or just interested in touring, surfing and safari, Go Volunteer Africa has something in Kenya that is suitable for you.


There are volunteer work placements available in both urban and rural Kenya. Our volunteer/intern work placements in Kenya include:

  • Orphanage Work
  • Caring for AIDS Orphans
  • Working with Street Children
  • Caring for the Elderly
  • Caring for the Disabled


  • Developing Business Plans
  • Developing Library Facilities
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Sharing Your Skills
  • Medical Placement
  • Assisting Health Professionals
  • Helping in a Rural Health Post
  • Medical electives
  • Dental electives


  • HIV/AIDS Testing
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Caring for the HIV Infected
  • Conducting HIV lessons
  • Teaching Children
  • Tutoring Help
  • Teaching English or Computer Skills
  • Teaching Arts, Music/Dance
  • Sports Education
  • Special Education
  • Micro-Finance Projects
  • Business Coaching
  • Environmental Work
  • Wildlife or Animal Work
  • Journalism or Photography Work
  • Construction Work
  • Agriculture Work
  • Tourism Work


Go Volunteer Africa is a social enterprise that provides responsible and experiential travel through volunteer travel programs. Our volunteer opportunities are for those who want personalized and well-serviced volunteering programs in developing communities in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa combines community service, cultural exchange, language immersion, and adventure- which creates an unforgettable experience, friends for a lifetime, lessons in leadership, and impactful change!

We specialize in Africa volunteering travel, because this is where we have deep roots and the most ground expertise, local knowledge and professional networks to provide truly authentic volunteering programs that serve the needs of our communities, while delivering incredibly gratifying experiences for our volunteers.

All of our programs be it teaching children, empowering women, renovating schools, supporting refugees, sports coaching or volunteering in a local hospital or marine and wildlife conservation, are handpicked to meet this dual objective.

START & END DATES: Flexible Dates All Year Round

PROGRAMS SUITABLE FOR: Solo Travelers, Family, Students, Seniors & Groups

Method of Application

The application process is not complicated and volunteers do not need to apply far in advance. Go Volunteer Africa gives you all the support you’ll need to take the hassle out of arranging your volunteer work adventure in Africa.

Thinking about volunteering & travel in Kenya -? Visit:


Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to:  https://govolunteerafrica.org/volunteering-in-kenya/ using the position as subject of email.

Build your CV for free. Download in different templates.

Send your application

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  • 6-month Internship Positions at Spacious Furniture
  • Sales Activation Agents at Flexitech Group Limited
  • Finance and Operations Manager (82036) at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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  6. Volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

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  1. 31 Volunteer jobs in Kenya

    31 Volunteer jobs in Kenya Get notified about new Volunteer jobs in Kenya. Sign in to create job alert 31 Volunteer Jobs in Kenya Volunteer Accountant @ NGO Protecting the Human Rights...

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    59 Volunteer Jobs in Kenya, Vacancies, Offers - November 2023 | Alljobspo.com www.alljobspo.com job title, company, keywords --- SELECT LOCATION --- --- SELECT LOCATION --- Jobs in Kenya Jobs in Kenya   Page 1 of 3 From Myjobmag yesterday November 4, 2023

  3. Volunteer in Kenya

    Volunteering in Kenya is an amazing opportunity to experience the traditional Masai culture, national parks with rich wildlife and support a good cause. Protect the endangered animals like lions, rhinos and many more and do volunteer work for a wildlife rescue project.

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    34 Volunteering Jobs in Kenya (3 new) Volunteer Accountant @ NGO Protecting the Human Rights and Well-Being of Children [109] in Kenya ACCA Careers Kenya 6 days ago Social Work - DE HHS...

  5. Kenya

    19 June 2023 East and Southern Africa Success stories SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth, SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals From campus to global development: a partnership for growth of UN University Volunteers In 2022, Mount Kenya University funded three national UN University Volunteer assignments.

  6. Volunteer jobs in Nairobi

    1 - 24 of 48 job vacancies Volunteer jobs in Nairobi Sort by Save your search New Safeguarding Coordinator - IPDHE at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) International Potato Center - Nairobi

  7. Volunteering in Kenya

    Resilient livelihoods Inclusive and resilient education Adolescent and youth health and wellbeing VSO works through volunteers to empower communities in Kenya to create lasting change. Find out more about volunteering in Kenya with VSO.

  8. Every open Volunteering position in the UN located in Kenya

    Details VolunteeringProgramme & PolicyCommunications & PRIT & Telecom Programme Assistant UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme Nairobi(Kenya) Expires in 13 days DetailsApply VolunteeringCommunications & PREnvironment Knowledge management and Communications Officer UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

  9. 53 Program Volunteer Jobs in Kenya (1 new)

    1 week ago Programme Specialist - Gender and Nutrition (P-3), PG Gender Equality, Outposted Nairobi (Temporary Appointment 364days) # 00125071 UNICEF Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya Actively...

  10. 95 Volunteer Work jobs in Kenya (7 new)

    Today's top 95 Volunteer Work jobs in Kenya. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Volunteer Work jobs added daily.

  11. Volunteer Opportunities In Kenya $200/week IFRE Volunteers

    Date & Price Room & Foods FAQs Volunteer in Kenya Are you thinking of volunteering abroad? Would you like to help those in need while seeing the world? Have you ever wanted to volunteer in Kenya? Kenya is a great country to volunteer and travel in.

  12. 8 Impactful Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

    1. Volunteer Abroad in Kenya with African Impact—8.84 African Impact offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Kenya, from wildlife research and conservation programs, medical support, to teaching English and offering childcare assistance. You will be working with different groups while learning and exploring together.

  13. Volunteering in Kenya

    A mixture of volunteer work in Kenya, meeting and interacting with local people and helping disadvantaged communities. Our development partner NGOs looking for volunteers in Kenya have volunteer opportunities in every corner of Kenya. The volunteer opportunities in Kenya will offer you an experience with wildlife and ethical cultural encounters ...

  14. Volunteer Jobs in Kenya November 2023

    Volunteer Jobs in Kenya November 2023 | MyJobMag Checkout over 50 Data jobs round the world » Volunteer Jobs in Kenya Subscribe to free job alert - You can unsubscribe anytime Volunteer: Website Major Update at Catchafire

  15. Volunteer in Kenya with Love Volunteers Amazing Opportunities

    Volunteer Jobs in Kenya Kenyan Volunteer Programs Love Volunteers offers volunteering opportunities in community centres, refugee camps, childcare centres, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in Nairobi and Mombasa.

  16. Volunteer in Nairobi

    Details Nairobi, Kenya Building Schools for Children & Families Excellent 4.8 (88) Video Flex Option 355 € per week · 1 ‑ 28 weeks · Age 14+ · Perfect Opportunity for short-term volunteers to join the meaningful causes to uplift disadvantaged people & communities in Kenya to acquire decent School & basic needs. Airport Taxi Housing Food Details

  17. Volunteer jobs

    VWF Digital Health at Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) Jobs in Kenya - Nairobi. Job Description Role overview Working at project location In this role, you will provide on-site support in the ...

  18. Volunteer opportunities for Kenyan citizens

    In addition, UN volunteering jobs are desired because they are one of the paid volunteer jobs in Kenya. The United Nations Volunteer programme plays a major role in peace and development through volunteerism globally. Interested volunteers must fulfill the following requirements to become UN volunteers: Be eighteen years of age and above.

  19. Volunteer in Kenya 2023

    Customised placements that volunteers have asked for in the past include volunteering in mobile clinics, volunteer in mental health clinics, amongst the handicapped, hospice volunteering, HIV/Aids or doing volunteer work in specific areas like nutrition, dental services and working amongst the Masai, Pokot and Samburu.

  20. Where to Volunteer in Nairobi

    3. Boundless Loves This is one of the fastest growing volunteer center in Kenya. They have run low-cost volunteering abroad programs, internship abroad opportunities, summer getaways, and mini-adventures. Apply to volunteer at Boundless Loves for a life-changing experience that is both worthwhile and enjoyable. 4. Youth Alive Volunteers

  21. Volunteer in Kenya

    Join Volunteer in Kenya with Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project, Volunteer work in Kenya community program, volunteering in Kenya and share your passion, learn the traditional way of living as you volunteer in Kenya. Phone & WhatsApp: +254 720 453 857. HOME; WHO WE ARE; PROGRAMS. Orphanage;

  22. Volunteer Jobs in Kenya at GVA Partners

    Volunteer Jobs in Kenya at GVA Partners. View Jobs in Consulting / View Jobs at GVA Partners. Posted: Jul 18, 2022. Deadline: Jul 15, 2023. Never pay for any CBT, test or assessment as part of any recruitment process. When in doubt, contact us.

  23. Rewarding Opportunities: Paid Volunteer Jobs in Kenya!

    Looking for paid volunteer jobs in Kenya? Discover exciting opportunities to make a difference while earning an income. Explore various sectors such as education, healthcare, and conservation. Find meaningful experiences that allow you to contribute to local communities and gain valuable skills. Start your rewarding journey as a paid volunteer in Kenya today!Are you passionate