Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for 5th Grade

Phonics-focused Reading & Writing worksheets for Grade 5 teachers! Discover a vast collection of free printable resources to enhance students' literacy skills, provided by Quizizz.


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Wonders Spelling U6 W1 Grade 5 - Printable Phonics Worksheets Grade 5 - Quizizz

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Explore printable Phonics worksheets for 5th Grade

Phonics worksheets for Grade 5 are an essential tool for teachers to help students improve their reading and writing skills. These worksheets focus on various aspects of phonics, such as word recognition, decoding, and blending, which are crucial for developing strong literacy skills in young learners. In addition to reading and writing, these worksheets also cover essential grammar concepts that are necessary for Grade 5 students to master. Teachers can use these phonics worksheets to create engaging and interactive lessons that cater to the diverse learning needs of their students. By incorporating these worksheets into their lesson plans, teachers can ensure that their students have a solid foundation in phonics, reading, writing, and grammar, setting them up for success in their academic journey.

Quizizz is an excellent platform for teachers to access a wide range of resources, including phonics worksheets for Grade 5, to enhance their students' learning experience. This platform offers various tools and features that make it easy for teachers to create interactive quizzes, assignments, and lessons that cater to the specific needs of their students. In addition to phonics worksheets, Quizizz also provides resources that cover other essential topics such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Teachers can use these resources to create a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for their Grade 5 students. By leveraging the power of Quizizz, teachers can ensure that their students have access to high-quality, SEO-friendly content that will help them develop strong reading, writing, and grammar skills, setting them up for success in their academic journey.

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phonics 5 worksheets

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phonics 5 worksheets

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All formats, resource types, all resource types, 5th grade phonics worksheets free.

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phonics 5 worksheets

Reading Comprehension Strategies MEGA Bundle + Differentiated Reading Passages!

phonics 5 worksheets

Paragraph Writing Unit | 2nd Grade

phonics 5 worksheets

ESL Newcomers Curriculum Activities & Vocabulary ESL Reading, Writing, Speaking

phonics 5 worksheets

Sentence Writing Unit - 10 Complete Lessons | Lesson Plans, Activities, Keys

phonics 5 worksheets

Early Finishers Activities and Puzzles Fast Finishers Activities BUNDLE

phonics 5 worksheets

Decimals Fall Project with Pumpkins

phonics 5 worksheets

Ancient Rome History and STEM Bundle

phonics 5 worksheets

5th Grade Doodle Math BUNDLE | Twist on Color by Number | No Prep Sub Plans

phonics 5 worksheets

Word Work Word Find

phonics 5 worksheets

Long -A- Sorting Activity Freebie

phonics 5 worksheets

VCCV spelling patterns

phonics 5 worksheets

La sílaba tónica *FREEBIE*

phonics 5 worksheets

Practice Pages for Words Their Way Syllables and Affixes Sorts 1-2

phonics 5 worksheets

Articulation SPRING BUG HUNT S Z FREEBIE: like Battleship!

phonics 5 worksheets

Phonics - Silent Consonants - Grades 4-6

phonics 5 worksheets

Dyslexia Worksheet for Primary School

phonics 5 worksheets

Adding Suffix Rules Test

phonics 5 worksheets

RhymingPhonemic Awareness PawPrint Speech & Language Activity Freebie CCSS

phonics 5 worksheets

Fry Words 1-100

phonics 5 worksheets

Qu Phonics Word List (10)

phonics 5 worksheets

  • Word Document File

phonics 5 worksheets

Word Sort: ea, ee

phonics 5 worksheets

Word Hunt Suffixes "ly" "y" "ness"

phonics 5 worksheets

FREE Halloween-Themed Word Search, Spelling, Making Words and Coloring Pages

phonics 5 worksheets

c, k or ck?

phonics 5 worksheets

S Word Practice from Common Core Vocabulary

phonics 5 worksheets

Plural practice

phonics 5 worksheets

  • Easel Activity

phonics 5 worksheets

FREE Alphabet Find and Color Pictures (Letter S)

phonics 5 worksheets

Steps 1 through 12 Interactive Worksheets with Movable Pieces Sample Freebie

phonics 5 worksheets

R-Controlled Syllable Sample - Multisyllabic Words with ar and or

phonics 5 worksheets

Vowel-Consonant-e Syllable Sample - Short Vowel Sounds vs Long Vowel Sounds

phonics 5 worksheets

Multi-syllabic Closed Syllable Phonics worksheet

phonics 5 worksheets

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Phonics Worksheets (Advanced)

These phonics worksheets can be used with students in grades 2 through 4. For a complete list of our elementary phonics worksheets, please visit our full phonics page.

Phonics Worksheets (Advanced)

Long and Short Vowels

Common Core

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Vowel Diphthongs & Vowel Blends

Hard-c and soft-c, hard-g and soft-g.

Plenty more phonics worksheets to check out, including r-controlled vowel worksheets.

Printable manipulative phonics word wheel activities.  Print, cut, attach with a fastener, and spin the wheels to make words and learn phonics. 

A collection of printable games and worksheets for teaching contractions.

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Worksheet - Long & Short Vowels

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