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What is Seating Chart

Seating Chart is a quick and easy way to make seating arrangements. Using the options provided, you can create seating charts for any occassions or for classroom settings. You can choose to randomize the name when generating the chart, assign it alphabetically or however the name was entered.

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Wedding   Seating Chart

Use our unique wedding seating chart tool to effortlessly plan the arrangement of your reception or ceremony.   Create your personalized wedding plan. No hidden fees!   No sign-up required!

How to Make a Seating Chart for a Wedding

Creating your own wedding floor plan has never been easier with our user-friendly free tool. Whether you’re organizing the seating chart for your reception, or the wedding ceremony, you’ll find our template makes the whole process so straightforward. And not just for marrying couples. Wedding venues, planners, and catering teams will all find our seating chart maker streamlines the entire planning experience. With food choices, allergies and specific requirements all displayed on the chart in a style that makes it quick to understand what is required.

Illustration interface seating chart builder

How to Use Our Seating Chart Template to Build Your Own Arrangement

The beauty of our wedding table and ceremony seating chart tool, is that once your guest list is ready, you can simply import it onto our template. And quickly start placing guests in their correct positions, while dropping and dragging decor elements of your reception or ceremony. When you feel everyone is sitting in their appropriate places, you can simply download your seat map as a PDF. Ready to be sent to your caterer, venue, stationer, or whoever requires your guest seating information.

Illustration seating chart result

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Seating Chart Maker

To help you get started with our seating chart tool, we thought we’d share a simple step-by-step guide.

  • Upload your Excel guest list  to your private project, or manually add your guests.
  • Open our wedding reception seating chart, and  browse the items already on the template .
  • Click the ‘edit’ button  to open up the template.
  • Click the ‘add element’ button and select straight wall  from the dropdown.
  • Give your chart 4 surrounding walls , using the measurements from the floor plan provided by your wedding venue.
  • Add any inner walls, columns or dividing walls using the dropdown.
  • Place the relevant number of tables  required for your guests.
  • Begin adding guests to each table  by clicking the circles with numbers inside, and  selecting a name from your guest list  on the right.
  • Drop and drag the tables, and organize them using the ruler tool  and floor plan provided by your venue. Creating an accurate representation of the reception space.
  • Decide on where the  dance floor, stage and any large reception decor items  will be.
  • Add in miscellaneous decor,  safety points and utilities .
  • Download your floor plan as a PDF , including or excluding different presentation options, which can be found in ‘Export Settings’.

Tick off this wedding planning task in your project, and start onto the next!

What is a Wedding Seating Chart?

Creating a seating chart for any kind of event (especially a wedding) makes the whole process of visualizing where guests will be positioned within a space, so much more straightforward. It allows you to take a list of names and turn it into an accurate depiction of how the room will actually look. This graphical representation is almost a must for any large-scale event, especially when organizing a something as grand, and important as a wedding.

Illustration seating chart catering

Wedding Seating Chart Etiquette

Diplomacy is key when arranging wedding guests for a reception, or ceremony. Not all guests will know, get on with, or even like each other! Which is why it’s critical to think clearly, and carefully, about where each guest will be seated. Otherwise, you may end up with little pockets of anarchy, rather than a room full of celebrations!

Beyond dealing with any tricky relationships, it’s wise to consider family first when seating guests. For instance, yourselves, your parents and your partner’s parents should share a table at the reception, unless you opt for a sweetheart table for just the two of you.

Grandparents, siblings not in the wedding party, and the officiant and their spouse should also join the head table. That is assuming your parents aren’t divorced, which may mean you need to create another ‘head table’, which’ll allow parents to sit apart.

How to Arrange Wedding Guests

If you’re unsure of the personalities, or interests of all your guests, gather your close family together when preparing ideas for your seating layout. As they’ll be able to enlighten you on just what everyone is like. Getting a clear picture of who knows each other, and who will get along, is key to creating a harmonious reception.

A lot of your guests will not know each other well before sitting down together at the reception. This can be discouraging for some, but it often can’t be helped when arranging such a large number of people.

Wedding seating chart builder

To help guests quickly spark up conversation with one another, consider the work, interests, and ages of loved ones when pairing people together. By thoughtfully matching guests up, you’ll quickly find that on the night they have lots in common. And that’ll hopefully avoid any awkward silences.

If you’re struggling to remember which guest should, or could go with another type of guest, consider starting a color coded system on your invite list. By having a multicolored excel template and a wedding seating chart maker such as ours, that allows you to easily incorporate colors into the template, you’ll be able to quickly match up compatible guests.

How to Organize Wedding Reception Tables

A massive benefit of using a seating scheme, is that it allows you to clearly see which type of table arrangement will work best for your reception. Rectangular and circular are the two most popular table shapes. But there are many others, such as family style, which is great for informal weddings. Or there’s the U shape design, an arrangement that lends itself to intimate celebrations.

Consider thoroughly the type of table arrangement you choose, as it will greatly affect the interactions guests can have with each other.

Seating plan template

For instance, round tables are much-loved as they, depending on their size, allow all guests to interact with each other. Whereas rectangular tables, due to their long shape, often create two or more groups of guests. But, this shape of table is perfect if you have a large guest list, as it’ll allow you to fit numerous guests on one table, and not take up too much space within the room.

How to Organize Wedding Ceremony Seating

There are many ways you can configure your wedding ceremony seating chart , but typically the style you select will depend on how formal you want the occasion to be. And importantly, where it’ll be taking place. As some wedding ceremony venues, such as churches, will have set, structured seating in place.

If this is the case, then all you need to worry about is seating guests appropriately within the space. With VIP’s such as parents, grandparents, close family and the wedding party all sitting in the first and second rows. Typically, each family sits on either the left or the right-hand side of the marrying couple.

Illustration edit wedding ceremony chart

In the rows after immediate family and the wedding party, sits the rest of the guests, in order of importance or closeness to the couple. With this in mind, it’s good to use a wedding seating chart when planning your ceremony, as it helps to alleviate any confusion your guests may feel when they arrive. Unsure of exactly where, and which side they should be sitting on.

Illustration ceremony layout

By having a clearly laid out seat map, you’ll also be able to evenly distribute your loved ones. Something couples often regret not doing when they look back at their pictures, and see big gaps of guests, or uneven spaces.

Organize people ahead of time using a wedding seating chart app or tool, and you’ll find the whole ceremony experience is a lot smoother.

How to Use a Wedding Seating Chart for your Reception

Starting any kind of project with a blank page is typically pretty daunting. Which is why we created our wedding seating chart template. A useful starting off point that shows straight away the types of elements usually included in a wedding reception, and a suggestion as to where guests could be placed. From there you’re free to customize as you wish.

The best place to start when assembling your wedding reception seating chart , is with the layout of your tables and chairs. As the style you choose will determine what else can be placed within the space, while also dictating the guest experience.

When deciding between table shapes, it’s important to reach out to your wedding venue, and request the full layout specifications of the reception space. That way you’ll know how much room you have, not just for tables, but also the dance floor, stage, decor elements etc.

When you’re ready to place guests at their tables, you’ll quickly realize how powerful a wedding seating chart tool can be. A huge advantage of our seating chart maker, in particular, is that it allows you to simply import your guest list spreadsheet from Excel, and then instantly place invitees at their appropriate tables.

Example of interface for catering layout

Before, or after guests are positioned on the floor plan, you can personalize their avatars to better represent each guests’ individuality. For example, you can highlight the age group each guest is in, such as adult, teen, or infant. Following that, you can signify skin color, gender, and which side of the couple invited them — this final selection automatically gives avatars a signifying color.

Once guests are seated around the tables, and you’re happy with the arrangement, it’s time to place the rest of your decor! With our online wedding seating chart tool, you can drop and drag all the major focal points and elements you’d expect to find at a wedding reception right onto your chart!

To get you started, our template features items most couples would consider standard, such as a dance floor, stage, and restrooms. So all you have to think about is adding the fun stuff! Like smoke machines, DJ booths and your cake table!

Why a Wedding Seating Chart is Such a Useful Tool

Every guest is different, and when planning a wedding with lots of loved ones, that can lead to confusion. Food choices and intolerances are the perfect example, as each of your guests will likely need to choose their main course and could potentially be allergic to something on the menu. This information is vital for those in your catering team, and should be presented in a style that can be understood quickly by them.

By having a clear seating scheme for your reception, with all the important information about each guest clearly visible, the organization of your wedding will run a lot smoother than without.

Moreover, by utilizing the seating chart, it becomes effortless to create table seating cards for each layout's table. Afterward, you can produce an attractive grid of cards and display them on the wall, aiding guests in finding their designated places with ease.

Interface of editor table seating cards

This is an example of how the final result will look.

Example table seating cards

Table numbers will be automatically generated based on the table layout, and of course you can customize design.

Example of table number cards

Name cards are also automatically generated based on the seating layout.

Example of name cards

With our free wedding seating chart template, you can quickly and easily download your finished board using whichever details you need it to feature. Meaning, individual seating charts can be created for each of your respective vendors. Eliminating any confusion between them.

The Benefits of an Online Wedding Seating Chart Maker

When planning a wedding, at the very least, there will be two people organizing things (hopefully!). But typically, a wedding is not simply planned by the marrying couple. Mom, Dad, best friends, brothers, and sisters are all usually drafted onto the big day team to help in some way.

What’s great about using an online wedding seating chart, such as ours, is that everyone can share their input in real-time.

Wedding Planning Assistant is an online, cloud-based tool that helps couples plan every aspect of their celebration, not just their seating arrangement. From creating a free wedding website, to organizing a checklist and preparing place cards – you can do it all on our site, for free!

Each member of your wedding team, including planners and vendors, can be provided access to your online project. Anyone can get involved, whenever and wherever works best for them. Helping you to throw the best wedding ever!

Illustration editor of seating chart

When it comes to the seating chart for your wedding, being online, with all the information synchronized in real-time, is a game changer. For instance, whenever there’s an update to your guest list, anyone on your team will instantly be able to see it.

Maybe Mom has finally got an RSVP from your cousin in London, and has now found out she’s gone vegan. Mom can easily update that guests’ RSVP status, adding in her dietary requirements and potentially the meal choice too.

Having a wedding seating chart that’s online and instantly updatable by your whole team, stops anything being forgotten, and helps everyone stay on the same page, at all times. Key when trying to organize such a large group of people, each with needs and desires.

Ensure that Everything Fits in the Room Without Estimating

Experimenting with a seating chart, placing guests around tables and dropping elements of decor is fun. But without real-world measurements, there’s no way of knowing if your table design will actually fit within the space. Which would be a disaster!

Thankfully, our wedding seating chart tool allows you to easily, and accurately construct a scaled down version of your reception room. While also giving you the ability to precisely measure just how far each element (table, stage, large piece of decor) actually is from one another.

Then, once you’ve mapped out exactly where everything should be, there’s no need to worry about scaling your wedding table seating chart to fit on a poster board. Because our tool will automatically scale your plan to fit on either a portrait or landscape A1 page. The perfect size for your caterers, planners, venue or yourselves to print it out on .

All the key information will be visible, and you’ll get a clear feel for how the space will actually look.

Export Your Wedding Seating Chart Template to Excel

To serve your wedding guests successfully, your vendors will need as much information as possible, and have it displayed in a format that works for them. Usually, a wedding seating chart will work perfectly for them, as it’ll allow them to explore the room and get a fantastic overview of your guests.

Interface of seating chart Excel

But occasionally, it’s more useful for vendors to scan through a list of your guests, and filter out the information they require. And that’s precisely what our wedding seating chart template can do, with its export to Excel function via your guest list! This straightforward to use tool allows you to download your full list of guests, with all the information clearly laid out in pre-formatted columns.

Interface of seating chart PDF

Your caterer will love how easy it is to access the information they need about each of your guests, and it’ll (almost) eliminate any possibility of mistakes in service. But it’s not only your caterer who will benefit greatly from having your wedding seating chart template exported to Excel . Your planner, coordinator, and your wedding stationers will all do better at their jobs with this function.

Create Your Wedding Seating Chart Poster in No Time

Couples typically find piecing together their guest list and the seating assignment the most time-consuming, and arduous tasks during wedding planning. And we understand why! It’s hard to pick and choose who, and who not to invite to your wedding. But this painful task has to be done. And while we can’t make the job emotionally easier to deal with, we can make its operation, and subsequent application onto the seating chart, seamless.

From the moment you receive your first RSVP, to exporting the finished floor plan, you’ll wonder how else you could’ve got the job done. Couples often start their reception, and potentially wedding ceremony seating chart roughly 3 weeks before the big day. Once all the RSVP’s have been received.

By hand, pen on paper, this task can take days. And involve countless do-overs, scribbling out and frustrated nights. But when putting together a wedding seating chart using an online tool, you remove all of that stress.

Seating chart board

Suddenly, late RSVPs can be easily dropped and dragged into position. Table configurations can be altered at the click of a button, and you’ll instantly get a full picture of how your reception, or ceremony will look as soon as your guest list is uploaded.

Every guests’ icon can be quickly customized to represent their gender, race, or age bracket. While color coding is also available, allowing you to easily mark people according to their jobs, interests, or personality type. A huge advantage when attempting to pair up single guests, or create a harmonious table.

The entire process of using our wedding seating chart maker has been designed to be accessible. Easy for all to use. Meaning, no matter your experience level with online tools, you’ll be able to create a professional wedding seating chart board in much less time than it would to piece it together on paper, DIY style. And when planning a wedding, if any task can be made easier or quicker, that’s a massive plus!

Professional Seating Chart App Designed for Couples & Vendors

All the tools available on Wedding Planning Assistant have been designed thoughtfully, with both engaged couples, and professional vendors in mind.

Created to be useful to those busy planning their big day, in need of templates to help them work out their budget, or somewhere simple to build a wedding website.

While also being invaluable to wedding professionals who require a space to create a seat map, find other vendors and share their work with clients.

Sharing is a key part of why couples love creating not just their wedding seating chart with us, but many of the other vital parts involved in planning a big day. Because our platform has been designed to be collaborative. A place to build something together, with family, friends, but also wedding professionals.

If you’re at the very beginning stages of wedding planning, and you’ve recently hired a planner, or coordinator to help you put things together. You’ll understand how vital communication is when trying to keep things on schedule. Without regular check-in’s and confirmations, things can get forgotten, and a once well-planned timeline can begin to slide.

Avoid over-running your schedule, and always be up-to-date with what your planner is doing, by creating a project together on Wedding Planning Assistant. And our wedding seating chart app offers the perfect example for why you should.

This task in particular is typically completed within the final stages of wedding planning, and the process usually goes through many iterations before it’s ready. These last couple of weeks are frequently a stressful time for couples, with guests often sending RSVPs back at different times, dropping out last minute, or suddenly requesting special requirements. It’s a lot to deal with and can be hard to keep track, especially when you have a planner or coordinator who also needs updating.

By using our online wedding table seating chart , you’ll be able to keep your whole team in the loop, including professionals, at all times. As soon as someone confirms their attendance, you or your planner can place them in the appropriate place on the seating scheme. Along with their unique set of requirements. Nobody skips a beat, nothing gets forgotten.

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Our wedding seating chart is an incredible reference to have when wedding planning, and your vendors will love its usability. But on the day, your guests will need something that’ll show them where their seats are. And there are so many ways you can present your reception plan that’ll not only coordinate nicely with your theme, but also delight your guests.

After only a quick Google search for wedding seating chart ideas , we’re sure you’ll discover a limitless amount of inspiration for your reception, or ceremony. And that’s without even looking at Pinterest! Having such a wealth of decor ideas at your fingertips can be a massive bonus when trying to find the perfect look. But it can also become a little confusing.

Our advice is to start, and concentrate on functionality. First and foremost, your wedding seating chart is there to direct guests to their place. It needs to be clear, obvious and enable loved ones to find their name and corresponding table in seconds. If not, you may end up with a lot of confused guests and a bit of a bottleneck, as people desperately try to find their name on the board .

Typically, the best way to avoid having lost guests is to simply list out your tables in numerical order, with the names of each guest under their corresponding table number. Whether you’ve got three tables or twenty tables, this system works. As does listing guests alphabetically, alongside their table number.

As long as the sign is big enough, and the font is clear. An A1 size board is typically a good size, but it will depend on your space and the number of tables/guests.

Once you’ve formatted the reception plan, found a font that works and maybe added a background or floral element. It’s time to find a pretty frame, an easel, and set it up somewhere guests will spot it easily.


The seating chart can be referred to by a multitude of alternative terms, representing its diverse range of designations. Some of the possible alternative names for the seating chart may include but are not limited to: seating plan, seat arrangement, seating diagram, seat chart, seat map, seating layout, seating scheme, and seating assignment. With such a wide array of names, individuals can choose the terminology that best suits their preferences or aligns with common usage in their particular context or region.

  • Seating сhart builder

Floor plan creator

Seating plan, seating arrangement, seating diagram, seating layout, seating scheme, seating assignment, seating chart generator, digital seating chart, electronic seating arrangement, seating chart builder.

Build your wedding seating chart effortlessly with our intuitive wedding seating chart builder.

The Wedding seating chart builder , along with all the accompanying tools on the Wedding Planning Assistant, have been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of engaged couples and professional vendors alike.

The seating chart builder empowers you to effortlessly create and customize your wedding seating chart. This intuitive tool provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily drag and drop tables, arrange seats, and assign guests with just a few clicks. With the seating chart builder , you have the flexibility to experiment with different layouts, seating arrangements, and guest assignments until you achieve the perfect seating plan for your special day. Simplify the process of designing your seating chart and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for your wedding guests with this powerful tool.

The floor plan creator is an essential tool that allows you to visualize and design the layout of your wedding venue. With this innovative tool, you can easily map out the arrangement of tables, dance floor, decorations, and other elements to create a comprehensive floor plan that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Crafting a well-organized seating plan is crucial for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your wedding guests. The seating plan tool enables you to assign guests to specific tables, strategically grouping them based on relationships, preferences, or any other criteria you choose. With this tool, you can easily create a seating plan that maximizes comfort, interaction, and overall guest satisfaction.

The seating arrangement feature allows you to arrange individual seats within each table of your wedding reception. With this tool, you can precisely position and assign seats to ensure optimal seating arrangements for your guests. Whether you prefer a traditional or alternative seating arrangement , this tool provides the flexibility to accommodate your unique preferences and guest dynamics.

Visualize your wedding seating arrangements with ease using the seating diagram tool. This tool generates a clear and comprehensive diagram that illustrates the seating layout of your venue. It helps you visualize the relationships between tables, seating positions, and the overall flow of your reception space, ensuring that every guest has a designated place in your seating plan.

The seat chart tool assists you in creating a detailed chart that displays the seating positions of individual guests at each table. This tool allows you to assign specific seats to guests, providing a precise and organized representation of your seating plan. Utilize the seat chart tool to efficiently manage guest seating and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

With the seat map tool , you can generate an interactive map that showcases the seating arrangement in your wedding venue. This tool allows you to view the layout of tables, designated seating positions, and even provides additional information about each seat if desired. Use the seat map to assist guests in locating their assigned seats easily and efficiently navigate your reception space.

Designing the perfect seating layout is made effortless with the seating layout tool. This feature enables you to create a visual representation of your desired seating arrangement , illustrating the arrangement of tables, chairs, and any additional elements. With this tool, you can experiment with different seating configurations until you achieve the ideal layout for your wedding reception.

The seating scheme tool provides a systematic approach to planning your wedding seating arrangements. With this feature, you can organize and allocate guests to tables, ensuring a harmonious blend of relationships and preferences. The seating scheme tool offers flexibility and efficiency in creating a well-balanced and enjoyable seating plan for your special day.

Efficiently manage guest seating assignments with the seating assignment tool. This tool enables you to assign specific guests to designated seats or tables, ensuring a personalized and organized seating plan. With the seating assignment feature, you can effortlessly accommodate individual preferences, relationships, or any other criteria to create a memorable and enjoyable seating arrangement for your wedding guests.

The seating chart generator is a dynamic tool that effortlessly creates personalized seating charts for your wedding or event. With its intuitive interface, you can quickly input guest information, designate table layouts, and optimize seating arrangements. Whether you prefer traditional or unique seating styles, the seating chart generator allows you to experiment and refine until you achieve the perfect arrangement. Save time and eliminate stress as this powerful tool streamlines the seating planning process, ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable experience for your guests. Create a seamless seating chart with ease using the seating chart generator , and make your special occasion truly memorable.

A digital seating chart refers to a virtual or electronic representation of the seating arrangement for an event, such as a wedding, conference, or performance. Instead of using traditional paper charts or physical table layouts, a digital seating chart is created and managed using software or online tools.

Overall, a digital seating chart streamlines the process of planning and organizing seating arrangements, making it more flexible, efficient, and convenient for event organizers and attendees alike.

An electronic seating arrangement , also known as a digital seating plan or electronic seating chart, refers to the use of technology to create, manage, and organize the seating layout for events, gatherings, or venues. Instead of using traditional paper-based seating charts or physical diagrams, an electronic seating arrangement is created and manipulated using software, applications, or online tools.

Electronic seating arrangements are particularly useful for events with large numbers of attendees, such as weddings, conferences, banquets, and performances. They offer a modern and efficient way to manage seating logistics and enhance the overall event planning experience.

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Seating Chart

Easily create seating charts for weddings and other event seating plans, what is a seating chart, how to use seating charts, how to make a seating chart, seating chart templates, floor plans, with smartdraw, you can create more than 70 types of diagrams, charts, and visuals.

A seating chart is a way to visualize where people will sit in given room or during an event. A seating chart can be used for personal events like a wedding, for corporate events and parties, and for large scale conferences or presentations.

Seats may be assigned unique names or numbers and can be organized into larger groups. For example, a seating chart of a concert hall or theater would have its seats organized by rows, sections, and levels. Each seat is positioned in the seating chart to provide a graphical representation of its location in relation to other seats as well as the entire layout of the venue.

Seating chart template

How to Use Seating Charts

There are a number of uses for seating charts. For a concert venue, a seating chart is useful to determine which tickets have already been sold and which are still available for purchase. For a formal event, such as a wedding, the wedding seating chart assists guests in finding their table for the evening. Assigned seats in a classroom setting benefit the instructor in taking attendance and learning the names of students.

How to Make a Seating Chart

Here are some tips to use in creating a seating chart for an event.

  • Make it legible. The seating chart should be clear and easy to read.
  • Keep it simple. Organize and create it so the viewer can easily pinpoint their name and their assigned seat. People shouldn't have to look too hard to find the information.
  • Provide order. Place the names in some type of order. You may group names alphabetically or by table number. Since we read left to right, it may be best to also organize the seating chart in a similar fashion.
  • Ensure everyone is comfortable. In addition to ensuring everyone has an assigned seat, it's important that each guest is seated comfortably with enough room to move about.

Classroom seating chart

Example of a Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding seating chart

Click on any of these seating charts included in SmartDraw and edit them:

Band Room Seating Chart

Browse SmartDraw's entire collection of seating chart examples and templates

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Online event seating chart software for building table and seating plans fast

Create accurate event seating plans plus manage guest lists and check-ins with our easy-to-use event seating planner tool, and if you need more than event seating charts and floor plans..., use our event seating plan software tool a la carte or included in the following products:, venue management software.

Perfect for event centers, hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, non-profit venues and reception halls.

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Floorplan Layout

Quickly lay out tables and chair rows

With tools like auto-format and snap-to grids, you can quickly add multiple rows of tables or chairs to start setting up your spaces. Choose from a variety of table types as well as hundreds of other elements, including furniture, walls/doors, dance floors, stages, trade show booths, audio/visual and lighting.

Manage guest lists and assigned seating

Upload or enter your attendee list into our guest list tool to manage contact details , event RSVPs and meal choices. Then quickly drop attendees onto seats in your layout or auto-seat all attendees at once. View counts for seated attendees/available seats and clearly display guest names plus meal choices and RSVP/VIP status.

Perfect for any kind of event or venue

Our seating chart software lets you set up seating arrangements for any kind of event, including wedding receptions and ceremonies , gala dinners fundraisers , banquets, meetings , corporate events and parties . It’s also a great tool for venues , restaurants , hotels and other event spaces.

Share layouts online + check in guests

Now you can give your staff, clients and vendors access to seating charts for easy online collaboration. Or download and print out full-color PDFs of your seating plans with table seating breakouts plus name badges and equipment lists. And easily process arriving guests with our multi-user guest check-in app .

Save time with templates and customizations

Create room outlines of your space boundaries and then build out reusable templates for your most used event seating setups. Build out your own custom element libraries to save time. Even upload your logo to brand your event floor plan designs.

Floorplan Layout

FYI ... If you're interested in online seating chart apps, you may also like our: Attendee List Manager • Check-In Tool • Event Registration Tool • Event Website Builder • RSVP Manager

Used by 20,000+ event professionals, what's inside our event seating plan software tool, see why more event professionals use our event seating software to build assigned seat and table layouts for weddings, banquets, galas, corporate events, seminars, fundraising events and more., drag-&-drop functionality.

Use our event seating chart software to easily add one or mulitiple elements at a time, plus select and move, edit or delete single or multiple elements.

Alignment Tools

Make sure your floor plan items line up precisely with snap-to grids and vertical/horizontal spacing features to arrange multiple tables or elements at once.

Smart Menus

Need to make changes to multiple elements at once? No problem. Just select elements and then instantly duplicate, rotate, add/remove chairs and change colors or table numbers.

Auto-Layout Feature

When adding tables or chair rows, simply use the "Add Multiple Rows" option to create grids of elements that are precisely spaced to your specifications.

Guest List Manager

Track details for attendees like contact information, RSVP status and meal choices and assign the same list to multiple floor plans if you need multiple seating assignment layouts for the same event.

Assigned Seating Charts

Drop singles or groups of guests onto tables or chair rows and easily move them to different tables/seats. Seat or unseat all attendees with a single click and view attendee details like names and RSVP status in the layout design.

Guest Check-In App

Keep your at-the-door lines short by using our multi-user app to check in guests quickly and efficiently at multiple entrances.

Downloads & Reports

Download and print out PDF files of your event designs with table breakout pages and attendees' names on seats. Export spredsheets for guest lists, equipment lists and name badges.

Viewing / Measurement Options

Easily show and hide attendee information like names, RSVP/VIP status and meal choices. Use imperial or metric measurements based on your regional preferences.

Mobile Compatible

Want to view floorplans and seat assignments on-the-go and show them to vendors and clients? Simply log into your account via your mobile web browser to view your designs on tablets or smartphones.

Templates & Room Boundaries

Build seating chart templates for setups you use repeatedly. Upload room outline files to trace room walls with our boundary tool ... or create your event space walls/boundaries from scratch.

Favorite Element Library

Do you repeatedly use the same standard elements or use custom elements for many designs? Save them in your favorites library so you can easily access these items when building seating charts.

Table & Chair Library

Choose from round tables, half-rounds, rectangular tables, square tables or serpentine tables. Build custom chair configurations and seating capacities, clear spaces, more.

Chair Rows + Other Elements

Implement chair rows as well as furniture, trade show booths, architectural items, A/V, lighting, floors, stages and shapes into your seating plans.

Rulers & Notes

Know exact distances and measurements between items in your seating charts with adjustable rulers. Use custom notes to add clarity to your floor plans.

Permissions & Security

Create user groups to set permissions for different user types. Then invite new users into your account so they can login and collaborate on seating layouts.

Learn more about Planning Pod’s seating chart maker for event planners and venues

Recent post, jeff kear · owner, planning pod, how to select the best event seating chart software for you.

A critical and often underrated component of event planning and management that can have a huge effect on audience engagement is event design and, if you have an event that involves reserved seating, event table layouts and/or seating charts. And although you can sketch out your design ideas on a sheet of paper, to have a truly representational, to-scale rendering of your event layout and seating capacity for distributing to clients, staff, participants, volunteers and vendors, a digital seating chart planner gives you the tools you need to build professional designs that impress and leave no room for error.

With that said, when you are creating event table layouts and seating charts, there are four primary criteria that you should look for when starting to evaluate online seating chart generators.

  • Accuracy - You want your seating charts and floor plans to represent what you will get in real-life so that you aren’t cramming too much equipment, tables or chairs into the allotted space. In addition, you want a tool that lets you include as many event details as possible regarding layout elements like different table shapes or architectural characteristics of your room or space, whether you are hosting your event in a banquet hall or concert hall.
  • Aesthetics - Because we are usually showing seating chart arrangements and event designs to our team, peers and clients, we want to make a big impression and don’t want them to look slapdash. A full-featured event seating plan software platform lets you precisely and colorfully render everything from detailed wedding seating charts with guest table assignments to galas or corporate events that have designated seating for general admission and VIP audience members.
  • Time - We are all pressed for time, and although we want our event seating charts to look professionally designed and be accurate, they shouldn’t take hours to build. The best seating chart makers give you the tools to create highly accurate and aesthetically pleasing designs in a short span of time (usually less than an hour).
  • Ease-of-Use - Most popular event floor plan tools offer drag-and-drop functionality so you can simply place elements on the layout or drop attendees onto selected seats (or drag them off seats to remove them). But the best event seating chart software platforms contain features like auto-format for building table layout grids instantly, reusable seating plan templates, libraries of favorite elements and other features that simplify building seating charts. In addition, some table plan software apps are also mobile-friendly and can be used on both computers and mobile devices.

So what should you look for when evaluating such a tool for building the perfect seating plan? Consider these seven attributes.

1. Guest List Management

What comes before adding guests to seats in a layout? Managing contact information for those guests in an organized fashion so your seating plans are detail-rich with items like names, RSVP status and meal choices. Guest list managers can also come with features like at-the-door check-in apps and Excel file downloads. And for wedding planners, there are also handy features like table number labeling for easily identifying at what table each guest is seated; downloadable place cards and escort cards; and separate lists for rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

2. Registrations and RSVPs

And what comes before a guest list full of rich information? Collecting that information via customizable event websites equipped with event registration / ticketing and RSVP forms that electronically feed that data into your guest list. An added bonus is the ability to collect registration payments and detailed responses to custom questions; the ability to set up multiple ticket types; and even allowing registrants to select their preferred seat.

3. Flexibility of Event Type

Top event seating planner tools allow you to build layouts for any type of event, including wedding seating charts, banquet table setups and seating plans for dinners, banquet style galas, parties, conferences, concerts, classrooms and corporate meetings and events.

4. Adaptable to Any Venue and Space

Do your event spaces typically have unique contours and dimensions? Solid event seating plan software will allow you to easily replicate those dimensions so you can build restaurant seating charts for patrons as well as seating plans for hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, reception halls, conference centers, wineries and even arena-like layouts for concert halls and theaters.

5. Large Library of Elements

Any seating chart maker worth its weight should offer a variety of table and chair element options (including options for round tables, half-tables and head tables), but the more advanced ones will also offer architectural elements like walls, floors and doors; staging elements like podiums and lighting; A/V elements like amplification systems; and exposition elements like trade show booths and aisles.

6. Virtual Collaboration

This is where Web-based event seating planner apps excel because they have the flexibility to allow others to access to seating charts via the Internet to provide feedback and even create and edit shared designs. This allows an entire team of planners and vendors (like caterers and rental crews) to see designs ahead of time. An added bonus are features that offer 3D walkthroughs to enable users to fully visualize the setup from one or more focal points as well as other integrated event software tools for collaboratively managing budgets, timelines, etc.

7. Customization

If you are seeking to make an impression on vendors or internal / external clients, customizations will help you sell through your ideas. Such features can include customizable colors and fonts as well as background uploads. A timesaving feature to look out for is the ability to create seating chart templates for designs or setups you use repeatedly.

As you can see, the best event seating chart software programs offer a wide variety of features to simplify the process of building seating plans while providing maximum flexibility so you can add many details and integrate with other event management tools that you may need.

Learn more about Planning Pod’s event seating chart software for event planners and venues

seat assignment generator

Social Tables

Make the best seating charts in minutes with all the tools you need.

Manage guests quickly.

Stop erasing names and emailing everyone about your changes. Use our generator! Quickly upload your guest list and manage their meal preferences. Plus, add any custom tags you'd like such as VIP or family.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.28.55 PM

Seating is a breeze

Auto-seat your guests in a single click. Easily see where empty seats are located. Plus, give tables labels so your staff knows how to provide the best experience. That means VIPs can get the royal treatment, no trouble.

Keep your team on the same page

Share seating charts with stakeholders and vendors for a seamless experience. Let clients view or edit in real-time as you watch. Access your charts effortlessly from anywhere, anytime.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.42.32 PM

Millions of unforgettable events begin here.

Entice clients everywhere.

Sell a vision of your space and upsell on critical details with stunning, photo-realistic 3D diagrams.

Create custom diagrams fast

Provide a personalized experience and save time with templates, favorites, and customizable objects.

Keep event data clean

Save time and hassle with diagram versioning and version restore tools; and offer smart automation tools for seating, catering, and guest lists.

Perfect any size event

Confidently scale the attendee count and square footage for your event without a loss in performance.

Collaborate in real-time

Strengthen relationships by inviting clients or vendors to watch and comment as you make changes on diagrams they can see.

Keep everything in one place

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish by storing files for any event in one place and seeing event history.

Count on us

Rest easy knowing a world-class customer services team is just moments away when you call, email, or message.

Empower planners

Simplify setup with quick seating and check-in. Easily identify special guests and VIPs to offer an exceptional experience.

Provide exceptional service

Get the order right everytime and avoid stress about food allergies with simple meal management for your catering staff.

seat assignment generator

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Make setup and communication a breeze with cvent event diagramming.

Create School Seating Charts Online

Seating Chart Maker is an online tool for teachers and organizers. Use it to create, print, save and edit your classroom seatings charts effortlessly.

Free trial. No credit card required.

App screenshot

The go-to choice for over 1000 forward-looking teachers and organizers each month.

Trim down your prep time with fast seating chart generation

We strive to make seating chart design effortless. Create a new arrangement in a snap and reuse your once-input data whenever needed.

Re-use your rooms and rosters

Automatic or manual seating

Import students

Choose from multiple visual styles

seat assignment generator

This app just saved me so much time. Thank you! Rachel Silva Teacher, US 🇺🇸

seat assignment generator

I teach the same set of students in various classrooms throughout the week. The beauty of the Seating Chart Maker for me lies in its ability to utilize the same student list to form multiple seating arrangements for different rooms. Mareike Wolff Teacher, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Set up available seats

Create the layout of your room. Pick chair and desk styles. Rotate and place them freely with familiar features like drag & drop and an automatic snap guide.

Room creator screenshot

Create or import a roster

Seating Chart Maker supports importing a list of names from most applications and spreadsheets with copy and paste (no need to export and import files!). In this phase, you can easily set up groups of students that should be, e.g., kept separated, together, or in front of the classroom in an automatically generated chart.

Roster creator screenshot

Generate a seating chart

Automatically generate a seating chart, tweak it if you like, and print it. You can easily edit your existing charts or create new charts later with the same roster and room. You can also create new combinations if you, for example, teach multiple groups in the same room.

Person card style selection modal screenshot

Examples of printed seating charts

Save your seating charts in the app, export them to PDF, or print them on paper for easy keeping or sharing.

Printed seating chart with student pictures

Plans & pricing

Simplify seating with our easy-to-use online application. If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund .

Kickstart classroom organization with the Seating Chart Maker Personal Plan.

$3.99 /month Save 50% with annual

Billed annually $47.88 . Plus tax.

  • Up to 100 seating charts
  • Add student photos
  • Random seating
  • Email support

No credit card required for trial.

Empower your institution with our Team Plan, promoting shared seating chart designs.

$82.50 /month Save 17% with annual

Billed annually $990 . Plus tax.

  • Includes up to 10 users (additional fee for more)
  • Share resources with your team
  • Data integrations
  • Priority support

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

From the blog

Explore our handy guides for creating efficient classroom seating, or find fresh inspiration for managing your classroom.

seat assignment generator

Seating Charts: The Ultimate Classroom Management Hack

You spent so much time perfecting the day’s lesson plan, but as you look around the room, you notice that chaos has suddenly ensued. Instead of working nicely on their group projects as planned, your students have gotten noticeably loud and very off…

seat assignment generator

Brooke Ressell

seat assignment generator

Impressive Tech Tools That Make Teaching Efficient and Far More Effective

If there’s one thing modern teachers love, it’s all of the impressive tech tools available to them that make teaching both efficient and far more effective than it once was. New tech tools seem to be coming out all the time, and each of them is…

seat assignment generator

Classroom Management Strategies: The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide

Do you remember when you first started studying to be a teacher? You put in crazy long hours learning everything there was to know about your subject area, and you tirelessly practiced the art of teaching in a classroom full of your peers. From…

seat assignment generator

Class Size Statistics & Trends: Visualized & Curated

The typical class size in US public schools is 16-23 students. In the academic year 2020-2021, the mean class size was 18.3 students, a slight decrease from the 2017-2018 average of 19.6 students. These figures represent the mean across both primary…

seat assignment generator

Mikko Haapanen

seat assignment generator

Average Classroom Size (Square Feet/Meters)

The average size of a classroom, considering surface area, in the United States measures approximately 900 square feet (84 m²), typically between 700 and 1,100 square feet (65 and 102 m²). These dimensions are applicable across primary, middle, and…

Tired of clunky seating plan templates?

Create data-rich seating charts instantly

Mega Seating Plan in use

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Join 126,400 teachers in 178 countries using Mega Seating Plan

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seat assignment generator

Seating plans in seconds

We make the seating plans, so teachers can teach

Your classroom. Your layout.

Artificial intelligence

Human intelligence


seat assignment generator

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Find out why 126,400 teachers trust Mega Seating Plan

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Time saving

Letting teachers be teachers since 2015

Why do schools love Mega Seating Plan?

Plans for teachers. Plans for schools.


For every school in your academy chain

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  • All the features of Mega Seating Plan Gold or Platinum for every school in your trust/chain

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For all schools compatible with Wonde or Xporter

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30 day free trial, then... £599 £449 /year + VAT £1347 for three years. Save 25% vs yearly billing.  

  • Accounts for every member of staff
  • Data for every class and student automatically synchronised with your MIS via Wonde or Groupcall Xporter
  • 30-day fully functional, no commitment trial
  • Priority support
  • Powerful admin tools to monitor and support staff usage
  • Demographic data on seating plans, including SEN, EAL, PP, MA and more
  • Student photos on seating plans, automatically imported from your MIS
  • Assessments add-on - display assessments data including target grades, current grades and reading ages on your seating plans (+ £99/year)
  • Documents add-on - Downloadable student profiles on your seating plans (+ £99/year)
  • Behaviour add-on - Display achievement/behaviour points on your seating plans and add new points to SIMS with a couple of clicks (+ £199/year - coming soon)
  • Artificial intelligence - Mega Seating Plan analyses your behaviour data with machine learning to suggest improvements to your plans
  • Access all seating plans in your school (great for cover lessons)
  • Shared classroom layouts
  • Seating plan histories - go back in time to see previous versions of seating plans
  • Student search - instantly find every seating plan containing a student
  • Your school's logo on printed seating plans
  • Name learning tool - know your students' names before your first lesson!
  • Magic Reports - harness the power of GPT to generate personalised student reports instantly

For all schools and colleges

30 day free trial, then... £499 £374 /year

  • Data for every class and student imported effortlessly via bulk CSV uploads (or securely POST the data directly to our API)
  • Student data on seating plans, such as SEN, EAL, PP, MA or any other data you choose
  • Assessment data on seating plans, such as current grade, target grade, reading age - it's up to you!
  • Student photos on seating plans, easily uploaded in bulk

Premium features for premium teachers

Free for 14 days, then...   £1.67 £0.38 £0.05 £1.99 /month /month /week /day including VAT , billed annually

  • Unlimited seating plans
  • Add student photos to your seating plans
  • Remove Mega Seating Plan branding from print-outs

All the basics for an individual teacher


  • Five seating plans

For every school in your district

  • All the features of Mega Seating Plan Gold or Platinum for every school in your district

For all schools compatible with ClassLink

30 day free trial, then... $749 /year

  • Data for every class and student automatically synchronised with your SIS via ClassLink Roster Server
  • Data on your seating plans, imported via ClassLink
  • Student photos on seating plans, effortlessly imported in bulk
  • Access all seating plans in your school (great for substitute lessons)
  • Magic Reports - harness the power of GPT to generate personalized student reports instantly

30 day free trial, then... $699 /year

  • Student data on seating plans

Free for 14 days, then...   $2.08 $0.48 $0.07 $2.49 /month /month /week /day billed annually

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Free for 14 days, then...   AU$2.50 AU$0.58 AU$0.08 AU$2.99 /month /month /week /day billed annually

30 day free trial, then... £499 /year

Free for 14 days, then...   £1.39 £0.32 £0.05 £1.66 /month /month /week /day billed annually

Frequently asked questions

EdTech Impact


CLASS Seating Chart Maker Free Trial

Signup here for our free trial to download an unlimited number of custom seating charts for the next 30 days..

Before I began teaching in law schools, I was an IT director and law librarian. In that role, I often introduced software solutions to the faculty and staff, trained them how to use it, and helped with any issues that arose. One of those solutions was seatGEN. From the administrative side, seatGEN is quick to set up and deploy, and training is easy.

When I started teaching, I became a user of seatGEN for the first time. Over the years, I trained hundreds of students and faculty on various applications. I now had to teach a semester-long course. Frankly, I was nervous.

As a novice professor, I read many articles and books on how to teach a law school course. A few discussed the use of seating charts . I had originally intended to let students sit where they wanted, and to distribute a paper copy of the seating chart on the first day of class for the student to indicate their seat. I planned to then go back to seatGEN and drag and drop the student’s photo onto the respective seat. What I did not like about that option was that often there were more seats than students, and they could be spread out far from each other, gathering, most often, toward the back of the room. I could force them to move up, but they often remained far from each other.

I decided to listen to the experts.

Free Class Seating Chart Maker


I put the research to work, and I assigned seats prior to the start of class. I then posted the seating chart in my course page so students knew where to sit before the semester started. This allowed me to balance diversity and gender throughout the class. I also hoped to encourage new friendships. The greatest benefit to me was knowing – on the first day of class – wherein the classroom the students would be sitting. This allowed me to address volunteers and cold call on the very first day.

The Flash Card feature was tremendously helpful. Before the semester, I used the cards (they have the students’ pictures on them) to learn names and faces, and to practice pronunciation of sometimes difficult names. I soon discovered an additional use for the Flash Cards, described below.

I used the tent cards to take attendance, track class participation, and preparedness, tardiness, etc. They also helped students learn the names of their colleagues, which supported class discussion.


I explained to the students on the first day of class, that I would leave the tent cards on a table at the front of the classroom. It was their responsibility to pick up their card (and only their card) at the beginning of every class and to return it to the table at the end of class. Five minutes after class started, I would then pick up any cards left on the table, and those students would either be marked absent or late.

If a student picked up another student’s card, and that student was absent or late, both students would be marked absent or late. I’ve never had to enforce this rule. It might even be unnecessary, but I wanted to shut down the possibility up front.

I also explained to the students that if they were unprepared for class, I would make a note inside their tent card so they knew where they stood on class participation throughout the semester.

Also, to get to know the students a bit, I would ask them to answer 4-5 questions (that I wrote on the board) inside their tent cards, such as: do you go by another name, what is your hometown, what was your major, do you have other graduate degrees, what is your relationship to the law (but don’t tell my person issues) such as “my mother is a lawyer,” “I’m a paralegal,” and what kind of law they want to practice.

This process worked extremely well. I never had a grade challenged. I never had to take attendance or pass a sheet or generate a QR code. It was simple, low tech, and worked. Giving credit where credit is due when I worked at Harvard Law, I saw a professor use tent cards in class. He, too, used them for attendance taking. SeatGen allowed me to upgrade and update the process. Most importantly, we could print them, instead of writing them by hand.


I also found a new use for flashcards. I could shuffle the deck and pull 10-15 cards at random to use for the cold call. I’d put the cards for the student who was unprepared or tardy at the top of the deck after class. I would then make notes inside the student’s tent cards. I would then set those cards aside, and grab another batch for the next class. When the deck was finished, I’d reshuffle and start again.

I always kept the flashcards. I made some notes on the back, which was handy when I was later asked to write letters of recommendation.

Korin Munsterman, J.D., M.L.S. (Former) Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Law


Personalize the educational experience & make managing it easier with seatgen..

Seating Chart Software Guide

Now more than ever, the ability to create wedding seating charts virtually and work with clients remotely is critical to the continued success of event businesses..

seating chart demo

Home / Seating Chart Software Guide


  • Why use Allseated for Seating Charts
  • How to Design Event Floorplans
  • Popular Seating Chart Styles

Popular Wedding Seating Styles

  • Popular Corporate Seating Chart Styles

Allseated provides the seating chart and seating plan software tools needed to efficiently manage the wedding table seating and floorplan details for all types of events.

The seating chart creator tools offer a competitive advantage in event planning with virtual and collaborative benefits, making the planning process easier than ever before.

Before using a seating chart maker to arrange a wedding seating chart, there are a few important steps to take when planning an event. First and foremost, it’s critical to know the event budget and guest count at the start of the planning process. These two details outline the event so that a proper venue can be selected. Only once a venue is selected can you move forward in  designing a floorplan  and using the wedding seating chart tools to create the seating arrangement for the event.  Guest list management, floorplan layouts, and seating chart templates require organization, accuracy, and efficient collaboration between vendors and clients to ensure a seamless day of the event. Using Allseated’s seating chart creator and floorplan layout tools makes it easy for vendor teams and clients to work together.  In order to easily design an event seating chart, there are steps and strategies for event planning to take prior to getting started.

Allseated offers many collaborative planning features for wedding seating planning. Once you create an event in Allseated, you will have access to the guest list feature, floorplan design tools, wedding seating chart tool, timelines, reports, and more! In this article, we take a deep dive into planning an event using Allseated, how to design the seating chart, and cover popular seating chart styles for all types of events.

Establish Guest List

Establishing the event guest list during the initial phase of planning is one of the most important aspects of creating a seamless, more efficient process. Allseated’s state-of-the-art guest list tool  increases organization and operational efficiency. The guest list is an added value to clients, allowing users to do the following:

  • Keep an accurate count and list of all invited guests in one place.
  • List mailing information
  • Group guests into categories (such as friends, family, and colleagues) for even more organization.
  • Track RSVP’s
  • Assign meal preferences for each guest, preventing the chance of error.
  • Specify guests for multiple events such as wedding-related events (bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and day-after wedding brunches).
  • Arrange seating charts directly from the guest list.
  • Generate reports

seating chart software

Design Event Floorplan

An event floorplan with wedding seat plan can be designed once the event venue is selected and a template is chosen within the event you create in Allseated.

Using Allseated to design a floorplan offers you many features and tools including the ability to:

  • Select your tables, chairs, objects, and furniture
  • Customize spacing
  • Join tables and/or knock off chairs
  • Include spacing for dance floors and entertainment areas
  • Mark exits within the layout
  • List any planning details and/or notes directly within the floorplan
  • Save favorite objects and templates for future layouts
  • Create custom groups and save to favorites
  • Upload files (including JPG, PNG, PDF) to floorplan

A major benefit to an event planning business is using Allseated’sseating chart creator tools for the ability to view the seating layout in 2D and 3D. At any time during the seating chart design process, it’s easy to switch from 2D viewing to 3D viewing to take a virtual walkthrough of the layout. The 3D viewing options include Bird’s Eye viewing which allows you to see your event seating chart in 3D from an above view. It’s also possible to virtually walk through the event layout in 3D via 1st Person View as if you were taking a virtual walkthrough of your event floorplan layout. The many varieties of 3D seating chart viewing options help to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the event or wedding seating chart during the design process. This makes the day of the event seamless, accurate, and in line with your event vision.

Digital Seating Chart

Once RSVPs are received and the floorplan layout is created, easily create an online seating chart. The seating tab within your event provides you with access to your floorplans and guest list. Using the seat chart wedding tool, seat guests within the floorplan layout by selecting guests from the guest list and placing them at the desired tables. It’s simple and efficient to select a guest, then click on a specific table in the floorplan, to easily seat the guest. When creating your event or wedding table seating chart, you may wish to seat guests at specific seats at specific tables. Allseated offers you the option to do this by first placing them at a table, clicking that table, and assigning the guest to their specific seat.

To learn more about the features that are available to you when designing an event seating chart in Allseated such as 3D tabletop designer tools, how to build and manage timelines, and generating useful reports for the event,  click here .

Seating Chart Styles

From wedding seating charts to  corporate event seating , designing seating layouts within Allseated is simple and efficient.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting the right event  seating style  for an event. Along with venue layout and guest count, it’s important to consider the type of event and the event’s needs.

Popular Corporate Seating Styles

Below are some of the most popular corporate event seating chart styles and what purposes they serve for an event within an event layout.

U-Shaped Seating

A U-shape configuration seating style promotes interaction between event attendees and allows for a focal point or presentation area within the layout. U-shape seating is suitable for smaller groups (up to 30 attendees) and ideal when there is a speaker in the center of the floorplan or at the open end of the ‘U’.

seating chart software

Classroom Seating

Classroom seating is and ideal seating chart design for lectures, seminars, and meetings where note-taking or the use of a laptop is required. Attendees do not face one another within a classroom seating style so interaction between them is limited.

seat assignment generator

Board Room Seating

Board room seating (and conference seating) offers one long, rectangular table for guests to sit facing each other within the event layout. Board room seating is ideal for small corporate meetings where discussion and brainstorming as a group is the priority of the event.


Auditorium Seating

An auditorium style seating arrangement features built-in seats or rows of chairs that focus on a single point in the layout, which is usually a stage and podium.


Cabaret Seating

For cabaret seating styles, it is customary to place the chairs in the floorplan in a U-shape around a table with an opening that faces a chosen focal point.

seat assignment generator

Hollow Square Seating

The hollow square style looks exactly how it sounds and is similar to banquet and U-shaped seating styles. In a hollow square seating layout, guests can see each other while still maintaining a comfortable distance. This seating style is ideal for eating meals during a meeting or working with laptop computers.

seat assignment generator

There are many wedding seating style options when creating a wedding floorplan layout. While many wedding couples think that a dozen round tables is the only way to seat guests, there are other wedding seating options to choose from for the layout. Below are the most popular wedding styles chosen by wedding couples. Keep in mind that the seating style should complement the venue, guest list, and overall event vision.

Circular Table Seating

Circular tables (round tables) are one of the most popular seating styles for weddings. This classic wedding seating is easy to arrange circular tables for large or small events and the seating arrangement style works for a wide variety of venue layouts.

seat assignment generator

Banquet Seating

Banquet seating is an elegant seating arrangement that is great for maximizing spaces. Banquet seating is perfect for long narrow venues or even for layouts in which wedding couples want to create a nice, long, learn look. With this style of wedding seating, guests are positioned around the circumference of the table facing inwards. Seat important guests (VIPs, the wedded couple) in the middle of the room so they’ll be at the heart of the action, Banquet seating encourages guests to interact with one another. Remember to choose tabletop decor and centerpieces carefully as to not interrupt the flow of conversation at each table.

seat assignment generator

Family Style Seating

Family style seating generally refers to a wedding seating layout with one long rectangular table or several rows of longer tables within the floorplan.

seat assignment generator

Mix and Match Table Seating

If you can’t decide between using round or rectangular tables within your layout, use both! The mix and match table seating style is elegant, unique, and fun, and works with most venue layouts and sizes.

U-shape seating is a popular seating style for many types of events. This seating layout configuration promotes interaction and allows for a focal point within the floorplan.

seat assignment generator

At any time during the process of designing the floorplan and seating chart,  it’s easy to switch from 2D viewing to 3D viewing to take a virtual walkthrough of the layout. The 3D viewing options include Bird’s Eye viewing which allows you to see your floorplan in 3D from an above view. Alternatively, you can also walk through the event seating plan in 3D via 1st Person View as if you were taking a virtual walkthrough of your floorplan. The many 3D viewing options help to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the layout before the day of your event.

Allseated Physical Distance Tool

Allseated has launched a revolutionary new technology that enables the creation of social distance floorplans and event seating plans providing the Events Industry with a path to safely reopen as COVID-19 restrictions are eased. This physical  distance tool  for floorplans and table seating allows planners, venues and other event stakeholders to plan event layouts incorporating new social-distancing guidelines, and dynamically ascertain new room capacities, ingress and egress, and foodservice protocols while ensuring the safety of event guests and staff as paramount.

With Allseated’s Physical Distancing Tool, you can:

  • Give clients confidence by designing floorplans and event seating charts with guest and staff safety at forefront
  • Create online seating chart layouts to meet distancing guidelines to run a safe distance event.
  • Visualize the event floorplan with distancing in place.
  • Better understand how new guidelines will affect capacity.

Use of the physical distance tool when arranging event seating charts really helps vendors and clients to visualize what this new type of layout will look like for an event. It also removes the uncertainty surrounding how to create a physically distant seating chart and floorplan, making clients much more comfortable with hosting social and corporate events.

The Physical Distance Tool was recently featured during a segment with NBC News NOW to discuss how Allseated’s event technology is assisting wedding venues, planners, and clients to open back up and get back to planning events safely.

Designer Tools

As part of the Allseated’s floorplan and wedding seating chart maker tools, designer tools are available. The designer tools allow you to build tabletop and buffet displays to-scale within layouts. Watch this quick  video  to learn more about how designer tools will help you to see exactly what fits to-scale on the tabletops in the floorplan. The designer tools currently include options for place settings, flowers, centerpieces, linens, and buffet pieces, with many more options to come soon.

Generate Reports

Allseated seating software includes the ability to generate useful reports. Reports can be filtered to meet many of your event planning needs. Easily generate a seat planner floorplan report to detail your specific layout along with a complete listing of the inventory, table breakdown, and seating information.

A guest report can also be generated to include details such as meal types, table numbers, and any other information relevant for the venue/caterer. A guest list report can also be generated for other planning purposes such as invitations, escort cards, and favors.

Important To Remember 

The use of digital planning tools for creating social and corporate saves vendors and clients a considerable amount of time throughout the process. With all data stored in one place and easily accessible, guest list management, floorplan design, event or wedding seating chart creation, and timeline tasks are efficiently and effectively addressed and handled.

Easily Make Changes

When using Allseated’s tools to create your event seating layout, it’s super easy to make changes and adjustments until you reach the desired seating chart. Move guests, change table sizes, and adjust the floorplan as often as needed with just a click of a button. It is much easier and more efficient to handle the wedding seating chart task using online planning tools in comparison to the paper and pencil approach.

To learn more about Allseated and how the virtual tools can benefit your business,  schedule a demo .

When planning an event, guest list management, floorplan layouts, and seating chart templates are important steps that require organization, accuracy, and efficient collaboration between vendors and clients to ensure a seamless day of event.

Yes, once RSVP’s are received and floorplan layout is created, easily create an online seating chart. The seating tab within your event provides you with access to your floorplans and guest list. Seat guests within the floorplan layout by selecting guests from the guest list and placing them at the desired tables.

At any time during the process of designing the floorplan and seating chart, it’s easy to switch from 2D viewing to 3D viewing to take a virtual walkthrough of the layout. The 3D viewing options include Bird’s Eye viewing which allows you to see your floorplan in 3D from an above view. Alternatively, you can also walk through the event seating plan in 3D via 1st Person View as if you were taking a virtual walkthrough of your floorplan. The many 3D viewing options help to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the layout before the day of your event.

Allseated’s physical distance tool for floorplans allows planners, venues and other event stakeholders to plan event layouts incorporating new social-distancing guidelines, and dynamically ascertain new room capacities, ingress and egress, and foodservice protocols while ensuring the safety of event guests and staff as paramount.

Things To Know

The most efficient way to design event seating charts is through the use of digital planning tools and platforms like Allseated. Allseated provides the easy to use technology and top features needed for creating seating charts for events.

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Random Seat Generator

Table1: left corner, window-side Table2: in the middle, window-side Table3: right corner, window-side Table4: left corner, door-side Table5: in the middle, door-side

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    request a quote There Is Simply No Better Way To Plan An Event Allseated OPS is the proven way to keep everyone informed, up to date, and clear on responsibilities throughout planning process. Design Floorplans To-Scale 2D/3D Viewing Seating Charts Designer Tools Manage Guest Lists Generate Reports Start Today request demo

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    Generate reports Design Event Floorplan An event floorplan with wedding seat plan can be designed once the event venue is selected and a template is chosen within the event you create in Allseated. Using Allseated to design a floorplan offers you many features and tools including the ability to:

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    Table1: left corner, window-side Table2: in the middle, window-side Table3: right corner, window-side Table4: left corner, door-side Table5: in the middle, door-side

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