Telstra launches 'Telstra One Number' eSIM technology


Telstra has announced adding phone call, data, and text messaging capabilities to wearable devices with the launch of its "Telstra One Number" product using embedded SIM (eSIM) card technology.

The "SIM-less" technology involves a permanently fitted SIM, around 10 times smaller than a nano SIM, being pre-installed in wearables to connect them without needing to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

As the Telstra One Number product name suggests, it allows customers to use the same phone number across their wearables as they use on their smartphones, sharing data, call, and text inclusions from their mobile plan.

"Telstra One Number paves the way for a new generation of wearables with evolved designs and voice and data integration," Telstra Product Innovation ED John Chambers said.

"Up until now, customers have had to pair their smartphone with their wearable devices using Bluetooth to access calls, messages, and notifications on their wearables."

Chambers added that using eSIMs would also enable smaller wearable devices to be developed, such as health monitors and connected clothing.

Telstra One Number will initially be made available to post-paid consumers, and will in future be offered to prepaid consumer, enterprise, and small business customers with compatible wearable devices.

Telstra's launch follows Singaporean telecommunications provider Singtel enabling the eSIM across its 4G network in January.

Singtel at the time said it would charge post-paid mobile customers an additional monthly fee of SG$5.35 during the promotional launch period, after which it would cost SG$10.70 per month on a 24-month contract.

Samsung's Gear S2 Classic 3G was the first device to launch a GSMA-compliant eSIM last year, after GSMA released the eSIM specification in February 2016.

The eSIM specification has been backed by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Sony, and LG, along with chip makers, SIM makers, and telecommunications carriers.

"The initiative does not aim to replace all SIM cards in the field, but is instead designed to help users connect multiple devices through the same subscription and will help mobile device manufacturers develop a new range of smaller, lighter mobile-connected devices that are better suited for wearable technology applications," GSMA said at the time.

It therefore has many potential use cases for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, GSMA said.

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Telstra’s ‘One Number’ Lets You Sync Two Devices To One Sim

chrisjager Avatar

One of the chief stumbling blocks of smart watches and fitness trackers is that they need to be constantly tethered to your phone. This is especially annoying with SIM-equipped models like the Huawei Watch. To get the most out of these devices, you either need to purchase a separate data plan or keep swapping your SIM between both devices.

Telstra is looking to fix this problem with its new One Number service. As its name indicates, One Number plans will allow you to use compatible wearables independently from your phone.

Here’s the spiel from Telstra:

Telstra is pleased to announce that Australians will soon be able to make and receive phone calls and check and send text messages from their compatible wearable device without needing their smartphone with them, with the launch today by of embedded SIM card technology. The new technology – called Telstra One Number – connects wearable devices directly to Telstra’s mobile network and extends the owner’s smartphone mobile number to the wearable.

The benefit of this is obvious: it allows users to add two mobile devices to a single subscription and connect directly to a mobile network with their secondary device. This is something that many overseas markets already offer, but Australian telcos have been dragging their feet for whatever reason. With the Apple Watch Series 3 just around the corner, it’s good to see Australia’s largest telco getting on board. We’ll be updating the story with pricing and release date details as soon as we get them.

karazy Avatar

Any word from what Optus will offer?

xenek Avatar

Tried asking the online chat reps, no one has any clue even what e-sim or esim is.

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telstra one number on business plan

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Telstra one number and Apple Watch family set up

My mother in law, who is disabled, recently got an Apple Watch SE for the purpose of being able to answer and make calls when she is away from her mobile and also for voice activation incase she has a fall.

She doesn’t have a smart phone and has no photo ID so I have set up another post paid service on my Telstra account for her and plan to manage the Watch through my iPhone 12. At the time of doing this I was told in the Telstra shop that I would be able to set up the Apple Watch through family set up and assign her new phone number to the watch.

I have tried so many times to make this work and went into a different Telstra shop today for assistance and was told that it won’t work with family set up.

Does anyone know how I can assign Telstra one number to this phone number so I can use it with the Apple Watch?

thanks in advance.

Posted on Jul 3, 2022 10:43 PM

telstra one number on business plan

Set up an Apple Watch for a family member

Posted on Jul 4, 2022 1:14 AM

Similar questions

  • set up for an elder family member isn’t discussed in this article. I want to set up the Apple Watch SE for my 96 yr old mother. Fall detection, calling for help, and being able to use the watch to call me if needed is important! I want the watch to replace her Life Alert (that only works when she’s home), and possibly her flip phone that she can’t remember how to use anymore. I’ve been on the phone with Apple and Verizon tech support for 3 days (6 hours total) and still get an error message when I try to set up cellular (see pics). Waiting for a call back from someone else now (24-48 hrs). 151 1
  • Apple Watch I want to purchase an Apple Watch for my granddaughter. Her parents and I feel she is too young for an iPhone) but I would like her to be able to contact her parents or family when she needs to. I know there is a device called the Gizmo that allows a limited number of preset numbers, however since she will start middle school next year, I have been advised by other parents that the Gizmo is considered "uncool" in MS and she prob won't wear it. I was told that there is an Apple Watch that works independent of a cell phone. If I understand right, it comes with its on number and does not need a phone to pair with Is this true and if so, what watch series is this? 152 4
  • can I port a number to a family member's cell-enabled watch paired using family setup to my iphone? I'm considering getting a cell enabled Apple Watch for my dad, which would be linked with Family Setup to my iPhone (I also have a non-cell enabled series 4 Apple Watch). Wondering if it would work for a watch, say a series 4 or newer, to be his primary call device (vs. an actual phone, which he runs into trouble setting up, managing, adjusting ring volume, etc) since that's basically all he wants from a phone anyway, possibly with the exception of some fitness tracking and an occasional map. Wish it could be linked to his iPad, which he DOES use successfully, but until that's possible, considering the potential pitfalls with linking to my iPhone,. We live across the country from each other, so I won't be around for everyday troubleshooting. 376 3

Loading page content

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Jul 4, 2022 1:14 AM in response to meddy4306

Jul 17, 2022 6:39 PM in response to Community User

Thanks for the replay.

unfortunately my set up doesn’t seem to follow the same process. It doesn’t bring up step 6 “Ask to buy”. It’s just not an option for me.

After it pairs and signs into the family members Apple ID it asks if I want to do location share and then the attached photo is what comes next.

telstra one number on business plan

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You can also share data with other eligible plans on the same account. Eligible services can be found in our customer terms at .  Or additional Data Share SIMs can be purchased for $5/mth per SIM (limit of 5 Data Share SIMs per service). Data is shared between your Plan and any additional Data Share SIMs. Data Share SIMs can’t be used in a mobile handset.

Your Mobile Repayment Option (MRO)

You must purchase an eligible device with this plan, payable over 24 monthly payments. You may receive a monthly discount. You will lose your discount if you cancel early.

Information about pricing

Refer to the Plan Cost table. 

What happens if I cancel my service early?

If you cancel your plan early, you’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge (ETC) and any remaining device and accessory payments.  The maximum ETC at the start of your plan is set out in the above table.

Monthly Allowance

Refer to the above plan table. You can use your Monthly Call Allowance for most types of national direct dial calls, video calls and messages made in Australia to standard Australian numbers, including voice calls to most 11xx, 13xx, and 12xx, calls and SMS to most satellite phones, diversion within Australia to fixed numbers with only an 02, 03, 07 or 08 area code or mobile numbers commencing with only 04xx and any other calls or messages determined by us. Calls to 18xx numbers are free on this Plan.   You can also make free voice and video calls to other eligible plans on the same account in Australia. 

What happens if I go overseas?

Unless you are re-contracting your existing service or have chosen to opt out, your plan is automatically activated with International Roaming. You can de-activate this by calling us on 125 109 from within Australia or +61 439 125 109 outside of Australia free of charge from your Telstra service. 

For more information on International Roaming, visit .

Roaming + SMS + Data

If your plan does not have included Roaming Calls & SMS or Roaming Data then you will have an International Day Pass activated, which for an additional charge per day lets you make and receive unlimited standard voice calls and SMS and includes 200MB data for use each day (AEST) when travelling in Eligible Roaming Countries.

If you use more than your 200MB each day then we will automatically add extra data to your service in blocks of 500MB for $10. If you use your device outside of Eligible Roaming Countries or Choose to opt out of your International Day Pass then the following call rates will apply:

  • Calls/SMS/MMS – visit www.
  • Mobile Data - $3.00 per MB (charged per KB or part)

For more information you can refer to the International Day Pass Critical Information Summary.

Other Information

What do i need to understand about my first bill.

When you start or change your plan part way through a billing period, your first bill will have part month charges.

How can I monitor and manage my usage?

You'll receive SMS alerts when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your Monthly Data allowance. We’ll also send you an alert if Extra Data is added to your service. To check your usage:

  • login to My Account at
  • use My Plan Manager by going to on your mobile’s browser (select the ‘My’ tab to view details)
  • use the Telstra 24x7® App on your iPhone and Android phone (available at )
  • check the mobile data usage meter at

Find out more at

Fair Use Policy

You must comply with our Fair Use Policy and not use your services in an unreasonable or fraudulent manner or in a way that detrimentally interferes with the integrity of the network. We may take action if you breach the Fair Use Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service.

Need help? We're here for you.

Visit  for our support options. Call 13 20 00 or 133 677 (TTY), or +61 439 12 5109 from overseas, to speak to someone about your plan or to obtain a copy of this summary in an alternative /accessible format.

If there’s something you’re not happy with and you wish to make a complaint, visit . We like to make every attempt to resolve any issues but you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058 or visit  if you would like an independent investigation

This is a summary only. The full legal terms for this plan are available at

iPhone is a trade mark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries

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