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Earn Money with Transcription Jobs from Home

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As a transcription freelancer with Rev, you'll have access to a list of customer audio that needs transcribing. You can claim and work on any jobs you choose, subject to meeting Rev's quality requirements for freelancer work. The audio content, pay, and deadline are all listed upfront so you can decide if the transcription job is a good fit for you and your schedule. Rev provides a web-based transcription editor that you use to capture all audible English speech in an audio file. Customers receive an interactive version of the transcript that can be downloaded into other formats, like PDF, .txt, and MS Word.

You must have strong English language skills and be able to accurately transcribe audio. We ask you to take a grammar quiz and submit a transcription sample prior to being approved to transcribe with Rev. We will provide you with guidelines on how to ensure your transcription sample meets the quality standards expected by customers. Transcriptionists do not need demonstrated prior experience or any special qualifications.

You need a desktop or laptop computer and a reliable internet connection. You can claim freelance transcription jobs and complete them all through Rev's online platform.

Rev accepts Transcription and Caption applicants from the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States (excluding California)

It is always free to sign up and transcribe with Rev. We never ask for your payment information.

No. Unfortunately, you must use a desktop or laptop computer to complete and submit a sample transcript using our online transcription editor. If you are approved, you will also need a computer to complete transcription jobs.

Follow the guidelines to ensure you submit an accurate sample transcript. Take as much time as you need. We are unable to accept freelancers who do not meet the quality requirements. Please use US spelling.

Normally within a few days. If you are approved, you can start working immediately.

You'll be paid through PayPal for the work you completed in the prior week. As of now, PayPal is the only available payout option.

Payment is in USD, which can be converted into other currencies through PayPal.

Please refer to this help center article on taxes .

There is no minimum requirement to remain active on Rev's platform. You decide when and how often you transcribe. You can claim transcription jobs at any time of the day. Rev's global customer networks means there is a steady stream of work available to transcribe.

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Work at your convenience and earn $5 to $20 per audio hour. We provide automated transcripts to save you around 60% of the typing effort.

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What is Transcription?

Required skills are listening ability and good comprehension of English

Apply context, identify mistakes and correct the automated transcript

Earn $5 to $20 per audio hour, paid into your verified PayPal account

How much can you earn in a month?

Transcriber guide.

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Earn $5-$20 per audio hour.

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30 Best Online Transcription Jobs From Home

Looking for the best online transcription jobs from home?

Transcription is one of the best ways to work from the comfort of your house. As a transcriptionist, your work will be to convert audio or video files into written text. 

If you are looking for companies that you can use to source online transcription jobs from home, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the transcription field, this article was written for you. Here you will find the best transcription companies and sites that can transform your work-from-home experience. 

But before we get into the best online transcription jobs, let’s review some important aspects of the transcription world. 

How can I become a transcriptionist at home?

To excel in transcription, you might need to undergo some training. There are tricks and skills that you need to learn to produce client-ready work with ease. 

Besides, there are different types of transcription, such as verbatim and non-verbatim, that you need to learn. You have to know when to use them before you start working.

To succeed in transcription, you will need the following:

Most sites will require you to pass a test. With all the above, you are good to get started. 

If you’re not sure whether transcription is a smart choice for you, be sure to  enroll in this FREE mini-course on transcription foundations . It will help you see why transcription is an invaluable skill in today’s digital world and help you get started on the right foot.

free general transcription mini course - Best Online Transcription Jobs From Home

Additional Reading: How to Become a Transcriptionist

How much do online transcribers make?

On average, most transcription projects pay between $14 and $30 per hour-long audio or video. How much you earn per month will depend on how much work you put in. You can make $2000 per month, working for just two or three hours per day.

The pay of a transcriptionist varies significantly, depending on the project and the company you are working for.

You need to understand that online transcription jobs from home pay depending on how long the video or audio is, and not how long you take to finish the audio.

To make the most out of the jobs, you will need to improve your speed and quality simultaneously.  

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Alright, time to have a look at some of the best online transcription jobs from home. 

Looking for easy ways to earn extra cash online? Checkout :

The best online transcription jobs from home

Scribie is one of the most beginner-friendly transcription sites. Most of their gigs pay between $5 and $25 per hour.  The pay is low, but it offers a great way to build your skills as a beginner. 

To get started, sign up on their website and wait for a confirmation email. Successful applicants are scheduled for a transcription test.

Complete the audio test and submit it for review. You will receive payment for the test. Wait for the approval of your account.

You will need a verified PayPal account before you can access available work. 

2. Rev Transcription

Rev Transcription is favorable for both experienced and beginner transcriptionists. Here you will mostly transcribe audios in the business, academic, and human resource fields. 

They pay weekly via PayPal. Most gigs on Rev pay between $8 and $18 per hour. 

Start by signing up on their website. You must pass a test to get approved.  Approval may take two business days. 

3. GoTranscript

GoTranscript does not require you to have prior experience in transcription. This makes it beginner-friendly. 

They have gigs that pay handsomely. Some projects will pay up to $45 per hour. 

They pay weekly via PayPal or Payoneer. 

Start by signing up on their website and wait to take a test. The best thing is, if you fail the test, you can retake it after a few days. 

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4. SpeechPad

SpeechPad hires internationally.  Most of their gigs are interview audios. You should, therefore, be prepared to transcribe a lot of audios involving more than two parties. 

Their sign-up process is quite easy; it will take you less than 5 minutes. However, you must pass several tests before getting approved. These tests include grammar and transcribing tests. 

SpeechPad pays biweekly via PayPal. Generally, they pay anything between $0.25/minute and $1.00/minute depending on the project you are working for. You may also receive bonuses if clients rate you highly. 

5. Accutran Transcription

If you are interested in transcribing anything legal, medical, or financial, AccuTran Global could be your ideal site. They hire transcriptionists from all over the world. 

They pay per word, unlike most other transcription platforms. Beginners working on simple audios earn $0.005 per word, while experienced transcribers working on tough audios earn $0.066 per word. 

Sign up on their website to get started. 

6. CastingWords

CastingWords usually has short audio files awaiting transcription. 

You need to sign up on their page to get started. You may need or may not need to take a test. Once you get approved, you will be able to take as much work as you wish from the work dashboard. 

Casting Words pays $0.085 to over $1 per audio minute. The amount you earn depends on your level and accuracy. They pay weekly via PayPal. 

7. TrancribeMe

TranscribeMe is a beginner-friendly site. They do not require previous experience. You need to sign up and pass a test, which is quite easy. If you fail the test, you can retake it after a few days. 

Audios on TranscribeMe are often less than 10 minutes long. You can earn between $15 and $22 per hour, depending on the project.

They pay weekly via PayPal. You can, however, request a withdrawal once you hit the $10 minimum. 

Additional Reading: 15 Websites Like TranscribeMe

8. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription hires transcriptionists on both experienced and entry levels. If you are just starting, this site could suit you. 

To get started, sign up on their website, and take a test.

You have to work on 4 hours of audio per week. An average beginner GRM transcriptionist earns approximately $300 per month. 

9. TigerFish

TigerFish only hires US citizens or permanent residents. 

They have diverse clients, meaning you will work on various kinds of files. 

You need to have excellent typing speeds and listening skills to work for TigerFish.  

They pay $0.03-$0.04 per line transcribed.

To get approved, you will need to pass a test that entails transcribing a 15 minutes audio file. You need a free version of Express Scribe to take this test. 

10. Speakwrite

Speakwrite hires transcriptionists with more than a year of experience in the field. 

They pay bi-monthly, per word transcribed. Their rate is $0.005-$0.06 per word. Payment is via direct deposits. 

Getting approved on Speakwrite is quite the task. You will need to excel in transcribing audio with more than 60 words per minute. You must pass with over 90% accuracy to get approved. 

Approved transcriptionists select their most convenient work shift. You will be assigned jobs during your work shifts. You need to commit at least 15 hours per month. 

Legit online transcription jobs from home

Don’t forget: 30 Online Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

11. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is among the best-paying sites in the field, despite being beginner-friendly. They pay $0.75-$0.85 per minute of audio.  

Before you work for them, you will receive coaching and training. After your approval, you will need to select a work schedule. Work will be assigned to you during your work shifts. 

12. Quicktate

You do not need experience to work at Quicktate . You just need to pass their approval test.

What you will love most is their flexibility. You work whenever and however much you wish. Their audios are usually less than 5 minutes long. 

Their payment varies depending on the field you are working in. The medical field pays $0.05 per word transcribed. Legal and other areas pay $0.025 per word. They pay via PayPal, weekly. 

13. Appen Global

This is another excellent site for beginners. If you are a multilingual speaker, Appen Global guarantees you more workflow and better pay. 

You must work on 10 hours of audio per week. To get started, sign up on their website. Take a test and await approval. 

14. Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink is a beginner-friendly transcription site that hires from the US only. They have work in a lot of fields. 

Start by sending your application email to [email protected] . They have job requirements published on their website. You need an excellent command of English to pass their test. 

15. Alice Darling Secretarial services

Alice Darling hires experienced transcriptionists only. They employ only when the need arises. If you are experienced, keep checking their site to see if they are hiring.

Despite being reputable, they do not reveal their payment rates publicly. 

Requirements :

16. Babbletype

Babbletype hires English native speakers only.  They pay weekly via PayPal. They do not reveal their payment rates to the public. You will be informed how much you will make per gig before selecting it. 

Besides, Babbletype has translation and editing gigs. Their translation jobs are a combination of transcription and translation.

Their translation gigs involve you listening to audio in language X, making an off-head interpretation, and typing out the text in language Y, which is the target language. 

Translation to and from Spanish and Portuguese pay $1.30 per audio minute. Other languages pay $1.40 per audio minute. 

To get started, sign up on their website and select the category that suits you. 

Ubiqus hires in the US only. You need to have experience in the field you want to work as a transcriptionist. 

If you want to work as a medical transcriptionist, you need 1-5 years experience in the medical field. This is also applicable in the legal field. 

They do not reveal their payment rates publicly. 

At Voxtab , you will be translating a lot of Asian accent files. 

Voxtab pays up to $27 per hour of audio. They pay in a 40-day cycle. For instance, work done on 1st March will be paid for on 10th or 11th April. 

To keep working on the platform, you need to maintain an accuracy rate of over 90%. 

Verbit hires transcriptionists internationally. You can work as a transcriptionist or an editor of already transcribed files. 

Signing up and getting approved on Verbit is pretty straightforward. They pay $0.30 per minute, bi-monthly via PayPal. 

20. Cambridge Transcriptions

At Cambridge Transcriptions , you can expect to transcribe interviews, lectures, conferences, discussions, and webcasts. 

To get hired, you need to have the following:

To get started, send an email with attachments of your cover letter, resume, and justifications of your experience and expertise to [email protected] . From here, you will be notified of the next steps. 

Rigorous application process

More online transcription jobs from home

Additional Reading: 15 Companies & Websites Like Rev To Find Transcription Jobs

21. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf is another beginner-friendly site that hires internationally. They have transcription and captioning gigs. Their gigs are usually short.

To get started, click on ‘Join as individual’ on their site. Fill in the required information and take the test. 

They pay $0.02-$0.03 per minute of audio. 

22. Athreon 

Athreon is limited to North Americans. Here, you should expect to work on files from the medical, legal, business, journalism, and media domains. 

You need to have at least two years experience or have successfully undergone a training program. 

You need to work for five days per week, with at least 500 lines transcribed on each of your working days. 

23. Transcription Hub

You do not need any experience to work on Transcription Hub . You will, however, need to pass an entry-level test to get hired. 

Employees on this platform are categorized into three: Bronze , Silver , and Gold workers. How much you earn depends on the amount of work you take, and your level. Good ratings and accuracy let you upgrade through the levels. 

You will need to approximate how much work you can handle per week before you start working. 

They pay monthly via direct deposit, PayPal, or mailed check. They pay an average of $0.75 per audio minute. 

24. Way With Words

Way With Words is an excellent site that employs from all over the world. It is a gold mine that a lot of people have not discovered yet.

They pay between $33 and $57 per hour of audio. Some occasional projects will earn you way more than this estimation. For the handsome pay, they do not compromise on quality and accuracy. 

You should expect to transcribe from a variety of fields. You need to complete at least one hour-long audio per day. 

They pay per month via direct deposits. Sign up on their page to start your application process. 

25. 3play Media

3Play Media is a transcription company that hires US residents only. You need to have a typing speed of 75 words per minute to get employed. 

Their pay rates range from $10 to $30 per hour, depending on the project you are transcribing. They post the work on their work dashboard. Yours will be to select what you want to work on. 

26. 1-888-type-it-up

1-888-type-it-up is a trusted transcription company that hires internationally.  They have some of the best rates in the market. Most of their audios pay between $30 and $60 per hour.  You should not be surprised if you bump into an audio file offering up to $180 per hour. 

You will have to transcribe a short audio file to get started. The best thing is they are mostly concerned about accuracy. You do not have to be a first typist. 

What keeps a lot of people from this reputable company is the application fee. You need to pay $35 before you get started. With their excellent pay, this money will be back in no time.

Accuro is a UK-based transcription company that hires experienced transcribers. It has a preference for transcribers in the UK. You need to have experience in the medical and legal domain to get employed. 

 Accuro pays monthly via direct deposit. 

28. We Scribe It

We Scribe It hires US residents only. At the moment, they are not hiring. You can, however, keep checking their site to apply when they need new transcriptionists. 

They require their transcriptionists to have a typing speed of at least 55 wpm. 

Start by signing up on their site. Take the short test sent to your email. If you pass the test, they will reach out to complete the process. 

You need one year’s experience to work as a transcriptionist in the medical and legal domains, and six months to work on general files.

Medical transcriptionists earn $0.0075 per word transcribed, while legal transcriptionists make $0.006 per word transcribed. 

29. E Transcription Solutions

E transcription Services hires transcriptionists internationally. 

You need to have a typing speed of 80 wpm to get hired. They have transcription gigs in the medical, legal, financial, and general domains

You must have experience transcribing different voices. To apply, you will need to sign up on their page and send a resume showing your experience in the field. 

You need a foot pedal before getting started. 

30. Cyber Dictate

CyberDictate hires general transcriptionists from the US. 

 You need the following before getting hired:

Which of these online transcription jobs from home will you take on?

Transcription is an online job that offers flexible work schedules. The platforms above will not guarantee you bottomless pockets, but they can help grow your income while working from the comfort of your house.

Select 1 or 2 platforms from the above list, sign up, take the required test, start transcribing once approved, and watch yourself earn decently from the comfort of your house.

So, which of these online transcription jobs from home will you take on? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio and types it into a text format for clients. Some transcription jobs need every single word written out, including “umms” and “uhs,” while others just want the basic words. Examples of audio clips include meetings, conferences, classes, monologues, and more.

The transcription job description is simple, but each client may require different formatting or have other special requests. For example, one client may need the audio typed exactly as spoken, while another client may ask for bullet points.

When working directly with a client, you often get to set your own rates, turnaround times, and other guidelines. You also have the flexibility of a work from home job . If you’re working with an agency that provides jobs, you’ll need to follow their stipulations.

A few years ago now, I tried my hand at transcribing audio to text. At the time, it was a grueling procedure, and I had to rewind the audio constantly. Transcribing one six-minute audio clip easily took more than 30 minutes of my time, and only paid a few bucks.

Today, things are different. Transcription tools have improved, so it’s easier to complete transcription jobs quickly. User-friendly voice-to-text programs allow you to quickly transcribe the majority of an audio file in almost real-time, without manually typing each word one by one.

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Who Can Work In Transcription?

Transcription jobs are great for college students, stay-at-home moms, and even high school students who can listen and type quickly.

Transcribing audio files might be a great opportunity to make money online  full-time or as a side hustle.

You can find your own transcription jobs working directly with clients or for a transcription company. Transcription platforms tend to pay less than working with clients directly, but they may provide consistent work and won’t require you to market your services. If you’re a beginner transcriptionist, it may be easier to build experience by working with an agency.

What You Need to Know About Remote Transcription Jobs

Transcription Jobs Facts Alt

The best thing about transcription jobs is that they’re typically remote, so you can work from home. Remote transcription jobs allow you to transcribe on the side for extra income or potentially build a full-time career while at home or on the go.

There are three types of work from home transcription jobs you can do: generic or entry-level, medical, and legal.

If you’re new to transcribing and need to get experience under your belt, then entry-level jobs are going to be your best option. If you already have experience and are ready to become certified in the medical or legal transcription job field, then those options will allow you to increase your income.

Transcription is like any other industry. As a beginner, it can be difficult to find high-paying transcription jobs from home. As you grow your client base, your income will also increase.

Most companies set a pay rate per “audio hour.” This isn’t the same as clocking in and out and getting paid per hour. Instead, you’re paid based on a set rate for one hour of audio transcribed. When you see a pay rate, make sure you understand if it’s the audio hour or general hourly rate. Transcribing can be a lengthy process, especially for a beginner.

Most companies assign transcription jobs based on short snippets of audio (2- to 10-minute clips). You’ll rarely be required to transcribe a full hour of audio in one sitting if hired to work for these companies.

How to Become a Transcriptionist

Jumping into the field is relatively simple. Most beginner transcriptionists start by taking an online transcription course that teaches them the skills necessary to perform the job. 

Companies, such as  Transcribe Anywhere , offer classes that teach students the basics of general, medical, or legal transcription, as well as how to find new clients.

You can also find transcription jobs online.

1. FlexJobs

transcribe for FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job board that focuses on online, flexible, and work-from-home opportunities. You can find a range of transcribing jobs on the site, including both part-time and full-time positions, and filter opportunities by remote, freelance, flexible, part-time, and full-time options. 

These jobs may be for US-based companies or international firms. In some cases, you may even find opportunities if you’re fluent in another language. A downside to using FlexJobs is that the site requires a paid membership, ranging from $14.95 for a one-month membership to $49.95 for a one-year subscription. You can join for one week for $6.95 to see if you find any jobs that fit your needs and experience. 

Related: FlexJobs Review: Is a Membership Worth Your Money?


Fiverr is a job platform that allows you to list almost any type of professional service you can think of. Though many think Fiverr is only for beginners, it’s also for seasoned transcriptionists.

You set your rate on Fiverr. Someone can reach out to negotiate, but you can always decline. Research other reputable transcriptionists and use their pay structure as a guide. Remember, competition and quality are key when choosing a rate for your services. You can use Fiverr as a way to find new clients and deactivate the account once you have a steady stream of reliable clients. 

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3. Allegis Transcription

transcribe for Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription focuses on transcribing files for the insurance and legal industries. The jobs are for independent contractors, which means you’re not a full- or part-time employee. Some reports from former employees said that the rates were low, so this job may only work if you’re a beginner. You can apply for a position here, get some experience under your belt, and then look for higher-paying gigs after a few months.

You’ll need to be based in the US and meet their technology requirements .

transcribe for Scribie

Scribie is one of the lowest-paying online transcription jobs for beginners I’ve found, but they do have some perks for those who are looking to break into a transcription career.

When you first apply and get accepted to Scribie, you’ll be on the bottom of the totem pole. This beginner position requires you to transcribe raw, short audio files with stringent formatting rules.

If you’re able to complete a set number of transcription jobs (usually 10), you may then be promoted to a reviewer position. If you review the next set of files correctly, you can be promoted to a self-reviewer role, then to a proofreader, and then to QC (quality control).

Each promotion is based on performance, and comes with either a pay increase or a different perk, like tasks that require less time to complete. You can also earn a 2.5% referral fee for every person who signs up to work for Scribie or be a Scribie customer.

Reaching each promotion level takes time and attention to detail, but once you’ve achieved the two highest levels, your income potential increases significantly, and that will generally help you make money faster .

5. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe Homepage

TranscribeMe is another transcription company that’s easy for beginners but pays a fairly low rate.

The company has a steady amount of work available, and you can choose audio clips to transcribe on your own schedule. TranscribeMe splits long audio files into 2- to 4-minute clips for easier processing. This may be good if you have kids at home or are doing this on top of a full-time job.

Like Scribie, TranscribeMe mentions the opportunity for position advancement, but there aren’t any specifics on pay increases.

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6. GoTranscript

transcribe for GoTranscript

GoTranscript boasts a “steady stream of projects” with new submissions every day. Unfortunately, the payment rate breakdown isn’t available, which makes the “up to $36 per audio hour” a little vague.

The current average earnings per month is $150 with a top-earning rate of $1,215 in one month. The average could be heavily weighted by a large number of transcribers doing this work on a very part-time basis.

Rev Homepage

Rev is one of the more advanced transcription companies, and you might not get approved after your first time applying. Because Rev pays better rates, it requires high-quality submissions. If you don’t pass the entry exam the first time, you can try again. In the meantime, improve your transcription skills by working with a lower-paying company like Scribie.

You can also find work adding captions to videos, which pays slightly better than transcribing.

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8. Audio Transcription Center

Audio Transcription Service Homepage

Based in Boston, Audio Transcription Center offers both full-time, in-house positions and independent contract work. Its transcription work includes historic archival footage, tech webinars, quarterly reports, and more. Audio Transcription Center doesn’t offer medical transcription work. You need to be able to do basic research to verify names and spellings, especially for historic documents.

One of the main complaints was that there wasn’t enough work for the contractors, so it’s best to use this site with other services.

9. Net Transcripts, Inc.

Net Transcripts, Inc. focuses on law enforcement transcription jobs, including wire tap conversations, interrogations, 911 dispatch calls, and more. The site works as an aggregator where police departments, prosecutors, and others can list jobs. The requirements for these vary but may require previous experience, English fluency, and grammatical skills.

You need to fill out an application to be contacted by a recruiter.  

Where to Find Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

If you’ve had previous transcription experience and are ready to advance in your career, medical transcription jobs you can do from home could be a good fit.

Working in medical transcription requires knowledge of medical terminology. Without experience in this area, transcribing files with medical terms could be difficult even for the best typists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , certification isn’t always required to work in medical transcription jobs, but it’s usually preferred. Previous time spent in the medical profession is also highly preferred in this field because it helps with translating medical terminology spoken in the audio files.

As of 2019, the median pay for medical transcriptionists was $33,380 annually (or $16.04 per hour). Rates vary based on client budget and previous experience.

3 places that list medical transcription jobs from home:

Where to Find Legal Transcription Jobs From Home

Legal transcription jobs require more knowledge than most other transcription jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , legal transcriptionists are required to have a certification or a state license to work in this field.

Perhaps more commonly known as court reporters, legal transcriptionists type what takes place during live court proceedings. Legal transcription jobs from home are available to certified, professional transcriptionists who tune into court proceedings via live broadcasting.

As of 2019, the BLS said the median pay for legal transcriptionists is $60,130 annually (or $28.91 per hour).

3 places that list legal transcription jobs from home:

Sign Up with Multiple Transcription Companies

When you’re just getting started in transcription, your best option may be to sign up for each company listed above. Create a spreadsheet or document and order the companies that hire you from highest to lowest-paying. Every few days, check for new remote transcription jobs on those sites and aim to increase your hourly rate.

Having a good standing with multiple transcription companies can help you keep your schedule full of jobs. 

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Transcription Jobs From Home

Enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Join a global community of transcribers from United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Kenya, Philippines, and many more.


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Hear From Our Transcribers

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online work from home transcription jobs

Why Should You Join Us?

Custom-made tool

Custom-made tool

Our transcription software is powered by the web. Our keyboard shortcuts will allow you to proofread even quicker.

Global community

Global community

Need advice from other transcribers? Having problems with the platform? We have created a fantastic online community to answer questions, help when you need it and, of course, share some fun.

online work from home transcription jobs

How to work from home as a freelance transcriber?

1. sign up ..

Fill the details and select the language of your choice.

2. Skill Check.

For us to assess your transcription skills, you will have to proofread the transcript of a sample file. The transcription guidelines are your friend! Make sure to follow them. You will be allowed to check them during the test.

3. We review your application.

If you are a good fit, we will reach out by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job about.

As a self-employed collaborator of Happy Scribe, you will have the possibility to access a wide range of audio files uploaded by our customers. You can preview and choose to work on the jobs that suit you best. Once you start working, your job will be to listen carefully to the audio and proofread the transcription generated by our AI. If you are working with a subtitle file, you will also synchronise the subtitles with the audio and improve the subtitle breaks for optimal readability.

What is the process to become a transcriber?

The process to become a transcriber and subtitler at Happy Scribe starts by taking an assessment test to evaluate if you have the necessary skills to become a collaborator. Learn more about the process here . You can start your application here .

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes! This is a 100% remote, freelance position. All you need is your laptop, a good internet connection and quiet space to work. Learn more about the requirements to become a collaborator here .

Where do your transcribers come from?

Our transcribers and subtitlers come from every part of the world: United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Kenya, Philippines, and many more. We love our international Scribe Community!

How much will I get paid on average?

A typical transcriber earns around 450 € per month, whereas our most active transcribers earn up to 3,000 € per month. This depends on the language you choose to transcribe, the availability of jobs and how much time you can dedicate to Happy Scribe. Learn more about payments here .

online work from home transcription jobs

Dream Home Based Work

Home » Latest from the Blog » Uncategorized » 7 Remote Online Typing Jobs at Home: Data Entry, Transcription, & More!

7 Remote Online Typing Jobs at Home: Data Entry, Transcription, & More!

If you've been scouring the internet for legitimate data entry or online typing jobs that can be done from home but are unsure which ones are trustworthy, then you've come to the right place. Today, I'll be sharing with you some excellent online typing and data entry jobs. We have diligently researched these companies and the best part is that none of them charge fees. So, without further ado, let's dive right in and explore which companies are seeking remote typists.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Take a Typing Test

First and foremost, I want to introduce you to a valuable free resource – . This website allows you to assess your typing speed and also provides typing exercises to help improve your skills. Personally, I enjoy using this site whenever I find myself feeling bored and in need of a productive activity. It's as simple as typing out the provided passage to determine your current typing speed. When it comes to data entry, typing, and transcription jobs, having a decent typing speed is crucial. Therefore, I highly recommend aiming for a typing speed of at least 50 to 70 words per minute or more to maximize your earning potential.

Having a typing speed of over 70 words per minute greatly increases your chances of landing a data entry or transcription job that can be done from home. Let me wrap up this test and share my results with you. Admittedly, I'm a bit rusty in terms of typing, but let's see how I did. According to, my typing speed is 48 words per minute with 94% accuracy. It's worth noting that accuracy is also taken into account. Therefore, I highly recommend visiting to practice and refine your typing skills.

Data Entry & Transcription Jobs for 2023

1. episource.

One of the online typing jobs I'd like to recommend is with Episource . This company is a leading provider of software and solutions for health plans and medical groups. As a data entry associate, you'll be responsible for entering healthcare diagnosis data to improve the accuracy of claim submissions that are sent to healthcare organizations. Before entering the data into their database, it's essential to carefully review the information to ensure its accuracy. This is a full-time position paying $17 to $18 per hour and only requires a high school diploma and at least one year of data entry experience. If you meet these requirements, don't hesitate to apply.

2. AccuTran Global

Let me introduce you to AccuTran Global , a Canadian company that provides work-at-home typing jobs or data entry jobs in transcription across the U.S, the UK, and Canada. To be considered for this opportunity, you must possess a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute. The pay rate for this position ranges from four cents to 55 per word or 40 cents per audio minute.

Another online typing job worth checking out is Scribie . This company hires freelance independent contractors for data entry and transcription work. Your responsibilities will include typing tasks such as transcribing audio from interviews, lectures, conference calls, YouTube videos, podcasts, and dictations. Scribby pays anywhere from five to twenty dollars per audio hour, and you'll need a verified PayPal account to receive payment. Good English skills are also a must-have for this job. In terms of equipment, you'll need a reliable laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection, as well as a pair of headphones or a headset to complete the work. Be sure to check out Scribie for legitimate online typing jobs.

4. SigTrack

Another company offering work-from-home data entry jobs is SigTrack . This US-based company hires freelance data entry agents to work remotely, with the requirement of having a Windows or Mac computer and a high-speed internet connection, as well as an additional monitor. Before being hired, Sick Track conducts a Skype interview and asks for a three to five-second video of your driver's license to verify your US residency. It's important to note that they don't hire in California or Massachusetts, and you'll need a PayPal account to receive payments.

5. Quicktate 

Check out Quicktate ! This company offers transcription work to independent contractors. The job involves transcribing a variety of audio files, such as voicemails, memos, letters, legal and medical files, phone calls, and conference calls. Quick Tape deals with files in different languages, including English, French, and Spanish, so knowledge of an additional language is an advantage. Applicants must pass a background check and sign a HIPAA agreement.

6. GoTranscript 

If you're interested in online transcription work, GoTranscript might be worth checking out. This company hires remote transcribers from around the world to listen to audio and video files and transcribe the content. They're actively seeking new talent and offer competitive pay rates, depending on your skill level. You could earn up to 60 cents per audio or video minute. The average earnings for a transcriber are around $150 per month, while the top earners can make up to $1,200 per month. Go Transcript offers weekly pay and the flexibility to choose your own schedule and projects. You'll also have access to great support from their team. The company accepts applications from people who are fluent in different languages, and you can find answers to frequently asked questions on their official website. To learn more about this opportunity and apply, visit their careers page directly.

7. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a reliable website that posts weekly data entry jobs. You can find a variety of remote data entry jobs on this website, which is great since the companies I mentioned earlier are highly competitive in their hiring process. However, the downside is that FlexJobs requires a subscription fee. It costs around $15 per month, but if you choose to pay for a year upfront, the monthly fee drops to around $4. In my opinion , this website is valuable since they do the hard work for you by searching for the latest active work-from-home job postings for data entry. They ensure that you have the best chance of securing the job by providing you with current job openings. I strongly suggest that you take a look at FlexJobs since they offer webinars to assist you with your resume and interview preparation, making the monthly fee worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

If you're a beginner looking for more ways to earn money from home, be sure to check out my guide “ 20 Beginner-Friendly Ways to Make Money Online with 150 Companies .” I've done all the research for you, compiling a list of over 150 companies you can sign up with and apply to. In the guide, you'll also learn how to avoid scams and spot legitimate companies, including helpful sites to check. Whether you're a teen, stay-at-home mom, or retired and looking to transition to remote work, there's plenty of valuable information in this guide. Be sure to grab your copy today.

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