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Students: Assignments:Submit

1. submit:  turn assignments into an assignment folder (dropbox).

Submit files to an Assignment folder (dropbox) to be evaluated.

Note: You will not be able to submit if using special characters in the name of the file you are attempting to upload. For the best chance at success use only letters, numbers and spaces.The specific list of characters that D2L will reject is: < > : " / \ | ? *​

Note: You must click the Submit button to successfully submit the files. Frequently students go through all the steps and close the browser before clicking the Submit button.

Image of navbar with assignments circled

  • Click the name of the assignment to which you want to submit a file.
  • Click the Add a File button.
  • Either click on the Upload button to navigate to the file on your computer or drag and drop the file into the target area.
  • Once the file has been added, click the Add button.
  • You can add additional files be repeating steps 3 - 4 above.
  • Click Submit .
  • A confirmation window appears, verifying that you have successfully submitted the file(s) and confirming that an email receipt has been sent.
  • Click Done.
  • Verify that the file was submitted by returning to Assignments and make sure that it does not say Not Submitted/Not Complete under the Completion Status column. If it says so, it means that you did not submit your file(s).

2. Submit:  Create audio files in assignment folder

Create an audio file to submit to an Assignment folder.

  • Click the name of the assignment to which you want to create and submit an audio file.

Assignment Audio button

  • If you get a pop up asking to allow to access your microphone, select Allow .

Recording screen with the New Recording button circled

  • Click Add .
  • Enter a description.
  • Click Submit.

3. Submit:  Create video files in assignment folder

Create a video file to submit to an Assignment folder.

Assignment video

  • Click the name of the assignment to which you want to create and submit a video file.
  • Click the Record Video  button.
  • If you get a pop up asking to give flash access to your camera and microphone, select Allow and Remember.

image of recording window with New Recording button circled

  • Click the Add button .
  • Add a title and description and click the Add button.

4. View:  View feedback on submitted assignments

After turned in assignments have been graded, view feedback from the instructor.

  • Click on Assignments in the navbar.

Screenshot of Assignments page with feedback link circled.

  • The score and any feedback the instructor gave is listed in the Feedback section of the page.
  • Click Done to exit the Feedback page.

5. Tips and Troubleshooting: Submitting assignments

Having trouble uploading Assignments?

  General Issues

  • Do you have any special characters such as \ / : * ? " < > | ~ # % & + { } in the file name? D2L does not accept those characters and will prevent the file from uploading. Try renaming the file.
  • How long is the file name? We recommend that you keep the file name under 45 characters.
  • Are there any leading or trailing spaces in the file name? Delete any leading or trailing spaces.
  • Are there one or two periods before the file extension (for example ..doc)? There should be only one.
  • Does the file have a valid file extension (such as .doc, .docx, .pdf)? 
  • Word documents often save two files, one is the document file: assignment.docx and the other is a temporary file: ~$assignment.docx. Ensure you are uploading the actual document and not the temporary file, as the temporary file will not open and contains no data.

Screenshot of Assignments page with feedback link circled.

  File size

  • The maximum file size which can be uploaded in D2L is 1GB per file. Audio, video, and media rich PowerPoint presentations can result in large files.
  • File size can be reduced if there are images in the file by reducing the resolution or size of the images.
  • If there are many pages in the file, split the document into two files, Part A pages 1-10, and Part B pages 11 - 21.

  Internet Connection

  • Files are uploaded in D2L in 10MB chunks and times out if a 10MB chunk takes longer than 2 minutes to upload. It may appear that your file is continuing to upload after the two minutes, however it is not.
  • Your upload speed is dependent on your internet connection.
  • We recommend uploading from a wired connection rather than wireless whenever possible.

Note: When submitting an assignment in D2L, it is imperative to allow enough time for the file to upload. If your file does not finish uploading before the end date deadline for the assignment, your file will not be submitted. Do not wait until the last minute to upload your file.

  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.
  • If your browser is being unresponsive, you may need to clear your cache. Browser specific steps are detailed here: .
  • Switch to a different browser.

If you have tried these things and continue to experience problems, contact the D2L team .

6. View:  View Turnitin Originality score and sources

How to view Turnitin Originality score and sources.

Screenshot of Assignments page with submission link circled.

  • The Turnitin Similarity score is listed in the Turnitin Similarity column on the page.

Screenshot of Assignments page with arrow to originality score.

7. Add: Code Snippets

You can add snippets of code to a text submission.

insert other options icon

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How do I submit an assignment?

Brightspace allows students to submit assignments to their instructor online. The assignment will then be graded by the instructor. The instructor may also provide feedback which you will be able to view.

  • Submit/Upload an assignment

Assignment due date vs. end date

If you are having difficulty uploading an assignment file, visit this guide: My Assignment file isn’t Uploading Properly .

Updated September 2021 Printable version

Submit/Upload an assignment 

submitting assignments in d2l

Your assignment may have three dates associated with it:

The start date is when the assignment is open for submissions. You might be able to view the instructions before this, but you will not be able to submit anything until the start date.

The due date is when the assignment is due. You must submit your assignment by this time in order for it to be accepted as “ on time .”

The end date is when the assignment is no longer open for submissions. If the end date is later than the due date, that means the instructor will accept late submissions. Remember that if you submit your assignment after the due date, but before the end date, it will be marked as late .


Creating an Assignment Submission Folder

​ Overview Before students can upload an assignment, the instructor must create an Assignment Submission folder to hold it.  

From your course homepage, click on  Assignments  under the  Assessments  menu.

assignment menu

Select  New Assignment .  The new folder properties screen will open.

Fill in the following information in the assignment creation window:

1. In the  Name  field, enter a title for your submission folder.

assignment folder overview

2. Select the Score Out Of box to select from Ungraded to Choose from Grades. A popup will appear. 

assignment folder step4

3. Type in any instructions that you have for the folder in the Instructions text box.

4. Click the Add Attachment button to attach a document or file. You may also choose to Record Audio up to 1 minute long or Record Video up to 3 minutes long.

5. Select Availability Dates and Conditions. The pane will open allowing selection of: 

  • Start Date and End Date.  
  • Add Release Conditions . 
  • Manage Special Access (selecting this option will open in a new tab)

assignment folder step5

6. Select Submission & Completion . The pane will open allowing selection of Assignment Type . Choose whether this is an  Individual or Group Assignment .  Note: This setting cannot be changed after students submit to the assignment. Select the Submission type for the Assignment. There are 4 submission types:

  • File submission  - Students will upload a file to the assignment folder.
  • Text submission  - Students complete their submission within a text box.
  • On paper submission  - Students submit a paper copy of the assignment. They do not need to submit anything to the assignment folder on D2L Brightspace.
  • Observed in person  - Students complete a presentation or demonstrate tasks in person. They do not need to submit anything to the assignment folder on D2L Brightspace.

Define how many files can be included per submission and how many submissions students are allowed.

assignment folder subbmissions

7. Select Evaluation & Feedback .  The pane will open allowing selection of:

  • Rubrics, Learning Objectives, use of Annotation Tools.
  • Turnitin Integration.

assignment folder eval

Selecting 1. Rubrics dropdown carat opens a popup to Create New or Add Existing rubric. Note: Selecting Create New will open the create a new Rubrics screen.

assignment folder rubric

Decide whether you want to have  Anonymous Marking , which will anonymize student names while you grade to prevent bias. Annotations Tool  is selected by default.

Selecting 2. Turnitin Integration opens a new popup window to allow Turnitin settings selection.

assignment folder step turnitin

Student Resources

  • Assignments on D2L

Navigating Assignments on D2L

Quick start guide:.

Students use the Assignment tool to upload and submit assignments to assignments in D2L Brightspace to provide their work to their instructor.
  •  From the course navigation bar, click Assessment and then click Assignments.
  • Underneath the assignment title, there may be date restrictions – open or close dates and times show the availability for that assignment.
  • Completion Status – Displays your attempts on an assignment as well as any files you have submitted with that attempt. Click here to view the materials you submitted as a part of that assignment attempt.
  • Score – The score you earned on your assignment.
  • Evaluation Status – Feedback from your instructor on your assignment attempt.
  • Due Date – A due date is the deadline of an assignment in your course. This date is specific to the assignment only. After the due date has past, you may be able to submit an assignment, but it will always be marked as late.

You cannot access an assignment before the open date or after the close date.

For additional assistance, please see the complete user guide:, navigating assignments user guide:, click here to access: navigating assignments on d2l (learners), additional d2l help guides:.

  • Accessing D2L
  • Logging Into D2L
  • Viewing Courses in D2L
  • Accessing and Navigating Course Content in D2L
  • Discussions on D2L
  • Quizzes on D2L
  • Viewing Grades in D2L
  • The Brightspace Pulse App 
  • Managing D2L Notifications
  • The Class Progress Tab
  • Using the D2L Calendar Tool 
  • Taking D2L Surveys
  • Switching Between School Tabs in D2L
  • Using the HTML Editor in D2L

Video Tutorial:

Navigating assignments, submitting assignments on d2l.

  • From the course navigation bar, click Assessment and then click From there, select the assignment you want to submit. The Submit Assignment page will show you any instructions or rubrics for your review.
  • Type your response in the text box that appears on the screen. Click Submit on the bottom of the page to turn in your response, once you have finished.
  • On the Review Assignment Submission page, you will receive confirmation on your assignment submission. You can then click Done . You will also receive email confirmation that you have submitted the assignment.
  • Please see the complete user guide for all the details on submitting files in D2L!
  • These types of assignments are completed on paper or in person, and require no upload on D2L

Submitting Assignments User Guide:

Click here to access: submitting assignments on d2l (learners), are your instructors having trouble viewing your assignment, and you using a mac.

What is likely happening is that you are submitting Pages documents instead of Word documents to D2L. Instructors cannot typically open .pages files, resulting in that error. Please use the link below for instructions on converting Pages documents to Word documents.

Viewing Assignment Feedback on D2L

Viewing assignment feedback user guide:, click here to access: viewing assignment feedback on d2l (learners).

  • From the course navigation bar, click Assessment and then click Assignments.
  • Once you have located your desired assignment, click Unread in the Evaluation Status column.
  • If your instructor added an annotated feedback file to the assignment, click View Inline Feedback. The annotation feedback file opens in a new tab, displaying annotated feedback on a PDF file that may include highlighting, free hand drawing or shapes, text comments, and pop-up notes. To download the annotated assignment as a PDF, click Download .
  • If there are any feedback files, click Download All Files to download feedback attachments.
  • When you are finished viewing the annotated feedback, navigate back to the View Feedback page and click Done .

Assignment Feedback

Still have questions need additional help, inver hills – enter a help desk ticket, dctc – enter a help desk ticket.

Submitting a paper

  • Log in as a Brightspace student.

Select the course that you'd like to submit to.

submitting assignments in d2l

From the list of assignments, select the assignment you'd like to submit to.

submitting assignments in d2l

  • Select the file from its location on your computer, locker, group locker or ePortfolio.
  • Once the file has uploaded, select the Add button .

If you are submitting on behalf of a group, your submission will appear for all of the members of this group. Any feedback on this submission will also be visible to group members.

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submitting assignments in d2l

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1. Submitting a Panopto Video Assignment

The Assignments tab in a D2L Course. The toolbar option "Assignments" is highlighted by a red box, as is a Panopto video assignment in the list.

How to Upload Video Files Using the Create Button

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture

How to Record with Panopto for Windows

How to Record with Panopto for Mac

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Submitting Assignments in D2L

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