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5 Companies Owned by Boeing (BA)

Aerospace and defense, space and communications, and aviation parts and services

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Boeing Co. ( BA ) is an aerospace and defense technology company that develops and manufactures commercial jets, military aircraft, weapons systems, and strategic defense and intelligence systems. It also provides support services to customers as well as financing for orders and deliveries. Boeing operates four separate business segments: Commercial Airplanes; Defense, Space & Security; Global Services; and Boeing Capital. The company posted a net loss of $11.9 billion on revenue of $58.2 billion in fiscal year ( FY ) 2020, which ended Dec. 31, 2020. Its market cap was $129.5 billion as of Sept. 30, 2021.

Boeing was founded in 1916 as Pacific Aero Products Co. In April of the next year, founder William Boeing changed the company's name to Boeing Airplane Co. Boeing has grown into one of the leading aerospace companies in the world, its main rival being Europe-based Airbus SE ( AIR ). Throughout its history, the company has dramatically increased its size through acquisitions. Boeing's takeover targets often have been rivals who fell on hard times or were experiencing slowing growth in key parts of their business.

Boeing has done many of its most important acquisitions to bolster its core aerospace and defense businesses, whose revenue streams tend to be less cyclical because they are primarily generated through government contracts. But Boeing has acquired other companies to strengthen its ability to supply parts and services to its commercial and military customers. Below, we look at five of these acquisitions in more detail.

McDonnell Douglas Corp.

McDonnell Douglas was formed in April 1967 out of the merger between McDonnell Aircraft Corp. and The Douglas Co. By the time the company was acquired thirty years later by Boeing, its principal activities were the research, development, and manufacturing of aerospace, commercial and military avionics, and defense electronics products. However, McDonnell Douglas' strength in the commercial aircraft market had been waning by that time, which was one of the reasons the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) found nothing anticompetitive about the acquisition and approved it. The deal combined the largest commercial-jet manufacturer in the world with a significant player in the military-aircraft industry. The combined companies accounted for 60% of the global market for large commercial jetliners at the time, helping Boeing increase capacity in order to stay competitive with rival Airbus. However, the acquisition also led to a change in culture at Boeing, a change that many regarded as being more focused on short-term financial gain than on continuing to maintain and strengthen the company's engineering excellence.

Rockwell International Corp. (Aerospace and Defense Segments)

Rockwell International has its origins in the 1967 merger between North American Aviation and Rockwell-Standard Corp. The two companies combined to form North American Rockwell Corp. In 1973, North American Rockwell became Rockwell International. Nearly a quarter century later in December 1996, Boeing acquired Rockwell's aerospace and defense units, forming a subsidiary that was renamed Boeing North American. Rockwell at the time was divesting assets in an attempt to refocus its business on faster-growing businesses such as manufacturing automation, semiconductors, and automotive. The two segments acquired by Boeing made missiles, sensors, space shuttles, aeroplane parts, weapons, and space systems. The acquisition was expected to significantly boost Boeing's defense and aerospace businesses, especially space systems and information/battle management systems.

Hughes Electronics Corp. (Space and Communications Businesses)

Hughes Electronics was formed in 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors Corp. ( GM ) named GM Hughes Electronics. The company was a provider of telecommunication services and a leading satellite manufacturer. It was renamed Hughes Electronics Corp. in 1995. Five years later in 2000, Boeing acquired Hughes' space and communications businesses from GM. Analysts expected the Boeing takeover to help Hughes amid a slowdown in the satellite manufacturing business, where profit margins were relatively low. Boeing integrated the units into a new business segment called Boeing Satellite Systems. The acquisition transformed Boeing into the world's largest producer of commercial communications satellites. The deal also increased Boeing's space-related revenues and enhanced the company's growth prospects in information and communications products and services. These businesses were identified as key areas of growth over the next decade.

Aviall Inc.

Aviall had its origins in the early 1930s when three aircraft service and parts supply organizations merged into one company. That was the first of a number of mergers that ultimately led to the creation of Aviall. By the time Aviall was acquired by Boeing in 2006, it had become the world's largest independent provider of new aviation parts and related aftermarket services. It was a supplier of a range of aviation batteries, hoses, wheels and brakes, and paint services. Aviall, which was Boeing's largest acquisition since the late 1990s, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing. The newly acquired company would report to Boeing's Commercial Aviation Services segment in support of the company's strategy to offer a broad range of value-added products and services to commercial and military customers.

KLX became an independent, publicly traded company as a result of B/E Aerospace Inc.'s spinoff of its consumables management segment in 2014. It was acquired four years later by Boeing and had, by that time, evolved into a major independent provider of new aviation parts and aftermarket services with approximately 2,000 employees and customer service centers in more than 15 countries. KLX was marketing and distributing products to approximately 2,400 manufacturers at the time. The acquisition, which then was Boeing's biggest in nearly 20 years, strengthened Boeing's position within the $2.8 trillion aerospace services market. The KLX deal had two advantages. It enabled Boeing to offer larger discounts to airlines. The deal also offered Boeing the prospect of higher profits due to the relatively higher margins associated with the aircraft services business.

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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

AIOU BA English Assignment 2022

Buenos Aires goes way deeper than the tired "Paris of South America'' cliche. Sure, it's got lively cafés spilling onto the sidewalk, a wealth of Belle Epoque architecture, and grand leafy avenues leading to flowering urban parks. But Buenos Aires wouldn't be the dynamic capital city it is without the native Argentines and immigrant Portenos who call it home and make it distinctly Buenos Aires. Local passions run deep, whether it's for asado , tango, literature, art, or fashion. Paris could never.

Argentina Standard Time

Best Time to Go

Buenos Aires is a lively metropolis, and there's something to see and do all year round. Futbol (soccer) season runs from January until May and August until mid-December. Argentina's La Triple Corona , triple crown, runs from September until the end of the year. Travel might be tricky during Semana Santa, the Holy Week of Easter, when Argentina all but shuts down while residents travel to visit family and attend religious services. The city hosts an international tango festival in mid-August.

Things to Know

Currency: Argentine Pesos

(Check the current exchange rate )

Language: Spanish

I don't speak Spanish: No hablo Espanol/Castellano . (Argentines call their Spanish Castellano to specify its regional roots in Castilla, Spain.)

I'm lost: Estoy perdido .

I would like…: Me gustaria ...

Calling Code: +54 (Argentina) 11 (Buenos Aires)

How to Get Around

Buenos Aires has a dependable metro/subway called Subte . Six lines connect commercial, tourist, and residential areas in the city. Trains run every three to 10 minutes depending on the line. To travel by bus or subte in Buenos Aires, you'll need to get a rechargeable SUBE travel card . Buenos Aires has 40,000 licensed taxis and Uber access. The city is also walkable, though construction and dog droppings can make some streets difficult to pass. Want to go by bike? Buenos Aires has a free bike-share.

Best Hotels

Four seasons hotel buenos aires.

Address: Posadas 1086/88, Buenos Aires 1011 ABB Argentina Phone: +54 11 4321-1200 Website

The Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires does the chain proud. The luxury hotel is housed in a Belle Epoque mansion and connected by immaculate gardens and two swimming pools. Sophisticated suites can feature stand alone soaking bathtubs and glass chandeliers. The real action is down at the polo-inspired Pony Line bar. Oh, and Madonna stays here.

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

Address: Calle Martha Salotti 445, Buenos Aires 1107BDA Argentina Phone: +54 11 4010-9070 Website

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires (or The Faena, as the locals call it) is the most distinct hotel in Buenos Aires. Designed by Phillipe Starck of the Delano in South Beach and The Mondrian in Los Angeles, the Faena is eye-catching on every level. Expect arabescato bathrooms and hand embroidered throws in rooms punched up with red details. The chic urban-style pool is styled with sculpture art in the water. Downstairs, El Cabaret presents a sultry tango show in the red velvet bar.

Alvear Palace Hotel

Address: Av. Alvear 1891, Buenos Aires 1129AAA Argentina Phone: + 54 11 4808-2100 Website

Old-school luxury that has charmed Presidents, Hollywood celebrities, and rock stars since the hotel opened in 1932 has been updated for the tastes of this century. Expect Hermès bath products, Louis XV furniture, and Buenos Aires' best views from the rooftop bar. Don't miss afternoon tea at L'Orangerie with monogrammed teacups and all the edible trimmings.

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Address: 1661 Alvear Avenue, Buenos Aires C1014AAD Argentina Phone: +54 11 5171-1234 Website

Built by an English Argentine railway executive, this Tudor Revival mansion dates to the late 1800s and underwent a $74 million renovation when Hyatt bought the building. Thank the Duhau family for the additional Neoclassical building modeled after Le Château du Marais. Today, the property is the definition of luxury with travertine marble bathrooms, crystal chandeliers, and Belle Epoque gardens.

Home Hotel Buenos Aires

Address: Calle Honduras 5860 Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires C1414BNJ Argentina Phone: + 54 11 4779-1006 Website

Ever imagined what it would be like to live like one of Argentina's coolest artists? Book a room at Palermo's biggest boutique hotel: the Home Hotel. Formerly a private mansion, today the upgraded style includes Scandinavian design, vintage French wallpaper, and Saarinen furnishings. The solar-power heated swimming pool is one of the city's best outdoor spaces. Home writes an in-house city guide for guests.

Best Restaurants

Sarkis (armenian).

Address: Thames 1101, Buenos Aires 1414, Argentina Phone: +54 11 4772-4911 Website

Sarkis is a family-style Middle Eastern restaurant that's just the place to start a night out. Small plates of succulent lamb, marinated eggplant, and flaky nut pastries arrive willy-nilly, but it's part of the charm. The wandering belly dancers and coffee ground readers are a good distraction between courses. Real Armenian coffee will keep you awake until the discotheque closes. Reservations accepted one week in advance. Indoor and outdoor sidewalk dining.

Casa Cavia La Cocina (Argentine fusion)

Address: Calle Cavia 2985, Buenos Aires C1425DDA Argentina Phone: +54 11 4809-8600 Website

La Cocina is inside of Casa Cavia, a high end retail/restaurant concept in Palermo, and one of the hardest reservations to book in Buenos Aires. In keeping with the creative vibes, La Cocina has an incredibly diverse and artistic seasonal food and cocktail menu. The interior alone is reason enough to visit. Inspired by 1920s cafes, it features white marble, brass, and antique mirrors— while still staying fresh and airy. If you can't get into dinner, a breakfast of dulce de leche baked goods is almost as good. Dinner reservations recommended. Indoor and garden seating.

La Cabrera (Steakhouse, parilla)

Address: Cabrero 5099, Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina Phone: +54 11 4832-5754 Website

There are lots of reasons Travel + Leisure named La Cabrera one of the best steakhouses in the world. The steak is just one of them. The asador (grill man) working a firebox filled with red-hot embers and racks of cow are another. Located in Palermo and overflowing with atmosphere, La Cabrera serves huge slabs of seasoned meat that are seared and cooked to perfection. Don't skip the sweetbreads. The exact same menu is served down the block at La Cabrera Norte, a location built just to handle the overflow. Dinner reservations are accepted, but not always honored. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

El Banco Rojo (Fast food, empanadas)

Address: Calle Gral Simon Bolivar 866, Buenos Aires C1066AAR Argentina Phone: +54 11 4040-2411 Website

Don't leave Buenos Aires without sampling an array of empanadas. Though the hand-held street food is everywhere, finding empanadas with good dough texture and perfectly seasoned fillings can be a challenge. El Banco Rojo delivers both, with flavors like blood sausage, pancetta, and asparagus. Pair yours with a bottle of Rubia craft beer. This is a hip counter service casual spot with picnic table and stool seating. Reservations not accepted. Indoor and covered outdoor seating available.

Presidente Bar (Bar, sushi)

Address: Avda Presidente Quintana 188, Recoleta Buenos Aires C1014ACO Argentina Phone: +54 9 11 4024-6376 Website

If you want a glamorous night out in Recoleta, Presidente Bar is your spot. Every detail is carefully thought out to build a cosmopolitan vibe that's very fun: the music, the lighting, the staff—it's all on point. The glowing back-lit bar, high ceilings, and hanging chandelier evoke a classic era. Seba Garcia, the Creative Director, creates seasonal cocktail menus to match and make cocktail trends. The food is sexy sushi. Step through the bookshelves and back in time to the '80s speakeasy bar. Reservations recommended. Outdoor seating available.

Things to Do

La recoleta cemetery.

Address: Junín 1760, Buenos Aires C1113 Argentina Phone: N/A Website

Visiting Buenos Aires and not paying homage to Eva Peron's grave in La Recoleta Cemetery is sacrilegious. Evita aside, wandering through the above ground tombs and religious symbols in this National Historic Landmark is a memorable experience.

Rojo Tango Show

Address: Calle Martha Salotti 445, Buenos Aires 1107BDA Argentina Phone: +54 11 4952-4111 Website

Okay, so a tango show is touristy. But the Rojo Tango Show inside the sexy Faena Hotel is touristy done right. It's intimate, fun, and might inspire a tango lesson or trip to a local milonga .

Address: Valle Iberlucea del Dr. and Magallanes, Buenos Aires 1065 Argentina Website

Strolling down historical and colorful Caminito (little path, in Spanish) is like visiting an outdoor art gallery. If tango dancers and bargain souvenirs hawkers frequented art galleries.

Estadio Alberto J. Armando Stadium (La Bombonera)

Address: Brandsen 805 La Boca , Buenos Aires 1161AAQ Argentina Phone: +54 11 4309-4700 Website

If you're a soccer ( futbol ) fan, then La Bombonera is church. Visit during the season to see a match, or just take a tour and visit the dedicated museum under the grandstand if the players are on break.

Feria de San Telmo

Address: Calle Defensa, Humberto I Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires 1065 Argentina Website

Peruse leather goods, antiques, and souvenirs of all shapes and sizes at this massive street fair. Many artisans make their goods right at their stalls. It's a cross between tourist attraction and serious shopping.

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA)

Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Buenos Aires C1425CLA Argentina Phone: +54 11 4808-6500 Website

If you have to pick one museum to see in Buenos Aires, MALBA is it. The modern building is known for its permanent collection of famed contemporary Latin American artists. Check out works by Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero, and Antonio Berni. Talented curators also highlight local artists for seasonal exhibits.

Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA)

Address: Av. San Juan 350 San Telmo , Buenos Aires C1147AAO Argentina Phone: +54 011 4361-6919 Website

This experimental modern art museum is housed inside a former tobacco factory and holds more than 7,000 pieces of modern and contemporary art. The focus is on modern art from an Argentine perspective.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Address: Av. del Libertador 1473, Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: +54 11 5280-9900 Website

Located in the upscale Recoleta neighborhood, the fine arts museum is home to an astounding collection of 19th-century European art—widely considered the most important collection in South America. Expect to see work from artists like Goya, Van Gogh, and Toulouse Lautrec.

Best Shopping

Galería patio del liceo.

Address: Santa Fe 2729 Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires 1425 Argentina Website

The shop-filled building brings designers and artists together in one of the hippest art and design spaces in Buenos Aires. Retailers include Greens for elevated men's and women's basics and Little L for vintage clothes. Contemporary art galleries offer inspiration, and there's a cute patio cafe for cafe chicos .

Gil Antiguedades

Address: Humberto 1 412 San Telmo, Buenos Aires C1103ACJ Argentina Phone: +54 11 4361-5019 Website

This labyrinth boutique has specialized in early- and mid-century vintage clothing and homewares since 1937. It's packed with everything from antique beaded necklaces to rare vintage crystal to lace wedding gowns.

Address: Hipódromo de Palermo Area, Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: +54 11 6483-9161 Website

After years of working in the Paris fashion industry, owner Maydi returned to her native Argentina and launched a free trade, high fashion knitwear label using native materials and dyes. The showroom (which doubles as her living room) is by appointment only.

Las Cabrera

Address: Ugarteche 3338 pb1, Buenos Aires C1425 EOE Argentina Phone: +54 11 3094-2596 Website

If you have leather on your Argentina shopping list, Las Cabrera is the place to buy it. No single piece is alike, and every purse, backpack, wallet, and bag is made by hand, and from high-quality Argentine leather.

Fueguia 1833

Address: Av. Alvear 1680, Buenos Aires C1014 AAQ Argentina Phone: +54 11 4311-5360 Website

Visiting Fueguia 1833 is an Argentinian sensory experience. The perfumery is inspired by founder Julian Bedel's travels throughout Patagonia. Pro tip: the handcrafted candles make perfect gifts.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Address: Avenida Santa Fe 1860, Buenos Aires C1123AAN Argentina Phone: +54 11 4813-6052 Website

Buenos Aires has a serious literary scene. Celebrate it at El Ateneo Grand Splendid, housed in a grand theater built in 1919. The enormous space is now packed floor-to-ceiling with books and ornate original fixtures. The former stage now houses a cafe.

Neighborhoods to Know

Recoleta and Palermo remain the reigning king and queen of Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Palermo is hip and artsy with boutique hotels and trendy cafes. Recoleta is classic Argentina with luxury hotels, glamorous bars, and cosmopolitan culture. Villa Crespo, the barrio just southwest of Palermo, is the up and coming prince. The former shoe factory worker neighborhood is now attracting artists and nightlife to its cobbled streets.

Buenos Aires has a warm and temperate climate. Remember, the seasons are opposite to that of the northern hemisphere. You won't see snow, but expect about four days of rain per month. June is generally the driest month, and March is the wettest. January is the hottest month with an average temperature of 86°F (30°C). July is the coldest with an average temperature of 44°F (7°C). No matter the time of year, nights are always chillier.

Apps to Download

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Guia Arqi : Architectural tours, maps, landmarks iOs | Android

BA Como Llego : Subway and bus schedules, routes, live updates iOs | Android

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